Personal Development
by Fictitious Slave

Author's Note: A light hearted fantasy about a school mentoring session, a bit of fun which I've tried to keep light but erotic.

I went to one of those posh schools, you know the ones... Extra curricular activities, school houses and goals to create a well rounded individual. I was leaving soon, I was eighteen and assuming my grades were good I'd be off to university at the end of summer. In an attempt to prepare us for the next stage in our lives the school decided to arrange confidential one-to-one meetings between each leaver and a member of staff. It was the school's last opportunity to turn us into the well rounded individuals we were meant to be and provided a forum where we could discuss anything which troubled us.

I had been paired with a young PE teacher. Miss Jakes was in her late twenties and coached the girls' hockey team. I had never had any interest or aptitude for sport and so had never really spoken to her, I was more of a physics geek. The first few minutes of our chat had set the tone.

"So there's nothing you're worried about?" she asked for the third time in as many minutes. I felt sorry for her, I could almost see her skills ranking evaporate and her pay rise along with it.

"Nothing at all?" I shook my head again.

"No girl trouble?" she continued. I was not your typical maths nerd, I had a girlfriend and while things were sometimes a little difficult it wasn't something I needed mentoring on!

I looked at the young sports teacher again, her short brown hair had fallen into her left eye. Subconsciously she brushed it to one side, the school polo shirt rippled over her breasts. I decided to take pity on the poor woman, at least it'd be funny to see her squirm.

"Well, there is one thing..." I began, instantly her eyes snapped up to mine.

"My girlfriend and I have been together a while and we've been fooling around a bit..."

"I assume you're being safe!" she interrupted.

I rolled my eyes, of course we were. I wasn't after basic sex ed here! "It's just... I get really sensitive... Too sensitive, I don't really enjoy it when she plays with me."

I watched for the young teacher's reaction, this wasn't what she'd been expecting. For a moment I saw her embarrassment but she quickly overcame it. "Very often..." she began, "When you're particularly tense or nervous you can become a little sensitive. Try to relax during sex, enjoy it, don't feel pressured. Do you masturbate?"

"No..." I lied

"A little masturbation can sometimes help, you'll grow a bit more accustomed to being touched intimately. Oral sex is often a lot more delicate."

"I could watch some porn, it'd make me a little less over excited when she takes her clothes off too!"

Miss Jakes pulled a face "Porn is ridiculous!"

"But amateur..." I began, but she cut me off.

"Is all staged, the only way to become more comfortable around naked women is to spend time around naked women! The girls on those videos all have boob jobs, fake tans and stupid orgasm faces!"

I chucked, it was clearly a point she was passionate about. Without warning the young teacher got to her feet "The confidentiality of this meeting goes both ways, yes?"

I began to nod automatically but my breath stopped in my mouth as the woman reached for her waist and peeled the light blue polo shirt over her head. Underneath was a black sports bra, the tiny bumps of her nipples caught my eye for a moment before it too was tossed aside onto the chair.

"Look," my teacher instructed. I hadn't waited to be told, my eyes soaked in the young woman's torso. Robbed of the support of the sports bra her breasts were now free, their round full shape drew my eyes, my heart pounded and I found it impossible to look anywhere else. "Natural and healthy. No silicone, no surgery!" she announced proudly.

The young teacher had every right to be proud, hours and hours of sport every day has left her naturally feminine figure fit and toned.

"I'll tell you something else," she contained "I've never met a woman in my life who shaves off all her pubic hair like those girls!" I forced an expression of confusion onto my face, it took every inch of control I had to not simply nod.

"You mean you don't..." I began but my teacher cut me off.

"Off course not!" she replied, I could see her thumbs slip inside the waistband of her shorts "Why would I want to look like some prepubescent girl?" There it was, as she spoke her hands pulled downwards to slip the shorts down her long legs. A few movements of her feet and the trainers, socks, shorts and matching black underwear lay a few feet away on the other side of the office.

As promised a distinct line of dark hair ran from the gap between her legs, it was neatly trimmed and incredibly sexy. My teacher continued to pose as I drank in her body, her face was proud and unashamed.

"I thought you were supposed to be masturbating more!" she laughed, hands on her hips with feet slightly apart.

"I thought I was supposed to be getting more oral!" I winked, it was a sarcastic comment. I had no way of anticipating what would come next.

The young brunette took a step towards me and knelt down on the thin carpet, taking my knees in her hands she pushed them firmly apart and shuffled until she was positioned between my legs. Her nimble fingers made short work of my belt and button, before I knew what was happening she'd drawn my trousers out from under me and my erect cock was on full display inches from her mouth.

Gently the young teacher lowered her lips onto it, her soft warm mouth swirled around my cock causing me to gasp. Her tongue circled the tip of my dick as her hands reached for my balls. Her dexterous fingers toyed with my testicles while her lips caressed my cock.

"Too much?" she asked, her eyes looked up at me making her look submissive between my legs. I couldn't talk, I shook my head in response.

Smiling, the young teacher held my dick on my stomach and licked from my left ball, up the length of the shaft and all the way to the tip. My eyes rolled back in my head.

"Have you ever tried bondage?" she asked.

"Like ropes and stuff?" I gasped as she took the entire length of my dick in her mouth "No..."

"You'll love it," she replied "something to try with your girlfriend!" she winked.

Leaving my cock the young (and very naked) teacher got to her feet and crossed the small PE office to the equipment racks. Quickly she pulled out several long skipping ropes, they were cheap school ones about two metres long with a small loop of tape around each end.

