by Garden Variety

Cast of Characters

Katie – A cook, forty, ordinary semi-dumpy figure, wants to avenge herself on employers, Ted’s girlfriend

Mom - Mother of the twins, Jade and Allee, a substantial beauty in her own 37-year-old-masochist right

Allee - Senior of the two twins, bigger figure, a clone of brunette Mom, capable, confident and ravishing

Jade - More-fragile little-sister-type blonde, slender-but-excellent figure, long legs and trim bubble-butt

Edy - Star actress, international beauty with an enormous bosom and a somewhat old-fashioned act

Ted - Katie’s boyfriend, forty-five, a cruel website-honcho and the director of bad bondage movies

Various small parts such as the Grips, Electrician, Carpenter, Makeup/Costumes, names defining work; customers at the Bondage Club including ‘the Arab’ and ‘Mr. Three Hundred’, male doms

All characters were eighteen by the time of the story: Even fraternal-twins Allee and Jade, the youngest.

CAVEAT: Activities described herein may be hazardous to health, so please don’t try this at home! Story codes: F/F, M/F, breast, BDSM, nipple

* * *

Chapter 1 “Girls”
Chapter 2 “Website”
Chapter 3 “Offer”
Chapter 4 “Strip & Spank”
Chapter 5 “Waxed”
Chapter 6 “Pins”
Chapter 7 “Saturday”

Chapter 1: “Girls”

Katie, a cook, is fiercely cutting up vegetables. Thinking of the non-identical twin schoolgirls of the house. ‘I’d like to use my sharp knives for sticking those girls’ thighs, slender blonde Jade and curvy dark Allee. Make them feel the prick of my steel for hours, days! They’d die! I’d go to prison. That wouldn’t be worthwhile.’ [Finishes a cauliflower and with main force, chops a cabbage: Big muscular arms make work easy.]


They’re not exactly vanilla-chicks as far as sex goes. Katie saw through keyhole one night, nobody else home: Dark busty Allee stripped by her sister the blonde, Jade:

Allee is full-figured. When her Mount Saint Ellen’s uniform comes off, her worth-viewing girlish-and-then-some charms are bursting out of a D-cup bra and panties are nicely rounded out on both sides.

“Want me to continue“, asks her sister Jade?

“I’d like it better if you weren’t wearing so much“, says Allee, shyly, “It makes me feel all funny…“

“Oh, all right“, says Jade, quickly removing her gray-blue jacket, fluffy, black-ribbon, bow-tie and white blouse, to show a demure full bra, not anywhere near so big, a B- to C-cup maximum. “OK?“

“What about your skirt? We’re not exactly even yet,“ says Allee.

Jade makes a face, unzips and pulls skirt down, steps free, shows perfect longer legs, a trim bubble-butt.

[At door, Katie the cook has to adjust her undies: This got very exciting. The beautiful twins naked!]

Allee asks Jade, “If you would give me a little kiss? “

“On the lips?“

“Why not? We’re sisters… and all. I love you and I’m sure you feel the same about me… Don’t you, my sweet Baby-sister?“

“You’re pushing your five-minute advantage there, Sweetheart“, says Jade, who’s a few minutes junior. [Kisses Allee demurely with lips-together and leans away her body, doesn’t use any breast-hip contact.]

“Oh, c’mon you can do better than that, hold me, give me your full treatment, like with Jack,“ says Allee.

Jade steps a bit closer and touches Allee’s shoulders with each hand, kisses harder, breasts-to-breasts, throws her pelvis up at Allee’s mashing her at the hips, thighs and belly. “How’s this, Allee, you lovely?“

“Good," Allee responds, “You’ll make the grade, if you work on improving. Take off my pants, bra, and try me out all over. I’m exactly as tasty everywhere as my lips are! “

Jade slides down Allee’s pretty panties until her ankles, at which point, her sister steps out each foot.

“Watch my cunt“, says Allee, “This is what the Can-Can shows!" Lift her leg high and circles it around, spreading. Other leg lifted, circled slowly. Shows Allee’s spread-open pussy, slightly-erect clit, asshole! “What do you think? Excited?"

“Yes, definitely," answers Jade. “I’m warm now and it’s kind of different than a temperature, like all over, damply-warmish, …sex-heat?“

“That’s what it is. You’re all flushed, too! Let my boobs out, they’re a real treat!“

Jade undoes Allee’s bra. And it is so, they’re big, rounded-pear-shaped, red-tipped tits that guys would give anything to get hold of with hands, mouth or cock! Boobs pop out of their cups, jiggling slightly. Yet there is no droop. For their size, Allee’s boobs defy gravity. Only eighteen and very fit.

Jade says “I’m speechless, but I do have those…“ [Removes bra and pants without further ado, shows a fine pair, only half as big, with pink nipples and a blonde, sparse bush.] “My tits popped out, later…”

Allee points out: Recently ‘has lost her interest in boys because they don’t know how to please her.’ Brunette says she ‘asks to be beaten and guys always punch and bruise’ her, yet ‘don’t excite’ her ‘at the same time.’ [Handing puzzled Jade a thick, leather belt with a heavy, gold buckle.] “Want to try me? “

Jade says she ‘has no experience, could do it all wrong, too.’ “Love you, would do anything for you, not to hurt in any way? To please you? I’d rather caress than beat you, Allee - I don’t think you deserve it!”

Allee says ‘that sounds pretty soft and lacks sporting-spirit, perhaps we ought to get dressed and forget the whole thing!’

