by Garden Variety

Cast of Characters

Dot – Attractive dark-blonde heroine, bi-curious, 32C-20-38, receptionist, called nasty names by Melba

Melba – A tough cookie, heavy in more ways than one

Jo-Anne [sometimes called Jo] – A blonde bombshell with tiny feet, Dot’s co-worker

Mr. Dick Port – A greedy boss

Various small-parts known by function as Policeman, ‘other Troopers follow Policeman’, ‘Squad’, ‘Cops.

All characters were eighteen by the time of the story: Even Jo-Anne, the youngest.

CAVEAT: Activities described herein may be hazardous to health, so please don’t try this at home! Story codes: F/F, breast, BDSM, nipple, sbf.

Chapter 1 “Walking”
Chapter 2 “The Cellar”
Chapter 3 “Bed”
Chapter 4 “Office”
Chapter 5 “The Cellar, Part 2”
Chapter 6 “Betrayal”

Chapter 1 “Walking”

Dot, a dark-blonde near-beauty, takes a walk every day for her health and passes an interesting house halfway, where she sees a busty, attractive-but-heavy woman running. One day it rains and Dot seeks shelter under the porch roof at the woman’s house, which she happens to be passing, when it changes from sprinkling to real rain.

Woman: [Poking head out the door.] “Want to come in for a bit?”

Dot: [Standing under eave outside, not quite on the porch.] “If you don’t mind…?”

Woman: [Fat, dark-haired, ponytailed, with exciting, attractive, big bust] “I’m Melba… like the toast.”

Dot: [Entering]: [Laughs.] “Dot is mine.”

Melba: [Taking off Dot’s light windbreaker, hanging it] “You got yourself a little wet, might as well sit a spell until it’s dry and stopped, huh?”

Dot: “Only if it doesn’t put you out too much.”

Melba: “Today’s my day off and I can’t think of anything I’d rather do than get to know you.”

Dot: “That’s all right then,” [Pauses, looks down shyly] “I’m off today, too.”

Melba: “I’ve seen you pass and I always like to look at you walking by.”

Dot: “Oh, I have thought of you that way, too.”

Melba: [Suddenly kisses Dot on mouth, hard, bending her back.] “Is this the way you think of me?”

Dot: “Yes…” [Breathless, mouth-open, brows-raised, willing-but-scared] “…I think it is …”

Melba: “Let’s get comfortable. [Sits, pulls Dot on her lap and feels her prominent breasts, quick-nip-kisses ten times all over her face: Especially Dot’s sweet neck and cute, too-small ears.]

Dot: [Moves face slightly-apart, dodging, half-smiles, hard-to-get] “Isn’t this too much, too soon?”

Melba: [Sternly, getting up, dislodging Dot.] “I’ll have to tie you up, of course, to do what I want!”

Dot: “No, no! [Runs for the door, but Melba leaps there first, with her back to it, wraps Dot with one arm binding Dot’s arms to her sides, and one leg scissors Dot’s legs together against Melba’s other leg. Lightly, Melba uses her free ham-sized fist to short-uppercut Dot! Dot’s semi-conscious, but feels a big fist grinding her eyes, nose, cheeks and teeth, only a little: It feels nasty-numb, but doesn’t really hurt.]

Melba: “We can do this easy or hard: If it’s hard you want, your face won’t be the same. I like you the way you are, Dopey Dot, so why not go along with the easy way?” [Melba, a near two-hundred pounder, is sixty pounds up on Dot.]

[Dot doesn’t struggle as Melba drags her still-fuzzy: Sits her back-on, on her lap, grabs a handy nearby rope, ties her wrists behind her, turns her back around toward her - Dot’s face most-unhappy but resigned - unbuttons shirt and bra, opening out clothes, shirt open to nipples, baring pretty C-breasts.]

Melba: “Nice boobs.” [Kisses, licks, laps completely with her tongue, sucks perfect pear-shaped boobs.]

Dot: “Uh…huuuuh…”

Melba: “Don’t argue, you know you want this as much as I do!” [Gets up, holding Dot, ties each ankle.]

[Suspending Dot by ankles and wrists, spreads her, opening her thighs, steals quick cunt-, boobs-feels.]

“Ah-h…! Nice! …First, a little torture… [Spanks Dot’s pussy, ass, boobs and thighs, a few quick slaps…]

[Melba pulls out a Violet Wand and opening-out shirt and bra more, starts zapping Dot’s tits with tool.] “Zap! Zap! Zap! Zap! Zap! Zap! Zap! Zap! Zap! Zap! Zap!”

[Alternating zapped-nipples each touch and singing off-key: “Ten stings to each nipple, nine stings to each nipple”: Each time in-between every two stings. Bad-singing adds torment: “Five more stings, each nipple…” [Stops looks inquiringly to Dot’s eyes.] “Zap!”

“Dot wants to eat Mistress Melba’s pussy? Yes?”

Dot: “Oh, no, I’m not even Bi, only Bi-curious! And please stop hurting my breasts! You’re killing me!”

Melba: “No, I’m not… Only four more zaps to each nipple.” [Singing] “Zap! Zap! Zap! Zap! Zap! Zap!”

“Want to eat me or hang around all day doing this cruel tit-bounce?”

Dot: “Please, Mistress Melba. Stop!”

Melba: [Singing] “Once more stinging each nipple, I’m turning my tool to ‘Very-High’”: “Zap! Zap!”

Dot: [Breasts-recoil!] “NO-O-O-O! All right, anything if you’ll let me down, not hurt me- last two, BAD!”

[Melba lets Dot down and un-snaps the spreader-bar, puts it aside, but doesn’t untie Dot’s tied-behind hands. Sits on the couch and spreads her own legs. No undies, a big dark bush.]

Melba: “Come over on your knees, my little Dotty-Slave, and put your slutty face right in here…”

Dot: “If I have to…"

Melba: “Yes, you must, Vixen-Dotty-Slut-Slave…” [Yanks Dot across the carpet, burning her knees. Kisses wet-faced Dot, places head between legs and squashes her heart-shaped face in-between unpleasantly-fat, whitish thighs!]

Dot: [unspoken] ‘Horrible! She’s unbelievably horrible! Can I do this? Make believe it’s an ice-cream?’

Melba: “Ah, that’s good. I’m going to paddle your round bottom while you pleasure me, so get closer here, all-fours more, I’ll steady you [holds Dot’s tied hands to each side one at a time, pulling her skirt up and slapping Dot’s round, too-big, bottom-cheeks.]

“I see why you are doing all that walking now, you could lose a couple of pounds here.” [Pant, pant…]

“Slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap.”

