by FreeEagle

Part 4

The flight took hardly half an hour. The two men transferred my box and within a short time we were airborne again, this time quite obviously in a private jet. They would not have dared to take my box into the cabin of a commercial jet. In spite of the discomfort of the box, I was glad the lid remained closed and that I could stay in hiding where nobody saw and heard my desperation. There was only the humming of the engines, it was dark and I had little desire to ever leave that box again.

I had no idea where we were going, no idea what was expecting me. I doubted that blue-eye owned an animal shelter and took me in for any humane reasons. However, it couldn't be worse than being owned by a high priced brothel, or being in training at the Corporation, could it? He looked like a decent guy but what if Tom was wrong? He had participated at the auction and had offered money for me. Twenty-five million was a lot of money, too much to include any benevolent reasons.

After a while, my wrists were becoming increasingly sore from the cuffs and I tried to work my hands down my back and to the front. However, Tom had used hinged handcuffs and there was no slack. My attempts failed miserably and painfully. Tom apparently did not want me to get off on the wrong foot with my new owner. Desperation oscillated back to anger. I was furious about being tied up and having my opinions ignored, now owned by this guy, and life in particular. Tom had received his money and could enjoy a new life. Somebody else would decide about mine.

By the time we landed on another airstrip, I had lost any sense of time. My box was moved to the back of a car. Later I heard traffic, the occasional car honking, the siren of an ambulance. We seemed to be driving through a town. Even though I wanted nothing more than reality to disappear, run away and return to a normal life, I remained quiet. I could not imagine myself exposed to a crowd or the police if I managed to attract any attention. 

When the car finally stopped, the box was lifted outside and the lid opened. Blue-eye was there and took hold of the leash. I was petrified, saw myself curled up in that box, a women with the skin of a leopard, naked, shackled, leashed and muzzled, rings in my nose, nipples and clit, a breast-augmented sex symbol whose life would continue the moment I lifted my head over the rim of the box. My heart was pounding and I had to mobilize all my energy to follow the tug of the leash, get to my knees and stand up.

It took me a while to absorb what I saw. We were at a beautiful spot, quite obviously looking down onto the Pacific, redwood trees, soft grass, mountains nearby, lots of untouched nature. The Jeep was parked between a wooden barn and a house which was surprisingly small for a guy who had once offered twenty-five million for me. It looked modern, granite with plenty of window area but it did not look like a brothel unless he catered for a few high-paying clients. The air was warm and I smelt the sea. Nobody else than blue-eye and the man who had piloted the helicopter was around. I felt somewhat relieved.

I looked at the two men who were watching me and blushed.

"You need to pee?" Blue-eye was asking, the first words directed at me. His face was serious and my apprehension resurfaced. I nodded. He passed the leash to the pilot.

"Roger, she will do her business outside. Take her to the bathroom afterwards and clean her up. I will see that everything is ready upstairs."

What a great beginning! Didn't this guy have a toilet in his house?

Roger was older than the other man. I assumed in his late fifties, gray hair that once had been black, dark eyes, bushy eyebrows. He was half a head taller than me, heavyset and muscular. He reminded me of a bulldog, not one you would fuss with. He took me to the side of the barn and into a meadow where he motioned me to stop. I was wondering whether I could do it the human way.

"Go ahead."

He looked somewhat annoyed, I did not know why, so I did as I was trained and he seemed happy with that.

Afterwards he led me inside and down the hallway to a bathroom. In spite of feeling very insecure, I immediately liked the house.  It was airy and light was coming inside from everywhere, large windows and skylights. It gave the impression like nature was penetrating the house which otherwise was kept in a minimalist open-floor style, white walls, stone and hardwood floors, sparse furnishings, a few carefully selected pieces of modern art. Blue-eye or his designer had taste. 

The bathroom contained a large shower cubicle enclosed in glass and, sure enough, a toilet. Roger told me to step into the shower. After removing his leather jacket, he began to wash me thoroughly. What was it about these people that they did not let me wash myself? At least he used a sponge and not his hands. Next he removed the muzzle and cleaned my teeth. As usual, I found this the most humiliating part and closed my eyes. He was just about done with putting the muzzle back when blue-eye entered the bathroom with a rope and a couple of tools in his hand.

He looked at me like I was an unwanted guest and had no business using his shower. Resistance was growing and I frowned back at him. Sorry mate, I was not here by choice and I had a leash to prove that.

"Did she give you any trouble?"

"No, not at all."

"Then come out here and kneel.:

It did not seem up for negotiation and I obeyed. I had no desire to open my legs but one look in blue-eye's face told me to do exactly as I had been taught. I spread my legs, straightened my back and looked down, well aware that all my bright pink parts were on display.

He removed the collar with a bolt cutter. My stupid surge of joy was quickly eradicated when he replaced it with a sleeker and slightly heaver chain. Like the other one, it was fixed with pliers to prove its status as a more permanent accessory. The rope turned out to be a leash. He clipped it to the collar and told me to get up. By now my face was flushed.

"What do you want to do me with these?" Roger was holding up my former collar and leash.

"Get rid of them. I doubt we can give her back." It sounded strange considering the circumstances and I was puzzled.

A tug on the leash told me to follow him. We were half-way down the hallway when Roger called, "Marc, you will need to remove her handcuffs. She is sore."

I was surprised that he had noted. But at least I now knew blue-eye's name.

He led me up a flight of stairs and into a bedroom. It looked like the master bedroom and, I assumed, was symptomatic for what my future life would look like. The room had a big floor-to-ceiling window leading out onto a terrace. It was not burglar barred and I was immediately thinking about escape.

I was taken to a corner with a mattress, maybe four by five feet in size. A thin but strong chain was curled up next to an eyebolt inserted above the floorboard. Marc told me to kneel then locked the chain to my collar before removing the leash. He looked at me until I lowered my eyes. I was afraid of him, confused and did not know what to expect. But they had not used the remote so far.

Without a word, Marc removed the handcuffs and went over to a chest of drawers where he retrieved a pair of leather cuffs. It did not look like the freedom of my limbs would be long lived.

"Give me your arm!"

The leather cuffs were maybe two inches wide, padded with a thin layer of fleece but firm and the buckles which closed behind the back of my hand could be locked. I did not resist as he mounted them, held my arms out one by one and put them behind my back when he asked me to do so.

Indeed he dealt with me like it was the most natural thing in the world to chain up a woman in your bedroom. Every move, every order emphasized that he was in charge and that I better did what he asked me to do. There was no obvious threat, he was not rough or used force but he did everything like he had the right to do it while I was simply kneeling in front of him and looking down, the weeks of training at the Corporation making their presence known. 

"Consider this to be your space. We will take you outside to pee. Otherwise don't make noise. Nobody will respond to you."

He watched me for a while, his eyes stern and I realized I was trembling. Fear, anger, confusion, the utter lack of control over my life – whether it was by being able to talk, change my appearance, choose or know about my destiny, or even where, when and how I peed - it all became a blur.

He left me alone. After a while I moved to sit against the wall and began to contemplate my situation. From being caged to being chained up was not much of an improvement. At least the canvas mattress was softer than the rubber mat even though my feet were on the hardwood floor if I stretched out. The chain was long enough to kneel or sit but not to stand up, and as far as I was able to reach out with my arms and legs, there was nothing that I could get hold of even if my hands had been free. I examined the eyebolt that held the chain. It was solidly cemented into the wall and would have kept a horse confined.

With the mattress ending about three feet short of the window on my left, I could not see outside, only the room with the king-sized bed, a door on my right that I assumed led to the bathroom, a desk, and a walk through to the dressing area. I noticed a security system, motion detectors up in a corner and at the window. The room was air-conditioned and comfortable. I could not really figure out whether the room was his or served another purpose. It was uncluttered and there were few things that could be considered personal items, a pen on the desk, and a book on the night table. Since there was nothing more for me to do or observe, I lay down and waited for my future to catch up with me.

Roger woke me up. He had a leash in his hand which he connected to the collar. "You have a visitor." Fear exploded in an instance like it had been simmering in the back of my mind, waiting for the worst to come. In spite of what Tom had said, I was here to get into action for sex. I shook my head, began to shriek.

"No worry, he is a doctor. He wants to examine you."

He removed the muzzle and let me off the chain. Somewhat reassured I followed him downstairs and into what looked like a library. Marc saw me entering and got up.

"Here she is."

The other man was sitting with his back to me. As he got up and turned around, I saw that he was older, maybe late sixties, white hair, white beard. His eyes widened and his mouth opened when he saw me.

They walked over to me. "You told me about her but seeing this - this is incredible. She is marvelous!"

