The Pledge Mistress
Copyright 2006 by EC
EC's Erotic Art & Fiction -
(warnings: erotic hazing, forced public nudity, F/FF and F/M corporal punishment, erotic spanking, sex, medical fetish)

Chapter 16 -- Six Tri-Alpha Pledges

Led by their pledge mistress, the four pledges carried their overloaded backpacks off campus in the stifling afternoon heat. All five women were covered with sweat once they finally got to the Four-Beta Sorority house, which meant they would have to put their uniforms in the wash and change into clean ones. The women stripped off their clothing in the laundry room, and Tracy suggested a few minutes in the pool. The pledges eagerly took her up on that unexpected break.

Tracy jumped in the water with her group, every bit as naked as the women under her control. She remained in charge, however, by instructing the pledges to follow her doing stretches and specific exercises instead of just lounging around. She ordered the pledges to swim several laps and then to get out, towel off, and head downstairs to shower.


A week had gone by since Lisa and the others first submitted themselves to Tracy and Heather, which for Lisa was enough time to begin forming an opinion about both women. It was obvious that Tracy took her orders from Heather, since the Pledge Mistress was a position under the direction of the Sergeant-at-Arms. While Heather was in charge of discipline for the entire sorority, Tracyís only authority was over the pledges.

Lisa knew that her three companions hated Tracy and were totally afraid of her. Certainly Cherine felt justified in hating Tracy given what had happened to her the night before, while Kathleen was still traumatized over the strapping she had received for her behavior during the medical exam. Lisa had felt Tracyís strap and withstood her yelling as well, but she also had been privileged to see a very different side of her Pledge Mistress. It turned out Tracy was an intensely difficult but very caring woman, one who was willing to take personal risks if she felt it was necessary to help another person. She had placed trust in Pledge Lisa and momentarily treated her as an equal, which created a secret bond between the two women. Among the four pledges, Lisa was the only one who understood Tracy was playing a role, that the mean-spirited Pledge Mistress was an act she had to perform to make sure her group conformed to the needs of the sorority.

As for her treatment of Lisa, Tracyís attitude was "you and I have to perform our duties as Pledge Mistress and Pledge for the next three months. Thatís the way things have to be between us until you swear in. However, itís not how I really see you." Once the pledging period ended, Tracy would change back to normal and become much more approachable. Lisa was certain that once she was sworn in, she and Tracy were likely to become close friends.

Heather seemed totally different from Tracy. It appeared to Lisa that, of the two Four-Beta officers, Tracy was by far the more serious in her personality. Heather did not seem to take nearly as much personal interest in the pledges as did Tracy, and Lisa did not much care for her. If Tracy secretly sympathized with the pledges, Lisa suspected that Heather really didnít.

Because Lisa was not in close contact with Heather, she did not fully understand the Sergeant-at-Armís responsibilities within the sorority and did not have an accurate reading of her personality. Heatherís position required her to handle disciplinary matters throughout the entire sorority and make sure that a group of 70 young women co-existed with as little friction as possible. She arbitrated disputes among members, set up the duty roster, and prevented cliques from forming and trying to take over the sorority. She handled medical emergencies, membersí academic problems, and disputes between the Four-Betas and its rival sororities. The long list of duties kept her very busy, but that wasnít a problem because she so much enjoyed being in control of othersí lives.

Heatherís duties also included handling an important part of the relationship between the Four-Beta Sorority and the Tri-Alpha Fraternity. The Four-Beta Sergeant-at-Arms not only oversaw discipline and conflict resolution within the sorority, but also was in charge of hazing and punishing the male pledges for the fraternity. The fraternity members generally felt uncomfortable inflicting corporal punishment on each other, so they found their solution in using a female disciplinarian. Heather fully enjoyed performing that additional role and having such absolute control over a group of freshmen males.

Heatherís position placed her in contact with the Triple Aís much more than any of the other Four-Beta officers apart from the sororityís social director. One benefit of that constant interaction with her male counterparts was her very active sexual life. She enjoyed having sex and had taken advantage of her frequent trips to the Tri-Alpha house to experiment with nearly all of the fraternityís upper classmen. She sought to avoid any close relationships, because at that point in her life she was not ready to commit to anyone.

For a while Tri-Alpha Vice-President Jacob had pursued her hoping for a more serious relationship, but Heather only saw him as a casual sexual partner, not a potential boyfriend. That was the reason, when she noticed Jacobís attraction to Cherine, she did everything possible to encourage them to flirt with each other. Cherineís presence in the pledge group had just resolved a potentially uncomfortable situation for Heather.


Following a quick shower, Tracy ordered the pledges to pull out fresh uniforms and put them on.

"The Triple A pledges are upstairs in the sitting room. The juniors will be doing their medical exams... well, on four of them, at any rate. The other two are going to get examined by President Alexandra's attendants. You four will get to watch."

Tracy led her group into the sitting room where three medical examination tables and three treadmills were set up. The sorority's 18 juniors were all business, dressed in white doctors' jackets and carrying clipboards. The six officers of the fraternity were present, along with the six officers of the sorority. Also present were Alexandra's two attendants, dressed, as usual, in shorts and t-shirts.

The pledge mistress ordered her group to kneel near the entrance, opposite the six Tri-Alpha pledges. The women's eyes immediately became glued to their male counterparts, because the six kneeling young men were naked, handcuffed, and had very nervous expressions on their faces. What struck Lisa was how different the male pledges looked from each other. In most fraternities, freshmen pledges all looked more or less the same: tall, athletic, loud, arrogant white males. The six naked Tri-Alpha aspirants were a very mixed group. There were two black guys, three white guys, and another guy who looked either Middle Eastern or Hispanic. The Tri-Alphas were not interested in selecting pledges based on their physical appearance. They were interested in getting members who were intelligent, shared a willingness to try new adventures in life, and above all, follow a philosophy about how to approach the world.

The Tri-Alpha pledges also were of varying heights and physiques, because physical fitness was not a prerequisite for beginning pledge training. Three of the men, including Ken, were in good shape, but the other three definitely needed to spend some quality time in the gym. The pledges did not have to be physically fit on the first day (although being fit certainly helped make their lives easier at the very beginning). Tri-Alpha pledges were expected to get in shape during the pledging period, because exercising was one way the fraternity weeded out unsuitable aspirants. The ones who could not handle the physical fitness training normally ended up among those quitting.

Like its sister sorority, the Tri-Alpha Fraternity's pledging process had specific goals, which included sexual education, physical fitness, academic performance, and willingness to explore new experiences. There was plenty of harsh military-style physical training, sexual education classes with hands-on practice, and classes for acquiring life skills such as understanding how bank accounts and credit cards worked. There also was plenty of physical discipline, sexual hazing, and corporal punishment, which, if anything, was even harsher than the regimen of the sorority.

Above everything else, the fraternity wanted to use the pledging process to identify prospective members willing to put forth a real effort to earn full membership. To become a pledge for the Tri-Alpha Fraternity was not very difficult, but to get through the pledging program was very difficult indeed. The attrition rate for a typical pledge group was nearly 50 percent, far higher than the attrition rate for the sorority. The fraternity took in large pledge groups, knowing that by the end of the pledging period each group would be reduced to a more manageable size. There were no repercussions against a pledge who decided to quit, but the fraternity did expect that anyone who left his pledge group to keep quiet about the internal workings of the Tri-Alphas. That expectation was not hard to enforce, because if any ex-pledge did choose to speak up, he could expect to have embarrassing pictures of himself circulating on the Internet within days.


There was another factor that traditionally contributed to the Tri-Alpha attrition rate, their treatment at the hands of the Four-Beta Sergeant-at-Arms. Lisa and her companions watched in awe as Heather went into action. Because Pledge Mistress Tracy handled most of the routine hazing, training, and discipline matters for the sorority pledges, the young women had not seen the full effect of Heather as a disciplinarian. She had been somewhat restrained around the female pledges, with only a couple of exceptions. Now it was Heather's turn to focus on hazing a group of freshmen. It turned out that she was much more vicious than Tracy, but she had saved herself for the guys. Lisa and her companions were about to learn that what Tracy had subjected to them so far had been far less severe than the hazing Heather was about to inflict on the males.

The Four-Beta officer began by pacing back and forth waving a riding crop in their faces. She gave each young man a cruel swat on the upper back and then ordered them to kneel with their legs spread, fully exposing their penises and testicles. She used the tip of the crop to play with the men's sexual organs and massage their penises, while one of the Four-Beta juniors took pictures. As she moved the crop around their genitals, she made very sarcastic and cruel comments. If a pledge got hard, she made fun of him. If he didn't get hard, she still made fun of him.



Heather had struck the fattest member of the group quite hard on the inner thigh, very close to his testicles.

"You want to know why I did that pledge? Huh? You wanna know?"

"I... I yes... ma'am... why..."

"Because I felt like it, that's why! And if I feel like doing something, why shouldn't I? Why shouldn't I do whatever the fuck I want?"


"Uh... uh... oh... fuck that hurts..."


"Don't you fucking swear around me, pledge! Where's your fucking manners?"


"Didn't your mom tell you never to fucking swear in front of a fucking lady?"


"Don't you have any fucking respect for me?"


"AUGH! Uh... uh... uh... sorry..."


"Sorry WHAT, Pledge? Sorry WHAT?"


"Ooo... hoo... Ow!"

"Sorry WHAT, Pledge? You'd better fucking answer me, 'cause I'll rip the skin right off your legs if you don't..."


"S...sorry... Sergeant-at-Arms..."


"MA'AM, you little prick! MA'AM! You address me as ma'am! Didn't you read your pledge manual?"

"I... I..."

"That's it! I've had it with this loser! Attendants!"

"Yes Sergeant-at-Arms Heather!"

"Take this pledge and hold him down on a table! I want to show these little bastards what happens to irresponsible little pledges who don't memorize the pledge manual! I'm gonna show him what a nice thick strap is gonna feel like on that chubby little bottom of his."

"Yes, Sergeant-at-Arms Heather!"

President Alexandra's two male attendants immediately grabbed the pledge's arms and pulled him over one of the medical examination tables. Heather grabbed the same strap she had used on Lisa the night before and lined up to punish the pledge. The pledge was one of the three who needed to work out, so his bottom was soft. Heather noted out loud that it looked like a baby's bottom.

To the pledge's horror, one of the Four-Beta juniors brought in a camera on a tripod and set it up. Once she made sure she was ready to get some pictures, she gave Heather a thumbs-up to begin the strapping. With that the Sergeant-at-Arms laid into her victim, using her full body to strike as hard as possible.


While the high-speed camera snapped in rapid succession, the Sergeant-at-Arms struck very hard, landing a total of fifteen swats. Lisa later learned the purpose of the sudden punishment. The junior with the camera was trying to get at least one good shot of the instant the strap made contact with the pledge's bottom. The sorority women were fascinated with taking photos of male bottoms being struck by various implements, catching that split-second the bottom is distorted and flattens out under the impact of thick leather or wood. They loved seeing the flesh displaced, almost like splashing water. For that reason, they most enjoyed photos of male pledges with large, soft bottoms, ones that really gave a good splash effect when struck.

The pledge cried towards the end, while the others looked on in horror. Unfortunately for Heather's victim, there was more humiliation to come.

