The Pledge Mistress
Copyright 2006 by EC
EC's Erotic Art & Fiction -
(warnings: erotic hazing, forced public nudity, F/FF and F/M corporal punishment, erotic spanking, sex, medical fetish)

Chapter 1 - An Offer from Dr. Burnside

Lisa Campbell woke up at 8:30 in the morning. Without bothering to get dressed she opened her drapes and looked out over the campus from her dorm room window. Her shapely bare body was somewhat visible to anyone walking around below, but there it was summer break and the campus was almost completely empty. Not that it mattered. The university, all 50,000 students and faculty, had seen plenty of Lisa last fall. There was no point in being modest, and in fact, from Lisa’s point of view modesty was an inconvenience.

The young woman contemplated the steam rising off the grass in the bright hot sunshine. Today was May 23rd, but from the looks of the weather, it seemed more like July 23rd. Another scorcher, she thought to herself. Shit. It’s not supposed to be this hot, this early. Must be that fucking global warming they’re all talking about.

Lisa was not a fan of hot weather, which was why the promise of a hot day put her in a bad mood. It also was one of the reasons she had decided to study in Chicago instead of California, which was where she grew up. She much preferred the savagely cold winters of the Mid-West to the scorching summers of California. Not that it made any difference now, because it was hot all over.

Lisa forced herself to snap out of her mood and glanced over at Ken, her current boyfriend, who was still soundly asleep. She decided to pull the sheet off him to have a better look at his body and the results of last night’s round of punishment and sex. Lisa felt a vague mix of trepidation, curiosity, and satisfaction as she contemplated how badly marked up he was. His wrists and ankles had rub-marks where his cuffs had dug into his skin, there were small bruises on his chest and shoulders from where she had pinched him, and she could make out part of a handprint where she had slapped him hard across the face.

However, all of that was nothing in comparison to the condition of his bottom, which was a solid mass of dark welts and bruises. She lightly ran her fingers over the skin, fascinated by the swollen condition of his entire backside. Yes, last night she had worked him over pretty good. She had not planned to go that far with him, but as sometimes happened when she was disciplining him, Lisa’s emotions and enthusiasm got the better of her. She had punished him with four implements in a single session: a small leather paddle that normally was used more for sexual arousal than discipline, then a belt, then a wooden paddle, and finally a riding crop. He cried and struggled against the cuffs as she hit him many, many times with each implement. She had worn herself out on him, but afterwards, when she unhooked his cuffs and let him up, he wore himself out on her.

Lisa was quite sore herself, but not from punishment. Her vagina ached and her labia and clitoris were raw from Ken’s attentions. Lisa’s boyfriend had incredible sexual energy, but that enthusiasm was of no use to anyone if he was not first stripped, humiliated, and beaten. Ken was a true masochist; only a severe whipping could bring out the sexual animal in his soul.

Last night had been good, really good. After the punishment, he had made love to her three separate times, in three different positions. Yes... Ken knew all about positions and how to prolong a good orgasm. Oh yeah, that guy was a real love-machine for any woman who knew how to turn him on and which buttons to push. Lisa had learned that secret back in January and had enjoyed her nights with him ever since.

Lisa’s bladder was full, and she decided that she might as well get cleaned up since she had to go to the bathroom anyway. The young woman put on a pair of shower shoes, grabbed a towel, and walked out into the empty hallway of her dorm. She was the only resident remaining on her floor, since everyone else had moved out a week before when the semester ended. She went to the women’s bathroom at the end of the hallway, pissed, and turned on the shower. She stepped in and winced as the soap burned the raw skin between her legs. The cruel burning from the soap settled one issue, that no, she most definitely would not try to shave today.

Wow, she thought to herself, we really did over-do it last night. Well, that’s good. There’s nothing in life like a good fuck. Enjoy it while you can, ‘cause you only live once...

Lisa dried herself off and studied her reflection in the mirror. She was pleased by her appearance (she always thought she looked her best after a good round of sex), but also was on the lookout for imperfections. Sure enough, she found a couple of blackheads to pinch out of her cheeks. She cleaned them out and returned to her room, enjoying the feel of the cool air of the hallway as it blew against her body.

She entered and saw Ken still asleep in her bed. Hmm... time to get him up. She twirled the towel, stepped back, and flicked him on the rear with a fearsome SNAP. He jerked awake from the painful crack on his welt-covered skin. He instinctively rolled over and nursed his latest injury with his hands, exposing himself from the front. Lisa addressed him with her normal bedroom vocabulary:

"OK, Bitch-boy, get up! Get your pathetic little ass out of my bed or I’m snappin’ your balls!"

With that she pulled the towel back and positioned it, ready to strike if Ken did not get out of bed immediately. He moved very fast, jumping up and standing at attention before Lisa had the chance to snap him again. He was horribly sore from last night’s adventure and that first towel snap had been pure agony. He definitely did not want another one at that moment.

In spite of how things might have looked to someone not familiar with their odd relationship, Lisa really was not being cruel to Ken at all. She was just giving him what he wanted. His penis began to stiffen as he stood straight, quietly anticipating either more punishment or more sex. Lisa reached down and gently massaged him, then dropped the towel and rubbed his swollen backside. She touched her breasts to his shoulder and gently began rubbing up and down with her nipples.

"Yeah, I bet you like that, don’t you, you fucking little pervert? I oughta snap you some more, shouldn’t I?"

"I like it..."

She slapped him hard across the face.

"God, you’re disgusting! Turn around, sicko! Bend over and spread ‘em!"

Ken complied, exposing his battered backside for yet more pain and abuse. Lisa picked up the towel and delivered a loud SNAP right at the base, very close to his sphincter. He jerked and went hard immediately, his penis bobbing up and down from a very hard erection. She snapped him viciously a second time, but then stopped.

Lisa, in spite of her own on-going soreness, could never resist a good hard-on. She tapped his shoulder, went on her hands and knees, arched her back, and lewdly exposed herself to her lover.

"Fuck me, you creep! You’d better fuck me good or I’ll really give you something to cry about!

There was no need for any further foreplay. Ken positioned himself, grabbed Lisa’s thighs, and plunged in. Lisa’s body broke out in a sweat and she gasped. Now she would be really sore and would need another shower, but that didn’t matter. What mattered for her was the sex and the orgasm of the moment. Ken, his entire body aching from last night’s beatings, moved aggressively as pain and soreness combined with pleasure for a truly exquisite release of semen and energy into Lisa’s lovely body. This was really, really good.


Lisa returned to the empty women’s bathroom, this time with Ken. As much as she might have wanted to do something more to him, there no longer was any time. She had an appointment and already would have to skip breakfast to make it. However, she and Ken took their time as they gently soaped each other’s injuries and sore spots, showing care and tenderness that had been totally absent just a few minutes before in her room. She lathered up her hands and softly spread some soap on his purplish ass, then rinsed it off. She finished by gently kissing each side of his swollen bottom and patting it.

He was equally gentle with her, very lightly soaping her raw pubic area to get the KY and semen off her body. Again she winced, because the soreness between her legs was worse than ever, but in a few minutes both of them were clean. They toweled each other off and prepared to face the day. They returned to her room to get dressed.

Ken dressed in his usual loose fitting shorts and university t-shirt, plus a battered pair of slip-on shoes. He wadded up his underwear and stuffed it in his pocket, because there was no way his injured backside would stand any tight clothing pressing against his skin. Even wearing the loose-fitting shorts was pushing it.

Lisa pulled a summer dress over her head and put on a pair of flip-flops. That was it; she planned to go out completely naked under the dress. It didn’t matter, because she knew she’d be taking the dress off again in a couple of hours or so. Once her clothes came off, she had no idea how long it would be before she would be allowed to put them back on, so it made sense that she wear a single piece of clothing that was not likely to get lost.


