Dance Class Partners - F/m ending
by EC

James let one night go by before calling Carrie. He was desperate to talk to her and see her again, but didn’t want to let on. What he didn’t realize was that she had him figured out. She knew he was desperate to see her again, and also knew that he would try (and fail) to hide it from her. After all, he was only 18, an inexperienced and naive 18. He called right when she expected him to call, on the second night she had made herself available to talk to him.

At that moment Carrie still wasn’t sure what she wanted from James. She cared about him, but saw him as a person who was very unfocused and needed some guidance. She knew plenty about his life from listening to his nervous chatter and could tell that he was a very lonely and unhappy person. She could see that in him, because she knew from her own experience what it was to be shut out of a normal social life.

When James called, he was very nervous and unsure of himself. Like the timing of the call, his nervous behavior was exactly what Carrie was expecting. She knew that part of the reason he was nervous was that he, like her, felt drawn into a relationship that made no sense. However she also could tell he was nervous because of what he did and did not know about her. He knew nothing about her past, but he did know that pain and suffering were an important part of what had made Carrie who she was.

There was a dilemma facing James that struck him only after she had picked up the phone. When you’re 18, just where do you invite a woman who is 32? He hardly could imagine taking her to a campus party. He had no clue what kind of movie she might like. When he suggested taking her out to a hamburger restaurant near campus, she flatly told him she didn’t eat meat. That rebuke unsettled him and left him with no other options. Finally she resolved the problem herself.

“I’m working the early shift on Friday and I’m getting off at 6:00. Why don’t you just pick me up at work and we’ll head back to my place? I’ll cook you dinner.”

James agreed. He was nervous about going back to her house and not really looking forward to eating whatever she’d be cooking for him, but he realized he might be even more uncomfortable with her in public. It was true that going back to her house was the best option.

Friday afternoon James left his dorm and caught a bus to go the short distance from campus to Carrie’s restaurant. The restaurant was fairly nice and Carrie was wearing the black dress that was the uniform for all female employees. Her hair was done up and she was wearing make-up. The make-up was a bit of a surprise to him, because he had never seen her wearing anything on her face before.

When they got back to her house, the first thing Carrie did was wash her face to get the make-up off. She took off her hose and work shoes, replacing them with a pair of flip-flops. She left her work dress on because of her guest. Normally she wore nothing when alone in the house, but figured he wasn’t quite ready for that.

Carrie had James help her in the kitchen, directing him to cut up vegetables and set the table. He did not realize it, but that night of cooking would be important for his future with Carrie. She put him to work partly to keep him busy and make him less nervous. However, she had other purposes for having him help her. She wanted to see how cooperative he was and how willing he was to follow orders. His willingness to follow orders in the kitchen would, in turn, determine how the rest of the night would unfold. It turned out that the nervous freshman was willing to do whatever she told him to do.

Carrie thought about her camera and her photography. She realized that she had enjoyed looking at James’ body the previous night they had been together. She began thinking about how she might get him to pose for her, because she wanted to add his body to her collection of photographic images.

As they ate dinner, she quietly probed him with questions about his feelings towards nudity and photography. It turned out that he was quite fascinated by nude photography. Carrie talked about her own photography, and then dropped a small fact about her past, that she had worked as a nude model for the university art department before she got married. That detail of her life fascinated James. He asked her what nude modeling was like, to which she responded:

“I loved it. It gave me a real rush, standing there completely naked in front of all those people, and having them study me in detail. It was a total turn-on for me.”

The expression in James’ eyes answered Carrie’s question. He would be perfectly willing to pose for her if she handled it right.

They sat down on her sofa and began kissing. She pulled off his shirt and unbuckled his pants. When he moved his hand to unzip the back of her dress, she moved it away.

“You need to wait, James. You need to be patient. Right now it’s my turn.”

She pulled his pants and underwear off, leaving him totally naked. She would remain completely dressed. He felt very vulnerable, but that feeling of vulnerability made him very aroused. She was free to explore and touch his body, but hers was still concealed by the black restaurant dress.

