by Garden Variety

(Fourth story in the "Robbery" series).

Cast of Characters

Gerry – A bloodthirsty, cruel Mistress and professional robber not without finer feelings about Brenda

Brenda [also known as Bren] – Her lesbian lover, helper, and crime-partner, a bit softer, not-much, article

Sally – Busty, tough, stocky brunette, willing to do whatever it takes, to escape lesbian duo’s clutches

Cindy – Tallish, willowy blonde, nice body not overly-busty, soft, but can manage to revolt if driven to it

Louie -Gangster nightclub-owner fence and slaver who needs new topless waitresses: He’s willing to pay

The story so far: Our mean, greedy, lesbian couple improve, or not, by enslaving rather than killing?

Story codes: F/F, breast, BDSM, abduction, slavery, electro-play, nipple, suspension, violence, XXX

Chapter 1 Abduction

Gerry [in car at mall] says: “…If we can find two girls at once, we’ll make thirty-five hundred instead of three grand. You in?”

Brenda [driver’s seat] says, “That’s pretty low of Louie, can’t he offer a flat four-grand?”

Gerry says, “I tried that and all I got was a long song-and-dance about how the cop-shop-fix-up cost him so much, he only broke-even on Rita’s being outside for that weekend… The only concession he gives is that the abducted-girls can be less than perfect-tens Isabella and Rita… Well he rates Rita as a ten-plus!”

Brenda laughs, “Louie’s in love with Rita…[ha, ha!]”

Gerry smiles, quickly returns to the subject at hand, “Girls can be, … up to age twenty-five and if they are at least as busty as we are, that’s satisfactory… They don’t have to be great, big, D-cup broads…”

Brenda eyeing Gerry’s top, “You’re perfect the way you are, plenty large-breasted!”

Gerry says, “Thank you, baby. …Get yourself into that food-court, meet and bring back our principal product: Two-together, would be good! Meanwhile, I’ll prep our plush-chamber back here by ripping off our lengths of tape – we’ll need twice as many, each type – and rolling out rugs.” [Thinking aloud.] “Need maybe two separate rugs side-by-side.”

Brenda exits and walks to the mall entrance, seeing two good-lookers at the chicken-concession, she makes for the counter, strikes up ‘dumb-playing’, ‘need-help’ conversation.

One of the two girls is busty, a dark-haired pageboy; the taller, curly-blonde is with luck a 32C?

Soon they are all at a table and Brenda is fast friends with Cindy, the willowy blonde, and Sally, the browner, shorter, busty one. They’re done at the mall for now: Naturally, so is their new ‘friend’ Brenda: Who no longer looks like the composite-bank-robber, sports a teenaged, open, friendly, surgically-altered, heart-shaped face. Offers a ride back. They’ll have to meet her buddy, Gerry.

That’s all right with them, ‘any pal of yours’, etc. They’re nineteen and twenty and seem younger with the silly outfits they’re wearing and their unreal precious ‘boutique-items’, secreted in shopping bags.

At the van, Gerry’s ‘push-ins’ are followed by twice the struggle, Brenda leaping in lying on and taping their legs, kicked in the boob for her trouble. Not before Sally connects a with a full-swing, hitting Gerry in the eye, Gerry knocks out the tougher, brunette Sally with a short-traveling uppercut.

Blonde Cindy is realizing she’s no match for the two of them alone, when Gerry’s deep belly-punch subdues her: Breathlessly [puff-pant] “Please don’t hurt me any more I’ll go along with -what you want.”

Both sentient-Cindy and unconscious-Sally are wrist-taped and rolled up in the two rugs, which cover all of them, but tend to flip back open. Gerry uses two more six-inch pieces to hold the two rugs closed, saying, “…Nearly the end of our tape-roll:”

Adds little helper, getting out and into driver’s seat, closing door: “You went cheap on that tape, let’s buy some more… I mean, our next trip here.”

As Gerry shut the slider, she says, “I’ll stay back here, mind the store.”

Soon they stop, wiping down everything quickly, and spraying foam wherever they might’ve missed a fingerprint, like the seat-bottoms and the rear-view mirror, haul each girl-containing rug out. Conscious and wriggling: Duct-tape-gagged, the two abductee-girls can’t make much noise. The rugs require both of Gerry and Brenda carry one end each, arduously moving one girl-rug at a time, fitting tightly into their own vehicle’s trunk. In less than five minutes Brenda makes tracks in their car abandoning the stolen van.

Gerry comments, “Already did fifteen hundred’s worth of work, it’s a good thing, we’re making more.”

