The Freshman
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(warnings: corporal punishment, erotic discipline, public nudity, sex between adults, references to drug use, references to violence, language)

Chapter 11 - An Evening with Dr. Jim Halsey

Ruth Burnside quietly finished putting away Cecilia's papers and locked her file cabinets. She pondered the strange events that had transpired over the last 24 hours. It was about 9:00 p.m., exactly 24 hours since she had received that ominous e-mail from the director of the department concerning her computer. The e-mail had brought about a day of crisis in the life of the scholarship student, but fortunately that crisis now was over. Tomorrow Cecilia would be safely back in class, and Burnside would have to sign an acknowledgment of the written reprimand. No big deal. She had been reprimanded before and always got past it.

Burnside knew the three professors on the ethics panel. She had nominated one of them and had voted for the other two. She knew them well enough to have been able to predict how they would vote. Brenda always voted to expel, Bob usually voted in favor of the student, so the committee's director always cast the tie-breaking vote. Normally he simply deferred to whatever the professor in question wanted, which in this case, was to leave Cecilia Sanchez enrolled.

Still, the committee's vote was a serious matter. Cecilia's life literally hung in the balance, because Burnside correctly suspected her student would attempt suicide if she were expelled from the university. Going into the meeting Burnside had no guarantee that Cecilia would be allowed to stay enrolled, so she had to take the hearing very seriously. Burnside was a pessimist by nature, so she always prepared for the worst outcome. She was hugely relieved to have managed to keep Cecilia enrolled, but at the same time remained very angry at her. More than anything else was the hassle of having to re-write the midterm. There were other unpleasant concerns facing her, including the reprimand and invariable department gossip and discussions behind her back about her choice of a scholarship student.

Burnside somewhat sympathized with Cecilia, because the girl had no way of knowing that a few mouse clicks would set off such a crisis. She had found out the hard way something that she really wasn't supposed to know, because the university examination tracking system was a strictly kept secret. Burnside expected Cecilia not to say anything to other students about the examination tracking system...which she had forgotten to mention before the chastised student left her office. She typed out a quick e-mail to Cecilia with that detail; under no circumstances was she to discuss the tracking system with other students.

Burnside heard a knock on her outer office door. She was expecting her visitor, so she grabbed her purse and locked up. The visitor was Dr. Jim Halsey, her co-worker, her friend, her mentor, and her lover.

Halsey was 15 years older than Burnside, which made him 62. However, he still was full of vigor, in excellent physical shape (Burnside could attest to that), and a long way from retiring. He was dressed, as always, in a very expensive dark suit. His steel-gray hair and sharp features gave him a very severe appearance to his students, but his blue eyes always glinted mischeviously at Ruth. Jim Halsey was the only person in Ruth Burnside's life who dared address her as "Ruth". Everyone else, everyone else, including her other lovers, always addressed her as "Dr. Burnside"

Jim Halsey kissed Burnside's hand, and then took her hands and lightly kissed her mouth. Burnside's heart pounded, however. She knew she was in trouble and facing punishment from her lover, in spite of his courteous manner of greeting her.

He asked her how the ethics committee meeting went. Burnside responded in detail, because every professor wanted to know what the ethics committee reasoning was whenever it rendered a decision about a student's continued enrollment. Burnside recounted Cecilia's actions in detail, partly in hopes of getting her lover's perspective on how trustworthy he thought she really was. After listening to Burnside for a while, Halsey finally countered:

"You know Ruth, my girl, this incident is your fault. You understand that, correct?"

"Yes sir. I understand that I was irresponsible and my student suffered as a result."

Burnside's next words indicated the unusual nature of the relationship she had with her old lover. "Sir, am I to be punished for my carelessness?"

Halsey caressed Burnside's cheek with the back of his hand and looked her in the eye.

"Ruth, my girl, what do you think? Were you irresponsible enough to warrant a severe punishment?"

Burnside's heart pounded from that familiar mixture of fear and arousal she always felt before she faced a whipping from her lover. She was terrified, but, as always, also felt warm tingling all over her body and an anxious, comfortable warmth between her legs. She was about to be punished by the only man she loved, and that knowledge drove her wild with sexual pleasure.

"Sir, I've been irresponsible. I violated my contract. So I'm letting you decide what's best for me."

"Well, my girl, we both know what's best for you is a punishment on you bare body. You've earned it."

"Yes sir. I've earned a punishment on my bare body. I'll submit to you, sir."

With that Ruth Burnside, one of the most feared professors in the economics department and dressed in one of her best teaching outfits, got on her knees and kissed her lover's hand. That same hand soon enough would be inflicting both intense pain and intense pleasure on her unprotected body.

The two professors, Dr. Ruth Burnside and Dr. Jim Halsey, walked arm-in-arm to his car. Burnside's house was relatively close to the university, so normally she walked any day the weather permitted. Halsey lived somewhat further away, so normally he drove. On any evening Ruth had to stay late, he always gave her a ride home. Tonight he would come into her house, the two would have a glass of wine, and then there would be a night of discipline and lovemaking.

Ruth Burnside had met Dr. Halsey during her final year as an undergraduate. She was an exceptional student who caught his attention, having completed her Bachelor's of Arts degree in just two and a half years with a GPA of 3.8. Halsey could tell the young woman was very different from most of his other students. She had a very serious, intense manner of carrying herself, a detail that intimidated many of her classmates. He could tell that she had not come from a privileged background and was not surprised to learn that Ruth had financed her studies with a stint in the Navy. Yes, she did indeed have the military in her personality. He knew, having been an officer in the Army himself before becoming a professor.

Dr. Halsey helped Ruth organize the paperwork and applications she needed to get into graduate school. The young professor and the student took a liking to each other, but at first it was the result of shared interests and shared experiences. Halsey was going through a divorce at the time, while Ruth Burnside confided that she had left the Navy because she became pregnant while at sea. Halsey was the only person to whom Burnside ever willingly shared that detail of her life, apart from a few doctors, nurses, and social workers.

There was another detail about herself that Burnside was able to confide with her professor, that she had to give the child up for adoption. It wasn't her financial situation that forced Burnside to give up her baby; it was her violent temper. She knew from the beginning she did not have the personality to raise a child. She took the only logical step she could think of at the time, she made arrangements for the child to be adopted before she was born. Within three hours of giving birth the baby disappeared from Ruth's life, adopted by a wealthy couple from New Hampshire.

Ruth spent the next two and a half years studying, desperate to catch up and graduate at the same age as most of her classmates. She didn't do badly; she started her studies at age 21 and finished them at age 24.

Shortly after Ruth graduated she began to explore her sexual fantasies by joining a Chicago sex and fetish group. The first time she went to a meeting she had a huge surprise; Dr. Jim Halsey was there, wearing a tuxedo and carrying a leather paddle. Ruth and Jim discovered another common interest, a love of S&M. That night they stepped away from their roles as student and professor. They entered a playroom and closed the door. Halsey took Ruth's hand and lightly kissed her cheek. Then he pulled her skirt off and gently lowered her panties. She went wet immediately. He could smell her arousal, and to make sure about it, he ran his finger over her very wet vagina. He held the wet finger up in triumph.

"Ruth, my girl, you know what you need from me."

"Yes sir...its what I want, and only you can give it to me."

With that Halsey forced the young woman to bend over the back of a sofa. He studied her pleasantly shaped backside for a few moments, and then started spanking her with the paddle. He started gently at first, gauging her desire for a more serious punishment. She kept her bottom in position as the scent of her arousal assaulted his senses. He struck harder and harder, as the satisfying CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! of the paddle filled the room.

That was the beginning of their relationship. For several years they navigated their awkward situation, fulfilling their conflicting roles as professor and graduate student, as friends, as lovers, and as fetish partners. They kept their relationship secret from the outside world and were forced to keep each other at arm's length emotionally. Each gave the other permission to have other lovers and fetish partners, partly to avoid suspicions about a relationship that violated university rules prohibiting liaisons between professors and students. In the end the arrangement worked out admirably for both of them, because they could maintain their independence and freedom, and yet still know that each was a stabile presence in the other's life.

Ruth Burnside and Jim Halsey loved the world of pain and sexual pleasure. Ruth was mostly a dominant and enjoyed punishing other people. Her submission to Jim Halsey was a mystery to her, because she never felt the desire to submit to punishment at any other time in her life, and never from anyone else other than Jim Halsey. But with her lover she had discovered the frightening truth about herself; she enjoyed pain, if it was inflicted by the right person. The only right person to inflict that pain was Jim Halsey, the only person she trusted for pain and discipline.

Jim Halsey was much more of a switch than Ruth. Sometimes he liked to play a dominant role and inflict punishment, and sometimes he liked to submit and be punished. Over time he and Ruth took turns role-playing and punishing each other, but he could tell that Ruth really did not enjoy role-playing. She needed something more real, not pretend.

Finally the two lovers worked out an arrangement that satisfied both their needs. Each would hold the other accountable for everything having to do with their careers, research, publications, and over-all responsibilities teaching. Each granted the other permission to inflict punishment for any mistakes or irresponsible acts. Once one of the lovers declared that the other deserved a punishment, the offender had to submit immediately and unconditionally, and remain submissive until the punishment was declared completed. The element of role-play was removed, because the punishments were real, only to be given for real offenses. The lovers took responsibility for disciplining each other and each had to submit to their mutual relationship.

Tonight it was Ruth's turn to be punished, for having allowed Cecilia to use her computer unsupervised. It turned out that both guilty parties would be punished that night; the student by her professor, and then the professor by her lover. It was for that reason Burnside was kneeling in front of Halsey and addressing him as "sir". Whenever he was at fault for something, the roles were reversed, with him kneeling and addressing her as "ma'am".

Upon entering her house, Burnside quietly pulled out a bottle of wine and two glasses. She filled both glasses and dimmed the living room lights slightly. She knelt in front of Halsey and handed him a glass, taking the other herself. Saying nothing, the couple drank their wine, in a symbolic act that would initiate her punishment.

"Very well, young lady, you will stand up and turn away from me."

Burnside did as instructed. He placed a scarf over her eyes and lightly tied it. Over the years he had discovered that depriving her of the sense of sight during the preparation of a punishment heightened her anxiety and her arousal. He slowly undressed her, allowing her to feel more and more vulnerable with the removal of each piece of clothing. Finally she stood naked in the middle of a pile of fallen clothes.

Halsey stood back to admire his lover's large breasts and fit body. Burnside worked out aggressively on a daily basis and had the figure of a much younger woman. Her arms and legs were trim and muscular, her stomach was flat, and her bottom and breasts just beginning to show the effects of her age.

Halsey went into one of Burnside's back rooms and returned dragging a piece of furniture that looked something like a gymnastics horse. It had a padded leather surface and rings attached to the bottoms of its metal legs. The piece of furniture was Burnside's favorite punishment bench, or "horse", where she had restrained innumerable students and lovers for punishment. Now it would be her turn to bend over that bench, to stretch herself as best she could for a severe whipping.

Halsey then briefly left to retrieve something from his car, the item with which he would punish Ruth. The implement was something he had received in the mail only a few days before, and was guaranteed to give Ruth a totally new experience in painful discipline. It was a genuine leather police switch imported from the Grand Duchy of Upper Danubia. Halsey slashed the switch through the air, satisfied with the loud, sinister whoosh.

He returned to find Ruth quietly standing in her living room, still blindfolded with her clothing clumped around her feet. He touched the tip of the switch against her breasts, gently massaging her nipples until they became hard. Burnside knew that her breasts were being touched by the implement her lover would use to punish her. Her mind raced, trying to figure out what exactly was making contact with her skin.

"Hold your hands out in front of you, Ruth my girl."

Burnside complied, and Halsey laid the switch in her hands. He then removed the blindfold, allowing her to see what implement would be used on her unprotected body that night. She shuddered, never having seen a real Danubian police switch before. She had heard about the scary switches, but had not seen one in real life. Halsey picked it up and showed the handle to his lover. Burnside read:

"Milítzya Danúbik - Nom. 3394"

"A real Danubian police switch, Ruth. A Ministry of Justice issue with its own serial number. The real thing; not some pathetic adult shop imitation. Now tell me, how do they punish criminals in Upper Danubia?"

"T... the police... give them 50 strokes, sir. They strap criminals to tables and punish them... with the switch."

"That is correct, Ruth. Tonight I want to give you a bit of a challenge. I'm giving you the standard punishment for a Danubian criminal... 50 vigorous strokes on the naked buttocks. Are you up for that?"

"Yes sir, I'll do my best."

"50 vigorous strokes on the naked buttocks, and I've been practicing. Think about that."

"Yes sir."

"I'm giving you another challenge tonight. Unlike a Danubian criminal, I will not tie you down. You will stay in position, under your own free will. I will punish you every bit as hard as a Danubian police officer punishes a criminal, but I am holding you accountable for staying in position."

"Yes sir."

"And another thing. At the end of the 25th stroke, we will stop, and you will present your bottom for my pleasure. Once your lovely bottom has given me the pleasure I deserve, we shall continue."

"Yes sir."

With that Halsey took his lover's hand and kissed it. He then led her to the bench. She gave him a very nervous look, but dutifully draped her body over the padded leather surface. She shifted herself forward, spreading her legs and grabbing the bar in front with her hands. Her large breasts dangled and wobbled slightly as she moved about, attracting her lover's attention. As a preliminary to her punishment, Halsey gently caressed his lover's hanging breasts with the tip of the switch. The touch was very gentle, and teased her until she became wet again from anticipating the pain from her upcoming switching. Burnside was terrified, but the terror was part of the experience that made it so special. She wouldn't have traded what was about to happen to her for anything.

The woman's ample buttocks were spread and stretched tight. The wet, secret, sensitive area in between her bottom-cheeks was on full display, and her bottom was damp with the sweat of anticipation. She reeked of arousal and struggled to breathe normally. Before cruelly marking it up, Halsey gently passed his hand over his lover's sweaty posterior, enjoying the feel of her firm flesh and trembling muscles. Then he stepped back and lightly tapped her bottom with the switch. He left the implement in place for a couple of seconds to increase her anticipation.

Halsey drew back and struck hard across both sides of Burnside's bottom. She had anticipated the first blow would hurt, but was a bit surprised at the intensity of the pain tearing into her. She gasped and struggled to stay quiet. Burnside rarely cried during a punishment. However, her lover's switch was the real thing, a professional punishment implement designed to inflict maximum pain without inflicting permanent injury. Tonight he wanted to challenge her, to inflict a judicial whipping and push her endurance to its limits.

The professor had done his research concerning how judicial punishments were administered in Upper Danubia. Danubian police officers were trained how to use their switches to maximum effectiveness. The goal was to deliver 50 severe blows against the criminal's body without breaking the skin or causing any permanent scarring. The police officer could take up to 50 minutes slowly striking the criminal's bottom, upper thighs, and upper back with the switch. The blows where severe, leaving cruel welts that lasted for days.

Halsey had received a police instruction manual that explained proper punishment technique along with the switch. The manual was in Danubian, but had many illustrations. He studied the diagrams in the manual and practiced swinging the switch against an armchair in his living room. He was shocked when he tore the fabric, making him realize that if he did want to use the switch on his lover, he needed to do it properly and be extremely careful.

The switch left a nasty-looking weal on Burnside's bare backside. Halsey stepped back and stuck again, laying a second blow immediately beneath the first one. Halsey was an experienced disciplinarian and knew how to strike with precision. Armed with the additional information from the instruction manual, he could punish her in exactly the same manner as if she were a convicted criminal in Danube City.

Halsey stepped back and carefully struck his lover a third, a fourth, and a fifth time, laying five dark reddish stripes very close together across the lower part of Ruth Burnside's unprotected bottom. The pain mounted as she began sweating and clenching her teeth. Yes indeed, it would be a real challenge for her to make it through 50 strokes without crying or moving out of position.

Halsey tapped the lower part of Burnside's right bottom-cheek. The next portion of the punishment would be to concentrate strokes on the spot where his lover's bottom met her upper thighs. He would strike one side at a time, to maximize the force of the blow and concentrate the pain in a very small area. He would strike her three times at the base of her right bottom-cheek, then three times at the base of her left bottom-cheek, and then work his way down the upper parts of each thigh.