Lisa realized the entire hazing event had been carefully thought out, because it was obvious the Four Betas were prepared with Heather's props. The next ordeal was an enema. Two juniors came into the room carrying a large towel and a full enema bag. The bag was fuller than the one the Tri-Alphas had used on Kathleen, because its purpose was not to loosen the pledge's bowels, but instead to elicit responses to some embarrassing questions. Lisa later learned another detail about enemas given to male pledges. Unlike the enemas given to Four-Beta pledges, those given to Tri-Alpha pledges were pure water. There were no herbs to relax the subject or make the experience more enjoyable.

Once the towel was laid out, the two women grabbed the still-crying freshman and forced him on his elbows and knees. They made sure his badly marked bottom was turned upwards and his anus fully visible to everyone in the room.

While the camera continued to click, Heather put on medical gloves and lubricated a fingertip. She massaged the pledge's sphincter, poked her finger inside, and finally pulled it out to make room for the enema tube. While one of the juniors held the bag, Heather inserted the nozzle and opened the clip. The bag slowly emptied as the pledge's stomach swelled. Once all the water was safely in his intestines, Heather closed the clip and pulled out the tube.

"You will hold this until I say you can go potty. If you spill so much as one drop of water, we're starting all over. Now stand up!"

The pledge's face reflected the extreme discomfort from the sudden change of posture and the shifting of water inside his intestines. He now was ready to be interrogated.

"Pledge, I got a question for you, and you'd better answer honestly if you want to go potty. You ready?"

"Uh... yes, ma'am... please..."

"How often do you masturbate?"

"I... uh... about once a day..."

"So you don't have a girlfriend?"

"Uh, no... not now... not since... uh... March..."

"Did you masturbate when you had your girlfriend?"

"Uh... yeah."

"That's yes MA'AM, pledge. You're gonna pay for that as soon as we're done."

"Yes, ma'am."

"Well, why would you masturbate if you had a girlfriend?"

"She... uh... was kinda religious... and... uh... she didn't want to... you know..."

"Have sex?"

"Yes, ma'am. She didn't wanna have sex."

"Well, did you tell her you masturbated?"

"No ma'am...I couldn't tell her that..."

"That's terrible! You kept a secret from your girlfriend! If you were so dishonest, no wonder she left you."

"I... it was embarrassing..."

"Well, duh..."

Heather gently massaged the pledge's swollen stomach, adding to his distress.

"Now another question. When you masturbate, what do you normally think about?"

"I... I got... you know... some magazines..."

"What kind of magazines, Pledge? Please be more specific."

The pledge named a couple of well-known menís magazines, ones that were known for using models with breast implants.

"So you like looking a models with fake tits? Youíre telling me that looking at silicone bags makes you want to stroke yourself? Is that what youíre telling me?"

"I... maíam... I didnít... think about it like that... you know..."

"Yeah, you did! You like looking at bags of silicone! For you thatís sexy!"

Heather then did something that shocked all the pledges in the room, male and female. She took out a box from one the exam tables and held up a silicone breast implant. She massaged the device and waved it in front of the pledgeís face.

"Hmm... isnít this sexy? Doesnít this bag of silicone just want to make you spew right now? Come-on, letís see you get hard!"

Heather continued to fondle the implant only inches in front of the pledgeís face.

"Come on... Iím waiting!"

Of course nothing happened to the pledgeís penis. Instead, his face was becoming more and more stressed from the increasing pressure in his intestines. The other officers looked on with concern, because it was obvious the pledge couldnít hold the enema much longer. If he released, there would be a horrible mess to clean up. Fortunately Heather realized the impending disaster just in time, and ordered the attendants to take the suffering freshman to the nearest toilet. He expelled with several very loud splashes while the Four-Beta junior with the camera documented his ongoing humiliation.

When he finished, the attendants unlocked the pledgeís handcuffs and ordered him to wipe himself off and flush the toilet. They re-cuffed him and took him downstairs to the pledge shower, where more humiliation was waiting. The Four-Beta sophomores were gathered in the basement, where they converged on the victim and chained him in the shower. Once he was covered with soap, they shaved off all his pubic hair. They did not shave the hair on the guyís ass. The hair on his bottom would have to be removed as well, but in a more permanent manner. That would have to be waxed off.

The women ordered the guy on his hands and knees and to turn his now clean backside facing upwards. Meanwhile, they heated and applied the wax to the surface of the freshmanís already suffering bottom.

"You know, Pledge, waxing hurts a lot more after youíve been punished, Ďcause your skinís a lot more sensitive. But thatís OK, Ďcause weíre gonna get rid of all that nasty hair and give you a nice smooth ass."







Heather repeated the same treatment on the other three heterosexual freshmen. She started by cruelly marking the insides of their thighs with the riding crop, and then strapped their exposed bottoms for the benefit of the high-speed camera. The strapping was followed by an enema, an interrogation about the pledge's masturbation habits, and finally a desperate trip to the toilet adjacent to the sitting room. Following the ordeal in the sitting room, each pledge then was taken downstairs to be showered, shaved, and have his bottom waxed. While Heather and her photographer remained occupied upstairs, the sophomores in the basement kept busy with clean-up and waxing duty.

Finally the four straight pledges, cleaned up but minus their pubic hair and their dignity, returned to their kneeling positions in the sitting room. The attention now shifted to Ken, who had declared himself bisexual, and the final pledge, who had declared himself openly gay. The humiliating treatment for them was the same as it had been for the straight pledges, except their ordeal was handled by President Alexandra's two male attendants.

The strapping that followed was no big deal for Lisaís boyfriend, given the whippings he had endured during his time with her over the past five months. He got the standard 15 strokes and the Four-Beta photographer took several good shots of his bottom as the strap made contact. Lisa could have predicted what happened next. When Ken stood up he had a full erection. A surge of sexual desire and frustration swept through her upon seeing that hard-on. Just two weeks before that hard-on would have been for her to enjoy. Now, more than likely, it would end up being emptied into a jar or stuck up some guyís ass.

Lisa drew a deep breath when it was Ken's turn to receive his enema and be interrogated. As he turned his bottom up and the tube slid in, Lisa felt a pang of nostalgia. The last enema he had endured had been the one that she had given him following a paddling she had administered to him during finals week of the spring semester. She had been totally turned on by the sight of that tube sliding between his very red bottom-cheeks, one of his final gestures of total sexual submission as her sub and her lover. It hurt her to think, even at that moment, her relationship with Ken was not what she thought it had been, that already he had turned in his pledge questionnaire with his confession about his attraction to other men.

As she watched her ex-boyfriend struggle to endure the strapping and enema of his first episode of hazing, Lisa knew that, in spite of everything, she would miss him and the relationship he had given her. With him she had been able to do whatever she wanted. She had enjoyed five months of complete sexual satisfaction and had become used to having every sexual desire fulfilled. With her new lover Lisa knew she would have to restrain herself, because Kathleen would never be able to handle the rough treatment she had inflicted on her former boyfriend.

Ken's forced confession focused not on his masturbation habits, but instead on the details of his secret crush on Jason Schmidt. Lisa had to listen to Ken explain that, even while he was dating and having sex with her, his hidden sexual fantasies really revolved around Jason. Ken confessed that his feelings towards his friend were not sado-masochistic, but more a desire to touch him, share massages and cuddling, and eventually exchange oral sex. He might have wanted to spank Jason, but only a soft erotic spanking, not one for punishment. Apparently Ken's feelings towards Jason had intensified towards the end of the spring semester. He had been unable to act on them partly because of his relationship with Lisa, but mostly because Jason was fiercely guarded by his girlfriend Cecilia. Had it not been for Cecilia, it was very likely that Ken would have tried to seduce him.

At the prompting of his interrogator, Kenís confession turned to his feelings towards Lisa. He still cared for her and very much enjoyed the sexual stimuli her punishments always elicited from him. What he wished, however, was that he didnít always have to be severely beaten to be aroused. He knew, for example, that had he been able to seduce Jason and take a dominant role in their love-making, he could have had an orgasm without having to have it beaten out of him.

Kathleen cast a sympathetic glance over at Lisa, whose pained expression clearly indicated she was not enjoying having to listen to the topic. Of everyone in the room, Kathleen understood what Lisa must have been feeling at that moment better than anyone else. She had endured more than her share of betrayals, some of which were far more mean-spirited than anything Lisa had ever experienced. Kathleen knew. She had been there, many times over. She resolved to do what she could to comfort her lover once the males were out of the house and the women had a few minutes to themselves.

By the time Ken was escorted to the toilet, he had confessed more of his most secret thoughts than any other member in the pledge group. Lisaís anger and feeling of betrayal was tempered by the knowledge that there was no way her boyfriend could have put all of what he had just said into words had he tried to tell her directly. What got the truth out of him were the enema and his desperate desire to use the toilet. As Ken staggered to the bathroom, the fraternity officers appeared satisfied with what had just happened and the results of his interrogation. Kenís dilemma now was out in the open and he could begin to deal with it honestly.

Ken was escorted downstairs to be showered, shaved, and waxed. The showering and shaving would be conducted by males, but waxing, even of gay pledges, remained the responsibility of the Four-Beta sophomores. The women stood aside while the attendants took off their clothes and stepped into the shower with the pledge. Ken remained erect throughout most of the shower and shaving, so the attendants decided to deal with his hard-on before turning him over to the women for waxing. They rubbed their soapy bodies against his and massaged his penis, forcing him to completely empty himself in the shower. Of course, the event was documented in detail by a Four-Beta camera. As soon as Ken was rinsed and dried off, the waxing crew forced him to go on his elbows and knees. A couple of minutes later his bottom was stripped of all hair and he went back into the shower for a final rinse-off.


As soon as all six of the male pledges were clean and had returned to their kneeling positions in the sitting room, the medical exam began. The Four-Beta juniors split up into teams, each team picking one of the female pledges to assist. The check-ups progressed systematically and very quickly, starting with questions about each patient's medical history. The physical part of the exam started at the head. The patient was checked for skin ailments, eye problems, hearing problems, nose and throat problems, and finally dental problems. Pulse, heartbeat, and breathing came next, before each patient lay on his back for an abdominal exam. The women momentarily ignored the freshly-shaved public area and concentrated on the condition of the pledges' legs and feet. The women checked each pledge's posture, body mass, and the flexibility of his joints. Of course, no exam would be complete without a rectal temperature measurement. There was a thorough examination of each subject's penis and testicles, and last but not least, the rectal exam and prostate check. The honor of conducting that part of the exam fell upon the female pledges. The young women felt very strange as they slipped their index finger in between their subjects' reddish bottom-cheeks, which still bore the markings of their recent strappings and hair removal.

The pledges needed to provide semen samples. A fraternity member brought in six plastic cups, each with a pledge's name written on it. Once the cups were passed out the teams went to work, massaging their subjects' penises and prostates. One by one the young men groaned as they surrendered their semen to the waiting cups. The Four-Beta junior with the camera was quick to document the moment each male pledge climaxed and his specimen was collected. The Tri-Alpha officer collected the specimens and took them out to a waiting car. It turned out the specimens were being collected for real analysis and would be delivered to a nearby clinic.

Following the general physical the six young men had to run a mile on the treadmills to get their heart rates up. The female pledges giggled as three of the naked fraternity aspirants started running. They ran as hard as they could, motivated by the Four-Beta Sergeant-at-Arms and her ever-present riding crop.