[Two dozen spanks, her now-sticky victim’s face bouncing forward, lips-first, into her sex each time Dot is spanked, - ‘My face getting gooey: I bounce off her big crack!’ - until Melba reaches a mighty orgasm!]

“Ohmigod, Aghhh!”

[Pushes Dot away, turns her around, lies back on couch, breathing hard: Sits up and unties Dot’s hands, tells her] “Go wash your filthy face”, [points at bathroom.]

When Dot reappears, her bra and blouse closed, gestures, saying: “I’ll be going now. It’s stopped…”

Melba: “Oh no, you don’t! Get over here! And on your knees, Slut!”

[Grabs the smaller Dot, pulls away her windbreaker: Throws it on the couch, swivels the girl, yanking both Dot’s wrists together held aside in one meaty hand-slaps her still-hot bottom-making Dot scream!]

Dot: “Aieee!” [Fast-talking] “I’ve got a schedule of things to do - papers to bring to my office, to my boss’ personal assistant. Though I’m off today: I can’t be here longer, I’m sorry.” [Waves helplessly.]

Melba: [Ties Dot’s pulled-down-and-back arms behind her again as Dot hangs head and sniffles.] “You’ll do what I say, when I say!”

[Slaps wet face back, forth.] Say “Yes, I’m all yours, give me your desire: I’ll fulfill immediately, Mistress!”

Dot: [Resignedly] “Yes, I’m all yours, give me your desire and I’ll fulfill it Mistress, immediately!”

Melba: “OK, here’s my desire: First, you are going to orgasm by my tongue and… This ‘personal assistant’? Is she there alone? Good-looking? Young? Built at least as good as you?” [Big smile.] “Next, we abduct her!”

Dot: [Nodding solemnly, sadly, eyes closed, downcast] “Yes, Mistress, all that, except Jo-Anne is taller and much heavier than me, real blonde, though, if you like that, it might make up for...”

Melba: “For what?” [She’s stringing up Dot again and hoisting her, yanking off her panties, snapping the spreader-bar on her ankles. Mistress Melba grasps tightly the girlish, slender thighs in front of her at eye-level - and - delicately, soon, more-thoroughly, skillfully, licks, kisses, whirls lips, tongue: Eats Dot!]

Dot: “For her body being a hair overweight, I guess…” “Oh ! Oh ! Oh ! Oh ! Oh ! Oh ! Oh ! Oh ! Awrggh!”

Melba: “OK, say you’re mine for always, you’ll do my bidding in every way and help me capture this Jo.”

Dot: “I’m yours for always, Mistress Melba, I’ll do your bidding in every way …help you capture… er, Jo.”

Melba: [Un-does her ropes and says]: “Forget the panties and take your bra off too, they only obstruct.”

[At Dot’s Office]

[They pull up in Melba’s van and she tells Dot]: “Leave those papers, get her to come out here to us.”

[Jo-Anne, a peachy blonde with D-tits, big thighs and butt - all her allure visible because gusts of wind lift, blast her flowery-print dress to her body - exclaims at weather as she approaches the van with Dot.]

Melba: [hidden behind back of Van, leaps out, pushes in luscious-blonde Jo-Anne –holding her dress down with both hands at her sides– inside and jumps her, saying to Dot], “Slut, help, hold her ankles, tie them with this!”

[Jo-Anne squeals inaudibly with Melba’s hand on her mouth, “Aie-mumph-waah!”, is slapped to quiet her.

Through dress and bra, Melba grabs her thick nipples, jerks painfully: Jo thrashes around, tries to kick with little or no effect, Dot holding and tying ankles, Melba squeezing, twisting, pinching, stretching out nipples, while lying heavily atop Jo, grasping both her wrists together over her head in one big paw.

Jo bucks, three times, nearly dislodging the heavy Melba-body atop her, raising her connected legs to double-knee Melba in her fat belly.]

Melba: “Oof! “See how you like it!” [Melba drives her fist twice into Jo’s stomach as hard as she can.] “Whap!“Whap!” and Melba exhorts Dot], “Lie on her legs with your chest and belly, Stupid, she ‘bout got away!”

[Jo now cringing, unresisting, her bruised, swollen belly rebounding sickly.]

[Between them, they contain gorgeous Jo-Anne blindfolded, gagged and bound wrists and ankles.] “I’m driving, so clamp her titties for her and weight them, hogtie …you know, connect her wrist ropes to her ankles behind her with this chain…”

[Shows heavy tit-chained clamps, their four-ounce weights, and in her other hand, a chromed bike-chain, six-feet long: Drops gear on floor near Dot.]

”I’ll explain later.” [Cannot move inside so Melba gets back out, rushes around van to driver’s side. Melba climbs in front seat and speeds out of the empty parking lot into the gray, gusty, misty day.]

Dot: “She’s making me do this, I’m so sorry, Jo-Anne…”

[Up front, Melba smiles happily at this silly exchange between reluctant captor, helplessly-tied victim.]

[Pulls off Jo’s bra, Dot notices size, 40D: Doesn’t mind clamping her friend’s nipples so much: Dot is 32C. Slipping-off trouble: Licks Jo-Anne’s large-aureole, bulbous, pink-tipped nipples erect.]

’They’re fruity’– to make the clamps stay. [Laps at giant pink-and-white udders until great nipples erect balloon-like, and clamps each.]

[After adding the half-pound tit-chain and the two, four-ounce weights to the heavy-looking tit-clamps, raises clamp-dial from ‘very-low’ through ‘low’ to ‘medium’-tightness; wiggles each one sideways a good bit]: ‘Won’t stay on, otherwise?’

“Oooooh…” [Victim moans audibly, despite gag.]

‘Now what was that about a hog-tie?’

[Sees that the bicycle-chain is much heavier yet, but ‘maybe it should be?’ ‘A heavy padlock on each end must be to attach it to itself?’

[Wraps one end between Jo-Anne’s ankle-ropes and locks chain end to itself. Feeds chain up to wrists, pulling ankles up behind, avoids touching Jo-Anne’s big rump.]

[Encourages Melba, glancing back at the exciting action while paused shortly, before she turns into her driveway.] “Go ahead, feel her butt – even her pussy, Jo’s totally helpless! [Ringing laughs] Ha, ha, ha.”

[Dot does, very-slightly, brush both Jo-Anne’s hot, damp sex and her smooth fat ass. Quickly attaches the chain around her wrist-rope and locks it. ‘Why do I so enjoy roping, clamping and chaining Jo?’]

“You got done in time but only barely.” [Melba’s inside and it’s dark as the garage-door comes down].

Melba: [Turns on light, grips Dot’s arm, gets her out of van forcefully onto floor.] “Don’t forget that you are mine totally and without any restrictions. Show me by opening your blouse. Now! Pinch your dirty Slave-Slut nipples!”

