The Mall

by Ellie


The following is loosely based on a number of true life dares I made myself
during couple of business trips to a
neighboring city.  The mall really exists as do the people in a couple of
the shops in the story.  Unfortunately, I was
never "caught" and the main story line is fiction.  However, I tried to be
fairly accurate in my descriptions of the
people working in the shops and their interrelationships.  So maybe it could

Chapter I

It all started innocently enough.  Well, not totally.  I was being a bit
naughty but I had no idea how far it would go.

I've been cross dressing for years.  I remember the days is college sneaking
into the women's dorm and stealing the
odd pair of panties from the laundry room.  Even then I think I wanted to
get caught.  I also enjoyed the thrill of
visiting the local lingerie shop and buying a gift for my 'girl friend'.
She coincidentally wore the same size as I.  I
always imagined that the sales girls really knew what I was up to.  It just
grew from there.

I was in the city for a user's conference and had time on my hands come
Friday afternoon.  I often wear lingerie
under my business clothes when I'm at these sort of functions, and this day
was no exception.  I had developed a
nasty run in my black thigh highs and decided to check out the local
Victoria's Secret store to replace them.  I'm
always looking for an excuse to enter that place, its just so .... sexy.

I didn't want to be too conspicuous, but at the same time these trips are no
fun without a little dare.  I'm always
daring myself.  Sort of my own little imagined domme telling me what to do.
This time I packed my bra.  It had been
flat throughout the morning, but just before leaving the hotel I added my
soft silicon inserts.  I chose not to include
the fillers that fit the inside of the cups and build the busty 40D look I
prefer, but even without them I still had a nice
B cup that juggled in my light lace bra.  The tight sweater and light jacket
I wore did little to hide my little twins.  The
dare was to unzip the jacket and shop with the tight sweater and what they
contained a little more visible.  There I
was again, just wanting to get caught.

In this city the VS store was located in a large shopping mall on the
outskirts of town.  I'd been there several times
during previous conferences and business trips.  I took a taxi to the mall
and just before entering I looked around to
ensure noone was looking and unzipped my jacket.  I had to be true to
myself, this was a dare.  Then, with shoulders
back, back straight, I entered the mall.  I could feel them jiggling on my
chest.  What a slut!

Well, I wasn't really being that brazen.  I had purposely asked to be
dropped of at the entrance I remembered being
closest to the VS store.  It was only a short walk down an access hall and a
little to the left and I was there.  The mall
was near empty, noone was around to see me.  I'd cheated them again, too

Even when I entered the VS store noone was around.  I made my way to the
hosiery bar to find the thigh highs.  It
was then I saw it.  My undoing.  The thing that started it all.  It was a
bit out of place. Something you'd be more
likely to see in a Frederick's of Hollywood store.  It was a simple display
with a mannequin dressed in a maid outfit,
but it was the kind of outfit.  It featured a tight high collar with a large
cutout in front to expose lots of cleavage.
Long tight sleeves with heavy frilly cuffs.  It had lots of bows, belts, and
straps that secured, almost bound the
wearer in the outfit.  The skirt was way too short and was stiff to stand
out and expose a lacy thinly pantied rear.  It
featured lots of white lace and tight black spandex that created a look only
appropriate for a sex slave.  I loved it, it
was me.  "Oh, some day" I thought.

I tore myself away and went to the hose section.  I found my size in a pair
of black seamed thigh highs and started
back to the counter.  On the way past I couldn't help stop and stare again.
I was so engrossed in the image and my
fantasies I never even saw her come up to me.

"May I help you"

It shocked me out of my other world, and I must have jumped a little.  They
jiggled.  I looked at her and she looked at
me.  I mean really looked.  She saw the jiggling boobs, the sliver of
fishnet hose just visible above my shoes, below
my cuffs, and most of all, a very predominant bulge in my pants as a result
of what I had just been imagining.  And
she smiled.  That knowing smile reserved for those who know all.  One look
at me in that state and she had me
pegged.  And the smile was to let me know that she did.  I know I blushed, I
could feel it in my ears.  I was caught!

She turned and looked at the display

"You like it?  It would probably fit."  My blush got deeper.  I was probably
purple by now.  "Come on we both know
who those are for" she said pointing at the packet in my hand.  "Come lets
ring you up, and I want to talk, okay?"
What could I say, I followed her to the counter.

Once at the front I leaned over the counter and avoiding her gaze put the
package down.

"No, stand up strait, let me look at you."  It was almost an order.  I did
as told and after a glance at my chest she
looked directly into my eyes.  Oh, that look said so much.  I sighed, she

"You do this a lot?" she asked.

"Only when I can.  I'm visiting the city alone, away from family, just a
little thrill to pass the time." I replied.

"And those?" she asked glancing down again.

"Just a little dare, I wanted to spice things up a bit."  That made her
giggle again.

"If you're alone, who dared you?"  A natural question I guess.

"I did, I dare myself lots of things, keeps it from getting boring."  I was
surprised how open I was being with this
total stranger.

"You'd like to dare yourself into that I bet" she said pointing at the
mannequin.  I blushed again.  No answer was

"Would you like to earn it?"  I must have looked stunned, she just winked
and continued. "Come on, we both know
you're a little sissy boy slut.  Out on a dare to see what you get away
with.  Well, this time you got caught.  I've
seen you here before.  I wasn't sure, but I suspected.  Now, well now we
know.  You like dares.  Well I have a dare
for you, and this one is serious.  If you accept it, under my terms, and go
through it all the way, the outfit's yours.
And I'll even through in a very special bonus.  That's it.  It's a dare.
Are you slut enough?"

Well, she had me.  It was a dare.  A nasty, sleazy, mysterious dare.  And
was I slut enough?  Most of the outfits I
wore in private and the fantasies I had while wearing them proved that
point.  It only took a second and looking
strait in the eye I said  "You're on."

"I knew it!  That look in your eye, that bulge in your pants, and you might
just do it.  Oh, the girls are going to die.
Are you sure?, really!, they won't be easy on you!  You'll be used and
abused!  Can you handle it?"  She was so
excited I was taken aback.  Finally she gave me a chance to reply.

"I can't turn down a dare, and from such a pretty lady, and with such a
special prize, how can I refuse."  She liked the
compliment, I could tell.  I continued "I can handle a lot of things, hell,
I even get off on the humiliation aspect.  Give
me your best shot, but you'd better be ready to pack that up." I said
pointing at the maid outfit of my dreams.

"Oh, not so fast little sissy boy.  This won't be easy.  And it's not me
that will be giving you the shots.  Here's the
deal.  All you have to do is visit three other shops in the mall.  You have
to remain in each for 1 hour regardless of
what they do to you.  Then, you return here so that I can see the result of
those visits.  If you return here, three
hours from now, looking as I'm guessing you will, then the outfit, and a
special bonus offer is yours.  Deal?"

Sounded pretty simple to me.  After all what could happen here?  A very
open, public mall.  Your standard selection
of Gap, Sears, etc.  Nothing too risque.  This was a safe enough place to
play, why not.  After all, I had nothing to do
until my flight the following morning.  "Okay, where do I start."

"First, we get you ready.  Give me your jacket."  She took it and hung it on
a hook behind the door. "Now lift your
sweater."  I looked around the store and when my eyes came back to her she
quipped "No sense being modest,
compared to what I expect you'll go through in the next few hours this is
nothing, now up."

I lifted my sweater bunching it around my shoulders and she looked at my
light lace bra.  With a scowl she had me
turned around and checked the tag on the strap.  "This is a 40D, and with
those little ..... oh, I see, didn't want to
show too much.  Well, we'll fix that" She reached under the counter and
pulled a pair of hard silicon bust enhancers,
much like I had back in my room.  Slipping those under the silicon forms my
bra was now very full.

After I pulled down my sweater she had me check myself in a nearby mirror.
The sweater was bursting.  They were
big, heavy, bra busting tits.  And in the light bra I was wearing they
jiggled and swayed with each little step.  So
much for inconspicious, these hooters demanded attention.  Before I could
have hidden my little twins with a slight
slouch, especially with the jacket.  But now, I looked like a 1940's sweater

As I stood there looking at them she filled in the details of my afternoon's
visits.  Three stores where I was to ask for
three specific people.  Each in turn.  I was not to speak unless spoken to.
I was not allowed to tell them anything, as
if I had any idea what I was to say.  There was to be no rough stuff, no
sex, and no payoffs.  She hinted the real fun
would come later, but first the hard part.

With that, she put my hose in one of those cute little pink VS bags and I
was sent on my way.

Chapter II

The first stop was no surprise.  Actually I would have been disappointed if
the dare had not involved a visit to a
beauty shop.  This one was just down the hall from the VS store.  Typical
for these places it featured a row of chairs
down each side of the shop with sinks, makeup counters, and dryers scattered
about.  There were only a few people
in the place including a very cute young lady at the front desk.

She looked up as I entered the shop and only made it as far as the mounds
trying to escape from my sweater.  She
made a funny face, was she jealous?  When she looked up and saw that I was
male ... well if looks could kill!  It was
an uncomfortable silence.

"May I please speak with Trish" I said, trying to ignore the gawking look
from the receptionist.

"She's back in her office, one moment please."  With a giggle she was off
into the back, but not before another look
and my bust and scowl.

The receptionist came back with a lady I assumed was Trish.  Mid thirties,
slim build, almost athletic, quite pretty.
Not surprisingly she was very well dressed and had beautiful makeup and well
styled hair.  She looked like she had a
lot of hair pulled up in a bun.  Too bad, I like long hair, and wondered
just how long it was.

"How can I help you", she started and then she saw the mounds.  She gasped
and then noticing the VS bag in my
hand asked, "Did Rose send you?"

"Yes, but I don't know why" was my honest reply.  That started a torrent
that would take me a long time to figure
out.  She went on about that bitch this, and that bitch that, and she's
kidding right, and you're not serious, and you
wouldn't dare!  It lasted a good minute and caught both me and the
receptionist off guard.  Finally, she finished with
"follow me" and we walked to the back room.  My giggling tits got a few
looks as my thin lacy bra tried to hold them
in.  It was a losing battle.

We entered a small back room that had a private sink, vanity, and chair.
She indicated that I was to sit and then
flopped down on a small stool beside me.  After excusing the receptionist,
who was obviously curious, but knew
when to leave, she started again.

"You can't be serious?" and before I could answer she added  "There is no
way I'm going to lose, so why not save
us both the bother and just leave now.  If you don't,  well ... in an hour
you won't dare show your face out there.  So,
how about it, ready to call it quits?"

I was a bit taken aback.  I really didn't know what she was going on about.
I just wanted to go through with the dare
and get my prize.  There was obviously something else going on but it really
wasn't any of by business.  At least I
didn't think so.

"Rose didn't tell me anything, just to come here for 1 hour, so I'm here.
Threat or no threat I'm not leaving ... so
there."  I said it with my best little girl pout, just to piss her off.
Maybe I shouldn't have done that!

"Well, we'll just see" was her reply, "but I'm going to need help.  Let's
see .... Janet is perfect.  She's a sweet
innocent, but the best with nails.  Let's call her?"  Like I had a choice.
Janet turned out to be the receptionist.  After
arranging some cover at the front desk she came back and actually gasped and
giggled as Trish filled her in.  She
told Janet that I was out on a little dare from a friend of her's and it was
there job to do my hair, face, and nails so
gaudy that I wouldn't dare leave the shop looking like that.  Simple job
really, just over do it.

It turned out Janet was the nail girl and had often talked of one day just
going nuts on a client.  Trish was giving her
that chance.  But first she wanted help washing and styling my hair.  The
first order was to take off my sweater.  The
poor bra just couldn't do the job.  The silicon boobs and inserts had
shifted and looked awful.  "We'll fix that" said
Trish as Janet began to run water in the sink.

I was kind of hoping for a long wig, the longer the better, but oh no Trish
had other ideas.  She had Janet blow and
brush it out with highlights added and a little color to get a certain look.
  While Janet was busy there Trish pulled the
stuff from my bra and started shaving around my nipples.  The both giggled
at my reaction.  Then she picked up
some adhesive they use for the acrylic nails, and just before putting it on
said  " Heh, I got a nasty idea, you won't
like it, sure you aren't ready to leave" I just winked at her.  There was
that look again.

She took the inserts and cut a little X in the center back of each.
Stretching them open she dropped a little glue in
each.  The she painted my nipple with the same glue.  While it  got tacky
she painted the outside edge of the main
silicon breast cups.  When all was ready she stretched the inserts at the X
and slipped them over my nipples.  They
pinched, but not too bad.  I've got nipple clips at home that are nastier
than that, or so I thought.  Then she covered
the inserts with the cups and pressed them on till the glue set.  "There,
they'll stay put now, and just you wait" I
didn't understand the significance of that last statement until later.

About this time Janet finished my hair to Trish's satisfaction and set to
the task that she really enjoyed.  The only
direction Trish gave was "Make sure they are too long".  "Too long for
what?" asked Janet.  "Just make sure he's
helpless when your done."  Janet liked that I could tell.

As Janet set to work on my nails Trish started on makeup.  With my head back
I couldn't see what Janet was doing,
but I heard lots of humming a giggles from her.  Trish mean while was all
business.  She added very long false
lashes, lots of stuff on my face and eyes.  After some time Janet asked
"What color are you going to use for
lipstick?"  Trish smiled as replied "How about Cock Sucker Red" They both
laughed at that.  Janet countered "Then
I'll use Fuck Me Fusha for her nails" More laughs and then back to work.

The hour was almost up when Trish said "ready to look?"  With that she spun
the chair around and I got a shock!
What I saw was not a man.  It was also not a woman.  It was a man trying
very hard to look like a cheap hooker!  It
was the hair that said it best.  Now I understood why no wig.  My own hair
was a bit short, and even done up in a
very feminine style, it was still had a boyish cut.  With all the fluff,
color and highlights it looked .... well sissyish.
The makeup was summed up best in one word.  SLUT.  She wasn't kidding about
the lipstick.  High gloss, lots of it,
and a painted pout that said "I like to swallow".  The eyes were painted to
match and the lashes gave me a hint of
little girl cuteness.  With a wig I might of been passable, but with the
hair I screamed BOY TOY SLUT.

Then I thought to look at my nails.  My god they were incredible.  Very long
curves with the same bright red as my
lips for color with a gold fleck finish.  I was staring at them when she
told me "Oh, I used lots of glue so they won't
be coming off for a while.  We can get them off quick now if we hurry, but
then it's a day or two before you can even
try."  The nails were so long I couldn't do anything with my hands.  They
were damn near useless.  I was like public
bondage.  They only possible use for nails like that was scratching a man's
back while he ....  I was getting hard
again and the girls were noticing.

"So how about it" Trish added.  "You can't go out there looking like that.
Call it quits and in 20 minutes you can be
on your way, no harm done."  Well, it was all a bit over the top, but I kept
thinking back to that outfit and Rose's
promise for a special surprise.  "May I have my sweater, please" was my only
reply.  Janet handed it too me as Trish
went off on another rampage.  "You can't be serious" and "Look at you , you
slut" .  "No way can you be seen like
that!"  She almost seemed to start to cry and I stood up to leave.  Why was
she so upset, I was the one made up.  I
still didn't get it.

Then it hit.  Actually it wasn't an it, it was them.  You see, although my
now very full breast cups were firmly
attached with glue to my chest, the very heavy inserts were only glued to my
nipples.  When I stood, they shifted
and all the weight was carried by my nipples.  I immediately changed my mind
about the clips at home being nastier.
And the flimsy lacy bra offered little support, so now as they giggled I had
a continual tugging on my nipples.  I
looked at Trish and saw from her look she knew exactly what I had just felt.
  "Last chance" she said with a smile.

I walked out carefully.  I cursed my choice for a lacy little bra this
morning.  Every step was transmitted directly to my
nipples.  They still swayed a lot in there but now everything was a little
firmer.  The looks from the staff as I left the
shop told me Trish had obtained her goal.  It was all definitely too much.
It was just too bad for her that I didn't
mind looking like a slut.  I was a little disappointed about the about the
hair though.  That made me look like
someone trying to get caught, but I already was.

Now I had to careful that noone saw me as I made my way to my second

Chapter III

Thankfully, it was not a long walk to the shoe store.  I knew exactly were
it was, I had been there many times.  Not to
look a shoes either.  One of the girls that works there, I think she may
even be the manager,  had the biggest set tits
I'd seen in a long time.  Although as I looked at the time I would have
given her some tough competition.  And every
time I saw her she was  wearing tight sweaters.  God, what a sight.  She
also had a habit of wearing light bras so they
swayed and jiggled.  I had continual reminders that mine were doing the
same, ouch!  I'd gotten hard more than once
in that store just watching her walk around helping the other patrons.  I'm
sure I wasn't the only man in there for
something other than shoes.

I had to keep my head down as I passed the food court.  Not too busy yet,
but later it would be.  Then I slipped into
the shoe store without much notice.  Kind of a funny place to send me.
Rather vanilla place.  Nothing wild here, just
regular street wear.  This should be no drama, after all what did she have
to work with.