Jade says “Well I’m game if you are. Is this belt what you want me to use on you? Where? How many?“

“Oh, you’re too concerned with what I want! Order me to stand on my head, Jade, whip me between the legs until I can’t stand it. When I fall, keep whaling away at my boobs, belly, ass, etc.! Ignore yells.“

Jade purses lips and picks a light, cloth belt with metal hole-liners instead of the thick, leather belt.

Allee looks at belt and Sis, whispers, “Make me kiss the whip, first. It’s all part of the deal: …Baby!”

“Kiss my whip, Slave!“ [Blonde grabs dark head and forces it onto the whip, also kisses Jade, this time her thick lips open, tongue-flicking.] Stands sister on her head, hands on rug, spreads her short, fattish legs to each side gradually, until Allee’s all the way stretched-open!

Jade says, “Don’t you have to count and thank me after each stroke?“

Upside-down-Allee says: “Yes, My Mistress Jade, and I love you!“ [Voice only a little strained, muffled.]

“Shut your fat mouth, Slave, for that, you’ll get them twice as hard and three times as many!“ Jade hits her inverted, elder sister’s convenient upthrust thighs, pussy and asshole! “Thwack!”

“Oh-h-h! Thank you, Mistress! O-O-O-One!“ “Thwack!”

“Oh-h-h! Thank you, Mistress! Two!“ “Thwack!”

Jade keeps whipping Allee’s pussy, thighs and ass …until after a dozen, Allee loses her balance, is quickly whipped twice more as she flops over, and is whipped five more times on her glorious tits, belly, armpits and butt on the floor. “Thwack Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!”

Allee [slower with pain in voice but sharply-excited, panting]: “Thank you, Mistress!” [pant]“Seventeen!” No whip-crack sounds after this.

Jade says, lifting her red-marked, sweaty sister, “I can’t hurt you any more, sorry, my dearest, I’m crying, and you aren’t. I don’t understand.“

They retire to the bed.

Allee assures Jade she did very well for a start. Now she can please her, or they can do it mutually?

[Kisses, hugs, and Jade says she’s ‘a total-newbie lesbian’, when Allee promises Jade ‘will get the hang of it, even easier than earlier’. Swivels around to sixty-nine position, Allee says ‘Do the same as I do to you: It’ll be all right. That’s good: When I kiss you, kiss: When I lick you, lick: When I suck…’]

Peephole-watching Katie the cook brings herself off while peeking at the sisters do the same jilling-off, each other, but after her climax, gets nervous that they’ll hear her at the door.

[Flashback ends]

[Downstairs in the kitchen, where a big batch of stew is on the stove]

Katie stirring a large saucepan, thinks, last time Mom complained my fish-stew was too salty. How can it be? It’s supposed to be!

For all their good looks, neither of the girls compares to big-haired, brunette Mom, who’s thirty-five-or-forty but only better developed with time. More physicality going for her. Too bad this stew isn’t a witch’s cauldron that fits all three of their tasty tails at once. That‘d be a fine dish!

I wonder if my boyfriend Ted is still doing that bondage-website? I’ll bet we could make good money out of that trio of chicks if we control them? Yes, imagining them being put through the full torture treatment gets my motor going [sighs deeply] … and if we could hire them out to guys it would mean the real bucks! Turns off stew, goes into bathroom, pleasures herself to eyes-closed, head-rolling climax!

Chapter 2 ”Website”

Edy, a big blonde, is auditioning for a film, and Ted [blond, forty-five, tall and thin] is directing. Katie the cook is his girlfriend, so Katie helps by tying Edy suspended by her tits and pussy in a chair, a very-tight rope-bra ending in a crotch-rope splitting her nether lips, drawn through up her ass-crack in back, there tied up taut to a mid-chair-back bar, so their victim’s off the seat and hanging, weight on tits and pussy.

Edy looks very uncomfortable and tears run down her face, but she avoids crying. Ted says she’s passed.

Edy, [disentangling, rubs] with slight foreign-accent mentions her ‘Past experience: Everything involved, in-the-bondage/torture-arena you can imagine: Since she, the-Club-Europa-circuit,worked’!

[Katie unloops flesh-imbedded ropes from carved grooves in huge breasts and pussy. Grips hold Edy, thighs and shoulders, slackening, grinning at this ‘good duty’. Take any/all big-boob, fat-pussy feel-up opportunity.]

Since then, Edy’s worked for Solly Allen in softcore films and all the torture’s been stunted. “But I’d rather not anything harder than tying-up. Do? Spanking all right, too? Hard whippings, not used to.”

Ted says he plans to have three other girls to do the roughest stuff, so it might be mostly quite OK? “Can you do a locker-room scene with Katie tomorrow? It’s spanking and nudity, nothing too bad.”

Edy agrees, and shakes hands with Katie, staring at her chunky figure, non-waist and ordinary chest, about a 38B while Edy is 40DD. [Points at bust.] “Katie, I see why you’re dominant instead. Does it pay?”

Ted interjects that he’ll handle all that salary-paperwork upstairs, but she, Edy, will star, with 40-to-45 minutes on screen while the others will have 20 to 25 minutes each, one overlapping 15 minutes, with hers, that Katie-Edy spanking scene.

Edy says [teasingly]: “Katie, [Edy’s boob-bumping him] Ted’s talk pretty, full of meaning-charged –No?”

[Edy and Ted exit climbing stairs off to the side and sign her contract in his upstairs office.]

Ted comes back down and cameras set up for Katie, who puts on a domino mask and lies on the floor in push-up position. Ted stands between her legs and shouts “Action”, brutally enters Katie from the rear, holds up her splayed legs while she walks on her hands. Katie winces at his weird-position brutal thrusts.

