How it Happened

Nancy Johnson was no stranger to travel; as a free-lance writer and
photographer, she had spent much of her life abroad, visiting and writing about
innumerable locations about the world.  At 54, she often went with her husband,
who followed his own pursuits while she engaged in authoring and illustrating
articles she would then plan to offer to those newspapers and magazines who
regularly utilized her literary style.  With their children grown, Nancy and
Ralph had accustomed themselves to a life they enjoyed immensely, largely on
the road and often in little-known places.

Her life of travel had conditioned her to be rugged and adaptable, and both of
them had been blessed with good health.  Ralph, more relaxed than Nancy,
devoted himself to archaeology and historical interests, occasionally teaching
and writing for professional journals.  He was a moderately tall man, graying,
a bit older than Nancy at 57.  She, physically strong and active, was a larger
woman, only slightly concerned at her weight of 160, with her short auburn hair
turning grey, something she declined to hide or camouflage.  She bore her years
with grace, always as well groomed as the situation allowed.

Nor was she any stranger to trouble.  In her travels, she had on occasion run
afoul of the law, and had learned patience and tolerance in dealing with the
world's bureaucracies.  So far she had never run into any really serious legal
problems, and while she had in her younger years spent a night or two locked up
for minor offenses, her legal problems had always been solvable.

But now she faced a different situation.  Ralph and Nancy had come to this
Caribbean Island nation, as much as tourists as journalists.  In her  zeal to
portray life as it was, Nancy had engaged in photographing some of the poorer
areas, including, she found out later, some religious rites and quasi-legal
drug trafficking activities which the government found embarrassing.  In fact,
local law prohibited photography in some of these areas, and the government was
sensitive to being portrayed as tolerating what some would consider immoral,
backward, or  indecent.  She had been caught by the local police, who had
followed her while Ralph was elsewhere, and she soon found herself apprehended.
At this point it was determined that she lacked the proper visa for
journalistic work, and her she had neglected to obtain a required permit for
her camera and register with the government's office of foreign affairs as a
foreign writer.

Realizing she was in a bit of difficulty, she summoned her husband to the
police station.  After the situation was explained to them, the police officer
in charge, Sgt. Melona, told them, very politely, of their options.

"You must understand that I do not make the laws, but these are our laws and we
are charged to administer them.  Mrs. Johnson, you are charged with at least
five violations of immigration laws and civil codes.  I realize that you may
not have intended any harm, and that you are foreigners; but I must hold you
accountable under our laws.  You will be given a hearing before the police
magistrate in a day or two. I advise you to obtain a local lawyer to represent
you.  I could hold you until the hearing; but I do not feel that you are a
threat to the community, and if you agree to report for the hearing I am
prepared to release you in your husband's custody if you will post a small
bond, leave your passports with me, and agree not to attempt to flee the

"Mr. Melona, I understand your position, and your offer is quite generous, and
we will accept it", Ralph replied.  Fortunately, he had the means to post the
modest bond, and they left to go  back to their hotel.

That evening, they consulted with George Hamran, the attorney they had now
engaged to represent Nancy at her hearing.

"Mr. Hamran," Nancy asked him, "is this really a serious set of charges?  Of
course, I know what I did, but I really did not know of all these legal
entanglements.  I've been in places before where I had failed to get a permit
or something, and usually we straightened it out with a small fine, or a fee,
or sometimes even a bit under the table for some official. Besides, they took
my camera and all my notes, so what can they do to me?  Deport me?"

"Don't try that here" George Hamran responded.  "There has  recently been quite
a scandal on corruption and even the suggestion of a bribe will get you in more
trouble.  Since they have your photos and notes, and you were caught in the act
of illegal photography, and since you obviously do not possess the required
authorizations, there is little defense.  I can try to argue that your
intentions were not malicious, but don't be hopeful.  This government wants to
be seen as operating strictly by the law, and they don't want to encourage
other foreigners to bypass the rules. You are almost certainly going to be
convicted, but I will try to get as light a sentence as possible."

"What will that be?", Ralph anxiously inquired.  George went on, "The charges
will likely call for a jail sentence of about six months to a year; but I think
it is likely that you will be given something less, in your circumstances.
Probably four to six months, after which you will be escorted to the airport
and required to leave. "

"Four to six months?" Nancy was outraged.  "Four to six months out of my life
on this forsaken place?  Surely there must be an alternative.  Can we not
arrange a fine?"

"A fine, alone, is not likely", George went on.  "Prison time is what is
expected.  And the prison here is not as bad as  it could be.  You will not be
mistreated, because the government is sensitive to human rights issues.  Your
husband can visit regularly, and...."

"Four to six months!  And maybe more!  Give me some other option - anything!"
Nancy was clearly upset over the possibility.

"If you were a man," George went on, "there would be an alternative.  You could
ask for corporal punishment instead, which means flogging.  It is humiliating
and painful, but it is over quickly. Men can ask for this in lieu of short
prison sentences.  Flogging used to be imposed regularly, but now it is done
only when the prisoner consents to it, to avoid jail time.  Many men do choose
it, instead of going to jail.  But the law absolutely prohibits the flogging of
women - the government simply does not want the image that might present."

"Then there is no way a woman can request corporal punishment?"

"I can't really say there is no way.  But I don't advise you to ask for it. You
will be better off in the long run with the jail time."  George obviously
wanted to cut this off.  Nancy, however, continued, "if there is any way a
woman can get corporal punishment instead of jail time, I want to know.  Tell
me my options!"

"Well, you asked for it," George continued.  "But I strongly advise against it.
There is a corporal punishment option for women.  It is carried out
periodically, only when women request it, and very few do.  Women cannot be
flogged, beaten, or subjected to physical abuse.  The women who choose this
option are exhibited in a public place used for the purpose, where they must
stand in shackles for several hours at a time, while they are subjected to
other physical discomforts which can be most unpleasant.  However, they cannot
be subjected to flogging or any invasive treatment, and they cannot be raped or
sodomized, nor can they be cut or permanently injured. The sentence may require
them to endure this on several successive days, if it is in lieu of months of
jail time. It can be..."

"Get it for me!" Nancy demanded.

George tried his best to dissuade Nancy, but it wasn't working.  The following
day, he arranged a meeting at the police magistrate's building, where the
government prosecutor considered Nancy's request.   "Since she is agreeing to
this, I will ask the magistrate to allow the sentence to be carried out
promptly.  We will ask that she be given three successive days of exhibition,
to be followed by deportation.  Day after tomorrow, she will report to the
police sergeant at the jail, at ten in the morning.  Agreed?"  "Agreed", George

Later that day, Nancy signed the required papers.  She found that she also
needed a doctor's certificate that she was able to endure the punishment
prescribed, and a local doctor checked her out and certified her  "A necessary
precaution" George told her, "they don't want to find out that you have a weak
heart or some other problem that might make you collapse on their hands."  She
had also been told that when she reported she must not be wearing any jewelry,
watch, or anything of value,  She should not be wearing any cosmetics, perfume,
or even deodorant, and her clothing should be simple and casual.

Nancy concerned herself what she would have to go through -  even though it
would be better than months in jail, she expected it to be rough.  But standing
in shackles for a few hours?  She felt she could handle that, even at her age.
And she couldn't be beaten!  George gave her one final warning, before he and
Ralph delivered her to the police station on the appointed day, "Remember, you
asked for this - to avoid jail time.  If you give them a hard time, or refuse
to cooperate, they can revoke the agreement and put you  in jail for the
maximum the law allows."

The First Day

The two men left her at the office of the duty sergeant, as requested.  After
the preliminary paperwork and identification procedure, Nancy was introduced to
another uniformed police officer.  "Clarence", said the sergeant, "this is Mrs.
Johnson, who is to be placed on exhibition today and for two more days.  Mrs.
Johnson, Clarence will see to your preparation, after which you will need to
make a brief appearance before the magistrate next door, and you will then be
taken to the exhibition dock. You are not alone; there is one other female
prisoner, a local woman, considerably younger than yourself, who will be
exhibited also.  Clarence, she is in your care". He motioned to the door.

Clarence escorted Nancy down a hallway.  He seemed polite and businesslike.
"Mrs. Johnson, you understand I must do what the law requires and what you have
agreed to.  I expect that it will be quite unpleasant for you, but please do
not take it personally. I will try to make it no more difficult for you than it
has to be".  He took her into a well lit room with a table, two chairs, and a
clothes tree with some coat hangars.  On the table was a large pitcher filled
with water, in which several ice cubes floated, a plastic bag, and a shoe box.

"Mrs. Johnson, my immediate task is to prepare you for your exhibition today. I
will also be in charge of the punishment  as it takes place. You will be
outside for quite a while, and it will be hot.  I hope you will cooperate and I
will try not to be harsh with you. OK?"

"OK, Clarence.  I am prepared to do what is required.  Tell me what I am to

"First, this pitcher of water is for you.  While we do the other preparations,
you must drink it - I will pour you a glass at a time.  Next, please remove
your shoes, and socks if you are wearing any, and put them in this box. I trust
you are not wearing any jewelry, rings, or watch, as you were told not to have
such things. "   "Right - no jewelry", Nancy replied as she sat down on the
nearest chair.  She gulped the water, surprised that it really did have a good
taste, as she began to remove her shoes, which she placed in the box as
ordered.  Clarence refilled the glass of water.   "Do I have drink it all? "
Nancy asked, noting the rather large pitcher.   "Yes", was the answer, "you are
to fill your stomach with as much as you can hold - but drink it slowly, as we
don't want to make you sick".

Clarence waited while Nancy downed another two glasses of the water.  She
looked at him, as though to ask what was next.   "Now", Clarence instructed, "I
must ask you - I see you are wearing a blouse and skirt; I assume you are also
wearing underwear.  Is that so?"

"Yes.." Nancy was a bit nervous at this rather personal question "I have on a
bra and underpants, but I .. I'm not wearing a slip".    "Good", Clarence
replied.  "Please hang your blouse and skirt on the hangars.  They will be kept
for you, along with your shoes and other things, until you are released."
Clarence sat across the table from her, while awaiting her compliance.
Meanwhile, he poured her another glass of water.

To be sure, it had occurred to Nancy that she might be required to shed some of
her clothing, and she suspected that in the exhibition she might have to wear
some sort of prison attire.  But she had not expected to have to strip down in
front of a male police officer. However, she knew the consequences of
non-cooperation.  She carefully slipped off her blouse, revealing a white bra,
and hung it up.  Clarence kept his eyes on her, to her embarrassment.  After
all, she thought, I am not some pretty young chick; I am, in fact, a
grandmother; not a real eyeful to anyone.  Her body was lightly tanned from
much time in the outdoors, but her shoulders bore signs of  white lines from
the straps of the tops she often wore.  She realized her breasts were much in
evidence, but she was not overly endowed.  She hoped she wouldn't have to take
the bra off, because she knew she drooped a bit, her breasts showing a bit of
her fifty plus years.

She slipped off the skirt, revealing white cotton panties. Her legs had a few
imperfections, she knew, but there was no way to hide them. She wished her
stomach was a bit flatter, but after all, she was just a bit overweight, and
she supposed it could be in worse places.   As she hung up the skirt, she noted
the pitcher still had water in it.  She quickly downed the glass pushed to her,
and commented  "My stomach's getting full - do I have to drink more?".
Clarence answered by refilling the glass one more time, which almost emptied
the pitcher, and gave it to her.  "I think this will be enough, for now.  You
were told to expect some discomfort, weren't you?"   "I was", said Nancy,
trying to get down the last glass.  She felt really bloated, with a whole
pitcher of water inside her, and she felt terribly exposed, standing in front
of a police officer with nothing on but a bra and cotton panties.  "Are you
ready?" he asked her.   "Ready for what", she inquired.

"For your appearance before the magistrate", Clarence informed her.  "You are
mostly prepared - what's left we can do after your appearance.  He has to see
you and approve your preparation and you must give him your consent to
proceed."  "Where will this occur?", she inquired, mindful of her undressed
state and seeing no evidence of a prison uniform or other attire in the room.

"Follow me", said Clarence, opening the door, "the magistrate is in the
courtroom just down the hall. We'll go now, and this should be over in a few

Nancy responded with a horrified look and hesitation.  He was asking her to
follow him down a hall in a public police station, to a public courtroom, when
she was barefooted and attired only in two skimpy pieces of underwear.  A
fiftyish matron was expected to walk around like this?

"Like this?" Nancy exploded in shock.  "I have hardly any clothes on - surely
you don't expect.." Clarence politely interrupted, " I told you I would try to
make this as easy as possible, and I am.  But if you don't cooperate, you can
get your jail sentence, and get it now.  The magistrate knows what your
preparation entails, so please come!"

Meekly, Nancy followed him down the hall, drawing the eyes of the many people
she passed,  She tried to cover herself, particularly in front, by placing her
hands over her chest, but it did little good. At one point Clarence stopped
her, "I want to give you one small courtesy that you may appreciate later.  We
are passing the ladies toilet - I am going to give you an opportunity to use it
before we proceed.  Do you want to?"   Nancy hesitated, then nodded. Suddenly
she thought of the physical consequences of that stomach full of water she was

She made use of the bathroom facility, while Clarence waited for her in the
hall.  Then he escorted her directly into the courtroom, where about fifty
people were gathering, obviously pursuing some type of legal debate.  At her
entrance, the voices abruptly stopped as all eyes fell upon this woman walking
into the crowded courtroom in her underwear.