I did notice one neat display in the window.  Slightly spiked heals , not
terrably high, but the laces.  They had an
interesting weave all the way up to the knee.  They seemed almost out of
place in this kind of a store, but they
looked nice.

As I stood there admiring the display someone came up behind me.  It was
her!  I couldn't help focusing on that pair
and letting out a little sigh. I guess I was staring a bit.

"Excuse me, Can I help you"

Then she saw the VS and as I lifted my face to reply, she gasped. "Oh shit,
you're not for real are you?  Tell me this is
a joke.  She put you up to this didn't she?"

"No actually I'm just doing as told.  I don't even know who you're talking
about" was my quick reply.

"Well, this obviously isn't your first stop, still game eh?  Well, I'll fix
that, there's no way she's getting me!!"  She
asked one of the other girls there to mind the store and stay out of the
back room.  "Follow me".  Four big boobs
bounced into the back room.

"Look, let make this easy on both of us.  I won't lose so let me help you
off with the makeup and no harm done

"I'll still going through with the dare" I said a bit brazen

"Okay, you asked for it slut!"

She rummaged around a bit and came back with a pair of heels similar to the
ones I was admiring in the window.  She
also had a big bag filled with black laces.  "It all started when I found
this.  We were supposed to cut these into
regular lace lengths as some sort of a sales saving.  Screw that, they sat
here for months.  One slow day I was bored
and started playing.  I saw you looking at the display, you like?"

"Yes ma'am"

"Well, that's just a start.  I've been doing it for months.  I've been
practicing on this mannequin here and have even
done a little self bondage play with it.  I've gotten very good.  I've tried
to talk my boy friend into letting lace him up
but he's not into it.  So last chance, give?"

Laced up under my clothes, that's not so bad, what the hell "Try you're
best" I smirked

I shouldn't have put it that way.  She looks at me and almost as if she read
my mind she says "strip!"

When she saw the little leather thong pouch I had on under my jeans she
smiled "PERFECT!"  She then took a big
pair of scissors and preparing to cut my brand new jeans into cut-offs asked
again "give?"

I just shrug my shoulders and smile.

The cut was real nasty.  She cut the legs into a V from the crotch to the
bottom of the pocket front and back.  Not
much fabric left there.  She then called to one of the other girls in the
front of the store and gave her what was left of
my jeans.  "Take this to Mary and have her put them in a commercial wash and
hot dry.  She'll do it as a favour to
me."  Turning to me she said "work wear laundry out back, should put a nice
fray on those for us, now lets get to
work I only have one hour"

"What's in the bag" she asked.

"Hose, stay-ups.  That's how this all started.  Mine had a run and I went
into VS to get a replacement"

"With nails like that it's no wonder you had a run" she added.

Looking at the hose I had on she seemed pleased that in was only a small run
down on the foot. "Just like a slut to
go for seams" she chuckled.

First came the shoes.  Using the heavy scissors she cut off the regular
ankle strap and dumped the laces out of the
bag.  It was a huge pile of thin braided leather cord.  Almost like a box
chain necklace but black leather and they
seemed miles long.  Routing around she found a small metal ring with four of
the laces attached.  She slipped the ring
over the heel, the heel over my foot and then with a look up and a wink
starts lacing.  Actually, it was more like a
weave.  As I watched the tight weave come up one leg then the other to just
below my crotch.  All the toughing and
the occasional brush against her breasts had me very excited.  My little
leather tong pouch was not doing a good job
of hiding my excitement.  She liked that and patted the bulge a few times.
The weave was very tight and when I
moved even a little bit I could feel the laces tugging and pulling back at
me.  Nasty!

Soon she had both legs covered to just below my crotch.  She obviously had
been doing this a lot.  She handled the
very intricate weave very smoothly.  Stopping there she sayed "now it gets
interesting, it won't be nice, are you

A simple nod put her back to work.  She passed several of the laces inside
my pouch not really caring what she
touched.  She lingered touching me there which made me even harder.  She
liked that.  She was playing with me.  The
laces went in one side, across and around my balls and out the other.  More
up the back, between my cheeks, a few
flips here, some loops, double back, passed the front again and finally all
eight laces came out the top of my skimpy
underwear and she stoped, stood, and grabbed three of the laces in each had
and said "Now, this is the fun part.
When I lace myself I just use slight little pull and get great results.
Once I used a bigger tug and the result were wild!
On a man, or even a sissy like you, I can only guess the effect, so give?"
With that she wraps the laces around her
hands and made it obvious this was not going to be a gentle pull.  My blush
is all the answer she needed!

When she pulled the whole weave reacted.  The shoes were sucked onto my
feet, the lacing on my legs get tighter if
possible and the result up top is breath taking, literaly!  It felt like
someone had just kicked me between the legs.  I
sucked in air as my balls were ripped apart and my ass was ripped open.  The
weave on the back was spreading my
cheeks so wide I can feel my ass hole open.  My balls have been pulled down
and apart so that each was pulled to
the limits of my pouch making a lump on each side.  She grabbed one in each
hand sueezed them a little and smiled
when I winched.  Moving around back she slapped my spread cheeks and
giggled.  Then, she pushed a little bit of
the back of my leather T bar in my gapping ass "That should be fun to walk
in.  I knew it would do wild things to a
man.  No wonder by boyfriend won't try it, smart boy!"

Saying nothing more she picked up the laces and works a weave up my chest to
my neck line.  She enjoyed working
about my breasts and stopped several times to fondle hers and mine in
comparison.  She didn't know about the little
secret inside the cups, but she did enjoy my winces when she played with my
jugs.  She did a beautiful job on
enclosing them in the weave and I was almost thankful for the extra support.
  She even added a couple of neat little
knots and I had a tight ring around each nipple.

Then she took a collar off the mannequin and I noticed it has a series of
little rings around the bottom.  It's was a
tight fit but not as bad as after she passed each of the laces through the
loops.  She wrapped the laces around her
hand again and I knew it was coming.  This time it tightened from my balls,
spreads my cheeks even farther, and now
my nipples are almost poking through there little rings like some sort of
little cage.  The normally flat front of the
breast cups now featured very predominant nipples like a well endowed
swimmer getting out of cool pool.

Finally, she separated the laces into two sets and worked down each arm to
the wrist.  A few loops and a little snip
and she used a tiny pad lock to secure the laces around my wrist.  Every
time she moved my arm I felt it in my balls.
She watched as I tested the limits and chuckled when I winch a few times.

Just then a girl came in from the front caring a plastic laundry bag.  She
stopped dead in her tracks when she saw me
and laughed out load.  She couldn't even speak, she just left the bag on the
desk and exited still laughing.

"Okay, Sissy.  As you now realize you can't leave the store like that, so
how about I just take these last 5 minutes
and cut you free"

"May I have my jeans please" was my short reply.

With a disgusted grunt she threw me the bag.  I had a hell of a time putting
them on.  What with the nails, fighting
the weave and the cutoffs themselves it was tough.  The hot dryer had shrunk
them.  The material is cut so thin in
front that it did little more than fit between my balls and accentuate the
two black orbs now fully in view.  On the
back the cut just barely covered my T-backed underwear.  With all the fray
blowing around it looked like something a
stripper would wear on stage in a sleazy leather bar.

"Oops, a bit to too much off !" she smirks.  "Sorry about that ......
well??" holding the sissors in an offer of repreave.

"May I have my sweater please"  She threw me my top which almost covered my
bottom and began to plead as I
made ready to leave.

"Oh you can't.  No self respecting man would walk out there like that.  Come
on, a jokes a jokes.  Don't do this to me I
can't handle it.  You have know idea what she will do to me.  I'll do
anything.  Here, how about...."

Damn if she didn't get down on her knees and rubbing my throbbing cock
licked her lips and offered me a blow job
from heaven.  I was tempted.  What I didn't understand is why she was so
upset.  I was the one laced up.  God it was
intense.  Every step causes a reaction.  I had to go through with it.  Damn
it was going to be wild walking out there.

Catching me at the door she made one last ditch effort.  With a huff she
grabbed the heels and screwed off the short
metal spikes.  Rummaging through her desk she came up with two phallic ends
and screws them on in place.  Now I
walking in 4" penis heels!  She also  found a couple of small elastics, sort
of like tiny bungy cords.  Walking behind
me I felt her clip them to the weave between my shoulders.

After clipping them in back top and bottom she said  "Now reach very slowly
and try to touch yourself."

As I reached down the cords in back tighten and my balls started to pull.  A
little farther and it started to get painfull.
I realized I couldn't get within 6" of my pouch.    She smiled and took the
key to the locks on my wrists and pulling
my pouch aside tied it with a ribbon around my purple cock head.  "You'll
have to find a very special friend to help
you get out of this now"  She was right, I certainly wasn't able to get the

"It's the same on the back"  Sure enough, I tried to touch my very exposed
ass and the reaction was opposite but
just as painfull.  There was no way to cover that, I was open season to
anyone that wanted access to my privates.
Now that's a laugh, privates.  I was a showcase of slutdom.  I looked like
some wild cheap stripper from a leather bar.
And the shoes, the heels clicked with every step calling attention.  Yup she
had me, I couldn't go out like this.  I
looked at the scissors, she smiled, and as she picked them up I walk out of
the store.

Behind me I heard "You bastard, you can't, No way, she can't win, I'll get
you for this"  All the yelling attracted a lot
of attention and other girls in the shop literally gasp when they see me.  I
just couldn't understand what was with
these girls, I was the humiliated one and they were pissed off at me.  What
was going on?

Chapter IV

Two steps out of the shoe store and I knew the walk to my last stop was not
going to be as uneventful as the walk
here.  I had several things going against me.  First, the mall was now quite
busy and I could no longer avoid people
by walking along the wall.  Second, the heels she had put on my shoes were
some sort of molded chromed shiny
metal.  They were in the mold of a very realistic penis with veins, ridges
and a very bulbous head.  There was a
prominent little slit and by design it was obvious I was walking on the cum
hole.  The damn things made a very
audible click with every step on the marble floor and naturally attracted a
lot of attention.

Last and certainly not least was my outfit.  I realized now that the black
tight sweater it had on was almost a mistake.
All it did was to accentuate my maleness making the rest of me look totally
ridiculous.  The heels, the bondage lacing
that went to my wrists, the little brass locks their making the story
complete.  And my nipples were sticking up
through the top like some little prepubescent school girl playing in cold
water.  The sign said boy toy slut, and it was
a big neon sign!

Damn, and it was a long walk too.  I had to go past Victoria's Secret and up
another wing of the mall.  I knew the
place.  I went in there once with my wife to buy a party dress.  It was one
of those upscale designer shops with too
expensive clothes and their own line of everything. They had perfumes,
jewelry, underwear, the works.  The only
thing I remembered about the place was the woman that was working there.
She was obviously the manager, real
stern face, bossy type.  The other girls all worked for her and everyone
knew it.  She wore the pants in that business,
and what pants.  They had to be sprayed on.  There were no panty lines under
there.  You could see everything.  I've
often wondered since how she sat in those things.  As if I could do any
better in the outfit I was wearing.

I was putting on quite a show.  People stopped and stared, pointed and
giggled.  The loudest giggles were after I
passed by and they saw my spread cheeks and thin little G-string shorts
peaking out from under my top.  The blush
was permanent now, but that didn't hide the slut make up I'm sure.

Finally, I got there.  There was no discrete entry this time.  The click,
click of my heels on the tile floor heralded my
arrival and the dragon queen immediately swooped down on me.  "What the fuck
are you supposed to be?" Yup, she
was a direct one.  I don't talk like that in a bar.  What a bitch.  And
those pants, god how tight, you could tell she
shaved down there it was that tight.  Nice butt, like to have that some day,
yeah right.  The other girls were doing
their best to make themselves invisible.  "Get in the back room and be quick
about it"

When she entered the store room, I was standing at attention, not that I
could do much else.  She walked around me
humming and mumbling.  "So they did their best and still you are going
through with it. Well, I can't let the little
lezzie win.  Hmm, obviously the appearance thing isn't going to do it.  I
bet that lacing is a bit uncomfortable eh?"

Her look demanded an answer. "Well, only when I breathe or move any part of
my body"  She slapped my butt hard.
They heard that outside.  "When you speak, do so with respect and only in
direct response to a question"  No more
smart Alec talk here, she wasn't kidding.

Looking at me, she took note of the shoes, particularly the heels.  An idea,
I could tell.  She looks me in the eye and
said "It's all in how you accessorize, you've got to complete the look,
accessories make the girl, or whatever you are
supposed to be.  In your case we need something a bit daring.  Oh and yes,
something that will be nasty even when
you stand still and hold your breath.  Be right back, he he"

Coming back into the room which a glass display case she said "Now we only
have an hour so here how it goes.  If
at any time, you've had enough just say UNCLE.  Everything else will be
ignored and I'll enjoy every squeal.  I'll just
keep going until you say UNCLE .... and you will say UNCLE" she clucked

She selected a big chunky pair or ear rings from the case.  They looked like
little candelabra.  They were silly looking
really, too big and gaudy, just like these places.  With a pair of scissors
from her desk she clipped off two of the
candles at their base and two more just below the candle top.  The
transformation was magic.  I blushed again.  The
earrings now featured a large candle in the center now with only two candle
holders one on each side.  She held it to
my own exposed crotch "perfect, only mine's bigger than yours"  She was
right, proportionately that was a huge
cock, and the way the candle holders sat off to the side was just like my
own well-separated balls.

With a smile she took a bottle of purple nail polish and painted the end of
the candle on each earring.  Oh shit, no
suggestiveness now.  Those were two big purple headed erect cocks to adorn
my ears.

"And now the fun part." She said. "There are two ways to pierce ears, the
new way, quick, relatively painless, and
well boring.  For you we have these"  With that she showed me a pair of
little gold clamps.  Sort of like and spike and
anvil.  "They are meant to be used over several days, not very pleasant, no
one uses them anymore, except me.  I've
insisted all my staff understand the pains a woman has to go though for
fashion.  I particularly enjoy the teen girls,
they squirm and squeal each time I tighten the screw."  Now for you we'll
speed up the process over the next hour.
Ready to give?"

I thought about it but teenage girls, well if they can take it so could I.
What difference could a few days versus an
hour make?  This was a real pain bitch.  I smiled and turned my head to
present my ear to her.  "Good she said, I was
hoping for at least a little fun"  SHIT that hurt.  Not a little nip no, she
dug that screw in and I'm sure drew blood.
She saw my pain and chuckled.   "Other ear please"  I turned and the
sensation was repeated.  Every couple of
minutes she reached over and tightened the screws, and as I winched she
looked at me with a look that said "Say
UNCLE"  Bitch, I had no intention of giving her the satisfaction.

She stood back and admired her work.  "Perfect, now to complete the look."
She told me to remove the sweater and
with some trepidation I did so.   I was very careful to not ruin my hair
job.  Rose had to see the silly boyish look
before I claimed my prize.   With my sweater off the full extent of the
lacing was visible.

I could tell the bitch was taken aback.  It was the first time in a long
time she had been speechless I bet.  "My god"
she exclaimed as she fingered the laces.  "Who on earth did this work, it's
beautiful.  And these" she said fingering
my leather clad tightly wrapped balls "These must hurt like hell.  Oh yeah,
only when you breathe!"  With that she
gave my still hard cock a squeeze and reached to tighten the clips on my
ears again.  Stopping as she reached up,
she said  "No wait, I have an idea .... Jenny come here."

In response to that in walks this sweet little teenager.  Tight sweater,
short skirt, little platform heels.  She's maybe a
senior in high school or first year college.  Her eyes damn near watered as
she looked at the bondage slut standing
before her.  She spent a whole minute looking me up and down and stopped to
blush as she saw my very obvious
bound and displayed genitals.  She noticed the clips on my ears and seemed
to know their significance.  I had the
felling she had been through this before.  Maybe on her own body.

The bitch spoke up.  "You said you wanted to get me back some day girl, how
would  you like to use our little
whipping boy here."  With a sweet smile she looked at the floor and nods.
"Good, first tighten his screw one
complete turn, not the 1/4 turn I used on you, you remember how don't you"
She literally gasped and I could feel the
heat from her blush.  The dragon lady had some fun with this one I bet.  I
couldn't hold back and squealed and
squirmed when Jenny did each ear.  I looked again at the sweet little girl
and saw a wicked grin.  She had her legs
spread in a defiant stance and it was a whole new look.  A bitch in
training.  And the dragon lady was pleased, and I
could see a look of approval.

Jenny stood there looking at me for a moment and then spoke for the first
time since entering the room.  "He can't
leave wearing that sweater can he?"  Not waiting for an answer, she spun on
her heel and left the room.  I swear she
accentuated the wiggle in that cute little butt of hers just to bother me,
and it did.  She came back in a minute carrying
a few items of clothing from the store.

