After the Mall

by Ellie


Note from the Author:

This story takes place immediately after "The Mall".  The seeds for this
story line were planted in an earlier chapter
of that story.  The very different theme of this story line made it clear it
should be in its own shell.  Comments and
suggestions are always welcome.



Chapter I

I noticed the time on the hall clock across from me.  Sure enough it was
just after 10:00 and I knew the driver was due
soon to pick me up.  I had doubted him earlier when he said he'd be picking
me up at this time.  Well, he was right
and now I was waiting nervously for whatever lay ahead.

I was pleasantly surprised when my host showed up with a short cape that she
offered to loan me.  "A little
something to help you appear somewhat presentable in public." She said.  A
little turned out to be an
understatement.  I put it on and looking at the mirror to see heavily made
up male, wearing phallic chrome heels, legs
encased in more than a little tight leather bondage, in a very short cape.
The cape was so short it was obvious that I
was either nude or nearly nude under neath.  When I twirled the cope opened
and showed a glimpse of the slut maid
costume I was strapped into.

"Oh, thanks a lot, that really helps." I said very sarcastically to the
snickering backside of the woman that was
responsible for my predicament.  It had been a long day already and I
couldn't believe what I had endured (and
frankly enjoyed ) up to now.  And now I waited for the limo driver to pick
me up for .....  Well, I wasn't sure but I
knew enough to be nervous.  Damn him, he dared me, and with that word my
fate was sealed.

I heard the limo pull up and called back that I was leaving.  That got me a
chorus of "Bye, bye sweetheart, be good,
have fun.  See you in the morning."  The snickering that accompanied the
replies told me the girls were really
enjoying my predicament.  A load swat told me that they were beginning to
enjoy themselves in other ways too.  I
was pretty sure I would be better off staying and playing with them, but
that was not the plan.

I stepped out and walked carefully to the limo in my high heels.  "Watch
your step, one small slip could really hurt
the way you are all laced up."  I gave him my best pout after that comment.
"I wouldn't give me that look again
unless you want me fucking your face before we pick up your date," was his
quick reply to my pout.  "I may be strait,
but in that getup you could get me interested pretty quick.  You are one hot
cock teasing slut.  Now sit in the front
seat so we can talk."

I was a bit confused as he was holding the back door of the limo for me.  I
then realized the meant the back facing
seat at the front of the passenger cabin which would mean our heads would be
very close as he took up position to
drive.  I sat in the middle of the seat and spread my legs to be strapped in
as was customary with this guy.  He smiled
at my automatic position and said "Not yet, try to be comfortable while we
get there, maybe later ."

He went around to his side of the vehicle and a minute later we were on the

"I spoke to that client I told you about earlier.  I told him about your
special .... well you know.  I didn't give him any
details, but lets just say he knows what kind of a girl, or guy, or whatever
you are.  He sounded VERY interested.
Said it was too good to be true.  He really wants to party. Said he may even
have some fun with some friend of his."
He's offering a lot of cash if I can get you to agree."  The driver left it
hanging there.  Now it was up to me whether I
hung myself.

"I don't know.  I was nervous about just one, now it's turning out to be a
gang bang.  I don't think I can let myself
get into that kind of a situation."  I paused, seriously considering calling
the whole thing off.

"Oh, I don't think it's anything like that.  He's hinted he may want to take
his friend for a little drive and then its just
the two of you for a little fun, as he put it, later.  Besides, I'll be here
to make sure it doesn't get out of hand." He

"Well, okay, but if I call RED its all over.  I want out and I'm trusting
you to take care of them."  I said with more
bravado than I really had.

"Done." he replied.  "That's our code.  You call red at anytime and I'll
have you sitting back there alone so fast
you'll wonder where they went.  I've already told this guy I'd be looking
out for you and he said he could
understand that and wanted to have a chat with you first to discuss limits
and such.  Seems all a little crazy but sane.
Heh, what ever works for you guys and I get a couple hundred extra pocket
change."  Then he added "So, you have
something for me?"

"I'm supposed to give you my room key, but I left it at the front desk when
I went out earlier.  I wasn't planning on
any of this, and now .....  Well, its not like I can go up and get it
myself."  I let it come out as a plea.  I was hoping for
some help.  I should have guessed.

"Why not, they'll probably recognize you, then again maybe not." He

"I'll have to give them my name, my real name, dressed like this...  Please
help, they'd give it to you, you're my
driver.  Please" I was begging.

"And deprive you of the thrill.  Come on girl we're here and we don't have
much time.  Careful in there, those marble
floors are slippery."  He just looked back over his shoulder at me with his
teeth bared in a grin.  I decided I didn't like
him that much after all.

Damn, I was learning to hate marble floors.  My chrome cock-headed heels
clicked loudly drawing every eye to the
peace of trash that just walked into the lobby.  It was plainly obvious that
some guy up in a room somewhere was
expecting a visit from a girl that was going to provide some real pleasure
for an hour or two.  I kept my head down to
avoid disclosing my real sex to the ten or so pairs of eyes that were
riveted to me in my walk of shame.  That all
changed when I got to the front desk.

I had no choice but to look up at the young lady behind the desk and as
quietly as possible said, "Key to room 411

"Jesus H ..... my god.  You look!"  I seemed to be having that effect on a
lot of people.  She punched something into
the keyboard and looked at her screen.  "Ah yes, Mr.  Or should I say Miss,
or Ms.  Just what is it this evening?"
She reached into a drawer and held the magnetic key card to my room just out
of reach.  "Well, I'm waiting?"

I couldn't believe it, she expected an answer.  I tried to reach for the key
with a smile, but she pulled back and made it
clear I needed to further humiliate myself before I gained possession.
"Tonight I'm little Miss Sex Slave Maid." I
answered hoping that would suffice.

"Oh this I got to see.  Take off the cape.  Little Miss."  She waited, I
hesitated, she added.  "Now, before I call the
front desk manager and a whole lot of unwanted attention to you!"

I took off the cape.  She managed one of the better wolf whistles I'd heard
from a girl.  Thankfully, it was rather quiet
and meant only for my ears.  "I've got to give you credit, you've got balls.
  They don't look very comfortable right
now, but you got balls.  That is one hell of a get up.  Who's the luck man?
I dare you to walk out of here carrying the
cape, and here's your key."

I was really beginning to hate that word.  I reached for the key.  "Men is
more like it." I said and looking down at my
very exaggerated chest added "There's too much here for just one guy to
handle."  With that I turned, and folding
the cape over my arm I walked strait out of the hotel my the main lobby
doors.  My eyes remained glued to the door
handle the whole way out.  If I had let my eyes wander around the room at
all I would have melted in a puddle of

The driver was holding the door for me when I came out.  I handed the key to
him as I got in.  He thanked me snidely
and continued "I figured you wouldn't get out there unscathed.  Anyone you
know in the lobby?"

