By Francine


It looked like an attractive way to pick up a little extra money.  The ad was for volunteers for physiological research - either men or women.  The fee was for each day's service, in a clinic, and it could be done on a weekend.  To a couple in their forties, with college expenses looming, it seemed a good way to acquire a bit of extra cash.

My husband was immediately attracted.  "Look, Joanie, all I have to do is go in on a Saturday, let them study me or put me through a few tests, or whatever, and I'll be home in the evening.  All under medical supervision, with insurance.  It even says there are no drugs or medications involved.  What could be easier?"

"If you'd like, then let's try it - we sure can use the money." I was perhaps a bit less enchanted than he was, but the idea seemed harmless enough - at least worth investigating.

Mike did the investigation, and made a few phone calls.  Soon, we had an appointment to visit the clinic the following afternoon.

We arrived promptly at 4:30 on the appointed day.   The clinic was on the second floor of a professional office building, in what appeared to be a respectable neighborhood.  It appeared to occupy a suite of offices, although we saw only the outer office, where a female receptionist greeted us.

"You are responding to our ad?" she inquired, in a friendly manner.  "Yes", Mike responded, "Both of us.  We thought we would see if you could use either or both of us on a weekend.  We both work during the week."

"I see.  Many have that situation.  You know we do physiological research, that involves testing of subjects, and can involve photography or x-rays.  Some preparation may be required, depending upon the aspect of the study.  We have a nurse who checks all subjects for medical suitability, and is available if any complications should arise, though none ever have.  The preparations will not involve taking drugs or any kind of medication, though it could involve certain types of clothing or appliances, exercise, either fasting or eating certain types of foods or drinks.  You would not be asked to consume anything potentially harmful, and of course you can leave at any time; though if you before the study is complete, you would not receive your fee."

"Sounds OK", Mike answered.

"Then, please fill out these forms.  After you complete them, the nurse will want to check your height and weight, and some things like blood pressure and pulse, just to be sure you are suitable.  Understand we sometimes need specific body types, so everyone is not acceptable for every study."

We went through the application forms, completed them, and were directed to await the nurse's arrival.   She showed up after a few minutes, and indicated she would take us, one at a time.  I went first.  She took me to a room nearby, and asked a few questions.  The weighing and other items were done quickly, and she seemed satisfied.

"You seem like a healthy specimen, Mrs. Wentworth.  I trust your husband will be the same.  Let's see - you weighed in at 155.  Would you say that is your normal weight?"

"Well, I know I could stand to lose a few pounds- " I started to answer, a bit embarrassed.

"Oh, no, I am not being critical.  We might be able to use you for one of our studies.  You're about the size we need for one of our subjects.  But now, let's see that husband of yours."

She escorted me out, and then took Mike for the same treatment.

He evidently satisfied her, and he returned a few minutes later.  The nurse disappeared, and we were asked to wait a few minutes.

A man in a white jacket appeared a bit later.  "Mr. and Mrs. Wentworth?" he greeted us. We acknowledged that he had us correctly named.

"Mr. Wentworth, I hope we can use you later, but just now I don't have any project that would exactly fit your profile.  However, we do have a study this Saturday for which we can use Mrs. Wentworth, if she's interested."

I was just a bit surprised, but listened as he explained.  "This study requires a female of about your body weight.  It will take several hours, starting in midmorning.  Part of it may be stressful, and as you will be alone for a time while you prepare, you can bring your husband along for company, or maybe moral support, if you wish.  The study will require you to do certain body movements, and undergo some x-ray examinations and physical measurements as the study progresses.  Also, you will be expected to drink quite a bit of water - but it will not be anything bad-tasting.  Think you can handle it?"

I thought I could do it, and told him so.  Then I looked at Mike.  "You want to come and be my moral support?  He said it might be stressful!  Maybe after you see what I do you won't want to offer yourself!"

He returned the smile, and agreed to come with me.

We were told the time to come - 9:30 on a Saturday morning.   A few other instructions were given, but one question occurred to me.  "Is there any special way I should dress?" I asked.

"As simply as possible.  Since you haven't participated in these studies before, Mrs. Wentworth, I suppose I should tell you that for the studies you will need to disrobe, as you might for a medical examination.  But, as we are a research organization and not a physician's office, our technicians need to have access to your body to do the studies, and since we are paying you for your services rather than the other way around, we cannot provide the accommodation to your modesty that a regular doctor's office might.    To be very blunt, you will not be wearing clothing during the studies.  However, no one will see you other than our research staff, and your husband, if he accompanies you.  I assume you won't object to him seeing you unclothed?"

I was a bit shaken.  However, it didn't seem unreasonable, under these circumstances.  After all, I had gone through many medical examinations that required disrobing.  Just this time, they wouldn't be giving me a gown or anything to cover myself with.     I looked again at Mike.  "Well, now, maybe I shouldn't bring you along - "   "Wouldn't miss it!" he answered, reassuringly.