To the cameras, Ted signals one cameraman should lie on the floor and when Katie walks over him, he should lower his camera as much as possible: ‘Get up on your fingertips’ Ted director-whispers to Katie.

Cameraman signals he’d like her to stop above him so he can get several runs of the shot, showing Katie, her ordinary hanging swung boobs-chubby belly-penetrated-pussy-Ted’s ferocious thrusting into rear.

Several passes, cuts, backing and re-starting. Finally they pass the nodding-cameraman, Ted says “Cut!”

Katie says she couldn’t hold that pose another minute! “I’ll handle a couple of questions. But I gotta go!“

Ted asks about the threesome, ‘How are Mom, Jade and Allee fixed financially?’

Katie says "They have a very-small income from late insurance-man Dad’s invested-insurance-payoff and another policy that pays for Katie as their cook, the private school, and an allowance for Mom. A third policy separately paid off the mortgage. They aren’t exactly rolling in dough, but Mom doesn’t have to work.’

“Hmm” says Ted, “you think $7500, for all three together, might do as an offer to them?”

Katie says, ‘I’d say you were low-balling it, but what do I know? Maybe try $10K-total?’

Ted says he’ll ‘Offer the $7500 and see what happens, perhaps settle for $10K, for all three if they’re great?’

Chapter 3 “Offer”

Mom opens Ted’s letter and phones him right away. “What does this mean?” Later, Mom, her twin daughters, come to the Studio-Office. Ted makes no bones what they must do for $7500.

Ted: “We film bondage sequences, a lot of them naked. The three of you might as well try out for us now –so we know you can take it: Be paid $2500 if you only do the audition. The $2500 each, you get for your first co-starring roles.“

Mom asks $5000 instead and they all agree on $10K total for the three of them. Mom says to Jade and Allee that they should keep their bras and panties on, until they see how she makes out. They are adult girls and decide for themselves. “We can use the dough, but not if you two feel bad about it. Wouldn’t be worth it. For me, I’ll look as good as I do now for only a few years more. It’ll be all up with me. Why not preserve on film the way I look at my best?”

Ted gives instructions to cameramen, helps grips cinch the ropes on full-figured-and-then-some, Mom, luscious love-bundle of big dark hair-flashing eyes-fat breasts-large thighs-tempting extra-round bottom!

“Does it have to be cutting me …er, down below?” Mom asks Ted, as a grip yanks taut her tit-harness end to make it her crotch-rope, pulls hard back through to her ass now upward ties it to mid-chair-back?

“I’m afraid, that’s the way it is with this chair-suspension, it only works if you’re hanging and hurting.”

“What about my tits?”

“Same thing. Tits must be harnessed tightly as part of the chair-tie.”

Mom squirms, lovely in her tit-and-pussy-crushing ropes, grimaces, and tries to find comfort in some position, lifts and jiggles boobs, thighs, bottom. Her writhing-shifting-suffering is very entertaining.

The grips said later that ‘They felt like applauding!’ Never before has anything got a rise out of them!

Ted admits Mom is very exciting, especially when she tries to get the crotch-rope out by lifting, jumping and twisting. “You’re in by a mile, Mom!” Ted yelps. “Let’s get you loose.”

[For once, Ted looks put out.] “Is it acceptable if I call you by name, instead of Mom? - You’re not my mother…”

[Waves at grips to assist.]

Leering at the young brunette Mom-clone: “…And how about you next, Allee?”

Mom is out and Allee is in, the suspension-chair, taking off her bra and panties to – not-quite-under-their-breath – crew wolf-whistles at her newly-revealed, miracle-body.

Allee, being a big-haired brunette is nearly an exact full-figured Mom-clone, but lacks time-finished curves. Tits round, full but fresher-looking with bright-red, lipsticked-looking nipples – tits not made up – her pussy is even, while outstanding, sharply-drawn, and her silly, funny, short plump thighs – only thing a critic might call a figure-defect – put a cute teenage seal on Allee’s otherwise-correct statuesque beauty.

Allee is amateur yet, and fights the ropes, a mistake: The ropes win, digging into her boobs a whole inch and she sighs practically a grunt when the crotch-rope bites hard and unyielding into her ass and pussy.

Not crying or yelling, or eyes-tearing. Ted has to admit Allee’s a winner as a wriggling bondage-model.

He says so, and Jade is next to hop out of her chaste-looking, plain, white undies and show a killer figure; it features a slender, longer shape, made for leg-fanciers, a slimmer package altogether, blonde hair above and below. Large-enough tits, medium-aureoles, topped by attractive rose-pink virginal-looking nipples.

The grips can’t help fondling her hips, thighs and boobs – require custom-bras because ‘34 B/C’-cup mostly doesn’t exist. Jade smiles at the crew forgivingly. Knows from experience men cannot resist touching her soft curves. The ropes are no less stringent and only her lighter-weight helps her, since she is far most sensitive of her family trio. Cannot take severity, tends to weep if the going’s really rough. However the test is short enough, she bites back her tears: Waits it out, kind of like a dentist-visit.

Ted meanwhile is ecstatic and says, including the two mostly-dressed fat, female now-previous victims, “You all get co-starring roles in our next picture!”

Signals grips to let Jade out of her chair-bondage, which leaves indented dark-pink rope marks on her breasts, belly. “Don’t worry…those’ll be gone tomorrow… or at the worst by the next day,” Ted claims.

