Weekly Sire Inspection
by donnylaja

Editor's note: This story is something different from the usual. Not really Enforced Nudity, yet very much in the spirit of the 'Tami' stories. (It's also a good anatomy lesson).


Angela was nervous, and supposed she was lucky. Assisting with the weekly Sire inspection was the secret fantasy of a lot of the pre-med students here, and there were about three hundred of them. She was glad she had kept her grades up and qualified. This was a modular course open only to juniors and seniors and there was room for only a few placements in the rotation. She had seen the Sire around campus, of course, and tried to strike up conversation, but she was shy enough as it was and found him hard to approach.

It was silly but she had spent a lot of time to look her very best today, as she walked into Lab 6 at 10:45, 15 minutes early. The required white smock and blouse, dark blue skirt, nylons and heels -- three inches high, since she was so short -- her hair was neatly combed back, her favorite barrettes framing her pretty Chinese-American face.

She signed in with Teodora Garcia, R.N., a muscular adjunct professor who also taught the class in immunology. "Good for you, Miss Chin," Ms. Garcia said in her Puerto Rican accent, with a rare smile. "This is a unique opportunity."

How true: the Sire happened to be from this town, raised by Prof. Schreiber, and was attending this college. Angela was well aware of this opportunity and had done her homework and then some. She had memorized and re-memorized everything she had learned about the male reproductive system, and done outside reading, a risky idea since there was so much b.s. out there, especially on the internet. So she went old-school and did all her extra reading from books at the Medical Library. They had a special collection devoted to the Sire and she went through it, all the reports and charts and photographs and registries and official correspondence. There wasn't much to read about male reproductive anatomy and biology; it wasn't as complicated as female. But the "Sire Collection" was quite voluminous. Not only from a medical but also from a bureaucratic standpoint!

"Hi, you're my replacement, I hate you!" said Shonda, a tall black girl who extended her hand with a smile. Angela had had her as a tutor in her freshman year. "Let me show you the protocol sheets."

Of course Angela had already seen them but Shonda opened the loose leaf. "It's best to make entries in pencil here and transfer to the tablet afterwards." Angela brought out her little tablet computer and scrolled to the right page to follow along.

They were in the back room, behind the actual lab, and it was just the two of them. After Shonda had described every aspect of the inspection in detail, Angela felt out of breath. She collected herself and asked her questions. "So, in here, do you still call him Kai-Kai?"

"Yes, even here. Khalil sounds too formal, like suddenly we've decided that we're 'in' and he's 'out'."

"It sounds so childish."

"Well it is a childhood nickname, from what Ellen says." Everyone called Prof. Schreiber by her first name. "But no one minds. He's really sweet and modest."

"Everyone says that. But all the stuff we do to him . . . and look at . . . it seems so . . ."

"Weird? Intrusive? It's his life. Don't worry. He doesn't mind."

"I suppose he's gotten used to it."

"Of course."

Now Sylvia, the other assistant, waltzed in, a beautiful blond white girl in big black glasses who looked like a model. "Hi, what, Angela? I'm learning still. Do what Shonda says." Sylvia was only three weeks into her rotation. One rotation was ten weeks. "I'm warning you, don't fall in love with the Sire." Repeating the oft-whispered underground rule.

Angela smiled. "I'm engaged." Though her fiance was in Hong Kong at the moment, studying for his Master's degree in International Finance. "But still it would be odd to . . .look up so close . . . and touch . . ." Maybe she had just given away the fact that she and her fiance had never had sex? They shouldn't be surprised; full-blooded Chinese-Americans tended to be conservative, even into the third generation.

Shonda did not seem to pick this up. "Well he is special, but he's an ordinary young man. He's got the usual equipment."

Sylvia giggled. "With some important differences."

"Well of course there's that!"

This meandering conversation ended when Ms. Garcia walked in. "C'mon girls, it's almost time." As Angela watched the two other pre-meds got up and made sure each station was ready. There were a number of stations in this big Lab 6 room. Today it would be the blood pressure desk, the exam table, the scale, the pedestal, and then . . . Sylvia opened the refrigerator and checked the pitcher in the freezer. Now everyone went to the scrub room and washed their hands. As they came out and took their positions Sylvia said, "I left the pouch in the back."

"Too late," Shonda said, looking at the doorway. "Here he is."

The whisper of leathery soles on the hallway tiles signaled the Sire's arrival. Nurse Garcia looked up from her tablet. "Hello, Kai-Kai."

"Hello, Ms. Garcia," the teenage freshman said respectfully in his quiet voice, adjusting his bookbag over one shoulder, his long, soft penis gently swaying under his pubic hair, the tip dangling most of the way down to his knees. He put his bookbag down and sat, waiting obediently, arranging his penis for comfort's sake so that it draped over one thigh, something he did dozens of times a day.

After a few moments taking care of e-mails Ms. Garcia was ready and motioned him over to the blood pressure table. As Sylvia attached the pump to the slender arm Ms. Garcia said, "I hear you finally registered to vote."

Kai-Kai cleared his throat and said, "Yes."

"Well good." Pump, pump, pump. Then a hiss of deflation. "Vote in November, ok?"

"I will."

"120 over 70," Sylvia said. Shonda wrote it down. Angela followed as the naked teenager walked over to the scale and stepped up. His feet were broad, the toes straight and widely spread. She knew he had never worn shoes. She thought,This is what human feet are supposed to look like. Then she looked up at his slightly muscled, evenly tanned form, the upright shoulders, narrow waist, the tight butt, and thought, This is what the human body is supposed to look like in its natural state, unconstricted, welcoming the elements, the whole body breathing in the air. And charmingly unashamed around us fully clothed people yet with quiet modesty. Then she stopped herself. Am I falling in love with the Sire?

Kai-Kai was actually standing a bit back so that his dangling penis would not hit the vertical ruler. Shonda took his height and weight. This was an old-style scale, with the balance and the folding rod that rested on his shortish black hair. She read out the figures to Sylvia, and then recited the average figures for his age, looking up at the chart, even though she had memorized them by now. Kai-Kai had a short, slight body for his age, but that was readily apparent. When he stepped off the scale Angela saw that in her heels she was actually a little taller than this barefoot boy. The slightness of his frame made his reproductive apparatus all the more striking. She couldn't help glancing down but then she figured he must be used to people looking there.

Kai-Kai went over to sit up on the crinkly white paper of the exam table. Ms. Garcia then stood in front of him and read from her tablet. Another bit of the routine, different from week by week only in the numbers. "Congratulations, Kai-Kai, over the last week it has been reported to us that you've fathered 51 children, 26 girls and 25 boys. Fourteen in Africa, including one set of twins, fifteen in Asia, four in Europe, seven in North America, five in Australia/Oceania, and six in South America, which includes one set of triplets. All healthy births and doing well." Then with somewhat more feeling she said, "Thank you very much. We're proud of your productivity." It was like she was patting him on the head.

The naked freshman, surrounded by the four older women, blushed a little, like he always did at such news, hunching his shoulders and looking down, spreading his toes. He was not shy about being naked (of course) but about being complimented. "You're . . . welcome." The four women unconsciously glanced at the boy's testicles, the source of all those children, lying at the moment to one side of his penis which hung over the edge of the table between the casually separated legs.

Ms. Garcia continued: "This week is as scheduled except one of the P-3's had to cancel due to illness." P-3's were those women who were in town, staying at the guest house waiting their turn. "That would have been your I-6 on Thursday." In other words, the sixth impregnation ("impreg") of the day, usually scheduled after supper, around 7:15 p.m. "You remember Zilda?"

After a moment, the boy said, "Yes." He saw the procreators' names on the advance list, met them at the Sunday evening dinner, then at insemination, and maybe once more before they left. Yet he was able to remember every single name and face. It was amazing.

Ms. Garcia said, "She made the yogurt muffins." The Sunday dinner in the hall of the guest house was a big event, him and all 41 women who had just arrived for the week, and his adoptive mother Prof. Schreiber and her 24-year-old daughter, and a couple of others. Kai-Kai said, "She was from . . . South Africa?"

"Zimbabwe actually," Ms. Garcia said. "She had flu-like symptoms this morning. She'll try to get in next month. . ." The way she heard it, Zilda, a tall, massive black woman with a bright smile and a regal bearing, who sat like a living throne, looked on in amusement and pride as Kai-Kai wolfed down muffin after muffin. He was always hungry at these dinners, regenerating after the Sunday morning draining.

Angela ran through the "P" designations in her mind. The stages were carefully organized. "P-1" meant the potential mother (or "procreator") had been accepted into the Project. P-0 was sometimes used to refer to applicants who hadn't yet been accepted. P-2's had been scheduled for impregnation and were waiting for their flight. P-3's had been flown in and were waiting at the guest house. P-4's had been impregnated and were waiting to leave. They could leave right afterwards or stay the whole week, if they wished; the college and its environs had a rustic allure. The P's often walked around town or campus, taking in the sights. They wore no special identification but most stood out in their often elaborate native outfits. Even the ones inconspicuously dressed were noticed, you hadn't seen them before and they had "that look" about them.

P-5's were those who had been flown home, which meant places all over the world, and were awaiting the positive pregnancy test. P-6's were confirmed pregnant. Finally there were the P-7's who had given birth and were raising the child as one of their own. Part of the application process was to make sure that the women were happily married and had proven themselves good parents.

