Late From School
by Fermat_returns

This story is very loosely based on a true event, although it never went anywhere near this far! It is set in school in summer, near the end of the school year. I should point out, before anyone gets the wrong idea, that where I come from it is not unusual to wear school uniform until age 18 and the age of consent is 16, so there is plenty of time for such fun in school ;-)

"Dan, I’ve got to go! It’s late; Mom and Dad will be furious!"

"But you’ve lost again" said Dan, laying down his dog-eared cards on the grass for Susie to see.

"But I haven’t got any money left!"

"You’ll have to pay a forfeit, then!"

"I’ve got to go; I’ll be late for dinner! Give me back my bag!"

Dan grabbed the strap of her satchel, which he had been using as a cushion to sit on, and shook his head. "Not until you pay your forfeit!"

"That’s not fair, I never agreed to a forfeit!"

"You agreed to bet money though, so pay up!"

"You know you’ve got all my money"

"OK, double or quits?"

"Well... okay."

"But you’ve got no money, how can you pay double?"

"Dan, don’t mess about with me, I’ve got to go! Please can I have my bag?"

"Forfeit or quits, then."

"Oh! Ok, hurry up!"

"So? What are you offering as a forfeit?"

"I don’t know! Dan, please, I’ve got to go!"

The playing fields were mostly empty now. Although it was still a balmy summer evening, most of the school kids had gone home or been collected. Susie and Dan were at the far end of the field under the shade of some Sycamore trees. They had been playing cards for an hour or more with two others, but they had left. Dan had won, as usual. Susie was sure he cheated, but she didn’t mind. The bets were tiny, more a token. She enjoyed playing cards with Dan. Maybe she enjoyed losing to him. He always got his way with her and lately he had taken to teasing her and ordering her around. Maybe she liked that too.

"OK, if you win, quits and you can go home. If you lose, I get to see your tits."



"NO! Don’t be disgusting!"

"What else can you bet?"

"I don’t know! Look, I’m going! Give me back my bag!"

Dan shuffled the pack and dealt two hands.

"No Dan!"

"You might win!"

"Give me back my bag, I need to go!"

Dan picked up his hand. With a scowl that made him grin, Susie snatched up her hand and played. They played quickly without much thought. She lost.

"OK, lets see them," Dan beamed.

Suzie thought about undoing her blouse, here in the playing fields and displaying her breasts to Dan. It was a thought not totally in keeping with her reaction.

"No! Don’t be so stupid! Do you want to get us both expelled?"

"Double or quits?" He asked.

"How can I do that?"

"Completely naked," he said.

She felt herself blush, hotly. Dan saw it too and thought it was embarrassment. He embarrassed himself a little with his frankness, but this was a fantasy he had acted out many times in his head and he just couldn’t stop now.

"Dan, we are in the school playing fields!"

"Ok," he replied, "let’s jump the fence and make for the embankment."

Behind the school playing fields was a disused railway, used as a footpath. Still it was much more secluded than the open fields and usually quiet, especially in the week. Jumping the galvanized steel railing was strictly prohibited, but Susie thought this seemed a trivial thing compared to stripping off in the middle of the field; then she realized she was actually considering doing it.

"No way! Forget it!"

Dan had already dealt the cards and was holding his hand. Susie looked at her hand, face down on the grass. "No Dan, I’m not playing."

"Well, let’s see them, then!"

"No way! Now give me my bag!"

Dan curled his free hand around the strap of her bag again. Susie glared at Dan, trying to out-stare him. "No!" she tried, as firmly as she could manage.

"Pay or play..." He said.

Giving him her best defiant scowl, she snatched up the cards. Susie lost again. "I’m not doing it."

"Double or quits, then, but third and final time."

"No way!"

"Great, time to pay the forfeit, then!"


Dan shrugged and dealt one last hand. He spread his card with the thumb of one hand. "I’ll stick" he said.

Susie sat and glared at him for a full minute. Then she tried. "Dan, give me back my bag, I’m leaving right now." She tried to sound as assertive as possible but her voice felt a little bit too shaky.

"Now!" She snapped.

"Sure, just pay your forfeit and you can go!"

"Please Dan, you know this is stupid!"

"Or you can play again, I just keep giving you chances, I’m all heart!" He grinned, she scowled back. When she realized he had no intention of backing down, she took up the cards and looked at her hand. No two cards were the same and there was no run or flush.

"Give me three," she said.

She got a second five. That was it.

"Pair of fives," her hands shaking a little, along with her voice, as she offered him her cards to see.

Dan rotated his wrist until she could see the pair of kings he was holding.

Dan snatched up the other cards and stuffing them all into his jacket pocket he jumped up and ran towards the railings with his bag in one hand and hers in the other. Susie ran after him. "Dan, Dan! I’ve got to go!"

Dan threw both bags over the fence and quickly hauled himself over.

Susie arrived a few seconds later, but stood bewildered as to how to climb the smooth vertical steel rails. "Here," said Dan, cupping his hands to make a foothold on his side of the fence. She slipped a foot between the rails and jumped up to the top.

"Mind the spikes" he said, and then she was over. He turned and walked through the undergrowth then dropped down the bank to the path at the bottom. He slung the bags down in the weeds. "OK," he said, panting from the exertion, "forfeit time!"

"Dan, I can’t! Someone will see!"

"No one can see from the fields" he said, and there’s no one on the path, we would see them miles away before they got anywhere near."

Susie scanned up and down the dead straight railway cutting. True, it was unlikely anyone would follow them over the fence and so being spied on from the embankments was unlikely, and anyone approaching from the path would still be a small speck long after she had spotted them. But it was still outside, and exposed, and... wrong. She realized she was actually contemplating doing it.