Brenda adds, “We’ve still got the bronco-taming to do…”

Gerry says, “That could be enjoyable, if we are careful.” Gently rubs left eye, where punched.

At their place, they drive into the garage. Heaving, one carrying each end like before, lift one at a time, rugs out of the trunk. Take them down-cellar. Manage shuffle downstairs twice, once nearly losing grip: Having to rest girl-rug bundle on the handrail. Gerry and Brenda take needed breather.

They lay down first one, then the other, of the rugs: Brenda peeks in at their cargoes, both of their young mall captives are breathing: Sally and Cindy look very-annoyed. Brenda shrugs at Gerry. Smiles.

Both Gerry and Brenda turn to each other, hug arms around and kiss, open-mouthed, quick-tonguing.

Gerry says, “So far, so good. They’re not going anywhere, so let’s take a quick coffee-break and snack?”

Chapter 2 Home

Sally hollers, “Let me go! I’ll get the cops on you!”

[At this point the ball-gag harness is squashed in and bands snapped on Sally, and blindfold added.]

“There’s no use in listening to any more of that…,” says Gerry, and Brenda agrees.

Brenda softly, “Should I tell her now?”

Gerry nods, “You can Bren. …It won’t do any good yet.”

Bren: “You’re to be topless waitresses.”

Gerry waves with head that Brenda should help haul Sally to the ring bolts. Sally’s shackled arms are strung up to overhead-on-wall ringbolts, duct-tape cut: The same thing is done with her feet, pulled up in front and raised to lower-on-wall side-ring-bolts, spreading wide-open her heavy thighs, damp, fat, brown-bushed sex. As Sally isn’t limber enough for her ankles to reach nearly-shoulder-level side-bolts, lengths of rope already threaded through purposely, are used to connect ankles to bolts across the gap.

Hanging by her wrists, split open: That isn’t enough for Gerry and Brenda, who tie another rope around her waist, and from there in front, down through her pussy and back up to and through the waist-rope in back, again, splitting her sex, thence to the floor-ring-bolt in front, which waist-crotch-ass rope is pulled out, until Sally’s pussy is out as far as to be on even level with her large, reddish breast-tips. This makes her suspension painful in two added ways: Sally’s sex is being cut and her hips fiercely forced too far frontwards, widely opening her pussy.

“We’re going to flog you hard a hundred times.” Gerry tells her, at that point, Cindy will get all the same treatment, and there are many more tortures to come: After a few, she’ll get a chance to say ‘Yes’ to the new job. Sally can’t talk but objects to the treatment, but both Gerry and Brenda pick up ‘light’-floggers and whip her round, very-large, square-tipped-red-nipple boobs, chubby thighs, fat pussy, tiny belly and big butt as much, as forcefully as they can. “Thwack! “Thwack! “Thwack!” …

Brenda after forty whip-strokes, peculiarly-holds her own left breast with right hand: “Wow. I’m all in.”

Gerry: [Puzzled look at Bren who hasn’t admitted injury, but Gerry’s winded after the work.] “…Me, too. [Puff, pant] Let’s ask her what she thinks”:

Sally’s head spins, ‘I’m dying. Terrible strokes rip my skin! …Never before have I been hit, and now, this torture, whipped stretched-open, hanging in pain…’ [Aloud:] “I’ll do it… anything, please let me down… stop whipping me!”

Gerry does undo and lower Sally’s legs, while Brenda re-tapes her ankles together. Gerry next lets her shackled-arms down still loosely attached to upper ring-bolts but yanks them back, where Brenda tapes them together, behind. Taking her wall-attached wrist-shackles off, they lie Sally on the floor.

The lesbian duo get Cindy and put her in their ring-bolts, whale away at her white body, featuring nearly-as-large pear-shaped boobs, 32C?, lighter-skin, pink aureoles and long-grapelike nipples, rather than Sally’s squared-off red-tips. “Thwack! “Thwack! “Thwack!” Cindy hurt awfully, strains, is gagged.

[Twenty each to fine boobs, tiny belly, tight ass, smooth white thighs: After ten, whipping her pussy...]

Cindy has detectable light-pink stripes all over every separate one distinct from flogging, so they stop.

Cindy thinks, ‘Good thing, couldn’t have taken any more of that! What terrible blows! Each of those shocking hits made my nerves jangle like a wrenching echo! I hurt in places I never knew I had!’

Gerry says, “I don’t think it’s as many as Sally took… but look how sensitive Cindy’s skin is...”