The dragon lady just sat back and smiled as her protege held first one item
up to me and then another, each
commented with little quips like "not bold enough", "too simple", "too
plain", etc.  Finally she held a light-blue top
that was actually part of a cover up set for a matching bikini.  Cover up
was an exaggeration.  It was in a light gauze
and had short little puffy sleeves and only came down just below the bust.
The two sides came together in a deep V
and it tied together in the front with a simple knot.  With a giggle she
took it off the hanger and tied it around me.

Looking in a mirror across the room, I was mortified.  The top only served
to accentuate my huge breasts and the
tight lacing that held them and my whole body captive.  I cursed the thin
lacy bra again as it just made a more
effeminate picture.  All except for my crotch and silly hair do that is.

While I stood there staring, the dragon queen came up behind me and let me
watch as she slowly tightened the
screws in my ears and the booth suggested I say "UNCLE" as each ear was
completed.  I squealed and swore but I
held true and I have the pierced ears to prove it!  They each put in an
earring and I thought the picture was complete.
And what a picture!  Pure, unadulterated, boy toy slut.  Totally feminized,
but with enough of the male showing and
a few gaudy accessories to ensure no one was fooled.  They both were so sure
I would walk out of the store like
that.  But they didn't know how much I liked that maid outfit.

When I went to leave, they both jumped.  "Oh shit, you wouldn't dare.  You
can't.  She can't win.  Hold it one last
touch." With that Jenny actually blushed as she went to a locker in back and
took out her purse.  Reaching in she
took out a necklace with a large medallion.  She took of the medallion and
walking up to me turned to her boss and
said "I have to wear this when my boyfriend picks me up, but this is an
emergency, he'll understand."  With that she
pinned the medallion to the front of the leather choker around my neck.

The dragon lady came over and looked at it closely and said "I always
wondered about you and him, now I know"
Jenny was blushing more that I had all day.  This had to be very
embarrassing for her.  I wondered why.  I didn't
have to wonder long as the bitch held up a hand mirror for me to look.  The
medallion was actually a large cameo.  It
was either ivory or a good look alike.  On it in black ebony was a
silhouette of a very buxom girl on her knees.  Her
hands were pulled back to her ankles in a sort of kneeling hogtie which only
served to accentuate her large boobs.
Her hair was brushed back to expose her face.  She was kneeling before a
very well endowed man and her mouth was
stuffed with a very large cock.  I gasped as I realized this was a cock
sucker's badge of honor.  No wonder Jenny was
blushing.  But now I was wearing it.  And something that big was going to be

Now for the first time I considered losing the maid outfit.  I might have
given in, except the dragon lady was so sure
of herself she grabbed the scissors made like she was going to cut the laces
on my back.  Before she could take a
step, and before I could think about the consequences, I strode out of the
back room and through the shop out into
the mall.  Behind me I could hear the commotion and screams as the dragon
lady lost it and her staff was near dying
in laughter.

Chapter V

The walk to Victoria's Secret was short but extremely humiliating.  Frankly,
I was worried about being caught by mall
security.  After all, every level of decency was being surpassed here.  With
every click of my heels I was announcing
to the world, most of which were watching; here goes a boy toy slut ready
for action, right here, right now, give it to
me.  I want it, I need it, and make it hurt.  I was going to get thrown out
of the mall, I just new it.

Safe, if there is such a word in this outfit.  Inside the Victoria's Secret
I got immediate attention.  "Oh Rose is going
to love this!  She's won and I just wish I could be there for the payoff!
Well, she's out right now, you can wait in the
back room.  She just had a few errands to run, shouldn't be long, he he"
Those last words 'shouldn't be long' were
accentuated as she stared at my hard throbbing all too exposed member.
Blushing again I walked to and waited in
the back room.

A few minutes later Rose walked in.  Taken aback, she stared, whistled, and
began smiling from ear to ear.  "Boy, did
they ever do a number on you!  But you stuck through it, you had to or you
wouldn't be here.  Guess I had you
pegged right from the start.  So tell me everything, every detail, don't
leave out anything. Here, sit here, if you can".

I managed to sit and begin telling  her the whole story.  She stopped me a
few times to ask some questions.  "Did
Nancy really offer you a blow job?  That wasn't allowed, great that's a good
one!" and "What did Jenny say, she
wanted to get even, oh boy I can use that!"  It took quite a while but I
finished and said "Now if I can get my outfit,
I'd like to leave and get changed.  Guess I have to buy some new jeans

"Not so quick, I've got plans, and besides you don't want to miss the best
part!  So let me explain.  As Trish so
eloquently put it I am gay.  I like playing with a few boy toys, but bottom
line I prefer women.  The more the better.  I
have lunch with these girls almost every day and they often chose to put
down my life style.  I've made passes at
each of them alone, but they just aren't interested.  I play pretty serious
and until now I thought that was what was
scaring them away.  I've always wanted to play with Nancy's boobs, she knows
it and often teases me with those
damn tight sweaters and no bra.  I've got her now.  And Janice wouldn't you
just love to swat that butt, what a bitch!
Now I find out Nancy is into self bondage, Janice is a pain bitch, and Janet
likes to play too"

"Well, we had this bet.  None of them believed guys like you existed.  They
had their macho boy friends and they
just couldn't believe that guys like you came into my store to buy stuff for
yourselves.  Well, we know, hell it's
probably 30% of my business.  The special ones like you, even tell us in so
many ways, hoping to get caught.  Well
you did, I used you, and I won.  Each of the girls had one hour to try and
push you too far.  No sex was allowed
(Nancy is in trouble) and no pain was allowed (Janice is going to get it)
They tried, oh I can see they really tried, but
you must be the slut I figured you for.  So now I get 1 hour with each of
them.  All together, one place, one time, and
I can do anything I want.  More importantly they have to do everything I
tell them to for the whole evening.  Now
their scared, as well they should be."

"Oh, I want you to be there.  I'll need a maid to help me with a few of the
games.  So here's the deal.  I took the outfit
somewhere for you.  A limo will pick you up shortly and take you there.  Do
exactly as you are told and we'll both
have a lot of fun."  Rubbing my balls and then pinching the head of my cock
she adds "some more than others!"

The limo driver showed up and it was obvious that he was in the whole deal.
He led me out back to the car and told
me to sit in the middle of the back seat.  He then pulled the shoulder
seatbelt from the corner seat and pull my foot
through it.  When he noticed the heels he stopped to chuckle.  Repeated the
process on the other side he had my
legs spread wide.  He then had me loop each hand through the top part of
each belt warning me not to release
myself.  Very simple, but very effective.  I was spread-eagle in the back of
the limo and as he drove away he lowered
both windows in back.  Now it is common knowledge that people like to look
into limos as they drive by trying to see
who's inside.  This time they got an eye full.  I saw open laughter, heard a
lot of horns honking and more than a few
fingers.  It's amazing how many people can yell slut into a passing car.

When we pulled into a large casino complex downtown he again warned me not
to move as pulled up to the outside
bell desk.  Damn, I muttered as I saw a nice young lady coming to open the
door.  She gasped, almost choking and
stared directly at my crotch.  With a nod from the driver, I slipped my
hands out of the belt making it very obvious
that I must have put myself in there and chose to sit like that making it
all that much more humiliating.  The limo
driver handed me a key and said "Room 1245"

The walk through the lobby was awful.  Click, click, click.  I was really
starting to hate marble floors.  And this one is
shiny which really accentuates my heels, as if most people's eyes got that
far down.  Quickly I slipped into the
nearest elevator and rode up to the 12th floor.  The key fit and for a
moment I felt safe.  I looked around and at first
saw nothing unusual.  I then opened the door to the walk in closet looking
for the maid outfit and there was a chair
facing the door with a tape recorder and a note on it.  The note said READ

Unfolding the note I read; YOU MAY NOT SPEAK, YOU MAY NOT MAKE A SOUND.

I figured I better play along, so I turned on the recorder and promised
myself not to make a sound.  Looking at the
cuffs on the chair it was easy enough to figure out what "the position" was.
  It took a bit of doing.  Putting the ankle
cuffs on is easy except attached to the chair legs they forced my legs wide
apart and I have to kneel with my back to
the chair.  That put some tension in the whole lace thing and spread my ass
cheeks even wider.  Thankfully, the wrist
cuffs had release clips allowing me to attach each to a wrist and then back
onto each ankle.  But once I clipped them
back to the ankle cuffs I was stuck.  No getting out, a perfect kneeling hog
tie.  Damn, now what.

I heard a noise at the door and then "Room service".  Shit he's bound to see

"Hello, hello, excuse me a got a note to bring up this bottle of wine and
two glasses."  I could hear him moving
around the outer room and then  "Actually, I'm a bit confused the note says
to make sure I have a bit of spare time so
I took a break.  Kinda funny too, this is my favorite wine, and I have a
letter here I'm supposed to open after I'm in the
room.  Hello, HELLO...holy shit!"  That's when he saw me, he damn near
dropped the tray, his jaw fell open, he
began to stutter, the whole bit.  Oh and one more thing.  You see I was
looking directly at his crotch because of my
kneeled position and I saw a growth that was immediate and substantial.  He
liked what he saw, too much.  And I
couldn't make a sound, just kneel there and plead with my eyes.

"Jesus H Christ, look at you.  It's Rose isn't it.  I met her a few weeks
ago and we got to talking.  Tried to pick her up
but, well you probably already know.  We got to talking and I told her all
the weird things I see in this hotel.  Johns
with their hookers playing bondage games.  The hookers like to order room
service so I can deliver and catch the
guy tied up.  The hookers just don't understand how horny that makes me.  Oh
no, it's all for them and their Johns, I
get nothing.  And then there's the excited guys with their young bride or
girls friend tied spread eagle to the bed and
ordering in champagne.  God that get me stiff.  One guy even left me a tip
tucked into his wife's g-sting.  She blushed
from ear to ear when I copped a feel.  And then there's the bitches, yak,
yak, yak complain about this complain about
that.  I told Rose I was hoping to find some day a perfect quest tied up and
gagged by some special gag that would
allow me a good blow job."

Stopping his banter, he remembered the envelope in his hand and open it.
Reading aloud he said "THE SLUT

He putt the envelope down and made a show of opening the wine.  After
pouring a glass for himself he walked back
to me a stared down at me and my costume.  I saw when he noticed the cameo
on my neck.  I couldn't help but notice
that his bulge got even bigger and when I looked up to plead with my eyes I
saw a huge grin.

Without a work he opened his fly and out flopped a very large cock, well on
its way to full extension.  He stood for a
moment over me and then suddenly mumbled "Hold it, why shouldn't really
enjoy this."  With that he sat on the bed
and removed his shoes, trousers, shorts and shirt.  Now a totally nude man
with an large hard cock stood and
approached me.  He didn't say a word, he didn't need to.  The whole day had
been directed towards this moment.  He
just stood there sipping his wine and smiled down at me.  I knew what I had
to do and I did the best I could by
copying all those sweet young girls I had in the back seat of my car so many
years ago.

It was a much larger cock than my own and it filled my mouth.  I really
couldn't get the whole thing in, but I tried and
he obviously liked that.  I stole a glance and saw my reflection in the
mirror lining the close wall.  On my knees, arms
pulled behind my back and a large cock stuffed in my mount.  Oh Christ, the
exact scene on the cameo.  I almost lost
my own load at that sight, he did.

I had always wondered what it tasted like.  I'd cum in more than one girl's
mouth over the years and lately I'd had a
perverse desire to know what it was like.  Well, I found out, and in a big
way!  He just kept cumming and cumming!  I
got a belly full and more.  This guy really enjoyed it and lingered in my
mouth as his cock finally relaxed and the last
dribbles came out onto my waiting tongue.  Pulling out he said "lick it
clean and the balls."  I did as ordered and he
seemed to enjoy that too.

Turning away from me he continued to enjoy the wine as he got dressed.  Just
before leaving the room he released
one clip on my right cuff and said into the recorder "Thanks Rose, I owe you
one.  Hell, he's such a good cock
sucker I owe you two.  But next time make it a real girl, I like tits to
play with just like you."  Chuckling he walked out
and I can finally able to release myself.  I tried to wash the taste away
with the wine, but I could still taste it.  The
wine was good stuff, but with the taste in my mouth I couldn't tell.  I just
sat there on the edge of the bed thinking
about what had just happened.  I couldn't believe what I had just done.  I
figured enough was enough and reached
over to turn off the recorder.  That done, I lay back to take a breath.  Not
long after that the phone rang .....

Damn her, when does this end.

Chapter IV

"Hello" I answered.

A female voice replied "Hello, sir this is Monique from the salon
downstairs.  This is a reminder that your wife has
appointment at 3:00".

"My wife, that's not possible" I answered.

"Oh, but yes, it is written here; Room 1245, 3:00 for a make-up repair and
fitting for a costume.  Actually, that's why I
called.  As the manager of the salon I'm sure you'll understand my concern.
I've looked at the outfit, and well, it's
much too, well how can I say, exposing for public.  This is sort of costume
is meant more for home activities, if you
know what I mean.  I'm sure she can't be expected your wife to wear this in
public.  Especially since she would have
to walk through the hotel lobby ...."

"Excuse me, excuse me " I said, but she didn't hear and just kept blabbing

"and what a funny appointment.  What is meant by makeup repair?  Repair,
repair what, I just don't understand.  And
then there's the matter of the deposit made for the appointment.  The amount
is far more than usual.  I realize we are
very exclusive and pride ourselves in giving that little something extra to
make a woman fell special, but this is almost
excessive.  We'll just refund the difference when your wife is finished."

When she finally stopped talking I told her "But you don't understand.  I
don't think the appointment was made for
my wife ... it was meant for .... me".

I heard a gasp and could sense the shock over the phone.  This woman was not
in on it.  She was just a regular
working person being used to humiliate me, and she had my outfit.  The maid
outfit that had started this all was with
someone who had no idea what was going on.  Maybe I could just talk her out
of it and all would be done.

I hesitated only a little and then tried "Ma'am, I'm very sorry for the
inconvenience, how about I just pick up the
costume and we'll consider the matter closed.  No need to embarrass either
one of any more than we already are.
This is just a practical joke that has gone too far.  I'm sure you

After a moment she replied "Joke, huh.  So that's why so much money.  You
realize this is a very exclusive salon and
we get many special customers here.  We don't have time for these games.
This is a busy time as some REAL ladies
prepare for a special evening out.  But, ......then again, this is a lot of
money, and I could do you myself and pocket it
all.  I've never done anything like this before, but ......... what the
hell, get your sissy ass down here NOW and bring
a robe so you leave here with some decency."

Shit, Rose had done it again, and this time with a non-player.  This was to
be the ultimate in humiliation.  She had set
me up to expose myself publically to someone whose not "in on it".  Damn
her!  I walked to the hall closet to get a
bath rode, the full robes you usually find in expensive hotel rooms.  All I
found  was several empty hangers and a
note that said "NO FAIR, GO AS YOU ARE"  Oh double shit!  If that Monique
girl thought the maid outfit was bad
sitting on a hanger I knew she would not be ready for what I was wearing.

The lobby was bad enough.  There the obvious reaction was to a sleazy hooker
on her way out after doing a John in
his room.  The reaction when I walked into the salon went way beyond that.
All talking ended, every one just stared
and you could hear a pin drop as I squeaked "Monique is expecting me".

Monique had the best reaction of all.  She damn near lost it.  She was
obviously upset that such trash had entered
her salon and she made sure everyone there knew of her contempt.  She led me
out back as if to leave by a back
door, but then slipped me into a private room at the back of the shop.

"My god man have you no decency at all?  How can you allow yourself to be
seen in public like that?  I mean I can
understand the shoes, and it goes without saying that the jewelry is
appropriate, but your lipstick, how could you be
seen looking like that." she whispered to me

Now it was my turn to be taken aback.  Here I was, a man showing all parts
of me male, dressed as a total slut and she
was worried about my lipstick!  I looked in the mirror and see what she
meant.  The beautiful makeup job that Janet
had done that morning had been totally smeared by ... well, he was big.

"Now I understand about repair." She continued "Here sit, now!  Now tell me
how the hell did you do this to
yourself.  I can tell that it was probably lovely before, but how come you
were so careless."  It was then that she
noticed the cameo on my collar. "Oh, I see, you've been busy.  Anyone I

I ignored the question and after a bit she stopped mid-stroke, picked up a
hair brush from the desk and swatted me
directly on my balls with the bristles.  Through my own gasp I heard her
repeat "I asked a question, anyone I know?
Does he work here at the hotel?"

"Yes ma'am" was my shaky reply.  Her look told me she wanted more, and she
still hadn't put the brush down.  "He
works in room service.  I was set up, I didn't have a chance."

"Oh, I bet I know who.  Horny Jose, eh.  Him and his stories  what he sees
upstairs, looks like he finally got lucky.
You little slut, I hope he fucked you good.  I've been trying to get him for
months.  Now lets fix up these cock
sucker's lips."