It wasn't until then that I realized what I had just done.  The hotel was
full of guests that had been attending the
same conference that I was.  There were a lot of people in there that knew
me.  There were some that would even
recognize me in a getup like this.  "Oh shit, oh shit" I thought.  My face
must have shown my thoughts.

"Don't worry about it." The driver said.  " I was watching the whole thing.
Except for the girl at the counter, noone
got a good look at your face.  Now your, shoes, ass, cock and balls, well
everyone saw those.  But your face, well
modesty is the best policy I always say."  He laughed at his own humor.  I
didn't think it was that funny.  "Now,
front seat, assume the position, it's not far to the other hotel."

I did as told and for the first time after I was all strapped in and spread
out exposing myself he did not open the
windows.  We went back to the big resort hotel where I had been earlier in
the day.  The driver pulled up to limo
parking, told me to stay put and went inside.  A minute later he was back.

"Your .... date will be right down.  Like I said before he want to talk
before we go for a little drive.  I'll close the
privacy window but I'll leave the microphone on.  He won't know it, but I'll
hear every word.  You say red and he's
outta here.  Whatever else is up to you.  All I want is a bit for my
trouble.  He's already said $500.  The first $200 is
mine, anything after that is yours.  Fair?"

"God, I'm scared shitless!" was my honest reply.

Through the darkened window I saw the shape of someone walking toward the
vehicle.  It was obvious we saw
dressed for the office in a shirt and tie.  The driver had gotten out and
held the door for him.  He climbed in and sat in
the seat opposite facing me.  I almost threw up.  My heart went strait to my
throat, my balls were pushing it aside
trying to climb out too.  I was about to faint.

I knew him.  Knew him, hell we both have been attending this same conference
for years.  He had presented papers, I
had, we'd had lunches together over the years.  We were not close friends
buy any means, but we were more than
strangers.  I was going to die.  My heart was beating so hard I barely heard
him speak.  "Wow, I thought I knew what
to expect, but you are something very .....  I normally like to be the one
tying the knots, but in this case," he looked
directly at my bound cock and balls, "I like the presentation."

My head was screaming 'Red, Red, red, you dumb fuck call red!'  I just sat
there speechless as he continued "So my
man there tells me you may convinced to play.  I'd like to rearrange some of
that and add a bit more if you agree.
Nothing too serious and no pain.  I believe in safe words and limits.  I
just want a little big city fun before I go back
to the bohunk place where I live.  Just in town for a convention and
tomorrow I go home.   One night, I'll make sure
you get something out of it too.  And I'll add $500 bucks for the pleasure.
What do you say?"

Nothing hinted he recognized me.  I remembered him always being a nice
enough guy.  'Don't be stupid!' my head
said, 'call red' It was actually a little safer this way.  I knew him, we
wasn't too weird, maybe.  And then the other
head started thinking.  'Add more to it' he had said.  More bondage, more
than this.  His talk of safe words and limits
meant he was a player.  I bet he has some gear.  Wonder what it's like?  The
other head liked those thoughts.

"I take that as a yes." my date said looking at my now throbbing cock.  It
was starting to fight its leather cage.
Betrayed again!  "Now there is one little extra thing I'd like to do on the
side.  There's this guy and well, for personal
reasons I've got to get something on him.  He's on his way to the airport.
I was going to offer him a ride.  On the
way you could .....  Well, is another $100 enough to get him a blow job?
But here's the deal.  I don't want him to see
that" he indicated my still throbbing dick.  "until after he .... and I want
to get a picture of you with a mouth full of
him when he sees your ....  That will ensure his silence on something that
happened the other night.  Are you game?
Oh I should add.  He's had a few drinks, so he won't be too hard to fool, if
you know what I mean."

The $100 bucks didn't really matter.  Well, not in the usual way.  Actually
taking money for sex.  Sex, that to be
honest I would have considered otherwise, especially if he had "made me" do
it.  I couldn't believe myself.  I was
actually considering trying to go through with this.  The other head may be
a lot smaller, but he can be very
persuasive.  I spoke in a low whispering tone to disguise my voice.  "Make
it $250 and I'll be pushing his cum back
into his own mouth with my tongue and I'll have my cock in his hands when
you take the picture."  If I was going to
pull this off, I had to make him think I was a local pro and this was all
for money.

"Oh, I like your style.  But how are you going to pull it off?  It's not
like that outfits hides anything." He asked.

Wordlessly, I slipped out of the seat belts and noted his raised eyebrows.
He liked my simple act of self bondage.
Keeping from looking at him directly in an effort to avoid detection I knelt
between is knees and made myself
somewhat comfortable with my ass on my heels.  The skirt of the maid outfit
actually covered as long a I leaned
forward.  I pulled my shoulders back to accentuate my already ridiculously
large tits in their tight leather lace
bondage.   Again in a whisper I explained "His eyes will never get past

"You are good, I'm going to have to take good care of you."  He exclaimed as
he reached for the door.

"Not too good I hope." I replied with a wink as he got out of the door.

I lowered my head and waited for the inevitable.  The privacy door opened
and the driver called back.  "Did I mention
he was at the same conference as you were.  I may have forgot that.  Sorry."

"You bastard, that was a setup.  I hope you are proud of yourself!"  I
actually was a bit angry.

"I can't believe that you're going through with it.  You are gutsy. $550
hundred for you, $200 for me and I know for
you its not for the money.  I'll keep listening just incase things go wrong.
  But you're on your own.  Oh, and don't
drip any on the carpet back there.  I'll rape you ass for every drop I find!
And it won't be gentle, understand!"  He
was serious, that was very clear.

"Yes sir." I answered realizing I was going to get my second taste of cum in
this one day.  The privacy window
closed again leaving me to reap the seed I had sown, literally.

I felt the driver get out and then the car shift as bags were put in the
trunk.  The door opened and I heard a gasp.
"Oh yeah, John, I forgot to mention. I've arranged a little entertainment
for the drive to the airport.  Just a little
something to cement our friendship, if you know what I mean."  My date's
tone made it clear I was a bribe and we
waited to see if it was accepted.

The voice was slightly slurred.  John had been drinking, but he wasn't blind
drunk.  "Jeez, look at the size of those
tits.  They can't be real, but who cares.  And what an ass.  What the hell
kind of hose is she wearing.  Now I know
you are really into this bondage thing.  So you got a little love slave in
every town eh.  What the hell, I can't go
home without at least a little something."

They climbed in and John sat directly in front of me.  Perfect name I
thought.  My first professional blow job and I
get a John.  Life can be funny sometimes.  My date made himself comfortable
on the seat behind me.  The car started
up and I felt the bump as we left the hotel and we pulled into the street.
I didn't need to be told, we all knew why I
was there.

