The Pledge Mistress
Copyright 2006 by EC
EC's Erotic Art & Fiction -
(warnings: erotic hazing, forced public nudity, F/FF and F/M corporal punishment, erotic spanking, sex, medical fetish)

Chapter 10 - An Evening with Pledge Kathleen

The 19 women, with President Alexandra setting the pace and calling cadence, ran in towards the university in military formation. She sang in a manner very familiar to anyone who had ever undergone military training, with her 18 followers clapping and chanting after her.

"Left... right... left-right-left!"

"Left... right... left-right-left!"

"Runniní that morniní Four-Beta left!"

"Runniní that morniní Four-Beta left!"

"Left... right... left-right-left!"

"Left... right... left-right-left!"

"Runniní that morniní Four-Beta left!"

"Runniní that morniní Four-Beta left!"

"I donít wanna be no drunken fat-bitch!"

"I donít wanna be no drunken fat-bitch!"

"I donít wanna party Ďtill I puck!"

"I donít wanna party Ďtill I puck!"

"Drunk... Drunk... Drunk-Drunk-Drunk-Drunk!"

"Drunk... Drunk... Drunk-Drunk-Drunk-Drunk!"

"Sick, pathetic, disgusting drunk!"

"Sick, pathetic, disgusting drunk!"

As Lisa sang with the others, she wasnít sure what to make of the run. She remembered occasionally hearing the Four-Betas running and chanting the previous fall, and now here she was, doing it herself. It was obvious that in every detail, especially exercising, the Four-Betas took themselves very seriously. She thought the military-style chanting was a bit much, but knew that the Four Betas saw themselves as distinct and far superior to the other sororities.

The Four-Betasí loathing of the campus drinking culture came out quite clearly in their daily run, and in part they were singing to taunt the members of the other sororities. The other sororities, in turn, referred to the Four-Betas as "the sex bitches". In every way possible the Four-Betas tried to set themselves apart, and the military exercising was only one part of how the sorority members saw themselves, their group, and their place in the university.

The women continued their trek through the old part of the university towards the stadium. They ran through an open gate and made four circles around the track. Then, Alexandra separated the pledges from the other members and ordered the newcomers onto the field to stretch. The sophomores began running up and down the stairs of the bleachers, but the president knew that the pledges were not properly conditioned and having them run on the stairs was still several weeks away.

Cherine and Bernadette looked up with dismay as their sweaty companions wore themselves out running up and down the bleachers. How on earth would they ever become fit enough to be able to do that? Lisa and Kathleen, on the other hand, looked at the running women with envy, eagerly awaiting the day they would be strong enough to keep up with the sophomores.


The women ran back to the sorority, having put in two full miles plus the stair training for the sophomores. They were drenched in sweat as they approached the sorority and finally slowed to a walk. They filed into the back yard, stripped off their wet uniforms, and finished with a round of stretching. Afterwards they took turns rinsing off at the patio shower and jumped into the pool. The pledges joined the others, since the water helped relax everyoneís legs after the run.

Tracy showed up, already cleaned up and dressed for the day. "Pledges, out of the pool! Letís move it!"

The pledges quickly scrambled out of the water and knelt in line.

"Roll up these mats and pick up the uniforms! Put the clothes in the wash and clean up for breakfast!"

"Yes, maíam!"

The pledges quickly rolled up the mats and picked up 19 sweaty uniforms. The only items they left in place were the running shoes, which would be retrieved by the owners. Once the uniforms were in the washer and they had showered off, the pledges knelt in the sitting room waiting for permission to eat. Lisa and Kathleen in particular were famished, given that they had not eaten since lunchtime the day before. Tracy came to the door and ordered the pledges to the table on the back porch, once again landing a hard slap on the bare bottom of each as she went by. Apparently she enjoyed doing that, because every time the pledges filed past her each one always got a slap on the bottom.

Following breakfast, the pledges knelt in the sitting room for yet another day of orientation. The first order of business was issuing full sets of summer pledge uniforms. Each newcomer received a backpack, three additional pairs of shorts, three t-shirts, four pairs of socks, and two sports bras. The shirts all were printed with the same message:


This pledge is the property of the Four-Beta Sorority.

If found unescorted, please return to rightful owner.

Tracy explained the rules about the clothing. She emphasized that, while the pledges had to be completely undressed whenever they were in the sorority house, the nudity rule unfortunately could not be enforced when they went out. Given that each pledge would be starting summer classes at the beginning of June, it was necessary that they be issued clothing to wear while on campus.

The rules concerning the clothing were:

The pledges took their new outfits to the pledge room and put them on hangers in their lockers. For the first time since entering the sorority the pledges were allowed to access their lockers, but only for a few brief moments while they put their new uniforms away. Tracy passed out the handcuffs and blindfolds that would be part of their uniforms, but for the time being those items also went into the lockers.


The fourth full day at the Four-Beta Sorority was a busy one, but fortunately it started out uneventful. The pledges spent the morning washing linens, doing yard work, and cleaning the back windows. There was lunch, and then a class given by Heather titled "personal finance for college students." Heather's lecture taught the pledges how to avoid various financial scams, how to maintain a checking account, and how to prevent credit card debt. There was a test and practical exam on the material, a yoga break in the hot afternoon sun, fifteen minutes of rigorous swimming in the pool, and a shower on the patio. The pledges lined up on the patio to go back inside. Tracy stood at the door and yet again landed a hard slap on the bare bottom of each pledge as she passed by.

The pledges had a surprise waiting for them as they re-entered the sitting room. The Tri-Alpha vice-president and President Alexandra's two shower attendants were standing quietly next to two medical examination tables. All three men were naked and the two shower attendants were blindfolded. Their hands had not been restrained, because they were not being punished. Instead Alexandraís assistants were to serve as examination subjects for the late afternoon class, which was titled "Male sexuality and the male reproductive system." Heather explained the reason why they were blindfolded was to encourage the pledges to concentrate on their bodies, and not worry about any emotional interaction.

The pledges knelt and the class began. While Heather spoke about male anatomy, Tracy used a large flipchart to show her students various medical diagrams. The pledges frantically wrote down technical terms and vocabulary, which they knew would be needed for the upcoming examination and practical exercise.

Heather went over various male medical conditions and what to look for when checking for signs of venereal disease. As she put it, "Whateverís in his penis is going into your vagina. Donít be shy about taking a good look and asking questions before he sticks it in, because whatever gets deposited is going to stay inside you. A careful look and a couple of questions could end up saving your life."

Upon concluding, Heather took some questions from Lisa and Bernadette who wanted to clarify some of the vocabulary. Then Tracy and Heather asked the Tri-Alpha vice president to hop up on one of the examination tables. Even though he was an officer and had a higher position in the Fraternity than did either Heather or Tracy in their sorority, he complied. Lisa watched with fascination, because she had never seen a naked black guy up close before. Cherine also watched intently, because Lisa had mentioned that he was interested in her.

Tracy ordered the pledges to stand and move closer to the table for a better view. She took notes while Heather checked the subjectís body. She seemed to touch him quite intimately, which led Lisa to wonder if he might be one of her two current male lovers. A range of issues popped up in her mind, because if this guy was more interested in Cherine than in the Four-Beta Sergeant-at-Arms, would there be a problem between the two women?

Lisa pushed that thought aside and concentrated on what Heather was doing. She checked the overall condition of his penis and gently manipulated his testicles to check for lumps. She asked him about his sexual history, to which he responded that he had three current female lovers. He had three former female lovers. He also had engaged in sexual contact with one male partner in the past, but currently had no male lovers.

Heather ordered the male patient to turn around so she could perform a rectal exam on him. She sensuously caressed his round bottom, pointing out that it was fuller than the bottom of a typical white guy.

As Heather caressed and patted the vice-president's bottom and fondled his genitals, Lisa glanced over at Cherine. Her companionís expression had completely changed. She was struggling to control her breathing and her mouth was open. Her posture was different and her face was getting damp with perspiration. However, the change that Lisa noticed the most was in Cherineís eyes, which were wide open and shining with envy and desire. In fact, Lisa thought she could smell...

Heather also noticed Cherineís expression.

"Pledge Cherine."

"Y...yes... maíam."

"Please come over here and verify this patientís physical condition. Carefully examine his buttocks. If you touch him you will notice that this particular subject will become sexually aroused if his bottom is stimulated."

Cherine nervously obeyed, as she ran her hand over the young manís dark bottom. She touched shyly at first, but quickly became bolder as the feel of his bare skin took hold of her imagination and desires. She ran her palm over both sides, and curiously ran her fingertips down the middle. Heather continued, "Now I want you to take a look at this Vice-President Jacobís genitalia. You will notice that he is in a state of arousal, which means his penis is becoming erect and his testicles no longer are hanging loosely. Good. Now lightly, very lightly, run your fingertips over the testicles and see what happens."

Once again, Cherine did as she was told. She ran her trembling fingertips over her future loverís testicles. Following Heatherís instructions she traced the tip of his penis with her fingertips as the instructor explained that increased blood flow is what causes an erection. The effect was immediate; as Jacobís penis became fully erect and started bobbing up and down slightly.

