Taken, part 6

by Free Eagle

When I was taken out of the box, it was by Steve and another guy I did not know. Melinda was with them.

"She does not look worse for the wear," Steve commented.

"Bad enough that they removed the device. Give her some water but nothing else. She is in surgery first thing tomorrow morning."

When Steve removed the diapers, I peed at him. He was swearing and tried to jolt me through the collar but the batteries were flat. He got the cattle prod instead. He shocked me senselessly, washed me with cold water then dragged me to the cage behind the steel door. Good thing was that he did not want to fuck a comatose body.

I was too exhausted to fall asleep. My mind was searching frantically for an escape. I was yearning for Marc, tried to ignore the reality. The void in me grew until I was screaming again and the fresh batteries in the collar were doing their duty. I wanted to feel the pain shutting out the loss of love and life. I began hammering my head against the bars until they came and put me in a spread-eagle over in the shower room. I kept screaming, they removed the collar, turned off the light and I was alone, floating in an emptiness from which there was no escape.

When Steve came in the morning, I had messed myself up, deliberately. He swore, pulled the mattress from under me so my head was banging on the floor then brought the hose with the cold water. I was counting the seconds until I got the injection. I wanted to be out and never come back.


The pain after the surgery was far worse than the first time. The joints of my jaws were hurting like two nails had been driven into them, the roof of my mouth one big sore. The spread-eagle, the mattress under me, the tubes in my nose, throat and urethra, the blindfold, everything was the same as when they first inserted the device. I tried to struggle but it was futile, no way to object or even scream. The pain became so bad I assumed they simply left the painkillers aside. Pure existence, fighting to survive from one minute to the next, waves of pain, darkness of pain, no escape.

Later I felt movement on the tubes, rough hands pulling the mattress from under me, shoving a nozzle into my anus, an enema, a cold wash down. Steve entered me. I was dry and it hurt terribly, the pain was oscillating between my jaws and vagina. He was pumping, squeezing my breasts, pulling on the nipple rings. Then it was over, another cold wash and the plastic-covered mattress was pushed back. Pain.

He returned more often than he cleaned me. I was groaning into the breathing tube whenever he pumped dry into me, cringing, trying to find relief from the pain. After he was done for the third or fourth time, he was lying with his full weight on top of me, whispering into my ear. "I know you are Tom's slut. Why are you not getting wet for me? Forget about Tom. He is the one who betrayed you."

I couldn't believe it. Why did Tom do this to me? But Steve was not lying. How else would they have known where to look for me? I was crying. Tom, why? Why? Why?

Melinda came to check on me and insert another nose ring. My back was getting sore from Steve's onslaught on the bare bathroom floor. "You have to turn her around."

He did and took me in the anus the next time. I was screaming but hardly any noise escaped through the breathing tube. Then his whisper, "You should have heard Tom screaming when they cut open his testicles. The guy was stupid enough to let the bank in Australia get a credit rating from his former bank in Miami. Stupidity he paid by eating his testicles in pieces. He told them everything."

Next time he returned it was about Marc. "Your white shiny hero did not loosen you up properly. What was his name? Marc? Well, he will never be able to do it again. I am told they pumped two bullets into his guts. Nobody survives that. It's a slow and painful death."

He kept tormenting me until I could no longer distinguish between my sore body and the pain and desperation in my mind. I was responsible for the death of two people, Tom who had helped me and been kind to me, Marc. I was crying for hours, pulled on the ropes that kept me in a spread-eagle until I was sore. I began to crave for the pain in my body to overshadow the pain in my soul, begging to die, begging to go crazy. But I was there, remained there, forever tied to the mattress and the reality.

A day later, Melinda caught onto him. My labia and vagina were raw and I bucked when she touched me.

"Are you crazy, Steve? The clients will come to see her on Monday. Who gave you permission that you can have her?"

"Calm down. I am only preparing her for her future job. She needs some callus otherwise she will not survive them fucking her twenty-four hours a day."

"I don't care. They have not yet paid for her and I doubt they will for damaged goods. Get out of here. I will hand her over to Ron."

Different hands were touching me sometime later. I assumed it was the new guy. He put salve on my sores and squirted a cool liquid into my vagina, otherwise it was all business. He removed the tube from my urethra, got me out of the spread-eagle and made me stand up and walk around.

I fought him and them whenever I had the opportunity. Next time Melinda examined me, I peed at her. She asked Ron to stick the cattle prod into my vagina but I did it again next time she came.

"You will be sorry for that."

A day later I was put on the gurney. She removed the stuffing and breathing tube, inserted the receiver into the receptacle inside my mouth, and mounted the bit and the muzzle.

Then she went through all the shocks, including the one through the clit. I passed out. When I came to, I heard her talking to Doug, asking him to adjust something. Another shock to the clit, I passed out again. By the time they finished, I was hardly coherent anymore but I understood that they were now able to shock me through the clit just without me passing out.