The magistrate immediately took notice.  "I see we have the other female
prisoner who is to be exhibited today.  Let's dispose of this matter, and then
we can return to the other business.  Clarence, this is Mrs. Nancy Johnson?"

"Yes, indeed she is" replied Clarence.  The magistrate looked directly at
Nancy, now a pathetic figure, almost in tears in her embarrassment, standing
before him barefooted and in two skimpy undergarments.  "Mrs. Johnson, you have
requested corporal punishment by submitting to the ordeal of exhibition and
discomfort for three days, in lieu of a prison sentence.  Do you consent to
proceed?  This is your last chance to change your mind."

"No, your honor", responded Nancy, then quickly corrected herself, "yes, I mean
I do consent, and will take the exhibition and whatever discomforts go with

"Very well", responded the magistrate.  "Clarence, has she been prepared?"

"Yes, sir, as you can see, she is nearly ready for exhibition. I will complete
it when we take her from here."

"Has she been filled with water, to meet the discomfort requirements?:

"Yes, she has." Clarence affirmed.

"How much? "

"About two quarts, sir.  I watched her drink it, and observed that her stomach
is a bit distended. I think it is enough."

"I am not sure it is adequate, Clarence; give her another glass as soon as she
can handle it, then take her to the exhibition dock. Go!"  The magistrate
dismissed them.

They left the courtroom and Clarence led her back toward the room she had been
in before. As they passed a water fountain, he spoke to her, "if you will take
a good long drink from this fountain, I will consider that as meeting the
order."  She looked at him with just a bit of hesitation, then drank deeply
from the fountain.  Her stomach felt very bloated indeed as they entered the
little room.

Clarence immediately picked up the plastic bag from the table and told her, "we
must now complete your preparation. I am going to take you and the other
prisoner to the exhibition dock in a van. For the last item, please hand me
your brassiere and your panties, which I will leave in this bag for now."

Incredulous, Nancy stared at him "what am I to wear? Do you expect me to leave
here naked?"

"Yes, indeed", Clarence replied, "that is exactly what you will do. You are
going to be exhibited   nude and shackled standing on the dock. And you will
find there will be other discomforts, which you agreed to accept."

Nancy was dumfounded.  No way had she expected this.  But there was  no way
out. Almost in a trance, she unhooked the bra and dropped it off on the table,
followed by her white underpants.  Never before had she felt so naked and
vulnerable.  She started to put her hands to her breasts, thinking to cover
them, almost as a reflex.  Her embarrassment was not such much that they were
bare, but that they were unsupported.  She hated to be braless, and was acutely
aware that her breasts sagged quite a bit and would swing around as she moved.
She desperately wished she could somehow hold them still, realizing it was not
possible.  As she looked at Clarence, she saw his glance fall to her pubic
area, although he made no comment.  She had a thick bush of pubic hair, which
she seldom trimmed because she rarely wore the kind of clothes where stray
hairs would show.  Now it was all showing.

Clarence hung up the bag on the clothes rack, then opened the door and led the
now nude woman out into the hall, in the opposite direction from where she had
gone before.  After passing stares of the curious, she arrived at an outside
door, which Clarence opened.  Outside, a van awaited, and she was ushered into

As she entered the van, she saw her companion-to-be.  A younger woman, of the
bronzed skin common to the local population, sat in the van.  She was probably
in her late twenties, with dark hair, slender, nice looking but no outstanding
beauty.  And she was as naked as Nancy.

The two sat in van, vaguely acknowledging each other, but without any real
conversation.  Another policeman joined Clarence, and drove the van through the
streets.  Both women sat quietly, covering themselves with their arms as best
they could against the onlookers who constantly sought a view through the
window.  They talked only briefly.  Nancy learned her name was Veronica, and
this was the first day of her exhibition.  She lived locally, had been married
a year earlier, She and her husband needed her income desperately to survive,
and she would lose her job if jailed.  She had been given the option of
corporal punishment, and she took it to avoid jail, but she was facing it with

After about fifteen minutes of driving, they arrived at a compound on the edge
of the town.  It was surrounded by a fence with a gate, which the policemen
unlocked and which they drive through, the policemen closing the gate after
them.  Nancy noticed a sign beside the gate which read "Exhibition Dock for
Female Convicts", with a piece of paper taped below it reading "exhibitions
today - 2; public admitted after the exhibitions start".  A fairly orderly
crowd., mostly men, had begun to assemble outside the compound.

In the center of the compound was a structure about twenty feet long, supported
by several strong wooden posts, and with a roof.  The base of the structure was
about six feet wide, and consisted of a platform rising about eight inches from
the surrounding ground.  The platform was filled with what appeared to be clean
white sand, and in it several metal posts could be seen with chains attached to
them.  Just below the roof, and running the length of the structure, was a flat
board which also had chains attached.  The space between this board and the
sand-covered platform was open.

The other woman was taken out first. She was led up to the platform and made to
stand on the sand-covered area.  She was asked to raise her arms and they were
then placed in leather cuffs which were then locked to the steel chains affixed
to the board, now behind her head.  Her arms were held shackled in a position
that allowed her some freedom of movement, in that her hands were only raised
to shoulder level, so she could turn and twist a bit, but she could not touch
her torso with her hands, nor could they be dropped below shoulder level.  Then
her legs were similarly shackled, being held loosely about a foot apart.  She
could move them a bit, but could not bring them together.  She was thus
shackled facing out from the platform, completely exposed and unable to conceal
any part of her body with her hands.

Next Nancy was led out, and fastened into a similar position, facing the same
direction, such that  the two women were side by side, about six feet apart.

Clarence inspected the finished work.  He then positioned himself in front of
the two chained women, and addressed them.

"You ladies will now be exhibited, as you are, and we will shortly open the
gates and allow the public in.  They are not permitted to touch you, and must
keep away from the dock, but they can look all they want and say anything they
want, as long as it is orderly.  A guard will remain to see that nothing
illegal occurs.

"You will find that your discomfort will increase as the day wears on. It is
now just before eleven, and the day will become hotter, and so will you.  You
can expect to sweat a lot.  You will probably get very tired standing, and
anyone who wants to come can stand and look at your nude bodies.  Your family
members may come later and see you, but they cannot help you in any way. You
will be left here for a minimum of three hours today, if you cooperate well.
If you attempt to minimize your discomfort, you will be left longer. While you
are here, you will be given no food, but once an hour an attendant will give
you two glasses of water, which you can drink through a straw. You are required
to drink it, and in this heat you should appreciate it.

"You may be wondering what other discomforts await you.  There is one more,
which will not come from anything we do to you, but which will occur naturally.
Both of you have stomachs full of water, and you will be given more each hour.
You need not fear thirst.  You will sweat a lot, and you should both be hoping
to sweat as much as you can.  You will lose some of the water you drank through
sweat; but what you do not lose that way will gradually move down in your body,
from your stomach to a few inches below, and when enough of it has moved, you
will very much want to get rid of it.  After you have been here an hour, and
after you drink your next glasses of water, the attendant will allow you to
relieve yourselves slightly - to the extent of no more than half a pint for
each of you.  He will hold a measured container under you, between your legs,
for this purpose, and he will tell you when to stop.  This is a process that
attracts a lot of attention, and the crowd likes to!
watch it.  This is all the relief you are allowed - other than a half pint an
hour, which is considerably less than the amount you will drink, you must hold
your water.  If you let out any water at any other time, or more than is
allowed you-  well, look at that clean, dry, white sand on which you are
standing.  If you get it wet at all, we will replace it each time it happens,
and add another two hours to your exhibition time. If you completely relieve
yourself without permission,  at any time while you standing here, we will add
another day to your punishment so you can try again.  So figure it out; hold
your water by our rules and you are here only three hours; leak, and you may be
here as much as twelve- and we can add additional days if necessary.  If you do
not cooperate, you can be returned to the magistrate and will get the maximum
jail sentence. Good luck!"

The gate was shortly opened, and the crowd came in.  They were mostly male, as
expected, and they were orderly.  They approached as closely as they were
allowed to the two nude women. Nancy noticed that her younger companion got
more of the attention -  after all, who wants to look at a naked woman over
fifty with sagging breasts and a bulging stomach and vein-lined legs when a
twenty-something with a slender body is available.   Nancy noted, however, that
the men who stood in front of her seemed to focus mostly on her thick growth of
pubic hair, a much richer patch than that of the younger woman.

Nancy shifted her weight as she could, and tried to make herself as comfortable
as possible.  As time passed, she noted that the bloated feeling in her stomach
seemed to have passed, so at least that was one discomfort ceasing.  However,
gradually she became aware of the one of which Clarence had warned them - the
water was indeed moving from her stomach downward.  Already she was feeling a
need to relieve her bladder.  She did some mental calculation; she had drunk
something over two quarts of water, and she knew her bladder couldn't hold that
much, but hopefully it would be a while before it passed through her and,
anyway it was about ninety degrees and she was sweating, so she would lose some
of the water that way.

A clock was in the compound, in her view, and the two women watched it.  The
other woman turned to Nancy and said "Well, forty five minutes are gone -  and
gee, I don't know if I can last the next fifteen.  I don't see how a woman your
age can do it.  I feel like I'm about to burst, and it hurts so-o-o bad.  Can
you hold it?"  "I'm trying", Nancy replied, "but its mighty uncomfortable!"

Chapter 3
Watching and Waiting

Ralph, meanwhile, had been told by George Hamran that he would be allowed to
view his wife's punishment, as the sight was open to the public, but that he
wouldn't be allowed to touch her or aid her in any way.   He might get close
enough to talk to her, but that would be all the contact allowed.  Photography,
incidentally, would be forbidden.  He suggested Ralph arrive at the location
shortly before noon, and provided him directions.

Ralph followed the instructions. At about 11:45, he arrived at a fenced
compound with an open gate, with a sign indicating this was the "Exhibition
Dock for Female Convicts".  A large crowd was inside and at the gate, and a
guard was checking people through the gate, a few at a time.  Ralph noted that
most of the crowd were male.  From his place outside the gate, he could see
that the compound contained a small raised shelter, on which two figures
appeared to be standing, arms partially extended.  He couldn't see them clearly
from his distance, but they appeared to be unclothed.  The thought made him

Ralph waited his turn in line, and was shortly admitted after being quickly
frisked and warned about photography or attempts to touch the convicts.  He
could try to talk to them, but only from a distance of several feet.  As he
approached the platform, he recognized his wife as one of the two standing.  In
a way, he thought, she was a sorry sight compared to her usual well-groomed
appearance.  She was absolutely naked, standing  with her arms chained in a
slightly outstretched posture and her shackled legs held about a foot apart.
Her shoulders and legs showed their usual tan from outdoor activity, but her
torso was almost white; he noted the contrast.  Her whole body glistened from
sweat in the heat of ninety-plus degrees.  With her arms raised, he could see
drops of perspiration in her armpits, and he recalled that she had been warned
not to use an antiperspirant.  Her hair was a bit disheveled, but not badly.
Her unsupported breasts drooped a bit, and swung from side to!
  side as she turned her body, but he noticed the nipples were erect.  Her
  patch of public hair stood out noticeably, in contrast to the well trimmed
  patch of her companion convict.  The hair did not hide her labia, slightly
  open from her stance with legs apart, and just peeking through was the tip of
  her obviously erect clitoris.

After a few minutes, Ralph managed to work his way to the front row facing
Nancy. He noticed that the biggest part of the crowd was drawn to the younger
woman, which made his approach easier.  Nancy spotted him at once, and called
to him.

"Nancy!", Ralph returned, "this is unbelievable!  I never suspected they would
do anything like this to you!  What have you gone through?  What can we do?"

"You don't know what I'm going through, and there's nothing you can do about
it- I just have to get through it, and it will be over quicker if I cooperate
with them.  Believe me, I've learned that; but you don't know what they're
putting me through! And I've got three days of it; more if they think I'm
giving them trouble!"

"I can see what you're going through- stripped naked in front of this crowd!
So this is what they meant by 'being exhibited' - I never guessed.. Did they
strip you here?"

"No - not here - but it might just as well have been here.  This morning, I had
to appear in a courtroom in my bra and panties; thank heaven, not like this!
Then I had to leave even them at the station and they drove us here. Ralph, you
don't know the half of it; the real torture they're giving us you can't even
see; but oboy, can I feel it!"

"What have they done to you?  There was to be no permanent harm, and you
couldn't be beaten- "

"Ralph, listen to me!  Before I left the station, they made me drink over half
a gallon of water. My stomach was sloshing around as I walked.  They're going
to make me drink more every hour.  And I'm not allowed to pee, except for about
a small glassful at the end of each hour.  If I leak, they'll add two hours to
the time I'm standing here. That's what the white sand is for - so they can
tell if we cheat!    You can't see it, but I've got one really full bladder
that I'm trying to control -  it's already stretched so much it it's getting
painful!  I'm trying, but I don't know if I can hold it, and if I don't, I'll
be here a lot longer!"