"Wait until it's your turn!" I returned.

We returned home, with only a little discussion of the Saturday appointment.  I was rather pleased to have Mike go with me, as I would definitely feel better by having his presence; but I was also a bit concerned about having to be without my clothes during the study.  We knew this would be several hours, and I had been told that much of the time I would really have little or no activity. I thought about taking a book or something to occupy my mind. I hoped they would at least allow me some privacy when nothing was actively going on, but they seemed unconcerned about that aspect.  I decided I could be adaptable - we could use the money; and, anyway, it was far from a public place.

Saturday came, and Mike and I arose early.  Our teen-agers had their own activities for the day, and we were not unduly concerned about them.  They were assured that both of us would be home by late afternoon - no later than we ordinarily arrived from work on weekdays.

We had a light breakfast, and I pondered what I ought to wear for the day.  "Simple" was what I had been told - recalling that I wouldn't be keeping it on long, anyway.  I selected a light dress, easy to get on and off, and which I could wear with the front unbuttoned to serve as  a sort of dressing gown, should that be possible at any time.  I looked through my underwear and picked out a bra and panties that at least had no holes or stains to embarrass me!  Then I chose a pair of soft flats for footwear, not requiring any socks or hosiery.

Somewhat nervously, I prepared myself to leave with Mike a bit after nine.  Mike dressed casually, and seemed completely at ease.  After all, he wasn't going to be the subject of the study.

We drove to the site, parked, and arrived at the office suite a few minutes early.  The same woman who had greeted us before was on hand, and welcomed us with a friendly smile.

"Mr. and Mrs. Wentworth!  Glad to have you again.  We will be ready for you shortly.  Now, Mrs. Wentworth, as you are the subject, you will be instructed by our technician, Mr. Knowles, as to what you need to do.   Mr. Wentworth is, of course, welcome to keep you company in the room where you will be for your preparation and  while you are waiting; but, Mr. Wentworth, you do understand that you will not participate in the study yourself and you must not interfere in the studies and examinations that are made of your wife.  Also, at times she will be taken to other areas, particularly for taking of some measurements and for photographs and x-rays, and you will not be able to accompany her at such times.  You do agree, don't you?"

"Yes, indeed," Mike replied, "I will stay completely out of whatever you want of her.  I'm just here to keep her company when she time to pass."

"Good.  Now, I see Mr. Knowles is coming -  Mr. Knowles, this is Mrs. Joan Wentworth, the subject we will be using today, and this is her husband, Mike.  He is just around to keep her company."

"And to give her a bit of support, I hope!  At times she is going to need it.  I think, Mike, you may do a real service by helping encourage your wife through the day's program, because some of it she may find a bit uncomfortable or stressful.  We'll try not to make it too difficult.  Welcome, Mrs. Wentworth -  Joan, if I may?"

"Yes - Joan," I answered, trying to be casual.

"I'm Victor - Vic for short.  I'll be the technician to see to your preparation.  There will be others around  who will do certain phases of the study.  I'd like you to go to Room Three, down the hall, and make yourself comfortable.  I will join you in a few minutes."   He gestured toward a hallway.

"Er, Vic, could I ask - are there others in this study today?" I inquired.

"Yes", Vic answered, "there are two other persons; a man a bit younger than you, and a woman about ten years older.  You may hear them, but you may not see much of them.  We do try to keep our subjects separated so as to protect their privacy.  You understand -  our dress code for subjects was explained to you, was it not?"

"Oh, yes," I answered quickly, understanding the reason for the isolation.  As Vic said no more, Mike and I went to Room Three, as instructed.

Room Three was one of a series of what looked like examination rooms in a typical doctor's office. The room had a door, and the central furnishing was a low table, cushioned on top, evidently for examinations.  It was covered with a clean sheet, and had a pillow.  It was set lower than examining tables usually are, though, perhaps two feet high.  Beside it was a small square stand with several items set on it; and there two chairs in the room.   A clothes tree stood in a corner, and there was a storage cabinet with contents unknown.  There was no window, and the room was brightly lit.

"I suppose they will want me here", I observed, seating myself on the table.

"And I have two chairs to choose from!" Mike countered.  He placed the small bag we had brought, containing a couple of books and some other things, beside the small stand.

We waited.  After about ten minutes, Vic came into the room.  He looked directly at me, smiling and in mock surprise, said "Oh - you have not started to get yourself ready?"

"What was I to do?" I asked, surprised myself.

"Didn't I remind you of our dress code?" Vic replied in an amused voice.

"Do you mean I should have undressed?"

"Then you do understand our requirements!  It's OK -  let me explain what will be going on.  First, we keep the door closed as much as we can to protect your privacy. We don't provide, or permit, gowns or other covering, because it interferes with the studies. When we take you from the room, it will usually be when the other subjects are in their rooms, so your privacy is protected.  No one sees you except the technicians doing the study.  We will take photographs and x-rays of parts of you, but these will be used only for research purposes.  You need not fear about them showing up in some shady magazine.