Ken’s day would be much easier than Lisa’s. He had to visit one his professors and check up on a summer project. He then would go to the library to pick up some books and later kick back and recover from last night’s punishment. Hopefully he would turn in early and get a good night’s sleep.

Lisa, on the other hand, was very nervous, which partly explained why she had gone overboard punishing her boyfriend the night before. Today she had two appointments that promised to be the beginning of two important turning points in her life.

The first appointment was with her economics professor, Dr, Ruth Burnside. Lisa was not sure what the appointment would be about, although she suspected it was something related to her career in the university. She did not know what Burnside wanted from her, but hoped that it was related to the recent departure of Cecilia Sanchez, the professor’s former student aide. Maybe Lisa would be offered a job, which would be great, given that she was still paying out-of-state tuition and had been thinking about taking out a student loan.

Following the appointment with Burnside, Lisa faced another activity that would fill up all of her free time that summer: she was about to become a sorority pledge. The experience of becoming a pledge was guaranteed to be grueling and painful, as well as demanding of her time and energies because of the sorority she had chosen. She was not pledging with one of those wimpy rich-bitch sororities, but instead the Four-Beta Sorority, the sister sorority of the infamous Tri-Alpha Fraternity. The Four-Betas were just as tough on their pledges as were the Tri-Alphas. Lisa had heard stories, now was the day she would find out for herself what the Four-Betas really expected of her.

Ken would begin pledging the Tri-Alphas the following week as a summer pledge himself. There was a reason the women went first, and that was because the female pledges fully participated in the hazing of the male pledges. Lisa and her companions would be tested to make sure they could handle their responsibilities, and, assuming they passed, would help train the male pledges. Ken could relax now, but next week he could expect an experience every bit as grueling as what Lisa would face today.


Lisa led Ken to the commons area of the dorm floor and kissed him goodbye, because men were not supposed to be on the women’s wing unescorted. There was no one around to object to Ken walking down the women’s area by himself, but out of habit Lisa escorted him out. She returned to her room to pick up her backpack and lock up.

As she left her room for the day, Lisa glanced at the door of the room adjacent to hers. Just a short while before the neighboring room had been occupied by the floor RA, Cecilia Sanchez. Lisa realized that she would miss Cecilia, even though the two women had endured a very tense relationship. Both Lisa and Cecilia had dominating personalities, and each spent the past academic year trying to assert herself over the other as the leader of their small social group. The two young women had been friends, but they also had been rivals in an on-going contest in which Cecilia usually, but not always, came out on top.

Lisa had promised herself that she would do a better job competing with Cecilia during her second year in college. However, Cecilia and her boyfriend suddenly and mysteriously had to leave the United States and had no idea when they would be back. Lisa would not have the chance to test her resolve to get the better of Cecilia this year because her former RA was now in Europe.

There was much more to Lisa’s feelings than the lost chance at besting Cecilia, however. Lisa realized that deep down she genuinely liked her rival, because the RA was so blunt and straightforward. Cecilia was not a deceptive person nor one interested in social posturing. Instead, she had spent the past year concerned about helping others as much as possible. She took the failure of any of the residents of her floor as a personal failure against herself and had spent much of her scarce personal time helping students with advice and assistance with coursework. Her efforts paid off, because the second floor of Huntington Hall had the lowest failure rate of any dorm floor on campus for the year. Under her rough façade, Cecilia was the most caring and trustworthy woman Lisa had ever known, in spite of being so hard to get along with. In spite of everything, Lisa would badly miss her.


Lisa walked across the humid campus in the bright morning sunshine, making her way towards the Economics Department. As she entered the air-conditioned building, she began to shiver. Her skimpy clothing was fine for walking around outdoors, but the building’s cold air blew up her dress and sent such a chill through her body that Lisa actually checked to make sure she was still covered. She also remembered that, because she was not wearing underwear, she would need to be careful when she sat down and not display herself to the professor.

Dr. Burnside was dressed immaculately, wearing the same business outfit that she always wore at work, whether it was winter or summer. As always, her dark hair was pulled back and tightly done up in a bun. There was no make-up or any other ornamentation on the older woman, nothing at all to detract from the severity of her appearance. Whenever on campus Burnside was all business, regardless of the season or whether classes were in session.

Burnside put out her hand to shake Lisa’s hand before asking her to sit down. That was a good sign, because Lisa knew that the professor never offered a seat to a student if the purpose of the meeting was unpleasant. Burnside got right to the point:

"OK, Lisa, I need to know if you’ve decided on your major."

"Uh, no, Dr. Burnside, I was going to wait ‘till this fall."

"Why can’t you do it now?"

"I didn’t see the point, I mean... why rush?"

"Well, if you give a damn about your future, you need to rush. It’s not going to do me any good to have an indecisive piece of fluff floating around my classes. I have an offer for you, but you need to declare yourself an economics major if you want to take it."

"The job you were gonna give Cecilia?"

"Yes. I’m offering you Cecilia’s job, as my student aide. Things with Cecilia didn’t work out quite like I was hoping, so you lucked out." Burnside sighed and continued: "I'm sure that you're aware that I was planning to make Cecilia my long-term assistant. Until three weeks ago, she was the one I had my eyes on. You'll find out that I like having the same person work under me as long as possible. My ideal set-up is to get someone as a sophomore and keep that same person through graduate school. That way I don’t get any stupid little surprises, or if I do, it’s only at the beginning. I can deal with them up-front and not worry about screw-ups later on. Well, now Cecilia’s gone. No fault of her own, of course, but she’s gone, and I need to someone I can trust to replace her. So, are you interested?"

"Sure, Dr. Burnside, that’d be great."

"Good. This takes a load off my mind because I think we know each other and have a good idea what we can expect from each other. If you do well as my student aide, I’ll bump you up to Mark’s Teaching Assistant job after he defends his dissertation and graduates."

Burnside opened the two folders lying on her desk. One contained the form Lisa needed to sign to declare herself as an economics major. The second folder contained the contract giving her the job as Burnside’s student aide. Lisa signed the declaration of major form and reached to sign the student aide form. Burnside grabbed her arm.

"What the hell are you doing?"

"Uh... signing the contract, Dr. Burnside..."

"Without reading it? You’re going to just sign a contract without reading it? What’s wrong with you?"

Chastened, Lisa read the contract. There was nothing outstanding about it, but she knew that Burnside was right, she would have been very foolish to sign something that important without first reading it. There was one detail that she had not anticipated, that as a student aide she had to get department approval for enrolling in any class outside the major. That was something important to know. Finally Lisa signed and handed the contract back to the professor.

"There’s something else, that’s not written in the contract you just signed, but that I will hold you to if you ever do anything to piss me off. You understand that I prefer to keep disciplinary matters off the records and handle them in private?"

"Uh... yes Dr. Burnside."

"And you understand what that means? You got a taste of it in February, and if you ever screw up as my aide, more of the same is what you can expect. Agreed?"

Lisa’s heart skipped a beat. "I...yes, Dr. Burnside... I... Agreed.

"Good. That’s what you can expect working under me. As I said, I like to handle problems in private and not put them people’s work records. Hopefully there won’t be any unpleasantness between us, but if there is, you’ve been warned."

"I... uh... yes, Dr. Burnside. I understand..."

There was another issue that Lisa had not expected to have to bring up with Burnside, but now that a signed paper committing her as the professor's employee was sitting on her desk, it possibly could be an issue.

"Dr. Burnside, there is one thing, uh... that I should've told you before I signed the contract."


"I'm gonna be pledging with the Four-Beta Sorority this summer. I... I know you don't like 'Greeks' but... my boyfriend's pledging the Tri-Alphas and I..."

"So, we have a sorority girl with us, huh?"