With Kai-Kai sitting on the table Sylvia told him to breathe deeply and pressed a stethoscope against the hairless chest, then against various points in the back. The average person would cringe at the cold metal resonator but not Kai-Kai. Now he raised his arms and Sylvia poked around to feel various glands and lymph notes. He raised his legs straight out, and flexed his toes in various directions. Now the little rubber hammer over the kneecap. Other reflexes were tested as he extended his feet so that his tough soles could be stroked and he extended his arms so that his palms could be pinpricked. Shonda wrote down various "WNL"'s (within normal limits) in the loose leaf. This was all a routine and Kai-Kai knew the moves. Now to test flexibility the boy stood up on the table and bent to touch his toes. With his dance training he could easily do it with knees straight. Angela couldn't take her eyes off the penis and testicles swaying with his movements. Or the pink anus as it winked at them almost conversationally in the brightly-lit lab.

The naked teenage boy hopped off the table, his bare feet slapping onto the floor, and started for the big treadmill in the corner but Ms. Garcia said, "No stress test today, Kai-Kai. We're cutting it down to once a month."

Now the gentle Sire stepped onto the waiting pedestal which brought his genitals to just below their eye level. Shonda appeared with a little cup and a tissue and bent down a bit. With what was perhaps reverence her dark fingers extended around the glans of Kai-Kai's penis, drawing it forward over the cup. The long, flaccid penis was snaked in three directions, the top hanging down, the mid-shaft angled a little forward, and the lower shaft and glans pointing down. Kai-Kai exhaled and then performed on cue. The naked boy on the pedestal, being watched from all sides, quietly urinated just enough to fill the cup half full. Then his well-developed pubococcygeal muscles twitched and the hot yellow stream stopped. Shonda dried the one or two extra drops from the meatus and took the cup away.

Now, Kai-Kai stood up as if at attention, feet slightly apart, Ms. Garcia carefully lifted up the penis with two hands and drew it straight out from Kai-Kai's body. Then she clinically and thoroughly felt it up, her fingers pressing and releasing up and down the shaft quickly and skillfully as if playing some kind of musical instrument. Then she squeezed the glans so that the slit of the meatus opened. She did this with her body held back so that Angela could look in. Sylvia and Shonda, on each side, were carefully palpating the kiwi-sized testicles. Angela had heard that it was the tradition for the longer-serving assistant to examine the Sire's left testicle, which hung down lower, while the other examined the right. Ms. Garcia explained to Angela, "This is our preliminary palpation to make sure the structures are grossly intact." An explanation that was of course unnecessary for Angela. "Here, why don't you try."

As the others withdrew Angela gulped but then steeled herself. She reached out gingerly as if afraid of getting burned, finally touching the huge male appendage with the tips of her fingers, then wrapping them around though she could only partially do it. She couldn't help but think of the contrast with her Michael's penis the few times she had touched it, how she could easily enclose it in one hand even when it was erect. His penis was cute. She wasn't sure what to call Kai-Kai's. It was so different that the same word "penis" could hardly be applied to both of them.

Uneasy as she was, she couldn't help looking up at the naked boy's face. He gently smiled as if to reassure her. No doubt he had smiled at other first-timers. With her other hand Angela cradled the testicles in her palm. She could easily enclose Michael's entire scrotum and testicles in her hand. But Kai-Kai's were too big to both be supported and the left one dropped off the pinky side.

"The medical books, as you might imagine, consider inspection of the genitals to be a one person job," Ms. Garcia said. "With Kai-Kai this is true only of the penis, though there is a great deal more penis to inspect. Proceed." Angela devoted both hands to its length, with one holding it up against his belly so that it reached past his navel, the other palpating the sensitive underside. She felt the penis get even thicker and begin to stiffen, and now there came the musky smell. "You notice the pheromone secretion," Ms. Garcia said. Then with surprising frankness she said, "You might find yourself getting aroused, Don't be alarmed or embarrassed. It is a natural signal." Angela blushed deeply.

In fact all four females were a little uneasy and Angela could detect it. Kai-Kai might be quiet and shy, but he was so comfortable in his lifelong nudity that it was the clothed people around him who were the embarrassed ones. You could tell that sometimes on campus, the way people acted around him. Some friends of hers had remarked on it, during a long conversation after supper in the dining hall. It took a while for some people to take his nudity in stride. Kai-Kai was a Library Science major but his minor was in Modern Dance and the dance majors thought of him as family.

Angela inhaled and got back to being a clinician. "I . . . don't see any abnormalities," she said, holding the penis in her widely parted hands and moving it to and fro and up and down so as to display all of it.

"True. Note that the corpus cavernosum is spongy and gets more resilient as blood enters, as it is doing now. Notice the glans also expanding, and the opening of the meatus. Good work, Ms. Chin."

Angela brought the penis down from the boy's belly and was embarrassed when the tip almost hit her face. She drew back, realizing she should have realized that it would protrude more now that it was a somewhat erect. She studied it again as it bobbed in front of her in the bright overhead light. Yes, the glans was expanding and the pee-hole was larger. Kai-Kai's skin was naturally olive, or maybe it was his permanent overall tan, but the glans began as a russet color and now was turning more purple. Again she thought of the contrast with Michael's penis, the white head of it hardly bigger than an acorn. This brownish purplish glans of Kai-Kai's was the size of a plum. She then thought of the contrast with their personalities, where it was Michael who was outsized and Kai-Kai who took up so little space. Much as she loved him, Michael could be pushy and loud sometimes. He liked to show off. Kai-Kai was quiet and shy and modest.

Finally she brought her hands up again to palpate the firm topside of the shaft, from the glans back to where it met the rather sparse pubic hairs.

Kai-Kai's breathing deepened a bit, his tummy respiring in and out.

"Now palpate the testicles. You would have to do one at a time, and with Kai-Kai this requires three clinicians," Ms. Garcia said. She reached over to hold up the penis. It was erect enough by now that it took some force to push it up against the belly. This time the glans extended up most of the way to Kai-Kai's nipples. In the process the testicles were pivoted forward so as to give Angela access. If the boy was in discomfort, he gave no sign of it. Though his toes did squirm a little.

Angela cradled the left testicle in one hand while palpating with the other. It was hard to separate from the other one so Sylvia reached over to the right testicle, grasped it in her overfilled fingers, and pulled it away. With the testicles widely stretched apart Angela's task was easier. "Note the epididymis, the hard structure on the side," Ms. Garcia said.

The boy gave an ever so slight gasp. "Careful," Shonda said. "Yes, you must avoid pressure, which is very painful," Ms. Garcia said. Angela felt ashamed at forgetting this. She looked up at the boy and said, "I'm sorry."

"It's -- okay," he said in between breaths.

Angela blinked and resumed her examination of the teenager's left testicle as Shonda kept grasping the other one. "It's an ellipsoid, with no irregularities," Angela said, attempting an air of competence.

"Yes, exactly. Almost geometrically perfect," Shonda said. Ms. Garcia and Sylvia nodded. Now Angela and Sylvia changed sides on either side of the naked pelvis and grasped the other testicle. Everyone leaned closer to see. Shonda observed intently as Angela worked the right testicle with both hands, Sylvia kept the left one pulled away, and Ms. Garcia used both her hands to press the penis up against the concave belly. Kai-Kai alternated between looking down at the proceedings and staring ahead blankly at the open door. That door was hardly ever closed and the occasional student passed by. Now two freshman friends of his poked their heads in for a second and waved up at him. He waved back and then they were on their way. From the corner of her eye Angela noticed this little interaction and figured it was just part of his life. Saying hi to clothed friends in his naked state while other clothed people were poking and prodding his penis and testicles.

Now Angela let go of the right testicle and said, "All seems normal."

"Yes, the morphology at least, if not the size," Ms. Garcia said. "Which brings us to the orchidometer. Shonda?"

A string of graduated plastic eggs was fished out of a drawer. Specially made because on a standard set even the biggest was too small for Kai-Kai. The black pre-med student held the string up while Ms. Garcia gave Sylvia the job of pressing the penis up. Now the experienced Professor of Nursing Arts gently grabbed the left testicle in her hand. Squeezing it carefully to avoid pain, she got the testicle to pop out between her thumb and forefinger. Shonda brought up egg after egg until she had a match. "I would call it 65 cc," she said.

"Yes, or maybe between 65 and 70," Ms. Garcia said. She turned to Angela and said, "Exact measurements are not really possible but it is important for size to be monitored. Despite what you might have heard, size really does correlate positively with sperm production. Take over for Sylvia."

For a moment both Sylvia and Angela had their hands on the boy's shaft. Then Sylvia let go and it was just Angela pressing it against the tummy. The changed sensation suddenly hit her and she almost drew back. The penis was now warm, almost hot, and starting to throb. It was longer than the width of her two hands and she wondered where to place them. She decided on starting one hand a little above the root, then leaving half an inch between hands, and finally leaving the glans exposed on top. She estimated the whole structure was now about eight inches long. Disturbingly, she realized she was feeling the boy's heartbeat with the throbbing. This time she resisted looking up at his face. They were conducting this exam of his most sensitive body parts, manipulating and stimulating them, as if he wasn't even there as a person.

With Shonda holding up the orchidometer again, Sylvia enclosed the right testicle in her loosely clenched fist and got it to pop out. Shonda said, "This one is about 60 or 65."

"Yes. Ok let's input the figures. Everyone let go."

It was perhaps too sudden. Ms. Garcia and Sylvia let the testicles drop and Angela quickly removed her hands from Kai-Kai's chest. The penis, partially erect, bounced down and then up and then down as his slight body was jerked a little to and fro in sympathetic movements. Finally it came to rest, poking out at the three women and a little downward at about a 45-degree angle.

