Tami, the Naked Freshman
by donnylaja
Part 6

"This girl needs warm water, and fast," Marisol said.

"No, no, that's the worst thing," Rebecca said. They were standing around the bathtub in the still-freezing bathroom, all bundled up in winter clothes, as their shivering, naked, hypothermic friend stood in their midst in the tub, clumsily clutching her shoulders, knee-deep in ice water. "She has to be brought up gradually. Even lukewarm water would feel painful to her. Wanda was right." She turned on the cold water faucet. "Tami needs an ice bath."

They figured that Rebecca, a native of this north country, who might know about things like recovering from frostbite, knew what she was doing. And of course so did Wanda, who had only Tami's best interests at heart. Good old Wanda, what a good, protective R.A. she was. They all thought that, as the water rose higher, as the ice cubes ascended against Tami's bare thighs. Wanda wanted Tami to get warm by giving her Jeffrey's coat, then gently tried to postpone this "cold training". Tami would have none of it -- she stayed free of the coat, she subjected herself to being drenched nakedly in the intense cold. You couldn't blame Wanda for any of that.

"Let's help her," Rebecca said. "Take it down easy, Tam." They held their naked friend's unsteady arms and helped her into the ice water. As she sat down in the tub and the water rose up past her breasts, she started gasping heavily, either in shock, or relief, it was hard to tell. Now she grasped the outer sides of the tub with her clumsy wrists, with an open-mouthed stare at the ceiling. A full-body shudder. Then, she finally spoke. "Oh G - g - god. I'm cold!! I'm so c - cold!!"

"Put your head under for a moment," Rebecca said. Tami appeared not to hear. Then she slid back and held her nose and submerged, her knees breaking the water. When she came back up the rime of frost on her eyebrows had gone, and her eyes were more aware of her surroundings. Her face had a more normal expression. She seemed to have awakened. She looked up at her friends. Still shivering, she said, "Anyone . . . want to j - join me? The w - water's f - f - fine!"

Marisol laughed and said, "No thanks, Tami."

Tami smiled a blue-lipped smile and this broke some of the tension. "You are the greatest, Tami!" Jen said, bending over and kissing her on the lips. "Oooh!" She couldn't help recoiling, rubbing her lips after their contact with Tami's chilly skin. Then returned Jen continued her praise. "What a strong naked woman. We should call you 'Tami the Strong'."

"After what Wanda put you through," Terri said, "I can see you walking through blizzards all winter up here like it's nothing!"

"Yes, it seemed cruel, what Wanda did," Rebecca said, "but I see where Professor Kurilenko is coming from. It couldn't have been easy," she mused, "for Wanda, doing all that harsh stuff to you, when she cares about you so much."

"Not too easy for Tami here either," Marisol said. "I wouldn't want someone sticking ice cubes up my butt and into my whatzit!" She shuddered a mock shudder.

"I bet you're glad you have Wanda on your side," Jen observed.

Tami responded to this by putting her head under again. When she emerged, she saw Rebecca adding some more cold water, but also mixed with a little hot. "We should do this bit by bit," she said, lifting the big old-fashioned plunger to open the drain a little.

Over the next few minutes, as Rebecca added and subtracted water, they watched as it went from icy cold to merely cold, the ice cubes shrinking.

The door opened and in walked Dawn and Shenille and Mayree. They were amused by the ice water bath that Tami was taking. "Can we get Jeffrey and Trent in here?" "I'll keep a lookout," Terri said. And so, soon, the two guys were in the women's bathroom on the second floor of Pilgrim Hall. It was unspoken that because they were gay, it wasn't so obviously against the rules.

"She has to stay here for a while," Rebecca said.

"Let's make an event of it," Jen said. "Hanging out with Naked Tami on a Sunday night!"

It was a joke but they all saw that it had potential. Chairs were brought in, and one of Mayree's folding trays for cheese and crackers, the kind you buy in little plastic packages at the convenience store for two dollars. Hot cinnamon cider was made on Dawn's hotplate. The bathroom getting warm again, coats were discarded and everyone returned in their nighttime dorm garb of pajamas, sweats and heavy socks.

