The Freshman
Copyright 2005 by EC
EC's Erotic Art & Fiction -
(warnings: corporal punishment, erotic discipline, public nudity, sex between adults, references to drug use, references to violence, language)

Chapter 6 - Punishment and Pleasure

The following morning Jason and his friends got together for breakfast, to talk nervously about the previous night's disaster and what being caught by their RA might mean for their immediate future at the university.

The RA had the roll of film as proof of their misadventure. What was almost as bad, Lisa's camera was one of those electronic cameras that added a date and time in the corner of each picture. Not only was the evidence of their behavior on film, the date and time was there as well. Mike, Lisa, and Ken were totally scared.

Jason, giving the matter some more thought, suspected that it was his life that would be much more affected than the lives of his three friends. In fact, if he did what Cecilia told him to do, it was possible nothing at all would happen to the others. However, Jason could only give them partial reassurance, because he had no desire to bring up what was going to happen to him Friday evening.

Jason now had two very powerful motives to make up with Cecilia and do what she told him to do. He was desperate not to let her slip away from him, but at the same time she now held the fate of his friends in her hands. He felt obligated to get them out of trouble, if at all possible.

Jason went to his first session of Life Drawing with Ken, and once again stripped to model for the 30 students attending the 9:00 session. It was an unfortunate coincidence that Jason's pose for that day was to place his hands on a chair and bend over, as though he were bending over to receive a punishment. He spent the hour wondering if this was to be the position that he would have to assume for Cecilia on Friday. During the 11:00 modeling session Cecilia took her normal position right behind him, giving him one of her sweet smiles. She drew him, bent over the chair, and then added several belt marks to his bottom. She planned to hang the drawing in her dorm room to remind Jason of his role in her life every time he came over.

Cecilia did not have an appointment with Ruth Burnside that afternoon, so she was free until 1:30. She had a small amount of spending money with her and decided to get a few items she would need for her time with Jason.

The first stop was to drop off Lisa's roll of film to have it developed. Cecilia had absolutely no intention of turning the pictures over to the dorm director, but having them in her possession was one more way she could wield control over Jason and his three friends. Besides, she was curious to see what was on them.

The second stop was at a bath shop to purchase a bottle of massage oil and a massage manual. Massaging Cecilia would become an important duty in Jason's life. At first he would remain restricted to her hands, arms, shoulders, neck, calves and feet, but over time he would become responsible for massaging the rest of her body as well. He would massage her on a daily basis, to help alleviate the stresses of her daily life. Massaging properly was a skill Jason would have to learn, one of the things she would hold him accountable for as part of his duties to her.

The next place she visited was a men's clothing store. There was no question Jason had to change his evening wardrobe. When they went out, Cecilia wanted her man properly dressed, not looking like some MTV groupie. He needed to buy a couple more suits and several decent shirts, and definitely more shoes. She roughly knew his size, so she concentrated on looking at clothes likely to fit him. The following weekend she would bring him to this store and make him spend nearly $1,500 on new clothing. The purchases would be on his dime, not hers, however. He had the money and there was no reason why he shouldn't spend it to look decent.

Cecilia walked by a store of expensive women's clothing. She glanced longingly at the nice items, things she would not be able to afford for at least another year. Her own wardrobe was very limited and, with the single exception of the "Socrates' Mistresses" dress, mostly consisted of cheap clothing bought at discount stores. She sadly walked on, resenting having to wait to have decent clothes. The words of Ruth Burnside came back to her: "Of course it's not fair, but that's the hand in life you've been dealt."

Getting Jason to buy her the clothing she wanted never crossed Cecilia's mind. She was not interested in his money, nor did she want him buying her things. That was not the kind of relationship she wanted to have with him. Obviously he needed to pay for concert tickets and dinners, but she would have expected that from anyone taking her out, rich or poor. Paying for their dates was the only thing she wanted from him financially. In fact, she planned to discourage him from buying her gifts, because she did not have the money to reciprocate and did not want to feel indebted to him. As for the money she planned to make him spend at the men's store, that did not count, because that was to purchase clothing for him, not clothing for her.

Cecilia went into a used clothing store to look at belts. There were several racks of used belts, but most of them were too light or too stiff to use for Jason's punishment. She finally found five old heavy leather belts that were right for her needs, from which she planned to choose two. She tested them by doubling them and swatting them through the air to see which ones felt the most comfortable in her hand. A female clerk glanced over at her, curious about the customer because it was obvious what she was planning to do with her purchase.

Finally Cecilia chose two very flexible old belts, both sturdy and made from thick heavy leather. When she went to pay for them the clerk flirted with Cecilia and gave her a very warm smile.

"So, sweetie, who's been naughty?"

Cecilia hesitated, then decided to be honest.

"I got 'em to use on my boyfriend. He... sorta did something yesterday I didn't appreciate."

The clerk's face became somewhat disappointed upon finding out her customer was straight, but she responded.

"Well, you got a couple of good ones. Have fun, and give him a swat for me!"

Cecilia rolled up the belts and put them in the bag with her massage supplies. It was an ironic mixture of items, pleasure and pain.

Finally Cecilia returned to the film-developing store to pick up Lisa's pictures. She peeked into the folder to make sure she had the right ones, and sure enough, the stuff Jason was doing with his friends was undignified, to say the least. She added the pictures to her bag of purchases and would look at them later that night.

Cecilia did her usual workout with Lisa. She could tell her companion was desperate to please her, terrified at the thought of those pictures being turned over to the dorm director. However, she was afraid to simply come out and ask what the RA planned to do, if anything, about the streaking incident. Cecilia did not volunteer any hints. In fact, she had only one comment about the previous night; one that left Lisa very unsettled.

"You know, when I was in high school I played a bit of Poker myself. One of these days, when I have some time, I ought to have to you come over to my room and we'll play a couple of rounds. Jason told me you're really good, and it'd be nice to have a game with someone who actually knows how to play. And of course, we'll have to make it interesting with the bets."

After dinner Cecilia called Jason to let him know she wanted to move the economics class review sessions to an earlier time: 8:30.

"There's some things I wanna start doin' differently and I got a couple of favors I'm gonna ask you."

"What are they?"

"We'll talk about it when I come over."

Cecilia went over to Jason's room precisely at 8:30. She seductively placed her hand on his arm as she gave him a quick kiss on the mouth. As normal, Jason was wearing a pair of loose-fitting shorts and a Hawaiian-style shirt. Jason's clothing was the first issue Cecilia wanted to address.

"Jason, I got a question for you. What do you usually wear when you're in your room studying alone?"

"Uh... to be honest I usually don't wear anything, you know, 'cause the rooms are so hot."

"Then that's the way I want you to be from now on when I come over. Remember what I told you, that I don't like a hypocrite and I don't like a person who hides things from me? If you're gettin' dressed just because I'm coming over, I consider that being a hypocrite and I don't appreciate it."

"Uh... yeah, I guess..."

Jason stood looking at Cecilia with a very nervous expression.

"So what are you waiting for? Get your clothes off and put 'em away."

Reluctantly Jason took off his shirt and his shorts and threw them in the closet. Cecilia angrily walked over to the closet, retrieved the items and threw them on his bed.

"I didn't say throw 'em on the floor, I said put 'em away. That shirt needs to go on a hanger and those shorts need to be properly folded. That goes for the rest of the stuff in your closet. I don't know what you're thinking, but that closet's a disgrace."

"Yeah, I guess it is..."

"And that's another issue I want to settle with you. I already told you that I want you to answer me properly and with respect. Not with 'yeah' and 'uh' and nodding your head. I told you that, and I shouldn't have to tell you again. Do you understand me?"

"Yes Cecilia, I understand."

As Jason hung up his shirt Cecilia noticed a lock on one of his suitcases.

"Why is that suitcase locked? What's in there?"

"I got some personal papers in there... and... a couple of things I... didn't want you to know about."

"So you were keepin' a secret from me?"

"Uh.. .yeah... I mean yes, Cecilia."

"Well, give me the key, 'cause I want to see what it is."

He hesitated.

"Give me the key Jason, now."

Reluctantly Jason handed her the key. Cecilia took the suitcase out of the closet, laid it on the floor and started going through the contents. It turned out that "Jason's secret" was not too big of deal, some sexual comic books, a couple of men's magazines, some nudist magazines, and a sexually oriented video game.

"Alright, it's not too bad. I'll let you keep the nudist magazines. The rest of this stuff I want you to throw out. Just run it over to the bathroom and drop it in the trash. Once you've done that we'll get started with the readings for Wednesday."

Jason, hugely relieved that Cecilia had not blown up at him over his modest pornography collection, was willing to part with the items if it meant maintaining peace with her. He felt a twinge of regret as he heaved the magazines into the bathroom trash, but mostly relief that she seemed relatively calm about this small act of deception he had attempted. When he returned to his room, he found her sitting at his computer.

"What's your password?"

Jason told her the password and she wrote it down on a small piece of paper after making sure it worked.

"Alright. I'll be over sometime later this week to see what's on this computer. If there's anything on here you don't want me to know about, I'm givin' you the chance to get it off."

"Thank you, Cecilia."

"So there's stuff on this computer you wouldn't want me to see?"

"Yes, I got some stuff on there..."

"Well, then that's what the 'delete' key's for, isn't it?"

Jason took his standing position while the RA sat at his desk barraging him with questions about the class assignment. Very quickly he forgot about his forfeited magazines and the fact that he was standing in front of her, hands at his sides, with nothing on. He was too busy concentrating on economic theory and formulas to think about anything else.

Once they finished, Cecilia let Jason know that she was very pleased with him. With no resistance or arguing whatsoever, he had granted her the right to review his possessions, tell him what he could and could not have, and go through his room and computer whenever she felt like it. He had ceded control of his personal space to her, which she considered a very important part of his submission. She was genuinely grateful that he was willing to make that sacrifice and so she  rewarded him with a longer and more sensual good-bye kiss when she left to return to her room. She then asked him to call her once he finished reviewing Burnside's readings with his friends. She had another favor to ask of him later that evening.

Following an hour tutoring his friends, Jason called Cecilia to tell her he was ready to go over to her room. She met him at the door that separated the women's wing from the commons area to escort him back. She was dressed very casually, wearing a mini-skirt and a tube-top that fit snugly around her breasts leaving left her shoulders completely bare. Jason correctly guessed his girlfriend was wearing the outfit because she wanted another massage on her shoulders and feet.

They entered her room. Jason noticed a bottle of massage oil sitting next to her armchair and two towels spread on her bed. He also noticed a drawing hanging on her wall, a black and white image of himself bending over with belt marks added to his unprotected bottom. The picture was a clear indication she had not forgotten about the proposed punishment on Friday.

Cecilia took a seat in the chair.

"Jason, go ahead and get your clothes off, fold 'em up properly, and then I'll tell you what I need from you."

Jason obediently stripped, folded his clothes, and stood in front of Cecilia.

"Take a small dab of that oil, and spread it on my feet. Then you can start massaging them, starting with my toes and working your way up to my ankles."

Jason knelt in front of the chair and gently began spreading oil on her feet. He followed her directions as he pressed hard into the soles of her feet with the palms of his hands and worked the muscles and tendons of her arches. He massaged the area around her ankles and then pushed up her calves, obediently stopping at her knees.

Next came massaging her arms, shoulders, and neck. She instructed him to stand behind her and start on her neck, then ordered him to kneel beside her and work her hands. He gently massaged her fingers and then pressed into the palms of her hands with more force. He worked his way up her arms and spent a long time massaging her shoulders and neck for a second time.

When he finished she rewarded him with a gentle pat on the hand, and then moved to her bed for the second part of her massage. She lay face-down over the towels to allow him to work her feet and massage the backs of her calves. He took advantage of his position to sneak several glances at her bottom under her skirt, and the tiny piece of white cloth from her thong that concealed her vagina. His heart jumped at the clandestine peek at the intimate area under her skirt and his penis stiffened

She quietly instructed him what to do as he worked the muscles on her calves, but the next day she would give him the massage manual and he would be expected to learn what was in there by heart and apply that knowledge to making her feel better.

He moved to massaging her shoulders, and succeeded in putting her to sleep. He stopped massaging her, and sat at the foot of her bed, positioned so he could look up her mini-skirt at the lower part of her bottom and her famous white thong. It was the most of her that he had ever seen. The sight of her lovely dark thighs and tempting bottom, highlighted by that tiny triangle of white cloth between her legs, drove Jason wild with desire. He wanted her... he wanted her so bad... and was willing to do whatever it took, make any sacrifice necessary, to have her.

She was well aware of what he wanted. Eventually she would give in to him, but he would have to earn it.

Jason had to wait for his erection to subside a bit. He got dressed, gave the sleeping young woman a gentle good-bye kiss on the cheek, turned out the light, and slipped down the hall to the commons area and to his room.

The week passed quietly, but in nervous anticipation for Jason and his three friends.

Lisa continued to work out with Cecilia, and in many small ways tried to please her. She went over Burnside's class material with her RA, trying to demonstrate her dedication as a student, and in very subtle ways tried to figure out what Cecilia planned to do about Sunday night. Cecilia's comment about a Poker game and making "it interesting with the bets" also worried her. Cecilia was pleasant, but didn't give her any clues about her thoughts concerning the streaking incident.

Jason was both scared and excited about his session with Cecilia Friday night, but was afraid to say anything or ask her about it. When he visited her room he looked up at the drawing of himself bent over a chair, figuring that probably was how he would be spending Friday evening.

He was smart enough to take Cecilia seriously about what was on his computer. Over the past year he had downloaded several hundred pictures of nude women, a few short sex videos, and some erotic fiction. He transferred the files to a CD and deleted them from his hard drive, then cleaned his registry and deleted his temporary folders and Internet files. He pulled out a drawer from his dresser and taped the CD to the back, thinking he could at least keep that from his new girlfriend. Making and hiding that CD was something he later would regret doing, but at least now his computer was cleared of anything Cecilia might find objectionable. Wednesday night he stood nervously while she went through his computer to see what was on it. She not only was looking for pornography, but also for any sign he might be cheating in any of his classes, and any other possible secret.

Cecilia studied, did her rounds as RA, wrote up dorm residents for miscellaneous violations, and attended to her duties in class as Burnside's unofficial assistant. In the evenings she grilled Jason about his progress in the class and then had him put her to sleep by massaging her. She let him know that Saturday she was the duty RA and thus could not go out on a date, but the following day, Sunday, she wanted him to accompany her shopping.

"Cecilia, why couldn't we go out Friday night? I mean I could get you back in by midnight, for your shift."

Cecilia feigned a surprised look.

"Jason, don't you remember? Friday night's when I'm punishing you for what happened Sunday. We're not goin' out. We'll be together Friday night, but we're not goin' out."

Jason felt his heart in his throat. No, he was not getting out of being punished.

Finally Friday came. Cecilia found out that Lisa was planning to go dancing with Mike, which would leave her room unoccupied until very late. That detail made the RA decide to move Jason's punishment from his room to hers, because the RA's room was at the end of the hallway and her only next door neighbor was Lisa. With Lisa gone, and most of her other floor residents at pledge parties, Cecilia would have plenty of privacy for Jason's punishment.

At 7:30 p.m. Cecilia went to Jason's room and knocked on his door. He was obediently naked, and had followed her instructions to get cleaned up and make sure he didn't have to go to the bathroom. She warmly kissed him, and then told him to get dressed. She gave him a seductive look with her sarcastic smile, and took his hand. Without saying a word she led Jason to her room, her hand rather firmly gripping his.

When they entered her room, Jason saw two thick, very sinister-looking belts laid across his girlfriend's bed. His heart raced and his breathing became difficult.

Cecilia handed him a shirt and a pants hanger. He obediently took off his clothes and hung them up. She took his hand, squeezed it, and sadly looked into his eyes.

