Taken, part 7

by Free Eagle


We found her after one and a half years. The only lead was word-by-mouth about women leopards. Most of them were straight forward whores in catsuits, some tattooed, two of them obviously not voluntarily. There was a rumor that a real woman leopard existed but it was a rumor and it led us down many dead end roads.

Yes, it was we, Marc, Tonio and me, sometimes even Bill. It had taken Marc several months to recover and he was still not his old self. The bullets had smashed his left hip, pelvic bone and left kidney, and had done havoc to his intestines. He was more than lucky to be alive and it took him weeks to come out of the ICU. His first words were to chase me away from the hospital and start looking for Alix.

We had no lead. Marc had been approached by the Corporation to join that spring auction of 'voluntary submissives'. He did not know the people or Club that had purchased her and were likely holding her now captive nor could we find any avenue to inquire about their identity. Tom, our only potential source, seemed to have disappeared from the map.

We went up and down the States, Canada, the Caribbean, even Japan and Australia. We worked our way through private brothels and elite BDSM clubs. First it was Tonio and me. When Marc joined us after nine months, we began to follow a new strategy.

Since Tonio and I had been unsuccessful in finding her in semi-public clubs, we thought that she must be in a members' club, probably one where you could only be introduced through other members. So, we worked our way from one to the next, focusing on the most highly priced. It was slow. After joining one, we could not show too quick interest in others. We definitely did not want to be mistaken as undercover cops.

I had always been into b/d but kept it light. Both Marc and I were attracted to bondage and appalled by the hard stuff. Taking in Alix had challenged our friendship. I agreed with Marc that her skin coloration made her an outcast and free game wherever she went. However, I was unpleasantly surprised about how he treated her after she came to us. Much more than me, Marc was a natural dominant but that dominant nature showed an unexpected face during her early days.

He was unusually harsh on her and treated her indeed like an animal. I knew that he was looking for a soul mate, not a sex slave, and could simply not understand his behavior. We exchanged harsh words and I was ready to pack my bags had I not been concerned about him and Alix. I liked her right from the beginning. She was a submissive, no doubt about that but she also had a very strong personality. Maybe it challenged Marc, I don't know. I was more than relieved when things between them improved.

For my side, I had been cruising through life first as an EMT then in the security business. The long and irregular work hours and frequent travel destroyed my marriage. Well, Sibyl and I still get along with each other. Since Marc bought the farm my visits had become so regular that neither she nor I were ever interested in finding another partner. So in that sense, we were still very much a couple even though she moved to live in San Francisco.

But back to our hunt for Alix. About fifteen years ago, I met an old Japanese master - it is a long story and I will not go into the details. He taught me the old Japanese roping techniques in return for me saving his life which had been nothing more than applying standard EMT knowledge. Now in the hunt for Alix, my rope tricks and the name of the old master helped to gain faster entrance to members' clubs.

Marc and I were just about to leave for Europe when I hit the bull's eye. One of the more posh clubs in Nevada asked me for another demonstration of rope work. I only agreed because it had been by far the most expensive club for membership fee and because they had three leopard women among their staff, superbly tattooed. My acceptance was based on that I could do the rope tricks with the leopard women.

To make another long story short, the evening went great. I received torrential applause over the artwork. After the show, a slim, non-descript guy in his forties approached me. He introduced himself as Mike and came straight to the point.

"What do I have to pay you to teach me those rope tricks?"

He knew very well that money was usually not the basis for Japanese rope secrets to be passed along and I told him so, feeling some allegiance to my old master.

"So what do I have to give you? Tell me your price."

I was thinking about it. "Mike, there are three passions in my life, flying, Japanese rope work and leopard women. I hear that there is a real leopard woman around, whatever that means. You find her, I teach you the art. But given that I doubt that such a woman exists, I doubt that I can introduce you to the art."

He contemplated my answer then said, "Let me make some inquiries."

To be honest, I did not give it much prospect. The rest of the evening was eventless. I got intelligence about two other high-priced membership clubs but overall thought that I probably had wasted another weekend. However, when I was checking out the following morning, I was called to the manager's office.

I assumed that they wanted to hire me for another evening session and was therefore the more surprised to see Mike sitting in the manager's office.

Jim Rooney, the manager, requested me to take a seat. I refused his offer for a drink.

"Mike tells me that you are interested in leopard women. Why?"

"Well, for the same reason that you have three leopard women on staff. I must say that yours are superbly tattooed but there is always the dream for the real thing, even though I know it is only a fantasy."

Jim and Mike exchanged a look and it dawned on me that I might be onto something. Don't screw up now, I thought.

Jim continued, "You may know that this club is part of a circle of eight other top range BDSM clubs. We have four in the US, one in Japan, two in Europe, one in Russia, and one in Brazil. Together we own a tenth club, indeed we call it Club Ten. Club Ten is on a private island in the Caribbean, and you only become member on recommendation by three board members of any of the other clubs and provided you have been a member for at least two years."

"So why do you tell me this? It is hardly a year ago that I was here for the first time and I am not yet convinced that I will renew my membership."