"You can see that not only the shaft of the penis, but also these surrounding blood vessels, are really swollen. Pledge Cherine, touch your fingertip to the end and tell me whatís going on."

"Th...thereís this... kinda clear... sticky stuff..."

"Thatís called pre-cum. Its purpose is to aid the penis as it makes its way into a womanís vagina... or... wherever else it needs to go."

Heather continued, "Alright, now, for the purposes of instruction, we gotta do something thatís kind of a shame. I hate to waste a good hard-on, but you need to watch the ejaculation process from beginning to end."

Tracy handed Heather a wide beaker, which she positioned close enough to catch the sperm, but not too close to block the view of Cherine and the other three pledges.

"Pledge Cherine, I want you to massage the patientís genitalia. If I were you, Iíd run my fingers through his pubic hair and work your way towards the shaft. If you don't get him to ejaculate right away, try teasing his testicles and then go back to massaging the Ďmain attractioní."

"Yes, maíam."

Cherine did as she was told, while Heather held the beaker with one hand and massaged his bottom with the other. He gasped and groaned. Very quickly his penis jerked harder and jets of white sperm began shooting into the beaker.

"Good job, Pledge. Now, continue stroking until sperm quits coming out and the penis softens."

"Y...yes... maíam."

Cherine continued stroking for another couple of minutes until the penis softened and she was sure no more sperm was coming out.

"OK, now all of you, take a good look at VP Jacobís testicles. Very different now that heís emptied out, much softer. Youíll notice the bloodís now out of his organs, and everything is back to normal."

With that she gave Jacob a final pat on the bottom and gently squeezed his penis.

"Pledge Cherine!"

"Yes maíam!"

"You look like that excited you! You smell like it too."

"I...I mean I never before... you know like..."

"No problem, pledge. This is a learning experience. But weíll need to get you to concentrate for the rest of this practical exercise, so we gotta get you calmed down. Get up on the table, and our three guests will take care of you."

Cherine got up on one of the examination tables. She was very nervous, but also very excited. In just four days she had changed, because just four days before she never would have jumped up on a medical table knowing that three men were about to give her an orgasm. She complied, because the orgasm she was about to receive was something she knew that she desperately needed.

"Thisíll get rid of your stress. Just relax and let things happen."

"Yes, maíam."

Vice-President Jacob wrapped a blindfold around Cherineís face and gently tied it. He guided her onto her back and checked to make sure she was settled on the table. Next he called out to the other two men, "Attendants! Remove your blindfolds and prepare to assist me!"

"Yes, sir!"

The attendants went to work massaging Cherine, starting with her shoulders, upper arms, and breasts. Jacob gently massaged her stomach, slowly working his way to her pelvis. The two attendants then moved to Cherineís legs, massaging her inner thighs while Jacob began closing in on her vagina.

Cherineís body responded immediately. The attendants expertly worked together to stimulate the sensitive skin on her legs, while Jacob teased her labia and made her wet with desire. Finally he began teasing her clitoris, driving her insane with lust and sexual pleasure. He was quite good, because the physical sensations he imposed on Cherine totally blocked out her awareness of anything else going on around her. Her three companions watched wide-eyed while Heather and Tracy observed with quiet, but pleased expressions.

Cherine was gasping with desperation when Jacob finally gave her the reward. A delicious orgasm swept over her as she lewdly moved on the table and thrust up her body in total surrender. She was covered in sweat and reeked more than ever, but at that moment she could not have been happier. Lisa and Bernadette looked at their companion with envy. Kathleen was envious as well, but her fantasy was different. In her mind she was the one on the table, but it was not those three guys who were massaging her, but instead Lisa.

Cherine came out of her spell completely relaxed and worn out. When Jacob took off her blindfold she looked up at him with complete gratitude. Now Cherine, a mere pledge, had formed a bond with Jacob, the Vice-President of the Tri-Alphas. They both knew that their relationship could go no further until she finished pledging, but now she had a real motive to continue. Jacob would be waiting for her once she completed her three months of hazing purgatory.

Meanwhile, Lisa wondered about Heather. The Four-Beta officer clearly had a relationship of some type with Vice-President Jacob, and yet at that moment she was offering him to Cherine. Why on earth would she do that? Did she not care about him, or had they tired of their relationship?

Anyhow, whatever Heatherís motives, now it was obvious that the shyest member of the pledge group was committed to staying in. She had a very strong incentive, the promise of a relationship with someone she clearly found desirable.


The practical exercise continued with President Alexandraís two attendants. Jacob put their blindfolds back on and ordered them up on the examination tables. The exercise consisted of a standard genital examination, questioning each subject about his sexual history, and finally a rectal exam. The rectal exams would involve stimulating the prostate, a forced erection, and finally a forced orgasm, or "milking" as Heather put it. Because Cherine had masturbated Jacob and Lisa already had plenty of experience with Ken, the responsibility of "milking" fell on Bernadette and Kathleen.

Tracy ordered Lisa to assist Bernadette and Cherine to assist Kathleen. The two main examiners took their places and began touching their subjectsí penises and calling out observations. Lisa was very interested to hear that both young men currently only had a single sex partner, President Alexandra. Apparently that was a privilege of being sorority president, having two lovers to herself.

Bernadette and Kathleen continued to call out observations to their assistants as the two young men stood up and placed their hands on the table for the final part of the exam. They spread their legs and stuck their bottoms out, waiting to be entered and stimulated. As she watched, Lisa was amazed at how compliant they were, as they quietly submitted to whatever they were instructed to do.

While Bernadette changed her medical gloves, Lisa began massaging the bottom of her examination subject. She nodded to Cherine to let her know that she should do the same to Kathleenís examination subject. Two women massaged the bare bottoms of two blindfolded men, while the other two women finished putting on their gloves and lubed their index fingers.

Tracy ordered Cherine and Bernadette to place their index fingers against their subjectsí sphincters and "prepare to go in". She held up a medical diagram of a rectal exam and told her students how far they would have to push in before they could expect to find the prostate. Upon locating the prostate they were to massage it, as well as the shaft of the penis, until "complete ejaculation is achieved and the penis goes flaccid again".

Simple curiosity overshadowed any shyness or erotic feelings from Bernadette and Kathleen. The fact that their subjects were blindfolded and thus somewhat dehumanized helped considerably. They followed Tracyís instructions as they worked their subjects from both the front and the back. Meanwhile Lisa and Cherine massaged their chests, stomachs, and pubic hair. Before long they were shuttering and groaning as jets of semen shot into the beakers held up by the two assistants. Bernadette and Kathleen held the semen up in triumph while Heather checked off the evaluation form. Meanwhile the two assistants cleaned the penises and anuses of the two men with baby wipes.

"Excellent job, pledges! Now, quickly, measure their heartbeats and pulse rates before they have a chance to calm down!"

The two pledges complied as the assistants wrote down the information. Tracy and Heather looked over the evaluation forms and the task sign-off sheets. Finally the pledges knelt and Heather announced they all had passed the first practical exercise of male sexual anatomy.

The two men stood quietly as their breathing returned to normal. However, they were covered with sweat and stunk of orgasm. Heather announced that there was no way she would let them out of the Four-Beta House in such condition. There was only one solution, "Pledges!"

"Yes, ma'am!"

"Take our guests to the pledge shower and clean them off!"

"Yes ma'am!"

"And one more thing, just to give you a challenge. If you manage to get an orgasm out of either Attendant Pat or Attendant John, I'll give you an hour of free time after dinner. Get me orgasms out of both gentlemen, and that'll be two hours to yourselves!"

"Yes, ma'am!"

The pledges took the attendants downstairs to the pledge room. Now their roles were reversed, it was the women's job to give orgasms to the men. They turned on two showers and thoroughly soaped their guests. Lisa and Kathleen worked on Pat, while Bernadette and Cherine worked on John. They soaped themselves as well to use their own bodies to arouse their guests. Applying some of what they had learned that afternoon, they started stimulating the men. They ran their hands all over the men's bodies before focusing on their bottoms and groins.

The pledges were quite motivated. Two hours of free time? You bet. Yes, they were quite motivated.

Attendant Pat came first, groaning as he shot semen across the shower area. Lisa and Kathleen rubbed their soapy bodies against him as the jointly massaged his penis and caressed his chest. Shortly afterwards John groaned with pleasure as he climaxed from Bernadette working his penis and Cherine massaging his bottom and back. Both Bernadette and Cherine landed kisses on his cheeks before they finished rinsing his body.

The women toweled off the men before leading them back to the sitting room. They knelt while the attendants stood next to them. Heather addressed the two attendants, "Were our pledges able to apply what they learned today?"

"Yes, Sergeant-at-Arms Heather. They did quite well."

"OK, Pledges, congratulations. After dinner and clean-up you're released for the night. You'll have free run of the Four-Beta House and can use whatever you want, as long as you put it back when you're done."

"Thank you, ma'am."


The pledge ate by themselves, because the other members of the sorority had gone out for the evening. They ate enthusiastically, happy at the prospect of spending their first free evening since the beginning of the week. They couldn't leave the house because their clothes were still locked up, but that hardly mattered. Cherine and Bernadette knew exactly what they were going to do; send some e-mails and then go to bed. Kathleen also knew exactly what she was going to do; spend the evening with Lisa.