"Yes. At least I hope so, if I get through the initiation..."

"Alright, we'll have to work around that, as long they're willing to work around me. Have the chapter president call me. The Four-Betas are the one sorority I have no problems with."

"So, you're OK with it?"

"As long as it doesn't interfere with your responsibilities to the department, I have no problem with you pledging the Four-Betas. If it were any other sorority, I would have a problem."


Lisa left Burnside’s office with her mind in more turmoil than it had been when she went in. She anticipated working under the professor with both excitement and apprehension. She was flattered by the job offer, but at the same time not really surprised. She knew that Burnside had to pick someone to replace Cecilia, and she knew that she was a logical choice. She had the type of personality Burnside liked and had shown herself willing to put up with the woman’s unusual ideas about personal and working relationships. Also, it was evident that Burnside liked Lisa, and she knew that the professor only wanted to work with students she felt she could get along with on a personal level.

Lisa understood that there would be some underlying tension between herself and her new boss, because both women had strong personalities. They also had similar sexual tastes, which Lisa suspected was the real reason Burnside wanted her as her assistant. There was a hidden meaning in Burnside’s statement "I think we know each other and have a good idea what we can expect from each other". She trusted Lisa because both women enjoyed erotic discipline.

There were two more significant details that stood out about that morning’s meeting. First, Burnside had not objected to Lisa’s clothing, or lack of it, in her office. The professor understood that while she had a certain style and image she wanted to put forward to the world, her student had a very different self-image that she wanted to put forward. Burnside went for the austere and serious in her personal appearance, while Lisa went for showing off her body. Burnside might have said something had the younger woman’s exhibitionism not been genuine, but in Lisa’s case that was simply part of who she was.

The other issue was Burnside’s warning about what would happen if Lisa "screwed up". Although her new boss had not openly said it, she knew very well what Burnside meant. If Lisa ever made any mistake as the professor’s assistant she faced physical punishment. She knew that with certainty, already having endured a session with Burnside’s leather switch back in February. She wondered if it would be possible to make it through several years of working under the professor without getting punished at least once... five or six years of assisting Dr. Burnside and not making a single mistake...

Ha! Not very likely.

Chapter 2 - The Four-Beta House

Her meeting with Burnside completed and a student aide’s guidebook and copy of her contract now safely in her backpack, Lisa left the Economics Building and continued on her way to the Four-Beta Sorority. It was much hotter outside and Lisa was glad to be so lightly dressed as she made her way across the Student Center. The sun shined hotly on her face and shoulders, but the rest of her body felt quite comfortable under the light dress. An occasional soft breeze blew up her clothing and cooled off the still-sensitive area between her legs.

The young woman exited the university campus and made her way up a tree-lined street towards the sorority house. She passed several other sorority houses before getting to her destination, all of which housed rich princesses who would never have accepted her into their miserable little circles. Not that it mattered, because Lisa wouldn't have given any of those pathetic bitches the time of day, let alone want to socialize with them.

Until she and Ken learned about the Tri-Alpha Fraternity and its sister sorority the Four-Betas, it never would have occurred to either of them to join one of the "Greeks". However, precisely because the Tri-Alphas and Four-Betas were so different from the other fraternities and sororities, Ken and Lisa became interested in joining last spring. Ken had decided to commit to pledging the Tri-Alphas first, and when Lisa started dating him, she decided to follow him and join the Four-Betas.

The decision was not one to be taken lightly, because the fraternity and its sister sorority demanded a radical change of personal lifestyle from their members, which included harsh physical activities and frequently surrendering one’s own body. Lisa was very nervous, because momentarily she would surrender herself and submit to a group of strangers, a very difficult action for someone like her who had a strong character and controlling personality.

The Four-Beta house was quite large, one of the largest sorority houses on the street. It was an old house, a mansion probably built around 1925. The grounds and the building itself were immaculate. A very tall hedge surrounded the entire back of the property, protecting a swimming pool, sun deck, and hot tub from public view. Having a tall hedge concealing the back yard was important, because the sorority strictly prohibited clothing in the pool area.

Lisa drew a deep breath and rang the doorbell. As previously instructed in her admission letter, she backed away from the door and knelt on a small mat marked with the Four-Beta insignia. She now was a pledge, and until accepted as a full member of the sorority she would have to endure an inferior social status in the house. She would be required to kneel before greeting any full member of the sorority until her probation ended. The kneeling requirement applied not only at the sorority house itself, but also when talking to any Four-Beta member on campus. The kneeling requirement was an important reason why Lisa wanted to pledge in the summer instead of the fall.

The door opened and an attractive, tall, dark-haired woman glanced down at the kneeling pledge. Lisa knelt forward, touched her head to the porch, then knelt upright.

"Pledge Lisa reporting for duty, ma’am."

"Good afternoon, Pledge Lisa. I’m glad to see you. My name’s Tracy, and I’m handling your orientation today. Do you have your registration packet ready?"

"Yes, ma’am."

Still kneeling, Lisa took a folder of contracts and releases from her backpack and handed it to her companion. The other woman briefly looked it over. Satisfied, she organized the papers and closed the folder.

"Follow me, Pledge Lisa."

Lisa stood up and followed her companion into the house. They passed through an ornate entryway and descended into the basement. The basement had been remodeled and divided into several large rooms; the most austere of which was the pledge room. Lisa followed her guide into the pledge room, which was empty except four a row of lockers, four army cots, a small sofa, and a very sturdy-looking table. On the back wall there were three open shower stalls, a toilet, and two sinks. The showers and toilet sat out completely in the open, anyone wanting to use them would be doing so in full view of the rest of the room. The pledge room itself did not have a door, since Four-Beta pledges did not have the right to enjoy any privacy or modesty.

Tracy took out a set of keys and unlocked the padlock to one of the lockers. She opened the door and continued:

"Pledge Lisa, this’ll be your locker. Go ahead and get your clothes off and put everything inside."


"Yes, everything. Of course, everything. Didn’t you read the orientation letter?"

Lisa kicked off her shoes and placed them on the floor in the locker. She pulled the dress over her head and hung it up on one of the hooks in the back. For her there was no real shock going from being dressed to being completely naked, precisely because she had started out wearing so little. Finally she took a deep breath and picked up the backpack to place on top of her shoes inside the locker.

The moment Lisa finished placing her personal items inside the locker, Tracy pushed the door shut and closed the padlock. Lisa noticed that the padlock was quite sturdy, one of those heavy-duty padlocks normally used to secure a garage door or an industrial tool shed. There was absolutely no way she could open it on her own, and only key to that lock was on Tracy’s key ring. That detail meant Lisa could only access her personal items with Tracy’s permission.

Tracy moved in front of Lisa and gave her a very sharp look. Lisa, her heart pounding, stood at attention, not knowing what else to do.

"Alright, Pledge Lisa, there’s something that you and I need to get straight with each other, and we’re gonna do that right now. Do you understand that you just broke a rule of your pledge commitment?"

"I... uh... wha... what rule was it, ma’am?"

"You forced me to repeat an order. I told you to put your stuff in the locker, and instead of doing it you just stood there questioning me. That’s not a good way to start out, and I don’t appreciate it, you get it?"

Tracy punctuated her statement by poking her finger into Lisa’s bare chest.

"But... but ma’am, I wasn’t questioning you. I just wanted to make sure that..."


Lisa, terrified at the change in her mentor’s voice and sudden savage demeanor, clumsily dropped to the floor. She positioned her arms to do pushups and balanced as best she could on her hands and toes. She was in excellent physical condition, so her tall thin body formed a graceful straight line, much to Tracy’s satisfaction.

"You do NOT argue with me, get it? You will NEVER argue with me again, or I WILL fuck you up! I WILL make your life a living hell! GET IT?"