"Program one additional setting a few notches below the current intensity, that should be pretty convincing."

She left me on the gurney. I was shivering from the cold sweat on my body. Ron fed me then removed the feeding tube but left the blindfold.

They came back about an hour later. She asked Ron to tie me down further. Straps went over my abdomen and pulled my knees to the side and feet down, until I could no longer move my lower body. She injected a liquid into my urethra. Ten minutes later, she pushed another tube inside and up. It hurt, I screamed.

"That will keep you from peeing at people." Then to Ron, "Keep her here until the evening. I want to check as her urethra contracts and seals around the valve."

"How long will she be able to wear it without damage?" It was John's voice, the first time that I noted him being around.

"Probably longer than she will survive."

Over the day, the tension in my urethra increased. It was extremely uncomfortable, even worse when she came and checked with an instrument. By the evening she was happy. They were able to make me urinate with the remote, I was no longer able to do so myself. Ron removed the blindfold and brought me to the cage. He placed a bowl with mash in front of me and removed the muzzle. I refused to eat. He got a ring gang then force-fed me before leaving me hogtied inside the cage for the night.


Two days later my new owners came with Richard, Melinda and Ron. It was the same man and woman that had purchased me at the auction. I was in the cage, muzzle locked on but otherwise unrestrained. So far I had not eaten on my own. I was feeling weak and disoriented from all the shocks of the past days and did not bother to get up when they came in.

Ron pulled me out of the cage. I fought him like usual. He pressed me down on my belly, knee in the back and cuffed my hands. The leash went to the nose ring. He tried to get me to kneel and succeeded after a couple of attempts.

"The good news is that she is completely healthy. The bad news is that her kidnappers screwed up her training. It will take an effort to get her back to where she was when you saw her last," Richard commented.

"So, her value is less." The man immediately cut to the point.

"Nothing that cannot be solved with a month of training."

"A month during which she otherwise would generate income, not to forget about the loss of the past months."

"If you are no longer interested, I will inform Takomoto. He offered sixty million as I recall."

"Has she performed since you got her back?" It was the woman asking.

"No, we have not tried her." Melinda was lying through her teeth.

"Can I see her on a cock?"

Melinda and Richard were obviously surprised. Melinda requested Ron to go ahead. He freed himself up and removed the muzzle. I was keen to get onto him, bite him. He pulled me up on the nose ring. I took his limp member inside my mouth but could not get my jaws together. So far I had either had the bit in my mouth or had been ring-gagged, so I thought that my jaws were simply stiff. However the longer I tried, I realized they were blocked. I shook my head in frustration, pain in my nose, I groaned then gave up. Ron let me slip out, unimpressed by my administrations.

"This will take more than a month of training," the man commented.

"Stop the crap, Rick, we take her. But you will have to give us a lower price. I have engaged a trainer. If she should not shape up under him, which I doubt, you will have her back in a month, we will get a full refund and you can pass her on to Takomoto."

Richard agreed.

"Why was she no able to bite him?"

"We blocked her jaws. She can close them up to half an inch but can no longer bite. Still I suggest you use a ring gag for blows given that your clients will not like to feel her teeth. It also means that you have to give her soft food."

"She eats?" Melinda told her no.

"What about her ablutions?"

"I assume you will use enemas. In addition we placed a valve inside her urethra which can be opened and closed with her remote. It's the only control that does not go through her brain and it will need to be replaced after two years, given that the receiver runs on a small battery. I suggest you let her urinate at least five times a day, more if she drinks a lot, otherwise she may get problems with her kidneys. We also programmed some additional shock controls but I can explain the details in the office while we get the paperwork done."

"We will have her trainer picking her up tomorrow morning. Make sure she is ready and not on the loose again."

They left. Ron dragged me through to the bathroom where he made me pee before it was back to the cage.


Ron gave me the usual cleanup in the morning, inside and out then force-fed me the mash. He was not even checking anymore whether I would eat on my own; it was straight to the ring gag. Half an hour later, "my" trainer came, together with Ron and Melinda.

He immediately reminded me of a wolf, black hair in a pony tail, black eyes, slightly taller and heavier than Ron, dressed in black jeans and a white shirt which was open over his chest. He exuded power and made six foot/one hundred-ninety pound Ron looking like a school boy. He carried a leather leash.

Ron unlooked the cage but it was the Wolf who ordered me out. I obeyed, first because I wanted to get out of here, secondly because I wanted to irk Ron and Melinda, I had not obeyed them, and thirdly I did not want to get on his bad side.

He ordered me to present and I obeyed again. The leash went onto the nose ring. He checked me over, head, ears, back, arms, legs, anus. He hesitated on a sore on my back, then asked me to expose. I rolled onto my back and went into position. He removed the muzzle long enough to see that my teeth were healthy. He checked the nose, nipple and clit rings. His fingers were probing between my lower lips and further inside. I did not move. He pulled his hand out, smelled on it and got up.