Shortly after twelve, Clarence appeared at the gate and made his way up to the
platform. He stood on the platform and approached Nancy.  "Mrs. Johnson", he
began, "it's time for your drink and your allowed relief if you need it.  But
first, I need to check you to be sure you are reaching the desired conditions.
Please hold still for a moment - I am not going to touch your private parts,
but I do need to feel the front of your abdomen to check your discomfort
level." With that remark, he placed his hand on her abdominal region, just
above her public hair, and pressed slightly.  She grimaced visibly.  "Please
don't push there" she said.

Clarence smiled.  "I am required to check to see if the water is having the
proper effects.  You feel nice and full. Are you? "   Nancy's response was
quick and pained, "very, very full - and please don't press on it".  Clarence
felt her abdominal region again, gently, and commented, "I expect it is painful
for you.  It is supposed to be.  It will probably do for now."

He moved to the other woman, and gave a similar check.  Nancy could hear only
part of his discussion with her, but it was obvious that she was trying to
convince him she was in serious pain. He seemed satisfied, motioned to a an
attendant following him, but returned to Nancy.

"Mrs. Johnson, I realize you are feeling severe discomfort.  But I must compare
it to what we have experienced with others and insure your treatment meets the
standards of painful corporal punishment.  I just checked the other woman, as
you know.  She is a smaller woman, and her bladder is smaller.  But it is
harder than yours, and has expanded almost to her navel.  It is no doubt
causing her more pain.  Nevertheless, you are an older woman, and you may have
more difficulty in controlling an overdistended bladder, if it does expand up
to your navel.  But I must compel you to try.  Because of these conditions, I
am going to restrict your relief to a quarter  pint right now, and also require
that you drink three glasses instead of two.  In another hour, if you've
hardened adequately, I will allow you the normal relief."

Nancy was considerably taken aback, although she realized Clarence was doing
his job as politely as he could.  She didn't think she could tolerate more
distention of her bladder, but clearly she was going to be forced to try.  The
attendant approached, carrying three glasses of water and a straw.  The straw
was held to her lips, and, reluctantly, she began to take in the liquid.  It
seemed an eternity before she managed to empty all the glasses, while her lower
body squirmed in torture. She desperately wished she could at least put her
legs together to help her hold back, or had a free hand to clutch her lower

When she was finished drinking, the attendant approached Veronica with a
plastic container, obviously a half pint capacity. The crowd surged forward to
see her relieve herself, and Nancy dreaded the approaching moment when they
would be watching her attempt to perform this most personal act.  The attendant
emptied the container, then approached Nancy with a container about half the
size. It looked  to Nancy awfully small and would give her little relief at
all. He simply held it under her, while standing to one side so the crowd could
have an unobstructed view.  "You can let go," he said, " I will tell you when
to stop.  I warn you, it won't be much".      She tried to relax her
sphincters, but it took a while before her body would cooperate.  Finally a few
drops appeared, then rapidly becoming a strong stream of almost clear urine.
Almost immediately, the attendant cried, "Stop! Stop!  That's all you are
allowed for now!". With a great effort she forced her muscles to clos!
 e off the stream.  It seemed to her that the process had afforded her not much
 relief at all - her abdominal area still ached terribly.

She looked around for Ralph, but the movement of the crowd had carried him away
from her, and she was not certain if he was still in the compound.  She gazed
at those who were now closely inspecting her, and who had just watched her
limited urination.  There was a man therewith a small boy, perhaps eight or
nine, and she wondered that children were allowed to watch this spectacle.
Evidently the man was the boy's father, she gathered as she caught glimpses of
their conversation.  From the words she picked up and the gestures she saw, she
gathered that the man had brought his son to give him a lesson in female
anatomy, with Nancy as the model.  She figured out that they were discussing
her pubic hair, and the boy wanted to know why it wasn't turning grey, as was
the hair on her head.    She had never really thought about grey pubic hair.

For a moment she was able to converse with the girl beside her, and learned
that she was being punished for petty theft - shoplifting.  Also, she felt much
better after being allowed her half pint relief, and felt she could now go
another hour, although her bladder was far from empty and still very
uncomfortable.  Nancy wished she could have had even that much relief.  She
wondered at her ability to achieve the level of discomfort Clarence seemingly

It was hot.  Sweat streamed from both of them.  Nancy could smell the sweat
from her underarms and knew she wouldn't seem very nice to be close to.  Her
arms were tired.  Her midriff itched, and both legs had aching muscles. Her
breasts felt strange from lack of support and from quivering constantly with
every movement. At one point a fly sat on one nipple, and she was unable to
quickly dispatch it. A man in the crowd pointed to it with amusement.  There
was at least an hour and a half to go.  Nancy's discomfort was increasing as
the the pain in her bladder returned with greater severity.  She clenched her
muscles to try to prevent even a drop of leakage.

Shortly before one o'clock, Clarence appeared again.  This time he approached
the girl first, asked her a few questions, briefly touched her abdomen. He
moved to Nancy.  Without a word, he placed his hand on her abdominal area, just
below the navel, and pressed.  Nancy grimaced noticeably.  He moved his hand
down to the border of her pubic hair and pressed again.

"Well", he said, "you're making progress.  I bet you didn't know you could
stretch your insides that much.  It's getting close to your navel.  I'll allow
you your full half pint relief this time.  If you make it through another hour
without a leak, you will be through for this day.  Before we take you down,
though, if you make it, we'll let you empty your bladder into a pitcher.  If we
don't get at least a quart out of you then, I'll have to increase your water
dosage tomorrow.  My instructions are that a woman of your size, to achieve the
right pain level, should spend her second day holding at least a quart inside
her most of the time."

Clarence left after this rather distressing announcement.  Ralph again was able
to approach Nancy, but not close enough to do much conversation.  Besides,
Nancy really didn't feel like talking at that point.  Everything hurt,
especially her very painful bladder, which she dared not release.  She writhed
constantly, seeking some comfortable position, and none was to be found.   She
tried desperately to bring her legs together, straining against the shackles.
She constantly twisted her upper body, causing her breasts to swing and bounce.
She was sweating profusely.  Her arms were tired, more than tired, and her
muscles ached from their forced positions.  Her armpits stank, and she was
aware of it.  Her hair was a mess.  Her feet itched.  Flies and gnats sat on
her from time to time, attracted by her body odors and the sweat pouring out of

Her own torment had gotten so bad she had become oblivious to the plight of the
girl chained with her.  Suddenly she turned, attracted by the sound of the girl
groaning audibly.  She began saying, "please - please - I've got to pee, I
can't hold it any longer, I don't care what do to me, I just can't hold it" .
Seemingly she was expecting some response from the attendant, but all she got
was the attention of the crowd.  Nancy turned to  watch her, and, suddenly, a
long, powerful stream of liquid shot out from in front of her, which quickly
turned into spray at various angles dousing the front of the platform and even
some of the crowd in front of her.  The stream continued, becoming a real
torrent, gradually soaking into the sand as she finally emptied herself.  Other
than the gleeful expressions on men in the crowd, there seemed to be no
official response.

Nancy knew she was tempted to obtain release the same way.  Her body hurt
terribly, and her distended bladder was extremely painful.  As she looked at
the clock she knew had only twenty minutes to go.  She remembered what Clarence
had said about having to hold at  least a quart, and she really wondered how
much she could have in her.  She had never thought of trying to measure her
bladder capacity, but she recalled reading that adults usually could hold 400 -
600 ml, which would be a bit over a pint.  What would a quart feel like?  She
hoped, indeed, that she was feeling it now.  How could it be any worse?

She watched the clock almost half-consciously.  Ralph was still around, now
watching his wife as she appeared in real agony.  He wondered how many of the
men watching knew how the women were being tortured, and if they were aware of
the water they had to drink before being exhibited. He suspected some knew,
some did not.  He moved to the side of the platform, and saw Nancy in profile.
For the first time, he noticed the significant bulge in her abdominal region,
the evidence of an overdistended bladder.  He also noted how much more her
pubic hair extended out as compared to the younger woman, whose was obviously
trimmed. He noted the sweat pouring down his wife's sides and over her hips.
He wished he could somehow help her through this torture.

Finally the clock moved to the end of the hour, and Clarence immediately moved
to see the girl. He knew she had lost control, and told her she had two more
hours to serve. In addition, she would have to be exhibited again tomorrow as
her extra day.  She was a bit irritated and incoherent, but he left her in her
position, as he motioned the attendant to bring her the required water.  Nancy
continued to writhe and now was moaning slightly through clenched teeth. He
made her wait while the girl received her water.  Then he had the attendant
bring a large calibrated pitcher which he held under Nancy's genitals.  At this
point a crowd of watchers drew to the area in front of Nancy to watch the show.
He told Nancy, "you can let it all go, now!".  Nancy hesitated not a second.
She begin to drip, then produced a forceful stream.  She tried to remain still
while the blessed relief occurred.

Men watched, almost in awe.  The force of her stream was great, and the color
almost clear, just a bit yellowish.  The attendant continued to hold the
pitcher as it filled.  Earlier, Nancy would have felt only humiliation at
having to urinate in public, but now she felt only relief.  As the pain
subsided, though, she began to flush with embarrassment as she saw the many
people watching her bladder empty.  It seemed to her the stream went on for
minutes, and then gradually it subsided.

Clarence watched as the attendant held up the  pitcher.  The contents came to
31.5 ounces, just half an ounce short of a quart.  He pointed this out to
Nancy, still chained.  "You're just a bit short, but awfully close.  I'm sorry,
but tomorrow we will  have to increase  your water intake to force you to hold
a little more.   But you're through for the day, which is more than I can say
for your companion. We'll take you down, now."

Nancy almost collapsed into the van, after was was released from her shackles.
While the other prisoner remained chained to the dock, she was driven back to
the police station.  On arrival there, she was directed to a small room with a
barred door.  The room contained a cot, a table, a toilet and sink.  "You will
be here for the night. A meal will be brought to you later.  You may wear
these, now".  He handed her the plastic bag which contained her panties and
bra.  "May I bathe?  I really need a bath or shower - I'm so dirty! And I
really stink!" He shook his head. "You may wash yourself as you can in the
sink.  We do not provide showers or baths.  After your release, in two days,
you will leave and can clean up as you wish. Also, don't ask for a comb or any
other articles.   Part of the discomfort you are required to endure is limited
bathing, and limited grooming. But you can sleep until morning.  Now, tomorrow,
exhibition will be in the afternoon, starting at one o'cloc!
 k  You will be given a breakfast in the morning, and you will be allowed out
 in the fenced yard for exercise for an hour.  It is visible to the public
 through the fence, and I can allow you no clothing other than the
 undergarments you have.  At least you will not be nude here.  You will get no
 lunch, tomorrow, though.  About eleven we will start filling you with water,
 and I have to do a better job of it than I did today.  Look, I am really
 sorry, for you seem to be a decent woman who has just got herself into an
 unfortunate jam.  But corporal punishment is what I am expected to do, and
 that requires infliction of pain.  I have to try and get your bladder
 stretched more than it was today, to increase the pain level.  You may not be
 able to hold that much, and if you can't, then your time to be on the dock
 will simply be increased.  You really have a choice - either try to endure
 more pain, or choose to relieve yourself when it's unendurable and be resigned
 to spending a lo!
 t more time chained there nude, in front of that crowd."

"I'll try to endure more, but I don't know if I can", Nancy said thoughtfully.
"But I have to try, because I simply can't take the exhibition business any
longer than I absolutely have to."

Nancy was exhausted.  She was dirty, smelly, and her muscles ached.  She tried
to clean herself up as best she could in a small sink and with a small bar of
soap.  She tried to straighten out her hair with her hands.  A fairly decent
meal was brought her, and she fell asleep, exhausted and aching.

The Second Day

The next morning, she was awakened a seven by the arrival of a breakfast tray.
She ate, and again tried to wash herself a bit.  A policeman asked if she
wanted to go out in the yard for a bit of exercise; she said yes.  He led her,
attired in just her panties and bra, through the police station and to a small
fenced in yard outside a door. She was ushered outside, and the door locked
behind her. Soon she found that she was the object of interest of a number of
people, including neighborhood children, who had gathered to look at this woman
walk around the yard in her brief underwear.  But there was no escape, and
Nancy was resigned to being on view.  At least it was not as bad as being
chained naked.  After an hour, she the door opened and she was returned to her

Shortly before eleven, Clarence came to her door and unlocked it.  "Time to go
and get ready for the day's activities.  You can leave your pants and bra in
here, until we come back.  And if you haven't used the toilet in the last few
minutes, I suggest you do before we go."

Nancy had now had her modesty violated so often it no longer shocked her.
While Clarence stood and watched, she removed her two garments and left them on
the table, then sat on the toilet and relieved her bladder for what she
expected would be last time for many hours.  As she flushed, she announced,
"I'm ready" .

Clarence escorted her, naked, down the hall to the room where she had been
prepared before. On the table was the large pitcher of water and a glass.
"Mrs. Johnson, you understand what we have to do with you today.  We have
almost two hours before you go on exhibit, and I need to get as much water into
you as you can hold, before then.  I want you to start drinking, and I have to
watch you, to be able to certify that you have been properly prepared for the
punishment. We gave you a bit over two quarts yesterday, and you urinated just
less than a quart at the end.  I need to get three quarts into you today, and I
hope that by the time we stand you up on the exhibit your bladder will already
have a quart in it.  I can tell, because that should cause the hardness to
extend nearly to your navel, and your abdomen should be bulging slightly.  You
should be experiencing considerable pain, but your bladder will continue to
fill.  I doubt you can hold it for another hour, but I have !
 to put you to that test."

