The Pledge Mistress
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(warnings: erotic hazing, forced public nudity, F/FF and F/M corporal punishment, erotic spanking, sex, medical fetish)

Chapter 44 -- Pledge Mistress Lisa

Rush week that year was extremely busy for the entire sorority, because the odd notoriety from the volleyball tournament brought many more visitors than would have shown up during a typical year. Starting Monday, the Four-Beta House was packed with young women, most of who were there to satisfy their curiosity instead of seriously considering pledging. Starting Monday afternoon, the sophomores, freshmen, and the two serving pledges spent "quality time" in the kitchen producing an endless stream of snacks, drinks, and sandwiches for the crush of guests. Lisa was in the kitchen right along with the others, taking orders from Elaine who had been tasked with organizing the food portion of Rush Week.

Tracyís training as a psychologist was tested as she listened to interview after interview and conducted the initial screening of prospective members. Based on just a few minutes of conversation, she had to implement a system of triage to separate curiosity seekers from potential pledge prospects. There were four groups of initial screening results from the conversations: women who were just curious but had no intention of pledging any sorority at all, women who did want to pledge a sorority but would not be a good fit for the Four-Beta chapter, women who seemed to be serious prospects, and women who were unsure whether they wanted to join or not, but were carefully thinking over their options.

The Four-Beta officers treated each group differently. Simple curiosity seekers were handed a general information pamphlet and cold-shouldered out of the house. Girls who "were not good fits" were interviewed, but then given recommendations to visit other sorority houses. The Four Betas were doing their rivals a favor by sending potential members their way, which was not something any of the other sororities were doing in return. Serious prospects and undecided women were taken into the sorority library to be interviewed by Shannon and Alexandra. Out of those candidates, about half received invitation cards to return later in the week for a more serious interview.

At 10:00 p.m. the first hectic night of Rush ended, with a total of 35 invitations issued to prospective members. That was just for one night. If the invitations kept up at that rate, the sorority could expect to have around 100 pledge prospects to formally interview at the end of the week. That was far too many, which meant that for the first time in its history the Four-Beta chapter would have to turn away a large number of potential members. Tracy understood that through selecting or rejecting aspiring members, she had a rare opportunity to shape the sororityís character by deciding who got to join. Also, the high interest in the Four-Beta sorority assured that it had a chance to become the most exclusive chapter at the university and well-positioned to increase its influence on campus.

How ironic, thought Tracy to herself. What the Sorority Sports League did to us during that volleyball tournament had the exact opposite result from what they thought was gonna happen.

Following clean-up, the members of the Four-Beta Sorority finally gathered to hold their delayed election. Alexandra presented Tracy and gave a short speech stating that she thought the current Pledge Mistress was the officer best suited to succeed her as chapter president. Tracy took her place at the podium and laid out her plans for the following year, repeating what she had told Lisa. The entire membership of the sorority would take a greater interest in training new pledges and pledge training would become an important part of everyoneís life.

"Participation from all of you will be important, especially this year, because weíve got a very large group coming in. Iím thinking we might be able to pledge as many as 40 new members... thatís right, ladies... 40 new members. Thatís my goal. Why? Because if we can pull off the same thing next year, weíll have the numbers we need to start a second chapter on campus, and then we really will have the chance Ďto bear honest witness to the times in which we live.í But, to pursue that goal, I will need each of you to help me. Each of you has a part to play in our future, but the future I envision will take a lot of work and personal sacrifice. Please keep in mind this election is your chance to decide how much you get to relax next year, because I guarantee if Iím elected, you wonít be relaxing. If you want to take it easy, then Iíd suggest you vote for someone else."

A few minutes later Tracy was elected as the next chapter president. Everyone present voted for her, with the exception of Heatherís friend, who abstained.

The other officers were quickly elected, because the seniors already had agreed among themselves who would get each spot in the directorate. As expected, Shannon became the next Sergeant-at-Arms, although several juniors expressed regret over losing her as their class leader. Following the election of Shannon came the presentation of the candidate for Pledge Mistress. Tracy gave a summary of Lisaís performance over the summer, followed by her leadership during the volleyball game that delivered a trophy to the sorority, in spite of the tremendous odds facing her team.

The vote for Lisa went very quickly, and she was unanimously elected. Lisaís appointment completed the sorority directorate, leaving only the class leaders to be selected. Each class elected its own leader independent of the others, so those elections were held separately. The only contentious election that night was among the juniors, who had three candidates vying for Shannonís former position.

A few minutes later the six new members of the directorate and the three new class leaders went to their rooms to strip. Naked, they returned to the sitting room to take their oaths from President Alexandra. The new officers were the only members of the sorority that were naked on that occasion, because the other women were dressed in formal gowns. The sororityís tradition of forcing the new officers to be the only naked women in the room had a purpose; as a gesture of humility from the sororityís new leaders to the women they would be serving. They knelt as they took their oath, then stood up and faced their fellow sorority members as they waited for the applause to die down.

Once the official presentation of the new officers ended, all of them, with the exception of Lisa, got dressed. Lisa had vowed never to wear clothing while in the Four-Beta house. Anyhow, the new Pledge Mistress job description stipulated that the Pledge Mistress and her assistant had to wear the same outfit as the pledges at all times except during class, which meant that neither would be allowed to wear clothing during the pledge training season.

Tracy took her place at the podium to make her first formal announcement as chapter president. She requested approval from the members to create a new position, Public Representative. Unlike the other positions in the directorate, the Public Representative could be a graduate or former member, and did not have to be currently enrolled in classes. The Public Representative would be the only member of the sorority authorized to speak with the media and could take the place of the chapter president at public events and meetings. Once President Tracy got the approval through a majority vote, she nominated her candidate for the new position: Former President Alexandra.

Alexandra seemed a bit taken aback that President Tracy wanted her to continue participating in the directorate, but the new chapter presidentís purpose was purely practical. Tracy knew that her own temper made her ill-suited for confronting the media. Because Alexandra already had become the sororityís public face during the crisis over Heather, it made sense for her to continue as the sororityís spokesperson. Also, not having to deal with public speaking freed Tracy to pursue her real ambition, the expansion of the Four-Beta Sorority and the eventual creation of a second chapter. As strange as it seemed, Alexandra would play an important role in helping her successor realize her goals for the sorority.

There was a final appointment that needed to be made for the Four-Beta directorate to be complete: the selection of the presidentís attendants. Later that night Tracy took Shannon over to the Tri-Alpha house to pick up Ken and another Tri-Alpha. Tracyís second attendant was a guy that Shannon liked, and he would live under conditions similar to those of Ken. When Shannon found out that Lisa wanted to keep Ken naked whenever he was in the sorority house, the new Sergeant-at-Arms decided to impose the same condition on her own lover.

