In the Beginning
by FFF

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In the beginning....

In order to tell you my story, I need you to know who we are talking about. My girlfriend is a cute, no, gorgeous, brunette, with perky breasts, great tanned legs, and a wicked smile. She really personifies beauty. I am a very lucky man indeed. She loves sex, and is a bit of an exhibitionist. She has recently regained confidence in herself, after losing it by bad choices in boyfriends.

Last summer we were out on my boat doing some camping. The lake is long and narrow and there is a floating convenience store in the middle of it, so boaters and campers can pop into the “C Store” for booze, smokes, fuel, hot dogs, etc. You get the picture.

Of course we had run out of booze, and needed more vodka. “Annie” was wearing a very small strapless two piece swimsuit. It looked incredible on her, and did a great job of showing off her tan and her curves. She has great legs, and a wicked bum. Because she has this new found confidence, she is not scared to show herself off. Well, on this day, the guys pulling and tying up the boats got an eyeful when she stepped out of the boat. They couldn’t believe their eyes when this little hottie walked by them.

I must tell you that we ran out of vodka because we had drank so much just floating on the lake catching some rays. The booze was flowing pretty good and we were both feeling no pain. As she walked around, one of the boat handlers' friends, who was not working, asked her if he could take a picture for a Girls Gone Crazy type website he was building. Annie struck a couple of poses, and only stopped when he asked her for some topless ones. Annie LOVES posing, and would have no problem with getting her picture taken, but not by some guy she doesn’t know. She was more than thrilled he asked her anyhow. We picked up what we came for, hopped back into the boat, and with her new friend waving, shoved off.

Now, both Annie and I are really horny, and fuck every chance we get. We had earlier on in the boat, but somehow she looked like she was game for some more fun. We had only pulled out for a short distance and we were still idling out of the little marina they have there, when she said how excited she was to be asked to pose.

“Do I look like I could be a model?” she asked me.

“Baby” I replied, "you could really wow em if you wanted” I know that made her feel incredible, and it was the truth anyhow.

Annie was so thrilled to be asked to pose for a website, she was just beaming. She then went on to explain that she easily could have totally cut loose and posed for him, but there were too many people around, and she didn’t know where the photos would end up. “If he didn’t have that camera, or I was friends with him, I would feel much more comfortable posing.”

I then asked her, “So, it’s the camera that makes you uncomfortable, not the posing?

“I guess so” she said. A smile came across her face, and I knew what that meant.

So then I said, “So, you would have no problem just posing for him, with no picture taking going on?

“Oh sure” she replied. "I would love to pose, especially to the same tunes we fucked to earlier on in the day. I didn’t mind him taking some pictures, just no nudity. I don’t want my tits or pussy all over the internet. I would still like to pose for him, just no nude stuff. Do you think he would like it if I posed for non-nude stuff?"

“I don’t know sweetie” Do you want to go and ask him?” was my response. “How far would you go” I asked, already knowing the answer.

“I don't know” she replied, "what would you let me, no," she corrected, "what would you like to see me do?"

I replied, “Sweetie, it’s up to you, but I know you would drive him mad no matter what."

“Can we go back and ask him to join us for a while?” Annie asked me.

“Sure," I replied, "let’s see if he wants to come for a float and watch you pose.”

So, I turned around and headed back. We pulled up, and he was nowhere to be seen. I told the boat guys we had forgotten a few items, and suggested to Annie that she go into the store and walk around to see if she could find him. She agreed, and with me in the boat, off she went. It didn’t take her too long to turn the corner, and with him on her heels, they came into the boat.

"Gary, I found Tyler, and asked him if he wanted to do some more photos on the boat,”

“Sure” I replied, and stuck out my hand for a handshake. I took off as quickly as I could as his friends must have heard something and came to see him off.

“Do you do a lot of photography?” I asked him.

“Just a bit every now and then, when I can find the models” he replied.

“Well, you have a great model today Tyler” I replied.

Annie just stood there not knowing what to say, but I could tell she was buzzing with excitement. She had a huge smile on her face. She then poured herself a stiff vodka and soda. “Ok, stop.” she said, “That’s far enough away from the C Store”.

“No, I replied, “I think we’ll float where we were this morning, over at the cove. It’s secluded and calmer water”.

"Ok." she agreed, "over at the cove.”

I did kinda motor over there however, as I wanted to see what she had in store, and I doubted she even knew what was going to happen.

