Getting Her Gloves Back

by Ellie


Note from author,

This story is a sequel to "Too Tight and Caught" written by the same author.
  It will contain several backward
references to the other story.  It is assumed that the reader has already
read "Too Tight and Caught" to understand
the setup for this story.

It was several weeks later and I had just settled down with a scotch to
watch the late news.  Anne came in and sat
quietly at the other end of the couch.  I was pleased.  She was wearing one
of her too tight and too short T-shirts.
After that night a few weeks ago I wasn't sure what to expect.  As it turned
out my work and her dating kept us from
even having the opportunity to talk about it or even be embarrassed by each
others presence for quite a while.  I had
to leave the country on one of my frequent business trips and had only just

I was careful not to say anything, and true to her word neither did Anne.
We had both been home the last few
evenings and talk was about work, family, friends, politics, anything except
that night.  At first I noticed she was
dressing a bit more conservatively around me.  I was a bit worried that we
had gone a bit too far and perhaps soiled
the wonderful relationship we had.  Tonight's outfit told me, I needn't have
worried.  Anne was back in full tease
mode.  I was back playing the game of trying to pay attention to the news
and steal glimpses of that beautiful form
beside me.  Damn her, she just sat there with that same teasing little grin
and pretended not to notice me as she
pretended to watch the news.

Suddenly, she got up and wiggled her butt up the hall to her room.  She
returned a moment later wearing a long
heavy housecoat.  My heart hell, was our game over?  I know she could see
the disappointment in my eyes.

"We need to talk." she said

"Yes, but no need to  ." I started my reply, but she interrupted.

"This is going to difficult enough for me to say without you looking at me
that way." She spoke in a very low,
uncommonly sexy tone.  I was not used to that, she always avoided any sexy
talk between us and something told me
this was not the time to interrupt.  I gave her a little nod to edge her on.

"Well" she began to fidget with the belt on her robe. She was inspecting a
spot on the floor very closely.  "I've been
thinking, a lot actually, while you were gone, about, well ......"  She
looked up at me, there was a small tear beginning
to form in one eye.  She was scared, she was incredibly nervous.  I didn't
dare say a word, I just smiled gently and let
her fumble her way through it.  Finally, with a sigh she blurted "Oh damn
it, I want my gloves back!"

Now that wasn't it.  I knew it and she knew I knew it.  There was something
else.  Time to get it out.  "And ..." I

"Damn you" she almost sobbed, and then whispering and looking at the floor
added "well ....  I've always wondered
what it was like.  I've snuck peeks at you before that night you know, and
well .... I was wondering if you .... if we .....
Oh, fuck you, please don't make me say it!"

It was time to rescue the poor thing.  I could see her shaking.  She just
couldn't bring herself to say it.  Fair enough
(for now).  I pointed at the floor at my feet.  Without a word she knelt
there and continued to stare at the floor.  I
spoke quietly and chose my words carefully not to ruin the opportunity that
was being presented to me.  "So I
assume you'd like to wear the gloves with some of the accessories?"

She looked up with a look of obvious relief.  I had saved her the
embarrassment of having to admit it, and the
wording kept the nasty subject of what were talking about still unsaid "Yes"
she whispered again drooling of sex.

"How far did you want to take this?" I asked.

"What was it you said that night ...." she paused and then looking very deep
in to my eyes added "All the way."

I was screaming inside, fireworks were going off in my head.  My cock
immediately sprung to life and firmed up.  My
mind was racing.  I had to be careful, very careful. "That can be pretty
heavy, can you give just a little suggestion of
what you mean by all the way."

She fidgeted a bit, but now her mind was made up, the subject was broken and
her words came easier. "That night I
watched you a long time.  You were so busy setting everything up you didn't
see when I cracked the door and
peeked in.  You were just so involved.  It was so sexy to watch you dress
and then tie yourself up like that.  I just got
too excited I had to do it.  Looking at this..." her eyes darted down to the
growing bulge in my pants "I assume you
enjoyed it almost as much as I did.  So now I'm offering you a chance for
revenge."  She paused a moment but her
look told me not to interrupt.  Then she continued " I would like to know
one thing.  When you pulled down the
blindfold I stepped into the room and watched you lock yourself in.  That's
when I grabbed the string that went to
the keys.  Then after I scared you a bit when you pulled the string and
nothing happened, I finally spoke."

"You should have seen yourself.  Even with that big gag in your mouth your
jaw still dropped.  Your eyes just about
blew out from behind the blindfold.  You turned beet red.  Totally, from
head to toe.  I couldn't get over it.  I thought
you might have a heart attach.  I've never seen anyone that shocked,
mortified ..." I interrupted "humiliated."

"Yes," she continued "it must have total humiliation, what was that like?"

A plan was already formulating.  I had been fantasizing about just such a
situation for years,.  I had been fantasizing
about Anne ever since I moved in.  Put the two together and .... "Would you
like to find out?" I asked.

Her answer was slow in coming and again was in the soft sultry whisper I was
really beginning to like "Yes I would ,
but ...."

"When?" I cut her off.

"My son is going to a friend's house for the weekend.  Saturday would be
good, but..."

I interjected again "Don't say it.  Let me say some things first.  I only
want one word replies to questions and please
very VERY honest okay?"  She nodded her acceptance.  Then she stood, took
off the robe and knelt back down at
my feet.  She didn't look at me, just did it as a act of faith.  This was
going way too good!

First I had to ease her mind, I knew what all the buts were about "There
will be no pain.  You know me better than
that.  I don't play that way, it's all about humiliation and bondage.  No
pain, that riding crop is only for show.  As a
matter of fact, you're the first person that ever used it that way.  Very
good by the way, very effective!" She looked
up and smiled at my compliment.

"Yes, you were quite the bitch!  But, you know what they say, pay backs can
be a bitch too" There was a flash in her
eyes when I said that.  She was hooked.

I reached down and held her head gently.  I looked deep into her eyes and

"You will wear what I say?" - "Yes"

"You will go where I say?" Her eyes bulged, she glanced sideways at the
front door.  This was hard for her.  She
obviously hadn't expected the action to leave the house.  I pushed a bit
"You did say you wanted to go all the way."
She looked back at me and slowly replied "yes"

"Okay, Saturday it is.  Starting a noon.  From that moment on you will
address me a sir.  That includes in public, do
you understand?" Her reply was quick and anxious "Oh, yes and .."
My nod gave her permission to continue.  She was playing the game well
already.  The fireworks were going off in
my head again.

"About the no pain thing .  Well, maybe just a little."  With that she
reached up and brushed a finger across her
nipple.  For the first time I noticed how hard they were.  They were each
trying drill a hole in the T-short she was
wearing.  "Okay" I said "A little, but I'll keep it sane."

She looked at me with those eyes again and sighed "Thanks, thanks for being
so understanding."

"You're going to regret it" I promised and then added "Now not another word.
  Don't speak about this again.  Be
here and expect a phone call about noon Saturday.  Oh and don't make any
plans for Sunday morning either."

With that she stood, and bending at the waist reached down to pick up her
robe.  Presenting her near nude butt
(white G-string this time) to she said snidely  "Oh, I'm just so scared!"
With a wink and a blow kiss she wiggled out
of the room and I heard her bedroom door close.

It didn't seem like forever for Saturday to come.  It was forever for
Saturday to come.  It must have been the first 4000
hour work week in history.  I kept myself pretty busy but I also spent some
time dreaming up plans and schemes that
I hoped would give us both what we wanted.  It had to be daring, but sane.
Nothing to get us arrested but at the
same time she wanted humiliation.  We weren't going to get that sitting in
the livingroom at home.  Soon enough I
had a loose plan.  Nothing fixed, just a series of ideas.  The details I'd
fill in as the whole thing developed.

Meanwhile, at home they days passed normally.  I tended to get home late.
Sometimes I saw her put her son to bed,
sometimes I was even later than that.  Almost every evening she played her
little cock tease game while I watched
the news (or tried to) and wound down to get ready for bed.  The last couple
of nights I whispered "Bitch" loud
enough for her to hear when she finally left the room to go to bed.  The
last time I heard her giggle down the hall.
The message had been received and understood.

Saturday morning came and I got up at my usual early hour.  I made a few
preparations.  I took a small leather back
pack I owned and filled it with my good thermos, some bathroom stuff, and a
few of my bondage toys.  I also packed
a small overnight bag with a good dress shirt, jacket and dress pants.  All
a little too formal for work, but I didn't
want to come back to the house before dinner.  That would be too easy on

Originally, I was just going to leave the gloves and the note in her
bathroom.  I decided to take a chance and opened
her bedroom door quietly.  She was sound asleep.  I folded the gloves on the
empty pillow beside her and left the
note on top where she was sure to see it.  So much for the sane part.  I
crept out of her room and out the front door
and was at work for an hour I'm sure before she woke.

The note was very simple.  I had promised her nothing crazy and I wanted her
to know she had a way out.  The note

     Green means I'm fine
     Yellow means I'm nearing my limit
     Red means stop, backup, too much.

     If you can't speak;  1 finger for green, two for yellow, three for red.

     These will be respected.  Anything else, including pleading, begging,
crying, stomping your feet,
      or swearing  will be considered the wonton blabbering of a spoiled
brat bitch.  That's you!

I worked through the morning.  I took time to make dinner reservations and
was pleased that I not only got the
restaurant I wanted, but also was able to get the table I hoped for.   I
also checked the hours at the club I wanted to
visit and ensured that there were no special events happening that night.
Sometimes they had special closed door
parties there and I didn't want any last minute disappointments.  With
everything set up I called her at home at
about 12:05.  No since prolonging her agony.  I was going to have plenty of
time to do that later.

"Yes" she answered the phone.

"Do you remember looking at my toys that night in my room?" I spoke gently
using a quiet polite voice.  She fell for

"Yes, sure do" was her eager reply.

"Do you remember a heavy black paddle, sort of like a ping pong paddle" I

"Yyyess" was her now nervous reply.

"That's three" I said curtly.

"Sorry sir, it won't happen again."  She was pleading.  I replied "Oh yes it
will, three isn't nearly enough" There was
silence at the other end.  She played the game beautifully.

"Tonight I would like a too date."  I left it there and waited.  In a moment
she replied "I'm sorry sir, I don't

"Very simple Anne too, as in extreme.  Your heels will be too high, your
dress or skirt will be too short, your top will
be too low cut.  You will show too much skin.  Your makeup will be extreme,
your nails too long and painted too
garishly.  Basically tonight I'd like to go out tonight with a woman that
causes men to have premature ejaculations in
their pants as she walks by."

I heard her gasp "Oh my god, I couldn't!  What if ?    Oh you wouldn't dare"

"That's four, five and six are you finished?" I interrupted.

"Yes sir, but..."  I cut in again, "For that little outburst I'm going to
enact plan B.  You see you can't win, fighting my
authority will only earn you a red butt and make matters worse.  Did you
read the note and understand?"  It was time
for a sanity check and to make sure I hadn't gone to far.

"Yes sir I did.  Is it possible to be green with anger?"  Great not only did
she get it, she was playing along
wonderfully.  Now it was time to push.

"Outburst like that last one will not be tolerated.  You must act like a
lady.  Even if you won't be looking like one.  So
as punishment you are going public.  I want you visit two salons.  One for
your makeup and hair and the other for
your nails.  You will tell the attendant what you want and then call me on
my cell so they can confirm they got the
right idea.  I expect to hear words like sluty, hooker, tramp.  Colors like
cock sucker red and fuck me blue will earn you
extra points.  Do you understand?"  I waited.

I heard her swear quietly, but not quietly enough "Oh shit,   Yes sir, but
where ?"

Perfect she was going to play.  "I don't care, use the phone book, visit the
mall.  Just be sure I get those calls, and be
back home and ready to walk out the door at 5:45." I did know some places in
town that would be perfect for her,
these places catered to the fetish community, but I didn't want her getting
off that easy.  Going public was just too

I was just ready to hang up when she asked "Sir, about the dress.  I don't
really have anything like that and I was
hoping not to spend too much, I don't even think I have a skirt like that
anymore but I want to look good for you."

"Silly girl," I mocked "you know damn well I've been in your closet.
Several times I assure you.  You've got some
great clothes.  Unfortunately, most of them don't fit me.  Seems I'm not the
only one that likes things snug" I said
that knowing she'd recognize the comment from something she said that night
that started all this.  "I remember at
least one dress, a little black semi-see through number that still had the
tag on it hanging there.  Fredericks makes
some pretty scandalous stuff, don't they?"

"Oh shit!" she gasped "That was never to be worn out of the house.  It was
surprise I planned for an ex before we
broke up.  Oh no I just couldn't, it's positively indecent ..."

"That's ten!" I interrupted and hung up.

A couple of hours later my cell phone rang.  Knowing who it was likely to
be, I closed my office door for privacy as I
answered.  "Good afternoon sir, this is Suzie from Nails and Rings in The
Valley calling."  It was a oriental voice that
had to be coming from a very embarrassed young lady.  She was nearly
giggling as she spoke.  I heard Anne in the
background edging her on, trying to get her to go on.  A long pause with
some whispered pleading told me it was
pretty high stress at the other end.  Perfect!

"Well, um ...  I have this customer that has made some rather unique
requests."  She was having trouble, searching
for words and I didn't think it was her command of the English language that
was causing her the difficulties.  I was
loving it. "We've already decided on a color for her nails, but I need to
know how you define too long."  She sighed
indicating she was pleased to finally get it out.  I heard Anne whisper
"Thanks" in the background.

Oh, she wasn't getting off that easy.  "So what color did you decide on?" I
asked.  A short reply and some
whispering later I heard "She had an original name for it, something like
Take-Me-Now Red."  I could feel the blush
over the phone.  "That's a funny name, are you sure you got it right?" I

There was a long pause on the phone as I heard Anne pleading in the back
ground.  She was begging the girl to just
say it.  I even heard Anne offer a special tip if the girl on the phone
would help her out of this jam.  Seems she had
told the girl she had lost a bet or something.  I figured, fair enough she
would have to come up with some sort of a
story.  I waited a bit and then finally "Well sir .."

"Oh, YOU can call me Al." I interrupted.

"Okay Al," she continued.  I knew that would get to Anne.  It obviously had,
I could sense the girl smirking at Anne
as she filled me in "Well actually Al, the color she picked can only be
described as Fuck-Me-Red."  The last words
were heavily accentuated, the girl was enjoying it.

"And what about the length?" I queried.

"That's why she asked me to call.  How long is too long?"  The girl's voice
told me she already had an idea.

"What did you have in mind?" I asked.

"Oh, I can get pretty crazy Al." she said with a giggle.  I knew the
familiarity of the conversation had to be bothering
Anne.  That was good.

"Okay, do it, and what is your going rate?"

"Oh usually $20.00 for a job like this, $25.00 is you want it special."

"Tell her to double that and I'll pay her back.."  The girl didn't hide her
glee when she repeated the message.  I then
added "Ask her where she's going next."

I heard the exchange and then the nail girl spoke "First Victoria's Secret,
then to a beauty parlor."

I couldn't resist. "Tell her to do it the other way around." and before Anne
got the message I gently hung up the

I sat back and though for moment.  She had gone out to the Valley.  That
made sense, she wouldn't want to be doing
any of  this too close to home.  If someone she knew saw her, we'd both feel
bad.  Out in the Valley, she was an
unknown.  There was a big mall out there, and from personal experience, I
knew there was a Victoria's Secret store in
the mall.  I remembered it being one of the bigger stores I had ever been
in.  That had to be the place she intended to
visit.  It only took a minute to find the number in the phone book.

"May I please speak to the manager?" I asked.

"This is she." came a very pleasant reply.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  I figured, if I ruined it for Anne, I'd
have a chance to warn her when she called
from the beauty shop.  "Do you have just moment to talk?" I asked hoping
being cordial would help my cause.

"Of coarse, always time for a customer." was her reply.  Good seemed
receptive already.

"Well, I have this thing going with a lady friend of mine." I started.  And
then "We had this bet.  A big bet, and well
she lost."

"Oh I like this already!" she interrupted "Sounds like a nice purchase
coming in the door."

"Nothing nice about it." I replied.

"I guessed as much.  That's why this call, right?"  She was chuckling which
told me I was free to go on.

"Yes, she's getting her nails done now, then the makeup, and then she's
coming to your shop for something she
needs, don't know what but I was hoping you could help complete her look for
our date tonight." I paused hoping
she would get it.

"Now what look would that be?  Usually purchases made here are not visible
when worn in public."  She was leading
me on.  She was playing the game.  Maybe, just maybe.

"Oh, tonight Victoria's Secret has an opportunity for a walking billboard.
I believe that tonight she'll be wearing a
very short, almost transparent, see-through dress."

"Low cut too, I bet."  She stated

"Oh yeah, if it's the one I requested, very low cut!" I chuckled.

"So going for the hooker look .." she said   "Worse" I interjected.

"Seamed hose, stay-ups obviously, push up bra, G-string .....  What color is
the dress trying to be?"

I liked this woman.  "Kinda steel blue with small metallic flecks."  I

"So aqua blue would go well and be very visible underneath, yes that would
work fine."  She trailed off thinking.

"She has great breasts, please don't cover her nipples.  And, I'd like you
to it charge to my card."

"I have the perfect little demi-bra. All show and no support.  She'll hate
it.  One size too small and you'll love what it
does!  Oh and did you say nails, long I bet?"  The woman was having way too
much fun.

"Yes very" I replied.

"That means she'll have a hell of a time putting on her hose without putting
a run in them.  Do you think she'll mind
if I ... help?"  The last word was very suggestive.

"Oh, I think it would be good if you dressed her entirely." I offered.  And
then taking a wild guess I added "Just
watch your fingers, and don't pinch too hard."

Her reply told me I guessed right "Oh yes, I'll be very careful, but that
doesn't mean I can't have a little fun.  What is
her name, and how will I recognize her?"

"Oh, you won't have any trouble picking her out," I ventured "and just call
her .... toy.  Yeah, that's it, Al's toy is a
good title, what do you think.?"

"I think she's going to hate us both by the time I'm finished with her.  And
don't worry I'll give you a good price
break on the lingerie.  All my best stuff, she'll get at least that out of
the deal."

With that we covered the credit card details, and I bid her a good day.  She
quickly replied "It's going to be now." I
really liked this woman.

About a hour later the phone rang.  "Yes," I answered

"Please yellow sir, may I speak" I was surprised to hear Anne's voice on the
line.  I also heard other noises in the
background that told me she was a beauty salon somewhere.  I respected the
color code and replied "Yes Anne of
coarse you may speak.  Out of character, be yourself.  Is there a problem?"

"I was doing okay until now.  It all pretty wild and I'm surprising even
myself at actually doing it.  That was mean at
the nail salon, poor girl was so embarrassed.  She sure perked up with the
money offer though.  The nails are
incredible.  Just too damn long.  I can't do a damn thing with my hands.  I
had a hell of a time just starting my car to
come here.  And that's the problem ..." She paused briefly.

I took the opportunity to enlighten her.  "Would you say your hands are
about as useless as if you were wearing
handcuffs.  Sort of like you are in open public bondage?"

"Oh my god yes!" She gasped "You bastard!"

I stayed silent and let her continue "I know the nail girl told you I have
to visit Victoria's Secret before tonight.
There's one near here in a big mall.  I was going to get something to ....
please you.  But if I get the makeup as
ordered before then .... well I can't go into a shopping mall like that.  I
mean later tonight, after dark, in some secluded
bar or restaurant well maybe, but in a mall, daylight.  I just couldn't."

I hadn't come this far to let her off that easy, besides the potential in
the Victoria's secret store was just too great.
Time for a little gentle pressure.  "Anne, poor sweet innocent Anne.  All
those evenings flashing your body at me on
the couch.  All those baby dolls and G-strings you wear around the house.
And you expect me to believe you are
not a true closet exhibitionist at heart.  Yeah right.  Do as your told and
have the girl call me after you describe your
special needs.  Oh and by the way ..."  I waited nervously, would she bite,
was it going to happen ...

"Yes sir, sorry to interrupt you at work, I'll try to do this .....  And the
other thing?"

Thrilled that I covered that hurdle, I was ready to give it to her again
"Your color selection for nails earned you two
strokes off.  By the way did she blush when she said Fuck-Me-Red?  But,
calling me a bastard earned double back.
You are up to 12."

I heard Anne say as I hung up the phone "Yes sir she did blush, but not as
much as me."

Fifteen minutes later the phone rang again.  I picked it up but before I
could say a word a voice laughingly called out
"Boy you got a live one here.  What did she ever do to deserve this?  You
should see her now!  Too embarrassed to
speak, asked me to make the call.  So, what did she do?"

I replied with my own chuckle "Do you really want to know?"

"Yes, actually I do.  This one is just so good.  I would like to know."  The
words were directed not at me, but I bet
Anne who must have been standing near by.

I waited a bit and when I didn't hear anything at the other end I offered my
own explanation.  "I have a room at her
house.  We barely know each other.  Every night, after putting her kid to
bed she changes into some little nothing,
too short, too tight, whisp of a thing and comes out to tease me.  No touch,
just gets me all hot and then goes to
bed.  Tonight she's giving the show for a lot of people.  We have a dinner
date.  You okay with that?" I asked

"So we have a little cock-tease, eh" The comment was made loud enough for
more than just Anne and I..  I heard the
shop go quiet in the background.  Anne must have wanted to be invisible
right then.  The a little quieter the
beautician continued "So that explains her choice of colors.  Cock
Sucker-Red and Spank-Me-Blue."

"Wow, did she really ask for that I'm surprised!  Tell her eight" I waited
as the beautician said the one word to Anne.

"Man it's going to take some serious makeup to cover that blush.  Am I right
in assuming she will be doing a lot of
that tonight?"  Again the beautician already knew the answer she was just
making it hard on Anne.  The woman
knew how to get a good tip.

"Oh, yes, that and more.  Can you keep her natural beauty, just make it more
....." I was searching for words when the
beautician came to my rescue.  "Let me guess .... slut!"

"Oh, I like your style.  Be sure to give yourself a big tip." I offered.

"Don't worry about that, besides I'm really going to enjoy this.  She'll
stop traffic when she walks out here.  The
hookers down the street will probably file a complaint.  This will be fun.
Poor girl."  The phone went dead to the
sound of the beautician telling Anne to take a seat.

Chapter II

I tried to be productive at work for the rest of the afternoon.  I really
don't think I succeeded.  I remember looking up
at the clock and thinking she's probably out of the beauty salon by now,
wonder how she looks.  Then a bit later I
had to wonder how it was going at Victoria's Secret.  It was one of those
times we all wish we could be a fly on the
wall.  Something told me Anne was not enjoying it nearly as much as I was,
al least I hoped so.

The work day came to a close and most of my peers left the office.  I went
down to my car and retrieved my overnight
bag and walked over the small gym facility within the office complex.  It
took advantage of the amenities there to
shower and change.  I took time to ensure everything was right.  I had a
good knot in the tie, matching tie tack and
gold cuff links, well polished shoes; in short - a well dressed business
professional going out for a formal dinner.
Hopefully this would just bring that more attention to my guest.

I then called the taxi company and confirmed the arrangements I had made
earlier in the day.  All was set there so I
drove to the hotel and left my car with the valet.  This was a very large,
formal, downtown hotel, with a large open
lobby and a grand staircase leading up to the mezzanine level.  The lobby
featured a polished marble floor.  There
was a large open lounge bar just to the left of the main doors.  To the
right of the doors were the bell desk, concierge
desk and a few chairs and sofas provided for waiting guests.  I took seat in
one of those chairs set a bit back from
the doors and picked up a paper and pretended to read while I waited.  Buy
now I figured Anne was in the cab and
had received my message from the driver.  I wonder if they had arranged a
very young male driver as I had
requested.  No sense wasting another opportunity to expose Anne to some
appreciative eyes.

