Tony and Suzanne - A Naked in School Story
by Eagle


“Serious?” Tony spoke into his cell phone in response to what his friend Bill had just told him. “You’re not putting me on, right?”

“No,” Bill replied. “I heard it from Ed when we were hanging out last night after track practice. Ed said there was this new “experimental program” or something at school. He said starting third week that some of the kids might have to go naked for a week at a time to all classes and school activities!”

“But why, Bill?”

“They think it is a valuable educational experience for the students who will be pegged for nudity.”

“If it is such a ‘valuable educational experience’ why don’t they make all the kids do it?”

“Because there is also a research objective – something to do with studying teenage shame responses. They need a teenage population of a certain size to fulfill the research objectives. And they need the majority of these students to remain clothed so that feelings of embarrassment and humiliation will be maximized for those students not permitted clothing.”

“Well look Bill, I’ll be damned if I’m going naked. Screw that! This stud isn’t about to let it all hang out down there for everybody to look at! I’ve got a right to some privacy after all.”

“Actually Tony, you may not have that right. I understand that participation in the program is mandatory. It is a graduation requirement. That doesn’t mean every student will have to go naked, but if you are selected for total nudity, you must comply. They can even use force to strip you.”


“Serious! You might look on the bright side – it means you are probably going to see some foxy chicks naked!”

“But Bill, if I am naked myself at the same time I might be too embarrassed to enjoy the sight! I would spend all my time thinking about the national debt instead of the foxy chick. Out of fear, you know, that I might develop a woody. And that would be really embarrassing! Anyway, how exactly do they select the particular students who must go naked?”

“Look Tony - it is partly random, like a lottery, but it is also based on those psychological assessment tests we all took end of last year. I guess they want to make sure to include students who might be particularly shy and therefore show a stronger shame response.”

“Hey Bill I’ve got to run now or I will miss the bus.” Tony’s mind was racing, as he ran to catch the bus. Would he be selected for total nudity? Should he refuse? What would he do if they try to forcibly strip him? Well at least he took comfort in the knowledge that he had another week before he would have to meet this challenge. Normally he would have reported to study hall first period. But Miss Vincent, the English teacher, had offered to give him some one-on-one coaching the period before his English class, if he would report to her office first period instead.

At the main entrance to the school there seemed to be some commotion. There was the usual metal detector procedure, but things seemed to be going much slower than usual. When Tony got to the head of the line he found out why. Apparently security guards were confiscating everyone’s cell phones. They were told they would be returned at the end of the semester, and that temporary school supplied cell phones would soon be issued in their place. Tony wondered what that was all about but continued to Miss Vincent’s office on the second floor. He knocked on her door. This wouldn’t be too bad, he thought, since she was drop dead gorgeous. Every guy in school would like to bang her – in his dreams of course!

“Come on in Tony! I was so looking forward to our time together!”

Once inside, she closed her office door, and her eyes scanned his very athletic looking body. Tony knew that his slender and well muscled body, honed by countless track practices and track events, often drew interested glances from female teachers as well as girls his own age. Tony thought he detected her gaze lingering for just a moment on his crotch. He felt just the beginning of a woody starting down there and hope it wasn’t tenting his slacks to a noticeable extent. He would have died of embarrassment if she realized she was turning him on! She pulled out one of his essays and showed him several changes that would make it more readable. Tony nodded in agreement with these changes. Just then there was a loud knock on the door. Miss Vincent opened the door and there were 2 very strong security guard types in the hall. One of them handed her a container of some sort and a note that she read, and Tony noticed her face flushing! She told the 2 guards to wait outside for a few moments and closed the door so that she and Tony were again alone.

“Tony – I wish I were not the one to have to do this to you, but I have just received a note from the principal that you are selected to participate in the nudity program, and that it is my job to see that you strip, here and now, and that your clothing is placed in the container and given to these 2 guards to take to the office. You are permitted to keep your shoes and socks. You will get your clothing back at the end of the school day, and after you complete your participation in any extra-curricular activities for which you signed up. A bracelet will be locked on your left wrist identifying you as a ‘program student’. You can look on that as a benefit because it lets everyone know you are being forced to do this and are therefore not to be seen as an exhibitionist or a pervert. On the other hand it also puts all your fellow students on notice that it would be a severe offense against the school discipline code if any student offered you any article of clothing to wear at any time during your school day! No one will help you.