"She is dirty. Do you know how to clean a woman?"

Ron was cringing under his stare, Melinda blushed with anger.

"Clean her!"

Ron wanted to go to the bathroom to get some implements.

"No, use your tongue, so you learn."

Ron was looking at Melinda. She nodded; her face white.

For the next several minutes, I got a tongue bath by Ron. I did not let myself getting aroused, but thoroughly enjoyed their humiliation. Finally Ron was told to stop.

"Get up."

He cuffed my hands behind my back but did not bother to check my sex again. He took me outside with no further words to Melinda and Ron; they were like air to him. A limousine was waiting to take us to the airstrip. I was instructed to kneel between the two seats.

"Spread your legs wider." His voice was cold. I obeyed; eyes down, trembling. I was terrified by the guy, his menace was palatable.

A mid-sized private jet was waiting, the woman and the man already inside, sipping on a cocktail. He directed me to sit in a seat looking backwards, next to the door leading to the cockpit. He buckled me in using a harness with straps over my shoulders and belly, and then locked my feet to a bar at the bottom of the seat. With my hands cuffed behind me, it was uncomfortable but I doubted that he cared.

"If I see one smudge on that leather seat, I will have your hide." No further look, he walked away. My heart was pounding. The woman was lifting her glass towards me, smiling. I looked down, conscious that I was now their prized possession

The flight took us no more than two or three hours. He did not bother to check even once on me and I kept my eyes mostly down, knowing that I was in full view of my new owners.

When we landed, we were obviously in the Caribbean. The landing strip drew inside from the beach with its dark blue water. After untying me from the seat, he cuffed a hobble between my ankles, no more than one foot in between. He took me outside and towards a car. It was hot, the sun two hours past its zenith. The hobble forced me to walk slowly. I saw cottages scattered around, few people in the distance. He and the woman took the seat next to me; the other man went in front with the driver.

We drove up to a large building, quite obviously the reception of a hotel. There were people outside and I got scared. Two men in dark blue uniform, security guards, were waiting as he opened the door on his side. He pulled me out by the leash, then towards the entrance. First it was only a murmur, then the shouts became louder.

"There she is, the leopard woman! Look at her. She is beautiful. Look at the pattern." Blood was rushing in my ears. They moved towards me, only the wolf and the two guards shielding me from the crowd. I saw their eyes, the leering. I wanted to run but could only hobble and follow him. He had his hand close to my nose ring and I realized the degradation of being led around like an animal. I looked down, felt a hand touching, then another one.

He slowly led me to an elevator labeled with "Staff Only". The crowd was pressing behind us. "Let me see. When can we book her? Will she be on stage tonight?"

Finally the elevator doors opened, I stumbled inside. He turned me around and in front of him, my elbows back, for everybody to see. The eyes, there were so many of them, all wanting my body. As the door closed, I broke down in tears. He inserted a card and we went down two levels, underground. He pulled me out of the elevator and, passing a security guard, through another steel door. It was quiet and it felt like entering a refuge in hell.

He took me through to a shower area.

"Kneel. And stop crying right now." When I did not comply immediately, he gave me a sharp jerk on the nose ring. I shrieked then went down on my knees.

"I told you to stop crying. Every time you fail to obey, I will add to your punishment at the end of the day. I use the cane and I am counting."

I couldn't stop the tears, looked down, my legs spread wide. He left me there, not bothering to tie my leash to anything. Somehow all my resolve to oppose seemed to have stayed behind at the Corporation. I was frightened out of my wits, of him, the eyes, my future.

He returned with bolt cutters, and removed my collar. It had been Marc's; they had not changed it at the Corporation. I clenched my jaws until they hurt from whatever they inserted into their joints, remembering Marc and Roger as they mounted the collar, Marc no longer alive.

Another guy came in. He was younger, slender, dark blond hair. He brought a chocking chain and with pliers they fixed it permanently around my neck.

They took me over to two chains which were stretched between eyebolts in the ceiling and the floor and spread-eagled me in between using steel cuffs. I was stretched taunt, but could keep my heels on the floor. They made me pee, applied two enemas, then I got washed by the younger one, thoroughly. He even cleaned and cut my nails. Afterwards, the Wolf showed him how to wash my vagina.

"You have to keep her clean otherwise she will very quickly develop a rash and smell."

They removed the muzzle. I was ready to bite them to the extent that was still possible. I guess the Wolf saw it. He pressed his fingers against the hinges of my jaws and inserted a ring gag with practiced ease.

"Don't ever trust her, you can make her fear you but she will always try to get at you."

My teeth, tongue and mouth were cleaned with a brush, dental floss and mouthwash. Two swabs went into my nose and ears. They washed me down once more, now using peeling cream. A lotion rubbed over my entire body was last. I was clean like rarely before. Wolf asked the younger one to remove the gag.