Chapter 4 “Strip & Spank”

Ted sees the blonde has burst out crying, and after initial recoil, from sitting to standing, a mini-jumping-up from her previous torture-site, the chair, Jade is led bawling boobs sway, stop slowly, to be seated in chair by now-fully-dressed-but-no-less-glorious Mom. Wraps Jade in custom-bra – fits fine – and Allee, shoeless but otherwise dressed, lifts each of her sister’s feet. Next, Jade made to lift her blondness up off the chair-seat, graced with her curvy-rounded-no-extra bottom, panty replaced. Mom holds Jade, hugs her own face sideways to bra-covered-pink-outlined Jade-bust. Kneeling Allee likewise can’t resist face-hugging sacrificed-blonde’s long, perfect legs, her sweet, yellow-beard pussy.

Ted says to himself that he’ll ‘never understand women,’ but tells the trio ’To come upstairs to his office in…’ [– looks at watch –] …‘twenty minutes’ to sign their contracts. Meanwhile they ‘can have a coffee-break in the kitchen’, signals makeup/costumes to fix their coffee and cake in there with a head-nod. [Jade finishes dressing.] “If you want, from there you can watch us film our star-actress’ strip-routine.“

Edy is filmed while sort-of dancing, really only swaying-to-record-music, while she takes off a filmy jacket, revealing her enormous, partly-bra-covered, pink-and-white tits, and, ‘dancing’, she next discards her skirt.

In kitchen doorway, Jade says, ‘Her boobs are three of mine’ and mom and sis come over, hold her consolingly and wipe her wet face and eyes, saying “There, there, Baby…” Jade stares at erotically-outfitted, buxom, ‘dancing’-Edy; big tears flow more uncontrollably.

Edy takes off another two pieces, her top and bottom, and now swings tassels on her big tits, which she can twirl in opposite directions at the same time! Only a G-string stretches across her overly round, filled-out, bulbous butt.

Suddenly, the foreign girl slaps her own bottom three times on both cheeks, “Spank! Spank! Spank!” pinking each “Spank! Spank! Spank!” as they’re held up with other hand, toward the audience, next, turns back around, and at a gap in the music removes both her pasties and spanks each of her too-large tits. “Spank! Spank!”, smiling and nodding, bows toward imaginary audience, takes off last-item thong, spreads her pussy from the rear, and hits herself again on her cunt twice “Spank! Spank!” as the music hits its climax. [Makes face as though it hurt, yet with a smile to belie that.]

Holds body pussy-forward, withdraws, bumps it out at camera, moves around slowly, sort-of to music. “Ooh, oooh!” exclaims silly Edy, bouncing huge hooters up, down, all around, repeating, up, down, all around, shaking her remarkable boobs, admirably-upstanding nipples, until she ducks away backstage.

Next Edy appears in a bathtub, wears suds and her routine’s where her boobs are especially well-washed. Leans toward the audience holding out her huge tits, with a sexy smile, rubbing boobs and squashing them together. Bathes her pussy, thighs and bottom, excessively. Turns to look back over shoulder, smilingly at the camera more than any bather ever would, all the time in-between soaping and washing pussy, thighs and bottom. Sexy, but everybody finds it a little familiar somehow. Exciting?

Both legs, on the heavy side, are stood straight up in the air and soaped, washed and rinsed, running her fingers up and down her inner thighs a great deal. Works better than previous white, fleshy excesses!

Edy, with playful grin, grasps each of her fat inner-thighs: Pinches, twists, and squeezes handfuls of luxurious whiteness. Grimaces a phony way, as if pain really sends her, if the audience can believe that.

‘The Rug’ is a silly, old-fashioned routine, which a washed girl would never do. However Edy strips slowly from long nightgown with ribbons to bra and panties, finally naked again. [She was seen naked last?] Bounces her pussy down into the long-hairy rug fibers, shaking breasts, belly, and bottom at the camera in various views. Edy picks up the whole rug and rubs it along between her large legs slowly, drapes her bottom and at the very end, wraps herself to tits in the rug! Rolls on the floor, giving peeks.

As a decorative extra, she lowers the top and showing her nipples, rubs them to erection, lowers rug showing her aureoles, which is spicy, exciting and erotic. ”For my fans, I’d like to offer you a good look!”

Close Shot of big, square-tipped nipples, and opening rug, Close Shot of her spreading pussy, widening leg-stance, moving whole rug up to above sex, Close Shot of glistening-pinkness spread from rear. “Here is what you’ll see when I’m excited!” Rubs well-developed clitoris to erection. “Hope you enjoyed me!”

Ted says “Cut!” and whispers to Edy that the spanking will be next and that Katie watched from the wings, is now ready to work. He goes to the kitchen where he’s told, “They’re all upstairs waiting for you.”

“Action!” Ted moving to foot of stairs, shouts as Katie hammerlocks both Edy’s arms and drags her to a couch. Edy’s eyes well up with pain yet other than a withering look at departing stairs-climbing Ted, Edy doesn’t complain – as Katie dumps her face down on her lap and with hemp rope ties her arms-folded up behind, tight, immediately spanking Edy’s large butt and the smooth back-thighs. “Spank! Spank! Spank! Spank! Spank! Spank! Spank! Spank! Spank! Spank! Spank!”

Katie flips her over and spanks her enormous boobs, her chubby little belly and her neat front-thighs. “Spank! Spank! Spank! Spank! Spank! Spank! Spank! Spank!”

