A Beautiful Friendship
by Ex_DCA

"Well, Meredith, how was your day?"

"Very good, Sir," i replied, looking at the floor.† i was kneeling on a piece of carpet, my hands resting on my thighs, palms up.† i was naked except for a steel band locked around my throat, the only key on Sirís keyring.

"Make me a drink, please," Sir said.

"May i have one too?"† i asked as i rose.

"Iím afraid not, dear," Sir said.† "We have plans tonight."

i padded into the kitchen barefoot, wondering what those Ďplansí involved.† i felt a delicious mix of fear and anticipation, and had to fight not to touch myself. To compensate, I ran a hand through my long blonde hair, as if to move it out of the way of my eyes. Sirís Ďplansí were always inventive and interesting.†

i made the drink -- CC and seven -- and returned to the living room.† Sir was taking his tie off, so i knelt in front of him and offered up the glass with two hands.†

"Thank you, Meredith," Sir said.† He the glass from me and took a sip, the ice clinking in the glass.† "Now go get the strap set, the blue ballgag and Mr. Hitachi."

"Yes sir," i said.† My knees felt weak as i got up, and i felt moisture between my legs.† This sounded interesting.† Sir especially like the blue ballgag -- said it matched my eyes.

It only took a minute to round up the items requested, as Sir made me keep the toys well organized.† He was sitting on the couch when i returned, looking through the mail.†

"Put them on the table," He said, tossing down a handful of bills.† "Turn around, and lift up your hair."

i pulled up my blonde hair with both hands, and stood in the middle of the room, my legs together.† It helped keep my knees from knocking.† He walked in front of me, and placed a hand, cold and damp from his drink, on my breast.† "Have I told you how much I like your boobs?"† He asked.

"Yes Sir, you have," i said, smiling.† Sir said they were the perfect size -- not to big but not small.† i looked down as he traced a line on my breast.† i felt His other hand on my chin, lifting it up.†

"Stand at attention, soldier," He said, a smile on his lips.† His thumb on my mouth relieved me of having to answer.

After a long minute, he stepped back, and went to the table.† "Open wide," he said, slipping the blue rubber ball over my head.† i did, and tasted rubber as he slid the ball past my lips.† He tied the leather strings together behind my head, then kissed my neck just above the steel band.

"Put your hands behind your back," He said in my ear.† i did, and he tied them together with a leather strap, itís cold buckle resting against my back.† "Make a V," He said, and i brought my elbows together so that my arms formed a V behind me.† He secured my elbows with another strap, then took a larger strap and secured my arms to my body, buckling this strap just below my breasts.

He spanked my ass, one quick sharp barehanded blow, and chuckled as i jumped.† He tossed a couple of pillows on the floor. "Lay down on your back on those pillows," He said, "cunt facing the door to the garage."

i did as ordered, moving awkwardly with my arms restrained.† It was not a comfortable position to be in, despite the pillows, and I hoped he was going to get Mr. Hitachi into action soon.

He picked up a spreader bar, part of the strap set, and a pair of leather ankle cuffs.† With this he quickly secured my ankles about two feet apart, then he secured my shins to my thighs with a pair of large straps.† The way the pillows were laid out, my cunt was elevated and fully exposed.†

"Comfortable?"† He asked.† i cussed at him in my ballgag, which thankfully came out as an unintelligible series of grunts.† "Iíll take that as a yes," He said.† "Stay put, I left something in the car."†


Tangie squirmed in the darkness.† She wondered how long sheíd been sitting there, and reflexively tried to look at her watch.† "That was stupid," she said aloud.† Not for the first time tonight, she felt a ting of fear.

Tangie was sitting in the front seat of Samís car, her hands chained to her waist by steel cuffs.† Sheíd rode the whole way from her apartment to here, wherever here was, like that.† Somewhere in the suburbs, she knew, although once Sam had pulled the hood over her face, she had no idea where.†

She fidgeted with her red minidress.† Sam had picked it out for her, saying it went well with her dark skin.† "I could lift it up easy," she thought.† But Sam had specifically told her not to play with herself, and for all she knew he was just outside the car watching.† Just then her door opened, the sound startling her.