A pair of elbow cuffs was mounted, my hands came down and my elbows were pulled together until they were touching. My hands remained free but they were hanging useless behind my back.

"She is presenting nicely."

His hands went over my breasts, then down between my legs. With the ankles still spread and tied to the chains, there was little I could do. I got more scared by the second. This guy knew what he was doing. And he made it very clear what I was, there to fuck, not considered a person, an investment which had to be maintained and kept healthy.

He put two leather cuffs around my ankles. The younger guy opened the ones holding me to the chains.

"Kneel." A tug on the nose ring made me obey.

The younger one locked my ankles cross wise. A cable was pulled down from the ceiling and attached to the links between my elbows, so I was not able to sit down on my haunches. ppWolf pulled on the nose ring so I had to look at him.

"Now, we will begin your training. You have a minimum of eighteen blow jobs to do every night. In between, we let you throw up but as long as you are in front of the clients, you will swallow it all. You have no more than ten minutes for each blow. If you take more to succeed, you will get shocked. If you use your teeth, I will cane the hide from your butt."

His voice was full of menace. He pulled out his dick. I shook my head. He nodded to the younger one who left and returned with a small plastic box. A wire was hanging out. He put it between my knees and attached the wire to the clit ring. The Wolf turned it on and I got an electric shock to the clit. I screamed.

"This will give you a shock every ten minutes to remind you about your duties. You will not get away from here until you have sucked me off, then Frank and a bunch of security guys. I will come again in one hour to give you the next opportunity."

They left. I understood very quickly the highly convincing setup. The cuffs on my ankles prevented me from changing the position of my legs. Also I was not able to sit down and rest; the moment I tried, my shoulders were screaming. The shocks were not as bad as the cattle prod. However already after the third one, I was focusing on the next to come.

They returned after an hour. I shook my head although I was already desperate, knowing there was no way out.

Four hours and twenty-four shocks later, Wolf watered and fed me a thick protein shake. He did not even need a gag. He pressed his fingers into my jaws; they were like steel and poured it inside. After peeing, they washed me again.

He pulled the cable higher so I had to lift my elbows, bend over and expose my buttocks. He brought the cane.

"You did not obey immediately when I asked you to kneel or stop crying, then again when I asked you to kneel to the current position. Five strokes each that makes fifteen."

Everything he did was cold, measured, with great calculation. So were the strokes. They burnt like hell, went down one next to the other over buttocks and thighs, not enough to break the skin. First I cried out every time he hit, by the seventh I was howling and after the tenth screaming.

He returned me to the former position, asked whether I would begin with my duties. I refused. They left.

My buttocks were aflame, my legs now shivering from the strain. I was hanging deeper, my shoulder screaming. I did not feel much of the electric shocks over the next two hours but as the night drew on, they were the ones to wear me down. I knew I could not win.

They fed and washed me in the morning, enema, pee, vagina, mouth wash and all. I could no longer feel my arms, my shoulders were numb. I was exhausted but the shocks did not let me sleep. I was wondering whether I would be able to suck them off even if I wanted. They solved that by letting me down for two hours. They cuffed my hands, released the elbows and put me on my side. As the blood was streaming back into my limbs, I was screaming. I had hardly fallen asleep, when they pulled me up and the cycle started afresh.

I don't know when I gave up. I had lost all track of time, existed from one shock to the next, got washed, fed and made to pee in between. I sucked him off first, then Frank, then the guards. They kept on coming and I lost track. At one stage, he made me throw up, cleaned me, gave me to drink then stuck his own cock once more into my mouth. This time he put up more resistance and began to shock me with the remote when he told me the ten minutes had passed. He used the cattle prod shocks at their lowest intensity, then with increasing intensity every half minute. I managed to get him off after three shocks. I was trembling and crying but they kept coming, my world overtaken by crotches, cocks, balls and their smell.

I hardly realized when they took me down, the pain when they removed the cuffs, water, pee, I was put down on a soft surface.


The sound of a buzzer woke me up. I was lying on a canvas mattress in a room with the lights dimmed but not completely dark. A harness was locked around my upper body and a chain prevented me from going anywhere much beyond the mattress. My body was sore and I remained lying on my side. Then Wolf and Frank came in.

"You hear the buzzer you get on your knees, wrists crossed. Do it now!"

I struggled to my knees. He locked my wrists with steel cuffs. The leash was connected to the collar.

"Get up." I obeyed: My buttocks were still hurting from the caning.

The room was bare except for the mattress and a security camera. I was led into the hallway and two doors down into the bathroom. Like at the Corporation, all doors were opened with a keycard and there were security cameras in every room.

I was spread-eagled between the two chains. He examined me.

"Make it a custom to check her out at least once a day for sores, rash, anything. When you clean her mouth, check that as well. If she has received a beating, treat the welts. You cannot afford to have her out of action. The faster her body recovers the better."

He got a bottle with a fat nipple.

"Eat or your buttocks will feel it later."