Nancy began drinking, realizing that she was being required to bring on her own
torture.  She dreaded what the afternoon would bring; and knew she was going to
experiencing severe pain all afternoon because of what she was doing now.  But
there was no way out - no way would she accept being chained naked for several
more days on that dock!

She consumed the entire pitcher, two quarts, while Clarence observed her.  He
then took the pitcher and brought it back full (two more quarts).  "You told me
three quarts - not four!" Nancy exclaimed.  "and my stomach is so full now, I
can hardly hold any more.  Can you give me a few minutes and then let me try to
take some more?"  Clarence answered, "Take your time.  I need for you to get
another quart inside you before we go.  We have about forty minutes before we
have to go.  I suggest you stand up and walk a bit to help the water settle."
"May I go outside for a bit?" "No.  I am not allowed to leave you unguarded, to
insure that you do not throw up, urinate, or otherwise relieve yourself. "

Nancy stood and tried to walk around the room.  Her stomach was full of water,
and she could even feel it rolling around inside her.  Her stomach felt, and
looked, bloated.  She ran her hands over her midsection, feeling the distention
and the liquid inside her.  After a few minutes, she took another glass of
water and began to slowly drink it while she remained standing.  She had now
been drinking for about an hour, and already she was feeling a slight desire to
urinate; something she knew she would not be allowed to do.

Another policemen called to Clarence that the other prisoner was ready and
loaded into the van. He motioned to Nancy to finish the last glass, leaving the
pitcher half full. He figured that made the three quarts.

The ride to the exhibition dock was increasingly unpleasant for Nancy.  The
same young woman who had been exhibited with her yesterday was again in the
van.  She had lost control the previous day and wound up spending four
additional hours on exhibit, plus an extra day today.  Today she was miserable,
and in tears.   She had been given only two quarts against the three quarts
Nancy received, but she anticipated another loss of control and more extended
time chained up.  Nancy began to doubt if she could hold herself long enough to
avoid an involuntary loss of water.  It was now a few minutes before one, and
she wouldn't be allowed to urinate for over an hour, and then only half a pint
- a sixth of what she had drunk!  Her stomach was most uncomfortable with the
water distending it, and she could feel it shifting within her whenever the van
turned a corner.  A bit farther down, her bladder was sending stronger signals
asking for relief.  Clarence had told her that her discomf!
 ort was being intentionally increased, and it was indeed.

At the Exhibition site, the two nude women were again taken up to the platform.
While the girl was being secured, Clarence produced a new surprise for Nancy.
He called the attendant forward, and instructed him to bring one more "large"
glass of water for Nancy, "just to make sure we get the required results".
Nancy was astounded, but Clarence explained, "if you can't drink it right now,
he will give it to you gradually as the water works its way out of your
stomach.  But you are to drink it."

Nancy was secured in place.  This time, her legs were spread a bit farther
apart, about two feet, as Clarence explained, "to increase your discomfort, and
make it just a bit harder for you to hold your water.  We have to make up for
yesterday.   A few minutes after being chained in place, Nancy finished the
water glass.  Almost at the same time, Clarence felt her abdomen.  "It's
swelling up nicely, today.  Does it feel full yet, to you?"   Nancy nodded, her
mouth full of water.  "Good.  It will of course get much fuller as we force it
to expand, but this is a good start.  We will soon see if you can hold it
another hour".  He left.

The crowd was admitted.  As usual, the younger woman got most of the attention.
However, somewhat to Nancy's surprise, Ralph was there at the opening, and came
right up to her.  After asking about her condition last night, he asked her
directly, "Tell me, what did they do to you this morning.  I hate to see you
like this."  "Ralph", she answered, "I don't know if I can make it though today
the way I wanted.  Right now I'm just uncomfortable, and there's no real pain;
but it's going to get much worse, and I don't know if I can take it, but I've
got to try.  I was told that I didn't have enough pain yesterday to qualify for
their standards of corporal punishment, so today they've done things to make it

"I can see that your legs are spread farther apart- other than that, you look
about like yesterday.  You did get some rest?"

"I'm rested, all right.  Slept like the dead.  But this morning they prepared
me for what will be real torture as the day goes on.  My legs are a little more
uncomfortable, but not too bad.  That's not really the reason they spread them;
I really think that some of the men complained they didn't have a good view of
my bottom, because I have too much hair, and spreading my legs gives them a
better view.  But it also will make my bladder control harder later."

"It's got to be torture enough just to be exposed like this. You didn't even
want to wear bathing suits off the beach!"

"And look at me now!  That's a joke, man-  all these guys are looking at me.
And there's no part of me they can't see.  Some of them go around the back and
look at my butt- we're on display on all sides; these people get full frontal
views, profiles, behinds - whatever they want to look at.  And they like to see
us shift and squirm.  The part I hate most about the exposure is my topside;
you know I never went braless.  Now my breasts droop and swing with every
motion I make. You know what it feels like when your  breasts swing loose?  No
- of course you don't.  It may be nice for some young girl, but when you get to
my age, it just feels sloppy, and unpleasant. "

"You really sound in better spirits.  You say you have no real pain yet, but
you are uncomfortable?  What's your worst problem right now?"

"I need to urinate!"

"Yesterday they let you, after a while. I guess they make you wait a lot, like
they did yesterday, and having to hold it is part of the torture.  You told me
yesterday they made you drink a lot of water before you came out here-  "

"Ralph, yesterday they made me drink two quarts at the station, and two big
glasses every hour out here.  Today, I had to drink over three quarts there and
a little more here.  I haven't urinated for about two hours, and I've now got
almost a gallon of water in me.  And when I am allowed to pee, it's only half a
pint every hour.  Ralph, how much do you think a woman's bladder can hold?  How
much could yours hold? "

"Yesterday, I saw you when they let you empty yourself just before you left -
you filled a big pitcher. I don't know what I could hold, and I really don't
want to find out!"

"I have to find out - and I will today.  And it's going to hurt a lot.  They've
set me up so that later on I'm going to have endure awful pain in my bladder;
and even then I don't see how I'm going to be able to hold it enough to avoid
getting my time lengthened.  Every time I have a leak, or pee more than I'm
allowed, I get an added two hours of being the star attraction in this naked
show, with cramps and sore muscles from the chains in addition. If they think
I've completely relieved myself, they'll add extra days.  Do you know how much
it can hurt when you have this overwhelming desire to urinate, but you have to
just hold it and make your bladder stretch?  And do you know how it feels when
you finally get a chance at relief, and when you've peed out a little, you get
ordered to stop and go back to holding it?  This is what I have to go through.
Yesterday, I had almost a quart in me when I nearly filled that pitcher, but
they thought it wasn't enough.  Today they want !
 to make me hold that much almost all of the time I'm up here.  I can't even
 put my legs together, or use my hands. Even right now, my bladder feels
 awfully full, and it's starting to really hurt- but I've got to wait another
 half hour before I get even a little relief."

Nancy was obviously getting worse by the minute.  She tried to distract her
feelings by watching the crowd  around the platform.  While mostly male, there
were a few women.  Two middle aged women came close to Nancy and looked closely
at her breasts, while from the gestures and bits of conversation she heard, the
women were comparing their own anatomy to hers.  A few tried to talk to the
women.  Several times Nancy was asked her bra size, usually she ignored the
remarks, but the last time she sarcastically replied, "I don't wear one".
Men, many of them aware of the torture methods being used on the women,
occasionally asked her if she needed to pee.  When they were polite, she
sometimes nodded.

Five minutes to one.  Nancy felt like she was hiding a watermelon in her
bladder- it felt stretched almost beyond belief.  She longed to pull her legs
together, and strained against the shackles.  She called on all her abdominal
muscles to help her sphincters restrain themselves.  She fidgeted constantly,
moving to try to find some position that offered comfort.

Clarence approached her. "How do you feel?" he inquired.  "Miserable" was the
reply, "it hurts so bad - but its what you wanted!  I don't know if I can hold
it.  I guess you really want me to let go and have to spend an extra day here,
don't you?"    "No, Mrs. Johnson, I really have no wish to prolong your
punishment.  I really do hope you can get it over in the three days.  I'm
hoping you really can hold yourself and avoid the extra time, but I have to
make sure that is very painful for you - that is what corporal punishment is
all about.  Now, I'm sorry for your sake, but I need to feel your bladder to
see whether it's distended enough.  If it isn't, I can of course cancel your
limited relief and just give you the water instead." He reached down and firmly
pressed on her body just below her navel, then palpated the entire area down to
her line of pubic hair.  She winced and squirmed under his touch.

"Mrs. Johnson, I can feel your bladder almost up to your navel, and it's
starting to bulge out just a bit.  In this job, I have had to check a number of
women with badly distended bladders, and I would guess that you're holding
close to a quart.  Considering the amount of water we gave you, I think it's
fair to allow you your half-pint relief.  Your bladder will probably fill by
that much in the next ten minutes, anyway, and it's got a lot more stretching
to do if you're going to get through this without any unauthorized leak. We're
going to try and keep over a quart in you down there, but you're going to do a
lot more filling unless you really start sweating it off.  I've never found a
woman who could stretch her bladder to two quarts, and you may have to come
close to that to avoid any penalty time.  But I give you credit - you're one
determined lady, and you have good muscle tone for your age."

Nancy took the two glasses of water as quickly as she could swallow their
contents, not that she was thirsty or needed the water, but she desperately
needed even the limited relief to her urinary system that would follow.  A
minute or two after she finished the water, the attendant came and carried a
half pint container, which he started to hold under her.  A man in the crowd
called to him, "do the other one first!  We all want to see the girl pee!  Make
this one wait a little longer!" Obviously, the man was known to the attendant,
for he nodded and left Nancy.  He attended to the young woman, giving her water
and allowing her the use of the urine container while Nancy waited in something
approaching agony.  To be that close to relief, and to have it snatched away,
even for a few minutes, was adding to the torture.

When he got back to nancy, he stopped for a moment and spoke to the man in the
crowd in a low voice, though Nancy could just overhear it.  "Want me to tease
her a little? Watch this!" the attendant said.

He placed the container under Nancy, then said "OK, start it up.  You look like
you've got plenty of pee in you!"  Nancy released her bladder, and after just a
few drops, the attendant told her "Look, lady, you're so full it comes out too
fast.  You can't exceed the half pint, and I have to catch it all.  So just let
out a little at a time, then stop it; if you do it in spurts I'll  tell you
when you're at the full mark."   Nancy tried to comply, but each time she had
to stop her flow, the pain surged within her.  Somehow she managed to get
through it, and released her half pint in a series of short spurts.  In her
mind, she was cursing the experience, conscious that she was being  subjected
to repeated efforts to cause her more torment.

Clarence was right.  Twenty minutes after being allowed her relief, the pain
was worse than ever. She was also more tired.  Her arms ached from their
extended positions, partly because she sometimes shifted her weight to them to
ease the strain on her legs, uncomfortably spread.  It was hotter than ever,
and the sweat poured down her body (a blessing, she thought; if she could just
get rid of enough water this way).  She could feel the sweat running down
between her  hips and over her breasts.  Her feet were tired because in the
more spread position, she was less able to shift her weight and move them.

Ralph, watching in crowd, suddenly was distracted by the arrival of a uniformed
officer, carrying a camera.  He motioned for the crowd to allow him space close
to the platform, and from close in he proceeded to begin taking pictures.
Ralph was horrified at the thought of his wife finding her picture in some
newspaper, showing her in her present state.  He looked to the guard standing
nearby.  "I thought photography was prohibited here?  What's he doing?" The
guard responded quietly, "He's the official police photographer.  He has to
make pictures of each convict, both front and back and from the side.  The
pictures are not made public, but are kept in the police files to show how the
convict appeared.  We try to get them at their worst.  The pictures are used
only if there is a complaint or official investigation later.  No one else can
get them, not even the convicts themselves.  If anyone else shows up with a
camera it is confiscated and the film destroyed.  We do not all!
 ow this place to be used to make illicit photographs."

The photographer stood in front of Nancy, after photographing Veronica.  He
took several photos of her, full front, squirming and all; then also
photographed her in profile, and then her backside.  She saw him, worried as
was Ralph, over who might see them.

But her worst torment continued to be her bladder.  What genius, she thought,
conceived of this torture as an alternative to flogging for women!  Maybe
flogging would be easier, because at least it would be over quickly.  What she
had to endure was going on for hours. Moreover, those watching couldn't tell
the depths of her pain, because there was no whip, no blood, no lash marks, no
piercing screams from sudden strokes.  The pain she had to suffer was internal,
and the onlookers could only perceive it from her facial expressions, the
writhing movements of her body, and her vocal complaints.  All they could see,
and some of them looked careful to detect it, was the bulge of her abdomen,
harder to see from the front, but detectable by those who viewed her in
profile.  Nancy, of course, couldn't see this subtle symptom of her condition,
but she was reminded of it when two of  her viewers, standing at the end of the
platform, commented on it.  "Look, now her tummy's sticking ou!
 t farther than her hair", said one. "And  she's got a lot of hair down there.
 But her stomach's kinda fat, too.  Maybe that's all you're seeing. "  "No.
 Look carefully.  Her stomach's got a bit of flab, but it's up higher, behind
 her belly button.  The bulge you see now is bigger than it was an hour ago,
 when it didn't stick out as far as the hair below it. Now its pushed out
 beyond the black hairs.  That's her bladder - it's really full of pee!  They
 must really give these gals a lot to drink before they string them up!"   "I
 heard this one say she had to drink almost a gallon!  Boy, I bet she'd like to
 let it out.  But they give them an awful penalty if they pee." "That's the
 real punishment here, besides being strung up with nothing on!  They have to
 hold their pee until it hurts them mighty bad."