His eyes were kind, no sexual lust just pure awe. I felt very insecure. How could normal people like him, people that were not connected to the Corporation or purchased me, find me marvelous? And why did he accept that I was held prisoner, cuffed, naked and led around on a leash?

"Well, I still don't know whether I am happy to be stuck with her. I understand it was not her choosing to become a leopard woman and I still do not know why I decided to take her in."

"Where can I examine her?"

"Is the dining room table okay?"

"Sounds good."

Roger passed the leash to Marc. "Let me get a blanket."

The old man took hold of a bag from next to his chair and we went through to the large living area. Like the rest of the house, it was testimony to the input by a designer. A mixture of steel, glass and leather furniture, abstract paintings, a window front on two sides, the shades were lowered. I had noted previously that it had become dark outside. While Roger was covering the table with the blanket, Marc pulled me closer.

"I will now unlock your wrists. You will do as you are told, not touch this leash and not oppose. Understood?"

I tried to swallow and nodded. He removed the padlock between the cuffs and without any effort lifted me to lie on the table.

"Explain me once more what they did to her."

"The piercings you see, also the augmented breasts. I understand they plugged her tubes and removed the lining of her uterus. Her speech center has supposedly been erased, so she can no longer talk but scream, grunt, cry, whatever you want. Then they inserted this device into the roof of her mouth which may have wires leading into the brain. By stimulating her brain, one can punish her with electric shock like sensations to her stomach or clit and she can also be aroused. I don't know what else they may have messed with. The skin I already explained to you."

"Can you lie on your back, please?"

I was surprised by the 'please' but automatically went into the expose position, hands above my head, legs apart.

"They trained her?"  "Yep."

The old man first examined my head, probed for the small scars from the surgery. He asked me to turn to my side, so he could have a better look on the sides and the back of my head then got me lying on my back again. His hands were gentle and I relaxed.

"Please, open your mouth." 

He asked Roger to get a pillow which he pushed under my neck so my head was bent backwards. He looked into my throat then at the receiver using a flashlight.

"Can you remove it?"

Roger took the remote from the side board. My stomach contracted from fear but he apparently knew how to use it and was able to remove the receiver from the receptacle.

"It looks like the holder is screwed on and indeed there may be wires going into the brain. I have to make an x-ray to understand what they did."

Roger returned the receiver. The old man proceeded with examining my breasts and abdomen, arms and legs. I watched Roger replace the remote on the sideboard.

"It is strange; there are no scars on her breasts. Are you sure they are augmented? They are very firm and large but I cannot see where they inserted the implants nor do they feel like carrying implants."

"I don't know. They did not provide an explanation when they presented her. I simply assumed they were augmented. If they are natural, even better."

I was too intimidated to volunteer any contribution to their discussion. The old man put the pillow under my butt and asked me to spread my legs wider.

"I will now examine your vagina. I will be careful however it may hurt a bit. Are you comfortable with that?"

I wondered what they would do if I said no but nodded. At least he seemed concerned about my body even though I usually prefer to have my pelvics done in privacy. I tried to not look at Marc and Roger who were watching as he began to insert the instruments.

He was careful, I still jerked. It seemed that the days with Tom had brought my old responses back. As I felt his hands, I thought about being touched during the morning of the auction, the rape and, without wanting to, made a small sound.

"That hurt?"

I shook my head, and all at once tears were dwelling up. I began to sob, I think as much about that he cared than anything else. 

"It's okay. I am done. I will just need to take some blood and get your urine."

I tried to calm down as he was drawing the blood and checked my blood pressure and heart beat. He returned the instruments and sample tubes to his bag then looked at me.

"Can you talk?" I shook my head.

"Do you know how to talk?" I really did not know how to answer that. He turned to Marc who had observed everything with little emotion showing.

"She seems in good health and appears to have quite normal responses. The piercings have healed well. There is no efflux from the uterus but I only made a superficial exam. You saw her reaction. In spite of what they have done to her skin, there is no skin irritation. I suggest you keep checking her carefully for a mole or change in color. And apply sunblock in case you take her outside. I doubt her breasts can tan anymore."

"What about the receiver in her mouth?"

"I will confirm whether we can get her x-rayed at the clinic tomorrow night. We have to get her inside when nobody is around. I don't dare to think what would happen if word gets around that a leopard woman exists. How about one o'clock in the morning?"

"Whenever you say."

"If you get me that urine sample, I am on my way."

Marc reconnected my wrists and lifted me to the floor. Roger took me to the bathroom down the hallway and I peed into the jar. He left me with the leash tied to the shower head while delivering the jar. Afterwards, he returned with the muzzle. As he tried to mount it, I turned my head to the side.

"Look here, just because we are nice to you, we still decide what you do. Marc says 'muzzle' and you are muzzled. Marc says 'jump', you will jump. There is only one master in this house." I closed my eyes.

He returned the muzzle then fastened two leather cuffs above my elbows. Using a short rope, he pulled them together until they almost touched. My shoulders were pulled back. I had to arch my back and grunted from the discomfort while he tied the rope off. I was taken to the dining area and ordered to kneel next to the table where dinner now was waiting. Roger tied the leash to the armrest of a chair.

Marc appeared with a bottle of red wine in his hand. He looked at me, every part of my body, finally his gaze stopped on my breasts which seemed to have grown further the way I was tied. He touched them. I tried to move back but was stopped by the leash. I felt the blood in my cheeks.

"I doubt that you have been taught to kneel in this manner." His voice was like steel. There was something in his demeanor that made me correct my position, spreading my legs wider and looking down in front of me. I hated myself for it.

Marc sat down in the chair next to me. They were eating, enjoying the food and wine, discussing the world while I was kneeling there, looking down, smelling the food, hungry and in position. Everything they had done to me told me that I was and remained an animal, a pet, a leopard woman kneeling next to her master. He had purchased me from Tom, I belonged to him and I had to present my sex to him. I felt him and Roger observing me.

Later, Marc picked up a bowl from the sideboard. He placed it in front of me and removed the muzzle.

Roger had given me some water to drink while washing me but I had not eaten since the morning and West Coast time was two hours behind, so I was hungry. The bowl contained fish, potatoes and veggies, the same stuff they had eaten bar the wine. Nevertheless it took me no more than a second to decide. I shook my head; I was determined to no longer be treated like an animal.

"You eat that or nothing."

I did not move. After a while, I saw Marc taking something out of his pocket. I was alert but he was fast. He grabbed my chin and pressed my jaws open. I felt him shoving something into my mouth. I tried to pull away, shake my head. His grip was like steel. Within seconds, I had a rubberized steel ring lodged behind me teeth and keeping my mouth open. He tightened the straps until they there biting into the corners of my mouth.

I expected him to force-feed me. Instead he disconnected the leash from the chair and requested me to get up. When I did not obey, he changed the leash to the nose ring. I stood up.

"I doubt you will need me anymore." Roger asked.

"No, I don't think so. See you tomorrow."

I had to follow him to the library where he ordered me to kneel, legs spread and facing his chair. He studied me for a while. It took all my effort to stare back. His dark blue eyes were irritating but I got the essence. Tall and slender, attractive clean-shaven face, wide-set jaws, a scar to the right of his chin, unruly dark hair.

He seemed a good five years older than me, and was far too secure in his demeanor. More, he had a presence I had rarely perceived in a man as young as him and, under different circumstances, most women would probably have considered him a desirable catch, even without associated pocket money.

His eyes took in every spot on my skin, rested on my breasts and preceded to my crotch. His annoyance seemed to have gone. Instead I saw admiration and - ownership. My insecurity turned to embarrassment.

He looked back into my eyes. I saw the same concern that I had seen on the ship and all at once I could no longer pull away. His eyes began to dig into mine, penetrating my fear and vulnerability. They seemed to enter far deeper into my thoughts than I was comfortable with. It almost felt like sex. I was shocked, blushed and looked away.

"Tom told me that you are not in this by choice but also that the process to your skin is irreversible. The people at the Corporation are the only ones who know where they inserted the promoter which activates the coloration. They were not able to remove or silence it with the women where the process failed. So they are unlikely able and definitely not willing to remove it with you. You indeed will have the skin coloration of a leopard until you die."

His voice was quiet, in one sense caring yet determined and simply stating the facts.

"I could let you walk right out of here. The way you look, the world would eat you alive. You would be hunted by most men and probably some women. For others, you would be just a freak, a news feature, pitied, feared, ostracized, admired, exposed. I don't know how you would deal with it and I don't think that you know at this stage. Do you?"

The question came as a surprise. No, I didn't but I did not answer him either. I was too scared to admit that he was right.

"To be on the safe side, I will not be giving you a choice, a least not for the first couple of months and until you know the other part of the deal. So you will not be able to walk out of here. And in case you wonder, I am the other part of the deal."