[Dot in shock, does unbutton blouse, bares breasts, pinches her little pinkies: It hurts, but isn’t too bad.]

“Harder! All right, now off with all your duds! Open your legs! More! Hit your pussy hard with each hand!" [Grabs her hand and stops her.] “I want to hear a swat each time.”

[Dot cries, disrobes completely, distorted-nipples, is slow to take off skirt since she has no panties, but does remove it too and with tears rolling, hits her own pussy hard with each hand.] “Swat! Swat!”

[Cries, naked, even her sparse pubic-hair hurting her now, and falls against van with a howl.] “Waaaah!”

Melba: “I’m sorry, baby, but we’ve got to handle Jo now. I don’t want you to forget you’re a slave too. All right? You can put your clothes back on if you are more comfy that way, but never forget!”

Dot: “Sure. I understand. I’m your Slave-Slut.”

Melba: “Good. Now we are going to do a little work. That’s mostly all you dumb slaves are good for, aren’t you?” [Dot nods quickly.] “We will move our friend Jo to that wheelbarrow: Next, to the cellar.”

Chapter 2 “Cellar”

Melba: [Topless, unwieldy-large F-boobs, big brown aureoles, ragged-looking, dark nipples] “Dot is very humble. Isn’t she, like her name?” [Strips her own bottom half.] “Give us a few very-wet boob and thigh-kisses…” [Dot complies but closes her eyes halfway.] ”That’s nice. Put your tongue on my pussy. Let’s rotate and eat each other, Jo’s not going anywhere.”

[Sixty-nine is heavy for Dot: She shuts her eyes to view of Melba’s asshole: Soon plugs away, excited.]

[Jo is hanging on a trapeze bar, clamps, chain, and weights still pulling down her distorted nipples. Jo’s huge, round tits hold up nicely otherwise. Though she can’t see and is ball-gagged thinking – ‘It’s a killer!’ - She suffers radiating tit-pains and her hurting mouth is drooling while hearing their mutual ecstasy.

Melba: “Argghh!” [Dot is a bit behind on panting, coming, because of bewilderment, but does.]

Dot: "Argghh!”

Melba: [Patting Dot’s pussy as though it’s her head.] “Since you’ve been a good slave, I’m going to reward you by letting you eat. Only a salad, because you’ve got to slim your bottom down a couple of pounds.” [Gets up, turns Dot around, rubs both very-rounded, a-bit-overly, bottom-cheeks. They eat, Dot instructed to ‘kneel on the floor next to Melba’s chair and kiss her feet when done with salad bowl.’]

Dot: “Oh, thank you so much Mistress Melba!” [Sucks all Melba’s toes one by one, slowly and carefully.]

Melba: “And you’ll feed our friend Jo that porridge, which I took trouble to specially prepare. She’ll be a lot less trouble this way, tonight, and tomorrow, when she’ll have the leftovers for breakfast!”

[Shakes a “Maxadoll” sleeping-pill vial at Dot, who looks vaguely frightened.]

Dot: “But isn’t that the stuff that killed Jimi Hendrix?”

Melba: “You can’t drink red wine with it, that’s all. In any case there’s only two in the two servings.”

[Dot goes to Jo-Anne and lets her trapeze-bar down, so she’s sitting on the dirty cold stone cellar-floor: Ungags. Takes off Jo’s weighted chained tit-clamps. Notices Jo-Anne shaking her big fat nipples wincing.]

“Oh, it’s paining my poor nipples worse now than ever!” [Tears flush out involuntarily. Dot wipes her.]

Dot: “Shush! Or she’ll make me gag you again. I can’t undo your wrists and ankles or un-blindfold you, as it is. Be good and we’ll both come out of this in one piece. Here, I’m feeding you this nice porridge. Eat it all up like you love it!”

[Melba comes up and unties Jo’s ankles but snaps the spreader on them, making Jo’s sex flop apart slackly. Melba makes a fist and turns it back and forth while making a weird crunched-up face.]

Dot: [Thinks] ‘I’m supposed to fist her?’

Melba: [Shows her the Violet Wand.]

Dot: ‘Uh-huh. Or else I get my boobs stung again, endlessly while she sings off-key…’

[Melba shows a marijuana joint and lights it: They all smoke it, while neither of the slaves understand, but Mistress stings her own very-large, flabby, misshapen boobs with the Wand, jumping, letting out long-held smoke. Finishes, eating roach: Makes fist, turns it back, forth, making weird crunched face.]

Dot [thinks]: ‘She means that if she’s high, Jo will feel hurt more now by the fisting. How awful!’

[Melba brings over a stool so Dot can be comfy, while hurting her friend. Mistress raises Jo’s trapeze-bar, so she is at the right level, lift the spreader-bar and raises it and Jo’s shapely legs around Dot, so she is in-between Jo’s legs. Jo is hanging with her ankles at Dot’s back, bar slightly supported by the stool-edge.]

[Melba indicates back-and-forth turns, with her fist again. Goes behind Jo and re-gags.]

[Dot reluctantly sticks her fingers in, one, two, sideways-yank… no problem, three, four, has to spread Jo’s labia, all right, has to turn her hand to fit her thumb, a really-tight fit , it’s all in, Jo’s outer pussy-lips relaxing down to wrist-size as fist is in. Jo grimaces. Dot looks to Mistress: Grinning and making thrusts.

Melba shows Dot the Wand again and jabs toward Dot’s tits.

Dot is very unhappy, her hand hurting her friend’s pussy so much, and now – she’s supposed to do more. Dot pushes it in, pulls it out, more, ‘Oh, I’m expanding Jo inside each time, it’s ghastly!’

[Dot feels a sting in her breast, it’s the Wand! Dot’s pretty breast indents and bounces at the touch of the Wand. Second pop has a spark!]


‘My other boob! And it seems much, much hotter! She’s turned up that damn Wand!”

[Dot wants to get it over with, pushes, pulls in and out, until she is inside Jo-Anne halfway to her elbow and her fist is hitting the back of Jo’s pussy!] “Smack! Smack!” [The sound of two flesh-bodies colliding.]

‘What do they call this part, Jo’s uterus, her cervix? My fist is bouncing off the far rear of Jo’s pussy!’

[Blood trickles out. Dot looks to Melba and she nods, when Dot brings her fist out, it’s all bloody.]

Melba: “You did fine. My fist is too big. Let’s get her down and to bed.”

[Jo is unconscious… They lift her into the wheelbarrow and move her to a nearby gym pad, dragging her floppily out onto pad, naked, with tits, thighs and belly jiggling: Jo luxuriously-attractive in spite of it all!

Melba: [Eyeing Jo’s too-opulent charms.] “Breaks guys’ hearts by the dozen, I shouldn’t wonder…” [Nods to a stained, light cover lying nearby on the floor.]

