Aunt Juís Battle
by EJ

This happened one day that my Aunt Julia was coming over for the weekend. She was also going to meet with her boyfriend Raul. Mom and Dad were going to work late and they asked Aunt Julia to be there early so I wouldnít be alone when I got home from school. Since they had mailed her a key, when I came home she had already arrived and put her car inside the garage.  I came home with Elsa, who was my same age. Now I realize we had a crush on each other but at the time, being kids, we just "played." My aunt as I remember her always was a superbly built woman, athletic and suntanned, five feet seven inches with dark brown hair and eyes. Now Iíd say she was a 34-24-34 and 140 pounds, all muscle. At 31, some would still think she was 10 years younger. I had always called her aunt Ju instead of Julia. When I got home with Elsa, aunt Ju gave me a hug and a kiss, as always. She always smelled nice like Mom, but also like she was not a grownup and you could have fun when you were with her. "And who is this?" she asked looking at Elsa. When I told her, she also gave Elsa a kiss and greeted her. But Elsa put a face like she didnít like it. Now I think she was feeling jealous of my aunt. Aunt Ju went upstairs to "put away her stuff," like she called it, and left us playing in the front yard enclosed by the fence.

We ended up playing rough and I think now it was because she was angry at Aunt Ju, but she punched me, and I punched her back. Maybe too hard or maybe she had planned it that way. A few minutes later, her mother, Doris, showed up.  Was she pissed! I donít know what Elsa told her, but she was in an uproar, shouting about someone laying hands on her baby and sheíd "get the bitch." I just stood there until Doris came in through the gate. There were a good number of neighbors who had noticed the racket and had come over. Now Doris, at the same height as my aunt, about the same measurements as my aunt giving one or two inches more in each one, 160 almost fat-free pounds and 42 years of age, was ordinarily a pretty, nice and gentle lady. But you didnít want to get on her wrong side, especially in what involved her daughter. Rumor had it that when a woman working as a security guard at a neighborhood store had grabbed and shaken Elsa in one of rowdy moments, Doris had exploded. She jumped on the other woman, grabbed hold of her hair and beat her against the ground all the way to the back of the store. There, she had torn off the other womanís clothes and left her naked in front of everybody. Before the police arrived, she had given the now begging woman a sound kicking of her sex and had left her breasts all scarred. She also sat on the guardís face until she passed out and left her lying there, spread-eagled and exposed, after turning the contents of a garbage can on her. What saved Doris from going to jail was that the guard had no business touching the girl in the first place, and the store did not press charges so Doris wouldnít, either. The cops were understanding enough to realize that it had been a woman to woman fair fight won by Doris. She had kept the guardís badge and panties as trophies.

Now Doris was entering inside our houseís fence and she was coming for blood! She had on sandals, a wrap-around skirt and a yellow shirt that almost matched her blond hair and had "Big Mommy" and a bunch of hearts printed across the front.

As she cleared the fence gate, I heard Aunt Juís calm voice saying "Dear, I left the water in the tub running. Could you go up and close it for me, please?" That was the terribly polite tone grownups use when somethingís wrong, and I was quickly gone up the stairs. Aunt Ju tousled my hair as I passed by.

Harry from across the street was saying out loud to another neighbor, "Jeez, smell the estrogen rush."

Aunt Ju had on a pink bathrobe and matching slippers.   She walked up to Doris and asked, "Ok, whatís the matter?"

"Whatís the matter, Bitch?" Doris replied. "Iíll teach you to lay hands on my child!"

Aunt replied, "I havenít touched her."

But Doris was at a high boil. She cried out "Call me a liar, too, whore!" and flew at Aunt Ju. I had just shut the water off in the tub Aunt Ju had drawn to wash off the dust of the road, but I managed to get back in time to see the spectacle. Doris all of a sudden found her task harder than she had thought. Every time she reached for aunt, she found Aunt Ju standing her ground, blocking her and pushing her arms out of the way. Doris finally connected a kick that was aimed between auntís legs but hit her on the side when she moved out of the way. But aunt didnít fall. She rolled sideways on the lawn and ended up at a crouch.  Every time the robe flapped, it was obvious to everybody that she was nude underneath, and she had stepped out of her slippers. As Doris jumped on top of her, auntís outstretched hand went like a knife into the other womanís crotch and found its ways inside her panties and vagina to grab and pinch her clitoris and labia, the palm of her other hand slammed into Dorisí right breast.