Not content with that, the big blonde is dumped to the floor, halfway upside-down, face-up and hollering while Katie spreads her upthrust legs and wraps her own arms around each of Edy’s giant fair legs, while top of Edy’s head is crushed into the floor and her oversized bottom is atop Katie’s knees. Without any warning, Katie muff-dives, kissing, licking and sucking Edy’s gash, with fervor. Abruptly stopping short of Edy’s orgasm. [Which comes anyway, “Argghh!”]

Katie spreads Edy’s cunt open, spanks Edy’s clitoris and her asshole. “Ye-oww!” yells the foreign girl!

Finishes by spitting into Edy’s upthrust, still-palpitating pussy, asshole, and leaning forward to spit right in Edy’s face, on both her huge breasts, on her nifty, barely-there belly. [Which stuns foreign blonde!]

“Cut!” Once untied, Edy wipes herself a lot and says “Tsk, tsk, how disgusting. I should for defilement be more paid!”

Ted, reappearing from stairs and says to Katie, she’ll ‘Have to make tracks if’ she ‘Wants to get home ahead of the trio’, since “Tony”–studio accountant–“is notarizing their contracts, as final sign-up move.”

Edy complains to Ted, that she ‘Didn’t expect cunnilingus or the spitting’, as she wipes herself with a rag furiously. Ted puts his arm around Edy, reassuring that ‘Much worse things will be visited on those twin girls and their Mom in this movie, but since Edy’s the star, she’ll get off light, This isn’t Solly Allen's.’’

Chapter 5 “Waxed”

Mom, hanging by her delightful round arms, drops into a six-foot deep red-hot wax tank; next pulled out to her pathetic howls “Aie!” Lowered again to high-voltage screams of “Aieeeee!” When wax covers her cunny. “Stop! Let me go, you keep the money!” Hurt Mom half-hopes Ted doesn’t take her up on last bit.

Katie unseen, raises and lowers her pulley-chain, dumping Mom into hell twice! Thrilling herself from top of head to tips of toes, entering her pink-cloud, a kind of dominatrix wonderland. “This cooking I can really get behind!”

And glows with satisfaction, immerses Mom, Katie fries crease of Mom’s her thunder-thighs, super-developed fat bottom: Waits for pain to sink in before second cooking, burns Mom’s terrific mid-section. Eatable small belly—round bottom—semicircular hips—wide russet aureole, long-nipple big boobs. Screaming, big-haired brunette-head wagging, left to sink in fiery wax until her frying fat boobs are under level of steaming-heat, which adheres, as Mom is raised-up and out of the tank, removed to stand in front of vat, burning-hot-red-wax-covered, attached arms. Thinks, ‘I’m good as burnt to death.’

To her astonished great pain, Ted and Edy start whipping off her red wax! “Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!”

Accompanied by her short and long screams: “Aieeee! Aieeee! Aieeee! Aieeee! Aieeee! Aieeee!”

From both sides, the duo whip Mom forty strokes with light-floggers. Boobs, belly and bottom - deform, jiggle and jounce up and down - as mean whips thud her soft parts as hard strokes as they can manage!

When he and Edy stop, Ted removes pieces left from her crack, butthole, armpits and cleavage by hand-soldering-iron softening and peeling. Mom quits loud screams as she is laid down, only wailing-mewling.

Katie wants to burn and peel the small, red, stuck-wax pieces, which make near-out Mom jump with hurt. She’s satisfied, watching Ted soften the wax with his hot iron until malleable, scratch his fingernail underneath, rip off each of a dozen red pieces? Usually Mom rewards with short yell-plea-moan-scream.

Katie readies her chain for Allee, and next will be Jade. Katie’s drinking-in their two standing-by, twin pure-white bodies. Will be red and swollen, hardly able to breathe without renewing their great all-over pain! After the stage-wait, Katie crank-raises Allee and dunks her, burning-red fluid sinking into her.

Allee and Jade suffer the same treatment in turn; only difference is that Allee kicks a lot. Ted leaves her hanging there, saying to pain-racked deaf girl, “We’ll show our stage-wait, you’re well-worth-admiring, Allee.” Her boobs, a pair in a million, stand up proud despite round, near too-largeness. The big dark hair, short-funny-legs, fat-pussy-and-bottom: Fascinating and sexually-attractive. Allee gives up, subsides. At which point, she is dunked twice, the wax whipped off and remnants peeled, aggravating her burns: Perhaps the scratching-fingernail, or hairs are being pulled out as though she’s being waxed?

Katie would love to be whipping her employers, but as Ted says, she’d ‘Be bound to say something, if only a sob of pleasure, and give herself away.’ Huffing, puffing, in wings, Cook’s woozily near-climaxing.

Jade cries the whole time. It’s an extra-show since her pretty, pink boobs flutter as she sobs and shakes; her screams positively bounce off walls when she’s waxed: “Aiee!” Second set of screams, when Ted’s punishing Jade’s perfectly-shaped boobs, they’re completely submerged in red-hot wax, so high-pitches, windows are at risk! Red coats long legs-cunt-admirable curvy bottom-perfect pear-boobs-pink nipples!

Katie leaves Jade hang, burn all over, especially her very-sensitive clit, cunt, nipples, twitch painfully-immersed to fair neck: ‘Now I touch myself: Cannot take abstaining any more…’ Orgasms: ”Argghh!”

Chapter 6 “Pins”

Mom is very much surprised when she is blindfolded, led to a bondage-bench and strapped down face-up. Ted says “Action!” Katie appears and sticks pin after pin in Mom’s big breasts to loud “No!”-“Stop!- Please!” and less-intelligible screams, especially when Katie slowly finishes the fifty-pins-each-large-red-aureole tit and nipple, lovingly-slow jabs, only denting the surface-skin at first, abruptly sinks in, withdraws the pin halfway out sometimes, again jabbing Mom twice in her very-touchy nipple, aureole!