As Shonda wrote in the loose leaf, Angela looked down at her hands. After touching a man's genitals she instinctively felt the need to wash. But everyone knew that the constant exposure to air made Kai-Kai's body free of anaerobic germs. In fact germs were more likely to be transferred from the women's hands to his genitals, than the other way around. The scrubbing they had done was more for his protection than theirs.

"Dr. Chatterjee! Right on time," said Ms. Garcia, as the Assistant Chair of the Department of Medicine arrived for the more intensive part of the inspection.

Rajiv K. Chatterjee was a somewhat portly, dark-skinned Indian man of about 50 whose manner was as impeccable as his three-piece suit. "Good morning, all," he said. He looked up at the clock which said 11:25. "Sorry I'm a bit late, but I think we can finish in time." He had a urology class to teach upstairs at 12:15.

The doctor in his suit, and the four women in nurse outfits, formed a semi-circle looking up at the naked teenage boy who stood there diffidently but with no sign of bodily shame or trying to cover himself. He was used to being on display. "How are you feeling today?"

"Fine, doctor."

"How were your I-1 and I-2 this morning?"

"Gretchen and Mrs. Novgorov?" They smiled at his wonderful memory. The only business the Ps had here was to receive his sperm and yet he remembered each of their names.

"Mrs. Novgorov enjoyed it. I could get about four inches in. Gretchen was . . . tight. I hope I didn't hurt her." His biggest fear. A common theory was that this explained his general reticence.

"Did either have an orgasm?" Female orgasm improved the chances of impregnation. Also Kai-Kai reported that it caused his own contractions to be stronger and more numerous and one assumed that meant a more copious ejaculation. By now he well knew the signs of female arousal and had been trained to do what he could to help. He had been getting better with practice.

"Mrs. Novgorov came twice, the second time as I was finishing seeding her. I think it caused me to come harder. . . I hope Gretchen's ok."

"I'm sure she is, Kai-Kai," the doctor said tenderly. "Some discomfort was possible. She's only 31, and slight of build. Maybe she should have been the I-2. . . Let me text Ms. Canworthy."

Ethel Canworthy was the Sire Project Coordinator. It was a full-time job, actually more so. She lived and breathed the Project. She was in charge of P-2 scheduling, trip advising, impreg locations, collating menstruation timetables, and liaising with college and town officials. She was even responsible for maintenance of the guest house, where she and her husband were the only permanent residents.

As the doctor texted on his tablet he said, "I'm telling her to ask, uh, Gretchen, to say hi to you." This made the boy smile.

After the message had been e-mailed the doctor studied some figures. "The draining this week will be with the girls, not the machines." He said this with a smile. As for Kai-Kai, he tried to hide his feelings, but everyone knew he didn't like being mechanically milked. Every Sunday morning from 8 a.m. to noon they tried to coax as many ejaculations out of him as possible; the rest of the day he slept and regenerated. The later ejaculations were unpleasant for him but he knew the importance of increasing capacity through exercise and was not one to complain. But it was worse when he was strapped to that machine and its many attachments, even with friends caressing him and cheering him on. Fortunately this was done only one once a month or so when it was time to measure sperm count and semen capacity. The boy much preferred getting splayed out on the soccer field and worked on by the small army of "drainers". After which he sometimes just fell asleep there on the grass for an hour or two, before being helped along as he stumbled home bleary-eyed along pebbly Donelson Avenue on his tough bare feet. People along the way sometimes clapped which prompted a weary smile.

Now Dr. Chatterjee said, "Let us continue."

Kai-Kai hopped off the pedestal and went back to the scrub sink. From the overhead cabinet he retrieved the enema syringe and filled the large clear vinyl bag with water and a few ounces of antiseptic fragrance. This part of the proceedings he did himself. As everyone watched he went over to the standalone toilet on the opposite wall, next to the old-style blackboard. Facing away from them, he hitched his leg up and curled his toes around the top of the lifted U-shaped seat. He spread his buttocks right in front of them and inserted the syringe as casually as if he was slipping a memory stick into a laptop. Breathing deeply, he took an amazing amount of fluid into his bowels and colon. The bag shrank and bubbled as he sucked in the water with each exhale.

While he was doing this Mr. Overstreet, the Dean of Students, walked in with Prof. Spinelli of the Sociology Department and Mayree Johnson, a chubby black girl with long dreds. They waited until the naked teenager had turned to them. He put the toilet seat down and sat, holding his penis up in front of him so it wouldn't dangle into the water.

"Good morning, Kai-Kai," Mr. Overstreet said.

"Unh . . . good -- morning!" he replied, expelling the first jet of sloppy water. " . . . Dean . . . Overstreet."

It turned out the three were there on student government business. Mayree was the Freshman Class President and Kai-Kai had been talked into being the Recording Secretary. Kai-Kai listened and answered in halting tones and listened some more, in the middle of the farty sloppy sounds below. With each slow, rhythmic push the glans held in his hand swelled toward them, the pee-hole expanding as if mouthing syllables, then closing again. They talked some more and he answered. For the naked boy this was just an ordinary conversation. Finally with a grunt he expelled a last long squirt as they gave him a paper to sign. He had to switch hands with the penis to do so. Angela was left-handed and noted that Kai-Kai was too.

Angela had been told there were two reasons for Kai-Kai's permanent nudity. The first, to improve sperm count, didn't sound convincing. He didn't have to be totally naked for that. But she could see the wisdom of the second: the Sire cannot have any sense of bodily modesty. Truly this boy had no sense of bodily shame, yet he was not an exhibitionist and never gave a sense of showing off.

Kai-Kai got up and as the Freshman Committee continued talking, he turned his back to them, hitched up his leg again and withdrew the syringe. In the bright light his wet pink anus twinkled at them. After a wipe with the toilet paper he faced them and was asked to sign something else, his penis bouncing to rest. They gave their thank-yous and left. Angela was surprised to see hints of Kai-Kai flirting with Mayree, in his understated way of course. Or maybe Mayree was flirting with him?

Now to the low stainless steel stage in the middle of the big lab room. In front it had a large glass tube nestled in a slot. Hanging over the stage, bolted into the ceiling, was a cushioned metal bar in the shape of an inverted "T" that came down to about four feet over the stage. To the rear was a metal box with a dildo sticking out of it.

Kai-Kai padded over and hopped onto the stage, and got himself secure by entwining his arms on the inverted T-bar with his feet well apart. Ms. Garcia lifted his penis and placed it in a clear flexible fiberglass sleeve attached to a cam that came up from the left. The cam was adjustable, mounted on a post that allowed the sleeve to hold Kai-Kai's penis at various angles, from almost straight down to almost straight up. This time it was set to aim the penis directly forward, parallel to the floor. Kai-Kai shifted his hips and pushed so that his penis slid all the way into the sleeve and further so that his glans emerged from the far end. The motions of Ms. Garcia and the naked boy were well-practiced and fluid, like a two-person ballet.

Angela helped Sylvia bring chairs over from the conference table so that they could all sit around the stage and watch and wait. Ms. Garcia picked up a remote control and pressed a button. A low hum started and the plastic sleeve slowly and smoothly moved up and down the boy's penis. The sleeve was about five inches long and traveled up until it met his pubic hair, then down until only the glans was showing. Then up, then down. . . Kai-Kai closed his eyes and drew in breath. His tummy went in and out as his breathing grew a little ragged.

"Let us know when you're close, Kai-Kai," Dr. Chatterjee said. The nude teenager, eyes still closed, nodded.

They watched as the penis grew even more. The rubbing sleeve expanded accordingly. It was braided and hugged the penis somewhat in the manner of a Chinese finger trap. The oversized testicles behind it swung to and fro in rhythm.

"A fine device," Dr. Chatterjee said to Angela. "From what I understand a lot of work went into the design."

"Yes, I can see," Angela said. It seemed to fit Kai-Kai's dimensions perfectly, his body as well as his genitals.

Ms. Garcia told her, "It was originally designed to measure his capacity and sperm count, before the Project formally began." With the remote she gestured to a place between the boy's legs. "There was a glass collection tube there --"

A loud gasp interrupted her. The five of them went back to watching Kai-Kai being stimulated. He bit his lip. Beads of sweat formed on his forehead and on his shoulders. "I think he is at full erection," Shonda said. The penis, long, thick and hard, seemed like a giant's penis that had somehow gotten grafted onto the slight, sweating body.

"No, I think it can engorge a little more," Dr. Chatterjee said. Then he spoke loudly over the hum. "Kai-Kai, are you close?"

The naked boy said, "Not . . . ohhh . . . yet . . ." Another of his many friends passed by in the hall. He waved to Kai-Kai, who waved back with the hand that was resting on the T, his eyes heavy-lidded, face quaking.

The others, even the doctor, got out their smart phones and checked their e-mail. Angela couldn't believe they were so casual at a time like this. Some returned messages, tapping away to the background of labored breathing.

"OHHH!" They looked back up as Kai-Kai nodded his head urgently. The glans swelled up and a couple of drops of clear fluid emerged from the widely-distended meatus and dripped onto the stage. Ms. Garcia aimed the remote at him. Judging the moment carefully, she pressed the button and stopped the sleeve.

