by Garden Variety

Cast of Characters

Karen – Blonde stripper-dancer, perfect body, straight

The Director – A heel, the cruel studio Boss

Celeste – Co-owner, studio boss

Becky – Nina’s jealous girlfriend, an apprentice-writer, assistant-director and small-part actress

Nina – Her lover, a shorthaired brunette actress in kinky films: Fun-loving, fickle, nympho painslut

Dove – Newcomer, blonde masochist and straight star-actress-to-be

Debbie, Maureen – Dancer-strippers, Doms

Studio Doctor – Sweet on the heroine?

Grips, Stan the cameraman, and Tony the accountant – small-part players

All characters were eighteen by the time of the story.

CAVEAT: Activities described herein may be hazardous to health, so please don’t try this at home!

Story codes: F/F, M/F, breast, BDSM, nipple, suspension, XX

This story is a prequel to “The Studio.”

Chapter 1 “Karen”
Chapter 2 “Nina””
Chapter 3 “Nina II””
Chapter 4 “Karen II””

Chapter 1 “Karen”

Karen says, “I’m a dancer and stripper at ‘The Country of Love’ studio. I learned to dance from the time I was a girl, but I don’t make any money until I stop dancing and begin stripping! That’s a sad commentary on the state of art in the U.S. today. But not our subject: That’s how a beautiful blonde with a 36-D bra-size is lacking as a lead girl at a studio. That should be amazing! It isn’t so complicated. Though I am the best-looking girl stripping and ‘dancing’ – there’s only swaying-to-music– and have the best figure, I’m not a masochist or a lesbian.

For some reason, the Studio got into bondage and torture. They call it punishment. I’m the dancer dumb-enough to put up with more spanking than Becky, Maureen, or Debbie. I get the spankings. Sometimes I’m spanked a hundred times a day. That’s excessive. My perfectly-round, tight bottom is always kept in the pink.

Our website-subscribers, who drive the site with their money, want more punishment, such as whipping and waxing. This last involves hot wax dribbled on my skin directly. Burning me, though the Studio bosses say, ‘Any actual injury avoided as much as possible!’

The three ‘dancers’ do all stripping. That’s bad. I get ‘punished’. Celeste is a boss and co-owner of the studio. She says Debbie and Becky will be in charge of my punishment, but they’ll go easy on me, since I’m not used to it.

Debbie instructs me to lie naked over her knee and Stan the cameraman moves up closer in where she is whacking my bottom, both sides, and the backs of my thighs: Very-hard to me. And it goes on forever!

“Flip over,” Debbie orders. And now she’s whacking my front-thighs, my belly, and my armpits. It hurts a lot: Glad to hear the Director say “Cut!”

He’s talking to Celeste. They come over. She says, “You’d take a few spanks on your pussy and tits?”

“No, I’d rather not, if you can fake it,” I say.

The cameraman, Stan, is brought over and I am made to lie face-up on Debbie’s lap. She’s a thin brunette and I probably outweigh her! A case of ‘This hurts her more than it does me’! That is straying from the painful point.

The cameraman thinks he shoots so it looks like I am being hit on the pussy, when Debbie’s hand really smacks my thigh, and in-between my tits or on one side or the other: When it looks like my tits are hit. Well, it’s no picnic to take thigh strokes or side-boob-shots either, but it is an improvement.

“Can you take a couple of smacks on each nipple and one right on your clitoris?”

“Yes.” I don’t want to, but I can’t refuse again. Spanking starts with two sharp slaps to my nipples!

“Oww! Oww!” And one to my clitoris!

“Oww!” You’d think Debbie being a girl would know never to hit me there! Next, the faked thigh-whacks, which still hurt a lot, side-boob shots that splay my poor tits flying off to the middle or the side, and shots in my cleavage, aren’t nearly as bad. I don’t know how long it goes on before “Cut!” rings out.

I cry and almost black out. I roll off Debbie’s knees and collapse onto the floor. I have trouble rising.

The Studio Doctor is called. He says, “You’ve overdone Karen. Come down to my office. You can walk, can’t you, young lady?”

I tell him I can manage and get some clothes pulled on, while giving Celeste and the Director a dirty look.

Director says to Celeste, “Ask the agency to send newcomers to try out. Karen’s not meant for this, although she takes more punishment than our three girls. They’re all strippers: They aren’t used to it.”

[At Doctor’s]

Doctor says, [looking at Karen’s very-voluptuous figure] “There’s nothing wrong with you other than too much spanking.” Pokes her sore, round bottom-cheeks once on each, finger marks changing to white and back to red, matching the rest of her butt.