"The study we are doing today is related to physiological changes that happen under certain conditions that we will want you to develop, and we will then perform some studies, that is take some measurements, photos, and x-rays, while you are in that state.  We may ask you some questions are to how you feel, and ask you to do certain exercises or activities.  You will find that some preparation time is required, and you can relax as much as you can or wish while this is occurring.  We will periodically check you to determine when the conditions are right, that is, when you are ready; and at that time we take you to accomplish the study details.  Right now, if you will get ready, I will take you for an initial examination to establish the base line data; after which you will come back here for your preparation, which will probably take a couple of hours."

"What does the preparation involve?" I asked.

"It's quite painless.  By the way, did you eat much this morning?  It is better if you do not have a full stomach."

"I had a light breakfast, but that was several hours ago.  Why do I need an empty stomach?"

"The preparation will be easier, since it involves having you drink a fair amount of water. Do you like plain water to drink? And, you know, you can start getting ready!"

I had been waiting for him to leave, but he had made no move to do so.  I started to unbutton my dress.  "How much do I have to drink?"

"That depends. The condition we want to study with you is that of an extremely full bladder; and we will want to do the research on you in that state.  We will ask you to start drinking water once the preliminary check has been done on you, and, of course, you must not urinate until the first study is done.  How long it takes for you to get adequately filled up is part of the research."

Admittedly, I was a bit shocked.  "How full", I asked, rather delicately, "Is extremely full? I don't know if I can manage that, or stay that way -  I mean, it's going to be hard to hold!"  My dress was now off, and I was unhooking my bra.

"My job, with the help of your husband, is to help you restrain yourself long enough to reach the desired conditions. We think you can, with the right encouragement.  It will, however, get uncomfortable for you.  That's what you are being paid for."

My bra off, I dropped my underpants, and hung them on the clothes tree. Now I had only my shoes on.   Vic looked at them, pointing.

"Shoes off, too.   Incidentally, when did you last urinate?"

I thought.  "About two hours ago, just before leaving home."

"Any sensation at this point?"

"You mean, do I need to go?  No -not right now."

Vic looked me over for a moment.  "Please allow me to palpate your abdomen - I'm just checking your bladder distention."  He placed his hand on my belly and pressed a bit.

"Not much distention as yet.  OK - ready for a walk?"

I can't say I was comfortable going out the door naked, in Vic's company, to an unknown destination.  Mike waved good-by to me, though I knew it wouldn't be far.

Vic took me down the hall, which was deserted. All doors were closed, and I saw no one.  More important, as far as I could tell, no one saw me.  We entered a room where a woman was waiting.  She quickly introduced herself, seeming oblivious to my nudity.  I took it she was accustomed to such.  She weighed me on a scale, measured my height, then backed against a wall, where I was instructed to stand rigidly erect.  She brought out an instrument designed to measure the distance of various body parts from the wall, and she began to measure, and to record.  She started with my neck, then the flat part of my chest, the tips of my breasts, my waist, and several points on my belly.

She then checked my blood pressure, pulse, and used a tape measure to make several other measurements of my torso.

When she had finished, she nodded on "OK" to Vic, and he then escorted me back to a small room in which there was a desk, a single chair, and some papers on the desk.

"Here", Vic explained, "We want you to take a short mental acuity test.  On the desk I have set up your test paper, which has a hundred questions on it.  All of them are multiple choice, and you simply need to mark your answer to each.  I am going to give you five minutes - I don't expect you to get through all, or even a sizable number of the questions; but do as many as you can. I am going to leave you alone for five minutes, then I will come back and collect the paper."

The test paper was simple - something like an IQ test.  The questions ranged from mathematical computations, to comparing shapes, and answering questions of logic.  It seemed the purpose was to test my mental agility, or how my intelligence was working. I had taken many similar tests before, so they were no strange to me, but this was the first time I had taken one sitting naked at a desk.  I started.  I was able to do 19 of the questions before Vic returned.  He made no comment on my progress, simply took the paper and then escorted me back to Room 3.

I seated myself on the table.  In my absence, a pitcher of water had arrived and was placed on the small stand, a glass beside it.  I noticed both the pitcher and the glass were calibrated.

"Now, Joan," Vic began, "you may begin preparation. This pitcher contains exactly a liter of water.  We want you to drink it, about a glass every ten minutes.  I'll check on you about every half hour or so.  Mike can help you remember to drink, but, Mike, no cheating!  You can't drink any of it for her.  If you want something, you can get it from the reception area.  And, just in case she tries to get you help her by taking a little yourself, we'll weigh her later when the water is supposed to be in her -  so, keep it honest!  Your biggest job, Mike, is to help her keep from peeing later on!"