"Sam, is that you?"† She asked.†

"You better hope so, dressed like that," Sam said.† "And from now on, itís Sir."

"OK, Sam -- I mean Sir."

"Try it again," Sam said.

"Yes Sir?"†

"Good."† Sam pulled the hood up from her face.† She was in a garage, windowless, with a single light hanging from the middle.† Sam reached over her and unbuckled her seatbelt.† "Letís get you out."

"Yes Sir," she said.† Sam helped her out, still handcuffed.† He walked her into the garage a little ways, then lifted up her wavy brown hair and wrapped a leather collar, festooned with steel rings, around her neck.† He locked the buckle in back, then took a chain from the ceiling and clipped it to the collar.† He then unlocked her handcuffs, and she immediately started to rub her wrists, sore from the steel bands.

"Strip -- except for the shoes," he said.

She stopped rubbing her wrists and did as she was told.† She slipped the red dress, letting it slide down against her chocolate skin and uncovered breasts.† She had a bit of a struggle removing her thong panties, since the collar and chain didnít let her bend down.†

She stood there in her high heels, the Lucite platform "Stripper shoes" heíd made her buy.†† As he placed her clothing in the seat of the car, she realized that sheíd never felt more naked in her life.

He unclipped the chain attaching her collar to the ceiling, and replaced it with a short leash.† "Shall we?"† He said.† He started walking off, Tangie following behind him.

Samís girl was just inside the door, her legs spread embarrassingly wide.† Tangie put her hand to her mouth to hide her grin.† "Of course," she thought, "it wasnít like Iím much different."

"Tangie," Sam said, "meet Meredith."† Sam walked her up to the woman, her blue ballgag contrasting nicely with her blonde hair and fair skin.† Sam knelt down, and clipped the other end of Tangieís leash to Meredithís collar.† The leash was barely six feet long, and Tangie, with her platform heels, had to bend slightly.

Meredith squirmed, and Tangie could see fear in her eyes.† She knelt down beside the woman, and cupped her face in her hands.

"You have a very attractive slave," Tangie said.† She looked up at Sam.† "May I begin, Sir?"

Sam nodded yes, and pulled up a wooden chair from the kitchen.†

"Any rules, Sir?" Sam had told her to ask that.

"The gag and all restraints stay on, otherwise sheís yours."† Theyíd already covered that, of course.† So far there were no surprises.

"Thank you, Sir."† Tangie leaned down, and let her right hand trace a path along Meredithís chest and stomach to her cunt.† With her left hand, Tangie started to slowly circle Meredithís nipple.† Tangie leaned over the woman, and blew into her ear.† "Relax, girlfriend," she said into Meredithís ear.† "Iím gonna rock your world."


"Stay put," He said.† Like i had a choice in the matter.† i glanced over at Mr. Hitachi, wishing not for the first time that it was something more then a hunk of plastic.† The long white plastic handle was inches away from my hands.† i could probably squirm over and turn it on, but there was no way i could get the wide vibrating head over to my needy cunt tied like this.† i would just have to wait.†

My hands were half-numb from the straps, and the buckle for the elbow strap was digging into my back.† It hurt, but not as bad as the buckle to my hands.

i was staring at the featureless ceiling when i heard the door to the garage open.† i looked up as best i could.† Sir was walking in, and to my shock he was leading a strange woman in by a leash!† She was tall, a good four inches higher then me, black and naked except for the collar and a pair of Lucite "fuck-me" platform high heels.† Sir said something, but my ears were buzzing and I couldnít understand what He said.† Something about a fruit?

Sir led the woman over to me, and chained her to my collar.† i blushed, and reflexively tried to squirm away.† i had never been with a woman before, and except for Sir nobody had ever seen me tied up.† The woman started to touch me, her hands roaming at will over my helpless body.† i was shaking with fear, and the only thing that kept me from running were my bonds.† i thought of using my safeword, but couldnít bring myself to do that.