Once Tracy made the announcement about her selection, the president of the Tri-Alpha Fraternity called a meeting of the fraternity directorate to release custody of the two members. The two men were ordered to strip and kneel while Tracy signed the contract to take possession of the two naked attendants. She ordered the men to stand and cuffed their hands behind their backs. The fraternity president asked, "Arenít you going to give them their attendant uniforms?"

"They wonít be getting uniforms this year. Weíll give Ďem clothing for going on campus, but this year the attendants will be naked whenever they're in the house."

"Well, would you at least like an escort to get them back to the Four-Beta House?"

"That'd be nice."

A few minutes later President Tracy and her Sergeant-at-Arms left the fraternity, accompanied by the two naked attendants and an escort of eight dressed fraternity members. The escort formed a circle around the two naked attendants to shield them from public view, although in reality that was not necessary. There was very little traffic on the street and chances were the two naked men would not have been noticed by too many passers-by. However, better safe than sorry...

Once Ken and his fellow attendant were safely in the Four-Beta house, their fellow fraternity members from the escort took off their clothing and jumped in the pool to play around with some of the Four-Betas. Meanwhile, Shannon took the two naked men into the basement. After un-cuffing them she recited the basic rules about serving as attendants. She ordered the attendants to shave their pubic hair, waxed their bottoms, and ordered them to shower. Finally she took them to the sitting room to take their ID pictures.

The attendants would have their own room next to the president's bedroom and sleep in normal beds. Each had his own desk and would have shelves to store his textbooks and school supplies. An added benefit was that each had his own computer with an Internet connection. In exchange for their servitude to President Tracy, they would live in relative comfort and were assured of constant sex.

Also in the room was a pager for the chapter president, who had the right to page either or both of her attendants at any time. As soon as they were settled in, Tracy paged her two attendants. She told them to set up her massage table and then undress her. She lay on the table for a night of massages, orgasms, spankings, and finally, yet more orgasms. She had worked hard all summer and faced a difficult year ahead, but at least she could enjoy some of the privileges that accompanied her position as the new leader of her chapter.

Friday afternoon the final list of pledges was ready, with 38 pledge invitations (because two of the fall spots already were taken by Brittany and Erin) and 10 alternates. If any aspirant dropped out of the pledge program over the fall semester, the Four-Beta chapter would select an alternate to replace her, which assured the sorority of 40 new members in December, regardless of the attrition rate among the pledges. Even if not taken in that fall, the alternates had a benefit from being on the list. If they still wanted to join the sorority the following year, they would receive priority over new candidates. As Tracy put it, "If you can wait two semesters and come back next summer, Iíd consider that a test of your determination to join our community and itíll automatically move you to the front of the line."

By Friday at 6:00 the final list of 38 pledge candidates was compiled and given to Bernadette. The freshman class president left with Pledge Brittany to deliver 19 invitations. Cherine and Erin were tasked with delivering the other 19. The notes read:

Congratulations Pledge Candidate ____

The directorate of the Four-Beta Sorority has selected you as eligible to join our community and share our journey in life, pending completion of the Four-Beta Pledge Program.

To participate in the Pledge Program and be eligible to be sworn-in as a pledge, you will report to the front door of the Four-Beta Sorority house tomorrow morning at 11:00.

Please take advantage of your time tonight and tomorrow morning to familiarize yourself with the Pledge Manual. Memorizing and complying with the contents of the manual is important, because knowing the pledge rules will help you prevent making mistakes and avoid misunderstandings with the training staff.

When reporting to begin your pledging experience, you will bring with you your university student ID, your driverís license, and any books, notebooks, and research materials related to your classes. You are specifically instructed not to bring any other personal items, including make-up or hygiene items. Soap, shampoo, and toothbrushes will be provided for you. Please remember, except for course and academic-related items, you may NOT keep personal belongings while staying at the Four-Beta house as a pledge. Failure to obey this rule will be counted as a violation of the Pledge Manual and will result in punishment.

You are also advised that upon entering the Four-Beta house, your clothing will be confiscated. Therefore, you are advised to wear as little as possible (such as sandals and a light dress, or tennis shoes with shorts and a T-shirt) when you present yourself tomorrow morning.

Upon arrival, you will set your backpack on the front porch and kneel as a gesture of respect to the sorority and your trainers. If other pledge candidates are present on the front porch, you may not talk to them unless directed to do so by your training staff. Once a member of the training staff greets you, we will expect you to follow all orders issued in accordance with the Four-Beta Pledge Manual.

Correspondence - You should finalize all correspondence and telephone calls before you present yourself for pledging. You will not be allowed use of the Internet. You will be allotted two phone calls to your parents each week. Personal correspondence with anyone other than family will not be permitted during pledge training.

If you decide between now and tomorrow morning to withdraw from the Four-Beta pledge program, please notify us immediately so we can select a replacement candidate from our list of pledge alternates.

Lisa Campbell

Pledge Mistress - Four-Beta Sorority

Lisa got two calls that night, from freshmen who had decided to back out at the last moment. She called two of the alternates, who got the good news to show up at 11:00 the next morning. Lisa then called several of the rejected aspirants to find two replacements for the alternates list. Tracy's system assured that there would be 40 active pledges and 10 candidates on the alternates' list at all times, because she was determined to have 40 new members in December and have a list of candidates ready for the following summer.

That night Lisa strutted naked in front of her training staff in the sorority basement, while the chapter president and the new Sergeant-at-Arms stood in the corner watching her. Each group leader was wearing a uniform that was similar to the uniform the pledges wore to class, except their T-shirts read:

Group Counselor

Four-Beta Pledge Training Program

Lisa passed out five training folders and five biography sheets to each of her staff members. Now each pledge counselor knew who was going to be in her group. The new Pledge Mistress worked out a final schedule for each of her counselors so the pledges could be moved through the first day of training as smoothly as possible. She drilled her counselors on discipline and was satisfied that each would treat her group strictly, but with fairness.

In the main basement room there were 25 cots standing along the wall. The other 15 pledges would sleep in the guestroom, which had to be converted to a second pledge room. The comfortable furniture had been put into storage and replaced with 15 cots. Tracy had the foresight to order three additional toilets and two additional showers installed in the basement, to ease the pressure of having so many pledges using the facilities.

There were 40 lockers containing the pledges' uniforms. Each pledge had to include her clothing measurements in her pledge packet, so the uniforms were waiting for them. As for shoes, there would be a naked shoe-shopping trip the following Sunday, similar to the one that Lisa and her companions went on during the summer.

Once the final set of instructions was passed out to the training staff, Lisa and Kathleen went upstairs to look at the sitting room. The gynecological examination chairs were set up, along with treadmills and other equipment for assessing the pledges' health. Tomorrow afternoon would be the first major pledge challenge, the gynecological exam. Lisa looked around with satisfaction. Everything was ready. As Tracy would say, "showtime" would commence at 11:00 the following morning.