Vic exited, smiling.

I looked at my husband.  Knowing his interest in a bit of female desperation, I suspected he would hardly be able to contain his delight at the scenario that was unfolding.  I knew I was headed for a good dose of misery, but he was probably feeling as though Heaven had opened.

"Mike, you lucked out!  All you have to do is watch me drink gobs of water and then try to keep me from peeing!  Aren't you sorry you came?"

He grasped my mock anguish.  "I think I can manage it.  I'm supposed to encourage you when the going gets rough. remember?"

I didn't know how long it would take for the going to get rough, but I was sure it would.  He might as well enjoy it - I had volunteered for it and it wasn't really his idea.

I looked at the pitcher.  "Might as well get started", I offered.  "Pour me a glass?"

Mike filled a glass and handed it to me.  It went down quickly.   We engaged in a bit of small talk, awaiting the time for the next glass.  That, too, went down easily.

It actually took a little over half an hour for me to consume the entire liter.  A minute or so after I finished, Vic appeared.

"You finished it, I see!  How do you feel?"

"Great!" I answered cheerfully.  "Or should I?"

"You'll probably need considerably more water, but let me see how things are progressing.  I need you to stand up, and raise your arms over your head.  Try to stretch tall!"

I did as told, feeling slightly ridiculous in my nudity.  As I stood with arms raised and body tensed, he again pressed on my belly.  This time he took out a marking pen, and made a small mark on my abdomen.

"That's to tell me where I can feel your bladder.  It needs to get a lot bigger.  Do you feel any need to urinate as yet?"

I shook my head.  "Not yet - but I'm sure I will.  All that water is going to go through me soon!"

"Indeed it will!" Vic commented.  "I 'm going to give you another liter - drink it at about half the rate.  It should take you about an hour.  We don't want to give you too much, or you will be filling so fast you won't be able to hold it long enough for the study to be done. We want to fill you slowly!   Carry on!"

Another pitcher was soon delivered, this time only half full. Mike again began to measure out the water and give it to me.

By the time I had finished the first glass, I was aware of a recognizable sensation.

"Mike, I know this is going to come as a surprise to you, but I feel like I need to pee!"

Mike smiled at me. "Get used to it.  That feeling's going to last a while!"  I could sense the delight in his voice.

"You know, Mike, when were we ever together so long with me naked and you with clothes on?"

"Want me to take mine off?" Mike suggested.

"Not appropriate now.  Though I'd kind of like it."

I turned to my book, to pick up where I had been reading.  Within a few minutes, the sensation in my belly was noticeably stronger.  Mike interrupted me with, "Time for another drink!  Boy, do you seem to have a thirst!" He poured another glass of water and passed it to me.   Rather slowly this time, I swallowed it.

I needed to pee.  I could no longer ignore the sensation.

Vic appeared again.  Again, he had me stand, reaching for the ceiling.  He asked the usual, "How do you feel?"

"I need to pee, now, and it's getting worse.  Are you going to give me more water, or do you think I've had enough?"

He hesitated, once more pressing my belly.  He took out his marker, and made another mark on my stomach, quite a bit higher than the last one.

"You're progressing nicely.  Your kidneys are working on that water, and you bladder is filling normally.  It's probably now at the point where you would normally urinate.  Of course, we're not going to have you do that, because for the study we need it much fuller.  I'm sorry to say that it is going to get rapidly more uncomfortable for you, but we need you to just let it fill and stretch.  It It will.  I am going to take you for another measuring session now, and when we get back, I'll give you maybe another half liter - but you need to drink it slowly."

He led me out of the room again, to the room where the woman had weighed and measured me before.

She did much the same again.  I was weighed, and the increase in my weight was checked against the liter and an half I had drunk.  She again took measurements with my back against the wall, evidently checking for any bulge in my belly.

Vic then took me back to the room where I had taken the written test.  There was another one lying on the table. Again, I was given five minutes and told to do as many as I could. I managed twenty this time.

Vic then returned me to Room 3, where Mike awaited me eagerly.  He had already poured me a glass from the new half liter of water.

I told Mike what they had done with me.  Then I added, "Vic said I would get more uncomfortable fast - oh, how right he was!  I can really feel the pressure now.  Here, you want to feel it?"  I stood in front of him and placed his hand on my lower belly, over my bladder.  Instinctively, he pressed it slightly, then let his hand wander over it a bit.

"Feels like it's getting swollen in there.  It feels pretty hard!"  he commented.

I was getting fidgety.  It was hard to keep my mind on anything but my bladder.  I didn't know how they expected me to hold it long enough.  "I need something for a distraction - I can hardly think of anything but how bad I need to pee!" I mused, partly to myself, partly to Mike.

Mike reached up and took my nipples in his fingers.  "How's this?" he asked, "See, there is an advantage in having you naked."