“There’ll be jilling this afternoon. You work those scenes and take off the rest of today. That’ll give you a quarter-day extra to rest. I don’t think you should be spanked tomorrow, either.” Writes her a note for the Studio and passes it. Gives her hand-motion, waving in circle to dress, depart.

Karen says, while placing tender boobs in her bra, “Thank you Doctor. I don’t think girl-girl will bother me, though there’s a bit of stripping-dancing in with it.” Fit adjusted: With pull at cups, a little bump. Karen takes the note and sticks it in her bra, pulling her light-purple blouse around, jiggling boobs a bit.

Doctor says, “Oh, I didn’t know that was included. I think it’ll be all right, if it is light-duty. I’ll add that to your note.”

“Thanks again.” Takes small paper back out of its warm, between-boobs hidey-hole. Gives it to Doctor.

He writes. Looks up at her curvy, smooth, filled-out-not-heavy, white thighs as they are being covered with a short, lilac skirt: Pinkish-red, spanked area peeking out from underneath all around. Smiles. Karen’s more-seductive, dressed. She can’t help it.

Karen looks at note, unfolding it and re-folding, sticks back into her deep cleavage. “I see you gave me two days off! That’s great, Doc.” A glow to her.

Doctor [watching as her big breasts and hips move one way, next the other as she is buttoning, bouncing from one foot to the other into her pretty, lavender shoes, in sort of a reverse-strip. Partly he admires pivoting-anatomy objectively, seeing lovely Karen as a skeleton! Bones shifting this way and that. Not entirely: Doctor views mind-picture, her naked body. Takes off steamed glasses. Opens door for Karen. “The Director cuts my recommends in half. So, I double them in advance: It’s a game we play.”

Chapter 2 “Nina”

[In Director’s Office with Becky, Director, Celeste]

Director says to Becky, “What I’d like is for you to come up with some dance ideas for Karen to do with you as a lead-in to our lesbian scene. If you can write it, I’ll give you a raise as an apprentice writer and assistant director as well as your usual actress salary. We plan on making feature films.”

Becky [short thin blonde] “I can do it. A good bit of ballet would make Karen happier. Doesn’t realize she’s much too curvy for a ballerina! She’s not a lesbian, though. The girl-girl action could look faked.”

Director says [looking at paper], “We have a brunette, lesbian job-applicant Nina, coming in after lunch tomorrow to audition for spanking, waxing and whipping-scenes. We’ll try her if Karen doesn’t work out.”

Celeste says, “I asked the agency to send another new girl, Dove, and she’ll be in later tomorrow too.”

[The Next Day]

Celeste says, “The two new chicks are here”: [Looking at papers in her hand] “They’re busty, C-cups. Neither is new to bondage, they’ve worked in the clubs and made short, stag-film video-loops.”

Director [pressing buzzer buttons on his desk]. “Any whipping, suspension or waxing experience?”

Celeste says, “Only floggers. They’re had all three kinds, though, and can take up to one hundred strokes! That’s a great deal with the ‘heavy’ flogger!”

Becky and Debbie both poke their heads in the door, apparently summoned.

Director says, “Becky you take Nina, and Debbie, you take Dove. One of you each tie one of the newcomers in a very-strict tits-and-pussy-suspension chair-tie. Have Stan and Lou film them. Celeste, whichever one doesn’t cry will be picked. If the other does well, we might contract her too.”

[Chair-tie-suspension naked-auditions]

Becky is wowed by Nina, Bowled over. Why is a mystery because Dove the other applicant is the beauty. Dove is perfect, a five-nine blonde with 32C pear-breasts topping a long, willowy, excellent figure. Nina is overweight, with extra inches on her waist and ass. A brunette with short hair that tends to be unmanageably spiky. Her 36C boobs are unusually-attractive with wide aureoles, long red nipples.

Becky stops staring at Nina and motions her to the chair, which she attaches Nina to, by a bra-harness ending in a tailing crotch-strap, yanked underneath, and pulled up behind, to tie to a bar in the chair-back. Nina’s already feeling the cut in both her tits and pussy while her arms are strapped, but when her ankles are tucked and tied to chair’s rear legs, her weight’s forwarded onto her tits and pussy in earnest! “I’m sorry,” says Becky.

