The Admin
by Fictitious Slave

Author's Note: Apart from the glaring technical inaccuracies and technologies that don't exist I'm sure there's a point in here about data security. However I'm much more interested in the sex and bondage, hopefully you'll enjoy it regardless!

Sometimes it concerns me how much faith people put in technology. I'm tech savvy, in fact very savvy, but what's worse (at least for my clients) is that I'm often bored.

My most recent foray into the technology underworld came while I was contracted to a newspaper for IT support. Their systems were a horrible state and it took me several weeks of late nights, takeaways and sleep deprivation to untangle the mess my predecessor had left.

My time wasn't all bad, once I'd got things up and running there was a wide variety of eye candy to appreciate and several of the young reporters appealed. Christine caught my eye in particular, I first met her one day when her computer failed to load. The hard drive was fried and she'd lost all her data. Normally this is a pain and requires some fairly low level recovery; however I usually backup the entire disk of "key" members of staff routinely for such eventualities. Plus you never know if you'll find anything good!

Christine's hard drive had been disappointingly empty. Sure, there were a few personal emails between her and a boyfriend, but nothing interesting. It seemed she used her phone almost exclusively to answer personal emails... smart girl!

The conundrum intrigued me, how to gain access to someone's mobile without their knowledge? Theft was too simple (not to mention boring) and most modern devices are encrypted anyway. The solution finally came from the most unlikely source. As an IT professional you're inundated with the idiot questions "Why are my icons so big?", "Why is my spell checker in American English?" As well as the ever present inbox space dilemma. Today's request from a particularly clueless editor was WiFi access.

"Why? You all have smartphones anyway!" I challenged.

"But we could use the office internet to save on data charges!" he whined. As inane as the question was I agreed to consider it. Truth be told, the idea of phones all running on a network I controlled intrigued me and sure enough a trial of a few "key locations" in the building began later that week. I started small, and intercepting emails sent from phones was an easy matter once everything was going through my server.

The young reporter's personal email was considerably more interesting than her work one. It took me some time to filter out all the Facebook notifications, shopping newsletters, and boring family chats, but once I had it was worth it. It turns out not only did Christine have a very active sex life but she enjoyed discussing it at length with her best friend who lived in Canada. Stories were told, notes compared and details relived in intimate detail.

I read a couple of these with rapt attention. Apparently the reporter and her boyfriend had been out running in the countryside that weekend, after several miles they'd found themselves in a very isolated valley where their passion had won out. The encounter was described in perfect detail (she was a writer after all) how he'd looked at her Lycra running tights and breathable top and instructed her to strip for him. This she had done, the danger of being caught had only added to her excitement. There had been nowhere to hide, at one point she'd been convinced she'd heard people approaching and had run into the freezing river to hide her modesty. When no one had appeared they had made love in the ice cold water until they couldn't feel the chill and they'd both been utterly spent.

The other email she sent described a bondage session they'd had the previous night. Apparently this was new to them, her boyfriend had confessed that he'd like to tie her up. Unconvinced but eager to try anything once Christine had agreed. I suspected that this was not the first time her boyfriend had bound someone. The bondage she described was too elaborate for a beginner!

He'd started simple, and with just her hands tied behind her back he'd caressed her naked body. It had been a surprise to her how much of a turn on this had been, even the relatively simple bondage had caused her to grow excited and wet. He'd fucked her with his fingers for a time until she was ready to cum then had promptly denied her the orgasm.

Instead a coil of rope had been wrapped tightly around her elbows drawing them together so she could feel them touching. In my mind's eye I pictured the young girl's situation and felt myself grow hard at the image. With her elbows tied the feeling had before much more intense, she described how she'd been unable to move her arms at all. When her boyfriend had stood behind her to tease her breasts a second time she'd taken the opportunity to play with his cock through his trousers while it rested conveniently within her limited reach.

After that he'd surprised her, she'd not heard of breast bondage before but she rapidly became a fan. I read on as Christine described in detail the sensations of having her chest bound then each breast tightly wrapped with it's own rope. Once they were securely tied they bulged from her chest, became super sensitive and kept her already aroused nipples rock hard.