Very slowly he struck, as three sinister-sounding whooshes announced three new welts on Ruth's lower right bottom, and three whooshes announce three new welts on the left side. He continued striking the upper parts of her thighs, laying four very severe welts on the upper part of each of her legs. He then returned to the upper part of her bottom, laying a final six welts across immediately above the first stroke.

Tears were flowing down Burnside's cheeks, but she had managed not to cry so far. She couldn't believe how much that Danubian switch hurt, but the very intensity of the experience was a huge turn-on to her. Still, it would be a long time before the sexual arousal would be relieved. There would be a break, but it would only be to allow Jim to continue the punishment in a different manner.

He took Ruth's hand and helped her up. As she stood twisting in agony and holding on to her punishment bench, her lover laid a towel on her floor and then a hard cylinder-shaped pillow on top of the towel. She dutifully draped herself over the pillow and spread her legs, exposing her bottom-hole.

Halsey took off his pants and underwear. Already he had a furious erection, excited at the sight of his lover so submissive and cruelly marked up. Now her punishment would shift to her bottom-hole. He dabbed some medical jelly over the back entrance to her body. He positioned himself over her and pressed down, allowing his body weight to force his way into his lover. Jim rarely entered her in this manner, even when she was being punished. However, tonight he had decided the punishment needed to be extra severe and having her bottom violated was part of the extra severity.

Burnside gasped from the discomfort of having Jim's penis moving inside her intestines and her anus stretched to accommodate the intrusion. The welts stung horribly as the weight of her lover pressed down on her entire backside. However, it was what he demanded from her, and thus what she was expected to do. To present her bottom to him was a gesture of ultimate submission, and a sign that, during a punishment, she truly would do anything for him. She trusted him, knowing that when he needed to hurt her, the pain was simply a manifestation of the unusual love the couple had for each other.

He finished and pulled out, but his sexual drive ensured that within a half an hour he would be ready to give Ruth the reward that always followed a painful punishment. He cleaned her as she continued to lie over her pillow, treating her abused bottom gently as he soaped and rinsed her in preparation for the second part of her whipping.

Halsey guided Burnside back over the punishment bench. She quietly and dutifully took hold of the bars in front and waited for the 26th stroke. Halsey finished getting undressed before taking up the switch for the final portion of his lover's punishment.

He began very methodically, laying strokes over her already punished bottom. After laying a few strokes to cover the spots he had not marked during the first part of the switching, Halsey paused to study his lover's cruelly-marked backside. After the 35th stroke he punished her somewhat less severely, afraid to break the skin over the welts, which already were raised and formed painful ridges. However, the new strokes laid over the previous set of welts hurt horribly and Burnside's voice began breaking with each new blow. Halsey watched carefully what he was doing to his lover's body, mindful of his torn chair. By the 43rd stroke, Burnside was quietly crying. As her marked body jerked from the suppressed sobs, she became a perfect picture of erotic submission.

Halsey knew that a Danubian judicial switching usually ended with the final five or six full-force strokes laid across the criminal's shoulder blades. He would finish up with Ruth in the same manner, extending the painful region to the woman's back. He ordered her to kneel on the floor and place her hands in front of her on the punishment bench. He struck hard against her shoulders six times, his efforts rewarded by a cry from his lover with each stroke.

Halsey set down the switch and took his lover's hand to help her stand up. The pain was continuing to mount in her body. She felt like she had been torn apart and found it hard to believe she wasn't seriously injured. Still, this type of experience was what she expected from her lover whenever she made a career-related mistake. The pain tearing into her only made her love him all that much more.

She stood hugging him for a long time, enjoying being comforted as the tears continued to roll down her cheeks and the welts throbbed. Finally the pain subsided slightly and gave way to intense sexual arousal. It was after a severe punishment from her lover that Burnside's senses truly came alive. The intensity of the experience and the fact that it came from the only man she loved opened up every pleasure center in the woman's body. She reached down to touch her lover's penis, and sure enough, he was hard again and ready to give her the long-anticipated reward.

Halsey pressed Burnside to the floor. Her body protested from having her body weight pushing down on her welts, but the combination of pain and sexual gratification was what made a post-punishment love-making session so special. He entered her and for a very long time moved back and forth, grinding against her very wet and very aroused body. Yes... yes... yes... this savagely intense pleasure was indeed worth the horrible pain from the last hour...

Halsey continued thrusting. There were times that Burnside wondered if he supplemented his sexual drive with Viagra or some other sexual stimulant, but she was not one to question a good thing. Halsey's body was a reliable as a clock, always ready to give her the pleasure she needed as a woman.

Finally the exhausted couple got in bed. Normally they did not sleep together, but a punishment for either of them always was followed by a night in Burnside's bed and breakfast at her house the next day.

He fell asleep, but Burnside found it hard to relax with the continuing throbbing from the mass of welts and blood blisters covering her backside. Still, she was very happy and immensely satisfied with the experience she had endured that night. She contemplated her old lover as she stroked his hair and shifted uncomfortably on the bed. She loved Jim Halsey, because he was the only man in the world who could give her what she needed, and at the same time give her the space and independence in her life that she also needed. It was a strange relationship, but it brought fulfillment and pleasure to the lives of both professors, which was what mattered.

Chapter 12 - Cecilia's Own Words

Cecilia's life returned to normal the following Thursday morning. She woke up, went to class, and talked to the professors from her Wednesday classes about making up the work from the lectures she had missed. However, the previous day's incident left her badly shaken, by making her fully aware of how fragile her life truly was. Her entire existence and the world as she knew it depended on the whim of a single person, Dr. Ruth Burnside.

Still sore from the spanking from just 12 hours before, Cecilia was very nervous when she entered Burnside's office with a final list of readings for her midterm paper. Burnside behaved as though nothing had happened the previous day. She photocopied the list, told her student to add one title, and provided the e-mail address of an English-speaking professor at the National University in Danube City from whom she could request further information.

Burnside then did something that indicated she still trusted Cecilia, in spite of the recent crisis. She outlined the midterm schedule to her student and asked her to help proctor exams in her three freshman classes. Cecilia was shocked.

"Dr. Burnside, you... actually trust me with proctoring, I mean, after...?"

"Cecilia, it's obvious to me that what you did on Monday was exercise extremely poor judgment. I don't see it as a reflection against your integrity. You fucked up, but that was a learning experience and it isn't going change your responsibilities under your contract with the department. Also, I'll let you know something else, that maybe you'll find important. A single stupid act doesn't really change my overall opinion of you as a person. You showed yourself willing to face the consequences of what you did, which is what matters. If my opinion of you had changed last night, you would've been dis-enrolled at the ethics hearing."

Burnside took it for granted that there would be no further problems from Cecilia, no further academic crises or violations of university rules. The student's relationship with her mentor would return to normal, with the exception of a second round of physical discipline that loomed at the end of October. Cecilia knew a very unpleasant day awaited her at the end of the month. She correctly assumed that a session of severe punishment would be followed by a night of servitude at the professor's annual Halloween BDSM party. Cecilia's feelings about the impending second part of her punishment were complex. She was scared, but at the same time looking forward to having the opportunity to completely resolve the examination incident with her professor. Physical punishment was the way Burnside dealt with people who upset her, but once the punishment was completed, the professor considered matters settled. The woman never held a grudge nor played on an offender's guilt.

In spite of her apprehension over what awaited her at the end of the month, Cecilia mostly was relieved. A painful and humiliating evening was a very small price to pay to avoid the alternative: expulsion from the university, the loss of her scholarship, and a possible criminal prosecution. As far as her official record was concerned, the only evidence placed in her student folder would be a memo noting the date she had gone before the ethics committee. Because the committee officially referred her punishment back to her professor, the note would not detail any accusations and could not be used against her in any way. Upon graduating the note would be expunged from her record.

While Cecilia dealt with her secret academic crisis, Jason and his friends had to contend with the strange notoriety they had achieved the previous weekend. No one in the dorm thought about making fun of the four streakers, because from the beginning they were treated as sports heroes by the dorm staff. Still, it felt very strange to both Lisa and Jason to be known as "the naked champions" and see their bare bodies displayed on the front page of the Monday edition of the campus newspaper. Later, dozens of high-quality digital photos of the two winners became available on the Internet from several on-line photo galleries documenting the race. Both winners realized that if they ever ran for public office, the Tri-Alpha photos would become a campaign issue for sure.

Jason and Lisa decided to donate their trophies to the Huntington Hall championship display case, where the hall director placed them in a prominent spot with a photo of the two winners taken standing arm-in-arm with their RA. The director was proud of the Tri-Alpha win, given that it was the first major campus-sporting event won by a current Huntington Hall resident in six years. The naked bodies of Jason and Lisa now were preserved for posterity, forever enshrined along with sports trophies won by other hall residents going clear back to 1955, the year the dorm was built.

Jason became much more of an official nudist as a result of the Tri-Alpha 10-K run. Three days after the race, a Chicago naturist organization approached him about becoming a member, something he readily agreed to do. The group's leader also asked Jason if he wanted to give a speech the weekend following the next at an upcoming nudist gathering in Springfield. The presentation would be a recap of the Tri-Alpha race and how it felt to be the winning participant in a nude athletic event. The group's leader had seen Jason's television interview following his win and was impressed with him. Jason was just the type of person the naturist movement needed to bring in new, younger members. His youth, attractive appearance, ability to speak in front of cameras, and notoriety made him a promising representative for the organization, especially for efforts to recruit college-aged people into exploring naturism as a lifestyle.

The Friday night following his win, Jason approached Cecilia with the news about the invitation to join the group and give his first public speech as a nudist. Cecilia was pleased that Jason was asking her permission before accepting the invitation, but now she was presented with the first moral dilemma resulting from her relationship with him. Cecilia's initial instinct was to tell him not to go. She was not a nudist and suspected that if Jason became wrapped up in promoting naturism, at some point she would have to make changes in her own life to accommodate that part of her boyfriend's beliefs and values. Her obsession for controlling both her partner and her own life would be challenged by having to go along with supporting him as a spokesman for a public moment.

However, as that thought passed through her mind, Cecilia's words the first night she met Jason came back to haunt her: "I'm warnin' you, what I don't like is a hypocrite. If you're a nudist and have chosen that lifestyle, I expect you to stay committed to your beliefs and ready to defend to your values." Commitment to his beliefs and defending his values... well, that was exactly what Jason was planning to do in Springfield, openly express himself as a nudist. Cecilia realized that with her own statement she had committed herself to accepting her boyfriend's unexpected new obligation. Given the direction she had pushed him over the past month, she was in no position to tell him not to speak openly about what he believed in. She would be giving him inconsistent advice and force him to be a hypocrite by telling him to do one thing, and then later telling him to do something contradictory. In her mind, having a partner who was a hypocrite was much worse than losing some of her control over him. After some thought Cecilia granted Jason permission to become a member of the naturist group, take his trip to Springfield, and give his presentation. He enthusiastically hugged her in gratitude.

By Friday night Cecilia's bottom had mostly recovered from the spanking she had received from Burnside two days before. There still was a faint feeling of stiffness from the remaining bruises, but the marks were not visible under the student's dark skin. As she looked at her bottom in the mirror she thought to herself, 'I guess that's one advantage of not being light-skinned, stuff like this doesn't show up so easily.’ With that it became clear that she could keep the Wednesday punishment secret from her boyfriend after all, even if she was undressed for sex in a lit room.

Cecilia and Jason followed their usual Friday night routine of reviewing the material for Burnside's class. As always, he stood at attention in the nude while she sat at his desk questioning him. Following the course review, Cecilia told Jason to get dressed and follow her back to her room. Jason was expecting to massage her, although he had been puzzled by the fact she had not wanted a massage either Wednesday or Thursday night. It turned out that Friday night was the third night in a row in which Cecilia did not ask for a massage, which left Jason wondering if she was displeased with his massages or had become bored with them.

Upon entering the room, Cecilia undressed her boyfriend, ordering him not to move until she gave him permission. She gently ran her fingertips over his body, lightly touching his skin and arousing him. Sure enough, within a couple of minutes he was clearly aroused and his penis stiffening.

Cecilia explored her boyfriend's backside, lovingly caressing his bottom-cheeks and massaging the sensitive area at the base. As she explored and studied his attractive bottom, a long-standing fantasy returned to her full-force, her desire to put a young man over her lap and spank him. The fantasy was not a spanking for punishment, but a spanking for erotic excitement. Her heart raced, because she knew that tonight was the first night out of many she would put Jason over her lap.

She continued rubbing and exploring his bottom, and then gave him a warning of what was about to happen by patting it with a gentle spanking motion.

"You know, you really have a cute butt. You know that, right?"

"I... I guess it's OK..."

"No, it's not just OK, Jason. It's perfect. Perfect for a nice spanking, don't you think?"

Jason's heart jumped into his throat as she patted him more firmly. He didn't know how to answer. He had secretly fantasized about a spanking, but was afraid of another painful session with Cecilia's belt. He shuddered with both fear and arousal, not knowing what exactly she was planning to do to him.

She stopped, placing her hand more firmly against his right buttock.

"Answer me please. Don't you think your bottom is perfect for a nice spanking? Isn't that what you think I ought to be doin' right now?"

"Y... yes, Cecilia... I guess you could spank me."

"No, that's not how to ask me for a spanking. What did I tell you about talkin' to me with respect, Jason? If you wanna nice spanking, you gotta ask me right."

"C... Cecilia, please give me a nice spanking."

"A nice bare-bottomed spanking? Over my lap? Is that what you want from me?"

Jason's penis hardened even more at Cecilia's words. Yes, he realized that was indeed what he wanted.

"Yes, Cecilia, I want a nice bare-bottomed spanking over your lap."

"Say please, and kiss my hand, Jason."

Cecilia stuck out her hand. Jason then did something she had not expected. She was elated when he got on his knees before kissing her hand. He took her hand in both of his and touched the back of it to his lips.

"Cecilia... please spank me."

With that she gently took both his hands and directed him to stand up. She sat on her bed and motioned him to lie over her lap. He had to position himself a bit, because his penis was very stiff. Once he managed to move his hard-on to the side so he could rest comfortably over her thighs, he followed her instructions to spread his legs slightly and turn his bottom up. He could feel the cool air of the room against his exposed bottom-hole and the backs of his testicles.

Cecilia was in no mood to hurry. She gently caressed his entire backside, exploring his spread buttocks and the sensitive area in between. He began sweating from arousal and anticipation as he felt the palm and fingertips of his girlfriend's hand explore his most sensitive areas. She admired the healthy color of the attractive bottom under her face, thinking how much more attractive it would be in a few minutes with a deep pink glow applied to the exposed skin.

She began slowly and gently at first, as she gradually moved from caressing and patting his bottom to lightly spanking it. He sighed with anticipation and pleasure as Cecilia leisurely picked up both the pace and force of the slaps. The lovers knew this would be a prolonged, sensuous experience, a perfect match of moderate pain and extreme pleasure.

SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! After about 10 minutes, Cecilia was spanking full-force. Following the example set just two days before by her professor, the Dominican spaced the slaps about five seconds apart to let Jason feel each swat and appreciate it before receiving the next one. She also realized that spacing the slaps would keep her arm from tiring too quickly and allow her to deliver a much longer spanking. Cecilia's hours at the gym were paying off, as she realized that just a month before she would not have had the endurance in her arms to deliver a proper spanking. Now weakness in her arms no longer was an issue.

The warm tingling Jason experienced at the beginning gave way to a much hotter sting. He shifted uncomfortably, but even as the pain in his bottom was becoming more difficult to endure, a feeling of intense pleasure swept over the rest of his body. He had felt the same feeling the night Cecilia punished him with the belt, but this time it was much more intense.

Cecilia was completely aroused. The sight of her lover's attractive bottom, now colored with a lovely shade of deep pink, the feel of the weight and warmth of his body on her thighs, the feel of his very stiff penis pressing against her leg, the sound of his breathing, and the crisp sound of the slaps filling the room...all those wonderful details fulfilled a fantasy that had filled her nights for several years. She was wet between the legs and burning with desire. Finally she couldn't wait any longer...  she had to have him inside her...

She stopped and motioned him to get up. His eyes were wide with pain, pleasure, fear, and extreme arousal reflected in his expression. His penis was as hard and big as it could possibly get, ready to perform its duty to satisfy the needs of both lovers. She quickly pulled off her clothes as he tore open a condom package and slipped the protection over his painfully hard erection.