Debbie fixes the same chair-tie-suspension on Dove, a tall blonde with a prettier face and large, upstanding breasts, but not shockingly-attractive like Nina’s. Both girls’ tits and pussies are crushed and after fifteen minutes, immediately before the end, Dove’s eyes tear up: Not really crying, but out of the running for that first role, according to the studio’s agenda of non-crying as the winning criterion. The two victims are let up.

Director comes over and says to Nina, “Upstairs is my office.” [Motions towards stairs, second-story office-area with head-wave.] “You are going to work today.” And to Dove, “In about thirty minutes or when Nina and I get done, please come up and you will be paid for the auditioning, given a contract. You may not start today, but you’ll co-star or star in a film later.”

[In Director’s Office]

Nina, the big brunette, is seated in the visitor’s chair next to the Director’s desk, completely clothed.

Director [looking at paper, next, up at Nina] says, “We offer you a step up from the usual beginner’s salary here. I only ask that you might help out with inserts where a girl won’t orgasm.”

Nina says, smiling, “You mean I’ll eat the girl’s pussy to orgasm? If she’s won’t come for a scene on cue?”

Director asks, “Yes, that’s about the size of it, and you’ll get a bonus for each time you do that: I see, you checked ‘lesbian’ as your sexual preference, so you might not mind, doing that for us?”

Nina replies, “No, it’s okay with me, and I should ask if there are any strings attached to the raise in salary you offer?”

Director says, “Let’s sign you up first and if you feel grateful, that’s my bedroom door over there and you go in and strip down to bra and panties and open the door when you’re ready.”

Nina reaches for the papers, “Let me see your contract.” Reading, she sees nothing amiss. Signs.

Director says, [waving cash in a bank-banded bundle, shoving a half-page piece of paper at her], “Receipt for the cash payment, twenty-five hundred dollars. Signing and audition combined-bonus.”

Nina signs again.

Director says, “Good. Now if you feel like it, that’s my bedroom door. [Hands over the short money-stack.] “I’d take your cash” [money-transferred to her purse] “in with you, and by the time we’re done, these papers will be notarized and copied and you can take your contract copy away with you.”

Nina appears in the doorway, a chubby vision in her pink bra and panties, nothing else. 'She’s beautiful: Her extra weight and unexceptional spiky, short, dark hair, both, strangely, only add to Nina’s appeal.' So the Director thinks, and he goes from his desk dashing to the door, leading her to the bed, closing the door and laying Nina on the far edge cross-ways. He removes her pink panties. Eating her to orgasm. “Argghh!”

Next she moves up onto the head of the bed and Director thrusts betwixt her boobs violently, during which Nina sucks his dong on his upstrokes, until he indicates they should break for the bathrooms. Shows he has two and points out unwrapped, guest-toothbrushes in hers. She picks the white one.

When they are back out (Nina having to take a hair longer), Director makes Nina orgasm twice: Atop with long-stroking [“Argghh!”] And with ‘carezza,’ a coming-out-partly, sideways-position, short clitoral-strokes. [“Argghh!”]

After this, they move to a chair, Nina impales herself sitting on his tool, facing each other, Director eating Nina’s terrific bosom. Aureoles nearly wide as half each boob, and long, red nipples: he sucks.

They manage a short make-out session with neck, upper-chest-kissing, before lovely girl gets impatient. Nina gleefully cues him to stop orally-loving: Thrust into her faster, more powerfully. “Let’s go!”

Before long, he screws her bouncing up and down, and with his senses overloaded, Director explodes fairly soon, “Aaack!” The chair creaks ominously. Nina is only a hair or two behind: “Argghh!” Falling forward onto him: Marvelous breasts squash.

As she dresses, “I’m going to have to make an exception for you, from my all-female sexual preference.”

At the door, Nina and the Director suddenly start making-out again furiously. He kisses her passionately with open mouth. She returns her tongue. He puts his hands inside her dress and bra.

She holds his bottom and schlong with each hand: When they breathe, Nina says, “You’re nearly ready to go again.”

Tony the Accountant’s voice is heard from the desk intercom, “Dove is here to see you, boss.”

Director says, extricating himself with difficulty, “I’ll have to take care of her.”

Nina says, “Not the same way you took care of me, I hope!”

Director says “Well, no, she isn’t getting a lead-role right away, you won the masochism-contest.”

Nina says with funny look, “Not what I meant exactly. I’ll be downstairs if you want me.”

Director says, “I’ll have Becky get you started meanwhile.” Calls Becky in and asks her to get Nina to make Karen come: Inserts for yesterday’s girl-girl scene.

Nina and Becky exit.