The fattest member of the male pledge group got plenty of attention and lots of motivational strokes from Heather. When he finished, his body was saturated in sweat and his face almost purple from exhaustion. Heather had a disconcerting suggestion,
"You know Pledge, what we ought to do? You and me can spend some quality time running tonight. I can pace you, and I'll make sure you get a real good workout. It'll be just you and me, running in the cool summer nighttime. Of course, you'll be running bare-assed, just like you are now, because I wouldnít want you to get overheated. Doesn't that sound like fun?"

"I... uh... yes ma'am... I guess."

"Fantastic! We got a deal! I'll come get you at midnight, and we'll go running together! Just ask your Pledge Master for permission, and he'll have you ready."

The color in the pledge's face changed from purplish-red to white. Heather touched the freshman's arm, "Come-on sweetie, don't be shy. Just go over and ask your Pledge Master..."

Holy Shit! She's serious about this, thought the pledge to himself. Very reluctantly he went over to the Tri-Alpha Pledge Master and knelt. The fraternity officer struggled to keep a straight face as he told the pledge what an honor it was to get to exercise alone with the Four-Beta Sergeant-at-Arms, and of course he had the fraternity's permission.

"I'll make sure you're stretched out and ready to go at midnight. You're one lucky dude, and I'm jealous! I'd love to go running with Sergeant-at-Arms Heather, but she's never invited me."


The Four-Betas offered a light dinner to the Tri-Alpha pledges and fraternity officers. Heather quietly let out the word to the sororityís sophomores and pledges that there was to be absolutely no clean-up from dinner, because the Triple-A pledges would be responsible for straightening the Four-Beta house following the formal induction ceremony.

Following the meal and a quick bathroom break, Tracy and her Tri-Alpha counterpart directed the male pledges to go outside and off-load the fraternityís speakerís podium from a pickup truck parked in the sororityís driveway. It was still light outside, and the six naked males had to endure the enthusiastic cheering and whistling from neighboring sorority houses as they struggled to get the podium off the truck and through the front door without banging or damaging it. They carried the podium into the sitting room and set it up next to the Four-Beta speakerís podium. The sororityís sophomores checked the roomís lighting while the male pledges went back outside to off-load several long benches.

As soon as the male pledges finished setting up the ceremonial room, Heather ordered them to wash their hands and kneel facing the podiums. Tracy dimmed the lights, set President Alexandra's bell on her podium, and ordered her pledges to kneel in front of the podiums, facing the males.

Repeating the protocol from exactly one week before, the Tri-Alpha president, dressed in a tuxedo, and the Four-Beta president, wearing a formal evening dress, entered the room together and took their positions at the podiums. The Four-Beta president rang her hand-bell and the other well-dressed fraternity and sorority members filed into the room. As before, the men and women quickly separated by sex and by class. The Tri-Beta president again rang her hand-bell. There was both old business and new business that needed to be addressed before the Tri-Alphas could present their pledges, "Pledge Mistress Tracy!"

"Yes, President Alexandra!"

"Please present your pledge group and give us and update on their progress!"

"Yes, President Alexandra!" She turned to the four kneeling women: "PLEDGES! STAND UP!"

Lisa's group scrambled to their feet, turned to face the podium, and stood at attention. Tracy recited the training activities and challenges completed over the past week. She surprised the three freshmen by saying her group had adapted admirably to pledge life and she was very pleased with their performance so far.

The sorority president then asked each member of the pledge group if she wanted to continue pledging. Each young woman responded affirmatively. With that the pledges were ordered to turn away from the podium and resume their kneeling position facing the males.

Now that old business was finished, it was time to move on to new business and the main event of the night, the presentation of the Tri-Alpha Fraternity's six new pledges. The chapter president bellowed out, "Sergeant-at-Arms Patrick!"

"Yes, President!"

"We understand that you have brought us six persons who wish to share our journey through life!"

"Yes, President!"

"Very well, Sergeant-at-Arms! You will present them to us!"

"Yes, President!"

The presentation ceremony was a repeat of the one performed for the Four-Beta pledges the previous week, beginning with a tap on the shoulder from a riding crop. Each naked pledge stood quietly facing the women and the men in the room, given everyone enough time to study his exposed body. One difference between the Four-Beta presentation and the Tri-Alpha presentation was the condition of the men's bodies. Already they were marked up with welts on their inner thighs and bottoms. Lisa and her companions had been saved the humiliation of being punished before their public presentation, but apparently with the guys the custom was different. They had to show up with their bodies already marked up as proof they really wanted to be pledges and commit themselves to the fraternity. On the other hand, there was no formal marking of the male pledges with a welt on the shoulder from three strokes of the riding crop. The injury to the shoulder was a custom unique to the sorority and the fraternity had nothing comparable.

A pang of nostalgia swept through Lisa when Ken stood up with his marked body and faced the podium. She realized just how hard it would be for her to see him several times each week, knowing that he now was out of her reach. Sure, she could still punish him during hazing events if she wanted, but what good would that do her? For Lisa punishing Ken and sex always went together. She had no desire to punish him if she could not enjoy having sex with him afterwards. It was at that moment that she resolved one issue in her mind. She decided that she would not touch Ken during the pledging period. Whenever he had to be punished, she would delegate that task to another member of her group.

President Alexandra and her male counterpart gave speeches similar to the welcoming message given to the female pledges the previous week. Following the speeches, each male pledge was asked if he wanted to continue with his "journey", and each responded affirmatively. Lisa detected a note of hesitation in the voice of the fattest member of the group, given that the Four-Beta Sergeant-at-Arms had singled him out for particularly rough treatment. Lisa wondered if he would be the first out of the group to quit.

The males accepted their blindfolds and handcuffs, which had to be put on to allow the fraternity members to formally vote for them to continue pledging. As was true for the Four-Betas, the Tri-Alphas vote was a formality. Not all of the Triple-A pledges were likely to finish the pledging process, but it would be up to the pledges themselves, not the fraternity members, to decide whether or not to continue the effort to join the fraternity.


Once the ceremony ended, the six males had to pose for several group shots. The first were of the men by themselves, standing next to each other facing the camera and facing away from the camera. That was followed by several group-shots with the Four-Beta pledges, the naked bodies of the men contrasting with the shorts and t-shirts of the women.

The final Tri-Alpha pledge portrait was a rather humiliating one, at least for the straight members of the group. Heather ordered the men to line up and turn sideways, with the openly gay pledge in the front and Ken in the back. The four straight pledges were sandwiched in between. She then instructed each pledge to grab the hips of the man in front of him and press against his body. She used her riding crop to make sure each pledge was in very intimate contact with the pledge in front of him. Finally she ordered the men to turn their faces the camera to allow the embarrassing position to be documented on film.


The pledges carried the benches and Tri-Alpha speakerís podium back to the waiting pick-up truck after the ceremony ended and the upperclassmen dispersed. Meanwhile, Tracy passed out inspection manuals to the members of her pledge group.

"Weíre testing both you and the Triple-Aís tonight. Theyíre gonna clean up the house and youíre gonna supervise them. How well they clean this place is a reflection of your ability to direct them according to whatís in the manual. You all know what needs to be done, and Iím sure you could do just fine cleaning this place up yourselves. Well, letís find out how well you can get someone else to get this house in compliance with what's in the manual. I donít consider this just a clean-up. I consider it an important test of your ability to organize, give instructions, and lead. The fraternity considers this a test of their ability to follow instructions and cooperate with each other. In other words, you need to take this very seriously. You all understand?"

"Yes, maíam."

"Thereís discipline implements in the small room near the back door. Each of you is welcome to go back there and grab something, if you think youíll need it."

"Yes, maíam."

"OK ladies. Inspection tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. for all common areas. Have a pleasant evening."

"Yes, maíam."

Chapter 17 -- Lovers and Temptations

As soon as the swearing-in ceremony for the Tri-Alpha pledges ended and the benches and speakerís podium were safely loaded on the pickup truck for transport back to the fraternity, President Alexandra turned the six male aspirants over to the sororityís pledges.

Lisa, as usual, realized that ultimately she was in charge of the eveningís clean-up. Her three companions accepted that she would tell them what to do and they would pass her orders along to the males. She took it for granted that her fellow pledges would obey whatever she told them to do, and the males in turn would obey the women. Lisa would be giving orders to a total of nine people, five of whom she did not know.

She began by assigning two male pledges to each of her three companions. She assigned Ken to work under Bernadette, realizing that to have him work under Kathleen would create a very tense situation. Once her three teams were organized, Lisa quickly drew up a duty roster for each group. Kathleen and her two pledges would clean the kitchen; Cherineís group would take all the bathrooms; and Bernadetteís group would clean the public areas of the sorority house and then move to the pool area. Lisa would supervise all three teams and be responsible for taking out the trash.

Lisa ordered the males to kneel facing the wall. They were not to speak until given permission. Meanwhile, she took her three fellow pledges to the back room containing the discipline implements. She passed out three leather paddles and took a heavy leather strap for herself. She then addressed her group, "I want you to keep these paddles with you at all times. If those guys give you any attitude whatsoever, I expect you to paddle them. If they slow down or get tired, a couple of good swats will wake Ďem up. If you think thereís a real discipline problem," Lisa held up her strap, "just let me know and Iíll handle it."

Lisa looked at each of her three companions and continued, "Those guys are responsible for doing what you tell them to do. But if your area isnít up to inspection standard when I do the walk-through, I am holding you, not the guys, responsible. Itís their job to obey you, but itís your job to make sure things are done right. If you let me down, I will deal with you directly. If any of you has a problem with that, youíre more than welcome to take it up with Pledge Mistress Tracy."

The three wide-eyed pledges glanced at each other, then back at Lisa. Her expression and the sinister-looking strap in her hand made them realize the implement was not just for the Tri-Alpha pledges. If they failed to meet their companionís expectations they would be punished as well. They knew there was no point in trying to appeal to Tracy if Lisa decided to strap them. They sensed that Lisa would not be threatening them unless she already had a prior understanding with the Pledge Mistress.

There was indeed an agreement between Lisa and Tracy, but it was somewhat different from what the three freshmen thought had happened. The understanding between the two women was unspoken and implied, never formally discussed. Tracy had accepted Lisa as the de facto leader of the pledge group and had no problem with her giving commands to the others. However, with Lisaís power also came a huge responsibility. Another part of the understanding was that it was Lisa who would be held accountable for the success or failure of her group. Any time Lisa failed to get the other pledges to do what Tracy wanted them to do; the Pledge Mistress had the right, and the duty, to punish her. Lisa knew that ultimately she was the person responsible for making sure the house was properly cleaned. She would do what was necessary to motivate her companions, not only so the group would succeed and pass another pledge test, but also to save her own backside from a severe strapping the following morning.


With inspection manuals in each of their hands, Lisaís companions ordered their pledges to stand up and collect cleaning supplies. As the cleaning progressed, Lisa walked around with a trashcan collecting used paper towels and other discarded items from the three teams. She had assigned herself trash collection because that duty gave her the opportunity to constantly monitor the progress of the cleaning and correct any problems as they were taking place. She noted with satisfaction the increasing redness and paddle marks on the bottoms of the six male pledges as the night went on. It turned out that all three of her companions had no problem using their paddles to motivate their subjects.

At midnight Heather showed up in a Four-Beta jogging outfit. In her hands she was carrying a pair of menís running shoes and a riding crop.

Oh yeah... thatís right... she had said that she was going to take that fat guy out running.

The male pledgeís eyes widened upon seeing the Four-Beta Sergeant-at-Arms with a pair of running shoes in her hand. He had hoped that she had been joking about the midnight workout; even though deep down he knew the run was indeed going to happen. Heather, her voice ringing with cheerful sarcasm, addressed him, "Hi, Sweetie!"