"Jason, I really care about you and I want the very best for you. You understand that, right?"

"Yes, Cecilia...I understand."

"Do you understand why I gotta punish you?"

"Yes, I understand."

"Please explain to me what you did wrong."

"I... sorta did something stupid last weekend... and I almost got into a lot of trouble. I didn't think about how it was gonna hurt you, I was just thinking about... you know... that dare and having some fun."

Jason stopped, his eyes full of tears.

"Please continue. I don't want to punish you until I'm sure you know exactly what's wrong with what you did."

"I... I mean... we... you know... Ken and me... we were gonna get arrested and... you had to lie to Campus Security 'cause of what we did... and you don't like to do that. And... I... was supposed to help you with your books... and I wasn't... I wasn't there for you..."

"That'll work. At least you understand what you did wrong. Now, do you think I ought to be angry at you?"

"Yes, you ought to be angry."

"And you deserve to be punished on the bare bottom?"

"Yes... I deserve to be punished on... the bare bottom."

"Now turn around and put your hands on my chair. I want to feel your bottom and figure out how we're gonna do this."

She placed her left hand on his shoulder and positioned him slightly bent over, with his hands on her armchair. She slowly and sensuously ran her hand over his thin, well-formed bottom. Jason had a truly nice bottom for a guy, well proportioned and with very little hair on it. Cecilia slowly circled her hand over both bottom-cheeks, relishing the feel of his skin. This was her first opportunity to actually touch his backside, even though she already had seen it many times.

"You know, you really do have a cute bottom. It's gonna hurt me to have to mark it up."

Jason said nothing, becoming increasingly stressed about a growing erection. Cecilia, pretending to be innocent, continued to rub and explore his bottom as his penis became harder and harder. Finally when his erection was sticking straight out and his penis was bobbing up and down slightly, Cecilia backed away.

"Jason, stand and face me, please."

Very reluctantly Jason followed her command, his face beet-red as his erect penis pointed straight at her. She heaved a disgusted sigh.

"What's this?! Why are you hard?"

"I... I don't know..."

"Does having your bare bottom punished turn you on? Does thinking about pain give you a hard-on?"

Jason said nothing, but his erection refused to go away.

"Answer me! Does this turn you on?"

"I guess."

"No, that's not how you answer me, Jason! I want some respect out of you, especially now! Now, you answer me properly!"

"Yes, Cecilia, I'm turned on... I don't know why... I'm sorry..."

"Look, I don't appreciate this! Now you get rid of that hard-on! You'll be adding to your punishment if you don't!"

Cecilia stood with her arms crossed and a very angry expression on her face while Jason remained upright in front of her. His humiliation grew as he stood there, minute after agonizing minute, and that damn erection refused to go away. He choked back some tears. Finally, after about 15 minutes, Jason's penis began to relax.

The next command was to move the room's armchair into position. Once that was taken care of, Cecilia needed to change into her tube top to allow her arms and shoulders maximum flexibility and movement. She ordered Jason to turn around, but there was a mirror hanging on the wall that faced the dresser where she was changing. Jason positioned himself to watch her through the mirror and was treated to the sight of her bare back as she took off her bra. She quickly pulled the tube top over her head, positioned it over her torso, and then told him he could turn around.

She noticed that once again he was stiff, but she decided to ignore it. At this rate they'd never get through the punishment if she kept stressing about the condition of his penis. It was his bottom that she really was worried about, not his penis.

Cecilia picked up one of the belts from the bed, the one that was slightly lighter but also more flexible. It must have been a very old belt. The leather was slightly frayed, but it had a very comfortable feel in her hand. The old brass buckle made a satisfactory clinking as Cecilia doubled the strap and prepared to chastise her terrified companion.

"Over the chair. Put your hands on the arms, and make sure you got a good grip. I want you to rest your hips on the back and scoot as far forward as you can. Try to rest as much of your weight as you can on the back."

This was it... the spanking finally was about to begin. His eyes wide with terror and humiliation Jason positioned himself, wanting to prove to Cecilia that he would be brave and do his best to obey her.

Cecilia couldn't resist passing her hand over a few times over his lovely bottom, now stretched tight and gracefully bent over.

"Now, this is going to hurt, and we're gonna be at it for a while. Please be brave for me and stay down. Promise?"

"Y... yes, I... promise."

Cecilia doubled the belt and gently rubbed the end around her target. Jason was so nervous he was sweating. Cecilia noticed a thin cover of moisture on his bottom cheeks. Perfect, she thought to herself. She had heard that a thin layer of water sprayed on a naked bottom prior to punishment was supposed to enhance the sting, and the thin film of perspiration on Jason's bottom cheeks essentially was the same thing.

The young woman took a step back, positioned herself for a comfortable swing, drew back her arm, and delivered a fearsome blow across the lower part of Jason's bottom. A sharp, loud CRACK filled the room and announced the beginning of Jason's first punishment. Jason gasped, taken aback by how much the first blow hurt. He was even more surprised that the pain from that first swat seemed to get worse, not subside, as Cecilia paused before delivering her second swat.

Cecilia admired the first mark she had laid on Jason's bottom. The belt had stuck flat, making perfect contact and leaving a reddish rectangular strip of solid pain across those unprotected buttocks. Cecilia twisted backwards and struck hard a second time, the belt once again flattening itself against Jason's bare skin with a nice sharp CRACK! Jason's bottom jiggled slightly from the force of the blow.

Cecilia's heart was pounding and already her vagina was wet. She couldn't believe how much she was enjoying this. The reddish marks, her trembling, sweating victim, the clanging of the belt buckle, the feel of the belt in her hand as she swung, the flattening of the leather as it made contact with his unprotected skin, and most of all, that satisfying CRACK...all were details that filled Cecilia's soul with an intense pleasure she could only have imagined before that night.

CRACK! CRACK!.Cecilia's dark eyes shined with pure joy. This was better than anything she could have imagined, something that fully satisfied her inner being. He belonged to her, he was hers to do with as she pleased, and this was what she wanted to do to him. She had waited all her life, for this very moment. Now it had come, the fulfillment of her needs. Cecilia relished every detail. She wanted to go slowly, very slowly, make him feel every bit of pain she was capable of inflicting.

CRACK! Jason shifted uncomfortably. He felt the belt tap his bottom, and felt another vicious blow, accompanied by yet another loud CRACK! He took a very deep breath, truly frightened by how painful this experience was becoming. As the heat from the first several strokes mounted, there was a loud CRACK announcing the yet another stroke and the yet another strip of raw burning marking his bottom. The throbbing and stinging from the swats increased to an intensity that forced Jason's mind, his whole being, to focus on the savage sensations coming from his punishment.

He fought his instincts to stand up or cover his bottom with his hands, because he knew that Cecilia needed him to do this for her. He loved her and understood that his place on earth was to fulfill her needs. And yet... perhaps he needed to be punished as well, to clear his mind and focus on one thing... that intense and exquisite pain from collection of welts on his bottom.

CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Cecilia switched sides and positioned herself to strike the base of his right bottom cheek. She placed her free hand on his back to press him forward and turn his bottom up even more. He complied, spreading his legs a bit more and fully exposing the tender skin at the base of his bottom to the cruelty of the belt. Cecilia tapped a sensitive area of as yet unmarked skin, the struck full force, in a cruel blow that concentrated the tip of the belt right on the sensitive base of the bottom cheek. Jason's voice broke as the pain seared into him.

"Jason, now please be brave for me. I know it hurts, but it's what you need."

"Ow! Yes... I'll... try... Cecilia..."

Cecilia switched sides again, to deliver yet more cruel blows against the base of Jason's bottom. She measured her distance and laid several loud swats across the middle, then concentrated several swats full force on each bottom cheek.

Cecilia went as slowly as she could and Jason tried, but failed to fight back the tears. He kept quiet, but the intensity of the pain in him bottom forced tears into his eyes and down his cheeks. Cecilia looked at him. This was the Jason of her fantasies, the one with the severely marked up bottom and tear-stained face, the one who was sacrificing and suffering... just for her.

Within about a half an hour Jason's bottom was beautifully marked up, with a deep red color that was punctuated with purplish welts and marks. His upper thighs were covered by reddish stripes, but both bottom cheeks were completely red. Jason continued to feel the pain, but now there was a warm numbness as well, and an intense sexual desire.

Finally Cecilia, breathing hard and covered in sweat, stopped. She was too tired to go on, but she had a new problem, she also was too aroused to go on. She threw the belt on top of her bed and put her hand on Jason's shoulder. When he looked up at her with his teary face, she gently wiped the tears away, but still tried to maintain her role as Jason's disciplinarian. It was at that moment her entire plan for bringing Jason under her control by dominating him went off-track.

Jason stood up and hugged Cecilia. However, he had the hardest, biggest erection she ever had seen. She couldn't help herself. She just had to touch it, out of curiosity.

Cecilia's body betrayed her. Seeing and touching his stiff penis, with her soul full of erotic desire and arousal from having disciplined her love, made her forget her long-term plans. That moment she needed one thing from him, and she needed it right away.

Her body demanded sex. It had been four years... four years! Her body could not wait for what her mind had wanted to accomplish with Jason. She needed him, and she needed him immediately.

Jason, his fear of Cecilia swept away by his intense arousal and the feel of her hand wrapped around his painfully stiff penis, grabbed her bare shoulders and kissed her passionately. She returned his kiss and buried her mouth into his. She no longer was the Cecilia who intimidated and punished him, she became the intensely attractive and feminine woman of his nighttime desires and fantasies. They both needed this... they needed it so bad!

Jason buried his mouth into her neck and kissed her shoulders. He explored her neck, and then she pulled down her tube top, exposing her breasts. He buried his face in her bosom, then kissed and lightly bit her nipples. She groaned and threw her head back as she pressed her body into his. He grabbed her bottom and ran his hands over her skirt. She wanted to feel his hands on her bare skin, not over her skirt. She was the on who pulled down her miniskirt and let it fall to the floor. His hands... on her bare bottom... oh yes!

For a long time Jason explored Cecilia's mouth, her face and neck, her shoulders and breasts, with his lips and tongue. He moved behind her and kissed the back of her neck while he covered her breasts with his hands. He pulled the final item protecting her modesty to the floor, her skimpy thong. Now she was exposed, her body presented to him in a desperate request for passion and sexual relief.

His bottom still throbbing and his erection harder than ever, he guided her to the bed. She obediently opened up for him, placing her dark vagina in full view for him. He glanced at his love's most intimate region, then lightly touched her with his fingertips. The reaction of being viewed, and touched... there... was immediate.

Finally he entered her, as she reached up to feel and squeeze his welt-covered bottom. The thought that she had just punished the man now making love to her returned to Cecilia's mind. The memories of his marked up bottom, combined with the intense pleasure coming from the feel of him inside her, gave Cecilia the best orgasm she had ever enjoyed. No more fantasy... this was the real thing.

Jason thrust vigorously, the intense pain in his bottom and the intense pleasure coming from being inside his lovely companion combining to give him an orgasm that was unbelievably intense. He climaxed, spending what seemed like an exquisite eternity pumping semen into her. This was good, really good. If having his bottom whipped could do this to him... then bring it on!

Finally both of them ran out of energy and reluctantly separated. The room stunk of orgasm and Cecilia's fancy sheets now needed an unexpected wash. Jason bunched up the pillows at the headboard and rested his head and shoulders on them, as he drew her to him. She compliantly cuddled up to him and enjoyed the warmth of his body next to hers.

Cecilia's mind was awash in conflicting emotions. This had been so good she couldn't believe it... but why couldn't she have waited, like she had planned? She was angry at herself for having lost control, of both Jason and of her own body. She had planned to go much further in forcing him to submit and conform to what she wanted before finally rewarding him with her body. Now those plans would have to change.

She still wanted Jason and still fully intended to control him. She reflected that in some ways it might actually be easier, because he obviously had enjoyed the past hour and would want more. It was up to Cecilia to determine when he might get more and what he would have to do for it. There was one big advantage of this sudden change in her plans; no longer would she have to wait for her full-body massages. He already had seen and touched her, so there was no point in any further modesty when it came to presenting herself for her nightly rub-down. He would have to learn that manual right away, because Sunday night she would expect him to give her a full-body massage and do it correctly.

Cecilia felt a twinge of fear over one detail of that night's loss of control; they had used absolutely no form of birth-control. She calculated it wouldn't be a huge risk, given that her period was only three days away. Still, until she actually started bleeding, she would be stressed about getting pregnant. Obviously she could not afford to take another such risk in the future. She would have to get some condoms and make sure Jason wore them from now on. She had done her stupid deed and calculated that for once life would not punish her. She doubted she would get a second chance to be unprepared and get away with it.

As Cecilia rested her face on Jason's chest and gently rubbed his stomach with her hand, she could not have known that tonight's loss of control actually would help her plans to take over his life. His bottom still was burning from that fierce strapping, but it was a heat that he was enjoying tremendously. He had made rather frightening discovery about himself, that he actually enjoyed being punished. The fear, the humiliation, the anxiety leading up to that first swat, and finally the release of that anxiety as the belt bit into him and forced his mind to focus on the intense pain in his bottom. It hurt, and yet it felt good...really good. He actually was looking forward to his next punishment (he was well aware there would be a next punishment) because of the intense mix of sensations in his body and the exquisite release that awaited him at the end.

Cecilia already had achieved her goal with Jason. He was hers, because he was hooked on knowing that intense suffering could bring out intense pleasure. He wanted that pleasure, and would submit to her to get it.

Chapter 7 - A Sunday with Cecilia

Jason and Cecilia only spent a few minutes relaxing before she had to get up, get showered and turn on her duty radio. Midnight was fast approaching, the beginning of her 24-hour shift as duty RA. She would have to go to the front desk at about 11:30, get a briefing from her co-worker going off duty, and fill out a duty roster checklist. She had no illusions of any peace, given that it was a Friday night and the fraternities were in the midst of rush.

After he got dressed, Cecilia escorted Jason back to his room. She reminded him that his punishment was not over. He would be on restriction for the next 36 hours. After he took a shower he was not to leave his room, nor was he permitted to put on any clothing until she came by to release him Sunday morning. He could not use the Internet, and to make sure of that she took away his modem. He could go to the bathroom and get a drink of water when he wanted, but that was it. Given the collection of marks and welts on his bottom, and the fact that he was prohibited from covering himself, it was a sure thing he would want to minimize the bathroom trips. He would not go hungry, because she promised to bring him two meals from the cafeteria, one late in the morning and the other late in the afternoon. What he did not know was that the meals would consist of whole wheat bread, raw vegetables, and fruit.

Cecilia ordered the freshman to spend Saturday reading ahead in Burnside's class and learning a series of economic formulas that would be required for first week of October. She already had him about a week ahead of the class in his studies, and she hoped being restricted to his room would put him ahead at least another week. She also handed him the massage book, telling him that if he got bored studying economics, he could try to learn some new massage techniques.

"I'll be checking in on you. I'll let you have your friends over if you want to study with them, but that'll be it. Don't let me catch you doing anything else with them."

"Cecilia, I have a question."


"If I have anyone over to study, is it alright if I get dressed?"

"Absolutely not. You're on restriction, and you'll just have to explain it that way if you get together with 'em. I'm warnin' you, don't you let me catch you disobeying me."

With that she gave him a goodbye kiss and walked back to her room to get cleaned up and head downstairs.

Cecilia's worst fears of a wild night were confirmed within minutes of going on duty. There were several drinking incidents and alcohol seizures, two freshmen females getting sick from food poisoning, a fight between two other girls over a dead goldfish, and a drunken fraternity pledge who deliberately threw up on several pieces of furniture in the commons area, all before 3:00 a.m.