A few seconds later, she was lying on her back with him safely inside her. For several minutes he aggressively moved back and forth as she moaned with pleasure. He held back as long as he possibly could, desperate to prolong the intense feeling of pleasure and relief. Cecilia squeaked with delight as sweat poured down her body and she shuttered from a very intense orgasm. Jason closed his eyes and clenched his teeth as the warm burning in his bottom intensified the extreme pleasure he felt up front. He realized the heat in his bottom was what was making this experience so special. As he continued to feel the lovely sensation from his backside he thrust and thrust, totally exhausting himself and expending all of the stress built up over the past week. At last he pumped jets of semen into his condom as intense relief rushed over him.

A few minutes later, their energy spent in one of the best sessions of sex of their lives, Jason lay on his back in Cecilia's bed, with his head partially propped up by her pillows and his girlfriend in his arms. They were sweaty and stunk from their recent exertions, but very relaxed and happy. Cecilia rolled on her stomach and rested her head on Jason's chest, gently exploring his stomach with her fingertips.

"So tell me... how's your butt?"

"You know... it's weird, but it feels really nice right now, like all warm."

"So you liked that?"

"Yeah, I did. I's totally different from anything I ever felt before. It hurt, but at the same time it really felt great."

"Well, you know that you're a very naughty boy, Jason. You know that, right?"

"Yes... I suppose so."

"And you know that naughty boys need lots of discipline. That's why you liked it so much, 'cause you're so naughty."

With that she reached down and began exploring his wet penis and testicles. He began to stiffen with her next words.

"I'm gonna have to discipline you a lot more, Jason. I'm gonna have to put you over my lap for some good bare bottom spankings, and don't think I forgot about my belts. I'm gonna use those on you too, when you're really bad. I'm gonna punish you lots, 'cause it's what you need. That cute bare bottom of yours was made for spanking, don't you think?"

Jason gasped as Cecilia slowly stroked his penis into another very hard erection.

"Y... yes... Cecilia."

"I'll keep that cute ass nice and red for you...nice and red."


She stroked his hard-on a few more times, then gently squeezed it and let go. She rolled on her back, the expression in her eyes clearly indicating she wanted another round of sex. He jumped up, grabbed a condom, and slipped it on. He then entered her, the remaining warmth from his recent spanking still present in his backside.

Jason had yet another exquisite orgasm, but his thoughts no longer were on the punishment he had just received. Now he knew the night's spanking was just the beginning. He was destined to present his bare bottom for many more sessions from his lovely Cecilia. Some of the punishments would be much more painful than others. There would be gentle spankings for sensuous arousal, and there would be painful whippings for strict discipline. However, all of Cecilia's punishments would be delivered with love, given to him because she cared for him and because she knew submitting to her discipline was what he needed.

As soon as she recovered from the race, Lisa's modesty was completely swept away. She quit bothering to get dressed except when she left the women's wing of Huntington Hall. Whenever Cecilia went to her neighbor's room, she could count on finding Lisa completely undressed. If she ran into Lisa in the hallway or the bathroom, she could count on seeing Lisa's tall attractive figure in its entirety. Lisa walked around naturally, with her hands casually at her sides, no matter who else happened to be in the hallway. Even having male visitors seeing her bare body didn't bother Lisa, given that everyone in the entire dorm had seen her the day of the Tri-Alpha race. Anyhow, on prominent display in the dorm's main entrance was the post-race picture taken with Jason and Cecilia, so she saw no point in any further modesty.

Lisa's new lack of inhibitions extended to the way she dressed when she left the dorm. Her clothes in public became as revealing as possible without risking arrest. When she wore dresses, she wore them without any underwear. When she wore blouses, she wore ones that were of light, loose-fitting material and no bra underneath. When she wore jeans, she wore low-riders. She bought the most revealing low-riders on the market, ones that, even when she was standing up, barely reached the top of the crack between her bottom cheeks. Lisa's new pants pulled half way down her butt whenever she sat down. Whenever she was sitting at the student center or in the dorm cafeteria in her low-riders, her hips and the top part of her bottom were on full display to passers-by walking behind her.

Mike looked upon his girlfriend's new-found exhibitionism with a mixture of fascination and apprehension. Mike was quite liberal in his politics, but of the group, he was the most conservative about what he wore in public. While it was true that in California he had gone to local nude beaches with Lisa and some other high school friends, in Chicago he understood that he was in a somewhat more conservative part of the US and dressed accordingly. Now he was with a girlfriend who had become quite flamboyant in her manner of dressing and her behavior over-all. Guys all over the university looked at Lisa's body under her revealing clothing, and enviously at Mike, her companion. Lisa now had plenty of options available to her, should she ever get bored of her relationship with him. There were plenty of men around campus, and some women as well, who would have been happy to take Mike's place at Lisa's side.

Cecilia was intrigued by the changes in her boyfriend and her friend: that her boyfriend was about to become an open proponent of nude living and her friend seemed to have lost any inhibitions about her body. Her thoughts wandered to the Tri-Alpha picture signing event, which was scheduled to be held the following Wednesday, a week and a half after the race itself. Every year the fraternity sold over-priced autographed pictures of the race winners to raise money for charity. Typically there was a moderate amount of interest in the autograph event, and most of the interest was for pictures of the winner of the female division. However, the euphoria over having a non-Tri-Alpha member win the men's division meant turnout would be higher than normal and that there would be at least as much interest in pictures signed by Jason as pictures signed by Lisa.

Cecilia wondered if there was a way she could help make the picture-signing session even more successful, because she had a personal interest in raising money for that year's selected charity. The proceeds were slated to go to upgrading a pediatric hospital in an impoverished area of the Dominican Republic, located in a small town just a few miles from the Haitian border. The town was not too far from the village where her grandparents still lived. Cecilia saw the autograph fund-raising event as an opportunity for her to do something for her home country, and perhaps even something that would directly benefit her extended family.

Finally Cecilia came up with two ideas she hoped would raise additional money for the hospital project. The first idea was to have Jason and Lisa attend the event wearing what they wore during the race, their running shoes and nothing else. Having them sitting naked while they autographed their race photos certainly would make the public more interested in buying pictures, no matter how over-priced they were. Cecilia's other idea was to invite a professional photographer to set up a camera and backdrop, and give members of the public a chance to pose for a picture with one or both of the naked race winners, for a hefty price, of course.

Cecilia contacted the president of the local fraternity chapter and presented her suggestions. The fraternity leader liked both ideas and forwarded them to the national Tri-Alpha directorate, who, in turn, cleared them with the university Board of Regents. Within a few days the details were settled. The picture-signing event would be moved to the main conference area of the student center and be advertised campus-wide. At the beginning of the week Cecilia approached Jason and Lisa with the changed venue for the autographing session. Jason and Lisa looked at each other upon finding out they faced several more hours naked in public as a result of the Tri-Alpha race, but they both agreed. Certainly the charitable cause was worth while, and both race winners secretly enjoyed the daring feeling of having their bodies exposed in such a public setting. So it was agreed, starting at 6:30 and going until about 10:00, the two race winners would wear their running shoes and socks, but otherwise be fully undressed as they signed autographs and posed for pictures in a crowded room during a public event.

Wednesday night Jason, Mike, Lisa, and Cecilia walked to the university student center right after dinner, on a dreary rainy evening. Once inside the student center they went to the building's main reception room, where a rather long line of fans already was forming. Oh yes, it seemed that Jason and Lisa were quite the celebrities that night!

As soon as they entered the main reception area Jason and Lisa got undressed and put their shoes back on. Mike and Cecilia stuffed their clothes into student backpacks as the two race winners sat down on chairs covered with towels behind a large table. The president of the local Tri-Alpha chapter and a reporter from the campus newspaper approached them and explained what was going to happen. There were three sets of race photos being sold for signatures, one of Jason standing with his trophy, one of Lisa standing with her trophy, and a picture of the two winners standing side by side with their trophies. If a fan approached Jason with a picture of himself, he would ask the fan's name, making sure the spelling was correct. Then he would write a short personal message and sign his full name. Lisa would do the same for her race photos. The only pictures Jason and Lisa would both sign were copies of the shot of them standing together.

After the initial two hours, the two race winners would stand up and pose with guests at a backdrop set up by a photography student from the university art department. The fraternity abandoned the idea of hiring a professional photographer when they found an art student who was willing to take the pictures for free. The art student's time and talent would be her own donation to the children's hospital project.

Cecilia glanced over at the photographer, a young woman who seemed about her own age, roughly 19. She was not exactly pretty, but she had a very interesting appearance. She had a figure that would have been considered attractive in the late 1800's: wide hips, thick thighs, and a nice large bottom. She had pale skin and very sad, haunting eyes. The photographer's hair was interesting to Cecilia as well, done up in much the same way the singers of "Socrates' Mistresses" from Upper Danubia had their hair styled, braided and wrapped around her head. The photographer wore a long, loose-fitting skirt that accentuated her wide hips and voluptuous bottom.

The art student, in spite of her young age, was all business. She moved about the area where she had set up her backdrop, adjusting the lighting and testing the camera lenses she had brought. Cecilia later learned the photographer had borrowed most of her equipment from the art department and was trying to work with the unfamiliar items and settings as best she could.

Finally, at 6:30, with Jason and Lisa were sitting on their towels behind the table, the Tri-Alpha representatives opened the doors and allowed the public to come into the room. The first stop for the customers was to purchase pre-printed race pictures at a separate table staffed by fraternity members. The Tri-Alphas had the foresight to print not just the pictures of the winners standing with their trophies, but also several action-shots of Jason and Lisa as they approached the finish line. There were a total of 15 different photos customers could purchase, at fifteen dollars apiece, or one hundred fifty dollars for an entire set. Jason and Lisa noticed many of the customers buying complete sets, as well as separate photos they wanted autographed.

Over the next two hours Jason and Lisa wore out their hands signing pictures. On each picture the winner wrote a short message directly addressed to the customer by name. They worked quickly, but it seemed that no matter how many pictures they signed, the line of waiting customers never diminished. The Tri-Alpha fraternity members running the event had to guide the clients to move away from the table once their photos were signed, and also chased away anyone who tried to photograph Jason and Lisa sitting at the table. Anyone who wanted to take a picture with the race winners that night would have to wait until 8:30 and pay for the privilege.

As she watched the growing line of customers and her two dorm residents frantically try to keep up the pace signing photos, Cecilia decided to strike up a conversation with the photographer. The young woman's name was Suzanne Foster. Suzanne was double majoring in physical therapy and art, with a specialization in photography. Like Cecilia, she was a sophomore still living on campus, but unlike Cecilia, Suzanne was not receiving a full scholarship and thus was financially strapped.

Cecilia and Suzanne talked non-stop for nearly two hours, without realizing how quickly time was passing. They both were surprised to hear the Tri-Alpha representative announce a break. Following the break Jason and Cecilia would make themselves available to pose for pictures with guests, for a donation of $ 100 per picture. The two race winners went to the bathroom without bothering to get dressed, had a drink of water, and took their places in front of Suzanne's studio backdrop.

For the next two and a half hours Suzanne's camera flashed at the two naked race winners posing with fans. The event organizers looked at each other in amazement. This was by far the most successful post-race money-raising event in the history of the Tri-Alpha 10-K run. While Suzanne worked to rapidly take pictures, Cecilia helped out, opening rolls of film and helping the photographer load her two cameras. Cecilia's assistance allowed Suzanne to work much faster and ensured that everyone who wanted to have their picture taken with the race winners had the opportunity do so.

No one could have foreseen how many people wanted to take pictures with the race winners. When Suzanne came close to exhausting the supply of film she had brought with her, Cecilia volunteered to run to the art department photo lab and grab additional rolls. She and Mike took Suzanne's key and desperately rummaged through her photography supplies to gather up more film. They made it back just in time for Suzanne to re-load her camera and continue shooting.

The anxiety and excitement that Jason and Lisa felt at the beginning had long since given way to a feeling of routine exhaustion as the two naked race winners stood arm-in-arm with one guest after another and the flash went off in their faces over and over. In the end they posed with over 200 fans, going an hour past the planned schedule and adding more than $ 20,000 to the charity proceeds.

The supply of pre-printed race pictures completely sold out, in spite of the production of extra copies. It was past 11:00 p.m. when Jason and Lisa finally waved goodbye to the departing crowd and picked up the backpacks containing their clothing. They went to the bathroom, quickly got dressed, and re-entered conference room. They were completely tired out and ready to sleep. However, they were elated when the fraternity's president told them the evening had raised a total of over $ 70,000 for the hospital project.

Cecilia exchanged addresses and phone numbers with Suzanne and departed with her three dorm residents. She was very happy from having made a real contribution a worthy cause the same night she made a new friend.

Three days later, Jason stood on stage at a microphone in Springfield, speaking about his experience winning the Tri-Alpha 10-K race. He began by describing his own experiences as a naturist and how he gradually became more and more comfortable with his body as he progressed through high school and the first semester of college. He jokingly talked about his comical streaking adventure with Ken, and then moved on to discussing the 10-K race itself and the strategy that he used to win.

Cecilia and Ken sat in the audience. Cecilia was one of the few dressed people in the room, which made her stand out and feel a bit uncomfortable. Ken had decided to attend the event in the nude, and sat next to his RA, feeling a bit daring doing so.

Like most of his listeners, Jason was completely undressed. In spite of his lack of attire, he spoke with poise and confidence, calmly making eye contact with various senior members of the organization in the audience. He had rehearsed his speech in front of Cecilia and Ken, researched the history of the race, and was prepared to talk about it at length.

As it turned out, the Springfield speech became an important turning point in Jason's life. Over the next several months he would travel around the Mid-West to speak at colleges promoting the benefits of nude living. Later in his life he become a public spokesman in opposition to legislative efforts to curtail public nudity at beaches and a nationally recognized face for numerous clothing-optional causes. Even that first night it was obvious that Jason already had his fans and admirers.

Cecilia was a bit surprised at the success of her boyfriend's public presentation. She was impressed by his confidence in himself as he stood on stage speaking to interested and sympathetic listeners. She felt deep satisfaction as she realized it was because of the relationship with her that he was here. Perhaps this was his destiny, something in life he now could fulfill. Perhaps part of Cecilia's destiny had been to help Jason find a purpose in life by giving him a cause to promote.

Chapter 13 - Suzanne's Studio

By the middle of October Jason and his friends were fully adjusted to the routine of the university. They already had passed their first midterm in Burnside's freshman class, all of them with high "B's". They had a clear understanding of the material presented in class to date and seemed well-positioned to pass the class on the first try and get one of the university's most difficult requirements out of the way. Jason's confidence in himself went up as he pushed Ken, Mike, and Lisa to learn the material that Cecilia was pressing on him.

Jason continued to model for the afternoon drawing classes. The thrill of standing or lying naked in front of a group of strangers had diminished over time because he was doing it on a routine basis, but it was something he still enjoyed. As he continued to work out, Jason became increasingly proud of his body and liked showing it off.

The week following the autograph signing session, the photographer Suzanne Foster developed the pictures and delivered them to the Tri-Alpha fraternity. There were several boxes of 8 x 10 photos, all of them pictures of Jason and Lisa posing with various fans and people who had attended the nude 10-K race. The fraternity already had stacks of envelopes prepared to stuff and mail to the charity donors. As soon as Suzanne delivered the pictures the fraternity was ready to mail them to their buyers.

In spite of her busy schedule, Cecilia decided to make herself available to help Suzanne carry the pictures to the fraternity. She wanted to see Suzanne again and get to know her better, so helping her with delivering the pictures was a perfect justification to get together with her again. Suzanne gladly accepted and the two women headed over to the fraternity house in Suzanne's dilapidated old car.

Going into the fraternity was a rather strange experience for Cecilia. She and Suzanne were greeted by the sight of several naked 18-year olds running around the house, busy doing chores and keeping the place clean. Most of the pledges had red marks or bruises on their bottoms from constant paddling. All of the freshmen present had shaved their pubic hair, which was another requirement imposed on Tri-Alpha pledges.

