by Garden Variety

(Fifth story in the "Robbery" series).

Cast of Characters

Gerry – A bloodthirsty, cruel Mistress and professional robber not without finer feelings about Brenda

Brenda [also known as Bren] – Her lesbian lover, helper and crime-partner, a bit softer, not-much, article

Sally – Busty, tough, stocky brunette, willing to do whatever it takes to escape lesbian duo’s clutches

Cindy – Tallish, willowy blonde, nice body not overly-busty, soft, but can manage to revolt if driven to it

Guard, Driver-Guard, Two Garbage-men, Cuz a distant cousin married to landfill-honcho - all small parts

All characters were more than eighteen by the time of the story.

The story so far: Our mean, greedy, lesbian couple improve, or not, by robbing rather than killing?

While the first four series-stories stand alone, this one requires reader to have read previous “Captivity”.

Story codes: F/F, breast, BDSM, slavery, electro-play, nipple, suspension, XX

Chapter 1 “Heist“

[At the Landfill, the gang surprises two employees juggling cardboard boxes, while opening the gate:]

While she hijacks the truck, Domino-masked, wigged Gerry has instructed similarly-disguised, right-handed gun-toting Brenda to control two garbage-men: Back-on, hands raised, by gate, with handgun.

While their two domino-masked and wigged slaves, Sally and Cindy, grab the two garbage-men’s boxes and carry them to their van. Brenda arranges the two unarmed landfill guys so that they lean against fence.

At the same time, a nearby Government truck is immediately hijacked by Gerry who points her shotgun at both the armed guards:

“Get out of the truck. Take your guns out slowly, with your left hands, using two fingers. Toss your guns over here. Otherwise my pal shoots those garbage-men.” [Motions they both move toward each other.]

Halfway out the truck doors, Guards hesitate only a moment: look at situation, do as she asks: Getting out and moving more together winding hands around themselves awkwardly pitch guns in her direction.

Gerry : “Good, come over here [motioning toward the side of truck], stand leaning against the side.”

Next, she scoops up the guns, pokes both in her belt. “No tricks, or your friends and you get hurt bad.”

Gerry : “Now lie down on the ground, face down, both of you.” When they are down, Gerry sees bondaged, uncomfortable-looking Sally and Cindy have put the two foot-square cardboard boxes in their heist-van.

Gerry : “Come over here, you two sluts, now!”

Has twitchy Sally and Cindy zip-tie the Federal cops hands behind them and zip-tie their ankles.

“Holler if they move! I’ll come kill them!”

Goes to their van and gets two rolls of duct-tape: One she hands Brenda, detouring long enough to help her lay her two landfill-men face-down, tape the wrists, ankles and mouths of garbage-men. Tells awkwardly-moving Brenda, due to using the wrong hand most of the time, her good hand being hurt:

Gerry : “You can help me by the Government truck. You’re done here.” The two of them stow their guns in the van, and pick up the remotes, turning them from “Low” to “Very-Low” and carrying them.

To Sally and Cindy, who’re no longer looking like they are being bee-stung, but are teary-eyed, “We’ve got these remotes to turn you up more, if you misbehave: You did a good job and you’re at the lowest setting. We’ll switch your shocking-electrodes off altogether, when we’re done.” Brenda is duct-taping one of the Guard’s mouths, Gerry does the other.

“You’ll never get away with this!” One Guard blurts out before the lesbian crime partners gag him.

Brenda signals the two slaves to get in the back, and she gets in the driver’s seat. Gerry hops in the death-seat and says, “Let’s go!”

Soon all unmasked and de-wigged, Gerry’s shiner and bulbous-nose making her look like a battery-victim, they stop. Wipe down van’s surfaces and door handles. Foam seats and mirrors of their stolen van. Move the loot-boxes to their car. Changing over, all four of them move, slaves awaiting permission first, into their own car and abandon the stolen heist-vehicle. In right front seat of their own car, Gerry turns off both remotes, looks to the back seat evilly-smiling at at-eased still-stinging slaves “How’s that?”

Gerry : “You did all right, working with your weaker-hand, Brenda!”

Brenda: [driving normally] “I practiced, driving-righty…it kept my speed down to the limit, even below.”

[At their house]

Opening the cardboard boxes, Gerry is overjoyed to find them filled with cash. Brenda takes out two handfuls and counts them, says “That’s over ten grand.”

Gerry says, “Thirty times that here, at least, three hundred grand!”

Brenda points to bills that are torn and dirty: “These won’t spend…”

Gerry says, “Well, we can use a tenth of it, and the rest, we’ll factor to a fence at another five percent, or net ten-to-fifteen grand, with our one-tenth good-cash or thirty-grand, we probably cleared at least forty grand, and it’s in old used bills. Let’s not forget Cuz’s ten-percent finder’s fee, say four grand, leaves us thirty-six. We’ll have to go through all this money, divide it up in piles: Slave-work.”