Shonda and Sylvia jumped up with the micrometer and tape. They slipped the sleeve off and did their best to take steady measurements while Kai-Kai shivered on the verge of orgasm. Sylvia measured the length, being careful not to press into the pubic hair, which would create a false reading. She called the numbers out. "18 cm shaft, 5 cm glans, total 23." Shonda had the more exacting job of measuring the diameters of the glans with the micrometer. "6 cm horizontal, 5 point 4 vertical." Now the most delicate of all, measurement of the meatus. With both hands Sylvia held the last three inches or so of the boy's penis steady while Shonda gently inserted the little metal calipers into his urethra and ratcheted them apart with audible clicks. "Point 8 centimeters." Ms. Garcia inputted the numbers and gave the loose leaf to Angela.

Now for the shaft girth. Kai-Kai's much-monitored penis was always noted to have a fairly consistent girth from base to glans. No change in shape was noted so only one measurement was necessary. Ms. Garcia was supposed to use a tape but her usual method was quicker. She said, "Excuse me, Kai-Kai," leaned close in, her hair brushing his bare sweaty chest, and reached up from below to loop her thumb and index finger around the thick root, pressing against the sparse pubic hairs. As before, thumb and index finger didn't nearly meet, a 3-cm gap. "Circumference 16 cm." Or about 6 inches.

Shonda inputted the numbers into the tablet and came up with what was the usual calculation, give or take a little. "Total volume 460 cc." As she often did she smiled to herself. In terms of volume, this little teenager's erect penis was probably six or seven times the size of her boyfriend's, a basketball player who was well over six feet tall. She would not want Kai-Kai's huge thing wedged inside her. In spite of his gentleness it would be pure pain. Perfectly happy with my Jamal's four and a half inches, thank you very much!

Kai-Kai untangled his arms from the overhead T and stood on the stage in front of them, catching his breath. Angela brought up a bottle of water that he sipped from. With his output, he needed about two gallons a day.

"You see he is slowly returning to the plateau stage," Ms. Garcia said to Angela. "Vasocongestion will subside only gradually since he did not ejaculate. We have to wait a few moments before we conclude the inspection." Of course the boy heard all this as he stood on the stage just a few feet away, gasping, trying to dispel the intense frustration. His penis slowly, very slowly, shrank in steps along with his heartbeat as blood began to leave it bit by bit.

Even though the door was open the teenager's metabolism had made the room stuffy. Sylvia opened a window. She had forgotten how windy and blustery it was out and she shivered. So did Shonda. Kai-Kai, naked since birth, was unaffected. After a moment Sylvia decided to close the window.

As the boy swallowed and caught his breath and felt the sweat drying on his body, he looked up at the doorway and smiled when he saw who was walking in.

The naked boy standing on the little metal stage in the middle of the big lab room, panting as his oversized, unsatisfied erection subsided somewhat, surrounded by the five medical professionals, smiled as he saw the pretty dark-skinned Filipino girl enter.

Angela saw that she seemed as quiet and serene as he was. They somehow seemed to match, despite his being naked and her being fully and rather formally dressed. "Hi, Kai-Kai."

"H - hi, Marikit," he said, still panting.

"Welcome, Miss Taupo," Dr. Chatterjee said. "Hi, Marikit," Ms. Garcia said. Shonda and Sylvia nodded hi. They knew her and Angela could quickly figure out why. Kai-Kai stepped off the stage, his penis bounding ponderously, and approached her. The boy and the girl were about the same size, though she looked larger because she wore clothes. Now, turning to the side so that his penis would not hit her, he kissed her politely on the cheek!

Sylvia whispered in Angela's ear, "His girlfriend."

Now an older couple, tiny and well-dressed, walked gingerly into the big strange lab, looking around quickly and then up and down the naked boy. For a moment their eyes widened at the huge genitals until they remembered to be polite and look up. "My parents," Marikit said. Kai-Kai was about to shake their hands but then they bowed. He bowed back. They had to stand a bit apart. Most people stand about 18 inches away from each other, but with Kai-Kai's erection in the way it had to be more like 27 inches.

"Good to meet nice boy Kai-Kai," her father said. The mother nodded. They evidently had been told of his nudity and probably had seen pictures. They tried to ignore the penis, still bobbing in front of them, like a yapping dog trying to get attention.

Dr. Chatterjee stepped forward and said, "On behalf of the university I welcome you to the Project, and Lab 6."

The parents looked a little puzzled, especially the mother. Marikit said, "This is their first time away from the Philippines and their English isn't very good. My mother knows only a couple of words. I'll translate into Tagalog." She spoke to her parents in their native language and they smiled at the doctor and nodded.

"They are free to observe, as you requested," Dr. Chatterjee said. Of course with the door always open inspections of Kai-Kai were pretty much a public affair. The naked boy followed them as the doctor led the parents to the rear of the lab where there was a large lab table with a kind of horse device on top. It was like a track hurdle set on its side. Marikit got her parents seated.

The naked teenager obediently stood in front of the table while the doctor and the nurse and the three assistants got the equipment ready. Angela followed Sylvia's lead. The table was back near the windows which looked out on the college quad. The day was bright and blustery and this part of the lab was flooded with light. They were on the ground floor and Angela was pretty sure anyone outside could see what was going on. One or two students in their overcoats glanced over casually as they passed by.

For the next few minutes most of what Angela heard was Tagalog, as Marikit explained to her parents what was being done to her boyfriend and the reasons, though the technical terms were in English. Angela detected slight influences of Cantonese in which she was fluent. But to her Tagalog was a mixture of Russian, Korean and Spanish, strange, yet delivered quietly and dispassionately in Marikit's voice as if she were narrating a documentary.

What Marikit was saying in Tagalog was: ["This is a weekly inspection of Kai-Kai's genitals. Dr. Chatterjee's team has already conducted the basic physical examination and measurements."]

The boy climbed up on the table and positioned himself on the horse. He was on all fours, with his elbows and head supported in front. His knees, on a cushion, were widely spread, his toes hanging over the edge of the table. His penis hung down, the huge spear of semi-tumescent flesh swaying slowly like a pendulum. The cushion served to elevate his body; otherwise the tip would be in danger of touching the table. As it was, there was about a six-inch clearance.

["They will now test his reproductive system secretions."]

"They are welcome to come and look," Ms. Garcia said, as she stood at the table behind the boy. The parents got up next to her and found themselves looking at his upturned butt and anal crevice. "Open up, Kai-Kai."

["This requires access to his rectum. With practice Kai-Kai has learned open his anus to give the technician better access."]

Kai-Kai took a short breath and the parents' eyes opened in astonishment as they saw a one-inch anal gape. With the bright light from the windows they could see well inside the boy's recently irrigated rectum.

["He has given himself a large antiseptic enema so that his rectum is clean and empty and there is no odor."]

Sylvia steadied the boy's penis with both hands, one at the root and one over the glans, as Shonda placed a large clip, like a short hot dog tong. It was about three inches wide and was placed in the middle, leaving three inches above and three inches below. Shonda released the clamp slowly then checked to make sure it was secure.

["This is the pressure sensor which measures engorgement of the penis."]

Ms. Garcia had brought out a console with digital readouts. Now a thin, seven-inch vibrator, which she attached to the sensitive underside of Kai-Kai's penis with wide rubber straps that went above and below the clip. It extended up almost to the root, and down to the glans. Kai-Kai took a few breaths. Ms. Garcia now brought a cloth strap around the boy's slender waist and down around the testicles. She tied it so that the testicles were drawn away from contact with the penis and the vibrator.

["Stimulation will be applied gradually to facilitate production of fluids."]

Now Sylvia placed little circular things on his nipples with tape.

["Kai-Kai responds to nipple stimulation and this will be coordinated. Vibrations will be controlled wirelessly from the console."] Marikit's parents were both puzzled and fascinated. The mother whispered something to her. Marikit replied: ["Kai-Kai of course consents to this. He recognizes the importance of the Sire Project and also the importance of having his reproductive system closely monitored. It is part of his life and he is used to it. He does not mind."]

In response to a whispered question from her father, she said: ["He has been naked since birth, except for diapers when he was a baby. Walking in cold weather does not bother him. Also it improves his sperm count. It is also important that he has no sense of bodily shame."] After a moment she added: ["He can walk barefoot and naked through snow and stay outside on below freezing days for surprisingly long periods. Nobody forces him to do this, but he wants to live like a normal person."] The parents leaned curiously to observe the tough soles and widely spread toes. In their country going barefoot was associated with the primitive jungle tribes and was frowned upon, but this was obviously different.

Ms. Garcia inserted a speculum into the boy's open anus and cranked the ratchet to open it further. He turned his hips slightly and breathed deeply as his sphincter was stretched further and further. Meanwhile Dr. Chatterjee examined the placement of the stimulators on the nipples and penis. Shonda wrote a couple of things down in the loose leaf, then brought out a glass beaker with graduated marks. She pulled the penis to the side and then let it go so that it was extending into the beaker. Sylvia turned the control box on and the digital readouts flashed on to "00:00", "00%", "0 mm/Hg", "00 bpm" and "0.00". Now she attached a sensor around the boy's ankle with Velcro. A digital readout flashed to "0 beats/m". She flicked another switch and the numbers went to "00:09", "52%", "86 mm/Hg", "90 bpm" and "0.32".

Ms. Garcia prompted Angela to look inside Kai-Kai. As Angela leaned over to peer into the aperture, now a little over two inches wide, she saw what she had only seen in diagrams and pictures. As with everything having to do with Kai-Kai's reproductive system, the glands were more developed than average. It looked like an alien landscape of reddish bumps under a dark red sky. But of course this wasn't outer space but the innermost space of the human male.