I kept my head down only letting him see my eyes with their heavy mascara
lashes and extreme makeup. I batted
them continuously in school girl fashion.  I reached up with the very long
nails and made a real show of undoing his
belt and pulling down the zipper.  I motioned him to raise his butt and ran
my nails up his butt cheeks and back down
to pull his pants and shorts down around his ankles.  He liked that and I
got an appreciative sign as I looked at a
totally exposed and only slightly firm cock.  I was going to have to fight
the drink with this one.

I pushed my tits forward and my mouth followed until my lips were around the
head of his cock.  After that it didn't
matter.  I started flicking my tongue and he was lost.  I could have been
his brother and it wouldn't of mattered.  He
could see my whole face now.  I made sure of it by looking up so he could
get the turn on of a painted slut with her
bright red lips wrapped around his quickly stiffening cock.  I started
playing with his balls.  Those long nails started
to pay off.  I let them slip down a lightly stroke around his puckered ass
hole.  I sucked, and licked.  I kept my tongue
moving.  I made sure he could see it all. Lots of bright red lips, batting
eyelashes, the whole painted slut cock sucker
routine.   It didn't take long.  Poor guy obviously didn't get it much.  I
bet his wife never gave it to him like this.  I felt
it coming and with a hand behind my back signaled that time was near.  It
all came together perfectly.  Pun intended.

It had obviously been a long time.  When he started coming it came by the
quart.  The first two squirts filled my
mouth.  I grabbed his still pumping dick and held it in my open hand with
nails fully extended I sat up swung around
and sat on the seat beside John.  With my free hand I grabbed his forearm
and brought his hand to my leather bound
and very hard cock.  I was so quick he was still pumping cum into my hand
when I kissed him and let a gob of cum
swap places from my mouth to his.  He was so into his own orgasm he didn't
see the first flash.  The second flash
got his attention and he began to realize what was in his mouth and what he
was holding.  That got a great look of
shock which I'm sure in the picture could be mistaken for orgasmic rapture.

It was time to get while the getting was good.  I took my cum covered hand
and wiped it all over John's face as he
started a verbal train of obscenities.  That got recorded with another
flash.  Before he could react I jumped across the
cab and sat beside the man I only knew as my date.  John tried to lunge
after me but got tangled up in his shorts and
pants around his ankles.  He started to get control, but the drink wasn't
helping there either.  "What the hell you
trying to pull, you little queer, faggot piece of shit!"  He screamed.

"Now, now John.  You just settle down and listen.  You just pull you pants
back up and give it some thought.
Unless you want your boss, wife, and local gay magazine to get copies of
these pictures, you had better behave.
Oh, and you may want to reconsider telling my family about you little
discovery in my room last night.  I was alone.  I
was doing my own thing and who cares if I indulge in a little self bondage.
You on the other hand, seem to enjoy
you bondage sex games with others!  Boys, by the look of these pictures.  Do
you think your wife will be as
understanding as I can be?"

John didn't say another word all the way to the airport.  He just sat there
and glared at me.  I got a little joy out of
batting my eyes at him a bit and I made sure to sit so he could see what had
been in his hand for quite a while.
When we got to the airport the driver helped him with his bags, the sky cap
took over and we pulled away for the
drive back into the city.

My date spoke for the first time in 20 minutes.  His tone was very warm and
friendly.  "Want to bet he doesn't sign
up for next year's conference?  You were very good.  I'm glad I had a pro.
Not the first time you've done something
like that I can tell.  Is it going to cost me extra to keep you quiet?"

I couldn't believe my ears.  I fooled him.  He fell for it.  He thought I
was a pro.  I started to relax as I finally realized I
could really enjoy this evening if I was just careful.  I used my feminized
whisper to reply.  "Oh that won't cost you
any extra, just as long as you promise not to be so nice to me for the rest
of our date."  Our driver gave himself away
as he laughed aloud making it clear he had been listening in.

My date looked over his shoulder at the driver through the privacy glass and
then back at me.  "That's smart I
guess, don't blame you two.  Can't be too careful these days I realize.  And
as for you, I assure you, I can be a real
bastard.  I'm hard on myself when I play.  If you want the same treatment

I turned and knelt on the floor between his knees.  I put my hands behind my
back, thrust my chest out and spread
my legs to expose my rehardening cock.  "Please,"

He looked me in the eye, covered his crotch with his hands and replied.  "Oh
you are not getting off that easy"

Chapter II

It was only a moment before he spoke again.  "I like the position, but it
will have to wait.  I'd rather talk a bit first.
Please sit back there, like you were before.  I liked that."

I knew what he meant and rose to 'assume the position' as the driver had
said earlier.  I made a show of looping my
heels through the seat belts and then pulling my arms back and out which in
turn pulled my legs apart.. I reached a
little rather back putting my body into just a bit more strain than it had
been.  This shoved my chest out just a little
bit more.  Well, he was paying after all.  The car started to slow for an
intersection.  The driver lowered the two back
windows.  We came to stop at a busy intersection.

The jeers and cat calls were immediate.  None of the comments were very
nice.  All were very sexual and many
involved a offer for my services.  I was in full blush when the light turned
green and we finally pulled away.  He
spoke again.  "Well, someone seems to enjoy the exposure."  I didn't need to
look.  I could feel the throbbing.  "So,
you get off on the humiliation thing.  Fair enough, I can use that.  Tell me
more, where did you learn to do that with
the laces?"

"I didn't do it, it was done to ... I mean for me."  I was finding it easier
to speak to him now.

"Looks a little tight, do you like it like that?" His interest seemed to be

"I didn't have a lot of choice." I replied and then to beat the next
question. "It was all a sort of dare thing, very
complicated.  I'd rather not get into it right now please.... sir"

His smile indicated he liked the sir.  "Fair enough, same story for the rest
of the outfit?"

"Yes sir, sort of like that.  It's been a busy afternoon, but I got bills to
pay so ..."  I had to keep up the ruse of being a
pro.  It had worked so far and if I was careful....

He sat back n thought for a minute and then commented "Too bad the panties
are so sheer.  I have a nasty idea, but
like that,  I, we couldn't get away with it."

Just then the privacy window opened and the driver spoke.  "Maybe I can be
of assistance.  I have a bag here of the
clothes she, or he was wearing before he, or she , whatever, was prepared
for tonight."  With that he passed back a
large plastic bag with the markings from the hotel salon I had been at
earlier in the day.

"Oh, thanks a lot!" I sneered through the closing window. "Like he needs
help.  This is going to be bad enough
already."  We both heard the chuckling from up front and then an audible
click telling us the monitoring microphone
had been turned off.