Less than 12 hours later, the hardest three-month period of Pledge Mistress Lisa's life was well underway. Once all 40 pledges had arrived, undressed in the basement, and had their clothing locked up, they were ordered to report to the sitting room and kneel in formation. Their naked Pledge Mistress introduced herself as Lisa Campbell before presenting her training staff. She then read the names of which pledges were assigned to each counselor and concluded by shouting:


The 40 naked freshmen scrambled to their feet, but did so clumsily and ended up being ordered to assume the push-up position. For the first time of the semester they struggled with pushups. Lisa screamed at them to stand up a second time, but their uncoordinated efforts resulted in yet another order to drop and yet more pushups. After several more attempts, the terrified, exhausted women gasped as Lisa read out the names of which pledges were assigned to each counselor. The pledges reorganized by their new pledge groups, were instructed to introduce themselves to their fellow group members, and then returned to their kneeling position on the floor.

The next issue Lisa talked about was pledge discipline. Lisa wanted to address discipline right away and make sure her group understood that the prospect of swats across the bare bottom would be a constant reality in their lives until they swore in. To drive home that point, Pledge Mistress Lisa handed Bernadette a leather strap, "Each of your counselors is authorized to punish you, and I am going to give you a demonstration of what exactly that means, using myself as an example. Each counselor is going to demonstrate her punishment skills by giving me one stroke on my butt. Iím doing this to show you that I take discipline very seriously. For this demonstration Iíll only be taking a total of eight swats, but whenever you get punished, youíll be getting a lot more. I want you to think real hard about what youíre gonna be watching in a moment before you disobey an order from either me or a counselor."

With that Lisa turned her back to her audience, spread her feet shoulder-width, and grabbed her ankles. As previously instructed Bernadette positioned herself alongside the Pledge Mistress, tapped her bare bottom with the strap, and struck hard with a tremendous CRACK that made every one of the kneeling pledges flinch. Bernadette took a deep breath, wishing she didnít have to take turns with the others. She badly wanted to give Lisa a sound punishment. However, the only purpose of the exercise was to make sure her group understood that she was capable of inflicting a very painful swat with the strap. The freshman class leader handed the implement to one of the sophomores. A moment later a loud CRACK and another reddish mark on Lisaís bottom made the pledges flinch a second time.

Cherine was the final counselor to strike Lisa, but the force of the blow made the Pledge Mistress realize that her group mate had learned a lot over the summer. Cherineís stroke was no less painful than the other swats. Lisa knew that she would be perfectly capable of punishing the members of her group whenever necessary.

Lisa stood up and looked at the wide-eyed fearful expressions of her pledges. As the welts darkened on her bottom, she kept her back towards the scared group to show what just eight strokes could do to a womanís unprotected skin. The Pledge Mistress demonstrated something else that was very important. She was not a hypocrite. She would never inflict any suffering on pledges that she was not willing to endure herself.

Chapter 45 -- A Perfect Loversí Triangle

As September drew to a close, President Tracy reminded her sorority that another important athletic event was coming up on the final Saturday of the month: the annual Tri-Alpha nude 10K run. The nude 10K run was a yearly tradition at the university and counted as an essential task of the fraternity's initiation for new pledges. What set the Tri-Alpha run apart from any other university-sponsored 10-K run was that all runners had to be completely naked throughout the entire race, as well as during the ceremony preceding the event. The only permitted items of clothing for anyone participating were running shoes and socks.

The run had been a yearly tradition since the early 1960's, when the Tri-Alphas began incorporating nudity as part of their initiations. During the first two decades of its existence the 10-K route went not only through the university, but also through Fraternity Row and a couple of nearby commercial streets.

In the late 1980ís there was talk of banning the nude 10-K race, given that most of the universities around the US that had nude student runs were stopping them. However, the push to abolish the race came to an abrupt end when a fraternity alumnus and multi-millionaire died and left a huge grant to the university. The benefactor left his money in a trust fund, stipulating that $ 10 million would be paid out each year until the account was exhausted. The grant had two conditions. The first condition was the entire amount had to be used to pay the salaries of non-tenured professors and Teaching Assistants. The second condition was that the Tri-Alpha nude run had to be held each year, kept at its original 10-kilometer length and held in the middle of the day on the last Saturday each September.

Whatever moral objections there might have been to the spectacle of naked runners streaking through the university each year, no one in the Board of Regents was going to argue against $ 10 million in guaranteed salary money for instructors. Money talks, and bullshit walks. So, the Board of Regents negotiated the details of a revised race with the directors of the Tri-Alpha fraternity. The race would take place within the confines of the university, but would remain a full 10-K run. The starting line was at the Memorial Stadium. The runners would do two laps around the football field then leave the stadium to follow a route around the university, pass through the old part of campus, then circle back to the Stadium and do a final lap around the track to the finish line. The event drew a large crowd that filled the stadium and lined the race route around the university. Attendance was restricted to students, active alumni, faculty members, and reporters. The campus was sealed off to outsiders during the race, but even with the restriction, typically between 50,000 and 60,000 spectators attended the event each year.

Participating in the race and running the full 10 kilometers non-stop was a requirement for all Tri-Alpha pledges. The fraternity encouraged other students to participate by offering a trophy and $ 1,000 in prize money to any non-Tri-Alpha member who managed to win the men's race. A second prize of $ 1,000 was offered to the winner of the women's division, as an incentive to encourage female students to run. The male 10-K winner usually was a Tri-Alpha pledge, because the fraternity forced its prospective members to train for the race.

Lisa narrowly won the womenís division of the race the previous year, but she was not participating because she wanted to. Her friend, RA, and rival Cecilia Sanchez needed to recruit participants from her floor to satisfy the dorm director, and the way she got her runners was to defeat them at a game of strip poker. Lisa was a good card player because her father worked at a casino in Reno, but she made the mistake of bragging about her card-playing skills to Cecilia. Lisaís talk of cards gave Cecilia an idea, because she too, was a good card player, having learned Poker at a very early age from her brothers.

Cunning little bitch that she was, Cecilia got her boyfriend Jason, as well as Lisa, Ken, and Mike, who was Lisaís boyfriend at the time, to play strip Poker in a game of elimination. Lisa and her friends did not know it while playing, but waiting for the gameís four losers were registration packets to participate as runners in the Tri-Alpha race. The guys were eliminated first, forced to stand naked with their hands behind their heads, while the real game ended up being played between Cecilia and Lisa. When Lisa lost, Cecilia first took her into the hallway to photograph her. Afterwards came the nightís awful news, those registration packets and the knowledge of having to run naked on a clear autumn day in front of approximately 60,000 spectators.

