Tony and Suzanne - A Naked in School Story
by Eagle

[Story Codes: NiS, naked, hs, exhib, voy, pett, oral, mf]


As soon as Tony and Suzanne and their friends Tim and Sarah had finished lunch they all headed for the audio-visual department to get those school issued cell phones that would replace their personal camera phones that had been confiscated earlier. Tony had excused himself and said he would catch up with them in a few minutes. As the remaining three entered the audio-visual department they soon realized why Tony had excused himself. There must have been about twenty students there and they were all staring spellbound at a huge flat screen monitor on the wall where there was live video with sound of Tony using one of the new display urinals.

At first the urinal itself partly blocked the view so that all the students could see was Tony’s head and shoulders above the fixture. But the way that he was holding his arms and the position of his right hand suggested that he was probably using it to hold his penis. Just then camera angles changed and there was a split screen with a close-up of Tony’s red face and bare chest on one half and a close-up of his genitals on the other. Tony’s brow was furrowed and the tense muscles in his face betrayed the effort he was making but there was no urine forthcoming. The students saw Tony shake his dick in both frustration and embarrassment. He was clearly having trouble getting his stream started. Suzanne thought maybe the “Smile – You Are On Candid Camera” sign was causing Tony to be inhibited. Tony would realize, of course, that his efforts to pee were being displayed all over the school. Soon a small dribble started and grew into a strong stream, distinctly yellow in color. Everyone heard the much-amplified loud hiss of his urine stream striking the chemical deodorant block at the base of the fixture. This whole incident was giving new meaning to the term “streaming video”. Some students cheered, others giggled. Suzanne felt that she should look away. She shouldn’t be seeing this and felt so sorry for poor Tony to have his privacy invaded in this way. Finally everyone heard the loud rushing sound of the device being flushed as they watched Tony flick his dick a couple times to shake the loose drops off.

A few minutes later they were still waiting in line for their new cell phones when Tony returned. Tony’s face was very red as he knew everyone had seen everything. Finally everyone had their new phones and they all headed for their fifth period classes. Tony and Suzanne and the other nude students all headed for the photography lab per the principal’s instructions.

Mr. Winkler called the photography class to order.

“Today,” he announced, “we will be continuing our study of the nude human figure, and, thanks to the ‘Program’, we are fortunate to have some live models. The “Program’ students who will be modeling for this class are, as most of you already know, all members of our senior class who have reached their eighteenth birthday be the start of this semester. I will have them pose, one boy and one girl at a time. Each student may choose one of the two models to photograph and snap lots of images from different angles. Our student models are required to honor any reasonable requests concerning any poses or positions you might like them to assume. At the end of the hour all students are to turn in their cameras at window one and the memory chip containing their photos, tagged with your name, at window two. You will get your grades on these photos next week.”

“Now I want to relieve the naked students of any anxiety they may have,” Winkler continued, “that any of the photos taken in this class or anywhere else in the school are going to wind up on the internet or in some seedy magazine. That is not going to happen because the school will not permit these images to leave this building at any time in any form. The photos are school property and will be stored in the school’s computer system only. Any student, teacher or school administrator will be able to view these images at any future time, but only on secure school computer terminals.”

At this point Suzanne noticed that her Tony’s dick was standing up straight as a pole. He had obviously been aroused by the prospect of the nude photography and, being naked, had no way to conceal his arousal from the class. She could see that his face was red and he looked like he was trying to hide his erection by crossing one leg over the other. But there was no getting away from it and no hiding it. She could see from his face that his mind was cogitating on what to do.

“Mr. Winkler”, Tony pleaded, “It says in our program booklets that a student can request relief in the first five minutes of any class. Isn’t that true?” he said hopefully.

“Yes, Tony, those are the rules. Do you need relief? By the looks of things perhaps you do!” There was laughter from the class. Suzanne could not believe how insensitive her classmates were being toward her poor Tony.

“Yes, s-sir, I d-do need it.”

“Then come on up here in front of the class, Tony.”

Tony made his way up front and stood facing the whiteboard with his back to the class. Suzanne heard some of the girls remarking to each other about how yummy Tony’s muscular buttocks looked.

“Face the class Tony. You know better than to try to hide anything from your fellow students!”

Slowly Tony turned around until his erect penis pointed straight out at his classmates. Suzanne had seen it this morning but it looked bigger than ever to her now. She thought she detected a slight trembling in Tony’s buttocks and legs and noticed that the red on his face had now worked its way down to his chest.

“Now there are two ways we can do this”, Mr. Winkler continued. “Either one of your female classmates will volunteer to help you get relief, or you can masturbate while we all watch. Which would you prefer, Tony.”

