by Fictitious Slave

Author's Note: This is a sequel to my previous story "Sex Ed" I've tried to take some similar elements (the same easily distracted main character) and throw them together in a different way. Hopefully you'll enjoy it enough to send me a comment!

The lecture had been advertised across the campus all through our fresher's week, "How to find and sustain relationships!" The posters had said. As I sat among the various attendees in the hall I felt my heart sink, even before the speakers had arrived. The word RESPECT had been projected onto the front screen.

Maybe there's still time to sneak out? I wondered briefly. A quick glance around told me that the room was filling up. The audience was a mix of men and women, and I had a suspicion most were here for the same reason I was; it was the 'finding relationships' aspect which appealed to most of the students. But a talk by the Women's Services team? Respect? This was going to be long, dull, and would do nothing to improve my sex life. I was just about to stand to leave when a girl sat herself in the seat next to me. A flash of her blonde hair, blue eyes and wide smile was enough to persuade me to stay.

"I'm Katie," she introduced herself.

Smiling, I introduced myself."Ethan."

Any further conversation was quickly stifled by the dimming of the lights and the appearance of our speaker. The second year student who stood in front of us was so dull that she'd send anyone to sleep, even my over-active imagination was struggling to find any entertainment in the darkened room.

"As I've already said the key to any good relationship is respect, respect for yourself, respect for your partner, and respect for other people... if you don't have this respect then you can't hope to succeed as a couple!"

I cringed at the cheesiness of her speech, I didn't disagree with any particular point but it was the manner of her delivery and my complete lack of interest which made my mind wander. Katie shuffled in her chair beside me.

The speaker continued, "My boyfriend Mark is here tonight and together we'd like to demonstrate exercises which demonstrate respect between you and your partner."

"That's great if you have one..." I heard Katie mutter.

I admit I was inclined to agree. The boyfriend stood from his position on the front row. He was tall, dark and looked like had just stepped off a film set. He had definitely played the villain.

Our speaker relinquished centre stage as her boyfriend approached, he said nothing but turned to face his audience. He was obviously a comfortable public speaker, he paused for silence then began.

"As Hayley said respect is critical to any couple, we've agreed that we'd like to take this opportunity to demonstrate some of the more personal aspects of our relationship. At first glance this may appear contrary to tonight's key message but I want you to think about the respect I have for Hayley and she does for me..."

Hayley's eyes were low, submissive. Slowly her Mark circled round her and whispered in her ear. Despite the quietness of his voice the microphone picked up what he said. "Strip!"

Quickly and without hesitation the young second year student removed her light blue sweatshirt. The young man crossed the room and collected a large duffle bag which he deposited heavily on the floor in front of the presenter's workbench.

Hayley was now unbuttoning her white blouse, her cheeks reddened slightly as she slipped the garment off her shoulders and placed it beside her jumper on the lectern. She paused for a moment to draw breath, perhaps to summon courage. The hesitation did not go unnoticed by our speaker who glanced at her quickly.

"This has suddenly got a lot more interesting..." muttered Katie, and despite my agreement I didn't reply. I was too fixated on the blushing girl's chest as it emerged from the black lacy bra.

"As you may have guessed, Hayley and I often have a Dom/sub relationship in the bedroom, she also enjoys a some exhibitionism so we agreed to take the opportunity during this presentation to show how you can really hold a relationship together!" he grinned.

Hayley slipped off her shoes and pulled her navy jeans down her long legs, given the colour of her face I wasn't sure I agreed with her Dom about the exhibitionist tendencies! Finally her knickers were removed to reveal a perfectly shaved pussy.

Her Dom was behind her a ballgag in hand "Unless you have anything further to add darling?" he asked.

Hayley shook her head and before she had a chance to move a bright red ballgag rested between her teeth. The young man grabbed a length of rope from his duffle bag and began to uncoil it. Forcefully he turned the girl around so her back was to us.

"Our goal here is to enhance your relationships, perhaps give you a few ideas you'd like to try. I'm going to describe what I'm doing for you, afterwards we may have the time for some members of the audience to try some things."

Quickly Mark pulled the girl's wrists behind her back and held the rope for us to see "The most basic method of tying someone is also the most important," he began "Place your partner's wrists together, then fold your rope in half to find the middle," he demonstrated the process as he spoke. "This is going to be your anchor, create a loop with the middle and slip it over your partner's wrists."