Mike cut in, "Club Ten has a leopard woman and I am a Board member for this club."

"You want me to renew my membership so I may be able to check her out in a year's time? She may not even be there anymore if she finds a more lucrative appointment."

"She will be there and she is good."

"What is the membership fee for Club Ten?"

They told me and I whistled through my teeth. It was obvious that Club Ten was loaded with illegal activities and they knew that I knew. You pay the right price, you get the right thing.

"Well it's a thought, except that I am not too keen to wait that long."

"Mike tried to convince me to support an earlier application. I initiated a background check. If that goes through and we can convince another board member, I may consider supporting your application. I am interested in having you showing your art in the other clubs of our chain, including Club Ten."

Mike really wanted to learn those rope tricks, I thought. I hoped that my background check would hold up. I had changed my name and, through my contacts, could even sport a birth certificate and social security number. My credit rating was now running on one of Marc's bank accounts. I had scattered the tale that I had made my wealth on the stock market. Simple and difficult to prove otherwise, at least as long nobody linked my face to the face of the former security chief at Marc's company.

"What do I have to do to get in?"

"You sign this contract. It states that your membership fee makes you a co-owner of Club Ten's living assets. All other capital and operations are paid through the service charges. In addition you provide us with a blood sample and that will have to be repeated whenever you go to the Island. We run a clean shop, no STD's."

I was surprised by their point blank approach and could not help turning red.

"Can you tell me more about what you mean by 'living assets'?"

"All the non-consensual slaves, currently we have twenty-three, both gender, even though women are the majority. We keep a range of types and are still building up our stock. If we do not have what you want, we get it. I only know of two other clubs worldwide where you can experience non-consensual fantasies and I consider Club Ten the best. You sign here, you are in and the contract stays with us. If you decide to walk out of here, we will deny that this discussion has ever taken place. If you sign and we go down, you go down with us on kidnapping charges."

Rooney was observing me. I was mulling it over all the while trying to keep a stern face.

"Non-consensual slaves. That sounds intriguing and puts an interesting twist to it. I however would not want to be associated with murder."

"Discarded slaves go back to the auction block. We have a fairly clean record for keeping them healthy but we usually discard them once they can't keep up anymore. The Club is a commercial enterprise and productivity is all that counts."

"Any escapes or other potential leaks?"

"No escapes and all staff who are involved with the nc's sign a similar contract indicating that they are in support of the kidnapping in exchange for significantly higher salaries."

"So, what about the leopard woman?"

"I will not disclose any details. You sign or walk out of here."

I took hold of the contract. It was only one page, describing in very transparent terms that I agreed that my membership fee was used to purchase kidnap victims for profit-making non-consensual sexual activities.

"There is no cancellation policy."

"You sign on for life. If you stop paying your membership fees or fail the blood test, you can no longer use the services of the club but you are still a co-owner. In other words, your first payment involves you permanently."

What a choice to make. I could potentially find Alix and go to prison for life. I asked for a pen and signed. A copy of my driver's license went with it.

I left. Two weeks later, Mike informed me that I was in. We transferred the sizeable membership fee and one week later I chartered a plane to arrive in style. Pity was that I could not take Marc's plane to fly myself over. It would have been too easy to track.


The plane had to land on a neighboring island for my passport to get a cursory inspection. My luggage was not even looked at, proof that the officials got quite lucrative support from the club's coffers. Transfer to Club Ten was by the island's own helicopter. I understood that no public or private ships, planes or helicopters were allowed to the island.

The transfer took us no more than half an hour. As we were flying in from the north, I got a good look at the island. It was quite large and had the shape of a butterfly with no head or tail. An airstrip and helicopter pad was situated where the wings of the butterfly connected. The left wing was larger and mountainous; the right wing seemed more like a park, quite densely covered with trees, cottages in between and with a large golf course covering the southern part of the wing. White beaches, the Caribbean dream.

From Mike's explanations by phone, I understood that there were two parts to the Island allocated to lighter and hard core stuff. I did not even want to know what he meant with hard core stuff, just made it clear that I was into rope art and leopard women. To my surprise and relief, he informed me that she was on the "lighter side".

I landed on a Monday mid-afternoon. A golf cart transferred me to the main building which was situated in the north-western section of the right butterfly wing. It was hot and few people were outside.

Mike was waiting at the reception. He got me through the paperwork which was quite simple; an imprint of my credit card. Every service came on top of my membership fee and was charged automatically using my room key card. I would not be bothered with signing anything else. I was asked whether I wanted a sub at my disposal and that's how I got Lillian; she was consensual and assigned 24/7.

The layout was superb. Cottages scattered over an enormous tropical garden, three larger buildings which contained administration, restaurants, a wide range of dungeons, gym, several bars and three show rooms. Mike told me that the leopard woman was using one of them every evening. Her price range was easy to remember; five thousand for a blow to success with an extra charge if you were over eighty years old, twenty thousand for a half hour fuck; five hundred thousand for a full day.

