The Greenwich Tales
by Freddie Clegg and Phil Lane

Introduction & New Readers Start Here...

This story sprang out of an exchange of emails between Phil and Freddie during the posting of the Freddie Clegg story "Market Forces". The two authors discovered a shared interest in Len Deighton’s "The Ipcress File" and an enthusiasm for exploring what happened to some of the characters outside of the Market Forces narrative. This is the result of that correspondence and a collaboration to create a new tale.

If you have read Market Forces then you can skip the rest of this introduction.

If not, shame on you (and if you like this then search it out, you’ll like that too), but you might like to know that......

Freddie Clegg Enteprises is a UK based organisation specialising in the acquisition, training and sale of female slaves. You’ll meet up with some of the employees of Clegg Enterprises as the tales are told and they’ll introduce themselves as they go along. You will also meet two of Clegg’s customers; Daphne Challis (an American entrepreneur) and Steve Glennis, a man of leisure whose main hobby is the stable of pony girls he keeps on his Caribbean island.

The Prologue: Steve's Tale
The Student's Tale
The Owner's Tale
The Clerk's Tale
The Trainer's Tale
The Runner's Tale
new fileThe Mistress's Tale
new fileThe Epilog

© 2007 Freddie Clegg & Phil Lane

All characters fictitious.

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