Now Sylvia gingerly turned up a couple of dials and a low hum came out of the nipple disks and the vibrator. Kai-Kai gave a little gasp. Angela wondered what the boy was thinking. How does it feel to be so exposed and examined like this, inside and out? To have no secrets from the clothed people around you? Being free for the moment, she moved over to look at his face. He caught her looking at him and she was embarrassed at first. But then they exchanged little smiles. Kai-Kai's smile was crooked and distracted of course.

["The increase of sexual arousal must be closely monitored. Fluids will be expressed for today's inspection but sperm must be reserved for inseminating the women. Therefore orgasm will be avoided."] Marikit leaned over to bring her pointing finger near the large hanging testicles, now tied back. ["That is why the testicles are not being stimulated. But the arousal will cause the production of more sperm. His next ejaculation will therefore be less in volume but exceptionally fertile. The woman scheduled for his next insemination will be among those rated as less likely to be inseminated with a single ejaculation. Though all of the women of course are highly susceptible or they would not have been accepted into the Project."] Her mother asked her something. ["The 'drop rate' is less than one percent. In other words, over 99 percent of the women Kai-Kai ejaculates into are impregnated."] Now her mother asked another question. ["Seven impregnations a day are scheduled, the first at 6:30 a.m., the last at 9:30 p.m. Except for Sundays, and except for today, when due to this inspection session Kai-Kai impregnates only six."]

Marikit paused a minute and then called out to her boyfriend. "Kai-Kai, who is your I-3 today?"

The boy, starting to sweat again, looked away from Angela and swallowed and cleared his throat. "It's -- Mrs. -- ohhh -- Rubilyn."

"I thought so." Marikit turned to her parents. ["His next impregnation will be of a Filipino woman."] Her parents looked at each other uncertainly. Then they smiled. Her father said something to his daughter.

Marikit laughed. She told everyone, "The next impreg is from the Philippines. My father says Kai-Kai will be a very lucky boy." Everyone laughed. Even Kai-Kai, and his internal muscles caused the speculum to wave back and forth like a dog's tail.

"Ohh!" The boy's laughter was interrupted by a gasp. "Careful, Ms. Rizzo," Dr. Chatterjee said to Sylvia. "Be very gradual. Until we start massaging stay below point 4."

Marikit told her parents: ["The numbers show time elapsed, percentage of penile engorgement, blood pressure and heartbeat. The last number combines these figures to show level of arousal based on Kai-Kai's usual response. It's a logarithmic scale going from zero up to one, which is orgasm. Right now he is at zero point four one."] She made it sound like the naked teenager was a car being slowly revved up.

Ms. Garcia put on a latex glove and, bending down a bit to get an unimpeded view, inserted two fingers inside the boy. Kai-Kai's eyes closed. "Ohhh . . . ohhh . . ." His breath got faster. The readout went up to 0.48. His penis grew longer and thicker, tightening the straps that held the vibrator on. Thinking she might have gone a little too fast, Ms. Garcia drew back.

Marikit's mother, looking at the engorging penis with concern, whispered to her daughter. She replied: ["Yes, Kai-Kai's penis at full erection is estimated to be about seven times the volume of that of the average fully erect adult male. The length is almost twice the average. Even flaccid, his penis has about four times the volume of an average erection. But don't worry. One of the criteria for the women is that their vaginal capacity is large. And that they have had two vaginal deliveries and be over 30. Also Kai-Kai is very gentle."] She paused and said, ["Of course you know that. He doesn't want to hurt anyone. This carries over into his general personality. Sometimes I think he is too afraid to assert himself."]

While she was explaining these things Sylvia ramped up the vibrations and the boy's panting got heavier. Ms. Garcia motioned to them and now Marikit and her parents stood behind him. She opened the speculum a notch further, causing Kai-Kai to shift his hips slightly. "Go ahead and look," Ms. Garcia said. The old Filipino couple bent forward with a little hesitation. They were so short they had to stretch their necks. The boy's toes wiggled a bit as their breath curled up inside him.

["Note the prostate, that large bump on the bottom. Further along, before the opening into the colon, the little bumps are the seminal vesicles. They provide --."] Marikit asked the doctor, "The prostate is twenty percent?"

In a congenial manner Dr. Chatterjee walked over to the older couple. "Thirty percent, the seminal vesicles sixty percent. Sperm is about five percent, in Kai-Kai's case." In Tagalog Marikit explained the contribution of each of Kai-Kai's glands to his total ejaculatory output. As Marikit translated for him, the doctor said, ""In Kai-Kai all of his reproductive glands are exceptionally productive. This is presumably due to his frequent ejaculations. In a typical day he ejaculates a total probably of about 60 cc. And perhaps 80 cc during a draining."

Angela observed Sylvia at the console while this chatter was going on. Meanwhile Sylvia watched the readings and Shonda checked the placement of the stimulators. As for Kai-Kai, he rested his head on his arms, trying to control his ragged breathing, and looked at the students and faculty out on the quad, in clothes, to which he was a stranger. A girl he knew passed by the window, looked in and waved. He waved back with his fingers.

Dr. Chatterjee paused and said, "The healthy prostate is spongy, the seminal vesicles somewhat more resilient. Here, go ahead, we don't mind," he said, offering latex gloves to the older couple.

The parents looked at each other. But with Marikit's encouragement they slipped the gloves on and, the mother first, entered her boyfriend's rectum.

"Ohh! . . . ohh . . . ohhhh . . ." Kai-Kai's moans when touched inside were more lower-pitched, guttural. As was well known. Dozens of people had been inside the boy, feeling those bumps and rubbing them, for clinical purposes, or as a sign of affection, or just out of curiosity like now. Hundreds had viewed them through his opened anus. His rectum was public property. It was all part of the life of the young Sire.

When they were finished the older couple pulled off the gloves, looking at each other in amazement. ["Remarkable, isn't it?"] They nodded.

Now they sat down as the inspection team got down to business.

"Ohhh . . . ohhh . . ."

Sylvia turned up the stimulation and the arousal level was now 0.68. Kai-Kai's penis twitched and hardened some more as everyone watched it, swaying with the slight shakings of his body with the vibrator and the clip attached to its length. Behind him and inside him Ms. Garcia massaged his seminal vesicles with practiced gloved fingers. The penis increased somewhat in length, the glans now poking down into the top of the waiting beaker.

"Ohhh . . . ohhh . . . ohhhh . . . " Kai-Kai leaned his head against his folded arms. He sounded as if he was in pain, though it was just the opposite. Or was it? Angela, next to the console with Dr. Chatterjee, was disturbed by this guttural moan, which seemed to be from some demon, not from the gentle Kai-Kai.

Apparently Marikit's parents were thinking the same thoughts. It Tagalog she told them: ["The sounds Kai-Kai is making are not of pain but they are not exactly pleasure. Men who have had their internal glands massaged report that it is one of intense frustration, as if they are being brought to orgasm but not allowed to go over. Orgasm is possible if stimulation continues but that is not what they will be doing to Kai-Kai since his sperm must not be spent. They will take him to the brink and keep him there and collect the maximum amount of fluid for analysis."]

Kai-Kai's glans now expanded to a firm purple plum. In the wide hole of his meatus a viscous white blob appeared, then hung down, then finally plopped into the bottom of the beaker.

"That is the first of the seminal vesicle fluid," Dr. Chatterjee told Angela. Another drop followed, then another. It was much thicker than ordinary semen and her first impression was that it was a sign of something wrong. The doctor seemed to guess her thoughts and said, "The appearance is odd, isn't it?" They both watched as a fourth drop joined the others, so viscous that they formed a little pile which spread out only gradually. "If this was the general ejaculation looked like we would be seriously concerned about infection. But this is -- "


" -- this is ordinary seminal vesicular fluid, containing, well should I ask you?"

Angela smiled. She was ultra-prepared. "Fructose, proteins, phosphorus, prostaglandins --"

"OHH!!" Now several drops in a row. Arousal level 0.88.

"-- and trace minerals. It is the only human secretion that contains fructose."

"Yes, very good." They waited for Kai-Kai to cry out again but instead he stifled his breath and bit his lip. "There is no orgasm; as Ms. Garcia can tell you, she detects no anal contractions. That is why the fluid dribbles out in a steady stream."

The eight watchers stood or sat around the naked boy who looked like he was in the last extremity of suffering, sweating and moaning as if in intense pain.

["There is no need to be concerned. Kai-Kai is not in pain. He is experiencing intense sexual pleasure just short of release. It has been reported that at the verge of orgasm, as one man put it, he felt like his entire body was one big penis about to burst. . . Don't worry, Kai-Kai goes through this every week."]

Arousal level 0.94. Now they saw Kai-Kai's eyes pop open, and he turned his head to look sightlessly out into the quad, and he drew fast breath in through clenched teeth. Angela found this hard to watch but forced herself to keep looking.

Now it shot up to 0.98 as Sylvia's fingers poised carefully over the console.

"EEEEE --" The naked boy's whole body shook as his high-pitched scream reverberated through the lab! Ms. Garcia placed her other arm around his waist, his hip pressed against her lab coat, to steady the quick action of her fingers inside. "EEEE -- EEE -- EEEEEEE -- " Not rhythmic shouts, more like a continuous wail interrupted only by the boy's need to catch his breath. Angela looked over at the open door and realized the boy's shrieking could be heard down the hallways, and by students in other classrooms. But they were used to it. It was 11:45 a.m. Tuesday morning, time for Kai-Kai's screams.