With that she did a job on my makeup that can only be described as total
whore.  When she'd finished my full lips
were painted in the biggest, reddest, brightest, put it in here, pout that
would get any hooker double her normal fee.
"Now this costume" she added.

She turned and from behind the door pulled the  maid outfit that started the
whole thing.  I couldn't help but sigh.  It
was just such a incredibly sexy number and, well almost worth it.  Monique
interrupted my thoughts with "Now

Still in a dreamy state I took off my top and exposed my oversized falsies.
Smiling she helped me remove the bra but
the leather webbing held my boobs in place.  Monique was intrigued by the
elastics in the back of the webbing and
asked about them.  I explained that they prevented me from reaching my belt
line.  Standing behind me she chuckled
as she reached around and undid the snap of my cutoffs and peeled them down.
  She then walked around front and
stood admiring the pouch of my leather thongs.  I know she could see the
separated orbs of my bound balls.  As I
blushed she surprised me by saying "That thing will ruin the look of the
sheer panties, we'll have to take it off"

"I can't ma'am"  Motioning the to straps on my back.

"Oh I see, how ingenious.  I've got to meet the one who did this"  With that
the grabbed my thong and pulled it off.
My totally bound cock popped out and my balls finally got some relief.  "Oh
my, I like that, bet it's just a bit
uncomfortable."  She enjoyed stroking me a bit and the obvious discomfort
the swelling of my already tender cock
got from further straining the tight lace cage. "And the key is for ...
looking at my wrists she smiles " And you can't
reach it, oh poor dear"  Her touches continued to excite me and she enjoyed
tormenting me for a few moments.

"We've got to hurry, your limo driver called a while ago and he'll be here
shortly to collect you.  Seems you are to be
a working maid tonight, he he.  I do wish I could see that.  I have a
feeling that you're going to be getting and or
giving some heavy action."  That last statement was directed at my cock not
me. That's when I finally realized that
she'd known all along.  At least for quite a while.  She was just enjoying
herself and all at my expense.

Giving a snicker for my benefit Monique turned and pulled the maid outfit
from behind the door.  I'd almost forgot
how sexy and revealing it was.  My sigh of desire turned to a little squeal
as my cock grew inside the confines of the
leather lace cage and pinched me back to reality.  Kneeling before me she
held the panties as I stepped into the leg
holes.  She commented on the phallic heels noting how appropriate they were
for the outfit.  As she pulled the
panties up and over my raging hard-on the narrow T-back slipped into the
crack of my ass.  The smooth material felt
good against my skin and again my member swelled against the pressure of its
lace cage.  The see though material
almost seemed to enhance the look of the black leather making it even more

Next Monique held the body of the outfit up and helped me slip it over my
head.  Being careful not to mess my hair
or makeup the pulled the various parts to line up with my enhanced body as
best she could.  My breasts filled most
of the large hole in front and the white lace fringe around the opening
again amplified the black leather network that
held them in bondage.  The bottom of the dress was much too short and barely
covered my bound cock and balls.  I
know my near naked ass cheeks with their network of tight black leather
lacing and thin strip of white lace from the
panties was fully visible from behind.  The wide black strip at the top of
the back seamed thigh highs almost seemed
to be a part of the leather lacing as a sort of thigh cuffs adding to my
apparent bondage.

Standing behind me as she watched me in the mirror we both were facing she
started to buckle the straps on the back
of the bodice.  She then had me take a deep breath and push it all out in a
massive exhale.  As I did so she pulled the
buckles a couple more links and now the outfit was extra tight, almost like
a corset.  That had the added effect of
pushing my already large boobs up and out forcing them against the
constriction of the leather lacing and the frame
of the hole in the front of the outfit.  The result was incredible!  They
looked huge, and the pressure tugged at the
internal forms that were cemented to my nipples.  I barely noticed the new
pain center as I marveled at the hussy in
the mirror.  Nothing but pure slut.  The outfit, makeup, shoes and
accessories all combined to make a perfect picture
of a leather bound, sissy, boy toy, sex slave.

Before I could say a word Monique slapped my exposed butt and sent me out of
the room.  As I strutted into the
front room I was met with gasps, squeals, and applause.  Monique even took a
bow as the staff and a few patrons
flocked around me to stare.  More than one hand caressed or slapped my butt
and I even felt a long finger nail
scratch across my balls and cock.  What could I do?  I couldn't even reach
down to cover or protect myself, Nancy's
magic with the lacing ensured that.  Unfortunately, the groups around me
didn't know that so they assumed I
wanted more.  I had to squeal when a long finger nail pushed the panty back
aside and tickled my putt hole.
Thankfully, just then the Limo driver appeared at the door and interrupted
the feeling session.

"I should have known" he quipped, and continued "Cum-on slut you've got work
to do.  Wait a second, let have
some fun." Turning to Monique he asked "Would you happen to know the name of
the young lady working curb
side today?"

"It could have been one of many" and questioned  "Can yo give me a hint".
The driver thought for a moment and
added "She was fairly young, very cute, and had big ..." he held his hand
over his chest to indicate large breasts.
Monique smiled knowingly and replied "That could only be Lori.  She's a
local college girl, real cute but maybe a bit
simple.  Not real worldly if you know what I mean."

The drive grinned "Perfect, call her and have her wait by the service
elevator outside.  Tell her a special client
requires some assistance" I knew this meant trouble, Monique and the driver
were smiling far too much to be healthy
for me.  As Monique went to the phone the driver turned to me and said "Walk
down the hall to the service elevator
and take it down to the ground floor.  I'll come around in the car.  Don't
speak until I get there, and then ask her to
help you with the belts.  I'm sure she'll remember from your arrival."  With
a snicker he added "Be sure to tell her this
is for her trouble" With that he dug a ten dollar bill out of his pocket and
pulled down my panties. He folded the bill
and with a little trouble slipped in behind the leather straps down my cock
and between my balls.  It was very
uncomfortable but he didn't care.  "She'll have to work at it to get it, but
those college girls will do anything for a ten
spot.  Now get going and watch your ass, everyone else will be"

I t was a weird feeling as I walked down the long hall to the elevator.  The
high heels kept me from going too fast and
even at a quick walk my boobs were jumping and swaying threatening to burst
out of my top with every step.  I was
scared stiff, literally, knowing that if the wrong people saw me I'd be
thrown out at the very least, and maybe even
arrested for indecent exposure.  Every so often I'd catch my reflection in a
window or glass doorway.  What a show!
And there was the quandary, for here I was indecently exposed, walking down
the hall and getting more excited with
every step and jiggle.  I was dressed to kill, or more realistically, get
laid, made up to shame, and openly in bondage.
What more could a guy, I mean girl, er, oh well, you know mean, want. I made
it to the end of the hall without being
caught (damn).  I took the service elevator down to the ground floor not
really knowing what I was to do there.

On the way down I noticed the elevator had two doors, one of which was
labeled outside.  Guessing this to be my
best escape I went that way and was found a large roll-up delivery entrance
and a small door beside.  As I
approached the door it opened from the outside and a feminine voice called
in "Come this way, we'll wait here.  Your
driver is on the way."  As I stepped through the door I immediately
recognized the young lady who had helped me
out of the limo a few hours ago.  As I was looking around to see if we had
company she was looking me over.
"Wholly shit!" she exclaimed. "What are you supposed to be.  I mean I know
what, but who, I mean ...  wholly shit"
She was obviously very flustered and while she stammered I just stood quite
as ordered.  After the driver's
comments upstairs I couldn't help but take a good look at her boobs.  They
were only partly obscured by here
uniform jacket, but even so I could see then they were rather large.  As I
watched the nipples got quite hard, she was
getting excited.

As we stood there checking each other out I heard here whisper to herself "I
never would have believed it, here of all
places.  What a dream, perfect outfit, I want those shoes!"  There were
other things I lost in the street noises but I
could tell she was admiring my outfit.  This was not what I expected.
Monique and the others upstairs obviously
had this girl pegged wrong.  She was no country bumpkin.  This girl was
quite a bit more hip then they were giving
her credit for.  Just then I noticed the limo approaching and, as instructed
my first and only words to the girl were
"Would you please help me with the seat belts."  She flashed a big grin as
she caught the significance of  the
plurality of the word belts.

When the limo stopped she opened the door for me and I bent over and moved
to the middle of the back seat.  I
heard her giggle as she got a good look and my bare leather bound ass
cheeks.  I could even feel the lacing doing its
job of spreading the cheeks apart as I had to lift my high heel and take a
big step up into the vehicle.  I can only
guess just how much of me she saw, but that didn't matter as I knew what was
about to happen.

She must have figured it would be easier to "help" me if she got in the
vehicle too.  As I sat in the middle of the back
seat she knelt on the floor immediately in front of me.  Reaching over she
pulled a belt from the side of the seat and
very gently with a soft caress held my right shoe and pulled it to meet the
belt.  Looking directly into my eyes she
whispered " You lucky son of a bitch, do you have any idea how much I'd give
to be in your shoes ...." Again she
caresses the shoe tracing her finger down the heel to the chromed cock head
at the end and added "literally".   Then
she took my right hand and pulling it to the side.  She reached into her
jacket pocket and removed a wire tie strip the
valets use to tag suitcases.  She ran the tie through the lock on the
leather cuff at my sleeve and twisted it around
the knob on the back of the seatbelt that prevents it from being pulled too
far out of the seat pocket.  This done, I
realized than unlike my trip here, I would not be able to release myself
when I arrived where-ever.  Also, because of
the way the seatbelt was harnessed, if I pulled down on my arms it caused my
leg to be pulled out further.  When I
lowered my leg it pulled my arm out and back more.  That was not very
comfortable, even with one leg spread out.

As she reached for the left heel again she looked into my eyes and whispered
"I'm so envious I could just .." This
time she was not so gentle as she puled my heel to reach waiting seatbelt.
As my legs were spread apart the leather
web around my balls did its job and my eyes must have bulged as I squealed.
That directed her attention to my
crotch and the treasure lurking there.  Without missing a beat she watched
as my balls were pulled apart as she
continued to pull the heel to the side. Giggling loudly she pulled my left
hand up and attached it the seatbelt.  Only
then did she sit back to admire the view.

The driver had been watching all the action and called back.  "The tip's for
you, and the money too" I saw her lick
her lips as she stared directly at my bound cock and replied "that's the
kind of tip I like" With that she pulled the
front of my lacy panties down and none too carefully worked to remove the
ten dollar bill.  That just caused my cock
to get harder and I even feel the pre-cum oozing out of the end.  The head
itself was so hard and shiny it looked like
glass.  When she got the bill free she pocketed it and smiling up at me
stuck out her tongue and licked the pre-cum
from the tip of my cock.  If it was not for the leather pulling at my balls
and wrapped around the base of my cock I
would have lost it right then.  The best I could close my eyes and moan as
she continued to lick the head and gently
nibble with her teeth.  Reflexes caused me to pull down on my arms which
puled my legs farther apart, stretching my
balls further as she continued to lick, suck and chew on the head of my
cock.  Finally it was too much, I felt it in my
toes, through my gut building to a huge crescendo my balls started to pucker
and .... she quit.  The little cock
sucking bitch just stopped and sat back to watch me come crashing to the
ground.  My whole body was quivering
as she smiled sweetly and said "Be sure to call me.  We can do lunch,
discuss fashion, have a few laughs" I couldn't
believe it!  I replied " Oh please, don't leave me like this."  I could feel
my balls still puckered, my cock quivering just
short of release. "Please, please, you wouldn't dare!"  With a wink she
replied "I guess you'll just have to punish me
next time we meet" With that she turned and got out of the vehicle and
closed the door.  She even had the nerve to
blow me a kiss through the window as we drove away.

The driver was howling.  He was barely able to speak as he said "Now that
was worth ten bucks!  I almost feel sorry
for you slut.  Now sit back and try to relax ha ha..  Oh and enjoy the view
" he said as he lowered the back windows
exposing me to the outside world.  Again the journey was punctuated with
laughter, insults, and gasps of shock as
pedestrians and motorists caught glimpses of me in the passing limo.  All I
could do was try to calm my aching cock
and wonder where we were going.

Chapter VII

We didn't drive very far.  It didn't really matter anyway, as I couldn't
have gotten out, even if I had wanted to, and I
didn't know the town well enough to figure out where we were.  The driver
continued to chuckle as he glanced into
the mirror and noted my discomfort.  When we stopped we appeared to be in a
fairly affluent part of town.  The
homes were all quite nice and sat on spacious lots.  We pulled up to the
door of a large home that appeared to be
divided into a number of large appointments.  The driver called back as we
came to a stop "Don't go anywhere, I'll
be right back"

He got out and went in the front door only to return a couple of minutes
later.  "Good" he said "we're on time, even a
bit early, that earned me a nice tip."  He started to undo the ties holding
my hands to the belt and added, "You know,
if your interested, after you're finished here we can continue to have some
... fun."  That last work was emphasized
and directed at my still very hard cock.  I wasn't sure what he meant by
that last comment and replied "I'm sure I'll be
busy here the night, and besides I didn't figure you would be interested."

He continued to work to free me as he spoke "Oh ... not for me, I had a fare
earlier today who was asking if I could
help him find some action.  Seems he was looking for a special girl who
would be into some kinky action.  Offered me
a big finder's fee if I could help."

"But as you know" I said looking down at my still pulsing cock. "I'm not
exactly a real ..." I stared to say, but was
interrupted.  "Oh don't worry, he also mentioned that a couple would be even
more fun, so I'm guessing he'd be real
interested in you.  And as for being busy all night... I just was told to
pick you up just after 10:00.  Seems like the
lady is only keeping a couple of the other girls here all night.  Won't that
be fun" he smirked.

"So what do you say" he continued.  "I'll give this guy a call, I'll split
the finder's fee with you, and I'll hang around
long enough to be sure you're okay and he's not going to hurt you.  After
that, you and these are on your own"
Those last words were spoken as he gently squeezed my balls and smiled as I
moaned softly. "After all this has got
to be the worst case of blue balls I've ever seen in my life.  That girl
back there really left you wanting!  Did you see
her ass, and what a pair of tits.  If you ever get a chance to get even with
her I want in.  We can make a deal on that.
But for now .... how about tonight, care to take a dare."

Oh I wished he hadn't used that word!  If only he knew just how much grief I
had suffered all day because of that
damn four letter word.  Me and my damned personal commitment to play the
dares, now I couldn't back out.  After
thinking it over, but not too much, I replied " Okay, but I'm trusting you
to stand guard.  I'm not into anything too
rough and I'm nervous about this kind of contact."

"Don't worry" he offered "I'll make sure you're comfortable before I leave
you alone." With a laugh he added "Well
at least as comfortable as you seem to enjoy it.  Now get in there before we
both get in trouble."  With that he helped
me out of the limo and held the door of the house for me as I scurried in.
Behind me I heard the vehicle start and pull
away as I took in my new surroundings.

I had entered a well appointed apartment.  The front room and what of I
could see of adjoining room looked very
tastefully decorated and well ... normal.  Just then a voice beaconed me
from a back room.  "Come on back
sweetheart, give me a hand setting up.  Besides by now you should be dressed
the part."  As she finished she
stepped around the corner and stood before each other about ten feet apart.

She took a long time looking me up and down and as I turned slowly for her
perusal she whistled and remarked "You
have got to be the slutiest, sexiest, most wonton creature out on the town
tonight.  What ever brought you here?"

I thought a second and realized she wanted to play a game.  In my best
sultry french accent and with a curtsy that
showed everything the outfit couldn't hide I replied "To serve madam."  She
liked that.  With a bit smile she invited
me back and added "We are going to have a lot of fun tonight."

As we entered a large back room I was greeted with the vision of a very well
stocked dungeon.  As I looked around
and mentally catalogued the contents of the room she continued "I've almost
got it all set up.  You could help by
cleaning up a bit, organize stuff onto the wall racks, and while you are
doing that fill me in on what has happened
since we last spoke."

She sat on a black whicker throne chair at one end of the room while I
busied myself cleaning up the room and telling
how my afternoon had passed.  She interrupted several times to get more
details and chuckled and laughed several
times at my adventures.  She was pleased how it had gone with Jose and
thanked me for helping her pay a dept.  She
promised my reward was soon in coming.  She was surprised and pleased how
things had gone at the salon.  She
admitted to wanting to expose me a non-player knowing I'd get off on the
humiliation, but she was even more
pleased to hear the consequences and how much fun the salon manager had with

At one point she stopped me as I was bent over in front of here (I was doing
a lot of that for her benefit) and said
"Hold it, what do we have here."  Calling me over she had me turn my back to
her and I felt her tugging at the back of
the thigh high stockings.  Turning around I saw that she was holding two
small pieces of paper in her hand.  They
turned out to be two business cards.  Smiling and with a wink she handed to
them me and ordered that I read aloud.

The first was from the Monique the manager of the beauty salon at the hotel.
  On the back she had written I WOULD
BAD.  It was
signed Mistress Monique.

The second card was a hand written note from the bell desk at the hotel.  I
card had a little lipstick kiss with a sketch of a hard prick just at the
lips.  It was signed Lori and had a phone number
below the name.  She was still taunting me, the bitch!!

