Maragana Girl
Copyright 2005 by EC
EC's Erotic Art & Fiction -
(warnings: corporal punishment, erotic discipline, public nudity, sex between adults, references to drug use, references to violence, language)

Chapter 1 - Orientation

August 28th was a big day for 18-year old Jason Schmidt. That was the day he started college and moved into his new dorm room on campus. It marked a big turning point in his life, when he would finally be away from the hassle of living under his parents. Now he could come and go as he pleased, and no longer deal with their household rules. He had spent the last couple of years fantasizing about this day, and now finally it had come.

Jason's parents and his younger sister Cassie accompanied him to several campus orientation meetings, but finally all that ended. After moving several suitcases and boxes to his room, the rest of the Schmidt family headed back to their car. He pretended to be sorry to see them go, but in reality he was elated.

Jason's dorm was coed, but divided between male and female wings. The east wing of the building was for male students, while the west wing was for the females. Each floor had a common area between the wings, and a single Resident Advisor or RA, for each floor. Jason noticed in his orientation packet that the RA for his floor was female, a sophomore by the name of Cecilia Sanchez.

Jason's heart jumped when he noticed something else in his orientation packet. There was no second name on the list under his room number. By pure chance, he had been assigned a room without a roommate. He would have the entire room to himself, something not very common for a freshman. As he unpacked his things, Jason couldn't believe his good fortune. That meant he would enjoy a lot of small personal freedoms and not have to face the disapproval or judgment of another guy his age.

The first freedom of having the room to himself he took advantage of immediately. The room was rather hot, so Jason took off all his clothes. He stuffed his clothing into a laundry bag and tossed it in his closet. He then briefly admired his bare figure in the dorm mirror and set about putting his things away. Jason enjoyed looking at his own body. He was in good shape from his high school track team, and had an attractive well-toned body.

Jason was something of a nudist, although he did not yet belong to any organizations. He hated wearing clothes and was always naked whenever possible. He had slept nude since he was 12, and from sleeping nude he had gradually extended his nude lifestyle to other areas in his daily routine. During his high school years he had always enjoyed being nude at home, a habit that, to some extent, put him out of place with his classmates. He liked to stretch in the buff before and after running, and would have gone jogging without any clothes if he could have done so without being arrested. His parents owned a swimming pool, and if they were at work, Jason invariably went skinny-dipping. He loved the feel of the warm sun on his bare bottom and the cool water of the pool washing against his privates.

Jason was lucky that parents were somewhat accepting about his nude forays. They didn't approve, but at the same time they never punished him. The attitude they took was "if you're going to do that, show us some respect and make sure it's not when we're around". Jason took that to mean, if his parents and sister weren't home, he would always strip.

Jason continued to enjoy the feel of the warm dorm room air against his bare body as he unpacked his computer and began putting it together. He got down on his hands and knees to assemble the plugs on the floor under his desk, spreading himself wide and allowing his penis and balls to dangle freely. Precisely at the moment he was on his elbows and knees with his bottom turned up towards the entrance to his room, he heard the door open and the slight gasp of a woman's voice. He looked up to glimpse a petite dark-skinned young woman as she backed out and eased his door shut.

"You ought to lock your door if you're gonna to be in your room like that," came a comment from the other side.

Jason was both embarrassed and excited at having been so prominently seen by a female student. He wondered how much of him she had seen, and whether or not she was at all aroused at the sight of his bare figure. His heart pounded, but finally he got back to work and finished up with the computer and shelved his books.

After about an hour, Jason had everything put away and decided to get dressed. He put on a pair of loose-fitting shorts and a clean shirt. It was dinnertime and right after dinner there would be a floor meeting. Jason looked around the hallway, introduced himself to a couple of his neighbors and ended up going to dinner in the cafeteria downstairs with four other guys.

The guys were a very mixed group, and Jason could tell they would not be together for more than a couple of nights before they dispersed into cliques of more like-minded individuals. There was Ken, who seemed a distracted artistic type; Jake, who was obviously fraternity material, William, who was into computers and math, and Mike, who was heavily into leftist politics. Mike had a very tall blond girlfriend called Lisa who also joined them for dinner.

Jason asked if any of the others knew who was the short girl in the blue skirt with the long black hair. Lisa responded: "Yeah, that's my next door neighbor, Cecilia Sanchez. She's the floor RA."

Oops. Jason turned red, but his dinner companions didn't notice. Of course the others had no way of knowing that Cecilia already had seen Jason, quite a bit of him in fact.

The six students finished their dinner and went back upstairs to the 2nd floor common area, where most of the other freshmen already were gathered. The meeting was another orientation, mainly to make sure the students all knew who the RA was and what the basic rules were for the building.

Cecilia was standing next to a whiteboard, with a clipboard in one hand and a magic marker in the other. Jason was finally able to get a better look at her. She was dark-skinned, but with delicate features and only a slight curl to her thick black hair. She spoke with a mixture of New Jersey and Spanish intonation, a product of her upbringing in a Dominican neighborhood, just outside New York City. Cecilia was 19, only a year older than the collection of freshmen surrounding her. However, her assignment as the floor RA placed her in a position of authority over the 18 year olds.

Cecilia glanced over at Jason and nodded, letting him know that, yes, she did recognize him as the owner of that bare bottom under the computer desk. However, her glance was not one of reprimand or anger, but more of curiosity. Once again, Jason felt a weird mixture arousal and embarrassment from the knowledge that the pretty girl had seen him fully nude in his room.

Cecilia, with her rough East Coast accent, went over the dorm rules and listed violations that would result in a write-up. The biggest concerns for the university seemed to be noise, open flames, drinking, and making sure everyone had tolerance for people with different backgrounds. Cecilia emphasized the university's political correctness and "diversity", concluding that intolerance was the only thing not tolerated.

Cecilia went on to talk about the dress code in the building. There was no policy about what students could or could not wear on their own side of the building, but they had to be fully dressed in the common area and when visiting the opposite side's wing. Males visiting the female wing had to be escorted. In theory females visiting the male side also had to be escorted, although in practice the escorting requirement was only enforced on the males visiting the female side.

Cecilia had a final comment: "Remember you can wear what you want on your side of the building. There's no dress code in your own area. But also remember, there's gonna be visitors runnin' around your floors, so you gotta think about what you're wearin' when you're in the halls, and also, when you're in your room with the door unlocked."

At that last comment Cecilia glanced over at Jason, who turned red.

After the meeting Jason unfolded his university issue linens and made his bed. He noticed something interesting about the towels; they were very small, about the same size as a bathmat. They were way too small to wrap around a person's waist. Jason went to the bathroom to brush his teeth, and noticed Ken walking down the hall fully nude, one of the small towels slung over his arm and a bottle of shampoo in his hand. He noticed his other floor-mates varied tremendously in their modesty. Mike wrapped a towel brought from home around his waist but wore nothing underneath, while Jake and William went to the bathroom dressed in shorts and t-shirts.

Jason stood next to Ken at the row of sinks. Ken was casually attending to a couple of pimples on his face as he was leaning over the sink, his body gracefully bent over and his penis gently brushing against the white ceramic. Jason struck up a conversation with Ken and joked about the small towels. Ken commented, "Yeah, they're kind of stupid, but I think the university did it to keep them from being stolen. Well, they can screw themselves. If they're not giving me decent towels, then they'll just have to deal with me being bare-assed in their hallways."

Jason's heart jumped at Ken's comment. Bare-assed in the hallways! If Ken wasn't going to bother covering up coming and going to the bathroom, then there was no reason he should either. The idea of casually running around the hallways in the nude excited Jason for some reason, and he decided at that moment to follow Ken's lead.

Jason returned to his room and got undressed. He looked over his class schedule for the next day as he sat by the window enjoying the cool night air against his bare body. He promised himself the next time he needed to go to the bathroom he would go fully nude. He wouldn't even bother to take a towel with him.

An hour later Jason kept his promise to himself. His heart pounding, he closed his dorm door and walked to the bathroom "bare-assed" as Ken put it. He carried absolutely nothing with him. The hallway was empty, but he felt incredibly daring as he went further and further from the protection of his room. He used the bathroom and then returned to his room, only to have a rude shock. His door wouldn't open and he did not have his room key. He had locked himself out.

For several minutes he stood at his door, wondering what to do and hoping his more conservative floor-mates wouldn't come out and see him stranded in the hall with nothing on. He would have to do something, the door wasn't going to open on its own and he couldn't stand there all night. Finally he decided to go to Ken's room, borrow some shorts, and see if he could get a key from the dorm's front desk. Precisely at that moment Jason's RA came around the corner, a clipboard in one hand and a pen in the other. For the second time that day the sight of Jason's bare body greeted her. Cecilia gave the young exhibitionist an amused and rather sarcastic look.

"Jason," she asked sweetly, "are you locked out of your room?"

"Yeah, I musta pressed the lock by accident when I went out. I... I'm sorry about being like this...It's just those small towels... I didn't see the point in..."

"That's OK, Jason. I'll just let you back in."

Cecilia pulled out a key ring and fumbled for the master key for the dorm rooms. She seemed to take her time, enjoying Jason's embarrassment. She passed Jason her clipboard.

"Would you hold this for me, while I get your key please?"

Finally Cecilia put the master key into the door and opened it. Jason was hugely relieved, promising himself that if he didn't get into trouble over this there would be no more naked trips down the hallway. However, at that point the RA had a rather wicked idea. She had been making the rounds to check on the male students to make sure they were all properly settled into their rooms. Part of that check was initial student interviews to find out more about each freshman living on her floor. She had planned to start at the other end of the hallway and talk to the residents room by room, but decided to prolong Jason's current predicament by doing his interview first. She would have some fun and enjoy interviewing a naked freshman.

"Jason, I gotta do interviews with all of you guys anyway, so I guess I might as well start with you. Can I come in your room so we can talk?"

"Uh, yeah... sure."

Once inside the dorm room Cecilia took charge.  "OK, just take a seat on your bed and we'll get started. Do you mind if I sit at your desk so I can write?"

"Uh, no, but don't you want me to...?"

"Get dressed? Why bother? From what I've seen of you so far you don't really like wearin' clothes, do you?"

"Uh, to be honest, not really, but I..."

"Then just stay like you are. If you like to be nude, that's fine with me, as long as you keep it here and don't do it over in the commons area or the women's wing. You'll find out I'm a pretty liberal person and I accept other people's lifestyles. But I'm warnin' you, I don't like a hypocrite. If you're a nudist and picked that lifestyle, I expect you to stay committed to your beliefs and be ready to defend your values."


"Jason, come on, we gotta get started, 'cause I've got the whole guys' wing to do over the next couple of nights."

Cecilia pulled out a rather lengthy questionnaire. As Jason fidgeted nervously on his bed fighting his instinct to cover up, the RA casually went down the list of standard questions about his high school experiences and interests. She seemed totally at ease as she interviewed him, as though talking to a naked freshman were the most normal thing in the world. Jason could tell that Cecilia was thoroughly enjoying herself, but also could perceive that she was fascinated by her own dominance over him.

Finally, after about 30 minutes the RA signed and dated the interview form and moved it to the bottom of her stack of questionnaires. She stood up, as did Jason. He made no effort to cover up, not after having sat on his bed completely exposed during the entire interview. She casually shook his hand.

"OK, Jason, we're glad to have you with us, and I'm lookin' forward to seeing a lot more of you this year. Just... please remember, put your clothes on if you go into the commons area. If you don't, I'm gonna have to smack that cute bare bottom of yours."

Jason's heart jumped into his throat at his RA's final comment. Smack his bare bottom? Could she actually do that?

Jason glanced out into hallway as Cecilia walked to the next room and knocked on the door. Jake and William greeted the floor's RA and allowed her in for their interviews. Jason closed his door, his heart pounding with sexual desire. He turned out his light and lay on his bed, reliving the bizarre and intensely erotic encounter with Cecilia over and over as he gently rubbed his fingertips over his body. He teased himself and stroked a furious erection, fantasizing about the sexy Dominican. Everything about her: her authority as RA, her commanding way of handling herself, her intense dark eyes and flawless brown skin, her tough-sounding East-Coast Spanish accent, and her sarcastic all crowded out every other sexual fantasy he had ever had.

Cecilia conducted interviews for a total of six rooms that night, finally finishing around 11:00. None of the other interviews were nearly as interesting as the one with Jason, so the rest of the night was rather anti-climatic.

The RA returned to her room feeling extremely uneasy about her encounter with Jason. She found the whole idea of coming across him naked, twice in a single day, totally erotic. The nude freshman intrigued her and brought out a strange new sexual urge in her soul, a desire to push her own limits with him and explore what was possible.

Cecilia struggled to understand what had just happened to her. During the entire time she spent with the nervous teenager, she felt a force within her driving her to do all kinds of strange things to him. The fact that Jason enjoyed being naked was only part of her fascination with him. What really fascinated Cecilia was Jason's submission, especially that moment he quietly stood in front of her, his hands at his sides, while she commented about the need for him to not be a hypocrite about his beliefs.

However, as she lay in her bed that night, Cecilia also was scared. She clearly had crossed a line in her two encounters with Jason and had exposed herself to a charge of sexual harassment. What on earth was she thinking, making that freshman stand naked in the hallway while she pretended to fumble for the master key, then interviewing him in the nude, and finally threatening to smack his bottom? Had she gone nuts?

