Sex Ed
by Fictitious Slave

Author's Note: Perhaps we'd have learnt more if our classes had been more like this?

It was the last session of a Friday afternoon and my friends and I were in seated in our class waiting for our teacher. It was time for our annual class of "Sexual and Relationship Health", the latest name of a government initiative which instructed schools to provide each student at least an hour of Sex Ed a year. The teachers thought the parents should do it, the parents thought the schools should do it. We didn't care either way. We were now the oldest students in school, most of us had already lost our virginity anyway and those that hadn't had certainly spent enough time on the internet that labelling diagrams would be a completely pointless exercise. Being a private school often had it's advantages, our teachers were often a lot more capable than their equivalents and the school was given a lot more independence when planning curriculum. This was unfortunately a necessary class.

Any minute now some poor teacher would walk though the door and uncomfortably try to teach a group of 18 year olds about STDs, respect and contraception. I could just imagine it being Mr Michaels, our crusty old physics teacher.

My eyes perked up when Miss Smith entered, I had to admit her talking to us may at least give some relief to the boredom. Miss Smith was in her late twenties or early thirties, she had long dark hair which she tied back in a pony tail and dark brown eyes which she often hid behind wide rimmed glasses. As usual she wore her charcoal grey lady's suit with a white top underneath, the hips of the suit accentuated her figure showing off her natural curves. Much to my disappointment she taught English, which I no longer studied.

She closed the door behind her and marched to the front of the class, she studied our faces for a minute. Twenty one students looked back at her, the boredom was already showing in their faces.

"Good afternoon," she greeted the class. There were a few mutters of response, she removed her glasses and placed them on the desk behind her. "Mike, can you close the blinds please?"

Mike reluctantly got to his feet and began to work his way around the outer walls closing the binds to the outside world. Miss Smith leaned forward and started the projector, several of the class looked up catching a glimpse of her cleavage. As she stood up the title of the class was projected on the screen above her head.

My head was on my hand as I began to select the daydream to occupy myself for the next 60 minutes, I checked the clock. Nearly time to go home...

"I'm here to talk to you about relationships," the young woman began. I felt myself slipping further into my daydream, It was clearly a bad sign when your teacher was too nervous to use the word sex. As attractive as she was my focus was all but gone. "I thought I'd do something different this year." She continued "I'm sure you've all had the standard class many times before and there have been a few mainstream books released recently exploring some other themes I decided I'm going to discuss bondage and bdsm with you today."

With that statement I think the entire class woke up. "It's slightly off topic, but I think it's an interesting subject nonetheless."

She tapped a key on her laptop and the first slide appeared on the projector behind her, it showed an image of a young nude woman tightly tied with rope, an older man stood above her fully clothed watching. The image was black and white and high quality, as well as being clearly erotic it was also beautifully taken, the photographer had managed to capture the sexuality and trust between the two models. I liked it, in fact I had several images like it in my porn archive at home!

"When a couple are enjoying bdsm activities one often takes the role of a submissive, the other a dominant. The submissive often enjoys handing over mastery to their partner, the dominant in turn has complete control over the situation, clearly while one partner is immobilised the other has to drive the activity." She paused for a moment while she reached behind her and clicked a key on her laptop to another similar picture. "Bondage is a tool which is often used to heighten the dominant/submissive relationship, by restricting the submissive's movement it makes them more dependent on their partner both for safety and sexual gratification. While the safety is a major factor it's not going to be the main focus today." She grinned "I'm sure you're all sensible enough not to run off and leave your partner alone in such a vulnerable position!"

"Right if you can all go and stand next to your partners" she instructed. I looked around, people were quickly pairing up. There had been some ambiguity on whether she'd meant work partners or relationship partners, not wanting to take the chance most people had opted for the latter. Better than that having an uncomfortable moment with your mate from the football team! This is where I had a problem, I didn't have a girlfriend. Quickly I glanced at my ex Claire but she had promptly positioned herself next to her latest crush. By the time I'd looked around again the rest of the class were paired up, to my surprise even Mandy one of the (shall we larger?) girls in the class had sat next to someone. The geek, last to be picked in teams.

Meanwhile Miss Smith had wheeled out a rack from the storage cupboard behind her. Hanging from it were hemp ropes of various lengths. "Ethan, you can work with me." she instructed.

Addressing the class she spoke again "Please discuss in your pairs which would like to play the role of the dominant and which the submissive. Once you've done that one person from each pair can come to the front and take one of the ten foot pieces of rope." She indicated some shorter lengths at one end of the equipment rack before turning to me.