At first Lisa was horrified at what Cecilia was forcing her to do, but when she walked naked to the stadium in front of a procession of the residents of Huntington Hall and then started running, she discovered that she was thoroughly enjoying the experience. She found out that she liked being naked and liked having people look at her body. When she won the first-place trophy of the womenís division of the race and stood in the nude for the winnerís portrait alongside Jason, a profound change took place in her soul. Lisa realized that she enjoyed being without her clothing, especially in public places. As a result of the race, Lisa became both a nudist and an exhibitionist. When she was in her room or running around the womenís wing of Huntington Hall, Lisa never wore any clothes. When she went out she began experimenting with wearing the most revealing clothing she could purchase, starting with low-rider jeans during the winter and moving on to skimpy dresses during the summer.

There was no question that Lisa wanted to participate in the race for a second time. The thought of spending several hours in the nude in a totally public setting was a complete turn-on for her, but also there was the enticement of the $ 1,000 cash prize for the first place winner of the womenís division. There was no question that Ken would participate as well, given that he was a Tri-Alpha and every bit as much an exhibitionist as Lisa.

Lisa was tempted to order all 40 pledges sign-up. However, she decided against the idea because they had started their pledge training just one week before and were not yet conditioned to run 10 kilometers. Instead she told her pledges about the run and made participation voluntary, although she couldnít see that anyone in her group would want to participate.

However, an idea occurred to Lisa that would get at least a couple of female runners for the race. She decided to contact the 10 women on the pledge alternates list. If any of the alternates was willing to participate in the run and could go the full distance without stopping, Lisa would offer her a pledge contract. Yes, it would increase the number of pledges to more than 40, but as far as Lisa was concerned, any woman willing to run 10 kilometers in the nude was worthy of joining the sorority. When Lisa brought up the idea to Tracy, she got the presidentís full support.

Lisa called the alternates and received three positive responses. She told the three aspirants to go to the Four-Beta house and pick up race packets. Assuming they completed the race, they were to show up at the sorority the following day and would be sworn in as pledges.

There was one woman in the Four-Beta house who would be a perfect candidate for the run: Kathleen. Lisaís lover already was the best runner in the sorority and was almost assured of winning the race if she participated. As much as Lisa wanted that trophy and prize money for herself, she knew that it was her duty to make sure the sororityís best runner was in the race and motivated to win. Lisa would still participate, but the best she could hope for would be second place. Lisa handed Kathleen a registration packet and flatly told her that she was participating, "As far as Iím concerned, youíre gonna be taking the trophy for the sorority. Iím running and Iím sure Iíll do well, but that trophyís gonna be yours. Youíre the best runner weíve got, and thisíll be the chance for you to prove it."

Lisa was pleasantly surprised to find out the Four-Betas would have several additional runners representing the sorority in the run, including Elaine, a couple of juniors, and one that was a huge surprise: Bernadette.

The freshman class president explained that she had several reasons for wanting to participate, including the need to set an example for the incoming members of her class. She also was genuinely curious to see what running naked in public for an hour would be like with her newly acquired good health and a body that had gone nearly five months without smoking.

Also running would be Cherine, Brittany, and Erin. Cherine was running for a very simple reason; Jacob was running. Wherever Jacob went, Cherine went, even if that meant participating in a nude marathon. As for Brittany and Erin, they wanted to run for the same reasons Bernadette was running, to see if they were capable of running such a long distance and put their physical training to the test.

Saturday morning the Four Beta Sorority members and pledges dressed in their PT outfits, with the exception of the runners, who remained naked except for their shoes and socks. The entire sorority waited to be escorted by some of the Tri-Alphas, who by tradition marched to the sorority to pick up any participating female runners before going to the stadium.

Among the Tri-Alphas there were about 30 naked members and pledges. The pledges were required to run, but typically there were about 10 members that volunteered to run as well. Among the runners was Ken who, like Lisa, was participating in his second race. Also naked was Jacob, the fraternityís vice president, and Arnold, who still was serving as Pledge Master.

The fraternity had an agreement with the local police that allowed it to march its runners in the nude along a pre-designated route towards the stadium, crossing the boulevard in formation, and walking across Old Campus towards the stadium. Normally the naked participants marched double-file with a line of dressed fraternity members walking along either side before they got on campus. Once on campus, by tradition the runners were required to walk in the open ahead of the main group and fully expose themselves to the spectators lining the sidewalks. This year there would be 11 female runners from the sorority participating as well, a number much higher than during a typical year.

The eleven naked women were quite nervous as they lined up and walked down a public street behind their 30 male counterparts. They were only partially concealed by the walking arrangement as they made their way to campus, and they knew that imperfect veil of modesty would pull aside completely once they crossed the main road and walked across Old Campus. There would be a 10-minute walk completely in the open, then about an hour at the stadium participating in the opening ceremony and stretching, and finally the naked run itself. After the run ended there would be more time waiting on the stadium field as the fastest runners waited for the stragglers to come in. Finally all participants finishing attended the presentation of the race winners, and posed for the final group shot. For the Four-Betas, there would be another naked walk back to the sorority house before they were allowed to get dressed. At the very least the eleven female runners could expect to spend between four and five hours in the nude along with their Tri-Alpha counterparts.

In spite of the cheering and whistling coming from the spectators lining the sidewalks, the walk across Old Campus was one of the happiest moments of Lisaís fall semester. She loved the feel of the warm sunshine and cool breeze blowing on her body, wishing that she could walk across campus like that every day. Yes, she was usually naked inside Burnsideís office, and always naked in the Four-Beta house, but Lisa wished that she could be naked all the time, especially outside, and especially on comfortable autumn days.

Lisa looked around at her fellow Four-Betas. She could tell that Bernadette and Erin were enjoying themselves, but Elaine, Brittany, and Cherine were very nervous. Jacob seemed indifferent about walking naked in such a public setting, but Arnold and Ken enjoyed the daring feeling of exposure as much as Lisa. As for the other Tri-Alpha pledges, some seemed much more nervous than others. However, from the beginning they had been told that the nude 10-K race was a pledge challenge that needed to be completed as part of their requirement to join.

The stadium loomed ever larger as the Tri-Alphas and Four-Betas passed the Student Fitness Center. Already crowds were filing through the gates and finding seats. Down in the field several Tri-Alpha seniors and Four-Betas were setting up the stand where the six trophies were displayed, the announcerís microphone and podium, and the platform where the winners would stand once the race was over. Several Tri-Alpha juniors and a Four-Beta were erecting three large "Aís" that would serve as the backdrop for group photos of the runners that would be taken both before and after the race.

Although many spectators were still looking for seats, the crowd cheered when the Tri-Alpha and Four-Beta runners entered the stadium with their escort. The 41 naked college students filed down the bleacher stairs and made their way to the football field, where other runners were beginning to gather. Campus Security had several officers walking along the track to make sure that the only people on the football field were participants in the race. Among them was Sergeant Polk, who was directing several photographers to step off the track.