Carefully he slipped the loop he'd created over Hayley's waiting hands "When you pull against this the rope will tighten up so we'll do a couple of loose wraps here. Don't coil too tight, we're going to tighten this up later. Find your midpoint again," quickly he pulled out the coil and showed us "then feed your ends through it. This will allow you to feed your ends between your partner's wrists and tighten up the tie. This is called cinching." As we watched the bonds around the young girl's wrists tightened trapping her hands inside.

"So you tighten by tying the ropes together?" whispered Katie to me "That's a great idea, I wish I'd known that when I picked on my little brother!" I grinned.

"Now your victim..." Mark winked, "sorry, partner, is secure you can do whatever you like with them!" he beamed. Quickly his hand made contact with Hayley's backside and she jumped. "But before we have more fun let's do some more ties."

Grabbing another length of rope from his bag our demonstrator tied another loop of rope around his girlfriend's elbows, as he cinched again her arms came together forcing her chest forward.

"That looks tight!" murmured my companion.

"Now she's tied a little tighter let's have some fun." Without warning the young girl was turned to face us. Her hair was a little disheveled and a sliver of drool began at the red gag and trickled down her breast. "I'm going to brag, Hayley has brilliant tits!" Mark boasted. It was true, with the addition of the elbow bondage the student's large chest was wonderfully pronounced, her nipples stood to attention in the cool lecture hall air. Mark flicked one playfully "I should clamp them later..." he muttered, more to himself than the audience.

"Breast bondage is fantastic," Mark explained, "apart from being very erotic it also increases sensitivity in the breasts which, believe me, your submissive can enjoy!" He grinned.

I looked at Katie, expecting some reaction. Sure enough, she turned to me holding her chest with her hands. "Having your boobs tied? Yikes!" she exclaimed.

I grinned, I'd seen many pictures of this online, maybe it was a man thing but I agreed with our presenter.

"The first thing I'm going to do is create a loop around her stomach," Mark explained, creating a loop of rope around her waist and under her bound arms "I'll pull it right up under her tits then wrap it a few more times. Then if you pull it through our loop at the back you can pull it back in the other direction above her chest."

Quickly he tied off the rope behind her and grabbed another, shorter one. "This is my favourite bit!" He grinned and looped the midpoint of the rope around the coils above and below the young girl's breasts. With a final tug he pulled the ropes together so Hayley's chest bounced against the bindings. "You have to vary this depending on the size of your submissive's chest but with tits as good as these I like to be cruel." He didn't disappoint as he pushed Hayley's neck downwards, the movement caused her breasts to hang from her slender frame.

Beside me Katie winced as our demonstrator began to bind the breasts tightly with the trailing end of the ropes. Quickly I glanced at her chest but it was impossible to judge their size under her university branded hoodie.

"As you can see this is quite uncomfortable for our submissive," described Mark, "tying the breasts like this puts a lot of pressure on the chest. However watch her reaction!" Without warning the young girl was pulled upright again, her bound breasts stood prominently out in front, more drool dripped from her mouth. Without another word her boyfriend began to play with each of her areolas causing her to squirm and moan in pleasure. Suddenly without warning he pinched viciously on each nipple causing her to cry out in surprise behind her gag.

"Come on darling, we're running out of time, let's get you hogtied." he grinned.

Hayley was swiftly lifted onto the demonstration table facing the watching audience, her arms were still firmly held behind her by the tight knots and her breasts bulged against the wood.

"A hogtie is a brilliant position because it almost entirely immobilises your sub," explained Mark. "The basic position is with her legs pulled up behind her back causing her back to arch." By way of illustration he held the nude girl's feet together and pulled them into position. "However, this is not particularly accessible! Instead I'm going to tie her calves to her thighs."

He proceeded to demonstrate the tie as he'd described, sure enough with her knees bound tightly closed the young girl's movement was almost completely restricted. To complete her bondage he applied a small spreader bar between each knee to prevent her closing her legs.

"That doesn't look all that comfortable," whispered Katie

"I don't think it's supposed to be!" I grinned

"Of course this is a fantastic position to force her to give you a blowjob," commented Mark. "great if she's a little stubborn normally. On the other hand if you have one of these you can have a LOT of fun!" As he spoke he wheeled a projector stand behind the captured girl. I had assumed up until that point that it was simply for showing slides and had come with the lecture room however as the dust sheet was pulled back I quickly realised I was mistaken.