My cottage was mid-way between the airstrip and the main building and no more than a hundred feet from the beach. A well shaded terrace out front overseeing the beach, living area, kitchenette, bed and bathroom, all very large and all with plenty of points of attachment, as set of stocks was standing in the corner. A cupboard revealed bondage gear, floggers and whips and more could be ordered, as the assistant driving the golf cart explained. He was ready to leave when Lillian was delivered.

A security guard brought her. She was naked, cuffed, gagged and leashed; however, a look into her eyes confirmed that she was consensual. She had dark blond hair just barely touching her shoulders, was slightly smaller than me, slim and had nice perky breasts, no piercing. I doubted that she was older than twenty-two and felt sexually challenged. Chasing for Alix over the past months had put me in some unusual circumstances but keeping it up 24/7 with a twenty-something slave could turn out somewhat of a challenge at my age.

After eyeing each other up and down, I uncufffed her and told her to take care of my stuff. By the time I exited from the shower, she had finished and was waiting in the bedroom in slave position. She checked me out. I was still in quite good shape, worked out three to four times a week but was wearing at least fifteen pounds above my ideal weight. I mounted khaki trousers and a shirt and noted her disappointment over my getting dressed. Well, it would not last long. Mike was knocking at the door and she was the chosen demo piece for his first lesson in Japanese rope work.

We got ourselves a drink from the mini bar, Lillian excluded, and worked for a concentrated two hours. Mike was not bad at remembering how to place the ropes but when I talked to him about how to use pressure points and imbalanced bondage to either stimulate or frustrate, it went over his head. It seemed he was much more interested in the aesthetic of bondage and to use his new-found knowledge to brag in front of his colleagues. He could have learnt that by carefully examining some web pages but I was glad that he didn't.

By the time we finished, Lillian was exhausted from the accumulated frustration and I launched her with a hog-tie and a vibrator towards satisfaction. With two more hours to go for the leopard show to begin, we left her blindfolded, ear-plugged and with a table tennis ball in her mouth which she was supposed to hold on while vibrating along. I guess she realized that my cock would not be her only challenge.

I was not very hungry and so did not join Mike for dinner. Nursing a Black Label and chewing on calamari rings, I was sitting in one of the bars and watched my surroundings. The guest list was definitely male dominated, all ages. Slaves were mostly female. A couple of guests brought them into the bar and I had seen several pony girls and boys outside.

I was thinking that everything looked quite normal with no indication of non-consensual activities when I noted the girl next to the bar. She was hunching down over her knees, collar tied to a metal pole, wrists and elbows severely pulled back and shackled with two sets of steel cuffs. First I thought she was there to be punished for whatever offense her master could dream up. After a while a thirty-something client approached her. He gave his key card to the barman. Seconds later the metal pole extended until she was at a convenient height for a blow job. She was struggling and I saw that she wore a ring gag. The guy stuck his cock into her throat and I realized I was witnessing a rape.

It was only then that it really sunk in. I like calamari rings but all at once they reminded me of the ring gag in the woman's mouth. I had paid that membership fee and, whether in the chase for Alix or not and whether with a fake identity or not, I was contributing to keeping this outfit in business and I was a no-longer-innocent bystander to kidnapping and rape.

I drowned the whiskey and, as I was walking away, was deliberating whether the local police could work up more interest in this place than the immigration officials had shown in my fake passport.


A quarter an hour before the show was to begin, I secured my seat at the tables assigned for the blow jobs. Mike and I had both registered but he was not yet there. I was wondering whether, in case it was Alix, she would recognize me. I had grown a beard, cropped and bleached my hair and was wearing spectacles. If she did, I hoped she would keep her composure. I was also wondering whether I would commit my first rape.

A fifty-something woman sat down next to me, red hair, thin and smelling of cigarettes. She was all jittery from the prospect of getting serviced by a leopard and side-tracked my gloomy thoughts which were slowly driving me into hell.

"They say she is very good. I wonder whether they roughed up her tongue so that she really feels like a cat. Oh dear, I can hardly wait."

Indeed she smelled like she was half way through her first orgasm. Mike took his place on my other side. I requested the waiter to bring me another whiskey.


They finally brought her in. She was crawling, collared with a choking chain, a thin chain hanging out of her mouth. Even though I had hoped for it, expected it, willed it, I was still surprised. It was Alix. My throat all at once became very dry.

Her handler started her at another table. She seemed surprisingly calm and in good health. Without hesitation she took the first cock into her mouth. She did not use her hands still she got the guy off in less than three minutes. His friends were cheering. She made the round and it was only with the last one, where things went slower. She got agitated.

Mike turned to me, "If she does not get him off in 10 minutes, she gets punished."

The group at the other table encouraged the guy to hold it and he managed. Exactly ten minutes into his pleasure, I saw her handler putting his hand into his pocket, she was jerking hard. Given that the guy seemed unbothered by the shock, I assumed that they had returned the receiver and punished her through her brain. She got four more shocks in a distance of half a minute each, began to whimper and shriek until the guy finally let go.