"Looks like he's decided you are on your own now.  Don't worry, I'm just as
advertized.  Business first.  Any
favorite safe words?"  Again his tone put me at rest.  He opened the bag and
began to pull things out looking at

"Green, yellow, red, sir" I kept my response short and watched his face to
gauge his reaction to my outfit from the

"Simple, but effective.  Sort of like these." He said holding up the mere
slip of denim that had been my jeans earlier in
the day.  "You are a gutsy one, I'll give you that.  Oh and these," he said
hold up the thin leather thong I had been
wearing earlier "won't cover much, but should keep you out of jail.  Put
them on and give me those."

He was right.  The thong did cover, but it didn't obscure.  It was the same
show.  The only difference was that
instead of a pink flesh I had a black bulge.  Not much better from my point
of view.  He through the thong back and
after struggling out of my straps, I swapped out and tossed the sheer maid
outfit panties back.  I reached for the
straps again.

"Don't bother, we are almost there.  You know this place, been here before
is see." he said pointing to the name on
the bag "So you know the lay out.  Let me fill you in on something, and then
a special request..... no, order."  He
paused and waited for my reply.

"Yes sir, if I can" I whispered my consent.

"You have no choice.  But you'd do it anyway, I've figuring you out now.
John was in my room before you met him.
There's a party going on up in a neighboring room and we got a few drinks
passed back and forth between the two
balconies.  John got a little too taken with a couple of the college girls
and had a few to many.  Well, maybe I helped
a little.  I needed him a little pissed to get away with what you did.
Worked great too, thanks.  But, now we're back
and I'm betting the party is still going strong.  Problem is, I'm out of
booze.  That's where you come in."

I didn't like the sound of this.  He was thinking too much.  He had already
proven to be an imaginative one.

He continued "So I'll go in first and use the courtesy phone at the bell
desk.  I'll order a tray of drinks and tell them
my assistant will drop by the bar to pick them up.  Not the lobby bar near
the elevator, the main bar at the far end of
the lobby.  The driver will fetch you when its all set up.  Just slip, or
rather strut your way to the far end of the lobby,
pick up the tray of drinks, and bring them up to room 918.  I'm sure in that
outfit noone will be surprised to see you
carrying a tray of drinks.  Room service wears something similar don't

"Son of a bitch" I wheezed. "I don't think ..."

"You have no choice.  I have these," he smirked pointing at my clothes "and
this." He added holding up my room
key.  Now I knew I didn't like the driver anymore.  He didn't wait for
anything further and got out as soon as the limo
came to stop at the main lobby doors.  I saw him gesture the driver to
follow as he went through the glass doors and
went directly to the bell desk.  A moment later I saw him speaking to the
driver who looked around the room and
came back out to the vehicle.

"Good news" He quipped as he held the door for me.  "The main bar is easy to
find, its at the FAR end of the lobby."
I hated the way he accentuated the word far!  "The bad news is, the lobby is
full of people.  Seems the floor show is
not in the cabaret bar tonight.  He he.  Enjoy."

Until I started I didn't know if I could actually go though with it.  I got
a little gasp from the front desk staff and the
bell desk as I walked in, but I knew this was nothing compared to what I
could expect on my journey across the
lobby.  Damn him, he was right, I would have done it anyway.  Talk about
getting caught!  This was getting caught a
couple hundred times over.

Back strait, chest out, and out, I started across the lobby.  Every click,
every fucking loud chrome cock on marble
floor click brought another pair of eyes onto me.  I had a fairly good pace
which, only served to get my boobs
moving.  Even the tight confines of the laced bodice couldn't hold them
still.  The tugging on my nipples was not
pleasant.  Even after I walked past people I could feel their eyes boring
into my leather bound ass cheeks.  A regular
one man slut parade.  I even heard one man suggest to his wife that they
just had to go to the adult cabaret that
night, "this show he had to see."  I hope he wasn't disappointed, like any
semi nude stage actress could hold a
candle to the show I was giving for free.

I made it to the bar without incidence and was pleased it was near empty.  I
made my way to the bar and approached
the grinning bar maid behind.  "Oh, I don't even have to ask.  Assistant,
eh.  How much do you charge an hour?
Jesus man, where do you get the nerve?  Here."  She handed me a full tray of
drinks.  Looked like a bunch of double
scotch on the rocks.  God I hoped at least one of them was for me. "Oh, and
try not to cum on your way back!"

That shocked me.  I looked down and was surprised to see my fully engorged
cock, partially exposed out the side of
my thong, its shiny purple head pulsing in near climax.  She was right, I
was about to cum!  I went to put the tray
down and straiten myself out.  "Don't you dare, you little slut.  Keep both
hands on that tray and get upstairs before
the ice melts.  Besides, this way everyone will know just how much you are
enjoying yourself."

The walk back was much worse than the walk up.  Anyone that had missed it
the first time and been fooled by my
costume had unequivocal proof of my true sex.  The comments were louder and
ruder this time.  I had to be quick
before someone thought enough to call security.  Hurrying just exaggerated
my bounce in my boobs.  Now my
nipples were very unhappy.  I decided I had been too easy on Trish.  I made
it to the elevator.  Thankfully I was
alone for the ride to the ninth floor.  Better yet, when the door opened I
saw I was very close to 918.

No one saw me in the hallway.  I knocked on the door.  Soon the public
display part of my ordeal would be over.  I
figured I'd had enough of that for one day.  I thought I heard him say
something on the other side of the door.  Then
a rattle and it opened.  "Perfect timing.  Here," he picked up a couple of
drinks and put them on a counter beside the
door.  I tried to edge into the room, but he kept me at the door.  Then he
dropped a pad of paper and a pen on the
tray.  "Follow my lead or we use a whip tonight instead of a paddle,

"Yes, sir, but ..." I queried trying to look past him into the room.

"No one in here, don't worry." The grin told me I needed to worry.  "Now
take a couple of sips for yourself and wait
a few seconds before coming in."  I was thankful for the drink, but was
still concerned.  I heard the patio door open.
There were party noises out there.  Then I heard him speak to someone else.
"Sorry about that, just room service.
Did anyone want a scotch?"

That bastard actually expected me to walk out there and serve him a scotch
in front of a bunch of college kids
partying across the way.  Well, we'll just see about that.  Then I saw the
whip.  A very nasty looking black leather
English riding crop.  It was laid across the foot of the bed in plain sight
of anyone standing at the door.  He had left
it there for me to see.  Then on the floor just down beside it was a leather
paddle, and a gag, and some cuffs, and
some wide leather straps, and I started walking towards the balcony.