I felt a trickle of saliva running down my chin and onto my breasts and tried to swallow. Well, nice to meet you too, sir. Could you please just remove this damn gag? It's not that I was able to talk back anyway.

He was looking at my breasts.

"Let's do this the hard way. - I don't like what they have done to you in terms of wiring your brain or how you were forced into this situation. But I must say I like the result, how you look, every part to it. And I want you to be mine."

He got up and began to undress. Shirt, shoes, jeans, socks, boxer shorts, they all joined the heap until he stood naked in front of me. He slowly turned around so I saw it all. He was tanned, slim and in very good shape. Good size cock and, to his credit, only slightly aroused.

I thought, here we are, naked woman in front of naked man. Let's skip the courting.

I was still kneeling and attempted to get up. He quickly took hold of the leash and hunched down in front of me.

"No. You stay where you are." His face was no more than a foot from mine, his eyes boring into mine, probing, searching, questioning.

"I want to know whether you will have sex with me"

He definitely overstepped my familiar repertoire of opening lines. How could I express that this may depend on how a relationship develops?

"You better make up your mind. Are you a lesbian, asexual or is there anything that repulses you sufficiently that you would not have sex with me? If so, tell me now and I will never touch you."


There was no 'and….' He did not tell me what would happen otherwise. Would he kick me out?

He was waiting. It was such a bizarre situation. He had me cuffed, kneeling in front of him naked, was holding a leash to a ring in my nose, was asking for sex and I realized I was not even scared. He seemed indeed just curious for my answer. I began to think about the question and soon was looking to the side, trying not to show any response or emotion on my face. Seconds turned to minutes. I was drooling and tried to swallow. With a tug on the nose ring, he brought my eyes back onto his. I blushed and looked down.

"Good. Seems we settled that."

I did not dare to move. Looking back, I could never figure out why I did not refuse. Fear, attraction, hope, a desire for human contact, I really don't know. I had been kidnapped by the Corporation, my body irreversibly changed, not much perspective to life, and here was this guy who kept me tied up and treated me like an animal, and I was nevertheless attracted to him.

"At the moment, let's say we coexist and your existence in this house has only one purpose, to please me. Sex will be a major component in that. I will do it as often I want and how I want. Roger may wash and feed you but I am the only one who will have sex with you. Whether it will ever be more, that will depend mostly on you."

He let it sink in.

"You should know that I take no pleasure from hurting you but I will punish you if you do not obey. You wear my collar and you do what I say, it's as simple as that. So better get used to it. I will train you to my liking and I will treat you based on how you behave."

He sat down again. I was staring at him, wondering whether this guy was from the moon. Even though the cuffs, collar and leash had told me that this may be somewhat an unusual relationship, there was a big difference between not refusing to have sex and being a sex slave. But then, no discussion was invited.

"Have you ever given oral sex?"

I shook my head.

"Well, you will have to learn and I suggest that you begin right now."

He tugged on the leash and the nose ring. When I did not move, he bent forward and pulled me on my upper arms between his legs. Given that he was naked, no further preparations were required.

"Take it."

He steadily pulled on the nose ring. I had no desire to take his cock into my mouth and shook my head. Wrong thing to do! The pain in my nose became sharper. I cried out.

"Don't make this harder than it has to be. Millions of women do this every day."

Well, yes. Except that giving a blow had never been part of my definition of sex. Presidents had made the same mistake, proof that I was in authoritative company!

He gave me some time to study the assignment in front of my nose which seemed to grow bigger by the second. Twenty-five million for a blow job, I thought. Couldn't he get this somewhere cheaper?

The tug remained constant and ultimately his member was exactly where he wanted it to be, stuck through the ring gag into my mouth. I immediately started to gag however there was nothing in my stomach that would yield.

I began to struggle. He tied the leash around his waist. I could no longer move away, unless I wanted to tear my septum. I considered it but the pain was bad as it was. So I was simply hanging there, coughing, gagging and wondering how one could get so solidly stuck.

After a while he said. "There is only one way off, you make me cum. Otherwise we have the whole night or as long as it takes."

I did not move.

A padded blindfold was lying on a side table, he was well prepared. He tied it around my head. "This will help you to focus."

The world becomes very different when you can't see, reduced to what you hear, feel, smell and taste. The room was quiet, and my world was taken over by the pain in my nose, his hot presence in my mouth and his smell which grew stronger by the second. I tried to breathe and swallow as little as possible, gagged again.

I heard the changing of pages, he was reading.

"If you want to make me cum, you have to use your tongue and lips, and you have to suck."

His voice was calm, patient. Damn! It was obvious he would have the longer breath, literally. I could either hang onto him for the night, or get it over with. His smell was now in my nose, mouth, everywhere.

It took me an eternity to overcome my aversion. Hesitantly I began to touch him with my tongue. He became harder but it was not enough. I had to suck. With the ring gag, my lips were only barely able to close around his shaft. I tasted him, retched. Why did I not eat the food? I doubted he would have made me doing this immediately afterwards.

I touched him again then forced myself to suck, again and again. All at once, I felt him shiver. A hot gush filled my mouth. I screamed more of surprise than anything else. I had not considered what to do when he would cum.

His hands were holding my jaw. "Swallow." And again, somewhat more insistent "Swallow." A tug on the nose ring, I swallowed, still his semen was all over me, my chin, breasts, everywhere.

I don't know how long I sat there, aghast by what I had done. I hardly realized him getting a wet towel and cleaning me up. It was only when he removed the blindfold that reality sank in and I began to cry. Things were evolving a bit too rapidly for my taste.

He removed the ring gag, pushed the bit into my mouth and covered it with the muzzle. My mouth was still full with his semen. I gagged again.

"You will learn and you will learn to enjoy it." His voice was calm.

He took me up to the bedroom where he padlocked the chain to the collar and removed the leash and cuffs. I immediately turned to the wall. He did not object. I heard him going to the bathroom and taking a shower.

My mouth was full with his taste. I tried to clean the bit by sucking his semen down but it was hopeless. With the bit filling all the space in my mouth and confining my tongue, his salty juice was only slowly dissolving into my saliva and was simply there, overwhelming.

I was hungry and cold, and curled up to collect some more warmth. After a while I heard him returning, smelt the shower gel, and felt him approaching. I feared he wanted more from me. He was standing for several seconds behind me. I hardly dared to breathe. A woolen blanket was put over me, a few moments later the light was switched off.

On his nightstand I had seen that it was after 2 am but I was wide awake. Why did Tom leave me with this guy? Why did I not oppose, make Tom set me free? Why did I agree to have sex with him? I pulled on the chain that kept me confined but it was securely locked. I would not go anywhere.

He got up early, dressed in sweat pants and a T-Shirt and left. I was tired but couldn't sleep any longer. His taste was still in my mouth and I would not have needed the reminder to think about the previous night. I was furious, not so much about the blow job -- it bothered me that I had not refused. Why was I attracted to him? I could not find an answer and the more I thought about it, the more it troubled me.

When he returned, I was sitting against the wall, the blanket over me. He was sweaty, probably had gone for a run. He got the handcuffs and the leash which were lying on top of the dresser. As he turned around to face me, he said only one word, "Kneel." Not so much as a 'Good morning' or 'How are you?' only 'Kneel.'

I looked at him, trying to channel all my anger behind that stare.

"You want breakfast, don't you?" He was calm and there was nothing in his face that betrayed his emotions. He waited while looking straight into my eyes.

Yes, I wanted breakfast…

And I needed to pee….

And he had me chained up anyway….

It took fifteen, twenty seconds and I lowered my eyes. He gently removed the blanket.

"I will only release you from the chain if you kneel and let me cuff you." His voice remained quiet, stating the facts as they were written in this house.

It took me another minute to get onto my knees and, after a while, to cross my wrists. While he was fastening the hand cuffs and connected the leash, I was thinking, why was it that everything this guy did felt like sex?

He took me outside, the usual business of hunching down and fertilizing nature, then to the shower where he undressed and washed us both.

First I tried to turn away; he did not let me. He was gentle but determined and took his time and while Roger had been all business, Marc's washing became sensual. I closed my eyes and as I felt his hands on my breasts and between my legs, I became almost paralyzed. I wanted to object, knew that I was not supposed to, still closed my legs, however his hand was already there. He kept massaging me until he had me aroused and my nipples were hard.

I expected him to enter me right then and there. He didn't. Instead he toweled me dry, mounted the two sets of leather cuffs above my elbows and on my wrists while removing the steel cuffs. My elbows were pulled together. His hands went once again down my body and between my legs. I was thinking about the evening before and looked away.

He took my chin so I had to look at him and his eyes. This time I closed mine.