"Well, you've seemed to had an effect on people" my host said.  "Those are
your business, give them here and I'll
put them back.  As she did so she added "Now, I've got big plans for tonight
but you deserve an opportunity for
revenge, so here's the deal.  Each woman you met at the mall will be coming
here each hour in the order you met
them today.  I've got specific plans for each, and you may have a turn too.
I only ask that you tell me what you'd
like to do with each so that we can coordinate our efforts."

I was a bit taken aback by the offer.  I had to think about it for a while
but the opportunity was not one I was going
to let slip by.  I had already been thinking of many things I'd like to do
to a couple of the ladies that had worked me
over at the mall, now was my chance.  I had wanted to get my hands on those
tits of the girl in the shoe store for a
long time, and that dragon lady's ass needed some attention too.  I found
out that Rose and I shared some desires in
both cases.  Trish from my first stop this morning was not so obvious until
I went to bend over for something and
was immediately reminded of the constant tugging on my nipples I had
suffered all day.  I began to formulate a plan
there too.  Rose and I discussed all this openly until it was near 6:00 and
she wanted to get ready for our first guest.
She had me stand station at the front door as she went to get changed.

At almost exactly 6:00 the door bell rang.  I smiled a bit as I realized
that none of the girls were going to be late today.
I figured each knew they were already in for it, so they'd not want to push
it any harder than it was already likely to
be.  I now understood why each was so panicked as I managed to suffer
they're attacks on my dignity and walk out
of each store in turn.  This was why they had tried so hard, and got so
visibly upset when they failed.  I knew that I
was going to enjoy this!

I opened the door for Trish and noted that she was obviously surprised to
see me there.  She stood there a moment
taking in my appearance and then whispered "What are you doing here?  I
never thought I'd see you again.  Who's
responsible for all this as she pointed at my maid's outfit and fingered the
leather lacing on my legs."  I noticed she
was taking a long look at my shoes with the special heels and the long laces
that began from there up each leg.  A
slow smile on her face told me she already had an idea who was responsible
for that.

"Well," I began "I need to thank you for the hair, makeup, and nails.  I
think you already know that your friend
Nancy from the shoe store has her own ideas on how to use extra long laces.
I don't know your other lunch partner's
name but it's obvious that she doesn't like men and felt I needed a few
feminine accessories."

"Yes, I see" she replied. "Are these real?" she asked as she reached for my
earrings.  I winced a bit at the touch and
she whistled "That must of hurt!  And yes Nancy did tell me something about
those laces at the shop but I never
figured she could do this.  I still like the hair, and the nails have you
struggling I bet, but that's not my makeup.  I
didn't make you so ...... well trashy did I?"

"No," I admitted "but I got into a bit of trouble and my makeup had to be
repaired.  That was a very embarrassing

"I bet" she replied looking directly at the large cameo on my choker and
guessing exactly why I needed new makeup.
Just then Rose walked into the front room and Trish was in for another
shock.  I have to admit I was a bit surprised
too.  Rose was wearing, or almost wearing, a leather lingerie dream.  Black
seamed stay-ups, 6" stiletto heels, tight
little black leather split crotch panties that did little more than frame
her clean shaven pussy.  A black leather half bra
didn't cover her breasts but rather put them on display.  Long leather
gloves came most of the way up her arms and
in one hand she held a vicious looking riding crop and in the other was a
bright red ball gag.  Her look told us both it
was time to shut up.

"Is this the best you could do" Rose asked as she pointed at my hair and
played with my finger nails.  "Although,
these were a nice touch." I moaned as she reached for my boobs and gently
pulled on the hidden link to my nipples
within. Smiling and with a wink Rose continued " I told you these guys love
this stuff.  Hell, he probably enjoyed it
more than you did.  But you girls wouldn't believe me, you thought I was
full of it.  Well now you've met one and
you lost the bet.  The next part is easy.  My favorite number is three.
Three friends, three orgasms each.  That seems
like a good plan to me.  I'm going to have my first three in the next hour,
and you will have your three before you
leave.  So, are you ready to suck my pussy now or ....."  With that last
remark she flicked the whip and displayed the
ball gag.

Trish gasped, the look on her face was priceless. She was obviously shaken
by the language Rose had used.  She
just stood the mouth agape and muttered "I can't do that, I won't, I just
will not .."  Rose interrupted and instructed
me to stand behind Trish and undress her.  Trish went to move and the whip
hit on the butt as she turned.  One hit
stopped her in her tracks and I began the task at hand.  I was having some
trouble with my long nails and at one
point Trish actually reached down to help me with some buttons.  "Stop that"
Rose snapped "I'm enjoying the
show.  You just let my sissy maid expose my new playthings."  It was Trish's
turn to moan.

I took the opportunity to pull the pins out of Trish's hair and her long
black tresses fell down to below her waist.  I
enjoyed playing with it and I took my time undoing her bra and pulling down
her rather plain proper panties.  When
she was nude I picked up the clothes I had folded on the bench beside me and
walked over to Rose to await further

"Last chance" Rose asked.  A defiant flare is all she got back from Trish.

Rose turned to me and said "Put those down and put this in" I took the ball
gag and as I walked back to Trish noted
that she had the bushiest pubes I had ever seen.  It was quite apparent that
Trish liked all her hair long.  It wasn't
unkempt, just very long and full.  You could not see anything between her
legs except hair.  I walked behind Trish
and reach around with the gag.  Rose must have sensed the coming problem and
raised the crop high above Trish's
exposed breast.  Trish opened very wide for me and I made sure the ball was
deep in her mouth as I buckled the strap
behind her head.  Rose then added "That only comes out when you're ready to
put your tongue to work.  You can
let me know when you're ready by giving an OK sign with your right hand.
Bring her back to the play room now
Sissy" Trish chuckled at my new title.

Trish's chuckle turned to a long deep moan as she saw the play room and all
its toys.  Rose pointed at the low
bondage table at one end of the room and ordered that I strap her down
tight.  A few minutes later Trish was unable
to move even her head as she lay face up on the table.  I made sure to pull
lots of her hair around and over her to
accentuate her feminine features.  Rose re entered the room carrying a small
bag and immediately went to the foot of
the table and pulled the leg extensions apart, very far apart.  I love the
sound of a moan behind a ball gag.  Even
more when its not my own.  Taking an electric shear out of the bag Rose
looked into Trish's eyes said "I hate getting
pubic hair in my teeth"

Turning the razor on she turned to me and suggested I get some nipple clips.
  She requested I get the nastiest ones I
could find.  I heard clippers start and continual sputtering and moans from
Trish as I looked through my host's
collection of toys.  I finally found several pairs on nipple clips one of
which was what are commonly referred to as
Japanese clips.  Spring loaded these tighten even more with any weight or a
tug on the chain connecting them.
Pleased with my find a returned the table hoping to be allowed to attached
the clips and play a little.

Rose had other ideas.  She took the clips from me and handed me a can of
shaving foam and a couple Lady Shick
safety razors.  Stroking the short stubble that remained on Trish's now very
exposed pussy she said "Nice and
smooth, you'll be whipped once for every hair I find on inspection and it
will be a very hard whipping so you don't
want it, understand?"  I quickly nodded acceptance and knelt between Trish's
legs and got to work.  I decided to
have a little fun and took the opportunity to accidentally slip my very long
nails into her pussy and play around the
rim of her very sensitive ass hole.  I could tell from the noises behind the
gag my efforts were having the desired

As I shaved and played I noticed that Rose had walked around the table and
because it was so low was able to
stand with her legs spread directly over her captive's face.  Trish had no
choice but to look directly up into her next
meal.  Rose reached down and gently brushed the hair away from two very hard
nipples.  Maybe it was because of
the fear, maybe the room was a bit cold.  I like to think I was having some
success with my ministrations around her
pussy and ass.  What ever was the cause, Rose had two perfect hard little
targets for her nasty toy.

The moans turned to a muffled scream as first one and then the other clip
were attached.  Rose was none too gentle
then as she went to work on those twin sources of pain.   By that time I had
finished the shave job and wiped my
work area clean.  Looking up at Rose I saw that as she was twisting and
pulling at the clips she had bent down and
was rubbing her pussy on Trish's gagged mouth and nose.  She was obviously
getting very excited and was almost
fucking that nose.  I looked up longingly and licked my lips.  Rose was that
and nodded approval.  I figured there
was no sense being gentle and using my long nails I pulled Trish's pussy
lips far apart and rammed my tongue in as
far as I could.  That brought a new sound from behind the gag.  Knowing that
Rose expected results I dug my nails
in deeper and started to lick and nibble on Trish's exposed clit.  That did
it.  I looked up and saw Trish banging the
table with her right hand and her fingers in a perfect OK sign.  Too bad, I
was having fun.

Trish immediately stopped her twisting and ordered that I come around and
remove the gag.  Grudgingly, I got up
and with a curtsey did just that.  Rose warned Trish not to saw a word and
she didn't.  Rose held her hand out for
the gag and as I put it in her hand she looked back down at Trish.  She
slowly lower her crotch to just above Trish's
mouth and when nothing happened reached for the nipple clips.  Before she
even got close a tongue snaked out of
Trish's mouth and started lapping at Rose's now dripping pussy.  With a sigh
  she whispered to me "Go back down
but be gentle this time, let her enjoy it."

I was more than happy to comply and this time as I gently probed the newly
shaved pussy I heard much more
pleasant sounds from a very occupied mouth.  Rose's first orgasm was almost
instantaneous.  She told me later that
it was a mental orgasm.  She got off from the success.  All her planning,
schemes, and organization had come
together and here was one of her straightest friends eating her pussy.  That
had to be a big high for a dominant
lesbian like Rose.

I watched as Rose came down from her first climax but remained on Trish's
face.  A simple tap on one of the nipple
clips brought the tongue back to work and the look in Rose's eyes told me
the her captor was learning quick.  With
one down , two to go Rose leaned forward and tapped me on the head.  Knowing
I was to get up I stepped back and
watched as Rose put her own expert tongue to work.  Two beautiful women, one
bound the other in leather, engaged
in some serious 69.  Without looking I knew my cock was as hard as a rock
again, and the panties were not doing a
good job of containing it.  Rose stopped long enough to tell me to go get
cleaned up and fix my lipstick and then she
went back to work on Trish's now gleaming pussy.  Not long after I left the
room I heard Rose squeal into her
second orgasm.

When I came back into the room I found Rose sitting on her whicker throne
taking a much deserved break and Trish
just lying in bondage panting.  As I approached Rose got up and requested I
follow her.  We walked to the toy rack
on the back wall where Rose selected a large dildo with a ring on the base.
"Time for her to start working on her
three." she said loud enough for us both to hear.  We both heard the gasp
from Trish and Rose smiled even more.
Walking back to the table handed me the dildo and motioned for me to put it
where it needed to be.  Looking over at
a counter along the wall I noted a large collection of little clips and
elastics of all sizes.  Rose noticed my glances and
said "Help yourself."

It was time to get even.  My nipples had been screaming all day.  At times
the tugging was so constant it built into a
crescendo.  I decided that Trish needed to share the experience.  Taking two
small clips and a selection of elastics I
knelt back down between her legs as a very nervous Trish pleaded forgiveness
with her eyes.  Her pussy was so wet
the dildo slipped right in.  I then took two of the smallest tightest clips
and attached one on each pussy lip just
below the level of the ring on the well entrenched dildo.  I attached two
elastics to the ring on the bottom of the
dildo, passed one each through each clip on her pussy lips and then ran them
up to the clips on the poor girl's still
hard nipples.  It took me a while to get the tension and the placement of
the clips just right and the long nails didn't
make it any easier.  By now I think Trish was regretting leaving them so

In just about a minute my task was complete.  Trish's discomfort and
displeasure was obvious and immediate.  She
squealed wonderfully as I demonstrated the setup to Rose.  With the dildo
thrust all the way in the elastics twisted
the clips harshly on her tender pussy lips.  You could actually see the red
marks as little claws dug into her most
sensitive flesh.  As I pulled the dildo out the angle of the elastic was
reduced and the claws stopped pinching.
Unfortunately for Trish, the other end of the elastic was attached to the
nipple clips which squeezed and pulled
harder as the dildo was extracted.  The length of the elastics prevented the
dildo from being totally withdrawn.

I don't think Rose got it at first.  Not until I went up to Trish's head and
released her hands from bondage.  Trish
immediately reached for the dildo and pushed it in to relieve the strain on
her nipples.  But that hurt her pussy lips so
she pulled it back out, her nipples jumped and it went back in.  Rose
laughed out load as she watched the poor girl
start to fuck herself vigorously with the flesh colored monster.  She then
looked at her watch and said "just about
time for our second guest.  Time to get ready."

She had me turn around and without any ceremony put the gag to my mouth and
when I opened she pulled it very
tight.  I heard an additional click after she buckled it on which told me a
lock had been added and it wasn't coming
off soon.  "I thought you two were all too chatty when she got here, so this
time just bring my guest directly back.
I'm going to try and time it just so and if it doesn't work it's your ass"
With that she pinched my butt and I scurried
off to stand ready at the front door.  As I walked away I heard Rose tell
Trish that she was ready for number three.

Chapter VIII

As I walked down the hall to the living room I couldn't resist stopping at
the full length mirror.  The gag felt and
looked tight, actually I liked what it did to my face.  I was a well
silenced slave and I liked the part.  Knowing who the
next guest was I also checked my bust.  The combination of Nancy's lacing
and the full length stays in the tight
bodice of my maid outfit was doing an admirable job of presenting my boobs.
The fullness of the inserts and the
peek-a-boo opening caused a lot of cleavage to be exposed.  I figured I had
to be  looking as voluptuous as our next
guest was going to.

I made my way to the door and stood sation waiting to show off .  It was not
surprising when the doorbell rang at
exactly 7 o'clock.  I opened the door to a very astonished young lady.  I
however had to immediately admit I was
wrong and had been beat.  But, at the same time I realized something was
different.  Her breasts were as large as I
remember, maybe even more so, but they sat high and proud, sticking straight
out in defiance of gravity.  The tight
knit short dress she was wearing only served to amplify their size and
presentation.  As I finally tore my eyes from
those huge jugs I looked down to see she was wearing 6" heels similar to
mine, complete with the bondage lacing
wrapped up each leg to disappear under the very short skirt.  As she stepped
up the last step into the house I
noticed the lacing continued into the crack of her ass and bound her ass
checks as well.  I did say it was a short

Nancy was equally taken by my attire.  She started to ask a lot of questions
but then noticed the gag.  With a simple
"oh my!" she walked behind me and to see the whole look.  Satisfied she came
around front and grabbing my balls
none too gently asked "I bet you wish you'd said yes to my offer before, eh
stud" Looking at those huge tits in her
dress and knowing what was likely to follow she didn't know how wrong she

Remembering Rose's warning about any delay I gently took Nancy's hand and
led her down the hall.  As we got
close to the back room I could hear the unmistakable sounds of what was
going on in there.  The squish, squish told
me that Trish was working the dildo hard.  As a matter of fact very fast
too.  I smiled to myself knowing that the
animal had taken over and she working herself to her first climax.  The load
moans and gasps coming obviously from
Rose told me she was near climax  too.  As we took the last few steps to the
door you could smell the sex, and it
smelled good!

Rose did well, she timed it perfectly.  She must have been holding back
because at the exact instant we entered the
room she let out a squeal and had a thunderous orgasm on Trish's face.  The
juice just flowed from her convulsing
pussy and to her credit Trish continued to lick and suck in a vain effort to
get it all.  Then before Rose had even
started to come down it hit Trish.  It hit hard!  Trish was a screamer and
she screamed.  Her whole body shook as she
continued to ram that monster dildo in and out of her dripping hole.  Both
women just continued to vent and shake
as wave after wave of orgasm wracked their bodies. It was an incredible
scene that even had me panting just

I turned to see what Nancy thought of it and got another chuckle.  She was
in shock.  Her hands were up covering
her face but they did not conceal the wide eye stare like a deer caught in a
car's headlights.  Her breath was short
and gasping as she fought to come to terms with what she had just witnessed.
  Her totally strait and quite prudish
friend  has just completed what was probably one of the wildest sex acts she
had ever experienced with the one
woman she continually berated for being a lesbian.  It was almost too much
for Nancy to handle, or so I thought.
For then I heard Nancy whisper not even expecting me to hear "The lucky
bitch!"  Now I was shocked.  I had to
wonder which one of the two she was more envious of.

My attention was snapped back to the table as Trish let out another squeal.
Rose had just removed the nipple clips
and I know how that hurts as the blood rushed back into those tortured nubs.
  Poor girl, I almost felt sorry for her
until I heard the loud pop and the dildo was pulled from her still trembling
pussy.  Trish sighed and had a far away
look as Rose stood and walked to her cane throne chair.