"Ethan," she smiled "Dom or sub?" she asked. My mind whirred and completely failed to find it's gear "Erm, dom Miss?" I managed to babble. She nodded and reached for one of the shortest pieces of rope.

Once the class was settled she spoke again, all eyes were on her. "The basic principal for almost any tie is the same." she explained, uncoiling the rope and passing it to me. To say this was the shortest length available it certainly seemed long enough to me. My teacher turned to me and placed her wrists together, hands pointing towards me. The gesture caused her breasts to press together under her suit jacket. "Ethan, take the two ends of the rope and put them together." I did as I was told, "Keeping those ends together work your hands along to find the middle." my hands slid along the rope to the loop formed at the other end of the rope.

"Keeping the rope doubled take the ends through that loop so it creates a noose and place it over my wrists." I'd seen videos of this online many times so I knew what she wanted me to do. I slipped the loop over her wrists and as she indicated wrapped the ends around several times.

"Now we're approaching the end take those ends and feed them through the original loop." with some difficulty I found the starting loop in the coils or rope and fed the ends through it. "This next part is called the cinch," she explained to the watching class "as it is a person could wriggle their wrists out of the coils. However by wrapping several times between the wrists it tightens the bonds and makes it near impossible to escape." she nodded encouragingly at me. A few moments later I had cinched her wrists and tied off the ends. For demonstration purposes she strained against the bonds, as promised her hands were firmly captured.

"Working in your pairs give it a try." she instructed "Make sure the coils are not too tight, but restrictive enough so that the sub cannot escape. They should not be painful but they should be secure." Turning to me she gestured, "Would you mind?"

I worked the rope off my teacher's wrists, "Do you want another go?" she asked. While tying her hands for a second time I marvelled at the situation we were in, I couldn't help but appreciate the subtle view which formed at the neckline each time I pulled her wrists together. After a couple more tries I was left to my own devices while Miss Smith walked among the other students, critiquing their ties.

The class was certainly appearing to go down well, the doms were becoming proficient quite quickly, and subs all over the room were struggling against tied hands. Some escaped, not many! By the end almost everyone was suitably restrained. A quick glance told me that most (but not all) the pairs had the girl as the sub. I looked for (but couldn't see) any girl/girl pairings, which I decided was a pity.

Miss Smith had returned to the front of the class, "Ethan can you grab two more ropes please, a twenty footer and a forty footer." while I turned to retrieve the two ropes from the rack she addressed the rest of the group. "Very good, I'd like to try something a bit more difficult using that technique. Doms, first can you release your subs. Once you've done that we're going to need some space, so please move the desks and chairs to the outside of the room so we've got an open area in front of my desk."

Students bustled in various directions as I returned to Miss Smith's side. She checked the ropes I'd selected were the correct length before lying them on her desk beside the one we'd used for her wrists. Once the clatter of moving the furniture had died down she addressed the class again.

"For the next tie, I'd recommend any ladies who are acting as subs to remove their tops. Blouses and bras can make it very difficult and can snag on ropes and knots." I'm sure my jaw must have dropped visibly, however without pausing Miss Smith slid the suit jacked off her shoulders and placed it on the desk behind her. A moment later the white top followed, revealing her breasts held in a lacy black bra. She paused for a moment "Obviously wait until Ethan and I have shown you what you're going to be doing first." she added. Without waiting for a reaction she reached behind her back, unhooked her bra and threw it alongside her other clothes on the desk.

I'd not really looked at Miss Smith this way before, don't get me wrong she was far from unattractive but there were certain other members of staff who were younger and (in my opinion) more appealing. Having said that the full chested lady in front of us was quickly eroding that belief. She stood with her hands on her hips emphasising her feminine figure, she was slim and in good shape and had large breasts which appeared full and round despite being robbed of their support. Quickly she removed her glasses.

"Now Ethan, if you would. I want you to tie my hands the same way as before, but this time I want them behind my back." turning away from me my teacher linked her hands behind her and waited expectantly.

There are some times in life when you should show restraint, however I maintain that when confronted with an attractive (not to mention partially dressed) lady demanding that you tie her up, it is not one of them. Ignoring my classmates I picked up the length of rope I'd used earlier and as I'd practised wrapped it several times behind her wrists before cinching it.

After a quick test of her bonds Miss Smith turned back to face the class "Ok, in your pairs tie your sub's hands behind their back." the class began to disperse into the room. The girls did as instructed and began to undress, the only male sub I could see seemed unsure how to proceed, deciding he didn't want to be the only one left clothed he also removed his shirt. I couldn't help but watch out of the corner of my eye as Claire began to unbutton her blouse, and a moment later it was joined by her bra on one of the upturned tables around the outside of the room. I felt my erection stirring in my trousers, Claire and I had been together for a month but I had never seen her topless before and her chest was smaller than I'd fantasised. She must have been very interested in her latest target.