In the middle of this sat Tami, her nakedness and wetness contrasting with everyone else. She looked at her friends seated around her, sipping the cider. The water went from cold to a little tepid. Though it seemed cool to everyone's touch, it was the hottest the naked girl could stand. Her pinkish body, restored to full circulation, was on full display. Everyone looking down could see every little bit of it through the clear water, the bouyant breasts bobbing around the water line, the fronds of her pubic hair waving slowly like seaweed on the ocean bottom, her feet resting up on the far end, and pinkish toes tingling back to life and wiggling in everyone's faces as she talked and laughed and giggled. Outside in the blackness the wind kept gusting and throwing grains of snow against the window. It only emphasized how warm and friendly it was in the bathroom.

The conversation drifted back to "Saw III", the gruesome tortures, and then went on to boys and school and the weather. Tami sipped, occasionally spoke, but mostly sat there in the center of gathering, like a naked queen holding court with her clothed subjects.

Jen had been ogling Tami's body all along and finally could not keep from saying something. "Tami, I have to say it, your body is the most perfect body in all the world."

"Not hard for someone like you to be naked," Mayree, who was a little chubby, pointed out. "If you weren't so modest, I'd say you were showing it off."

"Tami's not an exhibitionist though," Dawn said to Mayree.

"That sounds so odd to say," Shenille said. Shenille was giving the air of a visiting queen who was paying a state visit to a friendly ally, Queen Tami the Naked. "Doesn't want clothes, but isn't an exhibitionist."

"Her body has certainly been through a lot tonight," Terri remarked. "You can't be frightened by that lady in the movie, not after this . . . treatment."

"That was make-believe of course," Rebecca said. "Let me get this right -- she was tied up in a deep freezer and being sprayed with water?"

"And it froze onto her," Terri said. "How cold would that have to be?"

Rebecca knitted her brows in thought. "For water to freeze as soon as it hits something, it would have to be forty below zero or so. That's what I've heard from folks I know in Canada."

"Fahrenheit or Celsius?"

"It's the same temperature. The two scales meet at that point."

"But the water hitting her can't be any colder than freezing, right?" Jen said. She was looking at Tami's pubic fronds as she said this. In fact, everyone was looking down at Tami's body, as if she were the freezer lady that they were discussing.

"Of course."

"So if it was forty below zero in the freezer, being sprayed with water would feel really warm to her. What -- at least seventy-two degrees hotter than the air."

"The ice water felt warm on you just now, didn't it?" Terri said.

Tami looked down at her breasts, bobbing in the water. She felt the urge to cover them. Wanda wasn't here, and she could pretend she was cold. So she wrapped her arms around her breasts, feeling the still-hard nipples poke into her palms. "It -- wasn't AS cold as the air."

"Instead of 'ohhh, ohhh, ohhh,' that lady in the freezer should have been going, 'oooohh yes, ooohh yes, warm, warm, more, more'," Terri said.

"Actually she was more like, 'Oho! No! Waaahhh! No! Oho!'," Jen said harshly, quite unlike her usual gentle voice.

They contemplated this for a while, looking at Tami. Tami felt herself on display and, now that she was warm and wide awake again, felt the return of shame and embarrassment despite being around such true friends. She was so exposed and stared at, the tub might as well have been of glass. She pictured herself in the future, after Wanda really turned up the shame, having to sleep in a glass box hanging over the entrance to the Student Union, in full view of everyone at all times. Of course as a committed nudist, who didn't believe in modesty, she couldn't object!

She looked around and dearly wished she could wrap herself in pajamas, socks, sweats. . . Even thin panties would make her feel all covered. She tried to think of some pretense to wrap the merest scrap of clothing onto herself -- as if wanting to try on Mayree's sweat shirt, to see if she had really gotten all her feeling back. Would that work? For a dedicated nudust to legitimately ask that?

One can stay in a filled tub only so long. Hydrostatic tension presses against the lungs, and Tami was feeling a little suffocated. She bit her lip, realizing that transparent as the water was, it was a form of "covering", and then said, "I feel like I have to get out now."

The friends didn't move from their chairs. Rebecca pulled the plunger all the way and water started loudly whirlpooling out. They watched as the water receded past her breasts and then past her navel. When there was barely enough to do so, Tami slid back into the water aud submerged her head one more time. Her dark red hair billowed out over her face.