[In Director’s Office]

Dove says, “I don’t mind if I do, but when will I actually get to work?” Puts currency in purse, goes into bedroom.

Director says, “The second feature we shoot should be underway within a week, its lead role will be yours. I might even be able to fit in a co-starring role before, in our very first picture. It’s starting now.”

Dove is a vision of blonde, curvy whiteness, her black undies sharply contrast: Filling bedroom doorway. Director undoes her bra, roughly pushes Dove to where she’s sitting on the bed, squeezes her full breasts hard. Pinches her nipples. Rolls atop her, flattening both of them horizontally onto the bed.

Dove with level earnest look, says, “Hurt me if you want. I like it brutal.”

Director closes her mouth with a smooch. She opens it to scream as he twists. He pulls off her panties.

Afterwards, Dove says, “I’d date you without my contract. If only I’d known. Never had three orgasms before, all in one go!”

Chapter 3 “Nina II”

Downstairs, Becky lies on Karen and starts to eat her, while Cameramen shoot this ‘establishing shot’.

Nina replaces Becky but the camera isn’t on Nina, so we only see Karen’s face: Bitten lips, twitching nose, glazed half-shut eyes: Close to her climax. Cameramen moving in ever-nearer to the action.

Karen cries out, “Argghh!”

Becky whispers to Nina, “Can you do her again?”

Nina answers, “It’s not as easy the second time, but if you have a chair with slung knees and a cut-out for my head, I’m sure I can deliver as many orgasms as Karen has in her.” Looks up at beautiful, big blonde Karen, who, slightly embarrassed at this treatment, nods slowly. It’s just a part of this business.


Grips brings out a sling-chair with a deep cut-out front-middle and higher front legs.

Karen sits in it and Becky adjusts Karen’s knees apart as far as possible. They’re somewhat raised up and Karen’s pussy is spread wide open, at the very edge of the front seat of the chair.

“Good enough?” Becky asks Nina with a grin.

“I’ll say!” Nina grins back.

Karen thinks ‘I don’t have any say in this, a strange girl intimate with me repeatedly: Isn’t that so?’

Nina looks up from her kneeling position, asks Karen, “OK, if I knead your large, round, pretty tits a little? It’ll make you come faster, if you want it to be over with.”

“You won’t hurt me much, will you Nina?” Appealing sweetly as one girl to another as though four Grips, two Cameramen and assistant-director Becky, weren’t all watching and listening to every word!

Nina replies, “No, not too-hard like that, if I can avoid it. I only need, perhaps you could? When you’re about to orgasm, push my head into your pussy, roughly, like it’ll be a signal: I’ll pour it on, all right?”

Karen thinks, ‘This is the limit, I hate the idea of pushing down on Nina’s head,’ says “All right.”

“Action!” Yells little blonde Becky.

Nina puts her face inside and starts twirling her head around kissing, licking and sucking all that pink pussy-flesh, reaching up with her hands to find Karen’s perfect 36D’s and pressing them really hard.


“Good. More!” Urgently whispers assistant-director Becky.

Nina starts whirling her head around faster, but nothing seems to be happening. She uses the G-spot-tongue-rooting , clitoral-pressuring, and the all-over-outside-pussy-lips, warm-up methods, which seem to be having the right effect. Squeezing Karen’s cantaloupes semi-brutally, yet short of a teenage-boy’s mauling-way, without pulling. Nina’s hands overflow with Karen’s mashed-out tit-flesh between fingers!


“Can we get another one?” Becky requests.

Nina tries combining her most-successful ways, and soon feels Karen’s rather small fingers on the back of her head, pulling her face into her pussy. Nina pulls, pinches, twists and snaps Karen’s nipples!


“Good to go!” Hollers Becky.

Both Nina and Karen are surprised to see the cameras in atop them. ‘But they had to be?’ Thinks Karen.

Becky leads Nina away for a ‘story conference.’ They’re awfully excited, rushing to Becky’s apartment. Ripping off each other’s clothes! Not reaching the bed! Inside the door. Have whirlwind lesbian sex.



Chapter 4 “Karen II”

Director brings Dove in to meet Karen, who says, “I saw your audition. You’re very good, really lovely.”

Dove replies, looking at Karen’s chest, “You are better built.”

Director says, “The feature will be ‘Tit Torture’, and since neither our leading lady or our writer are here, we could start in one or two action sequences, like the contest between you to see who can take more.”

Karen thinks ‘I’m scared of hurting my already-sore boobs,’ saying, “Can you do Dove’s part and maybe Nina’s before mine? You see, I’ve been tortured here,” points at bust, “in our previous scenes.”

