Who's Under the Bed? by Fictitious Slave

Who's Under the Bed?
by Fictitious Slave

Author's Note: I wasn't really going for a work of classic literature, I just went for the classic components: bondage, check. Lesbians, check. Orgasms, check. Any other boxes you wish it filled?

The lock on the door clicked as I turned the key. The flight had been long, the seats had been uncomfortable and my husband had forgotten to pick me up from the airport. As I opened the front door to our house I shrugged my travel bag off my shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Unpacking could wait until tomorrow!

I slipped off my smart high heeled shoes and padded up the staircase, my nylon covered feet made very little sound on the carpet until I reached the creaky step. Our house was old and it had more than it's fair share of noisy floorboards and wonky walls!

As I slipped into the bedroom I could see my husband curled up under the covers. Quietly I peeled off my clothes and slid between the warm sheets alongside his naked body, and my hand traced his unconscious boner as I settled into place. In the warm room my eyes drooped as I relaxed into the deep pillows.

"I didn't know you'd be back tonight..." muttered my husband behind a yawn, the erection beneath the sheets fading.

Something wasn't right...

Quickly I shuffled to the edge of the bed and glanced over the side. My husband jumped as my eyes adjusted to the dark.

"It's not what you think..." He began, it was exactly what I thought! There, under the bed, naked as the day she was born, was a pretty little blonde. With rope tied around her ankles, knees and wrists she couldn't move anywhere in a hurry.

Leaping out of my bed I confronted my husband. "Out!"

Silently he reached for his trousers but I shook my head. "Out!" I repeated. Despite his protestations he was soon outside the front door, exposed to the elements, watching helplessly as I turned the key in the lock. I pulled the curtains closed. He could find himself somewhere else to sleep tonight! With my husband safely evicted I returned to the bedroom to find his muse.

I don't actually mind my husband playing around, we both work crazy hours all around the world and sometimes a quick shag on the side is a great end to an evening. The reason my husband was currently circling our house looking for a way in while cupping his genitals with both hands was the fact his latest squeeze was in my bedroom, in my sheets, while I'm waiting for him to pick me up from the airport!

In not a sadistic woman by nature but I was going to have fun now. There was no way this little blonde beauty was ever going to want to sleep with my husband again!

I examined the pretty little thing as I re entered the bedroom. I knew from experience that my husband's bondage skills were second only to the professionals' and in testament to them the captured beauty had only managed to struggle a few feet across the floor. I had to admit, the man had taste. The pint-sized cutie had a pretty face behind her bedraggled hair, her ass was perfectly complemented by the bindings around her knees and ankles, and the expression of fear on her face was priceless. I noticed for the first time a dark red rubber ball protruding from her lips. The bastard had used my ballgag on her!

It took a minute for me to reassure the trembling girl that I wasn't going to hurt her! Quickly I reached into the discarded bondage bag which lay a few feet away, and to her surprise I fastened her elbows together tightly with a length of matching hemp rope. Manhandling the young woman was a simple task and moments later I was examining my prisoner's breasts. The fleshy tits rolled under my hands and her nipples hardened to my touch. Wasting no time I retrieved another length of hemp rope and wrapped them firmly until the restricted bloodflow caused them to darken and swell.

With my slave moaning under my touch I rolled her onto the floor in preparation for the hogtie.

The young girl's back arched beautifully as I tightened the ropes, with her weight resting on her bound tits and her arms and legs completely immobilised she had no chance to resist as I braided the rope into her hair and forced her head back towards her bound toes. Lost in the intensity of the moment she closed her eyes, relinquishing control to her new mistress.

Satisfied that my prisoner's bondage was complete I sat myself down in front of her. I was very aware of my nudity as I placed one leg either side of her bound frame. With her hair tied to her toes there was nowhere for her to look other than at my neatly trimmed pussy.

"Right." I stated as I pushed some stray bangs from her eyes "you've been fucking my husband which I believe makes you indebted to me. I'm going to take your gag out and when I do you're going to use that pretty little mouth of yours to make me cum." She looked nervously at me. "Right now you're weighing your options but remember I've been in that hogtie. You think that's tight? Believe me, it's not tight until those sexy toes of yours are pressed against the top of your head!" Her eyes widened.

Slowly I removed the gag from her mouth and slid forward on the carpet. "And once you've made me cum I'm going to ensure that you never want to fuck my husband again!"

Apparently convinced by my threat and eager to make sure she pleased me before I took my revenge the bound girl began eagerly lapping away at my pussy. I love oral sex from almost any participant but there's something special about getting it from another woman. Perhaps it's their awareness of how good it feels? Whatever the reason my slave's enthusiasm left nothing to be desired. The sight of her hair tugging her feet each time her head moved only added to the eroticism.

Despite briefly attempting to hold back the tide I could feel my orgasm bearing down on me like a tidal wave. Caught in the moment I pulled my prisoner's head deep into my pussy. Ignoring her muffled cries of protest at her pulled hair I thrashed in pleasure as the climax escaped me.

Glowing with the aftermath I looked at my slave, forcefully I rolled her onto her side. Lovingly I stroked my tingling clit, enjoying the sensations as the wave faded. My fingers were dripping wet...

"I can see two ways to do this," I addressed the bound girl lying on her side before me, "I don't want you fucking my husband again... So we have two options. Pain," I slapped down hard on her bound breast, the sensitive flesh shook on impact and the girl cried out "or pleasure..." I slipped my well-lubricated hand between her immobilised thighs and made contact with her clit. Her eyes closed and she shuddered in response. "So which will it be?" I asked.

"Please don't hit me..." she muttered between gasps. So it was decided, I was going to make this slave cum until she begged for mercy. If she'd desired my husband that was nothing to how she'd feel after a session with me! With a wicked grin on my face I slipped my finger deep into her pussy.

Toying with a girl whose legs are bound together is not easy, the key is lots of lubrication. After squeezing almost an entire tube onto my hand I easily slipped my fingers between the thighs of my captive. The girl offered no resistance as I massaged her clit, driving her wild with my hands. First one finger then another slipped inside her, attacking her g-spot from within and toying with her clit with my thumb drove the poor girl over the edge.

Her eyes rolled back in her head as the orgasm rushed over her, her mouth opened and she gasped skyward as I continued my relentless assault on her pussy. With no chance of escape and no lull in my work the pint sized blonde was helpless.

I had begun to lose track of the poor girl’s orgasms but after either five or six I relented. The tiny creature was now a puddle of juices, sweat, and bliss in my arms. Gently I held her head, wrapping my arms around her tightly bound frame.

"So, do we understand each other?" I asked. Carefully she nodded, her hair was still tethered to her feet and restricted her movement. Reluctantly I untied my plaything, she’d been a most enjoyable evening of entertainment. Shakely she gathered her clothes from various corners of the room before padding down the stairs and letting herself out.

I never did find out her name...

The End

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