Her handler took her to another table. She was trembling and covered in sweat. It took her less than forty minutes to get through the three men and three women and she got only shocked twice. In just slightly over one hour, she had yielded USD 50,000 to this outfit.

As she moved to our table, my worries that she might recognize me resurfaced. I watched her finishing Mike in four minutes. He groaned, I guess as much at loosing the deal too fast as from pleasure.

When she was led up to me, I saw that her eyes were closed. She only opened them to establish where my cock was but it was enough to see that there was no spirit left in her. It was a resigned look; I even wondered whether she was inside that body.

I was limp and I hoped nobody was surprised given that most clients were ready to spill their beans simply from looking at Alix's beautiful body. She certainly was but only long enough to adjust her strategy. With a few tongue strokes, she had me hard and I realized that the chain was connected to a ring in her tongue. She was good, knew where to tease, how to massage and how to use the piercing to her advantage.

I was determined to use the full ten minutes but no more to get a good look at her. I stood up so she had to rise with me. It gave me a better view of her face and front. Her eyes were closed again. She had a scar next to her eye. Another one indicated that her left nipple ring must have been torn out at least once.

It now took me all effort to keep back. As the ten minutes drew closer, she got more agitated. She quickly opened her eyes, looked up at me and I saw her fear but no recognition. I let go. She sucked it down then went down onto her four limbs and went to my neighbor.

I hardly heard the applause from the crowd for my resilience and tried hard to fight my emotions. To cover them, I turned to Mike and said, "She is good."

"Yeah, unfortunately too good for me. I tell you I have seen evenings when she finished over 30 people in two hours. They must have recovered her purchasing price from her blow jobs alone."

"How much did they pay for her and where did they get her from? Her skin is definitely a superb tattoo."

"It is not a tattoo. They say they changed her genetics and that it is difficult to get another one like her. About price, the whispers are anywhere between USD 40 and 80 million. I am told they keep her in a vault."

"Who do I have to talk to if I want to fuck her?"

"Tell that guy at the bar, he has access to her schedule but you may need to wait a day or two. She is usually fully booked."

"Twenty thousand for half an hour is quite drastic but she is so unique one can really not argue about it. Do you know how long they work her each day?"

"I think she starts at two in the afternoon and through to six in the morning, with the interruption for the blow jobs. They clean her up in between so she may service sixteen to twenty a day. Unless of course she is booked by a day client."

"A day client?"

"Yeah, put down half a million and you get her from 11:00 pm until 7:00 pm on the following day."

"How many are willing to pay that much?"

"At least one a week. She mostly gets booked by groups."

"Then I better make an appointment fast."

Alix was through and they put her on a podium in the middle of the room. She posed on her back, holding her ankles, legs spread. The podium began to turn slowly and the light was dimmed. I saw her handler pulling on the chain to her tongue. She opened her eyes and mouth, so people had an uninterrupted view of her fluorescing alterations in her eyes, mouth and vagina. They aroused her until she was bucking uncontrollably. Once she let go of one of her ankle and got punished immediately. I was biting my tongue not to scream.

Alix was led out of the room. I wondered how she dealt with all that cum in her stomach. And she still had a busy night ahead.

There were two other guys in front of me to get their appointments listed and as I was queuing up, my lady neighbor was joining me in the wait. It turned out that Alix was booked for the entire night and the following day until Wednesday 5:30 am.

"You are lucky to get the last slot. Afterwards she will be unavailable until next Sunday."

"Why is that?"

"Well that group over there has her starting Wednesday lunch."

"What about Friday?"

"She has a bondage show scheduled for Thursday evening and will only be available by Sunday evening."

"Okay, book me then for Wednesday morning and Sunday night until Monday evening."

He was looking a bit surprised. "I must warn you, she may be a bit worse for the wear on Sunday. The guy who does the bondage show and has her until Friday night gives her a rough time."

I indicated that I did not care and it took me an effort not to show my anger.

He keyed my appointment into the computer and handed me an information sheet. I crammed the sheet into my pocket, doubting that I could read it without emotions showing. Instead I went back to the table, dumped two more whiskeys then watched a bondage show on the stage. A Japanese expert roping up three girls until they all erupted in orgasms that made them pass out. He never touched them with anything other than rope.


Back at the cottage, Lillian had lost the ball but had apparently received her fair share of pleasure from the vibrator. As a punishment I sent her to her quarters. After locking the door, I got another whiskey from the bar and read the sheet.

Essentially, you could do anything with Alix except draw blood or injure her with more permanent damage. For the half-hour deal she was delivered clean and had to be returned exactly after 30 minutes. It was advised that she was well trained, would not be able to bite and that assistance by a handler was available if desired. No whipping beyond a mild flogging was possible for half-hour deals, and clients stood the risk of being charged a penalty if they were too harsh on her and the next client complained.

For the one-day deal, it was advised to feed her once in the morning "for greater stamina and pleasure" but that she could be kept off food if so desired. Her handler would come to make her drink and pee at least three times. It was advised that her anal passage would be clean and her urethra plugged. Any whipping which drew welts for more than a day had to be booked in advance and was charged at double or triple the price, depending on recovery period. A handler would be on standby and available for the whole 20 hours.