It turned out that the fraternity had a rather severe system of hazing freshman pledges. The Tri-Alphas prided themselves on not using alcohol as part of their initiations, but the lack of drunkenness meant hazing had to take a different form. Instead of drinking contests, the fraternity imposed a semester of sexual servitude on anyone who wanted to join. Pledges were required to be naked any time they were in the frat house. They also were required to visit Tri-Alpha's sister sorority on a regular basis to clean it up and submit to whatever humiliations the girls chose to impose on them. Like the fraternity, whenever the pledges were working in the sorority or submitting to its members, they had to be completely naked. Upper classmen from the fraternity had the right to paddle a pledge at any time for any reason, as did members from the fraternity's sister sorority. If an upper classman or sorority girl wanted to fondle or humiliate a pledge in any way, they were perfectly free to do so. It seemed to Cecilia that there were plenty of sorority girls floating around the house, taking special delight in dominating the pledges.

As Cecilia and Suzanne carried boxes to a back room that served as the fraternity's main office, they passed a patio where three sorority girls were spending "quality time" with a naked 18-year old. One of the girls was relaxing on a lawn chair. She had taken her shoes off, but otherwise was fully dressed. The pledge was on his knees licking her feet and sucking her toes while another sorority girl was smacking him with a belt. A third sorority girl was taking pictures of the pledge with a digital camera. Cecilia noticed the girl with the belt was not using good technique: she had not doubled it and was not smacking effectively.

While Suzanne and the fraternity president sorted through the pictures to place into their proper envelopes, Cecilia decided to return to the patio and watch the foot-worshiping session. She rolled her eyes as she saw the sorority girl deliver one weak ineffective swat after another, on a victim who obviously was not feeling the punishment properly. Finally she decided to intervene and do something about it. She introduced herself to the sorority girls and asked to borrow the belt. Rather surprised, they agreed and the girl wielding the implement passed it to the fraternity's new guest.

Cecilia addressed the kneeling guy, who continued licking the feet of the sorority girl in the lawn chair. He kept his tongue on her feet, because he had not been instructed to do anything else.

"OK, little pledge. I'm gonna smack you good, and you'd better stay right where you are, or I'll get the paddle."

With that Cecilia delivered a crisp SMACK to the exposed backside at her feet, leaving a white stripe that quickly turned deep pink. The pledge shifted uncomfortably as his hand involuntarily went to his bottom to protect it.

"Hey! I didn't say you could do that, little pledge! Just for that, I'm gonna give you another!"

CRACK! Cecilia let loose a fearsome blow as the three sorority girls looked at her in amazement. The freshman gasped from the shock of the smack and the pain tearing into him, but he managed to stay still, as required by the rules he had to follow as a pledge. Cecilia handed the belt back to the girl who had been using it.

"There. Now, that's how you spank a naughty pledge! You double the belt and you put your body into it, just like you was playin' tennis! Now you try it."

The sorority girl followed her guest's lead, and managed to deliver a respectable swat. The freshman began to sweat. His afternoon was about to become much more difficult. Cecilia, still not completely satisfied with the other girl's performance, took back the belt. She then placed her foot between the freshman's thighs to force them apart.

"Come-on, boy! Spread 'em! Let's see what you got back there! Let's see it, spread nice and wide!"

The freshman complied, exposing himself completely as he spread his knees apart. Cecilia paused long enough to get a good look at the pledge's bottom-hole, the backs of his testicles, and the lower part of his penis. Once she had her victim properly positioned, Cecilia twisted her whole body back and delivered a blow that was much harder than her first two.

CRACK!!! The freshman jerked to the side and rubbed his bottom as he gave the Dominican a very frightened look. Cecilia's next comment was not addressed to him but to the sorority girls.

"Well, I think we can see why you got a problem here. You're not disciplining this pledge properly. If you'd trained him right, he wouldn't be lookin' up and jerkin' around like this! Now, either you train him right, or I'm gonna tell your chapter president you're not doin' your job with this guy!"

The girls' expressions changed with Cecilia's last comment.

"No... please... don't! If you say anything, we'll all get it! She'll spank us, like... I mean... bare-assed... right in front of all the guys!"

"Then do your job!"

The sorority girl administering the punishment gave Cecilia a nervous look as she took back the belt. She doubled the leather, positioned herself, tightened her lips, and laid into her victim full force.


The freshman groaned and gasped as he tried to absorb the shock of the latest swat. Unfortunately for him, the girl in the chair got into the spirit of Cecilia's lesson.

"Hey, pledge! I didn't tell you to stop licking my feet! You get your tongue back between my toes, or we'll really give you something to cry about!" She looked up at her friend. "Give him another, Heather...and make it a good one!"


With difficulty the guy continued licking the sorority girl's toes, as one fearsome swat after another marked his unprotected backside. Tears began rolling down his cheeks, but he had to obey the three sorority girls or get kicked out of the pledge group. Of any given Tri-Alpha pledge group, there always were guys who were eliminated or disqualified because they couldn't handle the physical punishment or please the sorority girls enough. He was determined to stay in, and was willing to do what it took to please his three tormentors.

Cecilia was very turned-on, feeling the familiar warm, wet sensation build between her legs as she watched the pledge's ordeal. Her heart pounded in her chest and her eyes shined with an intense, hungry expression as she studied the suffering teenager in front of her. She badly wanted to take up the belt again and deliver some more swats, but not being a sorority member, she decided it was not a good idea to participate any further in the guy's hazing.

A few minutes later Suzanne came back to the patio, chatting with the Tri-Alpha chapter president. She looked over at Cecilia as she stood watching the hazing. Suzanne then looked at Heather, the girl wielding the belt. The expressions on the faces of both Heather and Cecilia fascinated Suzanne's instinct for photography. She pulled out her camera to take some pictures, not of the spanking itself, but instead of Heather's concentrated focus and the aroused, hungry look in Cecilia's eyes.

Once her camera was unpacked and the lens adjusted, Suzanne became all business, taking advantage of a unique moment to get some intense facial shots to add to her professional portfolio. Suzanne snapped several pictures of the girls on the patio, but only photographed their faces. She was not interested in photographing the hazing scene itself, but rather the expressions of the participants. She snapped several close-up shots of the wide-eyed pledge as he continued to lick the set of toes in front of him and wincing as Heather's belt made contact. She turned to Cecilia, took some more photos of her clearly aroused expression, and finally told her companion it was time to go.

Cecilia resented being pulled away from the hazing, but at the same time realized Suzanne was right. They were not sorority members and to have stayed any longer would have worn out their welcome. As they left the fraternity, she was bewildered by Suzanne's detached interest in the spanking scene unfolding on the patio and the intense, but unemotional manner in which she took her pictures. Suzanne was not aroused, nor shocked, nor sympathetic, nor offended. It seemed as though she were photographing nothing more an inanimate object. What also interested Cecilia was the strange contrast between Suzanne's quiet personality and her interest in taking pictures that would have controversial content. She relayed her curiosity to the photographer.

"I'm not sure how to answer that," responded Suzanne. "I guess when I take pictures, what I'm looking for is emotion and mood. I'm also looking for... I suppose I'm searching for what's strange and what's erotic in everyday life. I think that's the best way I can describe it."

"So... you do artistic photography?"

"I don't know if you could call it that, artistic photography, I mean. The way I look at it is that I'm not trying to create art. It's more like I'm trying to capture emotion. That's what I'm really after in my photos."

Cecilia and Suzanne talked a bit more as they made their way back to the art department. Their conversation turned to the Tri-Alphas and the fraternity's odd influence on the university. Suzanne explained that she had been the unofficial photographer of the Tri-Alphas since the previous spring semester. She had taken pictures of several charitable events, displacing a professional photographer who was charging extortionately and reducing the profits going to the intended causes. Suzanne charged nothing for her work, but hoped that her connections with the Tri-Alphas and her growing artistic portfolio eventually would help her break into the field as a serious photographer.

The fraternity was different from any of the others on campus. The members prided themselves on being risk-takers, but always in unique and unexpected ways. The Tri-Alphas were the only fraternity that did not feature drinking at their events. Instead they focused on a variety of other daring activities and physical competitions. The annual 10-K run was only one example of some of the unusual things its members liked to do.

The Tri-Alphas' taste for adventure attracted a certain type of personality and made the fraternity rather hard to join. A key goal of the initiation was to get members to completely get rid of any personal inhibitions. Prospective members had to spend an entire semester as pledges and undergo constant hazing, which eliminated about half of the applicants any given year. The hazing was in itself an adventure, of which the 10-K run, being kept naked for a full semester, and submitting to constant spankings were only part of a much larger journey of sexual servitude and erotic experiences. Pledges were specifically prohibited from touching any alcohol or drugs, because the fraternity wanted its prospective members to be fully aware of everything that was happening to them. As a result, the annual drinking scandals that plagued the other fraternities never affected the Tri-Alphas.

The Tri-Alphas and their sister sorority were blatantly sexual in what they enjoyed doing. There were sexual games and other nude or erotic events throughout the year, of which the 10-K run was by far the most public. There were non-sexual activities as well, including the annual Spring Break adventure and trips to exotic locations such as mountain climbing in the Chilean Andes. The fraternity and its sister sorority were very health-conscious, which was another important reason drinking was not a part of Tri-Alpha life.

Cecilia, as a dorm Resident Advisor, was well aware of the various fraternities on campus. The other fraternities claimed to be "wild", but in reality, for all of the others, "being wild" meant being constantly drunk. Apart from drinking, preparing to get drunk, and recovering from being drunk, the pledges from the other fraternities really did very little. For any male student who wanted active adventure instead of lying around in a sick, drunken stupor, the only real option was joining the Tri-Alphas.

Suzanne invited Cecilia to see the pictures she had taken as a freshman the year before. There were numerous large and medium-sized prints preserved in several large folders. Two things immediately struck Cecilia about Suzanne's work. First, the pictures, every last one, were excellent in their quality and the manner in which Suzanne had composed the shot. She seemed adept at capturing people's expressions and the inner workings of their emotions. Second, many of the pictures were blatantly erotic. Suzanne seemed interested in straightforward figure photography, but also had taken many pictures of models in a wide variety of sexual situations. She had done photo shoots of gay and lesbian couples, of older couples, of people in erotic poses by themselves, and artistic figure studies of ballet and jazz dancers. The eroticism in the pictures surprised Cecilia. Suzanne's savagely sensual work hugely contrasted with the artist's quiet demeanor and conservative appearance.

Apart from the erotic figure studies, Suzanne had taken many pictures around both the university and throughout Chicago. There were photos from numerous athletic events, including two Tri-Alpha nude 10-K races. There were some landscape shots and a few photos of animals. Cecilia was very impressed. She spent more than an hour going through her friend's work without realizing the passage of time.

Suzanne's photographs excited Cecilia almost as much as watching the freshman getting punished on the Tri-Alpha patio. She decided to ask the photographer do a couple of photo shoots of Jason, but also decided that she wanted to have a photo shoot done of herself. Cecilia never had taken any nude pictures of herself nor allowed anyone else to photograph her, but suddenly decided she wanted to add her own body to Suzanne's artistic portfolio. She had no idea why she would want to do such a thing. The idea scared her as much as it excited her.

Hesitantly Cecilia brought up the idea of posing, asking if Suzanne was interested in having her pose for a figure study series. Suzanne readily agreed, enthusiastic at the thought of having her dark-skinned exotic-looking acquaintance as a model.

Suzanne surprised Cecilia by suggesting they do the photo shoot right away. She had photographed enough people to gauge their emotions prior to a modeling session, could tell that Cecilia would become very nervous if she had any time to think it over. It was possible she might have reservations and be tempted to back out. Suzanne did not what to force or trick Cecilia into posing, but she felt that a successful photography session might help Cecilia see the beauty in her own body and boost her self-esteem. The photographer was aware of her ability to capture the essence of a subject's personality on film, especially when she was doing a figure series. No matter how reluctant a model might be to be photographed nude prior to a photo shoot, the reaction always was extremely positive once the subject saw his or her figure rendered in the developed pictures.

Cecilia's heart pounded as they entered the art department's photography studio. There was a plain white backdrop already set up. Suzanne explained what she had in mind. The pictures would be a stark contrast of Cecilia's dark body standing alone against the white background. There would be no other objects in the photos; the session would be focused entirely on her bare and unadorned figure. To Cecilia the idea seemed a bit simplistic, yet at the same time a bit scary. Cecilia's body and soul, standing out on that white backdrop, was to be starkly and unabashedly exposed to the viewer.

Before setting up, Suzanne told Cecilia to get undressed. "I want your clothes off for at least 15 minutes before we start shooting, so that you don't have panty-lines marking your waist. This photo shoot is all about you, not about what you were wearing before we started."

Cecilia stripped and faced the photographer with her hands at her sides as the studio fan blew cool air against her exposed body. She felt incredibly daring, even though Suzanne had done the same thing with dozens of other people over the past year and a half. The Dominican began to feel sexually aroused at the thought of being so exposed to her new friend, a sensation which mixed with fear to make her feel both very vulnerable and very submissive to the photographer. Cecilia had never felt this way before. She wanted to surrender herself to Suzanne, and in fact, had the art student wanted to seduce her at that moment, Cecilia would have been perfectly willing to comply and let her do whatever she wanted. She began to feel wet between her legs, and worried that Suzanne might pick up on her sensual mood.

Suzanne wanted her model to be in a sensual mood for the session, but also wanted her mood to be manageable. Upon sensing how aroused her model really was, she calmly told Cecilia to go to the studio locker room and take a quick shower.

"It'll help calm your nerves, and also finish off those pressure marks from your underwear."

Cecilia showered, but avoided getting her hair wet. It turned out Suzanne was right, showering calmed her nerves without ruining her over-all mood. Once she dried off, Cecilia returned to the studio, where Suzanne was waiting with her camera and backdrops ready for action.

Suzanne planned to take some very sensuous and revealing photos of Cecilia, but would work up to that as the session progressed. She began with a few simple standing poses. Cecilia at first was clearly tensed up, but finally managed to relax and stand naturally. Suzanne then she had Cecilia walk around the room, snapping the camera whenever she walked across front part of the backdrop. Next came sitting and kneeling poses, taken from both the front and from behind. Suzanne told her model to arch her back and spread her legs, capturing the submission in her face and arousal in her dark eyes. As Cecilia became more comfortable and more aroused, Suzanne began pushing for the photos that she really wanted. The model stood confidently, with her legs spread and the most secret parts of herself on full display. She knelt, facing away from the camera and exposed herself even more.

Once she had her model in the right mood, Suzanne pressed the play button on an old cassette player to fill the room with the sound of New Age instrumental music that featured fast drumming. Cecilia quickly got into the spirit of Suzanne's selection, imagining herself dancing naked in the tropics below a full moon at midnight. She danced passionately on the backdrop, only vaguely aware of the click-click-click of the camera.

Suzanne rapidly took pictures, reloaded film into her camera, and adjusted the lighting. She worked feverishly, but knew better than to interrupt her subject and risk spoiling her concentration. As a result, she missed some good shots, but got plenty of others. After the fast drum-piece ended, Suzanne switched to a much slower piece, hoping Cecilia could make the change from dancing to a fast piece of music to dancing more slowly. Switching music worked with some models, but not with others. With Cecilia it worked just fine. Cecilia moved slowly and passionately in front of her photographer, now completely distracted and not paying attention to her surroundings at all.

Within 40 minutes Suzanne had shot several rolls of film on her new model, who now stood in front of her exhausted and sweaty. The spell lifted, leaving the Dominican shaken that she had been able to surrender herself so completely to her friend's camera. As Suzanne unloaded the final roll of film from her camera, she was very satisfied with her new friend's performance. Cecilia continued to stand against the backdrop, catching her breath and sorry to see the modeling session end. Yes, this was something she truly had enjoyed.

She could see why Jason enjoyed modeling for the art department, but she was convinced modeling for a photographer and being able to move about with passion had been much more fun than anything Jason had done to date in the art classes. She definitely wanted to get him into the studio for some sessions posing for Suzanne. She wanted her boyfriend to have his body properly documented on film by a gifted professional photographer.

Several days later Suzanne invited Cecilia back to the art department to see the developed pictures. Cecilia was impressed by the images' beauty and unabashed eroticism. Cecilia saw a part of herself she had not really known existed in images that were quite sensual. The pictures were so well done that Cecilia was aroused... looking her own body of all things. Suzanne gave her copies of all the pictures, and then did something standard for the profession, asked her to sign a model's release. Once Suzanne took back the release, the Dominican's body became an important part of her artistic portfolio.