To complete her experience she was sat down so her ankles could be tied cross legged and a rope around the back of her neck pulled tightly down to them. From her description I knew she had been placed in the infamous savage fold.

Once she'd been blindfolded and forced to suck cock appropriately he gently rocked her backwards so her "dripping" pussy was facing skyward. When he was ready he set about her with her dildo and vibrator, only once she was begging him to be allowed to cum did he fuck her.

My boner was raging under my desk by this point, I hoped no one would come into the office until I'd calmed down. On second thoughts, work could wait and I disappeared into the bathroom with a copy of the email for some afternoon stress relief.

Things quietened down on the email front for a few days while Christine's boyfriend was away on a business trip, so I consoled myself by planting a virus on her laptop and then spending the afternoon with her trying to recover the files from a backup. It turns out that not only was she beautiful but she was wickedly intelligent and had a devious sense of humour. Each time I thought of the bondage she'd so aptly described to her friend I had to slide my chair further under the desk so she wouldn't see my bulging erection.

My next stroke of luck came a few days later, apparently it was Christine's boyfriend's birthday later that week and as a gift she's had some "private" photos taken which she wanted her friend's opinion on before she had them made into a gift album. "I've sent him photos of me before," she explained "but I want these to be REALLY sexy!"

I have to confess I thought all my birthdays had come at once! There were ten pictures attached to the email and I took my time enjoying each one. All of the pictures were very tastefully done, most were grey scale but all were very explicit. I'd fantasised about what Christine would look like naked many times and I had to admit I'd not given her enough credit! Under the conservative blouse and dark trousers which made up the journalist's uniform there was the body of a glamour model.

Christine was small, barely over five feet tall, with long wavy light brown hair which bounced when she laughed. She was slim and athletic with a pair of beautiful legs which finished in a firm round backside. Her breasts were perfectly proportioned and had attracted my attention on more than one occasion. Several times I'd find myself starting at her irresistible cleavage only to be interrupted by those piercing blue eyes.

The photos I was examining left nothing to the imagination. Her breasts looked just as magnificent out in the open as contained within her work blouses and her legs, stomach and bum were toned from hours of sport.

Several of the pictures clearly showed the young reporter's pussy. It was immaculately trimmed with a small landing strip showing the way home. Without wanting to sound too geeky the lighting and general quality of the pictures was exquisite and turned what could have been a tacky photoshoot into high quality art. They were photos she could be proud and even if her boyfriend didn't appreciate them I certainly did!

The whole experience of the photos got me wondering. She'd implied that she'd sent photos before. There had to be a way I could access them. It took a while but finally I devised a solution. Inspiration came from an unlikely source, one of the new HR consultants had asked me to remove the filter allowing employees to use Facebook at work (I think he wanted to run some advert). I had refused out of principal. He could use his phone anyway!

A few trial runs later and I'd proved my theory. While phones were connected to my network I could spoof the update server and trick the phone into downloading a new version of various applications. I could package various elements with these apps, effectively tricking the phone into running my software. A simple write protect flag would stop my code from being overwritten.

I decided to start simple. I created a simple piece of code which would send me copies of any pictures held on the phone whenever it was connected to WiFi (no point in used her entire data allowance and tipping her off). I packaged my work with an application almost everyone has installed, one that already has permission to access the camera, microphone and photo galleries (I'm not going to tell you which one in case I now work at your office). Once I was happy I deployed it.

It didn't take long for the new versions to be downloaded by dozens of phones across the company. Sure enough, images began to appear. Some were revealing but there was only one phone I was interested in at the moment. I grinned as it downloaded the new update, and one by one photos began to trickle in. At first everything was fairly dull, a few drunken nights out, some pictures of cute puppies. Then I hit gold.

"Christine you little minx." I muttered to myself. The application was currently working it's way through images in her sent items folder. It seems she had a fondness of sending personal shots to her boyfriend. Up to a couple per day at times! Going back further it seems she'd had two other boyfriends in the lifetime of her phone and they had enjoyed the same treatment.

I even recognised some of the places she'd taken the photos. One was the staff kitchen! I made a mental note to check the CCTV tapes at some point. None of the wide variety of shots were of the same professional style of the photoshoot ones, some were cheeky such as one where she apparently flashed her bare breasts in the kitchen. Others were designed to be cute, such as one where she reclined on her bed with a pink fluffy dressing gown which completely failed to protect her modesty. Others were rather gritty; there was a fantastic shot of her apparently masturbating against a brick wall somewhere.

