The Servant
by EC

Warnings: public nudity, sex between adults, judicial punishment, erotic punishment, drug use, medical fetish, language, adult themes, involuntary servitude

Chapter 13 – Nature hike

The next day, Trish woke up to the pre-dawn crowing of Flora’s rooster, as usual. And, as usual, she responded by throwing a mango seed at the bird to shut him up, only to have a near-miss and send him running off and clucking in protest. The rooster had learned to watch out for the daily mango seed and was ready to run as soon as Eve’s patio door opened.

Trish prepared her Mistress’s breakfast and had her uniform ready. After Eve had eaten and dressed, the servant cleaned up the kitchen and dining area. She knelt, waiting for her orders for the day.

Eve ordered Trish to stand up and put her hands against the wall. She spent several minutes fondling her servant’s bottom and breasts. Trish calmly waited for the policewoman to finish. She had learned that being ordered to assume the search position and submit to being groped was actually an indication her Mistress was in a good mood.

Eve left her servant with Flora before going to work. Trish had learned to appreciate being left with the neighbor: it meant that she’d not have to worry about anything apart from the daily chores. Yes, Flora always carried her switch and was quick to use it, but Trish was accustomed to the occasional swipe across the bottom. Anyhow, the retiree only struck if she felt the servant was showing disrespect or moving too slowly. Trish was becoming better at her routine and giving Flora fewer opportunities to “motivate” her. On that day, Trish performed so well that Flora did not strike her a single time.

* * *

The following day was Saturday, which meant another day shopping in the capital. Trish also hoped it would be the day she could earn back her bathroom privileges and stop having to squat in the middle of the street every time she needed to piss.

As they wandered about the crowded downtown, Eve spent the morning plying her servant with water and juice, curious to see if she had learned anything from the previous week’s “unpleasantness”. Fortunately, over the past week Trish had resolved her shyness about peeing in public. She had to relieve herself twice and on both occasions she was able to ignore the people watching her as she positioned herself over the storm drain. She released quickly and on cue, which minimized the time she had to spend squatting and drawing attention. As she wiped herself after the second potty break, she could tell that her Mistress was very pleased.

Sure enough, upon returning to the house and putting away the week’s purchases, Trish knelt while Eve announced that she had earned back her right to use the bathroom. She stuck out her hand for the servant to kiss.

Towards sunset, Eve took Trish to the beach. It was late in the day, and very hot, as usual. The policewoman decided to leave her clothing at home and walk through the salt marsh in the nude. Walking around naked was not customary among the Islanders, but the area was isolated and Eve chose a trail rarely used on the weekends. So, for 40 minutes Trish followed her Mistress and studied her bare backside as they made their way to the shore.

Eve told her servant to go for a swim in the calm water, and then to walk along the beach. She followed her, carrying a camera and taking pictures. Trish didn’t care. The water and warm air felt great on her naked body and she was able to relax and enjoy herself.

On their way back, Eve took more pictures of her “little sex-pot”, experimenting with contrasting her pale body against the setting sun and tropical twilight. She was very pleased with the artistic quality of some of the images and was looking forward to posting them on the Internet.

Trish spent the night bathing, massaging, and giving an orgasm to her Mistress. She was exhausted, but happy. Her bathroom privileges had been given back to her, so life was looking a bit better.

* * *

The next day was Sunday and Eve wanted to take her servant to see a new part of the Island. Trish had seen the entire eastern side from the capital in the north to Gannet Cove in the south, but she had not been anywhere to the west of the airport. Eve wanted to take her to the central part of the Island and photograph her in the Thunder Mountain National Park.

Santa Eduviges had been formed by two large volcanoes, one of which was dormant and the other was extinct. The more recently active volcano was called Thunder Mountain and it was surrounded by a national park that occupied over a fourth of the Island. The volcano was one of the most spectacular in the Caribbean, rising from near sea-level to 1,200 meters. Thunder Mountain derived its name not from eruptions, but instead from the rainstorms that frequently started around the summit and subsequently spread out to the rest of the Island.

Eve prepared a military-style backpack and filled it with water and other supplies. She covered Trish’s upper body with sunscreen and the lower part of her body with insect repellent. She made sure her camera and cell phone were fully charged before taking her servant outside and calling a rickshaw.

For the first time since her arrest, Trish was about to do something that she actually expected to enjoy. Yes, she’d have to pose for dozens of high-resolution pictures that were likely to end up on the Internet, but that was nothing new and being photographed no longer bothered her.

The two women boarded the Island taxi and headed west. They passed the airport and began climbing the hills leading into the central part of the Island. As they neared their destination, the driver began to worry as he struggled to get his flimsy vehicle to complete the final part of the trek to the small town of Paradise Pass.

Paradise Pass was an eco-tourism center and full of foreigners. As was true for the beach resort, the vast majority of the Europeans in the town were Danubians. It was Trish’s first chance to get a close look at the people who had kept the Island’s economy going for the past five years. There was nothing that particularly distinguished Danubian men or children, but the all women had their hair done up in elaborate braids. The Danubians were clean-cut: no beards, hippie hair, body jewelry, or any tattoos among them. They did not wear torn clothing, nor did they wear any shirts with logos or visible labels. All of the tourists, without exception, were in good physical condition.