Bren nods, and un-gags, hearing Cindy say, “I can’t take whipping: Please I’ll do what you want instead.”


Brenda says, “My problem is, Sally kicked me when I was taping her ankles in the van. It’s getting so, I can’t hardly move my left arm without hurting… it’s my breast, I think.”

Gerry says, “Pull off your shirt and let’s have a look-see.”

Brenda does so. An angry inch-square bruise lies on the inside of her left tit: Otherwise, cute, fat, curvy topped with brownish-tan nubbin. Slightly smaller than right boob except black spot where it’s swollen?

Gerry says: “Sally got you a honey… Let’s put ice on it, and you’d better take a couple of aspirin, too.”

Brenda says, “I’m so sorry, I can’t whip now, you know I’m a lefty.”

Gerry says [plastering an ice-pack onto Brenda’s cleavage toward the left side], “Don’t worry about doing anything for a couple of days, unless the work is done with your feet, like driving…And even there, you’ll have to steer with your right hand that usually only assists and your left will be your helper-hand.” [Shoves a glass of water at Bren and holds out two pills.]

Lowering Cindy to the floor so she’s limply arms-up-attached, but no longer hung, Gerry stretches out Cindy’s legs from the side-ringbolts and clips a spreader-bar between her legs.

To Sally, “You’re going to eat your friend’s pussy. Have you had any lesbian experience?”

“Yes,” says blushing Sally, “but only kisses and hugs, once, years ago, at camp: No pussy-eating.”

Gerry says, “That will help…Get to it, we want to see you to make Cindy come!” Undoes her leg bindings and puts on one ball-chain shackle on her ankle.

As Sally tries to eat her friend, whisper-apologizing to Cindy, “I don’t want to, …they’re making me do this to you, Cindy-Sweetheart,” is electro-wand shocked on the pussy, thighs and ass by grimly-grinning Gerry: Sally gives forth horrible squeals, “Oh-ohhh!”

Gerry says, “Here, Bren, use this on Cindy’s tits, you can do it right-handed!”

Brenda has another electro-wand and shocks Cindy’s pretty pink-and-white, pink-nipple C-tits, more squeals, “Oh-ohhh!” and some more like squawks – “Aaaak!” while Sally is trying her best to excite her.

Sally: “Aaaak!” - is thinking, ‘Don’t sting my cunt, it’s too sensitive! …And how can Cindy orgasm jouncing around while Brenda’s shocking her tits?’

[Aloud:] “Please stop! This won’t ever work! I can’t make Cindy come, when you’re hurting her!” Stops twirling her head and kissing, licking, sucking her friend’s moving pussy, but isn’t stung. …’Why?’

Gerry unclips, removes Cindy’s spreader-bar. Gerry says, “You know, Bren, we should let them eat us instead, do you think that’ll be good for you?”

Looking up, Sally sees the ice-pack lump under Brenda’s shirt and thinks, ‘I thought I got you, you witch!’

Cindy thinks, ‘That’s good, Brenda’s not hurting my boobs for once: Only those whip-welts acting up.’ Shivering, her own sweat running down, burning each one of ninety striped-welts over her white body.

Putting shackle-chain-ball on Cindy’s ankle, the two captives are rearranged, to service their Mistresses.

Sally thinks, ‘I know I can make Gerry come because all I have to do is make love to her. Act like I don’t hate her!’ Kisses with mouth open, sucks Gerry’s sizeable boobs, neat, small belly and round thighs: Next, eats her like all-get-out. “I’m happy to love you, Mistress Gerry”, says cuntlicker-slave-slut Sally.

“You’ll work at the club, topless-waitressing, little Slut?”

Sally blurts out, between oral-pleasuring as hard and fast as she can, “Gladly, if you want me to…”

Gerry says, “There’s good money in it too, Slut, like a hundred grand a year. …Argghh!”

Meanwhile, Cindy, with no lesbian experience to guide her, follows on Brenda’s, whatever she see Sally doing to Gerry’s body. Kissing Bren’s heart-shaped face, neck and with tongue-flickers, lick-kisses her open-mouth. Avoiding the ice-pack area, otherwise, nice B/C boobs, their little tan nipples, and all around, down to her flat belly, the round blonde bush and thighs, kissing and licking, into Brenda’s foreign pussy:

‘Ummmh, strange taste, oh well, all in the name of love’, Cindy suddenly calls out, “I love you, Brenda!”

Brenda answers back, “Keep me happy like you’ve been doing!”