After a few minutes there were eleven pairs of bound hands in the room, the group began to reform around my teacher and myself. Miss Smith began to speak again but it took me a minute to look up, my eyes straining away from the flesh in front of me.

"Ethan, can you reach the middle length of rope now please?" my instructor asked. I obliged and automatically unfastened the knot and found the midpoint of the rope.

"Good," she commented as she turned away from me again "I want you to make the loop the same as before, however this time I want you to wrap it around my elbows."

I complied and wrapped the rope mid way up her arms.

"Now," continued Miss Smith "you'll find that different people have different amounts of flexibility in their shoulders, and the dom will have to gauge how close together your elbows can go before hurting." She nodded at me, indicating that I should tighten the loop and pull her arms together. "I know that I'm very flexible, so Ethan, you should be able to gently apply pressure until my elbows are touching behind my back."

As promised her elbows came together without too much resistance, and I began to wrap around her arms several more times.

"For my elbows I want you to cinch after three or four wraps." she instructed, and I did as I was told and held the trailing rope in my hands. "Because my elbows are wider than my wrists we need to secure the rope at the top so it doesn't simply slide off." my teacher explained. "You should have the two ends in your hand now. Take the ends and feed them up under my left arm, over my shoulder and behind my neck and finally down underneath my right arm. You can now tie the wraps around my elbows to the rope on the back of my neck." she finished. Slowly I worked the rope around, following her instructions and secured the elbow cinch as she'd described. To make her point she gave a few squirms to try to slide the rope down her arm, as she'd promised the rope held her securely in place. Satisfied that I'd demonstrated correctly she turned back to the class.

"Your sub will quickly discover that being tied at the elbows creates a very intense feeling, as it restricts almost all movement in the arms. Give it a try in your pairs."

I admired my handiwork as Miss Smith strolled among the class as they attempted to copy what they had seen me do. Sure enough, my knots remained firmly in place holding her arms behind her back. I watched the attempts of my fellow students and was quite satisfied to see that they were having varying successes with the more difficult tie. Claire's partner had succeeded in pulling her arms very close together, Mandy on the other hand was clearly not as flexible. After several attempts her dom conceded that her elbows were not going to touch and settled for tying them several inches apart.

Before I knew it Miss Smith was back at my side awaiting her next stage of bondage. "Breast bondage," she announced "is one of those areas you have to tailor to suit your partner." she explained. "The basic harness is very simple but how you finish it depends on the size of your sub's chest."

I already had the longest length of rope in my hand, seeing this she continued, "Ethan, can you create your loop around my body, under my arms and above my breasts please?"

As instructed I took the longest rope and looped it twice around her torso so the coils rested half way down her ample bust. "Next, feed the rope around me the other way and take the coils beneath my breasts. Make sure you get right up under," she continued.

Slowly I pulled the rope around her in the other direction and pulled it up firmly beneath each breast, then another wrap before returning behind her. "You won't have a lot of length left so either add another wrap or just tie it off." she told me. I judged I had enough for one more loop around her so I made one more pass beneath her chest before tying the ends behind her.

"Now, obviously I have quite large breasts." Miss Smith announced to her audience. "However if your partner isn't as busty you can simply tie these two ropes together here and feed them over her shoulders. Ethan, can you take another ten foot rope and loop it around the wraps above and below my breasts please?"

As instructed I made the loop around the two sets of ropes and pulled it tight causing her chest to bounce.

"Having these ropes pulled together traps the breasts and makes them more sensitive." my captive described to her class. "Clearly this can help create a lot more enjoyment. At this point you can either take the ends and tie them at the back, or if your sub's breasts are large enough and you're feeling more adventurous you can be a little more intense." With this she leaned forward, causing her breasts to hang. "Ethan, can you please split the rope ends and wrap one around the base of each of my breasts, then take the trailing end over the opposing shoulder and tie it behind."

Taking position at her left side I cupped her her left breast with my hand, with my other hand I wrapped the trailing rope around the base of the breast. "A little tighter," she instructed. I added some more tension to the final few wraps before tying off the rope behind her back. Miss Smith stood up for a moment displaying her chest. One breast appeared normal, the rope had caused the other to stand out with the nipple erect. Quickly I tied her other side to match.

"In your pairs again please," our teacher instructed.