The night's big excitement was a dorm room fire in the adjacent building and the evacuation of its residents to Huntington Hall. For three hours hundreds of disheveled freshmen from next door crowded into the common areas, cafeteria, and hallways until the fire department could clear the other building and allow the students back in. That crisis brought all of Cecilia's co-workers out of their beds and forced the cafeteria to open up and serve breakfast early. There were a series of reports to write up once the students from the adjacent dorm were allowed back in their rooms, an activity that took up a large part of the morning for the staff of both buildings.

Cecilia took Jason's breakfast to him at about 9:30. She was a bit surprised to find him asleep and that he had slept soundly since midnight the night before. Cecilia kissed him and gave a brief account of the fire and evacuation; amazed he had slept through all that turmoil. She handed him his breakfast, then ordered him to turn around so she could study his bottom. She had been right about postponing his punishment, because his bottom still was covered with marks, bruises, and welts from the night before. As he placed his hands on his desk she gently passed her hand over his backside, enjoying the sight and feel of his smooth, but marked up, skin.

"Try not to sit too much and stretch as much as you can. I think those marks will be gone by Monday if you go easy on your cute butt." With that she patted his bottom and left.

Jason opened his food box once she left and was somewhat disappointed with his meal. It all was healthy and very bland food. She really did have him on restriction.

Shortly after Jason finished eating, Ken came by. Jason let Ken into his room completely undressed. Ken immediately noticed the marks on his bottom and of course was curious to know what had happened. Jason decided to tell Ken what transpired during the punishment, and then spent a long time talking about his increasingly strange relationship with Cecilia. Jason turned around and displayed his bottom to his friend, who studied the marks with wide, hungry eyes. Ken asked Jason to recount the complete story of the strapping. He wanted to know every detail: how many swats, how it felt, what happened immediately before Jason bent over the chair, how Cecilia swung the belt, how many times he moved or tried to cover his bottom with his hands, what exactly Cecilia said to him, how much did he cry.

Two things were obvious from Ken's reaction to Jason's story. He was extremely aroused by seeing Jason's bottom and hearing the details of his punishment, but he also was extremely envious. He sighed. "You're so lucky, to have a girl like Cecilia. Do you realize how many guys would do anything to change places with you?"

Jason thought Ken's reaction to the entire incident was strange. He suspected Ken might try to flirt with Cecilia. He also suspected, were that to happen, she would rudely rebuff him. He knew Cecilia well enough to realize, as long as he did what she told him to do and paid attention to her needs, she would remain fiercely loyal to him.

Jason changed the topic slightly by informing his friend that he was sure their RA had no intention of reporting the streaking incident to the university. "She'll keep the pictures and probably hold this over your heads to make you behave, but I don't think you're in any trouble. I think the only one of us who got in trouble was me."

He also asked that Ken not say anything to Lisa and Mike about his punishment. "I really don't want this getting around, and I don't think Cecilia does either. That's why she waited until last night, so there wouldn't be a bunch of questions in the Life Drawing classes."

Once Ken promised to keep the punishment a secret, Jason pulled out two of Burnside's readings to review with his friend. They were at it for nearly two hours. Jason's tutoring responsibilities helped him tremendously, because talking to his friends forced him to practice explaining the coursework and thus prepared him for seminars and quizzes.

Shortly before they finished Cecilia unexpectedly dropped by to check up on her boyfriend. She seemed satisfied when it was clear that Jason was behaving properly. He had not gotten dressed and was going over coursework with Ken. She gave him a kiss and continued her mid-day floor check.

Ken left to work out, a bit disappointed at having to go the gym by himself. Jason slipped to the bathroom and then returned to his room. Fortunately the hallway was empty and no one saw him. He took a look at himself in the mirror and noticed the marks on his bottom were less visible than they had been in the morning. He figured they would be completely gone by the following evening.

He divided the rest of the afternoon between reviewing for Burnside's class and studying the massage manual. He knew that Cecilia would want a massage Sunday night and was counting on him to do a good job. She came by with another simple meal in the evening, gave him another kiss, and continued her rounds. Jason stayed up late studying, but finally went to sleep; looking forward to being released from restriction and getting his modem back the following morning.

Cecilia came by the Sunday morning at 9:00. She briefly questioned her boyfriend about what he had studied the day before, and satisfied with his progress, she gave him a kiss and announced he was off restriction. She sat down for a brief foot massage and then told Jason to get dressed.

They went out for coffee, walking though the quiet university to the stores located just off-campus. Cecilia recounted 24 hours of crises that she had to confront as duty RA as they shared coffee and a light meal.

After a leisurely breakfast she took his hand and led him down the street to the men's clothing store. She flatly announced that his evening wardrobe was unacceptable and he needed to dress more appropriately. While Jason stood quietly, it was Cecilia who talked to the salesman and explained what she was looking for. She selected several suits and had him try them on. She brushed the jackets and straightened the pants. She ordered him to turn around as she sat evaluating the clothing, nodding or shaking her head. After she selected two suits, she picked out some very conservative ties and ordered Jason to try them. She was the one who stood in front of him straightening the knots on the ties and checking to make sure they were the proper length. In the end she chose four and handed them to the salesman to put with the suits. There were shirts to pick out and finally shoes. The salesman was a bit taken aback when Cecilia moved in front of Jason and put different shoes on his feet, then told him to walk around and asked how the shoes felt. It was obvious what was happening, she was dressing him and he did not have any input over what she was picking out for him. The salesclerk could not argue, however. The young woman's taste in fashion was appropriate, if a bit conservative. Her boyfriend would look good in the clothing she was selecting for him.

Cecilia negotiated the alterations needed to make the suits fit properly and ordered Jason to pull out his credit card. The total purchase was nearly $ 1,500. However, considering the money Jason had spent buying himself stylish items over the summer such an expenditure was not unusual for him. Anyhow, the bill would go to his parents' house and they would pay for it.

"Just tell 'em you'll need the suits for job interviews and social functions. That's no lie, Jason, because this is the clothing you'll need to make a good impression on people. I don't know what your parents were thinkin', lettin' you buy all that weird Rapper shit you got over the summer."

The store clerks quietly looked at each other. Their young female customer was right, but it was strange to watch the brusque and direct way she treated her totally obedient companion.

The stop at the clothing store lasted nearly three hours, so it was mid-afternoon when they continued looking around the other stores. They bought some ice cream and walked out to a park, where she got him to talk about his childhood and parents.

Cecilia realized it would be a good idea to find out as much as she possibly could about the elder Schmidts before meeting them, especially their likes, dislikes, political views, and what they wanted for their son. Pleasing Jason's parents would be an important part of Cecilia's long-term plans with him. She wanted to make sure they would find as little as possible objectionable about her and get them to approve of the relationship. She knew she was starting at a huge disadvantage, because her dark skin, cheap clothing, and rough accent made it obvious she had not come from a privileged background. She would counter that disadvantage with the information she needed to get the Schmidts to talk about themselves instead of talking about her, and make them feel comfortable being around her.

As the day went by, Cecilia subtly directed Jason to behave properly in many small ways. When they came up to a door, she waited until he opened it. When they were at a table, she stood until he seated her. When they bought something to eat or drink, she never took the item herself. She waited for Jason to take it and pass it to her. She rewarded him by smiling and punished him with an impatient, unpleasant look. By the end of the day Jason was well aware of Cecilia's expectations for his minute-to-minute behavior in her presence. He had been trained, without even realizing he had been trained.

It was getting dark as they walked back though the university, with Jason toting a bag of shirts, ties, shoes, and socks that were to be part of his outfit whenever he took Cecilia out at night. She held his arm and cuddled his shoulder, letting him know that she was happy and enjoyed being with him.

Upon entering Huntington Hall, Cecilia decided it was time for her massage. She told Jason to take his new clothes back to his room and pick up the massage book. She then escorted him back to her room and laid a dorm sheet on top of her bedspread and placed another in her armchair. She told Jason to get undressed and fold his clothes. She gave him a seductive look and stood quietly with her back to him.

He realized what she wanted. She wanted him to undress her. He decided to start with her skirt, which he unzipped and pushed down to her feet. She stepped out the skirt and was left almost completely naked from the waist down, with nothing but her white thong to barely conceal her figure. His heart pounded as he admired her attractive dark legs and exquisite bottom. He folded the skirt and placed it on her desk. Next he took the hem of her blouse in both hands. She raised her arms as he lifted it over her head. Although the blouse had been worn all day and needed to be washed, Jason folded it and placed it on top of the skirt. He unhooked and removed a cheap bra, leaving her completely bare except the thong. For a second he admired her breasts, before completing his task by pushing the thong to her feet.

Cecilia sat down in her armchair, enjoying the feel of being completely naked in the hot room. Jason took the massage oil, rubbed it in his hands, and began spreading it around her shoulders. Using both his imagination and the techniques he had picked up from the book, he began loosening the muscles in her shoulders and neck, then knelt and massaged her fingers, her hands, and her arms. He attended to her feet, and then she moved to the bed, this time lying face down completely naked. She relaxed her bottom and spread her legs slightly, allowing him to see her dark bottom-hole. He felt an ardent desire to explore her entire bottom with his kisses, and gently touch his lips to every part of the soft skin of that exquisite part of her.

His immediate duty was not her bottom, but instead to massage her entire body, from the feet to her neck. He began with the heels, and slowly worked his way up her calves to her knees. Then he continued on, spending a long time working the muscles of her thighs. The came the best part: her bottom. He began gently by spreading oil over her bottom cheeks with the palms of his hands, allowing his fingertips to gently brush the darker area in between. Then he pressed hard into her with his palms and then his fingers, trying to find and relax the large muscles that lying underneath the lovely mounds of her tender backside. He relished the feel of that beautiful sight, of her bottom moving and changing shape under the pressure of his hands. Finally he reluctantly moved on, continuing up her back to return to massaging her shoulders and neck.

He expected her to fall asleep, but she was still awake once he finished massaging the muscles in her neck at the base of her skull. She turned over, completely exposing her entire front side to him. Again he started at her feet, this time tracing the fronts of her shins and working the muscles on her thighs. He caught glimpses of the secret area between her legs, and realized from the wetness and the smell she was getting aroused. He decided to take a chance. He kissed the inside of her thigh. The reaction was immediate; she groaned and shifted her legs apart, her body full of erotic heat.

He kissed her insides of her thighs, slowly working his way up towards the very wet vagina that awaited him. She lifted her legs and spread them further. However, he held back, working his way ever so slowly towards his goal. He kissed the tender, very sweaty skin at the base of her thighs, then slowly began kissing and licking her labia. Just as Cecilia had foreseen, he became a worshiper at her temple, with its tiny goddess impatiently waiting for homage from his tongue and lips.

Cecilia's entire body was soaked in sweat mixed with massage oil. She placed her hands on his head, gently running her fingers through his hair and guiding the kisses and licking around her private area. He made her wait, but finally he worked his way towards her clitoris. She groaned with pure joy when his tongue brushed it for the very first time. He kissed the area around it, then concentrated his efforts on that center of feminine pleasure. He touched her and teased her, brushed her and circled his tongue, as he tasted the juices of first one, then a second, complete orgasm.

Jason was aroused himself, but was unsure whether or not he could enter her. He knelt upright, silently asking her permission to satisfy his own desires. It had not been her intention that night to have oral sex with him, let alone regular sex, but at least this time she was prepared.

"There's condoms in the top dresser drawer. If you put one on you can make love to me."

Jason quickly and obediently put on a condom and positioned himself to enter Cecilia. She was exhausted, but still aroused with eyes full of pleasure and gratitude. She reached up and drew him to her. He entered her and began thrusting. In spite of the condom, this was really good. In spite of her exhaustion, Cecilia's body reacted at the feel of her love being inside her. Her passion built up as she enjoyed yet another orgasm.

She groaned from pleasure that was much more than she could have hoped for just one month ago. Yes! Yes! Yes! This was it!

He was hers... he was her gift from life, the man destined to dedicate his own existence meeting her needs.

Chapter 8 - A High Stakes Wager

The following Monday morning Cecilia breathed a huge sigh of relief, when she woke up and realized her period had started. Her menstruation normally was a source of irritation that intruded on her routine once a month, but for once she was very happy to see the familiar spot of blood. She changed her panties and stuffed a pad in the crotch of the clean pair, relieved that her moment of carelessness with Jason the previous Friday night would not disrupt her life.

She spent a normal Monday morning, going to her early class, then drawing her boyfriend during the 11:00 Life Drawing class, then spending "quality time" with her strange economics professor during the hour leading up to the 1:30 economic theory class.

Burnside already was thinking about the class midterm. She had decided to split the midterm into two parts, one to be given at the beginning of October and the other at the beginning of November. Although Cecilia really had nothing to do with writing the test or grading it, Burnside confided some of the exam plans to her scholarship student.

The professor also confided another piece of exciting news, that it was likely the Prime Minister of Upper Danubia would visit Chicago and the university sometime late in the semester. The student's reaction surprised and impressed her.

"You mean Vladim Dukov is gonna be here?!"

"You actually know who he is?"

"Yeah, Dr. Burnside, he was Kimberly Lee's defense attorney when she got arrested... you know Kimberly Lee of 'Socrates' Mistresses'. I'm a big fan of that group and I know all about him, 'cause of what he did for Kim. So he's actually coming? Do you think I could meet him? Please... I'd really like to meet him!"

Burnside thought for a minute, trying to see how Cecilia could be brought into the planned visit of the foreign dignitary. The Prime Minister would attend an international economic seminar in downtown Chicago and speak about his plans for his country's economic development. He was scheduled to visit several political think-tanks and then give two speeches at the university about his views and goals for the future of his country. His final stop before flying on to Canada and Europe would be a day in Washington DC to speak at the National Press Club.

Vladim Dukov had been Prime Minister of Upper Danubia for less than a year, but was well-liked within his own country. He was not a popular figure in the US, because of his nationalistic ideology and rejection of globalization. He was not friendly to international business concerns and perfectly willing to walk away from negotiations if he felt the interests of his country were not being served. He recently had caused a sensation in Europe by withdrawing Upper Danubia's application to join the EU because he felt the previous government had made too many concessions in its effort to join. Dukov had his own philosophy about economic development, based on the needs of a rather isolated and backwards society instead of popular economic models. The Prime Minister's goal in coming to the US was to speak directly to the public and intellectuals about what he wanted for Upper Danubia and ultimately where he hoped to lead his country.

The political issues where of only passing interest to Cecilia. Her desire to meet Dukov was much more personal. The Danubian leader was a direct link to her favorite singer and the music that had transformed her outlook on life.

To Burnside the issue was a practical one, finding a student for the university delegation who actually knew where Upper Danubia was located and enough about the country to not look like the typically ignorant American. It was obvious Cecilia was a bit star-struck at the thought of meeting her favorite singer's former guardian, but if she could tone that down a bit, she would make a good addition to the student representatives.

"I don't see why you couldn't be part of the student delegation. Most of the group will be graduate students, but I think you'd do a good job representing our department. I'll add you, under a condition. I want you to pick a Danubian topic for your term paper for the Theory of International Development course. Do some research, get yourself ready to meet Prime Minister Dukov, and you'll make a real contribution."

After her daily workout with Lisa, Cecilia sat with the other RA's for their nightly dinner. The dorm director surprised his staff when he announced he wanted to have a formal meeting with the RA's following the meal.

The staff met in one of the dorm's small conference rooms. There was a series of issues to discuss, including a new duty roster, a review of the previous weekend's fire in the adjacent building and Huntington Hall's own evacuation procedures were a similar emergency to take place, and an announcement there would be a fire drill later in the week.