"Three's a charm" were the first words she said.  Smiling and winking at me
she added "Bring my next toy over here
Sissy".  Nancy followed my lead still in a daze after what she had seen.
"Stand tall girl" snapped Rose which
brought Nancy to attention.  "Yes, looks good, now turn slowly."  As Nancy
turned slowly offering us both an
excellent view of sex on legs Rose spoke again. "Obviously you visited the
shop as ordered.  Did you bring the laces
there and finish the job there too?"  I still couldn't get over the size and
presentation of her tits, especially as she
stood at attention before Rose.  Rose then commanded that Nancy tell us both
about her afternoon.

It seems that Rose had sent some very explicit instructions to Nancy at her
shop just before closing time.  Under
threat of public disclosure and humiliation Nancy picked out a pair of 6"
heels much like she had given me to wear
and then a couple of the long laces like she had used on me earlier in the
day.  She then went home and changed into
the dress she was wearing now.

Rose interrupted and explained how Nancy had worn the same dress when she
and met Rose after work one evening
for what was supposed to be casual drinks.  The dress came with a pair of
matching bikini panties, and Nancy had
spend the entire evening flirting and flashing Rose knowing what it was
doing to her.  Being a public bar Rose could
no nothing but try and stay calm and Nancy knew it.  The dress was so short
that even without trying Nancy put on
quite a show but apparently Rose got the best viewing.  I guess she went
home with the female equivalent of blue
balls that night.  Now Rose was getting even.

At this point I asked where the panties were.  It was obvious that she
didn't them, or anything else on under the
dress.  Nancy replied "The lady at the leather shop kept them and said I'd
have to earn them back."  A quizzical look
from Nancy told us both that she didn't understand how that was to be.  Rose
chuckled and said "You'll find out
soon enough"

Nancy went on to recount how she went to the shop and after identifying
herself was told the strip and put on only
the shoes with tight lacing to the waist.  I seems the shop owner really
enjoyed the show and checked occasionally
tp ensure the lacing was good and tight.  When she was finished Nancy got
her surprise!  At this point Rose
interrupted again and told Nancy to take the dress off.  What I saw next
explained everything and was a sight to

Nancy was hearing a very tight Victorian leather corset.  It was high cut
over her hips at the bottom exposing lots of
cheek in back.  The leather lacing running up from her very high heels was
pulled through rings in the bottom of the
garment and tied off to give a great legs in bondage look.  The lacing and
bodice of the corset also framed her flame
red pubic hair which proved her hair coloring was natural.  With the
shortness of the dress and lack of panties I
wondered how many other people now knew that her hair coloring was natural.
The top of the corset was
responsible for the anti-gravity look of her chest.  The « cups were fitted
perfectly to hold those lovely mounds up
and together.  The cups were cut deep in the middle to expose a lot of
cleavage.  Basically the entire effect was a bob
show.  Very stiff stays and an incredibly narrow laced waist completed the
look.  Nancy wanted to know how Rose
had arranged such a perfect fit without any measurements to go by.  Rose
explained she had been planning this a
long time! I was ready to cum just looking at her.  Rose broke my trance
with "Tell us what you did next dear."

Nancy explained how she was told to put only the dress back on and retrieve
her next instructions from a planter box
at the other end of the mall.  After prompting from Rose she also added that
the mall she was at was a multi-level
structure and the planter was at the far end of the top floor.  The leather
shop was on the ground floor.  Thus, Nancy
had to walk the entire length of the mall and up several flights of stairs
to get there.  Revenge can be sweet.  Nancy
had shared in my walk of shame across that mall and I knew that now many
people were aware of her pubic hair
coloring.  Rose's smile told me that she too felt revenge for that night in
the bar back when.

I was even more elated as Nancy saved the best part for last.  It seems that
the planter Nancy was looking for was up
on the wall directly across from a pool hall adult arcade place.  She had no
choice but to stand on tip toes and reach
high up and over to retrieve the envelope inside.  The cat calls, hoops, and
hollers told her she was giving quite a
show to a very appreciative audience.  Nancy was even blushing as she told
the story and how to make matters
worse in her fluster how she had dropped the note and had to bend over again
to pick it up.  With the very tight
corset and 6" heels she had no choice but to spread her legs and bend over
at the waist to get it.  The whole arcade
must have seen her bright red bush with that move.  Rose laughed out loud
and exclaimed "I couldn't have planned
it better, thanks for the extra bonus my dear.  Now to the business at hand
......  Step up here and let me show you a
special feature of this corset."

When Nancy approached the chair, Rose reached up and unzipping a pair of
concealed zippers removed the cups
from the corset.  The pulling at two leather bows under Nancy's armpits
exposed two long woven laces that were all
too familiar.  Rose noticed Nancy's surprise and remarked "I'm surprised you
didn't recognize these."  With that she
reached for Nancy's hand and wrapped the lace web around the base of left
tit and passed it back though a small d-
ring sewn onto the edge of the corset.  Pulling it tight she clipped the end
to a small ring on the fashionable leather
cuff on Nancy's wrist.  It was tight and caused the boob to bulge out almost
obscenely.  The only way Nancy could
get any relief was to push into her own boob lifting it out and up even
higher.  Repeating the job on the other side
had a wonderful effect.  Here was Nancy holding her own tightly bound boobs
up and together to maximize cleavage
and display.  She started to complain about the discomfort but shut up
quickly when Rose asked me to get her riding

Rose then marched Nancy over to the other end of the low bondage table and
had her lie with her head next to
Trish's.  Her legs extended beyond the table and in quick order the feet
were fixed into two rings spaced 4 feet apart
on the floor at the foot of the table.  In an uncommon show of sympathy Rose
then put a pillow under the back of
Nancy's head, but I was soon to learn that was for my benefit not hers.
Turning to me she said "And you my little
slut are going to cum much to quickly, come here" With that she grabbed a
ball separator from the bench and began
fixing it tightly between my near bursting balls.  Before clipping the last
snap she slipped an small hook to the strand
between my balls and to it an elastic similar to those I'd used on Trish.  I
was then marched back to the table and told
to straddle Nancy's waist.

As I felt her tugging at the elastic and attaching it to the corset just
above Nancy's pubic hair Rose spoke.  "So you
offered our little cross dresser here a blow job so that you could get out
of this.  Well, he told me all about it and as
you know that was not allowed.  So you must pay for it.  Very simple really,
you offered him a blow job.  Now he's
going to get it."  Now turning to me she continued "Your part is simple,
fuck her face.  And you'd better be done
before I'm finished down here or you both suffer" With that she turned and
picked up the shears she had used on
Trish and I knew those beautiful red pubes were going, going, gone.

I saw the look of astonishment in Nancy's face as first she felt the
electric razor on her pubis and then my cock head
try to part her tits as I went for her mouth.  Then the elastic pulled
tight.  My balls were stretched back and pulled
deep into the cleavage of the monster tits.  The combination of discomfort
almost pain as my balls were bulled back
and the wonderful warmth and smoothness of those ripe tits was incredible.
And there were those full lips held at
the perfect angle by the pillow under her head.  If I pulled on my balls
enough the head of my cock just slipped
inside her mouth.  And she licked the slit hole at the end of my cock!  When
I pulled back in surprise she said "We
got to get this over with please, hurry cum before she hurts me more"

Well, who am I to deny a lady a request.  It was a wonderful feeling as I
began to fuck her face.  My balls were
continually pulled down into the tight smooth confines of the tightly bound
tits, and every thrust was met with a lick
of Nancy's hot eager tongue.   Unfortunately, (well maybe for her, but not
for me) the tight ball spreader and
constant pull of the elastic greatly prolonged my eruption and it took a
while to get enough stimulus to overcome the
discomfort.  Just as I was getting there I noticed Trish lying beside use
watching me fuck her friend's face and tits.
Her hands were between her legs and her fingers were very busy as she
frigged herself to orgasm watching our
show.  Nancy was aware of this too I could tell.

Trish and I came together.  It was wonderful my own moans of joy and
discomfort from the ball spreader were totally
masked by Trish's screams.  Nancy was torn between catching the gobs of
sperm I was shooting at and in her mouth
and turning to watch her friend in ecstacy.  She did catch most of it and
even licked the end clean as I finally started
to settle down.  The constant pressure of the ball spreader kept me quite
firm and it felt good nestled between those
tight tits.  It was then I noticed Rose standing beside us looking down at
Trish as we all watched her come down
from her second orgasm of the evening.

Turning to be she said "Time to get off Slut, my turn."  Turning to the
girls on the table she added "Nancy, look at
Trish, Trish clean her face."  Before either could say a word there was a
load swish and slap as the riding crop flicked
through the air and slapped the table very close to their heads.  Not a word
was said as both tongues went to work
licking Nancy's face.  It was quite a sight and I started to get hard again.
  When they were finished, which involved a
lot of colliding tongues and near kisses Rose spoke again.  "My turn now,
and before you try and deny you want it
anyway let me explain how its going to work"

Leading me back between Nancy's legs Rose had me kneel between her thighs.
I noticed immediately that Rose had
done a lousy job of shaving.  Actually, everything was very smooth except
for a thin rim of hair around the very
edge of Nancy's slightly open pussy.  I could see already Nancy was a little
excited as the moisture on the lips was
obvious.  Handing me a pair of tweezers she informed us "My assistant here
will finish this little job for me."
Turning to me she added, in a voice for all to hear "Don't stop until I
cum."  With that I saw her climb up on the table
and pull the pillow out from under Nancy's head.  She then straddled the
poor girl's face and looking back at me said
"Remember the stairs."

That was evil.  Rose knew that all day I had suffered.  Every time I had to
step up or down Nancy's lacing did its
worst.  The way she had attached the small bungee cords to the back of the
lacing caused my balls to be in a mild
tension al all times.  But when I stepped up or down stairs, especially in
those very high heels the effect was nasty!
The discomfort was so constant I had almost forgot it, but then Rose
reminded me.  My groin was killing me.  And
here I was between the legs of the girls responsible with a pair of tweezers
and some nice long pubic hairs.

Nancy had started to tell Rose how there was no way she was going to lick,
kiss, or do anything else to Rose's wet
pussy when I plucked the first hair.  It really pulled at her pussy lips and
a little red spot immediately appeared at the
hair follicle.  "You may need to take two at a time until she gets the idea"
Rose offered.  I never had a chance.  The
slight squeal and moan from Rose told me Nancy had gotten the idea very
quickly.  But I had orders to follow.
Working around the wetter and wetter pussy before me I continued to pull the
long red pubes from my tormentor's
lips.  Oh she squealed, she bucked, humped, and tried everything to avoid my
tweezers, but to no avail.  Rose was
getting off on the combination of the tongue job and her struggles and just
as I was finishing off she exploded

I watched as Rose settled down and then climbed off the table.  I couldn't
resist looking down I saw the last two
hairs.  Gripping them in the tweezers I looked directly into Nancy's eyes
and very slowly pulled them out.  Nancy
gasped and I pulled as slowly as possible to prolong the effect.  Again,
revenge felt good.  Rose sighed as the pubes
popped free and said to me "Perhaps that was deserved but I did tell you to
stop when I came."

Walking behind me she helped me to my feet and led me beside the table
beside both girl's heads.  Without a word
she grabbed my arms and twirling me around clipped my wrists together behind
my back.  She then retrieved a
spreader bar from the wall behind me and within seconds my ankles were
shackled about 3 feet apart. I heard her
fumbling behind me and then if it hadn't been for the gag still in I would
have rivaled Trish for volume that night.
Rose, with no warning, dropped a quite heavy weight onto the hook still
hanging between my balls.  I damn near
fainted.  I could feel the weight swinging from my balls and the smiles on
the captive girls faces told me they had a
good look at it too.

Rose then turned me to the table so that my legs were actually touching the
edge.  The weight pulling down on my
balls caused my near full erection to stand directly out over the table.
The excitement of the recent activities had
gotten to me and there was already a bead of pre-cum on the tip of my cock..
  Looking at me directly in the eye she
spoke "Bad girl, you must learn to follow orders or else .." Rose then
reached behind me a slapped the weight.  The
effect was obvious.  My cock bobbed, by balls hurts, and it was not a gentle
moan into the gag.  The girls liked that.
Rose continued "My next order is simple, no mess.  Every drip on my nice
clean table will be dealt with severely!"
Turning to Nancy she added "Show time."

With no further words Rose climbed onto the table sat over Nancy face and
lowered herself into a very comfortable
sixty-nine.  There were no pretenses this time.  Both tongues immediately
went to work and both Trish and I had a
perfect view.  Damn and my cock started to throb.  Two beautiful girls in
tight bondage, one of them engaged in
serious pussy sucking with a goddess in leather.  Me in a fantasy outfit and
equally tight bondage.  It was too much.
I didn't cum, but I got very excited.  By the time both Nancy and Rose had
their own orgasms I was near tears.  Trish
was enjoying my torture too.  Her giggles and winks just added to my
torment.  Of coarse I dripped.  Not much, but it
showed.  I knew I was in for it now.

After the girls settled down Rose climbed down and looked at the spot under
by still erect cock..  "I knew it, as a
matter of fact I was counting on it.  Excuse me while I shower and prepare
for our next guest."  With that, she left the
three of us there and walked out of the room.  I looked down as Nancy turned
to Trish and said "Please" Without
another word Trish began licking Nancy's face and cleaning all of Rose's
juice from her lips, cheeks, and chin.  That
lead to a lot of kissing and tongue action as the girls squirmed in their
bondage and gave me another show.  At one
point I even saw Trish start to play with herself again, but when she saw me
looking she stopped.  I did see her
blush though.  I knew then these girls were hot for each other.

They were still at it when Rose came back in the room.  Without a word she
reached down and twisted a nipple on
each girl which immediately got their attention. Turning to Nancy she said
"No sense denying it anymore.  We all
know what this all about.  I won't be hearing any talk about perverted
sexual tenancies anymore will I?  Now I've had
enough for now, and I'm expecting another guest, a very special guest.
However, Trish here is one short of her
quota of three.  You WILL take care of that for me right?"  Nancy looked
over and looking into Trish's wide
unbelieving eyes answered "Love to".  As Rose started to unbuckle and
release Nancy she offered on piece of
advice "She likes it rough, not hard but little nibbles and pinches will get
her off" Nancy smiled at that and as Trish
sighed replied "Don't worry she'll get lots of that"

I was looking forward to the show but was soon disappointed.  Rose released
the clip behind my back and undid the
shackles from my ankles.  She then grabbed the weight hanging between my
legs and used it to lead me across the
room to a large open frame.  I saw it coming but could do little to stop it.
  Soon I was standing spread-eagle in the
frame, my legs spread very wide and my wrists pulled up and out to the
corners.  She placed a full length mirror in
front of me so I could see myself.  I didn't like my position, too
vulnerable and Rose's attitude told me something
was up.  Finally, she spoke. "Time for a costume change, and then we'll deal
with your little dribble problem." With
that she walked out of the room and I waited and listened to the sounds of
the excited pair going at it on the
bondage table.  More than once a squeal told me Nancy was taking Rose's
advice about rough play to heart.

Chapter IX

Rose came back in a few minutes.  The entire time she was gone I listened to
the two girls going at in across the
room.  There were more than a couple squeals and a few damns as Nancy took
Monique up and down an oral roller
coaster.  I couldn't see anything other than my own vulnerable reflection.
Unfortunately, that excited me and yet
another drip of pre-cum formed at the end of my still firm dick.  When Rose
reentered the room she ignored the other
two occupants and came directly to me.

Again I was taken aback by her outfit.  Previously she could be described as
a leather goddess, now she was a
leather bitch.  She stood very gracefully in 4" spiked heels with a boot top
the went all the way up to smooth shaved
pussy.  The toes came to a very sharp point and looked as if they could do a
lot of damage if kicked, which is exactly
what they were designed to do.  The harness that she wore over body was
little more than a few strips of leather that
featured a split crotch that did a wonderful job of pulling her pussy lips
apart so you could the moist pink interior.
The harness continues up to her shoulders and even featured a pair of small
nipple clips that Rose had attached to
herself.  A very tight mask covered the top half of her face and the very
red eye makeup you could see underneath
created a very spooky look.  The harness featured a couple of small clips,
one on each side.  One clip held the riding
crop she had been using since I arrived, the other held a very nasty looking
paddle.  This girl was ready for

"Still have that problem I see."  With that she walked over to the wall rack
and retrieved a inflatable gag.  God what
an outfit I thought.  Her ass was beautifully framed in the leather harness
and I was still staring when she turned to
come back.  Noticing my stare she said "Thanks for the compliment, but it
won't help" Now she was looking at my
now much harder cock bobbing in appreciation of the view we had just shared.
  Standing directly in front of me she
held the gag up and asked "How many?"

I was taken aback, but then understood what she was doing.  I was about to
torture myself.  Set my own limits.  She
looked me directly in the eye as I replied "With which one?"

"Your choice." was her quick reply.