I had the joy of getting breakfast next to his chair, on my knees and from a bowl. Cereal, milk, yogurt, a mixture of fresh fruit and berries; water in a separate bowl. I ate, desperate to finally get rid of his taste. Admittedly, it was a good breakfast, so no complaints, except that a chair, a spoon and some proper conversation would have been nice. Worse the way my elbows were tied and with my two massive boobs, I had to stick my butt high in the air and try hard to not dive head first into the bowl. I knew he loved the bare sight of it.

Roger was gone and I assumed that another person must be in the house. Sure enough, a young guy came through the door that I assumed led to the kitchen. He was whistling cheerfully, a pot of coffee in his hands, Italian or Greek descendant, slim, my size, curly black hair falling down over the collar of his white shirt. I first thought he was ignoring me until he hunched down in front of me.

"So, this is our new family member." He looked me over, a friendly smile on his face. "You seem nice enough. I am Tonio." Then to Marc, "Have you given her a name?"

"Not yet. Once she deserves one but it will take a while."

I was wondering what I would have to do to deserve a name. Roll over, kiss his ass?

"You see, she still has her spirit in spite of what they have done to her. I like it." Marc was chuckling. I became even more furious. Talk about what he was doing to me!

Tonio removed my bowl and watched as Marc put the muzzle back, this time without the bit. I hated it, shook my head, not able to get away due to the leash which was tied to the armrest. I realized he simply loved me fighting and forced myself to hold still.

"Well, you deal with her. I am glad my boyfriend is just the average mid-western guy."

Marc released my elbows and took me outside to the Jeep where he got me into the passenger seat and buckled the seat belt.

"Let me show you around."

He laughed when he saw my surprised look and drove off along a gravel road into a small forest. The property seemed huge, forest and meadows stretching from the beach into the mountains.

We came across a mesh wire fence. He was keeping deer. There were several herds in various enclosures. He stopped.

"Do you want to go inside?"

I did not answer. Still he got me out of the car, through a gate and soon the animals were coming up and surrounded us. They were beautiful, big eyes with long lashes, shy, yet stretching their necks and trying to get our scent. He was watching me.

After a while he said, "Stay here." He went to the car and returned with sunscreen. I was standing there, leash hanging down, not knowing what to do. The deer had dispersed. He squeezed the lotion into his hands, I moved backwards. He quickly grabbed the leash but said nothing. His hand was all over my body, the sunscreen simply a convenient excuse. He massaged my nipples. His hand went between my legs. I pressed them together, forcefully. He again said nothing, instead took me back to the car.

We drove up into the mountains. He was silent, not because he was at loss for words but because he seemed accustomed to silence and enjoyed it. Like the deer, I thought. After a while I relaxed, tried to get as comfortable as I could with my hands locked behind my back, and watched the magnificent landscape outside the car.

When we stopped after close to an hour, we were quite high up in the mountains. He took my leash and we went down a path to where we were seeing across his property to the sea. Even though there were several large stones conveniently placed, he did not sit down and I remained standing next to him. He did not touch me, yet I was conscious that he was holding the leash to my collar. It felt like a blood vessel connecting me to him and I could have sworn that he was able to feel my heart beat.

"I prefer to invest my money in nature than the usual jet set stuff. This is all mine and I love every stone, every plant and every animal in it. I can never get enough from coming up here, watching how nature changes, smell the air and listen to the birds and the wind."

I wondered whether he considered me part of nature. He had already made it clear that I was his property. What a strange guy! He had no hesitation to keep me tied up and force me to sex, then showed me all this like I was his girlfriend. He seemed very private and I doubted that many people came onto his farm or up here. I almost felt privileged.

I was also thinking that given the size of the property, it could hardly be fenced and if it was, definitely not in a manner that one could not escape. 

He interrupted my thoughts. "You like it?"

I wondered what the 'it' was. His farm or that I was now part of his property, there for his pleasure like everything else. Again I did not answer.

"I will take you further into the mountains another time. The property is bordering a nature reserve and one can walk for days without seeing anybody." No fence, I thought.

We returned to the car. This time he opened the back and I noticed that it contained a cage such as used to transport large dogs. I stared at him in disbelieve but his demeanor told me not to object when he bundled me inside. I assumed I had made him mad with my lack of response. Well, stuff you!

He locked the cage then kept observing me. I was hunching on my knees, my body parallel to the back seat. The confines of the cage did not permit me to turn around or sit up. First I was staring back at him but the longer he watched me, the more insecure I became. I lay down with my back deliberately turned towards him. He closed the door and with the panel above the cage extending from the top of the back seat to the door, I was in the dark.

On the way down, I struggled to keep my tears back. I was almost sure that I could have ridden in front if I had been more responsive to his advances. But then I didn't want to, did I? Confusion was growing and I did not like it at all.

Roger was waiting at the house. As I got out of the cage, I tried hard to not let them see that I had cried.

"Sorry, we are late."

"Don't worry. I arrived no more than ten minutes ago."

"You have the bracelet?"

"Yep, and the program is already loaded."

He pulled something out of the pocket while Marc changed the leash from the collar to the nose ring. I bit my lips.

Roger hunched down in front of me and before I realized what he was doing, a bracelet was snapped around my ankle. It was about one inch wide, black webbing and the locking mechanism seemed permanent once closed. A flat device which was encased in hard-cover plastic was attached in a manner so it was confined between the strap and the inside of my ankle. It almost looked like an iPod but I had no idea what the thing was.

"All done."

"Do you stay for lunch?"

"No, I have the contractors doing the fence at the new meadow. I get a sandwich from Tonio. When do you want to leave tonight? Eleven o'clock?"

"Sounds good."

After a pee Marc took me to the bedroom. Instead of locking me to the wall, he applied his thumb print onto the touchpad of the security system, entered a code then led me out of the room again. The moment we exited, an alarm went off. We returned to the bedroom. He put his thumb on the touchpad and entered another code. The alarm was silenced. Now he locked me to "my space" but did not remove the cuffs or the muzzle. He hunched down in front of me.

"The bracelet on your ankle will activate the alarm in case you are at a place where you are not supposed to be. At the moment, you are supposed to be here and the alarm will go off if you leave this room. You understand?"

I was no dummy. Fence or not, he knew where I was.

"You better catch some sleep. I want another blow job from you, and later we will see what kind of changes they made to your brain. I don't like you walking around with that thing in your mouth. I have my own means of working with you."

Hot and cold. He had a strange way of mixing the blows with treats. Removing the ownership and labeling of the Corporation and putting his own collar onto me. Forcing me to sex then showing me his farm. Removing the remote device and using other means to "work with me".  It was like going from ice into the steam bath. 

The smell of lunch wafted into the bedroom. I got none and it irked me more and more that I could not decide on my behalf. At the Corporation it had been constant and uttermost fear. Here it was different. Yes, he made me feel insecure, sometimes afraid and I was gagging just thinking about giving him another blow job. But he seemed to have a couple of good sides, was talking about removing the device, yet he was in control, absolute control of me. It made me mad.   

The lunch smell disappeared. The house was silent. I could not sleep, was bored waiting for him so I could give him a blow job. I was his fuck toy, nothing more. I was so furious, I began to cry. I saw my breasts which I was forced to push out given that my wrists remained locked on my back. Why? Because he wanted it, because he liked it. The muzzle was uncomfortable. One of the straps touched my eye lashes every time I blinked. He wanted it. Worse he could leave it on and have me waiting as long as he liked. I had no way of changing it.

When he finally came in the early evening and ordered me to kneel, I did not obey, stayed turned to the wall.

"Are we being stroppy?"

I heard him walking over to the dresser. "You should not do what you will not be able to ride out."

When he returned, he remained standing behind me, probably waiting for that I changed my mind. I didn't. After a while, he pulled a thin rope though the nose ring. Using the rope, it was easy for him to force me onto my knees. The two ends went over my shoulders to my feet where he tied them off, so I had to bend my head while keeping my back straight.

From the corner of my eye, I watched him making a noose into a second rope and looping it around my right knee. He then squeezed the full length of the rope though my bent knee and pulled it tight so it could not slip out or towards my thigh. He walked behind me, led the rope between the two cords leading down from the nose ring, then between my legs and through the clit ring, back between my legs and to the left knee, again squeezing it through to the front. As he pulled on the rope, I had to spread my legs further unless I wanted the tug on my clit increasing. He tightened the string until I had spread my legs to the extreme and groaned, then fastened the rope around the left knee.

"I told you I will treat you depending on how you behave. This should teach you to kneel when I tell you to. Consider it dinner." He left.  