Following the serious topics, the dorm director gave the group a sarcastic smile and passed out flyers for a 10 kilometer run that would be held Saturday of the following week. It was sponsored by the Tri-Alpha fraternity and was a yearly tradition at the university, an essential task of the fraternity's initiation for new pledges. What set the Tri-Alpha run apart from any other university-sponsored 10-K run was that all runners had to be completely nude throughout the entire race and the ceremony preceding the event. The only permitted items of clothing for anyone participating were running shoes and socks.

The run had been a yearly tradition since the early 1960's, when the Tri-Alphas began incorporating nudity as part of their initiations. During the first two decades of its existence the 10-K route had gone through not only the university, but also through Fraternity Row and a couple of nearby commercial streets. In 1985 the race was scaled back. The Tri-Alpha fraternity and the university agreed to shorten the run to just 2 miles and have it contained completely within the campus area. A few years later there was talk of banning the nude 10-K race altogether, given that most of the universities around the US that had nude student runs were stopping them.

Talk of banning the Tri-Alpha nude run came to an abrupt end when a fraternity alumnus and multi-millionaire died and left a huge grant to the university. The benefactor left his money in a trust fund, stipulating that $ 10 million would be paid out each year until the account was exhausted. The grant had two conditions. The first condition was the entire amount had to be used to pay the salaries of non-tenured professors and Teaching Assistants. The second condition was that the Tri-Alpha nude run had to be held each year, restored to its original 10-kilometer length and held in the middle of the day on the last Saturday each September.

Whatever moral objections there might have been to the spectacle of naked runners streaking through the university each year, no one in the Board of Regents was going to argue against $ 10 million in guaranteed salary money for instructors. Money talks, and bullshit walks. So, the Board of Regents negotiated the details of the revised race with the directors of the Tri-Alpha fraternity. The race would remain within the confines of the university, but would be a full 10-K run. The starting line was at the Memorial Stadium. The runners would do two laps around the football field, then leave the stadium to follow a route around the university, pass through the old part of campus, then circle back to the Stadium and do a final lap around the track to the finish line. The event drew a large crowd that filled the stadium and lined the race route around the university. Attendance was restricted to students, active alumni, faculty members, and reporters. The campus was sealed off to outsiders during the race, but even with the restriction, typically between 50,000 and 60,000 spectators attended the event each year.

Participating in the race and running the full 10 kilometers non-stop was a requirement for all Tri-Alpha pledges. The fraternity encouraged other students to participate by offering a trophy and $ 1,000 in prize money to any non-Tri-Alpha member who managed to win the men's race. A second prize of $ 1,000 was offered to the winner of the women's division, as an incentive to encourage female students to run. During any given year there were a few participants from other fraternities and sororities, a few from the dorms, and always students representing the Art Department, the Theater Department, the Athletic Department, and the School of Music. However, the male 10-K winner usually was a Tri-Alpha pledge, because the fraternity forced its prospective members to train for the race.

The RA's smiled and laughed at the idea of getting someone from Huntington Hall to run in the nude for an hour, but the director had an offer that made his staff take the whole affair somewhat more seriously.

"I've got a $50 gift card to any store in the mall for anyone who can get me a runner to represent Huntington Hall in the 10-K. If you get me a winning runner, I'll give you a $500 gift card. I think it'd be good for morale if we could have someone to cheer for in this race, one of our own. Anyhow, you all have floor meetings scheduled this Sunday and I'd appreciate you bringing it up to your residents."

Most of the RA's figured they had their work cut out for them, getting any of their floor residents to participate. The race was not an experience for anyone with any modesty, because the time the runners spent in the nude extended way beyond the hour of running. There was a pre-race ceremony and a march around the stadium prior to the run itself, and then post-race events and a coronation ceremony for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in separate divisions for male and female runners. The six winning runners could expect to be nude in public for at least six hours and pose for hundreds of pictures. Yes, $1,000 was a nice amount of money for a student, but actually winning the prize was a tough challenge, given the competition from the well-prepared Tri-Alpha pledges.

Cecilia was the only RA who was confident that she could supply at least two runners, and possibly four. She was sure that with a little coaxing she could get Jason and Ken to run, but she wanted to get Mike and Lisa to participate as well. That would mean four gift certificates and $ 200 to spend on new clothing. If either Jason or Ken won the race, she would get the $ 500 gift certificate and finally supplement her meager wardrobe in a meaningful way.

As Cecilia pondered getting her runners for Huntington Hall, the director set down a stack of flyers and registration packets for the race. Most of the other RA's took just one packet, but Cecilia confidently took four.

The evening returned to normal, as Cecilia went to Jason's room, where he was waiting for her to review Burnside's materials. As instructed, he was naked and stood obediently as she questioned him about his studies. Eventually she planned to train him to always greet her by getting on his knees and kissing her hands, but that would come later.

She confidently sat at his chair and snapped at him to get the right answers to questions about the assigned readings. Once she was sure he knew the Monday material, she released him to tutor his three friends while she went back to her room. The RA spent an hour studying for one of her classes, then returned to Jason's room to escort him to her room for a massage.

Once Jason was undressed and ready to massage her, Cecilia ordered him to strip her to her panties. She was wearing a regular pair of women's briefs instead of her usual thong because of her period. Obviously for the next several nights Jason would be restricted to massaging her back, arms, feet, and legs. Cecilia sat in her armchair as Jason knelt to begin massaging her feet. As usual he moved up her calves, then massaged her hands, arms, shoulders, and neck. Once the chair portion of the massage was complete, Cecilia would lie on her bed to have her legs and back massaged.

Cecilia fell asleep and Jason covered her up. He quietly got dressed, gave her a very gentle kiss on the cheek, turned out the light, and slipped back to the commons area.

Lisa owed Cecilia a Poker game. Cecilia's original idea was to play one-on-one, with high stakes between the two women. Cecilia was not planning to wager money, however. The stakes instead would be favors and a period of servitude.

Cecilia changed her plans for her Poker wager upon returning to her room with the four Tri-Alpha race registration packets. She would make it a five-person wager, with participating in the race a penalty for the losers of planned game. The three males would end up in the race for sure, and if Cecilia's plans worked out and she won against Lisa, she would pass out registration packets to four losing freshmen. There was no question they would participate, because she still had the pictures from that wild Sunday night two weeks before and would use them as leverage, if necessary, to pressure everyone to play.

Cecilia was aware that Lisa really might be a good player, and there was a risk that it might be Cecilia, not Lisa, who would be take the fourth packet and run the race with the three guys. Yes, it was a risk, but if she lost, the RA was fully prepared to honor the bet and run the 10-K. Cecilia was not much of a risk-taker in her daily life, but for once she was willing to face the prospect of losing to Lisa and running 10 kilometers in the nude. The uncertainty would make the evening's card game an interesting experience and a challenging one for the RA.

During her workout with Lisa on Tuesday, Cecilia brought up the idea of a Poker game Friday night.

"We'll have the guys play with us, so we'll start with five players. We'll play strip Poker. First we strip the guys, then you and me go head-to-head."

"Are we playing for penalties?"

"Yeah, but just one each. We'll be playing for elimination. Whenever someone loses all their clothes, they're out of the game. There will be a single penalty for each loser."

"What is it?"

"I've got four envelopes. Each loser takes an envelope. It's a surprise, but it'll be the same for each loser."

"You too? If you lose, you'll do the penalty?"

"Of course. If I lose, I'll do the penalty."

"And what makes you so sure you can beat me?"

"Lisa, I'm not sure about that at all. I don't know how good you play, and you don't know how good I am. That's what'll make Friday night so interesting."

Friday night Lisa and Cecilia made the final arrangements for the card game. They counted pieces of clothing to make sure each was starting with the same number of item. Cecilia ordered Jason and Mike to bring a small round table into Lisa's room from the commons area and to borrow five folding chairs from the dorm's conference room. The players would sit in a circle, each the same distance from the others. Lisa pulled out her digital camera and Cecilia borrowed Jason's 35-mm camera, for full body portraits to be taken of each loser as soon as he or she was eliminated from the game. Cecilia sealed the four registration packets and laid them on Lisa's desk.

Jason, Ken, and Mike looked at each other nervously. There was a grim determination about the two women that unsettled them. The knowledge that each of them was sure to lose and take a penalty also concerned them. The game really was between Cecilia and Lisa, and the guys figured once they were eliminated, they would be standing at attention in the nude for a very long time while the two women battled to see which of them would end up with the fourth envelope.

The guys did not bother to count how many articles of clothing they were wearing, since they were destined to lose anyway. Jason was wearing only four items; a pair of loose-fitting shorts, a shirt, and a pair of casual deck shoes. Ken had six items of clothing; the same outfit as Jason, but also a pair of socks. Like Jason, Ken normally did not wear underwear. Mike had on five items of clothing; shorts and underwear, shoes, and a shirt.

Cecilia let Lisa deal first. She passed the freshman an unopened deck of cards, which Lisa quickly unwrapped. Cecilia carefully watched as Lisa expertly shuffled, with the calm expression of a person familiar with gaming. 'Poker face. OK. She looks calm, but we'll see what's she's hiding later on,' thought Cecilia to herself.

The two women played very carefully, eager to keep as many articles of clothing possible during the first phase of their game in which they eliminated the guys. Jason was the first to be eliminated. At the end of the seventh round, Ken had lost two shoes and Mike one shoe, but Jason already had lost all four articles of his clothing. He pulled down his shorts and handed them to Cecilia. Lisa then ordered him to stand against the wall to pose for several pictures with both the 35mm and the digital camera. Cecilia then ordered her boyfriend to put his hands behind his head and remain standing while the game continued.

Ken was eliminated next. In quick succession he lost his socks, shirt, and shorts, while Mike lost a second shoe. Once again, the two cameras clicked as the loser submitted to having multiple full-body shots taken to record his loss. Once his body was documented on film, Lisa ordered him to put his hands behind his head and take his place next to Jason.

Jason felt a rush of erotic excitement as he stood, completely uncovered in front of two women, his hands behind his head and his entire body on full display in the well-lit room. There was the thrill of being exposed, but also the thrill of submitting to his role as a loser of the game and the ominous envelope that was waiting for him on Lisa's desk. He knew that whatever was in that envelope, it would be a huge erotic challenge and an opportunity to prove his willingness to do whatever Cecilia wanted him to do. He glanced over at Ken, whose penis was stiffening and who was clearly enjoying himself.

Mike put up a much better fight then Jason and Ken. In the round following Ken's elimination he managed to take Cecilia's first article of clothing, a shoe. He won the next two rounds against Lisa, and got her two shoes off. Then he lost a round, giving up his shorts. That loss left him wearing a shirt and underwear. During the following round he took a second shoe from Cecilia, and a sock from Lisa after that. Mike lost his shirt, but then won two more times against Cecilia, getting the belt off her skirt and then her blouse. Cecilia became very nervous, realizing she was down to three articles of clothing and still had not eliminated Mike from the game. Mike got a second sock from Lisa before finally losing his final article of clothing, his underwear. Lisa stood up and pulled his underwear to his ankles. Then Mike dutifully stood against the wall for pictures. Following the shots of Mike, Lisa ordered all three guys to stand together for a couple of group shots.

Lisa and Cecilia were left evenly matched. Lisa was wearing a pair of jeans, underwear, and a t-shirt, while Cecilia was wearing a skirt, a thong, and a bra. Lisa won Cecilia's skirt in the next round. She now was confident of winning the game. She decided to embarrass Cecilia by briefly ordering her to stand in front of the three naked guys so they could see their RA in her underwear.

Cecilia sat down, only two articles of clothing away from losing the game and having to take a registration packet for the race. However, without realizing it, Lisa now was in serious trouble. She had assumed that forcing Cecilia to stand in front of the three males in her underwear would make her too nervous to think straight upon returning to the table, but quite the opposite happened. Cecilia's mind was sharply focused, while Lisa was completely distracted at the thought she was so close to winning. Cecilia could read her opponent's expression with each hand and knew exactly how to counter. Lisa quickly was stripped to her panties and her mood went from elation to panic. Sure enough, she lost the final round. With her eyes wide from the shock of actually having lost after being ahead, she stood up, folding her arms across her breasts. Cecilia, still wearing nothing but her thong and bra, stood behind Lisa and slowly pulled her panties to her ankles, relishing the hard-earned victory and her opponent's complete embarrassment.

"Lisa, please hand me the cameras and stand next to the wall, facing me, with your hands at your sides."

Lisa, her face still reflecting the amazement she actually had lost, quietly obeyed, as the three guys watched her. Jason and Ken were fascinated with Lisa's tall attractive body, but both of them had to be careful about looking at her too hard. Ken would have to contend with Mike's jealousy if caught eying Lisa. Jason would have a much worse problem to contend with if Cecilia caught him looking with too much interest at another woman.

The cameras went off, then the RA ordered her rival to turn around so she could take several pictures of Lisa's bare backside. Finally Cecilia ordered Lisa to step outside into the hallway, and took several pictures of her as she walked to the end of the women's wing and then back to her room. She sadly re-entered, wondering what Cecilia's "high stakes bet" would entail for the game's four losers.

Cecilia ordered Lisa and Ken to fold and stack the chairs and push the table to one side of the dorm room. She then told the four naked freshmen to line up and handed each of them an envelope.

"I know all of you've been jogging, so you ought to be ready for this." She passed out four pens and continued. "Once you have these filled out, pass them back to me, and I'll run 'em down to the dorm director's office first thing tomorrow. He'll be real happy to know you're gonna represent Huntington Hall in the race."

The freshmen opened their envelopes with very mixed reactions. Jason was elated, not having known the university sponsored a nude run every year. Cool! His heart jumped in anticipation, especially once he saw that the route would have him running naked past all the areas of campus he already was familiar with. This was his lifelong fantasy, a serious nude run, a real race in which he could enjoy the freedom of having his entire body exposed to the cool fall breezes of a late September afternoon. He was thrilled at the thought of being completely naked in front of 50,000 strangers. Also, the old competitive spirit from his high school track team experiences resurfaced, making him wonder if he had a realistic chance of actually winning the race.

Ken was somewhat more dubious about the whole adventure, but realized it would be possible to have some fun with it. His mind wandered to the thought of running naked among all those other guys, and suddenly he found the whole thing very erotic. He then checked himself, wondering about fantasizing about being in the middle of a bunch of other naked men and then felt guilty about his fantasy. His mind wandered back and forth, but finally decided he was looking forward to the run.

Mike was not thrilled at all. The thought of running nude in front of 50,000 people made him cringe. He was not a particularly modest person, but he certainly was not an exhibitionist like Jason. He looked at the run as an ordeal he simply wanted to get out of the way and was mad at having allowed himself to get dragged into doing it.

Lisa still was in shock. She couldn't believe she had let Cecilia win three rounds of cards in a row. Now here she was, stuck with this awful commitment that not only entailed placing herself on very public display, but also the grueling physical challenge of running a full hour without stopping. Oh how she'd like to see Cecilia having to do this! Yeah right! The RA probably couldn't even run one mile, let alone six. Yes, that would have been fun, seeing that Ghetto bitch naked, sweaty, gasping for breath, and holding her hands at her side from runner's cramp while struggling to keep up at the tail end of the race. And it could have happened that way, if she had just paid closer attention to the cards during that last couple of rounds! This was ridiculous... she was a good card player, actually slightly better than Cecilia, but still she had lost, because she wasn't paying attention and her rival was!

The four freshmen spent the next few minutes filling out their registration forms, which asked basic questions to ensure the runners were over 18, currently enrolled in classes, and in good health. There was a map of the route with a signature line to assure the runner understood the route and agreed not to leave it during the race. There was another signature line to make sure each applicant was aware that all clothing, with the exception of running shoes and athletic socks, was strictly prohibited and that wearing anything above the knees would disqualify a person from the race. Finally there was a question asking what university entity the runner was representing. Jason, Ken, and Lisa put down Huntington Hall. Mike decided to declare he was representing the political science department.