"Yes, ma’am!"

"Alright, we’ll just see how much you get it, Pledge! In cadence, exercise! ONE... TWO... THREE..."


"ONE... TWO... THREE..."


"ONE... TWO... THREE..."


"ONE... TWO... THREE..."

At the count of ten, Tracy paused but did not let Lisa get up. The pledge was quite winded and her skin glistening with sweat. She had completed a full set of ten military-style four-count push-ups, which in reality meant she had done a total of 20. Fortunately, her arms were strong from working out and she was able to hold her position.

Another member of the sorority came into the pledge room with a couple of guys, one of whom Lisa recognized as an officer in the Tri-Alpha fraternity. While Lisa struggled to remain in the front-leaning-rest position, Tracy casually chatted with the newcomers. The conversation shifted to Lisa, as Tracy described her pledge’s qualifications and background. While they conversed, the others glanced down as her sweaty, trembling, naked body. Tracy continued talking with an incredulous tone in her voice.

"I can’t believe what she just pulled, like, within a minute of coming into this house! This little bitch argued with me! All this effort I’m putting into helping her get settled in, and she actually argued with me!"

The Tri-Alpha guy who Lisa recognized chimed in: "That’s not a good way to start, Pledge."

"No, sir."

"If you’d pulled that shit with me, you’d have lot more to worry about than a few push-ups."

"Yes, sir."

The truth was that Lisa was very afraid that there was more to worry about than "a few push-ups". Under normal circumstances at the very least she could have expected a couple of belt swats across her unprotected bottom. However, Tracy had decided not to inflict any physical punishment because Pledge Lisa had not yet taken her ID photos. That might have saved Lisa’s skin, but Tracy decided that her pledge owed her more pushups. Again she screamed:

"In cadence, exercise! ONE... TWO... THREE..."


"ONE... TWO... THREE..."


"ONE... TWO... THREE..."


"ONE... TWO... THREE..."

Lisa did not do nearly as well on the second set of push-ups as she had done on the first. After having done the first set of 20 push-ups and then being forced to stay several minutes in the front-leaning rest position, her muscles started to give out. With every bit of strength left she managed to make it through the first eight counts, but then couldn’t do any more. Her arms shook badly and she pushed her bottom up as she struggled to not collapse on the floor. She was aware that by pushing her bottom up, she was completely exposing herself to her spectators, but the choice was either that or fall to the floor.

At that moment another Four-Beta member entered, leading an attractive, petite black woman into the pledge room. The new pledge glanced at Lisa with alarm, realizing that momentarily she would face the same harsh discipline.

"Pledge Cherine, this’ll be your locker. Get your clothes off and put everything inside."

"Yes, ma’am."

Lisa watched over her shoulder as Cherine nervously took off her clothes. Her street clothing was much less revealing than Lisa’s light dress: consisting of a T-shirt, cargo pants, a thick bra, and a standard pair of panties. As each item of clothing came off the newcomer became increasingly nervous, obviously distressed that the guys showed no sign of leaving the room. Cherine became even more distressed when her mentor expressed disapproval of her underwear.

"Alright, Pledge. Put your clothes in the locker, except that underwear. That’s going in the trash. If you think you’re gonna be a Four-Beta you’d better change your ideas about underwear, and change them fast. Don’t you ever let me catch you wearing anything like that again!"

"Y...yes, ma’am!"

Cherine took the two articles of clothing and looked around the room with a terrified expression, wondering where the trashcan was and struggling to not cover herself in front of her two male spectators. She was smart enough to know that if she dared try to cover her body she faced severe punishment, but was using every bit of her willpower to fight her instincts and 18 years of ingrained modesty.

"The trash cans are upstairs, right outside the kitchen. Take that crap up there and be quick about it!"

"Yes, ma’am."

The naked black girl disappeared through the door and ran up the stairs. A moment later Lisa could hear her coming back down, minus the offending garments. She stood at attention in front of her mentor, trying to ignore her audience and her still-prone fellow pledge. Her pledge mentor, who was called Heather, put a heavy-duty padlock on her locker and latched it. Like Lisa, Cherine now was separated from her personal items and could only retrieve them with Heather’s permission.

By the time Cherine’s locker was sealed, Lisa was desperately struggling to stay in position, her arms and legs shaking and sweat trickling down her body. It was obvious she was suffering, and Cherine’s wide fearful eyes couldn’t keep from glancing over at her.

She glanced one time too many, and her mentor noticed.

"What’s your problem, Pledge Cherine, you want to join her?"

"No, ma’am!"

"I think you do! You keep looking over there, and to me that means you wanna join her! No problem from my end! Get you ass over there, in the front-leaning rest position, now!"

Cherine took her place next to Lisa, shaking not from fatigue, but from terror. In one aspect Lisa was the luckier of the two young women. She was completely uninhibited about being undressed in front of other people, while it was obvious that Cherine had never before been naked in public.

Tracy’s voice barked out the command:

"In cadence, exercise! ONE... TWO... THREE..."


"ONE... TWO... THREE..."


"ONE... TWO... THREE..."


"ONE... TWO... THREE..."

The two young women’s bodies could not have contrasted more, one short and one tall, one black and the other white. However, both performances were quite pathetic, because neither was able to properly do the push-ups. Lisa was totally exhausted, while Cherine was not used to exercising. Sweat and tears rolled down their cheeks as Tracy continued to berate them for their inept efforts. Lisa recoiled at the total unfairness of the situation, being yelled at along with Cherine, even though she already had done more than forty push-ups, while her companion was starting from scratch.

Tracy’s voice dripped with total disgust as she ordered the two naked pledges to "recover". They stood at attention breathing heavily with sweat running down their bodies.

"Alright, you two. Shower-up, and make it quick. Then I want you in front of your lockers, ready to move out!"

"Yes, ma’am!"

Lisa and Cherine quickly jumped into the two showers, soaped off, and dried themselves with small towels. Lisa noticed the towels were the same type used in the dorms at the university, barely the size of a bathmat and too small to wrap around a person’s body. Four-Beta pledges had no right to cover their bodies, not even with towels. In front of the lockers were two pairs of beach sandals, the only item the Four-Beta pledges would be allowed to wear when going outside during Four-Beta functions.

The two pledges put on the sandals and stood at attention at their lockers, desperately trying to ignore the stares from their audience of three women and two men. Unfortunately, it turned out that the two Tri-Alpha members were not there just to gawk. They had come to escort the two newcomers over to the fraternity, where they would endure a medical examination, have their ID pictures taken and be sworn in. Tracy ordered the two pledges to march towards the door and up the stairs. They were ordered to continue out the front door and across the front lawn towards a waiting minivan. The mid-day sun shined hot on their bodies as they waited for Tracy to open the side panel door of the van.

There were several college students out on the sidewalk, a couple of whom whistled at the two naked young women as they climbed into the vehicle. Once inside, Lisa and Cherine saw two towels laid out on the seat behind the driver, indicating where they needed to sit.

One of the Tri-Alphas jumped into the front passenger’s seat beside the driver, while the other guy and two of the Four-Betas climbed into the back seat. For a moment Tracy stood at the door of the van and snapped a couple of pictures of Heather and Cherine as they put on their safety belts. Then she jumped in, pulled the side door shut, and settled on the seat next to the two pledges. The van pulled away from the sorority and made its way to the Tri-Alpha house, which was just a couple of blocks away.

Except for the soreness in her arms, so far Lisa was none the worse for her experience. She had expected everything that had happened to her, which was one of the reasons she had decided not to wear any underwear before coming over to the sorority. Objectionable underwear was one thing she could eliminate to avoid getting reprimanded. She had not anticipated being punished simply for trying to get clarification for Tracy’s first command, but she was aware that unreasonable demands and military-style punishments were an important part of the pledge process. There would be plenty of physical punishment as well, paddlings and belt-whippings for particularly serious offenses. However, on a day-to-day basis the sorority mostly used yelling and military-style exercises to discipline pledges because the members did not want to risk injury or have the newcomers too badly marked up.

