by Fictitious Slave

Author's Note: Just a quick little story about a slightly kinky art class - hope you enjoy it!

I shivered in my robe in the cool corridor, they were late. I had been booked in as the second model of a life drawing class, since the restaurant where I'd worked had closed down I'd needed to find another source of income to fund my ever increasing reading list. A little tasteful art modelling seemed like an easy way to make some quick cash.

I didn't intend to continue taking my clothes off after I finished university (to be honest I hadn't planned on taking them off too many times during) but I couldn't ask my family for more help and the student loan didn't even stretch to cover fees and rent!

The sound of the art room door opening interrupted my resentment of politicians. A naked balding man shuffled past as the warmth of the room hit me. Quietly I slipped into the studio.

The art teacher smiled warmly at me as I entered, several of the students were assembling some props in the centre of the room.

"Sophie, thanks for coming!" he beamed.

"No problem sir," I grinned, nervous now I was in the room with the students.

The young man had paint on his shirt and charcoal on his hands, I noticed a streak of grey in his hair as he spoke quietly to me "We're doing a bit of a theme tonight he explained. We're focusing on the Greek mythologies. Giles has just been Zeus, we were hoping you could play Andromeda?" I nodded reassuringly at him struggling to remember the story of Andromeda while attempting to banish the image of the old man in the corridor portraying a Greek Adonis.

The students finished their work and returned to their stools, nervously I looked at the centre of the room. "You're not planning to feed me to a giant sea monster are you?" I joked looking at the high wooden frame, rusty iron shackles hung downwards clearly intended for my hands.

The teacher smiled "Not tonight!" he laughed.

Slipping off the rope I showed my nakedness to the class for the first time, I wasn't self conscious about my body. I'd modelled enough times to feel comfortable but the moment I revealed myself for the first time always thrilled me.

Confidently I approached the frame, raising my hands the teacher snapped the manacles into place so they held my arms firmly in place over my head. As I'd been taught I straightened my legs, raised my chest and turned my head slightly. I was the vision of the ancient beauty. Nodding reassuringly the teacher returned to class.

The sound of charcoal punctuated my thoughts as I allowed my mind to wander, my eyes flickered over the class. Most were the same age as me, in their early twenties the group was largely composed of women but more than a few guys were within my range of vision. I smiled inwardly at the effect my body must be having on them.

My suspicions seemed confirmed when one of the young men shuffled uncomfortably on his stool, the hard wood was unforgiving at the best of times but I suspected there was another reason for his stiffness. Discreetly I shifted my gaze to his trousers and was rewarded my the clear view of his erection, barely contained in his tight trousers.

No one else seemed to have noticed, quietly I enjoyed the impact my curved naked body was having on this poor young man. Unsuccessfully he tried to adjust his trousers, picking up his sketch pad he placed it in his lap before returning his eyes to me. I caught his gaze, instantly he knew that I'd seen his arousal. A scarlet blush appeared over his face as he examined by body, his eyes lingering on my breasts.

Our teacher appeared behind him making him jump, some words were exchanged before the young man's eyes returned to me. By now my attention had left him.

"Oh Dr Stevens why did you have to chain me up like this?" I thought to myself, I watched as the young artist assisted each pupil in turn. His eyes were a piercing blue, his hands were strong and confident. "I wonder what they would feel like on me?"

Deep in my imagination the class had vanished, the young teacher approached me, trapped in my bondage I was helpless to resist as he placed his warm hands on my breasts. Firmly he slid them behind me dragging me to him. I pulled against my chains as he lowered himself to his knees in front of me.

I gasped as I felt his long finger penetrate me, his thumb massaged my clit while he worked my g-spot from the inside. I felt myself growing wetter and wetter as he worked me with his magical hands. I strained against my chains as I felt the orgasm build, I was powerless to resist as he switched hands, his right hand touched up to my lips. I sucked instinctively tasting the sharp flavours of my own juices on his fingers.

My knees bucked as I came but he continued to work me, driving me higher and higher in ecstasy as I hung from my manacles. I felt my own juices flowing down the inside of my thigh.

"Are you ok?" Doctor Stevens asked. Instantly I was back in the room "You look a little flushed?" I nodded my head quickly, unable to trust my voice. Quickly I reverted my gaze to the student who I'd embarrassed earlier, his teasing eyes met mine. For a moment I didn't understand until I felt the dampness between my legs, the slight shimmer of warmth on my upper thigh.

For a moment I held his eyes before unleashing a discreet wink. Why shouldn't he think my arousal was because of him?

The End

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