Tales of The Bedrock Mob
by Dray Driver

Chapter 9: We went shopping and…

The morning had been great. Usually Angie and I went to the closest mall to shop. Just because we went to T.T.P., Trainer went with us to get stuff for Bedrock and he really made it a fun outing. He pushed the trolley, bought treats for all of us and even clowned around. Angie said to me that Trainer must be great to live with because he was considerate, he didn’t leave stuff lying on the floor and he even brought in the washing when we were otherwise occupied.

And then I blew it.

“Yes, his mum must have trained him well,” I said and immediately wished the world would end. I just knew that I was in for it even before his happy demeanor was replaced by a dark stormy countenance.

Nothing said. He didn’t have to and Angie looked like she’d shit herself when she felt the silence. He just joked with a silvertail and her mate that he knew from somewhere, chucked some more groceries into the trolley and headed for the checkout. As Angie and I scurried along behind him I chewed my lip almost raw trying to say how truly sorry I was for what I had said but I couldn’t think of anything to say that mightn’t make things worse.  I guess we were both praying that the ground would swallow us up. It didn’t.

When we got back to Bedrock, and went to unload the Statesman, he just abruptly told me to harness Angie to the sulky in her dress whites (hoof boots and all), leave her ground hitched on the forecourtwalk her up to the house, leave her ground hitched and then get my bare arse into the dining room.

They were out playing ponygirl and trainer; and I was in here.

I was ‘sitting’ on Asta’s mat in the redecorated dining room.

Folded over, my shoulders were tied to my knees, my ankles were crossed and tied and my wrists were cinched behind me. Trainer rolled me onto my side to insert a butt plug and an egg shaped vibrator. He ensured my inability to eject them by looping a doubled rope around my waist, pulling it carefully between my legs and making it tight to my wrist bondage.

Carefully, ha bloody ha ha!

The bloody rope was nestled inside my lips and was squeezing my poor little clit. When the intermittent program of the vibrator cut in I could feel it bouncing against the butt plug through the thin walls of my anus. My back ached from the strain of the fold until the vibrator incited me to a simmer and as I teetered on the brink, and tried desperately to get off, it stopped. I was left with the only movements available to me, fluttering hands and a vocal tongue.

He’d left me my voice, but put in earplugs so I couldn’t hear anything other than the vibrations of my vocal cords and the egg. He blindfolded me then wound an elastic bandage tightly around my ears and eyes so neither could be shifted. I could feel the cool draft on my sweaty breasts as I climbed towards the crest again only to be denied when the bloody egg stopped again.

Something cold and moist nudged my breast and Asta’s heavy head insistently pushed itself onto my lap.

I knew I wasn’t alone and I finally realised that I was very very vulnerable and so so accessible. Couldn’t do much about anything but I was very accessible. It was just a matter of whether Asta liked ‘em.

If she did then it was whoever, whenever and however…

But I’ll be alright.

Wouldn’t I? ‘Cos he’d be back soon, he wouldn’t leave his pet alone too long… Would he?