The two women spent the next hour getting to know each other better as they ate at a natural food restaurant Suzanne liked. When the restaurant played a song by the banned group "Socrates' Mistresses" the conversation turned to the band and the fact that Cecilia had corresponded enough with Kimberly Lee-Dolkivna to consider her a friend. It turned out Suzanne was a fan of the group as well as was very impressed upon finding out about her friend's connection with the Danubian band. Upon finishing dinner they returned to Cecilia's dorm room so that Suzanne could hear the newest CD in its entirety.

Back in Cecilia's room the two women opened up to each other, sharing personal secrets that neither had shared with anyone else at the university. The friendship between them deepened as they discovered even more details about their lives they had in common. They were somewhat surprised to find out they came from similar family situations and that both were estranged from their parents.

Cecilia was much less forgiving of her family than Suzanne seemed to be of her father. For some reason the words "fuckin' bitch" sealed Cecilia's heart against not only the brother who spoke them, but also against her mother and her entire neighborhood. She had no intention of allowing anyone from her family back in her life, to the extent that during her freshman year she bought a phone with a caller ID function to screen any calls coming from New Jersey. If a call came from area codes 201 or 973, she simply did not pick up. Eventually calls from the two area codes diminished and ceased, and with that Cecilia made the final break with her life prior to college. She had not had any contact with anyone in New Jersey since the beginning of the year.

Cecilia talked at length about her family's apathetic attitude over her academic success and her mother's complete opposition to her studies in Chicago. She went on to describe, in bitter detail, the scorn and contempt heaped on her by her brothers and her female classmates year after year as she struggled to get through high school. She repeated the final words that pushed her to run to catch the departing bus to Chicago. The Spanish accent and bad grammar from her Dominican childhood came out in her speech as the deep anger in her character surfaced:

"They called me a 'fuckin' bitch'... my fuckin' brothers did, and even my mom. That's what they called me, Suzanne, a fuckin' 'puta', and I ain't never gonna forgive 'em! I ain't no bitch, but I ain't gonna do what they want!"

Suzanne, who was a much quieter person than Cecilia, was a bit taken aback by her friend's sudden display of temper and bitterness. However, the Dominican's unpleasant memories about her family matched Suzanne's own about her father. Suzanne confided the grim recollection of seven years of terror she had endured being physically and mentally abused after her parents got divorced and her mother mysteriously left. The physical abuse from her father lasted from the time Suzanne was eleven until she was fourteen. She did not go into details, but related that the physical abuse abruptly stopped, only to be followed by continuous verbal abuse, insults, and put-downs that continued up through the day Suzanne graduated from high school. Suzanne, like Cecilia, did very well in her studies, but that was in spite of, not because of, her father's role in her life.

Finally the two women finished talking about their pasts. It was late and Suzanne needed to get to sleep. Cecilia handed her a recorded cassette of the "Socrates' Mistresses" music from the latest CD. Ordinarily Cecilia would not have dreamt of recording her Danubian friend's music to pass out to anyone. However, she trusted Suzanne not to give it out to anyone else, and besides, "Socrates' Mistresses" was not allowed to sell anything in the US anyway. Suzanne departed back to her own room, taking with her the tape.

As she lay awake thinking about her past, Cecilia realized something important from her conversation with Suzanne. What she realized was a detail that, over time, would help her come to terms with her own unpleasant memories. It seemed Suzanne's father treated her with complete hatred and malice, while Cecilia's family treated her the way they did largely out of ignorance and the street's disdain for formal education. Whatever their faults, Cecilia could never claim that her family actually hated her while she was growing up. Instead, they rejected her because she was an outsider to the values and social demands of the neighborhood's subculture.

Chapter 14 - Jason's Second Punishment

As the semester progressed, Cecilia quietly tightened her control over Jason. In some ways she wanted to change him, especially how he appeared and what he did in public. She wanted him to become conservative in his appearance instead of "trendy", to look dignified and not look like a kid. By the middle of October it always was Cecilia who decided how he should dress, even with casual clothing. There was another expensive trip to her favorite men's store for more clothes, this time for a wardrobe of casual items. The shopping trip was followed by a trek to a clothing donation center, where Jason surrendered the trendy clothing he had bought just a few months earlier in anticipation of partying on campus.

As for their dates, Cecilia decided what they did, period. The couple didn't even pretend that Jason had any say in what constituted entertainment, although it was he who always bought the tickets and was responsible for making travel and dinner arrangements. Cecilia liked formal evenings that required dressing up, elegant classical concerts and theater productions, and quiet fancy restaurants. Jason quickly became familiar with Chicago's "high culture" and over time became used to, and finally began to like, his girlfriend's taste in music. He became separated from casual college culture and over time his familiarity with popular music began to fade. As for the partying he had been expecting prior to coming to college, well, for him there was no partying apart from formal university events. There were no rowdy concerts, and certainly no fraternity parties. The only exceptions were a couple of Tri-Alpha events. However, any time Jason went to the Tri Alpha House, Cecilia chaperoned him.

Another important goal in the Dominican's life was to ensure her boyfriend's body remained as healthy as possible. Jason's body was Cecilia's prized possession and her most important source of physical pleasure. As a result, it needed to be kept in top condition. She began monitoring her boyfriend's workouts to make sure he was exercising vigorously but not over-exerting himself. At night she checked in on him to make sure he was getting enough sleep. As the weather got colder, she checked to make sure he was dressed appropriately to go to class. She periodically went through his medicines and strictly prohibited him from going anywhere he could get alcohol.

Over time she even began monitoring what he ate on campus, pushing him to eat more vegetables and fruit, less meat, and eliminate fried food and desserts altogether. Shortly after the Tri-Alpha 10-K race, she began controlling his food choices in the cafeteria and told him what he could and could not select. Even though she continued to eat with the other RA's, she made sure that Jason dined within her sight in the cafeteria and showed her his tray before sitting down. Whenever he chose something that did not meet her approval, she unceremoniously picked up the offending food item and pitched it in the trash.

In other ways she dominated him by encouraging him to do things he wanted to do anyway, the most obvious example being his constant nudity. The RA took advantage of Jason's desire to be naked by encouraging him to always have his clothing off, partly as a constant reminder of his submission to her. By the end of their second month together Jason knew that Cecilia expected him to be naked at all times while in his room, whether she was with him or not. Even when he had his friends over, Jason felt that he was prohibited from getting dressed. He explained to the others that he was fully committed to the naturist lifestyle and that wearing clothing when it was not necessary went against his values. That was becoming increasingly true, but the thought of Cecilia's disapproval, or worse, her belt, was the main reason he decided never to cover himself unless he was going out.

Apart from the diet restrictions and encouraging him to keep himself uncovered as much as possible, Cecilia took control of Jason's life in other ways. She insisted that he make any part of his body available to her whenever she wanted. Any time she wanted to uncover or touch any part of him she was free to do so. She became fascinated with his bottom and loved having him lie over her lap. Occasionally she spanked him, but usually she simply made him lie quietly, as her hand explored his buttocks and the back of his scrotum. Other times she explored his testicles or penis from the front, making him lie perfectly still on his back as she gently fondled his private area. She was fascinated with every detail and watching him become erect. Other times she put on a medical glove, and, forcing him to lie over her lap, pushed her finger deep into his bottom to explore his intestines and prostate gland. Penetrating him, the thought she could reach so deeply inside and explore his body from within, totally fascinated her.

She photographed him constantly, both in her room and in the studio at the art department. Apart from her own photos, Cecilia also collected photos taken by her friend Suzanne Foster. At his girlfriend's urging, Jason found himself modeling for Suzanne on a regular basis, always nude, and at times posing for some very provocative pictures. Suzanne's photos were quite good and many ended up on display in local gallery exhibits. Over time Jason's bare figure became a fixture around the Chicago artistic community.

By the end of their second month together, Jason's submission during their sexual encounters was so complete that it was routine. Almost every night he knelt with his face between her legs, sensuously caressing her clitoris and labia with his tongue and lips. She trained him to improve his technique and prolong her orgasms. There were the nightly massages, which became longer and better as he learned from experience to become better at relaxing her muscles.

The final weekend before Halloween there was an incident that allowed Cecilia to punish her boyfriend and tighten her control over him even more.

Throughout the semester Jason and Ken secretly had thought about getting tattoos. It seemed that most of the other guys in the dorm were getting them. It was something cool and in fashion, so, why not? For several weeks they hovered outside the display window of the area's best tattoo studio, working up the courage to get their bodies marked up. Finally, on a chilly Saturday morning they nerved themselves to actually go in, made an appointment for later in the day, and began studying designs displayed along the wall to make final selections.

As the two freshmen stood inside near the window, Cecilia walked past the studio, returning from an off-campus bookstore. As usual, she was weighted down with an armload of books. She was in a foul mood, because she had wanted Jason to help her and had attempted to call him several times during the morning. She would have to have a talk with him and...what the fuck was this? So there was Jason, with that idiot friend of his Ken, standing inside a tattoo studio. She could tell by their expressions the two freshmen were seriously looking at designs, not just glancing out of curiosity.

Cecilia walked into the studio, quietly sneaking up behind the two young men. They did not notice her and continued cheerfully chatting about tattoos some of the other guys on the floor had recently gotten. Jason then turned around, and had the shock of his life as he nearly bumped right into his girlfriend. She did not have a pleasant expression on her face. He knew right away that he was in trouble.

"Take my books, Jason," she began in a very cold voice. "They're heavy and I'm sick of carrying 'em."

Jason began sweating heavily, but immediately took the books. He was afraid to look at Ken, who seemed very nervous.

"OK, whose idea was it to do this stupid shit?"

Jason answered: "It kinda... was both our ideas... I mean... like, you know... all the other guys are doing it... and we thought it would be cool..."

"Too cool to tell me about it, is that it? Or, maybe 'cause you know what I think about this shit! It's shit, Jason, that's all it is, shit! You wanna see tattoos, you go to New Jersey and look at my brother! He's a fuckin' freak, but oh, he think's he's so cool, with all that ink shit all over his body! That's what you want, to look like a fuckin' gang-banger?"

Everyone in the studio was looking at them, wondering how Jason was going to respond. He was horribly embarrassed, but had nothing to say. He quietly carried Cecilia's books out the door, as she and Ken trailed behind. Ken too, was horribly embarrassed by Cecilia's outburst and Jason's non-response, and felt he never could return to this store. That was too bad, he thought to himself, because they did have the best tattoo designs near campus.

Cecilia slapped Jason hard across the back of the head once they were on the street, right in front of his friend. He flinched at the force of the blow and struggled not to drop the stack of books in his hands.

"There's a lot more of that comin' when we get back to my room! I'm gonna teach you, and I'm gonna teach you good!"

Ken's heart jumped in his throat upon hearing Cecilia's comment. Was it possible...?

Jason was miserable as they trailed across the campus, partly from regret of having so thoroughly upset his girlfriend, partly from being so humiliated in front of Ken, and partly from the public embarrassment of the ugly encounter in the tattoo studio. He knew that punishment from Cecilia's belt awaited him at the end of the walk and was horrified that Ken was fully aware of what was about to happen. He was mad at himself for having gotten caught up in the stupid tattoo craze, knowing ahead of time that Cecilia would disapprove. He had not told her precisely because he knew she would stop him. Because of his attempt to deceive her, he was facing punishment, and pursuing a tattoo now was the furthest thing from his mind.

There was more humiliation coming. As soon as they were back in Cecilia's room, she closed the door. The Dominican ordered her boyfriend to neatly stack the books on her desk. With Ken watching, she gave him a long lecture about the need to respect his body and the need to respect the relationship by asking her permission to do anything major such as getting a tattoo. Finally she concluded with a question:

"Now, I wanna know how come you didn't say nothin' before you and Ken went over there to that fuckin' ink studio!"

"I... I... don't know... I just forgot..."

"That's shit, Jason... shit! You fuckin' knew I wasn't gonna let you do it, that's why you didn't say nothin'. You didn't fuckin' forget! So right now you're lyin' to me, ain't that true?"

Jason said nothing, but a tear ran down his cheek.

"Well, ain't it?!"

"Yeah... it..."

A sharp SMACK interrupted Jason's answer. Cecilia slapped him hard across the face, as Ken looked on in total shock.

"Jason, how many times do I have to tell you I don't want you sayin' 'yeah' when I ask you somethin'? How many times? And you're still doin' it!"

Tears rolled down Jason's cheeks as he struggled to answer, this time truthfully.

"I just thought that if... I just did it, you wouldn't mind, you know..."

"No, I don't know, Jason, I don't know! I'll tell you this, if you'd gotten a fuckin' tattoo I would've left you, 'cause I don't want no fuckin' gang-banger tattoo shit in my life! Get it? No fuckin' gang-banger shit! I don't wanna see that shit on you! So you're fuckin' lucky I caught you when I did!"

The vehemence of Cecilia's remarks frightened both young men. As usual when she was upset, the rough accent and crude grammar from her childhood surfaced in her voice. Jason and Ken had no way of knowing that, like Rap music, the sight of tattoos brought forth many ugly memories from the Dominican's prior life in that awful New Jersey housing project. What was clear, however, was that her temper was rising, much to Jason's dismay. Sweat trickled down his body and the skin on his bottom tingled slightly from the anticipation of knowing a severe punishment was only minutes away.

Cecilia turned to Ken. "I want you outta here, unless you want me to whip your ass too. And I don't wanna see no tattoos on you neither! You get a tattoo, and I'll fuck you up! Get it? I'll fuck you up if you get a tattoo!"

Ken, wide eyed and scared, nodded.

"Now go study. I'm checkin' on you later, and don't you let me catch you doin' nothin' except studyin' in your room!"

With that, Ken withdrew from the RA's room. Jason was scared to see him go. At first he had been horribly embarrassed at the thought of his friend seeing him reprimanded by his girlfriend, and had wished that he had not been present. However, now it was obvious he was facing a truly vicious whipping. Jason was thinking that Cecilia might have restrained herself had there been a witness in the room. With Ken gone, there was nothing to keep her from whipping to her heart's content.

Jason knew what her next order would be. Sure enough:

"I want your clothes off, Jason, everything. Put your stuff on a hanger and hang it up in my closet."

Jason quickly, but very reluctantly, stripped. Following orders, he hung his jacket on a hanger, before taking off his shirt and pants and placing them on two other hangers. As usual, he was not wearing underwear. He sadly slipped off his socks, folded them, and stuffed them into his shoes. He stood at attention, feeling totally exposed as Cecilia's dark eyes glared at him. Cecilia's next words left no doubt over what was about to happen.

"The belt's hangin' on the side of the closet, next to my sweatsuit. Get it, then I want you on your knees in front of me."

Cecilia realized how much she really did have Jason under her control when he meekly complied and got on his knees. She took the belt and menacingly tapped it in her hand as he remained kneeling in front of her. She tapped it in her hand as she enjoyed his terrified expression, but finally ordered her boyfriend to get on his elbows and knees at the foot of her bed. She instructed him to scoot closer and hang his feet over the edge, allowing her unrestricted access to his bottom from both sides. She ordered him to spread his knees and arch his back. When he complied his buttocks were stretched tight with his anus and testicles fully exposed. She reached forward and ominously surrounded a testicle with the tips of her fingernails, letting him know that all she had to do was apply a little pressure...

"I ought to give you a couple of good smacks on your balls... that'd teach you."

Jason was terrified. His position would allow her to easily strike his testicles with the belt very severely, if she so desired. He dared not move, desperately hoping she would not carry through with the threat. He was sweating and the skin on his tightly stretched bottom was moist, a perfect target for the heavy leather strap doubled in his girlfriend's hand.

She tapped the belt below the base of his bottom, touching his balls and scaring him even more. Although his gaze was directed down at the patch of bedspread under his face, his other senses were carefully tuned to what was going on behind him. He listened to her footsteps as she positioned herself and tried to sense where the belt would actually land.