Now the naked goddess rose, not Venus emerging from the ocean on a shell, but Tami Smithers from the bathtub in the second-floor women's room in Pilgrim Hall. As she stood up, dripping from her breasts, butt, shoulders, face, she raised her arms to twist the water out of her hair behind her.

A wave of lust swept over Jen. "Oh Jesus, oh Jesus, look at that body!" She pushed her chair back and stood up. With Tami's arms up over her head, her waist was almost freakishly narrow, her sleek tummy, water dripping down it, just a firm concavity. "Look at that waist! So tiny! And those thigh muscles! And the shoulders and arms! And those firm boobs! Twin towers, Jeffrey! . . . Could you turn around? Look at that tight butt!"

The naked white girl's dripping body was gleaming in the brightly lit bathroom. Terri rolled her eyes at Jen's babbling but everyone knew that her remarks were absolutely correct. They gazed at the naked sleekness in awe.

Finally Shenille said, "No argument here."

Tami smiled, blushing, twisting her hair longer than necessary.

"And look at her!" Marisol said. "She's shy about it!"

"The modest nudist," Rebecca said with admiration.

"Tami, can you get up on all fours?" Jen said excitedly. "Hands and feet on the edges?"

"C'mon, Jen," Terri said. "She's not a dog doing tricks."

"Oh please oh please oh please," Jen said.

Tami smiled. "Okay, just for a moment." Jen's childlike enthusiasm was impossible to say no to. Tami arranged herself as requested, facing the window, hands clutching the edge up near the faucets, her dexterous toes wrapping themselves around the edges of the lower end. In this position she was facing down, her butt sticking out at them.

"Ohmigod look at those hanging boobs!" Jen said. They swayed slightly as Tami adjusted her grip with her fingers and toes.

"Don't slip," Mayree said.

"Don't worry, we gymnasts can grab onto anything," Jen said. Which served to remind everyone that she and Tami were both on the gymnastics team, this being the basis of Tami's scholarship.

Jen walked around to behind the naked girl. "Oh Tami, what a cute butthole you have! Look at this? Have you ever seen such a cute winkie?!" Indeed everyone could see Tami's anus between her trim, separated butt cheeks, the brown asterisk glistening in the overhead light, now twitching with Tami's secret shame. At the other end, unnoticed, Tami's face burned red.

"Now turn the other way, like a crab walk," Jen said.

"Jen!" Terri admonished.

"This is a once in a million chance," Jen pointed out.

Wordlessly Tami stepped back into the tub and leaned back to grab with her hands. As Jen knew, it was similar to a move they had just learned on the parallel bars. Tami spread her legs and placed the arches of her soles onto the edges toward the bathroom door. It was hard to hold this pose so she raised her hips up so that they were higher than her head. She faced the ceiling, back straight, her knees way apart to stabilize her.

"Oh wow, look at that woman-land," Jen said. Tami could feel her lower lips opening up and felt air wafting in. Looking up at the ceiling, she knew that Jen, and whoever else was down there, could see right up inside her. Like being naked on top of being naked. Super-naked!

It was in this shaming, spread-out position that Tami, to her horror, heard the door open, felt a gust of air curl up inside her, and heard the voice of Wanda. And adult footsteps behind Wanda's!

Tami, nakedly and awkwardly sprawled supine over the bathtub, toes gripping the edges, legs wide apart facing the door, looking up at the ceiling, felt her face burn with shame as a gust of air from the opening door curled up inside her opened pussy lips and she heard Wanda say, "Whoa, Tami, no modesty!"

"Good -- good evening, Ms. Smithers." It was the surprised voice of Professor Kurilenko, who found himself addressing a wide open pair of legs and a shameless display of female genitalia.

"Girls," Wanda said, "this bathroom is temporarily off general use, so can Professor Kurilenko step in for a moment?"

"Yes, sure," Rebecca said, speaking for all of them, and, she assumed, for Tami too. "Jeffrey and Trent are here, see?"

Looking around at the seated freshwomen, and the two guys, and the hot cider mugs and the table with cheese and crackers, Wanda said, "It looks like you haven't been using this place as a bathroom anyway."