Lisa glanced over at Cherine. Her fellow pledge was absolutely terrified and miserable. Her dark eyes were wide with fright and she seemed very close to crying. It was very clear that Cherine had not really understood how intense an experience pledging the Four-Betas would actually be. Yes, she had read the orientation manual, but still had not really comprehended what she was getting herself into. Lisa felt that if she had a couple of moments alone with her companion, she might be able to comfort her and at least help her get through the day, but who knew when that would be.

The minivan pulled to a stop at an intersection as the driver signaled to make a left turn. An SUV pulled next to the minivan, with an older guy dressed in a suit at the wheel. His eyes went wide when he saw that two of the passengers in the back of the vehicle next to him were completely naked.

"No covering up, you two. What happens, happens."

Cherine stared straight ahead as she clenched her fists under her thighs and began shaking. Lisa actually found the situation a bit fun. She smiled at the neighboring driver, waved at him, and blew him a kiss. The older man’s mouth dropped open as the van made its turn and continued on down the street.

Chapter 3 - Medical Exam

A couple more turns and a couple blocks later, the van arrived at the Tri-Alpha house. The fraternity house was somewhat larger than the Four-Beta house and closer to the university. Like the sorority, the fraternity was clean and very well maintained. Lisa noticed a rival fraternity across the street that had trash in the yard and was not nearly as nice, but she knew that the guys over there were a bunch of drunks. At the Tri-Alpha house a passer-by would never see any beer bottles or party trash, because neither the Tri-Alphas nor the Four-Betas permitted alcohol on their properties. Drunkenness and drug use were grounds for immediate and permanent expulsion from both the fraternity and its sister sorority.

The minivan pulled up to the sidewalk, which meant the two pledges would have to walk up the driveway to get into the house. Again they had to listen to whistles and catcalls from the neighboring fraternities as they made their way in the bright sunlight to the front door.

Tracy rang the doorbell. "Alright you two, you know the drill. On your knees. Show these gentlemen respect, and you’ll get respect. Don’t show them respect, and your asses will pay."

"Yes, ma’am."

The two naked women sank to their knees, just in time for the door to open. Three young men, all of them well dressed, answered the door. Lisa recognized one of them as the newly elected Tri-Alpha chapter president. Tracy tapped her with her foot, her cue to address the hosts.

"Pledge Lisa requests permission to speak."

"Speak, Pledge Lisa."

"Pledge Lisa asks permission for herself and Pledge Cherine to enter."

"Permission granted, Pledge Lisa. You and Pledge Cherine may enter."

The two pledges stood up, hugely relieved at finally being able to get off the street and out of sight of the other fraternities. They kicked off their sandals and went into a huge sitting room that also served as the Tri-Alpha ceremonial room. Two other naked young women already were kneeling on the floor. Tracy introduced them as Pledge Bernadette and Pledge Kathleen. Lisa had been told that there were a total of four pledges in the summer group, and realized the two kneeling women must be the other two summer pledges. Lisa and Cherine took their places next to the other two women and sank to their knees.

In spite of being physically fit and almost exactly same age, the four women’s bodies were very different from each other. Lisa was tall and thin, her bleach-blond hair contrasting with her deeply tanned body. Cherine was the shortest member of the group, with beautiful solid dark skin that contrasted with the skin-tones of her three companions. Bernadette’s body was soft and perfectly white except for a few faint freckles on her arms and shoulders. Kathleen’s body was sharply two-toned; her deeply tanned legs, shoulders, and lower back contrasting with her white bottom and breasts.

Several more well dressed fraternity and sorority members entered the room, including the chapter president of the Four-Betas, the chapter vice-president, and the treasurer. Heather, the sorority’s sergeant-in-arms, stood next to the four aspirants, holding a notebook and a riding crop.

Lisa found it interesting that both the Tri-Alphas and the Four-Betas were fairly representative of the U.S. college-aged population as a whole. Two of the Four-Beta officers were black, as was the Tri-Alpha chapter vice-president. The fraternity’s sergeant-in-arms looked Hispanic, and one of the Four-Beta assistants was Asian. Cherine was the only black member of the small pledge group, but most definitely she would not be out of place once she became a full-standing member of the sorority.

Lisa, whose sharp eyes caught everything, noticed the Tri-Alpha vice-president looking longingly at Cherine. He to be seemed smitten with the young woman the moment he laid eyes one her. That was no surprise, because Cherine was quite attractive. If she could get over her shyness and make it through the initiation, she easily could have her pick of the guys in the fraternity.

There was no question that Lisa planned to tell her companion about the vice-president’s interest in her, because there was a good chance Cherine could play his attraction to get herself more lenient treatment whenever she had to perform duties in the Tri-Alpha house. That would be important, because Lisa could tell that her companion was seriously considering backing out of her pledge commitment. Lisa hoped that the prospect of better treatment in the fraternity and a possible relationship with one of the Tri-Alpha officers might be enough to motivate Cherine to stay in.

Lisa knew what was coming next. It was customary that all new pledges, both male and female, be subjected to a medical examination before the ID pictures and the swearing-in ceremony. The medical examination had to be conducted in full view of the officers of both the sorority and fraternity. The exam was a very rough experience for anyone with any modesty and was considered an important test of a pledge’s suitability to continue the initiation process. Not only did the fraternity and sorority want to ensure that their members had full knowledge of the human body, but also they used the medical examinations as an important means to evaluate each pledge’s willingness to obey orders and part with any remaining inhibitions. On that day the female pledges were required to subject themselves to public medical examinations, while Ken and his fellow male pledges would face similar examinations from the Four-Betas before they swore in the following week.

The rules of the fraternity and its sister sorority required examiners to be the opposite sex of the subjects being examined. Conducting the pledge examinations was an official duty of the junior class; Tri-Alpha juniors examined Four-Beta pledges, and Four-Beta juniors examined Tri-Alpha pledges. To that rule there was an important exception. If a pledge declared himself homosexual or herself lesbian on the initial application form, then the medical examinations were conducted by juniors of the same sex. Lisa and her three companions were all straight, so the fraternity guys would examine them all.

The equipment in the room included a padded examination table, a full set of medical instruments, two treadmills, and a gynecological examination chair. The table and treadmills would be used first, while the chair would be used during the final part of the medical evaluation.

Ten young men wearing white doctors’ smocks, stethoscopes, and medical gloves marched single file into the room. The group split, with five males lining up on one side of the table and five lining up on the other side. Each examiner was holding a clipboard with medical charts attached.

Heather addressed the first pledge:

"Pledge Kathleen, stand up and step forward please."

"Yes, ma’am."

The young woman stood up and took several steps forward. The Four-Beta chapter president approached trembling pledge. She pointed at the floor, indicating that she needed to get back on her knees.

"Pledge Kathleen. Those tan lines are completely unacceptable!"

"I... uh... yes, ma’am."

"If you know that, then why do you have ‘em?"

"I... I went to the lake last week with my parents on their boat... you know, like... ’cause I was with ‘em... and I... I couldn’t go without a swimsuit, you know... like... not in front of my family..."

"Well, they look like shit, and we don’t allow it. All right, Pledge. I’m gonna let you slide, just because it was with your folks. I’m giving you till the end of the week to get those tan-lines off your body. After your ID pictures are taken you will immediately report to sergeant-in-arms Heather and she’ll tell you what you need to do."

"Yes, ma’am. Thank you, ma’am."

"Alright, Pledge, get back with the others."

"Yes, ma’am!"