She asked something of Sir, then smiled.† She cupped my face in her hands, and said something about me being attractive.† One of the strap buckles was digging in, and i squirmed.† Tied the way i was, it had to seem provocative, an invitation.† i watched as one of the black womanís muscular arms ran down the cleft of my stomach.† She had some kind of tattoo, a tribal band, around her bicep.† A part of me wondered if her skin tasted any different there.

i felt her hand on my cunt, her fingers driving idle circles around until she found my clit.† She rested a finger there, as a wave of pleasure and heat shot up my body into my brain.† God what a slut i am, i thought, feeling myself blush, some strange woman grabs my clit and i damn near cum!

The woman leaned over me, resting a tit with a small silver piercing on my gag.† i felt her blow in my ear, her auburn hair covering my face.† Then she whispered that she would "rock my world" in a low voice.† She had a vaguely Southern accent, and as she said "world" i felt her finger enter my cunt.†

Sir had felt me there often enough, as had i, back when i was allowed to, but this womanís touch was different.† It wasnít harsh, like some men, but neither was it tentative.† She knew what buttons to push, and was not shy.† i closed my eyes, and thrust my hips into her hand.

"Womanís in a hurry," she said, withdrawing her hand.† i moaned despairingly.† I was her slave, so what did that make me -- a slave to a slave?† She laughed, and slipped over me, so we were face to face.† She started to work on my face and neck with her tongue.† i felt my eyes water, tears of desire and shame at once.

She eventually shifted her focus to my boobs, biting and tonguing my nipples.† After sheíd gotten my left nipple hard, i felt a pinch as she put a closepin on the sensitive nipple.† i squirmed, and she laughed again, and playfully slapped my breast with her hand.† She turned her attention to my other nipple, which got hard despite my desire that it not.† Again she put a closepin on the nipple, causing me to wince in pain.†

She shifted her focus to my bellybutton, using my breasts as convenient handles as she worked her tongue.† i thrust my hips wantonly, no longer caring about anything except my need.† She grasped my waist firmly, and ran her tongue along my cunt, teasing with quick flicks and gentle bites.

She traced a finger along my bare pubis, digging in with one manicured nail.† i screamed into my gag in pain and desire.†

"She likes the wand, Sir?"† The woman asked.

"Loves it," Sir said.† i could see he had dropped his pants and had a hand around his dick.†

"Well, I aim to please," the woman said.† She knelt at my feet and grabbed Mr. Hitachi.† i thought for a second she was going to fuck me with the handle end, but she decided to turn on the vibrator and use it as intended.†


Tangie was impressed.† As soon as sheíd touched Meredith with the vibrator, the woman practically impaled herself on the machine.† Meredith jerked and quivered spasmodically, animal moans escaping from her gag.† She promptly had a long and shuddering orgasm, or maybe two in a row.† Sam -- Sir -- had said she was sometimes shy around new people.† If this was Sirís idea of shy, Tangie didnít want to see extroverted.

Meredithís moans subsided, so Tangie turned off the vibrator.† "Womanís gonna need some rest," Tangie thought, as Meredith desperately sucked for air around her gag.

"Ungag her please," Sir said. "Meredith, you may NOT speak."

Tangie did as requested, noting that Sir was now wearing nothing but a t-shirt and a raging erection.† She wondered who would be his first target.

As soon as Meredithís gag was removed, Sir was on Tangie, unhooking her leash from Meredith and standing her up.

"Hands behind your back," Sir said.† Tangie complied, and Sir promptly cuffed her.† "Follow me," Sir said, leading her off.† Tangie glanced over her shoulder at Meredith, who was half-dazed on the floor, her eyes unfocused.

Tangie was taken down into the basement, an unfinished area with bare concrete floors and block walls.† There was a small cage in one corner, the top of which doubled as a bench.† "Youíll be in there soon enough," Sir said as the passed it.†

They came to a steel pole.† Sir gently but forcefully pushed her against the pole, and clipped her collar to an attachment on the pole.† "Spread your legs," he said.†

When she had done this, he attached a spreader bar to her ankles, which he then chained to an I-bolt in the floor.† Thus attached, she couldnít stand straight up, but rather was forced to lean into the pole.† He then uncuffed her, and re-cuffed her hands to the pole in front of her.† Thus secure, Sir ran a possessive hand down her ass and between her legs.