Trish was surprised that the foreigners were not shocked to see a naked and collared young woman running around in their midst. Later she would learn that Danubians were used to seeing such sights in their own country: convicted criminals in Danubia wore collars and were prohibited from wearing clothing. In fact, the collar Trish was wearing and the technician who put it on were both from Danubia.

As they passed through the park entrance, Trish silently wondered if she would have to carry Eve’s backpack. It seemed very heavy; full of water, food, and camping gear. Fortunately, Eve considered the hike as part of her physical training and lugging 25 kilos of dead weight up the mountain was part of her fitness program. Also, Eve wanted to take a bunch of pictures of her servant in a natural setting and did not want scrapes or pressure marks from the pack disrupting the smoothness of her pale skin.

Even without the backpack, the uphill trail was not easy for Trish. The Mistress plodded along as a steady pace with the servant struggling to keep up with her.

Along the way there were numerous stops, because at each picturesque overlook Eve wanted to take pictures. Because she looked forward to the breaks and was grateful for any opportunity to rest, Trish enthusiastically modeled for Eve’s camera. The Mistress was glad to see that her servant was cheerful about being photographed, not embarrassed and sullen as she had been a few weeks before.

Eve forced the American to drink water and eat fruit to stay hydrated. When her owner gave her a piece of fruit, she had to kneel, wait for it to be placed in her hands, and express her gratitude. There were a couple of times that tourists or Islanders were present, but all she was doing was performing her duties as a servant and had nothing to be ashamed of. Anyhow, the Danubians had comparable customs in their country. The tourists watched Trish with vague curiosity, but did not find what she was doing shocking in the least.

As they neared the summit the volcano trail became a truly special place. At the top of Thunder Mountain there was a huge crater that was filled with a lake and surrounded by unique vegetation. The area around the crater was surrounded by dense forests and rocky outcroppings that had views of large portions of the Island and the sea that lay beyond.

Trish forgot about her exposure and enjoyed the feeling of the tropical breeze blowing on her bare skin. The exertion challenged her muscles and her skin was shining with sweat. She looked really good on the path and felt healthier than she had felt in a long time. Eve took a lot of pictures of her in various poses. Several times she handed her camera to a passing Danubian and asked him to take pictures of herself with Trish. Some of the Danubians also wanted pictures of Trish; or of the Mistress and her servant together. Trish posed over and over, not minding having her body on display for the benefit of the tourists’ cameras. She knew that many of the pictures would be spread around the Internet, but she didn’t care.

The lake was cold and clear; perfect for a refreshing swim after a long trek up the trail. There were several small beaches occupied by groups of naked Danubians. Eve walked around to the west side of the crater and found a spot that was deserted. She stripped off her clothing and ordered her servant to accompany her into the refreshing water. Following the swim, the two women ate a late lunch. Eve did not bother to get dressed after her swim.

Eve then surprised Trish by taking out a tent from her pack and showing her how to set it up. Trish had been wondering about the return trip, because she knew that it was far too late to make it back to the trailhead at Paradise Pass before nightfall. It turned out returning was not the Mistress’s plan: instead she had planned to spend the night on the summit and hike down the following day.

Eve expected her nightly massage, as usual. She was exhausted from the hike and her shoulders hurt from hauling the backpack. Trish spread a large towel near the tent and spent the hour after sunset working her owner’s muscles and getting her to relax. Eve lay on her back while the servant gave her an orgasm under the stars.

Finally she was ready to go to sleep. The mountain summit was chilly, so Eve ordered her servant to get into the sleeping bag with her. Trish fell asleep with Eve’s strong arms around her body. There was no escape, but at the same time she realized that, as long as she was obedient, her Mistress would always protect her.

Chapter 14 – New Dixie

The next morning Eve had another surprise for her servant. They would not hike back to Paradise Pass, but instead hike directly west. They would spend the entire morning descending a back trail and emerge on the western side of the Island to visit Eve’s hometown of New Dixie.

As she followed her Mistress down the trail, Trish could see that the west side of the Island was very different from the east side. Instead of flat plantations and wide beaches, the western district was rugged, hilly, and separated from the ocean by steep cliffs.

After six hours of hiking through forested, hilly terrain, Eve and her servant crossed through a banana plantation and several fruit farms. Finally they reached their destination, the small town where Eve spent the earlier part of her childhood.

New Dixie was distinct from every other town in Santa Eduviges. The entire population was black instead of mixed-race Creole. The oldest houses and shopping area reminded Trish of the historical districts she had seen in Southern towns in the US. There was a reason for both the architecture and the ethnic make-up of New Dixie: the settlement was founded during the Civil War by former US slaves. From 1865 until the end of Reconstruction, several additional families from Louisiana immigrated to Santa Eduviges and settled in New Dixie. From the beginning, one of the most important family names in the town had been the Bousquets, originally from a plantation in Baton Rouge.