The trembling naked pledge got on his knees.

"Good... Good evening, maíam."

"So, you ready to take a break from all this nasty cleaning and go for a run with me?"

"I... I mean... yes, maíam."

"OK, letís stretch out and have some fun!"

With that Heather and the pledge went out to the patio to stretch and get ready to move out. His departure left Cherine with only one male under her command and presumably would slow down her portion of the clean-up. However, Lisa had anticipated that the freshman would object to having to keep up the pace of her clean-up with only one assistant. She knew that expecting Cherine to manage with only one helper wasnít fair, and also how she would settle the matter.

Lisa went to the closet in the entryway, took off her clothes, and hung them up along with her strap and notebook. She returned upstairs and announced to a very shocked Cherine that she would replace the fat guy while he was away. Until he came back, Lisa would be taking orders and submit to discipline from Cherine. To drive home that point she knelt and waited to be issued an order. In an instant Lisa went from being in charge of Cherine to being her subordinate. It took a couple of minutes for Cherine to regain her composure, but finally she instructed Lisa to get up and start scrubbing the floor of a bathroom.

Lisa replied, "yes, Pledge Cherine," and started working on the floor.

As Lisa was finishing her assigned floor, Bernadette passed by with her two male subjects. She was surprised to see Lisa naked in the bathroom, on her hands and knees performing a task assigned to the male pledges. Cherine nervously explained that one of her pledges had been taken away by Heather and Lisa had volunteered to replace him until he came back.

Seeing Lisa working on her hands and knees under Cherineís orders had a profound effect on Bernadette. Of the three freshmen in the pledge group Bernadette had been the one most likely to question Lisaís role as the leader of the group. She most certainly resented seeing Lisa a couple of hours earlier with a strap in her hand and threatening to punish her if her work performance was substandard. She had resolved to confront Lisa the following day, but now had to deal with the sight of the sophomore on her hands and knees in the bathroom, taking orders instead of issuing them. Seeing Lisa cleaning the bathroom floor, especially working as a subordinate and in the nude, made Bernadette realize that she was behaving the way she did simply because she wanted to "get the job done" with as little trouble as possible. She wanted everyone working at maximum efficiency and was perfectly willing to apply that same standard to herself. Cherine had temporarily lost her assistant, so without any hesitation Lisa changed her own role in the cleaning operation. It was not a question of pride or humility, but one of expediency.

Bernadette no longer could claim Lisa in any way had set herself above the others. She now knew how Lisa would respond if confronted. Lisa would simply ask her if she thought she could better lead the group and organize its tasks. If Bernadette were convinced she was best suited to lead the group, Lisa would gladly step aside. Then it would be up to Bernadette to settle matters with Tracy and the other pledges.

Ken looked at Lisa in amazement, only to receive a couple of savage paddle swats on his already sore bottom. Bernadette snapped at him to mind his own business and keep moving.


An hour after they left, Heather and her unhappy companion returned to the sorority house. He was not a pretty sight: his bottom and thighs were totally covered with welts from the riding crop; his body was saturated with sweat, and his face was red from fright and absolute exhaustion.

The pledges expected that Heather would turn her running companion back over to Cherine upon getting back, but she still wanted to have some fun with him. She took him downstairs into the pledge shower, ordered him to take off his shoes, and immobilized his wrists in the cuffs that still were hanging from the pledgesí earlier episode of shaving and waxing. She ordered him to close his eyes and shampooed his hair. Then she gently massaged his welt-covered body with soap and rinsed him off. Finally she softly touched his penis and tickled his testicles. Sure enough, within a minute she got what she wanted -- an erection. Heather toweled off the pledge, un-cuffed him, and ordered him to immediately follow her upstairs. He still was quite erect when the Sergeant-at-Arms returned him to his duty cleaning the sorority house. She led him to the other pledges and humiliated him by pointing out his hard-on to the rest of the group. He became even more erect upon seeing Lisaís attractive body in its entirety, given that she had not yet had the chance to get dressed.

Heather was a bit surprised to see Lisa out of her uniform and cleaning alongside Cherineís other pledge. For a moment she wondered if Lisa had done something wrong and the other pledges were punishing her. However, as soon as Lisa saw Cherineís missing pledge return to duty, she went downstairs to put on her uniform and returned carrying her strap and notebook. She knelt in front of Heather, and asked her if she would mind conducting a preliminary walk-through. The sorority officer obliged and picked out a few violations that Lisa and her companions had overlooked. Bernadette and Kathleen responded by landing some additional swats on the bare bottoms of their pledges and ordered them to correct the problems.

Lisa knew that she and the others could not stay up all night because they had to attend classes the following day. At 2:00 a.m. she surprised her companions by telling them to stop cleaning. She decided to document their adventure by having each member of her group pose with her two pledges before ordering everyone to go to bed. One by one Cherine, Bernadette, and Kathleen posed with the males assigned to her. The women stood dressed in their uniforms while the males remained completely naked. Lisa ordered the male pledges to kneel next to the females, then stand up and face away from her so that their well-paddled red bottoms were on display for the benefit of the camera. Lisa then ordered the males to pose together as a group, first facing the camera and then facing away. Two of the males, her ex-boyfriend Ken and Heatherís overweight running companion, had erections. Lisa decided to have them pose together with their erections pointing at each other. Suddenly, on very cruel inspiration, she ordered the two men to put their arms around each otherís shoulders and grab each otherís penises. It seemed that Ken didnít mind, but she could tell the other guy was mortified.

Perfect, thought Lisa to herself. Now Iíve got something to hold over his head if he ever gives me any attitude.


Lisa told the guys to brush their teeth and take cots out of the basement to sleep on. They would have to sleep in the sitting room and could only expect about four hours of rest. Still, that was better than nothing and the guys gratefully grabbed their cots and took them upstairs.

In spite of her resolve to try to comfort Lisa after the clean-up was completed, Kathleen was too tired to keep that promise to herself. She collapsed on her cot and promptly went to sleep, along with Bernadette and Cherine. Incredibly, Lisa realized she could not get to sleep. She had heard the expression "too tired to sleep" but had never experienced such a feeling before. She realized what her problem was; she was sexually aroused. She needed to have an orgasm and would not be able to sleep until she could take care of that physical need.

She didnít want to risk having one of her fellow pledges wake up and see her masturbating, so Lisa decided to go to the pool area and relax on one of the deck chairs. It would be sort of fun, to lie out under the clear night and enjoy her body in tranquility. She quietly sneaked outside and settled in the chair farthest away from the back door. It was a lovely night, just a bit chilly for a person with no clothes on. However, Lisa knew that once she started stimulating herself her body would heat up and she would not notice the cold.

Lisa had just started caressing her stomach and breasts with her fingertips when she heard the back door open. Shit! She should have known that some bitch would want to go for a midnight swim and having the pool area to herself was unrealistic. However, as she caught a glimpse of the personís silhouette against the pool lighting, she realized the figure was not female, but male.

Lisa jumped up, ready to put that guy in his place. The males were not supposed to be wandering freely around the sorority house. Lisa was quite annoyed; to the point that she had forgotten that she was not wearing anything. As she got closer, she realized the lone figure was Ken. She also realized that he had an erection. It was likely that his erection from earlier in the night had never really gone away, not would it until he had the opportunity either to have sex or masturbate. Lisa realized that he probably had come out to the pool area for the exact same reason she had, to relieve himself in peace.

Seeing her boyfriend with a hard-on while being alone with him in the pool area was too much for Lisa. She forgot about her earlier humiliation and set aside her resentment, because at that moment she wanted only one thing, to have him inside her. Lisaís instincts and old habits took over as she quickly walked up to him. She took his penis in her hand and kissed him...

"Youíd better get on your knees real fast, fucking little bitch-boy."

Ken, his own brain and sexual responses conditioned by the last five months of rough sex with Lisa, quickly complied. He sank to his knees. Suddenly everything that had transpired in Lisaís life over the past week momentarily vanished. She was with Ken, his body back in her life and ready to fulfill its duty of giving her pleasure.

There was no talk, no arguing, no hesitation. The only thing that mattered at that moment was sex. Lisa pushed Ken on his back, gave the skin on his chest a couple of vicious pinches, and stroked his penis to make sure it was perfectly hard. She straddled him and guided him inside. The couple groaned as Lisa rocked back and forth, feeling him pulsate inside her.

Fearful of being caught, the couple finished as quickly as possible and separated. They jumped in the pool to wash away the evidence and cool off. As their bodies calmed down and their thoughts returned to normal, Lisa and Ken stood next to each other in uncomfortable silence. Finally Lisa noted, "You know, we both got to get to bed. As it is weíre only going to get three hours of sleep."

Ken was silent for a moment. He didnít want to go to bed. He was with his girlfriend, or ex-girlfriend, a woman who he deeply cared for but had badly deceived. He felt that he... that he needed to somehow explain. As Lisa made her way to the steps to exit the pool, he knew his tiny opportunity to talk to her was running out. He needed to say something...

"Lisa, I Ďspose youíre kinda mad at me."

"Not kinda, Ken. Not just kinda. Youíve really pissed me off! You have no idea..."

Lisa paused and took a deep breath as she tried to control the mounting feeling of disgust she felt for both him and herself at that moment, "And now on top of everything else, thanks to you, Iím pissed at myself! Now I donít even have my self-respect! Itís like I canít control anything about my life or what I do! The moment I see you all I can think about is fucking your stupid little fag ass..."

"Please donít use that term, Lisa..."

"Then what term am I supposed to use on you? Itís what you are, isnít it?"

"I donít know. I donít know. Thatís what I gotta figure out."

A surge of conflicting emotion swept over Lisa and silenced anything more she might have wanted to say to him. She abruptly continued out of the pool and opened the back door to the house.


"Look, just go to bed, you stupid pervert! Go to bed and get out of my sight!"


Lisa returned to her cot, sexually satisfied and more tired than ever. However, she knew there would be no sleep that night, none at all. Her thoughts were too much in turmoil. She sat up, for a long time staring ahead in the dimly lit room. Every so often she glanced at Kathleenís thin body and listened to her quiet breathing as her lover slept.

As she looked at Kathleen and thought about Ken, Lisa was forced, once again, to confront her own hypocrisy. She had made love to Kathleen without ever talking to Ken about the future of their relationship. Less than a week later, she had turned on Kathleen without any hesitation, with the satisfaction of her body the only thought on her mind as she was briefly reunited with Ken.

Lisaís thoughts wandered through the strange labyrinth of her emotional and sexual needs as the pre-dawn slowly passed by. She glanced at the clock. 5:45 a.m. Fifteen minutes until wake-up. SHIT! She really was destined not to get any sleep that night


A few minutes later the four female pledges, standing in their pledge uniforms, and the six male pledge pledges, kneeling naked in front, waited in the sitting room while Tracy and Alexandra performed the walk-through inspection. The two officers only found five violations, which was the best record of any pledge group for that particular task. The female pledges had proven themselves able to direct others, and the male pledges had proven themselves capable of following orders. Alexandra instructed Tracy to ignore the five violations because they were minor, and gave everyone a passing score. Tracy nodded, pleased that her group had passed yet another test.