"Comfortable?"† He asked.

"No," Tangie replied truthfully.† This was immediately followed by a pair of sharp spanks to her ass.

"Try again," he said.

"No sir?"† Again the pair of spanks.† Tangie felt her eyes water.†

"I can fix that," he said.† A few seconds later, Tangie felt a ball being forced into her mouth, and secured with straps behind her head.† "Umoff," She said.

"Itís called a drool gag," Sir said as he tightened the straps.† "Youíll figure out why.† Stay put, sweetcheeks.† Oh," he said over his shoulder, "feel free to play with yourself."

The ball had holes, like a waffle ball, and so Tangie quickly found herself drooling uncontrollably.† Her breasts were soon dripping with her own sticky saliva.† Although her hands were tied in front of her, Tangie could no more touch herself then sing.† She was beginning to figure out how Meredith had felt.

A few frustrating and uncomfortable minutes later, Meredith and Sir came down the stairs.† Meredithís arms and upper body were still secured with straps, and Sir was leading her by a leash.† When they got to the bottom of the steps, Sir snapped his fingers and pointed down, and the woman plopped to her knees near where Tangie was secured.†

Sir came up to Tangie and grabbed her from behind.† His hands roamed her body, and his dick was pressed flat against her ass.† "Do you like anal?"† Sir whispered into Tangieís ear.

Tangie grunted no, and tried to pull away, but Sirís hand around her waist prevented this.† "Pity, you have such a nice ass," Sir said.† He reached up and pinched her nipple so hard that Tangie gasped.

Sir let go of Tangie, still squirming, and beckoned to Meredith.† She crawled over on her knees and immediately wrapped her mouth around Sirís dick.† Tangie watched in amazement as the white woman, her blonde hair everywhere, vigorously rode his dick.† She repeatedly took all of it into her mouth, burying her nose in Samís pubic hairs.†

It didnít take long for Sir to explode, which he did into her mouth.† She swallowed him like he was fine wine.† Sir, his knees weak, sat down on a plastic lawnchair.† Meredith, a stupid grin on her face, crawled over to him and caressed his legs with her face and hair.†

After Sir recovered, he stood Meredith up and secured her to the pole facing Tangie, bound in the same way.† Meredith was able to caress Tangieís hands while thus bound.† Tangie realized that despite not being gagged Meredith hadnít said a word.

"Which gag would you like, dear?"† Sir said.† He was holding up a blue ballgag and a wiffleball number, except to Tangieís eyes the later had way too many straps.

"Iíll wear the same as her, Sir," Meredith said.† Sir put down the blue gag and strapped on the wiffleball gag.† To Tangieís surprise, it was a full-on harness, and the straps covered part of her face and tucked in under the chin.† Sir then produced two sets of nipple clamps with chains.† He took the first set and ran a chain from Meredithís right tit to Tangieís left tit, and did the same for the other side.† He hung a small weight from each chain, and Tangie quickly discovered that even the slightest movement caused unpleasant tugs on her tits.

"And now," Sir said dramatically, "let the whipping begin."


As soon as Sir said "whipping" my girlfriendís eyes went wide.† i donít think sheíd ever been whipped before.† Chained as we were, neither of us could see what was behind us, but we each had a clear view of the other woman.† With our gags, that really didnít matter.† i watched Sir walk behind the other girl, and run a hand possessively on her ass and down between her legs.† She moaned quietly, out of fear, desire or both, i couldnít tell.† Sir walked to a table behind her, and rummaged around in one of our toy bags.† He returned with Red Thunder, a riding crop with a red fiberglass shaft, in his hands and an evil grin on his face.†

i reached out and grabbed the girlís hands as Sir slapped her hard on the ass with the crop.† She yelped in pain and jerked up and sideways.† Her motion set the chains attached to our tits bouncing, each bounce pulling painfully on my already sore nipples.† A moan of pain escaped around my gag.