After the women cleaned up from dinner they split up. Bernadette and Cherine went into the sorority library, Kathleen went to the bathroom, and Lisa stepped out into the back yard to enjoy the late May twilight. She went out by herself, alone for the first time since entering the sorority. Undoubtedly her situation was only momentary, because Kathleen would be frantically looking for her as soon as she came out of the bathroom.

Lisa didn't know how to handle her new situation, because she liked Kathleen and felt affection towards her. However, the intensity of her partner's character scared her. Kathleen obviously was not an easy-going person. She was subject to mood swings and had trouble controlling her emotions. Being the fairly good judge of character that she was, Lisa could tell there were other details about her friend that worried her. Kathleen was starved for affection, which probably was the result of an unhappy childhood. She had intense sexual energy, but rather than being a source of satisfaction, sex had been an important cause of her current misery. Lisa already had plenty of hints that Kathleen had never enjoyed a stable relationship and had been hurt plenty in her past. There was a huge void in her life; one that Lisa felt obligated to fill.

Lisa sighed, because her original intention simply had been to get Kathleen through the first couple days of pledging. In just three days that innocent desire had transformed itself into a full-blown relationship. Except for her initial doubts however, Lisa had not considered trying to back out of Kathleen's embrace. She didn't see how she could do so without destroying her, angering Tracy, and causing a huge scandal in the pledge group. On top of that, in spite of the fact the relationship was something she had neither planned nor wanted, Lisa really did not have any desire to end it. She did like Kathleen and was flattered to be the object of such intense desire. She also was genuinely curious to see what a relationship with another woman would be like.

Another issue that encouraged Lisa to allow the relationship with Kathleen to continue was her disappointment from Ken. Lisa was sure that her relationship with Ken was ending, but even as that was happening her new relationship with Kathleen was getting underway. Most certainly the presence of Kathleen in her life canceled out most of the hurt that finding out about Ken's desire to experiment with other men otherwise would have caused her. Precisely because she had Kathleen, she no longer needed Ken. At that moment she felt more affection towards Kathleen, a person she had known for only four days, than she felt for Ken, whom she had known for nearly a year.

At that moment Kathleen came out. She had taken a bit longer than Lisa anticipated, because she had taken a shower and now was cleaned up. She walked up to Lisa, but then just stood silently, looking very forlorn and nervous. She did not know what to say or how to begin.

It was up to Lisa to rescue her companion. She didn't say anything, but held out her hand. Kathleen took it and immediately fell into her arms. For a long time they hugged, and finally exchanged a kiss. Lisa had a suggestion, "Let's go over to one of those lounge chairs and just relax a bit. I mean, there's no rush."

A moment later the two women were lying together on a lounge chair near the pool. It was a lovely night and with all the lights turned out, they had a good view of the stars above them. There was no one and nothing to disturb them, so for a very long time they simply lay next to each other looking at the evening sky.

Finally Lisa's hand began exploring Kathleen's thin body. She knew that her companion especially liked being touched on the bottom, so her hand wandered in that direction. Kathleen responded by moving on top of Lisa and passionately kissing her. While Lisa grabbed Kathleen's bottom with both hands, Kathleen began grinding her pelvis against Lisa's. It was a strange sensation, being fucked but not being entered.

Lisa's fingertips explored the sensitive area between Kathleen's bottom-cheeks, the focus of her companion's erotic being. She got up and moved her face close to Kathleen's bottom, gently kissing it. She started with her companion's buttocks, but then began kissing and licking in between. She was rewarded with a faint squeal and Kathleen desperately thrusting herself up to beg for more. Lisa did not hold back. Kathleen had thoroughly cleaned herself in the shower, so Lisa had no problem kissing her bottom-hole and licking the surrounding area. Kathleen let out a high-pitched gasp and went wet immediately. Kathleen thrust herself back as Lisa continued to kiss and lick, as well as massaging her vulva with her fingertips. Lisa was determined to give her companion complete and genuine pleasure, and give it to her the way she wanted. Kathleen shuttered as the orgasm came, the very first orgasm she ever received from someone she loved.

With her bottom still wet and tingling from Lisa's tongue, Kathleen began kissing her companion's breasts and stomach. She worked her way to Lisa's inner thighs and then began concentrating on inserting her tongue as deep into Lisa's vagina as it would go. As Lisa became wetter and more aroused, Kathleen began nibbling her labia and licking her clitoris. It felt good, and so different from anything Ken or Mike ever did to her. Lisa climaxed, and then grabbed Kathleen's face to kiss her passionately. Lisa tasted her own juices on her lover's face, something she found very strange and very erotic. As she licked herself off Kathleen's mouth, Lisa felt that she had just given herself oral sex. Weird, but very erotic.

The two lovers fell asleep on the lounge chair. It was fortunate that no one else in the sorority was present to see them, because they were clearly breaking Four-Beta rules by making love and then cuddling in a public area. However, that was one advantage of being left alone in the sorority house -- the pledges truly were able to do whatever they wanted.

It was about 11:00 p.m. when Lisa woke up and realized it would be a good idea to get back inside. She caressed Kathleen's face until she was awake as well. The two women went downstairs into the basement, but they saw a sofa sitting in a study room and decided to sit down for a few minutes before going to bed. For a short time they cuddled, but then Lisa felt the urge to see and touch Kathleen's bottom. She pressed her companion's shoulders to let her know she wanted her to go over her lap. Kathleen complied, happy at the extra attention her bottom was about to receive. Lisa spent a very long time rubbing and massaging her friend's upturned backside, exploring her thin bottom-cheeks and occasionally brushing her fingertips over the sensitive area in between. Kathleen sighed with pleasure and happiness.

As she massaged her friend's bottom, Lisa had a vague desire to give her a spanking. However, she realized that Kathleen was not Ken, and a spanking at that moment was not a good idea. Lisa's new lover had to be treated with tenderness and care, not with the roughness that she associated with her former boyfriend.

Finally the two women got up made their way to the pledge room. Bernadette and Cherine were soundly asleep. Lisa led her fellow pledge to her cot, squeezed her hand, and kissed her goodnight. Kathleen promptly went to sleep, happier than she had ever been in her life.

Chapter 11 - A Very Serious Commitment

Lisa decided to rinse off and brush her teeth before settling on her cot for the night. She showered as quietly as possible to avoid waking the other pledges, shaved her armpits, legs, and pelvis, and finally brushed her teeth as she looked at herself in the mirror. Her face was tired, but apart from that she felt that she looked pretty good considering everything she had been through over the past four days.

She took a closer look at her cheeks to check for signs of blemishes. She was very mindful of blackheads, because she had endured a rather severe period of acne during her first years in high school. Sure enough, after nearly a week of not having time to attend to her face, she found several sizable ones that needed to be pinched out of her cheeks. Once that task was completed, Lisa soaped her face and rinsed off. She looked at her reflection again. The pinch marks would fade in a couple of minutes and her appearance would return to normal, minus the offending blackheads.

Lisa was quite attractive, but that had not always been true. As a teenager she had been too tall and too skinny, her teeth covered in braces, and her face and shoulders covered with painful pimples. As she thought about her previous appearance, her thoughts returned to Mike, her old boyfriend from high school. When she contemplated her past she always thought about him, because in Lisaís life her time in high school and her time with Mike went together. He was the one person in high school who was nice to her before her appearance blossomed, her only source of fun and social interaction for nearly four years. Yes, it was true that he was a bit controlling and way too serious, but he was kind to her most of the time and, anyhow, her appearance denied her any other options. When her braces came off, her figure filled out, and her acne receded, Mike continued to be constantly at her side during her senior year in school. It seemed that he was destined to reap the benefits of his kindness and patience and stay with her.

That certainty came to an abrupt end with the young couple failed to get into the university they wanted and decided to study out of state. They left California to study in Chicago, which at the time seemed a very logical thing for them to do. However, they could not have foreseen that the change of environment and personal circumstances very quickly would force them apart.

Lisaís exposure to a new city and new people began making her less interested in her boyfriend. Her tense relationship with Cecilia Sanchez, who was simultaneously a friend and a rival, forced Lisa to become much more assertive in her own personality and actions. Lisaís relationships with the other residents of her dorm floor also forced her to be more assertive, because Cecilia drafted her to tutor several freshmen who were struggling in their classes. Lisa became used to giving instructions and orders. Over time she was much less willing to take orders herself.

Another part of her life that brought about a change in her personality was Lisaís relationship with the other two members of her small social group, Jason and Ken. Ceciliaís dominance of her boyfriend Jason fascinated Lisa, as did the apparent willingness of Ken to experiment with his sexuality. Seeing the other two guys close-up made Lisa aware of other sexual possibilities besides Mike.

Lisaís feelings towards her former boyfriend and what she wanted in her sexual life began to change as the result of a single incident, a game of strip Poker that she played back in September with Mike, Jason, and Ken. Lisa easily won and ended up in a dorm room with three naked guys. That night her imagination ran wild as she made Jason and Ken submit to penalties; forcing them to pose for pictures, then ordering them go streaking across the university to the Student Center and back. The real fun, however, was when she made Ken do an extra penalty. She put her nude friend over her lap and gave him a spanking. She completely enjoyed the experience, having a naked guy over her lap while she slapped the hell out of him. Lisa was having some real fun as she punished Ken, more naughty fun than she ever had enjoyed in her life. What was interesting was that Ken enjoyed the spanking as well. Lisa had discovered something sexual that she really enjoyed doing.