Carrie very quickly established herself as the dominant partner in the relationship as she continued to caress and kiss her naked boyfriend on the sofa. He was scared, but at the same time he was thoroughly enjoying the experience. She decided to take matters one step further. She backed off slightly, placed her hand on his bare chest and looked him straight in the eyes.

“I have a question for you, and I need you to answer me honestly.”

“Uh…yeah, I promise. I’ll be honest…”

“You know that there’s a leather paddle hanging near the window. When I got back Monday night, I noticed that it had been turned around. It wasn’t hanging the way I usually hang it. Now, was it you who moved it?”


“Answer me honestly, James. Did you touch that paddle?”

“Yes…I…I…you know…I was curious…so I picked it up.”

Her hand stayed pressed against his chest, where she could feel his heart beating furiously.

“…and what were you thinking when you were handling it?”

“I…I was kinda curious to see what it felt like.”

“That’s it? Just curious to see what it felt like? Maybe you were wondering something else?”

He swallowed, and then continued: “I…kinda wondered…why you have it…you know…hanging up like that.”

She gave his a very stern look. “I’m not gonna answer that, because you already know. You know why I have that paddle.”

Yes, he already knew why she had the paddle. She was going to spank him with it. That’s why she had it.

Deep down in his soul, James had a secret fantasy, one that had been part of him for many years. He wanted to be spanked. He wanted to experience the joy of presenting his naked bottom to a woman he loved. He wanted to feel the intimate heat of punishment against his bare skin. Then he wanted to be held and reassured. Finally, his bottom still feeling the hot sting of the spanking, he wanted to make love. That was his secret desire, and somehow Carrie had picked up on it.

With that she kissed him and began fondling his body. She ran her fingertips between his thighs and brushed the tip of his very hard penis. His heart continued to pound with terror and anxiety, but also with intense arousal and desire. She took his shoulders and motioned him to lie across her lap. He obediently settled over her thighs. The cloth of her dress rubbing against his bare body renewed his exposed and vulnerable feeling, a feeling he totally loved.

Carrie rested her hand on his bottom. Very gently she began caressing his bottom cheeks as he trembled with anticipation. So she was right. She knew him, and understood what he needed.

“We have all night, so we’re gonna take our time. I want you to think about what’s gonna happen.”

She continued gently rubbing his bottom, running her fingertips between his thighs and brushing the sensitive skin on the backs of his testicles. He shuddered and spread his legs to allow her to explore him more intimately.

“Think about it. Think about what’s gonna happen. This is what you’ve always wanted, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it’s what I’ve always wanted.”

Again he trembled, from excitement and anticipation. He no longer was afraid. He was immensely happy, having found the woman who understood him and could give him the life he needed. As he lay over her lap, waiting for the first slap, James experienced a feeling of fulfillment he never had imagined was possible. It was the happiest moment of his life.

She leaned down to kiss his bottom and then began patting it to let him know that the punishment was about to begin. She delivered a very sharp SLAP! At last, the spanking James had waited for was starting.

She began with moderate slaps, spanking him on alternate sides to slowly build up the stinging and pinkness in his backside. As she had told him, they had all night, so she was in no hurry. She spanked slowly and sensuously, gradually building up the heat in his eagerly waiting bottom-cheeks. His penis stiffened and pressed into her thigh, much to her satisfaction. Yes, that erection would have to be taken care of as well.

Carrie continued the first part of James’ spanking for about 20 minutes. That was the pleasurable part of his spanking, the part that would stimulate him and get him ready to make love to her. They would make love, but then the spanking would have to continue. James had to understand the meaning of pain as well as pleasure, so he could appreciate both elements in his life and his relationship with Carrie.

After about 20 minutes James’ bottom was a lovely shade of deep pink and hot to the touch. His nerves were on edge and his senses totally awakened. He felt more alive than he had ever felt before.