Chapter 2 - The First Day of Classes

The next day Jason went over to Ken's room to see about getting breakfast. Ken was sitting at his desk, fiddling with a camera lens with a frustrated look on his face. He hadn’t bothered to get dressed yet, but quickly slipped on a pair of shorts, sandals, and a Hawaiian-style shirt. The two college students ate by themselves, as Ken showed a class roster to Jason and gave him an interesting piece of news.

"Check this out. Looks like we're in the same section of Life Drawing. First thing this morning at nine."

Ken and Jason barely had enough time to purchase drawing pads and markers at the student store before the class started. They headed over to the Art Building, which was one of the oldest buildings on campus. The rooms were well lit with huge old-style multi-paned windows that let in plenty of natural light. The windows had not been painted over, so the classes could look out onto the yard in front of the building, and passers-by could see into the classrooms from the sidewalk.

That lack of privacy in the classroom caused Jason's art instructor her first crisis of the semester; her life model had quit upon seeing how visible the room was to the outside. The instructor was left with no model for that day's session, and possibly would be short a model for the entire class. As soon as the students were assembled the woman made an announcement, she needed a student to model for the semester. She sweetened the deal by offering to waive three general requirement credit hours to anyone willing to volunteer.

Several students thought over the offer, but Jason was the first to raise his hand. He was not planning on majoring in art, and the three extra credit hours would get his humanities requirement out of the way after just a single semester. But of course, what excited Jason even more than the three credit hours was having an opportunity to stand naked in a room of other students and get rewarded for it.

Five minutes later, with his heart pounding, Jason climbed up onto the model's platform after hanging up his clothes on some hooks near the professor's desk. The windows were open, letting the hot August air into the room as thirty sets of eyes continuously glanced up at the his body and then back to their sketch pads. People walking outside had a clear view into the classroom, and many glanced into the window or through the classroom's open door. Jason was truly on display to the world, it seemed. When Jason's eyes shifted over to Ken, he noticed his friend was pure business, carefully studying his figure to render it to paper.

When class ended Jason's professor handed him a light robe, pulled out a contract, and discussed the modeling requirements in more detail. The next modeling session would be for the class at 11:00. He would spend the first month of the semester modeling for the professor's two morning classes, then would switch places with a female model who was working the afternoon classes. In exchange for his time Jason would be added to the university's work-study program as well as receiving the three class credits.

With his contract signed Jason hung up his robe and ascended the platform for the 11:00 group. By late morning the room was sultry and it turned out that Jason was the most comfortably dressed person among the class. The sweaty students had their sketch pads ready as they looked up at him with curious expressions. At the command of the art professor, Jason took up a standing pose, one that required him to spread his legs and was revealing to the students immediately at the foot of the model's platform.

Jason held his position, but his eyes moved about the room, curious to see who was enrolled in the class. Then, off to one side, Jason noticed a very familiar face, his RA Cecilia Sanchez. The attractive Dominican was absorbed with her sketch, as she carefully lined up the features of the model's body to convert the vision to an image of ink and paper.

Their eyes met. Cecilia's face seemed to shine. She was relishing every detail, along with the knowledge that he would be in here, exposed to her and the world, for at least another month. This was the third time in less than 24 hours she had seen him in the nude. The freshman's body now held absolutely no secrets from the RA; she could observe and study him at her leisure. And yet...even though he was modeling for her class she desperately wanted to see even more of him. She fervently hoped to catch him naked in the dorm hallway again later that night.

Cecilia left the art class to go back to her dorm, changed her clothes, and returned to the Economics Department for an appointment at 12:30. Her thoughts were in turmoil, as her mind raced back and forth between the fears from her past and her desires and hopes for the future.

The sophomore's thoughts moved to the freshman, Jason Schmidt. At first she couldn't understand her fascination with Jason, other than he was so totally different from every other guy she had ever known. He was quiet and serious, but seemed like a fairly decent person. It was obvious that his family had money, but he did not flaunt it like many of the other dorm residents. He was handsome, but there was nothing flashy or flamboyant about his appearance. His runner's physique was a definite plus. However, as she gave the matter more thought, she realized that Jason interested her because of the combination of exhibitionism and submissiveness in his personality. It was a strange mixture, but one that caught her attention and that she found extremely desirable in a potential partner. It was clear that, if properly handled, Jason would be perfectly willing to submit to the right woman...

Cecilia forced herself to stop thinking about Jason. She needed to clear her head, because of her upcoming appointment with her economics professor and mentor, Dr. Ruth Burnside. She cringed at the prospect of having to deal with that unpleasant woman, but she owed Burnside for having changed the course of her life.

Ruth Burnside was the reason Cecilia was studying in Chicago in the first place. The economics professor was on the executive board of an academic foundation that identified promising students from lower income urban and rural communities for grants to study at the university. The economics department was interested in producing more than just corporate analysts and business majors, hence the scholarship program and invitations to students such as Cecilia Sanchez to come to Chicago and study.

About six months before she graduated Cecilia's high school counselor called her into his office to let her know she was in competition to get a scholarship to study economics in Chicago. He encouraged her to look beyond her immediate future and think about where she might want to be five or ten years in the future. With the fire of ambition lit in her soul, the young student applied herself even more in her studies and in preparing to compete for the scholarship. Several essays and interviews later, a very nervous Cecilia Sanchez received a packet of materials that indicated her next year would not be spent in the military or some urban community college in New Jersey, but rather at one of the most prestigious universities in the Mid-West.

Cecilia carried with her three research projects she had needed to prepare that summer to keep her scholarship, three reports to turn into Burnside that later would be passed along to the entire scholarship committee. Cecilia's professor graded severely, but the projects were designed to help her do better in her department's classes and ultimately prepare her for post-graduate studies. The three folders in the Dominican's hand represented a massive amount of work and a ruined summer, but they also represented her final escape from a dysfunctional family, rough neighborhood, and unhappy childhood.

Burnside was still relatively young for a professor and in excellent physical shape from constantly exercising. She was only 37, but had a very severe appearance. Her intense dark eyes and sharp nose somewhat reminded Cecilia of the face of a hawk. Burnside's appearance was made even more intimidating by her immaculate dark business clothing and her jet-black hair pulled back tight and wrapped in a bun.

Burnside's demeanor was partly that of a strict military officer and partly that of a dominatrix, the result of her religious childhood and several years of service in the Navy. She stood very straight and walked crisply around the classroom tapping a pointer as she lectured. When alone with the professor Cecilia always was tempted to stand at attention, and never would have dreamt of sitting down in her office without first being offered a seat. Even the way that Burnside referred to herself, using just her last name, reflected a total lack of warmth in her personality. The most intimidating detail about Dr. Burnside, however, was her sharp stare. When she was talking to a person her eyes seemed to bore right into her listener. Her expression always seemed to say, "Look, you pathetic little slacker, I know you better than you know yourself, so don't try to bullshit me."

Cecilia entered Burnside's office and noticed the time, 12:35. Shit. Her appointment had been at 12:30. Her year with Burnside was not about to get off to a good start. She rushed into the back office, but it was too late. Burnside was standing in front of her desk, her arms crossed, with a cold stare that tore straight into her student.

"Well, Ms. Sanchez, I see we're keeping bankers' hours."

"I... I'm sorry Dr. Burnside... but it was only five minutes, and I was comin' from another class."

"Cecilia... two things. First, don't tell me you're sorry. If you were sorry you would've been here at 12:30 like I told you. What you're sorry about is that I'm pissed off."

"Yes Dr. Burnside."

"The second thing is that you come to me with an excuse, some bullshit about a class, even though your class ended at noon. Now, what do I say about excuses?"

"That 'excuses are like assholes, everybody has one,' Dr. Burnside."

"That's right. I'm not interested in hearing some excuse. Now that we have the apologies and excuses out of the way we can talk about your life and your summer projects. First thing, you got the RA position, right?"

"Yes, Dr. Burnside, I'm the second floor RA in Huntington Hall."

"So we got your living arrangements taken care of...good. Now, let's see your work product for this summer."

Cecilia handed Burnside the three papers. Burnside briefly looked at the tables of contents, then went straight to the endnotes. She went down the list of Cecilia's citations on the first paper, taking notes into a separate ledger. She seemed satisfied with the first paper and moved on to the second paper. Burnside's face became increasingly irritated as she flipped back and forth through the endnotes of the second project.

"OK, very simple question. Why isn't there any reference to Keynes in here? We covered Keynes in class in last semester. Covered him quite thoroughly I believe. So where's your reference to his work?"

"It was a 20-page project, Dr. Burnside. I wanted to concentrate on..."

"Well, that won't cut it, Cecilia! You simply cannot understand mid-20th Century economic theory without mentioning Keynes. And oh, by the way, you didn't reference the Weber articles either, did you?"


"Then I would say what you have is an incomplete project! You had all summer to do this right, and you didn't!"

"Dr. Burnside! That's not fair! I couldn't get it all in! You said I couldn't go past 20 pages!"

"That's right, 20 pages is the cut-off! And why do you think that is? It's to make you force yourself to think about what's truly important. Now, if you don't think Keynes and Weber are important enough to put in your paper, that's fine, but you'd better damn well be ready to defend your opinion. Now you take this paper back and return it to me next Monday, done right. Either Keynes and Weber go in, or they stay out, with a proper justification. If I show this to the scholarship committee as it is now, you'll have them shaking their heads and me looking like a fool."

Cecilia took the paper back, her heart stinging from the total unfairness of the situation. It seemed that had she been anyone else, the paper would have been perfectly acceptable, but because she was Burnside's scholarship student, she was at the woman's mercy. Tears welled up in her eyes, but with every bit of her emotional strength she forced herself to hide her distress.

Burnside clearly understood what was going on in her student's mind. "Cecilia, look at me."

Reluctantly Cecilia raised her head.

"Now I'm going to explain something to you. I can tell you think it's unfair that I'm pushing you like this. But there's a reason, a reason why I expect you to work way above the sophomore level. Is it unfair that you have to bust your ass over the summer while your drunken classmates relax and party and still get the same grades you do? Of course it's unfair, but that's the hand in life you've been dealt. You'd better get used to 'unfair', because you're going to be stuck with 'unfair' for a while. I know, because I was dealt the exact same hand in life as you. You think I don't understand where you came from and what you've had to deal with?"

Cecilia was quiet, not knowing how to respond to Burnside's last statement. The professor continued.

"Look. You'll have to understand those frat punks and sorority bitches have their money and their families and their connections, so they'll coast through life, even though they're nothing but a bunch of worthless drunks. You won't ever get the chance to coast through life, because you've got absolutely nothing except this..." Burnside reached forward and tapped Cecilia's forehead, " you've got to be better than them. Way better. You don't have any choice, if you're going to stay out of the 'Hood. Now you use that head of yours and you fix that paper!"

"Yes, Dr. Burnside."

With that Burnside looked over the endnotes of the third paper. Cecilia stood quietly, dreading the thought Burnside might find something wrong with that one as well. However, after giving the paper some consideration, finally the professor took it and set it on her desk with the other accepted project.

"Is... that it, Dr. Burnside?"

"No, that's not it. I've got class in 30 minutes and I need you to help me take my supplies over and pass out syllabuses. But before we do that I want to address the issue of your punctuality. Today's the second time you've been late to an appointment with me. I let you slide the first time, but I warned you never to do it again. Well, you did, and now you're going to pay for it. Now, you were thinking about joining the Army before you got your scholarship, right?"

"Yes, Dr. Burnside, I was thinkin' about the Army."

"Well, then let's give you a taste of what you're missing out on by being here instead of there. Get in the front-leaning rest position."


"Push-ups. You owe me some push-ups, just like you would in the Army. Now drop!"

As ludicrous as the order sounded, Cecilia could tell that the professor was dead serious. Reluctantly she got into a push-up position, her hands and toes on the floor as she tried to keep her body as straight as possible. She couldn't believe...

"These will be four-count push-ups, military style. Do you know how to do a four-count push-up?"

"Yes, Dr. Burnside, I..."








At the count of "ten" Burnside ordered Cecilia to "recover". The student stood sweating, breathing heavily, and her knees were shaking.

"You're out of shape, Cecilia. You need to spend some quality time in the gym. Now drop!"

Once again Burnside's sour voice rang out as Cecilia struggled to do 20 more push-ups. She barely managed to do ten and then her arms gave out. Burnside showed her absolutely no mercy as she yelled at her to keep her back straight. With a disgusted sigh the professor ordered her to "recover" and moved directly in front of her gasping student.

"Are you going to be late again?"

"No... Dr. Burnside..."

"Try speaking with some enthusiasm in your voice. I can't hear you."


"Let's make sure about that! Drop!"

Once again Cecilia struggled to make it through 20 push-ups. After only the second count her entire body was shaking and her arms no longer responded to what her brain was asking them to do. When Burnside ordered the student to "recover", she was gasping for breath and her blouse was saturated with sweat. Her eyes were wide with shock and fright over what had just happened... Burnside had punished her!

Five minutes later the professor and her shaken student carried boxes of syllabuses, course schedules, and sample textbooks to a large auditorium-style classroom. The class was Burnside's introductory Theory of Economics course, the grueling 5-credit hours that always started with 150 students and usually ended with about 75. Cecilia had taken the same class the year before and had received a "B".

Over the next few minutes the auditorium filled with freshmen, as Cecilia managed to calm her nerves from the unpleasant session with her professor. Burnside was joined by her teaching assistant, a graduate student working on his Master's degree. Cecilia, meanwhile, walked down the rows of young students passing out paperwork and signature forms. She noticed Jason Schmidt sitting with Ken, Mike, and her neighbor Lisa. As she passed him a stack of papers, she gave Jason a knowing smile, at which he blushed.