Katie moves to Mom’s rounded heavy thighs. Drives two long rows of twenty in each white inner-thigh, near, but not quite reaching, Mom’s plump, darkly-bearded pussy. Katie stops, fondles temptingly-pudgy pussy, rubbing Mom’s big bush a lot. Abruptly parts Mom’s fat, pink pussy-lips and starts sticking, four cruel pins slowly into each outer lip, four into each inner lip, and four even into her clit: One pointing in each direction!

Katie wiggles each of her forty thigh-piercings, sixteen pussy-lip pins, four love-button piercings to high-pitched screams of “No, no, no, not there, please, you’re killing me!” I really want to give up all that money now!

Katie grins, and twirling first, taking it most-deliberately, slowly removes each of the piercing, spiking, sharp-pain-causing pins: Only a few of Mom’s fiercely-biting, tit-pins bleed a bit. Mom’s head lolls.

Although Allee did not see Mom’s torture, she knows that the doctor came, gooped and bandaged her. So it’s pretty stiff; but nothing could prepare her for spikes of nearly two hundred pins stuck in her most sensitive places! At the clitoris and pussy-stabbing, she shakes, dislodges where sloppily strapped, and almost breaks free! Ted and grips grasp Allee’s arms, thighs, hold her in place so Katie can stab her over and over and over! Allee thinks ‘If only they didn’t wiggle those damn pins, this wouldn’t be so horrible!’

Katie loves to see so much. Jade weeping the whole time, wiggles her two hundred pins, sparking pain.

Suddenly moved to leave, Katie gets up.

“Cut! What’s wrong?” says Ted.

Katie is weeping and shaking, sniffling, yet stops to fiercely swat down first, both sets of tit-pins, then, both pierced-thighs and all three sets of extremely-tortuous pussy-pins, with flat palms of hands driving all two hundred pins in firmly, causing a loud Jade-yowl! Katie smiles at Ted, contented in achievement!

Katie whisper-barks with panting emotion in his ear: “Please, [huff] Ted, [puff] do me in your office? [Whine] I’ll finish Jade up, right afterwards?” Looks down ecstatic at pain-racked, bleeding blonde.

[They adjourn upstairs, where Katie comes twice in a row, uproariously with loud grunting: “Argghh! … Argghh!” Ted spurts too in less-spectacular fashion, into rear-mounted cook bent over his cluttered desk, dislodging all the contract copies. Dump stapler and scotch-tape dispenser to floor.

Katie - inadvertently sees that Mom is called ‘Gloria’ on her official paperwork – as she gets up, rubs her paper-clips-dented small tits, no-waist fat belly, and too-hefty thighs, a couple of bent-staples and paper clips falling to the floor, clinking, says [stuffing tissue into herself] “Except I’ll smell of sex, that’s for sure! …It’ll make no real difference!”

Kisses Ted, flicking tongue.

Returns to the stage, where Ted yells “Action!” Katie blows on the pins left an extra time in Jade’s tits, Jade screams, while Katie gradually pulls the 200 pins out of Jade’s more-bloody, pink-and-white body. Pushed-in pins went much deeper? The gap when Ted and Katie made love, extending Jade’s torture, harmed her body? Or Jade is more sensitive than her sister, or her Mom? Or all these factors altogether?

Doctor shoos Katie away and goops and bandages stricken, blonde Jade. Uses all the gauze he has and tying neatly off four times at each boob and thigh. He gives Jade a pill-vial and writes instructions, ‘Take one only every three hours or as needed for pain’. “They’re habit-forming so don’t overdo, Jade, OK?”

Shakes his head at barely-responsive blonde’s bandaged form. “That last one -Jade- went too far, Ted!”

Ted says, “Jade’s all done for now and can rest up for the next week if she wants.”

Doctor, helping patient to stand, wobbly. “She’s going to need most of that, four or five days at least.”

Chapter 7 “Saturday”

Katie wants to have the girls burned with stove-elements. Ted pays extra, since though Edy has ten minutes left, Mom’s, Allee’s, and Jade’s screen-time is complete.

The Sex Shop has a dozen “Tenderizers,” which are the same as the stove-burners, except ‘Low’ on the stove, is ‘high’ on the bondage tool, and ‘Low-Medium’ is ‘very-high’ on the bondage tool, which stove-burner setting Katie says she can stand only for one minute. [She tested both the ‘Low’ and Medium-Low’ stove-settings on herself!] Filming waits until Saturday for because Jade doesn’t recover until then.

Mom convincing Jade. “We need that extra $5K enough to warrant getting the treatment we’ll get.”

Jade moans and whines, she’ll ‘Never be the same’, grips her bust and pussy unconsciously, but eventually gives in, says: “All right, my body’s wrecked for our cause.” [Grasping her boobs and pussy.]

Allee takes Jade into her room and checks out her bosom, which is as beautiful and perfect as before.

Allee says, “Did Jack eat your little pussy for you?”

Jade says, “Not much, only once - and he says I taste sharply acidic. Although I tasted his tool lots…“

Allee snickers at the euphemism.“Say, ‘I sucked his cock’ - ‘X’- many times, my cock-sucking baby-sister!“

Jade says: “That’s right, I sucked his cock [cast-down-eyes-turns red] a lot, twenty, twenty-five times.“

Allee says, “I don’t think it’s true, what that Jack-bastard said,“ but I’ll check it out now,” [sweet smile].