I had to press my legs out with full force unless I wanted the rope to pull on the clit ring. After five minutes, the muscles in my thighs began to shiver from the strain causing a minor earthquake to my clit. I wanted to scream but with my head bent to the extreme and the muzzle, I could only moan. It was arousal and pain, heat and ice, worse I feared to get to an orgasm and jerk uncontrollably, so I suppressed it with all my will.

It was probably only half an hour but it was hell and I thought he would never come back.

"So, will you kneel in future if I tell you to?" I nodded ever so slightly.

"You can stay like this until we leave or give me a decent blow job. What is it?" Well I could not tell him.

"You want to stay here?" I tried to shake my head.

"Then give me no more troubles tonight. I will not hesitate to put you back into this position for twice the time. Understood?" I nodded again. Just release me!  He did.

As he was putting away the cords, I stayed on my knees in a perfect position. He knew how to do instant training.

He put the leash onto the nose ring, and opened the chain which tied me to the wall. I wanted to get up. "You get up when I tell you." I jerked back into position. He waited for a minute then said, "Get up."

Like a lamb, I followed him down to the library and to my knees. After removing the steel in front of my mouth, he held out the ring gag and I took it. He sat down and opened his jeans. "Take it out and then get going." He mounted a padded blindfold.

I only had my nose and the tip of my tongue to get him out and I was close to tears until I finally succeeded. He did not pull me closer, was not even holding the leash. I had to take him in on my own and that made it so much worse. I was submitting.

I was gagging the moment he touched the inside of my mouth and it took me a significant effort to start working on him.

"This time, you swallow it all. Otherwise you are in for a second round."

I kept working on him, his smell again penetrating my mouth, nose and brain. It did not take long and I felt him shiver. He came with such a force that I was not able to swallow it all. I wanted to withdraw but he quickly grabbed the leash.

"No, you stay here and do it a second time."

He had gone soft and it took me an eternity for the second ejaculation. I was sucking on him for the whole time. This time, I managed to swallow.

"Good girl."  I hissed at him, he laughed. After removing the blindfold and the gag, he produced the bit and used it to scrape the drying semen off my chest. He collected as much as he could then asked me to take it. The muzzle went back on.

"This will teach you to get used to my taste." Sure it was effective.

I got to pee, my legs were showered off. Then it was time to go, the double course meal of cum and the dessert on the bit my evening nourishment. It did not look like lunch and dinner would become regular features in this house.

Roger was waiting outside next to the Jeep. I was put into the cage in the back and given that my wrists were still tied, there was little I could do to entertain myself except swear at the confines and the taste in my mouth, aggravated by the near to complete darkness around me.

The drive took us close to two hours. When they opened the backdoor, the doctor was there. He gave me an injection into the butt while I was still in the cage and as Marc lifted me outside, I passed out.

When I came around, I was lying on my side on the backseat of the Jeep, wrists and ankles tied to the seat belt attachments so I could not fall off nor move much. His taste was still in my mouth but the muzzle was gone. Roger was driving, Marc was repeatedly turning around and checking on me. "She is awake." That was not true for long. I fell into a sound sleep and never realized getting back into the house.

Next morning, after a pee and a shower, he mounted the elbow cuffs, took me down to the dining room and placed me next to his chair. He put the two bowls with the cereal, milk and fruits, and the water in front of me. I bent down immediately. He pulled me up by the leash.

"I tell you when to eat. Now kneel perfectly."

He drove it in. I opened my legs. "Wider." I obeyed.

He and Roger took their time to eat breakfast, discussed the chores out on the farm while I was kneeling there staring down at my food, my stomach in self-digestion. They also discussed the stock market and I understood that he had made his money in the IT business. Now he was living of his wealth and keeping busy with the farm and it seems some other properties.

No reference was made to the exam during the night, removing any control or knowledge over my fate from me. I understood, however, that he would be busy with me up to lunch time. With what, no idea. Tonio removed their breakfast dishes and Roger left. Marc picked up a newspaper.

He left me to steam for some more time then finally said, "Now you can eat."

I relished each bite and tried to get it into every corner of my mouth. When I was done, I sat back on my hunches.

"Spread your legs properly."  I turned red with embarrassment and anger.

"Your training has major gaps and you lack discipline. Guess we have yet a lot of work to do." Another notch down.

We went to the bathroom to brush my teeth, thank you sir, and then off to the study where he produced the ring gag and the blindfold. I was not to get away from his taste and he seemed confident that I would not throw up on him. He was right again. He gave me the full load and I managed to swallow it all. After he removed the blindfold, he returned the bit and muzzle.

We went outside. About fifty yards from the house was a small barn which seemed to be used mostly as a garage and a workshop. A door led into a room with a workbench but which was otherwise empty. It was only when he lowered a pulley that I started to note various points of attachment both in the floor as well as on the walls. Using two short pieces of rope, he tied my wrist cuffs to a bar hanging from the pulley, then hauled them up. Two more ropes from my feet to two eyebolts in the floor, some more jerks on the pulley and I was spread-eagled to the extreme, hands and feet maybe three feet apart each.  

He got a roll of cling film from the workbench and wrapped the plastic several times around my abdomen and between my legs, tight. Once he was happy with it, he got a half inch piece of rubber tube, maybe four inches long and unceremoniously pushed it into my anus until it was half inside. The mystery was solved when he brought a bucket of water and moistened plaster bandages. He began to wrap them around my lower abdomen, over my hips and between my legs until I was completely covered with the cast with only the rubber tube sticking out. I was not impressed.

I was left alone until lunch time when he cut me out and cleaned me up. He did not give me any explanation for why he wanted an imprint of my lower abdomen. My wrists were locked, the leash went to the nose ring and I was released from the eyebolts in the floor. He applied the ring gag and the blindfold.

A minute later I was on my knees in front of him and gave him another blow while he was standing there and enjoying it. I didn't, in particular since he forced himself deeper into my throat. I was gagging, gasping for air and struggling but he had the upper hand as always.

"Relax, extend your tongue. Try to take me in more deeply and breathe through your nose."

The guy was talking like he gave me a course in Yoga techniques!

He pushed in further and further. My desperate attempts to swallow made him come quickly. He pulled out early enough so he could make sure my mouth was full with the last squirts of his hot cum. The bit went inside and the muzzle on top. 

"Time for lunch."

He probably thought that I had eaten, hence left me kneeling next to his chair and sucking on the aftermath while he was enjoying his lunch and I got none.

I was confined to the mattress for the afternoon. Half way through the afternoon, he made sure I did not get rid of his taste. The final one was after dinner. This time he pushed in completely so his cock was deep inside my throat and my nose in his abdomen and hair.

When I fell asleep on my mattress, I knew only one thing, his taste and his smell.

For the next three days, I did not get off the mattress expect to do my ablutions outside, for a wash, to eat breakfast and dinner and for my trips to the library where I was allowed to give him five blow jobs a day, always having to deep-throat, and always making sure that the last amount of cum filled my mouth before he returned the bit and the muzzle. For good measures I was ordered to kneel during the day, legs spread, wrists cuffed, sometimes with the additional benefit of leather cuffs above my elbows ensuring that my assets were adequately presented. The blindfold stayed on.

I no longer gagged when he entered me, simply complied sucking and licking him until he jerked and the hot gush filled me. The times in between were much worse. Having to focus to stay in position for two to three hours at a time and no other sensation than the tingling of my legs, the pull on my shoulders and elbows, and his taste and smell, and not knowing for how long this would be my only occupation. I had no idea whether this was still part of the punishment for me not obeying him when he ordered me to kneel, or whether it was plain and simple training, or that this was how life would be.

The urge to disobey rapidly disappeared. I just wanted to get through with it, silently hoping that things would improve if I complied. Also, Marc's whole personality seemed to bar anything else than staying within his orders. He said kneel, and kneeling it was. Otherwise he hardly touched or talked to me. A quick shower in the morning, a few commands to tell me what to do. As time went on, I became desperate for his presence, not to give him a blow but to somehow get his appreciation, a kind word, anything. He didn't give it to me. It seemed he expected me to obey. If I was only a bit out of place, I heard his disapproval. My purpose was to please him and if I did, it was how it was supposed to be.

I cried a lot during those days, mostly from fury, and was glad for the blindfold hiding it. I was torn apart that I was nothing more than a fuck toy to him but still I obeyed, crossed my wrists, opened my mouth and kept my legs spread when he asked me to. He did not use the remote once on me but somehow managed to make me comply and I could not understand why.

It was on the evening of the third day. He had not come for a blow job during the afternoon and dinnertime seemed to have passed. At one stage, my legs had given up and I had moved to sit against the wall. So when I heard him and Roger talking in the hallway, I was fast to correct my position. He came inside.