Burnside stood quietly at her podium until her assistant finished with the final row. As soon as Cecilia glanced up at her, the professor pointed at the doors and motioned her and the TA to close them. Burnside always ordered the doors of her classroom shut before she started speaking. The professor's policy was that to be late was the same as missing class altogether, since she had absolutely no tolerance for any disruptions once her lectures began.

As previously instructed, both Cecilia and the TA stood at the back, to make sure that no one responded to the desperate knocking of stragglers trying to get into the locked auditorium. The latecomers would have to wait until the class was over, then endure a nasty lecture about punctuality once the doors opened and the other students departed. It was the professor's first hard lesson to her class, there was no flexibility when it came to discipline in the Introduction to the Theory of Economics.

Burnside quickly went over the course readings and schedule, then gave a short introductory lecture about the fundamentals of economics. She concluded by holding up two of the course textbooks, explaining what the homework would be for the next class. With Ruth Burnside there was no such thing as "settling in". She presented testable material on both the first and final day of class.

Finally, Cecilia opened one of the doors, while the TA stepped outside to round up the nervous freshmen who had not made it to class before Burnside began speaking. The TA led a small group of 18-year olds to the professor to be reprimanded, while Cecilia looked for Jason. She saw him, and could tell that he and his companions were extremely worried about the class and their new professor.

Cecilia Sanchez had a full night ahead of her. Not only did she have to continue with the interviews of her residents, but now she had the unexpected responsibility of fixing her summer project, something she had only five days to complete. On top of that she had her other classes to worry about, including Burnside's Theory of International Development and another economics course taught by a senior professor called Dr. Jim Halsey. The RA had the foresight to understand that she needed to read ahead and be prepared to answer questions on the first day in both classes. She had a lot to do, and could expect not to get much sleep over the next couple of nights.

Cecilia retreated to her room and pulled off her sweaty clothes. She needed to take a shower after her impromptu exercise session with Burnside. As she washed off the sweat and felt the soreness in her shoulders, the terror from that strange encounter came back to her. She felt humiliated at the thought of having been yelled at and actually punished, by doing push-ups, of all things. She also felt chastened by her rather pathetic performance doing the exercises. She had discovered an area of weakness in her life, her own physical fitness. She planned to resolve that area of weakness as quickly as possible.

However there was something else that scared her even more. She had heard rumors that Burnside routinely punished students by whipping them at her house and forcing them to do other things that were totally embarrassing. Rumors... but today's exercise session gave Cecilia a clear indication the stories probably were true. She promised herself never to do anything to cross Burnside again.

The RA settled down with her notes and photocopies from her previous classes with the professor, to set about figuring out what she could take out of her report in order to make room for the Keynes and Weber material. Obviously John Maynard Keynes needed to go in, no matter what. Burnside was a big admirer of the famous economist, so that issue was settled. As for Weber, Cecilia disagreed with Burnside about his importance, but she needed to make the argument for her beliefs. Of course it would be so much easier to cite Weber and be done with it, but she knew that was not what Burnside wanted. The professor wanted Cecilia's own opinions reflected in the paper, properly cited and properly defended. That meant a trip to the library to find articles critical of Weber, from which Cecilia could extract the citations needed to justify her other words, a lot of work and another ruined weekend.

By dinnertime Cecilia felt she had made good progress condensing some of the material in her report to make room for the needed Keynes citations. She might even get the Keynes stuff finished the next night, leaving her three days to tackle the Weber problem. Anyhow, she had to take a break from her report to attend to her RA responsibilities. She met the dorm director and the building's other RA's for dinner in the cafeteria.

As she sat eating and listening to the director pontificate about campus social activities, Cecilia watched Jason get dinner with Ken. Both were dressed to go exercising and were eating very light meals. It was apparent they planned to go out, perhaps running or perhaps to the gym. She admired Jason's attractive figure as he walked out of the cafeteria. He looks nice in those shorts, she thought to herself, but he looks so much nicer out of 'em...

The RA spent the next hour and a half interviewing female students, doing a total of four rooms and eight girls. She confiscated three perfumed candles and wrote up the owners for keeping a fire hazard in their room. She listened to the chatter of rich sorority pledges and used all of her will-power not to roll her eyes. Then she dealt with a crisis in the laundry room, a stupid rich-bitch who had dumped an entire bottle of detergent into a washing machine and was panicking over the cascading bubbles pouring onto the floor. There was a drunken male who somehow had gotten into the women's area and needed to be chased out, and then an escaped parakeet flying in the hallway above the heads of squealing freshmen. Once the bird was captured there was another write-up against the owner for keeping a pet in the dorm. It was well past 10:00 p.m. when peace finally returned to the women's wing of the 2nd floor.

Cecilia decided to check on the guys' side before going to back to her studies. Everything seemed quiet, given that many of the more rowdy students were out at rush parties and the quieter ones were studying. She decided to see if Jason was in, partially out of curiosity to know what he was wearing or not wearing, and partly because she wanted to know if he and his friends were planning to stay enrolled in Burnside's class. She knocked on his door, but there was no answer. She quietly turned the knob and noticed it was unlocked. The room was empty, but the light was on and there were a couple of open books on the bed, a sign that Jason had just stepped out and probably was in the bathroom.

The RA was in a mischievous mood. She decided to lock Jason's door to repeat his predicament from the night before. She then looked around the hall for something to pretend to look busy, and noticed a flickering fluorescent light. Perfect. She grabbed a chair from the commons area and placed it under the light, then climbed up, pulled off the plastic cover, and began adjusting the tube. Jason came back from the bathroom. To Cecilia's delight he was completely nude, just like last night.

"Hi Jason."

Jason blushed, but at the same time felt aroused at the thought of being on display yet again in front of his pretty RA. Still, he was somewhat embarrassed and wanted to get into his room. He had a horrible shock when he realized the door wouldn't open. He had locked himself out the second night in a row, but... he could have sworn he had checked before closing his door!

Cecilia continued to adjust the light, but with difficulty because she barely could reach it, even standing on the chair. Jason stood nervously at his door, working up the courage to ask his RA to let him back in.

"Uh, Cecilia..."

"Yes, Jason?"

"I kinda... locked myself out of my room again... could you like... uh... let me back in?"

"That's OK, I'll let you back in. But I got a quick favor to ask. Could you get up here and see if you could help me get this light put back in? I'm too short and I'd really appreciate it. While you're doin' that I'll find the key."

Jason nervously climbed on the chair and tried to adjust the light, while the RA stood admiring his figure. At that moment Mike and Lisa came down the hallway, a bit perplexed at the strange sight of Jason standing naked on a chair while the floor RA stood below giving him directions. Mike's girlfriend mischievously patted his bare bottom as she walked by.

Jason blushed, but Cecilia noticed his penis stiffening slightly after the young woman touched him.

After several minutes it became apparent the tube was bad, not the socket. Cecilia asked Jason to pass the tube down to her and then handed up the plastic cover to put over the light. He stepped down as she started filling out a work order to get the tube replaced.

"Jason, do me a big favor and take the chair back to the commons area."

"But I..."

"That's OK. It's late and I'm sure no one will see you."

Jason carried the chair past the hallway door and set it back in the commons area, feeling incredibly daring at the thought of being naked in the public area. He slipped back into the hallway, only to notice Cecilia still casually writing up her work order.

"Thanks. Now if you could just take that tube to the bathroom and throw it out..."

At that moment two sorority girls came down the hall and giggled as Jason passed them with the florescent tube in his hand. He entered the bathroom and put the tube in the trash. When he came back out, the two young females glanced back at him and giggled again. Jason was embarrassed, but at the same time was enjoying himself. He didn't want to admit it, but he liked being exposed in front of those girls. He returned to where Cecilia was writing into her clipboard and quietly stood in front of her, his hands at his sides.

With a sarcastic sweetness in her voice Cecilia asked, "OK, you ready to get back in your room?"


"Now come-on Jason, I want some manners. Say please."

"Please let me back in my room, Cecilia."

"That's better."

As before, Cecilia pretended to fumble for the key, prolonging Jason's suspense. Finally she opened the lock, and the nervous freshman entered his room. However, the young woman was not done with him.

"Can I come in so we can talk?"

"Uh... yeah... sure..."

Once again Jason assumed the worst, perhaps that he was about to be written up for being caught naked in the hallway a second night. However, his RA wanted to discuss something totally different.

"Please take a seat on your bed, 'cause I wanna talk to you about Dr. Burnside's class."

Jason hesitated, thinking that maybe he should grab a pair of shorts. Cecilia stopped him.

"Jason, remember what I told you last night, that I don't like a hypocrite? If you're a nudist I expect you to practice your beliefs with pride and honesty. Sit down as you are...uh, actually I want you to get your economics textbooks first, and then you can sit down."

Jason nervously bent over as he dug into his book bags, while Cecilia studied his bare bottom. Her desire to spank him returned in force. She could feel the wetness build between her legs as she imagined it probably would not be too difficult to get him over her lap within a few weeks.

Jason sat down on his bed and the RA sat at his desk, looking over the course syllabus.

"So how do you feel about Dr. Burnside's class?"

"To be honest... I don't think I want to stay in... you know... I sort of want to enjoy my first semester... and she seems like a total bitch. I don't know, maybe I'll try to see if I can take that class next semester, if someone else is teaching it."

"No one else is teaching it. She's the only one, so you're gonna have to deal with her sooner or later."

"But, I kinda wanted to have some fun the first year, and then get more serious next year. Why couldn't I just take the other stuff first, and deal with Burnside next year?"

"Jason, let me explain something. You gotta take her class. You don't have any choice, and you're better off doin' it as soon as you can. It's a basic requirement not only for economics, but also if you want to major in political science, business, sociology, or even history. Dr. Burnside's the hatchet woman for all those departments. She makes things easier for the other professors, 'cause they get to pretend to be nice to the students and put all the blame on her. But they can do it 'cause Burnside don't care about hurting anyone's feelings and flunks people like crazy. Burnside's classes get rid of half the freshmen, and it's the other half who get to study the other subjects, the ones who can pass her classes."

"But why can't I deal with this next year? I don't think Ken's staying in, and I'm not sure about Mike."

Cecilia gave the naked freshman a very sharp look. "Ken and Mike? So that's how you want to live, puttin' everything off 'cause of Ken and Mike? Worryin' about them instead of what's good for you? 'Oh, I might have to actually have to do some work, and my friends are running away... so I'll just wait.' Wait until when, Jason? So, when are you gonna do it? When are you gonna get this requirement out of the way?"

Jason paused, feeling chastened by the RA. "And you've taken it?"

"Yeah, I took it last year. I'm here on scholarship and it was the very first thing they wanted me to take. I got a "B" and I can tell you that was the toughest "B" I ever got. Now I'm takin' two sophomore classes with Dr. Burnside, and I'm kinda assisting with the Theory class."

"So you know what's in the class?"


Jason fidgeted. "Cecilia, if I stay in, you can... help me? Like... uh... give me some advice and, check my work?"

"Yeah, I'll help you. I'll look over your work and explain anything you don't understand. As long as you study, keep up with the pace of the class and don't fall behind, and also, do what I tell you, I'll make sure you pass."

"Thanks! I'd really appreciate it!"

Cecilia stood up and picked out the two books that contained the required reading for the next class. She ordered Jason to sit down at his desk and placed the two books in front of him. She summarized the first reading assignment, essentially telling him how to prepare for his first seminar with the TA the next day and Burnside's next lecture on the following day. Once the freshman started with his reading, Cecilia got ready to leave. She had her own work to contend with.

"I'm gonna be pretty tied up over the next couple of days, but I'll swing by tomorrow about this time to make sure you understand the readings. Also, I gotta make sure you're not locked out of your room."

The RA smiled slightly as Jason blushed yet again. He stood up to say goodbye. A breeze floated through the window and hit his backside at that moment; reminding him he had just spent the past hour talking to his RA with absolutely nothing on. She gently squeezed his hand and gave him a seductive smile. Jason's heart jumped into his throat as he watched her slip through his door.

Cecilia Sanchez returned to her room elated, unable to concentrate on her own work for Burnside. Because of her, Jason would be staying in Burnside's class, and because of Burnside's class, he would need her to pass. She was developing a very strange relationship with him, one that would make him completely dependent on her.

Cecilia realized at that moment that she badly wanted Jason for herself. She would seduce him and force him to submit to her. She imagined the naked, embarrassed freshman, at her service kneeling in front of her, caring for her, massaging her body, and attending to her physical needs. On the rare occasions he disappointed her, she would discipline him. She imagined him bent over, sadly looking back at her, waiting for...the paddle. The fantasy of paddling him took hold of her, as did the fantasy of having him constantly next to her, forcing him to be nude and submissive in public during all kinds of situations. Her desire for him was not exactly love, but rather an urge to care for him, to control him, to possess him, actually own him.

The young Dominican stripped off her wet panties, wincing slightly as the scent of her arousal filled her dorm room. She turned out the light and pulled off the rest of her clothes. She accommodated herself on her bed, spreading her legs wide in the darkness as the night breezes from her open window caressed her most intimate areas. Normally she slept in a nightshirt and panties, but that night she lay naked on top of her bed, as she imagined Jason doing the same thing. Sweat poured down her face as she gently ran her fingertips over her body in the heat of the late summer evening in her darkened dorm room. She gently pinched her nipples and then ran her fingers down her sweaty stomach. Her hands moved between her thighs... oh yes! She delayed her orgasm as long as possible, gently teasing and massaging her clitoris.