Her remote was made available and it could be used with no restriction. The explanation how to use it followed and I realized that the pain through her clit was now available at different levels, three below passing out and one above. No warranty was made for time lost if she passed out or in case she threw up. The latter was explained given that her default setting was on crawl after her delivery. Clients had to deactivate her sickness sensors in case one would want her to stand up.

I was close to fainting and could not believe that she had survived so far. It seemed that she could be 20 hours on duty, more if a "normal night" followed after a day job. She had probably returned more than three or four times her purchase price to the club and given that she only grew older, there was no reason for them to go easy on her. Two, three maximum five years more and she would be mustered out, provided she survived that long.


I did not sleep much that night. Nevertheless I got up early and went on exploration under the disguise of a run. The guest cottages were scattered over the whole island, no problem given that golf and pony carts were provided. It provided sufficient distance to not be bothered by the screams. And I did hear them as I took my turns.

It was still early and only few others in the gym and at the swimming pool, some of them with their slaves but no movements towards the dungeons. I followed the smell of coffee and soon found the breakfast area and Mike. He asked about my plans

"I will hang around for the week. This is an absolutely superb place and I booked a full day session with that leopard on Sunday."

"Are you serious?"

"Would not want to miss it in my life."

"Any inclination to share?"

"Sorry, mate, the pleasure will be all mine."

"To the extent as one can say that of rent-a-leopard."

"I wonder whether she is for sale."

"I am told that they had several offers and that they will deliberate over another one on Saturday."

"Who is that?"

"A Japanese guy, Takomoto. He comes for the bondage session on Thursday night, or should I say whipping session then keeps her for the day."

Marc had told me that a man named Takomoto had bid for her during the auction and had lost to the Club. So, I thought I knew who Mike was talking about.

"Is he the same guy who tied up those women last night?"

"No, he is not yet here, usually only arrives before the session. He comes several times a year and I am told that he sometimes books her for an entire week."

"This will not endear him to the other members."

"No and I doubt he cares. Look, I have to go. I have an appointment with a couple of slaves at the dungeons."

As I finished my breakfast, I remembered that I was supposed to feed my slave, a small detail that had escaped my attention the previous night. I asked one of the girls to pack some food and went back to my cottage. Sure enough, Lillian was waiting inside with her leash tied to the wall. She was naked, all rosy and juicy, and eyed the food with obvious appreciation. They were serious about her being 24/7 at my mercy.

While she was eating, I planned the next few hours of information gathering. I wanted to know how much Lillian knew about Alix and no better way than combining it with pleasure. The room may have been bugged so I took Lillian down to the beach, together with a blanket, water and sunscreen.

After tonguing her to a multiple orgasm and depositing my load, she was mellow enough for some questions.

"How do you like life here as a slave? Speak freely."

First she hesitated but then opened up as I probed. She definitely liked the pay and, as she put it, that she experienced "new things" with various clients. So far, she had only been three times in sick bay due to too severe beatings.

"I am always surprised that one can be on staff in such a club where you can't decide who your next client will be and what they will do to you. You are here voluntarily but what about that woman leopard? She seems spaced out."

"I really don't know much about her. She has her separate quarters and two full time assistants, so we never mix. And I have never seen her talking to anybody. Yes, she seems weird. I assume she is here with a contract like mine but probably ten times the pay."

"So where do you stay when you are not busy with a client?"

"We have our quarters below the entertainment area in the main building. Nothing fancy, TV, video, our own gym. Being there is quite boring."

She was looking at my cock and asked, "Are you recovered?"

I had to sacrifice another load of precious semen before I could ask where they kept Alix.

"So where is that woman leopard staying? Any chance to walk by and get a quicky?"

"I doubt you would succeed unless you want to take it up with a steel door, a security guard and the security system. I never see her out and around. They may be afraid that she gets kidnapped, or she just likes her privacy. I definitely would if I were looking like her."

I figured out that the steel door was two levels below the entertainment area but then stopped asking questions. Instead, I pulled out a rope, put her in a hog tie and tickled and teased her until I was sure that she did not remember any coherent thing about that morning.

I left Lillian in the cottage, and went for lunch. I thought that the two shots were not too bad for a man of my age and justified an ample seafood lunch with the need to replenish my energy. Not good for the cholesterol but who was thinking about heart attacks at a spot like this?

Afterwards I was exploring the main building, pretending to look for the business center. There was no cell phone coverage on the island and all communication had to be done through the business center. After being pointed three times by three different staff into the same direction, I thought that I would have to call it quits unless I wanted to draw attention to me opening all kind of doors. It seemed there were no stairs to the lower level, just two "staff only" elevators, both to be opened with a key card. Two other public elevators went to the second floor, but they had no buttons for a lower floor.

I walked around the building, no windows, no door, no escape hatch, nothing indicating that there was a lower level or an external access to it. I was hoping to find out more during my half hour session with Alix. The information sheet only indicated that a staff would take you to "your appointment".

