by FreeEagle

Part 2

The light was still dimmed when I woke up, the cameras blinking and directed at me. I was alive and part of the nightmare.

As countless times before I was thinking about escape. Physically it was impossible. Caged and behind steel doors which could only be opened if the right persons applied their thumbprint and had a key card, or leashed and controlled by a handler, twenty-four hours under observation by cameras, the shocking system, there was no way I could get away. I could not talk and appeal to the help of another person. Who anyway? They were all part of the system.

I had no idea where I was, whether the police was searching for me and anywhere close to uncovering this outfit. They seemed to be linked to a big corporation, so I was sure that no expenses were spared to preserve the appearance of a highly confidential, hence secured and protected research operation.

My only escape was death. The receiver in my mouth was one opportunity to achieve that. I probed with my tongue. There was not the tiniest amount of space between the receptacle and my palate and I could not bring my tongue behind the receiver as hard as I tried. I felt for switches to remove the receiver from the receptacle, and could feel none. I assumed one needed the remote to unlock the device.  

I was not restrained at all and my hands were free. So I tried to get them inside my mouth. The moment they were close to my mouth, I was stunned in my stomach, hard. It took all my resolve to try again and do it in spite of shocks to my stomach. I got three of increasing strength, still preceded, my fingers now inside my mouth. Then my crotch exploded. I passed out.

When I woke up, my crotch was hurting from the aftermath of the unbelievable pain to the clit. It was the last confirmation I needed. They were doing all this through my brain. All the shocks and pains were duplicate experiences from what I felt when I was in the MRI machine. They must have mapped the pain and were now releasing it whenever it suited their needs, either to my stomach or the clit. And because it was not physical but applied by stimulating my brain, my body could not adjust. The pain was the same every time. I could still not understand why I could no longer talk. Was it possible to erase the ability to speak in the brain?

I gained another insight and resolve in the cage that morning. I was determined to destroy the receiver in my mouth with whatever means I would find and die. I would also watch out for any other possibility. Next time I was at the beach and left on my own, I would not hesitate and drown myself. If there was another opportunity, I would take it.

Tom came with the pellets and a fresh bottle of water. I ate the tasteless stuff, speculating whether the owner which would purchase me would give me something more appealing to eat. Given my appearance, they may make me hunt for my meals. I almost laughed.

After getting another hormone injection into my crotch, he asked me to crawl to the shower room. I wanted to show him that I had not yet given in and stood up, walked on my back two legs like a human being. To my surprise there were no shocks, he let me proceed. A few steps later, I understood why. I got sick to my stomach, dizzy and disoriented. Another repeat experience from the MRI triggered by my upright position when I was supposed to crawl. I collapsed to my knees. He waited until the sensation subsided. A tug on the leash, I crawled. Yes, I was their animal.

I peed, surprisingly was able to relieve myself, got washed and teeth cleaned, receiver changed, all done while in the 'Present' position, on all four limbs, back straight, chin up. I got no shock, seemed to learn. He praised me. “Good, girl.”

Afterwards I had my usual appointment with her, John, the steel manacles, mouth and vagina clamps. I hated it but you do not want to have a leopard biting you, do you? Even though the manacles held me in an upright position, I did not get sick. Order to crawl turned off by remote, I thought. She examined my skin, first just visually, afterwards with a lens which emitted a fluorescing light.

“The vector is almost gone; her melanin expression should be stable now. Her genetic make-up seems really perfect for making the treatment working optimally.” She commented to John.

“Question is just how many more such individuals there are in this world?” He responded.

“Based on genetic studies, one in five million, half of them male and only twenty percent in an age category where it pays to make such an investment. So all together, one in fifty million and we can only identify them if they accidentally have the appropriate genetic test done. That is why the Corporation wants to widen this line of research drastically to make the treatment applicable to a much wider range of genetic make-ups.”

She wanted to switch the light off. Tom asked her to wait and got a man sized mirror which was mounted on the wall. He held it in front of me. She sneered, “Want to continue her education?”

“You do not want her flipping out in front of Corporate Management,” he responded calmly.

She turned the light off. Within a couple of seconds a glow was appearing from where I was standing. It became stronger as the seconds elapsed, four bright spots and two oval smudges. The upper two spots were white, the others red. As she was moving in front of me, examining my eyes, mouth, nipples and vagina, I began to understand. They were emitting a fluorescent light, eyes white, mouth, nipples and vagina red. I did not flip out, life held no longer any surprises for me, at least so I thought.

The remote controlled arousal began and I was ready for the pain of my vagina clenching around the clamp and my uncontrolled jerks pulling on the manacles. I was not prepared for what I saw. As the arousal increased and I got into heat, the red glows of my nipples and vagina became stronger before turning lighter almost white, visually pulsating as I tried to clench. Now I flipped out. A sensationally perverse sex toy in an animal body, no doubt any highly endowed male with strange tastes would bid his bank account off to get me. I screamed, tore on the manacles, a hit in my neck, I passed out.

“This should not have happened.”

It was the first thing I heard when I came around. It was John who said it. I was lying on my side on a gurney, hands cuffed to one side, clamps and arousal gone. I felt her hand probing my neck. I was feeling dizzy and had a headache, tingling in my arms and legs.

“I don't think that there is permanent damage.”

“You don't think! You better makes sure immediately. The Corporation will kill you if you paralyzed her by insisting on those stupid steel manacles. In future, apply your sadistic tendencies to lesser valuable objects.”

“We will make an MRI immediately.”

It was the first time that I heard her insecure. She gave me an injection into the neck.

“What's that for?”

“To prevent swelling and further pressure on the spine.”

They removed the chain collar and she put a wide plastic collar around my neck, immobilizing my head. It is usually used on human beings for transport after an accident, not leopards. The moves were enough to make me throw up, pellets and all. John got more excited by the second. Another injection.

They wheeled me to the other room and stuck me inside the MRI machine.  The ultimate diagnosis was that, while I had bumped the spine, there was indeed no permanent damage and that I should be just fine. My head and stomach did not think so. I spent the day cuffed to the gurney in the examination room, a drip in my arm, checked over every two hours. By the evening, I was able to crawl back to pee and my cage but I felt dizzy simply from moving off the gurney.