The bottle contained a thick liquid, tasting of milk, yoghurt and well-soaked cereal, slightly sweet. I finished it and water followed. Again I got the full body treatment, inside and out, ring-gagged while they cleaned my mouth. Afterwards Frank mounted a halter. I had noted a treadmill on the previous day and this time I got to use it. Half an hour later, another wash down, more water.

My hands were locked to the back and I was led to another room. When I saw the bed with the straps, I began to fight. They forced me on my back. My hands were buckled into two cuffs about a foot from my neck, my kicking legs secured ankle to thighs, the ring gag went in.

The Wolf removed his trousers. He took the remote from a shelf above my head.

"Never let anybody enter her without her being aroused."

He pressed the button and my crotch responded immediately. I screamed, coughed, choked, tried to turn around, he returned me onto the back, straddled me, checked that I was wet then entered. He pumped slowly as my remote controlled arousal increased. My struggles to throw him off turned to uncontrollable sexual moves. He grew big, I was clutching at him, no control over my body.

"You do not cry!" He thundered at me.

I continued to cry and I knew that he would punish me later. He ejaculated, and pulled out. My arousal decreased, I was sobbing.

They cuffed my hands behind my back but did not remove the straps tying my ankles to the thighs for carrying me back to the bathroom. I was placed on the floor, washed, the vagina cleaned. Even though he had not used my mouth they cleaned it as well.

"Make her pee after four turns. She will drink water as you clean out her mouth."

I was carried back to the room, fixed and it was Frank's turn. They cleaned me again then it was the security guards, one after the other. I could do nothing, just screaming, struggling, bucking. Their hands were on my breasts, their tongue in my mouth. They kept me aroused but I never came to an orgasm.

After I had satisfied eight of them, it was back to the spread-eagle, food and complete body wash. When I refused to eat, the Wolf told me that I was up to twenty. I was put down on my knees, elbow cuffs mounted and the cable connected. My resistance was worn down and I gave in three hours later after a caning with twenty strokes. I sucked him off, then Frank, then the guards. They added two women in between and I received at least five shocks before I was able to make the first come.

I had no idea of time when they brought me back to the mattress.


The buzzer sounded and I knew that I was up for another day with two dozen fucks. My buttocks convinced me to get up and on my knees. Unlike the shocks, he knew that the lingering results of the caning were more convincing.

He and Frank came with the woman and the man that had purchased me. He cuffed my wrists. I was looking down.

"She looks good."

"Yes, she is strong and I think she will do fine."

"How far have you taken her?"

"Eighteen blowjobs and eight fucks in about nine hours so far."

"Can't she do more?"

"We will get her there within the next two weeks."

"So when is she ready for the clients?"

"The normal fucks right from today, for the blows whoever does not mind to wait. But we can't take her yet to the stage, she is not ready for that. I suggest you start with the inner circle of the club."

"Will she be able to keep it up?"

"I like the trick with her remote. It makes her aroused and well lubricated, she bucks like a horse but it does not get her to orgasm. It is much less demanding on her energy levels, even though her vagina has yet to adjust to being aroused at such high frequencies. But that's plain training. So yes, I am sure we can get her up to fifteen/sixteen hours at least."

"How about her blows?"

"The ten minute rule does not give her much of a choice. She needs to lubricate well and stay focused otherwise she does not succeed and the shocks through her brain seem quite convincing."

"She has to justify her investment, so ensure she meets the targets and there is no down-time. And I want her on the stage as soon as possible."

They left.


As promised, I got the real clients. The whole session took place three floors further up, and I was switched between two rooms. The clients were merciless, wanted the full half hour, took me top and bottom. I could do nothing, tied as I was, just scream, buck. I was cleaned in between then made ready for the next. The clients were not given the remote, but I got stimulated nevertheless, I assumed from outside the room.

I was desperate, wanted to refuse the blows. After another countless shocks to the clit, he hunched down in front of me.

"It is simple. Whatever time you refuse comes off your sleep. You will survive for a long time on two hours of sleep a day but you could have six hours every day. It is your choice. You are on a schedule at this place, have performance goals. You fulfill them, fine. You do not; it comes off your own time to rest."

I was tired, wanted my space, so I began with the blows, desperate to get through with them. However, he added another four fucks at the end, then twenty strokes with the cane for crying while with clients.

It was fucking and blowing. Within another week, he had me on sixteen fucks a day and eighteen blowjobs, sometimes more of the latter. My mouth and vagina became sore but I was told to keep it up and over time I indeed adjusted. My world consisted of dicks, leery eyes, wash downs, the nipple with the food in my mouth, treadmill, and a bowl of pureed food before I went to sleep.

I managed to keep the caning down, desperate to get some rest and solitude on my mattress which was the only place where I could cry. Frank was complaining about the overtime and a second handler was added. His name was Gary.