"I thought you were in a hurry," he said

"You’ll let me go straight home afterwards?"

"Of course"



It was at this point that Dan suddenly realized she was considering actually doing it. He had enjoyed teasing her immensely, but hadn’t really expected things to go this far. He was almost shaking with excitement.

"I don’t know what to do!" She said, looking nervously up and down the path.

"Well, erm... take off your clothes," he sounded the nervous one now.

She looked around, awkwardly, unsure of how to start, then tried to kick off a shoe.

"No, not you shoes and socks, they can stay on."


"The gravel, is sharp," he said, which was true, if not altogether the right reason.

She undid the button on her skirt and let it drop. She stepped out of it, still nervously scanning the path again as she dropped it onto her satchel.

"Ok," he said, struggling to control his voice, "your blouse."

Starting at the bottom she fumbled quickly to undue her blouse buttons one by one, and then slipped it off, dropping it onto her skirt. Her heart was thumping in her chest. Fear of discovery and a desire to get it over with before being caught outweighed her fear of stripping naked for the first time in front of Dan. She watched Dan’s eyes as she popped the fastener on her bra, and slipped her breasts free. He was breathing very heavily, sweating too. She slipped off her panties and dropped them onto the pile of clothes, nervously wrapping one arm across her chest, the other in front of her thighs as she scanned the path again.

"Put your arms by your sides," Dan croaked, his dry voice betraying his nervous excitement.

Lowering her arms, she said, "You cheated at cards, didn’t you?"

"Turn around." She spun slowly, acutely aware of her body.

"Maybe," he said. "Do you mind?"

"No. Please can I get dressed now? Someone will see us."

"But I haven’t seen everything yet, your hair is in the way."

She swept her long ponytails off her shoulders, lifting her arms high up as she did so.

"Dan, I’ve paid my forfeit, I’m getting dressed now." Susie made to grab her clothes. Dan beat her to it.

"Actually, you haven’t."

"I have! Dan, you promised!"

"Actually, getting naked was the second double or quits. You lost a third."

"But I didn’t agree to another forfeit!" She snapped, in a harsh whisper, her head darting from side to side, still scanning the path in her panic.

"Yes, but you did play," he said. He undid the buckle of her satchel and stuffed her blouse, skirt and underwear inside.

"Please, Dan" she pleaded, "what more do you want me to do?!"

Dan took one last long look at her naked body. She had wrapped her arms defensively around herself again. "You are beautiful!" he said. Then suddenly, he bolted.


Sprinting as fast as he could he covered a good fifty yards before scrambling up the bank to the railing at the top and hauling her satchel high over his head to hook the straps over the spikes at the top. Panting fast from his exertion, he turned back to look at Susie, now crouched down in the grass and with her arms wrapped tightly round her body. He scanned the path from his high vantage point. He couldn’t see anyone. He trotted gently back to where Susie was trying to hide in the grass.

"Dan, please, someone will come!" She looked very scared, very vulnerable, and very naked. He hoisted his own satchel onto his back.

"Forfeit number three is to run along the path, naked!"

"Dan, you promised! You promised I could go home!"

"Yes, you can! Home is that way" he said, pointing towards her clothes "Off you go!"

"Dan, please, please, someone will see!"

"Actually, I saw some people coming down the path from the other direction," he lied, "they should be here very soon, you’d better hurry." Wwith that he started to run gently back along the path towards her satchel.

Susie was panic struck. Terrified someone was coming she gritted her teeth and ran after him. Dan stopped and turned around, rewarded with the spectacle of Susie’s naked body running towards him. He was disappointed to see she had an arm across her breasts so as she got closer he shouted "Put your arm down or I’ll beat you to your satchel and throw it over!" Terrified he meant it; he was rewarded by her releasing her breasts to let them bounce free. As she passed him he turned to enjoy a rear view of her naked body. He ran to catch up, staying a few feet behind as he got his fill before running alongside to watch her bouncing breasts.

She turned and scrambled up the bank with him in hot pursuit. When they reached the top they were both panting furiously. Susie hid by squatting down low into the long grass and peered through the railings. "Dan! Get my bag down, Now!"

"Oh god, that was fantastic!"

"Dan, someone’s coming!"

Dan peered through the railings, too.

Mrs Lowe, one of the senior year tutors, was striding purposefully across the field towards the railings. She must have noticed the seemingly abandoned bag, thought Dan, the nosy old cow!

"Get your bag then, quickly," he teased. Mrs. Lowe was about 150 yards away and closing rapidly. Dan knew if she stretched up to try to get the bag free, she would be show her full frontal naked body to the teacher, albeit at a distance.

"God Dan, she’s going to see me, please, please!!" There was a note of real panic and desperation in her voice now, and Dan didn’t want the game to turn nasty.

"What is it worth?" he managed


Quickly he jumped up and snatched the satchel; he scanned the path as he did so, still no one around.

"You boy! Come here!" shouted Mrs. Lowe. She was maybe a hundred yards away, would she recognize him? He thought not, especially through the railings.

"Quick, she’s coming," he grabbed Susie’s hand and they ran down the embankment together.

"Dan! My clothes!"

"Don’t stop to get dressed!" he panted, "She’ll be at the railings any second, she’ll see you! Keep running!


"The path’s clear, I checked, keep going!"

And so they ran, ran as fast as they could Dan with his satchel on his back, gripping her bag tightly in one hand and gripping Susie’s hand tightly in the other, quite naked except for her shoes and socks...