Allee uses boob-mouth-worship, and to prove she tastes nice, checks out Jade’s cute downstairs, first stripping dress, panties, disclosing sparse blonde-bush, sits Jade on bedside, lies her back crossways, kneels, eats. Head-spins, dark-blue eyes up in Jade’s gray-blues, tongue-laps pussy-lips sets thorough…

Allee’s tongue pushes her sister’s small round pink clitoris, lifts head off love-bud momentarily, to say “You’re like quinine-water inside your cunny, sharp and bitter, but I really like your taste.“

Suddenly, Jade comes! “Argghh!”

Allee: “I’m going for seconds:” Jade’s clitoris atop her own tongue, roots inside Jade, to extend as much as possible, hooks up tongue-tip to G-spot. When Sis comes, “Argghh!” Sucks all Jade’s pussy-juice Allee can, drawing inside her own mouth as hard, and holding as long, as she can, until her eyes feel bulging and Jade’s multiply-climaxing.

Jade: “Argghh!… Argghh!… Ar- eeeeeeeww-gghh!” Whole series takes one, two or three minutes!

[Panting from not breathing for so long] “I wonder if you’d care to reciprocate on me now, Darling?“

Jade is better at the eating than before. Kisses her sister’s, mouth, tits, thighs, tries to do as Allee did.

* * *

Four sawhorses are set up by the grips, under the supervision of the carpenter and the electrician, adding the two extras, the pulley for the hands-hooks cable and the cable which will be running from their ankles up and over the pulley to the added front-of-horse-mounted, vertical breast-press-board.

The first cable, hooks the cuffed-behind hands of each of the four female victims, drawn up so their weight is thrown forward onto pussies. Ankles tuck behind them, so that another cable running from parted-ankles goes up to the hands-hook pulley and over to the breast-press-board set forward on a pivot, which contains two elements held vertical to toast their boobs whenever their ankles pull down.

Predicament is that the weight on their pussies and butts is over a bent-down, heated, stove-element. Victim would want this ferocious-heat alleviated, and to lean back might help: Pulling down the ankles, and involuntarily moves the breast-presser stove-elements into contact with their nipples, aureoles and tits. Since all burners will be set at ‘high’ to start which [‘Low’ on Katie’s stove] can be taken for at least five minutes it will be a contest to see who is able to do best. Perhaps a prize say $25K can be awarded?

“That’s a awful lot of reward money,” says Ted: “Our budget is getting tight, I can manage $15K?”

“Make it $20K?” asks Katie.

“Oh, all right.”

The news is taken to the victims, none of whom is exactly thrilled.

Ted says, ‘The amount of breast-torture will tell the tale’: Whoever gets the least breast-burning in the ten-minute horse-ride gets the nod, as the winner! Rider in other words sat on cunt stove-burner most!

A grip will be stationed at each horse, timing two of the girls. Ted himself ‘will time another’ and ‘one of our consultant-Mistresses [Katie] will time the fourth.’

Soon all four, Mom, Allee, Jade, and Edy are attached to the four sawhorses, and the “Tenderizers” are turned ‘On.’ The burners slowly turn pinkish-red and soon all four girls are uncomfortable, fidgeting…

Jade leans back: Her fine boobs get toasted while she screams: “Aieee!” Jade remembers she is grateful to Mom and Allee, both of whom helped her when she was down, and hangs in there – if not with a smile at least with a grin-and-bear-it – attitude – letting ankles ride up, boobs freed from burners but sore, relaxing-down frontwards – her pussy, asshole, square on bent-down element, totally toasted. Her grip, glancing at his watch, makes a note: ‘Jade, Victim #3, burned her boobs for twenty seconds.’

Allee is next and holds the press to her boobs longer, twenty-five seconds of loud screaming, the other grip notes. ‘I’m strong enough to take this, for the good of all!’ Allee is able to yank her ankles up, burns herself, releasing breast-burner-plate from her chest, thus frying awfully her pussy and asshole!

Mom follows and does 15 seconds yelling and squealing before she seems to catch on, according to Ted. ‘Those poor twins, what have I gotten them into?’ Manages to upend herself heavily onto the pussy-ass burner: ‘It bites and stings at the same time, right in my most sensitive areas!’ Her enormous breasts are relieved of the hot-plate in record time, however: Pink instead of bright-red like twin girls’ boobs!

‘Edy loses it completely for a half-minute’, Katie writes. Delightedly watching pinking big boobs crushed!

Edy thinks ‘My precious big boobs, my fortune, what for, are they doing to them, this destroying? Aie! I’m on fire here!’ Eventually finds tottering forward and lifting ankles, frees boobs, while roasting pussy.

Katie thinks, ‘I suppose my wearing a domino mask and standing way over here, by the foreign-girl, is for my own protection from my employers’ recognition. It’s so terrific to watch them suffer so very horribly! All three of her employers yell in great pain!

[Panting with excitement!] Meanwhile, I look once in a while to see who’s screaming, write how much, when it’s Edy. Oh, Ted is here.

”Do you think we could try change to very-high?” he asks.

Katie: “Yes, perhaps only the breast-burners…”

Soon all four girls are moaning in great agony. They really getting tit-toasted. Ted says “Let’s go back down on the boob-burners and put the lower pussy-burners up, on ‘very high’?"

“Fine.” Now the screaming’s interspersed with the moaning, as the four girls bottoms and pussies burn.

“Oh, hell, let’s turn them both up!”

“Yeah!” agrees Katie. Suddenly, in the midst of her drooling over the visions of dynamic pain-filled nudities: Edy yelping as the breast-plate plunges into her huge boobs, mashing and frying them, Jade whimpering, Allee screaming and squirming around, Mom riding horse well, Katie comes! “Argghh!”