One morning during the following week, the Wolf took me upstairs and outside before I was starting with my daily schedule. A crowd gathered around us immediately, only kept away by two guards. I was cuffed, muzzled, hobbled and leashed and looked down, conscious that everybody saw my nakedness and restraints.

I had lost every sense of time and was surprised that it was already midday. It seemed I was on the job from midday to early morning every day and slept during the morning hours. He led me down a path to a cottage which was hidden behind a wall. We went inside on our own, him, Frank and me. He showed me around. There was a small garden, a bedroom, a living room and a bathroom.

After a while, he asked, "You like it here?" I only looked at him, knowing that any kindness would be too much to expect.

"Starting this evening, you will do your blows in front of the crowd. You know the rules. Ten minutes and you get shocked, eighteen blows per evening as a minimum. If you do more within three hours, you get points. Once you have accumulated 750 points, you get a free day at this cottage. Only you, one full day, no fucks, no blows. You can also earn points by being without a ring gag and keeping your legs spread without having them tied to your thighs, one point for every fuck with good behavior."

I tried to calculate in my mind what this meant. 750 sounded like a large amount of points. My mind was too tired to figure it out.

"If you get six to eight more blows into an evening and keep your legs spread the entire day, it means you get one day a month to spend at this cottage. You do better, more. If you screw up in public, hurt or upset a client, we remove points from you and you get a caning about which you will be more than sorry."

We went back. I tried to envision how it would be to suck people off in front of everybody, several dozen eyes on me, the cheers and I could not imagine doing it.

I was taken upstairs and to my first appointment, my wrists tied to the bed. For the first time, there was bondage gear in the room, cuffs, ropes, floggers.

"So what is it? Do you comply, keep your legs spread and we leave the ring gag away?"

I was scared but nodded. What could I do? They would rape me anyway and a day alone sounded like paradise.

"You will exactly do what the client wants. They can tie you up further, be rough with you but you behave. Understood?"

I nodded again.

Overall, it was easier to do it with my legs down, except that it cost me all efforts not to close them and open up wider when they asked me to. I was glad that nobody used the whips. They were too busy pumping into me and admiring the fluorescence of my tongue and eyes with the lights turned off.

I was scared out of my wits when they prepared me for the blow jobs. He told me that I would have to crawl from one client to the next, absolutely no use of hands and that I would have to perform as long as he wanted me to. Every delay would come off my sleep, any disobedience rewarded with shocks and the cane.

He led me in front of a door on the ground floor; the leash was on my nose ring. He removed the cuffs and ordered me to get on my four limbs.

I was taken inside and the cheering and whistling began immediately. He dragged me to the first table, a cock was pulled out, a jerk on the nose ring. I hesitated and got a shock. I winced then began with my first blow. The cheering and whistling got louder. As I moved from one client to the next, hands were touching me, the blood was pounding in my ears and I was trembling. He took me outside twice to wash my mouth. I got shocked several times and had no idea how many I had done. I simply went from one person to the next until it was over.

As they were cleaning me up, I cried of relief. Then it was back to bedroom duties.

Before I fell asleep I saw my first sixteen points written on a board which had been mounted on the wall.

Two days later, I was whipped for the first time. It was the third client after the blow jobs. He put a spreader bar between my ankles than pulled them up above my head so I was doubled over. He used a riding crop to cover the back of my legs and ass until I was screaming on top of my voice, then he pumped into me. When they cleaned me afterwards, the Wolf told me that this was part of my job. I would be given one more point but I would have to finish the night on my back. The last five fucks were hell.


A week later, I had my first day clients. It was a group of five. After the blows in the show room, I was led down to the cottage behind the wall and was passed to them with the remote. Frank came to clean, feed and water me three times, otherwise I was fucked. They were to decide whether I could sleep or not and the choice was obvious. I was fucked top and bottom, sometimes two together. Before I was given back, they spread-eagled me and flogged my thighs to see whether I would get to an orgasm. I didn't. I had to do another evening of blow jobs before I was given the night and morning off to sleep. I was given twenty points for the day and explained that it was the day clients who decided on the number. Twenty was the maximum.


My existence became a blur, the number on the board the only thing that meant anything to me. I learned to suck whenever something was stuck into my mouth, whether it was a cock or the nipple of the bottle, sometimes I was too tired or sore to distinguish.

When I was sufficiently worn down, they added the show. After the blow jobs, I was aroused in front of the crowd from them to see what they called the light show, on my back, legs spread and holding my ankles, so the fluorescing waves from my vagina became visible. It was done on a turning podium in the middle of the room.

It seemed they gave the clients more and more leeway to beat me or use other ways of making me scream. One of the following groups of day clients had my arms pulled up behind me so I had to bend over for most of the day. A spreader bar was between my legs, a ring gag in my mouth. The nose ring gave them a convenient point for keeping my head horizontal for blows. After the first round of dual fucks in mouth and both bottom holes, they hung a weight between my nipple and clit ring. Every pump thereafter was hell. I did not even feel my arms anymore so bad was the pain. But I guess I did not scream enough. They dripped hot candle wax on my body then whipped it off while continuing to fuck me. I was incoherent when they were finally done, no longer able to walk or crawl. I was given one day to recover on my mattress but no points.