It was now a single rope of sticky fluid flowing into the beaker.

"EEEE -- EEE -- EEE -- " Sweat poured off the boy as he wailed and wailed, on the very brink of orgasm. Angela thought it would end, wanted it to end, but it went on and on. "EEEE -- EEE -- EEE -- "

It seemed like forever but finally the boy's vesicles were emptying, the stream dribbling off to drop by drop. At the sign from the doctor, Ms. Garcia took her fingers out of the boy's butt and Sylvia cut back the stimulation.

["Collection of seminal vesicle fluid is now concluded. They will wait for Kai-Kai to come down a bit, then measure it and analyze it."]

As if following Marikit's Tagalog narration, everyone watched and waited as the naked boy panted heavily, catching his breath after being brought so close. Acting on a sign from Shonda, Angela got a bottle of water out of the fridge and opened it up for Kai-Kai. He thirstily gulped it down, catching his breath in between. Angela felt sorry for this gentle freshman boy, who had never known what clothes felt like, his naked body always on view, his most secret parts examined and manipulated and stimulated, his bodily reactions public knowledge. She resisted stroking his hair. She noticed how delicate his eyelashes were, giving his soft brown eyes the look of beautiful flowers. Good God -- I'm falling in love with the Sire. . .

Kai-Kai gasped, "Thank you."

Below, Shonda carefully pulled the penis away so that it cleared the lip of the beaker. She handed the beaker to Dr. Chatterjee. A new beaker was placed. The doctor held the product of Kai-Kai's seminal vesicles up for all to see. "Fifteen cc's, very good. Thank you, Kai-Kai."

"Unhhh . . . you're . . . welcome . . . Doctor . . . Ch - Chatterjee." The boy gulped again, his breath subsiding somewhat. Down below, his penis shrank ever so slightly, but still twitched once over the new beaker. Now Shonda ran her thumb down the super-sensitive penis from root down to glans, carefully steering clear of the clip and the vibrator straps. This caused Kai-Kai to jump but it wrung out the last of the fluid which disappeared into a tissue. She went to the sink to dispose of it and wash her hands.

Still holding up the beaker of viscous white fluid, the doctor said, "This of course is more than is expelled in an entire typical ejaculation, even one of Kai-Kai's. Please submit it for analysis, Ms. Chin." Angela, given an independent task for the first time, brought it over to the semenalysis machine, which looked like a microwave, and inputted the proper settings as Sylvia watched.

There was a lull of about a minute as Kai-Kai caught his breath and everyone checked the various instruments and devices.

["Having 'milked' the seminal vesicles, Kai-Kai's prostatic fluid will now be collected."]

Angela gave the teenager another few swallows from the water bottle. And wiped his face with a wet towel from the refrigerator. The truth was that *everyone* was more or less in love with the Sire. Through all the unique exertions that were required of him in his life as the Sire, they always wanted him to feel as comfortable as possible. He adjusted his body a bit on the "horse" to prepare for the next invasion of his most private places.

Dr. Chatterjee said to Marikit, for the benefit of translating to her parents: "Prostatic fluid is much thinner than vesicular fluid, and is produced more copiously. It also has a distinctive odor. If peak arousal is sustained the male body also exhibits unusual thermovascular properties. Feel the temperature of the toes. They should be a little cold, which is normal given their distance from the center of the body."

After hearing their daughter's translation her father and mother looked uncertainly at the boy's feet. Tentatively they felt his toes, toughened from a life of going everywhere barefoot. The toes did feel a little cold. The mother instinctively rubbed them, trying to get them warm. Kai-Kai felt the touch of small wrinkled hands and wiggled his toes as if returning a greeting. The speculum in his anus wagged a little as if he was a dog being petted.

After this strange interlude Sylvia turned on the stimulation again. The arousal level was 0.52. Ms. Garcia yielded her place to Shonda, who slipped a latex glove onto her "working" hand. Apprentices near the end of their rotations were usually allowed the chance to "milk" Kai-Kai, and it was Shonda's next to last week here. Ms. Garcia had trained her carefully on prostate massage. They used a special life-size model of Kai-Kai's rectal floor. It was created by an art student under Ms. Garcia's close supervision and made of materials that closely matched the real things in size, shape, location, sponginess and resilience. They were mounted on a little board which at the moment lay on a counter behind them -- it said in bold letters, "KAI-KAI'S RECTAL FLOOR". Shonda glanced back at it briefly before peering into the nude boy, the anal orifice widely stretched open by the speculum.

Shonda began with a small goof. Noting that the speculum had gotten a little crooked, she twisted it and pushed it in to anchor it better and straighten it out. The boy gasped, his toes twitching, his knees shifting. "Sorry, Kai-Kai." She had been a little too rough. Kai-Kai by now had much experience in accepting various objects into his rectum and even up into his digestive tract. Various enema recipes had been experimented with, which were not tried again if they caused him to burn or itch inside (as sometimes happened). Sometimes he had to carry things around, using his rectum like a little bookbag. Usually these experiments were done during his "vacations", the two weeks a year when he was not impregnating. On one occasion he spent the day walking around campus with an internal vibrator, an experiment not repeated because he could not concentrate on his classes, and because of the constant flow of pre-cum from his perpetually erect penis. It made a trail by which people could follow him anywhere and which made a campus-wide mess, causing people to slip on floors. He felt terrible about this and apologized for it even though it was hardly his fault.

But despite the boy's wide range of rectal experience his stretched sphincter was still very sensitive and Shonda had forgotten that. Her confidence shaken a bit, she tried not to look at Ms. Garcia as she slowly inserted two fingers into the boy's rectum. The prostate was not as far in as the seminal vesicles and Shonda found the single bump quickly.

"Aaahhh --" Kai-Kai moaned. Bull's-eye! Shonda smiled as her confidence returned. She rubbed again. "Aaahhhh -- "

Again, this voice did not seem to be Kai-Kai's, but Angela noticed that it was a little higher-pitched than the guttural moans when his seminal vesicles were massaged. It was cruel but Angela thought it would be funny if Kai-Kai were played like an instrument, emitting a different pitch depending on what bump was rubbed. She imagined the various bumps and rectal walls as being color-coded as nurses played his internal piano on stage in front of an audience. More musical notes could be created as his drips hit different sized beakers. The nurses' virtuosity and creativity was applauded as they induced inventive combinations of moans and groans from the naked boy whose sweaty body shone in the theater lights. Yes, Angela was being cruel and she chastised herself for letting her imagination go in this direction.

The huge red penis, out of proportion on the slight, sweating body, swelled again to full erection, the glans inflating, the hole of the meatus opening, and now a drop of clear milky fluid dropped into the beaker.

"Aaahhh -- aahhh -- " Again the teenager rested his head on its side over his folded arms and took deep breaths. More drops into the beaker. Marikit's parents leaned forward, fascinated, overcoming their earlier discomfort and hesitancy.

["Expressing fluid from Kai-Kai has been experimented with extensively. Initially a dildo was used which was thrust in and out. This was because of the prostate "milking" reported by those gay men who enjoy anal intercourse. Of course in that situation intimacy between two persons was paramount. But in experimenting with Kai-Kai the technique became more refined. It eventually narrowed down to locating a certain part of the prostate and stroking it a certain way."] Marikit had obtained an extensive knowledge of the boy she was in love with.

Now an odor of wheat pervaded the room. Or was it wheat? Angela did not have enough sexual experience to recognize the odor of semen, and neither did Marikit. But in fact it was similar, only a little sweeter. Everyone else in the room, who knew perfectly well what semen smelled like, raised their eyebrows in recognition.

"Aahhh -- ahhh -- " Sylvia turned up the vibrations and now the arousal level leapt up to 0.82. "AAAHHHH --- AAAHHHH --- "

Dr. Chatterjee moved over to Sylvia, who probably was aware she had gone too fast. "Careful, Ms. Rizzo. . ." Then to everyone else he said, loudly so as to be heard over the buzzing and the boy's moans: "We will bring Kai-Kai up to status precipitum -- "

"AHHHH -- "

" -- and hold him there for five minutes. Then we will -- "


"-- bring him gently down."

As before, this was hard for Angela to watch. Marikit's parents, as well, did not know whether to look or turn away. As for Marikit, she got up and gently unstuck her nude boyfriend's hair, which was plastered to the side of his head with sweat, and then stroked it.

Now with a flick of the controls the arousal level went up to 0.99 and Kai-Kai's whole body went rigid, his head up, his wide-open eyes screaming at the wall! "AHHHH -- AHHHH -- AHHHH --" As before, a continuous shriek that was interrupted only when he caught his breath, then the shriek continued. "AHHH -- AHHHH -- AHHHH -- "

A continuous stream of milky fluid flowed into the beaker. It went on and on and on. 20 cc's, 25 cc's, 30 . . . Angela wondered where it all came from. Not all from that small prostate bump?

Still stroking Kai-Kai's hair, Marikit turned around and had to speak to her parents in a loud voice that seemed out of character for her: ["This is now what is called status precipitium, or staying on the very edge of orgasm -- "]


[" -- for an extended period of time. If just a little more stimulation were added, he would succumb to an orgasm of great intensity and duration. But that is not their intention. Note the huge volume of liquid that Kai-Kai is emitting. The prostate is larger than that one bump you saw on the floor of his --" ]


[" -- of his rectum; it also extends downward to the other side of the urethra. But even so, this amount of fluid is due to the body's emergency -- "]


[" -- uh, emergency metabolism which presses into service the lymph glands, Cowper's gland, and other structures."]