It wasn't what I had in mind.  But, yes, it was a distraction.  I let him play with my nipples for a bit.  "Does it help?" he asked.

"Anything to take my mind off -- down below.  But not too much - I'm going to need the distraction more later!"  He continued for a minute or two.

"Then maybe this?" he asked, using one hand to gently stroke my genitals.  Again, I let him for a minute, then took his hand away.

Nothing seemed to work for long.  I really couldn't sit.  Standing was easier, but somehow I felt I needed to be constantly changing my position.  The pressure was increasing.  Again I sat on the table, then tried lying down on it.  I lay there for a bit, my knees bent upwards and squeezed together.  I had one hand on my belly, tightly holding myself.

Mike tried talking to me of various things, but I could no longer be distracted by conversation. The pressure in my bladder had grown, but now I had a new feeling - not just pressure, but something like an ache or pain in my pelvic area.  It was beginning to hurt.  I told Mike so, and he just smiled at me and said, "Well you have to expect that- you're doing a lot of stretching in there!"

Vic returned for another visit.  Again I was made to stand erect. I protested that I could hardly stand up.  "It's getting painful, Vic!  I don't think I can hold it much longer.  It must be enough!"

Vic tolerated my squirming and obvious discomfort.  He felt my belly all over and applied his little markings.

"You're getting close.  I'd like to see if we can get your bladder to expand up to your navel - it is getting close.  Your kidneys are doing a good job.  You have two liters in you now, and a lot of it has gone through.  I won't give you any more water now, but let me take you for another measurement check. When we get back, I think another half hour may do it."

He took me down to the room where the woman did the measurements, but the door was closed. He checked quickly, then told me, "She has another subject just now.  Let me have you do the mental agility test again, and then I'll take you back there." With that he took me to the room with the test papers, where he left me for the usual five minutes.

The test was no harder, but my concentration was poor.  The ache in my belly was so bad I couldn't think of much else.  I did manage to do twelve questions, but I wasn't really sure of some of the answers.

Then Vic took me back to the measuring room.  "Go on in", he admonished me, "I'll be back in a minute or two", and he left down the hall.

The door had been left ajar and I walked in.

Even in my clouded mental state, I knew immediately there had been a blunder.  I stood there and stared, not knowing what to do.

A man, dark haired and slender, probably in his thirties, was standing against the wall in the place where I had been required to stand.  The woman was doing to him the things she usually did to me.  He was stark naked, as I was; and from his strained expression and quivering body I could immediately tell he was another subject and was about in the same condition I was.  The woman had her back to the door, and measuring something in his abdominal area when I walked in.

Immediately his eyes met mine.  I started to say something, but no words came to mind.  I saw his eyes fell on my body, and I admit my eyes fell to his pubic area, where his penis was about half erect.  For a few seconds I just stood there, and he just stared back.  Then I saw his penis jerk a bit, and become a bit more erect.

The woman turned and saw me.

"You shouldn't be here yet - where's Vic?" she asked.

"Down the hall", I stammered. "He told me to come in."

The man spoke.  "Sorry - didn't mean anything -  I'm -" he hesitated, not knowing how to identify himself, then continued, "- George.  I'm another subject.  I know we're not supposed to see each other, but right now I hurt so much I'm not caring."  His expression said it for him.

I answered quickly, momentarily distracted from my own distress.  "I know how you feel - really, really, I know how you feel.  I didn't mean to walk in on you-"

"It's done, now," the woman observed.  "Just stand there - I'll be finished in a moment!"

I suppose I should have averted my eyes, but I just stood there, my hand holding tightly to my own belly as I stared at his. Suddenly I was conscious of my unsupported breasts, because his eyes were on them.  I saw his erection continue, his penis now pointing straight out at me.

The woman finished with George just as Vic entered the room.  He surmised what had happened.

"I'm sorry, Joan- this was a mistake- it shouldn't have happened."

I was as embarrassed for my own staring as I was for my nudity.  "It's all right, just a mistake. Can we just get on with it?"  My attention was reverting to the ache in my own bladder.

After a few minutes for the measurements, Vic returned me to Room 3 and Mike.  I quickly decided that if Vic said nothing about the episode with George, neither would I.  I wasn't at all sure how Mike might react.

"Half an hour more," Vic reminded us, as he left.

I really was hurting now.  I was keeping my muscles clenched, a bit amazed that I was really able to restrain myself.   I found myself crouching, holding my belly with both hands, my face in a grimace.  I faced Mike in this posture, and he offered, "Do you need some more distraction?"

I nodded. I was ready for anything.  He took my nipples in his hands, tweaking both of them gently.  He pulled them alternately.  He played with them for several minutes, as I stood there, half stooping. I admit it did help.  Now I wasn't feeling so much pressure as just plain pain in my belly.  The urge to urinate had seemingly become less, but the ache was worse and getting stronger.  The stimulation to my breasts seemed to temporarily lessen the sensation.