Over the years Cecilia's fear of falling under someone else's domination had forced her to become her own lover. She knew her body and how to prolong an orgasm to get the maximum satisfaction. It was a lonely life, but her teenaged years had taught her the hard lesson that she simply could not open up her soul and risk having it taken over and trampled by someone else.

However, Cecilia finally had found what she needed, a partner she could control. She figured it wouldn't be too much longer before she could give her fingers a break from this. Soon they would be replaced by Jason's tongue. She imagined the intimate area between her legs as a temple, and Jason as a kneeling worshiper trained to pay proper respects at that temple. She gave herself yet another orgasm as her thoughts concentrated on the nervous naked freshman, knowing he soon would be hers to do with as she pleased.

Chapter 3 - The First Date

The next day Jason and Ken joined Mike and his girlfriend for breakfast. Jason was a bit nervous, wondering how Mike and Lisa would react to the sight of him standing on the chair the previous night. Jason had to retell the story of how he had locked himself out of his room and the RA had caught him in the hall, then how she made him help her with the light before she let him back in. His companions found the story amusing and Lisa commented, "Well, the next time the light burns out in my room I'll have to get you to come over to fix it. Of course I'll want you to wear your repairman's uniform." At that everyone had a good laugh.

Jason was relieved his friends had reacted so casually to the hallway incident. However, they all were open-minded when it came to stuff like that. Ken had spent several years in Sweden while in high school, while Mike and Lisa had grown up in Santa Cruz, a very liberal town just south of San Francisco.

Jason surprised the others by telling them he was planning on staying enrolled in Burnside's class, and explained why. The other three were dismayed upon hearing the news that Burnside was the only professor teaching the introductory Theory of Economics class. Then came the real surprise, the news about Cecilia's offer to help Jason pass the class.

Jason concluded, "Well, you guys should stay enrolled. If Cecilia can help me, maybe I'll be able to help you."

Lisa thought over the whole situation between the RA and her breakfast companion and changed the topic. "You know, Jason, she likes you. You understand that, don't you?"

"You think so?"

"It's kinda obvious, don't you think?"

"I guess..."

Lisa rolled her eyes. "You guess? Look, try asking her out this weekend. Find out what she's into, and then ask her out. I'll bet you she'll accept."

Mike added a comment that made everyone laugh, "Yeah, maybe she'll take you around the university to fix all the lights."

Jason spent the rest of the day going to his other three classes, all of them general requirement courses for freshmen. There was College Algebra, then Creative Writing, and finally the seminar with Burnside's TA. The seminar boosted Jason's self-confidence tremendously. Because of the help he had received from Cecilia the night before, he was among the better prepared students in the group and performed well in comparison with the others.

Jason and Ken then went to the gym to workout in the late afternoon. They had heard about "the freshman fifteen", the fifteen pounds a person normally gains during the first year in college, and were determined that would not happen to them.

At the gym Jason and Ken were surprised to see Lisa working out with Cecilia. It was obvious Cecilia was not used to working out and that Lisa was telling her what she needed to do. The RA was sweating profusely and had an exhausted look on her face, even though the settings she had on the workout machines were only moderate for a female.

There was dinner, during which Jason went over the Burnside material to help his friends focus their studying for class the next day. He then asked Lisa if she could give him any more information on Cecilia.

"She's a bit weird, and I don't have her figured out. I can tell you that something happened to her yesterday that made her totally obsessed with getting into shape, and I mean like, right away. I tried talking to her, you know, small stuff, but the only thing she was interested in was how to use the workout equipment in the gym. She made me promise to go with her to work out and help her get settled into a routine...I mean, all of a sudden that became real important to her, but she wouldn't tell me why."

"So... did you find out anything else about her?"

"A little. She told me a bit about her freshman year and some things about the classes she took. There's some other stuff I got out of her. She came here on scholarship, and from what I gather, that place in New Jersey she came out of was bad, I mean like... really bad... gangs, crack, drive-by shootings... she grew up with all that shit. She's got a brother in jail, and... oh yeah, Jason, here's a piece of information you'll need to know if you end up taking her out. Cecilia totally hates Rap music, I'd guess 'cause it reminds her of where she grew up. When they played some Rap at the gym she actually went up to the front counter and made 'em switch the tape."

"So what kind of music is she into?"



"Yeah, you know, Brahms, Mozart, Beethoven, that sort of thing. That and New Age. And I bet I know why. I'm sure nobody listens to classical music back where she's from. That's probably why she likes it."

"But, I don't know anything about classical music..."

Mike pulled out a copy of the campus newspaper, opened it, and laid it on the table in front of Jason. He pointed at announcements for a classical concert to be held by the campus orchestra that weekend.

"Here. You're problem's solved. Take her to this. And here's a coupon for the seafood place just off campus. I don't think Cecilia's a McDonald's type of girl. She'll want something a bit more upscale."

Lisa smiled,. "I'll tell you one more thing about her."

"What's that?"

"A secret from the women's locker room. She wears a skimpy white thong under her skirt. And she's got a really nice butt."

Mike and Lisa had given Jason the information he needed to ensure a successful outing with Cecilia. However, they also unwittingly had played right into the RA's hands by encouraging Jason to focus on her needs instead of his own. Jason's purpose in life for the entire evening would be accommodating Cecilia's tastes. What he might have wanted to do was a non-issue.

After dinner he took the paper and put the coupon in his wallet. He then went to Cecilia's room and shyly knocked. She was a bit surprised to see him at her door, but quickly she gave him a seductive smile and invited him in.

For the first time Jason had a chance to see the RA's room and get a feel for her personality. The room was full of neatly organized books and study materials. The desk was piled with notes and books, but otherwise the room was immaculate. Cecilia was using her own linens and curtains, which matched and were very elegant-looking. She had several landscape prints hanging on her walls. As for personal pictures, there was only one. It was a picture of Cecilia and seven other scholarship students standing with Ruth Burnside and Jim Halsey at a social function. There was nothing in the room, not one item, that looked like it could have come from her previous life in New Jersey.

Jason noticed only one other picture on the wall that had any people in it. It was a medium-sized photo of two young women standing in front of a microphone. They had their hair done up in exactly the same manner and were wearing white dresses. One of them was blond and the other was Asian, but oddly enough, they looked very much alike. Jason recognized them as the lead singers from the famous European New Age group "Socrates' Mistresses". The photo was autographed with the following:

"Cecilia: the Ancients have blessed us with your friendship and help. Thank you for everything you have done for us. - Kimberly Lee-Dolkinva, 98945."

Jason was horribly nervous and decided to get right to the point. He showed her the concert ad and asked her if she was interested in going. Again she smiled seductively and touched his arm.

"Sure. I'd like that, Jason. That'd be a nice break from all the stuff I'm havin’ to do this weekend."

His heart jumped. So Lisa had been right after all!

But then Cecilia's demeanor changed completely. She put a condition on the proposed outing.

"Jason, have your work for Dr. Burnside ready. When I come over to your room, I want you to be properly prepared with the class reading, 'cause we're gonna go over it together. If there's stuff you don't get, make sure you write it down so you can ask me. If I'm gonna help you, I don't want you wasting my time. You get that?"

"Uh... yeah, Cecilia, I understand."

"There's something else that I need from you if you want to take me out. I don't like a person who tries to keep secrets from me. I want to make that very clear before we spend any time together. You’re not gonna keep any secrets from me. That's very important if you want to have any kind of relationship with me."

"Uh... alright, Cecilia... I promise. I... I won't have any secrets from you."

"OK. I hope you understand what that means. Now get studyin’. I'll see you as soon as I get my own work taken care of. Please be ready."

Jason returned to his own room, completely bewildered by what had just happened between himself and Cecilia. He was elated that inviting her out had been so easy, but what happened right after that scared him. It was obvious that he would have to take her seriously and be very careful how he behaved around her. It also was obvious that Cecilia was a controlling person and in her own way had very strict values. He understood that he would have to conform to what she wanted, but did not yet have any idea how complete his surrender would have to be before he could win the love and trust of Cecilia Sanchez.

Jason tidied up his room. He then nervously reviewed the materials for Burnside's class the following day, as he carefully wrote down questions he had about the reading. He tried to make his questions sound intelligent, and in doing some managed to eliminate some of the more basic items he was able to answer himself. In trying to impress Cecilia, Jason was motivated to learn Burnside's course work in a manner not possible if he had just been studying for himself.

Cecilia showed up about 10:00 and quietly knocked on Jason's door. She entered the room, gave him a very sweet seductive look, and tilted her head sideways, her cheek facing Jason. He figured out what she wanted, she wanted to be greeted with a kiss on the cheek, Latin American style. For the first time Jason felt Cecilia's soft skin on his lips and caught the faint scent of her perfume. His heart beat very heavily with anticipation and desire.

Cecilia was sweet at first, but quickly she got down to business. She took a seat at Jason's desk and ordered him to stand, hands at his sides, in front of her. She pummeled him with questions, making sure not only that he knew the right answers, but that he also knew where the answers came from and how he had found them. They spent more than a half an hour going at it, with Cecilia's voice snapping at the freshman whenever he got anything wrong. When he made mistakes the RA shoved a book at him and ordered him to find the right answer.

Jason's nerves were on edge and he was sweating, but in less than 40 minutes he was completely prepared for both Burnside's next class and the TA's next seminar. Cecilia got up to leave, but had a final task for the freshman.

"Do you think your friends are gonna stay in the class?"

"Yeah, I think I can get 'em to stay in..."

"Then I'm holdin’ you responsible to make sure they pass. If I'm gonna help you, you’re gonna pass the favor along. You get that?"

"Yeah, OK, I understand..."

"I'm holdin’ you accountable for the others. I'm warnin’ you, don't you let me down."

Cecilia then disoriented Jason by shifting from her harsh Burnside demeanor back to her sweet seductive demeanor. She gently put her hand on his arm and tilted her cheek towards him, waiting for a goodbye kiss. Again the faint scent of her perfume and the feel of her soft warm skin on his lips took control of his thoughts and desires. He badly wanted to take her and kiss her mouth, but was smart enough to know that would have to wait. He would kiss her when she gave him permission, not a moment before.

As soon as Cecilia left, Jason went to Mike's room. Mike called Ken and Lisa. Once the group was together Jason repeated what Cecilia had told him, that she expected him to help them pass the class. The other three were visibly relieved, and with that Jason spent the next two hours passing Cecilia's information along to his classmates. By the time the study session ended it was well past midnight and the four were exhausted, but they also were guaranteed that, for the first week at least, none of them would fall behind.

As Cecilia walked around the dorm doing her final floor check for the night, she noticed with satisfaction Jason sitting with his three friends and Burnside's textbooks in one of the group study rooms. Cecilia had a genuine concern that they pass Burnside's class, partly because she liked to see people succeed and partly because they were her floor residents and she wanted her floor in general to do well. However, Jason's friends also were an important part of her plan to bring him under her control. They would directly benefit from his relationship with her, and thus would not be in a position to criticize her or question anything she planned to do with him. As long as Jason kept Cecilia happy, she would tutor him and he, in turn, would tutor them. Were Jason to do anything to upset Cecilia, their access to her knowledge of the class material would be cut off. They now had a vested interest in making sure Jason kept her happy.

The following day was Friday. Jason had his modeling in the morning and Burnside's class in the afternoon. Jason's pose for the day was to lie on his back, his hands behind his head, his legs spread and his penis and testicles on full display. At the 11:00 class Cecilia arrived early and took an easel right next to the model's platform. Jason's pose forced him look up at the ceiling, but he actually could feel her intense stare as she carefully studied the area between his spread legs. Cecilia decided to draw a close-up image of Jason's private area in as much detail as possible, and later hang it in her room as a reminder he could not have any secrets from her.

As he lay on the platform, as exposed as a person possibly could be, Jason pondered the odd situation that Cecilia had seen and studied his body in intimate detail, but he had not yet seen that much of her. So far the closest he had come to seeing her body was in the gym the day before, when she was dressed in shorts and a tight-fitting top. The sight of her attractive dark legs and slim shoulders fired his imagination and made him desperate to see the rest of her. Lisa's comment about the white thong and Cecilia's "really nice butt" came back to him. However, he now suspected it would be a while before he got to see either the thong or her "really nice butt".

Shortly after the Life Drawing class Cecilia helped Burnside set up for her lecture, although this time she was on time to her appointment and there was no unpleasantness in the office prior to class. Burnside had a nasty surprise for her students, a pop quiz. The entire room was exasperated... a pop quiz on the second day of class!

Fully anticipating the reaction Burnside coldly announced, "Look. I told you that in my class material is testable from day one. From the moment I open my mouth on the first day, right up until the moment I shut my mouth on the last day, you are responsible. Let this be a lesson to you. Maybe what you need to do is put down your beer, sober up, and think about why you're really at this university and sitting in this room."

Jason and his companions looked at each other, but with hugely relieved expressions on their faces. They were among the few in the class who were prepared. On this quiz they would do well, because of Cecilia.

There was the afternoon workout at the gym, during which Lisa guided Cecilia and spotted her on the weights. As much as Lisa was hoping to learn more about her mysterious companion, she only learned a few more details about her RA's freshman year and some things about the Economics Department. Cecilia seemed not to want to talk any more about her life prior to college.