Carrie quit slapping and began massaging the sweaty pink skin of her lover’s bottom. She told him to sit up and gently circled the tip his very hard penis with her fingers. It was bobbing slightly and he seemed that he was just about to come. It was a lovely erection, one that Carrie wanted inside her.

She pulled up her dress and lay on her back on her floor. She pulled her panties to her knees. James pulled them over her feet and tossed them aside. Then, for the third time in his life, he entered her.

He thrust very hard, furiously pumping semen into her. Sweat dripped off his body onto her dress and he moaned with pleasure. Oh this was good, even better than the lovemaking session on Monday. Carrie gasped with delight and dug her fingers into his burning bottom. She grabbed his backside and pulled on him, wanting him even deeper inside her.

They finally exhausted themselves and separated. As before, Carrie went to the bathroom and wet a washcloth to clean off herself and her lover. She gently wiped his now flaccid penis to clean it off, then reversed the washcloth and used it on herself. She straightened her dress. James wondered why she didn’t simply take it off.

She returned to her sofa, and reached out to draw him to sit next to her. She was still dressed and he was still naked, which renewed his feeling of vulnerability and submission. They rested for a few minutes, and then she began playing with his penis and tickling his chest. As soon as she got a response from his body, she knew he was ready for the punishment portion of his spanking. She reminded him that they still had not used the paddle, and that he had admitted he was curious to know what being punished with it felt like. She placed her hand over his pounding heart and looked straight into his eyes.

James paddle

“James, go get the paddle and bring it over here. If you still want me to use it on you, get on your knees, hand it to me, and tell me what you want. If you want me to punish you, you gotta ask me.”

The feeling of erotic terror returned to the freshman. So…he was getting punished after all. Of course he could have refused, backed out, and spared his bottom the painful experience that awaited. All he had to do was not get the paddle and not ask her to spank him. However, he knew he couldn’t back out. Not now. He had been dreaming about this all his life, and now it finally was about to happen. He had to submit to her. Presenting his bottom for the paddle was his destiny.

The force of his lifelong fantasy swept him up and carried him to the window where the paddle hung. Driven by that force that was deep in his soul, he picked up the implement and carried to his waiting lover. As instructed he knelt and held it out to her. His hands were shaking and sweat ran down his body as he continued to kneel and hold the thick cruel-looking piece of leather. Carrie sat quietly, but did not take the implement. Trembling, he looked at her, wondering why she was not taking it. Her expression was not reassuring.

“James, you gotta ask. You gotta tell me what you want.”

“I…I want…you…to please…please take this paddle and…sp…spank me with it. I mean…like uh…punish my butt…”

“You want me to spank your butt with this paddle? That’s what you’re asking me?”

“Y…yes, ma’am. That’s what I want.”

Interesting, thought Carrie to herself, he just called me “ma’am”. Very interesting.

She took the paddle. With her free hand she gently stroked his nervous, sweaty face. She then took his hand and motioned him to stand up. Still holding his hand, she led him to her armchair and directed him to bend over the back and firmly grip the arms with his hands to steady himself.

James was sweating. His bottom was covered with perspiration. Carrie ran her hand over his damp backside, knowing that, because his skin was wet, the sting from the paddle would be sharper. Perfect.

Both lovers relished that moment, the tense seconds before the first blow would land. Carrie ran her hand over James’ stomach and caressed his penis. She gently ran her fingers through his pubic hair and explored his testicles. He became erect. She gave his penis one last gentle squeeze before positioning herself to deliver the first painful swat from the paddle. She touched it to his right bottom-cheek.

“You ready?”


POP! She laid a painful swat squarely in the center of his right side. As the stinging from that first swat mounted, she touched the paddle to his left side, gently rubbed it against his sweaty skin, and struck hard. He gasped, but held firm to the chair to stay in position for the third swat.


Carrie smacked hard on alternate sides. She waited between swats, making sure he had felt the full effect of the previous swat before administering the next. She spanked him hard, but she also spanked sensuously and with love. Yes, she did indeed love him, enough to understand his needs and strive to satisfy them.