They had to move my presentation to Corporate Management to the evening of the following day. John was furious; she did not say a word. I slept like a stone, the countless injections and my pleasure over her debasement for once easing the discomfort from the hard rubber mat in the cage.

I managed to keep my uninspiring breakfast of pellets down the next day, peed could not relieve however was spared the shocks, a wash-down inside and out, to the examination room. Tom told me to stand. I did and except for a slight headache did not get dizzy. She had me walk around, checked my eyes and responses. As far as she could establish I was declared fit. She did not ask me how I felt. I mean how could a leopard express that its headaches got stronger the longer I was on my back feet?

She gave me another injection and the headache subsided; the plastic collar still immobilized my head. She, John and Tom discussed how I should be presented. Tom suggested that they arouse me while lying on my back, she and John did not agree. They settled that I should do it while posing on my knees, hands behind my neck, Tom to hold me if necessary but that I better not made it necessary.

Tom had six more hours to get me prepared. Corporate Management wanted to see me by four o'clock the latest so they could fly out in the evening. Apparently, they were not pleased about the delay.

He got me back onto the gurney, used two pairs of handcuffs around hands and feet to ensure that I could not jump down, wheeled me over to another building where we changed floor in an elevator, then down the hallway. He had thrown a blanket over me and I could not see, only guess, where we were going. When he removed the blanket, it turned out to be the boardroom.

“I really don't know what they will do if you screw up tonight. They may indeed give you to Steve, so could you please get it into your head that you need to behave?”

I was only looking at him, not giving him any response.

“There will be three management committee members. I doubt that they will touch you. They have never touched the girls that have been presented to them so far. I will hold your leash, I am supposed to control you however Melinda will present you. You will have to obey her and let her touch and handle you. If you squirm or embarrass her in any other manner, she will take revenge and you can imagine that she will make it ugly. So do you promise to behave?”

I thought about it for a long time then nodded to the extent as the plastic collar permitted. 

He removed the plastic collar and fixed the chain collar. I got off the gurney and he took me through the paces twice. Coming inside the room and getting up to the stage immediately to the left of the door. I had not done stairs so far and he repeated the climb several times. Crawling along the stage while being fully exposed to the audience, doing a swift turn as we were coming up to the wall, crawling back before posing, it was all fine without an audience.

He got me highly aroused three times, attempting to train me to keep upright as my sex went into frenzy. The extent of arousal was the same every time, close to the brink of orgasm, never over. I could not do it without him holding me upright, given that my leg muscles became jelly-o and my desperate clenches made my hips trusting uncontrollably. And to do that in front of three old geezers, I wondered whether I could hold onto the promise.

Covered by the blanket, he returned me to the cage, gave me several glucose tablets, told me to rest and become focused.  I felt slightly dizzy and fell asleep.

Too soon he returned. While on my four limbs in the shower area, he applied an enema before sealing my anus with a lubricated butt plug. He scrubbed my skin with peeling cream and cleaned my teeth. After hosing down, he used a body oil to make the skin shine. He returned the muzzle, this time without the bit. I assumed I was presentable.   

Wrong assumption. He took me through to the examination room where she was waiting. While shackled to the gurney, she inserted a short sealed plastic tube into my urethra, apparently not wanting me to spoil the show in any inappropriate manner. The pain made me gasp.

John was walking in while she put a white paste inside my nose which immediately made it numb. “You really want to do this now?”

“Bad enough that her nipples are not yet ready, there is no reason why we should not ring her nose and no better time than now. It will keep her pliable.”

While Tom was holding my head, she inserted an instrument into my nose. By now I knew that struggling was futile; I could not change anything they were doing to me. I didn't want to get a ring into my nose. I was a human being, not an animal. Except that they thought differently.

There was absolutely no pain from her doing the piercing, just the smell of cauterizing flesh. She inserted a half-inch steel ring into my septum. The ring's ends locked and sealed into each other as she pressed them together using special pliers. Before she sealed the ring, she inserted the end of a four-inch long leather thong which was soon hanging down in front of my muzzle.

An injection into my nose was last. “This will keep the swelling down.”

She cleaned out the reminder of the white paste then rotated the ring so the connection was inside my nose. She gave it a tug. Even with the numbness coming from the paste, it hurt. I winced. 

“That will do.”

“The effect of the paste will wear off soon and she will start to hurt while in the board room.” Tom advised.

“As I said, it will keep her pliable. Let's get her over there.”

Lying under the blanket as I was driven over, I was contemplating whether I should indeed be on my best behavior. She had emphasized once again that I was no more than an animal and taken all actions to cause me pain when there were daunting consequences from opposing. No, I did not want to end up with Steve, so I decided to give it my best.

John and Melinda went inside while Tom and I waited in front of the door. He took me down from the gurney onto my hands and knees, fussed around with the muzzle and leash.

“You will do fine. Just remember, you are beautiful.”

The blood was throbbing in my ears and clit, and I felt the first faint pain in my nose. The door opened and John called us inside.

Tom held the leash tight, so I had no other choice than keeping to his side and the chin up. We went inside and up the stairs. I almost slipped. The stage looked all at once huge. He took me to the center where he asked me to 'present', my body parallel to the audience so they saw my whole profile.

With the stage lit, the room seemed in the dark. I could not see them, I could not even hear them; it was dead silent. All at once, a projector turned on and I saw myself on a big screen just above and in front of me. The camera was zooming in. I saw myself at least four times as large as in life, every spot, the white of my augmented breasts, the pink nipples, the muzzle, the ring in my nose with the short leather leash hanging down. I trembled, moved my arm slightly backwards to hide the nipples. Tom immediately pulled me forward by one step so the nipples become visible again. “Freeze,” he ordered with a low but sharp voice. It was not a command that I was taught but I knew what he wanted and froze.

After a while a voice I did not recognized ordered, “Get her moving.”

Tom walked me to the end of the stage, we turned around and back to the center of the stage where he ordered me to present again. This time, my nipples stayed exposed. “Good girl.” It was rather a breath than a sound.

“Once more and turn her around so we see her from all sides.”

He took me to the other side of the stage followed by a big circle. As I was crawling towards them, I saw dark heads and bodies sitting at the table, no faces. I tried to get closer to him but he moved to the side. He took me into another circle before asking me to pose.