I flopped on the table, on my back.  I was rolling from side to side, my hand clutching my crotch.  My legs were tight together.  Mike continued to manipulate my nipples.  I was hurting terribly, and I lay there rolling, I began to make moaning noises.

"Want me to stop?" Mike asked?  I shook my head, still moaning softly, my eyes partly closed.  I really felt in agony.

It was this scene that greeted Vic as he walked in.

He watched me rolling and moaning for a moment.  "I think you may finally be ready.  Let's check you.  You are a good subject and you are holding up well!"

I don't know how I managed it, but I stood up and let Vic feel my belly again.  He invited Mike to feel, too.  Everything below my navel was hard and there was obvious swelling.  "OK", Mike commented, smiling, "I think you're ready. We could probably get you bladder to stretch more, but we won't do that right now.  You only need to hold it for a few minutes more, while we do the tests and photos.  Let's go!"

I walked, reluctantly and awkwardly, back to the measuring room.  I could hardly move.  I hurt something awful, and I didn't dare spread my legs.  It was torture to even move.

I was placed against the wall for the usual measuring.  Vic had to help hold me.  I was continuing to emit moans of pain.  Strangely, holding back my bladder was not much of a problem - I was so tensed up, the pain in my belly was so great, it seemed to cover up the desire to release.  I just knew it hurt terribly. If I didn't know my bladder was so full, I might have guessed it was something else.

The woman checked blood pressure and some other things, then Vic escorted me to a room I had not been in before.  It was filled with equipment that looked like cameras of various types. Three men I hadn't seen before were in the room. I heard one of them ask Vic, "Is she ready? Is she distended enough?"  "Doesn't she look it?" Vic answered, then asked one of the men to feel my belly.  I was getting used to strange hands running over my aching belly, pressing, touching, feeling.  It hurt but the other hurt was so great I no longer cared - I just wanted to get it over with.

I was asked to stand behind a large machine.  Two men held me in a standing position and maneuvered me into the right place.  I had to stand there two or three minutes while the men looked into it.

Next, they photographed me.  First, standing against a wall, then in profile.  Close-ups were taken of my belly and pubic area.  Then I was asked to lie on a table, and an x-ray camera was positioned over me.  A number of pictures were made, as the men held me in place.  I wasn't feeling like a good model; I knew I was squirming, moaning, trying to get my hands to clutch my pubic area, but they held my hands out of reach.

Then they did an ultrasound examination, running a sensor over my distended belly. They pressed  the sensor on my abdomen, each slight push sending a small shock of heightened pain from my hardened bladder. Finally there were more photographs.  They stood me up, and different men palpated me, making marks on my skin, and recording information on their papers.

I kept saying "I can't go any longer- I can't hold any more!" They simply assured me I could, and it was almost over.  "We got some good pictures- it will show the conditions inside you in the state you were - that's what we wanted."

Then, Vic took me to the little room with the desk.  He wanted me to do the mental test once more.  I wasn't interested - I was in terrible pain.  But he assured me I would get relief after that.  Somehow I managed.  I think I finished six questions.

Then Vic led me out.  He had gone back to Room 3 to get Mike, who was told he might want to watch the end of my torment and give me a little encouragement.

With Mike in tow, Vic took me into a small room that looked like it might have been a shower stall. It had a tiled floor and a drain.  On a shelf was  a large calibrated pitcher.  Vic looked at me. "Are you ready to relieve yourself?" he asked.

"Yes, yes" I answered in enthusiasm, nodding my head.  He told me to stand my with hands behind my back and spread my legs. I could see Mike watching me - the thing my eye caught immediately was the bulge in his pants, indicating his erection.  I suppose I should have been disturbed that Mike was turned on by the severity of my distress, but I really wasn't. I was glad at least one of us was enjoying it.

One of the men took the pitcher and held it under my crotch.

"Joan," Vic instructed, "we are going to let you urinate, but we need you to do it into the pitcher being held under you, so we can measure the capacity to which your bladder was stretched. Don't worry about making a mess - we will catch it.  Just let go.  Don't be surprised if it takes a bit of time - your muscles are very tightly clenched, and it may take a little while for you to relax!"

I tried to relax.  The idea of urinating, standing up, in front of Mike and two men I had just met wouldn't have been appealing at any other time.  Just now all I cared about was relief. I tried to let go, and waited.

"Mike", Vic spoke, "it might help if you rubbed her stomach a bit. She's very tense."

Mike put his hand on my belly, and gently massaged the hard swollen area.

We waited.

Finally I was able to produce a stream.  I couldn't feel it - I only knew of it when I heard it hit the pitcher.  "Good girl!" Vic encouraged, "keep it coming!"   I didn't need to be told that.

The stuff that was coming out of me wasn't really yellow - it was almost clear, so much was it diluted.  It poured and poured.  I didn't think I could stop it if I tried.  Gradually, a feeling of blessed relief crept into my belly, as the ache subsided.  Still the stream poured out.