We pulled into the cove and I slowed down. Annie turned to Tyler and spoke. “Ok, Tyler here’s the deal. I know what you want to take pictures of, but I don’t know you, and I don’t want those kinds of pictures floating around the web. So, I want to pose for you and you can take lots of pictures, but when I say stop with the photos, you have to put the camera down and just watch. Deal?"

“Alright.” Tyler replied.

I thought he looked disappointed however, and I can’t really blame him. I am sure she had invited him onboard under the pretence that he was going to be shooting her nude or at the very least topless, and now all he was going to get was a bunch of boring bathing suit shots.

“Gary, put in the cd we were listening to this morning” Annie told me.

I need to paint a picture for you right now. I have a cool boat, I have to be honest. It has a big padded sun deck that covers the motor area. The sundeck is about five feet wide and four feet long. The boat has only two seats that usuallyface forward, but can be turned around to face the back, and the sundeck. Below the sundeck is a bench seat. It’s a 27’ long mini cigarette style boat that sits low on the water, and is a great party boat. We are floating in a small cove, its 84 F outside and the water’s calm, and she’s ready to put on a show. I know that soon she will be naked. I am so excited that I am here to watch this.

The cd she is referring to is a mixed cd of hard driving rock and roll; my buddy Stu made it for me. Foo Fighters, Velvet Revolver, Aerosmith, Def Leppard, you get the picture. She has done a striptease to Velvet Revolver before, and baby, she could earn big bucks with her show. Well, she takes a big swig of her drink, the cd starts, and so does she.

Annie starts to dance to the music, and boy, is she putting on a show. She gets me to crank it, and I am a bit worried she will be attracting too much attention. I know how well music travels on water, so I am a bit concerned the dance combined with the music may attract a crowd. Oh well, I figure, she wanted it, so she may get it. Tyler is snapping away so much, I am scared the poor guy is gonna get a blister. She is shaking her ass right in front of him, so much so, that he has to lean back in his chair so she is in focus. Fuck is she hot!! My beautiful girlfriend is dancing around, posing in her bathing suit for a stranger, and he is taking pictures of her. You have to remember that this a very small bathing suit, and her camel toe is showing and she doesn’t seem to care.

At this point she got up on the sundeck, and continued to dance. You know, girls have a built in ability to dance just so as to turn us on, and that she was doing. This went on for a few more songs, and that’s when she dropped to her knees and posing on her knees, gives him a show you wouldn’t believe. I was sooo very much in love with her, and turned on at the same time. Her camel toe was so obvious it was stupid. Man did he get some shots of that.

Then she did it, she sat down on her bum, and even with the suit still on, lay back, and with complete ease and confidence, spread her legs. She gave Tyler a look at her with her legs spread, and he just kept taking pictures. She closed them after a few shots, and turned around, again back on her knees. She gave him tons of great bum shots, and then to my surprise, pretended to untie her top. She was only playing with it, but I instantly had mixed feelings. As much as I wanted to see her do it, I didn’t want this stranger having photos of her doing it. What an emotional rollercoaster I found myself on. Then she stood up. She’s standing on the sundeck, both of us below her, (we’re at her ankle level, and she continues to dance). Where she’s coming up with the moves, I’ll never know. I just can’t believe the shots this guy is getting. Tyler does what I would have done, and I am both mad and proud of him for doing it. He moves off his chair, and just like a real photographer, moves closer to her, which puts him more underneath her. He is kneeling on the floor of the boat, his arms on the bench seat, looking directly up. She seems to like this, and standing above him, spreads her legs on purpose, so he gets a clear view up to her bathing suited bottom. She turned around, and there she stood, in her bathing suit, standing almost on top of Tyler, legs far apart, and he’s taking pictures of her pussy, and all she has on is her bathing suit.

Annie has been dancing now for about 10 minutes, and is clearly out of breath. She stopped dancing, and reaches out for my hand to help her off the sun deck. She takes a step onto the bench seat, and then steps onto the floor, in front of us. We take a break, and she gulps down a vodka and soda. “Find Velvet Revolver” Annie suddenly demanded. I knew what that meant. She had done a fantastic strip to that song the last trip up, and then I had fucked her right after. I knew that song would make her “go crazy” as she put it, meaning, she wanted to get nude, show off, and it made her horny as fuck. I now knew she meant to get as nude for us as possible. I knew there was no turning back. She was definitely going to perform a total strip and show for Tyler. Man, I thought, what a lucky bastard. My girlfriend actually wanted to expose herself to a complete stranger, this young man named Tyler.