"Of course I don't expect many of you to have sex machines lying around at home, all you need is a kinky Mech Eng boyfriend!" he winked. With the machine in place all that was needed was to adjust the height slightly and line it up behind the tied girl.

I'd never seen a sex machine in action before, however I was impressed. Hayley writhed on the desk squirming under the tireless onslaught of the device, and with no hope of escape all she could do was endure the relentless pounding of the gears behind her. It didn't seem like that was too much of a trial!

"Now that looks like fun!" muttered Katie under her breath. I grinned.

Mike glanced at the clock at the back of the lecture theatre "Ok, so while Hayley's enjoying herself do we have anyone who'd like to come down and have a try?"

I turned to Katie trying to look casual, a wicked smile was spreading across her face.

"Do you want a go?" I asked cautiously, she shrugged,

"I'd need someone to tie me..." she commented,

"Well I wouldn't want you to miss your chance..." I replied grinning at the ridiculousness of our comments.

Before I knew what was happening the young girl had risen from her seat and was bouncing towards the front of the room kicking off her black ballet shoes as she did.

As I made my way to the front I glanced around, Katie was already waiting impatiently for me, three other couples were also making their way tentatively to the front. We were lined facing the audience in our pairs, two on the left two on the right. Between us lay a quietly moaning Hayley. Katie gripped my hand with excitement.

Our demonstrator explained his plan to us "I'm afraid we don't have enough sex machines for each couple so what I'm going to do is take you through a chair tie instead. Each sub will be secured onto a vibrator and forced to suck cock. I'm sure you'll be able to improvise when you get home if you wish!"

Quickly Katie released my hand. I turned to her, worried that she may be backing out but she was already pulling her university hoodie over her head. She was wearing a black vest underneath which did nothing to hide her curvy figure. Tearing my eyes way from my partner for a moment I realised that the other girls around me were also stripping much to the approval of our audience. Although no one was openly cheering there were some delighted grins and I could have sworn I saw a few phones strategically placed on coats and under desks.

Katie had was down to her bra and panties by the time my eyes had returned to her, the frilly garments barely concealed a pair of round firm breasts. A moment later they were released as the underwear was cast unceremoniously on the floor. Keeping her legs straight and leaning forwards she slid the matching black panties down her long legs giving our audience a fantastic view of her perfectly formed ass. This girl was an exhibitionist!

Mark handed me a piece of rope "We'll start with her breasts." he grinned. Mark demonstrated with one of the girls while I and my two comrades followed along. As we'd seen demonstrated on his own girlfriend we took the rope and found the middle, creating a loop we wrapped the ends of the rope around our partners and back through itself. As I pulled on the ends the loop of rope tightened around Katie's stomach.

Sliding the coil up into position under her breasts I changed direction, wrapped once more lifting each breast in turn and pulling the rope firmly underneath. My partner let out a slight gasp as I handled each breast and as I began to apply the upper loops I noticed her nipples had hardened in anticipation.

With the coils applied above and below Katie's chest we could move onto our instructor's favourite part. Taking another length of rope I folded it half and wrapped it around the upper and lower coils which trapped her breasts. Mark advised that we could ensnare a single one of the coils, two or as many as you wished and had applied. I opted to pull all mine tightly together. With the tightening of the rope around her breasts Katie let out a small gasp, I pulled sharply on the strands of rope in my hand ensuring there was no slack in the tie. Sure enough my partner's chest bounced beautifully as the ropes trapped each breast tightly.

"Now, you saw with Hayley," he indicated the girl still squirming on the table beside us, "I bent her over before I wrapped each breasts individually. You don't have to, but I often find that it makes it a lot easier to wrap tightly. Give it a go!" he encouraged.

Sure enough despite the bindings I'd already applied when Katie leant forwards her chest swung with her, quickly she reached up to hold her hair out of her face as I set to work. I started with the left breast, cupping it in my hand I began to wrap one of the trailing lengths around the base.

"Don't be such a wimp!" she whispered to me. Quickly I allowed the coils to slide off. Grasping her again I began to wrap much more tightly, a smile spread across her face as I applied several more coils to the breast each with more tension than the last. By the time I'd finished the bound breast had swollen slightly under the pressure of the ropes. Quickly I swapped positions and switched to her other side, with just as much enthusiasm as before I began to wrap firmly and soon enough each side was a tightly wrapped packaged. With her nipples erect I couldn't resist temptation and grasped each tightly between my fingers. Looking up into my eyes she let out a gasp of surprise.