While Jason and his friends went out for some pizza and later to the university center, Cecilia spent a long night at the library, thumbing through scholarly journals to find the articles she needed to back up her opinion about Max Weber. She also started checking out the books she would need for research projects she needed to do for other classes. Having learned a hard lesson the previous year sitting on library waiting lists, she was determined to beat the rush and make sure the books she needed were checked out to her and not to someone else. Let someone else sit on the waiting list this year, thought Cecilia to herself, I've got better things to do.

Saturday came, and with it Jason's much anticipated outing with Cecilia. He was excited, because he finally would have a chance to spend time with her as a woman, not as an RA or as a tutor. However, he also was a bit worried, concerned about the bossiness in her personality. He thought long and hard about what he should wear, finally settling on clothes that were expensive, but trendy for the college crowd.

He had been planning to go over to Cecilia's room, but about five minutes before he was planning to leave, he heard a knock on his door. It was Cecilia, wearing an elegant white dress. Jason later found out the dress was a Danubian formal gown, sent to her as a gift by that New Age group "Socrates' Mistresses". Jason's RA, her dark skin contrasting with the white cloth of the dress, was a flawless picture of elegance and beauty. Suddenly he felt under-dressed and very intimidated. Cecilia's next words were not reassuring.

"Jason, tell me what you're wearing isn’t what you were plannin’ to take me out in. Please tell me that."

"Uh... I guess I better change."

"I'd say so, Jason. You'd better change." Cecilia pushed past him and opened his closet. She rummaged through his clothes, choosing his best dark suit, a white shirt, and his most conservative tie. She then dug through his shoes, finding his best pair and laying them out on the floor.

"How come these shoes aren’t shined? They're the only decent pair you got, and they’re not shined. Why is that?"

Jason fumbled to get some shoe polish out of a drawer and quickly set about fixing the shoes, while Cecilia tried to brush the wrinkles out of the shirt. Once the shoes were shined Cecilia ordered him to wash his hands and change into the suit. As soon as he was dressed to her satisfaction, she straightened his tie and brushed off the back of his jacket. She took his arm as they walked out of the dorm.

They made their way to the concert hall in the heat of the late summer evening and settled in with a crowd of mostly older people. Jason realized that Cecilia had just saved him from some embarrassment because most of the other people in the audience were formally dressed. Had he gone in his original clothing he very much would have looked out of place.

There was a final detail Cecilia needed to settle as they went in. Without saying a word, she reached in his pocket, grabbed his cell phone, turned it off, and put it back. He was taken aback that she so casually had reached into his clothing without asking his permission, but decided not to say anything.

They went into the auditorium and found their seats. Once the music started Jason decided to take a bit of a risk, he sought Cecilia's hand to hold it. He was elated when she did not pull it away. For the rest of the concert her hand rested in his, as he felt the thrill a person always feels at the very beginning of a romantic relationship. The peaceful music of the concert and the presence of the elegant, pretty girl at his side blocked out the more disconcerting details of her personality in his thoughts. It was a moment in his life he could enjoy, that moment when the world seemed to open up to him because of her presence.

During the intermission Cecilia was totally sweet and caring, letting Jason know that she did appreciate the fact he had gone to the effort to find something she would enjoy, instead of just taking it for granted anything he wanted to do automatically would interest her as well. She flirted with him, giving him that seductive look. She then squeezed his hand and excused herself to go to the bathroom, a break Jason took advantage of to make reservations at the seafood restaurant. He had forgotten to do that, and dreaded the thought of making her wait.

Once the concert was over, Cecilia walked arm-in-arm with Jason to the restaurant. It turned out that Mike's recommendation was perfectly appropriate for the evening, and once again Cecilia signaled her gratitude. However, when they went to their table there was another issue she needed to settle with him. Jason sat down, but she did not. Instead she remained standing, looking at him with an impatient expression. He wondered why she wouldn't take her seat. The restaurant hostess came to his rescue, whispering into his ear: "She's waiting for you to seat her."

Jason quickly got up, his heart pounding and his face beet-red. He seated Cecilia. That was yet another lesson she managed to teach him that evening. Whenever they dined together, he was to show his respect by seating her. When they finished dining, he would move her chair to allow her to stand up.

Once Jason got over his embarrassment from the seating incident, he began talking with her. He was nervous, which made him talk all that much more. Cecilia calmly directed the conversation to find out as much as she could about him. She learned what his likes and dislikes were, what he wanted to do in the future, his experiences with his high school track team, what his family was like, what his girlfriends in high school had been like. She carefully listened, gathering as much information as she could about him on that first night. By getting him to talk, she set Jason at ease and made him feel comfortable being with her. She did not talk much about herself.

Finally there was a peaceful late-night walk back to the dorm through the quiet university. Again they walked arm-in-arm, as Jason enjoyed the feel of her soft hand is his own. He led her back to her room, his heart soaring at the thought of having the pretty elegantly-dressed young woman at his side as his girlfriend.

The couple got back to the door of her room, their formal clothing looking somewhat out of place in the dorm hallway. Cecilia took Jason's hand and for the final time that night looked at him with her seductive and somewhat sad smile.

"You know... I really enjoyed my time with you... I want to thank you... for a fun night."

Jason wasn't sure what to say. He had been looking forward to this evening. Apparently his first date had gone well, but he was sorry to see it end. He had vaguely hoped that he might, tonight after the romantic walk home...

Cecilia could tell what was going on in Jason's mind and what he wanted. However, he would have to wait. Access to her body was a privilege she eventually would grant him, but one that he would have to earn over time, after a lot of effort on his part and a lot of accommodating her desires.

She drew herself close to him, smiling slightly and placing her hand on his chest. She could feel his heart beating. She tilted her head to the side to let him know it was time to give her a goodnight kiss... Latin American style... on the cheek.

Chapter 4 - The First Touch

Cecilia was restricted to Huntington Hall the following Sunday. She was the duty RA from midnight Sunday morning until midnight Monday morning. She had to keep the dorm security radio with her at all times and be the first member of the dorm staff to respond to any crisis.

The RA would have been perfectly content with the arrangement, given that she needed to finish fixing her project for Burnside anyway, had that damn radio not been going off non-stop. No sooner had she changed out of her dress from her date with Jason did she have to deal with her first crisis, a dorm party over on the guys' side of the building, complete with alcohol. That meant calling Campus Security, multiple write-ups, being called a "fucking Spanish cunt" and another write-up over the insult, and dealing with multiple drunken complaints from the party-goers.

Two hours later Cecilia returned to her room, only to have the radio go off again, this time over an ecstasy overdose on the women's side. The overdose constituted a medical emergency involving calling paramedics and the dorm director, then taking statements from the girl's hysterical roommate and writing up multiple reports.

The overdose was followed by a fight right outside the dorm, a drunken frat pledge throwing up in the commons area, an overflowing toilet, and finally a detergent crisis in the laundry room.

By the time she finally returned to her room at 7:00 a.m., the duty RA was exhausted and her nerves were on edge. She finally managed to get some sleep, only to have to wake up a couple of hours later and continue with her paper. She slowly worked her way towards the finish, typing on a surplus computer that the Economics Department had given her as part of her original scholarship grant from the previous year.

Jason, meanwhile, had a fairly good night's sleep, after lying awake for a while pondering his strange date with Cecilia and trying to understand the unusual combination of traits in her personality. He did not dwell on any resentment he might have felt over being snapped at and bossed around by a young woman who was only a year older than he was. It was clear that in her own way Cecilia cared for him. Yes, she was a bit controlling, but so far it seemed that every time she had told him to do something, especially when it came to academic stuff, she had been right.

Jason wondered if Cecilia now was his girlfriend. He sort of thought so, but couldn't be too sure. What he did know was that he badly wanted her. He desperately wanted to please her, precisely because he knew that pleasing her would be extremely difficult. She had extremely high standards, but that gave him something in life to strive for. However high Cecilia's standards might be, or how hard they might be to meet, he was determined to meet them.

The following day Jason went out with his three friends on a hike. There was a football game going on that Jason might have wanted to see. However, it was obvious the other three were not the football types, so Jason ended up spending the day on a sweaty walk instead. The walk gave him a chance to talk about Cecilia and the increasingly strange relationship he was having with her. Unfortunately the others did not have much insight to give him about their RA. The only person in the group who knew Cecilia at all was Lisa, and she had not talked to her since their workout on Friday.

Jason did get a better opportunity to know his new friends better. All four members of the group were a bit unique in their personalities and to some extent outsiders to the fraternity party society of "normal" university students. There was Mike and his politics, and there was Lisa with her eccentric personality. Then there was Ken, who confessed to the others that he was questioning his sexuality and trying to figure out what he really wanted from his personal relationships. He confessed that there were both women and men who attracted him. "I don't know what's going on with me. Sometimes I think I'm straight, sometimes I wonder if I'm gay... All I know is that right now I'm fucked, 'cause I really don't know what I want."

Each member of the group was messed up in his or her own way, but at least they could talk to each other and not face college life alone. They would spend the semester eating, studying, and exercising together, at the beginning of a friendship they would remember well beyond their years at the university.

The next day Jason posed twice in the hot, exposed art classroom. He had thought the pose on Friday was revealing, but that one was nothing compared to the pose he had to assume the following Monday. He was instructed to get on his knees, spread his legs, and extend his arms out in front of him. The pose was something like a kneeling worship position, except that he had to extend and stretch himself as much as he could. The position forced him to arch his back and spread his bottom wide, leaving his anus and testicles fully visible to the students standing behind him. The occasional breeze coming through the open window and blowing against his backside served as a reminder of just how exposed he was to his audience. Jason noticed that both Ken, during the 9:00 session, and Cecilia, during the 11:00 session, took the easel closest to his stretched bottom. It seemed that both of them were fascinated at the thought of their friend being forced to put the most intimate part of himself on such public display.

There was Burnside's class. Moving about the stage and pointing at her PowerPoint presentation, the professor quickly went down lecture material that was designed to provide structure and organization to the massive amount of reading she had assigned for the semester. As always, her lecture lasted exactly 48 minutes, with no breaks or pauses. The students frantically wrote into their notebooks, because every sentence, every phrase, coming out of Burnside's mouth was full of information. She used her time at the podium with ruthless efficiency. As for the two minutes at the end of the lecture, that was for announcements and reminding the students what they needed to read for the next class. Burnside took nothing for granted. Yes, the reading was in the syllabus, but if she brought it up in class as well, no one had any excuse for claiming the assignments were not clear.

Jason glanced back as Cecilia, who, as always, stood guarding the back doors and quietly listening to the professor.

Cecilia learned from her push-up experience the previous week to have a spare blouse in her backpack to avoid the trip back to the dorm after her Life Drawing class. She quickly changed, went over to Burnside's office, hoping her revised summer project finally would be acceptable and she could move on with her life. Burnside carefully looked down the revised citations and then thumbed over to Cecilia's comments about Max Weber. She looked up at the student, who was standing with a very nervous expression.

"You understand I don't agree with these comments about Weber?"

"Yes, Dr. Burnside, I understand that, but I got the sources to back up what I'm saying."

"Yes, you do. You backed up your argument, which is all I'm asking. I don't care if you agree with me or not, but I do care about you knowing the literature."

"Yes, Dr. Burnside."

"Well, this is acceptable. Not perfect, but it'll work. You'll get it back with my criticisms once I show it to the committee. But we do have to move on, don't we?"

"Yes, Dr. Burnside."

Of course that was not it as far as the visit was concerned. Burnside demanded to see a list of the books Cecilia had for her two upcoming term papers. She suggested some additional sources, then moved on to some economic formulas that she wanted Cecilia to learn by heart.

"I'll tell you where I'm going with all this. If your performance is adequate this year, I'm going to see about making you a department research assistant your junior year, for either myself or Dr. Halsey. That'll get some money in your pocket, because I know you're not getting any now. If you can hold out until next year, I'll try to fix that for you."

"Thank you, Dr. Burnside."

Once the freshman class was over, Cecilia met Lisa at the gym to work out. She listened attentively to Lisa's explanation about the gym equipment and setting up a workout schedule. Cecilia's attitude actually forced Lisa to push herself harder than she might have had she been exercising alone.

Lisa tried to get some more personal information out of Cecilia, but the RA always turned the conversation back to Lisa's life. Cecilia had given up more about herself than she had wanted the previous week and was determined not to make that mistake again. She cringed at the slip she made about her brother being in jail. That was not something Lisa, nor anyone else, needed to know. Anyhow, Cecilia's brother, like the rest of her relatives, no longer was in contact with her and thus had no relevance to her current responsibilities or relationships.

After the workout the two women showered and changed. Again Lisa noticed Cecilia's attractive figure and could see why Jason was so taken with her. As before, Cecilia put on a white thong before putting on her skirt, a small detail Lisa could relay to her friend that night at dinner.

Cecilia returned to her room to relax for an hour before meeting the other RA's for dinner. Part of her responsibility as RA was to dine every night with the rest of the dorm staff at dinner, no matter what. It was the one opportunity each day for all the RA's to be in one place at one time and thus be available for anything the director had to say to them. Cecilia did not mind the arrangement, because she would have felt uncomfortable eating with Lisa or Jason in the cafeteria.

Cecilia glanced up at the autographed picture of the singer Kimberly Lee and her Danubian partner Eloisa, the two women whose magical voices gave her personal thoughts coherence and her mind an escape from that horrible Rap music she had to listen to day in and day out while she was growing up. Cecilia hated the world from where she came. There's nothing glamorous about drug dealing, shooting at the police, gang life, and the mean streets, so why sing about that? She had lived that reality, had seen more than her share of awful events, and Rap music had been the sonic backdrop for many very unpleasant memories. She had left, never to go back, and her mind had left, never to go back.