What ruined the evening for Lisa was Mike. While she was cavorting with Ken and Jason, Mike was becoming increasingly jealous and pissed-off. At the time she felt bad and was desperate to make it up to him, but deep inside she resented not being able to pursue her fantasies because of her damn boyfriend. That seed of resentment, planted that night following the Poker game, secretly grew inside Lisaís soul as the semester progressed.

íMike is so fucking serious and boring. Heís got no imagination at all. He doesnít have a clue about having any fun...í

Shortly after the first Poker game there was another event that changed Lisaís personality and made her feel even more restricted by her relationship with Mike, her participation in the Tri-Alpha nude 10-K campus run. The run was the result of a second strip-Poker game, one set up by Cecilia for a specific purpose. Cecilia wanted to get some residents from her floor to participate in the race, and decided to use a Poker game to recruit her friends into running. In playing Cecilia was taking a risk, because she was no better at Poker than Lisa and the two women stayed tied almost right up to the end. However, ultimately Lisa made a couple of mistakes as the game was about to wrap up and it was she, not Cecilia, who lost and had to join the guys in the running event.

At first Lisa and Mike were mortified at the thought of running naked for 10 kilometers in front of 50,000 university students, professors, and alumni. However, Lisaís attitude completely changed when she actually managed to win the womenís division of the race. She cheerfully posed nude for hundreds of pictures and realized that she enjoyed being naked in public. Just as the first Poker game unlocked Lisaís secret sexual desires; the 10-K race unlocked her exhibitionist personality. From that point forward she changed her wardrobe and dressed very provocatively, always wearing as little as she could without risking arrest for indecent exposure. Lisaís new manner of dressing made Mike very uncomfortable, because her attractive and mostly uncovered body got plenty of attention from everyone on campus.

As the fall semester progressed Lisa became more and more impatient with anything Mike did. The biggest problem for her was their sexual relationship. Mike always made love the exact same way, always between 8:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. and always took the same amount of time to climax. Try as she could, Lisa could not get him to experiment with any new positions, let alone explore foreplay or any variation such as oral sex or anal intercourse. Finally, by December boredom set in and Lisa began fantasizing about having sex with other guys. She later realized that by the end of the first semester the breakup with Mike was probably inevitable.

Even so, there were plenty of times that Lisa still missed him. He was smart, politically aware, and could answer almost any question she had about the world. Sometimes she had to keep reminding herself why they had broken up. They had gone their separate ways not over jealousy, or betrayal, or any other dramatic reason, but simply because the time for their relationship had come and gone. The first few months of college changed Lisa, but did not change Mike. As Lisa became more outgoing and more confident she got bored. He was smart enough to see what was happening, and after just one semester decided to go back to California and take Lisa with him. Lisa had no desire to go back, Chicago suited her just fine.

They went home together and had a very tense Christmas dinner at her mother's house in Santa Cruz. The break-up happened the day after Christmas. Mike told Lisa that he had re-applied to study in Berkeley and this time expected to get in. In the meantime he would take community college classes in Santa Cruz. He told Lisa to resubmit her application as well, since he knew one of the employees in the admissions office and was sure it would be accepted. Lisa responded:

"Thatís real nice, except thereís one problem. I donít want to go to Berkeley. And I donít want to sit on my ass taking community college classes until next fall. Fuck that!"

"Well, I donít want to go back to Chicago. Iíve told you that several times, and it doesnít seem youíre listening."

"Who said anything about you going back to Chicago? I never said you needed to go back there! You can do whatever you want, but donít you go making arrangements for my life behind my back! You can go to Berkeley, or Santa Cruz, or wherever the fuck else you want to go, but Iím going back to Chicago! Tell your friend in the admissions department to take my application and stick it up his ass!"

"And so you donít give a damn about our future? About me or anything I want? Youíre telling me that Chicagoís more important than I am?"

"Thatís right, Mike. Thatís exactly what Iím telling you. Chicagoís more important to me than you are."

Mikeís expression changed. He looked dazed, as if he had been hit over the head with a rock. He didnít know what how to respond, because he had not expected Lisa to be so blunt with him.

One of Mikeís good points was that he was never willing to do anything that he thought would humiliate himself. He had backed himself into a corner, leaving only two options. He could cave in, beg Lisa to forgive him, and meekly return to Chicago, or get up and leave with the understanding they were breaking up. Either way, as far as Lisa was concerned the relationship had ended. Mike realized that as well, and did the one thing he could to salvage what was left of his dignity. Without saying another word he walked out, knowing that he was leaving behind the girl he had dated for the past four years.

Lisa was relieved to see Mike go. He would have disappointed her had he done anything else, because his stubbornness was one part of his character that she admired. They had drifted apart and broken up, but in spite of everything, Mike managed to keep her respect. She couldnít share her life with him, but at least she could continue to respect him.


Less than two weeks later Ken had replaced Mike as Lisa's sexual partner. They began as a couple on a bitterly cold January day, after he picked up her from the airport and listened to her complaints about her breakup with Mike. They later went shopping to pick up some textbooks. A day that stated out as a simple shopping trip ended with a bet, a strip Poker game, a spanking, and a night in bed.

That was the beginning of Lisa's second relationship, one about as different from her first relationship as possible. She ended up with a boyfriend who was totally unsure of himself, could not match her intellectually, and whom she was not particularly proud of. However he did the one thing Mike couldn't do; he satisfied her sexual desires. Physically she was happy for the entire spring semester, as her body reveled in one new sexual experience after another. It was with Ken, not Mike, that Lisa learned how satisfying, and addictive, good sex truly could be.

Now Ken was drifting into Lisa's past as well. She wondered... maybe she had gone to far with the beatings, that maybe she been too rough on him without realizing it. Or maybe he just needed a break. Or maybe he really was gay. Anyhow, as Lisa saw it, it really no longer mattered because Ken wasn't her problem anymore.


The front door opened upstairs and Lisa heard multiple pairs of feet come into the entryway. Instantly water started running and toilets started flushing as the sorority members piled into the bathrooms and got ready for bed. I guess I'd better get to bed too, thought Lisa to herself. Stupid me. The one night I have a chance to get some extra sleep and here I am looking at myself in the mirror and popping zits instead.


The next morning Lisa had two surprises. First, she was awakened by a very quiet tap on the shoulder. It was Tracy. When Lisa saw what Tracy was wearing she was startled wide-awake. Tracy was dressed in Army BDU's (Battle Dress Uniform).

"Don't be so shocked, Pledge. I'm a Reservist and I got drill today. They're picking me up in a few minutes, but before I go, you and me gotta talk."

Lisa rolled off her cot and got on her knees.

"Not here. Follow me to the library. And don't make any noise, 'cause I don't want to wake the others."

Lisa followed Tracy into the library. Tracy closed the door and sat down. Her normal severe appearance was made even more so by her no-nonsense uniform. Her BDU's were immaculate and her boots perfectly shined. Lisa noticed three stripes on her collar, indicating she already was a sergeant. There were several patches on her shoulders and chest, but not being familiar with the military, Lisa didnít know their meaning.

Lisa knelt, already concerned that the topic of the conversation was not going to be pleasant. The Pledge Mistress got right to the point. "Pledge, I'm gonna ask you, and you'd better be honest with me, what you did last night."

"I went outside in the backyard for a bit, and... Pledge Kathleen joined me, and we... spent some time together."

"Having sex?"

"Yes, ma'am."


"By the pool, ma'am, on one of the chaise lounges. I mean... I didn't think there'd be a problem, 'cause everyone was gone."

"By the pool. Alright, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. Now, another question. Do you remember the advice I gave you about Pledge Kathleen?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"What was that advice, Pledge?"

"To not rush into anything, ma'am."

"And you chose not to follow my advice."

Lisa felt an overwhelming need to try to explain, but what on earth was she going to say? Finally she simply responded, "No ma'am. I decided not to follow your advice."

"And you think you made the right decision?"

"Probably not, maíam."

"Now, another question. Do you love Pledge Kathleen? Do you know what you feel for her?"

"I... I donít know, maíam. If you want me to be honest, I donít really know what I feel for her. I mean... I feel something for her... but I donít know what, not really..."

"What about her? Do you know what she feels towards you?"

"Sheís in love with me, maíam."

"Alright... thatís what I thought. At least youíre being honest with me and thatíll make this a bit easier."

Tracy took a deep breath and continued: "Pledge Lisa, Iím about to do something, that if you tell anyone, is going to get both of us kicked out of the sorority. I have to do it, because you need to understand what youíve just gotten yourself into and how I expect you to handle it. I need to talk to you about Pledge Kathleen. Get up off your knees and sit in that chair. For a few minutes weíll put the pledging stuff aside."

"Yes, maíam."

Lisa sat in the chair opposite Tracy. The Pledge Mistress, meanwhile, pulled out Kathleenís folder.