Soon Cindy feels lover tensing-up: Face-charges Brenda’s clitoris, pressing down on Brenda’s hot-button with her tongue, spinning her whole head, while hard-sucking all that pussy-pinkness into her mouth, alternately, pressing clit down hard as possible with her tongue, spinning her whole head, continuously hard-sucking pussy-pinkness into her mouth, her jaw and cheeks start aching…when she happily hears:

Brenda says, “Argghh!”

Chapter 3 Revolt

Cindy catches Sally’s eye for the breakout-attempt and lifts her shackled leg straight-up, brings attached cannonball down to hit Brenda! It hits her on her ice-packed left breast: Pain’s so bad, she blacks out.

Cindy, sitting attached with limp arms shackled up to ringbolts, says, “Get Gerry now!”

Sally attacks: Not bound except her ankle shackled to ball by chain. Two of Sally’s punches hit Gerry’s face, in her injured eye and on her nose, staggering Gerry back.

Sally is hampered by her cannonball but staggers forward warily, not quite tripping, to follow-up attack.

Suddenly recalling from the van-abduction Sally’s weak-point, Gerry hammers her twice with two quick jabs on Sally’s glass jaw. Abruptly Sally falls straight to the floor, unconscious.

Gerry looks around and only the seated and attached Cindy is against her, lifting and swinging but near-missing Gerry with amazingly-kicked-up cannonball, which hung down too far to hit her thigh. Gerry feints a head shot at Cindy: Instead plows another belly-left, knocking out her remaining opponent. There’s still a mark on Cindy’s stomach from the hard-driven punch in the van. “I gut-socked Cindy almost in the same spot again!” Goes over to blacked-out Brenda, awakens her, “You all right?”

Groggy Brenda removes ice-pack: Her bigger-bruised left boob is as big as her right one. “That’s awful!”

They wrist-shackle both the unconscious captives to their two trapeze bars. “Good thing we put this in.”

The phone rings and Louie asks Gerry if they ‘Will have a girl or girls for tomorrow?’ “It’s Thursday and a not-very-busy night, which would be a good night for them to start: If you can provide them for tomorrow night, I’ll pay three and three-quarters instead of the three-five?”

Gerry says, “It’s ‘up-in-the-air’ at this time. We’ll try for it, O.K.?” [Staunches blood leaking from nose.]

Closes phone and says, “Let’s suspend them both, tits and pussy, for awhile, that ought to fix their little wagons. I have a bloody-nose and my left eye is going to be black: At least it’s my same eye…”

Sally is put in suspension: Round, very-large, square-tipped-red-nipple, rope-bra crushed tits, the ends pulled through her crack, up the back and to the trapeze bar. Next, her hands are undone from the bar. Retied in back of her. The pulley is cranked: Sally’s most-impressively hung except can stand on tip-toes.

Cindy – a glowing-pink pain-study – is suspended the same way, except her bar is higher because she’s taller: Rope-bra-crushed, whiter, pink aureoles around long-grapelike nipples, nearly-as-large, pear-shaped, C-cup boobs. Rope ends pulled through her crack, up the back and to the trapeze bar. Next, her hands undone from the bar. Retied in back of her. The pulley is again cranked so she’s perfectly hung except can stand tip-toe. If Cindy lets herself down to balls of her feet: Tits crushed, pussy cut.

“Great boob-racks, both of ‘em.” Brenda observes.

Gerry says, “If we don’t whip Cindy in-between, her marks may fade by tomorrow night.”

Brenda says, “Her two belly-bruises aren’t big like mine: Won’t show in the weak club light.”

Sally is all right because she’s dark and nothing shows, only small jaw-lumps from being hit three times.

Soon both Cindy and Sally come awake due to hanging and bad tit-and-pussy pain. Squeals “Aiieeee!” “Aiieeee!” get loud and both get ball-gags squashed in, the band-harnesses, snapped. Really hurting, they stay on their tip-toes as much as they can, only coming down to balls of feet to cut their pussies and stretch their beautiful tits, once every five-to-ten minutes when tiring from tip-toe position.

“I can’t stand watching this, let’s go take a break upstairs for awhile.” Brenda says she’s ‘got to take more aspirin and renew her ice anyway.’ “I’m sure that cannonball-clunk made it worse…” [Hand to tit.]

Gerry says, “If you keep this up, it’s back to Doc Hawkings for you.” [Holds breast ice-pack up to eye.]

Brenda says, “I think I’d rather die…I had enough of that place with the plastic-surgery. …Don’t know: You say I’m prettier: I’m always surprised to see my face in the mirror. …Used to seeing my old self.”

The End

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