"Ten with the paddle, be firm but not hard."  As she started to reach up
with the gag, I quickly added "Double it, if
you think I need it!"  I regretted saying that but it was too late to take
it back as the gag went in and Rose quickly
buckled it behind my head.  I could tell she understood my regret as she
chuckled and pumped to inflate the rubber
ball inside my mouth.  With the last pump she smiled and confirmed my
suspicions about meaning business.  "Thirty
it is then."

She made a show of removing the paddle and flicking it a few times to
demonstrate its flex.  This was not going to be
a gentle paddling.  With a wink she then strutted around me and took up
station at my rear.  I could see her reflection
in the mirror and again she put on a show for my benefit. This lady had
class.  She was a nasty lesbian, dominant,
leather bitch, but she had class.

The first whack was just as ordered.  Firm, very firm.  I screamed into the
gag but not a sound came out.  I was still
moaning when the second whack hit my other cheek.  I was more ready this
time and while I did make noise it wasn't
a scream not that anybody could hear anything I said.  I did hear the girls
calling Rose though.  Trish was especially
vocal as they begged to be able to watch.  Rose stopped, strutted past me
and moved the mirror to give the girls a
clear view of my demise.  Nancy, got off of Trish and walked over to speak
to Rose.  They exchanged a few whispers
and then Rose handed Nancy her riding crop and walked in front of me again.
Gesturing back towards the bondage
table she said "You will enjoy this."

I watched as Nancy walked between Trish's legs and adjusted the leg
extensions to spread her legs even wide.  Her
legs were spread so far apart, her outer and inner lips were spread so you
could see everything including her very
engorged clit.  Nancy then stepped back and measure the distance with the
tip of the crop to her target between
Trish's legs.  "You wouldn't dare!" hissed Trish.  "Don't dare take your
eyes off of him." was Nancy's reply.

Nancy looked at Rose.  Rose acknowledged and set up a little cadence of
three flicks of the paddle and then
WHACK.  At the same instant I screamed I heard Trish.  Nancy didn't hit
hard, more of a little flick, but it was a
direct hit.  Distracted by the show across the room I wasn't ready for my
next whack.  It was equally hard on the
other cheek but I was so engrossed in the other show as Nancy kept pace with
Rose.  One for one they matched
strokes.  My ass was getting hot and I knew red as I got a very strict
paddling.  Trish bucked and struggled as
Nancy continued to land little flicks on her exposed pussy lips, flesh, and
clit.  I don't know how many strokes it
took but then with a direct hit on the clit Trish shot to another screaming
orgasm.  This one was huge, maybe even a
multiple as wave after wave of orgasm wracked her body, She thrashed around
the table pulling at her bounds and
vocalizing "You bitch, you bitch, you wonderful cunt sucking bitch."
Finally, she fell still and silent and looked
almost passed out as Nancy leaned over her, kissed her gently on the lips,
and walked over to Rose and I.  Handing
Rose the crop she smirked "I guess that's three, but I think she snuck in
some extras on her own.  I'm going to have
to punish her for that."  So it was done.  Rose had succeeded in bringing at
least two of her friends together.  We all
knew then and there that Rose's lunch group was never going to be the same.

We all heard the front door open and a pair of heels walk across the entry
floor.  Rose noted my inquisitive look and
smiled.  Nancy started to ask but Rose cut her off.  "Help Trish up and get
her dressed.  The driver will take her home
when he brings my last guest.  You'll have to wait for your next session
with her, but unless I'm totally wrong about
her and you, she'll be begging you for it.  You on the other hand can't
leave until you have number three.  I'm sure
my little sissy slut here will be more than willing to help" Nancy smiled at
me and caressed her newly shaved pussy
and replied "Oh, I'd like that"

Nancy turned to go release Trish and Rose left to room obviously to meet
with who ever it was that had just come in
.  I watched as Nancy helped Trish up off the table and get dressed.  Trish
signed at even the light touch of her
panties as they were pulled up to her crotch.  She noticed Nancy's concern
and surprised us both as she took
Nancy's face in the hands and gave her a hot, passionate kiss.  They walked
together as Nancy helped her to the
wicker chair at the end of the room.  I heard Trish say to Nancy, not trying
to hide it from me "Next time don't be so
gentle!"  I saw a tear roll out of Nancy's eye.  They just stared lustfully
at each other.

The trance was broken as Rose re-entered the room.  "Time to go girl, your
ride is here.  Don't say a word on your
way out.  Ignore my next guest."  Then with a note of genuine friendship she
added "please, and thank you, you
were fantastic." Trish nodded, hung her head in a bit of shame realizing how
unfair she had been towards Rose in the
past made her way to the front door.  I heard a voice as Trish went out and
some else came in, but Trish didn't speak.
Rose sat in her throne and indicated to Nancy to kneel by her side.  With
Nancy in place and a quick survey to make
sure all was set in the room she called out "Back here my pet."

We all heard the stomping of angry heels as the dragon lady entered the
room.  "Coming here like this is bad enough
without you calling me pet.  I'm not your fucking pet and I will never be
..... " She stopped mid-sentence as she
became aware of her surroundings.  Nancy kneeling submissively at Rose's
feet, me hanging in bondage still gagged
and sporting a huge erection and a very red ass.  And Rose sat there and
flicked her riding crop with authority.  Rose
slowly pointed the crop at our newest guest and spoke "Shut up and strip!
Not another word or I'll really hurt you."
Turning to Nancy she added "release him and remove the gag."

Nancy rose and walked towards me those huge tits bouncing with each step.  I
even enjoyed just watching her walk.
I knew that she knew exactly what I was watching and she liked it too.  She
took a minute to caress my very tender
butt and as she removed the gag asked "Does it hurt?"  I replied with a moan
and a sigh "Oh yeah, it hurts so good".
"You and Trish, what a pair you both like it a bit rough.  I just couldn't,
on the other hand I did enjoy making her
squirm."  She didn't say anything else as she released my arms and ankles
from the frame.  It didn't matter anyway as
my attention was directed across the room as I watched the new girl take her
clothes off.

As I had always suspected she wasn't wearing any underwear.  In a second she
took off the sweater and pants and
stood there nude expect for her shoes.  She stopped to look at her host who
reached behind her chair and picked up
a pair of 6" opera pumps and said "Trade these for those."  As she bent over
to do as told I got a look an that
beautiful tight butt of hers and a very small cleanly shaved pussy.
Everything about this woman was small and tight
except her nipples.  Her breasts were firm, about a B cup and they each
boasted a delightfully hard very protruding
nipple.  They looked very much like slightly enlarged pencil erasers.  They
were beautiful, just so kissable, one look
at Rose told me she had other ideas.

As I stepped away from the frame Rose gestured towards it and said "walk,...
slowly."  Rose just sat there and
watched.  God I love what heels to for a tight butt.  And very high heels
just do it better.  We all enjoyed the show
as Roses newest sex toy had no choice but to strut across the floor.  I got
to give her credit.  She tried, but it's just
impossible to be dominant and assertive walking nude in 6" heels.  By the
time she got to the frame she was acting
more the sex object we all wished she was.  Standing directly under the
frame she stood silent as Rose spoke
"Nancy, tight."

Nancy enjoyed it.  She spent some time working with the cuffs on each ankle
and wrist.  She pulled them very tight
and took the opportunity to brush her hands against the obviously nervous
body.  She took each hand in turn and
attached them to the top corners of the frame.  I noted she pulled hard to
stretch as far as possible so that her
subject had to stand almost on tippy toes to accommodate the pull.  The she
knelt on the floor and grabbed one
ankle.  It knew what Nancy had done, but I don't think the dragon lady
figured it out.  Not until it hit, and then she
knew.  As Nancy pulled and quickly attached the ankle cuff on one side then
the other I had to chuckle.  With her
legs spread so wide she had no support and was literally hanging in the
frame.  Our new prisoner glowed at me and
said "Kiss my ass!"  Rose stood up and walked over which silenced any smart
aleck reply I may of had.

Rose came up to us and replied for me "Now is that anyway to speak to the
help Janice.  If you can't speak civilly
then don't speak at all." With that she held the ball gag up to Janice's
mouth.  It was no surprise that Janice clamped
her mouth closed in defiance.  Without a word Rose swing her free hand and
slapped the very started guest hard
across the face.  When she opened her mouth to scream or spit out some
obscenity or other the gag was shoved in
and soon was buckled very tight behind her head.  Nancy and I just stood
there and watched this episode.  I was
surprised at just how hard Rose had hit Janice but that was nothing compared
to what happened next.

Rose stepped back as we all admired the sight of Janice in very tight
suspension bondage and spoke "Now I have a
surprise for you all.  I'm sure you'll all recognize this person."  With
that we heard the sound of heels enter to room.
I was totally blown away, Nancy gasped, and Janice's eyes were like saucers
as Penny who worked for Janice at the
store walked up to Rose, gave her a peck on the cheek and said "Hi mom."

Janice's was shaking and struggling uselessly at her bounds obviously more
surprised than any of us.  It was
obvious that she didn't know about the mother - daughter relationship.
Nancy let out a long breath and whispered
"You mean, you two, oh I didn't know.  That's wild, and I've got to ask are
you ..."

I should explain.  Penny had changed from the preppie little skirt and
sweater outfit she was wearing earlier in the
day.  She now was wearing a leather harness outfit very similar to her
mother's.  In fact it was near identical except
that it was a light blue color.  It hosted the same split crotch straps the
pulled her clean shaved lips and very nice ass
cheeks apart.  The top held her firm breasts up for inspection and like Rose
the outfit hosted clips on the sides for
toys.  Each of the clips held a small leather pouch whose contents were not

Penny went to answer but her mother interrupted.  "Well lets just say my
daughter never actually wore this."
Pointing at the cock sucker's cameo on my neck she continued "Actually, I
gave it to her to use should the occasion
ever arise.  After Penny got the job and she found about Janice's rather
unique initiation exercise, we both thought it
best to keep our relationship a secret.  I don't think our little plaything
here would have come tonight if she had
known ... do you?"  The last question was directed at Janice who was shaking
her head vigorously as she stared
wide eyed at a very menacing looking Penny.  Penny had assumed the same
stance she had taken before me back at
the store as she tightened the clips on my ears, but this time the grimace
was most definitely directed at her boss.

Rose continued as Janice struggled and Penny began to fish something out of
the pouch hanging on her leather
body harness.  "I had big plans for you tonight my dear, but my daughter has
begged me constantly to be the one
allowed to get even as it were.  She's a good girl and who am I to prevent
her from improving her relationship with
her boss.  Seems she feels you deserve a dose of you own medicine."

Penny stepped forward and held out her hand for all to see.  In her left had
she held two simple looking gold loop ear
rings.  They looked like the self piercing type with a some notches on the
spike that looked like a little micro ratchet.
Penny explained "Very simple really, once these go on, they never come off.
There is even a little roller of tempered
surgical steel inside that prevents them from being cut off.  These will be
a permanent decoration."  I looked at
Janice's ears and for the first time noticed that she was already pierced
not once but twice, so big deal I thought.
Penny noticed both Nancy and I looking at Janice and added with a chuckle
"Oh no, you don't understand" and
then paraphrasing something Janice had said to me in the store "You'll have
to learn the pains some women go
through in the name of fashion."  With that last word she reached up and
gave one of Janice's nipples a tight little

Nancy gasped, I laughed, Penny chuckled again, and Janice went nuts.  It was
only due to the well built nature of
the frame that suspended Janice, and Nancy's excellent job of binding her
there that held that wild lady in place.  The
previous defiant stare of the dragon lady was now replaced with a wide gaze
of fear and impending doom.  Penny
continued "And what's the sense of fashion if nobody knows its there."  With
that she reached into the pouch
again and retrieved two little bells that she threaded onto the ear ring
loops.  She held each loop between finger of
each hand a gave us all a demonstration of the beautiful jingle of the
obviously high quality bells.  I heard Nancy
whisper "permanent, now that's what I call revenge!"

Rose interrupted "Now before my sweet little daughter starts to play with
her new doll, I think you have been given
an order."  That last remark was directed at me and all I could do was look
back inquisitively.  Rose responded to my
look with "Don't you remember Janice's last words?"  Then she added "And
don't forget my advice to Nancy with
regards our first guest."  Nancy whispered what I was already thinking "Kiss
my ass, and don't be too gentle!  Oh
this I've got to see."

Janice tried a "you wouldn't dare" look but it didn't come off too well in
her present predicament.  I gave her my best
sissy curtsey and licking slowly across my top lip said "As you wish my
lady" I tried to make a show as I walked
around behind Janice where Nancy showed up with the pillow from the bondage
table.  I thanked her for her
thoughtfulness as she placed it on the floor for me to kneel on.  Then I was
looking directly at the ass of my dreams.
Ever since I first saw this bitch in her too tight pants years ago I'd
fantasied about such an opportunity.
Remembering that the lady liked things direct I firmly scratched my long
finger nails from the outside edges of those
two gorgeous orbs to the crack between, then reversing my grip I clutched
one cheek in each hand and using my
nails pulled them apart.  The shriek I heard behind the gag told me I might
have been a bit rough.  Too bad I thought.
Then wanting full effect, I shoved my tongue directly into that tight little

I don't know if I was the first, but I bet I was the roughest ass licker
she'd ever experienced.  Between my nails, teeth,
and tongue I gave her entire rear end a working over.  I made damn sure
she'd think again before telling anyone else
to kiss her ass!  Several times I even allowed my nails to slip forward and
into her tight little cunt and scratch around
a bit in there.  Someone in front slapped my hand once telling me that was
out of bounds so I didn't continue.

While I worked over that wonder tight little butt I knew that Penny was
working up front.  Several times I felt Janice's
muscles tighten.  The low pain filled screams into the gag told me that
Penny was repeating Janice's method of
slowly applying the ear rings to each nipple.  One slow, agonizing rachet
click at a time.  Each little click was
accompanied by a muffled scream and tightening of Janice's muscles.  I was
even able to time some of my activities
to take advantage of that as I ravaged that tight little butt hole.  All to
soon it was over.  Janice went still and Rose
called me forward.

Penny stood proudly before her boss as Rose surveyed the new jewelry.  Penny
had put each ring directly through
the mid-point of each very extended nipple.  The result was that the bells
hung freely below centered on each boob,
buy not touching the flesh.  The result was obvious.  The rings were going
to be impossible to hide and in the
sweaters that Janice had a habit of wearing the rings and bells were going
to be very noticeable and identifiable.
Rose took her crop and slapped Janice's already red butt.  Janice jumped in
her bounds.  She didn't move much but
it was enough.  The bells sounded beautiful. Turning first to her daughter
she said "Perfect!", then turning back to
Janice she added "You taught her well." Janice rolled her eyes and moaned.

Penny looked at her now totally deflated boss and spoke "In case you haven't
figured it out yet, there are going to
be some changes in the way things are done at the shop.  Most of the other
girls know about this and they all
wanted to be here to help.  I placated them by promising each a turn at you
but that's another day.  For now we have
enough dirt on you and you torturous ways to have you locked up for a long
time.  So I'm sure we can all expect a
new level of cooperation at the shop ...... correct?"  Janice nodded slowly.
  Penny added "I thought so!" as she
walked briskly out of the room.

Rose stepped forward and as she slowly flicked the bells on Janice's nipples
said "Now I think you need to
apologize to me for hurting my dear sweet daughter back at your shop."  Now
that's the pot calling the kettle black I
thought.  Then holding each nipple ring firmly she told Nancy to release
Janice from the rack.  Rose didn't need to
tell Janice not to move.  Her grip on the nipple rings was all she needed to
maintain control.

Once Janice was down from her suspension Rose led her over to a leather
covered saw horse near the center of the
room.  Soon Janice's legs were spread again and anchored to the legs of the
horse. As she was bent over and her
wrists attached to the front of the horse I couldn't help to admire that now
red but still absolutely perfect butt.  Rose
looked at me and said "And I have you to thank for this little trick.  I was
impressed at your ingenuity before, now I'll
use it."  Rose brought the cane throne chair and sat it directly in front of
Janice's lowered head.  Then taking a
couple of the small elastics I had used on Monique earlier I watched as Rose
measured from Janice's nipple to the
chair and then back under the horse to her crotch.  Turning to Nancy she
ordered "Take off the slut's panties and
make him hard" That order was easy, just looking at the beautiful bent over
butt had taken care of half of Nancy's
charge already.

While Nancy did as told with a wonderful soft mouth Rose walked back across
the room and came back with a tube
of KY.  Standing behind Janice she jut a small bit on her finger and then
applied it directly to Janice's tight little ass
hole.  Janice pulled at her bounds but couldn't do a damn thing about what
was obviously about to happen.  Rose
then excused Nancy and reached between my legs to attached one end of each
elastic to the ring on my ball
separator.  Passing the elastics under horse and past Janice's inquisitive
gaze she sat on the chair and spoke "If you
say one word when I take off that gag I will whip you until you are
unconscious.  Do you understand?"  Janice
nodded enthusiastically.  Turning to me she continued.  "You made a specific
request when you got here.  You've
been a good little servant and you deserve a reward.  Just don't cum too
soon!"  Oh I wished I could have seen
Janice's face with those last few words.

