Tony and Suzanne - A Naked in School Story
by Eagle


While Suzanne had been in gym class, Tony had a rather uneventful third period algebra class. The teacher had not even called him up to the board as he so often did on other occasions.

For fourth period Tony had biology. He was looking forward to sitting next to Suzanne again for this class. Imagine his surprise when he entered the room to find Suzanne naked like himself. He had mixed feelings of course. On the one hand he did not like to see her humiliated. On the other hand he had never seen her naked before and was having to make valiant efforts to conceal the fact of his arousal. No sooner had they both got settled when Mr. Sapphire called the class to order. “We will begin where we left off last period with the study of male and female anatomy. Fortunately we have a pair of live models with us today thanks to the school’s nudity program. Tony, Suzanne, if you would please!”

Tony and Suzanne assumed places on two stools at the front of the biology class, as indicated by a sweep of their teacher’s arm. Tony still had a partial erection from seeing Suzanne naked for the first time. Suzanne was very embarrassed, kept her legs together and placed her feet on a rung of the stool drawing her knees up and effectively concealing her genitals from class view. Mr. Sapphire was having none of that.

“Now you know better than that Suzanne! Concealment is not permitted to program students. Place both feet on the floor with your legs well separated! And keep your back straight and your hands at your sides.”

“And you young man – keep your back straight for starters. It is obvious you need relief and I need a good demonstration of male arousal and ejaculation. So you are now directed to masturbate for us. Make your dick hard for us now please. And show us that you are a completely functional male. Use this paper plate to catch your ejaculate so you don’t make a mess on the floor. You guys don’t need this demonstration but I want all the girls in this class to see a climax and ejaculation.”

Tony thought he would just die. Yet his need for relief was great and he knew he could not afford to fail Biology. So he started half heartedly playing with his dick with one hand. This was humiliating! Before today he had never exposed his dick in mixed company, let alone played with it in front of other people.

“You can do better than that young man! Do it the way you would if you were home alone in the privacy of your bedroom. Just close your eyes and forget that 25 students are watching you and start to fantasize about whatever you fantasize about when you jerk off at home! Strangely Tony found himself closing his eyes and mentally transporting himself to the privacy of his bedroom just as the teacher suggested. Those 25 students were not really there watching him were they? Not if he blotted them out of his consciousness. And that was exactly what he needed to do if he was going to pass this course. He found himself thinking about Suzanne and how he wanted to make love to her in his own home some day when his parents were away. Slowly but surely his excitement built and his penis became fully hard. He vaguely heard Mr. Sapphire’s voice, as though far away, making comments about the obviously increased blood flow to his genitals and felt him use his long pointer to lift his scrotum up for better viewing by the class. Sapphire was asking the class to note how the scrotum had tightened up and drawn the testicles up closer to Tony’s body. He was beyond caring now as his excitement built. Soon he was having the most delicious climax and shooting out wave after wave of semen. Then it was over. The class broke into applause! He felt physically drained, and the realization of where he was and what he had just done came upon him like a ton of bricks. How could he ever face his classmates again after this! And what would Suzanne think? Just then he felt her reach out and squeeze his hand and he knew.

But old Sapphire wasn’t quite done with him. His long pointer reached out again and lifted Tony’s now flaccid penis and then lifted his scrotal sack, calling the attention of the class to the fact that the scrotum had relaxed and allowed Tony’s balls to hang low again. Now Sapphire took some of Tony’s semen and put it on a slide under a microscope. “I want everyone in the class to file up now and look through the microscope and see Tony’s little swimmers”. If this wasn’t embarrassing enough, the smell of Tony’s semen was also strong in the room.

“Now young lady it is your turn. I hope you didn’t imagine you would get off from our demonstration just because you don’t have a penis. You have other parts that the class will find of interest. Also if there are any boys in the class that think most girls don’t masturbate we need to put that old folk myth to rest. Since female anatomy is perhaps less familiar to many students than the male anatomy we will begin with an anatomical tour. Move those legs as wide apart as you can. Then, in your own words, give us a tour of yourself. Touch each part in turn and say what is its proper name and what is its function. Imagine that you are just reciting to yourself to learn the parts and that there is no class here watching you. If you have trouble I will help you. Go ahead!”

Suzanne thought she could not possibly do this. But she needed to pass biology to get into college next year. Imagining that she was alone reciting to herself wasn’t going to cut it. She began to imagine instead that she was outside her own body looking down from the ceiling at someone who looked like her exposing herself to a class. Not herself. Not her own classmates. Not her own teacher. The teacher who looked like Mr. Sapphire was making this student who looked like her hold her labia apart and discuss what was inside. Thank goodness she was safely on the ceiling just being a passive observer and that these weren’t really her classmates. Yet she felt a warm sensation of blood rushing into her genitals and noted that the girl down below had erect nipples.

She heard Mr. Sapphire’s voice, as though far away, making comments about the engorgement of the genitals and the fact that the clitoris of that girl was beginning to peep out from its hood. Then he urged that girl to begin playing with herself, saying it was necessary the class should see a demonstration of female masturbation. She tried to whisper to that girl below not to do it but found she had no voice. Soon that girl was building to a climax. Her thigh muscles were flexing and contracting and relaxing and flexing again. Her whole body started vibrating, then fluid was dripping out of her slit and running down one thigh. The class broke into applause! Suddenly Suzanne realized she was not on the ceiling but was actually that girl who had just masturbated and these really were her classmates and this really was her biology class. How could she ever face them again? And what would Tony think? Just then she felt a reassuring squeeze from Tony’s hand. If she had just been humiliated, then so had he. And they understood each other’s shame.

Just then the bell rang. Everyone grabbed their books and headed for the cafeteria. As Suzanne and Tony came away with their trays of food they took a table that was out of the way. They had to look for a towel dispenser on the wall and get towels to put down to protect chairs from secretions. This was mandatory for all nude students. They waited for two of the other nude students, Tim and Sarah to come through the line and invited them to join also. It seemed easier to eat lunch with others who were also naked.

Tony noticed Sarah’s body was quite different from Suzanne’s. Sarah was tall and athletic and rather well rounded. No one ever accused her of being anorexic. Tim was a wrestler and quite stocky and muscular, so that his body did not look anything like Tony’s. Tony found that he noticed bodies much more since this nudity thing started. But he was trying not to be obvious about it. Conversation turned to the confiscation of the kid’s camera phones and the new phones without cameras everyone was supposed to pick up after lunch. All four of them breathed a sigh of relief that the school had implemented this policy. None of them wanted their naked bodies to turn up on the internet! Or in some seedy magazine!

“We only have to stay naked for a week and we will have served our time” Tim pointed out. “After that others will be naked and we might like to take some naked candid shots for the yearbook or our private collections!” Suzanne was aghast that anyone would want to violate a student’s privacy in this way.

Just then the public address system crackled to life with the familiar voice of the principal. “The nude students are all excused from their fifth period classes and ordered to report instead to the photography class at that time. The class is in need of nude models and you will all serve that purpose. All photographs will be taken with school owned cameras and will remain the property of the school. Photographs will later be exhibited in the hallways so that all students may view them.”

Tony thought he would just die if naked pictures of himself were posted on school bulletin boards. He was troubled about just where this program was heading and what would be the ultimate involvement of Ajax Pharmaceuticals.

End of part 3

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