The experience of being paddled was very different from being spanked. While he was over her lap the heat and stinging had been just enough to heighten his senses and arouse him. The spanking hurt, but it was a sexually stimulating sensation that he really enjoyed. The paddling was different. Carrie’s blows were very painful and not pleasurable in the same way the hand spanking had been. The experience was much more intense and quite scary. And yet, in its own way, the severe paddling was just as important for James as was the sexual hand-spanking, because the pain cleared his mind and swept away his guilt and self-hatred.

James bit his lip as the throbbing intensified. Tears began rolling down his cheeks. He was quietly crying, much to Carrie’s satisfaction.

James’ lovely backside was a dark shade of red and quite swollen when Carrie finished swatting him. Tears still were running down his cheeks. She put down the paddle and ran her hand over his sore bottom, touching and massaging the sensitive skin. She took him by the hand and motioned him to stand up. She kissed him and fondled his penis. After a few minutes he was responding passionately to her kisses. Soon afterwards Carrie’s efforts to get an erection out of him paid off, as his penis responded to the stimulation coming from both his sore bottom and the gentle touches of her fingers.

It wasn’t very long before he was ready for another round of sex. She pushed him to the floor and made him lie on his back. She gave his penis one last caress, lifted up her skirt, and mounted him. His bottom throbbed as she lowered herself over his penis and the full weight of her body pushed his hips to the floor. Once again he pumped semen into her as they made love together for the fourth time in their lives.


A few minutes later Carrie told James to step into her bathtub. She ordered him to stand still while she cleaned him off with her shower nozzle. It was a very strange and new experience for him, passively standing while she soaped and washed his body. He felt very helpless, and very submissive. She toweled him off and led him back into the living room.

There was another thing she needed to take care of, before the redness in his bottom began to fade. He owed her a picture-taking session. His heart pounded and his penis stiffened as he realized that his bare body and punished bottom were to be documented for posterity. She ordered him to assume various positions around the room, and finally to wash dishes in the kitchen while her camera continued to snap. The fact that his bottom was still marked up made him feel much more exposed and vulnerable. And yet, that feeling excited him and made him feel very sexy. That feeling of sexiness came out in Carrie’s pictures. When she developed them the following week, she would consider the pictures of her boyfriend the best session of figure photography she had ever done.

Before they went to sleep, they made love in her bed one final time for the evening. She rewarded him by taking off her dress and getting on her elbows and knees. She wanted him to take her from behind, to expose herself and have him enter her. James was tired, but his young body responded to Carrie’s lewd display and submissive posture. For the third time that night he entered her and exhausted himself pumping semen into her body. For the third time that night they both enjoyed exquisite orgasms.

He fell asleep shortly afterwards, his head resting on Carrie’s bare chest. He was exhausted, sore, and very happy. Carrie stroked his hair and caressed his face as he closed his eyes. She reflected that asleep he looked even younger than he looked when he was awake. She deeply cared for him, because now he belonged to her. She would love him, protect him, and finish raising him. She had something she could look forward to in life, a purpose that she didn’t have just one week before.

Before she went to sleep, there were two final issues Carrie needed to resolve.

First, she called a co-worker to ask if she could switch shifts for the next day, so that she could stay home and fix James breakfast instead of opening the restaurant. It turned out switching schedules wasn’t a problem for the co-worker. The change would allow Carrie to stay home until the early afternoon. When James woke up, she would be there for him.

The second detail concerning Carrie was a secret to everyone other than herself. In her bathroom drawer she kept a razor blade. It was the same razor blade she had used in her suicide attempt the year before. Until she met James, she had been getting ready to use it a second time, and this time not botch the job cutting her wrist. With James soundly asleep in her bed, she knew that she no longer needed it. She no longer wanted to die. She wrapped the blade in some toilet paper and threw it in her kitchen trash.

Carrie returned to her bedroom. She pulled back the blanket so she could admire James’ naked figure. She gently kissed his bruised bottom. Then she settled next to him, pulled the blanket over both their bodies, and went to sleep.

The End

Copyright 2006 by EC
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