I had completely misjudged this girl, she wasn't sweet and innocent. She was a nymphomaniac!

A ping made me look up as I received a copy of her email. Instantly my mind opened up to possibilities. Apparently her boyfriend was working away again tonight, and instead of their "customary playtime" she was suggesting they have a video call instead. She was going to connect her phone to the television.

Quickly I looked at the clock. Three hours to expand my application if I wanted to sit in on their intimate video call. Now that's what I call job motivation!

I finished the changes with ten minutes to go. There would be no time to test, quickly I uploaded the new version and configured it so Christine's phone would download the latest version. I was closing my laptop to go home when I saw the download had completed.

I sat on my sofa with my laptop later that night when I received the notification that Christine was using the camera application. Crossing my fingers I tried to view the call. To my delight the young reporter appeared on my screen. I couldn't believe my late afternoon hacking was actually working.

"Hi Honey!" She beamed at me. It was surreal, I felt I should reply, although obviously I was only seeing one side of a conversation.

"A lot better," she replied to whatever question her boyfriend had asked her "my computer didn't crash every five minutes today at least!"

I grinned to myself, she must think she had the worst luck in the office when it came to technology. Luckily her phone was working fantastically. I had to say I was impressed by the quality of the call, even on my high resolution screen I could see her clearly. She'd changed since she'd left work and was wearing denim shorts over black tights and a "Hug Me" T-shirt. I'd stopped listening to the conversation but quickly turned the speakers back on when she stood up from the sofa.

"So you think we should give them a go?" she asked.

From a carrier bag beside her she retrieved several items. They looked like some bondage cuffs but each had a metal wire between them and a small blinking light once she'd turned them on. These couldn't be what I thought they were!?

"Oh you think do you?" She grinned. I wondered what the question was, if I was going to do this again I should figure out how to get the other side of the call. My planned enhancements were quickly forgotten when the young girl spoke again.

"I suppose you're right!" She winked. Without hesitation she slipped the pink T-shirt over her head revealing a sexy black bra. Entranced by the display on my screen I took a sip of my beer and ensured that the video was being saved as I downloaded it.

Christine grinned at the camera as she unbuttoned the blue shorts and slipped them down over her feet. The tights soon followed revealing a matching pair of black panties. Even though I'd now seen dozens of pictures of the young woman naked, by this point I found the idea of her stripping for me (well her boyfriend) much more erotic. My cock throbbed in my trousers.

With a blush of excitement she unhooked her bra and threw it to one side. He magnificent breasts shone with heath and their nipples stood to attention betraying her arousal. Without taking he eyes off the camera for a moment she leant forwards and slipped the knickers down her tanned legs. With a grin on her face she kicked them to one side. Hands on hips she presented herself top the camera.

"Alright then!" She giggled picking up the cuffs. By this time I'd searched online for them and knew what I was looking at. TeleDom was a bondage and BDSM kit which connected to the Bluetooth in your phone, and it allowed someone to control restraints, vibrators, and punishment from any other device running the app. As I watched Christine stepped into the small g-string panties which contained the various vibrators. She applied one of the punishment pads to each breast, one to her stomach and one to each ass check. These would deliver sharp shocks when triggered and "are ideal for enforcing discipline..." finally she attached one pair of cuffs to each wrist and ankle pair so when tightened they would bind each hand to it's corresponding foot.

Sure enough at some signal the cuffs tightened, pulling her hand towards the floor. Balanced with her legs apart, looking up at the camera, each hand bound to a foot, she waited expectantly.

I heard a crack as one of the punishment pads fired. Christine winced in pain as the noise sounded again. She was being spanked via remote control!

The sound changed as her breasts twitched. The small punishment pads sending electric shocks deep into the sensitive tissue. A final unanticipated shock to her ass caused her to lose her balance and collapse into the sofa behind her.

With her ankles bound to her wrists the young dark haired reporter had no way to close her legs. The stimulation belt did nothing to hide her modesty so with her pussy revealed for the world to see (well, the boyfriend and I) she could do nothing but smile up at the camera with those big beautiful eyes.