The music of "Socrates' Mistresses" was crucial for Cecilia's mental transformation away from her life in New Jersey. She heard a song from the European group for the first time only two days after arriving at the university the year before. She was hooked the very first time she heard Kimberly Lee's voice. She desperately asked who that group was, and upon finding out their name, spent the only money she had in her pocket to buy a CD.

The first several songs were in Danubian, but that did not matter. The voice of the Danubian lead singer was so moving that Cecilia was almost left in tears, even though she didn't understand any of the words. But then came the song that Cecilia really needed to hear, Kimberly Lee's English rendition of "The Wall that Divides My Soul". Cecilia looked up the group's website and discovered that Lee had written the lyrics when she realized she was committed to living in Europe and could never return to her home in the United States. Kimberly Lee, an American stranded in the isolated country of Upper Danubia, had spoken directly to Cecilia, a Dominican stranded at a university in Chicago. Cecilia's life was divided, much in the same way Kimberly Lee's life had been divided. They both had left home. Now there was no home for either of them to return to.

The sad, dreamy music forced Cecilia's memories to drift into the past, to the place she lived in while growing up. As a child and as a teenager, whatever moments of happiness she might have enjoyed always were very fleeting and brief. There always was a lot of tension and resentment and very little love in the Sanchez household. The memories she had of her past were not happy ones, which was why she had no desire to stay in touch with her family.

The Sanchez family was assigned to a three-room unit in a Section 8 housing complex. There were a total of seven people crammed into that small space: her mother and whatever boyfriend she had at the time, two brothers, a cousin and her baby, and herself. Cecilia shared her room with the cousin and the infant. There were three women and three guys sharing two bathrooms, and the invariable screaming fits in the mornings over who was taking too much time getting cleaned up. And, of course, there always was that damn living room TV, turned up at full volume, day or night, so it could be heard in every room of the apartment. On top of that was her brothers' gangster-rap music competing against her cousin's Salsa, all mixed with the non-stop crying of her cousin's baby. Cecilia was constantly berating her cousin to pick up the baby or change him, but more often ended up doing it herself, just to quiet the child down. Too much noise and too many people packed tightly together, with the only escape being the street, or in Cecilia's case, the library. There were plenty of times she found an isolated corner desk on the second floor of the local library, and seduced by the quiet environment, promptly sat down and fell asleep.

In high school Cecilia's encounters with guys invariably had been unpleasant. Her old neighborhood and high school were filled with drug dealers and thugs on ego trips, whose minds were saturated with gangster mentality and blatant sexism. She had no desire whatsoever to surrender to any of that, she wanted more from her time on earth than getting pregnant at age 16 by some drug addled gang-member and spending her life on welfare. She earned the enmity of the guys in her class, who thought they were entitled to having sex with her, and of her female classmates, who were jealous of her independence and scornful of her good grades.

As a teenager Cecilia was disgusted by the squalid, noisy, and aggressive world in which she lived, and determined that whatever happened, she would remain in charge of her future and escape. She had the one advantage of being a very gifted young woman, one of the best students in mathematics at her high school. She also was good in social studies and clearly a cut above most of her classmates. Being one to the better students at Cecilia's high school wasn't particularly hard from an academic point of view, given that it was located in a blighted neighborhood and had one of the lowest graduation rates in the United States.

Cecilia became a rebel among her classmates simply by doing what the teachers told her to do, going to class every day, and making sure her homework was turned in on time. Even though she was in her teens, she knew that she had only one hope, and only one chance, of maintaining any kind of control over her life. She had to play the system by the rules, and above all, make sure she was among the few students from her school who actually graduated. She pushed ahead in her studies, with absolutely no support from her mother or brothers. In the end her independence became an obsession in her life, precisely because she had to battle so hard to maintain it while growing up. Cecilia's fixation on controlling her own life extended to her thoughts on relationships. She had extremely strong sexual urges, but was determined that no matter who she ended up with, she would be in charge, period. That was non-negotiable.

The wall that divided Cecilia's soul was that intensely hot July day she left her housing project to board a bus headed for Chicago to accept her scholarship. It was the day she took with her a bus ticket, $ 23, and a single carry-on bag that contained three changes of clothing, one romance novel, and the precious paperwork from her high school and the scholarship program that would allow her to begin her new life. It also was the day her mother flatly told her she was prohibited from leaving. There was a final round of shouting, and Cecilia almost gave in. Then one of her brothers, one of her own brothers, called her a "fuckin' bitch". Cecilia said nothing more. If her family was going to call her a "bitch", then they could go fuck themselves. She took off, with her mother yelling threats and insults at her back. She ran to the bus station, barely catching the outgoing bus for Chicago.

That was the wall that divided her soul, the day Cecilia Sanchez walked out on her relatives, never to return, something almost unheard of in her neighborhood. Just a few days later, the torment from that memory still fresh in her mind, she listened to Kimberly Lee's voice for the first time. There were other songs in English on the CD, most notably "Marooned", and "A question I cannot answer" that seemed to speak directly to her.

The scholarship student decided to e-mail Kimberly Lee, who, to her enormous surprise, wrote back. The fan and the group singer began corresponding and finally, for the first time in her life, Cecilia recounted to Kim in painful detail the circumstances of her flight from New Jersey. Shortly afterwards came the contract dispute and the banning of "Socrates' Mistresses"' music in the US. Cecilia then got a Christmas gift from Upper Danubia in the mail, a complete collection of CD's containing everything the group ever sang. One thing led to another and over the spring Cecilia found herself helping out on the group's website, answering fan mail, and organizing electronic petitions to get the ban on their music lifted. Cecilia's efforts on behalf of "Socrates' Mistresses" earned her two more gifts, the autographed picture and the Danubian dress, which in the US would have sold for $ 700.

Cecilia looked about her room. After a year in Chicago she still had very few material possessions. There was the computer on her desk, a cheap CD player, some additions to her wardrobe, her linens, and a few books. There was some paperwork and a recently acquired passport, just in case she needed to travel for the university. There were the gifts from Kimberly Lee, and a few CD's of classical music. And, that was it. Cecilia's scholarship paid for her tuition, books, room and board, a city bus pass, and Internet service, but did not give her much spending money and prohibited her from working an outside job. She was used to living without any money and really did not miss it.

Cecilia had no TV in her dorm room, which was not a problem for her. In New Jersey the living room TV had been turned on in her family's apartment non-stop while she was growing up, at maximum volume so it could be heard in every room. There were times Cecilia had to leave, simply to get away from the constant infernal noise of that fucking TV. Like Rap music, television was associated with a lot of bad memories in Cecilia's mind. It was very unlikely she ever would want to have a TV in her residence, even if she could afford one.

As she sat with her co-workers, Cecilia glanced at Jason Schmidt and his friends eating dinner. They exchanged smiles, but there would be business to take care of later. At 9:00 Jason would be expected to be in his room waiting for his RA to go over the material Burnside had presented that day in class. Following that, Jason would meet with his three friends and pass the information along to them. It was a routine that would last the entire semester, one that would assure four passing grades from the difficult economics class.

Jason scrambled to go over the readings and prepare his questions, while Cecilia worked on a project she had for the Theory of International Development. At 9:00 p.m. Cecilia showed up at his door. As always, Jason stood at attention while the RA barraged him with questions. Jason would learn over the semester that, no matter what was the personal relationship between them, Cecilia expected Jason to perform on cue when it came to Burnside's classes.

At 9:30 Cecilia dismissed him and presented her cheek for a good-bye kiss. Jason then had to start on the second part of his duty to the RA, updating his friends on the course material and making sure they were properly prepared for the Tuesday seminar and the Wednesday class.

The semester's daily routine was settled by Tuesday of the second week of classes: breakfast, classes, exercise, dinner, study. Over the next couple of days Jason wondered about Cecilia, given there was no indication they were any closer than they had been the previous Saturday night. The only way he could find out was to attempt to invite her out to a second classical concert over the weekend.

Instead of asking her out Wednesday night when she was still in his room, Jason decided to wait until the following evening and go over to Cecilia's room, with a vague idea of talking to her and perhaps getting a better idea of where exactly his relationship with her was headed. He called Lisa to escort him through the women's wing. She agreed, but was none too pleasant about it. Jason suddenly realized that Mike must have been in her room and it was likely he was interrupting their evening.

Jason could hear faint music coming out of the RA's room, the extremely haunting sound of women's voices and some very unique-sounding instruments. He recognized the music: it was a song from Cecilia's favorite group, "Socrates' Mistresses". Suddenly he remembered the autographed picture of the group's lead singers hanging on Cecilia's wall. He vaguely wondered about the story behind it.

Lisa clearly was impatient. She either wanted to deposit Jason in Cecilia's room, or escort him back out into the commons area and get back to whatever it was she was doing with Mike. More to avoid looking like a fool in front of Lisa than anything else, Jason forced himself to knock on the RA's door. The moment Cecilia opened, Lisa walked off and quickly disappeared into her room.

Cecilia greeted Jason by presenting her cheek for a kiss. Her appearance was a bit of a surprise. She looked extremely tired from barely having slept and seemed somewhat depressed. Her clothes were different as well. She was dressed in a mini-skirt and halter-top that left her shoulders completely bare, an outfit considerably more revealing than what she normally wore in public. Jason longingly glanced at Cecilia's uncovered shoulders and bare arms and legs. In spite of her exhausted appearance, in her abbreviated outfit she looked extremely sexy.

Jason suddenly became extremely nervous, because he realized he had no real reason for coming over. Cecilia, however, did understand why Jason was in her room. He was looking for answers. For one evening, a time she was in a melancholy mood and her defenses were down, she managed to open a window of her soul to him, even if it was just a tiny bit.

She began by asking him about his classes, taking a genuine interest in finding out what he had done that day. She then passed him a copy of the revised Burnside project, explaining about the paper and why it had kept her so busy over the previous weekend. She decided to tell him more about the professor and her own experiences as a freshman at the university the previous year, thinking it would be a good idea to warn Jason what he could expect later on from Ruth Burnside. She made it obvious her first year at the university had not been fun. It seemed that she did absolutely nothing other than study and work on research projects.

Jason, whose mind still was fresh out of high school and somewhat full of fantasies about crazy college life, was bewildered at the dreariness of Cecilia's first year.

"You didn't, like, go out with anyone, or go to parties, or do anything?"

"That's not what I'm here for. I'm here to study. Maybe, once I get my degree, you know, and a job, then I can relax. Until that happens, I'll do what Dr. Burnside tells me to do, because I'm not goin' back. My ass is hers until I graduate, but I'll deal with it. I am not goin' back."

"To... your housing project in New Jersey?"

Cecilia gave him a very sharp look. "That's right Jason, my housing project in New Jersey. So you knew that?"

"Uh... yeah."

"Did Lisa tell you?"


"Answer me! Did Lisa tell you about our conversation last week?"

"Uh... yeah, she told me."

"So you know about my family, and all that shit."

"She... uh... told me a few things..."

"And I told her not to say nothin'! And she did!"

Jason felt totally sick. He wondered if he had just sparked a fight between Cecilia and Lisa. At the very least he had cut off his only source of information about her, since it was obvious that Cecilia never would trust anything personal with Lisa again. And that the best he could hope for...

Cecilia was infuriated at Lisa, but Jason's fears of an open fight were unfounded. There was no way Cecilia would confront Lisa because doing so would not serve her interests. She still needed Lisa to help her learn how to use the gym equipment, and it was useful to Cecilia for Lisa to remain Jason's friend. On top of that Cecilia was Lisa's RA and at least needed to treat her with professional courtesy. But as for as placing any further personal trust in Lisa; that had ended.

Jason already knew more about Cecilia's background than she had wanted him to know, thanks to Lisa's big mouth. She now felt she needed to somehow explain herself to him, a situation that made her feel very vulnerable. She wasn't sure where or how to begin, and she wasn't sure how much information about herself she needed to give up. She then happened to glance at the picture of the two "Socrates' Mistresses" singers, who quietly and sadly stared back at her from behind Kimberly Lee's handwriting. The thought crossed Cecilia's mind that she didn't need to say anything at all to Jason; that perhaps she could let her favorite band speak for her.

"Jason, I'm gonna make you promise me something. I don't ever wanna have to talk to you about my life before I came to Chicago. I don't wanna talk to anybody about it. I don't wanna think about it, 'cause it's over! I don't want you askin' me, get it?"

"It's OK. I won't ask you. I promise."

Cecilia sighed.

"But I do owe you something, and I'll try. If you wanna understand me, listen to this."

She took the "Socrates' Mistresses" CD out of her CD player and replaced it with an older CD from the same group. She skipped ahead to the song she wanted Jason to hear. She hit the play button, and Jason listened to Kimberly Lee sing "The Wall that Divides My Soul". Jason vaguely knew the story behind the song; that Lee had written the lyrics when she realized she was committed to living in Europe and could never return to her home in the United States. He knew right away why Cecilia wanted him to hear the song and listened to it attentively. Cecilia's life was divided, much in the same way Kimberly Lee's life had been divided. Cecilia thought he did not need to know the details, but the conversation and the song gave him a general idea of what had happened to her the previous year.

As Jason sat quietly listening to Cecilia's CD, she shook her head, signed, and started rubbing her temples and neck. She was trying to cope with a vicious headache and stiffness from having sat at her computer since the beginning of the semester with very little sleep. Jason asked her what was wrong.

"What's wrong is that I'm tired. You know, I'm trying to do about five different things at once. I guess... it just... finally caught up with me."