Then it stopped.  I didn't feel empty, but it stopped.  Vic asked, "You have more? Are you through?"  "I think there's more" I answered.  "Then just stay still and relax" Vic instructed.

THe stream started again, flowed for a while, then finally stopped.  Vic handed me a tissue, and suggested I dry myself.  I did.    Then I know I blushed - wiping myself in front of three males!

Vic checked the pitcher.  "You had well over a liter in your bladder - that's why it hurt.  The pictures and measurements should make a good contribution to our study. You area good subject, but you're not through.  You can go back to Room 3 for now.  I'll join you in a few minutes."

Mike and I returned to the room. I felt better - a lot better.  I was even getting used to my nudity.  I wasn't quite so fearful of being seen now.

Vic came in a few minutes later.  "You have finished phase 1 - we now want to use you for phase 2 this afternoon.  But we want to give you about two hours to rest your bladder.  There's a rest room you can now use beside Room 7- I want you to urinate every fifteen minutes, whether you feel you need to or not. There's still a lot of water in your system, and we want to keep your bladder as empty as possible for a little while. Then, we will start filling you up for phase 2.  This time, we will have you drink the liquid in greater quantities and faster, but you won't have to hold it as long.  I'll see you when it's time to start!"

We returned to Room 3.  I sat down on the table, much relieved and relaxed.  We noted the time - it was now a bit after one o'clock.  We had been in the testing process four hours.  We had been told we would be through by six that afternoon.

"Nothing to do for two hours", Mike mused.

"Nothing but look at your naked wife", I retorted.

"It's lunch time.  Want something to eat?" Mike asked.  "There's a snack machine in the lobby."

"No, thanks.  I'm not hungry - I seem to be on a liquid diet today. But get yourself something if you want!" "Mike rose and started for the door.

"Just be back in fifteen minutes for my bathroom break!" I told him.

"You know", he retorted, with a smile, "You had a good pee. I haven't peed since we left home this morning. I need to!"

"Don't you dare!" I scolded him.   "Anyway, not until you get back!"

He returned a few minutes later with a drink and and a couple of snack items from the lobby machine.  I noted it was time to empty my bladder again.  He walked with me to the toilet adjoining Room #7.  "Coming with me?" I asked, as I entered.   He did, and stood watching as I used the toilet.  I didn't really feel any need, but when I urinated the amount was as great as my usual pee on an ordinary day.  "Must still have a lot of water inside", I commented. I started for the door.  Mike moved toward the toilet, intending to use it himself.

"Oh, no, you don't!" I told him, with a bit of a smile.  "With all the holding I have to do, you can at least wait a while longer. Keep me company, huh?"   My pleading got through, he frowned a bit, but left the room with me, still unrelieved.

He ate the small snack, and I just tried to relax.  In fifteen minutes we made another trip.  It seemed strange to be walking down the hall nude, but only a couple of times was there any of the staff to see us, and we did not encounter any of the other subjects.  Each time the size of my urination diminished, and I realized I was purging myself of the water.

Promptly at three o'clock Vic returned.  "Joan, if I may, are you ready for your final ordeal?  And, I must warn you, it will be an ordeal, more painful than the last.  But if you can take it, you will be out of here in a little more than a couple of hours.  Ready?"

"Ready", I answered.

"I won't be doing the measuring and mental testing this time.  This is just to get your bladder as full as you can possibly stand, as quickly as your kidneys can do it; then we will do the photos and x-rays of you in that condition. The object is threefold; first, we want to determine how fast your body processes the water when your stomach is absolutely full of it.  Second, we want to find out if your capacity to hold has been affected by the stretching your bladder took this morning; and, third, we want to get pictures of you at your absolute capacity if we can get you there.   I want you to start drinking water- I want you to drink as much as your stomach will hold.  When you feel you are full, I want you to stand or sit a few minutes, until you feel you can handle more.  We want to keep your stomach full of water until you feel extreme fullness in your bladder.  Then we're going to let it just stretch and stretch and see how far we can get it to go!"

Two large pitchers of water were placed on the table. I started.  Mike watched, eagerly, pouring the water for me.

It wasn't long before I was feeling the need to urinate. I told Mike.  "Just file it under things you don't do", he told me, rather happily.  An hour after I started, I had a stomach bloated with water and a bladder that was beginning to hurt for want of its denied relief.

Vic was right.  Under these conditions, it wouldn't take long to fill me up.  It started hurting, and it got worse fast.  My stomach was still feeling bloated with water while my bladder was sending painful signals that it wanted to burst.

Vic came in and checked my bladder, pressing my belly area, first around my navel, then moving his hand downward into my pubic area.  It really hurt worse when he pressed now, and I was gasping, moaning, and squirming.  I was trying to hold it as long as I could, and I knew that this time, once I got through it, the pain would be over.