"We've been having a great time," Jen said in her soft voice, far removed from her screechy imitation of that naked "Saw III" lady just a few minutes ago.

"Yes, we helped Tami get back to warm," Terri said proudly.

Tami craned her neck to get a view of the new visitors, if only for politeness's sake. "Sorry -- hello Professor -- let me get down -- " Her fingers and toes squirmed as she tried to hop off the tub but it was a lot harder to get out of this position than it had been to get into it. A slip would be dangerous. "Can someone help me -- "

Terri was about to get up and grab Tami's hand when the Professor said, "No -- it's not necessary, Ms. Smithers. Don't be modest on my account."

"No, Tami's fine the way she is," Wanda said. She came over to where Tami could see her face without strain and arched an eyebrow. "You don't believe in showing any modesty, right?"

"No," Tami said miserably. She steeled herself by taking a deep breath, her upturned concave tummy rising and falling. Jen's lips smacked with barely disguised lust as they all recalled her gushing, and accurate, comments on the perfection of their naked friend's body.

The Professor, tall, stern-looking, was still in a business suit, though he now wore a heavy overcoat, a scarf around his neck, and a ski cap on his shaved head. He had on thick gloves and carried a little laptop bag. He spoke with a Russian accent. "I came here to see the first session of cold acclimatization supervised by Ms. Percival here" -- turning toward Wanda -- "but I see I'm a little late. I can tell that it ended half an hour ago."

"How did you know that?" Wanda said. "I didn't tell you."

"I refer you to the labia minora," he said. He stepped forward and pointed to Tami's open pussy, which was about level with his hand. "If you can see, they are engorged and almost glowing red."

Everyone got up to look between Tami's legs. "Please raise your hips a bit, Tam, so we can see," Wanda said. Tami's eyes got wet with deep shame as she listlessly did as requested. After all, modesty was against her religion, right? She continued to look at the ceiling, her eyes pleading to God, as her legs were spread for the close inspection, in turn, of Trent, Jeffrey, Wanda, Terri, Jen, Mayree, Dawn, Shenille, Rebecca and Marisol.

"That's amazing, you're right," said Jen, who had a lot more experience looking at vulvas than the others. "Her lips are all puffy."

"It shows the return of blood to sensitive regions with the return of warmth," the Professor said. "If you look further inside, you will see a slight purplish hue."

Wanda said, "Tami, can you -- well, Professor, Tami isn't in a position to open her -- herself up."

"I'll do it!" Jen said, a little too eagerly. "I mean -- Tami, if you don't mind -- "

"No, go ahead," came the tiny defeated voice from the other end of the tub. She gave a little gasp as Jen's expert fingers grabbed her lips and stretched them out and apart.

"Wow, Tami," Wanda said, leaning in and spitting out the "T". "WON -derful," she said, with a calculated blast of breath that went right up around Tami's cervix.

"Yes, I see it's purplish inside," Rebecca said with clinical curiosity. She pulled in Marisol, who was the shyest about looking inside Tami. "C'mon, Mar, it's just a vulva. You have one too."

"It's just -- so weird," Marisol said, fighting her conservative upbringing, and her general unease about body issues, caused by having such enormous breasts. She squinted as she looked in.

Terri laughed. "It's strange, isn't it? It's Tami who's all naked and spread out, showing us her most secret place, the inside of her -- woman-cave, and *we're* the ones who are embarrassed!" This caused the others to chuckle too. Tami cleared her throat but did not say anything, still looking up at the ceiling. She was like a naked female Jesus, spread out on a cross of humiliation torture, desperately beseeching a God who seemed to have forsaken her.

"I want all of you to closely observe Ms. Smithers's body reactions, to both heat and cold, in the weeks ahead, when we begin the new semester," the Professor said. "Tonight was the first session of many. The college deeply respects Ms. Smithers's religion and wants to help her live through a climate which at this time of year is normally inhospitable to nudity."

"'Normally'?" Mayree. "Look, there's no way a naked girl can survive a blizzard like tonight."

"The human body is capable of adaptations that would amaze you," the Professor said.

"Yes, we heard about the South Pole streak," Dawn said, almost rolling her eyes.