Nancy could hear the conversation, and the two continued to discuss her
anatomy.  After a few minutes, they came around to stand in front of her.
Nancy was fidgeting rapidly, shifting her weight around and squirming.  Her
abdominal muscles twitched in her continual efforts to restrain her sphincters.
She turned her face rapidly, grimacing with pain.  But she was able to look at
the men, and one of them spoke to her.  "Hey, lady, we can see your misery, but
what's the real pain you're feeling.  Are they stretching your arms too much?
Are you legs sore?  You itch?  What's really bothering you the most?" Nancy was
really in no mood to satisfy their curiosity, but neither was she prepared to
argue.  She thought they at least sounded sympathetic.  "I need to pee! I need
to pee so goshawful bad!"  One turned to the other and remarked, "See, I told
that was her bladder that's bulging!  I wonder how much longer she can hold it?
Hey, lady - have they got you plugged up with somet!
 hing, or are you just holding it?"    "I'm not plugged - maybe it would be
 easier if I was -  I have to hold it!"

Ralph appeared again and called to his tortured wife, "Nancy, I hate to see
this, but you're doing great.  How are you feeling, or should I ask?"   "Ralph,
it's awful -awful.  My muscles are about to give out, and Ralph, I don't want
to leak; I don't want to - but this - this is real torture.  Someone said I'm
bulging out because -  because -   Ralph, go around to my side and tell me if
I'm really sticking out where my bladder is -  they said it's sticking out
farther than my  hair-  please look! I must look all distorted!"

Ralph moved to view his wife in profile. It was really hard to see her pelvic
area clearly in profile, because she was squirming so much.  "Nancy - you've
got a bulge all right, you look all swollen up from your hairline up to your
navel.  Nancy -  I hope you don't damage yourself trying to last through this.
Maybe it would be better for you to accept some more time..."

Nancy almost screamed "No - No - I've got to hold..."   But she was writhing in
agony.  As her body squirmed and turned, her dangling breasts bounced around
rapidly, putting on quite a show for the watchers.  She was trying to jump up
and down in her torment, and this made her breasts move even more wildly.

Three o'clock.  Clarence came around for his regular check.  He palpated the
other woman first, then motioned to the attendant to bring her water and relief
container.  Then he came to Nancy. He looked at her, squirming and writhing in
obviously agony, with her abdominal area now bulging noticeably, pain written
all over her face.  But she hadn't peed a drop.   He used both hands to feel
her swollen abdomen, careful to feel down to the hairline but not below.  He
spoke to her, "Mrs. Johnson, I can't completely check you unless I feel in the
area of your pubic hair, because you have expanded so much.  I won't touch your
private parts, but I do need to feel a bit lower - please try to hold still."
He slid his hand briefly across the upper part of her pubic hair.
"Mrs. Johnson, you're doing fine.  I wouldn't have expected you to have either
the muscle control or the pain tolerance to  hold your bladder this full - and
it is extremely full.  I would guess that you are probably holding well over a
quart, which will meet our requirements.  I don't think I have ever encountered
a woman your age with this amount of bladder control.  Of course you are
entitled to your half pint of relief, once you drink your two glasses.  If you
can make it another hour, and when we empty you get get over a quart, we won't
have to increase your water dosage for tomorrow." He motioned to the attendant,
and audibly instructed him, "Don't tease her this time.  Let her do it all at
once.    "   Nancy was grateful.  She sucked on the straws and got the water
inside her as quickly as possible, even though she could not hold herself still
in the process. Two or three times she had to let go of the straw to move and
groan.  Finally, he held the container under her!
  and told her to "let some out".   She complied, but for just a few seconds.
  At his command she forced her sphincters to stop the flow, and he held up for
  her inspection the half-pint container, full of almost clear pee.  Nancy was
  surprised at the color, and remarked, painfully, "that came from me?"  "Sure
  did" Clarence commented, "you produce some of the clearest stuff we've seen.
  That extra quart did it - the extra dilution, you know."

One hour to go!  The half pint relief she could hardly detect, and her muscles
were giving out.  All the writhing and squirming was creating aches and
irritations.  She saw Ralph and called to him.  "Ralph - look at me from the
side - am I still as swollen?  Gee, it hurts so bad, and I'm running out of
muscle power." She was breathing hard and becoming exhausted.  "Please, Ralph,
look me over and tell me how I look.  I don't know if I can take it another
hour, but I've just got to try -  if I can, then I've just got one more day of
this torture.  If I blow it, I may be here for days, because I don't think I
could do any better tomorrow..."  Ralph looked at his wife closely.  "Nancy, I
think you might be leaking a little... no, no, it's just that you weren't wiped
off after you let out your last allowance, it's drying up --- but  your hair is
getting soaked with your sweat.  You still have a sizable bulge - you look a
mess!  ... I'm sorry, I didn't  mean to say that....  you'!
 re sweating a lot, which is good,   --  I've got to see behind you -  sorry, I
 can't get close to you; Nancy, you're putting on quite a show - there are
 dozens of people watching you from all sides."

"How's the other one doing?" Nancy managed.  "She's pretty good- not near as
bad as you are.  But they didn't give her as much water.  She's hurting, but
gosh, she's not performing like you.."   Nancy vaguely realized she was making
a show - not that she cared, all that she really wanted was to somehow tolerate
the intense pain in her abdomen for what was now about forty minutes.  If she
could just do it!  The writhing, twisting, grimacing, probably didn't relieve
the pain, but the crowd had not seen another woman go through this agony
without relieving herself.  Actually, Ralph realized, the crowd was partly
sympathetic.  They were really cheering for her, hoping she could last.
Others, obviously, were just enjoying the view of a naked woman in torment.

Twenty minutes to go.  Nancy said, to no one in particular, "I'm not going to
make, I'm, I'm starting to leak!  Oh, if only I could put my legs together,
maybe I could hold it, Oh, Oh, anything, but...I... when you're this close..."
Nancy didn't know who was listening, and she was in such pain that her words
were becoming incoherent.  Someone in the crowd called out, "Give her a
chance!!" Another called "keep the show going" .    The crowd took up the call.

Clarence appeared, motioned for quiet and call the guard forward.  Quiet
reigned.  He went up to Nancy, now a study in writhing motion.  He spoke to
her, "Mrs. Johnson, you seem to have a lot of sympathizers.  I'm going to offer
you a bit of relief if you'll take it with a price. Interested?"

"What ... have I got..." her voice trailed off.  Clarence motioned for the
attendant to come forward with a container.  "Mrs. Johnson, I am going to allow
you to let out a whole pint right now; but you've got to agree to an extension.
If I allow you this, you must stay here an extra hour, which means an hour and
a quarter from now, with no further relief, and you must drink a quart of water
instead of just two glasses.  And two more.... "   "Yes, OK, anything, but let
me do it ... now.  Tell me the rest while I'm peeing..."   Her eyes were closed
in a grimace, her face contorted.  As the attendant placed the container under
her, Clarence continued, "Remember, the object is for you to be in pain.  Just
a pint now, no more!  You get water after that until you've drunk a quart, and
no more relief for another hour and fifteen minutes.  And the other two things:
your legs are to spread wider, by another foot, to stretch those muscles you
use for control; and finally, if you don!
 't produce at least a quart at the end, we add an extra day to the exhibition.

Nancy responded immediately, "Agreed - agreed. Yes, yes.  I've got to.." She
was almost ecstatic with the feeling of actually allowing her bladder to
discharge even a small part of its contents.  But her mood was changed quickly
with the attendant's order "Stop! that's all for now!" .

Having completed this service to her, he unshackled her right leg, moved it
over another foot from the other leg, and reshackled it in the new position.
Meekly she accepted this, her legs now stretched apart quite uncomfortably,
incidentally opening up her genital area noticeably.  She reflected mentally
that this was about the most unladylike posture she could assume!  The added
effect of spreading her legs was also that her arms were now stretched higher
by several inches, causing her upper body to be stretched a bit upward, lifting
her breasts a bit.

Now the attendant brought the required water to Nancy.  A whole quart, she
thought.  He brought it to her in successive glasses, putting the straw to her
lips.  She took it as quickly as she could manage, later reflecting that she
might have been able to draw out the procedure and have a bit more time.
Finally she finished, her stomach now feeling just a bit bloated with its new

Veronica was given her water and limited relief, drawing the crowd's attention
away from Nancy.   Now she was feeling discomforts from all her parts.  Her
arms complained of the stretching, her legs hurt from their widened stance, the
sweat fell into her eyes, and she could smell the odor from her own armpits.
But no discomfort matched the ache, the hurt, the feeling of her poor
overdistended bladder, stretched what she would have thought was beyond its
limits..  She reflected that a new quart of water was being pushed into her
body by her stomach, which her kidneys would then quickly pump into her
bladder, furthering her distress.  If only there was some way to slow down the

She tried to concentrate on the feeling in her stomach, hoping the bloating
would continue as this would mean the water was still there.  But this was not
to be.  It was now a bit past four in the afternoon, and she had had no food
since early morning.  Her stomach and digestive tract had been given a gallon
and a half of water since she last ate, and it passed quickly through her, and
she hadn't been allowed to completely empty her tortured bladder since
midmorning. For hours now, it had been painfully full.  She felt her it
protesting every bit of the expansion being demanded of it, yet she strained to
keep her tired sphincters closed.   Her abdominal muscles were also numb, from
being held so tight so long.

Nancy was so absorbed in her own distress that she scarcely noticed when her
companion was given her final relief.  The crowd watched as the measuring
container was placed below her, and she was allowed at long last to urinate.
It took a long time, and Ralph, was in the crowd near her, noticed several men
turning away with disappointed looks as the contents rose in the jug.  Then he
realized-  some of those in the crowd were betting on how much she was holding!

Ralph viewed Nancy from a short distance. Now she appeared as a woman in real
agony, as bad or worse than yesterday.  Her squirming was causing her to strain
at the shackles, and her spread legs showed intense muscle strain.  The sweat
poured from her, though the temperature had fallen a bit in the late afternoon.
She called to him, seeing him near her.  "Ralph, come..... I need you to look
me over....  I feel like I'm leaking... Oh, please I don't want to leak at this
point.  The way my legs are spread I just can't hold myself tight enough...tell
me if I'm leaking! I've got to hold it."

Ralph  peered at his wife's wide open crotch, damp with sweat, as was the rest
of her body.  She was quivering, her muscles tensed and cramped.  He looked at
her from the side, noting the big bulge in her abdominal region.  He wondered
at how she could mange to hold herself so tight; but it didn't appear she was
leaking a drop.  "You're not leaking, Nancy," he called back, "but you sure are
bulging.  You're going to burst something if you hold any more!"

The clock moved on.  At long last, after what seemed an eternity, the end of
her final hour approached.  Clarence came toward her, followed by the attendant
with the jug.  The crowd pressed forward, one man obviously holding the bets
and looking to see what results she would produce.   "OK, Mrs. Johnson, it's
day's end.  You made it.  You can empty it all out now; and  we'll see how you

The jug was held under her.  Nancy tried to release her sphincters.  Not a drop
fell.  Seconds went by, a minute; the crowd was silent.  Clarence just looked
at Nancy.  "Don't you want to empty yourself?" he asked.    "I..I..I.. can't.
My muscles are cramped, and I've been holding them so tight they won't let go.
What do I do now?  Oh, but it hurts so bad!"    Ralph looked at his wife,
unable to relieve herself, though she  was at the end of the day's ordeal.  He
called to her, "Nancy, try to relax, try to let go!  Now, you have to!"

The man with the bets looked impatient, and gave a shrug to the crowd.  Two,
three, four minutes went by.  Finally, a few drops of fluid appeared at her
splayed crotch.  It stopped.  Two more minutes; a few more drops.  Then, a
slight stream.  The crowd cheered, as much from their own relief at the end of
their patience, as for Nancy.  The stream grew, and became stronger.  Ralph
noted it was almost colorless, but it was becoming more forceful.

Nancy called to Ralph, "Is it coming?  I feel like I'm letting out a little,
but, gee, it hurts so bad, and my muscles are so tired, I can't push..." Ralph
tried to encourage her, "You're doing great, it's coming out strong now..."
He could hardly understand her feeling, with her bladder so overdistended and
stretched that it was now having trouble expelling its contents.