Golfing helps me think and so I spent the afternoon on the golf court, assisted by Lillian who was carrying the bag, nicely roped and hooded. Several other members complimented me about the rope work. The score was not too bad yet I was no closer to figuring out an escape plan. I noted however that security guards were systematically patrolling the area.

In the evening after feeding Lillian, I went to see Alix doing her rounds but did not pay for a blow job. Among the members receiving her services, was on old geezer. She was obviously frightened to start working on him and true enough, it took her close to twenty minutes to get him off, several of them shrieking and whimpering as she was being punished again and again. Somebody said, "The guy is ninety and I am told that he can't even get it up with a triple load of Viagra."

Once she had been led out, I went to the cottage and told Lillian to go to her quarters so I could get a good night sleep before my meeting with the leopard. She was sulking. I did not care.


I was awake long before the alarm went off at 4:30 am. I took a shower and dressed in light trousers and a shirt. By 5:10, I was at the reception. A young guy, Jonathan, was waiting for me. He took me upstairs and down the hallway where he opened a heavy mahogany door with a key card. The second door on the right led into a comfortable sitting room with a bar, a TV and a rack with bondage gear and some floggers.

Jonathan pointed to a second door. "She will be waiting in the neighboring room at 5:30 sharp. Her handler will open the door. Most clients get undressed here." He left the implications open. He encouraged me to help myself with the bondage gear then disappeared with a nod.

I undressed to my boxers. I was wondering whether there were hidden cameras but could not see any. I had not thought about what I would do with her, just wanted to meet her, see how she was doing. I was somewhat scared that she would recognize me and that things may get out of control, so took along a rope and a gag.

My heart beat was up in my ears and my cock slightly hard when the door was opened. It was the same guy that had led her around on Monday evening.

"My name is Frank. She has been quite peaceful tonight and is secured. Here is her remote. If you let her loose, you can subdue her with these shocks. The color of the button shows the intensity. Red means she passes out. If you want her to get up, you have to deactivate her sickness sensor otherwise she will get dizzy and may even throw up. If you use the rings, don't pull too hard so they rip, rather use the shocks. She gets aroused with the remote or pain but there is not much response if you do it the traditional way. Have fun."

He motioned me through than closed the door behind me.


She was lying on her back, both wrists tied with padded leather cuffs to a wide nylon band which was crossing the bed under her neck so her arms were bent and her hands were immobilized about half a foot from her head. Her legs were spread open but not restrained, easy access to anybody who wanted to dive right into her.

Her eyes were open and she was staring at the ceiling. She did not respond when I entered nor when I sat on the bed next to her. More bondage gear was hanging on the wall. I saw that somebody had flogged her breasts and the insides of her thighs. They were crisscrossed with thin red welts.

Still thinking that there might be cameras around, I removed my boxers. She did not respond, did not look at me, even when I touched her abdomen.

I began to caress her breasts like I had seen Marc doing it many times. There was no response. She just opened and closed her eyes, slowly like if she was tired, tired from 539 days of fucking away a crowd. I straddled her, looked down into her eyes. They were empty. I bent down and whispered, "Alix, it's me, Roger." When she did not respond, I almost began to cry.

I traced her face and saw another scar where the septum had been repaired. When my fingers touched her lips, she opened her mouth and began to suck. For a second I thought she may be blind. I made a rapid move with my other hand. Her eyes flicked around, a second of fear then she was staring into space again, still sucking on my fingers like they were a cock. The chain was hanging out of her mouth, a convincing tool for viewing her tongue or opening her mouth.

I assumed that most other members would be in one of her orifice by now, so tried to give her some pleasure instead. I sucked on her nipples before moving to the naval which Marc had told me was one of her erotic spots. I twirled around with my tongue, bit it ever so slightly. She opened her legs wider. I went down to her clit, surprised to see that it was still intact and the hole made by the clit ring only slightly enlarged.

I played with her for a while, trying to remember every spot that other women had told me was pleasurable to them. She did not get aroused, maybe a tit warmer and she was somewhat wet but I felt her relaxing. I did not touch her thighs, they looked much worse than her breasts.

I returned to look at her face. She had closed her eyes. I opened the cuffs on her wrists. She did not move. I lifted her up, cradled her in my arm then kept nibbling on her ears, chin and nipples. Finally, a slight moan escaped from her lips, seconds later she was asleep.

I kept caressing her, 'til an electronic bell told me that time was up. I stepped into my boxers and a minute later Frank came in.

He was surprised to see her sleeping. I said to him, "I love to put leopards to sleep. Please don't wake her up."

He looked like he indeed may follow my request.

As I was walking back to the cabin, tears were streaming down my face.


After returning to the cottage, I locked the door and searched for cameras and bugs. There were none, James Bond lick your ass. Lillian was knocking at the door while I was still searching and I shouted at her to get us some breakfast. I was done and showered when she returned with a second girl, carrying two large trays of food.

"I did not ask you to bring the whole buffet."