The number of runners was higher than it had been the previous year. A total of 197 runners would be in the race: 132 men and 65 women. Lisa was satisfied to see so many women participating, but of course that meant more competition for the womenís trophy. As she looked at the physiques of some of her competitors, Lisa realized that she probably would not have had any chance of winning the race. Definitely this group looked tougher than the runners from the previous year. It would be up to Kathleen to win for the sorority, and even she would be hard-pressed by some of the women on the field.

Lisa realized that she was relieved at the thought of not having a realistic chance of finishing among the top three women. She could run the full distance at a leisurely pace and enjoy herself. The run would be little more than a lengthy jog, probably shared with either Ken or Bernadette.

Kathleen on the other hand, would run hard because her competitive instincts would kick in as soon as she started moving. She would stick to her strategy of thinking about things in her life that upset her, get angry, and then run aggressively. This year it would be Kathleen, not Lisa, who would be the runner the other women would need to try to beat.

The opening ceremony was the same as it had been the year before, with the naked participants walking a full circle around the football field while the Tri-Alpha Fraternity song was played. The runners carried banners and were grouped by the organizations they were representing, which included several university departments, some of the dorms, and a couple of rival fraternities. Lisa noted one interesting detail; that Huntington Hall, which had given the race its two winning runners the previous year, did not even have a runner representing it in the current race. Too bad, because it seemed there had been so much community spirit in the dorm last year, but unfortunately it had not carried over to the current year. Of course, Cecilia, with her heavy-handed recruiting tactics, was not the second floor RA anymore, which probably was the real reason Huntington Hall didnít have any runners.

As the 197 competitors gathered at the starting line, Lisa looked across the football field at the line of photographers waiting to catch the runners in action as they circled the track. As always, the bare bodies of the race participants would be well-documented in pictures and videos that would be splashed all over the Internet. The race definitely was not an experience that anyone with any modesty would have been able to endure.

Lisa took her place behind Kathleen and put her hands on the girlís bare shoulders. She quietly spoke into her loverís ear, "Run the best you can. Thatís all I want from you. Not to win, but to do your best. You know what your best is; I donít. But I want you to give me a performance that will make everyone proud of you when this is done."

Kathleen took a deep breath and nodded. She was tensed up, but Lisa could tell that she was ready to run.

When the starter pistol went off, the runners began moving forward, but there were so many of them clustered at the starting line that the ones in the back started out very slowly. Lisa and the other Four-Betas were in the middle of the group, but they knew that in a 10-K race endurance was much more important than a fast start.

As the runners moved around the track to complete their first lap, the photographers lined up at the base of the bleachers rapidly took pictures of the group. By the end of the first lap the runners were somewhat spread out, but still concentrated enough that the viewers could get the perspective of nearly 200 naked bodies either approaching or running away from the camera.

Lisa, Ken, Arnold, and Bernadette decided to run the race together. During the previous year Ken burned himself out early by running too fast during the first two miles of the race and barely finished. This year he was not in any rush, so he would keep a much slower pace and finish, instead of rushing to the front only to be humiliated later on. Lisa decided to let Bernadette set the pace and to make the race little more than a casual long jog with a group of friends. Lisa was in no hurry to finish, because she thoroughly enjoyed the freedom of having her body uncovered in a place where she normally would have to be dressed.

Once the runners left the stadium and made their way towards the dorm area, they spread out as they ran along the universityís sidewalks. The entire route was planned in advance and lined with spectators, many of whom had cameras or camcorders. There was no rule against photographing or cheering for the runners, but reaching out at them or getting in their path was strictly prohibited. A long line of orange construction ribbon along the sidewalk separated the runners from the spectators along the entire 6.6-mile route.

As Lisa enjoyed herself in the company of her friends, she watched Kathleen pull further and further ahead in the race. Once the group hit the 5 kilometer mark, Kathleen picked up her speed and soon her thin body disappeared from Lisaís sight. As Lisa had foreseen, it was obvious that Kathleen was competing to win, whereas all of her other group mates were simply running to participate in the event.

As Lisaís small group exited Old Campus and made their way towards the stadium, they heard a cheer coming from the crowd inside, as the fasted runners crossed the finish line. All three of the male trophies were taken by members of the fraternity. First place went to a Tri-Alpha junior, the second-place prize went to one of Kenís fellow pledges from the summer group, and third place was taken by a member of the fall pledge group.

Very shortly afterwards came a loud cheer for the first and second place winners of the womenís division. Kathleen and one of the universityís Varsity Volleyball Team members were running hard against each other in a hard fought finish for the womenís first place trophy. The race was a repeat of the finish from the previous year, where Lisaís long legs and tall body were matched against a shorter woman that was a better runner. Although Kathleen was much shorter than her rival, she was the more seasoned runner. The two women stayed close to each other until the very end, but Kathleen had been in similar situations throughout her time in high school and knew how to eke out a narrow victory. At the very end she put forth one last burst of energy and passed her opponent just before crossing the finish line. The Four-Betas cheered wildly upon seeing one of their own take the first place trophy. They cheered again twenty seconds later when Elaine bolted across the finish line to take third place.

Lisaís group circled the football field and finished about a minute after Elaine crossed the finish line, along with a cluster of other race participants. Lisa felt quite good and was not burned out at all, in comparison with the previous race, which left her totally exhausted. She ran up to Kathleen and gave her a big hug, but then noticed that the winner seemed somewhat nervous upon seeing that she had run the race with Ken. Yes, that was an issue, that business between Ken and Kathleen, one that Lisa would need to address as soon as possible.

A few minutes later Lisa and the other runners from her sorority stretched out while the slowest participants from the race straggled into the stadium and passed the finish line. After the 178th contestant crossed the finish line, the track was empty of additional runners. The president of the fraternity radioed out to fellow fraternity members watching outside the stadium to see if any other runners were still en route, but it appeared that there were not. About 20 runners had dropped out of the race, which was a fairly normal rate of attrition among the participants for any given year.

As the winner of the womenís trophy, Kathleen shyly smiled for the multitude of photographers eager to get her picture. Her bare sweaty body was thoroughly documented, alone with just her trophy, with the other two race winners, with the winner of the menís division, and with the fellow members of her sorority. Although she was shy by nature, fortunately Kathleen was not shy about having her picture taken or about displaying her body. However, President Tracy quickly headed off any reporters wanting to conduct a live interview with the race winner, directing them instead to talk to the sororityís Public Representative about the race and Kathleenís participation.