Chapter 2 “Home“


It started when, in-between the four, fifteen-minute suspensions of Sally and Cindy the night before, the phone rang, for once for Brenda: A distant cousin married to the landfill-honcho.

“Ten percent? That’s really high for a finder’s fee, but let me ask Gerry?” [Holds hand over mouthpiece.]

Gerry: “It’s O.K., if it works.”

Brenda closes phone and says Cuz reports, “The Feds are burning old Mint-cash, tomorrow at the dump: This is the second time, and five years ago, it was a quarter- to a half a million!”

Gerry wants to know what the guards-situation is like and Brenda says, “Only two Feds, armed-guards in a Government truck and they meet two unarmed landfill-guys who empty the cash on the hill, burn it.”

Gerry: “How big is the load?”

Brenda: [Hold hands a foot and a half apart, each way.] “Only about the size of two book-boxes.”

Gerry: “We should be able to handle that, with our slaves doing the box-hauling. We can sell them to Louie tomorrow night after the heist: That’ll make up for the finder’s fee. …We’re going back to heists.”

Brenda: [Kisses, pash.] “It’s really less work than abductions, isn’t it? … And the money is much better!”

Two more fifteen-minute tit-and-pussy suspensions with a flat-on-the-floor, fifteen-minute break in-between: Sally thinks as she’s being raised up to tip-toe for the last time: ‘It’s been hell, …I’m already ruined…I can’t hurt any more than this… my pussy, it’s numb… my great tits …destroyed …torn off completely…feeling less...’

While Cindy thinks as she’s being raised up to tip-toe for the last time: ‘Oh please don’t yank on my boobs, they stand up high in spite of being a little bit bigger than other girls’, you’re pulling them down too much, and my one-sex pussy… never hurt anyone… why’s it ripped?’

Fifteen minutes of suspended, tits-and-pussy pain later, Gerry undoes despairing Cindy while Brenda undoes semi-conscious Sally, and the lovely, naked, lightly sweat-covered, girls collapse to the floor.

Gerry: “Better cannonball-shackle them both, anyway.”

Brenda says, “Good idea, Gerry.” They shackle the two slaves, take their ball-gag harnesses off.

[Murmurs heard:] “Oh, please don’t hurt me more.” Sally looks done in, red lines where the ropes were, very-visible on her magnificent, round boobs with an incised, vertical red-line going down to her pussy.

Cindy looks similar except her high-sitting, pear-boobs’ red lines are raised-up welts, and she is still showing faint pink whip-marks all over. Cindy: “My tits, my pussy, I’m cut in half now.”

Gerry: “We need your help tomorrow, slaves. After that, you’re to work at the topless-nightclub as waitresses.”

Sally says, “I like that job-idea now.”

Cindy agrees, “Me, too: I find it attractive as all get-out!”

Brenda says, “They each need showers tonight before bed.” Herds the two ankle-balled, slow-moving and very-drowsy slaves to the shower, roughly pushes them in, slightly jarring their elbows and hips, with both their cannonballs hanging on ankle-shackle chains, left outside. Brenda pushes each ball carelessly inside, hitting both the Slaves’ feet with the iron balls if only a bit. Turns on the water, adjusts it to medium-cool.

Cindy: “Ow!

Sally: “You got to be so cruel? We’re hurting.”

Cindy: “Mistress…?”

[Suddenly arrives in bathroom.] “Both of you calm down and try to please each other while washing.” Says Gerry. – And turning to Brenda: “C’mon baby, want to show you something.”

In the living room, Brenda watches as Gerry turns on the television, where a closed-circuit, hidden camera shows Sally and Cindy in the shower. Sally expertly soaps Cindy’s pink, grape-shaped-nipple tits and swell-but-marked pussy, tight thighs and tight, red-marked ass. All of Cindy is pink-and-white!

Cindy has Sally turn and soaps to Sally’s big, square-red-nipple tits, round belly, heavy thighs, large ass and fat pussy. Every bit of Sally is too-big, red: Fat tongue, thick lips and bright-red inside of her mouth! They start kissing open-mouthed Sally managing joke: ‘Mistress’ orders.’ For a change, both laugh a bit.

Meanwhile Brenda is loving on Gerry’s lap, and both lesbians strip off outfits.

While on the screen, Cindy has learned how to eat Sally to orgasm, and afterwards, Sally starts in on pink Cindy, kissing her thighs while her brown arms are wrapped around Cindy loosely, gently squeezing.

Gerry says, “The slaves seem to have come around, all right. We can use them, but we can’t trust them after their mutiny! What about that locking-corset on top of the ‘Dyne-Sizzler’? Will it fit Sally?“

Brenda [Reaches over, picks corset up, looks at the tag inside.] “We’re in luck, it fits up to 36D, that’s Sally’s… Isn’t that the same size Isabella is? She fit in it all right”

Gerry: “Better get another locking-corset in 32C for Cindy and the locking clamps, remote, battery and all the Dyne-Sizzler wireless-equipment. What do you think? Can we get it off the shelf?”