Eve’s parents no longer lived in New Dixie. When she was 10, her father got a job in the government and decided to move the family to the capital. However, Eve’s older brother had returned to New Dixie and was living with his wife in the house that used to be owned by Eve’s grandparents. Eve called him on her cell phone and let him know she was in town. Trish overheard:

“My servant? Oh yes, she’s with me. So… you’re curious to see her, yes?”

Eve knew a lot of the older residents in the town and on the way to her brother’s house stopped to chat with various family friends. Of course, an important purpose of her trip was to show off her servant and brag about her. The story of how she bought Trish at auction and outwitted a man with considerably more money entered into most of her conversations.

Had Trish possessed any intelligence at all, Eve would have suspected she was playing dumb about not understanding the importance of New Dixie and the history of Eve’s ancestors. However, the girl was a total ignoramus. She honestly had no clue about the history of her family or their connection with Eve’s family. Perhaps she was vaguely curious about the Southern appearance of New Dixie, but she was not putting all those clues together or making the connections.

Fortunately, Trish was not too dim-witted to understand that if she was with her Mistress in her hometown, she needed to be on her best behavior. Her relationship with Eve was improving and she wanted to keep it that way. So, the servant knelt humbly and quietly, stood up when ordered, smiled for pictures, and did not flinch when curious fingers touched and explored her hairless pussy.

Before going to her sibling’s place, Eve wanted to make sure her servant was presentable. Obviously, after a half-day of exhaustive hiking, she was not. It would not do to have a servant use her brother’s shower, but she did not want Trish standing in the yard trying to clean herself with a garden hose either. Fortunately, the fire station had an outdoor shower. When Eve explained the situation, the fire-fighters were more than happy to oblige. The policewoman handed her servant some soap and shampoo, while the fire-fighters brought cameras and a video recorder. Eve made her servant wait while the men brought out chairs. As soon as everyone was seated and had their cameras ready, Eve gave her servant the go-ahead to get cleaned up.

Trish was so hot and so much anticipating having the chance to wash off that she was able to ignore her audience. Showering in front of spectators was not nearly as bad as peeing in front of spectators, nor as bad as being spanked on the street. Anyhow, she reminded herself that everything in her life revolved around keeping her Mistress happy. She faced her viewers while she shampooed her hair, and turned her back when she had to bend over to soap her feet and legs. After she was clean and had toweled-off, Eve told her to kneel so she could comb her hair. Finally, the show ended and the firefighters thanked their visitor for the photo session. Trish’s naked body was documented by several hundred additional photos, most of which would be on the Internet within 24 hours.

Trish followed her Mistress two blocks and arrived at a Victorian-style house. Eve’s brother, sister-in-law, and a couple of kids were waiting. She introduced her brother as Master Jules, and her sister-in-law as Mistress Annette.

When Eve introduced her servant, the entire family’s eyes scanned her exposed body. Trish knelt as usual, but then her Mistress told her to stand up and put her hands behind her head. She complied, assuming the display posture so Eve’s relatives could have a proper look at her. She had to give the usual explanation about her depilation treatments. She noticed that Eve’s brother wanted to touch her, but with his wife standing next to him he decided against it.

Eve and her brother sat in the living room to get caught up on each other’s news. Annette went into the kitchen, but Eve called out to her.

“Annette! Don’t forget about my servant. You can just relax. Have her take care of dinner.”

So… in spite of being exhausted from the walk, Servant Trish had to go into the kitchen and set up for dinner. Annette stayed with her, making sure she set the table properly and had the meal dished out. When Trish was finished and the food was on the table, Annette took the servant to the back porch and ordered her to kneel. "So, little Bourbon princess… how does this make you feel? Kinda sucks when the shoe’s on the other foot, doesn’t it?”

“I… I don’t know Mistress… I… feel happy serving Mistress Bousquet.”

“You’d better feel happy, serving her. You’d better realize how lucky you are. She’s letting you off way too easy.”

Trish was terrified and taken aback by the Islander’s hostility. She didn’t understand what she possibly could have done wrong. Considering the relatively trivial crime she had committed, she didn’t think she was being let off easy at all. Annette tightened her lips and continued “…and you’d better hope I never get my hands on you. If I do, you’ll learn that payback really is a bitch. Now get up, little slave wench, and serve your superiors.”

“Yes, Mistress Annette.”

Trish was terrified, especially at the thought of ever being alone with Eve’s evil sister-in-law. What on earth could have angered her so much?

During the dinner conversation Trish picked up more clues. As she served food and refilled drinks she overheard Jules and Eve. “So you’re serious, your servant doesn’t have a clue who we are?”

“No… no clue at all. I’ve tried dropping a few hints: nothing. She honestly doesn’t know a thing. She doesn’t even know about the Civil War, and I’m serious about that. So, she certainly doesn’t know where her fortune came from. Not a clue.”

“And you’re not planning to tell her?”

“I’ve thought about it, but I guess I won’t. What would be the point? That’s not why I bought her.”

Annette interjected, “The point would be to let that little bitch know that she deserves everything that’s happening to her. To let her know that we don’t forget. To let her know that her family needs to pay for what they did to us.”

