Tales of The Bedrock Mob
by Dray Driver

Chapter 5: A bit later: AKA What the hell is Cuddlee Creek?

Annie was dying of curiosity.  Angie and Lewis had just left to go home.  They'd stopped in to let Roger know what a wonderful time they'd had on their vacation and to thank him for helping Angie reach some goals that she'd thought unattainable.  Annie had since overcome the embarrassment of her first meeting with Angie and they both got along like a house on fire.  In fact, several times, she'd taken Angie some cold water during her sessions on the treadmill.  (Seeing as Angie couldn't possibly get any herself.)  A few times, she'd walked in, recognized the almost trance-like look in Angie's eyes and quietly left without saying a word, knowing that, deep in her own space, Angie was reliving some incredibly erotic times with Lewis. 

But what had Annie dying of curiosity tonight was the throwaway mention of Bedrock. ‘Up Cudlee Creek way’, Roger had said.

‘Wink’s as good as a nod to a blind bastard’ Lewis had opined.

They’d been getting supper when Angie had asked what knew about it. Later they'd tried to get some info out of Roger and Lewis.  Without success, well there was plenty of dung in the dung heap but both Angie and Annie finally gave up as a bad job. They’d practice patience (and wait until someone decided that they really needed to know. (Patience could be a bitch but Roger had many successful ways of teaching it.) 

After discussing a belly-dancing class that she’d heard about, Angie tweaked Annie’s interest and inveigled her into going along to try it out also.  It was one of those wickedly erotic things both women had always wanted to try but hadn't wanted to go alone, so they set a date to go together.  After asking for and getting permission from Roger and Lewis, respectively, of course.

All the while these talks were going on, Annie was sitting close to Roger, snuggled up to his side.  Lewis signaled to Roger that he was ready and before they realized what had happened, Angie was stood naked in the middle of the room, being securely tied again, with Roger demonstrating to Lewis a few of the methods.  After some lengthy discussions, Lewis led the naked but cape-covered Angie out the door for the long walk home.  Annie wondered if they'd make it home before stopping to quench some of the desire that was plainly visible in both their eyes!

Thinking of 'quenching desire' quickly sent Annie back in thought to the passion and fire that could so very quickly be brought to fore between Roger and herself.  The passion and fire that was always there, even at quiet times, just under the surface.  The passion and fire that was so wonderfully quenched, albeit temporarily, with such erotic and deep lovemaking.  Annie loved how Roger never seemed to tire of kissing her or touching her. She certainly couldn't get enough of kissing him, and her hands always seemed to have a mind of their own when he was in touching distance!  She loved the feel of him so deeply inside her, as she looked so deeply into his eyes.   

She quietly walked up behind him as he locked up after the departure of Lewis and Angie and slid her arms around his waist from behind.  He turned in her arms, and then reached back into his pocket to pull something out ............something shiny. ..

‘Thought you ought to wear something of mine, canuck.’

‘It’s beautiful, but it’s too big and the catch doesn’t work. See it just falls off when I let my hand drop.

‘It’s not a bangle sweetheart, it’s for your ankle and this pin holds it closed. See?’

 Then he slid the tiny brass padlock’s hasp through to pin’s slot and clicked it shut.

‘Oh, I guess it’s not supposed to just come off then?’

‘No, it’s got a mate too. Want me to put it on for you too?’

‘Er … won’t they rust or something?’

‘The shackle’s titanium so it’s light, strong and virtually indestructible. The padlock’s brass so it ought to last a lifetime if it gets a squirt of WD40 once in a while.’

‘Er all the time?..... everywhere?’

‘How about you can wear them whenever I want you to?’...

‘Please can I wear the other one now too?’


‘They’re beautiful Roger, thank you. Can I wear them to work?  Angie’ll be really envious. Did you know that Lewis made her buy her own engagement ring?’