The Dare, the Mother, and the Wardrobe
by Fictitious Slave

Author's Note: I've been toying with how to write a more voyeuristic story for some time... I hope it meets with your satisfaction!

It was a warm summer afternoon and the four of us lay in the long grass of the orchard. It had been a warm day and the heat still lingered, allowing us to digest our barbecue outside wearing only light summer clothes.

"Right!" announced Sonya, interrupting my daydreaming. "Truth or dare?"

Kaylee rolled her eyes at her younger sister, my girlfriend loathed people trying to organize her into having fun.

"Truth." I blurted out before one of the girls would say something they regretted. Darryl chuckled, I wondered whether he and Sonya has been planning this. Had I just walked into a trap?

Sonya asked, "What's the sexiest, most embarrassing, kinkiest or over the top thing you two have ever done? "

I felt Kaylee blush at the question; thoughts of bondage, blowjobs in the shower, and quickies in the woods ran through our minds.

"In a tent, on a campsite, surrounded by people," replied Kaylee.

My face went red at the memory. "Only a thin piece of material between us and everyone outside... So hot!" I grinned, it had been erotic as hell but with the door zipped closed and no ventilation it had been like an oven in that little tent!

"So," Kaylee asked in return. "Truth or dare?"

"Dare!" replied Sonya instinctively.

"I dare you..." paused Kaylee "To join us in the river!" She laughed, springing to her feet.

The river in question was less than ten feet away, it was wide, very slow moving and looked delightfully cooling in the sticky afternoon heat.

Wasting no time Kaylee sprang to her feet and kicked off her flip flops. Without waiting for her sister to accept or reject the dare my girlfriend peeled the flowery maxi dress over her head to reveal white panties and a curvaceous figure.

Moments later the last of her clothes were discarded and my girlfriend was wading into the cool water. Sonya was determined not to fail her dare, within seconds a denim skirt, a colourful vest and a set of lacy undergarments had joined Kaylee's clothes on the grass.

The river was waist deep, ensuring that the two sisters' breasts were on full display as they turned to taunt us. With the cool water around their waists I could only stare. Sonya was smaller and slimmer than Kaylee, a little too thin for my tastes. While I knew my girlfriend envied her sister's slim physique I always felt she lacked the feminine curves Kaylee now displayed to us.

With the choice of continuing ridicule or a cooling swim in the water Darryl and I relented and entered the river.

"Right!" Sonya shouted as soon as we entered the water, I didn't care how warm the day had been the river felt icy around my now flaccid cock.

"I want you..."

"Hang on!" My girlfriend interrupted "What if we wanted truth?" I couldn't take my eyes off her tits, the cool water had made her nipples stand on end.

"Do you?"


"Then shut up," Sonya grinned "I want you to sneak into the house and find mum's sex toys." She grinned evilly. Not willing to be defeated Kaylee waded from the water and onto the bank, water rolling off her perfect ass as she walked.

"Naked!" Shouted Sonya as her sister reached for the discarded dress. I grinned "I don't know what you're chucking at," admonished Sonya "You're going too!"

And so that is how Kaylee and found ourselves sneaking around her parents' bedroom naked, damp and more than a little turned on!

Up until this point I'd felt my afternoon was going very well, I'd sunbathed, seen both Kaylee and her sister naked and I believed I had a fairly good chance of some action tonight. It was at this point however I felt my luck deserting me, I could only gasp in horror as I heard footsteps on the stairs.

Kaylee reacted first, grabbing my hands she dragged me into the fitted wardrobe. Concealed by coats and dresses, she pulled the door closed and waited. I could hear my heart pounding as I squinted through the slatted panelling.

"Come on then!" grinned my girlfriend's father to his wife, and she blushed furiously

"Mike, the kids are here. They could see!" she protested.

"Charlotte," he smiled "They're all down in the orchard, we'll lock the door and hear them if they come in!". A wicked smile crossed his face.