The males left a few minutes later, filing into the driveway and into a waiting van. Some early risers in neighboring sororities cheered and whistled at the sight of six naked guys standing in the driveway. The driver of the van seemed to have difficulty getting the key into the vanís side door, prolonging the pledgesí exposure. Not that it mattered, because the Tri-Alpha pledges could expect to be seen in the nude by plenty of people throughout the summer. Constant exposure in public settings was the reality of being a Tri-Alpha pledge.

Meanwhile, the Four-Beta pledges had to contend with morning PT, breakfast, and getting ready for their second day of classes. Tracy and a sophomore escorted the pledges to the university. The group separated as the three freshmen and their escort went to class, while Tracy took Lisa to Burnsideís office.

Lisa sighed as Tracy led her into the Economics Building, envious that her three companions, after having enjoyed four hours of sleep, now were quietly sitting in a class taking notes. Lisa on the other hand, had not enjoyed any sleep at all and faced a day of solid work under her difficult economics professor. Burnside drove home that point when she told Tracy not to come back for Lisa until 6:00 p.m. that night.

Burnside handed Lisa the hanger out of the closet to let her know she needed to get undressed. Without saying anything Lisa complied and handed her hanger full clothing to the professor. Burnside invited Tracy to sit down and put Lisaís clothes in the closet. Meanwhile, Lisa knelt to await further orders.

Burnside ordered the naked young woman to prepare a pot tea for herself and Tracy.

"Yes, Dr. Burnside."

While Lisa busied herself with the teacups, the professor and the sorority officer casually talked about the Four-Beta pledge group and Lisaís performance. Unlike Heather, who had taunted Lisa by talking about how high spirited and troublesome she was, Tracy was much more straightforward about her performance. Burnside could tell that Tracy was very impressed with Lisa and enjoyed having her as a member of the pledge group. The Pledge Mistress talked about Lisaís relationship with the other pledges and complimented her ability to motivate them. Fortunately Tracy left out the detail of her romantic involvement with Kathleen, which was a detail of her life that Lisa suspected Heather might have mentioned.

The Pledge Mistress departed to go to her own classes, leaving Lisa alone with her professor. She faced a busy day. Not only did she have to familiarize herself with the material to be taught in two classes she would be proctoring, but she also had to get ready for a sophomore-level class that she would be taking from Dr. Halsey. On top of all that Lisa was expected to prepare a special summer project for Burnside.

Lisa knelt to receive her first instructions of the day, but Burnside announced that she wanted her to assume a different position from the normal kneeling whenever talking to her. The professor ordered her student to stand in front of her desk with her feet spread and her hands behind her head. Lisa reluctantly got off her knees and did as she was told. Burnside told Lisa that she now was standing "in a proper position of attention" and would be expected to stand that way in lieu of kneeling. With her legs spread and her hands behind her head, Lisaís body was completely exposed to her boss. She felt humbled, scared, and extremely vulnerable.

"Get used to standing like this, because whenever I talk to you I expect that stance as a gesture of respect. That holds true not only when we are in here by ourselves, but also whenever anyone else needs to come back here. You will stand at proper attention whenever you speak to me, regardless of who is in this room."

"Yes, Dr. Burnside."

"Just to remind you, this change is in your Four-Beta manual. Please repeat the relevant passage to me, Pledge."

Lisa took a deep breath and recited, "Chapter 1, section 14, Dr. Burnside. It goes: Ďa pledge will automatically assume a position of submission and respect whenever addressing an officer of the Sorority. The position of submission and respect will be determined at the beginning of each semester by the Chapter President. However, as needed, an officer of the Sorority, with the concurrence of the Chapter President, may require pledges to assume a position of submission and respect differing from the pledge position normally required in the sorority houseí."

"Very good, Pledge. Now you understand that, since I am delegated as an officer, I have the authority to make you assume the position of Ďsubmission and respectí that most suits my needs."

"Yes, Dr. Burnside, I understand that."

While Lisa continued to stand at attention, Burnside casually questioned her about her plans for her summer research project. The professor drew up a list of books and articles she thought her student would find useful. Finally she granted Lisa permission to sit down at the spare desk and begin reading ahead for the class she would have later in the day.

Burnsideís phone rang. Lisa overheard small bits of the conversation and realized that her boss must be talking to Dr. Halsey. Then she heard, "Jim, sheís right here in my office if you want to talk to her. OK... OK... So, youíre coming over? Good. Actually, that helps me out because you can escort her to class. OK... so you know what you need to do about escorting her? All right, Iíll buzz you in..."

Lisaís heart skipped a beat as she waited for the outer door to Burnsideís office to open. Her face turned red at the thought that Dr. Halsey, a respected senior professor, would be in the room momentarily and there was no hint that she would be allowed to get dressed before he came in. Burnsideís next words confirmed her worst fear:

"Dr. Halsey is coming in to talk to you and take you to class. When he comes in I expect you to stand at attention and address him with respect just like you would address me."

A moment later Burnsideís intercom buzzed and she pressed it to let Halsey into the back office. As soon as the door opened Lisa stood up, faced the door, and stood in front of a nationally recognized senior professor in the nude with her legs spread and her hands behind her head. Halsey glanced at the embarrassed student, then took Burnsideís hand and kissed it in greeting. After exchanging some pleasantries with his co-worker, the older man turned his attention back to Lisa. He carefully studied every detail of her exposed body, deliberately making her as nervous as possible.

"Lovely morning, isnít it, young lady?"

"Yes, Dr. Halsey."

"So are you looking forward to being in my class?"

"Yes, Dr. Halsey. Iíve heard that itís one of the best classes in the department and Iím hoping to get a lot out of it."

"Thatís the spirit, young lady! Excellent attitude!"

The two professors sat down in Burnsideís armchairs and casually discussed how the first day of the semester had gone. Lisa remained standing with her arms and legs spread, not daring to move because she had not received any instructions to do so. After a while the conversation turned to Lisaís major, her academic interests, and her ambitions. Halsey engaged her in conversation just as if she were dressed and sitting down. As best she could, Lisa responded, trying to ignore her extremely awkward situation.

The conversation lasted less than 15 minutes, but that short time seemed like an eternity to Lisa. Later in the evening when she had time to think about it, she would find the entire incident extremely erotic, but at that moment she was too embarrassed and nervous to be excited. Meanwhile, the two professors were thoroughly enjoying themselves. Lisaís attractive body was very pleasant to look at, and her nervous expression added to the erotic tension in the room.

Lisa knew that Burnside did not mind seeing Halsey studying her exposed body. While it was true that each was the otherís primary lover, both professors also pursued other relationships. Occasionally they shared their submissive lovers, and on other occasions they jointly punished other participants in the local fetish scene.

The best example was Burnsideís TA and collared sub Mark Gertz. At that point in her life, Mark was her most important lover apart from Dr. Halsey. Mark officially belonged to Burnside, who never missed an opportunity to sexually humiliate or inflict an act of cruelty on him. Halsey often participated in punishing or dominating Mark in ways that helped Burnside establish her total superiority. For example, if her sub needed an extra special punishment, Burnside sometimes invited Halsey to enter Mark from the rear following a whipping, which, of course, was one thing she was not capable of doing.

Over the years Halsey had several younger female lovers, some of whom he shared with Burnside. Burnside in turn had shared some of her lovers with Halsey. There was absolutely no jealousy between the two professors, because both of them were confident in each other and sure about themselves and their sexual needs.

Lisa, who was aware of the unusual relationship between her two mentors, trembled at the possibility of being forcibly seduced by her professor, her lover, or perhaps by both. However, with the issue of sex she only partly understood Burnsideís intentions. The professor was fully aware that Lisa was scared out of her wits as she quietly stood with her body completely spread and exposed. She had intended for her to feel such intense anxiety and fear, because she knew that the sexual tension in the office was something that the younger woman was subconsciously seeking in her life. She perceived a lot of herself in Lisa, especially the underlying need to test her psychological limits. Lisa needed to have intense emotional experiences to feel truly alive. She needed to feel real fear, real humiliation, real joy, real pain, and real sexual arousal. Burnside wanted to develop that part of her student, and hoped to help Lisa better understand herself by constantly pushing her emotional limits as the summer progressed.

At the beginning of the semester, Burnside was not sure whether or not there ever would be a sexual relationship between herself and Lisa. She was open to the idea and certainly found the girl desirable, but forcing her into a sexual relationship was totally different from forcing her to submit to erotic discipline and hazing. If Lisa decided that she wanted to sexually experiment with either Ruth Burnside or Jim Halsey, they would gladly oblige her, but she was the one who would have to signal that an intimate relationship was something she wanted.


Finally, Burnside ordered her student to get dressed and depart with Professor Halsey. As Lisa put on her shorts and felt the cloth brush against her vulva, a wave of sexual arousal swept over her. She had not felt aroused while standing naked in the office, but as soon as something touched her between the legs, she suddenly was very horny. She sighed, distressed at the thought of having to follow Halsey to the main campus lecture hall and sit through his class while such intense desire was tormenting her.

Lisa walked alongside the professor, carrying her backpack to avoid covering any part of her pledge uniform. She had time to think about the irony of what was written on her shirt. Officially she might be the "property of the Four-Beta Sorority", but in reality she had been signed over to Ruth Burnside

The young woman made a very strange walking companion for her immaculately dressed professor. It seemed that everyone she had known from her freshman year: all of her former classmates, the residents of Huntington Hall, even casual acquaintances, were treated to the sight of Lisa Campbell running around in her T-shirt and skimpy gym shorts. Several people wanted to talk to her, but Lisaís nervous behavior and the impatient demeanor of her older companion clearly indicated that she was not free to talk.

Halsey and Lisa entered an auditorium-style classroom that sat 300 students. He pointed at a seat next to the speakerís podium, indicating that his student needed to sit as close to him as possible so he could monitor what she was doing. Total control and a very strict regimen... thatís what the sorority had promised, and they had kept that promise, even when she was not with any of their officers. Even Dr. Halsey was in on it.

As Halseyís introductory lecture progressed, Lisa struggled to pay attention to what he was saying. She knew it was likely Burnside would question her about the course material afterwards and there would be hell to pay if she had appeared inattentive in Halseyís class. However, Lisa had two very serious distractions. First, she was horribly tired from not having slept the previous night. When she was standing up or moving around her fatigue was not a problem, but sitting in a soft seat in a cool, dark lecture hall made her badly want to sleep.

The other problem was Lisaís ongoing state of arousal. She had to keep her legs pressed together because she was not wearing any panties under her loose-fitting pair of shorts. She wanted to rub her thighs together and slip her hand in between, but she was in a public location and her bodyís demand for satisfaction could not be resolved any time soon. What made matters worse was the fact Lisa was quite spoiled when it came to sexual satisfaction. Throughout the spring if she needed to relieve herself, she could count on Ken to attend to her desires. When he was not available, Lisa could always pleasure herself and was quite good at it. Lisaís desires that day would have to remain unsatisfied, because it was a sure thing she would not have a single moment to herself.


After the longest class of her life, Lisa returned to Burnsideís office with Halsey. Fortunately she did not have to take off her uniform because the two professors wanted to go out to lunch. The professors, Lisa, and three graduate students went to a formal restaurant on the top floor of the Student Center. The lunch took a very long time because the professors and the graduate students needed to discuss seminars and problems with various research projects. At first Lisa was glad to eat and get some good food in her stomach, but having a full stomach made her even sleepier.