Dot: “Yes, Mistress Melba.” [Puts it over Jo-Anne.]

“Put that iron ring around her neck and lock it on. We take no chances.”

[Dot chains up victim Jo: The heavy, rough, two-inch high, iron neck-ring latches and locks, easily fitting Jo-Anne’s pretty, slender neck with an inch of room to spare all around. It’s chained to the wall. Jo is free otherwise: But can’t escape.]

[They leave the cellar, Melba wrapping her arm around Dot, saying]: “You sleep with me in a real bed, and no fooling around, I’m knocked out tonight. Do you have work tomorrow?”

Dot: “Yes. I’m supposed to be in at eight-thirty.”

Melba: “You’ll have to go, then, and don’t let on you saw Jo today at all. Bring those papers in and act dumb when they all say: ‘Where can Jo be? This isn’t like her! Et cetera.”

Chapter 3 “Bed”

Melba: “Now these Velcro wrist-ties are escape-proof only if your hands or teeth can’t reach.” [Spread-eagles Dot to headboard, attaching wrists far apart: Removes panties, working a lubed vibrator into each of Dot’s tight holes and turning on both vibes. Pulls panties back up and cinches Dot’s Velcro ankle-ties to baseboard.] “Your ankles could peel these off, if they weren’t too far apart to rub each other!”

Dot: “But Mistress, I won’t sleep with those vibrators on. I need to get my eight hours to go to work.”

Melba: “They’re only on random-‘Very-Low’ and you probably won’t even come…”

Dot: “That’s torture! To be excited always! Not to come!” [Ugly tantrum]: “I need to get out of here!”

Melba: “Relax, Honey, stop that horseplay– it won’t get you out but I will, if you do something for me. Go back down to Jo and put a tampon in her and stick on a napkin. I’m concerned that she bled.”

Dot: “Sure, Mistress, I’ll do it – Will you let me off the vibrators at least, if I do get up, go work for you?”

Melba: [Detaching ankles, removing panties, stroking Dot’s cunt a slow, creeping feel or two, she takes out the vibes. Unties Dot’s hands, shoves Dot back down by double-handed stiff-fingertips pushing her tits when she sits up: Attaches a shackle chained to a heavy ball to one ankle. Shoves stiff-fingertips hard into each of Dot’s boobs again, for no reason, except it makes Melba grin to see them dented, and the nipples popping back out, as though wanting more. Shoves into Dot’s nipples a third time, stiffer, pushing Dot’s nipples especially roughly, turns them in.]

Dot: “Please stop that, it’s harming me, Mistress!”

Melba: [Laughs.]

[When Dot gets off the bed, Melba hands her the heavy ball chained to her leg and the tampon and napkin.] “I’m sorry, but you did say you’d escape if you could…”

Dot: [Carrying the ball in one hand and the sponges in the other.] “I get you Mistress, but I wouldn’t.”

Melba: “This way is better, when you come back up, I’ll remove your shackle and re-tie you to the bed.”

[Dot realizes Melba has only one bed and that ‘She intends to sleep atop me all night!’] “Groan-n-n-n…”

[Goes downstairs to stirring but iron-ring-necked Jo, who is surprised awake and stuffed with the tampon, her fat, pink pussy being sanitary-napkin taped-over. Blood leaked out and dried on the mat: Not much.]

Jo: “Dot, can you get me out of this? Ooh, you’re chained-up too!” [Kisses Dot on the lips.] “I never did that before, and you about killed me earlier!” [Rubs large boobs.] “My tits hurt almost as much as …”

Dot: “Your poor pussy? I know, she made me do that to you, by stinging me with shocks! I didn’t want to!”

[Grabs Jo and hugs her own sweet body to her, feeling the iron ring on Jo’s neck sticking into her: Reminds her they aren’t free, and she should go back upstairs.]

“I’ve got to go…I’m supposed to lie about your being here at work too, but I’ll try to hint and maybe it’ll help.”

Jo: “Oh, Dot darling, please don’t go, yet…” [Halfway sits up, but is snubbed by the iron-neck-ring bolted to the wall.]

[Dot comes to her and they kiss: Longer and more passionately, licking lips, open-mouthed tonguing.]

Jo: [Reaching down to the floor, only a couple of inches, grips a shiny rhinestone-speckled, large-doll-sized shoe, and gives it to Dot.] “Here, bring this in with you if you can and plant it near my desk or yours, in our office anyway. The cops will know I was taken by force.” [Tears stream down.]

[Dot silently wipes tears with her fingers, kisses Jo’s face ten times, Jo hugging her to her big boobs hard: Dot avoids the iron neck-ring with difficulty: Picks up her heavy ball in one hand and the tiny silver shoe in the other and leaves.]

‘Climbing stairs with a ball and chain is no picnic. [The shoe-hand also pinches when the rhinestones stick her as she presses it on the handrail.] “Size four foot with size-forty breasts: Though she’s a hot kisser, doesn’t Jo deserve severe punishment?”

[Back Upstairs]

Melba: [Removing the ball and chain, she chats while spread-eagling Dot’s wrists to the headboard, putting the vibes in, plays with pussy and bottom only a little, and turning both vibes on, replacing panties, and attaching Dot’s spread ankles to the baseboard. Cannot resist stroking long curvy white inner-thighs. Kisses each long, white curvy thigh, raises up and open-mouthed smooches Dot on lips.] “I’ve decided to only goose you with these vibes an hour before sleep, and an hour in the morning, but you’ll have to go to your house, get your clothes for work in the morning and wear either Ben-wa balls all day or this torture-bra.” [Holding a heavy, sandpapery bra.] “Whichever you don’t want, you’ll get tomorrow, and you will suffer both of these bondage devices together on the third day.”

Dot: [Bewildered by vibrator-sensations, but relieved that she’s going to get most of a night’s sleep…] “Oh, …the Ben-wa balls, please, …and thank you Mistress!”

Melba: [Maliciously rubs the sandpaper-bra cups on Dot’s pretty C-boobs.]

Dot: “Ouch! Aw, don’t do that, please Mistress, I’ll be good, I promise.”

Melba: “Feel that, Slut-Slave. You’re going to suffer in the next few days, but it’ll be fine when we’re done training you to take small or large pain with no real effort!”

Melba: “Let’s test you if we can have another orgasm right now…” [Shifts herself to where her pussy is on Dot’s face and one hand holding her up, pulls down Dot’s panties one side at a time, but they won’t go far with her legs spread open…]

“I ‘spose that’s sufficient…” [Kisses, licks and sucks Dot’s pink, outer labia and flicks her tongue, raising Dot’s clitoris and pressing it down strongly.] “You’re ready to come now, but I’m not… Get to work up there, Slave …don’t you remember? Try sticking your tongue all the way in… Ah, that’s a lot better, the whole-pussy licking, try whirling and spinning your head, if you don’t, I’ll collar you all night, you won’t like that! Argghh!”