Brenda says [phoning] “One way to find out…”

The next morning after sleeping on the floor at Gerry’s feet, Sally’s most-intimately clamped, locked and corseted. Brenda gets at-feet-on-floor-sleeping-Cindy up and locked-electrode-clamped in sensitive spots, she’s fitted in a similar, new, black-vinyl locking-corset-outfit, found at the second sex shop they tried. Had to drive twelve miles with slaves in their trunk and pick it up. The test makes both girls cry.

Cindy still has faint marks over all of her very-fair body. Her curvy, firm, girlish breasts, when clamped and locked with the transponder-electrodes indented where her night-before suspension-ropes dug in...

Brenda says, “I’m putting your clamp-tightness on ‘minimum’, but they won’t slip off.”

Sally’s bigger breasts take it better and locked with the clamps, she doesn’t show any response until her clit is clamped and the electrode locked on: Next the ones on her pussy lips and poked in her pussy, ass.


Girls get the corsets pulled up: Gerry tying them off tight and locked on, over all the other gear.

Gerry says, “They’re not used to it. That was “Very-Low.” Turns them off .

“Now look you two slaves, I don’t want to have to keep turning this up from “Very-Low” to “Low” and to “Medium-Low.” [Shows by turning up settings, which first make slaves palpitate, next, twitch around and at last, fall to the floor, writhing.] “Because the last slut fell on the ground and shook uncontrollably like you’re doing, until I turned it off. In other words, that slut learned the hard way, but we lost some valuable time. You can learn, without such a dizzying, burning lesson, if you do what I say when I say it.”

Turns off both remotes. Slaves shiver and shake, nodding their reluctant agreement to whatever, get up.

[End Flashback]

Chapter 3 “Loot“

Gerry: “Slaves, I want you to sort this cash into two boxes.” Gerry and Brenda each upend a box, covering the floor with old, torn, dirty money in several denominations. “Tell them how we want it, Brenda.”

Brenda explains that, “In the one box,” [she’s marking it]: ‘Keep’, “should be put all the clean bills, in piles of fives, tens and twenties, with the fifties outside the box on the side, and the hundreds, there are less of those, outside against the other side.”

“This other box gets all the rejects,” [marking the other box]: 'To Sell’, with her Magic Marker.

Gerry says, “As soon as you get done, you get to make us all dinner, that’s you Cindy-Slut, since you’re our cook, and that means Slave Sally, you must wash up afterwards.”

“Yes Mistress, I understand…” Slaves both reply. They are zapped on “Low:” Jump to their tasks.

Brenda points out the rejected tarry, black bills and those bills torn more than an inch, which are rejects. And all the ones, “We’re not bothering with the ones.” Soon the ‘To Sell’ box is overflowing, filled to the top. Neat by-amount stacks on the bottom of the ‘Keep’ box, including some bills ripped only a bit, some with food stains: Mustard, ketchup, grease.

Gerry counts the lying-outside hundreds and fifties, “There’s about twenty grand in fifties, and fifteen grand in hundreds, while Brenda reports, “The twenties are the biggest stack and look to be about four and a half grand, with two grand in tens and another five hundred bucks in fives. …Our slaves can [looks] hand-wash all these food-stained bills.”

Gerry says, “That’s forty-two grand clean-bills sub-total, plus the fence-factored percentage-take of our ‘To Sell’-box. Say we get five percent on the dollar for that, it’s got to be two hundred thousand, that’s another ten grand, less the finder’s fee, call that fee five grand, leaves us five, plus the forty-two ‘Keep’-box cash and the thirty-seven five hundred for the slaves sold to Louie, equals what Brenda, for our net total-total?”

“I’m writing it up, here, give me a minute…” [Calculating on paper] …“Looks like over fifty-grand total, Gerry-Darling, fifty thousand plus seven hundred and fifty dollars. …Why don’t we offer the slaves seven hundred and fifty bucks, they helped us out a lot?”

Gerry says, turning down the slaves’ remotes to “Very-Low” and signaling they should go to the kitchen, “You’re a real softie.” [Kisses.] “…Okay, let’s wait until they’ve earned their keep at Louie’s topless club.”

Brenda says, “Baby? What if I wanted to try out Cindy again before Louie’s? I saw how pretty she is, this morning, when she uncurled naked from the floor by my feet? Her rope-marks enhance not detract.”

Gerry asks, “So you dig the little blonde, huh? There’s two and a half hours easy, after dinner, before we’d have to sell them, and I’d kind of like to try out Sally myself.”

Brenda: “Sal’s too feisty for my taste…”

Gerry: “I am sold on Sally’s perfect boobs. Let’s go for it. Don’t go crazy on Cindy, she’s only a slave!”

The End

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