"Iím gonna guess that you donít know much about Pledge Kathleenís past, do you?"

"No maíam, not really."

"Well, I do. I have her pledge packet and the answers to the questions about her life that she put in here. Iíve interviewed her and have that information in here as well. But Iím also a psychology major, so I know a lot more about her than she realizes, and probably some things she doesnít know about herself."

Tracy paused to let her last comment sink in and continued, "Pledge Kathleen had a pretty rotten time in high school. Her life really sucked because she never developed any social skills. She didnít have any friends, and whatever boyfriends she had left her as soon as they screwed her. Nothing she tried ever worked out, and she considered herself the laughing stock of the school. She did participate in track, but even that didnít help her social situation any. She never went to any parties or dances, and her experiences with guys left her totally bitter. She even got stood up for the Senior Prom. The point is, none of her classmates ever treated her decently, and she could never figure out why."

"Well, maíam, I kinda had the same thing when I was in school..."

"No, you didnít. Not like Pledge Kathleen. You had a boyfriend, and from what youíve told us your senior year was OK. Pledge Kathleenís senior year was not OK. Her life never got any better. Yours did."

"Yes, maíam. I Ďspose my senior year, at least, wasnít so bad..."

"Anyhow, my reading of her situation is that Pledge Kathleen joined the Four-Betas for two reasons. First, sheís going to go nuts if she canít become part of a social group, have normal human interaction, and be accepted as part of something larger than herself. Our sorority is so different from anything sheís used to that sheís hoping we might be able to fill that need in her life. Second, she totally hates herself and wants to change who she is. Sheís with us because she needs to make a break with her past."

"The point is that right now sheís scared, stressed out, starved for affection, and has very low self-esteem. Sheís got no self-confidence whatsoever, and so, guess what? Itís inevitable, especially in a situation as stressful as what you guys are dealing with, that a person with her psychological makeup is going to become emotionally dependent on another person. I knew, when we took her in, thatís what was gonna happen. I figured sheíd focus on either me or Sergeant-at-Arms Heather. Had it been one of us, we were prepared to deal with it. Instead, youíve just selected yourself."

"But... I mean... I..."

"Let me continue. I want you to understand that youíve taken on something much bigger than you realize, because youíve just made yourself the focus of all her emotional needs. Pledge Kathleen is very fragile psychologically and because of that you have a very serious commitment on your hands."

"But... maíam... how do you know..."

"Simple, because Iíve studied it. There are several technical names for her situation, but basically what Pledge Kathleen has is a condition called Ďnon-verbal communication disorderí. Her brain is not wired like an average personís brain, because the only way she can learn things is through rote-memory. The nuances of non-verbal communication and body language are not something sheís capable of picking up. She wonít understand anything unless you actually tell it to her or she reads it. A person like Pledge Kathleen does just fine in class, because our educational system relies on rote-memorization. They tend not to do so well in real life."

"Her brainís reliance on rote-memory is the reason she had such a miserable time in high school, because she never developed any social skills. Her condition went undiagnosed and she did not get the counseling and training she needed to lead a normal life as a teenager. It is possible for someone like her to have a normal social life, but they have to be taught certain things that the rest of us simply pick up on our own. She never got that training, so the only thing she took away from high school was a bunch of rejections and traumatic memories."

"But... I didnít mean to... I mean... things between us just kinda happened..."

"Itís not really your fault, Pledge, and Iím not blaming you. Unless youíve studied psychology or psychiatry, thereís no way youíre gonna know. But the point is; Iím committed to pulling Pledge Kathleen out of the rut sheís fallen into, and now youíre committed to helping me. She needs to feel that she belongs and that someone truly cares about her. If we can get her to successfully pledge and be accepted into the sorority, thatíll go a long way to helping her overcome all the rejection she suffered in high school. Thatís another thing. In spite of whatever I might say to her at the moment, I have every intention that she will complete the pledge program and join the sorority. But thatís a secret between you and me. You are not to tell her what I just told you."

"No, maíam. I wonít say anything. You have my word on that."

"Thanks. Pledge Kathleen will need lots of attention, affection, and emotional support to get through the summer and that supportís gonna have to come from you. I canít really provide it because of my duty as pledge mistress. You can, because youíre her lover. Iím holding you responsible to keeping her happy and motivated. Itís important, because the future of her life will be determined by what happens to her over the next three months."

"Yes, maíam."

"Thereís something else. You and I did not have this conversation. Iíve broken a bunch of rules by having you in here, talking to you like normal person, and discussing someone elseís confidential information. Iíve just put a lot of trust in you. You understand that, right?"

"Yes maíam."


Lisa quickly rose to her feet and stood at attention.

"You are dismissed, Pledge. Wake up the others and have them out by the pool area for upper body PT. Bring your shoes and a towel. You wonít need your PT uniforms."

"Yes, maíam!"

With that Tracy headed for the front door. As she passed the doorway she put on her cap. She struck a very imposing figure as she crisply walked down the driveway in her military uniform. She got into a car with three other Reservists and they drove off.


Lisa went back downstairs. She looked at her three companions, but was reluctant to get them up. She took a closer look at Kathleen's sleeping face, which looked younger and much more relaxed now that she was asleep.

She's my responsibility, thought Lisa to herself. She's my problem and I'm the one who's got to take care of her. What the fuck have I gotten myself into?

She pushed that thought aside and brushed her lover's cheek to wake her up. She then woke up Bernadette and Cherine. The women took turns using the toilet and put on their shoes. A minute later they were lined up in that back yard ready to exercise with the sophomores.

Chapter 12 -- A Lecture from Ruth Burnside

The morning exercise session came and went, followed by cooling off in the pool, showers and breakfast.  Afterwards the sorority members grabbed backpacks and headed out the front door to go on a two-day hiking trip with the Tri-Alphas. 

The only people remaining in the sorority house were Heather and the pledges.  The Sergeant-at-Arms ordered the pledges into the sitting room to issue some announcements.  The first order of business was the activity that weekend, a top-to-bottom cleaning of the sorority house, which would be done for inspection.  The pledges had between 9:00 a.m. Saturday and 12:00 noon on Sunday to complete the task.  How they organized and what breaks they chose to take were completely up to them, but they had to be finished by no later than noon on Sunday.  On Sunday, following lunch and cleanup, they would be transported to receive a seminar and practical exercise on the erotic disciplining of males.

"The house cleanup and tomorrowís seminar are important for whatís happening next week.  Donít forget that Tuesday the Tri-Alphas are swearing in their summer pledges, and later in the week those guys will start coming over here.  They will be responsible for cleaning up this place and youíll be helping with their supervision.  In other words, those guys will be working under you and youíll be bossing them around."

The four kneeling women looked at each other.  Bossing around male pledges?  Awesome!

"Anyhow, it wonít do anyone any good if you donít know exactly whatís expected from the cleaning manual.  Youíll need to learn whatís in there by heart because youíll be using it to justify punishments and giving out rewards to the Triple-A pledges doing the cleanup.  The best way to learn is for you to do the cleanup yourselves first, and find out what mistakes will get your butt whipped.  Keep that in mind.  Tomorrow night Pledge Mistress Tracy and I will be doing the walk-through inspection.  Your butts will pay dearly for any deficiencies or violations of the manual.  Weíll be fair about it, but expect to be punished for anything thatís not up to inspection standards.  Weíre giving you 27 hours, so thatís plenty of time to get it right.  Work together and pay attention to detail, because if you donít, youíll be sleeping on your stomachs tomorrow night.  Everyone understand?"

"Yes, maíam."

"Tomorrowís seminar will deal with the other part of your responsibility with the male pledges, disciplining them and how to go about it.  For that part we got a special instructor for you, and Iíll tell you that weíre very lucky to have her.  Getting a class from her will be a real honor for you, because itís not normal to have someone of that caliber willing to spend time with freshman pledges."

Lisa heart skipped a beat and she began to sweat.  It sounded very likely that tomorrowís "special instructor" would be Dr. Ruth Burnside.


Heather planned to be in and out of the house throughout the day, but told Lisa that she would be available if there were any problems or questions about the cleanup.  With that an idea occurred to Lisa, to ask Heather to do a preliminary inspection in the evening to give the pledges a chance to correct deficiencies Sunday morning.  The thought of consulting Heather ahead of time would not have occurred to any of Lisaís companions.

Everyone including Heather and the other pledges took it for granted that Lisa was in charge.  Lisa decided to tackle the yard work first before the temperature outside got much hotter.  Because they were not allowed to wear any clothing apart from their work shoes, the pledges were only responsible for the back yard, not the front.  Nevertheless, there was plenty to do, not the least of which was washing down the side of the house and cleaning dozens of windows.  Fortunately the hedges already had been trimmed, but the grass had to be mowed and edged and weeding taken care of.  Weeding was particularly arduous, because the sorority did not allow the use of any herbicides.  All weeds had to be removed by hand.

There was the pool, which had to be cleaned and re-chlorinated.  The manual stated that not a single dead leaf could be present in the yard, so for nearly an hour there was a scavenger hunt for dead leaves.  The sororityís mosquito trap had to be cleaned out, mold cleaned off the outdoor tables and chairs, and finally the patio had to be swept.  Lisa looked at the clock with dismay with they finished, because it already was 3:00 p.m. and the pledges had not touched anything indoors.