As Kathleen turned around, the leader of the Four-Betas landed a sharp slap on her bottom, marking her un-tanned skin with a vivid pink handprint. Kathleen, very nervous and totally embarrassed, knelt and re-joined the other pledges.

The Tri-Alpha chapter president stepped forward, holding a large old-style glass thermometer in his hand. Lisa recognized it as a rectal thermometer, wondering if her companions realized how their body temperatures were about to be taken. A vague feeling of erotic excitement swept over her as she speculated how the tube of glass would feel inserted into her tender backside. She wondered what position she and the others would assume and how long they would have to stay still until their temperatures registered. She found the entire idea, exposing the most intimate part of herself to one of those guys in the white smocks, feeling the gloved finger as it gently lubricated and massaged her exposed sphincter, and finally feeling of the uncompromising cold glass as it invaded her body... the whole idea totally excited her. Her heart rate picked up and she could feel the beginnings of wetness between her legs. Oh, please...not the wetness, she thought to herself. Not here... not now...

The president of the Tri-Alphas began speaking, as his counterpart from the Four-Betas stood at his side.

"Alright Pledges, we’re gonna get started. As you all know, an important goal of the Tri-Alpha and Four-Beta program is for our members to become thoroughly familiar with the human body. The human body is the temple that houses our souls, and therefore to understand life we must start by completely understanding the temple of our own flesh. As part of our journey to enlighten ourselves we first seek to become knowledgeable about our own bodies, and then knowledgeable about the bodies of other people. An important part of that wealth of knowledge is medical training. We seek to become completely proficient in conducting basic medical evaluations, enduring rigorous physical training, and administering first aid. As freshmen and sophomores you will routinely subject yourselves to medical examinations, but by your third year with us you will be fully qualified and expected to conduct medical examinations yourselves. Four years from now, or whenever you choose to complete your time with us, the human body will hold no secrets from you."

The president of the Four-Betas gestured to the four kneeling pledges, who responded in unison: "Yes, sir."

The Tri-Alpha president continued:

"An important part of our practical knowledge of the human body is our knowledge of each other. Every person in this room will become intimately familiar with each of your bodies, and, as time passes, you will become intimately familiar with each of us."

"Yes, sir"

"We’ll start out by doing a general check-up. We’ll be taking your temperatures, collecting specimens, and finally looking you over more thoroughly. Well check you head to toe: your vitals, your physical fitness, blood pressure, and heartbeat. We’ll check your reflexes, eyes, hearing, and then finally look for any lesions, cysts, signs of breast cancer, vaginal infections, polyps, hemorrhoids, yeast... the works. We’ve got our own heath insurance plan and as of now you are covered. If we find anything wrong we’ll forward you to a specialist and you’ll get it fixed, on us. We take care of our own."

"Yes, sir. Thank you, sir."

"Alright, let’s get started. Anyone want to go first?"

The pledges glanced at each other with very frightened and bewildered expressions. They had known that the medical exam was an important test of their resolve to continue with their pledge commitment, but now that the moment had come, they were totally humiliated and terrified. Even Lisa was scared, but her anxiety was mixed with anticipation and intense sexual arousal.

At that moment Lisa realized she needed to take the initiative for her group. She needed to volunteer to go first, let her fellow pledges watch her be examined, and then give moral support as each of the others went through the upcoming ordeal. Lisa could tell that all three of her companions were wavering, wondering whether they could really face an entire summer of pledging. No, they couldn’t quit; that couldn’t be allowed to happen. Lisa’s character and her instincts for helping the others demanded that she not let any of them drop out. They would make it through the pledge process, all four of them, as a group. They would make it, because Lisa would take the lead and the others would follow her. She stood up.

"I’m ready, sir. With your permission, I’ll go first."

"OK, Pledge Lisa. Hop up on the table and we’ll get started."

"Yes, sir."

With that Lisa sat on the table and her examination began. She was a bit surprised at the professionalism of the juniors examining her as they asked her to cough, took her pulse and blood pressure, looked down her throat, shined lights into her ears and eyes, and checked her reflexes. The noted several old scars on her knees from childhood bicycle accidents and asked her at length about her medical history. The group took turns examining her, switching off to take down notes that later would be consolidated into a single medical file. The juniors then told her to lie on her back while they checked her digestive system by pressing their fingers into her intestines. They pressed her uterus and noted her appendectomy scar.

Finally two new examiners took notes about her breasts and checked them for lumps. The two young men moved their fingers in circles around Lisa’s breasts and lymph nodes, in a serious effort to find any problems. One of them did find a small lump and made a note in his chart to have Lisa see a doctor to check it out. More than likely nothing serious, he told her, but why take chances?

Lisa’s examiners switched off again. One of them told her to sit up and get on her knees and elbows on the table. She complied, turning her bottom towards her companions and assuming the required position. The exhibitionist in her came out full-force as she spread her knees, arched her back, and lewdly exposed herself to everyone in the room. A warm feeling of erotic excitement swept over her as she felt a gloved hand touch her bottom and a fingertip gently spread Vaseline over her bottom-hole. Her examiner, who was well aware that she was excited and was getting aroused himself, let her wait a moment before inserting the thermometer. He wanted to allow his patient’s anticipation to build before the glass rod made its way inside her.

The juniors made more notes in their charts while Lisa remained on her elbows and knees and the thermometer stayed in place inside her backside. Everyone was looking at her, and she was loving it. She was disappointed when she felt the thermometer slide out. However, her examiner, who was enjoying Lisa’s examination every bit as much as she was enjoying it, decided to prolong her ordeal.

"I don’t think we got a good reading. Let me shake it down and we’ll try again."

Again the fingertip gently massaged her sphincter, and again the thermometer made its way inside. She held her position for several minutes before the thermometer slid back out. To her disappointment she heard:

"Alright, that reading was good. Your temperature’s normal, but your heart rate seems a bit high and you have quite a bit of vaginal discharge."

The junior changed gloves and again lubricated the fingertip.

"We’ll be done in just a second, Pledge. I’m just gonna do a rectal exam and then we’ll move you to the chair."

The young man slid his finger deep inside Lisa’s bottom and began exploring her insides. The feeling was totally weird, but she loved it and was becoming even more aroused. At that moment Lisa forgot all about Ken and fantasized about being bent over, her hands and feet immobilized, surrendering her bottom to that guy in the white lab-coat. Neither Ken nor her former boyfriend had ever taken her from behind, but as that stranger’s finger continued to move around that fantasy totally filled her thoughts and desires. Take me... take me... take me... that’s it... up the ass... yes... fuck me right up the ass...

All too soon the Tri-Alpha pulled his finger out of Lisa’s bottom, but he instructed her to stay in position so he could wipe her clean. The gentle touches of the cool wipe cleared away the remnants of her temperature taking and exam, but only added to her intense excitement.

Lisa eagerly moved to the gynecological chair. She placed her legs in the stirrups and found her body even more exposed than before. As she felt the cool air-conditioning of the room blow against her very wet vagina, Lisa looked around and noticed everyone in the room continuing to stare at her. Her breathing shuttered and was irregular from her arousal and by now her entire private area was very wet.

Heather and Tracy talked quietly, first between themselves, and then to the guy who had done Lisa’s temperature taking and rectal exam. This wasn’t the first time a pledge had become so aroused during an examination. Usually it was the guys who needed to be calmed down, but Lisa was not the first woman who ever got out of control, nor would she be the last. There was a solution, and it was quite simple...

Tracy put her hand on Lisa’s forearm:

"Pledge Lisa, we’re gonna need to calm you down. We’re used to this, but usually it’s with the guys."

"I... I’m sorry, ma’am. It’s just..."

"That’s OK, Pledge. Just close your eyes and try to relax. We’ll take care of it."