I heard her before I saw her.  The click, click of her heels on that marble
floor got my attention and everyone else's in
the room.  I saw her stop and hesitate for just second as she realized how
the sound was being amplified by the large
open lobby.  Then she turned and with as much confidence and bravado as she
could muster I watched her head for
the bar.  Except for her heels the room had gone totally quiet.  Every eye
was fixed on her as she strutted across the
lobby.  She had no choice but to strut.  I knew what to expect, but I still
wasn't ready for what I saw.

The first surprise was her shoes, or should I say my shoes.  She had been
into my stuff.  Fair enough I thought, I'd
been into her's more than once.  She was wearing my 4" stiletto heels,
complete with locking ankle cuffs.  The highly
polished locks on each ankle were shining in the bright lobby lights.  She
could have taken the cuffs off, or even
wore the locks on the inside where they would have been less visible.  No,
they were there, presented for all to see.
Making a very strong statement about exactly what kind of a woman she was.
As if she needed shoes to say that!

My eyes worked up very slowly along those near perfect legs encased in fine
silk shimmering hose.  They were a
light black patterned hose with a bold seam running up the back.  Very sexy,
very dated, very daring.  The hose were
thigh high stay ups, that were pulled up nearly to her crotch.  The top was
a fine delicate lace design.  Very pretty,
very feminine, very visible.  Everything was VERY visible!  She had worn the

Well, dress is probably an exaggeration.  Most ladies handkerchiefs have
more material than was in that dress.  And
a handkerchief would be useless is it was made of such light and see through
fabric.  I was right when I described
the colors to the woman at Victoria's Secret earlier, but I forgot just how
shear it was  As she walked away from me I
got a beautiful view of her nude butt not really covered at all by a thin
whisp of material than did nothing more than
accentuate her nakedness beneath.  If she was wearing anything at all it had
to be a very skimpy G-sting.  I tore my
eyes away long enough to look around at the room and sure enough every eye
in the place was fixed on the
wiggling butt.  The men were the best.  Eyes stretching out of their sockets
trying to get closer, mouths agape, some
actually slobbering.  The woman were mixed.  There was shock, envy, hatred,
and wishful longing all mixed in one.
And I knew Anne could feel every eye and every emotion directed at her as
she walked across that lobby.  I
wondered if she was ready to kill me yet.

I looked back to Anne as she neared the lobby bar.  I noticed she had a
small black leather purse slung over her
shoulder.  It had a fine delicate strap that suited the rest of her outfit.
She was also carrying a small Victoria's Secret
bag.  I smiled as I guessed what was in the bag.  She had reached the bar
and turned to survey the room.  I
immediately noticed the lock on her purse.  She had taken a small pad lock
and used it to latch her purse.  It made a
perfect match for the shoes.  This girl knew how to play, she was going all
the way!

Mine was one of a sea of staring faces as her gaze panned the room.  I
watched as others looked away as her eyes
swept past them.  I avoided eye contact hoping to escape detection and it
seemed to work.  For all her bravado
standing there looking around the room, looking back at those staring at her
I saw the blush.  Not too red, but still
evident.  She wasn't as tough as she was pretending to be.  "Nice try girl,
but not quite." I thought.

I waited to see if she would do it, and she did.  She set the VS bag on the
bar and putting her well heeled foot on the
corner bar stool lifted herself up, turning and sat.  The dress was just too
short.  It was impossible to prevent.  The
back was hoisted up and her nude butt cheeks were in intimate contact with
the stool cushion.  The cushion must of
been a bit cool.  I saw the little hump as she first made contact, the
bulging eyes, the little shiver.  I saw it and so did
everyone else in the lobby.  I even heard a sigh from another guest when she
sat. She blushed more.  Crossing her
legs only served to expose more of her ass cheek to the crowd.  There was
not much else she could do.

An amazing thing happened.  I hadn't planned it this way, it just sort of
happened.  The color of her dress with the
dark wood of the bar and stools made the dress go completely transparent.
There was a nearly completely nude
woman sitting at the bar.  Without staring (and everyone was) the viewer saw
very high heels, with a prominent
locking cuff, seamed hose, a bare bottom, and a pair of large tits only half
covered and held up and out by a brightly
colored aqua blue bra.  I and every other man in the room was very close to
cuming in my pants.  It was time to
rescue her before someone called the cops.

I stood to walk to the bar as the bartender asked Anne if she'd like a
drink.  When she swung her stool around to
answer she presented a beautiful view of two nude ass cheeks to the room.
As I walked past one couple I heard the
woman tell her mate "I tell you she's not wearing any bottoms, she can't be.
  There should be a law!"  I heard her
slap him when he replied "I'm glad there isn't!"  Anne didn't see me as I
walked up beside her.

"Can I buy you that drink?" I asked trying to be a blase as possible.

She just glared at me as I sat in the stool beside her.  The bartender
brought her a martini and I ordered a scotch.  I
watched as she angrily gulped down the drink.  The bartender came back with
my drink and raised his eyebrows at
her empty glass.  "She's not having a good day," I offered "One more, but
this time sip it." I said more to Anne then
the bartender.  He took the glass and went off to make another.

"Well?"  I queried

"I'm too upset to speak.  I .... I just can't think .....  God, look at what
I'm wearing ...."  She trailed off as the bartender
approached with her drink.  This time she took a small sip and set the glass

"Oh I've been looking.  We all have.  According the them," I motioned
towards the lobby "you aren't wearing

"Asshole" was her one word response.

I spoke to the bartender who was approaching with my change "Thirteen is an
unlucky number for some."  He smiled
as he watched her blush more.

I lifted my glass, forcing her to do the same. "Just one quick drink and
I'll get you out of here.  Try and relax a bit and
enjoy it this time.  What's in the bag?"

"Relax, you're kidding!  I don't think I can go on.  You have no idea what
I've gone through.  I've actually had to ....
Oh damn you anyway, you set me up!  And you know what's in the bag.  The
taxi driver, that perverted teenage kid,
told me I had to bring the gloves."  Then looking at those beautiful very
long bright red and gold nails she added
"although I can't figure out why.  Are you going to wear them or what?"

"Wouldn't go with the suit." I responded and then added "What was with the

"Yes, the suit is nice.  At least one of us looks good.  Actually you look
great."  She was starting to relax.  She
continued "When we got here the driver ran around to open my door.  As I
went to get up he stepped in front of me
and I almost put my face into his crotch.  He was very hard and very proud
of it.  He said he'd be thinking of me in
his bed tonight.  Pervert!"

"I noticed you smiled when you said that." I lied. "Besides, you look great,
just ask any guy in the place."  I got an
honest smile this time.  I continued not wanting to let her try and escape
the rest of the evening. "I love the shoes,
where did you get them?  And the purse, your idea?"

"You know where I got the shoes.  They almost fit too, I have little
sockettes on to help.  I just didn't have anything
to match this ......  Well it's not a dress, more of a .....  And the purse
was just an after-thought.  I just wanted to .."

"Go all the way." I interjected

"Yes", she sighed and I finally say her cave in.  She didn't say it , I just
noted a wave of relaxation move across her
face as she took another sip of her drink.  Her body language changed and
she gave up the last note of defiance as
she remembered what this was all about.  Looking up at me playfully she
added "but I am going to kill you for this!"


"Sorry, I'm going to kill you Sir" she said and then stopped dead as she
realized the bartender had returned to offer
another round and had caught the last exchange.  I declined the drinks as
Anne tried to disappear into the floor.

I stood and offered a hand to Anne "We have dinner reservations."

She looked first at me and then out into the lobby.  Most of the heads had
turned as people got involved in their
own conversations trying not to seem too obvious in waiting for Anne to
move.  Not surprisingly I noted noone had
left the room.  A few more had arrived, but noone had left.  "Wonder what
they are waiting for?" I whispered to

"You know damn well what!  Well, show-time" And taking my hand she stood.
For the first time I saw that she was
in fact wearing something down there.  A very little something.  A very
lacy, petite, aqua blue triangle, that did
nothing to cover her bush.  It was a mere hint of fabric.  It was held in
place by the thinnest of elastic strands around
her waist and I had to assume up the crack of her butt.  The elastic was so
thin it was near invisible making the
triangle of lace seem to hover in the V of her crotch.  The color made it
stand out under the dress but that only
attracted attention to her crotch.  None of this was visible as she entered
and walked away from the lobby, but now
she had to walk back into the room.  She was right, it was show-time!

She picked up the VS bag in one hand put the other arm through mine and
whispered "Don't walk too slow, and
don't let me fall, this isn't going to be easy."

We took two steps on the carpet that surrounded the bar and then her hells
hit the marble floor.  That sound was the
dinner bell for the visual sharks that were sitting in the lobby.  All
conversation ceased, heads turned.  Noone even
tried to be the least bit nonchalant about it.  Most of the male eyes drank
her in.  Crotch tents were sprouting like
flowers in May.  Most of the female eyes were firing salvos of poison darts.
  A few weren't, the look there reminded
me that we were in San Francisco.  Anne was trying not to look.  She tried a
far away stare to get her out of the room,
but finally she gave in and looked around just as we approached the doors.
The door man, with his own obvious
erection, held the door as we walked through.

I handed my ticket to the valet who made it very obvious that he'd much
rather stay and stare.  While we waited for
my car I told Anne "You do realize that every man in that room is going to
be thinking about you tonight when they
fuck their wives."

"And every woman in there knows that and want's to kill me for it."  She

"Not every woman." I noted.  Anne blushed just a little more and whispered
"Yes, I noticed that too."

"Interested?" I asked

Her reply was not immediate, then looking slowly back at me "No, not tonight
... this is almost too much already.
Just you and me okay?"  Poor girl, she just had no idea.

My car came, and again the valet was disappointed as I took the opportunity
to hold the door for Anne.  In that
dress and heels she had no choice but to give me a wonderful exposure of
pretty pink pussy as she slid into the seat.
I came close to losing it again.  I was suddenly very hungry.  I would have
to make do with dinner, at least for now.

I slipped in behind the wheel and as I drove to the restaurant I spoke "You
look absolutely fantastic!  To be honest,
better than I had hoped.  I know I gave you little choice on the dress, but
the shoes and the purse are very special.
That's a pretty brave statement you are making.  I see the girls at the nail
and beauty salon enjoyed themselves too.
That's quite a look!  If tonight doesn't work out you could probably pick up
some extra cash back at that hotel."
That last remark got me a scowl.  I was loving it.

I was dying of curiosity, I had to ask "So where'd you get the lingerie?"

She lost it. "You son of a bitch!  You bastard!  Do you have any idea what
she did to me!  It was bad enough
walking in there.  I was mortified.  Then that .... that ...  She walks up
to me and calls me toy.  TOY!  That lezzie slut
calls me TOY!  I could have killed her, and you , oh you.  You set the whole
thing up.  Do you know what she did.
She made me strip.  Strip nude!  In front of a complete stranger.  Oh, all
with a story about helping me with my hose.
These nails, oh damn you.  She felt me up.  She made me ......."  She
trailed of and I noted she was suddenly very red
and looking at the floor.

"Made you what?" forcefully enough to demand a response.

"She made me ......  wet!  Oh damn you, she made me cum.  I was just a
little one, but to listen to her you'd think I'd
had a massive multiple.  Then she has the nerve to squeeze me into this
little show off bra and still panting waltzes
me out into the main room.  Then she, ... she ...  She actually licked her
fingers, she stood there in the middle of the
room , stared at my bush and licked her fingers.  I could have died.  They
laughed at me.  Everyone knew.  They must
have heard me.  Oh get that silly grin off your face you flaming asshole, it
is not funny!"

"Anne, Anne, settle down.  Its over now.  And if you came, it couldn't have
been that bad."  She went to interrupt
but I cut her off.   "I lost count.  You really must learn to watch your
temper.  I figure about a dozen.  I hope it was
worth it.  So where are we now?"  I waited anxiously.  Had I gone too far.
Was she still willing.  I could feel her eyes
drilling into me as I paid attention to the road.

"Yellow, very yellow sir, and that makes twenty six. Sir"

Nothing more was said as we approached the restaurant.  I heard her sigh "Oh
my!" as we drove up.  I had been here
before a couple of times on business.  We had talked about it, but she had
never been in the place.  It had well
deserved reputation as one of the finest steak houses in this part of town.
I knew she'd always wanted to eat here.
Too bad that after tonight she'd probably never want to come back.  She
whispered again "Thank god!" as I drove
past the valet and into the underground parking.  No sense pushing too hard,
besides we'd already played that
game.  A much bigger one was about to start.

I parked close to the elevator and went around to her door.  She waited for
me and made an extra effort to give me a
good show getting out of the car.  She looked around the secluded parking
area and said "Thanks".

"I'm not finished yet." I warned her.  The exaggerated frown told me she was
playing again.  I reached past her and
took the gloves out of the bag and folded them into my jacket pocket.  I
also picked up the small pack back I had
packed that morning.  I silenced the forming question with a raised finger
and took her arm.  We walked over to
elevator and rode it up one floor to the restaurant.

When the elevator door opened Anne almost rushed the maitre d's podium
effectively blocking view of her outfit to
him and others in the restaurant.   As I came up to the stand she whispered
"Here, like this, oh please, please sir.
I've always wanted to but tonight, like this ..."  Her eyes were so
pleading, begging, she ignored the maitre d's
cough and added on more "pleassssseeeee.!".

Time for a sanity check.  Besides, I needed to be sure before starting the
next step.  "Would you rather wear a red

She stopped dead.  She was thinking.  I saw it in her eyes before she said
it. "No the green one will be okay" The
maitre'd was confused.  Her dress was blue.  Well sort of blue, well it was
sort of a dress.  What he could see of it
anyway.  Time to show him more.

I turned to the man and gave him my name.  We were right on time and I could
already see the table waiting.  He
picked up two menus and led us on.  Anne took a deep breath, assumed the
almost convincing tough girl stature and
followed him into the room.  I held back a couple of steps to enjoy the
show.  What a beautiful ass!

That ass was not the show.  The show was in the room.  At least one man
missed his mouth with his drink and
dribbled down his shirt.  Heads turned, mouths gaped, woman scowled, crotch
tents formed.  The best were two
guys sitting at the bar directly across from our table.  They both couldn't
hide their thoughts as they leered at Anne
as she slipped into the table directly in front of them.  "Now that's the
way to enter a room" I thought as a slid into
the u-shaped bench seat beside Anne.   I looked and winked at the guys and
they smiled back.  Anne saw the
exchange and glared.

"I'm a trophy tonight I suppose.  Well, at least this place has long table
clothes.  I'm glad for that,"  Almost as an
after-thought she added "sir."

"Yes, you are my trophy, and I know you don't mind it even a little bit.
I've had to sit how many times as you
showed off at home and I couldn't touch.  Well tonight it's their turn." I
said indicating the two guys at the bar.

"Yes sir" She whispered in a very submissive tone.  Perfect it was play

Reaching into my pocket, I took out the gloves and put them on the table in
front of her.  She looked at them
inquisitively as our waiter appeared to take a drink order.  Anne and I
agreed on one more to help sooth our nerves.
The waiter left and I said "Trade you."

"But?" she asked looking at the red weapons on her fingers.

"Yes, very nice butt, I've been admiring it all night.  So have lots of
others I think too." She put on her exaggerated
scowl but it soon broke to a smile.   I continued " I took the liberty of
taking a few stitched out of each finger.  Now
don't worry, I was very careful and it can be sown up again easily, but for
tonight I think it would be a very .... kinky

"Oh, yeah" she replied holding her fingers up to a glove "Very kinky, these
shoes, the locks, velvet opera gloves
with these nails.  Basically sex, pure sex..  Your own little sex trophy.
But trade, trade for what?"

"Nothing little about my sex trophy"I said looking directly at her nipples
prominently displayed on her propped up
breasts.  "A fair trade would be for your panties.  Or whatever you call
that nothing that can't hide what its
supposed to."  Another anxious wait as she realized what I just had

Her reply was very slow in coming.  She hesitated, looked deep into me and
then with just a little curl at the edge of
her mouth said "As you wish sir, may I be excused?"

Others may have watched.  I'm betting that most did.  I know for a fact that
the two guys at the bar damn near fell off
their chairs as they watched and then leaned forward as she walked down the
hall to the ladies room.  That was the
same look I had so many times as she walked down the hall to her bedroom
after teasing me on the couch.  This was
going better than I had hoped.  The door closed behind her and the guys
snapped back to attention.  One of them
looked over to me and offered a sheepish apology for leering.  I put him off
with wave and I smile.  I could tell that
comforted him.

While Anne was away I called the maitre'd over and gave him the thermos out
of my back pack.  It was a very simple
request and he was more that happy to comply.  I didn't bother satisfying
his natural curiosity.  Let him think
whatever.  His reward was in the show I was providing him and his staff.  I
also picked up Anne's napkin and
dropped in on the floor at the end of the table.  One of the guys saw me do
that and pointed it out to his friend.  I
winked at them to let them know I was up to no good. I sat back and waited
as the two of them whispered and
gestured pointing at me and down the hall.

The two watchdogs at the bar snapped to attention telling we Anne was coming
back down the hall.  This time they
whispered to each other and leered openly as she walked past then towards
the table.  The on again off again blush
was back telling me she must have heard something from them as she passed.
The gloves were the crowning touch.
The long red nails were now screaming for attention as they extended from
the gloves like eagles talons.  Anne now
could only be described a sex trophy.  I was getting too excited again.  Had
to hang on.  Too much at stake.

I held up my hand to stop her just as she reached the table.  I made her
stand there for just a second.  The very high
heels forced her to stand there with her legs slightly apart.  My eyes were
staring at the perfectly visible bush at eye
level before me.  The dress only served to give a blue tinge to her pubes.
'Too dark.' I thought.  'Doesn't match her
blonde hair.  We'll fix that.' I snickered inside.

"Please sir" She snapped me back to the moment.  "I feel like such a slut
standing here."  Her eyes rolled back to the
two guys at the bar whose eyes were drilling holes in her backside.

I reached out with open hand and she surrendered her frail G-string panties.
Her look changed to shock as I arranged
them on the table between our place settings.  "Nice centerpiece" I offered,
and then "Do you know the difference
between a slut and a lady?"

"Oh dear, I'm going to regret this."she said "What is the difference, sir?"

"A slut doesn't bend her knees when she bends over.  You dropped your
napkin" I looked her directly in the eye
with those last words and waited.

"Oh please, oh no, even you wouldn't dare, not here, oh shit!"  Then she
took a deep breath, rolled her eyes back
towards the guys at the bar, and added "They'll never forget you for this."

Bless her, she looked down at the floor, saw the napkin, said "oops."  She
bent over very gracefully at the waist and
reached for the napkin.  Three things happened at once.  I moved my foot to
trap part of the napkin beneath.  The
two guys at the bar both nearly fell off their seats.  One said "Jesus
Christ!" Loud enough for most of us in the
immediate vicinity, especially Anne, to hear.  And the bartender dropped the
drink he was making for a customer.  I
also noted our waiter returning to the table with our drinks.  He stopped
dead in his tracks.

Anne's head snapped up and her eyes pleaded at me "Pleeeeaaaaase!"  She was
locked there bent over holding onto
the napkin tugging under my shoe.

"Smile at your new friends first."  I ordered.

She turned her head and managed a half smile.  Both guys blew her a kiss and
one licked his lips lewdly.  The
bartender gave her a big thumbs up and a toothy grin.  I lifted my foot and
she damn near jumped into the booth.
"You ... you ... You are going to regret that. ....... Sir" she finally
managed after a few deep breaths.

"Promises, promises" I countered as our waiter approached the table.  Poor
guy, his pants were just not hiding
anything.  He actually had to stand back a bit from the table.  Anne's eyes
couldn't help but be locked on a very
impressive erection.  He mumbled something unintelligible and beat a hasty

I looked at Anne.  She was on the edge.  She was totally red.  At that
instant the makeup was wasted.  I could almost
feel the heat emanating from her.  I could tell her heart was racing.  It
was beyond blush.  Her ears were purple.  I
don't even think she knew where she was at that instant.  Mission

I waited a good five minutes and sipped my drink as she came back down to
earth.  When I finally heard her breath
again and she reached for her drink I said "That's what its like."

She raised her head and looked at me inquisitively, still not able to speak.
  I volunteered "A couple of nights ago we
were talking about that night.  You reminded me about the moment I became
aware of you in the room.  I told you it
was humiliating.  You asked what that was like.  Now you know."

"You bastard!" was all she could manage.

"Fair enough, I deserve that, no count this time.  But I won't take it back.
  Now lets eat."

It took a while but the waiter finally came back.  I guess he had to settle
down a bit first.  He still couldn't look Anne
in the eye but he took our order and served dinner flawlessly.  We had a
nice bottle of red wine with our steak
dinners and Anne even settled down enough to enjoy the meal and make small
talk.  I purposely avoided anything
sexual in our conversation.  It was a great meal and it got so that we were
both enjoying it.  I couldn't help but
admire her breasts and she caught me more than once eyeing her nipples.
Each time she smiled and nodded
accepting my non-verbal compliments.  A few times she glanced over to the
bar where the two guys had finally
managed to stop leering at her and were involved in their own conversation.

It came to the point were we had both finished our meal and had sat back to
rest a moment.  I was contemplating
dessert and had decided a brandy would be great when I noticed Anne looking
at me with that look.  That look that
is reserved for those times, for those kind of questions.  "Yes?" I asked.

"Is that it?  Is it over?  Am I free?"  Her voice was almost pleading.
There were only two ways to go.  I took the

"Not unless you quit on me.  Do you want to call it a night?"  I asked with
a leading tone.

"So you couldn't break me after all.  Even that woman at Victoria's Secret
came closer.  That was your best?"

The game was afoot.  "You know that kind of attitude can't be ignored.  Time
for our dessert."  I said as I reached
into my backpack and took out a pair of all metal policemen's handcuffs.  I
laid them on the booth seat between us
just out of sight.

"Oh you wouldn't dare, please we just can't, it's bad enough already.
You'll get us arrested.  Come on, what will it
take?"  Her pleading eyes, her shaky voice, it was all perfect.  I was
starting to wonder who was enjoying this more.

"There is only one way you are walking out of here without these on behind
your back.  You'll have to agree before I
tell you what you'll have to do.  So what is it?  The known evil, or what's
behind door number two?"  I waited.

She was obviously feeling playful again.  Almost immediately she said "I'll
take door number two, sir."

I had needed relief for a long time.  No more mister nice guy.  All those
evenings on the couch.  Time for the first
installment of payback.  "That night in my room," Her look told me she
remembered it as well as I did "You gave me
the best oral I've ever had in my life." She blushed and looked at the
floor. "Unfortunately, my situation was such
that I couldn't quite ...."

"Oh poor dear" she interrupted " Did you have a bad case of blue balls?"

"Yes, and I want it taken care of now!"

"Oh shit! Here? How?  But ..... but"  Her eyes were darting around the room.

"Now you know why I picked a place with nice long table clothes.  If you
slip down now, I don't think anyone will
notice."  I said those last words looking directly at the two guys at the
bar.  I caught one guy's eye, he nudged his
friend and they both looked back at the table.

Anne pretended not to notice as she mouthed "bastard" at me and not too
casually slipped under the table.  The
guys at the bar called the bartender over and I know they told him what was
going on.  I don't think they could see
anything, but they didn't take their eyes off the table.  I felt Anne
fumbling with my pants and belt as the waiter came
up to the table.  "Dessert sir?"

"Yes I'll have a nice snifter of a very good brandy." I said lightly

"And the lady?" he asked, looking around the room.

"Oh, she's helping herself to dessert tonight."  That remark got me a sharp
fingernail stabbed into my now exposed
balls.  That made me jump.  The waiter looked down focusing past me, past
the table, and smiled.  Then he said in a
voice obviously meant for Anne's ears "Oh I see, Excellent choice" That got
me another jab as the waiter turned to
get my drink.