As she contemplated the unmarked bottom in front of her, a feeling of immense happiness swept through the young woman, partly replacing her anger at her boyfriend's stupidity. She was intensely aroused, much more so than the first time she punished the freshman. The sight of his attractive naked bottom, spread and submissively presented for punishment, was the fulfillment of everything she had hoped for in her fantasies. Together with her extreme arousal came a feeling of intense love for her boyfriend. Deep down in her soul Cecilia was grateful that Jason was submitting so completely and allowing her to punish him as she saw fit. He was not questioning her authority nor trying to negotiate a less severe punishment. The only thing that mattered was the fact he had offended her and now was willing to redeem himself by accepting her discipline. For that she loved him and was determined to show him how much she loved him once the belt whipping was over.

However, before the redemption and gesture of love had to come the punishment he so richly deserved. Jason had to be taught never to lie to the Dominican or keep any secrets from her. Most of all, he had to understand that under no circumstances was he ever to try to do anything behind her back again. A tattoo... and without her permission... what on earth was he thinking?

CRACK! Cecilia struck hard, and struck well, at the base of Jason's left bottom-cheek. A white rectangle quickly turned a deep pink at the base of the upturned bottom. Jason winced as the pain mounted from the first out of many blows he could expect to receive over the next half-hour. He gasped and struggled to stay in position as he felt the belt touch the spot just above the stinging welt from the first swat.

CRACK! A perfect swing, into which Cecilia put her entire body, delivered the second vicious swat to mark the young man's helpless backside. Tears formed in his eyes, and, even as the pain from the second swat mounted, a third ferocious CRACK signaled a third welt that slightly overlapped the top of the second one. Jason groaned and gasped as he fought to hold back the tears. He couldn't believe that a simple spanking from a belt could hurt this much.

Cecilia switched sides and studied the burning reddish area marking the base of Jason's left bottom cheek. The color from her exertions impressed her. Undoubtedly Jason was in a lot of pain right now. Good. There was a lot more pain coming his way. Cecilia positioned herself to deliver three back-handed swats against her boyfriend's right bottom cheek. She took a deep breath and snapped her arm and shoulder into another savage blow, this time delivered against his vulnerable right side. CRACK!

CRACK! CRACK! Cecilia struck two more blows, full force, to add color to the right side of Jason's bare bottom. She stepped back to admire the result of her efforts, a solid strip of pure pain covering the lower portion of his bottom.

CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Slowly, spacing the blows 15 seconds apart, Cecilia delivered five swats against the middle part of Jason's tender backside. Striking across the middle part of his bottom there was no danger of smacking his testicles, so she felt no hesitation to hit hard across both sides at once. He groaned and shifted as the pain continued to mount, but tried as hard as he could to stay in position. He knew he deserved this, a proper punishment for having tried to do something behind the back of his lover. He had offended her and the least he could do was submit to her discipline.

CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Cecilia laid several swats to the upper part of Jason's right bottom-cheek and some to his left bottom-cheek before returning to the tender area at the base of his backside. By then Jason was quietly crying, his body shaking from suppressed sobs. She started again below the lowest part of his bottom, delivering several strokes against the upper part of his right thigh and slowly working her way up the right side of his already marked buttock. Her goal was to make his entire bottom a solid deep red, laying row after row of welts until she had the color she wanted.

She also wanted to get him to cry. Making Jason suffer to the point he was crying uncontrollably would be important for her plans for their relationship. He needed to truly understand that his body belonged to her and was hers to do with as she pleased. Right now it was her desire to flog him, and it was his duty to unconditionally present his body for that flogging. Had she wanted to flog him until he bled, it would have been his responsibility to stay in position and allow her to do so.

Again and again the belt made contact with Jason's bare skin, as the color in his bottom approached the dark shade she desired. His groans became sobs and finally he was starting to cry properly. He was humiliated to be crying like a baby in front of his girlfriend, but the blows continued to land, showing no sign of abating. Cecilia paused...

"It's OK for you to cry, Jason. I want you to cry. I know it hurts, and a good cry'll be good for you."

As she delivered her final cruel blows, Jason, now that he had her permission to cry, did not hold back. His body shook from sobs and his tears stained the bedspread under his face.

Finally she stopped. She was covered with sweat, burning with sexual desire, and breathing heavily from her efforts. Her lover's bottom was deep red, very swollen, and punctuated with dark marks and blisters. She looked at the solid mass of welts with deep satisfaction. He had just endured a punishment that was much more severe than the first belt-whipping, but still he remained submissively on his elbows and knees, waiting for her next command.

She let him cry for a bit, but finally took his hand and guided him off the bed. She pushed him to his knees and let him put his arms around her waist. He buried his face into her skirt while she stroked his hair and comforted him.

"It's OK, mi carino, it's OK. You were very brave, and I'm very proud of you."

Jason sniffed. "You're not mad at me anymore?"

"No, I'm not mad. How could I stay mad at you? I had to punish you, but that's because I love you. I know what you need, and I'm gonna give it to you, just 'cause I love you so much."

She left him on his knees, with his arms desperately locked around her, until his crying died down. As his tears moistened her skirt, Cecilia suddenly remembered Jason's next modeling session for the art department on Monday. That was less than 48 hours away. His backside still would be bruised and marked up, but she planned to insist he pose. On this occasion the world would know he had been disciplined, and he would understand that crossing her, in any way, would come at a very heavy price.

Once his crying died down, the young woman took her lover's hands and guided him to stand up. Now she planned to reward him, and herself, with a session of sex. However, because Cecilia felt the need to continue dominating her boyfriend, she decided to tie his hands to deny him any active participation in their lovemaking. He would remain at her mercy and she would decide the details of the afternoon session of intimacy.

She pulled out a piece of soft rope from a drawer and ordered him to lie on his back on the bed. Quickly she tied his hands together and secured the rope to the headstand. She removed her skirt and the wet thong underneath. She positioned herself over his face, holding the back of the bed to steady herself while he performed his duty to arouse her with his tongue. It was an awkward position, made even more so because his hands were tied, but he struggled to bring her to orgasm. Finally, once the first orgasm was completed, she began massaging his chest and legs, slowly working her way towards his penis. As she gently massaged him into a desperate erotic frenzy, she admonished him...

"I love you. I love you so much, even if you are such a naughty boy. So, are you a bad boy?"

"Y... Yes, Cecilia... I... I'm bad."

"And what happens to naughty boys?"

"Uh... I... naughty boys get punished."

"That's right. They get punished on the naked bottom. On the bare, naked bottom, 'cause that's the only way to do it."

"Uh... Uh... Yes, on the naked bottom... uh..."

"I'm gonna spank that bare ass of yours plenty, Jason. You belong to me, and your cute ass belongs to me, and I'm gonna spank it good. Isn't that what you need? To have your bare ass whipped?"

Cecilia's words struck fear into Jason's soul, even as his body was reacting to her kindness and caresses. His emotions were almost overwhelmed from the combination of extreme pleasure, the fierce pain still burning in his bottom, and the knowledge that his future was to submit to plenty of similar punishments. He was swept up in his desire to submit to her, to make a promise to both her and to himself.

"I... uh... I... need... my ass whipped."

"You're mine, carino. Mine to love... mine to discipline..."

"Uh... I... belong... to you... I'm yours..."

With that, the young woman worked her lover's body into desperation. He needed her so badly. She pushed a condom onto his erection and lowered herself over him. As her body weight pressed down on his hips, the pain from the pressure on his bottom seared into Jason's body. And yet, the ongoing physical pain, his helplessness, the fear of the punishments yet to come, and Cecilia's announcement that she loved him, drove him into a wild sexual frenzy. He desperately pushed up into his lover, trying to get as far into her as possible. She leaned down to kiss him, but then sat upright enjoying the feeling of being on top of him, but having his organ pulsating inside her body.

Finally they finished and she lifted off of him. She pulled the condom off his penis and gently wiped it clean. Then, without untying his hands, she ordered him to flip onto his stomach so she could caress his back and study his punished bottom. The punished area was hot to the touch, covered with severe welts, and very swollen. It was likely he would have marks and bruises well into the following week.

Jason lay quietly as Cecilia gently massaged his back and stroked his hair. As much as he wanted to be untied, he dared not ask her to loosen the ropes. She would untie him when she felt like it, not when he wanted. Until she decided otherwise, he would lie on her bed, helpless and naked, on his stomach with his hands immobilized over his head.

Finally he fell asleep and Cecilia untied the rope. She then took off her blouse and lay beside him as she continued to stroke his hair and study the result of her efforts on his bottom.

Yes, he was hers and she loved him for it. Each time she punished him, each time he cried in her arms, each time he knelt and acknowledged her as his mistress, her love for him would only increase and intensify. She loved him, precisely because he belonged to her.

Chapter 15 - Halloween Night at Burnside's House

Jason's punishment solved one dilemma in Cecilia's life, what to do about concealing her own impending punishment from Ruth Burnside the final day of October. Halloween that year was on a Tuesday night, only three days after the ill-fated trip to the tattoo studio. She simply could put him on restriction and keep him confined to his room in the evenings as part of his punishment over the tattoo incident. That would prevent him from seeing her body until the welts had healed and keep him from knowing that she had been punished at all.

Cecilia never thought about telling Jason that she had to suffer roughly the same discipline that she had inflicted on him over the weekend. She felt that having to admit to being punished was to display weakness, and thus reduce her authority in her boyfriend's life. She did not want him to see her as an equal, but as his infallible mistress. He saw her as nearly perfect, incapable of making mistakes, and in a way invincible. The upcoming punishment at the hands of Ruth Burnside clearly demonstrated that she was not invincible at all, but she felt no need to share her weaknesses with her lover.

Cecilia was duty RA that Sunday night, so there was no massage and no lovemaking the day after Jason's punishment. She restricted him to his room and announced that he would remain on restriction throughout the entire week. The restriction also applied to Ken. Although she had not punished him, she made it clear that he was not to leave his room in the evenings, and that to disobey her would lead to very serious consequences. Ken, remembering the photos the RA still possessed of the night he and Jason went streaking, was in no position to challenge her.

The following Monday morning Jason had to pose for two art classes. He was back on the morning schedule, which meant that he was the model for the sessions during which both Cecilia and Ken were drawing. The two classes had a surprise when they saw their model with his bottom still badly marked up from Saturday's punishment. Jason felt totally humiliated, having to share his that detail of his life with his professor and 60 art students. The instructor was fascinated by the sight of her model's welts and decided to change his pose to force him to place his bottom on prominent display for the benefit of the students. She lowered a rope from the ceiling and told him to grab onto it and face away from the class with his legs spread and his back arched. Once she had him properly positioned, she resisted the temptation to pat his bruised backside. As for the students, most of them were fascinated at the contrast between the purplish welts on their model's bottom and the unmarked skin of the rest of his body. The students crowded around the model's platform to render Jason's welts to paper, Cecilia and Ken among them.

Following the art class was Cecilia's daily trek to Ruth Burnside's office. As usual, she helped the professor take lecture materials over to her class and helped set up. As usual, during the lecture she stood at the back of the room with the TA to make sure the doors stayed shut and the students stayed quiet. As usual, she looked at Jason and his friends, who glanced back at her with uneasy expressions.

When they returned to the professor's office, the two women went over Cecilia's progress with her research about the economic dispute between the Danubian Prime Minister and the European Community. Cecilia had learned that, upon entering the Danubian Parliament, Vladim Dukov discovered that deputies of both the previous government and the opposition party had negotiated several secret deals with other governments and multi-national companies. The deals had not been mentioned during the campaign that brought him to power, but came as an unpleasant surprise and were Dukov's first crisis as the Danubian leader. One of those deals was to build a major trucking route that would pass through the eastern provinces and exit through a pass along the mountainous northern border. The EU considered the proposed route as an important north-south trade link between its member nations. An extensive logging project in eastern Upper Danubia would provide the money to build the highway.

Upon finding out about the plan Dukov flatly canceled the project. He responded to its foreign backers, "You need this highway, we don't. I'm not spending the Duchy's money and forest reserves on something we don't need." Other European leaders warned Dukov not to cancel the road building project or Upper Danubia's membership in the EU would be jeopardized. Dukov responded by formally withdrawing Upper Danubia's request to join the EU.

Upper Danubia's neighbors needed the road more than Upper Danubia needed the EU. When it became apparent that Dukov's withdrawal was serious and not just a bargaining tactic, neighboring governments began offering concessions to bring Dukov back to the negotiating table. He still was not convinced his country needed or would benefit from a large road, but over time was willing to listen to proposals. Cecilia's research predicted that the project eventually would be approved, but under conditions much more favorable to Upper Danubia.

Burnside was very pleased with her student's progress. She commented as she handed the papers back to her student, "This is what I wanted from you. Now you have a grasp on an important issue facing Prime Minister Dukov, and you'll be able to talk to him about something more intelligent than how much you like Danubian music."

Even as they casually discussed Danubian politics and economic policy, the student's mind wandered to what was happening the following evening. She wanted answers and was trying to figure out how to ask her professor exactly what to expect the following afternoon. Finally she took a deep breath and blurted out:

"Dr. Burnside, I... was curious... you know... about tomorrow."

"What about tomorrow?"

"I... I mean... what's gonna happen... like... what do I gotta do?"

"Cecilia, what's 'gonna happen' is that you 'gotta be' at my house at 3:00 p.m. sharp, and be prepared to stay until about 4:00 the next morning. What you 'gotta do' is exactly what I tell you to do. That'll be it."

The student swallowed hard and asked another question.

"And you're... still... gonna punish me?"

Burnside's fierce eyes bore into her student. "Can you think of any reason I shouldn't? Can you think of anything that's happened between last month and now that changes the fact you chose to dig around in restricted test files and because of that I have a reprimand sitting in my personnel folder?"

"No, I 'spose not, Dr. Burnside."

In spite of her uncomfortable situation, Cecilia left the office no longer afraid of what was going to happen to her the following night. However painful Burnside's punishment might be, she was confident she could withstand it. Instead, she felt somewhat relieved that an issue clouding her relationship with her mentor was about to be resolved. She would take her punishment, submit to Burnside's commands for an evening, nurse her injuries for a few hours, and then return to her normal life. Undoubtedly Wednesday morning her backside still would be covered with painful welts, but she would deal with the pain, attend her classes, continue to discipline Jason, and move ahead with her research and her studies.

She reflected that in some ways Ruth Burnside's role in her life was similar to her own role in Jason's life. In the same way that she wanted to mold Jason's character through discipline, Cecilia Sanchez rightly assumed that Dr. Burnside wanted to mold her into a very different person from the one who stepped off the incoming bus from New Jersey the previous summer. She didn't mind the changes Burnside was attempting to impose on her, because she hated who she had been and the life she had led prior to attending college. If it took the will of another person such as her professor to help her break free from her past... so be it.

The following day Cecilia flatly told Jason that he was not to leave his room, even though it was Halloween night and the university was teeming with parties. When she saw the disappointed look in Jason's face she coldly reminded him:

"You're on restriction, and just 'cause it's Halloween doesn't make any difference to me. You should've thought about that before the tattoo studio."

"But... what are you gonna do for Halloween if I can't go out with you?"

"Me? What do you think? You think I'm gonna be partying? Yeah right. I gotta do some work for Dr. Burnside."

"She's gonna make you work Halloween night?"

"Yeah... work. So don't feel so sorry for yourself. I won't be havin' any fun either."

With that she kissed her boyfriend goodbye and left to catch a bus to Burnside's house. She had told Jason part of the truth about her evening, but in telling him part of the truth she completely deceived him about what she actually was going to be doing. Jason pictured his girlfriend spending a long night pouring over stacks of papers in her professor's office. He never could have imagined that instead she would spend the night serving drinks in a crowded living room, in the nude with a collar around her neck, and displaying a row of welts on her exposed bottom.

A half an hour later Cecilia sadly got off a city bus and followed Burnside's instructions to walk the final several blocks to her house. The professor lived in a nice neighborhood of 1960's ranch-style houses. Cecilia sighed at seeing the quiet, spread-out area as she wondered if she ever could afford a house of her own. After several minutes of walking along tree-lined streets she finally came up on a house whose number corresponded with the address on the slip of paper in her hand. Her heart pounding, she rang the doorbell.

Burnside answered the door, dressed in a gray sweatsuit. The professor's outfit came as a total shock to her student, given that she never had seen Burnside wearing anything other than her formal teaching outfits. The living room was a bit of a surprise as well. It was huge, much larger than what was normal in an average sized track home. It seemed sparsely furnished, but there were boxes of party supplies already on the floor and a stack of black sheets sitting near one of the walls. Cecilia stepped inside and sadly looked at the professor, waiting for her first order.