Take care of it? Take care of what? However, Lisa did as she was ordered and closed her eyes. She felt a cloth descend over the top part of her face and heard the footsteps of several people coming close to her. Then, all over her skin she felt the light touches of several sets of fingertips. The touches explored her entire body, seeking her most vulnerable and sensitive areas. She felt the light caresses on her face, her lips, her nipples, her stomach, her legs, and finally her exposed pelvis. The touches were tentative and teasing, leaving her desperate for more. It was obvious that the Tri-Alphas knew what they were doing and that her climax was not far off. Soon she was moaning in desperation as a series of light touches centered on massaging the juices of her arousal. As she came close to climaxing the smell of her orgasm permeated the entire room.

A fingertip expertly teased her clitoris. Lisa knew it probably was one of the Tri-Alphas who was touching her, but fantasized that it was either Heather or Tracy. As she had fantasized just a few minutes before about being fucked up the ass, now she was fantasizing about submitting to the two strong-willed women who were bossing her and Cherine around. Oh, Tracy, if only it were you doing this to me... I’d be yours... oh yes... take me... seduce me...

The Tri-Alphas forced Lisa to climax, but took their time prolonging her orgasm. Perspiration covered her body as she shuddered and moaned from the delicious feeling of all those hands on her body, and especially that one expert hand between her legs that was guiding her through such exquisite joy.

The three other pledges continued to kneel as they watched the seduction of their companion in total disbelief. Lisa, easily the strongest-willed member of the group, now was completely under the control of her examiners. There was not a hint of pride or self-control in her as she spread herself desperately wanting that orgasm to continue. The physical sensations she was enjoying filled every thought in her head and momentarily took over her entire world.

Finally the spell broke and the orgasm came to an end. Lisa remained in her chair, her legs spread wide and her body on display to everyone in the room. She was exhausted, totally and deliciously exhausted. Her body reeked from sweat and sexual arousal.

Lisa’s examiners went back to work. They measured her pulse and heartbeat as her breathing returned to normal. One of the guys rolled a cart of medical instruments close to the examination chair and lubricated a speculum. He took a seat between her legs and pushed the device inside. He examined her and called out his observations to another Tri-Alpha writing into a medical form. He calmly conducted a pap smear and handed the sample to another member of the examination team who took it out of the room. The patient, still coming down off the high of her recent orgasm, barely noticed anything from the gynecological portion of her exam.

One of the team members announced to the others that he did not think that Pledge Lisa needed to get on the treadmill, because he had taken a good reading of her heart rate right after she climaxed and several more as her pulse returned to normal.

"I honestly don’t think we’re gonna get her heart rate that high again no matter how hard we run her. I’m pretty sure she was maxed out."

The others agreed and Lisa was spared a 15-minute run on the treadmill.

The examination ended with the unpleasant part of drawing blood for various medical tests. The fraternity had its own specialized chair for blood drawing, which made sense because the Tri-Alphas sponsored frequent blood drives as well as examining their own members. After the pledge sat down one of the Tri-Alpha juniors expertly drew her blood, as well as any nurse could have taken it. He barely left a mark in her arm, one that would be gone the next day. Her medical exam now was finished and a member of the examination team helped her get out of her chair.

Two new Tri-Alphas dressed in matching shorts and t-shirts entered the room and were directed to take Lisa’s arms. The newcomers led her into the hallway and guided her to a large bathroom at the end of the building. The bathroom had a large shower stall with several long flexible nozzles. It also had a pair of chains with cuffs hanging from the ceiling. The two Tri-Alphas directed the pledge’s attention to a small sign bolted on the wall next to the shower. Lisa read:

Pledge Shower

Pledges using this facility are required to request assistance.

Under no circumstance may a pledge enter this room unescorted.

Pledges requiring assistance will show proper behavior and respect to upper classmen at all times.

Lisa, still somewhat tired and disoriented from her medical exam, knelt, not knowing what else to do. The guys left her kneeling while they got undressed. Now as naked as their pledge, they took position in front of her. Lisa was scared at the thought of being nude in a bathroom with two naked guys, but she continued to kneel quietly. For a moment the room was full of tense silence, because she did not understand what she needed to do. Finally one of the Tri-Alphas broke the silence with an irritated voice.

"Pledge, you need to ask us to help you get cleaned up."

Lisa swallowed hard, and forced herself to comply. "Sir, Pledge Lisa asks permission to speak."

"Yes Pledge Lisa, you may speak."

"Sir, I need you to help me get cleaned up. Would you do me that favor, please?"

"Sure, Pledge Lisa, we’ll be happy to help you."

The two males took Lisa’s hands and helped her stand up. The moved her hands to the cuffs and tightened them around her wrists.

"Close your eyes and tilt your head back. We’ll start with your hair."

Lisa heard the water come on and then the warm spray as one of the Tri-Alphas ran a nozzle over her scalp. She heard the click of a shampoo bottle lid and felt the cold dab of shampoo on her head. A pair of hands gently massaged the shampoo into her hair and quickly rinsed it off. She felt a washcloth pass soap over her face, and then a second washcloth cleaning it off. The nozzle again shot water into her hair, and then, on a gentler setting, washed the remaining soap from her face.

Two nozzles covered her body with warm water before two sets of hands lathered soap over her entire body from her neck to her feet. The guys seemed to take longer than necessary soaping her breasts, but she found that quite enjoyable, if not exactly erotic. One of the men spent a very long time soaping and massaging Lisa’s bottom. He ran his soapy fingers between her bottom cheeks, gently rubbing back and forth to make sure that her sphincter was completely clean. The other guy did her stomach and pubic area, running his fingers through the stubble of her pubic hair and massaging her vagina. A wave of sexual desire suddenly entered Lisa. She gasped as the massaging of her bottom-hole and her vagina continued. The guy behind her continued to concentrate on massaging her bottom and part of her back, while the one in front massaged her pelvis and stomach. Lisa gasped a second time as she experienced yet another exquisite orgasm at the hands of the Tri-Alphas.

These guys are good, she thought to herself. They’re really good at this.

Two nozzles sprayed two jets of water over Lisa’s body to clean off the remaining soap. She felt a towel pass up and down her body and another drying off her hair. Finally two blow dryers, one for her body and one for her hair, removed the final traces of water from the shower.

The guys unbuckled the cuffs and led her to the bathroom sink. They soaped her hands and gently massaged and washed them for the final part of her cleaning. Lisa’s hands had been the one part of her body they couldn’t wash while she was immobilized by the cuffs, so they needed to be done separately. Finally one of the guys laid a clean towel on the floor and pointed at it, indicating the Lisa needed to assume the kneeling position of a pledge.

As she watched the two guys dry themselves and get dressed, Lisa felt totally relaxed and cleaner than she had ever felt in her life. She was genuinely grateful for the experience they had given her and wished that she could thank them in some way.

Once they were dressed, the shower attendants led Lisa back to the sitting room. She re-entered to see Kathleen on her lying back on the examination table and Cherine sweating on the treadmill. Bernadette was still kneeling on the floor with a very frightened expression on her face. She seemed hugely relieved to see Lisa return bathed and apparently none the worse for her experience.

Lisa returned to her kneeling position next to Bernadette and whispered:

"Nothing to worry about. They got me hooked for sure."

"So everything’s OK?"

"Oh yeah, you can say that. Wait ‘till they put you in the shower. You’ll see how OK it really is."

The two women’s attention was drawn to Kathleen and her examiners, who seemed to be discussing a problem with their patient. The examination of her stomach had revealed that she was badly constipated. Her examiners were asking her a series of questions, and finally closed in on the problem.

"Pledge, what have you had to drink today?"

"Uh... a couple of cups of coffee in the morning, and... I guess some soda."

"With caffeine?"

"Yes, sir."

