Brenda vs. Julia
by ej

I only went to the bar for a beer. The Oktoberfest theme and all. It’s a nice place with solid wooden furniture that is supposed to represent a Bavarian Biergarten.

So, I’m sitting there enjoying my Stein of beer and there’s a small bunch of people from the base. This big fellow looking like a Scandinavian was holding onto this fine babe. And she really caught my eye. About five feet seven, some 130 pounds. 35C-24-35 at a good appraising. That girl moved with the grace of a panther and I just knew she wasn’t some townie girl trying to catch herself a hubby in uniform. She had a pair of nice, conservative earrings on, but her brown hair was short as it got for a woman, and she had on a sort of nice hugging set of lounging sweats with a regimental insignia on the chest – twisted all out of shape by her boobs. The other couple was a long haired, Latin-looking girl and an Oriental guy; all with the walk and look of professionals from the military base.

I must have been staring because the Viking game me a sort of neutral look and asked, “Yes?”

So, I just threw him back a salute and said, “Nothing, son, just feeling damn envious of you.” The fellow smiled and went back to the conversation with his friends, as the short-haired girl gave me a wink and turned around, too. Had she run her tongue out and over her lips? I thought so. I hoped so.

As I sat there thinking of young women and aged beer, another lady came in. This was another fine lady, about 5 feet 8 inches tall, slender and as nicely tanned as the military babe. Only this one had jet-black hair reaching to below her shapely shoulders. Nice butt and a waist slender enough to circle with your arm. Sort of Mediterranean good looks. Hey, I’m just sightseeing! My wife doesn’t mind, as the hornier I get, the more she’ll enjoy it tonight.

Back to the girl that came into the bar. Overall nice, but for the breasts, which are a bit smallish for her height. A bit smaller that the other girl’s I guess. The short haired one. But that military girl is shorter, and looks more solid. More muscle. This black-haired beauty’s got jeans and a really revealing blouse on. Dressed to look flirty and tough, I guess; right down to the cowgirl boots.

The girl had herself a Tequila shot, and the short haired one noticed and nodded smiling in appreciation; which vanished when the Mediterranean girl asked for a Margarita chaser, then she held on to the Viking’s arm as she pulled back from the bar. The short haired girl asked him, “Mingo, are you sure you had your infectious disease shots?” And she had a smile on her face that could slice the air.

He replied, “She’s just tipsy. Jealous, Ju?”

And the military babe shot back, “Fuck, yes!”  The girl that’s called Ju gave the newcomer a nasty look and then gave this Mingo guy a very visible tongue kiss, before getting into conversation with the other couple.

The intruding girl waltzed her way snickering to my table and just sat next to me. We exchanged small talk. She said her name was Brenda. And no, she'd never been here before. But she sure liked the place. By the time her Margarita was about finished she stood up, bounced up her hair with both hands and said, “Watch this.”

The Mediterranean-looking girl went up to the bar again. Just as the girl called Ju was saying something, Brenda leaned on Mingo, putting a hand on the side of his neck and rubbing her face close to his ear. He was going, “Hey, wait....” When Ju calmly took a step toward them, placed two fingers between Brenda’s breasts, and pushed her back, saying, “Do you mind getting off my boyfriend?”

Brenda laughed and said, “Boyfriend? He looks like he’s too much man for you. He needs a real woman.”

So, Ju answered, “Go look, maybe you’ll find one.” She was trying to defuse the situation, but Brenda would have none of it.

“You looking for a beating?” Brenda said, and the Latina girl replied for Ju, “She doesn’t look, they look for her.” Ju turned back to her friends and that was a mistake, because Brenda back-handed her across the face.

Ju stumbled back a step and stood still with open hands and a bit of bloody red in her lip.

“Here we go,” sighed the Oriental man. Brenda came at Ju with two more backhand punches to the head. I sat up. If this was a catfight, both lady cats had been to the Do-Jo and practiced their martial arts. Ju stood out of the way for one and blocked the other. Then she fell to her knees, but not because she’d been hurt, but to better target Brenda’s stomach for several punches.

Brenda fell back and delivered a kick to Ju’s liver that made her double over. Brenda then grabbed Ju’s sweat top and dragged her over the floor by it. The sweat top came off Ju, leaving her in a black sports bra that slipped up letting her rather firm and muscular breasts come loose.

Brenda bent to grab and twist Ju’s nipples. That was her mistake. Ju grabbed Brenda’s hair with one hand and knifed the other hand into Brenda’s stomach. Brenda gasped as the air went out of her and as Ju also kicked one of her feet off the ground. Suddenly, Brenda’s weight was balanced in Ju’s arms, and Brenda was propelled head first towards a hard encounter with the Bar’s wooden front paneling. Ju stood up and put her breasts back into her sports bra. She then gave Brenda a swift kick in the pit of her stomach. Brenda moaned and doubled over, while Ju continued to punish her stomach and kidneys with punches and the occasional kick. Brenda twice tried to slap at Ju, only to have Ju catch her arm and deliver a blow to the elbow that didn’t break it, but looked like it got real and painfully close to doing just that.

Finally, Brenda seemed to be in unbearable pain, and she muttered, “Please... no more... I’ll do anything!”

Ju stopped for a second with a slight smile. “Anything?” She said flatly, as her friends commented, “C’mon, Ju, the bitch is drunk!” Ju replied, “Shouldn’t drink that much, if she can’t hold it.” Brenda’s blouse was ripped off her. Then, as she protested and began to cry, Ju tore her bra off. “Now look at that!” Ju said as she slapped Brenda’s hands aside to grab and squeeze her opponent’s protruding, dark nipples crowning almost pre-adolescent sized breasts. “Isn’t that an immature kiddie girl?”