While we'd been tying Mark had arranged four chairs for us, one for each couple there were two to the left of Hayley's writhing form and two to the right. On the seat of each chair was taped a powerful looking vibrator.

"Ensure your submissive is sitting so her clit is right on the end of your toy!" winked Mark. I guided Katie into place. The device had been perfectly positioned, there was no way she could move off it without standing up. An option I assumed we were about to remove!

As instructed we bound our partner's stomach to the back of the chair, her arms were fastened down the wooden back at the wrists and elbows. Finally I pulled Katie's ankles back to the back legs so only her toes were touching the floor. Without the option to push off the ground with her feet the vibrator pushed intimately into her.

"Now she's in a position for you to play with as you wish!" Mark beamed. It was true, in her seated position Katie's head was at a perfect height to be taken advantage of. Maybe in a minute, I decided. I could see how turned on the young blonde already was. Her nipples were still rock hard under my tight breast bondage and I could see a distinct wetness appearing on the sides of the vibrator as it emerged from between her legs. Looking deep into her eyes I switched on the device.

I was instantly impressed. I'd only used the low setting but Katie had instantly buckled under the stimulation, shivers ran up her spine as the toy kicked into life teasing her clit. Instinctively she tried to pull away but her arms were bound securely to the chair and she couldn't find purchase with the tips of her toes. I took a moment to admire the view.

Stepping back I could see the other couples had activated their own vibrators, there was a certain artistic symmetry to the whole performance. The four girls bound to chairs were as different to each other as night as day; we have a multicultural university and it showed with our performance. Katie was the only blonde in the group, Hayley and the girl between her and Katie were both brunettes. Hayley's very slim frame perhaps cast the other brunette in a slightly unfavourable light, I wouldn't have described her as heavy but nude and shaking under the assault of a vibrator probably hadn't caught her at her best. To the hogtied woman's left was an oriental girl who's long jet black hair was so long it almost covered her thin frame. She shook as she enjoyed the device between her legs causing the cascading mane to ripple under the lecture hall lights. To her left and furthest from us was a girl of Indian decent, her traditional style clothes had been discarded to show a slim and beautifully coloured body. She too was enjoying the new found sensations of the bondage (or perhaps the device she was sat on). She strained intently forward as if pushing her clit further onto the vibrator, her thick black pubic hair almost disguising the white plastic as it buried itself into her.

Of the group Katie's figure was definitely my favourite, I felt like goldilocks picking out her favourite honey! Did goldilocks eat honey? I decided I didn't care, she certainly didn't do what I was planning on doing!

I saw Mark had already begun the next part of his plan, with the sex machine still pounding away at his girlfriend he'd dropped his trousers and stood in front of her as she worked his cock furiously with his mouth. Katie watched the whole display with rapt attention and as I approached her gaze shifted to the bulge in my trousers. Not being in a mood to disappoint I unbuttoned my jeans and presented my dick to her.

Without a moments hesitation Katie latched onto my cock, the erection I'd had before quickly swelled further to fill her mouth with ease and she struggled to force as much as she could between her eager lips. The other men in our group had followed our lead and all four girl's attentions were occupied in a very similar manner.

Withdrawing for a moment I reached down and turned up the power in the vibrator buried between those shaved pussy lips. Katie gasped for a moment her eyes rolling back in her hear. As I regained my position she recovered as best she could and resumed her work on my cock.

She was spectacularly talented and even with her hands bound uselessly at her sides worked me towards orgasm at the same time as her. Out of the corner of my eyes I saw her hands clench into fists as she came, at almost the same moment I passed the point of no return. Taking my cock in my own hands I pumped furiously spraying her beautiful face with my cum. The majority landed in her left eye which she'd barely managed to close in time. As I watched it began to drip down her cheek. Several drops headed precariously towards her open mouth but she was too far gone to notice.

Oblivious to the cum which now dripped from her chin onto her bound chest the young girl threw her head back as the second orgasm consumed her. Her eyes were closed as she pulled furiously against the ropes causing muscles in her legs and stomach to strain.

"Ethan..." she whispered.

"Ethan!" she hissed again. I shook myself back to reality, the lecture had finally ended.

"Well that was a waste of time," Katie announced "I've got to admit started daydreaming five minutes in."

I grinned "I think I lasted two."

"Fancy going for a drink?" she asked "We may as well get something good out of the last hour! Who knows, we may even have been thinking the same thing!"

I smiled. I REALLY hoped so!

The End

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