There had to be a break for lunch.  Lisa decided the pledges could save themselves some time by combining lunch and dinner and preparing only a single large late-afternoon meal.  In the morning they would eat cold leftovers to avoid having to wash any more cooking utensils and re-clean the stove.

"Eat up, Ďcause weíre not gonna dirty up the kitchen again after weíre done."

Once the pledges finished eating, the kitchen took up most of the rest of the afternoon.  Unlike in the fraternity the previous week, the Four-Betas did not intentionally leave all the dirty dishes for the pledges, but still, there was a lot they needed to do.  As always, Lisa took the worst jobs for herself.  For example, she was the one who cleaned the ovens and scrubbed out the trashcans.

The next phase was the bathrooms.  The pledges used Lisaís system of cleaning two bathrooms at a time.  Once a bathroom was finished Lisa put a piece of tape over the door.  She flatly told her companions that the only bathroom any of them could use was the pledge toilet downstairs.  After a bathroom was clean and taped, re-entry was strictly prohibited.

There was a final task for the night before Lisa let the pledges get some sleep, and that was linens and towels.  Lisa instructed her companions to wash, dry, and fold linens, figuring it would be hard for her companions to screw up linens.  Meanwhile she swept and dusted upstairs, with the intention of forbidding anyone to go back up once the linen closets were restocked.

As the pledges were wrapping up in the linen room, Heather returned from the campus library.  As she went upstairs she was confronted by the sight of a thoroughly vacuumed carpet and tape on the bathroom doors.  She used one of the bathrooms, but was careful to leave it the same way she found it and to put the tape back on the door.  Obviously Pledge Lisa was leaving as little to chance as she could.

The pledges returned upstairs to restock the linen closets.  As they did so Lisa knelt at Heatherís door and asked permission to speak with her.  She handed Heather the manual and asked her opinion about how well the upstairs part of the house had been cleaned.

Heather told Lisa to get up.  The other pledges nervously clustered at the top of the stairs, but Lisa told them to go to the basement and get ready for bed.  Her tone clearly was, "Iíll handle this.  You guys get out of here."  Heather was impressed when they immediately filed down the stairs without saying another word.

Lisa relayed to Heather what was and was not finished.  She thought the entire upstairs was done, along with the kitchen and linen room.  The downstairs would be finished in the morning.  Heather took up Lisaís request to get a preliminary walk-through to fix problems.  It seemed there were plenty, mostly minor things but still violations that would have resulted in swats to the pledgesí bottoms had they not been corrected.  Heather caught a total of 53 violations, which Lisa wrote down.  Lisaís foresight to seek Heatherís advice saved the pledges a total of 53 swats the following afternoon.


After six hours of sleep, the pledges were up again to finish the downstairs and basement.  They ate a very late cold breakfast, washed what remained of the dishes, and spent the final hour following Lisaís instructions to look for and correct deficiencies.  Following what she had learned from Heatherís walk-through the night before, Lisa was able to fix many problems herself. 

By the time the pledges finished, none of them questioned anything Lisa was commanding them to do.  She told them what to do, and they did it.  They worked as a team, with Lisa clearly their leader.

As the pledges showered and got ready for their afternoon training seminar, Heather wandered through the house, very impressed with its condition.  She and Tracy would be hard-pressed to find anything not in compliance with the inspection manual.  She noticed the tape still left on the bathroom doors.  No sooner had she noticed that violation, Pledge Cherine came running upstairs to pull it off.  At the last moment Lisa had remembered the tape, and sent Cherine to take care of it.


At noon the pledges were kneeling in the sitting room waiting for Heatherís next instructions.  She handed Lisa the keys to their lockers and told them to get their notebooks and put on their shower shoes. 

Heather ordered the pledges to go outside in the hot sunlight and to get into a minivan.  There was some whistling from street as the pledges piled into the van, so they got in as quickly as possible.  They would be traveling naked of course, but fortunately the van had tinted windows so the pledges would not be seen by other drivers. 

Heather drove the pledges around the university to a suburban neighborhood on the other side.  The area consisted mostly of nice one-story houses built in the 1960ís hidden behind trees and hedges.  Lisa recognized the neighborhood from last February.  Sure enough, they were headed to Ruth Burnsideís house. 

The van pulled up in the driveway.  Heather turned to face the pledges. "When we get out, I want you all lined up behind me.  I will lead you to the front door and ring the doorbell.  I will lead you into a large living room.  You will go to the left and get on your knees in line.  Once youíre inside, you will keep your mouths shut unless someone talks to you."

"Yes, maíam."

"Our instructorís name is Dr. Ruth Burnside.  Sheís one of our economics professors, but sheís also an expert in the topic of erotic discipline, which is why weíre here.  Iíll introduce each of you one by one.  When I say your name, you will stand up, step forward, and introduce yourself.  Once you shake Dr. Burnsideís hand, you will step back and return to your kneeling position.  Do you understand me?"

"Yes, maíam."

"You are not to speak unless she talks to you first.  If you do speak to her, you will address her as Dr. Burnside.  Consider this a special class from a top-rated university professor, which is exactly what it is."

"Yes, maíam."

The pledges exited the vehicle and stood naked on the driveway.  They were not very visible to the rest of the neighborhood because of all the trees and bushes, but still they were relieved to have the door open and to be let inside.  Burnside was dressed in one of her business suits, immaculate, as she always was whenever she taught.

The Four-Beta Sergeant-at-Arms shook the professorís hand and led the pledges inside.  They entered a very large living room and quickly turned to the left as instructed.  Once the pledges were kneeling, Heather stood in front her group. 

Lisa and the other pledges noticed a table full of discipline implements and restraints, along with Burnsideís punishment bench, in the middle of the room.  There were a couple of wooden dining chairs as well.

Heather exchanged some pleasantries with the professor, and then described the tasks and lessons that the pledges had completed so far.  Burnside asked if any of the pledges had been punished yet.  Heather responded that Bernadette and Kathleen each had been punished once, Bernadette for disobeying an order and Kathleen for inappropriate behavior during a practical exercise.  Heather relayed that Lisa already had been punished twice, "because she was so hard-headed and spirited."

Heather called the pledges to stand up one by one and introduce themselves.  When it was Lisaís turn to shake the professorís hand, Burnside acted as though they were meeting the very first time.  However, she gave her student a subtle, but very knowing look that seemed to say "hard-headed and spirited, huh?  Weíll have to work on that."

Burnside sent Heather to the kitchen to call out the three young men who were to be the subjects of the afternoonís practical exercise.  She opened the door and three very nervous naked college-age males followed her into the living room.  Each was handcuffed.  Their pubic hair had been shaved off, making their genitals look much more exposed and vulnerable.  Burnside picked up a riding crop and used it to direct the subjects to kneel in line opposite the pledges.

Lisa recognized one of the subjects.  His name was Mark Gertz and he was Burnsideís current Teaching Assistant.  Lisa also knew, from having talked to Cecilia, that Mark was Burnsideís favorite "sub" and that she had officially collared him.  The professor and her TA had entered into a formal agreement that he was her slave and subject to any punishment or humiliation she chose to inflict on him. 

As for the other two, Lisa had not seen them before.  They looked very young, not any older than the pledges.  Lisa later learned that Mark had recruited them from a human sexuality class he had taken with them in the spring.  She found out that Mark had a real talent for identifying possible masochists and convincing them to submit to the professor. 

One of the younger men had a furious erection, much to his dismay and the womenís amusement.  Burnside ordered him to stand up and approach the pledges.  As he stood miserably with his penis sticking straight out, she casually asked him some personal questions.  She moved to sexual topics that aroused him, which heightened his embarrassment and increased his arousal.

"You know, Steve, it must be really embarrassing to have to stand there like that, in front of four beautiful naked young women, and have your little wienie sticking out.  Donít you find that totally humiliating?"

"I... I... mean..."

"Youíd better answer, Wienie-Boy.  I mean, think about it.  Youíll see these young women on campus, and thatís how theyíll remember you, as the pathetic little Wienie-Boy.  In fact, Iíd bet thatís what theyíll call you.  Donít you find that totally humiliating?"

The subject turned dark red from embarrassment.  His distress was clearly visible on his tormented face. 

"Y... yes... Dr. Burnside... Iím embarrassed."

Tears started running down his cheeks.

"Oh, how sad.  So now youíre crying.  Aww... and those are real tears, coming from the Wienie-Boy.  Now theyíll really remember you, as not just as Wienie-Boy, but as Cry-Baby Wienie-Boy."

Burnside turned to Lisa. "Pledge Lisa, what is this kidís name?"

"Cry-Baby Wienie-Boy, Dr. Burnside."

Burnside pushed Steve to his knees. "What is your name?"

"I... I mean... Cr...Cry-Baby Wienie-Boy..."

Burnside waited a second, as though he needed to say something else.  Suddenly she struck him savagely across the back with her riding crop.

"You forgot to address me properly, Cry-Baby Wienie-Boy!  Whereís your respect?"

She struck again.