Frank and Gary took over from the Wolf and I saw him less and less. I was too worn down to object just got on with what I was asked to do, an animal living from one minute to the next, obeying to simple commands and pain, and trying to find oblivion during sleep.

Finally I got my first day off. As it turned out, it was only the time between the blow sessions, 20 hours alone for me. Gary stayed around to feed and make me pee, otherwise I could choose what I wanted to do. I slept in the bed. As I felt the bed sheets on my body, I began to cry. Ultimately, it was only two things I did, I slept and spent time in the bath, and I relished every second of it. Desperation hit the worse when I started my next day with my account reset to zero.


Some day clients were nice. I was always relieved when it was only one or two because they could not keep it up for 20 hours and I got some sleep. It was even better if they were old.

One day I was handed over to a young Japanese man. As usual, Frank had dropped me off at the cottage, cuffed, hobbled, muzzled and leashed. I was standing in the center of the living room which had been stripped of all furniture. I wondered why. The Japanese was slowly walking around me. He was moving like a cat, had a nice smile and I was hoping for an easy day.

He said something in Japanese and went to the bedroom. I did not know what to do, but given that he could have made me follow, I remained where I was. He returned with a hood which he placed over my head after removing the muzzle. The hood had reinforced holes over the nose, mouth and ears but otherwise sealed on tightly, so I could not see anything. He removed all other restraints then repeated the same command. Again I did not move. I heard him going to the bedroom and returning.

He was standing in front of me, several feet away.

A different command in Japanese. After three seconds the whip hit behind my knees. I screamed and involuntary went down on my knees. Two more strokes on the inner side of my thighs and I had them spread. He only had to apply one stroke on my one wrist to have them both behind my back. He repeated the command and I knew what kneeling meant in Japanese.

A new command. Six strokes later, I had learned the word for exposing. My crotch was aflame and I was trembling.

Over the next two hours, life became hell. He taught me how to present, crawl, pose, kneel and bend down in front of him, stand, lie spread-eagled, and present my sex while holding my ankles with my hands, back arched. He made me crawl left, right, fast and slow. I had difficulties keeping the many words apart and paid every error with another hit. Given that I could not see, there was no way to escape. After two hours, he seemed happy enough and stuck his cock through the hole in front of my mouth. He used the nose ring to teach me what sucking, deep-throating and swallowing meant.

Afterwards he asked me to present. His hand went all over my body, light as a feather except for some excruciating pain when he twisted the rings in my nose, nipple and clit. I was too scared to object. Time and again his hand went to my vagina, probing inside.

He asked me to stay. When he returned, he fastened two stiff ankle cuffs and a spreader bar in between before using one of the pulleys in the ceiling to hang me upside down, high enough so my fingers were no longer touching the floor.

Another Japanese word, I felt the whip on my right forearm. The next word, a slash on my right foot, the next word, fire in my left breast, as I soon discovered, twenty more words to learn about my body parts. If I moved or touched them I was spared, otherwise he hit. He used one word several times after which nothing happened. Another eternity later, he thought I had learned my second lesson. While still hanging upside down, his hand returned to my vagina. He murmured something I did not understand. I was crying silently.

He lowered me to the floor until only my lower legs were lifted, the soles of my feet pointing up. He used the word for my right foot and something else. I moved it. The whip came down on my right foot. I screamed. Left foot, right foot, whether I moved or not he hit my soles until I passed out.

When I came to I was hanging upside down again, his fingers inside my vagina. After a while he stepped back. He talked to me. I thought I heard the Japanese word which meant thighs and lifted my hands to touch them. He laughed. Then the strikes came, one next to the other, covering the inner side of my thighs until I thought I was skinned alive. Through my screams I heard him shouting another word; the hits came down on my lips. He shouted the word again and again, every time following with a hit. I felt the heat rising, then uncontrollable jerks from my hips. He shouted something that I knew meant good. He lowered me to the floor then pumped into me until I exploded in an orgasm that made me pass out.

I woke up from the pull on my arms. He had my elbows and hands cuffed behind my back; a cable from the pulley was connected to the link between my elbows. He pulled me up until I was hopping on my sore feet, doubled over. He walked to the bedroom and after a while I heard him snoring.

There was not a single part of my body that was not aflame. For a while, hanging on my shoulders was better than standing on my feet but not for long. I tried hard to suppress my sobs, not wanting to wake him up. I felt his semen burning on the insides of my thighs. Given that neither Frank nor Gary had come to make me pee, it was not yet morning, so there were hours of pain yet to come. I doubted that they would make him stop, they never had so far. The client was king, any additional favor settled with money.