I protested often, that the pain was getting worse.  At one point, Vic turned to Mike, and suggested "It's getting to her.  She's distended almost as much as she was before.  Now we're trying to get her to stretch - she needs something to relieve her discomfort. We find that sexual stimulation often helps.  Why don't you try fondling her breasts"

Vic didn't have to ask twice. Mike's hands were on my breasts at once, rubbing them, massaging them, pulling them, toying with the nipples.  At first I wanted him to leave me alone, but it did help. I began to feel just a bit aroused, and the arousal seemed to counteract the pain in my belly.

He took a nipple into his mouth and sucked on it briefly.  I moaned, half in pleasure and half in pain from my belly.  I don't know why, but it was easier to hold with this sort of attention being applied to me.   Vic watched some of what we were doing, although at first I was oblivious to his presence.  A bit later I did glance at him and say, "It does help - I need anything that can relax me!"  Then a bladder pain pang hit me and I softly exclaimed "Oh, how it hurts!"

To Mike I asked, "I need some attention down below - and quick!  See if it'll help!"  Blatantly, and in the presence of another man (Vic), I was asking my spouse to manipulate my genitals.  Mike responded quickly, fingering my labia and my clit.  I was definitely getting aroused, and it did lessen the feeling of pain.

Vic intervened a few minutes later to press on my bladder again.  Now he warned Mike, "She's as full as she's ever been.  I doubt if we can stretch her much more, but let's try.  Be careful with what you're doing; if she orgasms she'll probably lose it!"

He had me stand with my legs slightly apart, and helped Mike find my urethra with his finger.  "Now," Vic instructed, "I want you to press on her outlet - help her keep it closed.  Use your other hand to keep her  nipples erect- it will help distract her.  We just want another ten minutes or so for her kidneys to keep pumping her bladder up!"

I don't know how, but I got through those few minutes.  I should have been terribly embarrassed at all that being done in front of Vic, but somehow I wasn't.

Vic took me down the hall for the photographs, with Mike in tow.  Mike helped hold me as I was positioned for the x-rays and photos.  No longer did I care about being photographed naked, or in private places.  I just wanted it over.

Finally I was taken to relieve myself in the room we had used before.  A technician held the pitcher as I was told to release.  Mike stared at me as I poured out my almost clear urine in a torrential stream into that pitcher.  As my pain subsided, I focused on Mike, standing and watching, with that big obvious erection in his pants.  His eyes were glued to my genitals and that outpouring of liquid streaming from them.

It was soon over.  Relieved and relaxed, I returned with Mike to Room 3 to pick up my clothes and to leave.  Mike started to divert toward Room 7.   My eyes followed him.   "Oh, no.  Not now. Wait until we get home!"

"But, Joanie- I haven't peed since this morning!  You just got relieved!  Let me go - please!"

"Not now.  You're not going through anything like I had to do.  You can hold it till we get home!" I was smiling, and quickly gave him a very suggestive kiss.  He went with me to Room 3.

We were checked out at the front desk, where a check was now ready for me.  We were quite happy with the proceeds of the day's activity  We went out to our car.  For the first time in hours, I had clothes on, and it almost seemed strange.  I told Mike the feeling.

Long before we got home, I was needing relief again, from the water still going through me. By the time we got home, my bladder was hurting once more.  I can't say I was used to it, but I well knew the feeling.

When we arrived home, we opened the door.  There was a note by the door, telling us our three offspring had gone with friends and would be back later.

"We're alone!" Mike exclaimed, beaming just a bit.

"First", I told him emphatically, "I'm going to race you for the bathroom.  All that water's not out of me, and I'm starting to hurt down there again!"

"But how about me?" Mike whined a bit, "My bladder hurts, too - I haven't emptied it since this morning - remember, you asked me wait!"

I started slipping off my dress, letting it fall to the floor as I moved toward the bathroom. Standing in the doorway. I slipped off my bra and panties, then, naked, placed myself in a big "X" position in the doorway, hands and feet against the door frames.  "You don't go until you pay the toll - I need some more of that therapy you used to help me hold!  And this time you need to get dressed for it!

Mike quickly got the idea.  In seconds, he was as naked as I was, his erect member standing out firmly.  I moved from my X position only long enough to introduce his penis into my vagina, now wet with anticipation.  Suddenly we were together, standing, our two full bladders pressing against each other.   "Wonder who's going to leak first?  We never did this before!" I laughed.   "Let's find out!" was all he said, moving rapidly within me.

Suddenly I exploded in the most ecstatic bit of relief I'd had in a long time.  We hung together for a bit, then I fell away, seating myself on the toilet, my legs spread wide.  He stood before me, not waiting for me, but letting his stream release, pouring between my spread legs; two very full bladders  now emptying at once.

"Can we do it again before the kids get home?" I asked, weakly.