However, since being hungry paralyzes my thinking, I dug in. Lillian was babbling away clearly wanting to get me into bed and obviously disappointed when I did not make a move. She probably doubted my manhood. I finally took a rope, put her into one of my magic hogties, placed a load, then teased her until she was depleted of all energy and fell asleep. Quiet at last.

While I was teasing her, a plan emerged. I knew that Alix was hired for the day by the group of six which had been sitting next to my table on Monday evening. I doubted that a group of six would fit in the room where I had met her or that they would be happy with being confined to any room for a whole day. Maybe they were using a cottage. Since Alix was supposed to be passed to them after her blow jobs, I could try and find out where these 20-hour sessions were being held. If I knew, I could plan for a rescue when I had her on Sunday night.

I had to phone Marc, there was no way around it anymore. I dreaded the phone call but needed his help. And I needed some supplies.

I let Lillian off her restraints. She was still sleeping. The reception was more than happy to help me with a day trip to town on a nearby island. Why should they be suspicious? I was simply an elderly gentleman who had some troubles getting it up with slaves and leopards and needed a day's rest.


One of the Islands' own speed boats made the passage and I was in town by twelve where my cell phone had connection.

I told Marc that I found Alix, had seen her, even touched her. I also told him that she seemed in good health but that she had gone through a rough time. He knew me and her too well and asked, "Did she recognize you?" I told him that my disguise was too well done but he did not believe me and I finally confessed that she had not recognized me.

He was silent for a while then went berserk, wanting to drive in with an army. It took me several minutes to convince him otherwise.

"Our best chance will be Sunday night. I will have her for 20 hours. Get the plane to this island, get a chopper, get a boat but do not do anything until I tell you. Also, bring along some teargas, weapons, chloroform, sedatives Just come prepared for anything. I still need more information to craft a concrete plan." He was not happy. I told him that I would contact him the next day, if necessary by email, if possible by phone.

I combed the town and finally found a satellite phone in a pawn shop. To my surprise, the electronics was working and with the help of my cell phone and credit card, I was a subscriber within the hour. I phoned Marc again and gave him my number. He was just about to board the plane.

I found strong sedatives in a pharmacy, chloroform in a second one. I had plenty of bondage gear and my magnum and knife were securely stowed in my suitcase. I really did not have much of a plan yet and was walking aimlessly through the small town looking for anything that could be of help. I knew that we would likely encounter resistance, needed to get away and probably keep her subdued, quiet and hidden, so when I saw the seaman chest in an antique shop, I bought it immediately. To be on the safe side, I filled it with an anchor and its chain which I thought would match about her weight. The shop agreed to deliver to the pier. One hour later, I had completed my tourist trip with a couple of Bermuda shirts and a straw hat.

On our drive back, I saw another speedboat about a mile out from the island and pointed it out to the guy driving my boat. His name was Phil and he looked like any of the young men trying to find on easy job on these islands.

"They keep unwanted visitors away" was his laconic reply. And keep slaves from escaping, I thought. How would I ever get her out of this place?

At the cottage, Lillian was smiling at me when she saw me in the hat and one of the Bermuda shirts. She tried to lift the chest and asked what was inside. "Bondage gear," I said and she paled when I lifted the lid. "Not for you, silly. I have a boy at home and his cock should just about be able to lift this chain." She was a bit nave and indeed seemed to believe me. I felt an obligation to not disappoint her and mustered the strength to fill both of her holes.

After she had given me a bath, Mike came back for another Shibari session. The guy was quickly becoming a nuisance. Lillian didn't think so and enjoyed every bit of the next two hours. To my relief, Mike told me that he would go to the other side of the island and that he would catch up later in the week. I was a bit surprised that he did not want to see Takomoto's performance. Once we were done and Lillian was slowly turning in a quite demanding vertical split, he asked me how much more I could teach him.

"A lot," I said but was hoping for no future opportunity to arise.

After I released Lillian, I told her to order some dinner and wait until I returned from my evening entertainment. Her eyes lit up and I was wondering how many orgasms she needed to be satisfied.


The restaurant was full and, with plenty of apologies, I was requested to wait at the bar until a table was available. I asked for a glass of red wine. I had hardly tasted my first sip when the head waiter approached, presenting me with a business card on a silver tablet. I was in Japanese and I could not read it. I looked at him, puzzled. He nodded to a two person table where I saw the Japanese rope master dining. "Mr. Yashiko kindly asks you to join him for dinner."

I followed the waiter. Mr. Yashiko repeated the invitation then said, "I recognize an expert when I see his work. I saw how you tied your golf bag onto that girl, those were old Japanese techniques." I smiled, introduced myself and sat down. He pointed to a lavish seafood dinner and I saw that he had only just helped himself of what seemed an order for at least four people. It did not seem like my arteries were getting any respite.

He was a very enjoyable dinner companion and his demeanor reminded me of my old Japanese master. He estimated him to be in his late fifties and was surprised when he added fifteen years. He had had no troubles pulling up the three girls the other night. I told him about my education and he was clearly in awe hearing about my training with one of the 'true old masters", as he expressed it.