Even with the blindfold mounted, I sensed that something was different, somehow felt his gaze on me. He hunched down in front of me. His hand touched my breast. It was the first sensual touch since days and it felt like an electric shock. He continued with gentle strokes then he began to play with the rings in my nipples until the two buds were stiff and poking out. His hand went down to my abdomen, no doubt over its direction. I was paralyzed and close to tears, simultaneously fearing and yearning for his touch. His fingers were on my pubic bone. I bit my lips.

He did not proceed further. Instead he unlocked my collar, ordered me up and took me to the bathroom where he filled the bathtub. He exchanged the leather cuffs on my wrists with handcuffs and removed the muzzle. Without a single word, he placed me in the bathtub, undressed and joined me, and moved me between his legs. I was as stiff as his cock.

He washed me with a sponge. Even though I was still blindfolded, I felt him outlining my markings, starting from the line on my spine, washing the area with the large spots, the lines in my face, the ears, then centering on my white and vulnerable areas, my breasts, abdomen, thighs and sex. He stayed on it until I relaxed then replaced the sponge with his hands. I closed my legs.

"Open them."

My brain told me to resist but somehow my thighs did not get the message. His hand went between my legs. He kept caressing me, stroking my lips, flicking the clit ring, changing to my breasts and nipples, back to the abdomen and between my legs until he had me aroused, my three buds were throbbing and I felt the familiar stir between my legs leading up to an orgasm. He was rock hard and I was sure that he would enter me this time. I was wrong. He stopped, gave me a kiss on my head, stood up and lifted me outside. I was confused.

After he rubbed us dry and got dressed, he took me down to the car and into the cage. Given the time of the day and that I had not eaten, it was obvious that I was going to the clinic and into surgery.

As we were driving off, I became scared. Melinda had said that if anybody tried to remove the receiver in my mouth, I would die. I wondered why I no longer wanted to die. I mean not much had changed. I was a captive, used to fuck as often as he could get it up and otherwise I just existed. Still I wanted to live and I did not want to end up as a brain-damaged vegetable.

When they opened the cage, I shrieked. I felt Marc's hand on my back. "Don't worry, you will be safe." Then the sting of the injection. 

When I woke up, the roof of my mouth was on fire. I was feeling sick. It was dark but I knew that I was on the mattress in his bedroom. I was wearing the muzzle with the bit, the blindfold was gone and my hands were free.

I tried to sit up but got so nauseous, I sank back. I was feeling hot and feared that they had removed the device and my brain was stuck in 'sick mode'. I began to cry. 

Even though I hardly made any noise, Marc turned the light on. I felt his cool hand on my shoulder, felt too sick to turn around. Sometime later Roger came and put me out of my misery with another injection.

The old doctor was there when I came around the next time. It was close to midday and I was hungry.

"Back among the living?" he asked with a twinkle in his eyes.

Indeed I no longer felt sick, however my mouth was hurting and I now realized that a feeding tube was inserted into my right nostril. My hands were stuck in stiff thumbless mittens but otherwise free and I automatically moved them up to my mouth.

"Let me have a look."

After removing the muzzle and bit, he pushed a pillow under my neck and bent my head backwards. He looked at it for a while. I tried to probe with my tongue but very quickly stopped from the pain. The bit and muzzle were returned.

"Looks good. I am sorry but you will have to wear the bit until the healing has progressed. I don't want you to keep the wounds open with your tongue."

He gave me an injection in the butt.

Marc came in. "How is she doing, Bill?"

"It looks okay. We were lucky that the lining of her mouth was still mostly intact. The wounds where the device was secured should heal up within a week. Clean her mouth with the antiseptic and call me immediately in case her temperature goes up or the swelling increases. Any infection could become very serious given the proximity to the brain. Otherwise, just ensure that she cannot use her tongue on the wounds and that Roger gives her the antibiotics."

"What about the stimulators in her brain?"

"Well, they have to stay there. It would be too dangerous trying to remove them. There is no risk that they corrode, not with the material they are made off. They can still be activated if you put the receiver close to her head but I doubt that you plan to do that."

Marc did not answer.

"Good, I'll see you then in a week's time."

Marc walked him out. When he returned, he fed me a light brown gooey substance through the feeding tube in my nose. He put me on wobbly legs and took me outside to get my usual business done. A wash in the shower and I was glad to be back on the mattress.

The week was exhaustively boring. I was taken outside and into the bathtub; otherwise it was life on the mattress. The mittens made my hands useless and I was told to keep my hands away from my face. For the rest, I was pretty much left to my own devices which meant I could choose between sitting, lying down, kneeling, sleeping and counting the links in the chain.

I was grateful that they had removed the device and that made me somewhat more compliant although I craved for any form of distraction, a book, TV, anything. It even put a new light onto my trips outside to do my ablutions; definitely more eventful than using a toilet. To keep myself occupied, I resorted to doing math in my head, day-dreaming, watching a spider building its net in the corner above my mattress, inventing stories for a non-existing newspaper, and wondering whether Tom had managed to get to Australia.

Roger visited me twice every day to give me an injection in the butt and clean my mouth with an awful-tasting liquid. He seemed to have some medical knowledge in addition to being able to pilot a chopper and being Marc's right hand man. He was actually quite a nice guy and always asked me whether I was okay. My answers were limited to nodding because I doubted that the collar, chain, mittens, the mattress on the floor or my nakedness were really up for discussion.

My interactions with Marc were somewhat more contradictory. Even though Roger came to treat the wounds, it was now always Marc who took me outside, fed and washed me. Notably I could have done it all by my own, just remove the mittens and unlock the chain! It did not seem to drop into his mind. Still something seemed to have changed. The harshness of the first few days was gone. I almost got the impression that he cared about my reactions except that the rules never changed and it was me who was supposed to adjust, such as to being chained up or to kneel impeccably if I wanted to be leashed and cuffed so he could take me outside.

Every evening, Marc took me into the bathtub and admittedly these sessions soon became the highlight of the day. Even though he never talked, my body was his focus, and given that I was always handcuffed and blindfolded while in the tub, he had my full attention. He made a point to discover every crevice and nerve ending in my body until he was able to play me like a piano, fortissimo to arousal, andante when it came close but no grande finale.

It was so much worse than being aroused by the device. I felt his hands, I smelled him and… I increasingly wanted him. I was shocked when after a few days I caught myself thinking about giving him oral sex. I was also utterly confused that he did not take it further. His equipment was in perfect order, I assumed he knew by now that I had no sexually transmitted disease, and he had proven to me that he could always get what he wanted. I tried hard not to admit to myself or show to him my desires or disappointment. Instead I spent many hours wiggling back and forward on my mattress but only got the clit ring hurting and my vagina throbbing. 

Finally the morning came when Bill removed the stitches in my mouth and confirmed that there was no more danger of an infection. Even though the roof of my mouth was still sore, I was looking forward to some real food. Strangely though, the feeding tube was left in place.

It was still quite early in the day and, after exchanging the mittens for a pair of handcuffs, Marc took me to the bathroom and with him into the shower. He had me soon aroused. The orgasm was building up and I was disappointed when he stopped. He toweled me dry and ordered me to expose. It was difficult to do so with my hands tied behind my back but I obliged hoping he would finally give me some relief.

Sure enough, he continued to play with my body until I was wriggling on the floor and could no longer keep my hips from moving. He stopped seconds before the big event and for once I shrieked.

With a smile he got up, requested me to stay and returned a few minutes later, dressed and with a couple of implements. After I got on my knees, he cuffed my elbows but this time he pulled them together until they touched. The leather cuffs around my wrists followed. It took me a while to figure out the next item; it was a chastity belt.

The foam-lined steel belt fitted perfectly over my hip bones and I now understood the purpose of him having made that cast. Two thin chains were leading down from the back between my legs. As he pulled them forward, I felt the chains slipping between my buttocks and a ring spreading my cheeks over the anus. The two chains also secured the steel crotch plate in its place and locked to the front about four inches apart.

The firm pressure on my lips and crotch gave me a strange feeling. Even though Marc was in control of me since he picked me up from Tom, the belt pushed his ownership so much further and to my unease, it upped my arousal.

Before he mounted the double strapped blindfold, he applied duct tape over my eyes. It told me that I was in for the long run and that neither TV nor a book would be part of my next sequel to life. He returned the muzzle and leash then made me follow him downstairs.

I quickly discovered the mechanism. The crotch plate contained several rubber nubs. With every step they stimulated the clit ring. It drove me crazy before we even got downstairs and by the time I was kneeling next to his chair I was covered in sweat.

Kneeling blindfolded on the floor did not help. It just focused my thoughts to the one over-stimulated spot between my legs. And, as I spread my legs, every breath seemed to rub the clit ring against the nubs. I promptly pulled my legs together only to be told in no uncertain terms to get back into position. Within minutes, I was desperate to get to an orgasm, tried to clench but it only resulted in another tug on the clit.