"OK, you're here at 3:00 just like I told you. Good." The professor then handed her student a paper grocery bag. "I want all your clothes off. Put your stuff in the bag and take it to the back room."

Cecilia went to the back room and slowly stripped. She felt very uneasy about parting with her clothing, even though Burnside already had seen her body the month before when she spanked her after the ethics committee hearing. She sensed that Burnside was bi-sexual, remembering the older woman's fingertips brushing against her most private areas immediately before the spanking began. She wondered if Burnside would touch her again, fervently hoping she wouldn't. She returned to the living room and faced the professor, her hands at her sides and her heart pounding.

Burnside's next order was to tell the student to go into the guest bathroom, get cleaned up, and completely shave off her pubic hair. Cecilia's pubic hair already was partly shaven, because she wore thong underwear and had to shave along the sides to keep her panty-line clear. However, what remained had to come off as well. Burnside insisted that anyone serving at her parties had to be completely shaved, to be as exposed as possible. Cecilia ran bath water and shaved off the small amount of black hair remaining on her pelvis. Upon getting out and drying off she looked at herself in the mirror. She felt a faint thrill of erotic excitement, somewhat surprised by how much she liked the way her vagina looked stripped of any hair. With no pubic hair she looked younger and much more vulnerable.

Again the student returned to the living room, where the professor was waiting. For the next hour the two women moved furniture into the guest bedroom, leaving only the chairs and a couple of large tables. Cecilia worked hard enough to forget that she was completely nude, even as her bare body contrasted with the gray sweatsuit of her professor. The next task was to hang sheets on small hooks around the large room. Burnside brought a step-ladder, told Cecilia to climb up, and handed her sheets as she reached up to attach them to a row of hooks near the ceiling. As she stood on the ladder with her body exposed and her hands reaching up over her head, Cecilia remembered that she had forced Jason to do the exact same thing the second night she caught him outside his dorm room with no clothes on. Burnside, meanwhile, admired the Dominican's attractive figure and dark skin. The girl's bottom jiggled slightly as she moved about, while the professor's gaze took in every detail with pure pleasure. Such a lovely dark bottom... such a perfect target for punishment...

The room's walls now were covered with black sheets, which totally changed its appearance and made it look much more sinister. There was a brief break while Burnside brought her dog into the house and shut him in the garage, and then the final set of commands, to unpack several boxes onto the tables.

Cecilia shuddered when she saw what the boxes contained. They were full of fetish implements: whips, leather paddles, wooden paddles, a couple of canes, leather handcuffs and collars, leather restraints, painful-looking metal clips, and a few items that she had no clue what they could be used for. The implements frightened Cecilia, but at the same time fascinated her. They represented a more extreme dimension of the relationship she already had with Jason, a progression of submission, punishment, pain, redemption, and finally a release through sexual pleasure. Cecilia knew that, as much as he feared being punished, Jason's best orgasms always followed a spanking or, better yet, a belt whipping. She looked at the collection of leather implements, wondering if she should try to take her relationship with her boyfriend to a higher level of more severe punishments, more severe pain, more complete submission, and perhaps better orgasms.

The final item to be brought into the living room was a heavy piece of furniture that looked something like a gymnastics horse. It had a sturdy base and padded leather cushion. Also, it had two sets of adjustable chains for mounting bondage cuffs. Following Burnside's orders, Cecilia took one end of the heavy item and helped the professor move it from a back bedroom to the middle of the living room. Cecilia's heart pounded, because she knew that momentarily she would be draped over the padded leather cushion, her hands and feet immobilized by the chains.

Burnside said nothing, but returned to her bedroom and came out with a truly scary-looking item, a long, thin, black leather switch.

"Put your hands out in front of you."

When Cecilia complied, Burnside laid the switch in her hands. There was a detail that truly frightened her as she held the punishment device in her hands. The switch was very thin and flexible, but also seemed very heavy. It was obvious that any stroke from the implement, even a light one, would hurt.

"Take a good look at it. It's a Danubian police switch, what they use to punish criminals with in Upper Danubia. If I'm not mistaken, I think your singer Kimberly Lee got punished with one of these."

"Y... yes... Dr. Burnside... she did... three times..."

"Well, now it's your turn. I realize that you've put that spot of irresponsibility from last month behind you and that you are continuing to fulfill your potential as a smart student. But you will understand that every action that you take in life has its consequences. The consequence from looking into my test files will be the punishment I'm about to give you. Do you understand me?"

"Y... yes... Dr. Burnside... I... I... understand."

"You will also understand that once I'm done with you, I will consider the matter between us settled. I don't hold grudges against people willing to face up to their mistakes. I guarantee that any further fall-out from the incident last month will be my problem, not yours."

"Yes, Dr. Burnside."

With that Burnside took the switch from her student's hands. She laid it across the punishment bench before going over to one of the tables and picking up four leather cuffs. She wrapped the cuffs around the young woman's wrists and ankles, and then returned for a metal collar to place around Cecilia's neck. The message was very clear, until the collar came off; Cecilia had given up her freedom. For the evening she belonged to Ruth Burnside.

The professor tapped the switch against the leather cushion of the punishment horse. Saying nothing, Cecilia stepped up, draped her body over the top, and allowed her arms and legs to hang freely. Burnside knelt down and clipped the four cuffs to the chains. The student now was helpless with her arms and legs chained to the bench and her bottom spread and facing upwards. She tried to tighten the muscles in her buttocks, but realized she couldn't because she was so completely immobilized. For the first time in her life, Cecilia had surrendered control of her own body.

Burnside took her time. She stripped off her sweatshirt, leaving herself completely nude from the waist up. Her large breasts jiggled slightly as she slashed the switch through the air. This was a moment for her to truly enjoy, the comfortable feeling of the cool living room air on her upper body, the lovely sight of the attractive helpless bottom in front of her as it waited to be marked from the punishment, and the feeling of inflexible authority the implement gave her as she gripped it and felt the weight in her hand. She walked a full circle around the student, slashing the switch through the air as she contemplated the trembling body immobilized over the punishment horse. Cecilia was terrified, of all things, by the sight of her professor completely naked from the waist up. The professor's bare upper body somehow added to the severity of her appearance as she walked around slashing that terrifying strip of leather.

Burnside stopped and gently tapped the switch to the base of Cecilia's bottom. She positioned herself, tapped her target again, and struck hard. She struck expertly, laying an even, parallel line across the lower part of both sides, just above the crease that separated Cecilia's bottom from her upper thighs. The pain from the first blow mounted as the student struggled to catch her breath and fight back the tears. She desperately wanted not to cry, even though the pain from the switch went way beyond anything she could have imagined.

Burnside waited, enjoying the sight of the student as she struggled with the agony from the first stroke. That was the first stroke out of what was to be a lengthy punishment. Ultimately she planned to give Cecilia a total of 15 strokes, but they would be laid on with force and spaced well apart to make sure she felt each blow fully and separately. She also wanted to force the student to cry, if at all possible, to break her and demonstrate who truly was in control. From her silence it was obvious that Cecilia was going to try to resist.

Burnside tapped the spot immediately above the first welt, left the switch in position long enough to let her victim know where the next stroke would land, drew back, and struck hard. The professor's switch landed exactly where she planned, just slightly above where the first stroke had landed. Cecilia again drew a deep breath and tightened her lips, desperately trying to stay quiet.

Very slowly and methodically Burnside struck a third, a fourth, a fifth, and a sixth time. The routine always was the same; she gently tapped the spot she planned to mark, left the switch touching the student's skin long enough to let her know where the stroke would land, and then struck hard. Each new welt was laid immediately above the preceding one, creating an ever-widening band of solid pain across the young woman's bare backside.

Burnside was determined to punish Cecilia as severely as possible, but also concerned about not breaking her skin. She calculated where each stroke would land and was very careful not to cross the welts. At the same time she proceeded at a very leisurely pace, fully enjoying the growing set of painful marks on her student's dark skin. Her plan was to finish up at the top of her victim's bottom, then return to the base and lay the final strokes immediately below the first weal.

Cecilia gasped and grunted each time Burnside struck her. She clenched her teeth and struggled unsuccessfully to keep the tears from flowing down her cheeks. Her entire being was focused on a single thing, the terrible throbbing and stinging that was tearing into her and increasing each time a stroke landed. But she would not cry. She wasn't Jason and she would not cry...

Burnside's eye shined with pleasure, as they always did whenever she punished a student, male or female. This also was the first chance she had to try out the Danubian switch with which Halsey had beaten her and then presented as a gift. The welts it left were impressive and obviously very painful. Burnside knew that Cecilia had a very strong character, and if this switch could break her, it could break anyone.

Fifteen minutes had passed when the professor laid the twelfth welt across the upper part of her victim's bottom. She had three strokes to go, one across the tender area where the young woman's bottom met her thighs, and then two final strokes across the tops of her thighs. Cecilia grunted and gasped each time the switch made contact and her face was wet with tears and sweat, but she had managed not to cry. She was breathing heavily and her legs were shaking, but, with every bit of her strength, she was not doing the one thing Burnside wanted, and that was to cry.

Burnside showed no mercy as she laid the final three welts across the upper part of the student's thighs. The girl continued to gasp and shake, but it seemed that Burnside never managed to get any closer to actually breaking her. For that she grudgingly admired the Dominican, who had resisted 15 of the most painful strokes she ever had delivered to a student.

Burnside stopped after the 15th stroke marked Cecilia's upper thighs with a pair of cruel reddish lines. Her entire backside continued to swell and darken, as the final welts changed color to match the first ones. The student, her hands and feet still immobilized by the cuffs, continued to struggle against her instincts to scream or cry. No, she would not... she would not give Burnside the satisfaction of hearing her cry.

The professor stepped back to admire the marks and the student still gracefully draped over the punishment horse, but finally decided she needed to release her. The punishment was over and it was only fair that Cecilia be let up and given time to recover before having to serve drinks. Saying nothing, the professor unhooked Cecilia's cuffs from the punishment horse and helped her to her feet.

"Alright, you're done. I'm going to change into my party outfit and I'll give you a few minutes alone to recover. After that, my guests will start showing up and you'll be taking their coats and serving them drinks. I expect top performance out of you. You give that to me, and things between us will be settled."

"Yes, Dr. Burnside."

With that the professor picked up her sweatshirt and disappeared into her bedroom. Cecilia staggered into the guest bathroom, the welts searing into her with every movement she made. Her world still consisted of almost nothing other than the burning pain in her bottom, to the point she couldn't imagine a time in her life she had not felt such agony. She made it to the bathroom, closed the door, and collapsed on the floor, lying face down. She did indeed need to have a good cry, but she'd be damned if she'd let Burnside know about it. She buried her face in her arms as the tears flowed and her body heaved with quiet sobs.

It took about 15 minutes for Cecilia to finish crying and look beyond the switching she had just endured. She got up, wincing as the welts shot new waves of pain through her backside to protest her movement. She washed her face and prepared to face an evening of servitude, and finally, redemption.

The doorbell rang. Cecilia answered it and had a huge shock. The first person to arrive was Mark Gertz, Burnside's TA. What was even more shocking than Mark's presence was his appearance. He had cut his hair short, dyed it black, spiked it, and was wearing black lipstick and eyeliner. He also was wearing a black leather collar. Cecilia felt horribly embarrassed having to greet him wearing nothing but bondage cuffs and a collar, but then the TA did something even more shocking. He took off his trench coat... and... was not wearing anything underneath. Another shocking detail was that he had shaved off his pubic hair and his penis was imprisoned by a cock-ring.

There were more surprises coming. Burnside came into the living room wearing a fetish outfit. Like her TA, she was wearing black lipstick, makeup, and fingernail polish, but she had powdered her face to make her skin look white and contrast with her lips and eyes. The outfit she wore was a leather two-piece costume that at first reminded Cecilia of a female version of Tarzan. From the front she seemed to be wearing a somewhat average leather swimsuit, but then she turned around. From the back the professor was almost completely naked. A very thin strip of leather, no thicker than a shoestring, ran up between the professor's buttocks. Another string ran around her waist, and a third string secured her bra across her back. If someone was standing any distance whatsoever away from the professor, when her back was turned it appeared at first glance that she wasn't wearing anything.

The young man immediately knelt at the older woman's feet, as the sophomore watched in total disbelief. It turned out that Burnside's employee was one of her many casual lovers, and also one of her most trusted submissives, or "subs", as they were called in the world of fetish. He knelt with no reservations whatsoever, kissing Burnside's toes and placing his shaved testicles and bottom on lewd display to the naked young woman standing behind him.

Throughout the night Mark crisply knelt every time Burnside spoke to him. Cecilia later learned that she had "collared" him the year before, which was a formal declaration on his part that he would submit to both her orders and her punishments. Cecilia watched the professor look down at her servant with satisfaction, but also with a cruel, knowing smile. The graduate student would have a bit of a surprise in store later that night. What he didn't know was that she planned to call him out of the kitchen and test his resolve to remain her sub. She was planning on having him submit to a live demonstration of her new Danubian police switch, a full-scale criminal punishment of 50 hard strokes in front of 200 guests.

In the meantime, Burnside's TA also was committed to serving guests at the party that night. The hostess took both assistants into the kitchen and explained how she wanted drinks for the guests to be fixed and served. His job would be to pour and mix the drinks, while Cecilia's job would be to take the drinks out to the guests and return to the kitchen with empty glasses. He was over 21 and she was not, hence it made sense that he would be the one actually handling and pouring the alcohol. Burnside also wanted to extend the Cecilia's punishment by forcing her to appear with her marked backside in front of her guests. Cecilia had been severely switched, and it was her duty to place herself on display for the benefit of the party. The welts, like the bondage cuffs and the collar, were part of her servant's outfit.

Cecilia had no desire to show her punished bottom to a room full of strangers, but she reflected that it was only fair that she do so, given that she had forced Jason to pose with his badly marked up bottom in art class the previous day. In one aspect she was luckier than her boyfriend. She had to appear naked and punished in front of strangers, while Jason had to display his welts to 60 people who knew him.

Cecilia moved stiffly as guests began arriving, still wincing from her 15 welts. One of the first couples to enter the house was the head of the university ethics committee with a woman who appeared to be his wife or girlfriend. They both had cross-dressed: he was wearing her clothing and she was wearing one of his business suits.

Dr. Halsey arrived shortly afterwards dressed in a leather motorcycle outfit with chaps that left his wrinkled bottom exposed. The older man's eyes scanned the Dominican's bare body, very much to her horror. For some reason she felt that she could not bear the thought of Dr. Halsey seeing her like this. He knew that, and did absolutely nothing to comfort her.

"Young lady, you will turn around please, so I can see how well Ruth has mastered the Danubian switch."

Cecilia sadly turned around to allow the older man to have a close look at her punished figure. There was no argument from the student. Her agreement had been to complete the disciplinary alternative "to Dr. Burnside's satisfaction" and the last thing she wanted to do was anger her professor's lover.

There were other guests arriving, all in unusual or outlandish outfits representing various shades of the world of fetish, with an emphasis on S&M. Cecilia, as she ran about the room with a tray full of drinks and a notebook for drink orders, realized that Ruth Burnside was something of a leader among the area's fetish enthusiasts. It was strange to watch her in an environment that was so totally different from the classroom and in a revealing outfit that was so totally different from what she wore at the university. Yet, just as she always was in charge while in class, she also was very much in charge among this crowd of sexual adventurers. She moved about with complete confidence, mixing with small groups of guests for a few minutes before moving on, making sure she talked to everyone in the room.

The party was more of a costume party than anything else, but there still was plenty of S&M play and practice with Burnside's collection of punishment implements by the guests. Cecilia observed that there was one important rule in the room, that either Burnside or Halsey had to be present if any guests wanted to use any punishment implements or the punishment horse. Burnside and Halsey had the authority to stop a punishment and also to determine whether or not any pictures could be taken. There also were two other rules in the room: a person being punished had to undress, or at the very least completely expose their bottom, prior to the beginning of a punishment, and the other rule of the room was absolutely no sex. The nature of the party was sexually oriented punishment, but sex itself... well, that was for later, at home after the party ended. A final rule was no drunkenness. Burnside told Cecilia that if she saw anyone who appeared intoxicated, she was to notify either herself or Dr. Halsey immediately.