Following the card game, Mike, Lisa, and Ken decided to go out, while Cecilia asked Jason to follow her back to her room. Once in the room Jason undressed, folded his clothing, and then undressed Cecilia and folded her clothes. As she sat down in her armchair he knelt and followed the usual routine of massaging her feet, her calves, her hands, arms shoulders and neck. She then lay on her bed on her back, with her leg spread slightly and the exposed intimate area between her legs beckoning her boyfriend's anxious gaze.

Jason massaged Cecilia's thighs, all the while looking longingly at her relaxed vagina her partially shaved pubic hair. Cecilia left only a very small strip of pubic hair when she shaved, because she liked having a clean bikini line for her favorite thong underwear. As Jason's hands massaged her upper thighs and closed in on her most intimate areas, Cecilia spread her legs and clasped his head with her hands. She directed him to begin kissing the insides of her thighs. As Jason began his task of satisfying her desires, Cecilia directed him by guiding his head with her hands. Eventually he began kissing the soft shaved area between her legs, gently biting and licking her labia and inserting his tongue into her vagina.

He would have liked to insert another part of his body into that secret opening, but unfortunately for Jason, tonight that was not to be. He already understood his place in the relationship. He could enter her only when she was in the mood and gave him permission. She would tell him when that would be; it was not his place in the relationship to bring it up.

Finally Cecilia directed Jason to kiss and lick the area around her clitoris. For a very long time she gasped and shuttered as he performed his duty in satisfying her need that night to have a nice orgasm.

Cecilia smiled, squeezed his hand, and flipped over on her stomach for the second part of her massage. Jason, his face tired and sticky from servicing Cecilia's sexual needs, continued his task of relaxing her. Beginning with the soles of her feet, he worked his way up her legs, kneading and massaging her muscles. He was rewarded by getting to his favorite part, her lovely dark bottom. He spent a very long time exploring those lovely mounds of tantalizing flesh, massaging and caressing that intimate part of her body. To have those lovely buttocks in his hands and under his care was his reward for his efforts to make her happy. After he massaged her bottom, he spent a long time kissing it, even venturing between her bottom cheeks. He was rewarded by a happy sigh and a supportive comment from his love:

"Hmm... that feels good. I like it when you do that to me."

He finished massaging her upper back and, as usual, covered her up before leaving her room.

Cecilia insisted that Jason spend most of the following Saturday studying, given that he was not likely to have much time to study the following weekend. She ran into Ken in the hallway and "strongly recommended" that he join Jason as he reviewed for the first midterm in Burnside's class, as well as midterms in a couple of other classes.

Cecilia, meanwhile, went to the gym with Lisa. Fortunately her companion had recovered from the shock of the previous night's Poker game and was resigned to running the following weekend. To prepare for the run she changed her workout, explaining to Cecilia why the altered workout was better for a person preparing for a 10-K run. Cecilia followed Lisa's lead and decided to add jogging to her exercise routine.

There was the usual theater and dinner date Saturday night, with Jason appropriately dressed in a new suit, new shoes, and conservative tie. Cecilia, as always on such outings, wore her Danubian dress, which was the only article of decent clothing she owned.

That night Cecilia led Jason even further into the world of high culture, by asking him to take her to a production of the famous opera "Madame Butterfly". The production was located in downtown Chicago, which involved a 40-minute drive into the center of the downtown area. Jason had to spend most of Saturday morning scrambling to make arrangements for getting himself and Cecilia from the university to downtown and back again. Cecilia wanted to see "Madame Butterfly" and she expected to be taken to see "Madame Butterfly". The details were Jason's problem, and he was expected to make whatever arrangements necessary to comply with her desire. It was that simple. In the end Mike came to Jason's rescue by lending his car and showing his friend the best way to get to the downtown theater. He also knew of an expensive downtown restaurant close to the theater, which solved Jason's other problem, where would they eat.

Once downtown, Jason took Cecilia to what turned out to be a very elegant restaurant before taking her to the opera. He treated her in a proper and respectful manner, seating her, opening doors for her, and doing everything else he could think of to make her experience more pleasant. After dinner they walked arm-in-arm to a theater production that had been written a century before by someone her had never heard of, in a style of music he never listened to. As always, what Jason might have wanted didn't matter. The night belonged to Cecilia.

Cecilia's reaction to the opera surprised Jason. While he tried to hide his boredom as best he could, she really got into the production. As the final act ran its course, Jason glanced over at his girlfriend to notice tears running down her cheeks. She truly was moved by the desolation of the main character's downfall from happiness to despair, fully understanding the very thin thread that kept her own life from returning to the dark world of despair from which she had emerged. How difficult it is to escape; how easy it is to fall back in! She rested her head on his shoulder, thinking about the bleakness of not only the opera's depressing ending, but also of her own life and the dysfunctional society that had produced and then exiled her.

As they left the theater to return to Mike's car, Cecilia showed her gratitude to her boyfriend with smiles, by holding his hand, and cuddling up to him. He was the one man in her life who seemed to understand what she needed, and more importantly, was willing to give it to her. She was genuinely grateful for the attention he was giving her, fully realizing that what she wanted from him was completely unreasonable. In her own way, after only a month of being with him, she was falling in love.

Chapter 9 -- The Tri-Alpha 10-K run

The following Sunday evening there was a general meeting in the cafeteria for all Huntington Hall residents and staff. As the freshmen crowded into the cafeteria, Cecilia and the dorm director stood together, while Jason, Ken, Mike, and Lisa stood off to one side nervously awaiting what was about to happen. They were to be introduced as the representatives for Huntington Hall in the Tri-Alpha 10-K nude run. Following some words about fire safety and the need to focus on midterms, the dorm director handed the microphone to Cecilia. She stood up and proudly gestured to the four blushing freshmen.

"I'm very pleased to announce that this year we got not one, but four residents from Huntington Hall running for us in the Tri-Alpha race! Let's give a big hand to Jason, Ken, Lisa, and Mike, our representatives in the nude 10-K!"

There was thunderous applause, whistling, cheering, and sex whoops for the four nervous freshmen. The hundreds of college students in the room cheered for their four companions, elated at the thought of seeing them running naked the following weekend.

"OK... here's the deal. The race starts right at noon, and there will be the pre-race ceremony, which starts at 11:30. So here's what we're gonna do. We'll be leaving here at 10:30, and I think it would be good for all of us to go over to the Stadium together, to show support for our runners!" Cecilia again gestured towards the four freshmen and there was loud cheering from the room, which slowly died down. Cecilia continued, "Let's make some banners and signs with Huntington Hall's name on them, let's get ready to make some noise, and let's let those Tri-Alphas know who we are!" Again there was loud applause and cheering.

The dorm director smiled at Cecilia. She was the only member of his staff who had delivered, providing the runners for whom the dorm residents could cheer and support. None of the other RA's could convince anyone else to participate.

Jason and his friends forced themselves to smile, but in reality were very nervous. It had just dawned on them that Cecilia had no intention of letting them wait until they got to Stadium to get undressed. Her plan was to have them come downstairs already stripped for the run, and then have them walk across the campus completely naked with all of Huntington Hall's other residents walking and cheering behind them. Cecilia's plan also meant they would not be able to get dressed again until they returned to Huntington Hall, which probably would not be until the late afternoon. Anyhow, no matter what Cecilia's plans were, the group now was fully committed to the race. The entire dorm was expecting them to strip and run on Saturday, and they were beyond the point of being able to back out of the ordeal without having to face the teasing of their fellow residents.

Jason took the challenge seriously. Throughout the week he changed his workout to build himself up for the run, stretching more than normal and preparing his body for a race that was two miles more than his normal routine of a four-mile jog every other day. He ate only healthy foods and lots of fruit to hydrate himself.

During his outings jogging, Jason was joined by Lisa, who had played soccer in high school and also was a good runner. Lisa surprised him by saying she wanted to try to win first place in the women's division. She figured she wouldn't have too much competition from other female runners. She sighed.

"If I gotta do this, I'm gonna do it right and at least try to see if I can get that $ 1,000 for this shit."

The week seemed to pass by both too quickly and too slowly. Jason and Lisa would have liked to have had more time to prepare for the race, but at the same time the anticipation seemed to make each day an eternity. Finally, Saturday did come, and with it the big day for Huntington Hall's four most famous residents. The other RA's spent the early morning with their floor residents putting the finishing touches on Huntington Hall signs, while Cecilia rounded up her four runners and explained what was going on up to the race. As they had foreseen, she had decided that they would leave their clothes behind in the dorm and leave the building wearing nothing but their running shoes and socks.

Cecilia already had a backpack set up in which she had bottles of water, towels, extra socks, band-aids, and ointment for blisters, should any of the four get sore feet during the race. She also was well prepared to take lots of pictures, with Jason's 35 mm camera, a borrowed telescopic lens, Lisa's digital camera, extra rolls of film, and an extra memory card. By the time the RA had everything ready, it was close to 10:30 and time to head over to the stadium.

"OK, drop your drawers and let's head downstairs."

Jason stripped immediately, the others more reluctantly. The RA led them out of her room and locked her door. They now were completely separated from their clothes, and it was up to Cecilia to decide when they could come back into her room to retrieve them.

With the men's penises swinging as they walked and Lisa's breasts bouncing up and down slightly, Cecilia led the runners to the main entrance of the dorm. They were greeted by a very loud cheer as they stood on the steps. With Cecilia standing on one side and the dorm director standing on the other side, Jason and his three naked friends joined hands and held them over their heads in a victory gesture while dozens of cameras flashed and captured the moment on film. The other RA's then took up positions on the steps behind the runners and there was an official photo taken of them with the Huntington Hall staff. Cecilia then moved into the middle of the four freshmen, standing between Jason and Mike. There were more pictures of the group alone with their RA, as Cecilia's dark skin and blue clothing contrasted with the bare white bodies of her four companions.

Once the picture taking was over, Cecilia led the four freshmen down the steps towards the sidewalk leading to the Memorial Stadium. As they moved away from the dorm, the other residents fell in behind them, cheering and waving signs and banners. As they approached the Stadium, they followed part of the official race route and passed dozens of cheering spectators lining the sidewalk. Cameras and camcorders flashed as the Huntington Hall delegation made their way to into the main part of campus and crossed the stadium parking lot. The RA's began directing the marching residents to sing the university hymn as the group passed through one of the main gates. It was an impressive show for Huntington Hall, one that left the director very pleased.

Once inside the stadium, Cecilia led the four runners to the football field while the other dorm residents filed into a reserved area in the bleachers. Cecilia was carrying a banner for Huntington Hall and her backpack full of water and other supplies as she directed Jason and his friends to follow her. Her destination was a group of about 150 other naked students who were gathered and stretching near one of the goal posts. There was a lot of cheering from the crowded bleachers, but the field was empty except the runners, a few officially sanctioned photographers, and people like Cecilia who had come to carry supplies or assist the participants.

As he stretched, Jason looked around at his rivals. Most of the others were in fairly good physical condition, but they did not look like practiced track athletes. There were only a couple of guys who looked capable of giving him any meaningful competition. As for the 23 women in the group, there was only one who had a runner's physique. He glanced at the woman's thin muscular body, then at Lisa. There was no reason why Lisa could not come in at least second among the females, and hopefully she would come in first, win the women's race, and get her $1,000.

A group of musicians from the university band came out onto the field along with some Tri-Alpha upperclassmen wearing fraternity uniforms. The band members took their positions on the track as the Tri-Alpha referees organized the runners by who they were representing. Cecilia handed the Huntington Hall banner to her freshmen and they took their place on the track with the other runners. Mike had to separate himself from his friends because he would carry a banner for the political science department. On cue the musicians played the university hymn and began marching. They marched a complete circle around the football field as the runners followed holding up their banners. Once the initial march was completed, a Tri-Alpha alumnus took a microphone and introduced the runners to the audience by delegation. There was a very loud cheer when the three Huntington Hall residents bowed to the audience, and a somewhat more muted cheer when Mike bowed on behalf of the political science department.

The runners stood quietly as the announcer briefly retold the history of the nude 10-K run, a tradition that now went back more than four decades. Upon finishing his history lesson, the speaker told the runners to move to the starting line. From a distance they made a very strange sight, a small flesh-colored spot among the otherwise garish colors of the stadium and its audience.

As he waited for the starting pistol, Jason cleared his mind of everything other than the race. All of the strange events that led him here were of no importance right now. He forgot about the crowds, forgot about being naked in the middle of the university football field, and even forgot about Cecilia. He focused on one thing. He was participating in a competition and he wanted to win.

There was the shot that started the race and the runners began their initial two laps around the field. At the beginning neither Jason nor Lisa were anywhere close to the front of group. They were in this for the full distance, not to be the first ones exiting the stadium. Ken shot straight to the front, but Jason knew from experience that was a stupid thing for him to do. His friend quickly would burn himself out and be lucky to even finish the race if he did not pace himself. Mike knew he had no chance of winning. From the beginning he ran at a leisurely pace, simply hoping to finish the course without having to stop and take any breaks.

As they rounded the field to complete their second lap, the runners began to spread out. Photographers and camera crews lined the outside of the track, rapidly taking pictures of the runners as a group and as individuals. The second lap was the best time for photos, because the runners were spread out, but still all in one place.

As he completed the second lap, Jason's mind concentrated on the physical sensations of his experience. He was enjoying the feel of the warm sun on his bare, healthy body, a body that was in top condition at the peak of his life as an adult. He was ready, more than ready, to run the 10 kilometers and was looking forward to his trek across the university. He paced himself, thinking about simply enjoying the run instead of knocking himself out trying to stay in front. As he entered the final mile of the race, Jason planned to pick up his speed. During the final mile he would push himself hard to move ahead of the lead Tri-Alpha runners and win the race.

After the second lap around the field, the 150 naked runners dashed out through the main entrance of the stadium and down the main road of the campus. The entire route was lined with cheering spectators, many with cameras and many others holding banners or signs with the name of a particular runner. Jason saw several students waving Huntington Hall banners. The route passed the economics department, and Jason saw his professor Ruth Burnside, the class TA, and several other professors standing on the steps of the Economics building. He felt a pang of real embarrassment knowing Burnside was watching him as he ran by, but there was nothing he could do about it. He waved at his professor and TA, and continued on his way.

By the time the runners left the academic area and circled around the dorms, they were well spread out. By the fourth kilometer marker Jason and Lisa had begun passing exhausted runners who had not paced themselves early in the race. As they made it to the halfway point, they passed Ken, who clearly was in trouble from having spent all his energy during the first couple of miles. Lisa slapped him hard on the ass as she passed him, while Jason shouted, "Pace yourself! Pace yourself!"

The line of naked bodies and cheering spectators passed the dormitories and returned to the university library via the back route Jason and Ken had used for their streaking adventure a couple of weeks before. Upon reaching the library, the runners ran across the courtyard and circled around to the old part of campus.

There was only a mile left to go to get back to the stadium and another quarter mile for the final lap around the track. Jason had reached the part of the race where he had to stop enjoying the run and actually focus his energies on passing all of the remaining runners. He pulled away from Lisa and picked up his pace. Lisa also picked up her pace, as she sought to pass the only two female runners ahead of her, but there was no way she could run as fast as Jason.

Using the technique that had served him well in high school, he calmly started passing the 12 runners who still were ahead of him during the final portion of the run. He began breathing more heavily and sweating hard as he pushed himself. Soon there were 11 runners in front of Jason, then there were 10, then 9...

By the time the stadium was in sight Jason only had two more runners ahead of him, the two he had known from the beginning would be his toughest rivals. Both were Tri-Alpha pledges, who were confident this would be yet another year Tri-Alpha would take the trophy and use the $1,000 in prize money for a post-run party at the fraternity. Jason had other ideas about that prize money and what it would be used for.