The doctor bursts in, says “Obvious burning-hair stink, all over the studio!” Infiltrating all the way to his office in the basement! Says with pointed suspicion to Ted, “Have you gone too far again?”

Realizing he has enough, Ted stops devices, and checking all four score-pads, notes that Mom has won.

The girls are found to be all three only semi-conscious, and the grips lift Mom, Allee, Jade, and Edy off the sawhorses in turn. Lay their still-jerking, sweating, burned, now-deformed bodies down to the mats.

Later, the doctor brings them, one by one, to be checked out. If he and the grips support them, all four girls can sort-of walk down the steps and the corridor to his office in the basement. Blonde is slowest.

Except Jade, they are all OK The doctor wants to have Jade hospitalized overnight at least for observation. “She’s not only shook-up, like the three other girls, she's vibrating. Her nerves are shot.”

* * *

Ted says to Katie: “You’d better take off again, but the film is done, except cutting, and we have more than enough, a good fifteen to twenty-five minutes over our two-hour target.”

As Ted watches Katie’s dumpy figure depart he thinks: ‘Mom is better than Edy! She’ll be our new bondage-victim star. Our audience won’t even appreciate how sexy she smells! Have to tell somehow. But what to do about Katie’s ferocity?’

[Tom’s club two and a half weeks later]

[On Stage - Mom and Twins, Katie in black-leather bikini Mistress-outfit]:

Mom handcuffed-behind, in bra and panties, says: “You can call me ‘Gloria-Slut’ or ‘Slave-Mom’, if you want – Mistress Katie is our cook, ha, ha… we cook for her now! She’s dominant over us, and afterwards, there’ll be a Torture Auction where our pain’s to be sold! I’ll be worth a lot, since I’m the star of our recent film, some of you saw it, ‘Mom and Twins Get Theirs Big-Time,’ a ‘Ted’s’ Production.”

Katie pinches Mom’s nipples and pussy through her garments, kisses her mouth: Repeats this pinching and kissing with handcuffed-behind dark Allee, and finally with fair Jade, who cries silently as she’s hurt and kissed. Removes bras and panties from all three. Mom is terrific, Allee, outstanding. Jade’s body’s an artistic delight: It’s enticing, smoothly-curving, balanced, and in no way excessive. Her blondeness says innocent? Katie licks, sucks, clamps Mom’s tits. Licking , sucking, clamping Allee’s fine boobies. Allee squirming at sucking-clamping. Jade cries audibly when her nipples are clamped “Oh!-Oh!-Oh!

Katie: ”Slut-Jade, you shall immediately be punished hard for that.” Adds a chain to her clamps, and two four-ounce weights, sinks pears, to continuous-screams: “Aieeee! Aieeee! Aieeee! Aieeee! Aieeee!”

Katie: ”Shut up, Slut-Jade, or it’ll be more!”

Katie: “All right, what are we bid for each whip-stroke at Mom’s big butt, accompanied by shocks to her stretched, clamped-tits, pussy? If she stops taking strokes, her twin daughters get the rest of seventy!”

A dollar! is bid. Two, four, six, until ten seemed to be top but one more says ‘I only have three hundred.’ Katie smiles, says, “Let’s let both these guys each have their shot, up to thirty strokes each, anyway.”

Mom is suspended by her wonderful tits, clamp and stretch somewhat out of shape, and her weight to also on her pussy, because she is hanging from two labial-clamps now as well: A camouflaged waist-rope carries most her weight. Electrodes go from her breasts and pussy to Katie’s control-box. The two winners stand on each side and whip away at Mom’s giant butt. “Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

In-between, Katie is shocking tits and pussy each time. Mom thinks: ‘That bitch! I thought they put that damn electricity on ‘Low’…By the way my tits jump and my pussy-lips recoil, it’s set at least ‘Medium’…

”Stop, I can’t take any more” Mom wails, and to the twins, strapped down nearby, “I’m so sorry…”

Katie: “That was sixty, so Mr. Three Hundred, you’re tapped out but you, Mr. Arab Billionaire” [the well-dressed, smooth, bearded, dark guy grins, nods.] Can go on for at least another ten strokes, on Allee and Jade, perhaps what? [Inaudibly] "Five each?’ You’d like five on each? That’s good to go!”

The dark man whips Allee’s fat bottom five times and Katie shocks Allee’s tits and pussy five times to short screams, finally subsiding. He turns to Katie questioningly, and she smiles and nods, “Let’s go!”

The Arab belts Jade’s smooth trim no-extra curvy bottom as hard as he can, probably worse than strokes inflicted on Mom or Allee, because Jade’s so fair with blonde hair? The Arab feels Jade’s ‘his enemy?’

Right before fifth whip-crack is heard and fifth shocks delivered, Jade collapses, but Arab finishes the last stroke of the whipping without accompanying squeals and yells. Katie presses shocks-button, no effect. Katie holds up her hand for him to stop, and says: “Jade’s blacked out. [Grin.] It’s not a big deal, though.”

Gets the smelling salts from Ted in the wings, and after four tries, in-between their both releasing Mom’s, Allee’s, Jade’s handcuffs, straps, and clamps. Mom pointedly asks “Wrong shock-setting used?”

“See, you’re all right now, aren’t you, Slut-Jade? Ted, can you satisfy Mom I haven’t over-done her?”

“Been better.” Dazed, shaken blonde Jade replies, rubbing her sore tits, red bottom and abused pussy…

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