Burnside noticed her student nodding off during the meal and realized that because of her fatigue she would not be able to study in the afternoon. She would have to do something physical instead. Upon getting back and watching her student get undressed, Burnside ordered her to dust the bookcases and re-shelve all the books. Meanwhile the professor sat at her desk, pretending to be working on her next lecture. In reality she was enjoying watching Lisaís attractive figure as she moved about. She especially enjoyed watching Lisa reach for the books on the top shelves, gracefully stretching her body as she emptied each shelf and reached to wipe the dust in the back.

Lisaís ongoing arousal and the realization that Burnside was watching had a rather strange effect on her. Ordinarily she would not have wanted anything to do with Burnside sexually, but Lisa was in a sensual mood. She began "performing" for the professor by stretching her body more than necessary when accessing the top shelves and moving about seductively. She deliberately put the books from each shelf on the floor and bent over to pick them up, spreading her legs and exposing herself to the professor. When she worked on the bottom shelves, Lisa got on her hands and knees, spreading her legs and turning her bottom towards Burnsideís desk. Every so often Lisa glanced back at her mentor, whose hungry expression gave away her increasing desire for the student. For the first time since Lisa had known her, it seemed that Burnside had lost her composure.

Very little of what Burnside had hoped to accomplish with Lisa got done that day. The purpose of Lisa spending all day with the professor was to move her forward in her understanding of the material to be presented in three classes and get her started with her summer project. Instead Lisa had spent the afternoon cleaning bookshelves and flirting with her body. That really wasnít anyoneís fault, because she was exhausted from not having any sleep and in no condition to study.

When Tracy came by to pick up her pledge, Burnside reprimanded her, "You need to put things into perspective, Tracy. Itís fine to push your pledges on everything else, but on school nights you have to let them sleep. No matter what your training philosophy might be, they are students first and sorority pledges second. They have got to be alert enough to study, and to be honest, Pledge Lisa was too tired to be able to concentrate."

Tracy responded by telling the professor the nighttime house cleanup was a unique test and not a routine event. Normally the pledges did get more sleep. Still, she was chastened by the realization that an outsider, and a professor no less, was watching what she was doing with her pledges.

Rather than put up a fight over the matter, she decided that it would be a good idea to make sure her pledges got plenty of sleep that night to make up for the night before. While Lisa and her companions were eating dinner with the sophomores, Tracy asked Heather for permission to immediately release them for the night and give them the opportunity to sleep in the guestroom. Heather reluctantly agreed, although she was concerned that letting the pledges off early too many times would spoil them.

After dinner, as the pledges knelt in front of their Pledge Mistress, they were informed they were released for the night as a reward for the success of the previous nightís cleanup. "Released" was a relative term, because what they were free to do was study, read, send e-mails, use the pool, or sleep. Cherine and Bernadette immediately headed for the pool, and would send some e-mails upon getting out. Lisa calculated that it would be about two hours before they would be ready for bed, which would give her the opportunity to spend some time with Kathleen.

When Lisa went downstairs to the basement to clean up, Kathleen followed her. The two women took turns using the toilet and brushing their teeth. They jumped into the shower together and held hands. Kathleen gave Lisa a very intense look of love, desire, and arousal. The two women soaped each otherís bodies, exchanged several passionate kisses, and rinsed off.

Lisa told Kathleen to put her hands on the shower wall and stick her bottom out for some "special attention". She sensuously soaped and massaged Kathleenís backside, knowing that having her bottom rubbed would excite her even more. She spent a couple of minutes soaping and massaging her loverís bottom-hole. Kathleen gasped and moaned with delight at the attention to her most sensitive area, especially when Lisa pushed a soapy finger inside.

"You are a naughty little thing, arenít you?"

"I... oh... Iím naughty... oh..."

Lisa touched Kathleenís vulva with her other hand and ran her fingertip over her loverís clitoris. Thus stimulated from both the front and the back, Kathleen experienced an exquisite orgasm. She trembled and moaned with delight as Lisaís fingers worked their magic on her body. When she calmed down, Lisa patted her bottom and kissed it.

"Letís give this naughty little bottom the attention it deserves."

Lisa led Kathleen into the guestroom and locked the door. If the other two showed up and wanted to sleep, they would just have to wait. She turned her attention to her lover and kissed her with the desperation of sexual passion that had been building up in her over the entire day. Kathleen responded by tearing down the covers, pushing Lisa on the bed, and getting on top of her. She took Lisaís face in her hands and continued to kiss her as she gently moved her body back and forth. Kathleen started moving downwards, kissing Lisaís neck, then her breasts, then her stomach, and finally her vulva. Lisa thrust her legs up as Kathleen covered her labia with kisses and pushed her tongue into her vagina. Finally the young womanís tongue made contact with Lisaís clitoris, and the pent-up passion of the entire day found its release. Lisa normally was not very noisy during her climaxes, but that night she was quite loud.

Lisa climaxed twice before Kathleenís tongue got too tired to continue. Lisa sat up and told Kathleen to get on her elbows and knees. She ran her fingertips over her loverís very exposed backside, all the while telling her how naughty her cute little bottom was. Lisa began landing kissed all over Kathleenís bottom-cheeks, slowly working her way towards he bottom-hole. For a long time she kissed that sensitive area and slid her tongue around her loverís sphincter. As Kathleenís arousal mounted, Lisa touched her clitoris with a fingertip as she continued to stimulate her from behind with the explorations of her tongue. Finally it was Kathleenís turn to climax yet again.

Kathleen lay on her stomach as Lisa gently ran her hand over her bottom. Once again Lisa began patting her loverís backside in a gentle spanking motion, then continued to caress. It was Kathleen who broke their silence. She gave Lisa a seductive look and asked, "So you think, after all that, Iím still a naughty girl?"

"Of course youíre naughty. Youíre the naughtiest girl in the sorority."

"So... what are you gonna do about it? How are you gonna fix my naughtiness?"

Lisaís heart jumped. The moment for Kathleenís first spanking had come, and it was Kathleen who was asking to be spanked. Lisa took her loverís hand and led her to the sofa. She sat down and drew Kathleen over her lap. Lisaís lover settled comfortably over her thighs, turned her bottom up, and spread her legs slightly. She gently rubbed her lover's bottom in a circular motion, enjoying the feel of her thin buttocks and soft skin. Every so often Lisa ran her fingertips up the middle, brushing past the tender skin surrounding her bottom-hole.

Kathleen sighed with anticipation, partly because she was very nervous. She did not know what to expect from Lisa and whether or not being spanked by her would be enjoyable. She had not enjoyed the punishment she took from Tracy the week before, but that was because she was so vicious with the strap. If the spanking were more gentle and given with love, Kathleen hoped it would bring her and Lisa closer together.

Lisa fully understood that Kathleen was not Ken and that her needs were very different. She needed to be talked to gently and spanked gently. The spanking would have to hurt, but not hurt very much. Kathleen's bottom would gradually turn pink under the palm of Lisa's hand, from slaps delivered very slowly and mixed with gentle caresses and tender kisses. Lisa understood her lover's desires and wanted to make the spanking as pleasurable an experience as possible.

Lisa began spanking Kathleen's skin between caresses, all the while reminding her what a naughty girl she was. She slapped Kathleen's backside about 10 times, then leaned down to kiss her bottom and give it a couple of caresses before spanking it another 10 times. None of Lisa's slaps was particularly severe, but after a few minutes their cumulative effect started building up on Kathleen's bottom. After the first 50 slaps it was a lovely shade of solid pink and starting to swell. However, Kathleen remained peacefully draped over Lisa's lap, totally satisfied with the mixture of pain and pleasure radiating from her upturned bottom. Lisa kissed her, massaged her swelling skin, and started on the second round of slaps.

The second part of the spanking was more intense, partly because Lisa was slapping harder, and partly because Kathleen was torn between becoming aroused and starting to cry. The mounting pain scared her, but the feeling of being over her lover's lap and being under her control and protection filled her sexual being with complete satisfaction. The experience was intense and frightening, but she was where she wanted to be, her body and soul surrendered to the control of her lovely mistress Lisa.

Finally Lisa concluded the spanking. She grabbed Kathleenís wrist and led her back to the bed. The smaller woman settled on her stomach and Lisa settled next to her, covering her deeply pink bottom with even more kisses. Soon she was stimulating her loverís bottom-hole yet again and teasing her clitoris. Kathleen groaned with delight as she experienced the best orgasm of her life. Her orgasm was total and overwhelming, almost scary in its intensity. She felt true happiness; the joy of having a lover whom had taken the time to figure out what her body needed for total satisfaction.

Lisa fell asleep, her body finally giving out after going nearly two days with no sleep. Kathleen got up to unlock the door to allow Cherine and Bernadette to get into the room without knocking when they were ready for bed.

She looked at her solidly pink bottom in the mirror, enjoying its sexy appearance and attractive color. Iím naughty, she thought to herself. Iím naughty and I like it. She hoped that night would be the first out of many she would go over Lisaís lap.

Finally Kathleen turned out the light and settled next to her sleeping companion. She gave her lover one final kiss and cuddled next to her.

Chapter 18 - A Flaw in Lisa's Character

Bernadette and Cherine returned downstairs fairly late, having spent more time than they anticipated in the pool. At first they were in the pool by themselves, but just as they were about to get out, a large group of women got in, carrying a water-volleyball and a net. They explained that the Four-Betas played water volleyball in competitions against other sororities and they needed to practice. The other women invited the pledges to join them, and a minute later the two freshmen found themselves playing on opposite sides of the impromptu game. It wasnít until an hour later that they were able to excuse themselves, which set back their plans to spend the night catching up on their e-mails in the sorority library.

Lisa and Kathleen were sound asleep when their companions finally made it downstairs. Cherine and Bernadette cleaned up and slipped into the guestroom, which was dimly illuminated by a single nightlight. It was just light enough that the two women could see that the main bed was occupied but the two singles were empty. Cherine was too tired to care about anything other than her own sleep, but Bernadette was curious. She slipped closer to the main bed and caught a faint whiff of orgasm. She couldnít see much in the darkness, but could tell that Lisa and Kathleen were sleeping cuddled up to each other.

Bernadette pondered for a moment what she ought to do. On the one hand she was irritated that Lisa and Kathleen were not making a better effort to hide their relationship. She felt that it was somewhat disrespectful to be openly having sex in an area they had to share with the other pledges. She was certain that if Tracy caught the couple there would be hell to pay, perhaps for the entire pledge group.

Bernadette wondered whether to wake up Lisa and force her to get in a different bed, leave the two lovers in place and let them get in trouble the next morning, or simply get up a bit early and force them out of bed before anyone else saw them. Finally she opted for the latter. She set the alarm clock for 5:30, which would give her enough time to get Lisa and Kathleen out of bed before Tracy showed up. She would do Lisa a favor, in spite of her unease about the relationship and her on-going resentment that Lisa had taken charge of the pledge group.

The next morning Bernadette shook Lisa, who was still sound asleep. "Get up! Get up before Tracy sees you!"

Lisa struggled to sit up, and covered her sleeping lover with the sheet. She was still somewhat disoriented and wanted to lie back down.

"Get... UP!"

Bernadette pushed on Lisa until she was awake enough to stand. As soon as Lisa was on her feet, Bernadette crawled back in her bed to get a final 20 minutes of sleep.

Meanwhile, Lisa rubbed her eyes and went into the pledge room to use the toilet and brush her teeth. She realized what a huge favor Bernadette had just done for her when she heard Tracyís voice in the guest room, "OK, sleeping beauties! UP-UP-UP! Letís go... Letís go... Letís go..." followed by the usual hard slap to the bare bottom of each of her three fellow pledges as they exited the room.