Cecilia was kept so busy that she really did not have time to think about her own dilemma. She moved about the room as quickly as possible with her tray and notepad for drink orders, then made quick trips to the kitchen to drop off orders and empty glasses, pick up finished drinks, and dash out to find the people who had ordered them. She was hard-pressed not to fall behind and somewhat dismayed by the Mark's efficiency in the kitchen. No matter how quickly she moved drinks out to the living room, it always seemed there was a backlog of filled glasses waiting to be taken out. Finally Cecilia learned that her fellow servant worked at a sports bar, which explained his efficiency with the drinks.

Finally, about an hour after midnight, Cecilia heard Halsey asking the guests to clear the area around the punishment horse, while Burnside approached Cecilia, holding the Danubian switch in her hand. A pang of fear swept over the young woman, as she wondered if she was about to be subjected to another switching.

"Please get Mark out of the kitchen and have him join Dr. Halsey and myself. Tell him he's relieved of fixing drinks, because I need him for a demonstration I'm giving for the benefit of our guests. Also, tell him to take off his cock-ring. I don't want that on him because it might be a safety issue."

With that Burnside handed her student a metal clip and issued a final order.

"Once he has his ring off, hook his hands behind his back and escort him out."

Cecilia, somewhat relieved that apparently she was not to be the subject of the "demonstration given for the benefit of the guests", went to fetch Mark out of the kitchen. She relayed her command for the TA to take off his cock-ring, at which his expression changed. He sighed nervously as he worked to get the metal ring off his penis.

"I'm in trouble. She never has me take off the ring unless she's going to punish me."

A series of questions popped into Cecilia's head. She was curious about his relationship with Burnside and what being her collared sub actually meant. However, there was no time for conversation at the moment. Mark quietly turned his back to Cecilia and positioned his hands so she could hook his cuffs together and escort him over to the dominatrix and her boyfriend. The naked Dominican led her naked companion through the crowd to the spot where the punishment horse was located.

Immediately Mark knelt on the floor at his mistress's feet while Cecilia nervously stood next to him. Cecilia did not want to kneel because she did not consider herself Burnside's sub. Her situation at the party was a one-time occurrence (so she hoped), and there had been no formal collaring agreement between the student and her professor. Burnside said nothing to Cecilia, other than to ask her to step back and join the spectators.

Halsey and Burnside had put on plenty of demonstrations at their parties over the years, so they knew how to make sure everyone had a chance to see what was going on. Halsey took the switch and directed to circle of spectators closest to the cleared area to sit on the floor, two bodies deep. The next circle of spectators was instructed to kneel. As for the people standing in the back, he directed the group to sort themselves by height, with the shorter spectators standing immediately behind the kneeling spectators and the tallest ones to stand behind everyone else. Thus organized, the entire room had a clear view of what was about to happen at the punishment bench. Cecilia, having no desire whatsoever to sit on her punished bottom, backed away to join the row of kneeling spectators.

Mark knelt forward, once again placing himself on lewd display to the audience immediately behind him. Burnside announced that anyone in the room who wanted to take pictures was welcome to do so, given that her sub had surrendered his free will when she had collared him. Cecilia noticed the TA trembling slightly, because he was well aware that something very severe was about to happen to him. Just how severe became evident when Jim Halsey held up the Danubian switch and began explaining the Danubian judicial system to the crowd. Upper Danubia was the only country in the world not to have any jails, because instead of being incarcerated, criminals were forced to wear metal collars and submit to periodic switchings throughout their sentences.

"Now, I suppose that many of you are wondering what one of these switchings must be like," continued Halsey. "Well, for your benefit we are going to conduct a demonstration for you, a full criminal's punishment of '50 vigorous strokes on the naked buttocks' as they say in the Danubian courts. We are fortunate enough to have a standard Ministry of Justice leather switch with us," Halsey held up the switch, "and we are fortunate enough to have a volunteer who has graciously agreed to contribute his bottom to our humble effort to enlighten you."

Halsey tapped Mark's upturned bottom with the switch while the guests applauded. He then picked up a police cap and placed it on Burnside's head.

"Most importantly, we have a volunteer who will perform the role of the Danubian police officer, a lovely young lady whose skills and talent with leather and wood are an asset to us all."

Burnside bowed to the cheering room, then took the switch from her lover. She slashed it through the air as the leather made an ominous whoosh. She then handed the implement back to Halsey, who continued:

"In Upper Danubia the criminal is restrained throughout the duration of the punishment to a switching table. Ruth and I have determined that the punishment horse will make an adequate substitute, because our culprit will be properly restrained and bent over for the switch."

Burnside tapped the kneeling young man and directed him to drape himself over the leather punishment bench. She quickly immobilized him, hooking his cuffs to the chains and forcing his legs apart. Halsey shined a flashlight at Mark's exposed anus and scrotum.

"The criminal's genitalia is on full display during a punishment. A Danubian criminal has no right, and no expectation of any privacy."

Cecilia caught a glimpse of Mark's face. She could tell by his expression that he was absolutely terrified, given the severity of what was about to happen to him. However, the fear he felt gave him a tremendous psychological rush. It was when he was afraid...afraid of something real, something truly terrifying that he could not control, that he felt truly alive. His emotional stress was at its peak, extreme humiliation, extreme anticipation, extreme fear, and, momentarily a release through extreme pain. That was what it meant to be Burnside's sub.

Burnside took the switch back from Halsey and held it beneath Mark's face, so he could see it clearly. She bent down and spoke to him.

"I want you to take a couple of minutes to think about what's going to happen, and how much it's going to hurt. You're going to be feeling some real pain in a couple of minutes, and we're going to be at it for quite a while. And it's going to be in front of nearly 200 people, all of them watching and taking pictures. Now, aren't you scared?"

"Yes, Dr. Burnside."

"And totally humiliated?"

"Yes, Dr. Burnside."

The room was completely quiet as Burnside lovingly caressed her sub's bottom, first with her hand, and then with the leather switch. She knew that the dread, the moment of anticipation, was a key part of the punishment experience for her sub, so she sought to drag it out as long as possible. He was shaking slightly and had an erection. Finally the professor stepped back, measured her distance, and delivered a fearsome blow to the base of her TA's stretched bottom. He gasped, but stayed quiet. Burnside nodded to Halsey, who stepped in front of the audience to address them again.

"You will notice the savagery and pure viciousness of the first stroke. And yet, our pitiful subject did not cry out. Why is that? Because it is a point of honor for the Danubian criminal to stay as quiet as long as he can, just as it is a point of honor for the Danubian police officer to break the criminal as quickly as she can. It is a cruel game between the offender and the enforcer, but one that, in the end, can have only one outcome. Let us resume our exercise in cruelty and see what happens."

With that Burnside resumed her punishment. She struck again and again, marking her victim with welts that were perfectly parallel and almost touching each other. Cecilia, having felt the same switch only a few hours before, flinched every time the cruel leather made contact with Mark's unprotected skin. At first Mark's punishment seemed to be a duplicate of Cecilia's whipping... like her he perspired and gasped and with all of his willpower struggled not to cry. He would have done just fine... had his punishment ended at the 15th stroke, as had been the case for Cecilia. However, he was due 50 strokes, not 15.

When she passed the 15th stroke, Burnside started again on her victim's upper thighs and slowly worked her way up his already marked bottom. It was at the 22nd stroke, when she crossed a welt from a previous stroke, that Burnside a sharp agonized groan out of Mark. She struck again and he cried out.

When her victim cried out, Burnside's eyes lit up with joy and fierce sexual desire. She tightened her lips and continued striking the already marked up area on Mark's backside. By the 35th stroke he was screaming at each blow and sobbing in between. Ugly ridges and blood blisters were forming where the welts crossed each other.

Burnside stopped, and again nodded to her partner.

"You can see our unfortunate victim now is broken. Very rare is the criminal who can withstand a full 50 strokes without crying. And yet, the level of cruelty can only get worse, because we still have 15 strokes of the sentence to carry out, and my friends, they will indeed be carried out. Shall the bottom be punished more, or must we move to another part of the body, the shoulders, perhaps? The police officer must not break the skin, but at the same time the police officer must not lighten the final strokes. So, how to resolve this dilemma? Let us watch the final strokes and see how our police officer settles the issue."

Cecilia winced as even more cruel strokes landed on the victim's injured backside. There were ugly blood blisters that looked about to break, but Burnside, just like a Danubian cop, was careful not to draw blood. She delivered the final seven strokes on Mark's shoulders, as he screamed with each stroke.

When Burnside finished and lay down the switch, Mark's body was heaving with sobs and his legs were shaking. The audience was stunned by the severity of the beating, but at the same time fascinated and impressed. A real punishment and real pain, and they had been witnesses to something real, a genuine punishment inflicted by Ruth Burnside. Halsey continued:

"Our victim is in so much pain that he is barely aware of what is going on around him. And yet there are duties he still must perform before he is released. He must thank the officer for punishing him, and he must present himself before the judge. My friends, you will be the judge, and you will receive the honor of the presentation of our culprit's punishment."

Burnside unhooked the cuffs from their chains and released Mark. With all of his effort he struggled to get off the punishment horse and kneel in front of Burnside. He was crying, but managed to get out:

"Thank you, my officer, f... for correcting... my evil behavior."

With that Burnside and Halsey each grabbed an arm and forced Mark to stand up, as the cameras flashed wildly. First his agonized, teary face was on display, and finally, his horribly marked backside. Once the crowd's desire to document the graduate student's punishment was satisfied, the two professors walked Mark over to a sturdy table and forced him to lie on it face down. Halsey spoke one last time to the spectators:

"You can see for yourselves that our culprit has been properly and severely punished. Following the Danubian custom, he now will lie face down until he has recovered from his injuries and trauma. You are free to examine him at your leisure, to verify for yourselves what it means to be a criminal in Upper Danubia. Please, a hand for our lovely police officer..."

There was a loud applause for Burnside, as she took off her police hat and bowed. Cecilia swallowed, extremely grateful that it had not occurred to Burnside to punish her with a full 50 strokes.

The professor sought out her student as the guests began standing up.

"OK, Cecilia, we're about to wrap up. I'm going to let the word out that everyone can have one last round of drinks, but only Coke, water, or juice. No more alcoholic stuff. Don't want any crashes on the way home for anyone, so we're done with the booze. Besides, I think our bartender is finished for the evening."

"Dr. Burnside, may I ask something?"

"What is it?"

"Why'd you do that to him? What'd he do to deserve that?"

"He didn't do anything. But we have an agreement. If I want to punish him, I punish him. I don't need a reason."

"But why..."

"The rush, Cecilia. He does it for the rush. Just like people ride roller coasters. You could say... I'm his roller coaster in life. Now, you get that drink tray in your hands so we can finish up."

"Yes, Dr. Burnside."

There was a final frantic half hour as Cecilia tried to keep up with serving drinks to nearly 200 guests, but then, much to her relief, Burnside told her to start carrying coats out to the guests as they were leaving. The party was over; the only thing left was to help clean up.

Burnside changed out of her fetish costume and back into sweats. She ordered Cecilia to take off the bondage cuffs from her wrists and ankles and she unlocked the metal collar from the younger woman's neck. There still was a horrible mess to clean up and only three people: Burnside, Halsey, and the sophomore to do it. Burnside said nothing to Cecilia about getting dressed, and the student was afraid to ask, so she remained naked during the clean-up.

Burnside covered Mark with a sheet, but otherwise left him alone. It would take him several hours to recover from his horrendous whipping and she was more interested that he return to class the following day than he help with the clean-up that evening, or, morning as it now was.

The Dominican was surprised at how quickly the clean-up actually went. Burnside, used to tackling the horrendous mess after a large party, organized her boyfriend, her student, and herself into an assembly line to clean dishes. Once the dishes in the kitchen were clean and put away, there was a general clean-up of the living room, a gathering of all trash and extra dishes, and another round of dish cleaning in the kitchen. Next came the black sheets hanging on the walls. Cecilia had put them up, now she had to take them down. Burnside returned to clean up the kitchen while Cecilia and Halsey, still dressed in his biker outfit and his bare bottom on display, moved the furniture back into the living room.

Burnside returned to the living room and addressed her student.

"Cecilia, I have a question for you. Do you have any way of getting back to campus?"

Cecilia thought for a second, and realized she didn't. It was about 4:30 and certainly no buses were running at that hour. She shook her head.

"Alright, then I'll just have you stay here, in the guest room. Dr. Halsey can drive us all in tomorrow."

"Uh... thank you, Dr. Burnside."

Cecilia was not thrilled about not being able to return to her own room that morning, but, as soon as she saw the bed in the guest bedroom, fatigue swept over her and she collapsed under the bedspread. Three hours later Burnside woke her up for the ride to the university in Halsey's car.

Upon being dropped off at the dorm, she went to her room to take a shower and put on fresh clothing. Her bottom was still swollen from her punishment and she decided to wear a light skirt with nothing underneath. Throughout the morning she couldn't take her mind off the sensations of her bruised backside, combined with the feeling of the cool fall air blowing against her cleanly shaved crotch. She remembered the saying "we are naked under our clothes". That day the expression certainly applied to her, and she thoroughly enjoyed the new sensation.

At 11:00 in the morning she took up her sketch pad and drew yet another picture of her naked boyfriend in the art class. She studied his bottom, which still was marked with faint remains of the bruises from the Saturday punishment. Her thoughts wandered to Burnside's collection of punishment implements, pondering what she might want to use on Jason the next time she disciplined him.

Cecilia quickly had to change the course of her thoughts once she made the trek to Burnside's office. She was exhausted, having had only three hours of sleep that morning, and her bottom still was very sore and tender from the punishment she had received less than 24 hours before. She ran into Mark, who had washed the black dye out of his hair and looked more like his normal self. However, there was one detail that reminded the Cecilia of Mark's ordeal just a few hours before, he moved about very stiffly and cautiously, his welts throbbing against his clothes.

Cecilia desperately wanted to talk to him about his relationship with Burnside. She wondered if he had any other women in his life, or if he was fixated on a mistress whose heart belonged to someone else. She wondered what motivated him to casually accept submitting to such a savage beating, only to show up to work just a few hours later as though none of it had happened. Most of all, the Dominican, always mindful of details she could learn to better control her own boyfriend, was curious to know how he might have changed psychologically as a result of his subservience to the professor.

Burnside came into the office, looking none the worse for her exertions and lack of sleep the night before. She made no mention whatsoever of the previous night's party. Her mind was focused on one thing, the lecture for that day. There was only one comment she made that indicated that anything at all unusual had happened to any of them:

"Cecilia, I need you to do Mark a favor. Please take his box for him. I'm a bit concerned about his welts and I don't want him exerting himself until Friday."

That comment was the only time Burnside ever mentioned anything about Mark's ordeal.

That night, Cecilia's life returned to normal. Jason, as usual, stood at attention in the nude while she stood next to his desk grilling him about what he had studied for the day. Cecilia winced at her welts, the pain from which still was very much present on her mind, but she also was extremely aroused. She wanted to have Jason relieve the burning desire building up between her legs, first through a nice round of oral sex, and then with a session of regular sex. Her problem was how to do that without him seeing her welts and knowing she had been punished. Finally she realized there was a very simple solution, to blindfold him so he couldn't see her, and tie his hands so he couldn't run them over her bottom.

She led him back to her room and ordered him to strip and hang up his clothes. She then ordered him to kneel and was pleased to see him quickly comply with no questions. She took out a scarf from her dresser, folded it, and placed it over his eyes, securing it in the back. She checked to make sure he could not peek out through the bottom, and then stripped off her own clothes.

She lay on her back, as he sensuously massaged her burning clitoris with his tongue and gently squeezed her labia between his lips. She ordered him to "take his time and make it last", so he was in no hurry to make her climax. Finally she did climax, the ongoing throbbing of her sore backside mixing with the extreme pleasure radiating from between her legs to give her a completely new dimension to her physical sensations.

Once he finished on satisfying her with his lips and tongue, she tied his hands together and secured them to her headboard. She spent a very long time teasing his body until she had him worked up into a desperate orgasm. Finally she put a condom on him and mounted him, riding him hard as visions of the bittersweet sensations from the party the night before flowed through her mind.