My legs were shivering as I slowly rose up, put my hands behind my neck, lifted my chin, spread my legs wide and pushed out my breasts and hips. From the corner of my left eye, I saw myself posing on the big screen. A gasp in the room. My belly muscles began to tremble uncontrollably. I felt his hand steadying my back. Another “Good girl.”

There was murmur in the room. “Fantastic.”  “Absolutely unbelievable.” “What a sight.”

Melinda came up to the stage. The trembling increased. Tom caressed my back.

“Remove her muzzle.” Her voice was cold. Tom followed suit.

She grabbed the thong and ordered, “Open up and show your tongue.”

I winced. Merciless she pulled the thong upwards, driving tears into my eyes and forcing me to open my mouth. She inserted the clamp. I saw the camera zooming in on my mouth. Scared to the extreme, I stretched out my tongue. It yielded another gasp from the audience.

She hunched down and spread my labia. A second camera, just below the stage, moved towards me. I felt Tom pushing in the small of my back, trusting my hips forward further. Her fingernails were pressing into the soft skin of my labia and she was rough when inserting the clamp. I groaned.

She stood up. “Can we have the light turned off?”

The stimulation set in, the pain in my vagina increased. Tom moved behind me, pressing his knee in my back, holding my elbows up and back. The first twitch in my hips, the next, I could not resist. My labia was shown on the screen, as big as I was, increasingly brighter waves flickering over the red fluorescent background, the sexual frenzy released while I was craving in vain to find release in an orgasm and from the pain. I heard myself moaning, finally keening.

As the arousal subsided, my soul and body felt empty. The room was roaring with comments, everybody thrilled about my demonstration, well everybody except me. It took me all effort to follow Tom's command to kneel. He cuffed my hands behind my back, slipped some glucose into my mouth, removed the clamps and muzzled me. The lights had been turned on and I was forced to kneel there staring at the people who were deliberating about my future. My vagina hurt, my nose was throbbing, my face was wet with tears.

“Can we have some order, please? I guess we are all pretty excited about what we have seen. Say Melinda, do we have evidence that the expression of color and fluorescence is stable or do we have to expect a change in future?”

“The vector has almost disappeared from her body, indicating that the color expression is stable. Her skin now constantly produces the melanin required for her black and brown coloration. She has the full spectrum of coloration we usually find among different races in human beings, and every new skin cell produced in future will be a duplicate of the current cells at that skin location. So, the color will not wear off. In brief, she will look like this until she dies.”

“What about the white color of her breasts and the pink of her nipples, mouth and labia?”

“We have disabled the melanin production in those areas, so she is like an albino for those body parts.”

“And can get sun-burnt?”

“Yes, indeed. It is advisable to apply sunscreen to her body before taking her outside, otherwise her body will further tone and her breasts get sun burnt.”

“The fluorescent color is just amazing. How has that been done?”

“She emits a constant red fluorescent color in the dark from her nipples, labia and tongue, white from the iris of her eyes. The genes were transferred from two species of jelly fish. During arousal, the increased blood flow makes those organs turning white. Hence as she gets excited, she turns fluorescent white in those areas and as her muscles are tensing as she clenches, it gives the impression of waves flickering over her labia.”

“Amazing. Well, gentlemen, you have seen the prototype what do you think?”

“Can we fuck her?”

“Richard, please be serious. I want to hear your opinion about future research investments, not a status report of your sexual desires.”

“Well, we need to establish her value, so auction her off as soon as possible. About research investments, Melinda, what do we need to do to apply this technique to many more specimens? I understand we are looking at a lucky match between her genetic make-up and our current limitations of the treatment. And, Terry, I still would like to fuck her. I mean, once auctioned off, we may never again have the opportunity to get serviced by a leopard.”

“Ken, what do you think?”

“Establish her value, multiply by the potential number of candidates and I am ready to invest ten percent of that amount in follow-up research. And, yes, it would be nice to try her out.”

“Melinda, what do you have to say about widening the applicability of the treatment to more women?”

“It's hard to predict. The current vector needs the genetic make-up which we have in this individual, otherwise it leads to severe skin aberrations and we have seen the results of that in the previous test subjects. We have to find a vector which can use other gene sequences to insert the melanin modulation at the right location. The scientists in Ken's lab are the best to advise how likely and soon they can create such a vector. I however doubt that we find one which will be applicable to the entire population.”

“Ken, please solicit such an assessment from your research group.”

“You will have it on your desk within forty-eight hours. What do you think her value is?”


“Assuming we get well paying clients into the audience, I would say somewhere between twenty and thirty million. We get between five and eight million, rarely more, for the normal girls. Problem is that legal interference will keep prices compressed.”   

“So, say fifty girls at twenty million each, gives a straight one billion. Investing one hundred million seems a little bit excessive but what about investing the full return we get from this prototype?”

“Sounds good to start with. Now what about the fuck?”

“Richard, we are here for business, and that's it. If you want, buy her. Now gentlemen, Melinda, you have to excuse me, I need to be in DC by tomorrow morning. Thanks for the show and keep up the good work.”

“Can I take her to her cage?” It was Tom asking. Melinda nodded.

Tom took me back to the other building. I was glad to get out of that room. My whole body was shivering, my nose was hurting.

It was late and nobody else around, so he let me walk on my two proper legs. He did not say anything, just removed the plugs in my urethra and anus, muzzle and cuffs, and ordered me inside the cage.

I couldn't sleep. I was sore in my most sensitive places. Also, the discussion in the board room had confirmed my worst fears. I would always remain with this coloration, even if freed, so would always remain a freak show with no other purpose in life than being a bizarre sex toy. And they would auction me off to the highest bidder whoever that was.

I realized that there was another reason I could not sleep. My uneasiness was confirmed when the door opened and Melinda, Steve, Richard and Ken entered. I knew immediately what they wanted. I receded to the back of the cage and took hold of the bars.

Steve unlocked the cage. “Come out, bitch, you have company.”

He probably knew that shocking would be useless, so he just grabbed one of my feet and pulled. Richard and Ken forced my fingers opened, I was dragged out. I struggled, screamed, tried to bite, scratch and hit.

“Gee, she really behaves like a cat.”

Between Steve and Richard, they subdued me, held me hanging by my ankles and wrists. I was carried through to the shower room where they spread-eagled me on the floor, using nylon cuffs and a mattress, so I could not harm myself.