“Now I am familiar with the goals of the program and would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the program. But first we can’t keep these gentlemen waiting! I would rather we do this stripping just between the two of us with the office door closed. But if you prove non-compliant, I will summon these two gentlemen and they will forcibly strip you in this office with the door open. Your choice!”

Tony considered fighting off these two guards. But he realized he would probably lose and get roughed up quite a bit in the process. So, reluctantly, he began unbuttoning his shirt, removed his shirt and handed it to Miss Vincent who neatly folded it and put it in the container provided. Then he took his shoes and socks off and set them aside for the moment. Then emptied his pockets – Miss Vincent holding out her hand to take each item from him and carefully place it in the container. Now he very reluctantly unbuckled his belt, unzipped his fly, and began to lower his jeans to the floor. He could not help but notice that Miss Vincent kept looking at his slender but muscular thighs! Now came the hardest part of all. He stole a quick glance at Miss Vincent to see if she would let him out of this part. No such luck! Slowly he eased his tighty whities down a few inches till his pubic hair showed. Still Miss Vincent’s face was implacable. So he pushed them down all the way and let them fall to his feet. As he did so he quickly cupped his hands over his genitals. Damned if he had to let Miss Vincent see his privates! But she had other ideas.

“Program students are not permitted to cover themselves young man! Drop your hands to your sides and stand erect with your feet about two feet apart! And face me! You are required to show your body entire to any person who wishes to see it! You might as well begin with me – at least I will not make fun of your endowments, and I’m sure some of your fellow students will.” With that she closed the container with all his clothing, opened the door briefly and handed the container to the guards who then departed.

As she re-entered her office and closed the door, Tony assumed the position demanded of him and stood at attention with his privates fully on display to his teacher. He was conscious that she was, in fact, looking directly at his genitals.

“You have a fine body young man and should be proud to show it off! Your penis, in the flaccid state, is perhaps a bit shorter than many other boys your age, but you are very well endowed in the testicle and scrotum department! Your chest is impressive as are your biceps. Your belly is absolutely flat and forms a good backdrop for your curly pubic hair! You have exceptionally long and slender arms and legs. Now turn with your back to me and let me have a good look at those muscular buttocks. Oh my they look good! Now turn around and face me again!”

About now Tony is burning with shame to hear his body and private parts discussed so openly. “I thought you said, Miss Vincent, that you wished you were not the one to do this to me! Now you seem to be enjoying my humiliation”.

“What I meant was that I wished you didn’t have to be humiliated like this. But since you do have to be humiliated, and by me, I might as well enjoy the ride! I don’t deny that it is pleasurable to look upon your naked body.“ She again scanned his naked body, and unconsciously lickedher lips. “Now, Tony, I am sure that you will have questions about the program. I will try to answer your questions.”

“Well Miss Vincent, what are the purposes of the program? How is it not a violation of indecency laws and why me?” Tony said with a tremor in his voice.

“Good questions all. The school received a very large grant from Ajax Pharmaceuticals that will go to build a new gymnasium and more computer classrooms. In return the school has agreed to provide its student body as research subjects for a study on shame. Ajax wants to know what factors contribute to or intensify feelings of shame and embarrassment in adolescent males and females, and how adolescents may try to work through these feelings. Part of the study also involves administering a new drug to some students and a placebo to others. The new drug is being tested for its effectiveness at reducing feelings of shame in adolescents. The school feels all of this will be an invaluable educational experience for the students who must go naked and for their classmates who will also participate by observing and reacting to their nude fellow students. All of the students, regardless of their level of participation, will have emotional issues to work thru and will be the stronger for having gone thru this.”

“Miss Vincent, it feels awkward just standing here like this. Do you think I might sit down now?”