It was one of the few times that my thoughts went to Marc, Roger and Tonio. I felt like I was saying good-bye to them, wishing and willing myself to die. I could not cope with this any longer. I tried to make my nose clog and closed my mouth but you can't make yourself asphyxiate. I was still thinking about a way to die when he woke up. He stuck his cock into my mouth hole and asked me to suck him off.

He let Frank inside. I was made to pee into a bucket, fed, watered and cleaned while remaining in the same position. As expected Frank did not question him about my state nor was he bothered when he washed me with a sponge and I screamed. The Japanese asked to see the manager.

Rick came a while later. The Japanese met him outside and I heard them arguing without being able to understand anything. They agreed and I was scared what would happen next.

The Japanese was talking to me again. I heard the same word he had used when going through my body parts but nothing was happening.

Another person came. I heard him placing some things on the floor then hunching down.

"Stick out your tongue."

I shook my head. No way that I would comply.

The Japanese was pulling me higher until I was hanging on my elbows. I refused. He pressed his finger on my neck until he found the carotid artery. I passed out. When I came to, my tongue had been pulled out through the mouth hole and fixed between two bars, so I could not retract. The other guy applied a paste. When it was numb, he pierced my tongue. I was keening, they did not bother.

The remainder of the paste was wiped away, the bars removed. As I retracted my tongue, I felt the ring. A short chain was connected to it and was hanging out of my mouth. The other person left.

The Japanese stood in front of me, pulled harshly on my new piercing while repeating the word. I now knew, it meant tongue. He lowered me to my feet and was ready for another blow job. I was too sore to try to dig the ring into his dick and it took me a long time to make him come.

Afterwards he thought that a refresher course in my positions was due. I was tired but he did not give up until I had it right. In addition to the previous commands, he taught me to spread my legs, lift up my foot so that the soles were pointing upwards, to cup my breasts and stick out my tongue. Absolutely exhausted, I was scared shitless of what he would dream up next.

I was not restrained but did not oppose when he made me stand up. He asked me to stick out my tongue and I obeyed. He connected the cable of the pulley to it before tightening the cable until I was standing with my head bent back and the tongue extended to the extreme. I did not dare to lift my hands to get relief.

It was my body parts again. Every move a jerk on my tongue. Afterwards I had to suck him off. Frank came and I knew it was lunch time, seven or eight hours more to go.

He tied me by my tongue to the pulley, talked to me in Japanese. I did not understand what he was saying.

He stood back and told me to spread my legs. I did. The whip hit. He told me to lift the right foot, I did and the whip hit on its sole. He told me to cup my breasts. I did not follow suit given he had penalized me both times before. So he hit me on my clit. I howled, jerked. He told me to cup the breast and he hit me there. I had the choice to be beaten on my thighs, feet or breasts, or get it on my clit. I tried to protect my body but he knew how to make me comply. I finally was offering him my thighs, feet and breasts for him to hit, dancing like a puppet.

He said "Good," then put his hands between my legs. My sex was a mess. I doubted that I would ever feel anything anymore. He didn't. The spreader bar went between my ankles and I was pulled upside down. He whispered the word that I knew meant my lips or vagina. I started to cry.

He said the word, a stroke; he said the word, a stroke. He beat me to orgasm for a second time then lowered me to take me in a sea of unrelenting pain.

I did not wake up until I was back on the mattress.


They let me recover for three days. I was given pain killers but still I was too sore to close my legs. From their discussions, I understood that it cost him six million, two for the torture, four for the piercing. They had no idea of real prices. I also got to know his name, Takomoto, apparently the son of the Japanese bidder. It was the first time, I was glad to be at the Club. But then, if his father had purchased me, I would probably be dead by now and that most likely would have been the better choice.

After three days, I was declared fit for business, sore or not. By that stage, a simple fuck seemed easy, to suck a crowd of thirty off, just an asset to my points towards a free day. The other clients liked my new piercing. It was convenient to open my mouth or lead me around and stimulated when I sucked. I was given antibiotics to keep infections away.

In the stupor of my days, I was hoping to get sick, attract a sexually transmitted disease, but I didn't. Except for when I had the pleasure to meet another sadist, I stayed healthy and they did their very best to keep me in business.

Takomoto returned two months later. He used the night to remind me of his lessons, the day to teach me more Japanese. He again made me offer him my thighs, feet and breasts to hit. By the end of the day, he had me so crazy that I presented him with my clit while on my back holding my ankles, spine arched.

My body was made to recover, my mind didn't. I was pure existence, sucking whenever something entered my mouth, following orders with the lowest level of awareness of what was going on. I did not associate people to their faces anymore. They were dicks, eyes, smells and commands. I got pleasure from sleeping and being aroused even though nobody other than Takomoto brought me to orgasm. Also sucking was good, even if it was simply the chain in my mouth. I was rarely punished when I was sucking. It was only the old men with their shriveled cocks and sometimes the women which made me scared because I got punished when they did not come.

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