As I approached the patio door I heard "Ah, here she is."  I was relieved to
see he was the only one on it.  I stepped
out and then noticed a large group on the balcony just across the way.  They
were all young college kids and
obviously in full party mode.  They were just far enough away that if I was
careful .. Then they saw me.  More
specifically, they say what I was wearing, or not wearing depending on how
you looked at it.  The party room went
totally silent.  One long loud wolf whistle said it all.  "Yes, that's one
of the little perks I was talking about.  The room
service here on the business class floor is a little, well special.  Here
honey, let me sign that."

Special service, business class, yeah right.  He had been having a bit of
fun with the kids.  And I was here as a prop.
Well, fair enough, no harm done.  Kinda cute if you think about it.  I had
to wonder how many of them were trying to
figure if they had enough money to upgrade.  I was beginning to like his
style.  He took the pad and pen of my tray
and as he signed in a flourish whispered "On you knees, do me now!"  I
stared in shock as he then added in a much
louder voice "And a little something extra for you my dear."  He held the
pad for me to see.  One word, big letters

I remembered the whip and lowered myself to my knees.  There were gasps from
across the way as I set the tray
down and fumbled with his fly.  I was only getting a little better with
those damn nails.  Finally it was down and a
very firm cock immediately popped out.  We wasn't wearing shorts.  He had
this set up from the very beginning.  For
the third time that day I wrapped my very painted lips around a stiffening

My man and about a dozen college kids sighed.  I heard him call back across
the divide. "I guess she liked my tip."

There was a round a loud laughter and then someone called back "Yeah, and
she probable appreciates the money

It was done and it may as well be done right.  He was paying me $550 so he
deserved a good one.  And he got it.  I
had learned a little through the day and I applied all my talent to his
cock.  I slurped, licked, chewed, nibbled, and
played that rod for all I was worth.  Part way into it I heard him speak
softly "I hadn't intended for you to go all the
way, but god damn ....."

Less than a minute later I was rewarded with a mouthful and more.  I managed
to swallow it all and I made a real show
of licking him clean.  I put it back in, zipped him up, and while he was
still panting, Stood, picked up my tray and said
loud enough for all to hear  "Just give me a call if you need a refill sir."
  I then flicked his cheek with a long nail and
made a real show a wiggling back into the room and walked as if to leave the
room.  At the door I turned quickly and
ducked into the bathroom and set my tray down.  I sat on the toilet and
gulped down a scotch.  I picked up another
and sipped it more sedately while I waited.

Outside the kids were going nuts.  I could barely hear my date as he got
peppered with questions, comments, but
most of all congratulations.  There wasn't a guy over there that did not say
he wanted to come over for a 'drink'.
Thankfully, my date said it was a closed service and he was wiped, big day,
time for bed.  I heard him ask if they
could take the party indoors so he could get some sleep.  Things got a
little quieter and I heard him close the patio
doors and then pull the drapes.  I peeked around the corner and once assured
that the coast was clear I ventured

"You are one amazing piece of work.  I can't believe you actually did that.
I was nervous you wouldn't even pretend
to suck me in front of those kids.  I didn't think you'd .....  They'll all
be jerking off with you in their dreams tonight.
If they only knew!  So, now what?"  He sat on the end of the bed and took a
sip of his scotch.

I took the last sip of my drink and knelt down in front of him.  I opened my
knees and lowered my head in a very
subservient pose.  I reached up and picked up the whip and holding it in
front of my said "Red".  I dropped the whip
and reached around the corner of the bed to pick up the paddle.  "Green".

He looked down at the rest of the gear on the floor where the paddle had
been.  "And the rest of it?"

"I'm going to change my mind at the last minute, so you'll need to make sure
I can't get away.  Tight, very tight."  I
didn't raise my eyes as I admitted my lust for total restraint.

"And how many?"  He asked as he took the paddle from my hand.

"I topped you from the bottom out there.  I don't want to be in charge
anymore."  I surprised myself by giving him
complete control.

"Why you arrogant little slut!  Do you really think you really could control
me, ever.  You little tramp.  Stand up and
turn around."  His voice was harsh.  Either he was really into this or I had
just made a mistake.  I stood and before I
could even turn he grabbed my arms and swung me around.  He came up harshly
behind me and then just when I
was getting scared whispered in my ear "one, two and three fingers, right?"
He was a player.  My cock throbbed.

"Yes sir, but no ..." I slid my heel sideways and stepped on the whip.

"That depends on how well you behave, my little cock hungry piece of trash."
  With that his foot moved my heel
and kicked the crop under the bed.  The message had been understood.  The
game was afoot.

Game hell, this guy was serious.  Very serious and very experienced.  He
knew exactly what he was doing.  And he
had the gear to do it with.  Twenty minutes later I was not going anywhere
and he was stepping into the shower.  A
shower!  I was trussed up like a Christmas turkey, hot, horny, sweaty,
horny, stuffed, and totally horny! And he
goes and takes a fucking shower.  If I could have screamed I would have.  If
I would have done anything if I could
have.  He'd taken care of that too.

First he had handcuffed my wrists behind my back.  Then came a big red ball
gag.  I realized then that he was going
to allow me to enjoy the show.  I was standing directly in front of the
dresser mirror and he was on the bed behind
me.  He then began undoing the laces down my back.  It had been on so long I
had forgotten how tight it was.  I
gave a pleasant "harumph" from behind the gag and thanked him for the
release with my eyes.  That turned out to be
something I wasted.  It wasn't for my benefit.  He had plans for what was
underneath.  Down came the thong and
then he sat back.  I realized then that I had not seen myself like this all

The oversized breast forms were barely contained in the light lacy bra.  The
only thing that kept them in there was
the tight leather lacing over top.  Also trapped by the lacing were the silk
hose and the heels.  None of that was
coming off without the key, or a knife and he didn't seem to have any plans
for either.  Both our eyes were drawn to
my very hard cock totally engorged and enclosed in its own leather cage, now
sticking strait out from my body.

After a second he spoke.  "He sure has gotten you into a lot of trouble
today, hasn't he.  He doesn't look too
comfortable now.  Well, lets see if we can make it just a little worse,
okay?"  Worse?  That's not what I had in
mind!!!! "Oh, and these."  His hands came around my chest and each one
cupped a full bra cup. "I've noticed you
wince a bit when they bounce.  Could it be that.."  His hands closed and he
pulled out on each cup.  His grip was
enough to catch the inner filling.  I know he could feel the resistance to
his pulling inside.  That tugged on my
nipples and I moaned loudly into the gag.  "You didn't have any choice here
either I bet."

Then he stood up off the bed and pulled a length of fine chain from beneath
the bed.  Using a chair he climbed up
and hooked one end of the chain over a hook in the ceiling intended for a
decorative lamp.  I'd have to compliment
the hotel on it's fine decor I reminded myself snidely.  He walked me over
to the chain and soon my hand were pulled
well up behind my back and attached to the chain. I was now bent over double
with my chest parallel the floor and I
had to spread my legs for support.  He "helped" me out there too.  Soon my
legs were spread three feet apart with a
very sturdy spreader bar locked onto each ankle.