Among the naked women recovering on the field were the three pledge alternates Lisa had recruited to run in the race. Lisa and Tracy congratulated each of them. They now had the opportunity to become pledges, in spite of the fact that would bring the total number of pledges to 43. One of the girls was rather shy, so Lisa introduced her to Cherine, who would be her counselor and group leader. The other two would be assigned to Brittany and Erin, who were the pledges with the most seniority. Brittany and Erin would be mentors to the two newest pledges and let them know what was expected of them. Lisa gave the aspirants final instructions to show up at the sorority house the following day at 11:00 a.m. There would be some catching up to do with their training and they would have to undergo the medical exam, but as of Monday they would be fully integrated with the other pledges and hopefully swear in as members in December.

That night there was a huge party at the Tri-Alpha house to celebrate the successful race and the fact that members of the sorority and fraternity had taken both first place trophies. Kathleen was one of the two most honored guests, and shyly listened to dozens of compliments and congratulations. Lisa could tell that her lover was quite happy and a little overwhelmed at being the subject of admiration instead of ridicule. There was no doubt about it; Kathleenís life had radically changed during her four months with the Four-Beta Sorority. Her accomplishments were real and finally her personality would have a chance to grow. Lisa still planned to exert control over her loverís life, but her main goal was that Kathleen be happy and never again face the humiliations she had to deal with in high school.

Bernadette had her own way of rewarding the three male winners of the race. As the party progressed Lisa noticed that Bernadette was absent three times from the party, and each time she was missing one of the Tri-Alpha trophy winners was missing as well. As for the Tri-Alpha vice president and Cherine, they showed up at the party, but within a half an hour they were nowhere in sight.

There was a final surprise that night that over the next few days would fuel some gossip throughout the Four-Beta house. President Tracy had invited Sergeant Polk from Campus Security to the party as her date. Polkís presence in Tracyís life was a mystery to everyone in the sorority, and it was a mystery that would never be understood by the other women.

Tracy admired Sergeant Polk and was grateful to him, for reasons that neither ever would be able to tell anyone else. He had been there for her when she most needed him, quietly helped her in very crucial ways, and knew when he needed to keep his mouth shut. He was not a flamboyant or glamorous person, but his willingness to risk his career for her had earned President Tracyís friendship and trust.

The following Monday morning Lisa showed up to Ruth Burnsideís office as usual, took off her dress and hung it on the hook her boss had provided, and neatly put her shoes under her desk. She began working on grading a stack of quizzes the professor had given to her classes the previous Friday. However, Lisa went very slowly because she had trouble concentrating. Her mind still was on her adventures over the weekend and she felt very sexy. Every so often she rubbed her legs together, although she knew that was not a good idea because eventually she would want an orgasm.

Ruth Burnside and Jim Halsey entered the office and Lisa stood up to greet them. The professor no longer expected Lisa to stand "at the position of submission and respect", but, like any other student aide or teaching assistant, Lisa was expected the stand up when the professor or her partner entered the room.

Burnside could tell right away what was going on in Lisaís mind. She knew her student well enough to understand that unless she was brought to orgasm, she would be unable to concentrate on either her work or her studies and would waste the day. The professor decided to fix that problem, and in doing so, continue mentoring the young woman as a dominatrix.

As Burnside contemplated the naked student standing before her, she knew that Lisa would follow a different path in life than she had followed. The girl would not be as heavily into S&M as the professor and already had established who her subs were going to be. In a way Burnside admired Lisa because she would be more loyal to her two primary lovers and was much more sure of herself then Ruth had been when she was 20. However, both women knew that Lisa still had a lot to learn and fully expected her mentor to share her knowledge of human nature and sexual control. Lisa understood that the only way she truly could learn was by sharing real-life experiences with her professor.

Burnside walked over to Lisaís desk and noted that her progress on grading had been rather slow. She held up the meager stack of completed papers and turned to confront her student:

"Lisa, how long have you been in this office? This morning, I mean?"

"I... I guess I got her about an hour ago, Dr. Burnside."

"An hour? And in an hour you managed to grade just eleven quizzes?"

"Yes, Dr. Burnside... I guess I was kinda distracted."

"Distracted, huh? Distracted by what, Lisa?"

"I... itís just that sometimes Iím thinking about... I donít know, itís hard to explain..."

"No, itís not hard to explain at all. Not hard at all. Youíre not focused because your mindís on sex instead of your responsibilities in this office. Let me explain something. The departmentís not paying you to sit here thinking about your sexual fantasies. Weíre paying you to help out with the classes. Obviously this morning your priorities are not straight."

"I guess not, Dr. Burnside."

"Now, let me ask you this. What happens if you see that one of your pledges is not focused? At the Four-Beta house, what do you do about a situation like that?"

Lisa took a deep breath, because she knew where the conversation was going, "They get disciplined to make them focus, Dr. Burnside."

"Good. They get disciplined to make them focus. A subordinate who gets distracted and is not focused needs a bit of discipline to improve her performance. Thatís always the best way to handle things. You agree?"

"Yes, Dr. Burnside."

With that Burnside took off her jacket and blouse, leaving her wearing just a sports bra above the waist. She sat down on her office sofa. Lisa said nothing more, but approached the older woman and settled over her thighs. The spanking would begin in a few moments, but first the professor wanted to take advantage of having her student lying across her lap to enjoy the sight and feel of the girlís lovely bottom. The professor sensuously explored Lisaís bottom-cheeks with the palm of her hand, and gently caressed the girlís bottom-hole and labia with her fingertips. As Lisaís body began responding to the touches, the professor took control of her. Lisa knew better than to try to resist, nor did she want to.

By the time Burnside was ready to begin spanking Lisa, the student already had completely surrendered herself. Loud slaps rang out in the office and would continue for at least 30 minutes before Lisa could expect to be released through a delicious orgasm. The professor and her student had plenty of time, because neither had a class for the next two hours.

Lisa was both scared and nervous, but she would not have traded what was happening to her for anything. She knew that lying across her mentorís lap and surrendering herself was where she needed to be. Burnside would, through real life experience, teach the young woman everything she knew about sensuous discipline and total sexual control.

Lisa would use that knowledge throughout her life and pass it along to her pledges and lovers.

That evening Pledge Mistress Lisa took a break from the sororityís training regimen, turning over the newcomersí instruction to Shannon. The Sergeant-at-Arms directed the counselors to lead the pledges through stretching, yoga, and swimming exercises.

Lisa told Kathleen and Ken to go up to her room, because she needed to discuss the future of their relationship. Once the door was closed she flatly told her two naked lovers to kneel next to each other and to stay silent until she finished talking.

Her morning with Ruth Burnside had made Lisa realize that the moment had come for Ken and Kathleen to know the truth about each other. More importantly, it was time to tell the truth about what she wanted from her two lovers and explain the future she envisioned sharing with them.

"I need both of you in my life. I love you, both of you, in very different ways. You have no right to be jealous of each other, because each of you fills a part of my life that is completely separate from the other part. What Iím getting at is that, if you love me, then youíll need to accept the life Iím gonna create for you, for both of you... well, for all three of us, actually. You promised to obey me, and right now Iím collecting on that promise. Youíll obey me, together."