"Is there anything I can do... you know, to make you feel better?"

The RA thought about it for a moment. Yes, there was something that would make her feel better. She wanted to have her neck massaged and would ask Jason to do it. A neck massage would be a good way for her to test him, to see if he could do something physical to her but stay within the limits of what she wanted. It was a simple desire, but at the same time a very momentous decision, given that Jason would be the first man allowed to touch her in nearly four years.

"There is something you can do for me, if you want. If you could rub the back of my neck and my shoulders I'd really appreciate it."

Cecilia tied up her hair and moved into the room's armchair. She sat quietly, looking straight ahead. Jason, not saying anything, stepped behind the chair and placed his fingertips on her skin. He gently began pressing into the stiff muscles of her neck, slowly working his way up to the top under her thick black hair. He moved his fingers back down, and cautiously massaged her, pressing his fingers in a little harder to get her body to relax. She closed her eyes and sighed, smiling slightly. His heart jumped, as he realized he was doing something that pleased her. He pressed into her shoulders a bit harder and again worked his way back up to the top of her neck. He spent a long time accommodating her request, obediently rubbing harder or softer as commanded.

Jason felt a surge of erotic desire when he realized that if he stood directly over her, he could peek down the cleavage of his girlfriend's halter top and see quite a bit of her chest. He felt extremely daring as he looked down at her breasts, because he knew she had not given him permission to see that part of her body. Jason did not think about the enormous irony of the situation, that she had seen him completely naked several times over the past two weeks for extended periods of time, and here he was, excited about catching a fleeting glimpse of her breasts by looking down into her top.

Cecilia told Jason to put some lotion on her shoulders and continue massaging. She instructed him to move to her hands and arms. He started with her fingers, massaging them one by one, then pressed her hands to try to push out the soreness from all that typing. He moved on to her forearms and worked her muscles as he slowly moved back up to her shoulders. She obviously was enjoying this. He felt a real joy in being able to touch so much of her body and doing something that pleased her.

Cecilia was nodding off. He took her hand and helped her to move to her bed to lie down. Seeing her bare legs and feet Jason wondered whether or not she would like to have the lower part of her body massaged as well. Her voiced sounded infinitely tired as she responded: "I'd like that, Jason. But I want you to concentrate on my feet, and don't go above my knees. I'm warnin' you, don't go above my knees."

Jason spent the next half-hour massaging her feet and calves, as he admired her smooth dark skin and looked longingly at her bare thighs and the small patch of white cloth between her legs up under her skirt. The thought that he would someday get the chance to touch that bare flesh and kiss her tender dark skin tormented him with desire, but unfortunately tonight that part of her body was off-limits.

The sound of her breathing changed, indicating she had fallen asleep. Jason stopped massaging. The sight of Cecilia sleeping and helpless was strange to him, one that he could not resist enjoying for a few minutes. In spite of being in love with her, he also was somewhat afraid of her and it was nice to see her lying quietly with a peaceful expression.

He turned out the light and sat in the dark for a few minutes, wondering what to do about getting out of the room. He did not want to wake up Cecilia just to escort him out, nor was calling Lisa an option. Finally he decided to slip out and head to the commons area by himself. It was late and it was unlikely any of the female floor residents would see him, or if they did, confront him.

As he opened the door, he took one last look at her, as she lay on the bed in her hot room. He fervently wished he could have been lying next to her, both of them naked, after having made love. He wanted that day to come. He knew it would, just not soon enough.

Two nights later Jason took Cecilia out on their second date. The outing was a repeat of the first date; except that Jason managed to avoid many of the mistakes he committed the previous week. He was properly dressed in a dark gray suit with his shoes properly shined and his shirt ironed, his cell phone was left back at his dorm room, and he already had reservations set up at another restaurant recommended by Mike.

When he met her at her door, Cecilia was dressed in her Danubian dress. Once again she was the perfect picture of feminine beauty and elegance, her physical appearance contrasting with her rough East Coast accent. She glanced approvingly at her date, satisfied at his effort to make himself presentable to her. She rewarded him with a very pleasant smile. She took his hands as she greeted him, but still presented her cheek instead of her mouth for Jason's kiss.

Cecilia spent that night digging deeper into Jason's life, finding out about his interests and what had affected him throughout his childhood. She may have been unwilling to talk about herself, but was very good at getting Jason to expose his most intimate thoughts and desires. She became curious about his nudism, getting out of him his habit of skinny-dipping in his parents' pool while he was growing up and his nude forays around the house when his family was not home.

Throughout the night she allowed more physical contact: more hugging, more hand-holding, more light seductive touches on the forearm, to signal she was ready to move towards a more serious relationship. She worked to put him at ease and make him feel comfortable being with her.

However, in many very small and subtle ways, Cecilia also let Jason know that she would remain in complete control of their time together. By the time the evening ended Cecilia's unspoken message to her boyfriend was very clear; she was not to be crossed. He would learn to meet his own needs by satisfying hers, that to make her happy was to make himself happy. Her disapproval on any detail, no matter how trivial, was something he needed to avoid.

As they walked back through the university following dinner, Cecilia drew herself close to Jason. She put her arms around him and allowed her cheek to rest on his shoulder. She was immensely happy. Yes. He was the one, he the man she had been waiting for. Maybe he didn't know it yet, but he was the one destined to serve her.

Chapter 5 - Two Streakers

Jason spent the following Sunday with his friends, once again going on a hike along the shore of Lake Michigan north of Chicago. It was a very pleasant outing, made even more so by Jason's extremely upbeat mood over his successful date with the RA the night before.

The group got back from their hike relatively late. After getting cleaned up and changed they decided to go into Ken's room and order a pizza, after having missed dinner. Jason thought about going over the Burnside class materials for the next day. However, before he had a chance to say anything, Lisa and Mike decided to play cards. The four friends played a couple of rounds, but it was just for fun, there was no betting.

Ken then suggested making the game more interesting by playing a round of Strip Poker. Jason agreed, as did Lisa. Mike was a bit reluctant, for a very good reason. He knew that Lisa, whose father worked at a casino in Reno, was an excellent card player. He already knew what the game's outcome would be; Lisa would win. The only question would be in what order she would strip her three companions. However, under pressure from the others, he finally went along.

Lisa cut the cards and crisply shuffled them. She quickly and expertly dealt the first round, the cards landing precisely in groups in front of each player. Jason and Ken glanced at each other, suddenly realizing they were facing a very tough opponent. Just how tough became evident within 15 minutes, when Ken, the first loser of the game, pulled down his underwear and handed it to Lisa. She made him stand with his hands behind his head for about 30 seconds, but then ordered him to sit back down and dealt him another hand of cards.

"OK, Ken, now you're playing for penalties instead of clothes. The way this'll work is that we'll play until there's only one winner. The first and second loser will stay in, playing for penalties, until we have our third loser. Once we're done, the winner will figure out what the penalties will be."

Jason lost his shirt the following round and Mike lost his socks on the next round. Ken then lost again. Lisa ordered Ken to stand and took a black magic marker to draw a "P" on his chest, indicating he had a penalty against him. Jason's shorts came off in the next round, and, since he wasn't wearing underwear, that made him the game's second loser. Ken lost the following round, earning a second "P" on his chest, then Jason lost the next two rounds, earning two penalties and two "P's" on his chest. Mike, the final holdout, battled Lisa and got as far as getting her shoes and socks off, but then she got his shirt and his shorts and reduced him to his underwear. Ken lost yet another round and earned himself a third penalty. Then Mike lost again. He stepped out of his final piece of clothing and quietly handed it to his girlfriend. He wouldn't have any penalties against him, but would not be allowed to get dressed until Ken and Jason were done with their punishments.

Lisa ordered Jason and Ken to stand next to each other, hands at their sides, while she took several pictures, from the front, from the sides, and from the back. She handed the camera to Mike, and then posed with her two victims. She stood between them and placed her hands over their penises, in a pose mocking their modesty. She ordered them to go into the hallway for another round of photos. The final shot was when she ordered them to get on their hands and knees next to each other. Still fully dressed, Lisa climbed up on their backs for a pyramid pose.

By the time she finished, Lisa and Mike had shot an entire roll of film of 36 pictures. Ken and Jason were stupefied at Lisa's imagination when it came to making them do embarrassing things. Unfortunately for both losers, there was much more coming from their friend's sadistic desires.

Lisa ordered Jason and Ken to stand in front of her, as she took her magic marker and crossed out a "P" on each of their chests. One penalty down. There were two more to go for Ken, one to go for Jason.

Lisa decided to do Ken's extra penalty next, then have Ken and Jason do their final penalty together. She ordered Mike to switch the roll of film in the camera and prepare to take yet more pictures. She then sat on Mike's bed and ordered Ken to lie across her lap. For a couple of minutes she gently massaged Ken's bottom and pressed between his legs to get him to spread for her. Jason looked at Ken's face, which showed an odd expression of anticipation. Ken was not nervous or embarrassed at all, he was excited!

"You know, you really are a bad boy, and we all know what bad boys deserve."

With that Lisa began spanking. She spanked softly at first, but quickly she picked up both her pace and the force of her swats. Jason could hear his friend breathing. Sweat formed on his forehead and his face reflected a mix of discomfort and intense pleasure. Mike took a couple of pictures, but Jason could tell that he too, had noticed Ken was enjoying being spanked by Lisa. He clearly was irritated with both of them.

As Jason sat in Mike's armchair watching Ken's punishment, the slaps continued, five minutes...ten minutes. The scene moved him, the submission of Ken to Lisa and the intense pleasure it was bringing to him. Ken's reddening bottom-cheeks were nicely spread and bounced each time Lisa's hand made contact. Ken was making no effort to clench his bottom or in any way avoid the full impact of Lisa's swats.

Jason thought about Cecilia and her dominating personality. He wondered...was it possible that Cecilia might someday put him over her lap? his heart pounded at the thought...that perhaps, not too far off in the future, he might be laying naked across Cecilia's thighs and submitting to her discipline. As he watched Lisa's hand continue its cruel and yet intimate contact with Ken's red bottom, Jason fervently wished it could have been him and Cecilia...his beloved Cecilia's hand against his bare bottom...

Finally Ken's spanking ended. Jason could tell that Mike's mood had changed for the worse, something that fortunately Lisa noticed as well. She tried to repair the damage by passionately kissing her naked boyfriend, and in doing so managed to settle his temper a bit.

Ken meanwhile, stood up, rubbing his bottom and turning away as he tried to hide an erection. He had thoroughly enjoyed the spanking. He looked longingly at Lisa as she kissed Mike. He wanted more, and was wondering how to get more.

Once Lisa calmed Mike's jealousy and Ken calmed his state of arousal, it was time to complete the final penalty. This was one that Jason and Ken would share. They would have to sneak out the dorm wearing nothing but their shoes, streak to the university student center, actually enter the student center, take a picture to prove they were there, and then streak back to the dorm. Mike added a condition. There was a display of campus political fliers near the student center's main staircase. Jason and Ken would have to pick up fliers before fleeing the building to prove they had made it that far in. It was unlikely there would be anyone in the student center so late on a Sunday night, but still, Mike's added condition made the streaking expedition much more risky.

The student center was more than half a mile from Huntington Hall, but going out and coming back didn't present much risk of being caught. There was a back route to the student center that was mostly hidden by hedges and trees. The back way had only one danger spot, a quick dash across the courtyard in front of the University Library. The main risk of being caught was in the student center itself, but that was what made Lisa's penalty so daring and exciting.

The two streakers put on their shoes while Mike put on his shorts. The four students slipped down the hallway to the back stairwell. The agreement was that Mike would stand outside waiting outside the dorm's back entrance for the two runners to come back. Upon checking to make sure they had the required political fliers in their possession, he would signal Lisa to let all three of them in through the back stairwell.

Jason was scared out of his wits, wondering how on earth he had let himself be dragged into this weird adventure. At the same time he was excited and determined to have a successful run. The real danger only would last about 60 seconds: the quick dash to the student center's main staircase, grabbing a couple of fliers, and then getting the out of the building before Campus Security spotted them.

Jason and Ken said nothing as they jogged along the dark sidewalks and made their way to the student center. They both were used to running three to four miles a day, so a half-mile jog was no big deal. Actually Jason always had fantasized about being able to jog in the nude, and now here he was, doing it for real. The cool night air actually felt very nice on his bare body.

They came up between the final two buildings before having to sprint across the library courtyard. There were several students walking about, but it couldn't be helped. The two streakers nerved themselves and dashed across the lit area, trying to run as fast as they could as they heard the whistles and applause of their late-night spectators. They quickly disappeared into the darkness and completed the final leg to the student center.

Now came the hard part. They came up behind a kiosk, the final item that offered any concealment from the student center. There was a couple sitting near the main fountain, but that was it as far as potential spectators. Ken tapped Jason's shoulder.

"Let's just do it. We'll go straight to the stairs. You grab the fliers, and I'll get your picture while you're doing it. Then we run like hell."

The next two chaotic minutes would be the two longest minutes of their lives. They ran straight across the courtyard, ignoring the squeal of the female sitting at the fountain. They had to try several doors before finding one that was not locked. Once inside they frantically ran to the stairwell, and as planned Jason grabbed a fistful of fliers as Ken's flash went off.


It was a female officer from Campus Security, standing at the top of the stairs!

Jason glanced at Ken, and they decided to make a run for it. They bolted for the door.