Lisa and Kathleen had been only minutes away from being caught in bed together by the Pledge Mistress. It was only because of Bernadette they were not facing her harsh discipline. As the other women entered the pledge room Lisa whispered to Bernadette,
"Thanks. I owe you one."


Somewhat better rested than they had been 24 hours earlier, the pledges began what would be the first routine day of the summer semester. There would be morning PT, clean-up, and breakfast, followed by morning inspection and the daily trek to the university.

Part of the daily morning inspection included the formal presentation of assignments, a time during which Tracy ordered the pledges to kneel in the sitting room with their homework neatly placed in front to review. There wasnít any written homework yet, but the three freshmen had been assigned some reading for one class that they had to recite. After a few minutes of questioning Tracy determined that her charges were adequately prepared and ordered them to put on their uniforms. Thus, dressed and ready for another day of class, the young women departed the sorority house with their Pledge Mistress.


As soon as she was deposited in her professorís office, Lisa stripped and stood at attention while Burnside talked to her about the dayís lectures and seminars. She would be with the professor nearly the entire day, with the exception of a political science class that she had to take as a general requirement. However, Lisa would spend most of her time out of the office and in her pledge uniform, given that she was attending lectures and helping the professor with her freshman classes.

At 9:00 a.m. Lisa followed Burnside to the main lecture hall in the adjacent building wheeling a cart full of teaching supplies, syllabuses, reading lists, and the professorís PowerPoint projector. Her shorts and T-shirt contrasted with the formal outfit of her boss and drew attention from passers-by. Lisaís bottom got plenty of stares from passing guys because it was obvious she was not wearing any underwear under the thin fabric of her gym shorts. As she continued to push the cart behind Burnside, Lisaís shorts began riding up into her bottom and she could feel the hot morning sun shining on the lower part of her buttocks. Every so often she had to stop and pull them back down, but as soon as she started moving again the shorts immediately began working their way back up.

Lisa sighed as she helped Burnside set up for her lecture. She was beginning to feel aroused from being so scantily dressed in public and having had part of her bottom on public display. Her outfit (especially from the waist down) left very little to the imagination and barely stayed within the limits of what was considered acceptable clothing in public areas of the university. Her feelings about her exposure were complex and contradictory. Perhaps wearing the skimpy shorts was somewhat embarrassing, but deep down Lisa enjoyed the stares and attention directed at her body. She remained quite the exhibitionist and secretly enjoyed being stared at.

Fortunately Lisa was able to push aside her erotic thoughts and focus on her duties as Burnsideís student and student aide. She spent the rest of the day attending a total of five classes, the two sophomore-level lectures that she was taking as a student, the two freshman-level classes she was proctoring, and the political science class. During the later part of the afternoon she returned to Burnsideís office, stripped off her uniform, and worked on an assignment for Dr. Halseyís class.

Lisa was not nearly as tired as she had been 24 hours earlier, so she was able to concentrate on her assignment. Burnside, meanwhile, was in and out of the office with various errands and thus not really paying much attention to her student. The strange flirting that had taken place between the two women the day before was absent that afternoon and they talked normally with each other. Lisa still had to be naked whenever in the office, but by the third day had become used to it and automatically undressed as soon as she was in the room and the door was shut. Within a few days even standing at attention in front of her boss with her hands behind her head and her legs spread would become routine and something she did automatically.


Tracy entered the Economics Building in the evening with the other three pledges trailing behind her. As the group entered Burnsideís office, the three pledges immediately sank to their knees. Lisa nervously stood at attention while the professor and the sorority officer discussed the dayís performance and her work plan. Burnside handed Tracy a diskette with her notes for the dayís training log and released Lisa for the evening. Lisa turned to Tracy and knelt, asking for permission to get dressed. A minute later Tracy and her pledges left the building and continued on their way to the sorority house.

The pledges stripped off their uniforms and dropped them in the washer upon being informed they would not be going back out that evening. As usual, they ate dinner with the sophomores, cleaned the table, and knelt in the sitting room. The pledges noticed three massage tables set up and realized the nightís lesson would be in giving massages. Tracy entered the room with Lisaís acquaintance Suzanne Foster, who had just been certified as a massage therapist. As the pledges continued to kneel, Tracy announced that learning massage therapy counted among the expectations the sorority had of them.

Suzanne began the presentation with an overview of the various muscle groups in the human body, focusing on the differences between women and men as the introduction of a comprehensive course that would continue throughout the summer. She would start by teaching basic Swedish massage, concentrating on a different section of the body each week. Her program would continue with other types of standard massage such as sports massage, and finally would finish in August with two sessions of erotic partner massage.

She added that the pledges would first learn how to massage each other, and then would learn how to massage male subjects. "The Triple-A pledges are doing this as well, starting with each other, and then theyíll be practicing on you."

Suzanne briefly discussed the issue of "draping", the practice of covering a massage patient with a sheet. She noted that in Europe "draping" was less important than it was in the US, and that she preferred for her patients not to be draped.

"I like to see my patients as nature created them and not worry about moving a sheet around. Anyhow, with you modesty is not an issue, so we wonít be worried about draping."

With that Suzanne directed the pledges to pair off. Lisa knew better than to pair off with Kathleen, in spite of her loverís longing expression. Take it easy, Kathleen, thought Lisa to herself. Weíll have plenty of time to massage each other later in the summer. Instead Lisa paired off with Cherine, leaving Kathleen to take Bernadette as her massage partner. Lisa instructed Cherine to hop up on the table and awaited Suzanneís next instructions.

Tracy dimmed the lights, stripped off her own clothing, and sat on the third table. She would serve as Suzanneís instruction subject and get several free massages in exchange. As Tracy lay quietly on her back, Suzanne began by explaining the importance of warming the oil before applying it to the patient. She spread the oil over the lower part of the Pledge Mistressís body, explaining that she would concentrate on her subjectís feet, the fronts of her legs, and her abdomen during the first part of the class. Lisa followed suit on Cherineís body, applying oil to her feet, legs, and abdomen. Suzanneís disregard for modesty became even more evident as she ran her fingers over the upper part of Tracyís pelvis, applying oil in that rather private spot at the same time she lubricated her stomach.

Cherineís body seemed to get darker and more exotic looking when her skin was wet with oil. Lisa felt a surge of erotic longing sweep through her. Now, on top of everything else that was messed up about her life, she was feeling sexual desire for Cherine. Guilt swept over her as she glanced at Kathleen, but her guilt only increased her secret attraction towards the unsuspecting freshman lying on the table in front of her.

Lisa finally pushed her thoughts aside and concentrated at the task at hand, using her hands to bring pleasure and relaxation to the young body under her control. She would do her best to give Cherine a good massage, and look forward to the massage she would be getting in return after a few minutes. However, as her hands worked their way up the soft flesh on the inside of Cherineís thighs and her fingertips came close to touching her dark vagina, Lisaís feelings of arousal returned. She worked her way around to her companionís stomach and followed Suzanneís instructions to massage in a circular motion to help her digestion. Then her fingers ventured towards the top of Cherineís pelvis, working their way into her short black public hair. Lisa so badly wanted to continue downwards, touch Cherineís clitoris, explore the young virginís vagina, and bring her to orgasm. So close... and yet...

Lisa sighed with a combination of disappointment and relief when Suzanne ordered the women to switch places. Tracy sat up as well, but Suzanne explained that she would need to lie back down to serve as her model for the second half of the class. Tracy certainly had no problem with that; she was getting a double-massage on her legs as a result of her role as Suzanneís model.

As Cherineís hands worked their way up her legs, Lisa continued to feel very aroused. She was getting wet between her thighs, and because she kept herself completely shaved, there was absolutely nothing to hide what was happening to her vulva. Her clitoris was swollen and her vagina increasingly wet. Of course, Cherine did notice the wetness building on her companionís most intimate areas, but decided not to make an issue out of it. She quietly followed Suzanneís instructions and simply hoped for the uncomfortable session to end quickly.

What Cherine wished was that she could have been massaging Jacob. If only Lisa were Jacob, then she really would be getting some pleasure out of the experience. As she thought about Jacob, Cherine resolved to learn how to give a proper massage, because that would be her first intimate gift to him. Cherine thus ended by giving Lisa a very good massage, not because she was interested in pleasing Lisa, but because she was fantasizing about massaging Jacob.


Fortunately Bernadette and Kathleen got through the session without any hint of sexual arousal. Kathleen was so enamored with Lisa that she paid no attention to Bernadette, apart from making the effort to give her a proper massage. Bernadette, meanwhile, was totally straight and never would feel any attraction towards another woman, no matter how attractive. Now if Kathleen were a guy...then Bernadetteís physical reactions would be completely different. Yes, she most definitely would be aroused if she were massaging a guy in such an intimate manner. In fact, she very much was looking forward to the upcoming practice with the Tri-Alpha pledges and hoped to exchange massages with all of them.


The massages put the three freshmen in a better mood and made them more relaxed for their next activity, the nightly study session. Because they were taking the same classes, Tracy expected them to study together and exchange knowledge and ideas with each other. The study groups were an important part of the pledge program, because the sorority wanted the pledges to learn to work in a group and also bond with each other. Assuming that the freshmen were not used to college-level academics, Tracy sat with them and directed the study group during the first week of classes.

Lisa presented a bit of a problem to the study program because she was a sophomore. She already had taken the classes that her group-mates were enrolled in, so to study with them would do her no good. Had she not been worried about all of her responsibilities to Ruth Burnside and the Economics Department, Tracy might have wanted Lisa to lead the study group. However, she was smart enough to realize that Lisaís time was very limited and that she would need the opportunity to study separately. So, while Tracy and the freshmen talked in the library, Lisa quietly sat in the sofa in the guest room downstairs with her economics textbooks. Taped to the sofa was a hand-written note from the Pledge Mistress, authorizing Lisa to be separated from her group and to use the guest room, which normally was off-limits to pledges.

At 10:00 p.m. Tracy ordered the pledges to put away their books and go downstairs for bed. Lights-out was at 10:30. The pledges would be restricted to their cots, permitted to get up only to use the toilet. When the three freshmen went downstairs, Tracy chased Lisa out of the guest room and locked the door.

With that the normal daily routine of the summer pledge group was established. On weekdays the schedule was as follows:

5:30 - 6:00 -- wake-up, pledge area cleaning, and personal inspection by the Pledge Mistress
6:00 - 7:00 -- morning PT with the sophomores
7:00 - 7:15 -- personal hygiene and packing book-bags for class
7:20 - 7:45 -- breakfast with the sophomores, clean-up from the meal, and brushing teeth
7:45 - 8:00 -- walk to the university for the first class of the morning
8:00 - 17:00 -- classes on campus and chaperoned library study breaks
17:00 - 18:00 -- return to the sorority house, dinner with the sophomores, clean-up, personal hygiene
18:00 - 20:00 -- Four-Beta pledge training
20:00 - 22:00 -- study group and homework assignments
22:00 - 23:00 -- personal hygiene, uniform maintenance, and lights-out


At 10:30 Lisaís three companions fell asleep immediately, even Kathleen. However, as was becoming normal for her, Lisa lay awake on her cot in restless thought. She glanced at Cherineís body in the dimly-lit room and felt her erotic desire return full-force. She quietly began masturbating as she remembered Cherineís lovely dark skin glistening with massage oil and sliding under her hands. She relived the feeling of her fingers pressing through the freshmanís black pubic hair and being so close to... oh yes... oh yes...