"Smarts, Tangie, doesnít it?"† Sir said.† The girl nodded and grunted yes.† Her name was Tangie?† What kind of name was that, i wondered?

As i watched, Sir ran the crop along her side, caressing underneath her breasts.† She struggled to watch this, a mixture of fear and anticipation on her face.† Without warning, Sir pulled back the crop and struck her on the tit.† Again she jerked back.† i sucked for air as a sharp wave of pain from the clamp shot through to my brain.† To be honest, that same wave of pain shot to my pussy, which was dripping wet.† i felt my face turn red.† Tangie must think i was a super slut.

"Youíre leaking, dear," Sir said.† He ran a hand down my breast, wiping away the drool that had leaked through my gag.† i tried to lean into him, but i had no room to maneuver without choking myself on my collar.† Sir walked around behind me.† i felt myself tensing up, waiting for the blow.

Sir goosed me, a gentle poke with his fingers.† Tensed up, i yelped and jumped.† Tangie jumped and yelped.† i felt bad that i was causing Tangie pain, but i couldnít help myself or apologize.†

Sir immediately followed his goosing of me with a series of sharp blows on my ass and inner leg with his crop.† I felt Tangieís hand claw at mine -- bouncing around like i was, i was pulling and pinching her tits.† "Now you know what it feels like," I thought, then instantly regretted it.

Sir suddenly stopped hitting me, and with a lightning fast move struck Tangie on the shoulder with his crop.† She was drooling too, and he wiped off her breast with his crop.† She stared down at his crop as he did so, her eyes wide and breath ragged.†

"How do you like this game, girls?"† Sir asked.† I tried to say I didnít like it at all, and I donít know what Tangie said, but gagged as we were, nothing intelligible came out.†

Sir continued his game for some time.† He alternated the crop, the spanker and a small hand whip on us, never striking more then a few blows on one before moving to the other.† i was coated in sweat, which was matting down my hair and dripping off my nose.† My legs, spread uncomfortably, were cramping, and my tits, nipples and ass were all on fire from the blows and clamps.† i hated handcuffs, and my wrists were throbbing from where i was involuntarily struggling against them.

Tangie was in about the same shape.† Her dark skin was gleaming, and she had ended up resting her head down on the pole.† She was still wearing her heels, and so i knew her legs had to be in worse shape then mine.

At some point i realized that Sir had stopped hitting us, and was putting his toys back in the bag.† I watched as he wrapped his raging erection in a condom.† Then he walked up behind Tangie, and pulled her head back with her hair.† He started to speak, his mouth practically inside her ear.

"Do you know what guys call shoes like that?"† He said.† She grunted a no.† "They call them Ďfuck meí heels."† His hand ran down her stomach and between her legs.† He forced her hips back against his raging erection.† "Is that what you want?† Do you want me to fuck you?"

She grunted something, maybe a yes.† "I canít understand you, dear," he said.† "Say what you want."

She took a deep breath and spoke, her words distorted by the gag. "Fuck me please, Sir."

"I think I will," Sir said.† With that, he immediately entered her from behind, forcefully thrusting himself into her.† She squealed from pleasure and pain as he drove his cock deep into her.† His thrusts and her shivers of pleasure set up more vibrations on my tits, and i desperately tried to get my hands down between my legs.† i couldnít get there, even though my hands were bound in front of me.† i screamed in frustration as i watched Sir rape Tangie, her spasms transmitted to my tits via the nipple clamps.

Aroused as they both were, it didnít take long for them to cum, first Tangie, screaming into her gag, and a second later Sir.† The pair stood there for a long minute, both trying to get their breaths.† Tangie was struggling, the air whistling past her gag.† Sir started stroking her brown hair tenderly.

"If I ungag you, will you promise not to speak?"† Sir asked her.