[Melba presses Dot’s button hard with her tongue, ringing her bell!]

Dot: [Her head spinning and odd urgent surges in her pelvis, bumping it raised and lowered]: “Argghh!”

Melba: “Now for that collar: This has a template in it that will print “Slut” and “Slave” on the front and back of your neck for an hour or so, in the morning, in half-inch high letters, as appears on the front.” [Snaps leather inch-high collar with metal letters SLUT, SLAVE] “Click!” [on Dot’s neck, who complains…]

Dot: “No, no, it’s way too tight, Mistress Melba. Please let it out some if I’ve to wear it!”

[Melba does so, about an eighth of an inch on each side.] “How’s that? Not so tight, you can breathe now, can’t you?”

Dot: “If that’s the best we can do, all right…”

Melba: “You have to get used to being Dotty-Slave-Slut. It’s not your fault, you haven’t been trained, but in the morning, in fact, for the next five mornings, you’re going to have to pinch and pull your nipples extremely, four times, and slap your own pussy, really-hard, four times, with those chubby, curvy legs of yours completely open: As your well-deserved daily continuous punishment for defiance.”

Dot: “Oh, no, please don’t make me do that! it hurts a long time, hours!”

Melba: “That’s the whole idea. So you remember not to protest my demands: You’ll see it’s normal.”

[Turns off light: Lies on top of Dot.]

[In an hour or so, turns off vibes. Goes to sleep holding Dot’s right breast firmly with one hand and her pussy loosely held with the other hand. Soon both hands fall off, though. Melba slips off Dot sideways.]

Chapter 4 “Office”

[Dot has been awake since Melba turned the vibes back on. Now she’s shut them off, released Dot’s hands and feet, pulling panties, removed them. Dot frustrated and filled with a pent-up anxiety.]

Melba: “Sit up and turn back-on”, which Dot does, so Melba clicks the collar off with a small key. “Slut” is etched on front of Dot’s neck and “Slave” on the back, but words are only light-pink, a half-inch high.]

Melba: “Don’t worry about that, my poor Dotty-Slave-Slut, you can rub at it, not too hard, your neck’s fragile, and if it’s still there either makeup or a high collar will suffice.” [Rubs lightly at the words, removes Dot’s pants, pulls her up to standing. Pokes both her nipples and her pussy, making Dot jump!]

Melba: “But now you must punish yourself before anything else, while I go make us coffee and a light breakfast.” [Pulls and pushes Dot to standing, the collar held in hand accidentally whipping Dot’s legs?]

Melba: [Raised voice, from doorway] “Pinch hard! Pull on your nipples, slut! More! I want to see your pretties visibly stretching!”

Melba: [Smiling as though she’s a Nobel-Prizewinner.] “That’s better, let go and start pinching and extending again, now pinch and stretch your sweet goodies again, more, harder, OK, that’s good, let go, one more time, pinch those nipples harder, pull those nipples all the way down, hold them hard, you lazy good-for-nothing! Keep pinching, make those nipples long as you can, holding! Don’t you dare let those nipples loose yet! Say ‘I love you, Mistress Melba, thank you for training your worthless slut-slave, Dot!’”

[Dot does, crying, tears flowing between]: “I love you, thank you for training worthless slut-slave-Dot.”

Melba: “Let nipples go.” [Happily watches Dot’s abused nipples snap back, bounce.] “Now, spread your leggies as wide as you can.” [Kick-nudges Dot’s ankles sideways.] “Pull your cunt-lips all the way apart!

“Pick out your clitty! Pull your love-button out! That’s right… Now slap your pussy hard with each hand saying, ‘Thank you so much Mistress.’ Count each hit out loud in-between.”

Dot: [Her neck hurts, nipples burn terribly, her tits jiggle as she moves her feet out farther. Whacks her own wide-open pussy, missing her clit.] “Thank you so much Mistress!”

Melba: [Walks through doorway, yells back while going.] “I’ve got to start breakfast: Slut-slave, you missed you clitoris! Don’t miss it again! Make sure you hit it very hard all of the next three times or I’ll make you start over! And count loud, I want to hear you in the kitchen!”

Dot: “Yes, of course, I’ll do it, hit my clit every time [sob, sob, sob] That was ‘One!’”. [Hits it this time, but jumps up and down with pain, quickly resumes spread-legged position. Shouts in misery, tearing.]

“Thank you so much Mistress! Two!” [Swats herself very hard, hits her clit, squeals and tears flow.]

“Thank you so much Mistress! Three!" Whack! [A hard hit!] “Thank you so much Mistress! Four!”

[Dot gets into her same second-day clothes, her breasts carefully placed in the cups, which now seem too-small and fastening bra with a grimace because her nipples especially are very sore. She puts a Ben-wa ball barely inside her pussy’s opening, pushes it in with her finger, notices her pussy is bright-red from the spanking, lines up the other ball and gingerly shoves it inside.] “Chik!” [The balls inside her click together unpleasantly. Sees rubber panties, Mistress Melba left a note on, “WEAR THESE, SLUT” and {sobbing at the name-calling} yanks them up, fitting not-right. Close enough over her 38-inch hips.]


Melba: “I see those fit you, even though I’m an F-cup bust and a thirty-something waist, that shows you’re too hippy. It’s all right to wear that…” [flicks bra-cup] “If you’re really sore there. It might, might not, help. Now go down and fasten Jo to the trapeze bar, sitting. First, shovel this porridge into Jo, I’ll help if she’s difficult. Here’s her neck-ring key. Loose her from the wall.” [Holds key pointing toward Dot. Sticks Dot in the breast, in the cunt!] “Faster slave-slut or I’ll hurt you for real!” [Stabs other boob.]

Dot: [Taking key and rushing down to the cellar, Ben-wa balls bouncing the whole way. On the bottom, she stops, sits on the steps and mini-comes.] “Argh!”

Jo: [Sitting halfway.] “Was that what I thought it was?”

[Dot spreads Jo’s legs and kisses, licks, sucks, chews, gobbles her fat, pink pussy to orgasm]: “Argghh!”

[Which is complete for the bigger girl holding Dot gently, shivering, shaking, managing glazed half-smile.]

[Releases the rough, iron ring from the blonde’s lovely neck, now marked with dark pink lines. Leads her to trapeze-bar. Attaches. Feeds the gruel, kisses Jo’s thick red lips, tasting the drugged-porridge in-between: Licks each round boob all over, sucks juicy nipples, finishes the feeding. Adjusts level of bar.]