“Annette… please. What difference does it make now? You’re talking about stuff that happened 150 years ago. She had nothing to do with it. The only reason the Bousquet plantation matters at all is that it allows me to not feel guilty about keeping her. If anyone ever tries to tell me that keeping her is morally wrong, I can argue that her people did the exact same thing to us.”

Annette opened her mouth to speak, but Eve held up her hand and cut her off. “But you have to understand, that’s not the reason I bought her. It makes the situation more interesting, yes. But in my household, our family history is irrelevant. I bought the American because I wanted her. I didn’t buy her to avenge anyone. I bought her because of my own needs.”

“…and those needs are the same reason you got divorced, I’d imagine…”


“So… that’s why you’re spoiling her so much. You don’t want to hurt your little love-pet. I’ll tell you… If I ever get my hands on her, the whole west side of the Island would hear her screaming, day and night.”

“Why? Why would you do that? What did she ever to do you?”

“Her family did a lot to us!”

“Yes, they did… 150 years ago. Why is that important now? What did Trish Bousquet do to you?”

Annette threw her napkin down in disgust, angry that her sister-in-law did not see history in the same way she saw it.

Trish was very frightened by what she had just overheard. All those clues that Eve had dropped over the last several weeks fell into place now that she had heard the story more clearly from her owner’s sister-in-law. Finally, her limited intellect was able to grasp why she and Eve Bousquet had the same last name.

Her more immediate problem was Annette. As she cringed under the hostile stares of the vengeful Islander, Trish was very happy whenever she got the chance to kneel next to her owner. She knew that Eve would protect her…

Fortunately, the unpleasantness in Jules Bousquet’s house was short-lived. Eve wanted to go out and tour the town. Jules accompanied his sister and her servant. Annette declined to go with them, much to Trish’s relief. The residents stared at the naked American, partly because she was pleasant to look at and partly because New Dixie did not see many foreigners. There were stray Danubian hikers who came down the wrong trail and were too tired to go back up, but that was about it. In spite of the stares, Trish was not worried. As long as she stayed close to her Mistress, she knew nothing would happen to her.

Eve wanted pictures of herself with her servant in front of various town landmarks: including the mayor’s office, the shopping district, two churches, the local cemetery, the town dance hall, her elementary school, and a couple of old houses. Jules took several pictures in front of each landmark. He even got permission to take his sister and her servant inside the mayor’s office and photograph the two women there.

The pictures in New Dixie were important for Eve. Jules took shots of his sister and her servant in every spot Eve remembered when she was a little kid. She had been a lonely child and “queer” by the standards of an intolerant town. It was not until much later that she understood what was wrong with her. Now, she had returned and, for the first time, was back in town with a companion. She wanted to transform her memories of all those places to something more pleasant and attempt to bring closure to portions of her unhappy youth.

Eve made sure Jules took a multitude of high-quality pictures at each spot. From each location Eve would choose the best images and post them to her blog and the photo-sharing sites.

* * *

That night Eve and her servant endured a long rickshaw ride to policewoman’s house, which was on totally the opposite side of the Island from New Dixie. Because it was nighttime, the rickshaw driver was not about to risk climbing the unlit curvy road to Paradise Pass. The detour meant going all the way around to the north end of the Island, passing through the capital, and then taking the main road south to the airport. In the darkness Trish felt her Mistress’s hand caressing her thigh and her fingers teasing her between her legs. As best she could in the cramped vehicle, she spread her thighs so her owner could have better access. Eve spent the entire trip fondling her servant while casually chatting with the driver about road conditions and possible hurricanes.

By the time they got home, Trish was aroused and desperate for sex. Eve ordered her to put her hands against the wall and remain in that position, no matter what. Trish would get her orgasm, but she’d have to remain in that submissive posture for her Mistress to oblige her. Eve ran her fingers over her servant’s body, concentrating on her bottom and inner thighs. Trish gasped with delight. She felt her owner’s strong hands on her breasts and her lips on her shoulders. Finally, just as Trish felt she couldn’t take any more, her owner’s hand slipped down her stomach and over her bare vulva. And then… at last, Eve’s finger gently brushed up against her clit. Eve slipped her other hand down Trish’s bottom and fondled her from front and back. Trish moaned with delight as she climaxed and sweat poured down her body. It was so good that she had a hard time remaining standing.

Eve took Trish in her arms and held her.

“You are such a naughty little sex-pot, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress Bousquet.”

That night, Trish was very happy to bathe her Mistress and massage her shoulders and breasts. She was tired and totally satisfied for the night, but now Eve was ready for a good round of sex. When she got out of the bathtub, Eve decided that she wanted to experiment with some foreplay before having the servant bring her to orgasm. She stacked some pillows on her bed and lay over them to expose her bottom. She ordered Trish to kiss her backside and work her way towards her bottom-hole.

Trish did as she was instructed, kissing and caressing Eve’s bottom. The policewoman had an attractive backside: with large full buns that were firm from exercise and training. Trish found her Mistress’s bottom very sexy. She gently placed her tongue against her owner’s anus and was rewarded with a groan of pleasure. She then kissed the area around Eve’s bottom-hole before putting her tongue against the opening a second time. Eve spread her legs and pushed her backside up to allow her servant to move her tongue over the entire area between her legs.