Next came the parachute.  This cute little monster went around my scrotum
just above my already tender balls.  That
didn't seem to bother him though.  The chain that hung below the parachute
soon was supporting a small elastic
bungy cord.  It was then I noticed the hook mid-way along the spreader bar
between my heels.  But the cord couldn't
reach there, not unless it was pulled tight, very tight.  Oh shit ......

Thankfully he left it swinging free.  Then he took some fine, white cord and
started to bind my breasts.  He put
several tight loops around the base of each and then fastened a big loop on
each side that hung well down near the
floor. If they had been real they would have been going purple.  As it was
it did put some strain on my nipples
because of the inserts glued inside, but it wasn't too bad, yet.

He seemed satisfied for a bit and then seemed to have an inspiration.  A few
seconds later he came back out of the
bathroom with some dental floss.  He threaded the dental floss through the
lacing near the tip of my cock and then
wrapped it around just behind the ridge at the base of the head and finally
brought it down and tied it off to the two
loops hanging from my breasts.

I watched as he walked to the entry closed and came back with an oscillating
fan.  "Guess it get hot here sometimes.
Tonight you are the one getting hot."  With that he set the fan on the floor
below me and secured the breast cords to
each side.  He pulled the heavy fan back until a small squeal into the gag
told him the tension to my nipples was
complete.  He put one of his small suitcases on the base of the fan, it
wasn't going to move!

"Well, I don't know about you but I need a shower.  Don't go away now."  And
with that he started the fan and with
no warning at all pulled the bungy cord down and looped it over the hook in
the spreader bar.   The bastard didn't
even hang around to hear me scream.  Or try to.  He just got up and had his
damn shower.

So, there I was.  My balls are being pulled to the floor, screaming for
release, and if I wiggled even a little bit it just
increases the pull on them,   And I was wiggling!  You're damn right I was
wiggling.  That damn fan kept going back
and forth first one tit, then the other.  Left nipple, right nipple.  Back
and forth, pull, tug, pinch, pull, tug, pinch.  And
the whole time it kept gently tugging at my cock.  Nothing painful just a
constant sweeping tugging.  Just like a
gently hand stroking, stroking.  And I just couldn't cum.  That damn pulling
on my balls, my nipples were going to
be ripped off.  And my cock is gently swept from side to side.  I was going
to ....... yeah right I couldn't do a damn
thing.  And he was in the shower!

Suddenly in my lust filled haze it all stopped.  I opened my eyes to see him
release the bungy cord and shutting off
the fan.  He released the cords from the fan at put it away.  "Not a word,
promise?"  I nodded agreement and he took
off the gag.  My relief was short lived as the ball gag was replaced with
its inflatable counter part.  "Can't have you
waking the neighbors" He inflated the gag, one more pump than really
necessary and then confirmed my fears when
he picked up the paddle.  Then he surprised me as he stopped, looked around
the room and then put the paddle back
down on the bed.

I watched as he walked to the front door and turned off a few lights.  That
left only the main entrance light and a
study light on the desk turned on.  I was confused further when he took the
shade off the study light.  It became all
too clear when he picked up the paddle and walked around behind me and said
"Wonder if the party is still going?"
I turned my head to the window and froze.  We were a perfect silhouette on
the drapes.  Me bent over, butt out, huge
breasts hanging down, arms pulled up and secured to a chain hanging from the
ceiling.  Him standing behind me, a
paddle in his hands.  It was show time.

"We both heard the patio door across the way open and the party noise get
louder for a moment.  Then things
quieted down again.  "Guess they don't want us to know they can see us.
Fair enough, we'll let them think they are
spying."  He went to raise the paddle.  I waved my hands wildly.  He
stopped.  I motioned with my hands, first
together and then parting them.  He didn't understand, and then I repeated
it.  "Open the patio door?  Bit why?  Oh I
get it, you want them to hear too.  But the gag, .... oh the swats.  You
little exhibitionist!  I like your style."  He put
the paddle down and not too obviously opened the windows behind the curtain
just a little.

We both heard the murmur of whispers outside the window.  Then a feminine
voice hushed the others and said a bit
louder "Shhhh, everyone quiet, we don't want to give ourselves away.  And
tell them to turn the music down in
there, maybe we can hear something."  We heard the volume of music increase
as the patio door was opened and
then cease completely as it was killed at the source.

My tormentor picked up the paddle again and whispered very quietly "Well,
you got your audience, let give them a
show.  I figure ten nice little swats aught to do."  I couldn't say anything
so I gave him the finger.  "Okay, have it
your way, ten good hard swats then."  Me and my big mouth.

The first one took my breath away.  SWAT! My breath left via the gag in an
attempted scream.  I did scream, but all
anyone heard was a nice little polite humph!  It was just so lady like.
Even though the crowd was trying to be quiet
we all heard there comments.  Gasps, a couple of 'Jesus', and at least one
nervous feminine giggle.  I was still
panting after the first when he whispered again.  "I want you to watch the
show too.  After all, it was your request."

I turned at watched our silhouettes as he made a real show of slowly drawing
the paddle back and feeling my butt
with the other hand took aim and, WHACK!  The crowd loved it.  I could hear
them whispering among themselves
and giggling.  My host was chuckling not to quietly too.  Everyone was
having such a good time except me.
Whack!  'Damn that hurts!  It doesn't have to be this hard to be loud.'  The
I remembered the finger.  That was real

After the sixth swat he put the paddle down.  We both heard a near silent
"Ahh" from outside.  Then another gasp.  I
looked over at the window and watched the other  silhouette get
underdressed.  He purposely turned sideways to
the light as he pulled off his pants and when he stood up his obvious
erection was very visible.  We both heard it.
"Someone in there is really enjoying this!."  That was followed by a
feminine voice saying  "What makes you think
they both aren't."  Another girl added "Oh Crissy, that's sick!".  The
murmuring went silent as he picked up the
paddle again.

The last four swats came fairly quickly.  His excitement was obvious and now
it appeared he wanted it over as fast as
I did.  His erection bobbed with each swing and between that and the loud
retorts of the paddle on my reddening
butt, we got a chorus of giggles, laughs, and whispered comments.

After the tenth swat he stepped back and dropped the paddle to the floor.
I worried for a second when he bent
over, I thought to pick it up and was relieved when he grabbed his pants
instead.  My relief disappeared as I saw him
reach into the pocket and pull out a condom.   Heh, that wasn't part of the
deal.  I started to shake my head
vigorously and scream into the gag.  I'm sure he heard and I bet they heard
it outside too.  That didn't stop him
though.  All I got from outside was a hushed "oh, oh." from an obviously
excited male in the crowd.