By the time he came back with the brandy I was long gone.  I was in a lot of
places, heaven, ecstacy, nirvana, call it
what you will.  It was all great.  The combination of that talented mouth,
with those sharp nails and the soft velvet of
the gloves.  She stroked, scratched nibbled and sucked me like I've never
felt before.  I didn't think it could be better
than what she did that night, but it was.  All the feelings, all the
thrills, the whole evening to that point was focused
on that mouth.

With the second sip of my brandy I blew the back of her head off..  I tried
to hold longer, but she was just too good.
I tried to keep it quiet, but she was just too good.  I tried to sit still
but she was just too good.  I'm sure others
around us knew something was up.  At that moment I really didn't care.
Orgasms like that only come once a decade
and I rode this one like a Hilo surf wave.  The bartender and the guys at
the bar watched longingly as I pumped
every part of my being though my cock into her warm lapping mouth.  She
didn't spill a drop and continued licking a
sucking until I was both drained and clean.

I was just coming down to earth and Anne was beginning to stir when I
noticed the waiter standing there smiling
down at me.  "Can I get you anything else, Sir."  His grin told me he knew
nothing could match what I had just had.
He was holding our dinner tab in a leather billfold and trying to hide a
very large crotch tent.  Poor guy, all that meat
and a whole shift before going home.  Well, it had been very good service.

"Anne," I whispered in voice loud enough for both of them to hear.  "Anne,
our waiter deserves a very nice tip."  I
reached under the table to tuck myself in and heard a gasp. "Oh no, you
can't be serious."  Our waiter heard her too
and started to blush.  At the same time I noticed his bulge was pulsating.
I looked up at him and whispered "step
forward while I sign that."

He stepped forward nervously until he was touching the table.  "No damn
way,!" We both heard from under the

"Would you like me to invite the two guys from the bar over for a drink.?" I
asked a little louder.

"Damn, I'm going to kill you!"  She lifted up the table cloth and I caught a
glimpse of her gloved hand and those
gorgeous too long nails and she unzipped his pants.  Out popped one very
hard monster cock.  The whispered reply
was almost lost in the loud sigh of our waiter as Anne's lips wrapped around
his very impressive erection.  Poor guy
didn't last long.  Too much of a thrill I guess.  Too much of a surprise.
Well, she was good.  Too good for him.  He
lasted maybe 30 seconds.  He also tried to blow the back of her head off.
He actually humped the table as he cam.
The guys at the bar loved it.  It was then that I realized that with the
table cloth pulled up they probably had a good
view of Anne on her knees sucking some serious cock.

It was over very quickly.  The waiter zipped up his pants.  He turned and
walked away as Anne popped up from
under the table and hid her face as she pretended to wipe her mouth with her
napkin. I finished the last of my brandy
and waited until Anne finally lowered the napkin.  When she did she glared
at me with eyes that wanted to kill.  I
tried not to smile when the bartender and the two guys at the bar have Anne
a little round of applause.  I looked back
at Anne and saw a mixture of rage and humiliation.  I couldn't help patting
her hand on the table at offering "At least
you had an appreciative audience."  The look I got told me I was soon to be
a dead man.  It was worth it.

I let things settle a bit and then pushed the panties on the table toward
Anne.  "Better slip these on." I suggested.
"It's time to move on."

"What and deprive them of there last vision to jerk off to tonight.  That
wouldn't be fair."  She was dead serious.
Anne was really surprising me.  She picked up the thin lacy panties, made a
show of sniffing it before putting it in
her purse.  Then as we both stood to leave she spoke loud enough for our
little group to hear "One moment please

I watched as Anne walked up to the bar and gave each of the shocked guys a
kiss on the check.  "Sweet dreams"
was all she said over her shoulder as she walked past me and with an
exaggerated wiggle strode past the leering
maitre'd and stood waiting for me at the elevator.  I stopped long enough to
pick up my thermos from the front desk
and avoiding Anne's obvious questioning stares entered the elevator when the
doors opened.

On the way down to the parking garage she finally gave in and asked "So does
that mean we're not done yet?"

"Of coarse not." I replied "I haven't won yet."

"Oh shit, you really scare me know." She said somewhat playfully.

"Thirty!"  That ended the conversation.  She got in the car and we left the
restaurant parking garage in silence.

Chapter III

Anne sat there obviously deep in thought,  looking out into space as we
drove away from the restaurant.  She did a
double take as I turned north on the main road rather than the other way
towards the house.  "Oh, I thought we'd be
going home ..." she commented, almost to herself.

"That would be too easy." I replied.  She started to say something and then
thought better of it.  She looked back at
my pack and in backseat and gave me another inquisitive look.  I chose to
ignore it as I continued navigating our
way into the city.  As we got deeper into the city and closer to our
destination she became more alert and I knew she
was trying to figure out where we were going.

It was time for another sanity check.  This time I chose to be a little less
obvious about it but give her a way out.
"So, did you enjoy dinner?" I queried.

That caught her off guard and she started an automatic response and then
stopped, thought a second and then said
"Dinner was fantastic.  I enjoyed the meal and the wine but the dessert was
a little trying."

"Oh really," I pressed on "was the second helping a little too big for you?"

That raised her eyebrows.  I got the death look again and then "I've never
had that before.  In spite of what you may
think, I've never .... finished a helping before.  Even with my exhusband I
never .... well, I never actually finished a
dessert like that before.  You were the first, tonight, there, that was the
first time .......   And then a total stranger, the
waiter, I just .....  God I hope I never see him again as long as I live."

"That would be too bad." I replied.

A moment later she sighed and added "Yeah, he was big ...."

I knew I was getting quite close and at this hour I expected the place to be
pretty busy.  I started looking for a
parking place and as I rounded the last corner I heard Anne say "I should
have known."

Anne knew about the Power Exchange club.  We had talked about it a few times
before.  She knew I had been a few
times both straight and in drag.  She had always expressed concern about me
during those visits because of some
bad stories she had over the years.  I had told her of the only good
experiences I had there and once in a while she
had expressed more than a passing interest.  We had even talked of visiting
it together some time, but had never
gotten the opportunity.  Well, now she didn't have a lot of choice.

I found a curb side spot and pulled over.  "You okay with this?" I asked

"This is one of the few places I might actually fit in like this." she
replied holding up her gloved hand and admiring
her nails.  "I told you I'd do it some day, and like I have a choice?  Just
be careful with me please, I'm trusting you
for that okay."

"Tonight is a bad night to be trusting me." I said as I got out of the car
and walked around to her side.  I was
expecting and got the death ray eyes as I opened the door and enjoyed the
expose as she got out.  I grabbed my bag
from the back seat and took her arm in mine for the short walk to the door.

There was a short line and we were inside quite quickly.  Even in this place
Anne's outfit attracted a lot of attention.
As usual the crowd was mostly male and my the very nature of the place they
were looking.  Anne was certainly
worth looking at!  She seemed to be enjoying the attention as I skipped the
clock room and guided her directly down
stairs.  "Would you like a tour first?" I asked.

"First?, Oh yeah, sure." she replied and then started a second question
which I cut off with a raised finger.

The basement of the club featured a main floor area and a number of
surrounding hallways and ante chambers.
There were rooms and cubicles scattered throughout that were designed to
cater to any number of kinks and
fetishes.  Many were already occupied.  We spent a good hour half just
walking around the place taking in the
sights.  Several things stopped Anne in her tracks.  She didn't hide her
interest and watching a bank of closed tv
sets that came from a number of cameras located around a bed in an adjoining
room.  The door to the room was
closed but several of us enjoyed the show as a good looking young lady on
the bed was screwed every way
including blue by two young, well hung, studs.

Further along we entered a large theater lounge where we both watched a
number of guys jerk off openly to the
scenes on TV.  One the guys even turned and made a point of letting Anne
know exactly what he was thinking as he
stared at her exposed body and pounded his meat.  "Big deal." she whispered
to me as we turned to leave the room.
"Guys are doing that all over town tonight after the show you gave them at
the hotel and restaurant tonight."

"You really are an exhibitionist." I said in a tone that told her not to

When we re-entered the main room there was quite a bit of activity in the
central open area.  The area was enclosed
by a simple railing and featured a number of stocks, crosses, whipping
posts, and bondage tables.  A few on the X-
crosses were occupied and one girl was strapped down face up on the bondage
table.  I explained to Anne that it
was an unwritten rule of the club that you didn't enter the area unless you
were either a dom or were invited to.
Anne asked if I'd ever been invited in.  I nodded and answered "One of the
best sex episodes of my life." and left it
at that.

Anne watched as a leather clad beauty took her time binding her male
companion to an open frame.  Once he was
stretch in a very tight spread eagle she casually walked over to a nearby
table and selected a vicious looking single
tail whip.  She held it in front of the guy and asked "How many?".

He replied "Ten will be enough with that, Mistress"

"Twenty it is then"she said, and his complaint was cut off as he bit his lip
when the first lash hit.  It wasn't very
hard.  More show than anything else, but it did leave a serious looking red
strip across his back.  By the third stroke
Anne was pulling me away from the scene not wanting to see any more.

Anne took only a few steps and then stopped cold.  Her gaze was fixed on a
scene happening just on the other side
of the barrier.  A totally nude woman was bent over and locked in a set of
wooden stocks.  The stocks were lower
than normal forcing her to bend over almost parallel the floor with her ass
very prominently exposed for us to see.
Her legs were spread wide and help apart by wood and leather spreader bar.
We watched as a younger couple
prepared her.  The woman was in her middle ages but still had a great body.
I then realized then she was about our
age.  She was actually very similar to Anne in quite as number of ways.  The
young couple could easily have been
her own kids.  It made for a kinky scene even before anything happened.

We made our way to stand as close as possible to the action and then Anne
was unmovable.  My attention was split
between the action and watching Anne's reaction as the scene unfolded in
front of us.  Anne's breathing changed
as we watched the young lady hang a pair of weighted nipple clips on her
victim.  The woman gasped and the girl
said "Oh be quiet, you know you deserve this!"  The young man came over and
held a ball gag in front of the
woman.  She clamped her mouth closed but soon opened it wide when the girl
slapped her breast causing the weight
to swing widely.

"That had to hurt." Anne whispered in an incredibly sultry voice.  She was
very turned on.

We watched as the young lad attached a bulb to the gag and I explained how
an inflatable gag works to Anne.
"Guess we've heard the last from her." Anne remarked.  The remark was
overheard by the couple and the girl
approached us and spoke very nonchalantly. "She's got to learn not to say no
to dad!"

Anne gasped as the girl turned to walk away and I whispered "Probably just a
show, nothing here is for real."

"Who cares," she replied still fixed on the scene before us "This is hot!"

We watched as the couple reached into a bag and took out a couple of
matching leather paddles.  They were almost
identical to the one I own and Anne recognized it too.  She reached down and
took my hand.  She held it tight, very
tight.  Her skin was hot and wet.  The couple stood in front of the bound
and bent over woman and in a voice
directed more towards us said "Let us know when you are ready to swallow
every drop."  Anne gasped again.

I couldn't have prayed for anything better than what happened next.  The
girl's voice changed at in a low tone we
almost didn't hear asked "Do you remember the signals?"  I watched Anne as
her face brightened up and glowed.
The woman held up first one, then two and three fingers.

Anne turned to me, her face just beaming. "My god that's the same .....  So
everyone here ...  Even him?" she asked
pointing back to the man, his back now covered in red strips, being lowered
from the frame.  I nodded, Anne smiled,
gripped my hand even tighter and her attention returned to the scene before

The young man spoke a little more curtly to the woman bent over before him
"Do you have anything to say now?"
The woman shot out two fingers.  One on each hand.  The middle finger on
each hand!

Anne gripped tighter still and whispered in that same sultry voice "She's
going to regret that!"

Almost without ceremony the couple walked behind their victim.  They each
took up a power stance and took a
couple of swings without making contact adjusted their relative positions.
Then with a nod between them they
began.  To be honest I was surprised.  They were serious.  This was not a
gentle or even restrained paddling.  In a
very set and obviously rehearsed pattern they laid into it.  The woman's
butt never saw pink but went directly to red.
After a flourish of about 10 swats each they stopped.  The girl took a
breath as asked "Well?"  She was rewarded
with a single index finger.  Anne gasped again and I noted her other hand
reaching back to rub her own butt.

"Sympathy pains?" I asked.  She looked at me and I saw pure lust in her
eyes.  "Oh ..." I smiled.  Anne blushed and
turned back.

The couple stared again but this time a even harder.  Suddenly, three
fingers appeared from each clenched fist and
they stopped.  The young lad walked forward and started removing the gag.
The girl turned to a man sitting nearby
that neither Anne nor I had noticed until that moment.  She stood and walked
in front of the bound woman.  The girl
made a real show of leaning over and giving him a kiss on the cheek.  "Happy
birthday dad, mom's ready with your
present now."  She then reached down and pulled down the man's zipper and
reaching in fished out the man's
already firm cock.  Then she reached down, picked up her paddle and took up
a vicious looking stance just in front
of us where the older couple could also see her.

The man took a step forward.  The woman reacted by clamping her mouth closed
and turning her head away.  The
girl standing in front of us nodded to her partner who delivered a very hard
blow to the woman's butt with his
paddle.  We all heard a very  loud whack and knew that it really did hurt.
The woman managed to muffle her scream
and then very quickly turned her face forward and opened her mouth.

The man stepped forward and as we watched he sighed and went almost limp as
he started to get what looked like a
very satisfying blow job.  The girl turned to us and whispered an
explanation.  "They've been married for years.
He's always wanted her to suck him off and swallow.  She never was willing
to do it.  Religious upbringing and all
that.  Some time ago he hired a hooker to do that for him.  She found out
and it was almost the end of their marriage.
Today really is his birthday.  She contacted the agency where I work a
couple of weeks ago wanting something
special for his birthday.  Most of this was her idea.  Us playing the part
of their kids was my idea, cute, eh? She knew
she couldn't do it on her own.  It was our job to give her no choice.  Her
husband had no idea.  Even when they got
here it was still a surprise.  He's been in shock most of the night.  Some
birthday present, eh!"

Those last words were spoken as the man let out a loud moan and obviously
was filling his wife's mouth with cum.
We could see that she was swallowing, but he was really pumping her face and
we could tell she was getting one
hell of a load.  Finally, he pulled away and wiping his dick on her face put
it way in his pants and just stood there
looking down at his wife disbelievingly.  Her cheeks were puffed as she
obviously held the last of his spunk in her
mouth.  The girl walked up brandishing the paddle and with a big gulp she
swallowed.  The man just stood there
shaking his head.

The girl broke the silence and in a voice for all of us to hear announced
"She never wants you to call a hooker again.
Unfortunately, she probably won't be willing to do that again.  But, she
loves you so here is your second birthday
present from her."  With that the girl handed the shocked man the leather
paddle that had just recently been used on
his wife.  She also handed him a small enveloped that obviously contained a
card and added "There's an address on
the card for a shop here in town that will custom make a set of stocks just
like this for you.  Happy birthday dad!"

I leaned over and whispered in Anne's ear.  "Specking of presence, yours is
required elsewhere."  Anne smiled at my
play on words and turned to follow my lead.  I looked to the corner and was
happy with what I saw.  The back wall of
the main room hosted a number of open cubicles each catering to a particular
scene.  There was the required
medieval torture chamber complete with padded saw horse, there was a
darkened doctor's office with operating
table, and in the corner my target.  It was occupied when we entered the
room but now it was empty.  I only glanced
at it then so not to tip my hand to Anne.  Now she was about to find out why
we were here.  Before we got too close
I stopped and asked.  "Are you sure?"

It was a nervous smile, she wasn't sure, that was the best part.  Looking
around the room she hesitated.  I knew she
was trying to guess what I was up to.  Finally, she nodded and lowered her
eyes submissively.  No words needed to
be spoken.

I then led her to the corner of the room and through the entry into the
cubicle.  I then hung the chain across the
entry which I knew guaranteed that noone else would enter.  I turned and
halted a barrage of questions bursting to
come out of Anne with a single raised finger.  Anne just turned and shaking
her head surveyed the room.

The cubicle was made up like a barber shop.  It came complete with a big
leather barber chair in the center.  It swung
around and pumped up and down just the like the real thing.  It was the real
thing.  Of coarse in keeping in the mood
of the place, the leather on the chair and many of the other decorations
were black.  The wall even featured a large
mirror and a counter complete with sink.  I knew from pervious visits that
the taps didn't work.  That's why I had a
thermos.  While Anne was mesmerized looking around and touching everything I
slipped the thermos and a small
toiletry bag out of my backpack.  I then set the backpack on the counter
near the sink and turned to Anne and said

It was perfect!  Her eyes were filled with confusion, she was bursting with
question.  The poor girl still hadn't figured
it out.  She was even a bit jumpy.  I stepped back against the low wall that
separated the cubicle from the main room.
Our activities had attracted a few onlookers.  Anne was further surprised by
the attention we , more she, was getting.
I spoke slowly and quietly.  I don't think anybody behind me heard "You told
me that night you really enjoyed
watching me prepare myself.  I think you should return the favor.  Get
undressed.  Leave the hose, shoes and gloves
on.  Take you time, don't strip, just undress.  Put everything neatly on the
coat rack over there."

Anne looked past me to the growing crowd watching from behind the cubicle
wall.  "NOW!" I said in a voice that got
everyone's attention.  She just stood there and looked deeply into my eyes.
Her's weren't even focused.  Spacing
out her location she got undressed.  It was incredibly seductive.   It was
truly amazing how a beautiful woman that
was already practically nude can command so much attention getting
undressed.  I wasn't the only one getting hard
watching the show.  The crowd was growing and more than a few women were
positioning themselves for a good
look.  Soon she was nude except for heels, hose and those sexy velvet opera
gloves.  She stood back to face me.

Wordlessly I gestured toward the bag on the counter.  She looked again at
the growing crowd and back at me.  I tried
my best to copy her death ray look.  It wasn't as good as her's but she
understood.  She walked over to the counter
and opened the bag.  It was pure luck of the draw, but I was hoping.  First
out I wasn't disappointed.  Years before I
had taken a large red rubber ball and drilled out the center with a 3/4 inch
drill.  Through the hole I threaded a large
black sill scarf.  Somehow it looked sexier than the rubber and leather ones
you see in the shops.  We all heard her
sigh.  She turned to face me, and thus all of us, and holding it up she had
to open her mouth wide to put it in.  It still
didn't quite fit and she had to use her other hand to push it in.  She
pushed harder.  Finally with an audible pop if
filled her mouth.  I heard on of the women behind me sigh "Oh my!"  The show
was on, noone was going anywhere.

I think the fullness of the gag surprised her.  Her eyes bulged.  We both
heard a few snickers from the crowd behind
me.  Anne's face started to match the color of the ball.  She reached back
and tied the scarf lightly behind her head.  I
shock my head.  She fired the death ray eye darts again.  I shook my head
more.  She reached back and untied the
knot and then gripping both sides of the scarf pulled it very tight and
retied the knot.  There is nothing sexier than a
very tight, bright red ball gag, stuffed into a heavily made up face.  The
contrast of her blond hair and the blood red
lipstick around the ball was incredible.   Her eyes bulged again when she
turned to look at herself in the mirror.  After
a couple of seconds she looked down at the bag again.

Perfect!  I leaned back against the wall and became one of the crowd
watching this very sexy lady putting on a great
show of self bondage in front of us all.  I became part of the audience.  As
several new people arrived to watch they
probably didn't even notice me there.  I only hoped Anne noticed this too.
The nervous sideways glances she kept
shooting at the crowd told me she was very aware of the scene she was

Next into the bag and I was lucky again.  Out came a single handcuff
connected to a length of chain.  She pulled on
the chain and out came the other cuff.  "Please, please remember!" I thought
to myself.  I shouldn't have worried.
Anne was a very good study.  She put one cuff over a wrist and turned it so
the chain was on the inside.  She
racheted it closed and then looking at the crowd she actually winked and
closed it a bit more.  We all enjoyed the
extra two click clicks.  She passed the chain behind her as I hoped and
repeated the procedure on the other wrist.
Now her movements were restricted but she was not useless.  She had to
struggle now to complete her task.  The
murmurs and whispers behind me told me everyone was enjoying the show.  The
blush told me Anne was not.

Anne had to shuffle sideways and tip up on her toes to reach into the bag
again.  She came up empty.  She tried
again.  Still nothing.  I was hoping, and again she didn't disappoint me.
She grabbed the bag and turned it over.  A
little shake and out fell the last of the contents.  My favorite Japanese
spring nipple clips tinkled as they fell on the
counter.  If looks could kill I'd be dead now.  Fire was in those eyes and
she shot me a glance through the mirror.
Unfortunately, looking at me Anne also saw the now very large crowd that was
watching the show.  Even in the
darkness we all say her ears turn purple.  Poor girl, I almost felt sorry
for her.  Well, that's a lie.  I was loving it.

Anne was true to herself.  She was true to me.  She reached down and with
some difficulty managed to get a clip over
a very hard engorged nipple.  I'm sure that the slight chill in the basement
wasn't the only thing keeping those
nipples hard.  She winced noticeably with the first clip and then reached
for the second.   Again she winced as the
second of those nasty little dragons bit into her nipple.  Then she just
stood there staring at her reflection in the
mirror as I broke ranks and walked up behind her.  "So, is this how you have
fun when I'm not around?" I whispered
in her ear.  I still remember the look that got me.

I picked up the chain across her back and lifting it up forced her to walk
backwards to the chair.  I lifted the chain up
over the back and she had no choice but to sit.  I pumped the chair up so
she had a clear view of herself in the mirror.
Then I pulled the chain down again forcing her to slump a bit in the chair.
Her eyes shot darts again.  She couldn't
figure if out.  I pointed a stern finger at her through the mirror
indicating she was not to move.  I walked around front
and reaching into my pocket pulled out a small brass lock matching the ones
on her shoes.  I reached down and lifted
her leg and then bending the knee over the arm of the chair closed the lock
through the ankle strap of the shoes and
the handcuff chain behind her back.  Before she could react I repeated the
procedure with the other leg.

I watched her very closely as I stepped away so she could see herself in the
mirror.  Well she couldn't see herself.
With her legs up and over the arms of the chair like that the only thing you
could see was her pussy.  She struggled
but she was bound tight.  She was not moving until I was good and ready.
And I was nowhere near ready.  Her legs
were spread so you could actually see pink between the folds over normally
very tight pussy.  Her face was way
past pink.  Time for the bombshell.

"You know," I tried to be calm in my presentation but it was hard, and so
was I.  "You really do fuss with your
appearance.  All that fuss with makeup and clothes.  You spend a lot of time
getting ready for a date.  I especially like
when you ask my advice about clothes and shoes and stuff.  That's nice.
Makes me feel helpful.  Do you remember
the time you asked me for help dying your hair?"

That got me a nervous nod, I continued "You just couldn't reach in back.
You just had to get rid of all those nasty
roots.  God, that stuff stinks.  But it works.  You do look nice as a blond.
  Too bad it doesn't fool anybody.  After all,
one look at this and we all know."  With that I ran my finger through her
curly brown pubic hair.  "But don't worry,
I'm always willing to help."

I reached into my jacket pocket and took out the small battery power beard
trimmer that had been there since dinner.
I held it up for Anne and the crowd to see.  The crowd went nuts.  There
were cheers and applause and
encouragement rained forth.  Anne went nuts too.  I was glad I chose the
locks and not something less secure.  I
whispered in her ear. "Forget it Anne, this is going to happen.  This has
been two years in coming and I will get my
revenge.  Damn you and your T-shirts and G-strings on the couch."