Trish continued to kiss and lick her owner’s bottom, but she also moved one of her hands under her vulva. She moved a finger in and out of Eve’s very wet pussy. She teased her clit. Eve pushed up again, getting on her elbows and knees and spreading herself very wide. The sight of her in that submissive position fascinated her servant, but Trish decided it was time to bring her to orgasm. She gently rubbed the woman’s clit and continued to lick her bottom-hole. Eve groaned and started to climax. She wanted the moment to last and held back as long as she could. However, Trish continued working her from both the front and the back. Eve couldn’t wait any longer. The orgasm was a very strong one, accompanied with a series and moans and gasps.

After she finished, Eve was completely satisfied and relaxed. Above all, she was very pleased with her servant. As much as her Mistress tried to hide it, Trish could tell that she had done very well that evening. As Eve held her servant in her arms and caressed her body, Trish realized something important: that at times she had the power to determine when her Mistress would have an orgasm. Eve needed her for sexual fulfillment, and was becoming increasingly dependent on the servant for her physical needs and happiness. It meant that Trish was not completely helpless after-all; that at times she could have a small amount of control in the relationship with her owner.

Chapter 15 – Carnival Dancer

Trish spent the next two weeks uneventfully. She worked in the two yards picking fruit and doing housework during the days and pleasing her Mistress at night. She learned that, in spite of her domineering personality, Eve was fairly pleasant most of the time. All Trish had to do was obey whatever order she was given, and she was able to avoid “unpleasantness”. Not once during the second month did Eve feel that she needed to punish her servant.

Two weekends after the hiking trip to Thunder Mountain, Officer Eve Bousquet took her servant to the last major town of the Island that she had not yet seen. The place was called Safe Harbor and it was the oldest settlement on Santa Eduviges, founded in 1573 by the Spanish and re-named in 1799 by the British. Among other tourist attractions, Safe Harbor boasted a restored 19th Century schooner and a French fort.

As soon as Trish saw Safe Harbor, she knew that she would need to pose for another series of photos. However, Eve did not have her camera and did not plan to take any pictures herself. Instead she would lend her servant to a local commercial photographer who wanted to do a two-day photo shoot. Trish knelt as her Mistress introduced her, and commanded that she address the photographer as “Master Luis”.

Luis first took Trish into the French fort and put wrist and leg irons on her. The servant posed in a series of dungeon settings and had to endure being chained in several prison cells. Still wearing her cuffs, Trish had to pose on the fortress wall, with her hands cuffed behind her back and then with her hands un-cuffed, but the irons still on. She sat on cannons and looked out guard towers. Then she was locked in a pillory and later chained to a whipping post. Throughout the photo-shoot in the fort, tourists and museum workers followed the model and took numerous pictures of their own.

Trish left the cuffs behind at the fort when Luis took her to the schooner. Trish posed all over the ship. The photographer even got permission for her to climb the ropes and pose in the crow’s nest.

When it was time for Trish to pose in the town’s main plaza, Trish and the photographer came across a group of teenagers sitting near the church and listening to salsa. Trish liked salsa music and was a good dancer. It had been two months since she had the chance to dance, so her body involuntarily began moving with the music.

Eve had an idea for the photo shoot. Why not have Trish dance with the teenagers? Obviously, they were happy to oblige and enjoy the chance to dance with an attractive naked American. Trish was in a good mood, was enjoying the music, and was enjoying the chance to show off. So, for nearly an hour, she danced tirelessly as the teenagers took turns as dance partners. A crowd gathered and started clapping with the music. Trish danced with some of the spectators as well. Yes, it turned out that Eve’s “little sex-pot” had become quite the exhibitionist and dance star.

The photographer took pictures of Trish throughout the day, finishing with a series during sunset on a beach near Safe Harbor. She and Eve spent the night at the photographer’s house and were up before dawn for a photo-shoot during sunrise. Shortly before lunch, the photographer finished with additional pictures around Safe Harbor.

* * *

During lunch, Eve and Luis talked about the photos and where he wanted to post them. He assured Trish’s owner that he would put the entire collection of pictures on a thumb-drive, even the images he considered rejects and out-takes. The two Islanders discussed various photo-sharing websites and the photographer alerted Eve to a popular site she didn’t know about.

While Trish knelt and ate her usual plate of leftovers, the conversation drifted to the shoot at the plaza and the servant’s excellent dancing skills.

“I have a question, Eve. I’m really impressed by how well your servant dances, and also by how long she can go without getting tired. I think she’d make a great dancer for Carnival. I was wondering if you had any thoughts about registering her.”

“No, not really. I don’t want her wearing any outfits, not even for Carnival. One of the things I plan to do with her is keep her naked for the rest of her life.”

“That’s not a problem, keeping her naked. You don’t know about the changes the Carnival directors approved last month?”

“No, like what?”

“They’re getting rid of the clothing requirement. Carnival dancers can either go in costume, or they can be nude.”