The boy's taut body did not move except for slight quivering. To Angela it looked like he was being paralyzed by tetanus, or electrocuted. She knew it was something he was used to and had done before. In fact the "Sire Collection" had photos of Kai-Kai in status precipitium for far longer than five minutes, taken during one of his vacations. Over his sweaty, screaming body, surrounded by people in lab coats, there was a time stamp that showed he had been suspended in that state for two hours. Below his purple, rock-hard penis was a beaker that had been filled up to 220cc. Still -- seeing him like this right in front of her was upsetting.

One minute passed which seemed like an hour. Now they were into the second minute. Everybody was motionless except for Sylvia's hidden finger, clothed people watching the naked teenager. Even the nude boy was motionless except for his lungs bellowing out, and feeding the beaker with his prostate milk, donating the products of his glands to science.


Shonda suddenly got up and tightened the strap around the waist that held the increasingly bloated testicles away from the vibrator. They had been getting dangerously close. ["It is important that the testicles not be touched in any way. That would ignite an explosive orgasm and the expulsion of, with Kai-Kai, possibly two billion sperm. The Sire's sperm must be reserved for the impregnations."]

Marikit's father suddenly coughed and Dr. Chatterjee and Ms. Garcia looked at Kai-Kai's genitals with alarm. Kai-Kai's body shook like a leaf in the breeze but then went back to its rigid state with only minute quivering. Dr. Chatterjee said to Marikit, "Please tell your parents that if they have to cough to turn their heads. Any slight breeze on his genitals might push Kai-Kai over the edge into orgasm. Fortunately he suppressed it this time." After the translation the father bowed with a rather shamed face. The doctor turned toward the boy's head and seemed about to say something to him but changed his mind.

Now into the third minute. Loudly over the buzzing and the moaning Dr. Chatterjee said: "You may touch his toes now." Marikit translated. Her parents were intimidated by the sight of the boy's status precipitum but their daughter encouraged them. They touched his toes and found that they were hot! They looked at each other in amazement.

"Yes," the doctor nearly shouted, "you will find that over every inch of his body his skin is very warm. . . Try the buttocks, which are also normally cool."

After hearing the translation Marikit's mother stood up and tentatively touched the teenager's tight, smallish right butt cheek. She nodded to her husband.

Shortly after the three minute mark Professor Ellen Schreiber came through the lab. She approached her shrieking adopted son and stroked the hair on the other side of his head. She held a paper up in front of his quaking face. It was the "drop" form for a class where he had a time conflict. In the middle of a shriek he opened his eyes wide and then tightly nodded his head. She waved good-bye to everyone, then placed the paper in his bookbag on the way out.

Four minutes and now the milky fluid reached up to the 60 cc mark. Another eternity. "Note the vasocongestion in the testicles," Dr. Chatterjee said, extending his finger to within three or four inches to point. "Note also the bluish tinge that is developing." Marikit translated. Now as the five-minute mark approached Dr. Chatterjee motioned to Sylvia. At the mark she decreased the stimulation gradually. The boy's shrieks ended, replaced by moans. The stream of prostatic fluid lessened into drips. Finally it was drip by drip as stimulation was reduced to zero, the beaker topping out at 66 cc.

For a moment there was just silence, punctuated by the boy's panting. He rested his face on his arms and seemed to be praying. Then Shonda and Sylvia gently went to work moving the end of his penis so that the beaker could be taken away, unstrapping the vibrator from his shaft, and removing the pressure clip and the plastic circles from his nipples. Ms. Garcia removed the testicle strap and the speculum. It took a moment for Kai-Kai's anus to close as the gape got slowly smaller and smaller. Dr. Chatterjee put the beaker in the prostatic analyzer. He had now collected Kai-Kai's urine, vesicular fluid and prostatic fluid. He would have the readouts in about an hour.

Now for Angela's second independent task, as she returned from the refrigerator. In a moment Kai-Kai gasped through his teeth.

["Ice is applied to the testicles to relieve the vasocongestion. It will not entirely go away but discomfort will be decreased somewhat until the next impregnation which is in three hours. When he next ejaculates the vasocongestion will be flushed away."]

Angela didn't know it but her thoughts were following similar lines as she enclosed the boy's huge testicles in the specially recessed cubes with Dr. Chatterjee watching. "Doctor," she said. "I have a question."


"Semen is composed mostly of seminal vesicular fluid and prostatic fluid, and Kai-Kai has just given us, uh, huge amounts of both. How will he be able to ejaculate into his I-3?"

"His ejaculation will be less than normal, but with his PC muscles he can easily propel an adequate amount toward the cervix. His next ejaculate will be especially rich in sperm, remember."

She continued to massage the ice cubes into Kai-Kai's testicles, water from the melting ice dripping onto the hard black plastic of the table top. Now she withdrew and four pairs of hands helped him as he got up slowly and stiffly off the table. With lurching steps he approached the open shower area in the center of the lab. It was nothing more than a shower head coming down from the ceiling over a low-lipped basin.

The naked boy placed himself under the shower head and with his dexterous toes turned on a faucet attached to the basin. The water that hit his upturned face and coursed down his body was cold but it didn't matter. Marikit and her parents strolled over to watch, as if it was what they were supposed to do. They vicariously shared his relief as his sweaty hair was rinsed with the bracing cold. Now Shonda threw him a sponge and a bottle of shampoo. As Angela was helping the others clean the equipment and put things away, she looked back as Kai-Kai washed every inch of his bare body, surrounded by fully clothed spectators. Totally unself-consciously he bent over, spreading his buttocks to cleanse his anus right in their faces, then spreading his legs to lift up his penis past his navel and roll his testicles around with the sponge like a couple of kiwi fruit.

Angela finished putting the console away and, having a few free moments, watched Kai-Kai shower. He smiled at Marikit's parents but with no sense that he liked showing off his body. It was a simple, polite, happy smile. Angela thought of the travel photos in the "Sire Collection", and the nude boy's happy, peaceful face while standing next to Hawaiians in sarongs, scantily-attired Zulu tribespeople (making them look positively fully clothed), Japanese businessmen, English footballers, Chilean mountaineers, Indonesian schoolchildren, even Icelandic nuns. Always the same cheerful kid, getting along with everyone.

So much more mature, in his way, than guys older than him. Angela smirked as she remembered what her worldly roommate Lawanda said one time. What if the average American guy had a penis like that? He'd probably brag about it and show it off every chance he got. Every guy's fantasy, despite its lack of utility. "Anything past six inches is too much for most girls!" Lawanda said. "Don't forget that! I hate when guys boast! They're usually full of shit!" 180 degrees from Kai-Kai's quiet and modest acceptance of his huge endowments which were always on public view.

Now Shonda threw him a towel and he dried himself off. He could have wrapped himself in it, being actually clothed for a second or two, but he gently tossed it back to her and walked his naked self over to the refrigerator and waited while Sylvia got something from the back room. He had never had clothes or shoes and had no desire to wear any.

Sylvia returned with a kind of rubber thong swimsuit, except for the pouch being a long vinyl bag about a foot long. It reminded Angela of a pelican's pouch with an open top. Kai-Kai turned his back as Sylvia fastened it around his slim waist. In front, she brought the pouch up from his knees and hefted his penis clear with her other hand, the tip well past his navel. Kai-Kai lifted his testicles, one in each hand.

Angela knew her role. She opened the freezer and lifted out the bucket of shaved ice. It was heavy and she almost lost her balance. When it was on the floor in front of her she shoveled the first bunch of ice into the bottom of the pouch. Kai-Kai rested his testicles onto the ice. He didn't gasp; he was used to the sensation. She continued filling the pouch as the naked boy arranged his gonads comfortably as the ice slowly covered them. Then Sylvia took his penis in both hands and gently rested it on top. Soon it was covered with ice too. Kai-Kai closed his eyes and then looked at Marikit, who was watching the proceedings with her parents. She gave a running commentary in Tagalog as Kai-Kai faced her in his "ice thong". It could be called the only article of clothing he ever wore. Now Angela poured a pitcher of supercooled salt water over the ice. This did prompt a small gasp from him. His penis was again visible through the slush as it lay suspended in a salt solution chilled to minus 3 degrees Celsius.

["The inspection concludes with Kai-Kai's genitals submerged in a salt solution below the freezing point. This has several purposes. First, the salt acts as an antiseptic and astringent. Secondly, the testicles are relieved of some of the vasocongestion that built up during status precipitum. Thirdly, the penis is shrunk to its minimum possible size, with the blood maximally drained, so that the size of the corpus cavernosum and other structures can be best estimated."]

As she said this, Shonda returned with her micrometer and Sylvia with her measuring tape, and waited for the penis to shrink further. Nurse Garcia and Dr. Chatterjee looked down intently. There were now seven clothed people surrounding the naked boy, carefully watching his penis and testicles retract in their subfreezing bath, quickly at first, but then in lesser and finally barely perceptible stages. As for the boy himself, he looked absently out the window to the quad, the fully clothed students and teachers walking or standing around and talking. It was a cold, blustery day out there, sunny but windy, and everyone was fully bundled up. But warm and balmy compared to the temperatures his penis and testicles were now experiencing.