They frantically ran for the unlocked door with the security officer in hot pursuit. Then something extremely fortunate happened, as the officer pulled out her police radio to call back-up, she dropped it. The radio clattered on the floor and she had to stop in her tracks to pick it up. She frantically keyed the device and shouted for her partner, but it was too late. Jason and Ken had made it out the door. They scrambled across the courtyard and fled into the darkness.

They made their way to the dark sidewalk of the back route, running as fast as they could. To their horror they heard the crackle of a police radio behind them, which indicated they still were being pursued. Jason realized they would be caught for sure if they stayed on the sidewalk; their only hope was to try to sneak back through the bushes. Jason saw a break in the shrubbery and grabbed Ken's arm. They pushed through and got on their hands and knees, and then crawled through the mud, parallel to the walkway. Sure enough, Jason had been right. Two security officers came down the sidewalk on bicycles, their headlights illuminating what was in front of them.

As the two streakers knelt in terror, the officers stopped only a few feet away from them. Jason and Ken could hear their conversation.

"Jamie, are you sure they came this way?"

"No, I'm not completely sure, but what other way could they have gone? Polk is out watching the Baker Street exit and he's not seen them. The only other way is out through the academic buildings, and that area's completely lit."

"Alright, let's keep looking. This time I want to get 'em. It's the third time this weekend and I'm sick of this."

The officers split up, riding their bicycles in opposite directions. Jason and Ken frantically crawled towards the library, now a huge forbidding open space they had to cross to make it back to the dubious safety of the dark walkway on the other side. To their relief there were very few people milling about in the courtyard. They crashed through the bushes and dashed into the lit area. There was a whistle and some clapping as they frantically ran to the dark exit on the other side. They had to pass a single female student who was weighted down with textbooks. That wouldn't have been a problem except for one awful detail. The woman turned around and the two naked, sweaty, mud-covered students found themselves staring right into the face of their RA. They were so shocked they stopped dead in their tracks.

Cecilia was not pleased. She shifted her heavy armload of books as she called them over.

"OK you two, get over here. Now!"

Reluctantly the two streakers approached their RA. There was no point in running anymore. They were busted. The police radio crackled in the distance as Cecilia glanced over at the dark path. She could see a light approaching and illuminating the bushes. She rushed to set her books down, almost dropping them.

"On your knees, quick!"

Jason and Ken hesitated. Cecilia slapped their shoulders.

"Get on your knees!"

Just as Jason and Ken got on their knees, the two security officers rode into the library courtyard. Jason could hear one of them announce into his radio.

"OK, Polk, we got 'em."

"10-4. Good job."

What Cecilia did next totally shocked her two companions. She was as calm as could be, putting on an acting job that should have won her an Oscar.

"Officer, is there a problem?"

"Yeah, young lady, there's a problem! These two are under arrest!"

"Uh, sir. This is Tri-Alpha pledge week. It's their initiation. We do this every year, and we've never had a problem. Didn't your supervisor tell you?"

The male officer turned to the female.

"Jamie, did you hear anything about this?"

"No, I missed the nightly briefing. But I think she's right. If it's the Tri-Alpha thing we gotta leave 'em alone. I remember that from last year."

The female turned to Cecilia with a totally disgusted expression.

"Alright young lady, just get these two out of here. I don't care if you're a Tri-Alpha or not, you need to keep this initiation crap away from places like the library. Show us some decency for once." The officer then pulled out her radio. "It's a no-go, Polk, they're Tri-Alphas. Sorry about that."

Jason and Ken breathed a huge sigh of relief as the officers rode off. Well, that was one problem resolved, but now they had another. They stood up and looked at Cecilia. Her expression was not pleasant.

"Here, you two take my books. Now let's get back to Huntington Hall before anything else happens."

Cecilia took the muddy camera and fliers from Ken and Jason, as each stooped down to pick up a stack of books. Jason was dumbfounded she had been trying to carry so much back to her room with no assistance. With her next words he realized carrying that heavy load unassisted had not been her intention.

"By the way, Jason, I tried callin' you over the last couple of hours because I needed you to help me with these books. So now I know why you weren't pickin' up. This is really great. I'm really proud of you."

Jason said nothing. He struggled to hold the books out away from his muddy chest, figuring it would be the last thing he ever would do for Cecilia. He was as miserable as a person could be, convinced whatever relationship he might have had with her now was gone. He couldn't see how she would want to stay with him after this.

Ken was quiet as well. None of this would have happened if it hadn't been for his stupid suggestion to play Strip Poker in the first place. He felt bad for Jason, knowing that he really liked the RA and was just starting to go out with her. Thanks to him, Jason was going to be without a girlfriend and what was much worse, he wouldn't have her helping him with the economics class stuff.

As Cecilia led her naked companions back to the dorm, two things were going on in her thoughts. She was genuinely angry at the two freshmen, more for their stupidity than anything else. However, she also was pondering how to turn the incident to her advantage in her relationship with Jason. She could tell by his expression and behavior he was convinced that she was about to leave him. In Cecilia's mind that was not the case at all; she had no intention of leaving him. Quite to the contrary, the streaking incident ultimately would help her establish the type of relationship that she wanted with him. She would play on his guilt and embarrassment, punish him, and use the nude run as part of her plan to bring him under completely under her control.

They made it back to the back entrance of Huntington Hall, where Mike, wearing nothing but a pair of shorts, was waiting outside the door. Cecilia brusquely handed him the fliers and camera and ordered her three dorm residents upstairs to Ken's room. As they went up the back stairs Lisa joined them, sadly trailing behind the others.

Once in Ken's room Cecilia ordered the four students to stand next to each other, without giving Ken and Jason permission to get dressed. They made a sorry sight, with miserable expressions and their bodies streaked with mud and covered with scratches.

The RA took up her position in front of her residents, trying to act as angry as possible. In reality she found the whole affair extremely funny, but was not about to let the four freshmen know that.

"So let's hear it. What were you doing?"

Reluctantly Mike and Lisa told Cecilia the story about the Strip Poker game and how things "sort of got out of hand". They were extremely apologetic, dreading the thought of being written up. Obviously this was not going to look good on their student records. Cecilia sighed, pretending to struggle with how she, as the floor RA, should handle a difficult situation. She sadly shook her head.

"Look, I gotta think this over. I'm not sure how I'm gonna deal with it." She glanced over at Lisa. "Where's the roll of film?"

Lisa sadly pointed at a roll sitting on top of Mike's clothes. Cecilia took the film and put it in her pocket. She then told Lisa to hand her the video card out of her digital camera and pocketed that as well.

"I'm confiscatin’ these. I really hope there's nothing illegal in here, 'cause you're in enough trouble already." Again Cecilia feigned a sad sigh. "OK. I think we've had enough excitement for the evening. Lisa, you're gonna help me with my books. Jason, I want you to get cleaned up and wait for me in your room. I'll be over in five minutes. I gotta talk to you alone."

Jason gathered up his clothes as Cecilia loaded Lisa's arms with a stack of books. As the two women disappeared into the commons area Jason grabbed a towel out of his room and went to the shower. He cleaned off the mud and soaped his scratches as quickly as he could, rinsed off, and returned to his room. Cecilia already was standing outside, waiting for him.

Once in the room, Cecilia ordered Jason to hang up his towel and stand in front of her. There was no mention of him getting dressed, and he knew better than to ask.

"Jason, you got anything more to add, about what happened tonight?"

"No, uh... you know... it's kinda what Lisa said... that it just got out of hand..."

"You understand that I'm really pissed at you?"

Jason nodded. Cecilia put her finger under his chin and forced him to look up.

"Jason, let's get something straight. I don't want you nodding, or going 'uh' or saying 'yeah' when I ask you a question. You're gonna answer me with courtesy and respect. Now, let's try this again. You understand that I'm really pissed at you?"

"Yes, Cecilia, I understand."

"Do you know why?"

"Because I shouldn't have gone out streaking?"

"Because you shouldn't have put yourself at risk like that! Runnin' around nude in the student center! What were you thinking? But that's not the worst part, Jason. That's not what really pisses me!"

"It isn't?"

Cecilia looked straight into Jason's eyes, her expression full of hurt and anger, some of which was genuine.

"Jason, here's why I'm really mad at you. Do you understand why you didn't get arrested?"

"Yeah, 'cause you told 'em we were doing a Tri-Alpha initiation... and... I really wanted to thank you for..."

"Stuff it. What you did, Jason, was you made me tell a lie. I had to tell a lie to Campus Security to get you out of trouble. That's why I'm pissed at you. You made me lie, Jason, you... made... me... lie! Do you have any idea how much I hate liars? And you turned me into one!"

Jason said nothing. He was so upset he felt sick. Cecilia continued.

"There's somethin' else about tonight that really hurt me. I spent tonight checkin' stuff out of the library and I needed you. I needed you to come over and help me carry all those research books back to my room. I tried callin' you for two hours, 'cause I needed your help. And when I needed you, you weren't there for me! Jason, how can I have a relationship with someone who isn't there for me?"

"I... I'm sorry... I... don't know..."

"You really let me down. I don't think you can imagine how much you hurt me, by doing that stupid shit. I mean, weren't you thinkin' about me... about our relationship... at all?"

She turned away, waiting for Jason to respond. The next move was up to him.

"Cecilia... please... I want to... make this up to you. I'm really sorry... and I... want to make it up to you."

"And just how do you think you're gonna do that?"

"I don't know, but I want to make it up to you. I'll do whatever you tell me." Jason thought for a second, and remembered Cecilia's comment that first night, when she had mentioned "paddling that cute bare bottom" of his. His heart jumped. Maybe...

"What about... uh... punishing me? Like... uh... spanking me, like you said... if I... uh... went in the commons area?"

Cecilia kept her outward expression of hurt and anger, but inwardly she was elated. He was right where she wanted him to be.

"Jason, of course I gotta punish you for this. But I can't do it tonight 'cause you're gonna pose tomorrow and I don't want you all marked up and people in the Art Department askin' questions. We'll have to do it Friday, after class."

Jason's heart stopped in terror, not only at the knowledge that she was indeed going to punish him, but also from the completely casual way she was talking about it.

"I'm not talkin' about your punishment," continued Cecilia, "what else do you think you ought to be doin' to make this up to me?"

"I'll do whatever you want. Anything you want, I'll do it. I'll never let you down again."

Cecilia took Jason's hands and gave him a teary smile.

"You promise? You won't never let me down again?"

Jason felt he needed to give Cecilia a dramatic gesture to symbolize his dedication to her. He kissed her hands and then hugged her.

It was time for Cecilia to go, but she had a parting gift for him. She needed to reward Jason for acknowledging it was his responsibility to serve her needs and accept punishment from her when he needed it. She put her hands on his bare arms, and very gently and seductively gave him a good-night kiss... on the mouth.

Cecilia returned to her room and noticed the time. It already was past 1:00 a.m. She sighed, wishing that it wasn't so late, but time does fly, especially if you need the sleep.

The RA got undressed and decided to relieve her physical urges before closing her eyes. In the darkened room she gently caressed her body, thinking about the extremely fortunate chain of events that had transpired that night. Yes, she had been infuriated as she left the library lugging nearly 30 research books and no one to help her. However, to see Jason and Ken running towards her naked like that... with totally panicked expressions and covered in mud... that would remain one of the funniest memories of her life.

What totally stunned Cecilia was how easy it had been. Less than two weeks after meeting Jason, she was about to get everything she had hoped for in her relationship with him. She had figured it would take at least several weeks before she could begin disciplining him, but it turned out that next Friday evening would be the big night. Friday he was to bend over and present his bare bottom for its first punishment.

The RA thought about what she should use. She figured her choices were buying a paddle at the campus souvenir shop, or finding a good thick belt and using that. The paddle was the easier choice, but she really wanted to go with a belt, if she could find the right one. It needed to be made of thick, heavy leather, but at the same time be very flexible and pliable. An old used belt would serve her well; assuming it was heavy enough. A new belt would be too stiff and not pack the sting she wanted.

Cecilia already knew how she would choreograph Jason's punishment. She would arrive at his room at a predetermined time, wearing a somewhat sexy outfit that left her arms and shoulders bare and free to swing. He would be waiting for her, not wearing anything, of course. She would show him the belt and lay it on his bed in full view. She would order him to get on his knees and explain to her why he needed to be disciplined. Then she would instruct him to position the armchair in the center of the room so she could move about freely. She carefully would guide him over the back of the chair, with his hands resting on the chair's arms and his waist bent over the back. She would order him to spread his legs and stick his butt out. Slowly at first, she would begin swinging, gradually picking up the tempo and force of the swats. For a long time the room would be full of the cracking of old leather against bare skin. Finally, when it was over, she would comfort him, letting him know that she loved him and only was doing this to make him a better and stronger person.

Cecilia's desire to punish Jason had nothing to do with cruelty. She needed the Jason that she was creating, but also was convinced he needed her. She saw the freshman as a person who in some ways was still very vulnerable and whose personality was not yet completely formed. He had a weak, immature character that needed to surrender control to a caring, but stronger-willed person.

After that initial session with the belt, he would learn to submit in every detail of his life, not just by presenting his bottom for punishment. He would submit to her sexual desires and strive to adapt to her needs. During the day he would serve her in many mundane ways, such as carrying things for her, seating her, opening doors for her, and attending to a multitude of other details to make her life more pleasant. That was his destiny; that was why he had become part of her life.

Cecilia gasped and moaned as her fingers rubbed around her clitoris and through the juices of her arousal. Tonight it was fantasy, but in just five days, it would be real... Jason's lovely bottom decorated with a series of red stripes and his face streaked with tears... and the real beginning of his new life under her guidance.