I took off my jacket and hung it on the coat rack beside her dress.  She
never took her eyes off me as I took my time
getting ready.  I walked back in front and positioned myself carefully so
she could see herself in the mirror.  The
trimmer made short order of her bush.  In less than a minute she had little
more than a fine stubble between her legs.
I was careful to work my way fully down.  There was not a single long hair
anywhere when I was finished.  I then
went and dropped the trimmer in my backpack.

I walked over and retrieved my thermos and small bag from the darkened
corner where they had sat unnoticed since
we enter the room.  I made a show of putting the stopper in the sink and
opening the thermos.  Steam rose from the
top letting everyone know it contained some very hot water.  Another cheer
and round of encouragement from the
crowd as I filled the sink with hot water.  I didn't look at the water but
rather Anne's eyes trying to commit capital
punishment on me through the mirror.

I reached into my small bag and extracted a safety razor and a can of lady's
shaving cream.  We all heard Anne
whimper at the sight of the can.  I took a small cloth out of the bag and
wetted it in the sink.  I used it to dampen the
remaining pubic hair and then made a decision.  "You don't need to see
this." I said as I turned the chair to that she
faced the crowd.  Several people called out thanks.  Anne turned purple
again.  As I walked behind her to get the
shaving cream I stopped to ask "Do you know what humiliation feels like
yet?"  I didn't need to see her eyes.
Someone in the crowd commented "Oh, she's pissed!"

I returned with the can and razor.  I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed
shaving her pussy.  Although, I do believe
there were others that enjoyed it more.  The comments, some whispered, some
spoken aloud were all very approving.
I think the only person that was at least pretending not to enjoy themselves
was Anne.  I say pretending because
her pussy was incredibly wet.  She was dripping.  That unmistakable
fragrance of a bitch in heat.  I winked at her a
few times and got poison darts back, but we both knew different.  Poor girl
couldn't help herself.  She was getting

I stood back and accepted a round of compliments on a fine show and a job
well done.  I heard a voice behind me
say "Looks nice and smooth, doesn't it my pet."   I turned to see a familiar
face.  I'd seen them in here before.  We
had crossed paths in here several times in the past.  As usual he was
immaculately attired in a white silk shirt and
leather pants tucked into knee high leather boots.  A very old century
buccaneer look.  He was carrying a black
riding crop in one hand and the leash to his pet in the other.  At the other
end of the leash was a beautiful young
lady, nude except for a leather collar to which the leash was attached at
the cuffs that secured he hands behind her
back.  She was a petite little thing, with small firm breasts and a tight
little bottom.  I knew from previous sightings
that her pubis was always shaved just as Anne's now was.

I couldn't resist "Oh, I'm not really sure.  Do you really think it's
totally smooth?"

He picked up on it immediately "Well, we could always check, right pet?"

I reached down to open the entry to the cubicle.  At they entered I turned
to Anne just in time to receive a double
salvo of poison eye darts.  My guest looked at his companion and requested
"Please check that she is sufficiently
smooth."  The girl looked back at her bound hands and then up at her master.
  We all say him run his tongue
suggestively across his lips.  The girls did an excellent job of imitating
one of Anne's best blushes.  Anne was doing
a pretty good encore on her own.

The girl looked pleadingly up at Anne, I think asking forgiveness as she
knelt between Anne's legs and slowly ran
her tongue up and down each side of her pussy a few times.  He master
whispered to me "That's got to be hard for
her, first time."

"She's well trained, care to push it further?" I asked.  He was nodding as
his pet rose and returned to his side.  I gave
her a look that required a response.

"Oh, yes sir, very smooth.  You did a fine job.  Much better than she ever
could have done herself.  I'm sure she is
very appreciative."  Those comments were rewarded with her own round of
poison darts from Anne's eyes.  We all
saw and enjoyed that.

"Would you say it was invitingly smooth?"  I queried.

Before she caught the trap she answered "Oh yes Sir.  Very inviting!"  Then
realizing what she had just said she
stopped cold and blushed again.

He master spoke next "Well, don't be rude.  You wouldn't dare refuse such a
fine invitation as that.  You have five
minutes.  If she doesn't cum by then, well then she has five minutes with
you."  With that last comment he indicated
the woman we had seen whipping the man when we entered the room some time
earlier.  She was standing there
watching the show.  Her stance was very menacing.  She had her whip curled
hanging on her right hand.  With the
masters words she let it whip uncurl to the floor and smiled an wicked
looking grin at his pet.

The poor girl was visible shaken.  Her eyes pleaded with first her master
and seeing the uselessness there turned to
me.  I just looked at my watch.  When I looked up she was stepping toward
Anne and lowering herself to her knees.
You could have heard a pin drop in the room.  Anne's eyes were screaming at
me.  She was pulling at her bounds but
we both knew that was useless.  I just hoped she didn't hurt herself.  I was
just a little worried though.  I had made
promises, I had to be true to her.  I tried to get her attention but her
eyes were riveted on the pretty young thing
between her legs.  And then the tongue came out, her head tilted forward,
and Anne's eyes rolled back into her
head.  There was an audible sign from several viewers in the room behind us.
  That snapped Anne's attention back
to the audience watching the show.

I caught her eye and discreetly held out one, two, then three fingers for
her to see.  Her eyes perked up and she
nodded, at that instant the tongue hit something.  I laughed aloud as Anne's
eyes rolled back and she shot me the
bird with both hands.  She didn't last three minutes.

When she cam, she cam hard.  I think she probably hurt herself a little.
Even the velvet gloves couldn't totally
protect her from the pulling and straining that came with her orgasm.  The
gag held back the scream but we all heard
it anyway.  Her chest was heaving, she through her head back and forth.  Her
breasts were flinging around and the
nipple clips did an amazing dance.  It wasted a good long while and our
little instigator did an admirable job of trying
to lap up all the juice Anne was pumping out.  Of coarse that licking also
served to prolong the orgasm and thus
created a vicious circle that had Anne ridding wave after wave until she
finally collapsed in near exhaustion.

I don't even know if Anne heard the applause.  At least a dozen people shock
my hand at a job well done.  Many of
the women either shook my hand or offered me a hug.  Several even commented
that the wished some day, just once,
to cum like that.  The crowd started to break up.  I turned to the master.

"Thank you sir.  I don't know how ever to thank you.  I was hoping it would
lead to that, but I didn't know how.  She
was perfect."  I offered my hand in a genuine gesture of thanks.

"Oh, fine.  It was mutually rewarding.  I've been wanting pet to experience
that for quite some time.  And as thanks
lets discuss that next time I see you in here in a dress.  There are other
things pet needs to experience."  With a wink
he tugged gently on pet's leash and let himself out of the cubicle.

I went to the chair and started the release Anne.  I took the gag off first
so she could breath.  Her eyes fluttered as I
stood over her.  She spoke quietly "You win, I ..... I ...."

I had retrieved my jacket and while putting it on quietly retorted "But the
night's still young."

Chapter IV

I was doing some heavy thinking as I circled around in front of Anne.  I had
started this whole evening with a basic
plan and an open mind.  Certain aspects of my plan were critical to what I
would call success.  The sessions at the
shops, the hotel lobby bar and the restaurant were all important.  The whole
public shaving was a major part of my
plan.  The bit with the other woman was a big surprise and that leading to
Anne's orgasm was a major break.  I had
one other major event planned, but that was later, at home.  It was
something I was very nervous about, but knew I
had to at least try.  At this point I felt our time here was about over and
I had made up my mind to let her go.  I
stepped toward the chair making ready to release the locks that held her

As I bent over I heard her gasp and whisper "Oh shit, it can't be!"

I stood up quick, placing myself in front of Anne.  "Someone you know?" I
asked.  My heart was in my throat.  I had
worried a little about a pure coincidence of someone she knew being at the
club that night.  I had passed it off as
near impossible, but maybe I was wrong.  There were still a few curious
onlookers watching us and maybe one of
them knew her.  "Someone from work?" I whispered my biggest fear.

Anne's eyes were as big as tea saucers as she stole glances to the crowd and
spoke softly to me.  "No, nothing like
that.  I'm not even sure.  He looks like someone I knew long ago."  My look
demanded further explanation. "From
high school, years ago.  Looks kinda the same, but it couldn't be.  Never

My mind was racing.  I put my plan to release Anne on hold and made note of
which direction she kept glancing.  I
then made my way to the sink and made myself busy packing up the shaving
gear.  There was one guy in the
diminishing crowd that was making no moves to leave.  And his look at Anne
was more than a little inquisitive.  I
took a chance.  "Did you enjoy it?"

"Are you kidding?" was his enthusiastic reply.  "That was the most awesome
thing I've ever seen."  He had a very
noticeable accent.  I couldn't place it.  Then he added "Sure reminds me of
someone from back home."

"Oh, you not from around here?" I tried to be nonchalant with the question.

"No just visiting for a convention.  Snuck away from the gang because I'd
read about this place and always wanted
to check it out.  Pretty wild stuff!"

"Where's home?"  I kept my voice light to not seem too curious.

"Wyoming, central state.  Not much happens there, nothing like this that's
for sure."

That set it.  I knew Anne was from Wyoming.  It was too good to be true but
maybe, just maybe.  "Would you like a
closer look?"

Poor guy.  He wasn't expecting that.  He damn near jumped over the low wall
between us.  Then he caught himself
and trying but failing to be at ease replied "Yes, I very much would!"

I avoided Anne's stare as I made for the entry and lowered the chain to
allow our guest to enter.  By the time I put
the chain back up and turned around their eyes were locked on each others.
The both broke little nervous smiles.
Eyes twinkled.  They knew each other.  My head was screaming. 'Oh, the

Anne spoke first. "Hi snake."

His eye twitched and he replied sharply "Hi CT!" Anne gave him an
exaggerated little girl pout and he added "Well
you started it!"  Cute, they were acting like a pair of high school kids.

"Snake?" I questioned.

Anne was quick to answer.  "Oh, come on.  You're not blind!  Even in those
pants you can see.  It
hasn't gotten any smaller I see.  Even back in school there were stories.
Some of the girls thought Serpent would
have been a better name."

I hadn't noticed.  Besides, behind the wall and in the crowd I couldn't see
anyway.  But now that I could look, he
was wearing a very loose pant, even so they looked very full.  I turned to
him and questioned "CT?"

"Well, noone called her that to her face, but it was pretty well known.
I've been watching you two for a while.  Her
outfit tonight is not a lot different from some of the stuff she wore to
school.  She loved to play games with the boys,
teachers too.  She was quite the little Cock Tease!"

Anne started to protest but I cut her off.   "The more things change, the
more they stay the same.  What kind of
things did she wear back then?"  A raised finger raised to Anne kept her
quiet, but she shook her head trying to
quiet our guest.  Unfortunately for her, he was just getting fired up.

"Oh anything to show off.  She wasn't stuck up or anything, just developed
early and liked to share her bounty.
Those are real, I know, she got them when she was 14 and they still look as
good as they did then.  She made sure
we all knew it too.  Tight sweaters, low cut tops.  We all knew she liked
little push up bras that made sure we all saw
a lot of flesh.  Oh and those hot pants.  Either hot pants or tiny little
mini skirts.  You know ..."

"Exhibitionist." I finished.

Anne started to defend herself saying "I never did it on purpose, I never
did anything to you ...."

He interrupted and speaking over her said "And what about those hot pants,
the too tight ones with the little black
and white checks.  Do you remember that morning?"

"Oh that's not fair.  You started it!"  Turning to me she continued "He
always wore loose clothes to school.  He had
to.  Then one morning I see him coming down the hall in these tight jeans.
I saw them at school dances, but never at
school.  He was coming down the hall towards my locker and I saw how tight
they were.  His ....  thing was hanging
down one leg.  I had to do it.  All the stories, I just had to know.  So
when he got close I dropped a book.  Maybe I
wasn't very lady-like when I picked it up mmmmph"

Anne's version of the story was cut short as he stuffed the ball gag in her
mouth.  Even before I could react he had it
tied tightly behind her head.

"Unlady-like!  Damn girl those pants were so tight I could count your pubic
hairs.  And you made sure I had enough
time to do it too.  Bent over like that.  God! You've always had a great
ass, but you knew that too didn't you?  And,
you just stared at my crotch.  Of coarse I got hard.  Damn, I even started
to dribble." As he spoke her reached down
into his pants and adjusted his briefs.  The monster was released and fell
down his pant leg.  The thing went half
way to his knee.  It was huge!!!  And, it was already getting stiff.  "It
was so embarrassing!  I had to go home and
change.  I also had to relieve myself too.  You made me have to do that more
than once you little teasing bitch. Do
you remember the little green skirt?"

Anne shock her head vigorously.  Not because she didn't remember but because
she didn't want me to hear about it.
"Did you bring a condom?" I asked.

He reached into a pocket and pulled out a large packet.  "Never leave home
without it.  It's not like I can get my size
just anywhere."  Another round of moans and head shacking from Anne as she
began to realize where this was

"Why don't you put it on while you remind her about the skirt?"

The crowd was building again as people became aware that the action on out
cubicle was restarting.  He glanced
back then turned to me and whispered "Me .... now, here?"

He was still hesitant and Anne was shaking her head giving him go very
honest pleading looks.  I wasn't going to
let her off that easy.  "So, how long have you been fantasizing about
getting even?  How many times have you
jerked off thinking about our little CT?"

He started to unbutton his shirt as he spoke.  "This damn little mini skirt,
it was green.  Micro-mini actually, She wore
it with matching panties.  I remember all us guys fighting to be behind her
on the stairs.  You could see everything.
Silly too tight little panties."  The shirt was off and he started
unbuckling his pants. "She liked to wear that on
Thursdays.  That was chemistry lab day. Remember poor Mr. Murphy?  You
caused him more embarrassment.
Sitting there flashing him under the desk until he was hard and then the
other girls started to giggle at him.  This is
for him too!"  With that the pants fell exposing one of the largest cocks
I've ever seen. John Holmes eat your heart

"And then one day on the stairs you got me.  You stopped dead and bent over
as if to pick up something.  I didn't
notice in time and walked right into you.  My head went right up your butt.
My nose went right into your crack.  It
actually got wet!!!  Everyone was laughing at me.  And you just walked
away."  Now he was totally nude and was
opening the condom pack.  The monster continued to grow and I heard a gasp
behind me.

One of several women was shaking her head in disbelief.  She was clutching
the arm of her partner who commented
"He's going to kill her with that thing."

The girl replied for all to hear "Yeah, but what a way to go!"  Anne's ears
turned purple as the crowd laughed at the
girls remark.

I walked around behind the chair as I watched him roll the condom onto his
cock.  I just couldn't get over the size of
it.  It was as big as Anne's forearm.  It was very stiff with a monster
purple head than looked as if it could either fuck
Anne or eat her.  Anne was pounding her fist against the side of the chair.
I knew she wanted me to look at it.  I
leant down and whispered in her ear.  "Don't you dare!  You've deserved this
to 25 years!  The man deserves his
revenge.  Think about it.  Besides, have you ever seen anything like it?"

Her eyes rolled up at me.  I could see the fear.  She shot back at the cock
and then back at me.  The fear was still
there.  I whispered again "I will respect your wishes, I promised you that."
  As I looked down at her hands I watched
pull back two fingers on each hand to give me two very forceful birds.
"You're going to regret that!" I quoted her
earlier remark.  The moan from behind the gag told me the irony was not lost
on her.

I walked around the chair to take station by the wall and enjoy the show.
As I walked past him I offered "I'd ask you
to be gentle with her, but I guess that's out of the question."

"No don't go," he insisted "The story's not finished yet."  Both Anne and I
were surprised now.  I went back behind
the chair so he could talk directly at us both, which gave me a perfect view
as he stepped forward and just the tip of
his cock touched Anne's pussy.

Anne moaned, several gasps from the audience told us that Anne had sympathy
in her plight.  Not from me, nor any
other man in the room.  I was also willing to bet most of the women were
looking forward to it too.  Showtime!

He pushed forward a bit.  The head started to stretch her pussy lips.  Anne
threw her head back and closed her eyes.
I glanced down at her hands and saw the two frozen birds.  "Payback time" I
said load enough for all to hear.

He spoke as he gently started to rock back and forth putting a little more
in each time.  "I'm married now you know.
She's a really nice girl.  Took me a long time to find someone that could
handle this more than just once in a long
while.  Everything was fine.  Still is really.  But then one day, a couple
of  years ago we were invited to this cocktail
party.  She bought a new dress, special for the occasion.  She looked
gorgeous in it.  It green silky little dress.  A
very short green dress.  You know Anne!  A green mini, very mini!"  With
that he thrust forward at the head of his
cock disappeared into Anne.  We all heard the squeal behind the gag.  Anne
already had more cock in her that she
ever had in her life and I was still looking at a good ten inches exposed.

I reached down and stroked her head.  She opened her eyes and pleaded.  I
mouthed just loud enough for her to
hear. "See what happens when you tease a snake?"

He continued has story as he began rocking back and forth again.  "I just
kept looking at her all night.  Every man
was that night I suppose, but she came home with me.  I didn't even let her
take it off.  I took her right there on the
living room floor.  You could almost say I raped my wife."  He was pumping a
bit harder now and Anne was in
obvious distress.  I figured about 8 inches in and another 4 or 5 to go.
"Boy was she pissed!  The next day she
would hardly speak to me.  She said I had never fucked her like that.  Even
on our honeymoon I was more gentle.
But that night ..... all the memories.  All the lust I had for you all those
years!"  On the word lust Anne got about half
of the remaining cock and started to moan and pant into the gag.  Her
breathing was getting faster and faster and her
eyes now wide open were beginning to glaze over.

"A while back I found out one of her friends went to school with us.  I
guess she heard all about you.  She even
heard about your little green mini skirt and that episode on the stairs.
She's never spoken about it, bit I know she
knows all about it!"  Now he was really pumping and the last of his cock was
disappearing into Anne's well
stretched pussy.  He ended the story with "And she's never worn that dress
again, I've begged, but she says she
never will!"  Now he was pounding her.

Anne was having trouble breathing.  I reached down and removed the gag.
That let a long deep moan that the whole
room heard escape.  She slowly raised her head and looked down between her
bound stretched legs.  It looked like a
baseball bat as he pulled it a long way out and then thrust it back in.  It
was a combination of scream, moan, squeal,

At that instant I reached down and removed the nipple clips.  Her heart was
pounding from the fucking and almost
injected the blood back into those pore tortured nubs.  That was it.  She
went over the top.  She came from her toes.
The orgasm ripped up from the very depths of her being and took over her
body.  She lost it.  Her orgasm set him off
and they both screamed in agony/pain/pleasure as wave after wave of climax
rolled over them.  Anne passed out.

Slowly he extracted his cock from Anne.  He actually had to step back to get
the whole thing out.  More sighs in the
crowd told me that a few girls were envious.  I noticed a huge load of cum
in the tip of the condom.  She had to be
feeling that inside her.  Wordlessly he pulled the condom off and dripped it
into a nearby basket.  It hit bottom with a
splat that brought a few more comments from the crowd.  As he started to
dress I asked "Was it worth waiting for?"

He managed a weak smile "You'll never know.  Better than I'd ever hoped.  I
may even tell my wife about it.  I think it
would honestly help.  Revenge is mine and thus her's, maybe it will help,
I'll think about it."

"I'd like to know." I said as I handed him a small card with my first name
and blind E-mail address on it.  "And if you
ever want to get a message to Anne I'll pass it on.  It's better this way,
you understand."

He nodded and looked over as Anne started to stir.  I went over to start
releasing her and he followed to give her a
little kiss on the cheek.  Her eyes fluttered as he said "I'd say I'm sorry,
but I'm not."  With that he turned and let
himself out of the cubicle.

Anne needed a lot of help first just to stand and then getting dressed.  The
crowd broke up and we were left to
ourselves as we took our time cleaning up.  Neither of us said a word as we
prepared for departure.  There were a lot
of pointed fingers and whispered comments as we made our way across the
floor to the exit.  I had to almost carry
her up the stairs but eventually we almost fell into the juice bar upstairs.
  I got us each a large bottle of water and a
small juice.  We drank in silence.

We must have been there about 30 minutes before Anne finally spoke.
"Thanks, I needed that."  Then with an
impish smile she looked at the empty water bottle and added "And the drink
was good too."  This girl was full of
surprises.  I was speechless and she knew it.  She just sat there smugly as
I almost stammered "Well, we'd better get

"Home?" was her one word question.

"Yes, time to get rid of that smug little smirk!"

Anne smiled at that one and made to get up.  For all her bravado she wasn't
moving too quickly.  I stood and offered
her a hand.  "Maybe I should take that back.  I'm worse off than I thought.
Damn that was one huge cock.  You have
no idea what it was like.  And when he cam!  My god I thought I'd split.  It
felt like he was pumping up my throat.
Some day, some how, I don't know when, I'll get you back for that."

"Not your turn tonight CT.  I'm not finished yet."

"Yes sir" she whispered as I helped her out the door.

Chapter V

Anne was having a bit of trouble walking to the car.  I gave her quite a bit
of support and she did okay.  I held the
door and made sure she saw me leering as she swept her legs into the
vehicle.  "Damn shoes!" she commented "I
hadn't planned on this much action when I locked them on.  Thanks for the

"Where's the key?  I'll help you out of them and you can relax for the drive
home." I offered.

"The key is on your pillow." And then she stopped short and had a look that
told me she had just remembered
something.  I chose then to walk around to the driver's door and get in
behind the wheel.  I started the car and
started towards home in silence.

Five minutes into the drive she finally spoke.  "Um .... may I speak?"  I
nodded silently.

Anne sighed seeming to make her mind up about something.  "I left the key to
these shoes and a few other items on
the pillow in your room.  I didn't think you would go this far.  I knew
about the makeup and nails.  I even guessed
something would be up with lingerie.  I figured dinner was a given.  I loved
the meal by the way, thank you.  The
hotel bar, well ... lets not talk about that.  But I figured all the action
would be at home.  So ..... I left some .... stuff on
your bed."  She was struggling.  I had to give her a break.

"Anything you regret?" I asked.

"Regret, not exactly." she responded. "More ..... well considering what's
just happened I don't think.... just
something that you won't be needing.  And the other thing ......  Well ....
The note will explain that."

"Note?" I queried.  The look told me she didn't want to answer.  We drove
the rest of the way home in silence.

When we got home, Anne excused herself to the washroom, and I went to
retrieve a bottle of white wine from the
fridge and two glasses.  I sat on the couch and pored two glasses.  I was
just taking my first sip when Anne
reentered the room and knelt submissively at my feet.  She had her legs
spread wide, her back strait, her breasts
thrust out.  She was staring out to space past me to the wall beyond.  She
was begging for more.

I was very impressed.  She had freshened up her makeup and combed her hair.
She broke her stare when I held her
wine glass to her.  She nodded and accepted the offer and then seeing my
questioning look spoke very quietly.
"I've got to finish this.  The count is 30 sir."

I smiled as I rose to walk to my room.  A finger pointed down at the floor
told her to stay where she was.  A sigh told
me she was a bit nervous about what I'd find there.  I entered the room and
noted that my closet door was open and
the two bags normally hidden in back were up front and open.  Some of the
contents were spread out on the floor
and on the writing table I had in the room.  The little vixen had arranged
my toys.  It was really quite neat and
organized.  Considering what must have been going through her mind as she
waited for my call earlier that day I
couldn't be surprises.  I turned my attention to the bed.

There were a few items on the pillow at the head of the bed.  I guessed
these were the ones she was most interested
in.  The spreader bar, collar, blindfold and handcuffs didn't surprise me.
The handcuffs were an older cheaper pair I
hadn't used in a long time.  She had no way of knowing this morning that I
had taken the better ones with me to
work.  She knew that now of coarse. She'd have some rings on her wrists
after the struggling she did in the club to
remind her of that for a day or two.  The last two items on the pillow did
surprise me.