The song came on, and Annie jumped back up onto the sundeck. She totally changed her dancing style. She was now much more sensual, and teasing. Annie reached around her back to the knot for her top, and I thought for sure she was going to untie it. No such luck. She was only teasing us, but she did move her hands around to the top edge of her top. She quickly pulled it down, and gave us a both a quick flash. She covered back up and rubbed her breasts for a moment, and then turned around, so her back was to us. What she did next took us both by surprise. Without warning, she grabbed her top by the bottom edge, and with one motion, not even untying it, pulled it off and right over her head. She was standing on the deck, dancing to Velvet Revolver, and wearing only her bottoms. She was topless. We both knew she was topless, we just couldn’t see her that way. I looked over at Tyler, and he was snapping away still. I thought at some point Annie is going to have to stop him, but when? He has some shots of her bare back, and it’s just a short matter of time before he sees her tits. “She builds quick machines” is the song, and as it changed beats, so did Annie. Again, without warning, Annie turned around.

My love for her grew by a thousand times, as I watched her turn around and dance for us topless. Here I was with another guy, watching her boobs, her naked boobs swaying to the beat. Tyler kept taking pictures, until Annie realized she was topless. She quickly covered her boobs with her arms, and still holding her top in her hands, said “Tyler, that’s enough, put the camera down.”

Tyler, obviously disappointed, put the camera at his feet, and leaned back in his chair. Annie smiled, and continued. She continued to dance, and again, facing us, raised her arms above her head. We saw her tits again. I just can’t describe what a feeling it is to look at those incredible breasts with another man there beside me.

She was going wild, showing off, holding her top above her head, and dancing just for us. Topless. Wow. Man, I love those breasts I thought. I was so proud of her. Here she is, standing before us, with her tits fully exposed. Dancing, around for me and a complete stranger, holding her bathing suit top up, and showing herself off. I just stared at her nipples. I couldn’t believe she was doing this.

The song ended way too soon, and without missing a beat, she asked for it again. I hit the back button, and on it came again. I knew I would be doing this for a few more times. Annie kept dancing, until the song ended, and held her top out for me to grab. I stood up and reached for it. I placed it on the floor. Only then did I realize I had a hard-on. I didn’t have to ask what I wanted to see next. I put the song on again, and stood up to meet her again. She bent down and gave me a kiss. Her tongue found my waiting mouth right away. As we parted, I said “I love you so much right now.”

She smiled at me, the song came on, and she started to dance again. I think she knew I was saying to her that I was game for more, and she had my permission to do whatever she wanted to do. She cranked it up a notch, and was rubbing her hands all over her body. Touching her tits, and down her hips. Man, she was better than most strippers. All of a sudden I caught wind of what was happening. She was preparing herself for what was coming next. As she danced, her hands stayed on her hips. The song was coming to an end, and I nudged Tyler, who was closer to the cd. to hit re-play yet again. Even before the song ended, he hit it again.

“Hey!” Annie screamed, “the song hadn’t ended yet.”

“Sorry” was Tyler’s response. I thought we were both goners. But the song cut him off, and she instantly forgot about it, and started it up again. Now, she was fidgeting with her bottoms. I knew she would be taking them off, at least I hoped so. Fuck, was I getting turned on. My girlfriend is stripping. I wanted to fuck her right then, right in front of him. Annie continued dancing, and was turning around and around. She pulled her bottoms up and then down a bit, and then up again. I guess she was trying to decide what it would feel like to pull them all the way down. That or she was daring herself to do it. She stopped dancing around and stood there in one spot with her back to us. She turned around and looked at us both and without warning or provocation, slowly slid her bottoms down. Now we could see her perfect ass. Tanned, smooth, and now naked. Because she has kinda small inner lips, we couldn’t see that much of them from behind, and I thought, “Whew, at least Tyler won’t be seeing that much of her.” But then I thought, 'I did want her to show off, to exhibit herself. That’s one of the reasons I love her so much'. I was so torn between the two emotions.

She kept her back to us, dancing around, and totally naked. I wanted to see all of her. I mean all of her. I’m sure he did as well. And then, she turned around. So confidently and so assured of herself. There she was, totally nude, and very smooth. Oh yes, not a hair on her. You could see her outer lips, and some of her inners. She did it. She had stripped for a complete stranger.

I could now die. She stopped dancing, and with one hand on her hip, she just stood there, knowing we were looking up and down, staring at her tits, those fantastic legs, and of course, her smooth, bald, pussy. Fuck, was I in love with her. I couldn’t believe she was showing off her tits. I had trouble taking my eyes off her tits. I did only to accept the fact that her legs were also nude, only to realize that her pussy was as well.