As I watched, the belt activated plunging the reporter into a world of delight. With a vibrator buried in her pussy and another attacking her clit Christine stood no chance. With a scream of delight the orgasm ripped through her. Her eyes rolled and her toes curled as she came and she was left a dribbling mess on the leather sofa.

I highly anticipated reading another very explicit email tomorrow as the session was described in painstaking detail to her friend. Although she was still tied the talk was turning soppy. Leaving the video recording just in case I turned off my monitor and let the couple have their privacy.

I read the email the following morning, the session had indeed ended soon after I'd finished watching and Christine was describing how she couldn't wait for the next one. She hoped it'd happen when her boyfriend was working away next.

I found myself confronted with a dilemma. On the one hand I had hacked the phone of a beautiful young reporter. I could watch her perform webcam sex whenever she felt inclined and there was no let up of explicit picture messages coming from her.

However the fact she and her boyfriend used TeleDom provided an unequalled opportunity! Could I hack that? If so they'd quickly work out something was wrong (as soon as she mentioned it and they'd realised he wasn't involved) so I'd no doubt lose all access to her phone, but it could be worth it! It took me days to come to a decision.

Once I realised that it was actually a no brainer I got started. I could hack any number of phones (in fact several others in the company had shown some very interesting material) but I was only going to get this chance once. Knowing that a video call may well be planned for the following week I got to work on my adapted version of the TeleDom app.

Once I'd finished coding the next step was interference. I hijacked various emails and let the boyfriend know (via Christine's email address) that she'd be unable to play as she'd be out with friends. I also informed her that his webcam was on the blink so although he'd be able to see her she'd have to make do with typed instructions (which of course would actually be me). Although untested I was hopeful that my TeleDom hack would work. All I could do now was wait for Wednesday night...

Wednesday night finally arrived and I fired up my laptop. Sure enough Christine was waiting for me. By this time I'd read enough of their email to be able to complete a simple conversation with her (her via webcam and me using a keyboard) without arousing her suspicions. However we were both horny and keen to get into the good bits of the call so the chat was short lived.

Christine started the ball rolling before I got the chance to.

"So, any ideas for tonight?" she asked

"Several," I replied "but they all require you to be naked."

She grinned and quickly pulled off her T-shirt.

"Wait!" I instructed "I think this would be better with music.". She grinned in response before running off somewhere out of sight of the camera. A moment later the lyrics "I feel like a woman..." Came through my speakers.

What Christine lacked in musical taste she made up for with her dancing. I watched hypnotised as the young woman rolled her hips and unfastened her bra releasing her incredible breasts. I couldn't help myself as my hand disappeared into my trousers and began to massage my throbbing cock.

The dance continued as she slipped her ripped jeans down over her hips and down her long legs. She turned on the spot giving me an unparalleled view of her lace clad ass then with a final burst of effort from the singer she slipped the underwear off as the song reached it's climax. In the sudden silence of the room she panted, gathering her breath after the energetic performance. Typing as accurately as I could with one hand I tapped out my approval.

I instructed her to retrieve her toys and because of the quality of her dancing allowed her several minutes on the sofa masturbating with one of her vibrators. By the time I instructed her to stop I could clearly see her pussy shining with arousal.

I made her put on the simulation belt and made sure the lock registered on my hacked application. I gave her a quick buzz on a low setting and watched her jump as the device stimulated her already sensitive clit.

Next I instructed her to find a ball of string. She'd previously enjoyed breast bondage so I wanted to see her experience it again. I watched as she followed my commands and tightly wound the string around each of her breasts in turn before tying the ends off behind her neck in the style of a very kinky bikini. The strong thread held the delicate flesh tightly, causing each breast to swell and darken in colour. Her nipples stood erect and ready.

Next she applied the punishment pads, one on each breast followed by one on each ass cheek. I had her bend over to show me they'd been applied correctly before I shocked her sharply once in her tits, then in her ass then once more on each for standing up without my permission.

I wanted to get her to tie herself in a new position and I'm a great fan on the hogtie. I suspected that with her delicious breasts, round ass and superb flexibility it would suit her particularly well! Making my decision I ordered her to drag the wooden coffee table to the centre of the room in clear view of the camera.