After the prescribed three minutes, Ms. Garcia carefully opened the draincock at the bottom of the pouch and poured the slushy water into a pail, then unstrapped the boy, dried the penis, and got out of the way. Angela was impressed. They were well experienced at this and it was done within seconds. Kai-Kai's penis was now shrunken and cold and hard. Sylvia and Shonda bent down to the boy's crotch and with their quick work read out the measurements. "Length, 14 cm . . . circumference, 12.6 cm . . . glans vertical diameter 4.2 cm . . . horizontal 4.4 cm . . ." It was Angela's turn to put in the calculation which she read out now. "Volume 176 cc." The ratio between his flaccid and erect size was the only thing about Kai-Kai's genitals that was within the normal range. Though even at its smallest, practically frozen in ice, with all possible blood drained away from it, the boy's wizened penis was longer and thicker than the average man's full erection. Finally Angela said, "An increase of 8 cc in volume since last week."

Dr. Chatterjee said, "Hmmm . . . ", looking at Kai-Kai's "little erection" with concern.

As the inspection concluded and equipment was put away Marikit explained to her parents the import of this concerned "Hmmmm." ["Kai-Kai was selected for his DNA. Sperm count and motility, semen quantity, and force of ejaculation are also important. Penis size is not. But because Kai-Kai's penis is so large, almost four standard deviations from the mean, his size has always been Project concern. To some extent this is addressed by careful screening of potential procreators. As part of the P-1 application examinations, vaginas are carefully measured. Also there is the requirement of being over the age of 30, and two previous pregnancies brought to term via vaginal delivery. Kai-Kai has well-exercised PC muscles; he can launch semen more than three meters, after we finally got the best angle at which to aim him. So propulsion to the cervix is assured and only an inch or two of insertion is really necessary. The real problem is girth, wedging his glans into women who, for some ethnoracial groups, are unavoidably diminutive. Close supervision of the impregnation is often needed in such cases."]

As they listened they looked at the boy's penis as he stood there. As it warmed to room temperature it gradually expanded to its normal flaccidity, softening, lengthening and thickening. He seemed perfectly at ease as people watched. Angela was amazed at his ability to take things as they came -- or maybe did not come. In front of everyone, he had been suspended on the brink of orgasm for a long time -- and not allowed release. That would drive the average teenage boy half-mad with frustration. But the peaceful Kai-Kai seemed ok with it.

"Thank you, Ms. Chin, you did well in your first Sire inspection session," Ms. Garcia said. She handed the sign-out sheet to Angela. The Nurse Professor left, and so did Sylvia and Shonda. Dr. Chatterjee retreated into his little office to the side, getting ready for his urology class. Angela saw Kai-Kai and Marikit drift back to the doorway, where they picked up their bookbags and where she and her parents had laid their coats and hats and gloves. Now they retreated to a little kitchenette where there was a table and a counter with a coffee machine, a little refrigerator and microwave. Seeing her standing around, Kai-Kai said, "Would you like some coffee?" Angela found herself saying yes, then realized this was the first time she had ever had any kind of conversation with the Sire. As Sylvia left she gave her a jokey warning look -- as if to say, "Don't fall in love with the Sire!!"

Angela sat at the little table while Marikit chatted with her parents in Tagalog. Meanwhile Kai-Kai was busy making coffee at the counter, his butt almost in their faces. This kitchenette was really small, with the coats and hats piled on the extra chair making it seem even smaller. Angela smiled when she saw something unexpected: a little taped-on card over the doorway. It said, "Welcome to Kai-Kai's Restaurant". It was in flowery feminine handwriting with a heart over the "i's" in Kai-Kai. She looked at Marikit. "Yes, that was me."

The boy turned toward them carrying a tray, with coffee cups that were obviously stolen from the dining hall. He meticulously poured and added milk and sugar to everyone's taste. An average naked guy, standing where he was, would find his penis poking over the cups. But Kai-Kai's was so long that it hung down well below the table edge which held it out of the way.

He sat down with them and Angela noticed his motions indicating that under the table he was, for comfort's sake, draping his penis over his thigh like before. Marikit chatted some more with her parents and then said, "We're talking about the campus. They've got to see the rock garden and the arboretum."

Angela found herself drawn into the conversation. "It's amazing how they make it interesting even in the cold weather."

"The place is beautiful," Kai-Kai said.

"Yes . . . we go there a lot," Marikit said. "It's romantic." At this Kai-Kai blushed. He blushed further when she said, "We're going to the Freshman Class Dance next week."

Angela did not think of herself as worldly but she was a few years older than this cute teenage couple and for a moment felt like the experienced Lawanda by comparison. She smiled as she brought the cup to her lips and thought to herself: two obvious virgins. Then she choked on her coffee as she stifled a laugh. If anyone is NOT a virgin, it's Kai-Kai. The boy has impregnated thousands of women, and will have sex with thousands more. At last count he had 1,426 children. The ultimate goal was what the Project called "25 - 25": conceiving 25,000 children by his 25th birthday. Yet she didn't think he'd ever "been with" a girl, i.e., had a romantic relationship that included sex. He had the innocence and bashfulness of a male virgin. If anything, it was Marikit who had more the air of experience.

Angela felt sad. Where could their relationship go? Sex between them would be precluded by his insemination duties and would probably be physically impossible anyway due to his size. She wondered what the young couple thought about that.

Kai-Kai supplemented his coffee with a bottle of water from the little refrigerator. He needed a lot of replenishment after so much fluid had been drained from him. Yet he did not seem tired. She supposed as an adolescent he regenerated quickly.

Now a German-lilted female voice from the doorway. "Kai-Kai?"

The naked boy jumped up, his penis bounding, bare feet slapping on the floor as he strode to the beautiful blonde woman in the jacket and long denim skirt.

"Gretchen! How are you??" Kai-Kai's eyes were wide open with concern. It was his I-1 from this morning, who had been too tight for Kai-Kai's penis and was injured by it, or so the boy thought, despite Dr. Chatterjee's assurances at the beginning of today's inspection session.

"Ich bin fein. I'm very fine." She tottered a little on her high-heeled boots.

"But . . ." The naked boy looked down toward her crotch.

"Nein . . . Ich habe meine maxi pad an. Sehr nett."

Fortunately Kai-Kai had taken German classes and more or less understood her. They talked some more, partly with words and partly with gestures. Gretchen was wearing the specially constructed maxi-pad that all P-4's liked to wear right after insemination. It prevented semen from leaking down the woman's legs, which inevitably happened with ejaculations as copious as Kai-Kai's. She apologized for this morning -- trying to be heard over Kai-Kai's constant "Mir Lied! Mir Lied!" ("I'm sorry!") -- and blamed herself for any discomfort because she had decided against wearing her "retainer" -- the large dildo panties that P-3's were urged to wear for a few hours to enlarge themselves for Kai-Kai's entry. Like almost all P-3's she wore a skirt or dress. P-3's hardly ever disrobed for the impregs; they simply removed their panties and pulled up their skirts to allow the naked boy to insert his penis.

Evidently Gretchen convinced him she was ok. He hugged her, his bare arms around her jacket, her gloved hands around his bare back, his bare chest against the cold zipper of her jacket, his bare thighs against the denim skirt, his bare feet against her boots. She was taller than he was, and his head was on this older woman's shoulder. Angela saw a tear of relief running down his face, as if something horrible had almost happened to someone he loved who was now safe.

Another hug and Gretchen was gone, perhaps never to see Kai-Kai in person again. Or maybe she would at one of those annual parties that were talked about for the future, when any P-7 who could make the trip would fly into town for Kai-Kai's birthday, along with the children he had fathered. In later years they would have to find a stadium somewhere to fit them all!

Marikit and her parents got their coats, hats and gloves on and left with the Sire. Angela was now alone in Lab 6. She wandered past the little stage with the Chinese finger trap sleeve, the scale, the blood pressure desk, the pedestal, the exam table, the treadmill, the toilet, the refrigerator, the shower area, the big lab table with the "horse" on it, and found herself looking out the window.

Dr. Chatterjee came out of his office, ready to go upstairs. "Oh Ms. Chin . . . I didn't think you'd still be here."

She didn't answer but the two of them looked out the window where they saw Kai-Kai, seemingly oblivious to the cold, strolling happily with Marikit and her parents through the quad. The boy was out of place in his nakedness and with his penis swinging from side to side with his bare footsteps, yet somehow at ease with them. They shared a kind of Asian, Buddhist serenity even though his biological parents had been Arab and Jewish.

Dr. Chatterjee stood next to Angela as they watched the outdoor scene. They saw Marikit making a joke of some kind and her parents and the naked boy laughing. Despite not knowing Tagalog somehow he got whatever she had said. If they got married someday Marikit would be the more outspoken one and Kai-Kai would be . . . well . . .?

"He seems so happy and . . . serene," Angela said. "Still . . ."


"What will he do when he graduates? What kind of job would he get? Still having to be the Sire? What suits him?"

"You'd be surprised. We care a lot about his psychological well-being of course. Dr. Kantor watches that. But we gave him a battery of vocational tests and you know what profession he is best suited for?"

Angela really had no idea.

"Housewife." Angela almost laughed; it suddenly seemed so apt. "Yes," Dr. Chatterjee continued, "He is happiest as a homemaker, cooking and cleaning, staying at home, taking care of people and making sure things run smoothly. He likes arranging furniture, gardening . . . " Kai-Kai was the most feminine of boys.

Angela looked out at the naked boy as he turned the corner with Marikit and her parents and disappeared behind the Student Union. Her last glance was of his bare heel flashing out of sight. Yes, she was in love with the Sire. Nothing she could do about it of course.

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