Tony and Suzanne - A Naked in School Story
by Eagle


Suzanne was conscious of the blood rushing to her face and breasts and the hardening of her nipples. She had experienced very mixed feelings seeing her Tony like this in the hallway. She had never seen an erection before. It was as provocative and sexy as the whole situation but also her heart went out to poor Tony to be subject to such humiliation. She didn’t think she could stand to be in his position, and worst of all have everyone see the visible signs of her arousal!

As they filed in to English class they took their usual seats next to each other. Suzanne averted her gaze away from Tony’s genitals even though that was exactly where she wanted to look. She was trying to be polite with her eyes and also set an example so that other students would also avert their eyes. Tony whispered to her that his stripping had taken place in the private office of Miss Vincent and how humiliated he had felt. Suzanne was shocked! He left out that it had also been arousing and the fact he had masturbated in front of the English teacher.

“Now class, as most of you will have heard in the principal’s announcement, we have some students participating in our new compulsory nudity program starting this week. Tony here is one of them selected by the committee as you all can see! Because the program is not voluntary, I would point out that no one should think less of Tony because of his nudity. He is not choosing to be an exhibitionist and ‘flaunt’ his male endowments. He is being made to do so. This week will doubtless be a difficult and embarrassing time for him. I ask you all to be considerate.”

“For those of you who want a better look at Tony’s body, I am sure there will be other opportunities in other classes throughout the day. For this class, however, I want you to think about your reactions to Tony’s nudity and your perceptions of how Tony may be reacting to us and feeling about us right now. Organize your thoughts into an essay of 500 words. This essay will be due next Monday. Some descriptive sentences about Tony’s body are all right, but keep them upbeat.”

“I will be more interested in how good an observer you are of his body language than of his body as such. The best two essays will be read aloud in class later next week. And you Tony will write an essay of 500 words describing your feelings and reactions about being nude in this class, and your perceptions about how your classmates are reacting to your nudity. If you feel that being forced to be naked in class is in any way unjust, feel free to express that too. Your essay will also be read aloud in class later next week.”

After discussing last week’s writing assignment, the first bell rang, and class was dismissed. Suzanne did not envy Tony his writing assignment. Miss Vincent was going to strip him psychologically as well as physically! She began to collect thoughts on what she might put in her own essay.

Next it was third period and time for gymnastics class to begin. Suzanne appeared on the gym floor, barefoot, in her one piece leotard which covered all but her long slender legs. Following her usual custom, and that of gymnasts and dancers everywhere, she had ensconced her lower legs in leg warmers. These would come off during her actual time on each apparatus, but during warm-ups and waiting periods they helped to keep up circulation to her legs. She took up her usual spot near one wall, next to Sarah and began her warm-up exercises. Stretch and flex, stretch and flex. The muscles in her young legs felt stiff at first, but gradually became more limber.

Suzanne knew her legs were the envy of most of the other girls. They were beautifully defined with just the right degree of musculature to give them form. Not an ounce of flab. Still she felt a sense of inadequacy and embarrassment about her body in general. She was too thin – so she had been told. Some had told her she looked anorexic, even questioned if she binged and purged to keep such a thin body. Then there was the fact that she had practically no breasts – at least compared to other girls she noticed in the showers. Many of the girls her age were taping their breasts to avoid having them bounce around during gymnastic exercises. At least she didn’t have that problem.

She felt acutely embarrassed to have other girls in her regular physical education class notice (in the locker room) her complete lack of pubic hair. Most of them were well furred by age 16 and would sometimes make remarks about her “childish body”. In her gymnastics class there were more girls lacking pubic hair. Coach had told them that the nature of their competition training might cause them to develop breasts and pubic hair a year or two later than other girls. At least she was not lagging behind her years when it came to her awakening sexuality.

She was very conscious of and curious about boys. And there were boys in this gymnastics class as well. The school used to maintain separate classes for boys and girls but had decided to integrate them just this year. Something about breaking down inhibitions and getting the students to relate more easily to their own bodies and those of the opposite sex. Boys wore short shorts and sleeveless tops that left their lean and well muscled abdominal areas bare. Some of the boys were real lookers, Suzanne thought.