Eve’s attention perked up. She’d love to have Trish dance in the Carnival if she could remain nude.

Luis continued, “I’m bringing this up because Safe Harbor tasked me with designing a float for this year’s parade. I have an idea in mind, but to make it the way I want, I’d like to have a naked dancer.”

“So, what’s your idea?”

“The float is going to represent the Night Spirits. It will have three levels. The bottom level will have dancers dressed like the dead, you know, funeral clothes and skeleton masks. The next level will be animals, like bats and owls. The top section would be the moon, riding above everything else, pure and unadorned. I’d been thinking about trying to recruit a Danubian tourist to represent the moon. Those women don’t mind running around naked in public, but the problem is they’re terrible dancers. A Danubian couldn’t dance to Latin music to save her life.”

“So my servant would be the only naked person on the float?”

“Yes, because I want her to stand out. The float will be all dark colors, except the moon section, which will be much brighter.”

Eve smiled and caressed her servant’s shoulder. “Well, you’ve just recruited your moon dancer.”

* * *

For the next two weeks, Servant Trish was relieved of her normal duties in Flora’s yard. Instead, she traveled with her Mistress to the airport, where one of Luis’s assistants was on hand to take her to Safe Harbor. She reported to a warehouse that Luis had rented for float construction and dance rehearsals. For seven hours each day she practiced with 19 Islanders and one girl from Panama, evenly divided between men and women. There would be a total of 21 dancers on the float: 12 on the lower level, eight on the second level, and one on the top.

On the first day Trish knelt while Luis introduced her to the other dancers. They stared at her with blatant curiosity. She was extremely nervous, but when Luis ordered the DJ of the project to play a salsa tune, Trish started dancing to prove herself. After just two songs she had impressed the others: for an American she danced extremely well.

Trish wondered if any of her companions would resent her being the featured dancer at the top of the float. Under ordinary circumstances the answer would have been “yes”, but none of the others had any desire to spend an entire evening dancing naked on top of a well-lit moving platform. The Carnival would be broadcast on live television and the parade route would be crowded with tens of thousands of spectators. So… the answer was no. No one had any desire to change places with the American servant.

The music consisted mostly of Spanish salsa, with some Samba tunes mixed in. Reggatone, which had become the favored genre of music elsewhere in the Caribbean, was not yet popular in Santa Eduviges. Trish’s talent for dancing to salsa allowed her to quickly pick up Samba. She was able to detach herself from her surroundings and move with the music. There were times she was able to totally forget where she was and what had become of her life.

* * *

As Luis’s dancers synchronized their moves and learned the order of the music planned for Carnival, the float itself took shape. The lower section consisted of dark vegetation, the upper part was surrounded with paper mache to resemble clouds, and the top platform had a large translucent cloth circle to portray moon. The platform where Trish would dance was two meters in diameter, plenty of room for her to move about. The lighting was designed to illuminate both the circle and the dancer, but the circle was designed to absorb some of the lighting to direct the spectators’ eyes to the uncovered figure of the performer.

Carnival in Santa Eduviges lasted two days and mostly was celebrated in the capital. Unfortunately, Trish had to miss most of the first day of festivities, because Luis wanted the dancers to be well-rested and stretched out before the nighttime parade. Shortly before sunset the group (with the notable exception of the moon dancer) put on their outfits and boarded a bus for the capitol.

Luis already had taken care of most of the preparations, so there was not much for the performers to do apart from having one last drink of water, climb into their positions, and wait for the float to start moving. When Trish took her position on her platform, she was four meters above the level of the street. She was very, very visible, especially when the lights illuminating her body were turned on. She was not embarrassed in the least. She felt very aroused and excited. Above all, she was eager to perform well so her Mistress would be proud of her.

The parade slowly moved along the main boulevard of the Island’s capital. The music played and the spectators cheered and applauded. Cameras were flashing everywhere. Trish did the one thing she knew how to do well: dance. She lost herself in the music. She quit thinking about anything other than the rhythm. She needed to focus on the beat, move her body, and ignore everything else. She was energetic and cheerful, and moved around her platform with confidence. She turned continuously; making sure everyone from both sides of the street had a chance to see her bare figure from all angles.

Eve was not able to enjoy the sight of her servant’s performance, because she had to march in formation with other police officers. However, the Island’s main television station had posted several camera crews along the parade route, so the Mistress would be able to see the videos later. Luis frenetically ran about the float, directing the driver and constantly taking pictures of his project and the performers.

Trish never felt sexier in her life. She knew that she looked really good. Her body was toned, evenly tanned, and glistening with sweat. Dancing was the only thing she was good at and could be proud of, so she was determined to show off her talent to the entire Island.

After five hours of non-stop dancing, Trish was exhausted, but she was determined not to disappoint anyone watching her along the final part of the parade. Besides, the final part was the most important, the part where the parade dancers had one final chance to make a good impression on the audience and the judges. Trish was indeed making an impression on the Island. The TV camera crews had bunched up along the end of the parade to thoroughly document Luis’s nighttime spirits float and its lovely star dancer.

