On the Runabout
by Fictitious Slave

Author's Note: This is a very short star trek fan fiction, it doesn't mention any the major characters you'll know but explores the personalities (and sex drives) of two young (female) aliens. I suspect the more trekky you are the more you'll get from the story but I hope everyone will enjoy something!

The Danube class runabout orbited around the planet's shimmering atmosphere, it's sensors penetrated the ionosphere and collected data from the cloud formations within. The small ship had left the Enterprise several weeks ago, the Sovereign class ship had been heading to the same sector and it was only logical they should take advantage of the Federation flagship's higher speeds. Since arriving in the system the two scientists who made up the crew had worked tirelessly on their research of the unique atmosphere which swirled below.

T'Pel was a young vulcan, she'd graduated top her class and had taken the unusual choice to enter Starfleet instead of enrolling in the Vulcan Science Academy. While the decision had surprised many, once she'd explained the logic her career path had been accepted. After all, she was an expert in planetary ecosystems and atmospheres, Starfleet presented the opportunity to gather data from the widest stretches of the alpha quadrant. Her position in the Scientific Research Centre provided a great deal of freedom with her experiments.

Chanza Tex was a trill, she'd been flagged as an extraordinarily bright young woman at Starfleet Academy. With an almost eidetic memory and an aptitude for engineering, her instructors had expected her to go far. Then, unexpectedly Chanza's application for joining had been chosen among thousands and the surgery was completed at once. Endowed with the knowledge and memories of the seven previous hosts of the Tex symbiont Chanza's skills had surpassed even her previous brilliance. With her own intuition and intelligence combined with the cross discipline knowledge the symbiotic relationship provided she shone and gained promotion quickly.

Inside the runabout the pair had taken a break, since beginning their relationship a year ago T'Pel had arranged for Chanza to become her regular partner on deep space missions.

"Her vast scientific experience would make her a valuable asset." she'd explained.

The young vulcan currently considered her argument to be valid.

T'Pel was tied up with rope, her blue and grey Starfleet uniform lay discarded at the other side of the cabin and her subordinate was poised over her in an equal state of undress.

There is a common misconception about vulcans that their pon farr cycles determine that they only mate once every seven years however this is untrue. While their mating rituals drive them uncontrollably towards a member of their own species vulcans often form relationships outside their natural cycles. Partners were chosen cross species and cross gender as desired.

Chanza had been a logical choice, T'Pel admired her intellect and accomplishments. Despite the slow aging vulcan being nearly twenty five years her senior she felt the young trill to be an intellectual equal.

T'Pel had found the introduction into bondage an illogical one. Vulcans often find sex with other species difficult as they have no sex drives themselves and as such find it difficult to accommodate partners who do. Even more confusing was why the young trill found sexual pleasure restraining and dominating her. T'Pel however accepted that there were some aspects of her partner's sex drive she could not comprehend and decided that for the sake of their relationship she would endeavor to submit.

Chanza had tied the young vulcan with rope she'd replicated. Despite 24th century security cuffs being a far more effective means of restraining someone T'Pel observed the young trill became sexually aroused when tying her herself. As such the naked scientist had allowed her partner to guide her to her knees before tying each limb together with the knee bent, a frogtie T'Pel recalled.

Chanza had then tied more rope around each of the vulcan's wrists and secured her arms to the bulkhead overhead. With her legs locked in a kneeling position and her arms above her the vulcan conceded that she was helpless to her partner's sexual urges.

The trill was taking advantage of the situation now, after applying a sweet smelling lubricant to her crewmate's body (and paying particular attention to the young vulcan's breasts) the trill had replicated a phallus shaped device with an internal motor to cause it to vibrate.

Kneeling in front of her captive the young trill applied the phallus to the young vulcan's clitorus, female vulcans have no body hair and as such the trill found the sensitive area with ease. T'Pel closed her eyes as the phallus vibrated the intimate areas of her body, automatically she closed her eyes and began to meditate in order to quell the sudden influx of emotion.

To Chanza it was a game, while her vulcan partner's mind was cool and logical her body often told a different story. She watched in delight as her partner's nipples hardened in response to the massage oil, as she applied the vibrator to T'Pel's clit she felt the shiver run up the vulcan's spine.

The trill felt her own arousal heighten, she'd discovered the thrill of bondage after the joining. One of Tex's previous hosts had an enthusiastic interest in the BDSM community. After the procedure she found many of the host's fetishes had become intermingled with her own.

Slowly she worked her partner's pussy with the vibrator. She watched as T'Pel closed her eyes, she was clearly attempting to meditate, to control the arousal she was beginning to feel. It annoyed Chanza that her lover would attempt to purge herself of the romantic and sexual feelings she felt for her, for a long time it had haunted her until she realised that it was simply the young vulcan's nature. Of all people she should understand the difficulties of controlling various inner personalities.

With a wicked smile she slipped a well lubricated finger inside the young vulcan, her partner's own arousal was clear. The logical mind was being betrayed by her body and the dark haired woman let out a quiet gasp of pleasure as she was penetrated.

Vulcans do not have a specific g-spot in the same way as trill and humans do however Chanza rarely found it difficult to bring her partner to orgasm once her arousal took over, gently she continued to vibrate the young scientist's clit as she explored inside with her long fingers.

T'Pel gasped as she felt the climax rise inside her. She watched as Chanza rubbed her own clit enjoying her own masturbation as she pleasured her partner. Unable to wait any longer T'Pel cried out.

Chanza knew what her partner wanted, since she'd experienced the vulcan mind meld the first time she'd understood the intimacy of joining her consciousness with her lover. Quickly she pulled at the rope of T'Pel's right hand and partially released the young vulcan, without hesitating for a second the scientist gripped her face.

Chanza closed as the two women's' minds became one, deeper they fell into the mind meld as she continued to rub both of their pussies simultaneously. The pair climaxed simultaneously, one mind, one body. The power of the vulcan orgasm always astounded the young trill and to share the moment with her lover was an incredibly intimate experience. With an orgasm induced strength T'Pel tugged furiously on the rope still holding her left hand, with superhuman strength the restraint strained then snapped allowing her to grasp her lover with both hands.

Pale vulcan hands held the flushed face of the trill, her fingers pressed against the markings which made her species so distinctive. T'Pel held the pair's minds together as Chanza wrapped her legs around her lover keeping them physically entwined.

The atmosphere continued to swirl beneath the ship and the indigenous population toiled with their daily lives - unaware of the intimate moment being shared high above their heads.

The End

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