Seemingly minutes went by.  Suddenly the attendant called "Stop! Stop!  It's
full - I have to get another!"  Nancy, in shock, tried to shut off the stream,
but could only weaken it.  In seconds he held a second container under her.
The bettors were looking in amazement.  Finally, the stream slacked, and ended.
The attendant started to take away the container, but Nancy protested, "No -
I'm not through -  there's more!" .  Her senses proved correct, as the stream
began again, continued another twenty seconds or so, and finally stopped.  The
bystanders were amazed, and some applauded, some cheered.   Nancy reflected
that she had never thought a woman's urination could be a spectator sport, but
then she took several deep breaths, and tried to relax.

As her shackles were released, she asked Clarence,  "Did I have enough?"
Clarence smiled at her. "You had enough.  Want to know how much?"   Nancy could
only nod.  "Forty-one ounces.  No wonder you had such a bulge.  I didn't think
you could hold that much. "   Nancy's  bladder still ached intently, though the
bulge was gone.  She almost collapsed as she was led to the van, then slid into
a seat, not speaking, not even conveying a farewell to Ralph.

At the station, she staggered to her room and fell onto her cot as the door was
locked behind her.  She stopped not even to put on her meager underwear.
Almost immediately she feel into a deep sleep, every muscle in her body

Hours later, as she lay there, her consciousness was stimulated by a signal now
all too familiar to her - her bladder was demanding relief.  She tried to delay
even opening her eyes, in her now relaxed state, but she soon decided she could
not ignore the message.  She opened her eyes. The room was dark.  Outside her
one barred window with it was black.  Only the dim light coming through her
barred door from light down the hall illuminated the room.  Suddenly she looked
at the door.  She really had no privacy; anyone in the hall could look in at
her through the barred door.  She had been allowed her underwear, but it lay on
the table because she had collapsed on the cot as she came in.  Now she awoke
on her back, aware that she had been sleeping completely uncovered, and that
anyone peering through the door had a good view of her.  But her modesty was so
severely damaged by now, she thought, what more would it matter?  She rose up,
not knowing how long she had slept.  On the !
 table was a glass of something like lemonade and a sandwich.  Not her usual
 meal, but obviously she had slept through dinner.  The policeman who usually
 brought her food, had obviously taken mercy on her and left her a snack for
 when she awoke.  Or, perhaps, she thought, reflecting that he must have come
 into the room while she lay naked on the cot, this was a tip for a good show!

She used the toilet to relieve her bladder, very full from the continuing
effort of her kidneys to recondition her body from its water-logged state
resulting from yesterday's hydration.   Yesterday?  She thought-  how late is
it?  She had no way to know.  She was hungry, having eaten nothing since
breakfast the previous morning.  She consumed the sandwich and drink, then
flopped again on the cot.  This time, however, she slipped on the panties and
bra first.  Still tired, still aching, dirty and smelly she knew, but fed and
relieved, and a least covered for a little modesty, she fell again into a deep
sleep on the cot.

The Third Day - School

"Mrs. Johnson!  Mrs. Johnson!  Let's go.  We've got a different program for you
today!" She moved wearily, looking up at Clarence, standing beside her cot.
What time was it? She didn't know.  It was daylight, she could see, but it
seemed quite early.

Clarence immediately enlightened her.  "It's six A.M.  I have a change in
program for you.  You're still going to be exhibited today, with the required
discomforts, but we're going to make it a bit different.  You won't be going to
the exhibition dock, and, at least part of time, you won't be complaining about
the heat.  Also, there might be some benefits for you.  Interested?"  He was
smiling, but she knew by now that Clarence was going to put her through
suffering, anyway.  But, at least, he did it in good spirits and he wasn't mean
or nasty.  He was about as decent as a man could be in this job, she reflected.
She glanced at her cot - now dirty and stained from the contact with her body.
All the sweat and pain and dirt, she thought, and I haven't had a bath in days.

Clarence seemingly read her thoughts.  "Unless you object to what we've planned
for you today, you will at least get a bath out of it.  You know, you're a
mess, and if you don't mind my saying so, your body odor is getting to be
pretty strong stuff.  I could make you live in it another day, you know."

Nancy saw no point in argument.  She was feeling a bit hungry, and her bladder
was again calling for relief, still trying to get rid of yesterday's water.
"Tell me what I have to look forward to, and let's get about it", she said in

Clarence explained.  "You're the only one on exhibition today.  Veronica has to
get to the magistrate today for her release hearing, since she finished her
punishment.  Frankly, I was hoping she'd be held over, in which case I would
have used her for this, because the school preferred a younger person.  So you
know you're second choice.  But at least it gets you off the display on the hot

"School? What school?" Nancy questioned.

"The boys school here sometimes requests that we use a prisoner undergoing
exhibition and discomfort for a day, for their classes.  They have us position
the prisoner in the school, where she is exhibited in a classroom to the boys,
for their health and sex education classes.  They use her as a model to explain
to the boys female anatomy and some bodily functions.  It's all done with an
instructor who keeps the boys under control.  The teacher is usually a woman
and the  boys in these classes run about ten to twelve years old.  The don't
give the teacher a hard time, ordinarily, and are generally well behaved.  But
they can be mighty curious, in a class like this.  Such a class gives the boys
a chance to learn about girls directly, and ask questions they would be
embarrassed about elsewhere.   We will take you there, but we have a couple of
small problems for you, first."

"Such as?"

"First, you need a bath.  You're dirty, and you smell bad.  We have to get you
washed up so you will be acceptable in a classroom.  We'll let you take a
shower at the boys school, where they have a gym and showers.  But you'll have
to let a class of boys watch you.  Second, we have to bend the 'no touching'
rule a little.  When you're on exhibit in front of the class, the teacher wants
to be allowed to let the boys touch you a little, very gently, and under
careful supervision.  The areas she wants to let them touch are your breasts,
and your abdomen - that's in and above your pubic hair, but not your genitals,
which they must be allowed to see, but not to touch.:

"And if I object?"

"Then, back to the  platform, the nasty men making bets on your bladder
capacity, the gnats, flies and heat.  And no bath.  And, I should tell you,
since we finished with Veronica, there will be no one to share the platform
with today, so if we go there, you will get all the attention."

"OK, I'll buy the school deal.  I assume I still get the water treatment.  Will
the boys know about it? And will I have the chains?"

"Since the school is outside the police enclosures, you will have to be
restrained all the time you are there.  I will take you in handcuffs, but I
will take them off once we shackle you.  For your shower, I will shackle your
legs while you wash, so you can use your arms.  For the classroom exhibit, you
will be loosely chained in a standing position.  The classroom, though, will
definitely not be hot, you will be relieved to know.  As for the water, you
know I am obligated to keep you with an extremely full bladder most of the
time.  I'm not going to start that before we get to the school, because I'm
smart enough to know that you might sneak some relief for yourself while in the
shower. At the school, we will fill you up with water and I think the teacher
will use that for a class demonstration.  Also, at sometime she may use your
allowed relief for a demonstration of female urination for the boys.   However,
I want you to understand that your three hours of time today does!
 n't start until your bladder is full enough to be hurting you to my
 satisfaction.  We may do some things to speed up the effects, and make up for
 some of the discomforts you are escaping, which you will see later. And, yes,
 the boys will be told that you are being punished, and that is why you are
 chained, and also that part of your punishment is that your bladder is being
 kept very full."

"You've really aroused my curiosity. I can hardly wait to see what delightful
experiences await me", she answered dryly.

"Let's get ready.  We need to get there, and it's farther than yesterday.  My
man is bringing a quick breakfast to the prep room, where you were before.
Leave your pants and bra in here, and let's go!"

She knew he wasn't going to avert his eyes, so she unhooked her bra and slipped
off panties, as we watched.  "May I be allowed a quick pee, or is the holding
torture starting already?"  "I won't make you start before breakfast, today at
least.  A quick one, OK, right now.  But you won't get another until you've met
the pain requirements."

She walked with him, completely unclothed and barefoot, to the prep room, where
she found her breakfast tray awaiting.  She was left alone for a few minutes
while she ate, then she was handcuffed with her hands behind her, and taken to
a police car, not the usual van.  She was placed in the rear seat while
Clarence and a second police officer took the front.  They left the station and
drove her through the streets.  Instinctively she sought to cover her as people
looked in at her as they passed through dense traffic, but with hands cuffed
behind her, she could not shield herself in any way, and found herself on the
receiving end of constant stares.

At least she was not physically uncomfortable, a condition she was sure would
soon change.  After about half an hour, they drew up in front of a building
clearly labeled as "Hamilton Boys School". She wondered what sort of reception
she would get.  The car pulled around to a building in the rear, evidently a
gymnasium.  They parked on a paved area adjoining.  Outside were a number of
young boys engaged in various sporting activities, or simply hanging around.
She saw no adults.

The door was opened, and she was ordered out.  A group of about twenty boys
gathered around. She flushed, hesitant to step out, lacking even the ability to
use her hands for cover.  Roughly, Clarence instructed her to get out, and go
into the building.  One of the boys looked closely at her, and asked "Are you
our lesson for today?"   At least, the word had got out- she was expected.

She was ushered into the gym, then across the large room to what must be a
shower room.  A number of boys gathered around, but they were quickly ordered
back.  Shortly, a woman appeared.  Evidently she was the teacher; nicely
dressed in shirt and slacks, hair in a pony tail, well groomed, looking
probably thirtyish.  She stopped and looked Nancy over rather thoroughly.  She
looked at Clarence, twitching her nose. She didn't touch or speak to Nancy.
"Is this what you're bringing us?  She's old, and she stinks!  I though you had
a young one. What happened?"

Clarence responded, "Alice, the younger one finished her sentence yesterday.
This is Nancy Johnson, the only one we currently have on exhibition.  She
performed rather well at the platform, and I think you will find quite
cooperative.  She has been two days at the dock, and if you gone through that,
you'd need a bath and some clean-up too.  She's fifty-four, and I know she has
a few lumps and bulges and sags a bit, but she looked quite nice when she came
in - dressed well, groomed well. I think she'll make a good teaching model for
you.  You can give the boys a lecture while she showers, and then she'll look a
bit better. .."

Alice was impatient.  "I really don't care what see looked like in clothes, we
need her nude and I am only concerned with how her body will appeal to the boys
as lesson material.  She looks fairly relaxed - you haven't started loading her
up yet, have you?"   "No, we'll do that after the clean up.  I don't want to
chance her getting sneaky and letting it out in the shower.  I'll get her so
she won't be relaxed, in the way we talked.  " "Fine, let's get at it.  I'll
get my boys in the shower to watch her.  I hope she doesn't mind showing off a
bit for them."   Alice took Clarence aside for some further discussion, and
Nancy was taken to a spot under a shower head. Here the policeman produced
about a two foot length of chain attached to a cuff, and and placed the cuff on
Nancy's ankle, locking it.  The other end of the chain was locked to a vertical
water pipe under the shower head.  He then uncuffed her hands.  She was now
able to move under the shower, but only to the length!
  of the chain.

In a few moments, Alice came back and looked at Nancy.  "All right, you'll have
to do, even if you're old enough to be their grandmother.  Look, the object of
the lesson is to teach the boys something about female anatomy, so you will now
wash yourself as I instruct you, and while the boys, of which I have twenty
two, will stand around you and watch.  Usually, the boys are undressing in
here, but today they will not be changing their clothes, just watching you.
Now, as I call them, take some of the soap, and boy do you need it, and turn on
the water.  Get it to a comfortable temperature, because you'll be under it for
awhile."   Nancy did as instructed. By the time she had finished, twenty-odd
boys were standing, or sitting, in a semicircle around her, backed up above six
feet or so, just out of range of the shower water.  Their eyes were like
saucers, and they were looking her over intently.  Alice began her lecture,
using a pointer to indicate parts of Nancy's physical st!
 ructure.  She instructed Nancy to stand her the water, letting it pour over
 hair and down over her body.  She was instructed to soap her hair, always
 keeping her hands lifted over her shoulders.  While she did this, Alice
 delivered a lecture to the boys about female breasts.   The process continued
 downward over her body, as she was instructed to wash various parts. Somewhere
 in the process, Nancy tried to inconspicuously pee slightly, so as to relieve
 herself while the water camouflaged her activity.

She must have spent twenty minutes under the shower in this fashion, when
finally she and Alice agreed she had been adequately washed.  The water was
shut off.  Nancy stood, still shackled, under the shower head, her hair,
sopping wet, hanging down randomly.  Alice produced a comb for her, and told
her to tidy up her hair.  Nancy quickly complied.  The shackle was removed, and
her hands were again cuffed behind her.  "Don't I get to dry myself? " Nancy
asked, seeing no towel and wondering how she would handle one with cuffed
hands.  "Do you feel better?" Alice politely inquired.  "Yes, definitely" Nancy
replied.  "Well, I think that will be taken care of quickly", was  Alice's

Alice led  the boys toward the door and ordered Nancy to follow.  She was
soaking wet from the shower, and water dripped  from her as she walked.  The
group moved across the gym and into a building adjoining, where she was taken
into a large classroom.  It was big enough to hold fifty or more students, for
whom chairs were arranged, all in a semicircle around an elevated platform
about a foot high, at the back of which stood a large post, about six feet
high.  Steel rings were in evidence about the periphery of the platform and on
the top of the post.  It took no imagination for Nancy to conceive where she
would be placed.

The room was well lit with fluorescent lights, and a spotlight was positioned
where it could be turned on the platform.  But, literally, the most chilling
aspect of the room was its temperature.  It was air conditioned, and the
temperature was turned quite low.  Nancy, her wet body dripping heavily,
immediately felt the cool air.