That’s when she raised her hands to her hair, put her long dark hair up in a bun on top of her head, and holding her hair up, danced and swayed her hips slowly to the music Totally fucking naked in front of us. Again, chicks just know how to move. Fuck, she must be so into this I thought.

When the song ended, she asked to put it on again, and just kept dancing. Fuck was she hot, naked and dancing in a way only a confident sexy woman can do. And, to top it off, she was actually naked. Showing herself off. Totally exposing herself, and loving it. The song ended yet again, Annie asked for another drink, and got off the sundeck to fix it. I reached up with a hand, and helped her down. Annie stood in front of us, nude. Totally nude. I told her how hot she looked, and Tyler could just agree by nodding his head. He was out of words, and breath.

She took a big swig, handed me her glass, and turned around so her back was to us again. Then she really surprised me. Without warning, started to climb onto the sundeck. She raised herself up one leg to climb onto it, and then the other. She stopped. She was now on all fours, her beautiful ass facing us. I suddenly realized that her outer lips were visible, as was her rosebud. Her cute little asshole was visible. Not completely mind you, but enough of it. She then stood up on her knees, her back still to us. She turned around and smiled that mischievous smile. I knew what that meant. She put both hands on her hips and just swayed back and forth to the music. Then she fell down on her stomach. Her feet over the bench seat below her. In fact, her feet were maybe two feet away from us. That’s when she did what I didn’t think she would do. She spread her feet apart.

I know my mouth opened as I could feel the moisture getting sucked right out of it. There it was, her pussy, on display for us to see. Her outer lips were visible, and only a bit of her inner lips were poking out, but shit, that was enough already. She had posed for this guy, and I think she has done enough. She then took it a step even beyond that. She turned over onto her back. In one nonstop motion, she arched her back, dropped her head down so she couldn’t see us, nor us her, and without any stopping, my Annie spread her legs. Her inner lips are moist, and starting to stick out. She must be enjoying this, it must be an incredible turn on for her. She stays like this for what seems to be an eternity. After a while she drops her back to the sundeck, and lets her hands start touching her body. Her hands start to roam all over her body, and they start with her tits. She’s squeezing them and forcing us to look at them. I can feel the precome oozing out of me. I then realize my shorts have a huge wet spot on them. I think to myself I am so glad they are multicoloured, so no-one will notice. Her hands are caressing her skin. I watch in total amazement as they move down, farther away from her tits, and of course, closer to her pussy. With her legs still spread, she reaches her pussy, and does the unthinkable.

Her eyes are closed, and she is spreading her outer lips. She is in her own world now. Exhibiting herself to two men. I have no idea why she is doing this, nor what she is imagining. I can’t stop looking at her wet, fully spread pussy. She’s naked, her tits are exposed, and her legs are spread. She must be in a very special place to be doing this. Fuck. I am in love. Her fingers are actually spreading her lips apart, and she’s holding them apart for us. She is fully aware of what she is doing. What a woman!! She starts to rub her inner lips. The music has stopped, yet no-one noticed. I can hear the waves lapping at the side of the boat, distant boats on the lake, and the noise her fingers make when she is rubbing a fully moist pussy. She then grabbed both lips with her two hands, and actually pulls her inner lips open as far as they go. She is not even looking at us, and yet, she knows what we are seeing. She is exhibiting her most womanly and hidden, secret body part to her lover and a complete stranger. And all of this outside. We both just stared at this wide open pussy. We are both leaning forward in our seats to get a better view, and I think Tyler and I bonded at that moment.

She stops rubbing and pulling her lips apart, and raised herself back onto her elbows, legs still spread, and smiled at us. “How was that Tyler?” she asked, looking right at him, legs still spread.

Tyler was at a loss for words. “Fantastic” he managed to get out.

“Great then,” Annie replied. She got up off the sundeck and stood in the boat. “Gary, could you pass me my suit, please?"

I helped her gather her suit, both disappointed that I knew it had come to an end, but glad it was over just the same. I know she wouldn’t have done anything else, but still, it would have been great to see some more. Maybe next time I thought. I started the boat as she put her suit back on, and even slipped on a pair of shorts over it. We pulled into the marina and the C Store. We dropped off Tyler, but only after he grabbed a quick hug from Annie, and then we shoved off.

We never saw Tyler during the rest of the summer. I did however, remember that afternoon, and will forever. I didn’t realize it then, but this was only the start to a great summer, which saw Annie doing a photo shoot with Stu, and getting naked a few more times. More on those stories soon.