“I think I w-would rather have h-help”, Tony said while staring at Suzanne with a pleading look.

She looked back at Tony. Her heart went out to him. But she could not imagine doing what he clearly wanted her to do. She and Tony had not been that intimate in their private moments. She certainly would feel humiliated to be doing something like that to Tony’s penis with everyone watching. She hated to put Tony on the spot like this but she slowly shook her head to let him know she could not do this.

Just then Megan Williker stood up. She was not one of the nude students. But she was a senior and Suzanne had heard rumors that she had the hots for Tony.

“Mr. Winkler, I’ll do it!” Megan said. Everyone gasped as she strode boldly up to the front of the classroom and took hold of Tony’s penis. Tony looked mortified. Obviously when he said he wanted help he assumed Suzanne would be the one. Otherwise he might have opted for masturbation. He didn’t seem as excited about being stroked by Megan as she was about stroking him. Or at least that was what Suzanne had to believe so as not to get jealous. Yet he was clearly embarrassed by the idea of a fully clothed girl he barely knew fondling his private parts. She began stroking him gently with her right hand, paying special attention to the underside of his glans. At the same time her left hand at first caressed his right buttock and then was fluttering over his scrotum and balls. Tony looked like he was trying to fight it, perhaps out of loyalty to Suzanne. The battle was soon lost.

“Catch his semen in your hand, Megan”, Mr. Winkler said. “It will be a lot easier to wash your hands after than to clean up a mess on the floor!”

Soon Tony was thrusting his pelvis forward and back and squirts of semen began to land in the palm of Megan’s right hand. His face looked ecstatic for a few minutes, then he relaxed totally and just hung his head in embarrassment about what he had just done. The class applauded him for his courage and his virile performance. Then Tony and Megan walked over to the sink so she could clean her hands and Tony could clean his dick off. Soon they both took their seats again.

“You will get a chance to photograph all 8 of our nude students today”, Mr. Winkler continued. We will have a boy and a girl on our lighted platform, then another boy and girl, and so forth. Today I want you all to focus on capturing their figures as a whole. We are interested in their bodies. If someone is muscular, try to use dramatic lighting and pose him or her so the muscles clearly show in your photograph. If someone is full bodied, try to bring out the beauty of his or her body perhaps with softer lighting and the use of props. If someone is skinny, try to show the beauty of his or her bone structures. Try to capture the facial expression and attitude of your model. Your photo should tell a story. Is the model proud of his or her body? Show that. Is the model embarrassed to be posing nude? Show that. “

“Now I know you are all interested in the genitals of our student models.” There was nervous laughter. “But please”, Mr. Winkler continued, “no genital close-ups today!” There was a sigh of disappointment from the class.

“Don’t worry, you will all get your chance! At our next class meeting we will be doing exclusively genital photography. This is so everyone can learn to appreciate the sheer aesthetic beauty of the genitals, and to help everyone get over the hang-ups about ‘private parts’. For this next class I must require all 4 of our nude girls to neatly trim their pubic hair back according to the diagrams I will now pass out. In this class we require pubic hair to adorn but never conceal. But that is for next time. Today we concentrate on the body as a whole.”

Cameras and memory chips were issued to the class. Sarah and Tim were the first pair of nude students to be posed. Suzanne was not surprised to see all the aspiring male photographers crowding around Sarah, while the aspiring female photographers crowded around Tim. Sarah and Tim were known to be an item. They were both socially self-confident people. Sarah was one of the most popular girls in the school and was an officer on the student council. No doubt that is why Mr. Winkler had them go first. Sarah had always worn clothing that made a statement about her sophistication. Perhaps because of this she was showing some obvious discomfort about posing naked in front of her fellow students. Perhaps she saw the nudity as conflicting with the powerful image she had been trying so hard to project. Sarah’s body was tall and athletic, with generous breasts, somewhat full bodied but not fat. Her hips were wide and her buttocks had a voluptuous appeal. She obviously spent a lot of time in outdoor pursuits as her body had a very deep and even tan, except in those private areas that a bikini would cover. She was lucky to have a dense growth of pubic hair that pretty well hid her private details – at least for today. Sarah was a basketball player and was asked to assume a pose suggesting that she was springing for a jump shot.

Tim was stocky and very muscular, a wrestler. He too showed the effects of much time out in the sun. Suzanne noticed that his penis, like his body, was not very long but was very thick. She remembered some of the more experienced girls in the locker room telling her that thickness contributed more to feminine pleasure than length. Oddly enough his penis was also tan like his body, suggesting that he may be spending much time sunning himself on nude beaches or in the privacy of an enclosed back yard. Although she had never “done it” with a guy, Suzanne began to fantasize what it would be like to have Tim inside her. This posing was starting to turn him on just a bit. His dick was showing a slight tumescence, just enough to make it more interesting in the photographs. She quickly snapped several revealing shots for later perusal. One of the students asked Tim to assume a position that would put his muscles into bold relief, while another student adjusted the lighting to make his muscles really stand out in the photos. Electronic flashes went off. Students moved to catch the models from different angles. Soon Mr. Winkler called time on this shoot.