"I... Cry-Baby Wienie-Boy... Dr. Burnside..."

"There, was that so hard?  Not nearly as hard as you are..."

With that Burnside grabbed Steveís arm and forced him back on his feet.  She lightly ran a finger over his erect penis as she turned to the pledges.

"Cry-Baby Wienie-Boy needs some relief.  What he needs is to have a nice big cum right out here in front of us all.  So, which one of you is going to volunteer for doing us that honor?"

Bernadetteís hand shot up.

"Pledge Bernadette.  Stand up please."

Bernadette stood up.

"Whoís holding the jar to catch the sperm?"

"I... I guess Iíll have Pledge Cherine help."

Cherine nervously stood up.  Burnside handed her a large jar.

"OK you two.  Have at it."

Ignoring the miserable and humiliated look on Steveís face, Bernadette grabbed his penis and began massaging it.  Applying some of what she had learned from the initial Four-Beta lesson in male sexual anatomy, she teased him by rubbing her breasts against his arm and chest, while Cherine laid one hand on his bottom and held the jar with the other. 

As soon as Bernadette began stroking his organ Steve climaxed.  He moaned as his semen shot into the jar.  Once he finished Cherine handed the jar to Bernadette, who held it up for the rest of the room.  Heather handed Cherine a box of tissues.  She took several and used them to wipe off the end of Steveís softening penis.

Burnside told Bernadette to put the jar on the table and instructed both pledges to return to their kneeling positions with the others.  She instructed Heather to position a dining room chair in front of the pledges.  She then ordered Steve to stand next to the other freshman and wait.  Next she ordered her TA Mark approach her and position himself so she could remove his handcuffs.  Once the cuffs were off she told him to place his hands on the chair with his bottom facing the four kneeling women.

"Pledges, I expect you to start taking notes, because from this point forward the material I am presenting will be included in the practical exercise and evaluation."

The pledges opened their notebooks, placed them on the floor, and prepared to write.

"Erotic discipline has two goals.  Those are sexual arousal through physical stimulation and punishment through submission and physical pain.  Most erotic discipline falls somewhere in the middle of those two extremes.  A mild hand-spanking after a wrestling session between two lovers in bed would fall closer to pure sexual arousal, while punishing someone, for example for cheating on a test, would fall closer to the other end, pure discipline with very little sexual gratification at the moment."

"What weíre doing here will concentrate more on the punishment end of erotic discipline. What youíll be doing with the male pledges is forcing them, through physical pain and the fear of physical pain, to comply with their duties and follow orders without question.  Later we will return to the subject of erotic spanking, but that will be only for your own benefit.  Thatís not something you will be using with the male pledges, at least not at the beginning."

"Anyhow, erotic punishment is not just about beating itself.  There are several steps, or phases, to a good discipline session.  To start, you should have clearly established rules of behavior and a prior agreement that violating those rules will result in castigation.  In other words, before there is even a hint of the first punishment for a specific offense, your subject should understand that if he fails to comply with what you want, you have the duty to discipline him and he has the duty to submit.  You have to have that prior understanding, because your authority over him is based on that prior understanding.  Now, in your case that wonít be much of a problem because the pledges are subject to the rules of the Tri-Alpha pledge handbook.  Theyíve already accepted their situation and all you have to do is follow whatís already been laid out for you.  But you will need to know the rules inside and out to properly apply them."

"Now, hereís how this will affect what you do with the pledges.  For a specific incident that results in real punishment, the first step is identifying your subjectís violation and determining why he needs to be punished.  You need to be clear in your own mind why you are punishing him and what you expect to get out of it.  Think everything through from beginning to end.  Plan your scenario before you approach your subject."

"Second, you need to let him know that he faces punishment.  Speak to him with authority, and make sure you can articulate why you are going to punish him.  What you say and how you say it are very important.  Being able to cite rules from memory instead of fumbling through the rulebook will help you considerably, so spend whatever spare time you have studying that rulebook."

"Third, and this absolutely crucial, you need to establish your dominance and psychologically prepare him to submit.  Your subject needs to accept that he should be punished.  If you do your job right, you will play on his guilt and make him actually want to be punished.  If you can build up tension that can only be relieved with physical pain, you will get a much more compliant sub and probably be able to inflict a more frightening chastisement."

"Iíve given you your first example in establishing dominance for a punishment-type scenario. Steveís hard-on was a violation of proper behavior.  Before touching him we verbally established dominance by making him clearly understand that he was doing something wrong and that he needed to be humiliated because of it.  We did that before we ever touched him, which made him compliant for the physical humiliation that followed.  Under ordinary circumstances I would have continued the subjugation of Steve with corporal punishment.  The only reason I didnít is because we need to save his bottom for the practical exercise."

"Fourth, is the preparation of the punishment scene itself.  Think ahead and have everything thought out.  What implement will you use, what position will he assume, will he be restrained, will there be witnesses, and where the punishment takes place are all considerations.  For example, if you put a subject over your lap, a riding crop wonít do you much good.  Conversely, if you have him bent over a chair, a hairbrush wonít be as effective as a paddle.  If you want to tie him, donít use a sofa where thereís nowhere to attach ropes.  You need to be sure of yourself and not make a bunch of clumsy mistakes that will take up time and make you look incompetent."

Burnside paused to give the pledges time to finish writing.  She picked up a thick leather strap and tapped the insides of Markís thighs to get him to spread his feet.  Then she pressed down on his lower back to make him turn his bottom up.  His bottom-hole and the backs of his testicles were fully visible to the four pledges.  The professor continued,
"Now for the punishment itself.  First of all, I believe that a person being punished should always be completely naked.  Being naked sets the subject apart from the rest of the world and is an important gesture of humility.  It also is a part of an unspoken agreement I have with my subjects, that as long as they are naked I am in control of their lives.  I take away their clothes, and they have to please me before they can earn them back.  Their bodies and their souls are exposed and unprotected, and will stay that way until I decide otherwise."

"A related issue is exposure during the beating itself."  Burnside pointed at Markís spread bottom.  "You want your subject positioned so the anus and genitalia are on full display.  The bottom needs to be turned up and the legs at least slightly spread.  This is necessary not just for display, but also to prevent your subject from clenching his bottom-cheeks and reducing the effectiveness of each blow.  The rule is, if you canít see his asshole, then you need to reposition him."

"Now for the blows.  Imagine a full circular swing, not one that stops right where the bottom is.  You need to hit through your target, a nice wide, graceful swing that will just happened to be interrupted by his butt.  Make sure you are properly positioned, so you can lay a blow evenly across the bottom, like this..."

Burnside stood off to one side of Mark, making sure his bottom would receive the full force of the blow she was about to deliver.  She drew back her arm, and with a full confident swing struck hard across both sides of his bottom.  The entire room echoed with a resounding CRACK!

Mark did not move, because this was nothing new to him.  His mistress had beaten him plenty over the past several years.  However, the pledges could hear his breathing change and watched as a wide stripe on his bottom quickly changed from white to pink.  Burnside repositioned herself and tapped his bottom with the strap.

"Each blow needs to be delivered individually.  Position yourself each time and think about what you are doing.  Each stroke is an event in and of itself, each one carefully thought out.  At this point Iím not worried about the over-all punishment, Iím worried about properly delivering the next stroke."


A second stripe, slightly overlapping the first one, changed color and added to the pink on Markís unprotected backside.  The pledges could see that both strokes had been quite painful, but Mark stayed perfectly still and silent.  His duty to his mistress was quite clear; he needed to reduce himself to a teaching prop for Burnsideís instruction.  He was nothing more than an inanimate object until his mistress told him otherwise.

Burnside changed her position to the other side of Mark.

"It is very important that you punish both sides evenly.  Thatís how you can tell an experienced disciplinarian from a novice.  So, every so often you should switch sides and give a good backhanded blow, like this..."


"Everyone understand?"

"Yes, Dr. Burnside."

"Good.  In a moment youíll have your first round of target practice.  But before we do that, I want to finish up with the overview of the punishment experience."

"What happens afterwards is as important as the beating itself.  After youíre done with the physical part of the punishment, you need to successfully wind down the experience. The point is; once youíve delivered your last blow, you donít just hang up your strap and walk off.  You donít just tell your subject that heís released and to Ďnot do it againí.  Once youíre done with the physical part, you still have two things you need to do.  First of all is a final part of the punishment itself.  That can be corner-time, posing for pictures, extra chores, giving a speech about his bad behavior, giving you or someone else oral sex, heavy exercising... just to give you a few examples.  Use your imagination.  Make sure itís something either difficult or embarrassing.  I believe the post-whipping part of the punishment, just like the physical part, should always be in the nude.  The subject should not get his clothes back until the punishment is completely over.  Once again, the message is "you are to serve me until I give you your clothes back."

"Now for the final part, redemption and forgiveness.  What youíre looking for is exorcising your subjectís guilt, letting him know heís forgiven, and making sure he understands what lesson he needs to take away from the punishment.  There needs to be some type of ritual of redemption at the end of the punishment, something that is meaningful to the person being punished.  Try to make your subject understand why you had to punish him, that it was something he needed, and you only did it because you love him and care about him.  If you can make him feel good about having been punished, and that the hardship he endured was something necessary for his own well-being, then you will have had a successful punishment session.  Youíre not going to get that every time, but try to get as close as possible."