She was not immediately placed in the position she expected, on the platform.
Instead, her hands were released, and one wrist was extended and cuffed to a
ring on the post.  She was standing, facing the class, the cuffed arm extended,
but otherwise unfettered.

Alice addressed the class.  "As you know, Mrs. Johnson is being punished for
something she did. While she is our visual aid for teaching today, she is also
going to be the object a teaching lesson related to the stomach and urinary
system, which we have been studying about.."  She proceeded for several minutes
to review the working of the digestive tract, in how food and drink passes
through the body.  She then expanded a bit on the function of the kidneys in
removing excess water, and where it went.  She asked a question, "If we drink a
very large amount of water, what is the effect on the kidneys?" After getting
some satisfactory answers, she went to the  function of the bladder.  She asked
a student to go to Mrs. Johnson and point to the areas that contained her
stomach, her kidneys, and her bladder.  When he had done this, he was told to
gently push on her abdomen and try to feel her bladder.  Nancy winced at this,
but he was gentle.  Alice allowed several boys to try, a!
 nd none were sure they could feel it.  "That is because Mrs. Johnson's bladder
 is empty, and lying collapsed at the floor of her pelvis (she indicated the
 area with her pointer).  In fact, I suspect she emptied it during the shower,
 and we didn't notice.... is that so, Mrs. Johnson?"

Nancy nodded meekly, not wanted to answer audibly.  Alice continued, "I
expected her to do that, because she knew what was coming.  Now, boys, what
will happen if Mrs. Johnson drinks a lot of water? I mean, really a lot?"   A
boy replied, "Her kidneys will strain it out, and put it in her bladder."
Another piped up, "and she'll want to go to the bathroom!"  After listening to
several such comments, Alice continued, "Well, let's see what happens.  I have
here a gallon of cold water in two pitchers.  Let's get that into her stomach,
and see how long it takes to have an effect on her bladder.  And, Billy, you're
right, after a while she will want to go to the bathroom - really, to urinate -
let's use the right words -  but because she's being punished, she won't be
allowed to for quite a while.  So her bladder will just have to stretch to hold
the water her kidneys send into it."

Alice allowed a  few questions from the boys, then said, "While Mrs. Johnson is
filling herself with water, I will let you find out what a woman's breasts feel
like.  I explained that they are part muscle and part glandular tissue, with no
bones in them.  As a woman gets older, they often sag a bit from their weight
and because the lady's muscles may become weaker. You will see that hers are
sagging a little, and you can't see under them easily.  I'm going to allow each
of you to go up to her, very gently touch one of her breasts, to see how it
feels.  You may lift it, and then move it a little side to side, so you can see
how flexible it is." With that, the boys came forward, quite eagerly, and one
at a time performed the examination.  Nancy felt humiliated and embarrassed,
but she feared to say anything - she had agreed to allow the touching.  Alice
also encouraged the boys to feel her stomach and abdomen, and comment on how
these parts felt to them.  As her stomach filled!
 , some of the boys could feel it expand.

Apart from being felt by the boys, Nancy was experiencing a new discomfort.
She was cold.  The air conditioning was quite cool on her damp body, and she
was filling herself with a huge amount of chilled water.  She mentioned to
Alice, "I'm cold - really!  I know you won't allow me any clothes, but could
the room be a little warmer?  I'm feeling chilled!"

"Really?" Alice answered, somewhat mockingly.  "And did we promise to keep you
comfortable? I'm quite warm enough, thank you.  And finish the water."  "But
you're fully dressed, and I'm -  well, I'm..."  "You're quite naked, and you
are going to stay that way, for your own punishment and the education of the
boys.  As for being cold, would you rather  be sweating on the dock outside,
like you were yesterday?  we don't want you to sweat - you lose water that way.
Right now, we want all that water you're taking in to go through your kidneys,
not your sweat glands."

Nancy tried hard to finish the water.  Alice made her jump and twist, while the
boys took turns listening to her stomach with their ears pressed against it, to
hear the sounds of the water gurgling and moving around.  Many of them seemed
amused by it.   Nancy looked at the classroom clock,
which now showed almost eight thirty.  She had managed to down the first
pitcher of water and half of the second, and her stomach was noticeably
distended, and she felt the uncomfortable fullness.  "I can't drink any more.
I'm completely full," she told Alice.  She got a cold response, "you've got
almost a quart to go.  But we have time. And it's time to change your

She was led up the platform and made to stand on it, her back to the post.  Her
handcuffs were unlocked, her hands positioned around the post behind her, then
locked on her wrists again.  Now she was effectively fastened to the post; and
she could move her legs, or more her body up or down, but she could not move
away from the post.  Also, she could not use her hands.

She had dried off a bit, and, while still cold and having noticeable goose
bumps, the cold was no longer a major discomfort.  Her body was warming the
cold water in her distended stomach, and she wondered how she was expected to
drink more water with her hands cuffed behind her.

Her question was answered, when one of the boys held the pitcher up to her,
with a bent straw in it, which Alice slipped into her moth.  "Finish it" was
the command.   The boys watched as the water slowly passed into her.
Meanwhile, Alice kept up a running commentary on how her stomach functioned.
Suddenly, she turned to the class.  "This lady's bladder was so empty you
couldn't feel it half an hour ago.  See who can feel it now!" Several boys
tried, observing that they could, indeed, feel a fullness in her lower abdomen.
Alice questioned them about kidney function and the urinary system.  One boy
promptly asked, "When will she let it out?  Can we see her do it?" There was a
chorus of other questions.  Another asked, "When it comes out, where will it
come from?  I can't see the hole where her pee - I mean her urine -  comes

By nine, Alice had managed to finish the water.  Her stomach felt terribly
bloated, and now her bladder felt full, too. She knew it was useless to ask to
relieve herself, but she soon commented quite loudly, "That boy was right - I
really would like to go to the bathroom."  Alice responded, asking the boys if
any had been in a situation where they needed to urinate but couldn't do so.
Several minutes passed while several boys recited such events.  Alice told a
story on herself, about traveling in a car, when there was no rest stop
available.  Nancy's discomfort was just getting worse, as she listened.  Alice
asked the class, "How did you feel, when you had a very full bladder and you
just had to hold it?  I'll bet it hurt, didn't it?" Several boys agreed.  "How
do think this lady's bladder feels, now?  And, remember, she's not allowed to
empty it - right now, she doesn't know what's coming next, but she knows she
has to just keep on holding it.  Do you think it's hurting he!
 r?  Nancy, tell them how it feels."

Nancy, feeling growing discomfort turning to pain, tried to explain her
feelings to the class. Having to do this just added, of course, to the

Soon, Clarence came into the room, announcing he had to check her.  He felt her
abdomen, as many of the boys had, and told Alice, "she's filling nicely, and
I'm going to consider that her three hours of discomfort start now, but she can
hold a lot more. She did yesterday.  How much did you put in her?" "A full
gallon - she wasn't enthusiastic!  And she complains of the cold, so she's not
sweating.  Can I do a urination demo for the boys in a few minutes?  She'll
fill up again, fast, and I only need to let her pee a little bit, so the boys
can see.  OK?"

Clarence agreed, Nancy was pleased to hear.  Alice lectured the boys on how
women urinate, and why they usually did so seated instead of standing.  She
said, "We can't allow to sit, but I will let her squat, like women usually do
outdoors, and you can all watch her urinate a little bit. "   She made Nancy
squat as she was able, her back straight against the post, and positioned her
legs as wide as Nancy could get them.  A dishpan-type receptacle was found, and
placed under her.  The boys crowded around.  Nancy was told to urinate, and be
ready to stop on command.  She let go, and the boys watched, eyes glued to
Nancy's genital area.  Alice let them watch for about ten seconds, then
commended Nancy to stop and stand up.  Of course, she had to gradually work her
way up the post, cuffed as she was, but managed.  Her bladder felt a bit
better, still quite uncomfortable.

The class changed, and a new group of boys brought in, about the same number.
Again, Alice delivered a lecture on female anatomy, and again the boys were
allowed to approach Nancy, gently feeling  her breasts, stomach, and abdomen.
Again, Alice explained the process to which Nancy had been subjected, and
invited the boys to feel her distended bladder.  After about half an hour, she
was again required to give a urination demonstration, limited to about ten

It was now nearly eleven o'clock, and Nancy was now in severe pain.  While
Clarence had begun her timing for discomfort at nine, she now hadn't emptied
herself for three hours, except for two ten second discharges.  Clarence
checked her again, before the next class started.  He arranged for her to be
made to stand, and her hands were uncuffed, but then she was cuffed to the
rings at the top of the post, so she had to stand with her arms behind her
head, in a posture which compelled her to stand fully erect.  Because was both
cold and suffering severe abdominal stress, she was trying to stand with her
legs together, a posture which Clarence adjusted by fastening her legs to the
platform rings, holding them spread apart.  She was in a most uncomfortable
posture, but her body was ideally exposed for Alice's teaching.  Alice
presented her anatomy lesson to the next group of boys.

Nancy was oblivious to the boys, to Alice, to everything except the aching,
piercing pain in the abdomen from her vastly overstretched bladder.  This was,
indeed, the worst it had been so far!  She wasn't sweating out the water, the
relief she had been allowed was little, and it was two hours after she had
consumed a gallon of water.  Then, in the middle of Alice's lecture, she called
out, "You've got to let me pee!  I'm starting to leak, and I can't hold it any
longer - not any longer at all!" Her distress was real, and she was trying with
all her might to clench her muscles tightly around her urethra to stop the
leakage she was feeling, but the internal pressure was just too great. Tears
streamed down her face, as she suffered the emotional impact of a failure, that
she feared might subject her to another day of exhibition - in the horrid dock,

Alice looked at her lower body, with something approaching contempt, and
addressed the boys. "It looks as though she can't hold it any longer, so she's
probably going to receive an extension on her punishment.  You can see what
happens when her muscles tire out, and...., well, get a good look at how a
woman pees involuntarily when she's trying to hold."

Alice placed a pan under Nancy to catch the dripping, then told her, "Well, you
didn't manage to hold it completely. If you only leak a little, you'll get only
a few hours extension.  I'm calling Clarence- if I find a quart of water in
that pan, I'm sure he'll give you another day on the post!  I I really didn't
think a woman as old as you could pass the test.!"

A few minutes later, with the class eagerly watching the dripping and observing
her contorted expressions and muscular straining, Clarence returned.  He looked
at Nancy, sadly shaking his head.  "Sorry, Mrs. Johnson, but I'll have to give
you extended time. Look, I know you're hurting pretty bad, but if you just keep
on leaking a little, like you are now, I'll only give you two extra hours
today.  Alice, do you need another short pee demonstration?"   Alice shook her
head, but the boys obviously wanted it.  "Mrs. Johnson, you're just leaking in
spurts.  I 'm going to allow you a fifteen second time to relieve yourself so
the boys can get a good look.  If you can stop it after that, you'll only get a
two hour extension."

Nancy tried to release herself.  Her muscles were so tensed with the tight
clenching she had been doing, though, they wouldn't quickly relax.  She really
couldn't get her bladder to cooperate and start relieving itself, except for
the occasional small spurt.  She tried pushing as hard as she could, but it
just didn't work. Clarence was watching his watch.  "Mrs. Johnson, I gave you
fifteen seconds, and you haven't really started, but you are leaking.  You have
to either to get started or we drop the idea. I'll give you two minutes to get
going, because I realize you are having trouble."

Alice and the boys were enjoying this immensely.  Alice was straining as hard
to release her urine as she had been to hold it.  Suddenly her stream started -
she was now pushing as hard as she could to get as much as possible out in the
fifteen seconds allowed her.  A torrent poured forth, splashing all over the
pan and the platform.

The fifteen seconds passed rapidly; Nancy was given a countdown, and managed to
stop, with great effort, and just a few seconds late.  The pan was removed, and
Nancy was told to stand there as the lesson was resumed.  No one offered to
wipe her, and urine drops were left on her legs and bottom, even on her feet.
Somehow, she endured the rest of the time, until twelve.  Clarence appeared, as
Alice dismissed the class and the last group of boys left reluctantly.

He took her off the platform, hands cuffed behind her, as she asked?   "What
next?  Do I really get two more hours of being displayed like a piece of meat?"
Clarence didn't answer immediately.  He felt her abdomen, checking her bladder.
"It should still be hurting you a bit", he announced, quite unnecessarily.
"I'd like to take you for pee demonstrations on the playground, but it would
relieve you too much. I'm sorry, but I really have no choice but to take you to
the Exhibition Dock for an hour.  I think all of us would like to get this over
as soon as possible."

He walked her across the playground to the car, followed closely by crowd of
watching boys.  She was ushered into the car, and they drove from the school.

The drive took a while, and her bladder was more and more painful.  She had
been holding her urine so much in the last couple of days she was beginning to
worry that she might be doing herself some internal harm.  She asked, even
begged, Clarence to allow her to relieve herself, even slightly, pointing out
that even in the dock, she had been allowed a small amount of relief every
hour.  Finally, he relented, "but you will have to do it here and now!" he
snapped, impatiently.  The car pulled up to a curb in a busy part of town.  He
opened the door, took her out, stark naked, and told her she had twenty seconds
to get as much relief as she could.