He really enjoyed again turning prone to the light and making a real show or
rolling the condom over his cock.  What
the silhouette didn't show was him using a little tube of KY in his pocket
to put a dab of the cool gel on my hole.  I
renewed my shaking no and pleading through the gag.  He liked that.  He told
me so.

Then he caught me off guard again and reached down for the paddle.
Everything went silent, inside and out.  He
spoke very quietly, ensuring that only I would hear.  "They don't know these
aren't real, so try and give them a
good show, okay."  I watch as his silhouette positioned the tip of his cock
just at the entrance to my ass.  I felt the
head brush up against my puckered ass hole.  Firmly, but gently he pushed to
seat just the tip of the head inside my
tight back door.  And then I saw him raise his arm.

The paddle hit my right tit.  For something that wasn't real it hurt like
hell.  The swat went right through to the inner
filler and pulled unmercilessly at my nipple.  The scream was real enough.
I jumped up.  I pulled down on the chain
holding my arms back over my head, and I lurched back.  In one big jolt I
thrust myself back on that rigid cock and
totally impaled myself.  I hit him so hard I think I nearly knocked him
over.  I heard him exhale roughly and I heard the
guys outside.  Any pretense of silence was gone.  "Jesus Christ! Did you see
that.  She shoved the whole thing in.
God damn!"

I leaned forward and pulled off a bit.  I looked up to see him changing
hands with the paddle.  I started to shake no.
They saw him switch too.  "Here comes number two!"  I was just about to give
him to stop finger signal when it hit.
Again my nipple screamed.  Again, I fully impaled myself on his rock hard
cock.  This time he dropped the paddle
and started pumping.  I was lost.  He was pounding me and I could feel his
balls whacking up against me as he
pumped faster and faster.  Then I felt his hands fumbling with the
parachute.  He slowed his pace slightly and he
finally got it.  The bungy popped free.  The relief was immediate.  I sighed
in appreciation.  He started pumping
harder again.  And then he touched me.

He reached around my waist and put his hand around my erection just at the
base of the head.  He didn't pump or
anything he just squeezed a little.  And we both came together.  I'm not
sure who cam harder, but it was a hell of a
show.  I could only arch my back and scream into the gag.  I flung my head
back and forth as he squeezed and pulled
my cock prolonging my eruption.  Meanwhile, I could feel his manhood in me
pumping and throbbing away.  Finally,
he slowed and pulled out.

Thankfully, he immediately released my hands and I was able to stand strait
for the first time in almost an hour.  He
knelt and released the spreader bar from my ankles.  Then he released the
air from the gag and unbuckled it letting it
fall to the floor.  Looking back over his shoulder he said "Time for some
privacy."  He started to walk to the door and
I called him back.

"They have to know this mutual, release my hands."  He stood behind me and I
felt the cuffs released and heard
them fall to the floor.  I made a real show of giving him a big hug and then
I slowly lowered my face and kissed each
nipple.  I let myself fall to the floor and reaching up I used my nails and
guided him to turn around.  The profile was
perfect.  I stuck out my tongue and the crowd watched as it slipped between
the cheeks of his ass.  "That's
enough." he said abruptly and walked over and turned off all the lights.

I thought I was off the hook.  I thought wrong.  He came back in the near
darkness and lay face down on the bed.  He
reached for the TV remote and turned on a news channel.  He shifted and I
noticed his ass was sticking up as he lay
over a pillow.  "Finish what you started."

"But, it was only for them.  It was just a show.  I really didn't intend
to..." My words were stopped as I watched him
reach under the bed and pull out the riding crop.  I was glad he had just
had a shower.  He signed and purred as he
watched the news.  I did the best I could at rimming his ass hole and we
both listened to a surprising exchange

We heard the other patio door open and a moment later we heard the music
start up again.  We didn't have to guess
what the major topic of conversation would be for the next little while.  We
both thought the balcony was empty.
Then the patio door opened again and a male voice called out.  "Crissy, you
coming in?  What are you doing out
here?"  The patio door closed again and then we heard a bit quieter.  "Heh
kid, you okay?  Crissy! You look totally

"Mark, be quiet.  Look, we've been friends a long time right.   Well, it's a
secret and if you tell anyone I'll kill you.
No one knows so you keep it that way.  Today is my birthday."

Now we knew it was Mark speaking "Wow, I had no idea.  Come on why not tell
the others.  It would be a great
excuse to continue the party it's starting to break up.  This will liven
things up."

"Well, Mark, I was thinking more along the lines of a private party."
Crissy paused for effect.  "You know, maybe
just you and me alone.  You could give me my present, just the two of us."

Mark was obviously surprised. "But Crissy, I didn't know, I don't have
anything to give you."

"Oh yes you do.  It's my twentieth birthday.  You know twenty.  Maybe you
could steal a ping pong paddle from the
game room downstairs."

The silence betrayed Mark's shock.  Then in an obviously excited voice
"Crissy, are you serious?  Did you see what
he did to her after?  I mean if , do you mean, but everyone says you're a
virgin and don't even date anyone who ...."

Crissy spoke calmly obviously trying to get Mark settled down.  "Yes, I am
virgin, and I hate that goodie-goodie
reputation.  So here it is mister.  A one time offer.  That scene in there
has me so turned on I can't stop myself.  I'll let
you tie me up like that and then you can give me my birthday presents, all
twenty of them.  After that, well, I guess I
won't be able to do anything about it until you untie me.  Well?"

"Your going to regret that." was Mark's answer.

"Promise?"  Was Crissy's closing response.

We heard the patio door open and close.

My host got up, turned off the TV and climbed under the covers.  "This bed
or the other.  Up to you.  Set your own
alarm.  I believe the driver is picking you up here in the morning.
Goodnight."  With that he rolled over signaling all
conversation was over.

I chose the other bed and set the alarm for 6:00 AM.

Chapter III

I awoke with a start and looked at the alarm clock beside the bed.  I had
one of those little panic attacks like 'Oh no,
I've slept in!'  There was no need to worry, as is all to common I had
awoken five minutes before the alarm was to
ring.  I turned it off and lay there for a minute remembering the night
before and where I was.  I looked over at the
other bed nervously and was somewhat calmed by a motionless form facing the
other way over there.

I decided to try and get out of my situation as quickly as possible,
hopefully before he was awake too.  I slipped out
of the bed and entered the bathroom closing the door as quietly as possible.
  I turned on the light and got a fright.  I
looked awful!  I could only imagine what the pillow looked like.  It had
done a serious number on me.  All the makeup
was smudged, and rubbed together into a mess of color and streaks.  My face
looked like a sidewalk chalk painting
after a light rain.  It was disgusting.  I couldn't go out like this.