Then they took turns, first Richard, then Ken, then Steve, both in the light and in the dark, again and again. They kept me aroused for the whole time. I heard their laughter, dirty jokes, saw the hunger in their eyes, smelled their breaths, and felt the pain as they were squeezing my breasts and pumping into my vagina.

First I tried to struggle and escape from the onslaught. Finally I just gave in to the sexual frenzy of my body, head turned to the side except when they forced me to show them my eyes and tongue. They did not hesitate to use the nose leash for that. At one stage, my soul left.

I was there and I wasn't. I heard their voices, saw them, felt the jolts to my stomach yet was unable to respond. I heard what they were saying however I was an observer deep inside the body of the leopard, felt safe and protected.

It was like in a movie when the projector was slowed down. Voices from afar. John and Tom were furious. Richard and Ken demanded a rapid solution. Melinda held the remote, Steve in the background.

“She is catatonic. What did you guys do to her?” John.

“She will come around, just give her one in the clit.” Steve.

“Melinda, don't do it! If she fails to respond, you may never get her out from where she is.” John.

I saw him taking the remote from Melinda's hand. It did not matter, I was safe. They were quarreling and I could not understand why.

Everybody left except for Tom and John. Tom took the leopard out of the cage. John shone a light into its eyes. I was contemplating to stay in the cage while they took the leopard away but then changed my mind. Even though its body looked beautiful, the leopard was sad. I felt I could not leave it alone and so stayed hidden deep inside.

Tom carried the leopard down to the beach. I heard the wind and the sound of the waves, smelled the sea. I could feel Tom's heartbeat and that was good.

Tom carried it to a cottage near the sea. John visited several times; otherwise it was just Tom and the leopard, and me hidden deep inside. I doubted that they knew I was there.

The leopard liked the cottage and to be alone with Tom except when Tom left or it became dark, then the leopard was crying. Why were they not helping it? Why were they not responding to its cries? From their discussions, I realized that I was the only one who could hear it.

It was night. The leopard was crying, desperate and inconsolable. It hurt me and I could no longer ignore it. I had the urge to comfort it and that was when the pain returned.

I was lying on a bed in a cottage, Tom sitting next to me. I was crying. There was so much pain in me, I knew in detail what they had done to me and what they planned to do to me in the days ahead, and I could no longer hide. I was so scared and I felt alone, the distance to human life an insurmountable abyss.

Tom removed his clothes, pulled me into his arms, wrapped his body around me, and finally entered me. Even though it hurt, it was only at that moment that I felt some warmth and safety returning.

“Hi, girl, how are you doing?”

It was morning. Tom was lying on the bed next to me. I knew somehow that I was in a cottage down along the beach however did not know how I got here. I also knew that nothing had changed, I was back in the nightmare and I would sooner or later be returned to the lab, Melinda and the cage, and ultimately go to the auction. Strangely, I accepted it.

“Are you hungry?”

I nodded. He got up and left the room. I immediately became afraid but could not follow. My arms were cuffed above my head and chained to the headboard.

He returned with the bowl. “Can you eat on your own?”

I hesitated and nodded again. He put the bowl down on the floor, got me off the headboard and onto the floor. While I was slowly eating the pellets, he got the leash and hooked it onto my collar.

He took me outside. An armed security guard was positioned not far from the door. I shrieked, tried to hide. Tom asked him to take more distance however did not let me get up. The moment I tried, I immediately got dizzy and sick to my stomach. The guard did not seem particularly surprised about my appearance nor that Tom ordered me to crawl and was definitely interested to see more of me. Tom urged me forward and down to the beach which was no more than fifty yards from the cottage. He let me hide behind some stones to pee and relieve.

“Good girl.” I realized that I had done it without thinking.

Later, he washed me in the bathroom of the cottage, meticulously, toweled me dry, and returned the muzzle.

John came. “How is she doing?”

“Getting around but strangely accommodating.”

“Not necessarily surprising. She was absolutely catatonic and had the choice to either stay there or cope with reality.” I wished I had stayed there.

John took the leash and pulled me over to him. I was resisting. He tried to touch me. I squirmed.

“She will have difficulties coping with others. Melinda will not like it.”

“Well you are the psychologist. You tell me what to do. Her auction is in one week. Can you change that?”

“I doubt that I can. I suggest you bring her up to the lab before noon.”

“Just guarantee me that she will not be passed on to Steve.”

“I will do my best.”

John left. Tom looked at me. I had heard it all and needed no other explanation. He asked me to kneel. I did and crossed my hands on my back. He cuffed them and took me outside, this time on my back legs.

We went down to the beach and followed it for a good fifteen minutes, before crossing the garden and reaching the lab. The security guy was following us and I kept to the other side of Tom. I was glad that he did not object.

We went straight to the examination room and I began to sweat as we approached the door. She and John were inside. Tom ordered me onto the examination table with the stirrups and buckled me in. When she approached, I tried hard to remain still, squirmed.

“Where is the remote?”

Tom gave it to her. She shocked me in the stomach. I was lying still. She forced her hands between my legs and inside. I whimpered, another shock.

“She is bruised but healing, so no reason to make a fuss. When did you give her the last injection?”

“Not since you guys raped her.”

“Start again. Her parts have developed somewhat however the larger the better.” She followed suit with an injection above my crotch.

“One week to go. You get her ready, stop that squirming and whimpering. I want to see a prime animal on the block. Her behavior will decide whether we get that research money. I order you to get Steve involved. It can be done under your supervision but she has to be conditioned.”

She got the white paste and applied it to my nipples. They were not completely numb when she pierced them and I yelped. She inserted the two rings. While she squeezed them shut with pliers and adjusted them, she did not hesitate to pull on them. I was close to fainting.

“Why do you have to do this when she is apparently still feeling it?” It was John asking.

“She is such a wimp. She needs some hardening up, you know that. And stop questioning me. You have to get used to that she is only an animal, a highly valuable animal. Our task is to do everything to enforce her value.”

She used pliers to connect another short thong to the nose ring. The old one had been cut off.

“All done. Bring her back once a day. I want to see how she is shaping up.”