I watched as Rose then took the elastics and passed one each through D-rings
sewn into the crotch strap on each
side of her leather body harness.  Looking up at me she spoke again "Now
gently, once only, all the way in and stay
there."  It was wonderful!  A fantasy fuck from heaven.  It was warm, tight,
soft, and probably virgin.  I don't think
Janice liked it as much as me.  The muffled scream into the gag indicated
she wasn't partial to rock hard cock thrust
up her tight butt hole.  It wasn't easy, but I did as told and slowly went
all the way in and stayed there.  After Janice
had settled down a bit Rose said "Remember my warning." as she undid the
strap that held the ball gag.  As the gag
popped out and Janice sucked in a big breath of air, Rose reached up pulled
her head down to her waiting pussy.
Janice didn't do anything and I was surprised when Rose didn't do anything

Then I watched as Rose reached down and pulled the elastics tight and
attached one to each nipple ring.  Janice
immediately moaned loudly and mashed her face into Rose's crotch to try and
relieve some of the pull of the elastics.
Rose signed her obvious pleasure and spoke to me again "You may now have
your peace of ass but don't you dare
come before I do.  As a matter of fact I'd prefer you don't come until I
come all three times this bitch owes me.  And
Nancy, bring those beautify big tits over here for me to play with."

Nancy and I both did as ordered.  I knew if I was going to last I would have
to take it easy.  I set up a slow rhythmic
pump and tried to relax and just enjoy my fantasy fuck.  Nancy went to Rose
and had little choice but to bend over
the front of the chair, reach down to the arms of the chair for support and
thus present her chest for Rose to suck,
pinch, nibble and bite.  Rose got the elastics measured perfectly and each
time I stroked in and out of that beautiful
tight little ass hole, the elastics pulled on those newly pierced nipples
and Janice mashed her face into Rose's crotch
to relieve the strain.

Soon we were all moaning, some more than others.  Nancy's bent over position
put her also nice butt within my
reach and I reached over to stroke it gently with my long red nails.  She
adjusted her stance to spread her legs for me
and I began to explore her very wet pussy with my nails.  Rose and Nancy
each come once quite quickly.  That
almost set me off but I stopped pumping momentarily to help hold back.
Pulling back like that wasn't easy on
Janice's nipples but noone seemed to care.  The second time I wasn't so

I really got into playing with Nancy's pussy and ass hole.  That with
Janice's squirming and Rose's vocalizations
was too much for me.  And as a surprise to all we all came together.  Yes
all!.  I felt that beautiful tight ass hole clench
even more as even the pain bitch herself had her own little orgasm.  I
couldn't help myself as I pumped vigorously
into that butt pulling mercilessly on those nipples.  Nancy squealed louder
than normal as Rose nibbled harshly on
her sensitive nipples and Rose flooded Janice's mouth with yet another slurp
of juice.  It had to be a glorious sight
but I missed it as I had my eyes closed while I savored one of my best
ejaculations ever.

Penny didn't miss it though.  When I finally settled down enough to open my
eyes I saw her standing there smiling
at us all.  "Well, that was certainly a show stopper.  Seems I took a little
too long to get ready."  That's when I
noticed she had added to her outfit.  Now strapped between her legs was a
very real looking, if not slightly enlarged
penis shaped dildo.  It was flesh colored and featured a bulbous head,
ridges and veins.  It appeared to be made of a
semi-soft foam rubber and even bobbed when she walked.  Reaching between my
legs she released the elastics and I
was able to step back away from Janice.  Nancy and Rose had settled down
enough by this time to separate and
were watching Penny do her thing.  Rose seemed content to let her daughter
take charge.

Penny then reached for a wet cloth and wiped my still semi-erect cock.  I
was particularly sensitive and jumped a bit
as she touched my own sensitive cock head. "Oh poor dear" she said not too
sincerely.  I didn't like the tone of that.
Turning to Rose she spoke in an put on playful little girl voice "Now Mommy,
you know I had plans for this."
Pointing at my cum slowly oozing from Janice's well fucked ass hole she
continued "And you let the help here have
my play things.  Now what am I going to do?"  Rose started to speak but
Penny continued in her own playfully
bratty voice "And no, I won't settle for sloppy seconds!  I want a nice
tight virgin ass to fuck.  That's what I got all
dressed up for and besides I'm worth it.  So now what?"

Oh shit!  Everyone, even Janice was looking at me!

Chapter X

I was still standing there, half in shock when I felt a slim finger lightly
slide up the crack of my ass.  Turning I was
surprised to see that Rose stood behind me and was the one lightly caressing
the same butt she had enjoyed
spanking so much just a short while before.  Looking me directly in the eye
as she ran her finger around the edge of
my tightly pucker ass she asked "So how about it, my little cross dressing
slut maid, are you a virgin?"

Hopefully, I didn't take too long to answer.  I thought it over quickly.  It
was going to happen anyway, that was a
given.  I had just had my fantasy fuck with an ass I had been dreaming about
for years.  Now I could play along and
give something back.  Besides, the way Penny had worked Janice over with
those rings deserved a reward.  She
wanted virgin ass, who was I to prevent a sweet young college girl from
getting her wish "Yes, Ma'am, other than a
few small butt plugs, I am a virgin."  It was a lie, and I knew that Rose
could tell, but her smile told me she
appreciated me playing along with the moment.

Rose looked over to her daughter and clutching balls tightly in her right
hand said "We have a volunteer, not a very
co-operative one, but I know how to deal with that."  Now that wasn't what I
had in mind.  I was going to co-operate,
but that's not the game Rose wanted to play.  I had made my bed, now it was
time to lie in it.  "Please, please,
Mistress!  Use one of the others." My pleading continued "I have never, I
couldn't handle that.  I'll do anything
else, but not ..." That's when the inflatable gag was shoved none too gentle
back into my mouth.  Any further
begging or opportunity to back out was gone.  Rose smiled and winked as she
buckled the gag tight behind my head
"Thanks" she whispered in my ear "Penny will enjoy it more now thanks to
you, I'll reward you for that sometime."

Rose then spoke up for the others to hear "Nancy, bring that heavy weight
over here, and Penny my sweet, what did
you have in mind?"

Before Penny could reply Janice spoke in a low subservient tone "Oh please
Mistresses, please.  I accept my own
punishment, it's been due a long time.  I understand and respect that it's
not over yet, but I beg please, please may I
watch.  If you release me I will be good.  I will do my utmost best to
please my Mistress with my mouth and tongue.
You've said I owe you one more and I'll make it the best you've ever had.  I
only ask that I get to watch as that slut
maid that got me into this shares my own most recent fate."

Now I realized what I had gotten myself into.  I had just ravaged Janice on
that saw horse.  I knew her butt and ass
hole were still stinging from my lust filled attach.  And now I could very
well suffer the same fate.  Rose's grip
tightened a bit on my balls as she looked over at the daughter and asked

Penny looked down at Janice, then over at Nancy both of who were nodding
their approval.  I was shaking my head
no vigorously but that was being ignored.  Penny didn't answer directly, she
just bent over and started unbuckling
Janice's wrists and ankles.  Rose stepped a little closer and whispered
"Sorry, things happened a little fast there."
Speaking even quieter she continued "Do you want me to get you out of this?"
  I looked her in the eye, tried to smile
past the gag and gave her the finger.  She smiled and replied "A true slut,
I like that."

Pulling on my balls she led me over to the leather covered saw horse just as
Janice was standing up and back from it.
Speaking to Janice she said "Remember your promise to behave.  Now bind him
tightly, I don't think he'll enjoy it as
much as you did."  Janice started to say something, but Rose continued "Oh
come off it girl, I noticed your breathing
change as soon as his tongue hit your ass hole!  And we all noticed your
little orgasm as he came so violently in
your butt.  Stop trying to kid a kidder.  You're a bottom, you like it,
crave it, and you'll soon be begging for more.  So
get to work or you'll get it sooner rather than later!"

Yes, Mistress" was Janice's only reply as she knelt behind me and grabbed my
ankle.  She was none too gentle as
she spread my legs and tied them as widely as possible to the legs of the
horse.  Moving around front she stood
beside Rose who still had a firm hold on my balls.  Rose squeezed just a
little as said "Now bend over my little slut."
I had no choice but to comply.  Janice whispered as she was bent over to
buckle my wrists to the saw horse legs "Oh
I'm going to really enjoy this.  Be a good girl and squeal real good for me
please."  Then looking over at Penny who
was pulling a condom over a very large real looking strap-on she added "Like
you'll have a choice!"

I heard Rose remind Nancy about the weight and then add "And why don't you
put it on and be a bit more creative
than I was."  I knew exactly what Nancy liked to do to men's balls and
screamed into the gag and tried to get free.
By the chuckling I heard behind me I know the girls enjoyed the show.

I know it was Nancy that came and removed the ball spreader from my cock and
balls.  She also removed some of the
webbing that she had applied hours ago in the shop.  I had to sigh as my
balls hung free for the first time in hours.
My relief was short lived as she held her hand in front of my face and
showed me a home made parachute.  This
device had a leather strap that went around the scrotum above the balls
trapping them below.  Three short chains
hung from the collar and joined below in a ring with an open hook.  Any
weight hung from the hood would be
suspended below and pull down on my balls.  Unlike the earlier spreader
there was no strap over my cock, so the
entire weight would hang on my balls.  I didn't like this.  I liked it even
less when I saw the weight.  Nancy made sure
I got a good look as it as she presented it to me and then the rest of the
audience.  I felt her clip the weight to the
hook and then ... nothing.  After a moments suspense she pulled her hand

I let out a long blood curdling scream.  It was for my own benefit only.
The girls heard nothing.  In fact their
continued jeers and laughter told me they were enjoying the show.  I even
heard applause as Nancy stood up and
must have taken a bow behind me.  It took a couple of minutes but I finally
managed to settle down and as long as I
didn't move the weight stayed still and was only uncomfortable.  If I moved
al all the weight started to swing and
that hurt like hell.

Nancy walked around front and knelt down in front of me.  She lifted my face
to look me in the eye and pointed at the
red scratched I had put around her pussy earlier with my nails.  "Pay backs
are a bitch, as so am I!  Very simple really,
the weigh gets off when I do.  Now not a word, Rose would love to use that
whip of hers."  With that Nancy reached
forward and released the air from the bulb in my mouth and then removed the
gag.  Before I even took my first breath
she sat on the chair in front of the horse and pulled my face to her crotch.
  I started eating immediately.  The sooner I
could get her off the sooner I got that weight off.!

The I heard Rose.  "Now Janice my pet, the slut was good enough to prepare
you for an ass fucking, maybe you
should return the favor."  I should have guessed that was coming.  What I
wasn't ready for was her added snide
warning "And do be careful not to hit the weight with your chin.  It could
cause the poor lad some distress."  I was
suddenly beginning to dislike Rose.  When I felt Janice's nails dig into my
ass cheeks and rip them apart I knew I
was going to like her even less.   True to form Janice did exactly like I
had done.  One moment nothing and then her
hard hot tongue was shoved up my butt.

I normally like anal play, but this wasn't for my enjoyment.  Janice ravaged
my ass with her nails, teeth and tongue in
much the same way I had done her.  Just when I would start to enjoy it she
would make a point of knocking the
weight and it would swing on my balls causing more than a little pain.  When
I'd stop eating Nancy to try and
counter the swinging weight she'd grab the back of my head and mash it into
her groin almost suffocating me.
Finally we started to get into a rhythm and I noted Nancy was starting to
get wet.

Just as I thought I was getting some where I heard Rose again.  "That's
enough Janice, now get over here and do a
much gentler job on my ass while we both enjoy this" Turning to her daughter
she added "Now do be gentle, he is a
virgin.  Oh and watch the weight."

She must have lubricated the condom because it went in easy.  She stood
behind me and positioned herself with just
the tip in my tight back hole.  Then I heard her say "Oh thank you Mommy, a
dream come true."  And then she
fucked me.  She started slow but soon built to a mad pace.  I could tell it
must have been a double ended dildo
because she was obviously being stimulated at her end.  The were cheers and
jeers from the others as even Nancy
offered "You go girl!"  And she did!

To me it was all a daze.  The weight started swinging, my balls were
screaming, and I had my face buried in Nancy's
pussy as I fucked her with my tongue.  Occasionally, I heard a squeal behind
us that told me Janice was giving Rose
some serious pleasure.

They all came at once.  Nancy literally flooded my mouth as she cam hard.
She grabbed the back of my head and
rubbed my nose into her clit as I sucked down as much as I could.  Penny was
literally beating my backside as she
rammed both of us with her double ended dildo and screamed in her own hard
orgasm.  I heard Rose too which told
me Janice was good to her word and paid off her debt of three in full.  They
all had a good time.  I however was
suffering from that damn weight swinging on my balls.  I had gotten somewhat
used to it by now, but there was no
way I was going to get any relief until it came off.

Finally Nancy recovered enough to reach under me and lift the weight off the
hook.  Smiling down at me she sighed
and spoke softly "My god man, sorry I mean Siss, when will you have enough?"
  "What do you mean?" I replied out
of character.  "Well, look at that thing!  It sure looks ready for more to

I looked between my legs and was surprised to see a part of me that had a
mind of its own.  It was as hard as steel.
The shaft was red, the head was purple and it was so tight it was bobbing
with my pulse.  The head has so engorged
the skin was pulled tight and looked like tinted mirror glass.  All of this
and my balls were still throbbing from the
effects of the weight.  I learned something about myself in that instant.  I
liked it a bit rougher than I even knew.

By this time the others had noticed too but it was Rose who spoke first.
"Too bad about that, but it will just have to
wait.  The driver will be here soon, and we have to get you all ready to
head home."  Janice was quick to respond
"Oh please, may I stay?"  With that she scurried on her knees to a position
behind Penny and very gently reached
up and spread her ass cheeks apart.  Even Rose was surprised as Janice
extended her tongue and ran it slowly up
and around Penny's ass hole.  "Besides, I still have to apologize for how
badly I hurt you in the shop.  Just don't
make me do this there, I couldn't handle the other girls seeing this."  With
that she started licking that butt seriously.
Rose shrugged and said "I guess you have a bed partner tonight my dear."

"And so do you." Nancy said to Rose.  That comment drought a nod and smile
from Rose as an acceptance.

Rose spoke again "Well, lets get the little slut princess ready to leave.  I
would have said home, but I understand she
has other plans."  I looked questioningly at Rose as she continued " Oh come
of it you cock hungry slut!  I've been
talking to the driver and it seems you have a date for later this evening."
My eyes must of popped as I suddenly
remembered my conversation with the driver on the way over to the house.
Rose stood up and spoke as she slunk
over to my side and then reaching over to gentle stroke the dildo that was
still strapped onto Penny she added "And
from what I hear the next thing up your butt won't be rubber!"  That brought
chuckles from all the girls.  I just stared
at the floor and tried to disappear.

Nancy spoke first "Well, lets get the little girl cleaned up and ready.  We
don't want to disappoint her gentleman
caller."That brought another round of chuckles and a flurry of activity.  My
arms were unbuckled from the horse I
allowed to stand straight.  Nancy knelt before me while Penny released my
legs and removed the parachute.  The she
spent a few moments re-arranging the webbing around my balls to re-create
the bound balls look I had been showing
all day.  She even tightened it slightly and when I started to say something
she interrupted "This will act as a sort of
cock ring.  We want your date to see just how ready for action you are."  My
blush matched the shiny purple head
of my steel hard cock..  With my legs free was unbuckled from the horse
Nancy pulled up the see through panties
that did little more than accentuate the cock and ball bondage within.

I finally thought to ask "What happened to the key that was there?"  I knew
I needed that to free myself from all this
lacing eventually.  "Oh I gave that to Rose hours ago." was Nancy's reply.
"And I gave it to the driver when he
came to pick up Trish" countered Rose.  Damn I thought, he'll probably make
we work to get it back too.  Rose
worsened my fears when she added "And I think he plans on giving it to your
date when he picks him up later
tonight."  Damn, damn damn.  It was going to be a long night.

The next half hour was spent fixing up my outfit, re-applying my makeup in
an even more daring fuck my face look.
All the straps were adjusted and tightened and my hair was redone with lots
of spray to keep the look.  Basically, I
looked like a hooker that had just spent a lot of time and money to prepare
myself for a big night on the town.  When
she was finally satisfied Rose stood back and said "Perfect, and just in
time.  The driver will be here soon."  Then
with a smile and more gentle voice she asked "What time is your flight in
the morning?"  I thought a bit and said
"Just about noon."

"Good.  Give the driver your hotel room key.  I will have him bring all your
belongings here.  He will then bring you
here early tomorrow and the girls and I will free you for your return home.
That way you can tell us all about your
adventures on the town."  I started to say something but she interrupted "Oh
give it a rest slut, like you're not
looking forward to it!"  That last remark was made as she pointed at my
still rock hard cock and all the girls laughed

The end

A sequel to follow.