Next to be called up were Johnny and Becky. Though they were seniors like the other nude students, they had a more youthful appearance and did not appear as mature sexually as the others. They hardly knew each other. They were both very shy and very skinny. Becky was a bookish student who planned to major in library science in college. Her breasts were barely discernible. She was a redhead, had that freckled complexion often found in redheads and a light down on her forearms. Not surprisingly she showed almost no tan. Her hips and buttocks were quite narrow and she had only a light down on her labia, like that on her forearms, so that her slit was quite visible and photographable. She was pretty and Suzanne knew there were guys who would go for her very young delicate immature look.

Johnny was a computer nerd and social outcast with a mop of brown hair. He was a gangly kid, all arms and legs, a very pronounced ribcage, bony hips, bony knees. The muscles of his thighs could be easily seen since there was not an ounce of fat on him. In some ways skinny kids like Johnny and Becky seemed more naked than their more muscular or full bodied fellow students because one could clearly see every detail of their physiques. His indoor pursuits were reflected in the head to toe whiteness of his skin. His penis was tiny and uncircumcised, his testicles were tiny and held close to his body and, like Becky, he had almost no pubic hair. Some students laughed out loud when they first got a good look at his package. Suzanne found his youthful appearance charming and quickly snapped several pictures to be enjoyed later.

Both of these students looked scared when they were called up to the lighted platform. They were clearly nervous and their muscles trembled. The class had fun posing them and lighting them so that their bone structures appeared very defined. Ribcages, clavicles and bony knees were emphasized. While some of the students seemed to be pleased with these youthful appearing bodies, a few others were slyly mocking them. As Becky became aware that they were both being mocked by a few students who preferred their models to be more full bodied, she began to cry. Johnny’s body began to shiver, probably from fear. Electronic flashes went off capturing all of these details for later perusal. Mr. Winkler called time on this shoot.

Next to be called were Harold and Vicky. Harold was the tuba player in the school band and his sport was shot put. Harold was fat, but not at all self-conscious about his fatness. He was a jovial fellow, liked by all. His barrel chest, thick waist and massive arms and legs were all part of who he was. He was hairy all over, had a pretty good growth of pubic hair and a happy trail leading up to his navel. His penis was short and thick, like Tim’s, crowned by an uncut foreskin and he had balls the size of golf balls, or so it seemed to Suzanne. Harold was his usual jovial self and, if he was at all self-conscious about appearing naked on the lighted stage, he did not show it. She snapped a few pictures to remind herself that one did not have to have a perfect body to feel good about one’s body. Vicki was a dance student, a black girl of medium height, slender and had no problem socializing with most other students. She had a playful nature and was known for cracking jokes. She seemed only mildly embarrassed by this naked appearance. She too had plenty of pubic hair to protect her modesty. In her case it was black wiry hair that was quite dense but well trimmed for wearing a bikini. Her breasts were not overly large, but were more than adequate, and were capped by large erect nipples. She was wearing leg warmers, and Mr. Winkler said those would have to come off for the picture taking. The males were getting excited over her dancer’s physique and firm muscular buttocks. Suzanne noticed one of them tenting his trousers. The fact she was black was also quite a novelty for the white guys as she was the first black girl to appear naked. They were trying different poses to present her buttocks to the camera in the most erotic way possible. Flashes went off capturing all the details of the bodies of these two students of such different physiques. Mr. Winkler called time on this shoot.

Finally Tony and Suzanne were called up. She was self conscious about not having much in the way of breasts and that some of the guys would think she was too thin in her upper body. As a gymnast, however, her body certainly had its finer points, especially her long muscular legs and her muscular buttocks. She could compete with Vicki from the waist down, though Vicki certainly had her beat in the breast department. Suzanne too had spent her summer in outdoor pursuits and this showed in her overall tan. She was acutely embarrassed about not having any pubic hair and worried that, as a result, her genital details might show too clearly in the student photos. She took her leg warmers off without waiting to be told to do so. She now felt even more naked than before. Aspiring male photographers were soon surrounding her. They all knew she was a gymnast, so they asked her to do handstands and tumbling poses such as gymnasts do in their floor exercises.