She vigorously shook her head yes.† Sir gently removed her gag, and she stood there, panting.† He then came and removed my gag, tossing it on the floor.† We kept a refrigerator in the basement, and he went to it and brought back a squeeze bottle of water, and allowed each of us to take a drink.

"I need a nap, and Iím sure you girls want to talk girl-stuff," he said.† "How about the family cage?

It was a rhetorical question, of course.† He removed my nipple clamps, as waves of pain shot through my body.† When he unclipped my neck from the pole, i leaned back into him, hoping that heíd satisfy my burning lust.† Sir just laughed, and walked me to the cage.† My hands were still cuffed in front of me.† i had a feeling i would be sleeping that way tonight.† i thought about asking Sir to remove them, but he hadnít given me permission to speak.

The "family cage" was a box about six feet long and maybe two wide, and stood about 3 feet high.† The top of the cage was covered with leather, and could be used as a bondage couch.† He opened the lid and helped me in, and i squeezed in.† Sir then untied Tangie.† She sighed with relief when he removed her shoes. He walked her to the box, like me hands cuffed in front, and helped her in.† We fit, barely, and Sir lowered the lid, then locked it in place.

"Have fun, girls," he said, "and get to know each other better.† Iíll go get us some dinner."


Tangie forced herself back into a corner of the cage.† She couldnít sit up, and with Meredith in there, couldnít really lay down either.† She was wondering what the hell sheíd gotten herself into.

"What kind of name is Tangie?" Meredith asked.

"Short for Tanshanika," Tangie said.† "Itís an African thing."† She was used to the question - it was the first thing everybody asked.

"Oh," Meridith said.† She stretched out her hands to Tangie.† "I guess, well," she started.† "You know, this is fucking awkward."† To Tangieís ears, the work Ďfuckingí came out very precisely, like somebody who rarely cussed.

"No shit, girlfriend," Tangie said.† She reached out and took the other womanís hands in hers.† "You meet people like this often?"

"Hell no," Meredith said.† Her face was red -- she was blushing.

"Well, this was a night of firsts for me too," Tangie said.† "Was it any good?"

Tangie didnít think the woman could get any redder, but she was wrong.† "You werenít lying -- you rocked my universe."

"Glad to hear it," Tangie said.† The conversation stopped for a long minute.

"How did you meet Sir?"† Meredith asked.

"A writing workshop.† Look, we didnít fuck -- well until just now.† I mean..."† Tangie looked away.† How do you apologize for fucking somebodyís man when youíre in a cage with them?

"Itís OK, Tangie.† Iím not upset.† How could I be -- you and I..."

"Thanks -- I just didnít want you to think I was some home wrecker."

"You didnít -- I mean youíre not."

There was another long pause.† Meredith finally said, "Iíve never been with a woman before.† I was so scared at first.† I mean, am I...?"

"A lesbian?"† Tangie said.† "No. †And doní go thinking I been chasing pussy."

Meredith smiled slyly.† "But sometimes you got caught by some anyway?"

"You know, woman, Man upstairs says youíre shy, but I donít see that."

"Donít you think weíre past being shy?† I mean, weíre naked, chained up and locked up in a cage, for Peteís sake."

"You got a point," Tangie said.† Meredith was cute for a white chick.† "I been with a woman or two -- but mostly men."

Meredith stretched out a bit in the cage, rubbing her hands on Tangieís legs in the process.† "Weíre going to be in here for a while," she said.† "Is there some way I can thank you?"† Her hands were running up and down Tangieís legs.

Tangie chuckled in spite of herself.† "If I didnít know better, Iíd say you were trying to get into my pants."

"What pants?"† Meredith asked in a mock innocent tone.†

Tangie burst out laughing.† "Meredith, woman, youíre funny as hell," she finally said.

The two re-arranged themselves in the cage so they were laying side by side facing each other.† Meredith draped her cuffed hands over Tangieís head.† "May I?" she asked.

"You donít have..." Tangie said.† The rest of her response was cut off as Meredith kissed her, and tried to force her tongue down Tangieís throat.

"This could be the start of a beautiful friendship," Meredith said when she came up for air.