Just then coach blew the whistle and got everyone’s attention.

“Today part of our class time will be taken up with something unusual. Mr. Richards, our principal, will be joining us, along with Ms. Williams who represents Ajax Pharmaceuticals. They will tell us about a new school program and answer any questions you may have. Then they will interview each of you individually as to any reservations you may have about participating in the program.”

As the principal began speaking, Suzanne looked at her friend Sarah in disbelief. She could not believe what Mr. Richardson was saying – that each week high school students would be forced to go naked in school for a week! Further he was saying that each week one of those students would be drawn from the gymnastics class. It was important to have certain body types represented in the program. There would be stick-thin kids, fat kids, heavily muscled football players, and slender but well muscled types such as could be found in this class. There would be popular kids, shy kids, and complete social outcasts. The program was established both to provide a unique educational experience for students, but also to cooperate with Ajax Pharmaceuticals that had a need for a captive population of research subjects! They were testing a new drug that promised to reduce feelings of shame. Today one of the gymnasts present would be selected for participation by the principal in consultation with the Ajax rep!

Suzanne could not help but notice that two security guards had come in with Mr. Richards and the Ajax guy. She wondered why that was necessary. “Now if you have questions, we will try to answer them”. Suzanne’s friend Sarah raised her hand. “What if we don’t want to participate? Can we get a note from our parents to excuse us?”

“Not if you are selected. The program is not voluntary. If you are chosen today, you will be required to strip on the spot, placing your clothing in a box provided. These two security guards are here to ensure that happens today. You will be required to arrive at school each morning ½ hour early and strip yourself, placing your clothing in a locked drop box. Your clothing will be returned to you at the end of each school day before you board your busses.”

“We will make some attempt to anticipate situations where nudity would be too traumatic for a particular student. For that reason we are now going to interview each of you privately to get some idea of how resistant you may be to the program before deciding who to choose first. When I call out your name, if you are a girl then go to the table at the east end and Ms. Williams will interview you. If you are a boy, go to the table at the west end and be interviewed by me. When she and I have had a chance to compare notes, we will make a selection and strip one of you before the end of class today. The selected student will then be required to attend his or her remaining classes today in the nude. If there are no more questions, then lets get started.”

“Appleby, Bill - get down to my table. Baxter, Sarah – go to Ms. Williams. More names presently.” And so the interviews began. Suzanne was scared. She did NOT want to strip in front of boys or attend classes in the nude. Appearing naked even in front of other girls stressed her out. It wasn’t a religious or even a cultural thing with her. It was because she didn’t feel confident about her body. She didn’t want everyone looking at her thin torso, her flat breasts, her very prominent ribcage, her childish crotch. And she feared the lust of boys who would probably stare at her crotch and make remarks that would cause her to feel violated. In an ideal world nudity would not be a problem. She had even had fantasies about performing gymnastics in competitions before an audience of thousands – in the altogether. It could be beautiful – the lines of the human body not broken up by clothing – but displayed in all its natural glory!

But fantasies are one thing and stark reality is quite another. In her fantasies she was feeling good about her body, proud to show it off, and was doing so by CHOICE! But this program was coercive. It felt so different from her fantasies! And there would be dirty minded boys who would do nothing but stare at her genitals and think impolite thoughts about her! Some of them would probably make her assume obscene poses so they could get a better look at her privates. She would feel violated. She would feel an intense need to re-establish her boundaries, to assert her personhood and her dignity, but the program would not allow her any boundaries. No program student was permitted to cover his or her genitals. And hers would be more visible than those of other girls since she had no hair down there. The boys would be able to see all the details clearly. And no program student could refuse to pose as requested under the “Reasonable Request” provision of the program. And I am having my period now and they would all see the string hanging out of my privates. Please let them NOT choose ME she thought! She did not think she could stand it!

The interviews dragged on. When it was her turn Suzanne expressed many of her fears to Ms. Williams, the pleasant young lady from Ajax Pharmaceuticals. She was told that she should not be ashamed of her thin body, and that it was part of the whole purpose of this program to get students to work through any feelings of shame they might have about their bodies. She was also told that no girl would be excused because of a string peeping out of her slit. Boys, after all, needed to come to terms with the fact of female menstruation. How were they going to learn about it if they never saw a menstruating girl?