Lisaís two lovers exchanged glances, very nervous about what was being asked of them. Their mistress continued, "Keep in mind, our lives are not gonna be a three-way relationship. Both of you need direction and guidance, and that will be my role in your lives. When you need to be disciplined, I am the one who will punish you. When you want an orgasm youíll have to ask, and I will decide whether or not you get it."

Lisa walked behind her two lovers and ran her hands through their hair. "If you want to make love to each other, I will encourage that, but youíll always need to ask my permission first. Remember that Iím not mad about the fact you made love to each other at Dr. Burnsideís party. What Iím mad about is that you didnít tell me. Now, Kathleen, are you ever gonna lie to me like that again?"

"I... no Lisa... I promise..."


"No Lisa, I wonít lie to you."

"Stand up please. Both of you."

Ken and Kathleen stood up.

"Face each other and hold hands."

Lisaís lovers faced each other. Very nervously Ken took Kathleenís hands.

"Now, I want you to kiss. Thatís an order, so I expect you to do it with passion."

Ken and Kathleen held each other and kissed, for the first time since July 4th. With that first kiss they realized something that Lisa already knew. They were attracted to each other. Lisa ordered them to continue kissing while she massaged both their bare bottoms. Having their bottoms rubbed heightened their sexual desires. Then she began lightly slapping their exposed backsides in anticipation of giving them what they needed, an afternoon of sensual spanking and love-making.

Lisaís two lovers took turns lying over her lap as their bottoms slowly turned a soft shade of pink under the loving slaps of her hand. Once both her lovers were properly aroused, Lisa lay back on her bed and spread her legs, directing Kathleen to get on her elbows and knees to give her an orgasm. While young womanís tongue concentrated on her mistressí clitoris, Ken took her from behind, pushing hard and giving her the second pleasurable experience in her life that she had ever received from a man.

After they were satisfied and had a chance to calm down, Lisa and her two lovers entered the bathroom to shower together. They soaped each other off and rinsed, but then Lisa ordered her attendants to return to her room. While Kathleen watched, she ordered Ken to lie on his back on the floor. She massaged his penis until it was fully erect. As soon as he was hard and ready to make love again, Lisa ordered Kathleen to squat over his face.

"Ken, your fellow servant likes attention on her bottom, and not just on her clit. Please make sure sheís satisfied, and Iíll take care of you."

With that Kathleen spread her bottom and presented it to Ken, who dutifully kissed her most intimate spot and began circling her sphincter with his tongue. Her body immediately shuddered with pleasure.

Lisa lowered herself over Kenís very erect penis. Once he was safely inside her, she leaned forward to kiss Kathleen. She placed her hands on the younger womanís shoulders and kissed her passionately. Kathleen was clearly excited by Lisaís kisses on her mouth and the explorations of Kenís tongue in her bottom. She climaxed precisely at the same moment Kenís penis began pumping semen into Lisaís body.

The Pledge Mistress climaxed as well; gasping with delight as semen continued entering her body and the sound of Kathleenís orgasm filled her ears.

So now Four-Beta Pledge Mistress Lisa knew her own future. It was just as she envisioned, a perfect loversí triangle with two servants who truly understood that she was the mistress of their souls.

Chapter 46 -- Epilogue

Lisa Campbell woke up at 5:30 a.m. She stretched, sat up, and watched with satisfaction as her two attendants crisply knelt forward and placed their foreheads to the floor. She looked out her bedroom window to check the weather. It was a dreary late October morning and the thermometer outside read 42 degrees. The reading meant the uniform for outdoor PT would have to be shoes, socks, and sweatshirts. After buzzing her Sergeant-at-Arms to announce the dayís exercise outfit, Lisa turned her attention to the two naked servants kneeling before her.

"Good morning, Attendant Kathleen."

"Good morning, President Lisa."

"Good morning, Attendant Ken."

"Good morning, President Lisa."

"Please stand up and kiss me."

Ken and Kathleen knelt upright, and then Kathleen stood up. She stepped forward and gave Lisa a passionate kiss on the mouth. She then lightly kissed each of Lisaís breasts, gently sucking her nipples before letting go. Upon finishing the greeting, she returned to her knees, but stayed kneeling upright, awaiting her next order.

Ken was next. He repeated the morning greeting, first a kiss on the mouth, and then a kiss to each breast. Ken always greeted Lisa after Kathleen, because she was Lisaís first servant. Ken was Lisaís second servant, and thus had to do everything after Kathleen. Once Ken was kneeling next to Kathleen, Lisa sat down on her bed. Her two servants each put on a sock and an athletic shoe. Kathleen took Lisaís right foot and Ken took Lisaís left foot. Ken then held up a sweatshirt and Lisa stood up to put her arms into it. After Kathleen zipped the front, Lisa left the room to use the bathroom, leaving her two servants to get ready for PT.

Lisaís servants dressed each other in the dayís PT uniform, because they were not allowed to dress themselves. The same was true for personal hygiene. Ken and Kathleen always entered the bathroom together, shampooed and combed each otherís hair, cut each otherís fingernails, and shaved each otherís bodies. It was a life completely devoid of privacy, but it was a life they both enjoyed and would not have traded for anything.

Once Lisa returned to her room, she and her attendants walked single file down the stairs. The Four-Beta-2 house was silent, because the seniors and juniors were out doing their morning run, while the sophomores and freshmen were standing in formation in the back yard. Each woman had an exercise mat unrolled at her feet. Like Lisa and her two attendants, no one in the back yard was wearing anything except athletic shoes, socks, and uniform sweatshirts. That was standard for a 45-degree temperature. If the morning temperature was 65 degrees or above, the women wore just shoes and socks. They wore light T-shirts if the outdoor temperature was between 55-degrees and 65-degrees. Between 40 degrees and 55 degrees, the women wore sweatshirts instead of T-shirts. If the temperature was below 40 degrees, the women conducted their upper body PT in the basement in the nude. Under no circumstances was anyone allowed to wear clothing below the waist in the back yard, at any time or for any reason.

Standing in front of the group was Erin, the chapterís vice president. As soon as she saw Lisa come out the back door Erin shouted, "FOUR-BETA-2 CHAPTER! PREPARE FOR PT!

"Yes VP Erin!"

Erin, Kathleen, and Ken took their places with the rest of the group. There were 34 women and one man, ready to perform the upper-body workout. Lisa, as chapter president, always led the younger women during the daily exercise routine.

Lisa knew that Brittany, her Sergeant-at-Arms, had taken the Four-Beta-2 seniors and juniors to the original Four-Beta House so they could run in formation with the women from the original Four-Beta Sorority. When not shouting exercise commands, Lisa could hear the combined running group chanting off in the distance. When combined the Four-Beta and the Four-Beta-2 seniors and juniors made an impressive group, ninety women, all of them wearing the same running outfit, running and singing in formation.