After a while, I said, "I hear another master will join us supposedly tomorrow night. Mr. Takomoto, I am told he is a bondage master."

Yashiko's eyes grew hard. "His father may have known something about bondage, every word about the son is wasted." I waited for more information. After a while, he said, "The father was using ropes for beauty, the son uses them to prepare for the whip."

He was clearly not interested to discuss the subject further and I asked him what brought him to the Island.

"I was touring the other nine clubs when they asked me whether I would agree to a demonstration at Club Ten. I have a three-month contract."

"Do you like it?"

"I do not like to be around what I am told to be non-consensual fakers."

I knew that he knew and was wondering why he opened up to me. I could easily make life difficult for him if I told management that he questioned their tastes.

It was soon time for Alix's appearance. I thanked my host for the excellent company and dinner, and left with a bow which would have made my old master proud.


In the other room, I quickly established where the group of six was seated then got myself a stool at the bar. Sure enough, Alix came in and made the rounds. She was with a different handler. I was aching to see her but tried hard not to betray my true feelings.

There were not many orders coming to the bar during her performance and, after a while, I started to chat with the barman, a middle-aged guy with spongy features.

"I understand that she will have a bondage session tomorrow evening. Anything special that justifies missing out on the blows?"

"Takomoto is the only one who can get her to orgasm. It is quite a show. Make sure you are here in time if you want a good view."

I was able to put one and one together and feared the next evening.

"I understand that Takomoto wants to purchase her. Will he have a chance?"

"Maybe. He is offering a lot and some members have complained that she has lost some of her spirit of the early days. She used to fight like a cat and many of the younger members liked that."

"Takomoto is young."

"Yes, but he uses other means to make her fight."

I had heard enough and Alix was almost through. I went into the lobby. Sure enough, five minutes later the six-pack came, laughing and joking. They were met by an assistant and left the building. I saw them walking along a well lit path, leading into the opposite direction to the cottages and down to the beach. I stepped onto the grass and snug along under the trees. There was a well hidden cottage about 200 yards from the main building. It was circled by a seven foot high wall, the roof of the cottage barely visible. The assistant unlocked the gate and they went inside.

I was hiding between the trees. Fifteen minutes later they brought Alix. She was walking, her hands cuffed behind her back, a hobble between her legs, muzzled. Her handler was leading her on the leash, a security guard followed. Alix and the handler went inside while the security guard took position in front of the gate.

The assistant and her handler came out after half an hour. I waited for another hour or so but nothing happened. I was glad to not hear her screaming but then they may have kept her gagged. It seemed that if not asked to stay, her handler indeed left and stayed away while the security guard ensured any undesirable traffic.

I was wondering about any other security arrangements. Taking some more distance from the cottage and the guard, I slipped towards the back of the cottage. The garden was as manicured as in all other parts of the island but the trees close together and indeed going up to the back wall of the cottage. I pressed myself into a bush, listened and waited. It was quiet. Nobody else was around and nobody else came around. I saw that one of the tree's stronger branches led across the wall. With some luck and a rope, one could quite easily climb over.

I had seen enough and decided to go back to my cottage. I contemplated the layout of the island. From where I stood, the main complex was between me and my cottage, the golf course on my right. I turned to the right and, while staying in the shadow of the trees, circled the administrative building then joined the path to my cottage. It was much more normal than sneaking across the golf course even though that was probably the most promising escape route if I needed to stay hidden.

I had forgotten about Lillian and was really not in the mood to fuck her. I asked her to get lost. She was insulted. I did not care, placed the "do not disturb" sign, locked the door and collapsed on the bed.


I woke up two hours later, drenched in sweat. It was barely three o'clock. I took a cold shower but could no longer sleep. They were deciding on Saturday whether they were selling her to Takomoto. If they did, I might never receive her for my Sunday session. The action was easy to work out, a realistic plan not. We had to get her before she was delivered to Takomoto or while he had her at the cottage. And here I was, a former security specialist but somewhat out of shape and probably closer to a heart attack than ever in my life. And there was no way that I could count on outside help.

As I was lying in the dark, my heart pounding in my chest, a plan emerged on how to get Alix from the island. It was daring but then nothing else would work anyway. It was unlikely that I could convince the police to storm the island and even if I did, it was likely that a tip-off would alert the crucial people in advance and they would make sure that none of the living assets would be around anymore, one way or the other.

I needed to get Alix while she was at the cottage with Takomoto. I could not get to her during the day and once he was through with her, I doubted that she would be at any other place than in her room, beaten half to death.

The satellite phone worked like a marvel. Marc was swearing but the moment he realized I was on the line, he calmed down and listened. I told him about my plan. First he did not agree and wanted to come to the island. I told him that for sure he would risk all our lives. I did not see a possibility how anybody could approach the island without them knowing. I assumed they had radar and he was definitely not in shape to swim in over a long distance.

I told him in detail what to do. He asked me a couple of questions but finally seem to acquiesce to my plan. I had hardly switched off the phone when I was fast asleep.

End of Part 7

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