Aunt then pulled back both hands now shaped into claw-like shapes. Doris screamed and fell to her knees. Auntís hands came off with the front of Dorisí tee shirt and what was left of her panties. The wrap-around skirt had opened during the fight and Doris sat on the lawn basically naked except for the back of her tee shirt and the skirt like an apron held by the belt around her waist. But Doris was a very strong woman. In spite of the pain, Doris got up and came at Aunt Ju. Aunt Ju kept her same calm and studious look on her face, but now she didnít fight as good. Doris connected a good kick at auntís breasts, and while she covered them with both arms, Doris landed two solid punches in auntís stomach. Doris then went around her and kicked Aunt Ju between the legs from behind while she pulled back and tore off the now open robe. Aunt Ju fell forward naked in the lawn and the whole audience started cheering and jeering. The jeers died down as the neighbors noticed the crisscross scars and burn marks on her back, as well as the knife scars across her torso. Aunt turned herself face up, but Doris sat on her breasts and punched and slapped Aunt Ju until she wasnít fighting anymore and just laid there spread out for all to see. Iím now sure Doris would have tried to further humiliate her by sitting on her face making her lick her sexís juices, as I know now that is the habit in these womanís fights. However, Aunt Ju had really hurt her with the "claw" maneuver and Doris was in too much agony herself to even think of doing anything involving her vagina.  She contented herself with rubbing her large breasts in my auntís face, giving my aunt a couple of more kicks and then pulling on one of her legs until she left my dear aunt lying naked and spread-eagled for the whole neighborhood to see. Since Doris couldnít tear out my auntís short hair, she took her robe and slippers as "trophies."

But my aunt wasnít quite out. She wasnít even completely naked. She still had her metal ball earrings on. All of a sudden, Aunt Ju was up as if sheíd just been napping au naturel, at the same time that her hands went to her ears and she slipped the earrings off and into her right hand. She walked up to Doris, who was almost out of the fence gate.  When Doris realized by the sudden silence and the look on everyoneís face that my aunt was up and behind her, she turned around and sent her right hand flying at Aunt Ju's face. Aunt Ju trapped the arm with her left one while her right hand balled into a fist shot to Dorisí eyes with the index and middle fingers extended. My auntís index and middle fingers stopped just fractions of an inch in front of Dorisí eyes, forcing her to arch her head back. Doris could not advance without losing her eyes, nor could she retreat without getting an arm broken.

While my aunt gently walked Doris out the gate, her right hand went down to Dorisí breasts. My aunt opened her other three fingers, leaving the two earrings she had been holding between Dorisí breasts.  "Peace now. You won," my aunt said loud and clear while looking Doris in the eye, "You deserve these, too. Itís over."

Doris stood there not knowing what to do. Then my aunt turned around, went back inside the fence and shut the gate, and addressing the whole silent neighborhood smiled and just said, "Good afternoon." She walked up the stairs slowly and rhythmically, hips and breasts moving in unison, showing to the whole world a superb naked womanís body with patterns scars that if anything, made it more beautiful. In the quiet after the storm some of the spectators had noticed her "decorations" just now. Doris certainly did and stood there, half naked herself, clutching the fightís trophies and wondering at what sheíd been spared of by the grace of God. No one said anything, and everyone went home quietly. For all her serious demeanor, aunt gave me a wink when she passed me. From the street, Elsa blew me a kiss and waved. I waved back. I guessed then that everything was ok.

Big mouth Harry across the street just stared like a fool and said. "Best black womanís body I ever saw on a white one, scars and all."

Later on, as Aunt Ju washed away both the road and the fight, she called to me, "Honey, will you bring me a towel? I forgot. And come here, because I still have to get you clean." She laughed, "I donít want to have to fight with your Mom, too, when she gets home." I went to the guestroom and got her towel from the closet where she had her civilian clothes as well as her military uniforms and weapons case.

While she soaped me up, I finally asked her, "Aunt Ju, whyíd you let Doris beat you?"

"Well, that way, itís all done and finished with." She said, "If Iíd beat her, we wouldnít have heard the end of it. I couldnít go all out and really hurt her. And," she winked, "allís fine with your girlfriend now." She laughed, "Itís all a matter of strategy."

When Raul came to pick her up that night, they had a good laugh with Mom and Dad about what had happened, and Dorisí so-called victory. Eventually, Aunt Ju married Raul. They had a daughter, who they named Amira, and when we were grown my cousin Amira and Elsa had a battle of their own. My aunt got to fight other times. The last time that I know about was when she was already widowed and was much older. She fought that one in what was left of her nunís habit. But thatís a story for another time.


Aunt Juís Battle © Copyright 2000, by Esteban Jimťnez
Aunt Juís Battle © Derechos Reservados 2000, Esteban Jimťnez