After many more interviews, coach blew the whistle. The principal began speaking.

“Will the gymnast known as Suzanne please come to the front of the class!” Suzanne suddenly felt the muscles in her legs turning to lead. But she arose, stiffly, and walked to the spot indicated.

“Now Suzanne,” the principal continued, “Ms. Williams and I decided that in spite of, or perhaps even because of the reservations you expressed about nudity, that you would be an ideal candidate for the program. You will now strip for us, and as you remove each article of clothing, neatly fold it and place in the box at your feet. You may leave your leg warmers on. When you leave this class you may put on your shoes and socks, and as a special dispensation for the gymnasts and dancers in the school, may also put on your leg warmers for your remaining afternoon classes. We want to keep up the circulation to those beautiful but sore leg muscles. You may not wear the warmers to your morning classes however, lest they interfere with everyone getting a good lock at your entire body.”

“I would caution everyone”, the principal intoned, “especially you boys – not to whistle or make lewd remarks. Yet each of you is free to look at Suzanne’s nakedness to your heart’s content. Enjoy the sight. Look at every part of her body as much as you like. Show Suzanne every respect or one or more of you will be brought up here to join her.” A hush quickly fell as this threat was lost on nobody.

She pulled the shoulder straps of her leotard aside and began to work it down her body. Soon she was standing in just her panties and leg warmers. She was holding her arms over her torso to shield her breasts from view.

“Now Suzanne, you know the rules! No covering of the breasts! Let everyone see them.”

Reluctantly Suzanne brought her arms outward and hooked her thumbs into the elastic of her panties. She froze. She just could not do this thing of exposing her crotch to public view! It seemed obscene somehow. Yet the idea of the security guards manhandling her scared her even more. Slowly she inched her panties down until the top of her slit was just visible.”

“Its OK Suzanne, you haven’t got anything down there we haven’t seen before,” one boy yelled out, “and we won’t think any less of you for showing it to us!” This encouraged her a bit and soon the panties were down to her knees and she was raising one pretty leg after another to step out of them. Suzanne turned red with embarrassment, but kept her hands at her sides.

“Suzanne, please stand erect with your hands clasped behind your neck and your legs well apart.” She complied. The boys looked at her crotch with interest since they could now see all the details of her labia, as well as the string hanging out. At this point coach jumped in.

“Now Suzanne,” coach said, “please stand in a backward bow, with your knees flexed, your hips thrust forward, and use your fingers to spread apart your outer labia so that you have no secrets from us. Very good! You are a compliant girl! Was that so hard? Now I am sure everyone – especially the boys – would enjoy seeing you do a basic uneven bars routine. Show us your skills on that apparatus now if you will . Lose the warmers please – we want to see your entire legs now.”

Suzanne became aware the coach was handing her the chalk. She proceeded to chalk her hands. Coach stepped forward to spot her onto the apparatus. Suzanne had done the uneven bars many times before but it sure felt different doing the routine in the nude, and knowing there were so many eyes studying every detail of her anatomy while she performed the routine. At least she could keep her legs together in this routine. When she finished there was a round of applause for her courage and, at a signal from coach, everyone headed for the showers.

Suzanne appeared timidly in the main hallway from the gym locker area. She had on only shoes socks and the leg warmers that marked her as a gymnast or dancer. She tried to screw up her courage. They would all notice her and start making lewd remarks. Some boys would make it obvious they were gleefully studying the most private parts of her. Some girls would smirk about her flat breasts and make remarks about her thinness behind her back.

Suzanne had Biology next with Mr. Sapphire. Just then she noticed a whole group of agitated students gathered down the hall. She had to find out what was going on. Students were standing around gawking at another naked student named Tim. He also had an ‘erection’ like Tony earlier. She was fascinated. But she felt sorry for Tim that he was getting gawked at so much. Suddenly she felt she could save him by drawing student eyes toward her own nakedness. That made her feel just a bit less self conscious about her own body. As she approached the commotion the boys began to notice her and gather around. But a circle of girls still surrounded Tim.

End of part 2

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