Dot: “I’ve got to go now: You’ll have to sit here meanwhile…I’ll try the shoe, can’t promise though…”

[Jo gets up to kneeling and crawls forward an inch or two. Pushing her huge boobs toward Dot and bending backward to proffer her pussy, she says]: “Please do it again, before you go, in case…”

Dot [thinks] ‘I really should get right back upstairs. But she’s right.’ [Kisses Jo’s lips, tits, emphasizing her grape-like nipples, eats her pussy: Pressing hard on Jo’s big clit and sticking her tongue all the way in, until Jo comes, enormously.

Like a coughing-fit, it’s a perpetual-coming-fit, going on and on: Dot keeps pressing Jo’s very-well-developed clit and inserting her tongue, reaches G-spot, while squeezing Jo’s large bottom, heavy back-of thighs, really hard. Brings the big girl’s pinknesses all the way into her mouth, until almost Jo’s whole pussy, her inner and outer labia, her clit, is sucked extremely-hard into Dot’s mouth. Dot’s hands grasping Jo’s bottom-crease so hard it’s the world’s biggest pinch!

[After Jo continuously multi-orgasms for shuddery minutes, Dot lets go: Needs to breathe after what seemed like forever, is red-faced, dizzy. Tastes Jo inside. Cheeks, jaw, sore from very long, suck-effort.]

Dot: [Breathing at long last.] “Ahhhhhh!” [Smiles up at poor tied-up victim Jo.]

Jo: “Oh, oh, I’ve never orgasmed like that before! Darling!” [With really-wide grin.]

Dot: “But you’ve been with a woman?”

Jo: “You’re my first. And I’m sold!”

Dot: “I’ve got to go. I’m glad to give satisfaction, Jo-Anne. More important than ever that we escape.”


[Policeman questions Dot, holding tiny bagged shoe, twirling it while Dot feels weird, with the Ben-wa balls which jiggle her pussy around.]


[Ever since she left Jo, drank coffee and ate eggs with Melba, who patted her sore breasts a few times and felt her pussy, asking, ‘If her balls were doing their thing all right’?]

[Dot put Jo’s silver rough-textured shoe upside-down between her legs, pushing the heel into her ass, and the sole and point into her cunt, jangles the balls inside a little, tries hard not to – a frisson runs through her whole body - says “Oh no!” – comes! “Argghh!”]

[A drop of sweat from between her eyes trickles down Dot’s nose, trembles on the tip and falls into the inside of Jo’s shoe! ‘I’m real worried about DNA from that when my ass is on Jo’s heel and my pussy has about swallowed her sole!’ Raises the rubber pants, while pushing the upended shoe-sole into her cunt as far as possible]: “Ugh!” ‘It’s in there, though and it only looks like I’ve got a very hairy thatch! Luckily dark-blondes aren’t hairy there.’

The folded-over legal-size papers are indeed examined by Melba when Dot leaves, as she suspected.] ”I’ll see you at five-thirty or five-forty-five, Mistress.”

Melba: “Make it five-thirty, Dotty-Slave-Slut! Or else! Now give me a goodbye kiss and make it good!”

[Dot puts as much as she can into the deep tongue-kiss, and flicks her hot tongue in and out with fervor, when Melba grips her upper arms, pulling her breasts in, which contact, Dot goes with, crushing her shapely boobs flat against the Mistress’ much-larger, flabby tits: Meanwhile keeping her feet well back so her rough-edged, shiny, rhinestone-cunt won’t touch against Mistress!]

[Gets away to her house, where she thought of taking the balls out: Raised a rumpus when she walked home, but didn’t take them out. ‘Am I getting used to my insides being always pounded excitedly?’

Changed, she has to do without her bra, because it hurts. Takes out the shoe, a sickening wave of sexual-heat, not an orgasm but closer to nausea, overcomes flushing Dot, waiting a moment dropping her hands (still holds the shoe in one): On recovery, wipes heel and sole, her complexion normalizing. Changing the rubber pants to her normal panties, picking her newest, thickest ones. The balls still trying to come out bouncily, so reluctantly Dot sticks three bandaids crossways on her pussy. Puts six more in her handbag, finishing the box. Writing on wall-note: “Get more Bandaids!”

[Dot drives to her office, getting there about the right time, eight-thirty.]

[Mr. Port, the boss, got no answer at Jo-Anne’s house the night before: The cops sent the squad, who opened the door somehow: Found ‘she looks to be missing at least since earlier that day’, the day before: Her ‘house and bed look unused, un-mussed: Stale air’ noticed. ‘Breakfast or lunch dishes left unwashed?’

This morning the policeman questioned her boss, Mr. Dick Port, who immediately noticed Jo’s continued absence, since she comes in at eight.

Dick Port: “There were procedures Ms. Paksky should have done at our office yesterday: Incomplete…”

Dot: “Haven’t seen Jo in days…Monday is the last day we were open. I have these sale-papers, she would have wanted them because it means her commission, and that’s real money, in the thousands.”

[Flashback ends]

Policeman [fingering the paperwork]: “Do you know Jo-Anne Paksky outside of work? Been to her house or she, yours?”

Dot: “Uh, no. We would like to know each other better, but somehow we never did. Jo-Anne’s got a very busy social schedule.”

Policeman [Noting on his pad ’Dot Schuster using present tense when talking of missing-girl Jo-Anne Paksky. Is optimistic or what?’]: “Had dates most every night, you mean. You know her boyfriends?”

Dot: “No, except both the men in this office, all three actually, but the boss is married so he doesn’t chase, only jokes and flirts: Both the other men make no secret they like Jo-Anne and want to go out with her. I don’t know if they did.”

Policeman: “Tell me again how you found this?” [Holding up baggie containing the small silver shoe.]

Dot: “It was right here.” [pointing under desk, pushing back chair] “Almost right in the center, toward the front: When I got in this morning.”

Policeman: “Did you touch it?”

Dot: “I’m afraid I did, in fact I picked it up and looked inside, it’s only a four…”Rhine-Elegance”. I can’t afford those, and I take a size six-and-a-half shoe. I didn’t know Jo-Anne was missing. I would never have guessed she wears a four.”

Policeman: [Closes notebook, gets up from chair.] “Thank you, Ms. Schuster, that’ll be all for now.”

[Dot is relieved, and thinks, ‘Both the salesmen and the boss probably got in Jo-Anne’s pants, but they wouldn’t anymore! Jo – luckily I didn’t call her that – was all hers now, forever. Nobody compares to me! The only problem is Mistress Melba…She’s got to go, and soon. Ohmigod, I‘m having another orgasm? I better go to the loo and get those balls out! I can put them back in, later, and even replace the band-aids.’ [Flushes pinkly and prettily, squirms bottom in chair, recovers in time for boss’ entrance.]