The first were the condoms.  It was a three pack still folded like when
purchased.  We had discussed sex between us
before.  She always insisted that would ruin our relationship.  She had met
my wife.  They were actually more than
acquaintances.  She was right, it could get difficult.  But now the condoms
on the pillow told me I had a chance.  "So
that's what she meant in the car." I thought to myself.  After the blow job
on the restaurant, and the fucking she got
at the club she figured she was off the hook.  "Silly girl" I said aloud and
put the condoms on the bedside table.

The last item was the biggest surprise of all.  My riding crop was laid out
carefully across the pillow and had a small
piece of paper folded and held to the handle with a little pink ribbon.
This had to be shared.  I picked up the crop
and the leather collar leaving the rest of the toys where they were.  I
stopped on my way out of the room and dug in
my toy bag.  It didn't take long to find my leather paddle.  It was almost
identical to the one we had seen being used
on the woman at the club earlier this evening.

I had sure Anne heard me coming back into the room.  She put her wine glass
down on the table beside her and
assumed her kneeling position again.  I walked in front and sat between her
spread knees.  Her eyes flickered when
she saw I was carrying the crop.  Without a work I gently pulled her hair
back and put the collar around her neck..  I
made it snug but not tight and turned it so the D-ring sewn into the collar
was in the middle back of her neck.  I
reached into my pack on the couch beside me and pulled out the same chain
and handcuffs that had been used on
her in the club.  I removed one handcuff from the chain, reached behind her
neck and passed the chain through the
D-ring before re-attaching the cuff to the loose end.  I released the cuffs
and they fell behind her hanging on the
chain.  From experience I knew they'd be about the middle of her back..  I
reached for my wine glass and sat back to
take a sip.

She didn't move at first, and then it hit.  She shot me a look and then with
a humph reached behind her back.  She
fussed a bit, but then I heard the ratcheting sound of one of the cuffs
closing.  Seconds later the second cuff closed.
She sighed and raised her eyes back up to mine.  I shook my head slowly.
Her eyes bulged.  I shook again.  Click,
click, then click, click.  Now they were tight.  I got my first eye dart
since the club.

I picked up the paddle and placed it prominently on the couch beside me.
Looking at it I said "Thirty.  Then why
this?" I picked up the crop and started to remove the note.  "Is thirty not

Anne spoke rapidly, very nervous "But I didn't know we'd be counting.  That
was before ..."  I silenced her with a
raised hand and turned my attention to the note.





I looked pack to Anne.  She was shaking her head slowly.  A single tear was
running down one cheek..  She looked
so scared.  I knew she was trembling.  I gently wiped the tear away with a
single finger and let the finger linger across
her lips.  She knew not to speak.  "You were not ready for how for it went
tonight, were you?"  Her eyes met mine
and she shook her head slowing again.  "The afternoon shops were okay?"  Her
shaking turned to a nod.  "The hotel
lobby made you horny didn't it?"  Her eyes bulged and then with a little
downturn of her eyes the nod continued.
"The restaurant was within limits too, right?"  The nodding stopped, she
shrugged her shoulders and then nodded
again.  "The shaving was for me and had to be done.  Do you accept that?"
She never stopped nodding.  "And your
old high school sweetheart was your own doing, years ago!"  That brought a
full salvo of eye darts and a sigh.  I
was worried at that moment that she'd break the mood and speak.  Finally,
with another sigh she nodded slowly
again.  I was batting 1000.  It was time to push it.

I chose my words carefully. "I like the counting game, it lets you set your
own pace.  Too bad you have such a bad
temper.  You must learn control my dear."  That got me another salvo.
"Thirty is a higher number that I was
expecting.  Do you remember how excited you got watching the young couple at
the club?" She started nodding
before she recognized the trap.  She stopped short and gave me a stiff
stare.  "Did you count there?"  She never took
her eyes off mine as she shook a slow no.  "She swallowed her first cum
after only twenty-one swats."  Anne's eyes
showed her surprise.  "Are you ready for thirty?"  She started to shake and
then to my shock it turned to a nod.   She
saw my surprised look and grinned.  She got me, and she knew it.  I couldn't
play that easy!

"You wrote this note before we started counting, before you saw now nasty
this paddle is at the club.  So now you
regret writing the note?"  That got me a couple of very big affirmative
nods.  "Do you remember the last line of your
note?"  Her eyes bulged out of out of her head.  "See, my job's half done
.......  Thirty-three!"  She was whimpering
as I stood and took her arm to help her stand.  I made sure she saw me
looking at her hands.  No fingers were
extended.  I looked back up to very defiant eyes.

Now I had a problem.  Was I strong enough to go through with it?  I really
didn't want to hurt her, but now.....  I had
to figure a way to build it into my other plans.

I heard a near silent "oops" as we entered my room and Anne saw the toys she
had laid out for me that morning.  I
was betting that she probably was regretting that too by now.  I led her to
the foot of my bed, facing the pillow and
stepped behind her.  I think she was a bit surprised when I undid one of the
clips holding the cuffs to the chain and
thus her arms up into the small of her back.  I took the free hand and put
it behind her neck.  She matched the move
with her other hand.  I folded the chain double and re-clipped it.

I then reached up and very gently pulled her panties down.  I felt a slight
shudder but there was no surprise.  We
both knew that was coming for a long time.  I then climbed on the bed and
knelt directly in front of her.  I left the
dress straps on and reached into her bra to extract each full breast.  The
bra folded under and served to hold each
breast up and squeeze them together further accentuating their size and
firmness.  The low scoop neck line of the
dress beautifully framed the two big mounds before me.  I gently tweaked the
nipples and saw her wince a little as
they began to stiffen.  I kissed each and played with my tongue a bit which
just made them that much harder.  Her
eyes bulged when she saw me reach for the all too familiar Japanese nipple

"Oh please, no more, it was only a while ago and they stiff hurt a little."
Her eyes were pleading as she spoke.

"That's not what you said the other night when you ... requested all of
this!  We are full of regrets tonight aren't we
my dear."  She squealed loudly and swore under her breath as I attached each
clip.  It hurt already and she didn't
know the half of it.

"On the bed, knees and elbows.  Ankles at the end of the mattress."  I spoke
sternly but quietly, I didn't want and
argument, but I didn't want fear either.  She immediately complied.  It was
a bit of a struggle with her limited mobility
and I enjoyed watching her breasts swing and flop around as she took up
position.  I went between her legs at the
foot of the bed and was rewarded with a beautiful view of her exposed bottom
and freshly shaved pussy.  I let her
hear my sigh as I reached for and attached my spreader bar between her
ankles.  It was time to be nasty.  It was time
for a little misdirection.

I picked up the paddle and sat on the edge of the bed near her head.  I
moved my pillow and helped her spread her
elbows so that her head was on the pillow facing me.  Her own weight was now
holding her down.  She wasn't
getting back up until I helped her.  The skirt of her dress fell down
exposing her raised ass and she sighed.  She
though she knew what was coming, silly girl.  I reached for my inflatable
gag and put the deflated balloon in the
mouth.  I buckled it tight round her head but did not inflate it.  She could
still talk.  It would sound a bit funny but it
would be intelligible.  There was something I just had to hear.

"Shimmy your knees forward." I said quietly as I played with the paddle.  He
boobs giggled and swayed as she
shifted them forward.  He ass went higher in the air.  " A bit more."  Her
eyes told me she was not happy but she did
as told.  I watched the chain between her nipples.  It looked about right.
I reached for the chain and spoke as I
slipped the middle link over the hook in the middle of the spreader bar.
"Now I suggest you stay in this position.  If
you try and sit up you'll cause yourself some serious pain."  I gave each
breast a gentle nudge that caused it to
giggle and pull on the chain.  That tightened the grip of the clips on her
nipples.  She winced at even the gentle tug
on her nipples and pulled her knees up even more to relieve the strain.  Her
ass was now well up into the air.

I stood up where she could see me and started to get undressed.  Looking at
her in the eye I asked "Do you
remember when this all started"

"Wo meam whem wo moved in?" she replied questioningly.

"No, this silly" I said exposing my very hard cock and pointing at the
paddle in front of her face.

"Ow, wo meam that night I watcheb wo" again her eyes showed confusion.

"Yes, watched me and fucked me, but before that, think about it." I said as
I removed my socks and shoes to stand
nude before her.

I could tell she was thinking but nothing was clicking.  "Here, let me give
you a hint."  I walked behind her and knelt
on the bed.  Very gently I reached forward and gently ran my tongue around
her tight little pink asshole.

"Ow the backbub.  You swupwized me.  I gwot swareb" She was pleased with
herself for remembering.

I came back beside the bed to stand before her and as I reached for the
condoms I dropped the bombshell.  "Well,
tonight I'm not just licking."

Poor Anne.  She jumped.  It looked like she damn near ripped her nipples
off.  She screamed and started to say
something.  It was totally unintelligible as I inflated the gag and she was
soon reduced to near silence as her mouth
filled.  She quickly pulled her knees up tight to her ample chest and again
presented a very vulnerable ass.  I couldn't
help but add "Guess we've heard the last from her for awhile."  The eye
darts told me she recognized her own quote
from the club earlier that same night.

I picked up the condom again and walked behind her as I opened the package.
"You should have guessed roomie.
After all I've already had a fabulous blow job tonight.  And god knows your
pussy has seen enough action for a
while.  You really didn't expect me to go to sleep with this thing again did
you?"  I began to roll the lubricated
condom down my very hard shaft.  A dream, a dream beyond the wildest of
dreams, a fantasy I barely allowed myself
was about to come true.

I began slowing licking the beautiful tight pink hole.  I let my tongue slip
just inside.  Getting her wet.  She moaned
and started to move.  I heard a squeal from behind the gag and she shifted
again pushing her butt up into my face.  I
reached for a small tube of KY jelly I had strategically placed earlier.  As
I dabbed a bit extra lubrication on the tip of
the my condom covered cock I asked.  "Please be honest.  Is this the first

The huge eyes, and the struggled nods told me I had an added pleasure.  "Two
of your cherries in one night.  Lucky
girl!"  The eye darts told me she didn't agree.  I looked directly at her
hands.  She saw me and did nothing.  No
fingers, just salvo after salvo of eye darts.  She turned away from me and
pressed her face into the pillow as the tip of
my cock touched her asshole.

She was tight.  I tried to be gentle was she was just so damned tight.  It
took a while just to get the head of my cock
in.  It was so warm and tight.  I rested only a second and then began to
pump.  A little more each time.  I knew I
wouldn't last long so pacing myself was out of the question.  Soon my whole
member was moving in and out in firm
strokes.  My balls started to smack up against her shaved and tender pussy.
I knew my thrusting was being
translated through her body to tugging on her nipples.  I was getting very
close to coming.  I reached around her
and released the clips from her nipples.  I heard the muffled scream as the
blood rushed back into those tortured
nubs.  I grabbed a boob in each hand an lifted her up she came up and over
me almost sitting on my cock buried in
her ass.  That last thrust was it.  I cam like a beast.  I just barely
realized from her shuddering and shaking she was
cuming too.

It took us both a while to come back down to earth.  Sitting there her
impaled on my cock I played with her breast
avoiding her tender nipples.  Finally, I nudged her forward and pulled out
with a pop.  I patted her on the butt and
whispered "So much for virginity of the third kind."  I left her there to
recover on the bed as I slipped into the
washroom across the hall to dispose of the condom and clean up.  She was
still lying there when I reentered the

"Don't speak." I said as I deflated the gag and undid the straps.  She lay
there silent as I found the key and released
her hands from the cuffs.  I removed the chains and collar, spreader bar,
and even found the other key to remove her
heels.  I got a very appreciative sigh as I removed the shoes and she worked
her toes in new found freedom.
Moving carefully I rolled down the hose and helped her out of her dress and
remaining lingerie.  Soon she was nude
and I offered my arm to help her stand off the bed.

I supported her as she fought to find her balance.  "Now go get ready for
bed.  You are sleeping here tonight."  She
started to say something but I cut her off.  "Remember this was a 24 hour
deal.  Besides, we have a major project to
get started on.  Thirty three is a big number.  We can't do it all tomorrow
morning.  That wouldn't be fair to either of
us.  So before we sleep we have to get a little start."  I reached over and
pulled the paddle to the foot of the bed.  I
recovered the crop from the floor and put it beside the paddle.  I heard her
whisper "Oh shit!"

"While you are getting ready for bed think about it.  You have 15 minutes.
When you come back you let me know
where you'd like to start."  I motioned towards the door and I watched as
she slowly shuffled out of the room.  Now
defiant wiggling of her butt tonight.  Most of the fight was knocked out of

She was back it ten minutes.  I was sitting at my writing desk and I made
sure see saw me add a word or two to her
note about the crop.  I folded it so she couldn't see what I wrote.

She hadn't touched her face or hair I guess deciding to sleep as is.  She
had slipped on a short, see through, black,
baby doll and I saw the matching panties in the hand.  She looked very cute.
  Without a word she put the panties
down on the bed and picked up the crop.  She put it down on the table in
front of me and stood there looking at the
floor.  My card was being called.

I summoned up my courage and lied "I was hoping you would do that."  I
picked up the crop and gestured at the
folded paper on my desk. "One for each year you've enjoyed teasing me.
Well, here's the deal little miss CT."  Her
eyes shot me a glare with that comment. "You've got a beautiful wardrobe and
a great collection of lingerie.  Over
those three years you've made sure I saw most of the lingerie and you're
fuckable body during our news time on the
couch.  So I picked a number of my favorite outfits.  There's three groups
of three.  A, B, and C.  You have to match
my selection of the your favorite give-him-a-hardon outfits.  The best,
groups A will be a firm swish.  Group B will be
a harder slash, a selection from group C will leave a mark for several days.
  Anything not on my list will draw blood.
Do you understand?"

Her eyes were bugged out in genuine fear.  She was shaking.  The color
drained from her face and then I saw a slow
unmistakable nod.  She called my bluff.  Now I was shocked.  I didn't know
what to do next so I let her decide.
"Assume the position."

She looked around the room and then reached for my pillow off the bed.  She
put the pillow on the seat of the chair
at my writing desk and stood behind the back of the chair.  She spread her
legs wide and bent over the back to press
her face into the pillow.  She then reached back and pulled at the back of
her baby doll top to expose herself totally
to me.  She then reach around and looped her arms through each arm of the
chair and locked her finger together
behind her neck.  It was amazing he had just fashioned a very serviceable
set of stocks, And I was looking at a very
white, smooth, soft, target.

She spoke for the first time. "Purple V-neck cropped T-shirt with black lace
Victoria Secret G-string."

"Ah, very good choice.  A favorite of yours.  I get to see the tops and
bottom of your tits and more ass that you
know than I can handle.   You've worn that a few times and I've had to jack
off every time."  I meant to just flick her
with the crop but in my excitement it was harder than intended.  Immediately
an angry red welt appeared across the
middle of her right cheek.  She screamed into the pillow and I waited as she
panted to regain composure.

"You're kidding." she gasped "How could that be in group C, it's one of my
best show pieces. Damn you.  Okay,
okay how about sitting cross legged pink spaghetti strap knit top and very
see through matching pink panties."

"The outfit isn't the only pink I see when you wear that outfit you cock
teasing bitch.  You know I can see right up
past your pussy lips and you are usually wet when you make that choice."
This time I controlled myself a bit better
but the result was still a thin red line across the other cheek.

"At least I made group B." She said between pants after howling into the
pillow again.  She was quiet for a bit and
then she turned her head toward me and stared into my eyes.  "Red flannel
shirt and ladies jockey-short full brief

My jaw dropped.  I dropped the crop.  All I could manage was a wheezed

"Well, I never actually wore that, but I could have.  Look, this is once
only and like I said I'm going all the way.  You
got the balls boy?"

I reached down to pick up the crop.  When I stood back up I watched as Anne
planted her face in the pillow, She
spread her legs even wider and separated her hands from behind her head.
She stretched further through the arms of
the chair and before interlacing her fingers again she shot me the bird with
both hands.  Her whole body was pulled
tight and ready.

I just couldn't do it.  I hit her hard, but I knew nowhere hard enough to
draw blood.  I hit her square though.  It was a
good hit across both cheeks.  It was good enough.  Even with the pillow I
was afraid the scream would wake the
neighbors.  The scream went to a wail and then sobs and crying.  Eventually
she fell to her knees behind the chair.  I
helped he up and onto the bed.  As she moved away from the desk she reached
over and grabbed the note still
folded there.  I carefully put the panties over the legs and as carefully as
possible over her whipped ass.  I helped her
lay on her side on the right side of the bed as I went around to the other
and slipped in beside her.

In the near darkness and between sobs she handed me the note and said "Read
it to me."

I didn't need the light to read the note.  It wasn't a list I had to
remember.  I read the note from memory.  "Anne, it
doesn't matter what you say.  Everything will be in group A.  I can't hurt
you, I don't want to, and that is not what
tonight was about.  I wouldn't do this but you forced it.  I hope I don't
fail to give you want you truly want."

She put her arm over me and between sobs whispered "You did perfect.  And
yes, I certainly do regret writing that
note.  It's been a pretty wild ride so far.   Too bad it's only one time."
Her words rang of open honesty.  I fell asleep
listening to the sobs quiet to deep breathing and sleep.

Chapter VI

I woke up early the next morning.  Actually, considering how early I got up
for work during the week, 6:30 was
actually sleeping in.  I lay beside the still sleeping Anne and enjoyed the
warmth for a just a moment.  Then I
reminded myself it was time to get going, there was much to do and not much
time before the noon deadline.  I got
out of bed without waking the sleeping beauty.

There were a couple of things I wanted to do without her seeing me.  First
and most importantly the paddle.  I wasn't
sure how yet, but an idea had started forming since I woke.  Just in case I
got away with it I needed to be ready.  I
found the bag I was looking for and set that part of the trap.  I then
cleaned up the room putting away the toys from
last night.  This was going to be a fresh start.  I had a completely
different theme in mind.

I was going to move to her room and set out a costume for the day but then
thought better of it.  She would certainly
go in there when waking, and that would ruin the surprise.  There was
nothing left to do but wake her and start the
day.  I sat on the bed and caressed her shoulder as I called.

She half woke and pleaded "Oh please, just a bit more.  I'm not a morning
person.  Please let me sleep a bit."

I smiled and replied "Wish I could little one, but we have a lot to do
before noon.  We can't wait, it has to be done."

A spark in her eye told me she caught the meaning and remembered the noon
deadline.   "Oh please!" She
countered. "Tell you what, give me until 9:00 and we'll forget the noon
ending.  We can go a little later to .......

"Until when?" I asked.

She paused a bit trying to think in her slumber.  "Ok, how about until just
before my son comes home, that will give
you most of the day."

It only took me a second to figure that out.  I traded a couple of hours
this morning for all afternoon.  Her son wasn't
due until after dinner and that made my earlier ideas totally within the
realm of possibility.  I only she knew what she
had just given me.  I tried my best to hide my excitement and conceded "Oh
well, I guess so.  Last night was so
special you deserve a little something.  But up at 9:00, no argument ok!"

She mumbled her agreement and rolled over to go back to sleep.  I took the
opportunity to make a small pot of coffee
and clean up the house a bit.  I even spent time in her room picking up
clothes that had been dropped in her hurry
yesterday.  I then hit the computer and logged into the internet.  I needed
to check the business hours of a few
special stores.  I was in luck.  My plan began to solidify.  I was just
thinking of having a shower when the phone

I had my own private line in my room but this was her phone ringing.  I ran
to get it, that was not unusual, I usually
answered her phone and took messages when she was away or occupied.  It was
her son.

"Hi guy!  How's it going?" I queried.

"Great, I'm having ball!  We've got big plans for the day.  Can I talk to my
mom?" He asked.

'I've got big plans too!' I though to myself with a snicker.  I answered
"She's still asleep, I think she had a big night
last night, can it wait?"

"Yeah, her and that dumb boyfriend, but I need to talk to her now, they're
leaving soon, please!"  His voice had the
urgency only a nine year old can have this early in the morning.

I took the cordless and made a show of knocking on my own door.  "Anne, you
awake?  Are you decent.?"  I got a
mumbled reply as I went to the bed.  I held out the phone and told her it
was her son.  She glanced at my bedside
clock as she took the phone.  It was 8:45.

I only heard one side of the conversation but it was obvious that her son
was asking for something special.  There
were lots of questions like "are you sure it's alright with them?", "What
about money?", "How long and what about
dinner?".  I could tell he was wearing her down.  He was winning.  Finally,
Anne conceded but wanted to talk to the
other parents.  There was talk of driving and paying back monies spent, etc.
  Soon it was all over and Anne handed
me the phone back.

"They are all going to a theme park all day.  They plan on staying for the
fireworks tonight.  He's staying overnight
again and they'll take him to school in the morning."  She seemed a bit
concerned but I saw her relax after she
thought about it for a bit.  She started to get out of the bed.  My mind was

"Oh it's okay, why not lazy back for a bit.  No need now for a 9:00 wake up.
  Knowing you, you'll be back asleep in a
minute.  I'll wake you about 10:00, sound good?"  I asked, not hiding my

"But what about..." Her voice trailed off as she began to grasp what had
just happened.

I couldn't resist a little dig.  "Good trade I figure, you get an extra hour
of sleep, I get an extra day of play.  You did
say if I let you sleep I could have and I quote - until just before my son
comes home."

Her eyes widened in shock and surprise "Oh you bastard, that's not what I

"Careful now dear, we can always start counting again.  Now get some sleep,
you are going to need it."  I walked out
of the room and closed the door.  I heard a whispered obscenity behind me
that I chose to ignore.  I did check back
10 minutes later and she was fast asleep.  She was definitely not a morning

I spent the time planning out a much more involved day.  I made a quick
check of Anne's closet to confirm one of my
suspicions.  I was right, she had a lot of dark clothes.  In fact, mostly
dark clothes and therefore she was missing a
critical item we needed for today, perfect.  I left everything as it was and
noted it was time to start our playday.

I made a cup of hot cocoa for Anne and nudged her awake gently.  "Come on
sleepy head, time for the inevitable."
She stirred and rolled over to open her eyes.  The smell of the hot cocoa
brought an instant smile.  "You okay with
the latest developments?" I asked.

She sat up and took the cup from my hand.  She took a sip and I could tell
she was formulating her answer.  I also
noticed her nipples getting hard under the see through neglige.  I could
only imagine what she was thinking about.
It wasn't pure thoughts, I did know that.

"Well, not really.  I think I've already gone far beyond what I thought we'd
do.  I know we have to do the paddle
thing, but I'm not sure about much more than that."  The sleepiness was out
of her eyes instantly, and they twinkled
mischiefly  as she said this.

"They don't seem to share the same opinion." I said looking directly at her
hard rock nipples.

She didn't even look down, she knew what was going on. "Oh damn you, can't
you at least let me pretend to say

"You'd better change your tone young lady!  That was your last freebie.
>From now one we pick up the count at
thirty.  Now get up, I want to see the results of last night."  That was the
second time I used that name in addressing
her.  I wondered how long it would take before she caught on.  I saw no
indication yet.  With a sigh she flipped back
the covers and stood up beside the bed.

With the sheer see-through nature of her baby dolls she really didn't need
to pull the panties down, but I didn't
complain when she did.  She turned slightly and pushed her butt out so we
could both see.  I was a bit surprised.
There was no sign of the second mark at all.  There was a hint of pink where
the first stroke had hit the one cheek.
Even the last stoke that dropped her to the floor was a simple light red,
almost pink line across both cheeks.  I was so
relieved.  I touched it gently and she didn't even flinch.