She stood, unclad and barefoot, on the hot pavement beside the car, while
numerous bystanders gawked at the sight.  The hot street hurt her feet, and she
shifted rapidly from one foot to the other. She tried to squat, as best she
could with the handcuffs holding her hands, and urinated a forceful stream into
the gutter.  After a few seconds, Clarence commended her to stop, which she did
painfully, and  returned to the car.

The relief did not end her internal discomfort, as the pressure was still
hurting.  She sat and rode for another twenty minutes or so, until they arrived
at the dreaded dock.  The policemen unlocked the gate, and they drove inside.
Outside, a small group of men, unaware that an exhibition would take place
today, began to turn and look through the fence.

Nancy was taken from the car.  Before mounting the platform, Clarence
unfastened her handcuffs and presented her with a plastic container of water.
"This is one quart, and you are to drink it now. I won't make you drink more.
Just remember, you are not to urinate a drop in the next hour or you get a time
extension.  And I am going to lock you into a rather uncomfortable position, so
you will feel the required discomfort."   Nancy was apprehensive, but gulped
down the water, thankful that it was her last.

She was stood on the platform, and the shackles attached to her wrists and
ankles.  She found out quickly what Clarence meant; her legs were spread widely
apart, and the chains locked to her her in that posture.  Then her two hands
were lifted above her head, and locked to the attach points above her.
Clarence inspected his handwork, then signaled for the gate to be opened and
the spectators admitted.

A fairly small group of men, about fifteen, came into the compound, and stood
around the platform, on which Nancy was now the sole bit of exhibition.
Obviously, as this event was unscheduled and unadvertised, the number available
to watch was small, and that lessened some her humiliation.  They stood and
looked, moving to get the best view, often stooping to look up between her
widely separated legs.

The position was cramped, and her leg muscles began to hurt.  Her bladder was
already painful, and she was starting to sweat profusely in the heat.  She
could shift some of her body weight to her arms, at least, and used this method
to lessen the load on her cramped legs.  Could she last an hour?  It didn't
sound so long, but every minute was becoming torture.  She wondered if Ralph
knew what she was being subject to, today.

She watched the clock.  The minutes slowly passed.  She tried to hold herself
up partly with her arms, and clenched her abdominal muscles to restrain her

Finally, the minute hand reached the end of the hour.  Clarence stood by,
plastic container in hand.  As she squirmed tortuously through her final
moments, he held the container under her, and then announced, "Time's up!  You
can let it go, now.  Let's see what you have been holding!"

Again it took her almost two minutes to relax her clenched sphincters enough to
permit the flow to begin.  The onlookers watched eagerly as her stream
commenced.  What would have caused her profound embarrassment a couple of days
ago, now mean only a blessed relief. She pushed her stream as hard as she
could.  The men just stared.

At length Clarence declared, "Well, you're getting better.  You've filled this
one, let me empty it and get another. Now stop your water.."   She labored to
cut off the stream, while a new container was obtained.  Finally she was
allowed to release her flow again, and she eagerly did so.  The stream slowed
and stopped.  Clarence waited a moment.  "More?" He asked her.  "Yes - a little
more - just a moment.."  After a bit of hesitation, the stream started again,
became strong, then stopped finally.

Clarence checked the measurements.  "Thirty nine ounces.  Not quite as much as
you held yesterday, but it will make the grade.  I think you're finished.
Sorry?"   She smiled with relief, as the locks were unfastened.  With her legs
feeling cramps and her arms exhausted and numb, she was helped to the car, and
collapsed in the rear seat.

She closed her eyes in relief.  Oblivious to the stares that came through the
window, she rode back to the police station.  As they arrived, she became very
much aware that all of the water had not left her, and she again felt a need
for  relief.  She was taken to the prep room, and told to sit.  "May I relieve
myself?  I have finished my punishment!" she requested.   "Just a few minutes",
Clarence told her.  "I am prepared to certify that you have met the punishment
requirements.  But your sentence included something else - you are a foreigner,
and the agreement for corporal punishment specified that you would leave
immediately upon release.  I cannot release you tonight.  You must go for a
hearing before the magistrate in the morning, at which time he will approve the
arrangements for your deportation, which I assume your husband has arranged for
tomorrow; and, if so, you can be released then!  In the meantime, you will
remain here, as you were last night.  In the morning,!
  you will be taken to the magistrate at ten o'clock."

"May I have my clothes?"

"You may have your underwear, when you go to your room.  It is up to the
magistrate to decide what to do in the morning."

Nancy, chagrined at spending another night incarcerated, considered that she
would again be brought into a public courtroom, before the magistrate and  a
crowd of people, her husband and her attorney, wearing just her underwear.

She returned to her assigned room.  She used the toilet to relieve her urinary
distress, then she started to put on her underwear, but reflected that it badly
needed washing.  She decided to wash her bra and panties in the sink using the
bar of soap given her.  She spread them on the table to dry, and then washed
herself as best she could.

Later, her meal arrived. She ate it naked, no longer caring that the man who
brought it could see her body.  She flopped on the cot and was quickly asleep.

The Last Day

Midnight arrived.  Her door opened.  A police officer entered, one she had not
met before.  She sat upright, tried to cover herself upon realizing she was
naked.  He addressed her, "I have orders to move you to another room until
morning.  Take your..... clothes...... and come with me." She grabbed her still
damp panties and bra, and, holding them in front of her, started to follow.  He
stopped her.  "I suggest you use the toilet first.   You will likely regret it
if you don't!"   Nancy as was taken aback at this new indignity.  However, she
had come too far to risk further punishment now.  She sat on the toilet and
urinated, profusely, as she recognized the amount of water that had still been
in her body.

The officer took her to another room.  It was smaller than the one she had been
using, with a small barred window and a cot.  There was no sink, no toilet, and
no table.   He left her there, and locked the barred door.

She draped her damp underwear on the foot of the cot, and lay prone on it,
uncovered.  What can they still do to me, she thought.

Morning came.  No one came to attend to her, though she was aware of traffic in
the hall.  Once or twice, someone in the hall peered into her room, looking at
her naked form, still prone on the cot.

Finally, a familiar voice came to her, with the unlocking of the door.
Clarence slipped inside.

"Are you ready for your final day?"

"I suppose.  But why was I moved?  And why am I in this room without a toilet?
May I please be allowed to use one?" she asked, as she slipped on her panties
and bra.

"You will go the magistrate's hearing at ten.  That a little over an hour from
now.  In the meantime, we will give you some breakfast.  When you go to the
hearing, the magistrate will establish the arrangements for your deportation,
which you will need to accept, as will your husband and attorney.  The
magistrate gave orders as to how your are to appear, which is the reason for
your room change."

"Why did he want my room changed?"

"The magistrate expects you to cooperate with the arrangements.  He sometimes
finds foreigners argue about these things, and he doesn't like arguments.  He
wants you in a mood to cooperate, and that is why these changes.  "

"I don't see what this has to do with my room - the other one was better..."

"The magistrate has ordered that you not be allowed to urinate after midnight,
until the hearing is over.  He assumes you will have a full bladder, which you
should be used to by now.  You will be taken in handcuffs, as you are still a
prisoner.  And you are to be allowed only one piece of clothing, in this case
your bra, for the hearing.   I will handcuff your hands in front of you and you
will hold your hands in front of your lower body to cover your private parts.
The magistrate feels that if you are in this condition, you will be more
cooperative and the hearing will be over quickly".

Nancy handled her breakfast tray well, despite her growing discomfort.  She
felt humiliated, especially knowing that her husband and her attorney would see
her appear in court wearing only a bra, and suffering discomfort which they
might be unaware of.

The appointed time came.  She was taken into the court room, exposed to the
stares of a crowd of people.  She walked in, holding her cuffed hands in front
of her pubic region, her bare hips exposed to the numerous on lookers.  Ralph
and the attorney came up beside her, Ralph with a stunned expression.  The
attorney immediately began to protest her almost totally unclothed appearance
and began a lengthy argument for her release.  Both he and Ralph explained to
the judge that they held tickets for Ralph and Nancy on a plane to depart at 4
oçlock that afternoon, and asked for her release into Ralph's custody until
that time.   Nancy heard only part of the discussion, distracted as she was by
her internal discomfort and her attempts to cover her private area with her
handcuffed hands.

After some legal motions and discussion, the magistrate seemingly tired of the
proceedings, which he hastily brought to an conclusion.  He announced, "The
prisoner is to be deported this afternoon on the four oçlock flight, for which
her husband has made arrangements.  She will remain in custody until that time.
Her clothing and any other belongings are to be released to her husband
immediately after this hearing.  She is to be taken to the airport in police
custody, where she is to be released only when she is at the aircraft boarding
location and a boarding pass for her has been produced.  Since she has
completed her punishment requirements, further discomfort will not be inflicted
upon her, and she is to be allowed to relieve herself when the hearing is over
- but only once, until she released from custody.  This matter is now
concluded!" He waved them from the room.

Back in the prep room, Nancy stood, still in only a bra, with the police
officer, her attorney, and Ralph.  Clarence escorted her to the women's toilet,
and waited outside the door while she attended to her now urgent needs, though
with some difficulty since her hands were still in handcuffs.  After she was
brought back to the room, Clarence unlocked her hands, and told her to take off
her bra and give it to Ralph.  In utter humiliation, Nancy removed her last
garment as directed, and handed it to her husband, now standing nude in front
of the three men.

Clarence allowed her short embrace with Ralph, before he and George, the
attorney, were taken from the room.  "See you at the airport--" was Ralph's
last, forced cheerful, reply.

Clarence took Nancy back to the room in which she been held that morning. He
told her she would remain there, naked, with no access to a toilet, but would
be given a lunch later.  She would, he assured her, be taken to the airport
when the time came.

Periodically, persons passing in the hall would stop to look at her through the
barred door.  She hardly tried to cover herself, now, becoming somewhat
hardened to the constant display of her unclad body.  She received her lunch,
ate and drank, and waited for the time of her promised departure.

As time passed, she again was feeling the pressure in her bladder, which she
knew she could not relieve.  It was becoming quite uncomfortable about half
past two, when Clarence and another policeman appeared at her door and unlocked
it.   "Come", Clarence bade her, and handcuffed her hands behind her. They then
escorted her. barefoot and nude, through the police station, and to a car
waiting outside.  She was ushered in, and driven to the airport.

The police car was driven through the airport's secure areas, and then stopped
while Clarence and and accompanying officer handled paperwork with airport
officials.  Nancy was left in back seat of the car, attracting stares of
workers.  Eventually, Clarence and his companion returned, and she was driven
to the ramp side of the airport, a short distance from a waiting aircraft.  She
could see people boarding.  "When do I get my clothes back?" Nancy asked, in an
irritated voice.

"When you are aboard, if your husband has them with him", was the answer.
Nancy found it hard to believe that she would expected to walk up the steps to
the airplane naked, but gradually it sank into her that this indeed the final
indignity they intended to impose upon her.

Finally, she saw Ralph walk up the aircraft steps, and enter the airplane.
Clarence went over to the aircraft, picked up a card from Ralph inside, then
returned to the car.  "Time to say good-by, Mrs. Johnson", he said, opening the

Nancy stepped out, eager to be away from this place, horrified by her nude
condition in such a public place, and feeling increasing pain from her
distended bladder.  She stepped from the car, feeling the hot pavement on her
bare feet.  Still handcuffed, she started to walk toward the steps, hardly
aware of eyes focusing upon her from all sides. She spotted a drainage grill in
the ramp area, in front of her.  In a desperate measure, she stopped, squatted
over it, and began a torrential urination.  Clarence gave her a few seconds,
then roughly took her arm, lifted her up, and propelled her towards the
aircraft steps.

The passengers inside had a startling view.  They could see a naked, plumpish
middle-aged  woman being pulled toward the aircraft, hands cuffed behind her,
urine streaming from her crotch and leaving a wet trail behind her as she moved
to the steps.  At the foot of the steps, Clarence removed her handcuffs,
glancing at the liquid still pouring from her.

Avoiding all eye contact, she climbed up the steps, finally stopping her water
half way up.  She moved inside the door, aware of a female flight attendant
looking at her, almost in unbelief. But, to her great relief, Ralph was
standing at the door, with her clothes hanging over his arm.  He greeted her
enthusiastically, and she  broke his embrace quickly to snap on her bra and
pull on her underpants, then, a bit more slowly, she donned her blouse and
skirt.  Ralph escorted her to a passenger seat.  From under the seat, he
produced her shoes.  She smiled.  Outside, she saw Clarence and the police car
awaiting the departure.

The door was closed, and the flight departed.  As they climbed into the air,
she sagged into the seat next to Ralph, trying to erase the ordeal from her
mind.  Free at least.  The attendant offered drinks, for which she was
grateful.  But shortly, a familiar discomfort returned to her.  She felt the
demands of her bladder, still not completely relieved.  She spoke to Ralph,
"Let me out - I need to use the lavatory before the meal service."

Ralph looked at the flight attendant, now with a serving cart in the aisle.
"Not now", he replied.  "Wait until after dinner".  Then he added,
thoughtfully, "I know you can hold it!".

Nancy gave him a wry smile.