[Dick Port, the boss - blond, dapper but not-too-tall, forty enters.]

Dick: “Better take these papers of Jo-Anne’s. She is owed ten grand on this sale. We don’t know if she’ll ever be back to get it. Oh, and you might as well move into my office as my personal assistant temporarily Dot, and call the Agency to fill your job with a temp.”

[He tries to take the papers, but Dot holds them in place, her hand on top of them, says, “Jo-Anne won’t make less commish this way, will she?”

Dick: “It is like this, Dot, come in my office, won’t you?”

[They go in.]

Dick: “It was a whole unit she sold, and that came to $15K commission, gross…This firm gets a third and the salesperson, Jo-Anne in this case, gets the rest. If I handle the transfer for her, I earn a split of her commission, a 20-% split or $2K, which leaves her with $8K. She’s not here and the closing is today, so there’s really no choice.”

Dot: “You could postpone the closing.”

Dick: “You know we can’t do that…The buyer could change his mind. We’d be out of luck.” [Reaches…]

Dot: “Keep your promotion: I want to hold these papers for Jo-Anne.” [Papers snatched closer to her: His hand out, misses them.]

Dick: “She could vanish permanently. Tell you what, I’ll wait until this afternoon. If she doesn’t appear by 3:45, the time of the closing, at that point, she will be represented by me for the split-commission.”

Dot: “All right. if that’s the best you can do.”

Dick: “I had no idea you and Jo-Anne were that close.” [Looks yearningly at papers, but lets them go.]

Chapter 5 “Cellar, Part 2”

[At Lunch, In the Parking Lot]

[Dot is about to get in her car, when a van pulls alongside, the window near her descending.]

Melba: “Get in, Dotty-Slut! Now. I need you – you’ll be fed, and in a hour, I’ll return you.”

Dot: “All right, Mistress Melba…” [Gets in Melba’s van. She is driven to the house in silence.]

[When they enter, Melba says]: “Stop right there, Dotty-Slut. Strip!”

Dot: “But…”

Melba: [Slaps her face twice hard.] “Wap! Wap! No backtalk, that means another punishment for that.”

Dot: [Her pink face hand-marked and stinging, takes off her clothes in the foyer and hangs them on the banister. Melba leaves the front door wide-open, which Dot stares at significantly but to no avail!]

Melba: “Yank your nipples hard four times, holding that maximum-stretch, letting go in-between, repeat three more times, and after your heavy self-nipple-torture. Spread yourself, extract your love-button completely, we need it to be all the way out, slap your clit and pussy hard – make sure you hit that clit– each and every one of the four socks: Thank me each time, and count swats out loud.”

Dot: [Pulling her pinched nipples hard – “Oh!” – four times – “Oh!” – stretched out an-inch-and-a-half – “Oh!” – with a letting-go, snapping-back gap between – “Oh!” – [groaning a bit, “Uh-h-h-h” she has to have Mistress kick her ankles apart again. Manages to hit her own clit and pussy.]

Smack! “Thank you Mistress for correcting me! One!”

Smack! “Thank you Mistress for correcting me! Two!”

Smack! “Thank you Mistress for correcting me! Three!”

Smack! “Thank you Mistress for correcting me! Four!”

[Dot feels dizzy and non-compos. Her sore nipples radiate burning-red attention, her pussy screams with pain, sending fierce signals all the way down to her toes. Dot’s body’s in revolt, pain goes off scale, a semi-conscious, drunkenness-like feeling. Her knees, weak and wobbly.]

Melba: “Let’s go downstairs. I want you to whip the hell out of Jo. She’s been uncooperative. Bring that gruel-bowl on the way, Dotty-Slut.”

Dot: [Looking for a rest period] “Mistress, may I dress?”

Melba: “No, but you can show me that the balls are still in you.”

[Woozy Dot pushes forward her hips, spreads her pussy-lips, gives a stripper-like bump, lets the two chromed balls roll out. Mistress reaches over and pockets them.]

Melba: “You’ll get a replacement torture later.”

Melba: [Mistress opens a cabinet along hall, takes out items.] “Here’s a light, medium and heavy flogger, give Jo twelve hard with each on the boobs.”

[Coming to, Dot takes the instruments of torture without asking why. They descend the cellar stairs.]

Melba: “Let our animal be fed.”

[Dot puts the stool she used earlier under Jo’s trapeze-bar and lowers the pulley, until Jo is over the stool. By pushing the stool to the back of Jo’s knees, Dot tells her big blonde girlfriend wordlessly to sit. Dot hunkers and spoons the gruel into Jo’s mouth.]

Jo: [Blindfolded] “It’s you, Dot, isn’t it?”

Dot: “Yes…I was at the office just now and that creep is out to gyp you.”

Jo: “Why am I not surprised at that? [Eating.] What about them looking for me? [Chews] Any hope?”

Dot: [Looks at Melba, who shakes head.] “I can’t talk about that right now, in present company.”

Jo: [Makes wry face.] “Oh, our pal is around, huh? She tried to use a big dildo on me earlier and it wouldn’t go in. It was sort of funny, I can’t come now [whispers] except with you, darling-lover Dot.”

Dot: “It isn’t funny, we should try to get along with whatever Mistress Melba asks.” [Scrapes bowl and pokes end of gruel into Jo’s mouth. Turns head most of way around.] “May I kiss Jo, Mistress?”

Melba: “I’d say all right for this once, but don’t get carried away, Silly-Slut!”

Dot: [Meekly] “Thank you. Mistress.]

[Leans over and wraps her arms around buxom Jo and glues her lips on hers, pash-kissing, medium-long with tongues intermingling voraciously.]

Melba: “That’s enough: Wash the spoon and bowl and start in on her punishment!”

Jo: “What?”

Dot: “[Whispers back.] So sorry. I’ll try to keep it down, Sweetheart.” [Raises pulley with button. Goes to the cellar’s deep mop-sink, when suddenly, feels Mistress grasp both of her legs and spill her into it headfirst – holding her up before her head hits the sink-bottom, and lifting and lowering her effortlessly, scraping Dot’s upside-down boobs up and down on the front side of the sink!] “Aye-yi-yi!”

[Finally, lowering Dot into the sink, her hair soiled and head crushed into the sink-bottom, Melba spreads her upended legs and spanks her bottom, thighs, asshole and pussy: A furious flurry of two dozen Whaps!, followed by sink-muffled squeaks.]

“Eeek! Aie! Owwww! No! Please stop Mistress, I’m hurting.” [Melba lets go Dot: Her body subsides awkwardly into sink, leaning legs, butt, sideways.]

Melba: “Get out of there! Slut, you know why you were punished this time?”