The three young men ran fiercely in a tight cluster as they re-entered the stadium, well ahead of anyone else in the race. Jason heard the announcer's voice.

"Hey-hey, what's this? We've got Huntington Hall giving the Tri-Alphas a bit of a challenge here! So, it looks like we might have an upset this year!"

The crowd roared its support for the runners, some of them rooting for the Tri-Alpha runners and some of them for Jason. As they came around the final quarter lap Jason put forth a final burst of energy. He put everything he had into a desperate sprint to the finish line and pulled ahead of his two final rivals. He barely felt the ribbon as he pushed through it and it broke across his chest, with the campus newspaper and Tri-Alpha photographers rapidly snapping pictures of the first non-Tri-Alpha member to win the race in 11 years.

The crowd exploded into cheering as Jason pulled to a stop and struggled to regain his breath. He looked back at the two Tri-Alpha pledges, who were taken aback they had not kept the tradition of yearly wins for the fraternity. There would be hell to pay for the loss later that night. Instead of a post-race party, the pledges would have to return to their dorm naked, get cleaned up, and then spend the evening getting paddled by the fraternity's upperclassmen. To make matters worse, the fraternity's sister sorority pledges would be invited to watch the punishments. Losing the race was a serious matter for the Tri-Alphas.

Still gasping for breath, Jason saw Cecilia running towards him. She gave him a big hug and a kiss, embracing him as several Huntington Hall RA's took pictures of the happy couple. Sweat from Jason's bare body saturated Cecilia's blouse as she hugged him, but she could care less about that. He had won, he had won for her, and she loved him for it.

Naked men continued to trickle into the stadium, circling around the field and passing the finish line. Then came the second batch of excitement, the first female runners in the race re-entered the stadium. They were Lisa and the female track runner. It turned out they were evenly matched, because Lisa was tall and had a long stride, but her competitor was the more seasoned athlete. The two women ran viciously against each other as they desperately circled the football field. They crossed the finish line together and for a minute it was not clear which of them had won. Finally a race referee produced a digital photo showing Lisa ahead by about a foot as the two women crossed the finish line. The photo was put on the stadium's display board for the audience to see how the winner had been determined. A foot wasn't much, but under the race rules Lisa was clearly the winner.

The Huntington Hall students went wild with cheering. This year the dorm had produced not one, but two winning runners in the race, thanks to the 2nd floor RA. The residents cheered as Cecilia posed arm-in-arm with the winners of the male and female division of the race for numerous pictures. The announcer reminded everyone the race still had not finished, and for all runners to remain on the field until the final contestants still on the course had re-entered the stadium and completed the final lap.

Cecilia, Jason, and Lisa applauded as Mike crossed the finish line. He gave Lisa a big hug, hugely relieved simply to have finished the race at all. He actually had done relatively well for not being an experienced long-distance runner, coming in 67th out of 152 participants.

The remaining runners entering the stadium began to thin out after the 100th runner crossed the finish line. Ken staggered in, crossing the finish line as the 109th runner. He was completely burnt out, exhausted, and had pulled a muscle in one of his thighs, but at least he completed the race. Jason later planned to have a talk with him about his performance, because there was no way he should have finished so far behind Mike. He was in good shape, but had used horrible technique.

The naked runners stretched and drank water on the football field as stragglers trickled into the stadium. The final contestants struggled to keep running, because the rule of the race was that a runner had to complete the entire distance non-stop to receive a certificate of participation. Finally, the last two runners to complete the race, two gasping and limping young women, struggled around the track, finishing as runners 126 and 127. The referees radioed out to the course to see if any other participants still were on their way to the stadium, but the other 25 runners had dropped out of the race.

Following a break to let the stragglers stretch and drink water, the remaining 127 runners lined up on the field as the musicians played the Tri-Alpha fraternity song. The three top male finalists and the top female finalists were called to step forward to be recognized and receive medals. For the 1st place winners there would be trophies and checks.

The three winning women went first, stepping onto a platform to receive their medals and pose for pictures. Lisa, her bare body still saturated with sweat, proudly took her place in the winner's spot. The modesty she had felt prior to the race was completely deleted from her mind. She held the trophy over her head, hugged the woman with whom she had almost tied the race, and posed for dozens of pictures.

The three winning males were next, with Jason taking his spot on the platform between the 2nd and 3rd place finishers. As the winner of the entire race and the first non-Tri-Alpha to win in more than a decade, the presentation of Jason Schmidt to the university was a very big deal. He stood quietly holding his trophy, smiling for 15 minutes as reporters and campus photographers took his picture over and over.

Finally the two winners stood together with their trophies for the official winners' photo of the race, taken by a professional photographer. Later in the semester the photo would be re-printed for sale at a charity event and the two winners would have to spend an evening autographing copies as part of a campus fund-raising drive.

As the final part of the event, the finishing contestants lined up to get their race certificates. Once the certificates were passed out, the 127 runners lined up one last time behind the race winners, holding their certificates for a final group photograph.

As the other runners began to disperse, there were several interviews for the two winners, who stood naked in front of several television cameras. Jason did most of the talking, simply reciting that he won the race using the techniques he had learned while competing on his high school track team.

"I guess the person I really gotta thank is Coach Thompson from Eastwood High School. He was the one who taught me how to run for the distance. And also, my RA, Cecilia Sanchez, who encouraged me to run." He and Lisa smiled sarcastically to each other at that final comment, given the manner in which the RA had "encouraged" the four freshmen to participate in the race.

The majority of the race participants returned to the stadium locker rooms to shower and get dressed. Within a few minutes the football field was largely cleared of naked bodies. The four Huntington Hall runners were the exception. For them there would be no getting dressed until they had made their way back to Cecilia's room, where their clothing and room keys were being kept. They left the stadium in the company of Cecilia and the dorm director, with hundreds of cheering classmates trailing behind them for a very public naked walk across campus back to the dorm.

Even once they were back at the dorm, still there was no getting dressed for the four naked residents. Many of their classmates wanted to take pictures with the four runners, especially with the two winners and their trophies. Jason and Lisa shrugged their shoulders. What the hell? They had been in the nude and posing for pictures over the last seven hours for just about anyone and everyone, so what difference could a few more pictures make? For the next 40 minutes Jason and Lisa posed with their trophies, medals, and bare sweaty bodies for dozens of pictures with their classmates: with single classmates, with couples, and with small groups.

Cecilia stood with the dorm director as they watched the final photography session of the day on the steps of Huntington Hall. She reminded him of something, a promise he really had not expected to fulfill, but one that now would make him dig deep into his pockets.

"I'm gonna really appreciate the gift certificates. I'm looking forward to a nice shopping spree at the mall, 'cause to be honest, my clothing collection sucks."

"Oh, uh... yeah... I did promise, didn't I? OK, I'll get that $ 500 gift certificate to you first thing Monday, along with the $ 50 ones for Jason, Lisa, and Ken."

"Sir, will that be one or two $500 gift certificates? We did have two winners, after all."

"It'll be two. I'm a man who keeps his word. You gave me two winners, you get two certificates. That's what I promised."

Cecilia was elated. As the result of a single Poker game, she had a $ 1,150 shopping spree coming her way.

It wasn't until after 5:00 p.m. when Cecilia and the four freshmen finally returned to her room and they were able to retrieve their clothing and room keys. The three men couldn't go into the women's wing undressed, which to them made no sense, because they had come out that way in the morning before the race. They had to wait in the second floor commons area for Cecilia to bring them their room keys. Lisa went to the shower right away while Jason, Ken, and Mike waited for their RA to come back with their belongings. Finally, more than seven hours after leaving Cecilia's room in the morning, the three freshmen went back to their rooms to shower and get dressed.

The dorm director called Cecilia and asked her to invite the four runners out for dinner to celebrate the run. Shortly after they were cleaned up, the RA and her four residents joined the dorm director and the other RA's at a nearby restaurant, for a free dinner, compliments of the director. He planned to hold a dorm party the following Saturday for all the residents, but the post-run dinner at a nice restaurant was his way to offer his personal thanks to Cecilia and the four runners. He mainly wanted to thank Jason and Lisa, but because Mike and Ken also were residents of the dorm, the director did not feel he could justify excluding them. Cecilia, as always, went to dinner in her formal Danubian dress, while Jason wore one of his new suits. The others in the group were amazed at how good Jason and Cecilia looked together when dressed up.

Following the dinner Cecilia invited Jason to her room. He expected the usual routine of servicing her with a massage and oral sex, but she had a surprise for him. Cecilia was very happy with her boyfriend and was determined to reward him for having performed so well in the run. Tonight she would concentrate on pleasing him, not on having him please her. The first thing she did upon returning to the room, was to slowly and seductively strip him. She pulled off his jacket, his tie, and his pants, kissing him the entire time. Then she pulled off his shirt and pulled his underwear to the floor.

She turned around and asked him to lift her dress above her head. She stopped to hang it up in her closet, given that the dress was worth $ 700, was her only item of decent clothing, and was a gift from her favorite singer. As she reached into her closet, Jason admired her dark skin and the thin strip of white thong around her waist that accentuated the nudity of the rest of her body. She returned to kissing him and encouraged him to explore her with his hands.

Over the month he had known her, Jason was becoming skilled at understanding what Cecilia wanted from him without having to ask. Tonight her desire was clear. She was offering herself to him. She wanted him to take her, enjoy her body, and take charge of their time together in bed. He also understood why she was surrendering herself to him. He was being rewarded for winning the race and making her look good to the dorm director.

Jason pushed her skimpy underwear to her ankles and grabbed her bottom hard as he pulled her body against his. She could feel his stiff penis poking into her, until he separated to kiss her breasts and explore her nipples with his tongue. He sucked hard on her breasts, causing her slight pain, which accentuated her arousal. He then moved behind her, grabbing her breasts hard as he kissed the sides of her neck. She pushed her bottom backwards, allowing him to relish the feel of the warm tender area between her bottom cheeks pressed up against his very stiff hard-on.

He guided her onto her bed, on her elbows and knees. Under ordinary circumstances she never would have consented to sex in such a submissive posture, but that night was a rare occasion she wanted to submit and be taken. He explored and squeezed her widely spread bottom and fondled the secret region of soft dark skin in between. For a few seconds he massaged the skin around her exposed bottom hole, then moved to fondling her labia and vagina. She was very wet, very aroused, and her body reacted at the slightest touch of his fingers.

He knew better than to try to enter her without a condom. He grabbed one out of her top dresser drawer, slipped it on, and took a good hard look at the beautiful dark bottom spread in front of him, fantasizing about turning the tables on Cecilia and spanking her. Maybe a spanking was what she needed...

The sight of her exposed bottom, and the secret thought of putting her over his lap and soundly spanking her, drove him wild with sexual desire. He grabbed her hips, entered her very wet vagina, and thrust into her vigorously, to the point she felt some discomfort. Still, she pressed backwards, wanting him to get as far inside her as possible. It hurt and yet felt good, to surrender her body to Jason's hard thrusts.

Jason climaxed and pumped semen into his condom. He stayed hard and continued pushing into Cecilia. The fantasy of having her over his lap and soundly slapping her bottom took hold of him as he thrust... and thrust... and finally had a second orgasm. By the time he finished both their bodies were covered in sweat and their energy completely spent. The lovers felt an exhausted bliss as they finally separated and collapsed.

They lay on her bed sticky, sweaty, and reeking from love-making. However, both of them were too tired to get up or make any effort to get cleaned off. They fell asleep, not even having the strength to pull a sheet over their exposed bodies or turn off the light.

A few hours later Cecilia woke up, turned off the light, pulled the covers over Jason, and got back in bed with him. He remained soundly asleep, enjoying one of his deepest sleeps ever. That was no surprise to Cecilia, given the hour of hard running in the middle of the day and the vigorous session of love-making in the evening. After such exertion, of course his body would be completely tired out.

Cecilia lay in the dark, looking at his sleeping face and gently running her fingers through his hair. In spite of the tenderness she felt for him that moment, her thoughts focused on the lesson she had managed to teach him that day. He had learned; if he really put forth a serious effort to accomplish meaningful goals for her, she would reward him. The reward would be a night of being permitted to enjoy her body as he pleased.

However, a session of sex on his terms instead of hers was a privilege he needed to earn. She wasn't going to just give it to him.

Chapter 10 -- "One Screw-Up in Life"

A storm front moved across the Mid-West the night after the Tri-Alpha race, bringing with it wind, cold rain, and dreary skies, a warning that the pleasant autumn weather soon would be drawing to a close. Rain pelted Cecilia's dorm window as she and Jason woke up. The couple canceled their plans to spend the morning walking around the university and having breakfast off-campus. Instead they got dressed and after getting cleaned up, simply decided to have breakfast downstairs in the dorm cafeteria.

Jason was hoping for another lovemaking session with Cecilia, but she dismissed him and ordered him to spend the day working on his term paper for Burnside's class.

"I'm gonna check your work tonight, so be ready to show me what you did today. I want you to get through at least four pages of the actual writing."

"But... I'm still taking notes..."

"Well, type out what you got so far. Then I can go over it and tell you what you need to do next. And... by the way, if you need to go to the library I want you to call me and let me know, and also when you think you're gonna be back."

"Is it OK if me and Ken go to the gym? I sort of wanted to go swimming and relax my legs from the race. And Ken's thigh is pretty messed up."

"I'll let you two go over there for an hour. But you'll have to go straight there and straight back. I don't want you messin' around doin' other stuff. You don't have any time for that. If you go, call me first."

"Yes, Cecilia."

She hugged him and gave him a warm kiss, and with that he was dismissed.

Cecilia was supposed to study, but she took some time away from her scholastic duties to attend to her commitments to "Socrates' Mistresses". She worked on a draft for a new section of the group's website, editing and organizing pictures and links to promote the group's upcoming album. She corresponded with fans and directed some questions to Kimberly Lee-Dolkivna.

After sending a draft of the web pages to Kim for review, Cecilia wrote an e-mail to Kim's sister Cynthia Lee concerning the upcoming visit by Prime Minister Dukov.. Cecilia asked for advice concerning a topic for her own research paper. She knew that Cynthia Lee's Master's thesis had focused on foreign influence in Upper Danubia's recent election and the failed efforts of several multinational corporations to prevent Vladim Dukov from becoming Prime Minister, so she was the right person from whom to seek advice.

While Cecilia was waiting for the response from Cynthia Lee, she received an e-mail from Kim who stated that she was satisfied with Cecilia's web page drafts. Kim shared some of the group's upcoming plans for concerts around Upper Danubia and for promoting the new CD. Kim then did something that showed Cecilia how much she truly trusted her, she sent her fan the preview file of the group's most recently recorded song.

The song was titled "My Father's Land". The song was dedicated to refugees worldwide, but its point of view was Danubian. The narration was from the daughter of a Danubian refugee, who returned to land in Lower Danubia once owned by her family, only to find it taken over by foreigners. The narrator discussed her hopeless situation, and the knowledge her family never could return to their former home.

The song was by far the most ambitious musical project ever attempted by "Socrates' Mistresses", with very complicated female vocals, a mix of modern and traditional instruments, and the quiet chanting of the male musicians as part of the background music. Cecilia was dumbstruck at the song's very sad beauty. She knew right away that "My Father's Land" had all the makings of a truly great piece of music.

Cecilia's thoughts drifted to her past and the lands of her own ancestors. She wondered what the concept of "home" possibly could mean to her. Was "home" in Illinois, where she had her dorm room and her studies? Was it New Jersey, where she grew up and her estranged family lived? Was it the Dominican Republic, where her grandparents still lived? Or was it perhaps somewhere further back, in a land of her more distant ancestors? But then, if so, which ancestors? The ancestors from Spain? The ancestors from Africa? The ancestors from the Caribbean? What was "home" to Cecilia Sanchez?