"The soda too?"

"Yes, sir."

"No water or juice?"

"Uh, no sir..."

"Well, now we know why you’re constipated. Come-on, Pledge, get a clue! It’s summer! You need to drink more than just coffee and soda! That’ll dehydrate you, and that explains why your guts are full of dry shit!"

Tears began running down Kathleen’s cheeks. She was horrified at the thought of having such an intimate secret aired so publicly.

"Sit up, Pledge! We’re gonna get this fixed!"

One of the shower attendants left the room and came back with a large glass of mineral water, with ice and a couple of lemon slices. Kathleen sat quietly drinking while everyone in the room waited for her to empty the glass. While Kathleen struggled to drink the water, her examiner instructed the two guys in shorts to "prepare a solution". They left the room and momentarily came back with large towel, a full enema bag, and a tube of lubricant. One of the guys laid out a towel on the floor, while the other presented the bag to the examiner. He shook down a thermometer and dipped it in to check the water’s temperature. Kathleen, her eyes wide and her body fidgeting, stared at the enema with terror.

Heather addressed her.

"Pledge have you ever had an enema before?"

"I... I mean... no, ma’am... I haven’t"

"It’s a bit scary the first time, but we need to get you cleaned out."

"Ma’am... Please! I can’t do that! I can’t! Please don’t make me..."

Kathleen jumped off the table and covered herself. Lisa’s heart sank. That was it, Kathleen had chickened out. Lisa raised her hand.

"Ma’am, Pledge Lisa requests permission to speak."

"What, Pledge Lisa?"

"Pledge Kathleen, please listen to me! It’s not so bad! Really it isn’t! Me and my boyfriend do it all the time..."

Kathleen, totally terrified, started to cry. Lisa realized that the problem was not just Kathleen. All three of her fellow pledges had panicked and were about to chicken out. Bernadette had covered her breasts and looked about to jump up, while Cherine had stopped running and also was covering herself. Breaking pledge protocol, Lisa jumped up.

"Look, Kathleen, I’ll do it! I’ll take the enema for you, and I’ll show you it’s really nothing to worry about!"

The members of the sorority and fraternity exchanged looks, not really knowing what to do about Pledge Lisa’s outburst. There was no question that she had broken pledge protocol and under ordinary circumstances would face corporal punishment and a week of severe restrictions. However, she also was demonstrating real initiative and leadership by trying to help her companions get through the first day of the pledging ordeal.

The medical examination almost always eliminated pledges, but the presidents of both the sorority and the fraternity realized that if they allowed Lisa to have her way, she might actually be able to keep Kathleen and Cherine from quitting. The officers also realized this incident was an important test of a potential future leader, a young woman who was brave and willing to guide the others through example.

The sorority president nodded to Tracy, who in turn commanded Lisa:

"Very well, Pledge. You’ll step forward and position yourself on the towel."

Relieved, Lisa knelt on the towel and leaned forward on her elbows. For the second time that afternoon she turned her bottom up and exposed her bottom-hole to everyone in the room. She was quite used to what she was doing, because true to her word, both she and Ken enjoyed giving each other enemas. Enemas were one sexual adventure out of many that she had shared with her boyfriend since starting her relationship with him at the beginning of the year.

Lisa did not feel much erotic excitement as she felt a gloved finger lubricating her sphincter for the third time that day, simply because after two orgasms, her sexual energy was spent. Still, the enema was something she was looking forward to, because she enjoyed the feeling of the warm water as it entered her intestines, and the delicious relief that came afterwards when she emptied herself out. She hoped the Tri-Alphas had not put soap in the enema, because she had tried that once and did not like that feeling of a soapy enema at all.

"OK, Pledge, just try to relax."

"Yes, sir."

The nozzle made its way into Lisa’s bottom and eased into her colon. She heard the clamp on the tube snap open, and a moment later felt the pressure beginning to build in her intestines. The Tri-Alphas had not put soap in the enema, but instead had put an herbal mixture in the solution, something that seemed to warm Lisa’s insides and made her feel very relaxed and comfortable. Within a very short time two quarts of enema solution were sitting safely inside the pledge’s body.

Lisa knew that for the enema to be effective she had to hold her position for about 10 minutes. The water solution needed time to travel through her entire digestive track and loosen what was inside. She also wanted to keep whatever it was that was in that solution in her body as long as possible, because it made her feel really good.

Seeing Lisa calmly on her elbows and knees did the trick as far as Kathleen’s panic was concerned. She felt rather ashamed of herself, especially after one of her periodic cramps swept through her stomach. Kathleen had always thought that the cramps were something normal, but maybe they weren’t. Maybe she really did need to clean herself out and drink more water. Maybe Lisa and her examiners were right after all.

"Sir, I request permission to speak."

"Yes, Pledge Kathleen?"

"I... I’m sorry about the enema. If you’re not mad at me, I’ll go ahead and take it."

"OK, Pledge. Please assume the position next to Pledge Lisa."

A second later Kathleen’s two-toned body was properly positioned next to Lisa’s deeply tanned figure. The white triangle of her bottom was facing upwards and her sphincter ready to submit to the enema. As she felt the nozzle press into her she squeezed Lisa’s hand in fright, but was trying her best to face this procedure with as much courage as possible. As the water flowed into her and that relaxing solution worked its magic on her insides, Kathleen’s mood changed and her courage returned. The crisis had passed. Like Lisa, Kathleen was determined to push forward with her pledge commitment and prove herself worthy of being a Four-Beta.

As she waited for Kathleen to hold her enema the required 10 minutes, Lisa’s intestines were starting to cramp. She had kept her own solution inside her for nearly 20 minutes by the time Kathleen was finished and the Tri-Alpha shower attendants escorted the two women to the pledge shower room.

As they entered the room, Lisa looked longingly at the toilet, desperately wanting to relieve herself. However, she realized that she needed to sacrifice her own comfort and let Kathleen go first. Lisa’s fellow pledge sat down and leaned forward. A series of grunts and loud plops signaled the initial emptying of the young woman’s long-suffering intestines. Both women were amazed at how much Kathleen had in her; no sooner did she finish with one round of splashes than she grunted and emptied herself even more. She breathed heavily and sat exhausted on the toilet seat as her companion patiently waited for her to get off so she could go herself. By the time Kathleen was done, Lisa was in acute distress and her stomach was swelling more and more. However she was determined to let Kathleen finish in peace. Finally, to Lisa’s huge relief, Kathleen wiped herself and flushed the toilet. Lisa hated to imagine what that water must have contained, but fortunately now it was gone.

Kathleen moved to the shower entrance and knelt, while Lisa finally got on the toilet and felt the delicious swoosh of the enema solution as it exited her body. Meanwhile, the two guys were taking off their clothes yet again and getting ready bathe their second pledge. Lisa got off the toilet, wiped herself, and took her place kneeling next to Kathleen.

Kathleen entered the shower and the two naked young men attached her wrists to the cuffs. At first it seemed they were planning to give her the same treatment they gave Lisa. However, unlike Lisa, the shower attendants did not spend too much time massaging Kathleen’s private area and did not attempt to bring her to orgasm. Somehow they knew that, unlike Lisa, Kathleen was not ready to have an orgasm in the shower. It turned out that at least to some extent they were willing to respect her limitations.

Interesting, thought Lisa to herself, these guys really do have us figured out.

The two attendants ordered Kathleen to kneel back down on the towel while they quickly cleaned off Lisa. This time they did not give her a full shower, but instead concentrated on cleaning her bottom and the area between her legs to prepare her for the next task of the first day, the portrait taking. Again the two naked men caressed Lisa's clitoris and bottom-hole, but this time it was just to make sure she was clean. All too soon they rinsed her off and ordered her to kneel on a towel next to Kathleen.