"Yes sir." She winked, emphasising the last word mockingly. Slowly my girlfriend's mum began to unbutton the front of her blouse, her husband turned the lock on the bedroom door. I gazed in awe as Charlotte's breasts were revealed, she had the same curvy chest as her daughter and age had done nothing to diminish them. My jaw dropped as she unhooked her bra and threw it lazily to one side, the bronze suntan didn't reach beneath her bikini line and left tender white flesh exposed. With a shrug off her hips her jeans and panties landed on the bedroom floor.

Slowly the older lady sank to her knees in front of her husband. I momentarily forgot the young naked beauty stood beside me as I admired the figure on her knees just outside the wardrobe door. A shuffle in the clothes next to me reminded me of my girlfriend's presence, apparently uninterested in the display outside she decided she was going to make her own fun.

As Charlotte unzipped her husband's trousers and fished around for his cock her daughter knelt softly a few feet away. I watched open mouthed as the dark-haired milf began to pump away at her man and resisted the temptation to gasp as Kaylee's lips closed around the tip of my penis.

Kaylee's mother only relented when she was pushed from her position by her husband, quickly he discarded the rest of his clothes. Her hungry looking eyes never moved away from his hard cock.

As I was admiring his wife's figure and his daughter's technique Mike produced from somewhere several long lengths of blue rope. These he quickly wound around his wife until her arms were tightly bound behind her, once at the wrists, once at the elbows.

I watched in astonishment as he tied another rope around her chest before grabbing each breast firmly and wrapping over and over again around it. The blue rope caused the sensitive flesh to swell and her nipples to stand on end. In a final twist he produced two metal clamps, one for each nipple and placed them firmly to elicit a gasp of pain. It was only at that point I realised small bells hung from the end of each clamp.

With his wife's bondage completed Mike saw to his own needs, from a bedside table he produced a condom. Gently he guided her into position, and I watched in horror as he placed her against the other side of the wardrobe door and pressed his hand against the wood. For a moment I could have sworn she saw me but her mind was elsewhere. As her husband slipped inside her, her face split into a wide smile. The bells on her breasts jangled furiously as the pair found their rhythm.

Kaylee changed her stroke, releasing my cock from her mouth her hands began to massage my balls in a slow, irresistible rhythm.

I saw the expression on Charlotte's face change as she climaxed, her eyes rolled back in her head and her mouth opened wide. Quickly her husband released her nipples from those metal clamps forcing a gasp from the startled woman. Cautiously, struggling as a result of her bound arms she sank to her knees before her partner.

The mirror image was apparent to me alone, mother and daughter separated only by a thin door. Both on their knees their attention focused purely on cock.

Almost simultaneously the pair moved, as Kaylee wrapped her mouth around me it took all my self control not to cry out in pleasure. My dick was sensitive and each move she made rippled through me. With her hands still massaging my balls there was little I could do to resist.

Furiously I grabbed onto the railing for support as I gushed warm cum over her face, the sticky fluid seeped over her cheeks, down her chin and onto her breasts. With nothing to hand to clean herself (except several of her mother's best dresses) she simply let it run its course down her stomach.

On the other side of the door I heard the reward to Charlotte's efforts. With a spectacular groan her husband shot his load, with her arms still tied behind her she had no way of preventing the milky white substance hitting her square in the face. With a hungry lick of her lips she cleared what she could reach before admitting defeat.

Taking care not to touch the cum in her hair Mike patted her head. From somewhere outside my range of vision he retrieved a camera and proceeded to take several pictures of his cum soaked wife before helping her to her feet. Little did he know that a few feet away crouched his daughter in a similar predicament! With a guilty grin I looked down, Kaylee licked the tip of my cock playfully in response.

It took us some time to rejoin the pair in the orchard, Kaylee had insisted on cleaning the dried spunk of her face before returning to her sister. The process took some time which left me more than enough opportunity to retrieve several coils of rope and the nipple clamps from their box under the bed as evidence of our success.

As we wandered back to the orchard we discussed several options for even more embarrassing dares for Sonya!

The End

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