Tom took me down from the table and through to the mirror room. He put me through the positions then got Jim. Without another word, he handed the leash to Jim and left the room. Jim knew no mercy. He blindfolded me and ordered me into the various positions, each twenty to thirty minutes at a time. He touched me everywhere. Whenever I squirmed or made a noise, he pulled on the nose ring. When I began to cry, he shocked me in the stomach until I stopped.

By the evening, I was shivering from exhaustion. He removed the blindfold and took me outside to pee. Different from Tom, he did not let me hide from the security guy. Worse he asked him to touch me. He was only too happy to oblige. I screamed and was shocked repeatedly. Jim only reduced the pressure once I had peed.

Tom was waiting at the door where the finger print had to be applied but he asked Jim to wash and inject me. Finally, the muzzle was removed and I was back in the cage with a bowl of pellets. It took an effort to eat. I was sobbing uncontrollably. Why can't you will yourself to die? Why can't you will yourself to become catatonic?   

The next days were very much the same. They had their hands all over me, Tom, Jim, the security guy and John. Melinda was examining me once a day. They no longer restrained me to do so. I wondered whether she was pleased that I no longer objected, or whether she was disappointed that she had no good reason to shock me.

They brought Steve into the game. I knew it would happen. I was in the mirror room with Tom and Jim, Jim holding me on the leash, no other restraints than the muzzle. The door opened. John came in, Steve behind, smiling. As he approached, his hand ready to take hold of the leash, I screamed, got shocked. I ignored it. I fought like crazy; I would not let him put his hand between my legs. I preferred to get the shocks and was determined to not give in.

They deliberated before half dragging, half carrying me to the examination room where they fixed my on the table with the stirrups. Once I was tied down, Steve approached merciless. I continued screaming, ignored the shocks as his hands touched and entered. They gagged me until I was forced to lie still and quiet and let him rape me with his fingers. I hated them all, most so Tom and John for letting it happen.

The days became a blur. I kept on fighting, received countless jolts to the stomach until I was throwing up. They finally promised me that Steve would not touch me as long as I would not object for him to take me outside and through the positions. I agreed.

When I got into the cage that evening, I began to look forward to the auction. It could not get worse.

The next morning, Tom picked me up early and took me outside without breakfast. It was still dark. We went down to the beach, the guard as usually following. Steve and Jim were joining us with the other five girls. We were all naked, leashed and handcuffed. I wore the muzzle. We were ordered to get our ablutions done before being led along the beach to a dock where a helicopter was waiting. We were asked to kneel in the holding area behind the seats where they secured us to the wall using body harnesses before they buckled themselves into the seats.

It was the first time since weeks that I was close to the other girls. We had crossed in the hallway or outside and they were used to my sight. By now I was too well trained to look at them, was focusing on the spot before me but felt and smelt their presence and saw the knees of my two neighbors.

The sun was just coming up when the helicopter took off. It was a rocky ride and I was glad not having anything in my stomach. I was shivering from the coldness of the morning.

We flew for over an hour and landed on the upper deck of a large ship. It had the appearance of a cruise ship and was carrying a flag I did not recognize. I assumed we were in international waters.

The first people I saw were Melinda and Richard. I quickly lowered my eyes but still saw him licking his lips. We were led under deck and put into windowless cabins, three per cabin. I almost squealed when I saw the bunk beds and imagined that I would be able to spend some time with the other girls. Tom had unleashed the other two girls and was just about to do the same with me when Melinda walked in on us.

“She does not stay with the others.”

I was taken down the corridor and put in a small room, bar anything but a light bulb, a camera and a cage. Left alone and caged, I was terrified that I would soon have visitors, so when the door opened, I shrieked. It was only Tom with the usual bowl of pellets and water bottle.

“Shhh. It's okay. I doubt they will mess with you so close to the auction. There is too much at stake.”

Still I was frightened. When I was presented to corporate management, Tom had also ensured me that they would not touch me.

He stayed with me until I was done and was just about to leave with the empty bowl, when Melinda, Richard and Steve entered. This time, I screamed.

“Apologies, Richard, she is still not very well behaved.” Melinda said.

He came closer to the cage, assessing me. I was back in the corner but still saw the lust in his eyes.

“I like the look of her as a wild scared animal. It fits her new genetics. As long she is not too wild. How do you plan to present her?”

“Well, we thought for her to go last and present her similar to how we did it in the board room.”

“Who will be leading her?”

“Tom. She behaves the best with him.”

“Why not Steve? She looks much better when there is fear in her eyes.”

“She will freak out.”

“Well if she freaks out, that may just excite some people to bid a higher price on her. She is a wild animal and I just love to see how Steve tames her.”

“It is your call. I don't think that Terry would be happy if we screwed up.”

“Get her out.”

Tom pulled me out gabbing my upper arm and the neck chain. He ordered me to kneel and shocked me hard when I did not follow suit. He leashed and muzzled me, ordered me to present, then gave the leash to Steve but kept the remote.

We went up to the deck where Steve led me in several circles. Tom supported him fully. Several shocks and reprimands later, we went into a large room, entering from the side of the stage.

“She will come in last. As usual they will all pose. She is to keep her position while we introduce the other girls and give the general overview. Once it is to her, let her crawl around before posing for the arousal. Melinda will apply the clamps.”

They discussed the show. Steve passed the leash back to Tom who took me through the drill twice. Afterwards I had to do it with Steve. I could not help being scared of him and also was tired by now, so was punished repeatedly. Finally we were through.

“Get her polished up and ensure she is not seen outside before the evening show.”

Tom took me onto the deck. The ship was large with at least fifty to seventy cabins. The crew was up and about and I saw their stares. They were almost entirely Asian and I doubted that they would or could speak up on our behalf.

We ended up on the back of the ship with a good sized deck. One side contained a sandbox inserted into the deck, such as used by children, maybe twenty by thirty feet.

“The clients will arrive this afternoon and this evening there will be the introduction of all the girls. Tomorrow morning, the buyers will be able to observe and touch you. You will be brought here to pee and relieve and they will watch you. After being cleaned, they can examine you individually. As handlers, we will be there and ensure that things do not get out of control however they will touch you and you better get used to the thought. The auction will be in the afternoon.”

He ordered me to pee into the sand before taking me below deck and to the cage.

I spent the next hours alone. I was wondering who would buy me for twenty to thirty million dollars. I doubted that the buyer would kill me, at least not fast, for that I was far too valuable. Ten years as a fuck toy to a rich pervert then off to an Asian brothel seemed more likely.