Once PT and stretching were finished, Lisa turned the younger students over to Erin and took her two attendants back upstairs. As chapter president, Lisa had a private shower large enough to accommodate three people. A large shower was important, because Lisa never touched her own body while showering. Her attendants were responsible for cleaning her. She grabbed a handle hanging from the ceiling and closed her eyes while Kathleen and Ken sprayed her body with warm water. They shampooed and rinsed her hair before lathering her body with soap. Ken looked at his mistressís armpits, noting they needed to be shaved. He nodded to Kathleen, who picked up two razors and handed one to her fellow servant. Ken shaved Lisaís armpits, while Kathleen shaved her legs. Once finished, the servants played a silent game of rock-paper-scissors to determine who would shave Lisaís vulva. Kathleenís paper defeated Kenís rock, so she got the privilege of running the razor over her mistressís most intimate area.

While Kathleen knelt and worked on Lisa's front, Ken began lathering her back and bottom. As Kathleen finished shaving her mistress, her own body was covered in soap by her fellow attendant. The soapy young woman sprayed her mistress's vulva with a shower nozzle, landed a quick kiss on her vagina, and then turned around to lather Ken's body. The attendants then rubbed their bodies against their mistress. Lisa bent over so Ken could take her from behind, while passionately kissing and fondling Kathleen.

Lisa climaxed and kissed both her attendants in gratitude, even though they simply were performing their duty. Their mistress was used to having at least two orgasms each day, although usually she wanted more. Lisa's sex drive had not diminished over the years she had held the lives of Ken and Kathleen in her hands and her libido was quite spoiled. When Mistress Lisa wanted an orgasm, her servants were expected to give her one immediately.

Once Lisa and her attendants were clean and had dried each other off, the entourage went downstairs to have breakfast. Like everyone else in the Four-Beta-2 house they still were naked, because being naked at all times was a requirement for any member or visitor of the Four-Beta-2 chapter. Lisa's chapter was the first nudist sorority chapter in the U.S: not clothing optional, but nudist. The Four-Beta-2's were more hardcore than the Four-Betas, with stricter discipline and a stringent lifestyle. While in the Four-Beta Sorority full nudity was required only for pledges and in the pool area, the Four-Beta-2 chapter prohibited the use of clothing anywhere on their property at any time. A Four-Beta-2 was sworn to be naked whenever possible, which meant the women only dressed to go on campus. Whenever in the sorority house or at home, or any other indoor place that was not public property, they always were naked. They did not own swimsuits and only swam at nude beaches. When camping or hiking, Four-Beta-2's did not wear any clothing except for shoes. When going out at night, the Four-Beta-2's wore light dresses, sandals, and nothing else. Whenever possible, they took off their dresses once they reached their destination, and Lisa had made arrangements with two local nightclubs to allow her members to dance and socialize in the nude.

Lisa sat down at the dining room table with several other seniors. Her attendants served the chapter president her breakfast before serving each other, and then waited for permission to sit down and begin eating. Lisa exchanged conversation with several other naked women and discussed the academic problems of a junior that was having trouble in one of Dr. Ruth Burnside's classes.

The chapter president put on a pair of sneakers, a dark mini-skirt, and a Four-Beta T-shirt to go to campus. Kathleen wore the same outfit, although her skirt was longer than Lisa's and extended to just above her knees. Neither woman wore underwear, because sorority rules specifically prohibited any members from wearing more than a single layer of clothing when going out. Ken dressed in a pair of cargo pants and a loose-fitting shirt. Like his two female companions, he did not wear anything underneath his pants.

Lisa told her attendants to get her a jacket, because it was the last week of October and the temperature was not likely to go above 55 degrees that day. Ken held the jacket while Lisa put her arms into it. Kathleen zipped the front. Then, as always, the two attendants put on each otherís jackets.

Once on campus, Lisa dismissed her servants so they could go to class. Meanwhile she had to report to Ruth Burnsideís office and check in.

Three years had gone by since Lisa started working for Dr. Ruth Burnside. Since she started as a student aide, Lisaís responsibilities under the professor had expanded from year to year. Lisa now was a graduate student, having finished her BA the year before with honors. When she earned her diploma, Lisaís status in Burnsideís office changed as the professor began treating her more like an adult and an equal. Now she was a teaching assistant with two seminars of her own. She had full access to the studentsí records and helped the professor prepare quizzes and examinations. She also helped her boss catch cheaters and recruit "volunteers" for her S&M parties. Burnside had shared her vast knowledge of academic cheating with Lisa, who was fascinated by the topic and loved the challenge of catching plagiarists and other would-be academic frauds.

The previous afternoon, after Burnside had gone home for the day, Lisa identified two culprits. The students were two young women that had turned in plagiarized term papers for Burnsideís History of Economics class, which normally was taken by freshmen. Both girls had turned in the exact same term paper about the U.S. Marshall Plan for post-World War II Europe. The report had been downloaded from a website that Burnside and Lisa had known about for more than a year, so as soon as she saw the paper Lisa recognized it. One of the students had the tried to change some of the wording around, but that didnít do her any good. Her effort was so pathetic that Lisa actually thought it was funny.

When Burnside found out that two students had turned in the same plagiarized paper, at first she also thought the incident was amusing. However, she quickly became angry, because she viewed the clumsy effort as a personal insult to her intelligence. It was as though those stupid girls were actually trying to get caught. Oh well...

Lisa knew what would happen next. She handed her professor two blank manila folders while her boss wrote two small notes that read:

"See me in my office after class. -Burnside-"

Lisa copied the names of the two students onto the envelopes: Amy Debbs and Wen-Chuan Lee. During class when the term papers were returned to the students, Lisa would hand the two girls folders instead of their term papers. The freshmen would show up together at the professorís office and then be confronted with the awful reality that they had turned in the same plagiarized report. There would be no argument, because the fact was indisputable.

A couple of hours later Lisa and Burnside passed out the term papers to the class. Lisa was responsible for giving out the two folders. Amy got hers first. When she opened her folder and saw the note, the stricken look on her face was priceless. As for Wen-Chuan, or Wendy, as she liked to be called, it was obvious that she was about to cry. Lisa quickly sized up the two girlsí personalities and knew they probably would be willing to serve as hosts in Burnsideís upcoming Halloween S&M party as an alternative to being kicked out of the university for academic cheating. She left a note in her bossís office with her observations and left to teach her seminar.

When she returned to Burnsideís office, Lisa passed Amy and Wendy in the hallway and couldnít resist giving them a knowing look. It was obvious the two girls were scared out of their wits, and with good reason. A very traumatic Halloween night awaited them.

However, thatís part of someone elseís story...