Trish noticed a spectators’ platform full of important-looking men as the float neared the finish-line for the parade. One of the dignitaries was Generalissimo Renaud, the country’s leader. She knew that it was especially important to make a good impression on the Generalissimo, so she used up her remaining energy sensuously performing while the float slowly passed the dignitaries. She tried to stay focused on nothing but the music’s beat, but she noticed the Generalissimo staring at her the entire time she was within his sight. Many of the officials with him were enthusiastically clapping.

The float turned off the main boulevard just a couple of blocks past the Generalissimo’s platform. The area was unlit and there were no spectators, so it was obvious the parade was over. Luis signaled the DJ to cut off the music. The dancers collapsed on the platform, totally worn out after six hours of non-stop movement. They did not get down, however, because the float still needed to move away from the parade route to allow other floats to get off the main road. Instead, they shared bottles of water as they rode several blocks towards a parking lot where the floats would be dismantled. It was an anticlimactic end to the parade, but it came none too soon for the participants.

When the float finally stopped and Trish’s companions helped her get down, it was obvious that Luis and everyone else participating in his float project was very pleased with her performance. Eve was present as well, smartly dressed in her best uniform. When Trish knelt to greet her Mistress, the policewoman smiled and stroked her cheek.

* * *

Luis and his crew spent the remaining hours of the night getting cleaned up and resting for a few hours. At noon on the following day the entire group went to the National Stadium to attend the closing ceremony for Carnival. They sat with the crews from the competing floats and watched a police parade and some folkloric dancers. Then the Generalissimo took the microphone and announced the winner for the float competition: the delegation from Safe Harbor.

After Luis accepted the year’s trophy and gave a brief speech thanking both his dancers and the people who had built his float, the entire crew posed for numerous pictures. Luis, proudly posing with his trophy, had his star dancer stand next to him. The Generalissimo called Luis and Trish to the dignitaries’ platform to allow them to pose with him. Trish knelt while the Generalissimo shook Luis’s hand.

Then, it became obvious why Luis’s float had won: the Generalissimo ordered Trish to stand up so he could have several pictures of her taken with him alone. The other officials also wanted pictures of themselves with Trish. The servant obliged, knowing better than to do anything to irritate the Island’s top leaders. Finally, the Generalissimo called Officer Eve Bousquet to the platform and publicly congratulated her for her servant’s performance. The final set of pictures consisted of the Generalissmo and Officer Bousquet standing together in full uniform, while the naked servant knelt next to her Mistress.

* * *

Images of Trish’s Carnival performance were published in various newspapers and magazines throughout the Caribbean. The Island’s television channel repeatedly played video of the servant with the Generalissimo over the following week. Several videos of Safe Harbor’s moon dancer which were posted on the Internet became sensations. Journalists and private citizens competed with each other to see who could post the most, and the best, pictures of Trish in the photo-sharing sites.

As Eve read the comments to her blog postings and browsed the Internet, she realized that her goal of exposing her servant and sharing her with the world had been realized. She also knew that she had some real bragging rights.

Yes… you know that famous naked dancer from this year’s Carnival? I’m her owner…

Chapter 16 – Birthday Girl

The following weekend, Eve decided to take her servant to the beach. It was late afternoon and viciously hot, so the policewoman decided to leave her clothes at home. Like Trish, she would enjoy the late afternoon heat in the nude.

The two women walked along the isolated path to get to the shore. Eve told Trish to walk ahead of her so she could take a series of pictures of her naked body. The Mistress also wanted pictures of herself, so every so often she handed the camera to her ward and posed.

Finally the Mistress and her servant made it to the beach. They walked away from the village and found a spot that was totally isolated. They dropped their towels and food under a tree and headed towards the water. For a long time they swam, enjoying the delicious feel of the warm Caribbean.

When they got out, Eve surprised Trish by taking her in her arms. She passionately kissed her servant.

“Do you know, Servant Trish, what day it is today?”

Trish honestly did not know what day it was. She had stopped keeping track of time, because her life of servitude did not demand paying attention to the calendar.

“No, Mistress Bousquet. I… I’m not really sure…”

“It’s your birthday, you naughty little sex-pot. You’re 25. This is the first birthday you’ve spent with me.”

“Yes, Mistress Bousquet.”

Eve lowered her hands and began rubbing her servant’s bottom. She kissed Trish again. Without saying anything more, she grabbed the American’s hand and led her to the tree.

She sat down on a towel and ordered the servant to lie across her lap. She spent a very long time caressing Trish’s “bum” and gently running her fingertips between her bottom-cheeks.

“So today my naughty girl is 25.”

“Yes, Mistress Bousquet.”

Eve gently patted the girl’s vulnerable bottom. Trish knew what was about to happen. 25 hard swats would hurt, but it was the only appropriate way to celebrate her birthday. Anyhow, she wanted the spanking. She wanted to surrender herself and know that her Mistress was in control. She wanted to feel the hot slaps on her naughty backside.

“Tell me, Servant Trish, what do naughty girls deserve on their birthday?”

“We need to be spanked, Mistress Bousquet. We need to be spanked on the bare ass.”