However, in spite of these perspectives, something else made me feel worse. I yearned to be with the other girls. The glimpse into the cabins with the bunk beds had reminded me of my old life, of how life could be if you were still normal. But I was alone and in a cage. It emphasized that I was different and would never be human again.

I was glad when Tom, not Steve, got me for the evening preparations. A steam bath, skin peel and shower were first. My skin was oiled and the butt plug and the tube into the urethra inserted, latter courtesy of Melinda. Before Tom muzzled me, he gave me some juice.

We joined the other girls in front of the door to the stage. They all wore make-up and had jewelry in their free flowing hair. Their hands were cuffed in the back and they wore different colored silk robes. I saw thin chains leading from their nose ring to the nipples and clit. Steve, Jim and three Asian guys were holding their leashes.

As we walked up, Steve and Tom changed leashes and I began to tremble.

We went inside, everybody expect me upright. While we remained waiting at the back of the stage behind a curtain, Steve changed the leash from my collar to the nose ring. I saw Tom looking over, concerned.

The lights were dimmed and I heard Richard making the introductions.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to our spring auction. We have the special pleasure to introduce you to five young gorgeous women who have gone through the appropriate training for being auctioned off tomorrow afternoon.”

The five girls were led onto the stage. I saw them posing on five platforms, leaving the sixth to me. Their handlers removed their robes before taking position behind them, leash in their hands.

“You have been advised that a special treat is waiting for you this evening, and you see a sixth podium waiting. Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to the first real leopard woman in the world.”

Steve got me going, pulling harshly on the nose ring and driving tears to my eyes. I tried hard to crawl as I was taught, not giving Richard the show he wanted. As I was crawling over to my platform, murmur grew in the darkened room. My heartbeat was pounding in my ears; the pain in my nose became stronger. Steve had no reason to pull. I knew he simply did it to apply pain. I thought I would not make it and I was trembling when I climbed onto the platform, and slowly rose into position. Too slow for Steve, another jerk, I yelped.

Voices became more agitated as I was getting in position, elbows and legs spread, back arched and hips trusted forward, all my private parts on show. Steve took position behind me.  I saw Richard smiling.

“It's a leopard.” “Look at her.” “What a sight!”  “Amazing!”  “Where did they get her?”

Even though the room was dark I saw at least eighty people sitting at tables, dinner apparently completed, waiters moving in between with drinks, coffee and cigars. They were all dressed up. The vast majority was men.

“The six individuals in front of you all have received the usual preparations. They are all in their twenties, healthy, sexually active, sterile but their uterus is still intact so they could be used as surrogates. They have received the basic training to obey however as always we leave the fine-tuning to you. We enhanced their inclination to comply by making some adjustments to their brains. None of them can speak anymore and they can be punished and arousal stimulated by remote control. While effective, the associated shocks and stimulations show little wear on their bodies, so are safe to use even with highly repetitive application and make them suited for private and commercial settings.”

“Tomorrow morning you will be able to see their training. We have prepared files for each individual which provides her specifications and advises on the maintenance of their implants.”

Richard proceeded with introducing each of the girls. They were led individually to walk along the stage while a camera was projecting their image onto several big screens mounted around the room. Age, body measures, weight and some behavioral characteristics, of course all positive, were mentioned however no names. Since our abduction, none of us had a name or identity anymore. They all smiled, slightly indifferent, some curious. I wondered how long they had been in training to apparently have adjusted to the idea of being auctioned off.

Then it was to me.

“Now to our little wild animal. Steve, please.”

With a tug Steve requested me to get off the platform. He led me along the stage and back, stopping me in between, all with tugs on my nose ring, no commands. Nothing agreed with what we had trained in the morning. I held my head high while trying to anticipate what he was doing, no chance. The tugs were sending flashes of pain between my eyes.

All at once, he pulled me around. This time I shrieked from the pain in my nose. Steve had walked in front of me, holding the leash taut. It looked like I was opposing him. I saw the smile on his face. He gave a rapid tug. I whimpered, trying hard to keep my composure and expecting a shock. He did, using a high setting. I winced and shrieked. He repeated the same cruel game once more before getting me back to the platform and making me pose again.

“As you see, Ladies and Gentleman, we still have a somewhat wild animal on our hands. She has received the same training as the others but likes to challenge and will make a marvelous toy, true to her nature.”

From the smile on Richard's face I saw that I had given it all to him, fear in my eyes, apparent opposition, my body trembling. A wild animal, half tamed, and here I was ready for the real show to begin.

There was more whispering and talking in the room. Richard asked for silence.

“You will see tomorrow that she knows the usual positions, pees and relieves on command. Like the other girls she is sterile, and can be remote-controlled. Now to her more unusual features. Her skin is not a body tattoo, it is for real. She expresses different skin colors to the pattern of a leopard and this stays the same as long she lives. However this is not all. Melinda, please can we see her mouth and labia.”

Steve was removing the muzzle and Melinda approached. I was opening my jaws immediately, still I got the tug. She inserted both clamps. A camera was moved to the floor honing in on my labia which was spread open wide. A second one was showing my light pink upper orifice on the screen. The remote commanded my brain to get aroused and my body followed suit. The lights were dimmed. There were first gasps in the audience as the camera showed the fluorescence of my eyes, tongue, nipples and labia.

The stimulation increased. Steve was only holding me up by the nose ring. My legs became jelly, the pain got worse. He pulled me up by my collar. I couldn't control my body anymore. I jerked, gasped for breath as the collar was cutting it off, the pain in the nose getting worse, my screams muffled by the collar pressing into my vocal box. Still the show was continuing, all my ordeal just happening in the dark.

The crowed went wild as they saw the pulsating of my vagina, and they kept it going for an eternity.

I was close to passing out when they turned it off and hardly able to kneel. Steve removed the mouth clamp before pulling again on my nose ring, commanding me to pose. I had enough. I don't know where I got the energy. I rose up faster than a lighting stroke and bit his hand which was so mercilessly tugging on the leash above my head.

My heart stood still when I realized what I had done. To my surprise, Melinda came to my rescue. With the light just being turned on, she saw what had happened and realized that I was frantic.