The flash of an incoming e-mail message shook Cecilia out of her mental wanderings. It was Cynthia Lee, with a note that signaled the end of the dilemma over choosing a topic to research. Cynthia suggested examining the reasons why Prime Minister Dukov had decided to withdraw Upper Danubia's application to join the European Union. It was a currently important topic with plenty of historical background and perfect for Burnside's class. Kim's sister included a list of recommended reading, and in doing so saved Cecilia days of looking up information on the Internet and in the library.

As soon as she saved the list of readings to a floppy disk, Cecilia called Jason. He would accompany her to the library, so she could supervise his time there, and, more importantly, to give her an extra set of arms to carry books back to her room. Jason agreed to drop his plans and go without saying anything, much to her satisfaction. He was learning to obey her properly. That was good.

That night, as she slowly fell asleep under to comforting caresses of her boyfriend's hands, Cecilia felt better about her life than she had felt since coming to the university. Everything seemed to have fallen into place for her. She faced a relatively easy time doing her term paper, Jason was there for her, she had $ 1,150 in purchases coming her way, there was her work for "Socrates' Mistresses"... yes it all seemed to be working out.

Cecilia's confidence in life was very short-lived. The following day she made a mistake that would seriously disrupt the tranquility of her semester and come very close to ending her entire university career.

Jason's modeling schedule shifted to the afternoon classes. During the mornings he was replaced by a female model, who, ironically enough, was the young athlete who nearly tied the Tri-Alpha 10-K female title with Lisa. She had an attractive figure for anyone who enjoyed looking at thin, muscular women. She was the perfect picture of physical fitness, a detail that Cecilia found erotic.

The RA left the art class somewhat distracted. She went to Burnside's office to discuss her research topic and present a list of books she had checked out the day before. Burnside took the list and logged onto her computer, to see if there were any other books and research articles she wanted Cecilia to add to her project. The professor logged on, looked up a list of articles, and told Cecilia to sit at the computer and write down several titles.

As Cecilia started copying titles and reference numbers, Burnside's pager went off. She glanced at the message and excused herself.

"I just got a delivery in the main office and I have to sign for it. I'll let you stay here and finish copying. Don't leave until I get back, and don't open any other files in the computer."

Cecilia finished copying the article titles and was just about to log-off when she noticed a desktop icon with the university logo titled "Examination Drafts". Out of curiosity she clicked on it and opened it. Inside the folder she noticed the names of several tests, including one that interested her, "Econ147Midterm01". Curious to see if the midterm for the Introduction to the Theory of Economics course would be the same as it had been the previous year, Cecilia clicked on the icon. A dialogue box came up.

"Click yes to continue."

Cecilia clicked "yes", and brought up the midterm draft, along with another dialogue box.

"Click yes to log your account."

Cecilia clicked "no", but the mid-term came up anyway. It turned out the test would have completely new questions, but keep the general format it had the previous year. Her curiosity satisfied she closed the file, and got another dialogue box.

"Click yes to exit".

The dialogue box "Click yes to log your account" came up a second time, but again Cecilia clicked "no". She closed the examination folder and returned to the list of the professor's research recommendations.

Burnside returned with a couple of certified envelopes. She laid them on her desk and instructed the student to help her take some supplies to the upcoming lecture.

Wednesday morning Cecilia's daily routine was interrupted when the dorm director knocked on her door.

"Cecilia, I just got a call from Professor Burnside. She wants you to go over to her office immediately."

"But what about my morning classes?"

"I don't know. Whatever it is that Dr. Burnside wants, it sounds kinda serious. I think she's more worried about getting you over to her office than about your other classes."

A prickly feeling of fear crept up Cecilia's back. Obviously something was very wrong. That became even more evident when the dorm director accompanied his RA to the Economics Building. It turned out Burnside had asked him to escort the student directly to her office.

Cecilia's boss departed as soon as his employee was safely deposited at Burnside's door. The professor's expression was not reassuring. Her face reflected a mixture of anger and worry. As soon as the door to the office was closed, Burnside got right to the point.

"Alright. I have a question for you and you'd better damn well answer me honestly. When you were on my computer the day before yesterday, did you open any files?"

Cecilia thought for a second, and then remembered the midterm draft. She had not thought looking at the midterm was any big deal, given that she was no longer a student in the class and already had taken the test the year before. It was obvious; however, there was indeed a problem.

"I sorta... took a look... at the midterm file for the Theory class, Dr. Burnside, you know... 'cause I was curious to see if it was... like... like last year."

"OK. That answers one question. Now, what did I tell you about opening any files on the computer?"

"I wasn't 'sposed to do it, Dr. Burnside."

"That's right. You disobeyed a direct order. Now for the other question that interests me. Why did you open that file? What was in there that you felt you needed to see?"

"I... it... I was just curious, to see if it was like last year."

"Oh really? Just curious? That's it, just curious?"

"Honest, I was just curious..."

"My God! Just curious! You're trying to tell me that you opened a test file because you were 'curious'? Do you have any idea how lame that sounds?"

"Dr. Burnside, it's true... I was just curious... honest."

With that Burnside picked up a logbook and an ominous-looking folder with a computer printout. She let out an exasperated sigh.

"I can't believe this! You're claiming you accessed an official test file because you were curious!"

Burnside looked hard at Cecilia. She realized her student still did not recognize the seriousness of the situation. She handed Cecilia a memo sent to her office late Tuesday night.

"Here. Read this. Then I'll tell you the rest of it." Cecilia took the letter and read:

Dr. Burnside:

The university examination tracking system has detected a user violation on computer ECON748a, which our records indicate is assigned to your office. Last Monday, at 12:47 p.m. our records indicate there was an un-logged access to examination file 88382-f. You are reminded that an un-logged access to an exam file is a violation of Section 3, clause B-3 of your contract with this university.

Because examination 88382-f is compromised, the department chairman's office directs you to completely remove the file and all preceding drafts from computer ECON748a. Furthermore, you are directed to prepare a statement fully detailing any and all knowledge you have concerning the aforementioned violation of your contract and of this department's examination security policy. Upon completing your statement you will submit it for review by the University Ethics Committee for Tenured Instructors.


Richard Baker -- Ph.D.Acting Chairman -- Department of Economic Studies

Cecilia's hands shook as she handed back the letter. She couldn't look Burnside in the face. The professor continued in a tone of quiet rage:

"The university has a very strict policy for monitoring examination files kept in the campus network. The reason is quite simple, if a student or anyone else tries to access a file to steal it, we find out about it right away. That's why we haven't had any tests stolen for over three years. There have been all kinds of efforts to hack into our system, but we always catch them."

Burnside angrily put the papers back in their folder and continued. "I don't know what to say to you. I never would have suspected that you'd pull something like this. I trusted you, and obviously trusting you was a big mistake."

"But I didn't copy anything! I just looked at some of the questions! I... was just... curious!"

Burnside took a deep breath, still struggling to control her temper.

"Alright. On that I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, because the computer log doesn't indicate you copied or downloaded any text. Because no text was copied, I think we can avoid a criminal prosecution over this, although you might have to consent to an electronic search of you personal computer. But...  you will have to understand that at the very least you're facing disciplinary action under the Student Code of Ethics."

A very sick feeling swept over Cecilia. A possible criminal prosecution? A search of her computer? Definite disciplinary action? Burnside's next words only made the student feel worse.

"I need you to type up a statement that describes, in detail, the entire incident from your point of view. I need you to include what your reasoning was when you opened the file, what you remember seeing, when you closed it, and what you did afterwards. I need it as detailed as possible, because the Department of Economic Studies Ethics Committee needs to check your recollection against the electronic log. It will be a sworn statement, and will be entered into evidence."

"But... what... what's gonna happen, Dr. Burnside?"

"I don't know, Cecilia. I don't know what's going to happen, except that you'll go before an official hearing to determine how the university is going to deal with you. You're screwed, but I won't know how badly you're screwed until we go before the ethics committee. I'll try to put the best face on this I can, but I can tell you the university isn't going to be happy about this, not with either of us. Now start typing."

Cecilia had one final question, the answer to which she already knew, but still, she had to hear it.

"Dr. Burnside, am I gonna get to go to my other classes? I'm kinda worried about the midterms..."

"No, you're not going to any other classes, not 'till we go before the ethics committee. As of now you're officially suspended, and you're not allowed to be anywhere on campus unescorted. You're going to have to stay here in this office this morning. When I teach, you'll have to stay out in the reception area in the sight of the secretary. If the ethics committee decides to expel you, I'll make arrangements to have someone from the department help you get your stuff out of Huntington Hall. I think I owe you that much."

Cecilia stood immobilized from shock. Burnside's sour voice snapped.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Sit your butt down and type out your explanation."

As Cecilia sadly sat typing, Burnside called her co-workers who served on the ethics committee. She requested an emergency hearing, since it was important to resolve Cecilia's situation as quickly as possible. She was enormously relieved when the ethics committee chairman responded and agreed to hold a hearing at 6:00 that evening. Whatever happened to Cecilia, at least her situation would be resolved by nightfall. Either she could go back to her dorm room and return to her normal life, or she would have to go to a motel, but either way it would be settled.

Burnside managed to calm her temper. As angry as she was with Cecilia, the professor still felt responsible for her well being and success. The priority now was to salvage the student's career, because she was well aware that to expel her from the university probably would end her life. At all costs, Burnside had to do what she could to convince the ethics panel not to kick Cecilia out of the university.

Cecilia got about halfway through a page-long explanation when she stopped. She put her head down into her hands, as tears started dripping down her cheeks. It's over... she kept thinking to herself... it's all over.

Burnside glanced at the student. She doubted that the ethics panel actually would expel Cecilia from the university if that wasn't what her professor wanted. More likely she would be placed on probation, but it would be a close call either way. Burnside said nothing to reassure the young woman, because life had taught her to be pessimistic. She did not want to give Cecilia any false hope, unless she was absolutely sure the ethics panel would refrain from imposing the maximum penalty.

"Cecilia, if you're going to just sit there crying, then you might as well go back to your room and change into some decent clothing. You and I have a hearing scheduled for 6:00 tonight and I want you to be presentable. I'll have Dr. Halsey's TA escort you back to your room."

The walk back to the dorm was absolutely humiliating. Cecilia knew Halsey's arrogant TA and the two women totally hated each other. Having to be escorted back to her room clearly indicated the scholarship student was in trouble, a fact that no doubt would be a source of gossip and speculation throughout the department over the next few days. The TA smirked as she walked back to the dorm alongside the quiet Dominican. To make matters worse, she insisted on going into the dorm room while she changed her clothes.

As they stood in her room, Cecilia asked, "Could you at least turn away while I get undressed?"

"No. I'm told to watch you and that's what I'm gonna do."

Cecilia stripped down to her thong; cringing at the thought of a woman she intensely disliked studying her bare figure. She changed into a light-colored dress she had bought Monday night as part of her wardrobe expansion from the gift certificates given to her by her boss. She sighed, wondering if the next time she entered this room would be the last time, to take her things off campus.

"OK. I guess we can head back."

After Cecilia returned to Burnside's office, she managed to finish her statement and handed the disk to her professor. Burnside took it, opened and reviewed the file, and secretly deleted the sentence in which Cecilia mentioned that she had been told not to open any files. Burnside had every intention of settling the issue with her student later on, but the priority of the moment was to get her past the committee hearing.

Cecilia spent the longest afternoon of her life sitting in the Economic Department's reception area while Burnside taught her classes. TA's and students entered and left the office, all curious at seeing her sitting well dressed, quiet, and miserable in the waiting area of the Economics Department. The waiting gave her time to think about how bleak her situation had become, all because of a single mistake.

How quickly it all had ended for her! How easily everything she had struggled for had been swept away! All it took was just two minutes of curiosity and stupidity, just one dumb act, to destroy all her ambitions! Her life was over, because she couldn't see how she could recover from this disaster. There would be no going home. She had no home to go to. There was no way she could face her family after this failure; so New Jersey was no an option. Nor was there any way she would be able to face Jason. She would have to leave without his knowing, and then write him a letter giving him a partial explanation about her departure. Then she would disappear from his life.

For the first time in several years, Cecilia contemplated her own death. Without her studies, she had no future, and if she had no future, there was no point in staying alive. She wondered if she could work up the nerve to commit suicide, and if so, how she would carry it out.

Her thoughts drifted to her hero Kimberly Lee. Yes, Kim was another person to whom she owed an explanation...

Finally, at about 5:00 p.m., Burnside called Cecilia back into her office.

"Now, I'll tell you what's happening and what I hope to accomplish tonight. The first thing that I'll let you know is that I'm really pissed at you. Among other things, I'll have to re-write the entire mid-term, and I don't appreciate that. Second, I want you to understand that if you had just done what I told you to do, or at least asked me before clicking on that file, none of this would be happening. You understand that, right?"

"Yes, Dr. Burnside. I understand."

"The next thing I want you to understand is that between now and 7:00 tonight, I'll have one priority on my mind, and that's keeping you enrolled. No matter what I say to that committee, you are not to contradict me. Do you understand?"

Cecilia looked up Burnside with teary eyes and nodded. Burnside's expression bore into the miserable student.

"I want you to understand that what I plan to do is to try to convince the ethics committee to defer your punishment back to me. I'll settle matters with you afterwards, which is going to be part of my argument to the panel that you shouldn't be expelled or prosecuted. You'll be punished, but we'll do it in private and it'll stay out of your student records."

Cecilia wondered what on earth Burnside meant by the comment "you'll be punished, but we'll do it in private". She remembered the rumors, those weird stories about the whippings. Her hands shook. Was it possible?

"Before we head to the hearing room, I want you to take a look at this and sign it. You are responsible for honoring this agreement if I manage to keep you from getting expelled."

Cecilia read:

I, __________, admit to having accessed an active course examination file on __________ without authorization from either my professor, Dr. Ruth Burnside, or anyone else associated with the Department of Economic Studies. I fully understand that unauthorized access of an active examination file is grounds for immediate expulsion from this university under the student code of ethics. I also understand that an unauthorized access of an active university examination file for the purpose of re-distribution is a misdemeanor offence under the laws of this state and is punishable by 90 days in jail and/or a $ 5,000 fine.

In lieu of disciplinary action from the university administration, I, __________, freely and willingly choose to accept the disciplinary alternative offered by my professor, Dr. Burnside. I understand that upon completion of the disciplinary alternative to Dr. Burnside's satisfaction, I will continue my course work and no further action will be taken against me.

Signed ___________.

A few minutes later Cecilia and Burnside stood before three very stern-looking senior professors. Cecilia recognized two of them from the Department of Economic Studies. The third panel member was a female professor from the Business School. As severe as Ruth Burnside might have seemed to Cecilia, if anything, the three in front of her looked even worse. Burnside's usual direct and confident self-demeanor was a bit toned down in the hearing, given the uncomfortable task she had in trying to convince them to let her student stay enrolled.

Burnside directed Cecilia to present her statement to the committee. She signed it in the presence of the committee members who each initialed the bottom of the document. There was a reading of the computer log, and the conclusion that it matched Cecilia's statement. The director of the committee then spoke to Burnside.

"Ruth, what's your interpretation of Ms. Sanchez's motives?"

"As odd as this sounds, I think she's telling the truth. The computer log doesn't show the downloading of any text, which to me would have indicated she had some other purpose for accessing the file. She says it was just curiosity, and I think that's what it was."

"Do you think she was aware of the serious consequences of her actions?"

"No, of course she wasn't. And that was partially my fault, because I didn't say anything about not opening the test files. I just assumed she wouldn't."