Then I looked down at my leather lacy body harness and realized a shower was
not possible.  Well, I could have cut
the laces and been freed that way, but that would be a shame.  I still
hadn't seen the key to my cuffs that held the
whole thing on, so the shower was out.  I ran a full sink of warm water and
set to the task at hand.  I forgot about the
nails and just abut took out an eye before I figured out how to work with
them.  I decided again I had been to easy
on Trish the day before.

After several sinks of water and more than a few paper towels in the garbage
I was starting to look decent.  Well, as
decent as a man in very high heels, hose, an over stuffed bra, and a leather
lace bondage body wrap can look.  I was
just snickering at my own reflection when the phone rang.  Luckily, there
was an extension in the bathroom and I
picked it up half way through the first ring.

"Good morning sir, this is the bell desk calling.  Your limo is here.  The
driver would like a word."

"Yes, put him on." I replied.

A moment later I heard a familiar voice.  "Well, good morning there, pulled
an all nighter I see.  Everything was okay
I hope.  So, when will you be ready to roll?"

"It wasn't an all nighter, although my feet fell like it's been longer!
Look, give me twenty minutes and meet me at the
service entrance like before.  I can't be seen in public like this.  I'm not
kidding now."  I tried to be as serious with my
voice as possible to let him know I wasn't in the mood for any more games.

"Oh don't worry about it."  His voice was calm and reassuring.  "I'm sure
you've had enough by now.  I'll be waiting
around back like yesterday."  I hung up with a sigh of relief.   Now all I
had to do was sneak out of the room and I'd
be home free.

I opened the door quietly and stepped out into the main room.  It was then I
had brainstorm and thought to grab one
of the large robes from the closet and use it to coverup for the walk to the
service elevator.  I silently picked up a few
items from the floor and was just considering pulling on what was left of my
jeans when a sleepy voice called from
the bed.  "So, Al am I going to see you again next year?"

'Al?  Oh shit, he knew!  Now what?' my mind was racing.  This had gotten
very bad very quickly.

"Oh don't worry about it.  Like I'm going to tell anyone.  Look at the
trouble I went to shut John up yesterday.
Anything I say automatically implicates me, so relax!"  His tone was relaxed
and he never turned to look my way,
deciding instead I guessed that discretion was better.

"How long have you known?" I asked as I continued slipping on the denim
scrap and picking up my things.

"Yesterday, on the way back from the airport.  You got too relaxed.  You let
your voice slip.  You were good though.
You had me fooled until then."  He was chuckling a bit as he said that.

"And you went through with it anyway?  What about the money?"  The ruse was
up.  I couldn't take his money

"Go through with it.  Are you kidding?  That just excited me more.  I knew
then I could get away with a lot more.
That's why you got fucked last night.  And a damn good fuck it was too,
although the way you cam I wonder who
was enjoying the whole thing more.  As for the money, keep it.  I know you
owe the driver some.  Just put the rest to
good use."

"Oh, I couldn't do that, it's just not right." I replied honestly.

"Look, tell you what.  Use it to buy a nice cocktail dress or something.
Get a nice semi-decent outfit.  I'd like to take
you out to dinner next year.  One thing though, higher heels next time.  I
want 6" stilettos and it's my money so do it.
And don't thank me, dinner will be nice but you'll be hating what I have in
mind for dessert.  Now get out of here
before I decide that once was not enough."

I didn't have to be told twice.  I grabbed the bag with my stuff, slipped on
a robe from the closet and let myself out
the door.

The trip to the elevator and down to the ground floor was uneventful.  The
driver was true to his word and was
waiting for me just outside the door at the loading bay.  I got in and he
asked for the robe.  I started to say something
and a pointed finger told me to shut up and do it.  I did.  I sat near nude
on the back seat as he drove around front.

My questions were answered when he pulled up to the front doors and handed
the rode to a bell hops and indicated
it belonged in room 918.  Well, at least he was saved an extra charge, fair
enough I decided.  As we pulled away the
driver pulled open the privacy window and spoke.  "Unless you want every
window back there opened to all to see
in you'd better start telling me everything about last night.  I've just got
to know what happened after your little
charade in the car."

I told him everything.  I even included the conversation we had after he
called that morning.  During my monologue
I counted out and slipped him two hundred dollars through the window.

"So, you going to do it?" He asked when I had finished.

"Well, he did promise a good dinner.  And besides, a decent dress, acting
like a lady.  Maybe I can pull it off.  It
should be a hoot."

"And what about the six inches, think you can handle that?"  He was
referring to my several comments about sore
feet, I was sure.

"Actually, it was a bit more than six  inches, but that's a little personal
don't you think?"  That comment got a loud
laugh as we pulled up to Rose's home.  Wordlessly he got out and came around
to my door.  As I got out he handed
me a card and said "Call me anytime you need a ride.  You know I'm okay with
a little fun on the side."

Rose was waiting for me at the door.  "Lost the makeup I see."

"It was a mess this morning.  You should see the pillow, I got off lucky."
I replied with a chuckle.

"He let you sleep?  We figured you'd be going all night."  She added with
smile to indicate she was kidding.

"Well, I had a big day." and as I rubbed my near nude butt I added "several
big ones actually, many of which you
were responsible for.  Even a slut needs her sleep"

We both were chuckling now.  I noticed the house was quite quiet. "Everyone
still asleep, can I assume it was an all
nighter here?"

"Damn near.  You were quite the catalyst.  Now lets get you cleaned up."
With that she help open her hand and I
say the key to my cuffs.  "I bet you'd love a shower!  But you'd better
start telling me all about last night or we could
go to the other room instead."

I told her everything.  Every detail about the trip to the airport, the room
service trick, the window puppet show and
even the talk about dinner next year.  I even showed her the money.

In return I got a wonderful long, hot shower, a endless cup of very good
coffee and a very attentive and
understanding ear.  I was even more pleased when Rose took me back into the
game room and there were my bags
with a dress pants, shirt, tie, and a jacket all laid out for me.
Everything was neatly pressed for me.  I looked at the
shirt and back at Rose.

"You'll have to ask Janice what it's like to do the ironing while your
hanging by your nipple from the ceiling and my
daughter is fucking you with a eight inch dildo.  She messed it up the first
time, but after a half hour or so she got the
hang of  it."  Rose chuckled at her own joke.

"I don't have to ask, I know what it's like, remember?"

Rose's chuckle was renewed with the memory.  "Yeah, you would know.  So lets
call you a cab.  Oh, and I expect to
be the one to help you dress for that big date next year.  Deal?"

"I can't think of anyone more qualified." I answered as I prepared to leave.

I was asleep on the airplane before they pushed away from the gate.  I'd
tell you about the dream I had, but I don't
think you could handle it.

The End