She took the leash from Steve's hand and ordered him to swap places with Tom. Tom was there within a second's breath.

“It's okay,” he whispered into my ear and mounted the muzzle.

I was so relieved, I began to cry silently. He stood in front of me, fussing with the muzzle. I realized he was cleaning blood from my nose.

“Kneel, spread your legs wider, hands on your back, look in front of you.”

His commands helped me to focus. He carefully removed the clamp from my vagina and gave it to Melinda before taking position behind me.  I felt his breath on my shoulder.  

With the light only just turning on, I guess that few others had seen what happened. Richard was looking a bit puzzled; others may not have even realized that two men in black T-Shirts and pants had changed places.  The agitation following my performance settled down.

“Ladies and Gentleman, I can guarantee you, she is hot but not radioactive. The fluorescence has been transferred from jelly fish and the color changes are activated as she becomes aroused. And this will stay permanently, no fading, you have our life long warrantee. At this stage she is the only individual in the world who expresses this feature and we may never be able to create another one. So if you want her, you better bid on her tomorrow.”

Whatever more he said, it was all a haze to me. We were led off-stage under a torrential applause, I next to Tom crawling.

Outside, Steve got wild.

“She bit me.”

“And you almost pulled out her nose ring.”

Tom and Steve were close to breaking into a fist fight when Melinda came outside. She was pale.

“Tom, get her down to the cage.”

Tom ordered me up, cuffed my hands behind my back and walked me down to my room. I was hardly able to walk; my legs were shaking so hard. He carefully removed the two plugs in my lower orifices and the muzzle then ordered me to kneel next to the cage.

“I’ll get you some food.”

Even though he locked the door, I was afraid for Steve and the others to come while he was gone.

He returned ten minutes later, a big grin on his face.

“Don't worry; Melinda told Steve off. I hope you will not have to deal with him again.”

The bowl contained rice with chicken. I could not believe my eyes. I looked up at him; saw his smile over my reaction. His eyes and mine locked and for the first time since a long while I felt human again.


I dove in, relishing the taste, trying to recall when last I had eaten anything else than pellets. As I was done, his gaze was still on me. There was tenderness, sadness. When he saw that I was looking at him, he said, “I guess we better get rid of those traces in your face. A shower and a pee and I will tuck you in.”

In spite of my fear, we did not meet anybody and I was soon back in the cage.

“Gosh, girl, you are still trembling.”  He sighed. To my surprise he got a mattress and blanket from his cabin down the hallway, put it next to my cage, locked the door and turned off the light. His snoring made me fall asleep.

Tom was just about to take me to the shower when the troops appeared, Melinda, Richard, John and Steve. It was early and I felt like I had not slept at all.

Melinda was saying, “Richard, I think you had your show yesterday, you better leave it to Tom to present her today.”

Steve objected. “From all the responses we got, the audience loved her presentation. So, let me continue.”

My heart took a dive. Richard was giving it a thought.

“No, I think Melinda is right but I want to have her muzzled the whole time. And restrain her properly during the individual viewing; I don't want her to attack somebody else. Now, get her ready. I want to have her in the breakfast room. The more she is seen, the better.”

I went to the shower. Before being taken up to the deck, Melinda plugged my urethra and butt; the bit was added before I was muzzled. The sun was up for maybe an hour or so. I shivered from the cold. Tom took me to the breakfast room. The first guests were just arriving, exclaiming as they saw me crawling across the room.

A luxurious buffet was set up in the middle of the room, accessible from all four sides. In the middle, they had positioned a cage. Two tables were still pulled apart allowing access. Tom tied each of my hands to the opposite elbow on my back, so I could neither get to the plugs nor hide myself. He lifted me into the cage and locked it. The tables were pushed together and the plates arranged.

The cage had no solid wall. Within the next hour, I would have eighty pairs of eyes on me and I could not hide. I decided to curl up as well as I could, closed my eyes. Still I heard all their comments.

“Look at her coloration. Isn't it amazing?”

“I wonder how much she will go for.”

“Did you see her pink mouth yesterday? I only dream about having that around my willy.”

“Look at those breasts.”

“I asked them whether they could change the skin of my slave but they say it's not possible.”

“Do you think Brutus would like her? Come here kitty, kitty, kitty.”

“Somebody said that she bit her presenter yesterday. If she were mine, she would not lift even one paw without permission.”

“I would love to have a wild cat among my slaves.”

“She could be quite a good investment even if she survives only for three years.”

“I like her muzzle. Have to know the supplier.”

“Look at her, she is a freak. I wonder where the other girls are.”

Based on the clock on the wall, I stayed in the cage for just over two hours. Richard came with a few hand selected guests and highlighted my goodies. There were several foreign languages, German, Japanese, Arabic, Spanish.

I rarely opened my eyes, was blushing and wondering whether they saw a pink leopard. The situation was scary and absurd, except that I was the centerpiece. How come there are people who want and can buy others and get away with it?

Tom got me shortly after nine. He untied my arms and led me outside. Several people were trying to touch me. Melinda got two crew men and they kept me in between the four of them to crawl along the deck to the back of the ship. Just before we arrived at the deck with the sandbox, Tom hunched down and removed the muzzle, butt plug and the tube in my urethra. I almost peed.

A crowd was waiting. The other girls were led up from the other side. I saw Steve watching me. The girls were ordered to kneel. I was still on my four limbs and got a bowl with pellets placed in front of me, a second one with water. I soon realized I was the only one, not the girls. All eyes were on me. I froze. I heard Tom saying, “Eat.”

He shocked me once, twice. I shrieked. After the third time, I knew that if he gave me another shock, I would mess myself up and it would be a worse humiliation. I ate rapidly and drank the water, ignoring the stares, ignoring the comments. 

Afterwards the other part of our wellbeing was presented. The girls went first and mastered it with their usual grace. By the time I was walking up to the box, the blood was drumming in my ears. I did my business, indeed both parts to it, resigned. Why were they doing this?  Every living being needs to get rid of its waste, why did they want to see us doing it?  It was because they could, because it showed that we could be controlled and conditioned, part of our value.

We were ordered through our positions, to kneel, expose, present, and pose. I almost felt like one of the viewers myself, removed from who I was and keeping my eyes mostly closed.