"You assumed. Ruth, you can't make such assumptions! That sloppiness of thinking is unacceptable, especially from someone with your standing in the department! You're at fault then, for leaving those files unsecured! Do you understand that?"

"Yes, I understand that. I accept blame for leaving my files unsecured. I am willing to accept my part of the responsibility for this incident, because I did not secure the contents of my computer. Ms. Sanchez accessed the file in large part due to my own negligence."

The female member of the panel spoke.

"Well Ruth, perhaps it is a noble thing you are trying to accomplish, but I suspect your efforts to accept blame and keep your student enrolled are being misdirected. To me it seems that Ms. Sanchez has proven herself untrustworthy, and to be honest, I feel she's taking the place of someone else who could bring to this university a better character. The fact that you left examination files unsecured is a separate issue, but I don't feel that means that Ms. Sanchez should not suffer the consequences of her actions."

"I agree with you. Ms. Sanchez should suffer the consequences of her actions. But I don't think those consequences should entail ruining her life. My intention is not to let her off, but instead make this a learning experience for her. I ask you to remember that outside this incident, she has been an exemplary student. Should we condemn her for a single mistake, however serious that mistake may have been?"

The chairman of the committee spoke to Cecilia:

"Young lady, I'd like to ask you something. How do you feel about this? What lessons do you think you might take away from this hearing?"

"Sir, all I can say is that I really messed up. I don't know. Maybe I deserve to get kicked out, 'cause of all the trouble I caused for Dr. Burnside. But, no matter what, I do wanna say 'thank you' to Dr. Burnside for at least trying to help me, and that... I'm sorry for what I did."

"If this committee decides to refer your discipline back to Professor Burnside, would you find that acceptable?"

"Yes sir. I'd do whatever she tells me."

"Then..." the director faced the representative from the Business School, "Brenda, I'm going to disagree with you on this. I think the interests of Ms. Sanchez and the university are better served by keeping her enrolled and deferring the matter back to Ruth. Bob, what do you think?"

"Let Ruth handle it. That's my vote. Brenda?"

"I'm dissenting. I think this young woman violated the trust of the university and of a faculty member. She should be made into an example for other students, and I would like that comment recorded in the minutes of this meeting."

"Very well, Brenda, your concerns will be noted. Ruth, this panel is voting two to one to allow Cecilia Sanchez to remain enrolled as a student in the Department of Economic Studies. I am recommending she be placed on probation for the rest of the semester and will hold you personally accountable for her behavior from this point forward. As of this moment the suspension against her is removed and she will be allowed to return to her classes as of tomorrow morning."

"Very well. For the record I want to express my deep appreciation to this committee for your consideration, and also for meeting on such short notice to resolve my student's standing."

Burnside turned to leave, but Cecilia was so stunned that she couldn't even react. The professor touched her arm.

"Cecilia, let's go. I need to talk to you in private."

Cecilia quietly followed Burnside down the stairs, not completely sure what exactly had been decided by the committee. She was too scared to ask or say anything. Once in the office, the older woman closed the door.

"Cecilia, do you understand what just happened?"

"I... I'm not gonna get kicked out?"

"Sort of. What the committee did was to make me responsible for deciding about your continued enrollment. Obviously it's my intention that you stay enrolled. It's my intention that you keep your scholarship and you get your degree. It's also my intention that you go back to your room with a lesson from tonight. I believe that everyone is entitled to one screw-up. You've just had your allotted screw-up, and it was a pretty big one."

"Dr. Burnside, what's gonna happen to you?"

"I'll get a written reprimand for leaving examination files unsecured. It'll stay in my file for a year and then get pulled out. I can't get promoted until that paper's out of my file, but that's no big deal. A year's not that long."

Cecilia said nothing. Burnside put the committee papers on her desk, except the paper Cecilia had signed immediately before the committee hearing.

"By the way, you understand that I still have to punish you?"

"But... I thought that..."

"Cecilia, what the committee did was to defer your punishment back to me. You're still getting punished for what you did. It's just that I'm doing it, not them, and the reason I'm doing it is so it won't go into your academic record. But you placed my career in jeopardy, and you're going to pay for that. That's why I had you sign that paper. The first part of your punishment is going to be here in this office in a couple of minutes. The last weekend in October will be your second installment, which is when I'll punish you again and have you serve as a hostess at my annual Halloween Party. That'll be it, assuming you don't screw up again."

Burnside took off her jacket and draped it over the back of her chair. Cecilia looked at her in terror, realizing...

"Get undressed. Get everything off, right now. Fold up your dress and put it on that chair. Then put your underwear on top and put your shoes underneath."

"Dr. Burnside, please... couldn't you just do it over my clothes?"

"Of course I'm not punishing you over your clothes! Now start stripping! If I have to do it for you then I'll really give you something to cry about!"

Her heart pounding, Cecilia reluctantly pulled the dress over her head. She fumbled with her bra and pushed her thong to her ankles, then stood in front of Burnside, looking away and trying to cover herself with her hands. The professor sharply smacked her hands away from her body.

"There will be no false modesty from you. I'm going to be seeing plenty of you next month, so you'd better get used to it. Now stand up straight and look at me."

Cecilia stood up straight, as tears continued to flow down her cheeks.

"This is the way I do things. My feeling is that if you screw up, you have to suffer for it. I believe in strict discipline, but don't believe in wreaking people's lives. There is an issue for us to settle, but we're settling it in private. That's what you agreed to, and it's what the ethics committee agreed to. Do you understand me?"

"Y... yes... Dr Burnside, I... I understand."

With that Burnside sat down on her office sofa. Cecilia reluctantly approached her, waiting for instructions. The professor reached up, grabbed her wrist, and pulled the trembling, naked student across her lap.

"Move forward a bit... good... now turn your butt up and spread your legs."

As she complied, Cecilia felt the cool air of the office gently blow against her exposed vagina and bottom-hole. She felt completely helpless and exposed, lying at the mercy of her professor. There was irony in the situation: Burnside had saved Cecilia's ass, and now she was going to spank it.

Burnside rested her hand on Cecilia's left bottom-cheek, gently caressing the mound of tender skin and her fingertips resting in the dark sensitive area in between.

"This is going to hurt, and we're going to be at it for a while. Until I'm finished, I expect you to keep your bottom relaxed and turned up. I expect you to keep your hands in front of you and your feet down. If you tighten your bottom by tensing up your muscles, I'll warn you by running my finger up the middle. You will relax immediately. If you disobey me, I am not going to tire my hand out spanking a tensed up bottom. I've got a cane behind my desk and I'll just finish up with that instead. If you try to cover yourself with your hands, we'll switch to the cane right away. If you want to avoid the cane, you'll keep your butt relaxed and your hands away until I'm done. Do you understand me?"

"Y... yes... I understand."

Burnside caressed Cecilia's bottom a few more times, enjoying the sight and feel of her victim's soft dark skin. Finally she lifted her hand and delivered a very sharp SMACK to Cecilia's right bottom-cheek. The student squealed, more from shock than anything else, at the force of the blow. She would discover that Ruth Burnside, although in her late 30's, was physically fit and very strong from having worked out all her life. She also had plenty of endurance in her arms. An over the lap spanking from Ruth Burnside was a very serious matter and a long, painful experience.

Burnside had thought about using the cane on Cecilia, but decided to spank her instead. She wanted the experience to be humiliating for the student and drag it out as long as possible, possibly as long as an hour. Having the naked girl over her lap also gave Burnside a feeling of intimate control over her, and she thoroughly enjoyed the sensation of Cecilia's body squirming over her thighs and the bare skin of her bottom against the palm of her hand.

SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Burnside spanked slowly, spacing the smacks about 5 seconds apart to allow Cecilia feel the full effect of each swat. She spanked on alternate sides, covering her entire bottom with painful, stinging marks. Cecilia struggled to keep her bottom turned up and clasped her hands to keep them from trying to reach back and protect her backside. Tears were running down her cheeks, but they were not tears resulting from the spanking itself. She was crying over the entire traumatic day, of which the physical punishment was the final painful episode.

Every few minutes Burnside paused from spanking to pass her hand over her student's warming backside and enjoy the feel of her swollen skin. As much as she wanted to fondle and massage the tender area between Cecilia's legs, she refrained from doing so. Burnside found Cecilia attractive, but struggled to control her own sexual desires with her quiet victim.

SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! As the pain continued to worsen, Cecilia struggled to avoid crying out loud. There was nothing she could do about the tears flowing down her cheeks, but she was determined to show as much courage as possible and not let Burnside hear any crying. Only once did she tense up, the muscles in her bottom tightening against Burnside's hand. As she had mentioned before starting, Burnside ran her index finger up the middle of Cecilia's bottom as a warning. Terrified at the thought of the cane, the student managed to relax her bottom and the spanking continued.

The young woman's emotions were going through turmoil as she fought her instincts and tried to stay in position for the next swat. She did not resent being punished in this manner, because the alternative was expulsion and having her life ruined. If anything, the sharp pain burning into her backside was a more of a relief. All day she had felt horribly guilty over the trouble she had caused Burnside, and had wondered how to make it up to the professor. Well, now she didn't have to worry about that anymore. She was receiving the needed punishment, the intensity of which was driving away the guilt. The pain in her bottom was cleansing her soul... she felt this was what she needed. No, she would make no effort to avoid the swats or try to cover herself. It wasn't the fear of the cane that motivated Cecilia to stay in position; it was the feeling of needing to redeem herself by pleasing the professor and submitting to her discipline.

Burnside's anger slowly began to subside as she belabored the quiet student. She was pleased that Cecilia continued to quietly lie across her lap, stoically accepting the punishment she had so obviously earned. She also enjoyed what she was doing; enjoying he sight of the attractive naked student as her bottom jiggled and reddened under the continuing barrage of harsh slaps, the feel of the soft skin an resilient flesh each time her hand made contact, and the weight of her body as she lay in intimate contact with the professor's thighs.

As the spanking continued, Burnside became more and more aroused. Punishment always gave the woman intense sexual gratification, whether it was punishing a student such as Cecilia, or punishing one of her many lovers. The sight of a bare, badly marked up bottom and the teary face of a person being disciplined gave her intense sexual joy that nothing else could give her.

SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! As brave as she was, it was becoming harder and harder for Cecilia to stay in position. She couldn't believe how strong Burnside was, nor how much endurance her arm had. The minutes dragged by and the slow rhythm of the spanking did not change. 15 minutes... 20 minutes... 25 minutes.. .30 minutes... The experience was as severe as a paddling; with Cecilia's bottom becoming swollen and very red. Perhaps this was just an over-the-lap hand spanking, but the strength in the professor's arm ensured that Cecilia would feel it for a couple of days and sit uncomfortably in class on Thursday.

Cecilia couldn't hold out any longer. After about 35 minutes of severe spanking, she began crying. Crying was the one thing she desperately had wanted to avoid, but Burnside was not about to grant her that desire. Breaking the student was an important part of the punishment, and finally, after more than a half an hour of non-stop pain, the Dominican did break. As the painful slaps continued to land on her swollen bottom, Cecilia's body jerked from crying and her sobs filled the room, much to Burnside's satisfaction.

Cecilia buried her face in her hands as she lay crying. Burnside decided to wind down the spanking, because Cecilia finally was doing what she needed to do, cry. She was releasing the guilt and tension built up throughout the day's traumatic events, something the professor felt was necessary before the student could go back to her room.

Burnside stopped spanking continuously and began spanking much more slowly. She delivered four sharp slaps on alternate bottom-cheeks, then gently massaged the swollen area for a few seconds before delivering four more slaps. Burnside began lengthening the breaks between slaps as she enjoyed caressing her student's suffering bottom. Cecilia continued to cry, but now she felt enormously relieved, especially after Burnside delivered her final swats and sat quietly as the young woman continued to cry over her lap.

For several minutes Burnside did nothing, simply waiting with a re-assuring hand resting on the student's back while she continued to cry. Cecilia could take the time she needed to cry it out. When she had recovered enough to stand up, things would be right between the student and her professor. The anger and guilt from the day would stay here in this office. Tomorrow would be a new day, a new beginning, and a new opportunity for Cecilia to move ahead with her life.

Cecilia's crying subsided about 10 minutes after Burnside finished spanking her. Burnside motioned her to get up.

"Come-on, we're done. I want you to get back to Huntington Hall at a decent hour so you can get ready for tomorrow."

Cecilia slowly stood up and sadly looked back at the professor. Already Burnside was putting her dark jacket back on. Cecilia reluctantly reached for her thong and slipped it over her very sore bottom. She put on her dress, not worrying about fiddling with her bra. She shoved the bra in her purse. Again she looked over at the professor, who was straightening the papers on her desk.

Cecilia wanted to say something to Burnside, but wasn't sure what. Finally a question popped into her mind.

"Dr. Burnside?"

"Yes, Cecilia?"

"How come you didn't tell the committee that I... that you... told me 'don't open no files?' I mean like... that you didn't say nothing about it... 'cause you did."

"I didn't mention that because I had one thing on my mind at that meeting. I wanted to save your ass, Cecilia. That's what I was worried about. I probably could've avoided the write-up if I had mentioned what I said to you about not opening files, but then you would've gotten kicked out for sure."

"And you don't care... I mean... about yourself?"

"Of course I care about myself. I'm not happy about what happened. I'm still pissed about it. But I didn't want to see you on a bus heading back to New Jersey."

"I wouldn't have gone back there, Dr. Burnside. I couldn't of. I would've just... tried to disappear."

"I figured as much. I could see it in your eyes, when I came back from class and saw you sitting there in the receptionist's office with that dead look on your face. That's why I thought saving your ass was more important than avoiding a write-up. As for the write-up, I'll get over it. A year from now that'll be out of my file and it'll be like none of it ever happened."

Cecilia nodded, and with all her effort managed not to start crying again. She realized something important, that Burnside cared about her. She was cruel and unpleasant, but at the same time she actually cared about Cecilia and wanted the best out of life for her. In spite of the pain coming from her still throbbing bottom, the knowledge of knowing that her professor actually cared about her somehow seemed to make the entire night worth it.

"Good night, Dr. Burnside."

"Good night, Cecilia. Remember, it'll be bright and early tomorrow. You've got a day of catching up to do."

Upon returning to the dorm, Cecilia called Jason and told him to get dressed and be ready to be escorted back to her room. Once inside she hugged him and held onto him for a long time, wanting reassurance that he still was there for her and that she would not have to leave him. To have him safely in her arms, after coming so close to having him stripped away from her along with all of the other parts of her life!

Jason was deeply puzzled by his girlfriend's odd and very affectionate behavior, but only much later would he get an answer from her about what had happened. Cecilia needed him, but she needed to have a relationship in which she would not display any of her weaknesses. He knew that she had just suffered a crisis in her life, but he knew better than to inquire what that crisis had been. What she needed was for him to be there and hold her, not to ask a bunch of questions. He didn't need to know why; he just needed to comfort her.

She turned out the light and undressed him, and then herself. She would have to skip her normal massage, given that her bottom was too sore and she did not want him to see how red it was from her punishment. Instead she told him to lie down on her bed on his back. In the darkness she massaged his chest and finally his penis until he was hard and ready to meet her desires. She put a condom on him and lowered herself to satisfy her need for sex.

The pain from her spanking returned as she pressed down on her bottom and rocked back and forth over his pulsating organ. Cecilia was shocked to discover that the pain from her bottom and the memory of her harsh experience over Burnside's lap aroused her tremendously. She had one of the best orgasms of her life that night, as she re-lived the harsh, scary experience and enjoyed the exquisite feel of her lover inside her and the pressure against her sore backside as she moved back and forth over his thighs.

She had learned what it was to combine intense pain and intense pleasure for a truly great sexual experience. That was yet another lesson about life given to her that night by Ruth Burnside.