“Sure Tony, as long as you don’t try to cover yourself and keep your feet well separated. Also I will need to put some tissues down first to protect the chair – you know – in case you secrete. Don’t be embarrassed if you do secrete – it is perfectly natural in boys your age. Actually I can see some pre-cum forming at the tip of your penis. That tells me that you are aroused by this situation. Frankly I hoped you would be!” Tony sat down with his feet well apart and his hands on his thighs.

“Your second question was about the indecency laws. We never did have, in the United States, any law at the federal level that would prohibit nudity or make it a criminal offense. It has always been a matter of state law and local ordinances. We live in the state of Vermont, which has tolerated nudist colonies for well over 40 years now and where one of our major cities has even declared it not unlawful to walk naked down the main street of the town. While some of our states are not so progressive on this issue, you probably realize that well over half of them have long tolerated nude dancing in establishments that do not serve liquor. The educational benefits of the program have persuaded our local city fathers to pass an ordinance that allows young people who are between eighteen and twenty five years old to participate in programs of this type and be naked on school premises, or even in the city at large if it is part of some school related activity. Police will not interfere.”

“Your third question was 'Why You'? The Program Committee wanted to make sure we got some representatives of all psychological types, and also representatives of all physical types. We wanted some very shy students, some very aggressive students, some slender students, some fat students, some beautiful students, some not so beautiful, some smart, some dumb. In a school with 800 students, about 100 will be selected for the nudity program. The other 700 will at no time be naked but will participate in a variety of other ways to the goals of the program. At any given time only a few of these 100 will actually be naked. Frankly I persuaded the committee to include you. I liked your psychological profile, your obvious intelligence, and of course your body. I especially like the way your body is responding to this situation right now!”

Just then the public address system crackled to life. The very recognizable voice of Mr. Jones the principal was heard. “All students should be aware that we are starting the experimental forced nudity program today and that two students will be naked for the week – one boy and one girl from the senior class. Please show every respect for these students who are not flaunting themselves as they were given no choice about their participation in the program. No pictures are to be taken of them by students or by any unauthorized person. That is why your cell phones were confiscated this morning and will be replaced with school issued phones not containing cameras. Students may stop by the audio-visual department during the lunch hour and sign for a phone. Security guards will not permit any persons to enter our buildings with any type of camera equipment at any time during the school year.

“If you have all read your program booklets you know that the naked students are required to honor ‘reasonable requests’ with regard to posing as requested and permitting limited bodily contact – spelled out more fully in your booklets. There are display pedestals located at intervals along hallways where the program students may be required to pose. The naked students themselves shall be, in the first instance, sole judges of whether the requests are ‘reasonable’. If a student judges a request ‘unreasonable’ that decision can be appealed to one of the roving nudity inspectors in the light blue uniforms.

“In order to help the naked students further work through feelings of modesty, they are forbidden to use regular restrooms but must instead use special unisex ‘display bathrooms’ where all their bathroom activities will be video monitored and displayed on hall monitors for any who might wish to observe them. The naked students are required to remain naked throughout the school day and for all on premise after school activities not open to the public such as sports practices, school play rehearsals, clubs, committees, etc. Finally there are to be no ‘volunteer nudists’. That is all for now.”

Tony was acutely embarrassed. His dick was standing up like a flagpole. He could not conceal from Miss Vincent that he found her sexy and the situation sexy!

“Young man, there will be times when you become so excited that you need relief. I think now might be such a time judging by the appearance of your penis! If I could legally do so, I would give you hand relief myself. But that would cost me my job! You are not permitted to masturbate in private while serving your naked time in the program. Not even while using one of our ‘video display bathrooms’ You may masturbate, however, any time you have a live audience. Like now! You are permitted to jerk yourself off here in my office and I think you should avail yourself of the opportunity. Here are some tissues. I will of course, not avert my gaze, but rather watch you with interest. Afterward I will want you to tell me what you were thinking and feeling while you were climaxing in front of me. I will also want you to put it all in writing as an essay. Think of the goal of the program as not merely physical nudity, but psychological nudity as well!”