Following my instructions she began to cuff herself. The strong wire between the cuffs automatically released to allow her full motion until I chose to tighten and lock them. Christine was surprisingly eager and I only had to motivate her with a jolt to her sensitive breasts the one time.

She cuffed her ankles together, her knees to each other and her elbows and wrists behind her back. Finally she took a controlled wire and fastened her ankle cuffs to the breast tie at the back of her neck. Once I tightened them her ankles would be dragged into the hogtie position putting even more pressure on those perfect tits. The wonderful thing about the remote control restraints were that they allowed her to move while she was still binding herself. When her tasks were completed I instructed her to lie face down on the coffee table.

Once she was in position I began to tighten the cuffs. I started with her wrists. As I pressed the button of my quickly hacked together program the cuffs around Christine's wrists began to pull themselves together. The beautiful naked reporter began to struggle but the motor in the cuffs was too strong and held her wrists firmly. Next I tightened her ankles followed quickly by the knees and elbows. Within a few moments the she was helplessly bound on the wooden table. As she squirmed against the leather and metal which held her I tightened the final wire to make her bondage truly inescapable.

I watched with interest as the final wire tightened pulling this young beauty into position. The small motors were not fast so I could appreciate the moment as first her ankles were pulled up then her back was arched and finally her bound breasts were pulled off the surface of the table.

"Shit that's tight!" she gasped.

In response I fired the vibrators on the pleasure belt. With her whole body tied there was nowhere to escape the device. The brunette shuddered as the belt worked on her clit and g-spot. I didn't leave her waiting as I ramped up the power and brought my colleague to a thundering orgasm.

She began to gasp as she came off the high, pulling for release against her bondage. "Wow!" she exclaimed.

The vibrator clicked on again.

"Again? Really?" she gasped.

This time I shocked her breasts as I increased the power beyond my previous attempt. She screamed as she came a second time and I pulled the power back down so it was once again teasing her sensitive pussy. I could see her wetness seeping over the wood of the coffee table.

"Are you going to let me out?" she grinned. The orgasms must have been delightful but the severe hogtie would be taking it's toll on her back, arms and breasts.

I pushed the vibrator power up to full as I typed my response. This was stronger than anything she'd experienced before and her eyes widened as I shocked her and forced her towards her third climax.

"BRB..." I informed her.

I of course going nowhere but I needed my hands free to masturbate properly. The continued assault was too much to bear and my prisoner came again a few minutes later. I had no intention of letting up and she knew it. I continued to wank over my screen as the trapped beauty came again and again, each orgasm more powerful than the last, until her shoulders slouched and her head dropped under the constant stimulation.

My orgasm coincided with hers (although I couldn't tell you which one). For a moment as my cum hit the keyboard I was worried I wouldn't be able to release her but after wiping down the keys I unlocked the restraints and turned off the belt.

Christine didn't move. Quickly I typed "Sorry someone at the door..."

She glanced up as the message appeared on her screen. Her hair was ruffled and her eyes were wild. Slowly she pulled on the cuffs which held her. With the lock released she freed herself easily.

For several minutes she simply sat on the coffee table facing the camera wearing only the breast bondage. Her chest heaved as she took deep breaths. Eventually she looked up at me. "You bastard!" she grinned, wiping the sweat from her face.

I was sat at my desk at work a few days later. Sure enough, Christine had uninstalled the TeleDom app and there had been no new pictures or photos. I assumed the game was up and I'd have no more fun.

I looked up as a new email appeared. It was Christine's inbox. She'd emailed herself from work. I read out loud.

"Dear My Mystery Hacker

As you managed to gain access to both my toys and camera I'm assuming you're also monitoring my email.

I do believe it's customary to buy a girl flowers before making her cum seven times in her own living room!

However, tradition aside, if you're free on Saturday night I'd very much like to repeat the experience. My boyfriend has suggested he could assist in anything which requires a more hands-on approach (I think he wants too keep a voyeuristic eye on us).

Regards, Christine"

I don't believe I even paused before typing my response.

Later that day I watched as Christine crossed the carpark and prepared for the drive home. I was delighted to see she held my bouquet under her left arm.

The End

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