"Not ideal but they'll do..." she commented, quickly she glanced back to my exposed genitals, "You're supposed to be wanking! Don't make me tell you again." Fearing what noncompliance could mean I slipped my jeans over my feet and followed her instructions.

As I stroked myself my teacher set to work, taking one of the skipping ropes she folded it in half and looped it around her waist. The brunette twisted the rope until the trailing ends rested over her tummy button and pulled the spare rope through her crotch and under the rope behind her back. I watched open mouthed as she made a few delicate adjustments feeding the rope deep between her pussy lips.

Leaving what little length was left dangling like a tail the young woman selected a further rope and began to tie her knees together. The action of bending at her waist caused her round breasts to hang from her slender frame and inspired me to pump yet harder. Once her knees were secured the teacher bent entirely and wrapped several coils around her ankles, my heart thudded in my mouth as I watched the curves of her body sway as she fought to keep her balance.

Slowly the young woman lowered herself onto her knees and fastened the trailing loop at her back to the rope tied around her feet. The knot locked her legs into position making it impossible for her to stand.

"It's a crotch rope," she explained "the rope is sat right against my clit. If I move even slightly the rope rubs against me, which is nice... But if I try to stand up it'll squeeze, that hurts!" she winked.

"These ropes aren't really long enough for this but I'll do my best." She commented taking one of the longest skipping ropes in her hand. I watched as Miss Jakes placed it carefully over the centre of her chest. Holding it in place with one hand she took the end and began to wrap it tightly around and around the base of her breast. As the rope neared its end she threw it over her shoulder and replicated the process on the other side.

"I always make one side tighter than the other!" she commented as the second end disappeared down her back. "I'm going to need your help with this bit."

Taking the last of the skipping ropes the teacher crossed her wrists in front of her, palms up. Slowly, letting her guide me I began to tie her arms together "It's very difficult to tie your own hands so it's impossible to escape," she told me as I knotted the rope as directed "I can do it but this way is much easier! Now, walk behind me..." Quickly I got to my feet and walked behind the bound woman "I want you to tie the leftover rope from my wrists onto the loop at my waist, then do the ones from my tits."

As she spoke she brought her arms up and over her head so her bound wrists sat at the nape of her neck. Carefully I took the trailing lengths and guided them down to the rope which encircled her torso. Once I'd tied the knot I picked the last remaining ropes which were fastened directly to my teachers breasts, slowly I pulled them downwards to the same point.

"Tighter!" Miss Jakes instructed. Cautiously I pulled harder on the rope increasing the pressure on her chest "Come on, they're not going to fall off!" she teased. Chucking under my breath I pulled tightly on the ropes and attached them firmly to their anchor.

"Good, now come back here and let me look at you..." she instructed. Silently I returned to my seat, my teacher's eyes never moved from my cock.

"I'm going to blow you now until you come... If that's OK?" I nodded silently. Very slowly the bound woman eased herself across the small distance between us, the bondage made it hard work but the crotch rope seemed to inspire her.

"What's your first name?" I asked "I can't keep thinking of you as Miss Jakes..." The young teacher looked up at me over my cock, I could see every inch of her nubile body, her breasts shone with a fine layer of perspiration.

"Sarah..." she replied simply

"Why are you doing this Sarah?"

The teacher shrugged, a difficult feat with her arms bound in the position they were! "In a submissive, I'm single... But I've got a master I met online... Sometimes, he sets me challenges... You can't tell anyone!" she pleaded. I shook my head, I wasn't going to tell anyone about this!

Our conversation complete and my curiosity satisfied I watched as Sarah lowered her lips onto my cock. This time when the young teacher bobbed up and down she was showing no mercy, her head moved like a piston and left me gasping in pleasure. I could feel her bound tits slapping against my legs as she worked, her tongue driving me wild.

My mouth opened wide as she licked balls to tip once again before driving my cock right to the back of her throat. Grinning she came up for air before returning to her rhythmic work. I let out a cry as my dick throbbed in her mouth, it was too much... as incredible as the sensations were they were not going to make me climax. Instinctively I grabbed for my cock, the teacher nodded enthusiastically as I pumped, taking control of my own rhythm. Smiling the brunette positioned herself beneath my blurring hand, mouth wide... eager to catch my cum.

A moment later I climaxed, I grasped the table as I came spraying white fluid from the end of my cock. Catching my breath I opened my eyes. My aim had been a little off! Instead of allowing the young woman to catch my spunk in her mouth I'd showered the top half of her face and her short hair with the sticky white substance. As I watched a sliver of cum trickled it's way down her forehead and into her eye. The teacher blinked a couple of times in an attempt to halt its progress.

Slowly, gently to avoid catching my overly sensitive cock Sarah opened her mouth and sucked the last of the cum from me. Once I was clean and she'd swallowed hungrily I was allowed to retrieve my trousers.

Suddenly a knock sounded at the door. "Miss?" came a voice, I saw the handle start to turn... It was her next mentoring meeting!

"Please wait a minute!" replied the young teacher, remarkably calmly considering the position she was in. The door eased back as the student retreated to wait.

"I'll need your help to get out." admitted the teacher, I gazed over her body for one more moment... the beautiful bound breasts, the cum on her face which was beginning to harden. Reluctantly I untied the knots holding her arms and legs in place.

Stretching herself as she stood the young brunette rose to her feet. With a knowing grin she began to unwind the rope which still held her breasts. Quickly she opened a box of wipes on the desk and began to wipe the dried cum from her eyes, face and hair.

"You'd better be getting to class!" she commented, "tell the next kid I'll be ready for him in a minute." I nodded. "You're off to university soon. I enjoyed that, maybe I'll ask my master if we can play again when we get back?"

I grinned at the possibility...

The End

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