Lisa climaxed and came to her senses. Then she felt horrible about what had just happened, deeply troubled by her sudden sexual attraction to Cherine.

Whatís wrong with me, she wondered to herself. What the fuck is wrong with me?

Lisa realized something very distressing about herself, a huge defect in her personality. Her mind ran through the events of the past two weeks and her fleeting attractions to various people in her life. On the very first day she had wanted that guy examining her to fuck her up the ass, then fantasized about giving herself to Tracy. After that came Kathleen, a frighteningly serious relationship she had just walked into with almost no thought or hesitation. With no thought at all she briefly reunited with Ken, only to yell at him and insult him seconds after he had given her what she wanted at the moment. The following morning she had flirted with Ruth Burnside, vaguely hoping for a sexual encounter with her professor. Hours later she was again with Kathleen, pleasing herself with no thought about her earlier encounter with Ken.

Finally, with very little consideration for Kathleen, who now adored her, she found herself attracted to Cherine. With Cherine there was absolutely no way she could hope to pursue her desires, because it was obvious that she was as straight as Bernadette and never would be attracted to Lisa at all. Not to mention the devastating impact such a betrayal would have on Kathleen.

There was more, much more. Over the past week, Lisa had wondered about her sexuality. Before her relationship with Kathleen it never had dawned on her that she might be lesbian, because her two previous lovers had been male. So, had she discovered that she was lesbian? If only it were that simple. Lisaís attraction for various guys had not diminished, even though at the moment she had a female lover. So, was she bi-sexual? Well, not exactly that, either. She realized that, if not restrained by personal commitments or the disapproval of society, she would be sexually attracted to whoever happened to be close at that moment, male or female.

Lisaís short attention span explained why her relationships had started so abruptly, going back to her sudden attraction towards Ken in January. United with him by random circumstances, she became attracted to him. The moment she was separated from him, her attention shifted elsewhere and within a week had focused on Kathleen. The moment her hands touched Cherine, her sexual desires shifted yet again. Fortunately for Kathleen, Lisa knew that there was no way Cherine could ever be interested in her. Whatever sexual experimenting Lisa might have wanted to try with her would have to remain within the confines of her thoughts. In other words, Lisa would not cheat on Kathleen because the opportunity had not presented itself. Not a very pleasant thought.

Lisaís mental journey returned to her first boyfriend Mike and their break-up. As she re-examined her role in the break-up of their relationship she wondered how much she really had loved him. She had always thought that the reason she had broken up with him was because she had changed in Chicago, while he had not. Now Lisa was forced to re-examine herself. She realized that what had changed had not been her, but instead her circumstances. The moment her environment changed and her options opened up, she got bored with Mike and the restrictions the relationship with him placed on her. The only reason she had not been bored with him earlier was because her life did not give her many other romantic options while still in high school. In reality her relationship with Mike had been doomed from the start, although it took her nearly five years to realize that. What he had to offer her was stability, and stability was something that Lisa Campbell could not handle.

Lisa sat up and ran her fingers through her hair. What she had just discovered about herself frightened her. Was she even capable of maintaining a long-term relationship? What if she couldnít, and was condemned to spending her life going from lover to lover, hurting everyone she came in contact with? If that was all she was good for, then did she have any value as a human being at all?

She had to talk to someone. The only person who she could talk to in the entire sorority was her Pledge Mistress. She took a deep breath and nerved herself to go upstairs. She was fully aware that she was risking being disciplined by being out of the pledge room without permission after hours, but she would just have to take that risk. She had to talk.

Lisa nervously slipped into the quiet hallway of the sorority house, hoping to find the Pledge Mistress in the office or the library. She tried the office first, and to her huge relief saw Tracy sitting alone in the room at the computer. Lisa nervously sank to her knees and requested permission to speak.

"You can speak, Pledge, but I hope you have a real good reason being out of your bed at this hour. If you donít, the next thing youíll be doing is bringing me a strap out of the storeroom."

Lisa swallowed and began trying to explain her inner struggles with her relationships. To Tracyís credit, as soon as she realized that Lisa was trying to share something very important about a personal situation, her entire demeanor changed. She put aside her Pledge Mistress faÁade and began speaking to Lisa in the same manner that a psychologist would use with a patient. She asked Lisa some questions about her high school experiences and her emotional dependence on Mike.

Very haltingly, Lisa continued by confessing everything that she had felt over the past two weeks and her very confused state of mind. She even admitted her fleeting attraction to her listener, expecting a harsh reaction, but instead she just got more questions. Finally Tracy was ready to share some of her opinions.

"Pledge Lisa, letís break your feelings and your situation down person by person. I think we can knock-off myself and Dr. Burnside from the start. The deal with us is that, for you, we are authority figures. You have to bust your ass making us happy, because if you donít, we can make your life miserable. Constantly having to put forth effort to please an authority figure will invariably affect how you feel about that person. You have to make a real effort to please us, and when you do manage to please us it makes your life a lot easier. In other words, our mood affects your life and sense of accomplishment. Thatís going to affect what you think about us, and itís very easy for that feeling of emotional dependency to get sexual. So thatís where you stand with me, and presumably with Dr. Burnside."

"I... uh... I 'spose so, maíam."

"As for the guys in the fraternity, yes, we will expect you to be open to sexual exploration. But thatís part of the pledge program and is more for your own knowledge than anything else. So that leaves four people in your life that you need to be concerned about: Mike, Ken, Kathleen, and Cherine."

"Yes, maíam."

"Letís eliminate a bit more. Mikeís in California and out of the picture. Cherineís also out of the picture, because youíve told me yourself thereís no way sheíd be interested in you. That leaves just Ken and Kathleen. Kind of simplifies things, doesnít it?"

"Not really maíam, Ďcause my attentionís going all over the place. Itís like... I want whoeverís in front of me. I mean, what happened with Pledge Cherine... I mean..."

"Well, Pledge, you know what? I think your situation is a lot simpler than what you think it is. Itís real simple, in fact."

"I... donít..."

"Let me finish with my thoughts. Your short attention span in your relationships is due to a lack of maturity in your personality. You didnít have a lot of excitement in high school and only one relationship, so you donít know how to balance your needs against those of everyone who's close to you. You're extremely impulsive, and to me that explains what's going on with your personal life and your sexual whims. As for excitement, subconsciously you think youíre entitled to it now, because you didnít have it before. The problem with that mentality is that youíre not thinking about the consequences of letting your attention and sexual energy jump around so much. Not once did I hear you say ĎIím going to do what I can to overcome this, because if I donít, Iím gonna end up hurting myself and a whole bunch of other people.í Not once did I hear that from you."

"So youíre blaming me?"

"No, Iím not. Iím simply stating a fact. I think you've got this idea that youíre going to simply indulge yourself, even though you know perfectly well that you canít. You donít have that luxury, because too many other people depend on you right now."

Lisa stared straight ahead, not knowing how to respond. Finally Tracy added, "A minute ago, I said your situation was simple. I didnít say it was easy. Simple and easy are two totally different things."

"Maíam. I never wanted all this responsibility. This isnít what I came here for. I just wanted to get some experiences and find out who I am."

"Yes, I remember that from your pledge packet. You came here to have some fun, and to find out who you are and what you want. Youíre now starting to find that out, and it isn't what you expected. Maybe the answer to your question is starting to get a bit scary, because you're not quite who you thought you were. And as for the responsibility, you're stuck with that. You've got commitments to the sorority and the Economics Department, and more specifically, to Dr. Burnside and your fellow pledges. And you'd better think long and hard before doing anything that's going to hurt Pledge Kathleen or Pledge Ken."

"But, ma'am, Ken's out of my life."

"No, he isn't. You jumped to a conclusion about him, when what I was telling you was to keep an open mind. You're still jumping to conclusions about him, and youíd better knock it off. You donít know whatís going to happen with Ken. No one does, not even Ken himself. Now hereís something else for you to consider. I know that in your own mind youíve used Kenís confusion about his sexuality to justify some of your own behavior. I suppose you think that Kenís even more self-centered than you are, which I admit he is. However, heíll have to work through his own issues with the Triple-Aís, just like you have to work through yours with us. You have no business using his problems to justify your own irresponsibility."

A surge of anger and frustration swept over Lisa. Why was she getting all the blame?

"Maíam, how come youíre ripping into me like this, calling me irresponsible? What is it that you want me to do?"

"Iím not ripping into you. Iím simply saying that you have an issue in your life, something that I would consider a weakness of character. Youíve identified it, and if you donít want to hurt the people who care about you, youíre gonna have to deal with it. Thatís all Iím saying."

Tracy stayed silent for a moment, giving Lisa a moment to think over what she had just said. When Tracy realized that Lisa did not have any more pending questions or comments, she shouted, "PLEDGE! STAND UP!"

Lisa scrambled to her feet and was dismissed.


Lisa went back downstairs with Tracyís psychoanalysis still ringing in her mind. The Pledge Mistress, in her usual blunt manner, had given Lisa a new perspective about herself. It had not been what she wanted to hear, but if Tracy was right, Lisaís problems grew out of a single weakness in her personality that she could combat, now that she had identified it.

The conversation already had resolved an issue Lisaís life by settling her feelings towards Cherine. The temptation she had felt earlier in the evening had passed. Cherine was off-limits and Lisa was able to accept that.

Lisaís feelings towards Kathleen also were settled, at least for the time being. Lisa felt committed to giving Kathleen a decent relationship, doing what she could to satisfy her needs, and using their time together to help her lover build up her confidence and self respect.

The difficulty facing Lisa (and Kathleen) was that Lisa was not lesbian. She enjoyed sex with guys and usually men figured in her erotic fantasies much more than women. Her attraction to Kathleen began not because of sexual orientation, but because of the two womenís personal circumstances and isolation from the outside world. Her attachment to Kathleen was still much more emotional than sexual.

As for Kathleen, her emotional needs were quite clear. Her soul was starved for affection and she needed someone to care about her. However, her sexual needs were a different matter. Lisa suspected that she was in the same situation as Ken, not sure what her sexual needs were. Lisa knew that in high school she had been sexually active, but her partners always had been the type who had taken advantage of her desperation for love as an opportunity to have easy sex. Kathleenís experiences with guys were nothing but a collection of bitter memories of betrayals, and as a result her perception of men was very warped. Kathleen hated young men because nothing good had ever come out of them as far as she was concerned. However, did that make Kathleen gay, or was she just embittered against men due to her personal experiences? What would happen if she did meet a guy who treated her decently?

Lisa pondered that question, because it was important for the future direction of her own life. In spite of her relationship with Kathleen, there was no way she wanted to give up sex and relationships with men. That night she had resolved to stay loyal to Kathleen, but that loyalty would only extend to encounters with other women. To deny herself the pleasure of sex with men was to deny part of who she was, and Lisa suspected that was not what Tracy wanted her to do.

The issue of men brought her thoughts back to Ken. Lisa realized that she had been unfair to him, in spite of having plenty of reason to be angry at his deception throughout the spring semester. Lisa wanted to somehow atone for her unpleasant behavior and maintain a relationship with him, even if they ended up as just friends. The next time she saw him and had some time alone with him, somehow she would have to take the initiative to make up for her recent nastiness

Lisa finally managed to go to sleep; satisfied that some of her questions had been resolved. As for her other personal issues, at least Tracy had helped her identify some of her weaknesses and now she could confront them.