She spoke quietly. "Don't worry, I asked for it and you gave me exactly what
I wanted.  I thought I wanted
something harder, something to leave a mark for a few days.  You know a war
medal sort of.  Now I'm glad I didn't
get it."  She smiled and touched her own butt gently and added "Now of
coarse you know I have to get even!"

Without hesitation I replied.  "You can forget that young lady.  Not today
for sure and not likely in this lifetime.
Now this my last offer for a bit of pampering before we get down to
business.  Would you like a bath before we

"That would be very nice, thank you sir."  Still no response to my juvenile

"You have half an hour so better get that cute little girl butt of yours wet
fast."  This time I noted she picked up on
the little girl.  A raised finger at shifted to point at the bath stopped
the forming question.

Just as I had suspected she stopped by her room to undress and hang up her
baby doll before the bath.  On her way
out she thanked me for picking up for her.  Good thing I hadn't laid out her
clothes before that.  I heard her run the
bath and get in as I topped up her hot cocoa.  I brought it to her in the
tub and noticed she had drawn a very hot
bath.  Wordlessly, I searched the cabinets and found a selection of scented
bath beads.  Pink-lavender scent,
perfect.  I got raised eyebrows as a dropped a couple in the tub, but I left
before she could ask.

It was time to set out her outfit for the day.  I scoured her closet.  I
knew it was there.  I had seen it on previous
"scouting" trips.  I'd even tried it on once.  Too tight and definitely too
short.  It had to be something left over from
her school days.  After a bit I finally found it.  Covered over by other
skirts.  She obviously had no intention of
wearing it again, but then again she hadn't thrown it out either.  I found a
nice semi-sheer blouse and laid it out on
the bed.  I took the time to open the buttons and tie the front of the
blouse in a loose knot.

In her panty drawer I had trouble finding an appropriate pair.  Everything
she had was G-string, see-though or
heavily patterned.  Finally I found one pair that was close to what I had in
mind.  One more item, I found just the
right pair of thigh highs.  I laid them with the outfit on the bed.  It all
looked good, even just lying there.  No question
she'd figure out when she saw this, I chuckled to myself as I left the room.

She saw me coming out of her room as she stepped out of the bath and began
to towel off.  I avoided her
questioning eyes as I drained the tub and dropped my robe and got in to have
a shower.  I noticed that the hot bath
had removed even the last hints of last night cropping.  I was very glad for
that.  She looked too and smiled.  "Your
outfit for tody is laid out for you.  I'd also appreciate some appropriate
makeup and maybe style your hair
accordingly.  You have one half hour."  I closed the sliding door again
cutting off the forming question.

I waited just a bit before turning on the shower.  I wasn't disappointed.
"YOU PERVERT" she screamed from her
room.  "You've got to be kidding!" Through the shower door I saw her enter
the bathroom holding the skirt.

"You only have half and hour.  Make it look good our I'll add five for
insolence.  Besides that's the perfect outfit to
count to thirty in."  I turned on the shower drowning out any reply she may
of had.  I chuckled through my entire
shower.  Her bedroom door was closed when I came out and I went to my own
room to dress.  Today I was more
casual in a pair of dockers and polo shirt.  I went to refill my coffee and
at exactly the half hour mark Anne bedroom
door opened.

It wasn't Anne that came out.  The young lady that came out of that room
no-one had seen since high school back
in Wyoming.  Even back then I don't think she'd have had the nerve to look
like this.  I was very impressed.  She
had done an amazing job.  I cock jumped to attention and damn near shot its
load right there and then.  She say the
bulge grow and blushed and did a slow turn.  From top to bottom it was

Her hair was pulled back into a loose pony tail.  It was held in place by a
pint scrunchy and featured a crisp pink
bow.  Her face belied its real age and radiated behind rose blush and heavy
pink lipstick.  Her eyes done in a
youthful blue and big fat heavy mascara on the lashes.  She turned full
circle and batted her eyes at me to accentuate
the look.  She'd taken the hint on the blouse and it was only buttoned once
and then knotted above the belly button
to show a lot of smooth tummy.  She'd added a bra but it helped the look.
Again she chose a demi-bra that lifted and
presented her ample breasts and served to accentuate the cleavage.  I could
tell she'd even added some blush or
something to her nipples so that they were very visible through the top.
Silly girl didn't know what I had planned

The skirt was the killer.  Very short, pleated Scottish red plaid that
barely cover her pantied butt, she'd  changed that
too.  As she turned around I noticed she switched from the slightly more
sensible panties I'd found to a lacy Victoria
Secret G-string.  Another hint that she though we were staying home today.
The hose was perfect.  White seamed
stay-up thigh highs with an ornate pattern at the top of each leg.  Then
came the flaw.  She tried, but I had planned
on failure and she didn't disappoint.  She just didn't have anything to work

She noted me looking at her beige 3" sling back heels and spoke.  "I'm sorry
sir.  I know you like heels, but I just
don't have anything more appropriate.  Anything higher is black or dark
brown and looks horrid"

I smiled at her put on little girl voice and especially the last word.  It
was just so juvenile.  I looked her in the eye and
as I nodded approval I spoke "Very nice Annie, I even like the bra.  That's
okay, but why the panties?"

She giggled at me calling her Annie and then replied "Well, obviously we
can't go out with me looking like this so I
thought you'd like a little more cheek for your paddle.  I figured that
would make up for the bra.  I'm glad you like it.
My nipples are still sore and I need the support.  I touched them up a bit
and hoped you'd understand."  She added
"Sir" quickly before I could say a word.

"Call me mister today....all day.  I think that would be more appropriate.
Besides that's close enough to master for
me.  You were right about the bra, but wrong about the panties.  I prefer
the little girl look.  Change back and try a
pair of simple runners, I'll concede on the heels."

She giggled again and turned to do as asked. I got a great view of an only
half covered butt and I enjoyed the sway
of the skirt as she walked into the room.  I made my way to the front of the
house to enjoy her second entry.  Only a
minute later she came skipping down the hall into the living room.  Her pony
tail flipping up and down and she
ended in a quick spin that flared her skirt showing off only slightly more
significant sheer panties over a flawless
bottom and obviously shaved pubes.  She stood before me almost bouncing in
her canvas runners and giggled "A
regular sweet sixteen to count for you today mister."

"Nothing sweet sixteen about that." I replied looking at the crotch of her
panties.  The skirt was just too short.
"More like a fuckable fifteen if you ask me!"  That last remark got a
wonderfully played little girl pout and a
whispered "pervert" that I chose to ignore.  "Those still aren't the panties
I had picked out."

She spun around and bending over slightly displayed that gorgeous rump to me
again.  "I thought you'd like the
best of both worlds.  These look good for dress up and ....." She reached
back and with those incredible long sexy
painted nails tucked the back of her panties into the crack of her ass. The
elastic fought slightly but that only served
to lift and separate the cheeks into two perfect orbs.  My cock leaped to
attention as she added "and play."

My cock and balls were screaming at me 'Take her now, take her hard.
Please, please I got to go now.....'  I quieted
those voices and spoke my own.  "Fair enough, just remember it was your
choice.   You were right about one thing.
I do prefer heels, even in that outfit."  With than I reached into her purse
lying on the table beside us and took out
her billfold.  Before she could say anything I opened it and extracted her
driver's license.  I held the card up to her
and remarked.  "Yea right, like anybody is going to be fooled by this fake
ID.  You really think you could even
consider getting into an R movie with this.  And booze, forget it girl, not
a chance."  Still not cluing in she played

"Well, it was worth a try.  I'm sorry mister.  Is that why I have to be
punished like this?"  She was looking around.  It
took a minute but I figured it out she was looking for the paddle.  It was
time for the shocker.

"I don't suppose you have a purse to match that outfit so I'll take this for
you."  With that I stood and pocketed the
card.  I grabbed my car keys and made for the front door.

"Heh, wait a minute, where are you going?" She was close to fainting.  Just
like these little girls.

"We," I accentuated "are going shoe shopping.  You need a good pair of 4"
heels for that outfit.  Besides, what
fifteen year old would turn down a trip to the mall?"  I stood holding the
front door.

She stood looking at her reflection in the hallway mirror.  "But, but .....
We'll be arrested!  Me for indecent exposure
and you for ...."

"Contributing to the delinquency of a minor." I finished.  "Let me worry
about that and get moving before I start

Her skip was gone as she made her way to the car.  I helped her into the car
and got a great view of scantily covered
pussy as she tried to get in decently.  The skirt was just too short.

We drove in silence for a few minutes and then I heard a sigh that let me
know she had resolved herself to her fate.  I
took a chance and gave her an out.  "Care to call a color?"

"I'm thinking about it, just leave me be a bit okay?"  We drove in silence a
bit more.  I made my way south.  Pretty
soon a couple of turns made it obvious we were going back to the mall she
had been at the day before.  "Thank god
for that, at least you are not spreading it all over town.  I'm okay I

"I have to ask," I began carefully.  "Did you ever actually wear that to

"Only once, and that didn't work out so well."  She left it hanging.

I prodded some more "Did Mr. Murphy not approve?"

"It wasn't him."  The with a sign she told her story. "It was spring and the
first hot school day.  I was a bit shorter
then but not much so the skirt was still .... well you know.  It was hot, so
was I.  I guess I got a little carried away.  I
had Ms. Ferguson for history in the morning.  I didn't mean anything.  I
mean I never suspected.  None of us did.
But during the class I noticed she kept looking at me.  Not just looking,
you know, looking!  Anyway, I noticed and
well maybe it wasn't such a good idea I played with her.  I uncrossed my
legs and..... well from her angle.  And
maybe my legs opened a bit.  She didn't handle it very well.  The whole
class say her nipples get hard.  He even
stammered once.  I was getting a bit excited and I think that effected my
judgment.  Then I let myself slide down in
my seat and that pulled my panties tight against my .... well, you know.
Actually, I think it pulled them a bit too
much ... I think they slipped in a bit and she saw ..... well a lot more
than I intended.  That's when she dropped the
chalk.  That woke me up from my daydream and I noticed the whole class
looking back and forth at the two of us.  I
was mortified.  Ms. Ferguson was lost.  She was beet red and panting.
Everyone started to laugh.  Just then the bell

By lunch the whole school was calling Ferguson gay, a lezzie.  There were
talk all around school about us being
lovers.  That didn't last long because everyone knew I liked teasing the
boys.  I even did it more after that just get
myself off the hook.  Ms. Ferguson wasn't so lucky.  I guess the rest of the
school years was a nightmare for her.
She left the last day of school and never came back..  Now that I think of
it, there was a rumor that she moved to San
Francisco. But I figured that was just kids guessing because she was gay and

"Wow!" I exclaimed "You sure were hard on your teachers!  I'll have to
remember Ms Ferguson when we start
counting."  That remark got me a silent glare but then Anne fell deep in
thought, obviously thinking of the past.  We
drove on for another fifteen twenty minutes.

It was time for a bit of misdirection.  My plans required some cooperation
at the mall and I needed bait.  "Let me
entice you a bit.  Here's the deal.  I plan a quick trip to the mall.  Only
two stops.  If you play along and all goes well
it will definitely reduce the number of swats I'll give you.  You have to
admit thirty is a big number, remember the
club?"  It wasn't a lie.  She just didn't think to figure out the
implications of what I said, or how I said it.

"Yes," she nodded "I've been worried about that.  That third whip last night
taught me the difference between
fantasy and reality.  I'll do what you ask to reduce from thirty .....
Mister."  The last part of her reply was in a
wonderfully crafted little girls pout voice.  My cock started talking to me

I managed to get to the mall without stopping and raping her in the car.  It
wasn't easy but I made it.  She noted the
lump in my pants and decided to have her own fun.  She really turned on the
teeny girl thing.  She gabbed on about
this boy that and this boy this.  She talked about some of the other girls
at school and how they were so bitchy.  The
whole time she kept flashing me those panties and batting her eyes at me.
One time she even began running her
long nails up the in-seam of my pants.  I had to lift her hand away before I
drove off the road, came in my pants or

I parked on the second floor of the parking structure very near one of the
main doors.  She looked at me, took a deep
breath and blowing it out slowly whispered "Well, here goes, just protect me
please.  There's vultures in places like
this just waiting for little girls like me to feed on."  That remark told me
the game was on.

She took my hand as we walked to the mall entrance.  "I'd like the skip
back" I said without looking.  Not a word and
she began to skip along beside me.  The pony tail bobbed up and down.  The
skirt kept time.  Half a butt, full butt,
half a butt, full butt.  The skirt was just too short.  My cock threatened

I didn't know this mall well so we had to look around a bit.  Sometimes Anne
(Annie for today) skipped along beside
me other times she walked.  After a bit I figured it out. She stopped
skipping whenever we approached someone.
That way she was half way decent, barely halfway, but still better.  At one
end of the mall we were about to turn
around the walk the opposite wall when I noticed a group of young teens,
both male and female coming towards us.
I squeezed Anne hand a bit.  "Time to skip some more Annie" I was
immediately rewarded with a full salvo of eye
darts.  She'd been saving up since last night.  These ones almost hurt.  And
she started to skip.

It was perfect.  We both saw the look of shock, lust, and raging hormones in
the boys as Annie's scantily covered
pussy flashed into view.  The girls also registered shock and immediately
burst into giggles at the sight before them.
Then Anne and I turned and she offered half / full / half / full butt show
as we retreated back down the mall.  I could
feel the heat radiating from Annie's blush as I let her speed up a bit to
get away.  Then I heard he whisper loud
enough that I was meant to hear.  "I am going to kill you."  I love it when
a plan comes together!

"I guess the whole school is going to hear about that tomorrow.  Do you
think Ms. Ferguson will be upset she
missed it?"  That got total silence but a very hard squeeze of my hand.

We came up on a shoe store and Ii stopped to look in.  'No, not right' I
though to myself, and turned to walk along
further.  Annie looked at me questioningly but I ignored it.  A few doors
down I hit pay dirt.  Even the front window
featured lots of strappy looking high heels.  Better yet, a college aged kid
was working the front of the store.  I
turned to enter.  Annie noticed the young lad and whispered "Oh, you
bastard, that's not fair to either of us."  She
meant the college kid not me.  Annie was catching on.

I let go of Annie's hand and the kid approached trying desperately to roll
his tongue back into his mouth.  He
couldn't decide weather to stare at her big tits with makeup enhanced
nipples or her obviously shaved pussy not
well concealed behind the thin fabric of her panties.  Annie was regretting
that choice by now for sure!  He tried to
talk but it was too much for him.  He just stood there and stammered.
Finally Annie spoke up "Something in white,
very high heel, at least four inches please."

"Sssssize" our poor victim finally managed.

"You'll have to measure." I interrupted Annie as she began to speak.  That
got me the death look.  I just pointed at a
chair and Annie humphed as she sat.  The poor guy almost fell over himself
getting one of those little stools shoe
stores have to help the service people fit shoes.  He also got one of those
metal measuring sticks.  H e couldn't help
himself as he sat in front of her he was rewarded with a great view of her
crotch.  I could tell he was getting hard
already.  The skirt was just too short.

Annie did a good job of keeping her legs together as she extended one to the
kid and he unlaced the runner.  He
then had a bit of trouble measuring her size.  It's hard to read those
little numbers when your staring at a woman's
tits.  Finally he got a size and disappeared into the back room.  As he
turned to leave we both couldn't help but
notice an erection that was trying to burst through his zipper from the
inside.  Annie blushed.  We all saw that.  I
love it when a plan comes together.

While he was in the back room I found another of those little stools and set
it in front of Annie.  A little to one side
and a bit further away from her chair.  Her eyebrows shot up when she saw me
move the first stool a little wide out
and a bit further from her chair.  A raised finger closed her mouth before
she spoke.  "When he comes back I want
you to show me how that thing with the chair works."  Her look was obvious
confusion.  I continued.  "You know in
history class when you slide down and your panties ...."  Her eyes bugged
out so much I thought they'd pop.  Just
then he came back carrying a bunch of boxes.

He put the boxes down between the two stools.   Annie and I both noticed
he'd taken the time to rearrange himself
for comfort.  Now his obviously blood engorged cock was hanging down his
left pant leg.  You could even see the
ridge at the base of the head through his tight jeans.  Annie was staring at
that and he noticed as he bent over to put
the stool back as he had placed it before.  "Leave it there, I thought I'd
help, it will be easier that way."  He shrugged
and pulled a pair of shoes out of the box.

They were perfect.  The same as the ones in the window.  Strappy with low
open toes and a very high thin heel.
There was even an extra set of straps above the ankle that hinted at a BD
theme.  It was love at first sight.  Annie
noted my pleasure and nodded also.  I reached into the box and took out the
other shoe.  As luck would have it I had
the left foot and sat on the stool to Anne's left.  He followed my lead and
sat on the stool to her right.  We both were
just a little too far away.  He reached down to adjust his stool but I
coughed loudly and got his attention.  Looking
her in the eye it only took one word. "Annie."

She never took her eyes off mine.  She had to slide quite a bit down the
chair and extend her legs apart to reach us
both.  She kept her butt firm to the chair and the panties pulled tight.  So
tight I thought they'd rip.  As she opened
her legs more to reach our respective stools there was nowhere else for the
panties to go.  The almost snapped past
the outer lips of her pussy.  Slick from recent shaving and the oil in the
bath beads the thin panty material slipped to
a skinny little strip that dug deep into her inner pussy and only just
covered her clit.  The impact of the fabric and
squeeze of her clit caused Annie to moan.  Her eyes tore away from mine and
she looked over at the kid through
glazed eyes.

She focused on him and I turned just in time to hear him utter "Oh my
god!!!!!!!!!" Anne and I both saw as his
already hard cock pulsed in his pants and we watched at he dumped a large
load of cum down his pant leg.  He
couldn't take his eyes off her crotch as his cock continued to pump a good
load of cum and the stain grew on the
top of his pant leg.  I really don't think he cared.

"I'm so sorry,"  Annie said in a genuine tone.  She still managed to keep
the little girl edge to her voice.

"Oh don't be Annie" He replied still panting and recovering.  "That's been a
dream of mine since I stared working at
this place.  I'll never forget you as long as I live."

"I hope not."  She said with a wink, and turning to me added "I guess that
means we'll take them."

I barely heard those last words.  She was still sitting there like that.
You could actually see the little bump where her
clit was.  All that pink and the smooth shaved crotch.  The whole outfit.  I
was having my own trouble.

"He'll never make it." I heard Annie say to the kid.  "Can I borrow your
back room."

"Sure, I'll box this up for you.  Take your time."  Came the reply.

"Oh he won't last long, I'm getting good at this.  And box the runners, I'll
wear the heels."  With that she took me by
the hand into the back room.  Stopping just inside the entrance she turned
me sideways so the kid could see me from
the front desk.  Just inside the curtain we were hidden from the front door
but not the rest of the shop.  With no
ceremony she dropped to her knees and used her teeth to pull down my fly.
"Damn nails, almost impossible to do
anything with."  The nails were very useful as she damn near ripped my silk
boxers down.  She then grabbed my
balls and squeezing them firmly in those sharp nails she popped her mouth
over my already pulsing cock.

It was my turn.  "Oh my god!!!!" I wheezed none to quietly and she bobbed up
and down on my shaft.  I didn't last
30 seconds.  It felt like it was coming from my toes as she swallowed it all
and licked me clean as I slowly came back
down to earth.  She stood and walked out of the back room as I zipped myself
back up.

As I stepped out of the back room I found her bent over giving the kid a
show as she buckled the straps on her new
shoes.  "That's the problem with older men, no staying power." She said in
that little girl voice.

I made my way to the front desk as Annie approached.  "How much for the
shoes?" I asked.

"If you don't get out of my store right now I'll call security and have you
arrested for assault and causing this
mess." He said looking down at the large wet stain on his pant leg.  "That
was my own fantasy come true and those
shoes were due to be removed anyway.  Seems no decent woman would buy them..
  Thank god you came along.
Now leave."

"Heh, thanks a lot but .." I started and a raised hand and a pointed finger
told me he was serious.  I was getting a
dose of my own medicine.  Anne and I made out way to the front door.  She
stopped and making sure noone way
looking straitened up her panties before making for the door.  Just as we
got to the door I say that a group of
teenage boys sitting by a fountain at the base of a big escalator that went
up two floors.  "Hold it Annie, I have an

Chapter VII

Anne stopped and out of the corner of my eye I saw her turn to first look at
me and then follow my gaze to the group
of teen males loitering around the fountain in the mall.  "Oh, oh" I heard
her whisper.  I smiled.  She was getting to
know me.  For her benefit I allowed my smile to broaden into a wide grin.
"Why am I suddenly nervous?" I heard her
ask herself.

I spoke casually to not attract any attention.  "Annie, I want you take the
escalator all the way up to the third floor.
Before the mid-point, about a quarter of the way up I want you to repeat
that little trick you showed me back at the
house with the back of your panties." That brought a gasp, but I wanted be
to absolutely sure she understood.
"Not too quick this time, take your time and use those long nails to really
tuck the material into that tight crack back
there.  Make sure that the boys get a really good show from behind you on
the stairs.  Oh, and give one of your
cheeks a real tight squeeze and scrape those nails all the way up.  I want
to see at least four well defined stripes up
your butt when I check later at the top of the stairs.  If they are not
there, I'll put them there later with the crop at
home.  Is that understood."

I turned to look at her and saw Annie's eyes wide in shock and fright.
"Yyyyyeess sir, but how do you know they'll
follow me onto the stairs?"

"Are you kidding?" I chucked. "They way you are about to walk over there,
your heels clicking loudly on the marble
floor.  Your boobs bouncing and giggling trying to flip out of that too
little bra you chose to wear today.  Your skirt
flipping side to side as your exaggerated wiggle exposing all your charms to
their hungry eyes.  I'll be astonished if
you won't have to step on their tongues to get on the escalator.  Besides,
if they don't follow you onto the stairs
there will be no need for you to do that thing with your nails and I'll have
to put a complete set of stripes on both
cheeks for you at home later.  Understood?"

Annie was staring at the boys who still hadn't noticed us and was nodding
very slowly.  "Here," I extended my hand
and gave her my car keys.  She glanced down at the keys in her hand and then
looked back at me inquisitively.
"Something for you to drop near the top.  You do remember how to pick them
up don't you."  She did a very good
impersonation of a deer caught in a car's headlights at night.

"Oh my god ........ what if they...." her voice showed an obvious strain and
a bit of fear.

"Don't worry, I'll be right behind them on the stairs.  I doubt they'll
notice me, I expect they'll be too occupied
elsewhere.  I want to you take seat on the bench at the top of the stairs
and I'll make sure they keep moving past you
then."  I put a strong emphasis on the last part to show her I could mean
business and would deal with whatever
mischief the boys may consider.

"Well .......  I still don't know ....." Anne was hesitating, it was a
pretty heavy scene.

"Annie, what color is your skirt?"  I asked.  It was like someone pulled a
plug.  Her eyes softened and her face almost
fell into a soft pose.

Looking down at micro-mini kilt around her waist, she replied "It has
suddenly become very yellow, sir."

"Okay," I offered. "Let me give you a choice.  You can either put on the
stripes on one cheek as I described, or if
you'd rather I'll put them on both cheeks for you later."

"Oh geeeee thanks.  Some choice!" Her voice was quite sarcastic, but I let
that go.  She continued.  "I learned now
much that hurts last night.  Like that's really a choice at all.  I guess
I'll have to cause some more laundry stains."
She didn't even look back towards me as she pulled her blouse down tight,
stood up straight throwing her shoulders
back to accentuate her boobs and stepped proudly out of the shoe store.

In two steps she had their undivided attention.  Her heels clicked loudly on
the marble and it was like someone rang
the feeding bell at the shark tank.  I couldn't blame them.  It was like a
scene out of grade A porn movie.  The skirt
was flipping from side to side showing everything.  Her ponytail was bobbing
in a sort of adolescent wave.
Everything was wiggling and giggling like only a woman like that can do.  My
cock sprang to attention so fast it
almost hurt.  And I was only seeing the back end.  I could only imagine what
it was like from the front.  Thrust out
like that, her tits must have been putting on quite a show for those boys.