I heard Tonio's voice. "Looks like she has some excitement."

"Yes, it will keep her focused."

I forced myself to hold still. I was close to explosion and wanted to scream the house down of frustration. Did this guy know any limits?

"When do you want her breakfast?"

"Bring it whenever it is ready."

He ate his breakfast. I did hear Tonio bringing mine but had to wait 'til he had finished and read the newspaper. By now, I was craving for any form of satisfaction and was looking forward to tasting the food. It wasn't to be. I got it through the nose tube instead. 

Tonio came to retrieve the dishes. "It's a pity for all those nice fruits and berries."

"Seems like both you and she will have to get used to it."

He took me over to the study and replaced the muzzle with the ring gag. I knew I was back in business, to give him satisfaction while I got none.

This time I screamed and shook my head.

"Oh yes, you will. I will not give you any food to taste or any relief until you do your job better. I want you to tease me, drag it out, don't suck until I come; instead use your tongue, lips and throat muscles."

He pulled me onto him and I got going, first furiously but after a painful reminder on my nose, I tried to do what he wanted from me. I teased and rubbed the underside of his glans with my tongue. I tried to drag it out and when he came, he was deep in my throat. He moved out on his own and ensured that the last of his cum was in my mouth.

He did not tell me whether he was pleased and, blindfolded as I was, I could not read his response. Instead the ring gag was removed and the muzzle went back.

After releasing my elbows, he took me upstairs to the mattress and locked me to the wall. Then he touched me ever so lightly, I felt his hand moving from my neck to the breasts, the abdomen and inner side of my thighs, my white parts. He continued until I melted under his hand then he left.

The house was silent. I tried to move the blindfold but it was too well secured. I tasted him in my mouth, fantasized how it would be if we were simply normal lovers. I turned on my belly, tried to rub the crotch plate on the footboard but it was futile and unsatisfactory stimulation and I gave up.

He came around lunch time and took me outside to pee. By the time I came back I was making all kinds of noises and my legs were close to giving in. It was back to the study for another session with his dick. My vagina was hot and throbbing from unmet desire.

This time he wanted me to drag it out more. "Do it in twice the time," was the instruction and I tried hard to obey. Again he gave me no indication of whether I succeeded.  It was simply back to the mattress. He touched my nipples, circled them, played with the rings until the buds were throbbing and left. I keened of frustration.

With my sex on permanent overdrive and blindfolded as I was, life was quickly becoming much more difficult. I could not do anything else than sit there and wait for him to come and release me from the boredom. I could not do anything else than taste him in my mouth, even his smell seemed to have become stuck in my nose. And I could not do anything else than think about him when he would want me again and whether I would succeed in him finally giving me relief under the belt. I knew that he was fucking with my clit and brain but did not have the will power to object to my sexual desires. 

It was so bad that I felt my heartbeat going up when he came in the evening. He connected the leash. As he released me from the wall chain, he touched my neck. My hips involuntarily moved forward. He hunched down next to me, stroke the side of my breasts then my naval. I shuddered. He slowly moved his hands lower and stroked me on the inside of my upper thighs. They were wet. I almost started to keen, instead a whimper escaped.

"So you want me? No longer interested in keeping your legs closed?"

I did not move, not wanting to face the truth.

"You'd better be honest. Otherwise I will ask you again in a week's time. So what is it?"

I had a week of extreme boredom behind me, I could not imagine another one blindfolded and teased out of my wits. So, after a while I nodded.

"Well, then you have to do better with your blow jobs." He tapped on the belt. "I will only open this if you do it without the gag and give me the full pleasure."

We went downstairs and to the library. Once I was on my knees he said, "So you want to give it a try? I just tell you one thing; if I feel your teeth you will not know what hit you."

I was scared. I was no longer disgusted by taking him into my mouth but I had simply done it because I had to do it. It was like going to the dentist. Open your mouth, do what he says and get it over with. Giving him pleasure went beyond that.

I slowly nodded.

He removed the muzzle but left the blindfold on. I felt the tip of his cock touching my lips and I opened my mouth. I expected him to move in like he had done when I was ring-gagged but realized that it was now on me to do it. I hesitatingly took him in, my lips closing around his shaft, I curled my tongue around him, tickled him.

I took it slowly, used my tongue and lips to massage him. After a while, a tug on my nose reminded me to move up on him. I obeyed and two tugs later, he was in me completely. I was stimulating him just with my throat and I was scared that he would feel my teeth, so I kept my mouth wide. Another tug on my nose. I was getting desperate, sucked harder. It seemed it was what he wanted. He emptied another massive load into me. I wanted to retract. He stopped me.

"Suck it all out then clean me up." I realized I was trembling; my nipples and clit were pulsating. I sucked some more then licked him clean.

"That was not too bad. Maybe a four out of ten. I will think about giving you relief, once you are up in the eights or the nines."

I was disappointed, let him put the muzzle back and lock my elbows then went with him to the dining room. Roger joined him for dinner which only dragged out the whole affair longer. I was kneeling as usual, my joined elbows forcing me to arch my back and jut out my breasts, focusing on an unseen spot in front of me. Time and again, Marc's hand caressed my neck and breasts and in spite of all the discomfort, I was breathing hard and my juices were flowing.

At one stage, Marc ordered me to spread my legs wider. Apart from me blushing, it solicited comments from Roger and they discussed how I was doing. I was not considered to be a part of the discussion, instead was told that I was doing fine, my mouth healing, and seemed to begin "responding", whatever that meant.

Tonio joined their discussion. "If she is aroused like this I could almost forget my preferences."

"You won't. Or I will have to look for a Chinese cook."

I was surprised; Marc seemed both joking and serious. His hand was back on my body and I shuddered, wishing again that I had something touching me under that stupid crotch plate.

"Well, you definitely will have to be carefully who you show her to. I could imagine, the majority of men wanting to fuck her and somebody could get some crazy ideas to make it come true. I mean look at it. That club was ready to pay sixty-four million for her. Proves that she is one big fuck."

"For that she has yet to learn a lot and if it goes by me, I will be the only one ever to have her. So, what about you, Roger?"

"I know when something is off limits, so don't ask me to think about it or you may open a Pandora's Box." He laughed.

Tonio was now standing next to me. "Didn't know that leopards can turn red." Leopards maybe not but I definitely was. I tried hard to keep my composure. Their banter almost brought me to tears. Not so much because of the humiliation but because they rather sounded like a family and they seemed protective about me. I corrected myself, as protective as you get over a family pet.

I felt Marc fiddling with my nose tube and apparently feeding me.

"What is it tonight?''

"The baby food last week gave me the idea to just process whatever you guys eat, well with some modification. Pity is that one has to mix soup, main course and dessert. So tonight it is tomato soup, couscous, lamb, peas, carrots, some fruits and ice cream. I must admit I bought filet for her, you got the chops. I hope she likes it."

"I'll let you know in case she pukes it up. Just make sure the temperature is right."

"Ninety-five degrees on the spot. Do you guys want coffee?"

I didn't even feel the stuff going into my stomach, simply the hunger pangs disappearing. As for taste, there was only one taste in my strange universe, he made sure of that.

Marc finished then attended to his coffee. I could have killed for a cup.

He took me for the usual evening walk. By the time we came back, my vagina was spurting. He half dragged me into the shower downstairs and in case I was hoping to get off on the shower head, he used cold water to clean me from the belt down. I was shrieking like a banshee.

He let me calm down next to him in the library before I was allowed to suck him off. At this stage I was mostly tired and simply wanted to get it over with. I gave it a half-hearted try and he told me so. As a punishment, he did not let me slip out. He was sitting in his chair and tied my nose leash so I could not get away. I kept him inside my mouth and fell asleep like that.   

He woke me up later but realized that I was completely out of it. He pulled out and carried me upstairs. I woke up once more from the pain when he removed the elbow cuffs.

Next morning he got up, dressed and left. Even though I was sitting there and quite obviously awake, he did not say anything to me. My hands were back in the mittens, no cuffs. I felt the belt and would have given anything for some plain vanilla sex.

When he returned, he was all sweaty and I smelled him immediately.

"When I come in here, I want you to get onto your knees. If you are not cuffed, put your hands on your back."

I at once realized what it implied. He had managed to make me giving him a blow job without a gag, now he wanted me to kneel on my own accord. I swallowed and with some effort moved into position.

"Straighten your back." I obeyed. I realized that my nipples were stiff, felt the teasing of the clit ring. He was just standing there, his smell in my nose. After a while I felt a tickle on the inside of my thighs. I was swearing at my body. Worse, he must have seen it as well. He hunched down and touched the moisture between my legs. It took me all effort keeping my hips still and not seeking out his hand. I clenched my teeth to suppress any moan escaping.