Director says, “Yes, your nipples do look at bit swollen, why don’t you have our Doctor put ice on them? We’ll be shooting up here. Return when you’re done with him.”

[Karen Exits to Doctor’s Office.]

Director says [To Dove], “Let’s get you situated. I pick the trapeze bar as your best starting position.”

Dove is stood under the bar. Her arms are attached by Grips, curvy pear-tits: Non-drooping, horizontal! A spreader-bar is clipped to her ankles, spreading her legs two and a half feet, which opens her pussy. Looks red and abused now with a faint, pink, crotch-strap, vertical-stripe-down-belly mark through it.

Director starts in whipping Dove’s back and thighs with the ‘heavy’ flogger. Thwack! Thwack! And the ‘medium’ for ten strokes on the front on her thighs and belly. Thwack! Thwack!

Becky and Nina arrive.

Director stops flogging Dove to tell Becky to write some new ‘Tit Torture’ scenes. Instructs Nina to strip.

Grips attach Nina in the same way to another trapeze bar, and Director quickly uses a ‘heavy’ flogger on her darker, bigger back and thighs Thwack! Thwack! and the ‘medium’ for ten strokes on her belly and front-thighs. Thwack! Thwack!”

“You’re both even now. Oh, here’s Karen.”

Karen is attached to yet another trapeze bar and flogged back, thighs, Thwack! Thwack! and belly, thighs Thwack! Thwack!. She is heftier with quaking tiny belly, curved recoiled-thighs and a completely-round red butt. At the same time, possibly more beautiful than taller two. Bigger breasts.

‘The only thing is The Boss is going to want to torture my tits in this film. He’s not going to get to.’

Nina is a match for anyone in the boob department. Always her big light-red aureoles and long darker-red nipples are attractive, yet now, with her arms raised, her bulls eye tits outstanding straight!

Debbie arrives with a light flogger and hits Thwack! Nina’s rear ten times. Bright-red-ringed boobs trembling.

Attends to pink-nipple Dove’s pretty bubble-butt: Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

Bouncy D-cup Karen’s: Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Karen thinks, ‘She hits me back there but it hurts more in my pussy and tits! How come? Tits bounce? Debbie hits my asshole, pussy?’

Debbie starts back in on Nina, then Dove, then Karen, who thinks, ‘Quite atrocious! Now my bottom burns, even my thighs!’ Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

Director and Becky wander on the set each holding script pages and a bunch of gold-colored chains.


Becky goes up to Nina and licks her nipples erect, adds clamps to curvy tits with a vertical chain to her fat pussy. Chain leads to three clamps on both prominent pussy-lips - and after some more kissing and licking – the chain’s third and last lower clamp is fixed on her clitoris! “I sure hope you can take this!”

The same procedure is done to Dove, except she shivers and winces a bit, when clit-clamped.

And the same terrible fate is meted out to Karen who only just bears it. ‘I’m going to hang in there and see how bad it gets before I have to give up! That third clamp stings awful-painful the whole time!’


Debbie starts in again with the flogger and gives Nina about twenty on her bottom. Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! “Aieee!” The first scream.

Dove is next and she also takes twenty strokes, but busts out crying again. [Sobbing, weeping, howling.] Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

Soon after the tit-pussy chain starts jumping on her sore nipples with each whip-stroke, Karen has to give up. Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Her pussy-lips, her clit, burning! [Gasps. Moans. Groans. Whines.] “I can’t take any more.” It totals twenty-five strokes, most on her round, bright-red bottom. Her big boobs bouncing: Red nipples, pussy, unusual for Karen. She is unclamped and unharnessed, taken down by Grips. Doesn’t quite collapse, but is both dizzy and woozy.

Dove is asked if she wants to go on. Says, face wet, and with a moan, “I can’t take any more, either!”

Nina is declared the winner and they are released, Dove by the Grips, Nina by Becky.

“Cut!” Cries out the Director. Becky more attentive to glowing-pinkly Nina than others. Isn’t necessary?

The Doctor shows up and after a quickie-exam, gives Dove his OK Dove’s only sore, not damaged.

Says of Karen, “Much too much. Didn’t I say Karen was to have light-duty?”

[To Karen, somewhat collapsed onto Doctor]: “Let’s go, Karen, I’ll put something on your tits and pussy and take you home.”

[To Director]: “You should know better!”

Karen whispers [To Doctor on the way to his office], “Not there! You can hold me anywhere else!”

The End

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