Afterwards it was to the shower again and the individual viewing. The room we had used during the previous evening had been emptied of all tables and spotlights directed to five platforms evenly placed across the room. They were used by the girls. For me they had something different in mind. Richard had said, “Restrain her properly.” And so they did.

It looked like a small cube made of iron bars. Essentially it was a support to the "present" position, the one where I was standing on knees and hands. Between Tom and Melinda, I was pulled over the cube, my wrists cuffed to each side, my legs pulled forward and the ankles shackled to the other two corners, the collar padlocked to the center of the front upper bar. A posture collar was fastened around my neck, and a strap pulled across the small of my back. The cube was placed on top of a table which was only a few inches wider than the cube.

My head and body were immobilized, the bars biting into my shoulders, groin and thighs. The strap forced me to arch my back, properly presenting my butt and putting some additional strain on the neck chain. My breasts were freely hanging down and everybody was able to access my private parts.

Melinda walked in front of me and into my sight.

“Tom and the rest of us will see that things will not get out of hand but they can examine you and touch you. So, behave.”

She opened the posture collar to inject something into my neck and my screams which were muffled by the bit behind the muzzle soon disappeared. She had paralyzed my vocal cords. She closed the posture collar, and inserted the butt plug and the tube to block my urethra. I was ready for the presentation.

They installed a cord barrier around each of the girls' podiums and my table and advised that no more than two people could simultaneously enter each area. I could not look around, indeed only had the view of the ceiling and the upper half of the room but I assumed the whole party came through. I had their hands on my breasts and in my vagina. After a while the requests to see my mouth became so many that Melinda gave in. She asked Tom to remove the muzzle and add the mouth clamp.

There were many questions, answered mostly by Melinda who decided to hang around her prime object.

A big heavy Japanese, about sixty years old, was churning out questions like a machine gun. Through a translator, he wanted to know the details about my coloration and asked about my training as a sex slave. Melinda confirmed, “No she has not been sex-trained. We assume this will be handled by her new owner.”

He was rough, pulled on my nose ring and nipples, and I felt his thick fingers probing my vagina. I cried silently.

A couple with a German accent was discussing whether I would make an appropriate mate for Brutus, their male slave. When Tom mentioned that I may be too expensive as a toy to their slave, the woman was clearly insulted.

Several men simply wanted to get their hands on me, were discussing my sexual qualities and whether the size of their cock would fit inside me. Only a few thought that they would rather not want to have a leopard on their hands.

Richard came with some of his guests from the morning. As they were approaching, he was saying, “I am sure she can service more than a dozen people a day. I don't see a reason why not. She is young and strong and the remote controlled stimulation forces her to clench for as many sessions as you want. She can't prevent it. Also, other clients tell us that the receiver in the mouth is no obstacle for oral sex. So she can be used both sides.”

The woman said, “It's a concern that she still has her monthly menstruation. If we buy her, we want her to be in service with no interruption. We will have to get our investment back.”

Richard advised them that this could be changed quite easily.

I would have screamed if I had been able to. I tried to jerk on the neck chain, was wondering whether I could break my neck but had little leverage given the other restraints. Finally I just tried to blend out the conversations, closed my eyes. Still I felt their hands, the pain when they were tugging on my piercings, even though Tom asked them not to.

I assumed it was close to the end of the viewing when I heard a voice murmuring, “What have they done to you?”

A hand was touching the tears on my face. I opened my eyes and looked into the bluest eyes I had ever seen. There was concern, kindness. The eyes belonged to a slender, dark haired man. I doubted that he was older than in his mid thirties. Then he was gone, like an apparition. I wondered whether there were any good people in the room.

Finally, it was over. When they released me from the metal frame, I curled up on the floor. Tom let me be for a couple of minutes, then lifted me up and took me to get my third shower in the day. He fed me some juice, caressed my back. Melinda came and gave me another injection. I don't know what it was supposed to do, perk me up, make me more accommodating, revitalize my vocal cord? I did not care, I did not want to comply or even live anymore.

When I did not move, Melinda gave me a couple of shocks into the stomach. It had no impact.

“We still have an hour until the auction starts and you are probably only on the block in about two hours. If you do not budge and agree to comply, I will get Steve to fuck you before you go back onto the steel frame. We have absolutely no problem to auction you off in that manner. I give you thirty minutes to think about it before I send Steve.”

Thirty minutes later, Melinda came back, Steve behind her. I was on my knees in my room.

“What is it, will you comply?”

I nodded.

“Do you want to be mounted on the steel frame?”

I shook my head.

“So, you will crawl and pose as ordered and if you only dare to make one wrong move, I will get Steve to present you and get his treat before we hand you over, understood?”

I nodded.

“Give her something to eat and bring her up.”  They left.

Tom got me some pellets and juice. I hardly touched the food but drank the juice. He cleaned me up, the bit and muzzle went back and I was on my way to being auctioned off to the highest bidder and get Melinda some more research money.

The auction was happening in the same room, the six platforms back in the same place as during the previous evening. We were ordered to kneel while waiting and pose front stage when auctioned. They started with the girls and it was all a blur to me, the shouting, the cheering, the appraisal. Every time a girl was spoken and the gavel went down, it sounded like a death sentence.

All at once I was the only one remaining. The girls had been taken away one after the other, sold for between six and ten million. The room became silent when Tom ordered me to crawl to the front of the stage and pose.

“Now to our prime animal on the block. Don't forget, she may be one of a kind and never to be duplicated.”

I tried to look into the crowd, saw faces, eyes, mouths. The bidding began. The German couple started it with five million. Rapidly it went to twenty-five million, the offer made by the man with the blue eyes. The bidding climbed higher between the fat Japanese and the couple that had come with Richard and who saw my purchase as an investment to be worked off in their private club. I was looking at the man with the blue eyes however he was silent.

The crowd became agitated when the Japanese made the first offer above fifty million. He was frantic and was shouting, even more so when Richard's couple was consulting with co-investors on the phone. The Japanese offered sixty. Richard was just about to say “for the first.”

“Sixty-four million.”

Richard started, “Sixty-four million for the first, second.”

He looked to the Japanese who was obviously unhappy.


The gavel came down, Melinda had her research money and I was looking forward to starting a life as a sex slave in a posh club. I was looking once more at the place where the man with the blue eyes had been standing. He was gone and with him my only hope.

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