He cuffed my hands, removed the mittens and belt, and took me outside. I had worn the belt only for one day but blindfolded as I was and with my crotch open, I felt vulnerable like rarely before. 

I took care of my ablutions. He was in no hurry and took me for a walk. I could not see where we went but heard him opening a gate and all at once the animals were around us. It was a strange sensation, I smelled them and I smelled him. His warmth was burning like a fire next to me. I felt the morning dew on my feet, the slight movement of the air on my nipples and clit, a shiver went through me.

Back in the bathroom, he took me with him into the shower. He washed me, touched me everywhere, except on the one crucial spot. I freaked out, shrieked, tried to get his hands onto my clit. I could not go on another day like this. He laughed.

"You know what you have to do before I give you relief."

He mounted the belt and proceeded with the leather cuffs above my elbows. I hated them and shook my head.

"I like you with your elbows tied and that is not negotiable. I know worse ways of doing it, so I suggest you better comply."

Did I have a choice? No. I was furious even more so when I heard him laugh again. The leash went back to the collar.

"I'll leave you without a muzzle today. Let's see whether you deserve it."  Small improvements.

The rest of the day was pretty much the same: kneeling next to him for breakfast and dinner, food through the tube, and five trips to the library. In between waiting for him, thinking about him, yearning for his touch, and when he did, getting so giddy, I thought I would drop out of my belt.

I tried hard to give him the best that I could but he only gave me scores of sixes and one seven. I was disappointed. Before dinner I achieved another six.

"You will never get better unless you love what you are doing and want to do it."

I knew he was right but, damn, wanted only one thing, relief. I was so frustrated.

He and Roger ate dinner. They were close to finishing when all at once their conversation stopped and I knew something was wrong.

"I told you already several times today to spread your legs wider. You don't want to learn, I get the ropes." His voice was ice.

I was so scared about what was to come. I got up once he walked away. On several occasions, he had not tied the leash to the armrest anymore and this was also the case this evening. I knew Roger was in the room but he made no move. I walked backwards until my arms touched a wall. Marc returned.

He asked Roger to leave.

"You come over here, and you come now."  He did not make a threat, his voice was even calm. He simply stated it like it was the only way history would be written. I knew what was waiting for me but who was I to rewrite history? I obeyed.

He removed the belt and tied me the same way as he had done before, from the nose ring behind my back to my ankles, from my knee through the clit ring to the other knee. He pulled the ropes tight until my legs were spread to the extreme and the tug on the clit painful. I was hoping he would not make it longer than last time. He did worse. He slipped a vibrator into my vagina and turned it on, high.

With the way my love bud had been stimulated for the past two days, he had me going towards an orgasm at lightening speed and I had to suppress it. I was screaming within a minute from the effort. Hell in my brain and body was defined by two cords, two rings and a vibrator. He turned it off after no more than five minutes, removed the cords and the vibrator. I was sobbing. 

Without another word, he left. He knew that I would not move.

I don't know whether I had challenged him consciously over my frustrations but indeed I had paid no attention to him correcting repeatedly my position during the day. And he had responded. First it bothered me that I accepted his punishment. However my life had been so thoroughly turned upside down, it was simply one more bizarre event. As a result I was relatively calm when he came back an hour later. He hunched down before me, stroke my breasts.

"Are you ready to try for an eight?" His voice was soft. I nodded. Yes, I was.

Well, I did not make an eight but another seven. He took me to pee then up to the bedroom. He locked the chain to the collar, fixed the belt and removed the cuffs. No mittens.

"I guess I don't have to tell you not to do anything to your feeding tube or blindfold."

No, he didn't. I stretched my arms, wiggled some movement back into my shoulders and elbows, searched for the blanket and went to sleep.

I woke up and had no idea of time. I heard him breathing deeply so assumed that he was still asleep. I considered checking out the blindfold but with the tape over the eyes, I did not give myself much of a chance without him noticing.

The belt was next priority. There were several slits to urinate but none of them big enough to press even my pinkie through. I tried to get my fingers under the crotch plate, from all sides. I couldn't. The belt was too well secured on my hip bones and my clit became quickly over-stimulated from the first few moves of the day.

"Are you having fun?"

I froze. He chuckled then went for his morning exercise.

I did not want to get to my knees without being told to do so, and it took me a while to convince myself that I was not doing this voluntarily. I heard him coming back, smelled him. Seconds were elapsing. I could not stand the tension, went into position and crossed my wrists behind my back. He did not say anything.  I felt the familiar stirring between my legs. After an eternity, he cuffed me and removed the belt.

This time we took the car. He took me down to the beach. I smelt the water, felt the rough beach under my feet then the water licking on my feet. He asked me to pee, undressed and took me into the cold water. I yelped. The waves were coming in strong. He walked me deeper into the water until I lost the ground under my feet and he was the only one holding me above water. First I was afraid but he made sure my nose and mouth stayed clear.

Once I adjusted to the temperature and his game, I was immersed in a whirlpool of sensations, the smell and touch of nature and him, the way he had hurt me like the cold water was biting into my skin and – utter vulnerability. It struck me that like he was now holding me above water and protecting me against the waves, he had become my only link to life. It was deeply upsetting.

When I began to shiver from the cold, he took me outside, my skin was prickling. He used his shirt to rub me down. Then, while standing behind me, he put his arms around me and held me close. I felt his breath and warmth. He began nibbling my earlobes, neck and shoulders. My body went on autopilot. Coldness turned to heat. My vagina began to throb like a motor. I turned around, my nipples brushed against him, I almost screamed over the sensation. I felt him growing hard, smelled him, and automatically went down and took him in.

My desire was so strong; I courted him, teased and challenged then slowed down, slower and slower until he was deep in my throat, hard and big. I craved for his smell, pushed harder, stimulating him only so slightly until I thought he would explode. He groaned deep from his chest then kept on coming, and I kept on swallowing and sucking. I let him slip out, cleaned him for a long time. I felt him growing hard again but he pulled away. He hunched down in front of me.

"Stay here."

He walked away, I heard him opening the car door, feared he would drive away. Instead he returned and began hammering not far away from me.

He moved me to the side and ordered me to lie down between four stakes he had hammered into the ground. Ropes went around my feet. He pulled them apart, unlocked my cuffs and put me in a spread-eagle, tight, so I could not move by an inch. My lower back was lifted by a mound of sand. He touched my pubic bone.

I was shivering from the expectation but he first only used his tongue and teeth. He explored every skin cell on my breasts and I began to make all kind of noises. When he reached my naval and twirled his tongue in it, I began to scream on top of my voice. He moved down to my toes and I went wild. There was sand on my feet and legs but he did not seem to care. His licking felt like the rasping of a cat's tongue until he reached my inner thighs which were clean. He stayed there for a long time. It was like the eye of a hurricane. When he moved inside me, it was so slowly and so gently, it drove tears into my eyes.

I came within seconds, the first orgasm immersing my body like a firestorm followed by the next, wave after wave rolling in until I could no longer distinguish between the waves in my body and the ones I had felt inside the water and passed out.

When I came to, he was sitting next to me, his hand playing with my nipples. He realized that I was awake.

"You were amazing. You hit the nine." I smiled.

The sun had come up and it was warm. I was still stretched out between the stakes, blindfolded, and was wondering whether he would enter me again. Instead he got up and this time he did drive away.

I began to pull on the ropes but the stakes did not move. What was he doing?

He returned after a short time, fed me through the tube, washed me, then massaged sunscreen all over my body. By the time he was done, both he and I were ready again. This time I did not pass out and I enjoyed every second.

He kept coming back again and again until I was depleted of all energy. Still he kept me there in the sand, blindfolded and exposed. He did not speak but he stayed with me until it was just him and me, and I did not know anymore whether I was dreaming or was awake.

He released me and carried me up to the car when the coolness of the evening returned. For the first time since I was with him, he let me use the toilet in his bathroom. He showered us off then took me to his bed where he mounted leather cuffs on my wrists and ankles before he locked them together, arms as always behind my back, feet together.  I was lying on my side and was too exhausted to even try to move.

He returned later with food, pulled me onto his chest and began feeding me with his hands. I don't think he gave me more than fifteen, twenty bites to eat, pineapple, mangos, cheese, and grapes, another hurricane of sensations after ten days of food through the tube. However, they could not cover the void I wanted for him to fill. He forced me to eat slowly all the while caressing my breasts, not a single word, just his touch.

Afterwards he removed the cuffs. I wanted so much that he entered me again but he didn't. He wrapped his arms and legs around me and that's how I fell asleep, no cuffs, no chain, no belt, just the blindfold.

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