Dot: “Maybe we kissed too long…?”

Melba: “Got it in one. All right, on with the whipping and I don’t want to have to tell you, make them tough as you can, understand, Stupid-Dotty-Slut?”

Dot [Crying, covered with sink-dirt and unhappy with the game she must play, picks up the ‘light’ flogger and after Mistress has taken off crying-Jo’s blindfold and gotten out of the way, Dot hits Jo’s big boobs right across both her fat, pink, pulpy, large nipples. Thwack! Which makes Jo scream: “Aieeeee!” Goes on and on for nine more strokes, nipple-hits, misses the nipples, pops lower, stripe higher, dent, impact, distort, only one nipple or the other. Causing a mewling, high-pitched, keening wail.]

[Thinking it might not be so bad done quickly, flaky Dot continues with the ‘medium’-flogger whipping], Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! [Every smash accompanied by Jo’s pathetic screams, grunts, moans].

Dot gets the ’heavy’ flogger for ten more whacking strikes to Jo’s magnificent melons. Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

[Jo doesn’t scream, grunt or moan anymore. Hangs limp in her bondage, her high-pitched keening stopped. Dot drops her ‘heavy’ flogger, rushes up to check Jo’s hanging, red-marked, damaged body.]

Dot: “Mistress, I did all you said to Jo” – ‘Hope she doesn’t notice: Only ten instead of twelve strokes with each whip!‘– “but Jo’s blacked-out now, so if you wanted her to talk, she can’t.”

Melba: [Laughs.] “I don’t want her to talk, but to suffer.”

[Fills bucket, tosses water on Jo, reviving her.] “I’ll going to make her come this afternoon if it kills her!”

[Melba drives Dot back to work, but drops her off a half-block distant.]

Melba: “I’m keeping your Ben-wa balls for now. [Giving her brown paper bag.] Here’s your torture bra. It’s a trifle tight but that’s all to the good. You’ll put your most-painful bra on after the closing. After all, you’re letting a friend, Jo, be screwed? Betrayal requires the strictest of punishment.”

[Dot opens the bag]: “Medium-Sandpaper-Bra, 30B.” [Wipes her running eyes as she returns to office.] ‘I got to escape this trap somehow and take Jo out too. But how?”

Chapter 6 “Betrayal”

[Dot knows what has to be done and does it.]

Dot: [On phone.] “Police, Jo Paksky is being held at 1705 Beechwood Lane, in the cellar. A woman sadist got her. No. I don’t want to give my name. The other silver shoe is there. 1705 Beechwood Lane. Hurry!”

[Hangs up. Looks at clock. 12:45 p.m. ‘Could be all right.’ Goes in ’Ladies’ room. Hold up sandpaper bra, wraps herself. ‘Can’t get it closed!’ Pulls harder – closes it: Boob-flesh overlap: ‘Oh, it’s my limit!’

[The sharp grains dig into her softnesses, nipples, aureoles. A tough gripping of her tits that no bad guy squeezed close to, extreme ripping tit-pain so fierce: Dot, a cold-sweat sheen breaking out all over, leans against tile wall, eyes-closed, vibrating. Slides down wall, hunkers crumpled on dirty toilet floor.

[‘I blacked out? I could scream’]: “Aieeeee!” [Does so, but nobody is around, even in the office outside. Screams again!] “Aaaaahhh!”

[Puts blouse back on, exits ‘Ladies’, and every step is torture: Holds self erect. Sits at desk. ‘I hurt, therefore…’]

[The Raid - At Melba’s]

Policeman: “We’d better break it in.

[Rams door. Dashes to cellar stairs, stops cautiously, listens]:

“And now twenty-five more zaps on ‘Very-High’. Boob, boob, clitty, pussy, and pussy, clitty, boob, boob…”

[Followed by some sizzling-sounds he can’t identify and in-between sharp noises, a few short screams?]

Policeman: [Thinks while clomping down stairs] ‘Might be the woman sadist working on her victim’. “Stop!” [He shouts, turning at the foot of the stairs, where the other cops catch up. Quickly glancing to right, a bathroom, empty, sidles fast along wall under stairs, two other cops follow, along the wall.]

[Melba is zapping at Jo with the Violet Wand set so high that not only sparks, but whole networks of lightning-like fire, each zap, burst over Jo’s breasts, pussy, occasioning tormented-Jo’s hoarse screams. Snap! “Aaak!" Snap! “Aaak!“ Snap! “Aaak!“ Snap! “Aaak!“ Snap! “Aaak!“ Snap! “Aaak!“ Snap! “Aaak!“ Snap! “Aaak!”

Melba: [Shocked herself at policeman and troopers appearing in room!] “Men! That’s the bitter end…”

[As cops raise guns, come forward, she steps quickly to the Maxadoll vial and drinks them all.]


[Breaks a wine bottle at the neck and drinks. Longing last look at victim Jo. Both Melba’s cut hand and mouth bleed slightly.] “I escape you.”

[The police run over and catch Melba, take away her broken wine bottle, turn her around, handcuff her.]


Jo: I was two hours at the cop shop, but after a half-hour waiting at the hospital, and fifteen minutes, with the doctor,” [smiles prettily] “I said I had no insurance and they kicked me out! The doctor says unofficially –he’s kind of sweet on me– I’ll be ‘OK with lots of total bed-rest.’”

Dot: “Here’s your papers.” [Sees a large car pull up and men with briefcases get out.] “There’s your buyer-group. On their way in for your closing…[Heh, heh]…Won’t Dick Port be surprised to see you?”

[After the Closing]

Dot: [Gets up, covers desk-top computer.] “I’m going home. it’s my torture bra.”

Jo: “Let’s go into the ‘Ladies’…

[They go in.]

[Turning back from touching up windblown-look, very-blonde hair in mirror. Opens Dot’s blouse gently.]

Jo: “This bra’s way too small, Yum-yum…Aren’t you a 32C?”

Dot: “Betrayal requires the strictest of punishment.” [Kisses passionately, long, whole body-squash.]

[Wide-eyed blonde-bombshell, only a bit more tousled than usual, today]: “Will I be tortured again?”

Dot: [Rolling eyes, closing them with sand-bra pain-wave, biting hard in hug.] “Whenever I feel like it.”

Jo: [Hanging open-mouthed] “And will you make me come endlessly?”

Dot: “You wouldn’t believe…”

[Jo delicately undoes Dot’s torture-bra revealing bright-red breasts, says]: “Oooh! It must feel terrible!”

Dot: [Wrapping blouse back around, bra-less.] “It was almost the correct mixture of pain-to-pleasure…” [Thinks, ‘These are available in your 40D, too, Baby, only-a-size-tighter?’ Holds nifty-solid Jo, squeezes.]

The End

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