The class returned to their space around the room and began to attempt the chest tie, it was obvious that several of the girls were nervous about trying it. A few whispered discussions reached my ears once the first cinching rope had been applied. I saw Claire looking warningly at her partner, daring him to try something she didn't want.

Miss Smith had also apparently heard the discussions because she spoke to the class again. "You'll notice now that because of the tension from the ropes my breasts have swollen slightly and my nipples are now very hard." walking backwards she stepped against me and hidden from the class began to massage my cock with her bound hands "It doesn't take a lot of contact to really get the magic going!" she exclaimed. That was my cue, gingerly I reached around her taking her breasts in each of my hands. Gently I kneaded the flesh, pinching first one nipple then the other. My teacher let out small gasps of pleasure as I worked.

Convinced by this performance the class continued, the next time I looked Claire's breasts were firmly bound. I had to admit, despite my initial misgivings about their size, the rope made them stand out magnificently. Her partner clearly agreed as he ran his fingers up her sides and across her chest.

The prize, at least in my opinion, went to Mandy. Breasts which had previously appeared a little on the large side (if there is such a thing) were now firm and round. Apparently her partner had taken on board Miss Smith's suggestion about tightness as each had darkened in colour slightly ever so slightly and now resembled a pair of glorious pink melons.

I saw Miss Smith checking the clock, we had twenty minutes left. "You've all got the hang of that," she said proudly. I'm going to give you fifteen minutes now to try some different things. As I mentioned before very often bondage is done in the context of a dominant and a slave, so it's the dominants prerogative to control the situation and to punish and reward his submissive as they see fit. Before you go off on your own I've got a few suggestions for you to try. As before, if you're planning on tying anything below the waist I'd recommend that your submissive removes any clothes which would get in the way." With that she tried briefly to slide her own trousers down but quickly realised the futility without being able to reach the buttons. "Of course you may need your partner to do it for you!" she laughed.

While I set about undoing the button at the front of her trousers our teacher continued to address the group. "I've got a few toys in the bag in the bottom of the rack but only what I could bring from home so you'll have to share. There's also a packet of condoms in there if you want them." By this point I'd released the buttons and had slid the black trousers down her long legs, pausing only to remove her shoes. Ignoring me she continued, "Once Ethan has finished I'll suggest a couple of pointers which you can try if you wish." I swiftly removed the black panties and threw them to one side.

I didn't really have the opportunity to appreciate my teacher's nudity, as soon as I'd removed the last of her clothes she began to gingerly get onto her knees, fighting to keep her balance. "I'd strongly suggest kneeling," she said "in that position thigh to calf ropes work well. You can also obviously lie down and tie your sub's legs together so they can't move at all. Another personal favourite is the hogtie, just tie their feet together and pull them up behind them. Very restrictive!" she exclaimed. "Some positions obviously have advantages over others, I like kneeling because it's a great position to both give blowjobs and get fingered," my slave explained. "Would you mind?" she added.

As requested I undid my jeans and removed my now extremely hard cock. Instantly my teacher latched onto it with her mouth and plunged me into a world of pleasure. "Off you go," she instructed the class between gasping for air and bobbing up and down on my cock. "See what you come up with."

It took every ounce of self control to pull back and release myself from her oral assault. Staggering slightly I grabbed two more ropes off the rack and as she'd suggested tied her legs cinching behind her knees and removing all possibility she could stand up. While on my knees in front of her I reached between her legs to stroke her smooth pussy. It was dripping wet and she moaned furiously as I touched the sensitive skin.

It didn't take me long to bring her to orgasm, the second took even less time. While her head was still spinning I slid one of the chairs over to her and positioned myself firmly on it. Instantly her mouth resumed it's attack on my cock.

As I lay back I watched the class. Several girls were bound as Miss Smith was. One couple were having sex, the submissive girl fighting for balance with her bound arms as she bounced furiously up and down. Another girl sat tied with her legs spread, each ankle tied to a desk leg and giving head furiously. The rest were bound in hogties of varying strictness. I was delighted to see Claire's was one of the tightest of all, she lay on her tightly wrapped breasts with a nipple clamp clearly showing on each and her partner fingering her relentlessly from behind.

I grasped the chair tightly as I felt my orgasm build, my slave continued to work hard until I released, white fluid dripped from her lips and down onto her tightly bound breasts before flowing down her stomach. "Ethan..." she gasped.

"Ethan!" she said again much more sternly, awaking me from my daydream. "You haven't labelled any of your diagram! I want it finished before you go home."

"Yes Miss," I replied sheepishly. I maintain that my version of the class would have been much more educational!

The End

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