As the pledge frantically finished writing, Burnside stepped up to Mark and gently rubbed the stripes on his bottom.  He dutifully stayed in position, since he had not been instructed to move.  Burnside addressed the pledges, "Iím going to give you the chance to practice delivering blows with this strap.  Please take a close look at it, familiarize yourself with how it feels, and then pass it on to your classmate."  She handed the strap to Bernadette and continued as each pledge looked at the implement and passed it along.  "Youíll notice the leather is thick and heavy.  Itís got some flexibility and will bend upon impact, which helps it reach more of the bottomís surface each time it hits."

Burnside glanced at Heather and gestured with her hand that she wanted to pledges to get off their knees.


The four young women scrambled to their feet.

"Now, each of you is going to deliver four blows with this strap, two from the left side and two backhanded blows from the right.  Pledge Lisa, you will begin."

Lisa took her position next to Mark.  She felt very strange punishing the same guy who taught her seminars, but pushed that thought aside and positioned herself to deliver the swats.  There was no difficulty for her, given that she had punished Ken in the same manner plenty of times.


Lisa delivered two truly vicious swats that actually made Mark jerk from the pain and force of the impact.  Her companions stood dumbfounded, since they didnít know about her prior relationship with Ken.  They had assumed that she was wielding the strap for the first time.  Lisa positioned herself for the two backhanded blows...


The force of Lisaís four swats darkened Markís bottom considerably.  She passed her hand over his bottom, feeling satisfaction at the heat rising from his injured skin.  The three others looked at each other, nervous that Lisa had set such a high standard for what would be considered a good swat.

Lisa handed the strap to Kathleen.  At first Kathleen was too nervous to raise her arm, but then suddenly a memory rose up in her mind.  She thought about the humiliation she suffered just a month before at the night of the Senior Prom; when her date never showed up and she sat in her formal gown crying in her familyís living room.  The anger welled up inside her, rising from her feet to her guts, and finally making its way into her arm.  She delivered a truly savage blow, actually stepping into her swing.  She gritted her teeth and struck again.

"Good job with the force, Pledge Kathleen.  Try to concentrate a bit more on control.  Give him another, but focus on where youíre swinging."


"Excellent!  Now for the backhanded swipes.  Focus on your aim."


Kathleen stood with the strap, trembling and breathing heavily.  She was perfectly ready to swing again, but unfortunately Burnside took the strap from her and handed it to Bernadette.  Lisa glanced at her loverís odd expression.  She realized that something inside Kathleenís soul had just been released and that she very much was looking forward to taking out her aggression on the two freshmen during the practical exercise.

Mark had another eight swats coming to him: four from Bernadette and four from Cherine.  Burnside was not satisfied with Cherineís backhanded strokes and made her repeat them. 

After Cherine finished, Burnside gave a review of her lecture about erotic punishment, emphasizing the purpose and phases of a good punishment.  She ordered the pledges to review their notes and prepare for a written quiz on the afternoonís material.  For the next 20 minutes she professor dictated questions about her class as the students wrote their answers.

All that time Mark quietly kept his position.  He would stay that way until Burnside told him to get up or until he dropped from exhaustion.  The fact that his bottom was in serious pain and his legs were starting to cramp was of no concern to him.  As Burnside put it: "Itís mind over matter.  If you donít mind, it doesnít matter."


The next part of Burnsideís lecture was a demonstration of various punishment positions.  Mark went over her lap as the professor showed the pledges various positions for a hand spanking.  Each time Mark changed his position his mistress gave him several painful swats. 

Burnside then led her sub and the pledges to the sofa. Mark went over her lap and properly positioned himself for another hand-spanking.  Burnside explained, "For an erotic spanking, this is the best and most comfortable position for both the spanker and spankee.  The spankee is fully supported and comfortable, while the spankerís back is supported and thereís no pressure on her knees.  The nice thing about using a sofa is, because itís so comfortable, you can stay like this for hours.  You canít do that with any other position.  So if youíre doing this for sexual foreplay and donít want anything too serious, this is the best way to go."

Burnside stood Mark up and told him to bend over and grab his ankles.

"There are various unsupported standing positions.  To use any of these your sub has to be completely cooperative.  These are good positions for public punishment and embarrassment, but I donít recommend an unsupported standing position for serious flagellation."

Burnside struck Mark with the strap while his hands were still on his ankles, then told him to move his hands to his knees, spread his legs as widely as possible, and stuck hard again.  She moved him to a table and told him to place his hands on the tabletop and spread his legs.

"Now your sub has some support, so you can engage in some serious ass-whipping."

Burnside picked up a martinet and severely struck Mark several times.

"Another variation is to have your subject lie flat on the table and grab the opposite edge with his hands..."

As Mark stretched over the table, Burnside picked up a large wooden paddle.  She gave him a couple of cruel swats and continued, "One position that a lot of people use is to have the subject lie flat on his stomach, for example on top of a bed.  Mark, please lie flat on the table."

Mark complied, stretching himself over the table.  That position emphasized the contrast between his purplish-red bottom and his unmarked legs and back.  Lisa cringed, because Markís bottom already had taken a lot of punishment and was in bad shape.  She wondered how much more the professor could hit him without breaking his skin.  Burnside laid her hand on this bottom.

"I donít like this position and never use it.  Can anyone tell me why?"

Cherine raised her hand.† "Dr. Burnside...ícause he can squeeze his bottom together?"

"Exactly.  He can squeeze his bottom-cheeks together, which means Iím not in control of his punishment.  Remember my rule, if you canít see his asshole you need to reposition him.  Now letís try a variation of the lying position."

Burnside slipped a hard cylinder-shaped pillow under Markís pelvis and ordered him to spread his hands and feet.  Now he was completely exposed.  Burnside quickly took four short pieces of rope and secured Markís wrists and ankles to the table legs.

"We just took a bad position and converted it to a very good one.  Now he is exposed and his ass spread wide.  This is a relatively comfortable position, so you can keep him like this for a long time.  Itís also a very humiliating position, so you can use it to punish a pledge during a public event or gathering."

Burnside picked up a riding crop.  She struck hard at the tender area around Markís shaved anus and the vulnerable skin at the very base of his bottom-cheeks.  The strokes with the crop broke him.  He started crying, but tried to stay as quiet as possible.

Burnside ordered Kathleen to pick up two sets of chains with cuffs on the end from the table.  Because Lisa was the tallest member of the pledge group, the professor ordered her to stand on a chair and hang the chains from hooks on the ceiling.  Meanwhile, Bernadette and Cherine untied the ropes holding Mark to the table.  Mark quietly positioned himself under the chains.  Burnside secured his hands in the cuffs and continued, "This position is what you use for a formal flogging.  Youíll notice that you have access to your subjectís entire body.  However, that doesnít mean that you can hit him anywhere you want.  There are areas you need to avoid, which include the neck, the stomach, the backs of the knees, and the part of the lower back thatís not protected by the ribcage or pelvis.  Also, you need to avoid hitting the genitals.  And thereís something else you never hit.  If you are punishing a woman, you do NOT hit her breasts.  I donít care how many times you see it in literature; you just donít do it!  Thatíll cause permanent injury, and thatís not what weíre after.  Iíll mark off the areas you need to avoid and then give you a demo."

Burnside took a very thick black magic marker and drew lines all over Markís body.  With a red magic marker she drew Xís in the areas not safe to strike.  When she finished her subís body looked something like a butcherís diagram.  She picked up a buggy-whip and positioned herself to strike.

"Youíll notice this whip is a modified version of what teamsters used on horses.  It looks scarier than is really is.  The leather is designed to sting but not break the skin.  Itís one of the most effective discipline items I have, because it hurts like hell but I can use it for a very long time and not worry about serious injury.


Burnside flogged Mark in the areas labeled as "safe" to punish.  Within a few minutes he was covered with red lines crisscrossing his upper thighs and upper back.  He cried pitifully as his mistress finished whipping him.  With that Burnsideís demonstration with Mark ended.  She unhooked his cuffs and told him to kneel in the corner with his hands behind his head.

Upon finishing the demonstration portion of her lesson, Burnside ordered the pledges and their mentor to take seats at the dining room table.  She ordered Mark to get up off his knees and offer her guests glasses of juice or mineral water.  He painfully got up and moved to the kitchen.  His body was covered with black and red lines from the magic markers, as well as whip marks.  His bottom was a dark purplish-red.  He not only was in serious pain, but also very exhausted.

Once the glasses of juice and water were on the table, Burnside sent Mark back into the kitchen to bring out bowls of fruit salad.  The pledges were grateful for the food, even though it was little more than a healthy snack.  It took the edge off their appetites and helped prepare them for the next part of the dayís adventure, the practical exercise. 

As soon as he finished serving, Burnside directed Mark to return to his spot in the corner and get back on his knees.  There was no kindness from the professor to her sub, but that didnít matter.  Markís purpose in life was to satisfy his mistress, no matter what.  The more unreasonable she was with him, the harder he worked to please her.  The crueler she was to him, the more he loved her.