Ju put a knee on Brenda’s back as she bent Brenda’s arms and tied her forearms one on top of the other, with Brenda’s own torn bra and blouse. By now, Brenda was whimpering like a little girl. Sobbing and begging not to have this done to her. Ju grabbed Brenda’s hair and stood her up to make her circle the floor, showing her little girl tits to the whole laughing audience. Then, Ju said, “You wanted to give a show. Now you will.”

As Ju began to undo her Jeans, Brenda started crying all the louder.  She wriggled and fell on the floor, trying to keep her legs together and cross her ankles.  Ju would have nothing of it.  By now any sense of overt violence or menace had evaporated.  Everybody was just enjoying the comical spectacle of Brenda being stripped and humiliated.  Everybody but Brenda, that is.   Ju didn't hit her anymore; she just squatted over the sobbing, protesting, squirming Brenda and began to tickle the other girl's sides.

Brenda at first laughed as she cried, then gasped and then choked begging her to “Stop! No! Pleeeeeaseeee,” before choking again and convulsing in silent, tearful laughter.

One of the locals made a move to go help the young lady in distress, but changed his mind when Ju's friends stood up, too and said, “Ah-ah! No.” And, “Let the girls play.”

By now, Brenda was gasping for air and exhausted.  Ju stood up laughing, as Brenda doubled over still convulsing from her tickling torture.  A dark spot was forming between her legs and everybody had a good laugh on realizing Brenda had peed herself.

“Dirty, messy girl.” Ju said, and now Brenda did not resist as her Jeans were unfastened and pulled all the way down to her ankles.

Another surprise.  Brenda was wearing the kind of cheap white cotton panties that look like shorts and you'd expect somebody's grandmother to have on.  The pee soaked panties were about one or two sizes too small for her, which is why they weren't noticeable under Brenda's Jeans.

Now it was Ju's turn to almost double over with laughter, as she pulled off Brenda's cowgirl boots and jeans.  As Ju stripped her of her heart-printed cotton socks, Brenda regained her breath and began to kick.  She caught Ju across a hip, but Ju, still laughing, grabbed the waistband of the panties and pull up hard.  Brenda shrieked as the wedgie ran inside the crack of her ass and between the lips of her snatch. Ju then dragged Brenda all over the floor holding onto her left ankle and giving her the mother of all wedgies, until the panties tore off into Ju's hands.

If Brenda thought this was the end of her ordeal, she was wrong.  Dropping the panties, Ju dragged the squirming, pleading Brenda to each table, forcing her legs spread apart for all to see.

Brenda asked Ju to forgive her and pleaded not to be humiliated.  But Ju just replied, “Hey, you said you'd do anything.”

Then, Ju put Brenda across her knees.  The bartender brought a bucket of ice.  Brenda didn't know what was coming next, and maybe that's why she began to kick her legs in the air trying to get away.  To no avail, as Ju had her firmly pinned.  Then Ju said, “You've got a too-hot pussy.  Let's cool you down.”  Brenda gasped and bulged her eyes as Ju stuck one, then two, then another, up to five large ice cubes up her prisoner's snatch.  Then Ju lodged five more up Brenda's asshole.

The poor girl with the small tits just gasped and sucked air and finally shrieked.  “C-cccoooold!   It Huuuuurts!”

To which Ju replied, “Of course it does, but now, we'll warm you up.”  And Ju began to forcefully slap Brenda's naked, upraised butt.

The audience began to chant, “Go, Go Go,” in a rhythm to the spanking, as poor Brenda sobbed and kicked her legs in the air.

Finally, when Brenda's ass was shiny and bright red, Ju let her victim fall to the floor and then dragged her by the hair to the front door.

One of the locals brought over what was left of Brenda's clothes stuck inside her boots.

Brenda knelt on the floor, crying, with pee and water oozing out of her.   Ju grabbed Brenda by the hair and forced her to look up.  Then she ran the pee-soaked granny panties over Brenda's eyes and rammed them into her mouth.  In a flash, Ju had produced a very sharp knife.  Brenda saw the knife and tried to crawl away, but Ju raised her almost off the floor by her hair and ran the knife point gently over Brenda's breasts.  As the knife point ran over her breasts, the points of Brenda's nipples protruded out of her dark areolas.  Ju said, “If I ever see you here or near my man again, I'm going to shave your head and your pussy, and make you run naked all through the town.”  Ju paused and added, “After I carve my name on your tits.  Understood?”

Brenda nodded her assent with bulging eyes and a terrified expression on her tear-stained face.   Ju slashed quickly with the knife, and sliced through the bra binding Brenda's forearms together.  Before Brenda half crawled, half scrambled to her feet, Ju threw her boots at her, saying, “And take your shit.  Don't want you to say I stole anything.”

Brenda streaked out of the bar bare butt naked, with her panties in her mouth, humiliated, crying and clutching the boots and what was left of her clothes. 

The place sounded like it'd collapse with laughter.  Ju turned around smiling, curtsied and then took a bow.  Everybody applauded.

In a few minutes, the military types had left.  I did so, too.  On the back of my mind I was wondering about the girl that had been so punished and humiliated.  She sure looked like she could have stood her ground in the fight.  Why had she crumbled like a little girl?

On the far end of the parking lot, I noticed a car with an open door.  I approached silently.  There was Brenda, her clothes at her side.  She had her legs spread wide open and reclined on the car seat, slowly masturbating and moaning.   She hadn't noticed me and I just let her go on and enjoyed part two of the spectacle.   But when she let out one final long sigh and lay back still and smiling, I said, “You really did enjoy that back there.”

She jumped, startled, and made a show of covering herself with her hands.  Then she just stretched back and said, smiling, “I get off on it.”

She didn't pretend to cover up any more.

“Would you be interested in a chance meeting with my wife and some of her friends?”  I asked.