Tony, as a runner, with long lean muscular legs, was getting a lot of attention from the girls. His chest and biceps were impressive as was his flat hard abdomen. Evidently the situation was beginning to arouse him just as it had Tim. Suzanne could see the beginnings of tumescence, which would doubtless please these girl photographers. They had him assume various running and jumping poses and experimented until they found the best lighting to bring out his musculature.

Mr. Winkler called time on this final shoot and reminded the class to turn in their digital cameras and their memory sticks in order to get credit for this assignment. He thanked the 8 of us nude students for being such good sports. The bell sounded and all were off to their next classes.

Suzanne’s remaining classes that afternoon were uneventful. She found herself mulling over the experience that all the students had in photography class. What was rather unique about that situation was that it gave everyone permission, in effect, to really look at other student’s bodies, and to appreciate the interesting diversity of those bodies. All the bodies were beautiful in their different ways, she realized. Even the very skinny ones were beautiful. Even the fat guy was beautiful in his jolly self-confidence. In the showers in gym class she saw other naked students of her own sex, but she never felt really comfortable about looking. She had to be polite with her eyes. In photography class she was released from that inhibition.

At the end of the school day she made her way to the principal’s office to get her clothes back. She certainly could not leave the school campus in her present condition. It seemed strange to have to go somewhere and ask if she might have her clothing returned to her. She thought it would be just a matter of stepping up to the counter and one of the secretaries would hand her box of clothing to her. Instead she was told that Mr. Richards wanted to see her in his office and that he had her box. She entered his office and he asked that she close the door. She longed to sit down and hide some of her nakedness from him but he had his briefcase and some other things covering the two guest chairs, so she had to remain standing, naked in full view of him, while she waited for him to finish his phone conversation. She was keenly embarrassed to be naked in front of an authority figure like Mr. Richards in the privacy of his office with the door closed. It seemed very different than being naked in her classes before fellow students and teachers. She thought his phone call was lasting an hour, though it was probably only about 5 minutes in actuality.

“So, how are you getting along with our program, Suzanne? Was today hard for you?”

“Yes sir. It was hard at first. My stripping in gym class was very embarrassing, sir. But as the day wore on I guess I got more used to it, sir” she said, wishing he would just give her back her clothes and let her get dressed.

“Good, good! That is what we like to see. Nudity is a healthy thing for young people, I believe. Helps to rid society of a lot of old fashioned hang-ups. Tomorrow I will call a meeting of all 8 of the nude students to make an important announcement about a new opportunity that will be open to you and the others, thanks to our corporate sponsor. I just wanted to get a sense of where you are now. Here is your clothing” he said, handing her the box. “You may get dressed now in the privacy of my office if you wish.”

She really wanted to get out of his office as fast as possible but she didn’t want to be rude. So she put her clothes on right there. It was like doing a reverse strip tease and she sensed him watching her and enjoying every minute of it. Finally she was able to leave and catch the bus home.

At the dinner table that night her mom and dad questioned her about how her school day went. She told them everything. They admitted that they had known about the “Program” and had signed the parental authorization for her to be part of it.

“How could you do that to me!” she nearly screamed. “Do you have any idea how embarrassing that was!”

“Calm down, Suzanne!” her father said. “We think this is a unique educational opportunity that you are lucky to have in your high school. It will teach you to have a whole new attitude toward your own body and the bodies of your fellow students. Experiences of this kind are a healthy thing, which is also why your mother and I arranged to take the whole family to the nudist camp when you were younger.”

“But Dad! That nudist camp experience was ok when I was a little girl, but my body has changed since then. I am much more self conscious now!”

“We understand. That is why your mother and I stopped taking you to the camp when you entered puberty and began to have sexual feelings. But now that it is all part of a school program and your peers are going through the same thing, we think you can handle it. In fact we received a letter from the school principal today saying it would be a valuable extension of the school learning experience if we required you to go naked here at home for at least a few hours every week!”

“Oh Dad, that is so lame! Surely you wouldn’t make me do that in front of you and in front of my little brother?”

“We think it would be healthy for your little brother to see his big sister naked once in a while. It would take some of the deep dark mystery out of the female body for him. And for myself it would be an aesthetic pleasure to see my developing daughter naked.”

“But what about me? Don’t I have any rights?”

“Yes, of course you do. We won’t make you do it. We just hope you will choose to do it, only for a few hours each week. If you choose to do it, we might look more favorably on that increase in your allowance you have been lobbying for.”

“I will think about it. OK? Can we talk about something else now?”

Suzanne was not comfortable with this conversation. She hoped her parents wouldn’t bring it up again. And she was thinking about that meeting of the eight nude students the principal planned for tomorrow. She wondered just what sort of “opportunity” the corporate sponsor would be holding out to the ‘Naked 8’.

End of part 4

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