Tony saw her watching him play with his penis and testicles, making rhythmic movements, as his penis became still harder. Soon he was vocalizing his climax. Then ejaculating. He took some tissues and began to clean off the chair and his penis. Miss Vincent held out her hand to take the tissues away from him. He noticed that she tucked the soiled tissues into a Ziploc bag that she then tucked into her purse. He wondered what she would do with his sperm laden tissues later. Perhaps she just wanted a souvenir of her encounter with the school’s first nude student. Now Tony’s dick was quickly becoming flaccid. Soon he felt the urge to pee. He would have to hold it!

“What you just did in front of me you may do in front of any class if you ask the teacher in the first five minutes of the class” That is how you will get relief when you really need it. Not by sneaking away into a stall in one of the bathrooms. You are not permitted privacy in the program.

“Now if you have no more questions about the program we will get back to correcting your essay. I think some of your sentence structures are too long and convoluted. Here we could break this sentence into two sentences. Do you agree? “

“Yeah I guess so." He fidgeted.

She observed him alternately flexing one thigh then the other, and tightening and relaxing his abdominal muscles. “Do you need to pee?"

"Yeah, I guess so."

"Then stand up! Stand at attention with feet well apart. I have a urine bottle here that I will hold just below your penis. You are to show me that you can pee now! I want to see you go!”

At first Tony thought he could not possibly do such a thing in front of her, but the pressure kept building, and soon he was putting out a strong yellow stream. His piss gave off a strong odor to his further embarrassment. Probably this was because he had eaten asparagus for dinner last night.

“I imagine you won’t want to walk down the hallway with all the other students carrying a bottle of piss. So I will dispose of it for you. Now you better put your socks and shoes back on, as the bell is about to ring, and you will have to make your way nude through halls to all your other classes today. It may comfort you somewhat to know that nobody among your fellow students may photograph you. All cameras have been confiscated, and the only cell phones permitted to students are school issued phones that do not contain cameras. So you need not be concerned that naked pictures of you will show up on the internet. Your nudity will be on school grounds only and to be experienced only by your fellow students, faculty and administration. I guess you have been embarrassed enough for right now, so I won’t put you up in front of the English class next hour, though I may have another surprise for you there!”

As the first bell rang, Tony put his books in his book bag that he carried at his side as he stepped out into the busy hall. He had avoided eye contact with his hot young English teacher even as he agreed to another one on one session with her same hour on Wednesday morning. He heard himself promising to write an essay detailing his nude week experiences and especially his feelings about those experiences. He was sure his face was red as a beet. Now he faced a new challenge. There was a hubbub of voices and locker doors being slammed.

“Did you hear what Becky said?” a petite girl was saying to her taller friends near one locker.

A guy he knew from track was trying to get a date with one of the cheerleaders. Some football players were talking about last Saturday’s game. He knew it could only be a few seconds until he would be noticed. Suddenly there were whistles, and everyone was looking his way. He wanted to cover himself but knew better. Miss Vincent had explained to him that any naked program student who tried to cover would have his or her hands cuffed behind his or her back. So Tony just had to grin and brave the stares. He was feeling acute embarrassment. Worse – the situation was starting to turn him on and he would have no way to conceal that fact from his fellow students. His penis was already starting to betray him and they would all see. Quick, must try to solve some algebra problems in my head before it shows too much! But he was losing the battle and some of the girls were already noticing!

Just then Suzanne, eighteen years old and the love of his young life, came into view. What would she think of him now? Now he had a full hard-on and got a round of applause from all present! One of the girls complimented him on his male endowment and said she had never seen an erection before and thought it was pretty neat! Still he was red as a beet!

Suzanne was a competition gymnast. She had long slender well-muscled legs but her torso was thin as a reed. Some of the students thought her too thin - even accused her of being an anorexic. But Tony liked her body very much. He and Suzanne had been on several dates together but had not gone beyond light petting. She had not seen him naked before and seemed fascinated by what she saw now! Just then a group of students gathered around Tony and wanted him to jump up on a pedestal and gyrate his hips. He was not comfortable with this but good naturedly complied. Then they wanted him to do sexually suggestive pelvic lunges. He refused and no student appealed his refusal. Suzanne complimented him on his refusal. As it happened he and Suzanne were both in Miss Vincent’s English class second hour.

End of part 1

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