I was right on all counts.  She did have to step over their tongues to get
on the escalator.  At least that's what it
looked like and she gave them and exaggerated bump with her hip as she
strutted by.  They almost knocked each
other down fighting to get on the rising stairs behind her.  They certainly
didn't notice me immediately behind them
as they stared at her ass that was fully exposed under the skirt just above
their eye level.

Annie didn't disappoint me or herself.  Part way up the long rise she looked
back over her shoulder and seemed to
be looking at the boys.  What they didn't realize she was boring a visual
hole directly my eyes.  Her left hand came
round and very seductively her palm raised the back of her skirt and she
used those incredibly long nails to slowly
tuck the back of her panties into the crack of her ass.  The boys gasped and
jeered but I was surprised that those
comments and a low whistle were all very quiet.  I guessed they were just in
shock.  That didn't last.

Annie let her hand slip down to the base of her left cheek and starting at
the crease at the very top of her leg she dug
her nails in hard.  Now I gasped.  It was harder and firmer than I had
requested or expected.  She very slowly drew
her nails back up her backside leaving four very red angry lines up her
cheek.  The boys lost it.  (I almost did too).
They were a bit louder this time with cat calls, jeering, and I head more
than one whimper.  Anne's eyes left mine and
I saw her look directly at the boys and wink.  She was playing for keeps.

As we crossed the half way point at the second floor I noticed a middle aged
couple coming down an adjacent
escalator that crossed at that point.  It was only natural that the man's
head turned up to watch Annie's butt going
up above him. His wife's head turned up too but it had a look of disgust
that I noted and enjoyed.  I wondered if
Annie had noticed them.

It was just then that she chose to drop the keys.  With a loud "Oops!", loud
enough for all to hear she bent over at
the waist to pick them up.  That's when we all got a bit surprise!  I didn't
notice her doing it but she must have
tucked the front of her panties off to one side of her pussy.  When she bent
over the panties disappeared from view
and we all got an eyeful of hot, wet, pink, wide open snatch.  Even the clit
was fully exposed and glistened in its
wetness.  To add to all of our discomfort, Annie brushed the keys and
knocked them down one more step so that
they rested between her two high heel shoes.  With amazing agility she bent
over almost double and with her head
between her legs looked directly at the boys and licked her lips.

That was it.  I hear a explicative from both the wife and husband on the
other escalator and the boys were now
jeering and whistling aloud.  I had to raise a hand and point out to Annie
that she was at the top of the stairs.  That
got a pout as she grabbed they keys and very calmly walked off the right to
sit on the bench.  I readied myself for
what I guessed might happen next.  I was very surprised when all three boys
almost ran past Annie and without a
word turned and exited the mall.

I sat beside Annie and looking after the boys sighed "I wonder what gives?"

"I won!" came a very snide and crisp reply.  I turned back to Annie and
raised an eyebrow.  "I forgot how easy little
boys are!  You men are all the same.  The first one cam in his pants when I
stuck my nails in my butt.  The second
one followed before I got to the top of the cheek  with my nails.  The last
guy was a little tougher, and bigger.  I
guess you couldn't see but his erection grew right to the top of those
stupid low slung jeans he was wearing.
Another half and inch and I'm sure I would have seen purple.  She was very
hard, obviously excited, but trying to be
cool.  He didn't survive the keys.  When I licked my lips he shot all over
himself.  I saw the wet stain grow under his
T-shirt all over his chest and abs.  It was like a wet T-shirt contest.  One
spurt even got out and he has cum dripping
on the front of his shirt.  God he came hard, and lots!  It looked like a
quart!  They won't want anybody to see them
now.  Wonder what mommy is going to think?"  Annie was giggling and
obviously very proud of herself.  It was
time to regain control.

"Yes, but did you see the other couple on the stairs?"  That knocked her
down and the suddenly wide eyes told me
she was unaware.  "Based on what they said about your little show we better
not hang around here too long.  Mall
security may not approve of your 'slut on parade' routine."  That got a very
exaggerated pout, but the look in her
eyes told me she was a little scared too.

"Okay" I continued "One more stop and we are out of here."  Noone was around
so I just reached down and raised
the front of the skimpy mini.  She had rearranged her panties which still
didn't do much to hide her shaved crotch.
And she had her own wet garment contest going on.  "Annie!" I exclaimed in
mock shock.  "That's disgusting!  I
can't let you sit in my car like that.  You'll leave a wet spot on the
upholstery.  Now get down to Victoria's Secret and
pick out a nice replacement.  Something very lacy, sheer, and showy.  I have
something to do, so you head on down
there alone.  Take your time look around check out several items.
Especially those on hooks high on the wall.  I want
lots of reaching up high and stretching those wonderful legs.  I want every
eye watching your every move when I
get there.  Oh and meet me at the front of the store with your favorite
picks.  Take a couple, my treat."

Annie brushed her skirt back down and looked around nervously.  She started
to speak but a raised hand with first
one, then two and three fingers told her I was ready to count.  She gave me
a nice little girl pout, a simple "Yes
Master" and started back towards the escalators.  She had to go down a
flight and about half way down the mall
which, would give me just enough time.  I punched the redial on my cell and
got the number I had set up before.  I
was in luck, the manager answered.

"Hello, I don't have much time, do you remember you special visitor from
yesterday?"  I hated to hurry but it had to
be quick.

"Oh yes, I'll never forget her" came a lusty reply.

"Well she's coming back.  I need you to keep everyone away from her.  Offer
no help.  Just stand back and enjoy the
show.  If all goes well you will be greatly rewarded.  Are you game?"  I
asked, already knowing the answer.

"Oh you have my full cooperation, this I got to see.  How will I recognize

"I don't know how I'll work our little surprise, but I need you to play
along.  Just follow my lead and let me set it up
okay?  And I figure if you look up right about now you'll not need a
description."  I waited.

"Oh my god.  Have you no shame?  That's positively ....  I've got to go and
warn my staff.  I'll follow your lead,
bye."  With a click the phone was dead.

I was already walking towards my car.  I hurried a bit, recovered the bag
and walked very quickly to the Victoria's
Secret store.  When I got there Annie was in full parade mode.  She had
everyone attention that's for sure.  I even
got a little show as she reached high on the wall to recover a skimpy panty
/ bra combination only to look at it
fleetingly and then reach back up to replace it.  She turned and flashed me
a smile confirming that last little act was
for my benefit.  Then as I hoped she almost scurried to the front of the
store to meet me.  She was carrying several
items still on the hangers.  "Please, please" I thought to myself.  I slowed
down, just a little.  She was nearing the
front of the store.  The manager was watching us both.  It was going to

I winked at the manager.  Annie saw it and a confused look crossed her face.
  She wasn't paying attention and she
took one step too many.  The alarms went off.  The anti theft tags on the
items she held did their job for me.  The
manager snapped to attention and almost ran to the front of the store
cutting off several of her staff.  Anne stepped
back into the store and the alarm stopped.  Normally, this is no big deal.
I know it happens all the time, but for Annie
it was not good.  She just didn't know it yet.

"Sorry, guess I got too close." Annie said to the manager as she appeared
beside her.  I want Annie's face go to full
blush as she recognized the woman from the day before.  She actually
stuttered something unintelligible as I stepped
up before them both.

"Annie!, not again, when will you ever learn!"  You could have knocked her
over with a puff of air.  Her face dropped
and her eyes bulged in shock.

"But, but, I was ..... I was going to pay" Anne almost cried.  The manager
smiled as she caught on to my game.

"Oh, and how were you going to pay?" I asked.  The manager picked right up.

"I don't see a purse" she commented aloud "And god knows there's nowhere in
that skirt for a pocket.  We can all
see that there's not even a credit card tucked into the waist band of those
skimpy panties young lady.  You've been
doing a good job of showing us all that since you walked in the place."

Annie's blush went from red to purple and she started to snivel.  I love it
when a plan comes together.

I turned to the manager and with as strait a face as I could manage spoke as
if Anne wasn't there.  "I'm very sorry
about this.  I've been having a lot of trouble with her lately.  You know
how it is.  At this age these girls get so ....
impulsive.  I've being trying to keep her good, but I'm getting complains
from school and now this."  Anne's eyes
bugged even more with that last comment.  I could tell she was looking for a
crack in the floor to disappear into.  "I'm
glad I picked this time to drop by.  We need to speak to the manager."
Anne's eyes bulged even more, they were
threatening to pop out.

Anne tried to get a word in "But, but, it's not my fault, you told...."

"You be quiet young lady, I'm trying to keep you from getting a police
record or worse yet, jail time."  Anne stood
there mouth agape and was shaking just a bit.

"That would be me." the manager spoke, not dropping even a hint that this
was a complete setup.

It was time to give Anne the bad news.  "Pleased to meet you.  I was just on
my way home after buying something to
help me with just this little discipline problem.  I decided to drop by and
apologize for this young lady's behavior
yesterday."  I got two slightly confused looks and then the manager's face
went to a broad smile as she obviously
remembers some fond memories from the day before.  "It seems that Annie was
here yesterday shopping and
something happened.  I'm not sure what, but when I saw her later in the day
she was rather vocal about it.  Actually
she was very rude!  She said some very unpleasant and rather insulting
things.  Do you remember Annie?  How
many bad things did we count you saying yesterday?"

My stare demanded an answer.  Before she thought about it she whispered
"Twelve" then gasped when she realized
what she had just admitted to.

"Well at least you've come to your senses and are ready to atone for your
sins.  Come to think of it, I can't imagine a
better punishment that one delivered by the person you spoke so badly
about."  I held up and opened the small
black paper bag I was holding.  Both girls looked in.  "Interested?" I

Anne's response was priceless "Oh my god, you can't be serious!"

The manager chuckled aloud and replied with the expected "Oh yeah, I'm more
than interested!"

Anne's eyes did a dance.  They shot from me, to the manager, to the bag,
back to the manager who was grinning
more and more and then finally back to focus on the black leather paddle in
the bag I was holding. Her eyes came
slowly back to mine and she said "Orange".

The manager looked at me inquisitively as I  took a second or two to figure
it out.  I spoke to the manager.  "It's a
code we have.  Orange is more than yellow but not quite red.  She's scared.
If she says red it's all over.  We all quit
and walk away.  That's my promise to her."

The manager reached into the bag and fingered the handle on the leather
paddle.  Not hiding her lust she said softly
"Oh, that would be too bad."

"Pink" called Annie.

The manager spoke directly to Annie.  "Oh come on.  I won't really hurt you.
  It would just be ..... well you know how
I feel about you.  And I think you are more than a little curious yourself.
So lets play just a little.  Twelve, no more
no less.  What do you say?"

"I am going to kill you, you do realize that don't you" That was Anne's
answer and promised retribution as she took
the bag from my hand and turned to the manager and added "Where?"

"Follow me young lady." Came the reply with an air of authority she marched
Anne into the back room.  A moment
later a young college aged girl came out of the back room carrying the black
bag and the garments that had gotten
Anne into this trap.  She put them on the main counter and began whispering
to her fellow shopmates.  From her
jesters and pointing into the back room I could tell that Annie was now bent
over a chair or desk in the back room
and that the girl had seen the paddle.

WHACK ..... "OOOOOWWWWWW" Every head in the place turned to the back room.

Whack ... "Damn lady that hurts....." Whack, whack, whack..   "

"Janice, I need you" I heard the manager call.

All the girls giggled.  I noticed they were all blushing.  I also noticed my
own raging hard on getting ready to burst.
The girls behind pushed the same college girl towards the back room.  With a
"humph" she entered.

It was silent for a bit and then I heard a SLAP.  That was followed by

A moment later Janice walked out of the room and looking around the room
spotted me and started over.  As she
approached we all heard WHACK "mmmmmph", whack, whack. "Mmmmph mmmmph"

I lost count as Janice spoke.  "She was being too loud"

"Gag?" I asked and then added "What?"

Janice held up her hand to me and I could see it was very moist.  "Her
panties were absolutely soaked!  She didn't
like that at all.  I'm not sure what she said as I pushed them deep in her
mouth but I'm sure it wasn't nice.  I slapped
her hard.  I guess I have to tell you the count will now be thirteen.  My
boss figures she shouldn't be deprived just
because Annie can't keep a civil tongue."  And then with a sign she added
"God that's hot!"

"Envious?" I asked.

"Oh yeah, you should see the scene back there.  What a turn on. Now I'm
getting wet too" She stopped suddenly as
she realized what she had just admitted to a total stranger.

"Oh don't worry I wont say anything.  Too bad the boss gets all the fun

"Who said I was envious of the boss!" Janice said with a wink as she turned
and walked back to the counter
wiggling her very nice tight ass for my enjoyment.  The day was full of

I noticed all had gotten quiet.  The manager reappeared at the door to the
back room and made no attempt to hide the
paddle as she walked to the counter.  The girls behind the counter gasped as
she dropped the nasty looking tool
into the bag.  Several customers noticed too and were whispering.  The
manager said something to Janice and she
took a G-string from the collection Annie had been holding earlier and went
back into the storage room.  A couple of
minutes later Anne appeared.  She was walking very slowly and was red faced
from more than just blushing this time.
Her eye makeup had suffered some tear damage.

"You okay?" I asked as first Anne and then the manager reached me.

"Oh yeah, it was just a little more than I expected.  I'll be alright in a
minute.  Can we leave now?"  Anne was still
sniffling just a bit.

"Tell him!" the manager ordered.

"Please no!" Anne pleaded but this time it was the manager's stare that
demanded more.  Very softly, in a very low
whisper Anne turned to me and admitted "I cam on the tenth swat."

It was my turn to gasp as the manager held up a very moist finger and added
"With a little help."

Still whispering Anne continued "I cam very hard Mister.  That's why I'm
having a bit of trouble walking in these
heels.  The spanking wasn't that bad.  I'm glad it's over, but now I need to
get home."

"Who said the spanking is over.  That was twelve, there's eighteen more" I
corrected her.

"But you said if all went well I would get less.  You did, I remember."
Anne was getting jumpy again.

"That's not what I said." I said with a big smile.  "I said that if all went
well I'd not be giving you all thirty.  Isn't that
more accurate."  Annie gave me the drop jaw, wide eye, oh fuck he got me
look again.

The manager signed "Damn I'd love to watch that."

My mind was racing.  "Annie, why don't you sit on the bench over there while
I pay for your selection and then
we'll head straight home, promise."  Annie gave me a wonderful pout that
told me she didn't want to be left alone
but then walked over to the bench as requested.

I walked back to the counter with the manager and whispered "You seem to be
enjoying this.  Would you like a little
more role playing fun?"

"Are you kidding!  All of this and more is on the house.  How can I stay
involved."  She was very enthusiastic.  The
plan was hatching in my head quickly.  I laid it all out for the manager as
she boxed Annie's new lingerie and
pretended to ring up the purchases.  When I was all done she smiled broadly
and confirmed.  "You couldn't keep me
away it you tried.  I have to finish a few things here and then a quick
costume change and I'll be there in an hour.
Please don't start without me."

"Oh don't worry, this will be the crowning glory to the whole weekend.  See
you then."  I picked up my black paper
bag from earlier and winking to Janice behind the counter said "I'll come
back soon and we'll talk."  I picked up the
new lingerie boxes and joined Anne in the mall outside the store.  I don't
think she was comfortable with my
Cheshire cat grin as we walked out to the car.

I held the door for her as she sat very gingerly on the seat.  "I guess it
was a bit harsh after all?"  That got a quick
eye bolt as I closed the door and made my way to the other side of the car.

We were pulling out the parking lot when Anne sighed and spoke out of
character for the first time in hours.  "I can't
believe we just did that.  I can't believe you actually let her do that to
me.   That poor guy in the shoe store he's a
mess.  And those boys on the stairs, if they ever see me again I'm done for.
  What were we thinking?"

"What do you mean we, you're the one having all the fun."  That got another
sharp look but a raised finger stopped
any other words.  I also saw that it dropped Annie back into character.
Time for a little head game.

"Annie," I started "You never did tell me why you came home early from
school today.  When I asked earlier you
mumbled something about history but I didn't catch it.  You're going to have
to tell me eventually you know."
Before she could answer I held up my hand and added "Never mind, we'll
discuss this later."  I made a point of
fingering the black paper bag that held my leather paddle.  Now I knew Anne
wasn't happy with my Cheshire cat

We drove the rest of the way home in silence.  Anne was visibly nervous as
she kept stealing sideways glances at
the black paper bag on the seat between us.  If she only knew the whole of

Chapter VIII

When we got back to the house I did a quick check around before opening the
door for Annie.  I didn't really want
the neighbors to see her like this.  Well, maybe secretly I did, but that
would be too much humiliation even for Anne.
I did help her into the house as she was still having a bit of trouble with
the very high heels.

When we got in I suggested she freshen up and fix her makeup.  She decided
to completely wash up and start anew.
I reminded her I really liked the little girl look and she promised to stick
with the theme.

While she was occupied in the bathroom and her bedroom, I set out a few toys
and prepared for the grand finale.  I
found a nice bottle of white wine and poured a couple of glasses.  I was
rewarded with a bright smile and a thank you
when I dropped off a glass at Anne's makeup table.  "You're a little
underage, but it should be okay.  Just a little and
only this once.  I need you to relax a bit so we can get to the truth about
today."  I turned and left the room before
she had a chance to respond.

I went back to the living room and selected a few CDs to provide a little
background music.  Nothing special just
quiet music to kill the deafening silence.  Just as I sat down on the couch
I heard Anne coming down the hall.  I love
the sound of very high heels when a woman walks.  I shifted forward so that
I presented a lot of lap.  As Anne
entered the room I patted my lap making it clear where she was headed.  She
rolled her eyes back, and gave me an
exaggerated pout and set her near empty wine glass down on the table as she

Her makeup was perfect.  Again, she had applied pink rouge, high gloss
lipstick and redid her eyes to recover from
the earlier tear damage.  If anything, the mascara and lip gloss were
heavier.  I also smelled some very flowery
perfume.  That was something new.  Nothing sophisticated just a simple
little girl scent.  Annie was playing well.

She walked up, stood directly in front of me and gave me a very childish
curtsey.  I knew she would misunderstand
and as expected she turned around to sit on my lap.  I cleared my throat
loudly and her head turned and she caught
me shaking my head no.  I pointed to a spot on the floor just to my right.
She walked over and stood just beside me.
I patted my lap again.  The lights came on.  With a "harumph" she lower
herself down and lay perfectly across my

The skirt was so short I really didn't really need to flip it up.  I did
anyway just for effect.  I was rewarded with a
wonderfully rosy pink pair of cheeks.  She had changed back into the
G-String panties she had put on earlier this
morning.  Even though I knew they were fresh I could see they were already
getting moist.  I laid my open hand on
her cheek and as suspected it felt a little warm.  "Tell me what it was

I continued to lightly rub Anne's butt as she replied.  "She really didn't
hit me that hard.  I squealed and fussed a bit
because I knew she'd like that.  That sort of backfired when she called that
Janice in. That little bitch actually
enjoyed pulling my panties down and shoving them in my mouth!"

"Watch you language young lady, you're in enough trouble already"

"Sorry sir I mean Mister, oh forget it Master!, But she actually rubbed her
hand all over me and then made me watch
as she sniffed her fingers and then wiped them on her blouse.  She told me
she wanted to enjoy the fragrance of my
cunt for the rest of the day!  Then that other woman started really spanking
me again.  I just couldn't keep quiet. I
guess even with the gag you heard me outside right?"  She looked back over
her shoulder to see me nodding and I
caught a little blush.  "Well, then it really got to me.  And ..... she
touched me ..... well you know where, and right
after a particularly hard spank I cam.  Oh god, I cam.  I was screaming into
that gag.  I'm sure I must of squirted all
over her hand.  She gave me two more quick hits and then pulled the gag from
my mouth so I could breath.  She used
my already soaking panties to wipe her hands and my .....  Well I was very
wet.  Then she left and you know the

Anne didn't see, but I caught a glimpse of movement in the front yard
through the drapes.  "Okay, at least you were
honest about what happened there.  Now get up and kneel in front of me."
Anne immediately complied and I looked
down at this poor fifteen year old wannabe and was flooded with my own high
school memories.  I pulled myself
back and got back into role.  "Now about school this morning ..."

I couldn't have timed it better with a stop watch.  There was a knock at the
door.  Anne's head snapped around in
complete surprise.  "Oh no! Not now!  I'm actually ready for this."  Anne
looked back at me and said "maybe if we
are quiet they'll go away."  Poor girl, if she only knew.

"Annie, don't be so silly.  Get up and answer the door."

"What! Me!  Like this.  I can't be seen like this.  No your kidding.  I just
can't.  No please."  My scowl and pointed
finger finally shut her up and she got up to open the door.  She opened it
just a crack at first and peered around the
door to look out.  A look of total confusion washed over her face.  She
stood back and the door swung wide.  Again,
we caught Anne mouth agape and the bug eyed deer in the headlights look.
She didn't move, just stood there

"Well who is it Annie?" I asked.

"Yes Annie, aren't you going to invite me in." Came a soft feminine voice
from beyond the door.  Anne stood back
and still too shocked to speak, held the door for that person to enter.  She
took one step inside and as Annie closed
the door behind her said  "I'm very sorry to bother you at home sir.  But we
need to talk.  I'm Ms. Ferguson.  I'm
Annie's history teacher.  May I come in?"

It was my turn to be blown away.  She was Annie's high school history
teacher.  She was my high school history
teacher, she was everyone's high school history, or geography or english
teacher.  She mentioned a costume change
back at the Victoria Secret store but this was incredible!   She had pulled
her hair back into a tight bun and sported a
pair of dark heavy rimmed round framed glasses.  She had on a dark blue
business skirt suit with a single breasted
jacket and a skirt that came to mid-thigh.  Dark seamed hose and very
pointed high heel shoes completed the
ensemble.  A hint of lacy camisole and the seamed hose suggested a VS
treasures hidden from view.  She was
perfect.  She looked every bit the young recent grad teacher trying to look
older than she really was.  She even was
carrying a couple of manila folders, a school binder and a pair of high
school text books.  God knows where she got
those, but it completed the look perfectly.  And she was sexy.  Damned sexy.

I had taken a good minute to look this lady up and down and I finally got
back my voice.  "Annie, where's your
manners.  Take the lady's books and offer her a glass of wine."  Still
speechless Anne took the books and set them
on the table.  She picked up her own wine glass and finally managed to
stammer out "I, I, would you .... oh my."

"Yes dear, a white wine would be very nice."  Our fake teacher spoke so
feminine and formally.  This girl was good.
Anne left the room to get the wine and after we both lost sight of the
little flipping skirt the teach turned to me.
"What do you think?"

"I think I want to fuck Annie's high school history teacher!  You look
fantastic.  She's completely lost it.  Did you
see the look on her face!"  My own enthusiasm was bubbling over.

"I'll take that as a compliment, but remember I'm gay as you both are about
to find out.  So the look is okay?" She
asked giving me a quick twirl.

"More than okay, it's perfect.  Now just play along.  I hope you don't mind
but I'm going to be a little hard on you
too."  I said with a smile to let her know I was up to no good.

"Oh I'm game for anything." She managed quickly as we heard Anne's shoes
coming back down the hall.  I was
going to have fun making her regret that last comment.

"Here you go Ms. Ferguson" Anne exaggerated the name letting us both know
she knew what was up and had
decided to play along.  I love it when a plan comes together.

Time to get things started I figured.  "Annie, it's a hot day.  First truly
hot  day of spring.  Your choice of an outfit
today ensure your comfort, the least you could do is offer to take Ms.
Ferguson's jacket."  That caught both of them
off guard.  There were two little tinges of blush.