“Yes… on the bare ass… a special spanking to celebrate the birthday of a special girl. I’m going to give you 25 hard slaps on each side. A double dose… because you are such a naughty sex-pot. That’s what you really need. Don’t you agree, Servant Trish?”

“Yes, Mistress Bousquet.”

Trish properly repositioned herself over her Mistress’s thighs for her punishment. She turned her bottom up and spread her legs slightly. Eve gently rubbed her ward's bottom in a circular motion, enjoying the feel of her shapely bum and soft skin. Every so often Eve ran her fingertips past the tender skin surrounding her servant’s lovely bottom-hole.

Trish sighed with anticipation, partly because she was very nervous. She had not enjoyed the punishments she had endured at the airport from Eve’s whip or in the yard from Flora’s switch, but that was because those punishments were so vicious. She hoped a birthday spanking would be different. Maybe it would bring the servant and her Mistress closer together.

Eve did not bother to tell her servant to keep count of the slaps. She would slap hard on each side, take time to caress the girl’s reddening bottom, and slap again.

The slaps were mercilessly given by a woman who had spent her life exercising. In spite of the increasing pain, Trish remained peacefully draped over Eve's lap. She kept her bottom tilted upwards and her legs spread. As best she could, she tried keep her bottom relaxed and not to flinch. After each set of slaps, Eve rewarded her servant by slipping her fingers between her legs.

The final part of the spanking was intense. Eve was slapping very hard, and her servant was torn between becoming aroused and starting to cry. The mounting pain scared her, but the feeling of being over her owner's lap and being under her control and protection filled her sexual being with complete satisfaction. The experience was intense and frightening, but she was where she wanted to be, her body and soul surrendered to the control of her Mistress.

Finally, Eve reached the 25th double-slap. She kept her servant over her lap and spent several minutes caressing the American’s swollen bottom and admiring her red skin. She grabbed her servant’s wrists and rolled her on her back, but then ordered her to get on her stomach. Eve settled next to her, covering her warm “bum” with kisses. She ordered Trish to get on her elbows and knees and position herself so she was spread and lewdly exposed. As her Mistress stimulated her bottom-hole and teased her clitoris, Trish groaned with delight. She experienced the best orgasm of her life. Her orgasm was total and overwhelming, almost scary in its intensity. She felt true happiness.

She realized that Eve was right about her. I really am a little sex-pot. I’m my Mistress’s little sex-pot. She understands me. She knew all along what I need…

Eve took her servant in her arms and cuddled her. Both women knew that night something significant had happened: that their relationship had changed.

For the first time since coming to the Island, Trish was actually happy. No longer did she want to escape. She wanted to stay right where she was… forever. It was her destiny to wear Eve’s collar and spend the rest of her life serving her. It was her destiny to worry about the happiness of her owner and to always put her needs above her own. Above all, her purpose was to be humble and obedient.

She knew that her life would be difficult. There would be endless days of hard work. She knew there also would be times she would not live up to her obligations and she would have to endure harsh punishment on her naked bottom. Her Mistress would spank her, or perhaps even have to whip her. That was fine with Trish. Pain would be a natural part of her life. The right combination of love, pleasure, pain, and obedience would keep her focused on what really mattered.

Trish was not a reflective person, but that afternoon she saw herself clearly. For six years she had lived only for her various whims and vices. There was no greater purpose for her existence and in those six years she had accomplished absolutely nothing.

She now understood why. She understood that she was never meant to be free. She was not capable of exercising free will with any responsibility at all. She was rash, wasteful, stupid, self-destructive, and always acted on impulse. She couldn’t help it; that’s just the way she was. Eve had forced her see that part of herself, understand it, and come to terms with it. She would always be grateful to her Mistress for that insight into her own character.

“I belong to Mistress Bousquet.”

Yes, Trish belonged to another person. So, her existence did indeed have a purpose. In an isolated spot on a forgotten island in the middle of the Caribbean, she had found her place in the world, a spot where she truly belonged. She belonged with her Mistress, spending her days serving her and doing everything she could to make her life more pleasant.

Trish wanted to show her owner that she was happy with her position in life and to demonstrate her submission. Finally, she thought of a way to express her feelings.

“Mistress Bousquet, I request permission to speak.”

“Yes, Servant Trish?

“Mistress Bousquet, I want to thank you… you know… for buying me.”

“Yes, my love. I had to buy you. I knew that you were created for me, yes?”

“Yes, Mistress Bousquet. I was created for you.”

Eve kissed her servant and caressed her chest for a few minutes. Then it was time to go home.

Trish followed her Mistress across the salt marsh in the gathering twilight. Her bottom still felt sore from the spanking as she walked. She was glad about that: she felt that it was only proper that her 25th birthday, the first birthday of many she would spend on the Island, should be celebrated with a nice spanking from her loving Mistress.

Trish Bousquet was nothing more than her Mistress’s prized possession, and for the rest of her life that was all she would ever be. However, at the cost of her freedom, she had found a person who loved her and would always take care of her.

At that moment, she was the happiest woman on Santa Eduviges.

The End

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