Anne spoke first.  "Oh, but it's not that kind of suit.  It's not like a
man's suit.  She doesn't....."

"Now Annie, when will you learn."  I managed a fairly convincing scowl.  "In
this day and age of sexual equality you
have to learn to treat everyone the same.  If a male teacher of yours came
to the house you'd offer to take his jacket,
why should Ms. Ferguson be any different.  Now be quick about it before she
get too hot to relax."

Our teach was thinking about saying something.  My stare and small shaking
head was noted and understood.  She
turned to Anne and said "Don't worry about it dear, we'll just humor him for
now."  She set down the wine glass and
started to unbutton the jacket.

Anne looked like she needed to pee.  She was jumping back and forth from one
foot to the other and her eyes were
darting back and froth between our guest and me.  As the last button was
undone her gaze became fixed on our
guest as she slipped out of the jacket.

We both sighed.  It was the best of Victoria's Secret.  A very shear lacy
camisole with several thin spaghetti straps
on each side.  The straps had little silver, zircon encrusted VS clasps
holding them in place.  It was obviously part of
a set and I was really looking forward to seeing the rest of it.  For now I
was quite content to look at a perfect pair of
firm B cup breasts sprouting the hardest pencil eraser sized nipples that
were trying their damnest to drill holes in
that lovely see-through top.

"My, teachers sure dress differently than when I went to school.  Maybe that
outfit you wore today wasn't so bad
after all, Annie."  I managed to tear my eyes away from that chest long
enough to reach for my own wine glass.  I
was very aware of two pairs of eyes drilling into the back of my lowered
head.  I raised my head slowly to find myself
looking at two very blushing faces one of which also contained two very lust
filled eyes.  The teacher was beginning
to enjoy herself.

"Actually, that's what I came to speak to you about.  Okay if I sit down?"
I waved towards an arm chair that would
have her facing me just across the narrow room.  She sat and made a show of
crossing her legs.  The skirt hiked up
revealing the top of her hose and just the bottom part of a garter holding
them up.

'Oh perfect' I thought.  'How to keep myself in character in spite of that
show?'  I pulled myself back and pointed to
the floor just to my right. "Annie, you sit here."

Annie looked at the big empty couch beside me and then at the floor.  With a
"humph" she stepped over and with
her back to our guest she gave me a wink.  Turning around she matched our
guest's show of sitting down and sat
cross legged on the floor.  From my vantage point above I could see the thin
material of her lacy G-String trying in
vane to cover her crotch.  They were pulled very tight and looked to be
pulled in a bit.  With her legs crossed like
that I'm sure it was very open down there.  I could only imagine what it
looked like from across the room.  I didn't
have to imagine long.  I looked up at our guest and knew full well what it
looked like.

Our substitute teacher was coming very close to passing out.  Her face was
red, the blush was spreading rapidly
across her entire body.  Her nipples had finally managed to tear through the
camisole and were begging to be
pinched.  Her mouth was hanging open and she was very close to dropping her
wine glass.  Lust had taken over!
"Yes, you were saying?" I said snapping her back from where ever she was.
And we all knew that was between
Anne's legs.

"That's ....That's what I mean.  That's what she did to me today in school.
It just not right.  It's not proper.  It's just
not fair!"  What a perfect speech I thought.  I know she couldn't of been
ready for what Anne had done.  What a
perfect recovery.  Then I realized it wasn't play.  It was for real.  All
she had done was substitute school for store.
This girl was hot.

I turned to Anne "Was the reaction the same at school?"

"Pretty much.  It was humiliating.  Everyone in the class was laughing at
us.  I couldn't handle it anymore so I came
home early.  Now you know."  Anne finished and sat there staring up at me
begging for forgiveness.  No such luck.

"So, it was your fault then?" I asked and before she could answer I added
"Not only did you embarrass, pun very
intended, your teacher, but then you ran away from the situation and left
her to handle your problems by herself.
When are you going to learn?  Damn it girl, you have to be taught.  Get my

This time Anne's eyes almost did pop out of her head.  She stammered a "Yes
Master" almost leaped to he feet.  She
ran down to my room and we all heard a gasp as she went into my room.  She
came back holding the paddle and
shaking her head no.  One look told me she had seen the other toys I had
laid out on the bed.  She was begging no
wordlessly.  Poor girl, she didn't have a chance, it was going to happen.

Annie put the paddle in my outstretched hand and I immediately set it down
on the couch beside me.  It was show
time.  "Annie, you seem to enjoy showing yourself off to this teacher so
much, why not let her see everything.  Get
undressed, slowly."

Two faces looked at me in disbelief.  Our guest knocked back the last of her
wine and whispered "Oh yeah!"

Anne wasn't doing so well.  She hesitate a good thirty seconds and then
struggling with her nails began to
unbutton her top.  I saw the teacher move to help and I interjected.  "No,
leave her do it alone, it's more fun that

"Oh, I like your style." She replied.

"You ain't seen nothing yet." I said as I stood up and took her empty wine
glass.  "Here, I'll freshen that."

I came back carrying a full glass of wine and a few toys from my bed.
Neither Annie not the teacher saw the wine.
Anne spoke totally out of character "Oh fuck!"  Our substitute teacher
didn't even here that, she was trying to figure
out what it all was used for.  Anne knew quite well, which explained her
earlier reaction.

I handed the wine to our still wordless guest and dropped the toys near her
feet.  I took a pillow from the couch and
dropped directly in front of her crossed legs.  I then went and sat on the
couch and picked up the paddle in one hand
and took a sip of wine with the other.  "How many do you figure, Annie?" I
asked not looking up from the paddle.

"Eighteen, sir."

"I would have settled for ten, but if you insist."  I said that just to be
mean.  The I added.  "Assume the position!"

That's when I died.  Well at least that's what Annie tried to do to me with
her eyes.  I saw the color drain from her
face.  No blush this time.  We were way beyond that.  I waited. Inside my
head was screaming 'Would she, please,
please .....yes!'

Anne reached down and picked up the collar.  Even with the nails it didn't
take her long to get it fastened around her
neck.  'Practice makes perfect' I thought with a chuckle.  Bending over she
grabbed the spreader bar and showing
the same agility she demonstrated on the escalator she buckled both fur
lined cuffs around her ankles.  Standing
with her legs spread out and our fake teacher staring right into her crotch
she thread the chain with cuffs attached
through the D-ring on the back of the collar.  Her first sound was a small
squeal as the first nipple clip bit.   That was
followed by a second even louder squeal when the second one found home.

I looked over to our guest and saw she was panting.  They say ladies don't
sweat.  Either this was no lady or they
are wrong.  I watched as she actually squirmed in her seat.

Anne reached for the gag but I coughed loudly.  She looked over to see me
shaking no.  She shrugged her shoulders
and dropped to her knees.  Slowly she arranged herself so that her head was
directly at our guests feet.  She pulled
he knees up, farther, farther, finally until the nipple clip chain reached.
She thread it over the hook in the middle of
the spreader bar.  Then reaching back she found the cuffs on each end of the
chain across her back.  Several clicks
later it was done.  Anne couldn't get out of it now if she wanted to. And I
was going to make sure she did want to.

"Jesus H Christ" our guest exclaimed.  "I'm going to cum right now.  I've
never seen anything like that in my life!"

"Cum already, that would be a terrible waste wouldn't it Annie?" I asked.
Before she could answer I added "Do you
have anything to say to your history teacher now my little dear?"

Anne was really into it now.  In her best pouty little girl voice yet she
looked up at our guest and said "Please accept
this punishment as my sincere apology for what I did to you today."  The
turning to me she added.  "Eighteen good
ones please Sir."

I stood and picking up the paddle asked out guest "Care to count?"

I started softly.  Well, not too softly.  My first was about as stiff as the
last few that I heard back at the VS store.
Annie yelped and the teacher called one.  By the time we got to eight Annie
was near crying and her butt was a nice
pink going on red.  I took a break for all our sakes.  Even the teacher was
having trouble breathing.  Time to up the

I looked up into the teacher's lust filled eyes.  "I'm sure you would have a
much better view from down here.  Why
not make yourself comfortable on this pillow?"  Annie started to say
something but I gave her exposed breast a little
slap.  That pulled on the nipple clip and we got a big "Shit!" for that, and
she thought better about talking.

Our guest was hesitating, I spoke again.  "Oh don't be bashful, come here."
She stood carefully avoiding Annie's
body with her high hells.  "Turn around."  She did and I quickly pulled the
zipper down and her skirt fell to the floor.
She wasn't surprised and turned back slowly to face me.  I was right, it was
a beautiful matching three piece outfit.
Camisole, G-String and garter.  All featured the same silver-zircon
encrusted VS logo holding it all together.  The G-
String did nothing to hide a nicely trimmed bush over an obviously very wet
pussy.  Wordlessly she sat on the
pillow one leg on each side of Annie's head.  Annie was getting a nose full
of fragrance.

I reached over to the table and picked up one of the two gags there.  Not
the big red ball gag Annie had reached for
earlier, the other one.  "Annie, what's this?" I asked.

Annie had to turn her head awkwardly to see.  As she did so her lips brushed
against our guest's bush.  The
teacher's eyes rolled and she didn't hold back her sigh.  Anne saw the item
and with obvious disgust said "It's a
penis gag, master."

Time for the bombshell.  "Well, you are getting awfully loud, but this
rather inappropriate considering your crime
today.  Wrong sex I'd say.  So teacher, how's your biology, what's the other
sex from a penis gag?"

She didn't even have to think.  She immediately reached down and pulled her
skimpy panties to one side, then she
slid her hips forward and captured Anne's head between her thighs.  A very
muffled burst of sound from down there
told me Annie was not happy.  Our fake teacher looked up and with her own
Cheshire cat grin answered "Pussy gag
of coarse.  Did I get it right?  What do I get?"

"ANNIE!" I said loudly to stop her muffled complaints.  "There are ten swats
left.  If she hasn't cum by the time I
finish I'm going to go get my riding crop and work on your ass until she

The room was dead silent.  I took the paddle and rubbed in small circles on
Anne's now rosy pink butt.  Still nothing
happened.  The swat was the hardest I'd given her yet.  Even the teach was
surprised and exclaimed "Oh!"  But she
didn't stop.  Her eyes rolled mack and another low moan came out.  Anne was
eating pussy!!!!  I took my time and
enjoyed rubbing the paddle over Anne's other cheek..  The next swat wasn't
quite so hard.  The sounds coming
from our guest told me Anne's tongue had picked up the pace.  She didn't
last the third swat.  She grabbed the back
of Anne's head and mashed it into her crotch.  From all the slurping sounds
I heard with the gasps and moans I
knew Anne was getting a good taste of pussy juice.  Finally the teach leaned
back and panted to catch her breath.
Anne didn't stop.  I heard the continued slurping sounds and noted a little
surprise as the teacher looked down and
watched Anne's tongue continue to lick and suck at her pussy.  She looked
back at me and raised an eyebrow.  I
replied with another swat.  The teacher dropped her head back and we went
for round two.

I didn't make it past five.  The teachers obvious lust and moans, the
slurping sounds from Anne, everything that
happened all day caught up with me.  I stood up and in two seconds my pants,
shorts, shoes and socks were off.  I
pulled my polo over my head and knelt back down between Anne's legs with my
very stiff cock pointed directly at
its target.  With no ceremony or foreplay, hell not even a hint I shoved the
full length into her hot tight wet pussy in
one long thrust.  Anne screamed into the teacher's pussy and the teach's
head snapped up to see what was going
on.  I was already pumping.  Soon I realized Anne's tongue was keeping time
with my thrusts.  The teacher lost it
again.  Anne got another mouthful of juice.

Noone missed a beat.  I kept pumping and Anne kept sucking.  Then I felt the
teacher's finger as she reached around
Anne's side and started flicking her clit with her finger nail.  We all cam
together.  I cam hard and rammed a load of
cum into Anne's gut.  From the sounds of it you'd have thought it went right
through Anne's body into the pussy
of the teacher.  All three of us screamed and panted as we climbed the
orgasmic mountain, hit the summit, and came
rolling down the other side.  I fell back pulling my cock out of Anne's
pussy with a pop.  Anne fell to her side finally
giving up on her feast and the teacher sat motionless resting back against
the chair behind her.

I finally came back down enough to reach over and start to remove the cuffs
from Anne's ankles.  I slipped the
nipple clip chain from the hook on the spreader bar and through it to one
side.  I found the key for the cuffs on the
table and released her wrists.  I pulled the chain from the ring on the back
of the collar and with still shaky fingers I
managed to get the collar off.   Anne was coming back to earth now too and I
offered her a hand to stand up.

She looked so sexy standing there.  Nothing on but those very high heels and
white hose.  My cock started to stir
again already.  I reached up to remove the clips from her nipples.  They had
been there quite a while and I bet it hurt.
It was going to be worse when I took them off.  I tired a look of sympathy
as I reached towards her breasts.  Anne
spoke for the first time in quite a while.  "Not yet sir, we're not

It was my turn to look shocked.  I must have looked silly standing there
mouth hanging open.  Finally, I managed
"But, but they have got to be hurting."

"Oh, yes they sting like hell, you have no idea. ..... then again maybe you
do.  But, they have to stay on until you
finish.  We still have five to go.......  And it's time to make me....."
She trailed off and I noticed her face was a bright
red approaching purple.

The teacher spoke for me.  "I don't think he can dear.  He just likes you
too much.  It's just not in him, can't you

Annie humphed "Yes, I know.  Its just he was so good at it all day.  All
weekend in fact.  Pushed me a lot farther than
I thought I would go, a lot farther than I thought I could.  It's just that
this is a one time only deal.  I just know I'll
never do anything like this again and I have to ........."  The voice
trailed off again.

Our guest spoke again, very sternly this time.  "Okay Anne!  No more games,
no more little girl, how serious are

Anne's eyes bore a hole right back at her.  She dropped out of character and
returned to the real forty something old
divorcee said  "Very!"

The teacher stood and wordlessly turned the chair that had been her back
rest around.  As she stepped over to pick
up the paddle from where I had dropped it, Anne stepped over to the chair
and bend over the back.  She went to
assume the same position she had the night before with her arms looped
through the arms but the teach stopped
that.  Very sternly, showing no emotion she said "No, further forward,
elbows at the ends of chair arms.  Cross your
arms, head on top."  Anne immediately complied.

I looked over the chair and noticed Anne's breasts hanging down and swinging
slightly with each breath.  The
nipple clips and the chain between them swing free above the seat of the
chair.  The teacher walked over to the door
and recovered my key chain from the hook on the wall.  Now I understood.
That was a very heavy key ring.  She
wouldn't dare!

Stepping back in front of Anne she made a show of placing the hook of my key
ring over the chain between Anne's
breasts.  Again in a very stern voice she spoke.  "Just because they are
bigger than mine, doesn't mean you can
parade them around in front of me all day showing off."  With that she
dropped the keys and Anne didn't do a good
job of keeping quiet.

The teacher walked around back and waited for her to settle a bit.  "Now
Anne I want you count them and thank me
for each one."  She didn't wait for a reply.  The first swat was easily
twice as hard as anything I had given Anne in
the last two days.  Her left cheek went immediately to a bright red.  I was
amazed when Anne didn't scream.  She
actually was quite quiet.

After a second she finally said "Yeah, right, like I'm going to thank you
for that, you lezzie, slut bitch!"

Now you could have knocked me over with a puff of air.  It was a repeat of
that bit with the flannel shirt from the
night before.  She was taunting.  A raised eyebrow told me the lady with the
paddle was a bit surprised too.  The next
swat went beyond what I ever would have imagined.  It actually rocked Anne's
body forward on the chair and sent
the key chain swinging wildly back and forth.  There was no holding back the
scream this time.  If the neighbors were
home they heard it.  A quick sob from Anne and she said "Two, thank you Ms.

There was no break and the next, just as stiff blow erupted on the other
cheek.  "Three, thank you Mr. Murphy."
The teacher looked up at me inquisitively.  I just nodded indicating that I
understood and it was okay.  She shrugged
and turned back to the job at hand.  The next blow was just at tough.
'Jesus Christ, woman you're going to kill her' I

Anne was crying now.  I could see the tears hitting the seat of chair.  Even
my keys were getting wet as the swung
wildly back and forth tearing at her tortured nipples.  "Four, thank you
Miss Store Manager."  Our guest smiled as
she began to understand Anne was dealing with her own list of sins.  She
showed how much she understood as the
pointed at me with the paddle and then brought it down on Anne's flaming red
ass in the hardest blow yet.  Anne
screamed again and while doing so wheezed "Five, oh thank my wonderful room

I got a dose of my own medicine as our guest dropped the paddle and pointed
at the floor where I was standing
indicating that I was not to move.  She went around the chair and I heard my
keys hit the floor.  Anne was crying
fully now and only managed an extra whimper as the nipple clips fell to the
floor.  Anne struggled to her feet and the
two of them made there way down the hall.  I literally fell to the floor and
sat on the pillow trying to understand what
I had just witnessed.

A few minutes later she came back and dropped the white hose and heels on
the floor beside me.  I looked up and
smiled not knowing what to say next.  Her tone changed dramatically and was
back to the soft feminine voice we
heard earlier.  "She'll cry herself to sleep now.  She picked one hell of a
way to cleanse herself.  I think your games
are over.  Don't worry, it's what she wanted all along.  She'll be thanking
you in the morning.  Just don't pat her butt
for a few days. Okay"

I nodded agreement and noticed that she was dressing.  She finished silently
and the next time I looked she was
standing in front of me totally dressed.  She bent over and picked up the
school books, and paused.  I suddenly felt
very nude.  I grabbed for the nearest thing to me and covered my crotch.  It
happened to be the panties Anne had
discarded earlier.

Then she did it.  She only shifted her weight slightly.  Her high heeled
foot turned just slightly. The way she held the
books.  The jacket and skirt.  Suddenly I was fifteen again and a flood of
my own high school memories came back.
She snapped me back to the present with "I saw you looking at me that way
when I came in.  Who am I?"

It was easy to talk to her.  Dressed like that she didn't look anything like
the nasty bitch that had just tortured my
room mate.  "Miss McCready.  You came the first time as a student teacher
when I was in grade nine.  I had such a
crush on you, hell every boy there did.  You were young and you dressed like
it.  I think it got you in trouble with
the principle.  The second week you dressed a bit more conservatively."

"Two years later you came back as a full time teacher.  You dressed a lot
like that."  I said pointing at the vision
before me.  I looked again and noticed I could see up her skirt.  I saw the
open flesh at the top of the hose.  Tearing
my eyes away hoping to not get caught I noticed the lacy camisole showing
above the blazer.  "Without the special
extras I think.   Anyway, you taught English and Theater Arts.  You were the
main reason I became president of the
drama club.  Kinda the teacher's pet I guess.  Then you started dating Mr.
Leach.  He was our biology teacher.  It
was quite the talk in the school.  You both only lasted two years and then
left together.  We all knew you'd get
married and start teaching together somewhere else."

"I remember this field trip we took for science class.  You came along with
Mr. Leach of coarse.  We went to a swamp
to get some samples to study in class.  The road got too rough for the van
and we all ended up all piling into Mr.
Leach's jeep for the last couple of miles.  The Jeep was very crowded.  You
invited me up front with you.  That got
me a lot of teasing.  Everyone knew I was your pet. You were wearing those
damn little tight denim shorts.  This is
back in the hot pants craze.  You just shouldn't have done that.  It wasn't
fair.  And the flimsy little bra.  We could all
see how skimpy it was through the light V-neck T-shirt.  I sat between your
legs in the front seat.  The road was
rough.  I kept bouncing back against you.  I kept hitting your .... well
your breathing got funny.  And I couldn't help
it, it was the bumps.  My elbows kept hitting your ...... well the bra
didn't offer much protection.  One time you even
complained about me hitting your sternum.  The boys in the back seat loved
that.  I think you did it just to see me
blush.  That was the longest two miles of my life."

I finally stopped and looked down.  The panties were floating well above my
lap draped over the head of my very
erect cock.

She didn't miss a beat.  "Is that what you are thinking about right now
young man?"  Before I could gather my
thought and reply she continued "Look, I sent you back here to clean up this
dressing room.  Everyone else had to
get home after rehearsal and you volunteered to help.  I just stopped by to
see if you were okay on my way out of
the school.  And I catch you like this.  Just what the hell are you doing in
the girls part of the dressing room.  And
what's with all the lingerie and girl's clothes?  Why you pervert!"

I looked around and she was right.  Anne's shoes, hose, bra, skirt, and top
were all lying around me on the floor.  I
went to speak but was cut off   "And these, these look like,"  Reaching down
she grabbed the panties off my cock.  I
didn't bother trying to cover up again, I was too taken by her performance.
"Why you bastard!  These are mine.  I
lost them last week.  They disappeared on that field trip the science class
took.  They got so wet I had to take them
off.  I left them in John's, I mean Mr. Leach's glove compartment to dry.
God I was so wet I thought I'd leave a mark
on the back of your jeans.  You really enjoyed doing that to me didn't you

Her look told me she wasn't expecting an answer.  I just sat there looking
up her skirt and she continued.  "You hurt
me that trip you know.  Look I've still got a bruise."  With that she damn
near ripped off the blazer and thrust her
chest out at me.  The nipples were very hard again and trying to drill new
holes in that camisole.  "The sternum is
between my tits you silly boy.  You are going to need some extra help in
biology.  Maybe I should tell Mr. Leach
about this and we'll see how he will HELP you."  I shook my head no
vigorously. "And damn you these things are
soaking wet again.!"  She held the panties to her nose and took a big sniff.

"This isn't me.  You little creep, have you been jerking off into my
panties?  Don't lie, I don't smell like this."  She
shoved the panties under my nose.  She held them there rubbing the back and
forth for a minute.  Anne had done a
good job of making those panties very fragrant.  "I smell like this!"  She
dropped the books, pulled up her skirt and
stepped forward shoving her crotch directly onto my nose.  She came forward
so quickly my nose actually pushed
her flimsy panties into the crack of her pussy.  The fragrance was similar,
but not the same.  She stood there a minute
rocking back and forth on my nose.  I felt the moisture.

"Now look what you did.  That's twice now.  Once in the jeep and again now.
Okay little boy, you made the mess,
you clean it up.  She reached down pulled away from my face long enough to
push that panties to one side and then
forward again.  I didn't need to be asked twice.  I don't know if I did as
good a job as Anne had, but I did pretty
good.  I got my own blast of pussy juice when I licked sucked and then
nibbled just a bit on her clit.

She didn't even let herself settle down even a bit.  She stepped back turned
around and dropped down on my cock.
She impaled herself on me in one quick swoop that had us both moaning.  Then
she started to bounce up and down
on my shaft.  It wasn't fair.  I just couldn't hold it.  I didn't feel too
bad though.  She didn't last either.  We both cam
together.  Mine was bigger than her's but that didn't seem to matter.  She
just sat on me as we both came back down
to earth.

After a minute she stood up and picking up Anne's panties and used them to
wipe my cock and then her crotch.  A
few swipes and they were dripping with the combination of Anne's juices from
earlier, and the mix of my cum and
her's from this last session.  Smiling down at me she held them in front of
my face and when I went to ask what she
had in mind she shoved them in my mouth.  She shoved them deep into my mouth
and sneered "Here you keep
these, they're ruined now.  And finish cleaning up this dressing room!"

Then she turned, flattened down her skirt, picked up her books, and walked
to the door.  I just sat there and gawked
panties still in mouth as she opened the door stepped out.  She reached back
in to close the door behind her and
broke character for just a second as she smiled and said "Anytime you want
to play."

I left the panties in my mouth as I cleaned up the room.  It only seemed
fair.  I only took them out when I got into bed
to sleep.

The End.