The Professor smiled. "That is a lark. But I mean more serious exposures. Have you heard of Natalia Avseenko?"


"A Russian swimmer," the Professor said, with a note of nationalist pride. "She is able to swim in the nude under the surface in the polar ocean, in salt water that is below the freezing point, for twelve minutes."

"Impossible! She'd be dead!" Terri said.

"She doesn't hold her breath for twelve minutes, of course. She has a fully suited male assistant who supplies an oxygen mask every few minutes. But you are right, the typical human would die of hypothermia if submerged in such a temperature. But there were primitive tribes, for example the natives of Tierra del Fuego, who lived naked in a subfreezing climate, babies walking naked in the snow, women swimming for long periods in water only a few degrees above freezing."

"I read about that," Wanda said, as if following a script. "But they had evolved with more body fat, right?"

"True. But there are adaptation exercises, including some mental processes, such as are learned from Eastern religions, which Ms. Avseenko has benefitted from. It is fortunate that Ms. Smithers is female, because women's bodies are better able to adapt to the cold while naked than men's. We will be taking Ms. Smithers through those exercises. And we will need the help of those around her, most particularly dorm neighbors such as yourselves."

"What do you mean?" Rebecca said. She, as well as everyone else, was still standing around looking into Tami's pussy, as if they were carrying on this conversation while absently watching TV.

"There are a series of techniques," Wanda said. "Why don't you describe them in detail, Professor? It's part of a course next semester?"

"A course?"

"Yes," the Professor said. "A modular course dedicated to conditioning Ms. Smithers's body to the cold. You are invited to sign up if you want. It is under the Anthropology Department."

"What's it called?" Terri asked with amusement. "'Make Tami Freeze'?"

"No, Human Climatic Adaptation," the Professor said, without amusement. "There are assigned readings, but most of the activity in the course involves helping monitor her body's changes and reactions. Photographs and videos will have to be taken."

"Oh I'm sure to take a lot of those," Wanda said. "Of course Tami won't mind."

Tami's upturned eyes, not visible to the others, widened. She felt a twinge of fear in the pit of her stomach as she realized that Wanda, having taken photos, might "accidentally" post them all over campus, all over the world! Her naked body would be all over the internet!

"We will begin with some milder measures, such as cold water enemas. It is very effective to acclimatize Ms. Smithers's rectum because it is the warmest part of the body. Again, those of you who wish to, can help with the equipment."

Tami pictured her anus on full display in the dorm lounge, being plugged with an enema tube by a gleeful Wanda, Tami's body cramping with the introduction of ice water into her gut . . . and then everyone watching her on the toilet as she pooped out the dirty water.

"Next, what we would call the 'five-minute chill', where Ms. Smithers will stand outside in the snow until she starts shivering violently. Then one of you will time five minutes before she is allowed inside."

Tami pictured herself in front of the student union, bare feet in a foot of snow, icy wind blasting her nakedness, shivering her guts out next to Wanda, who was all bundled up tight, drinking hot coffee and holding a stopwatch.

"We have designed a transparent tank, six feet tall, four feet across, but only a foot in depth, in which Miss Smithers will stand, her arms and legs spread out. It will be filled with subfreezing salt water up to over her head. She will breathe through a snorkel. She will be restrained so that when violent shivering starts there will be no injury. The transparency will allow every part of her body to be observed as she is taken to the verge of first stage hypothermia and kept there. Several people will be needed to monitor this."

Tami pictured her blue, freezing naked body on full display, the water buoying up her breasts, as her friends took pictures of every part of her from every angle. The tank was outside the student union again, or inside in the lobby, as people passed by on their daily business.

"And I believe the temperature in her dorm room should be gradually decreased," the Professor said. "Perhaps two degrees a week, so that by the time the warm weather comes, she is able to sleep without covering in fifteen degrees Celsius."

"That's 59 degrees Fahrenheit," Rebecca calculated.

"This, however, is dependent of course upon the approval of her room mates,"

"It's O.K., we'll do it," Terri said quickly. "We'll just stay bundled up."

"It's easier to sleep in the cold air anyway," Jen said.

Tami imagined herself trying to sleep in a freezing room, covered with goose pimples, on a bare bed, while Terri and Jen in their bunks were in layers of clothing, sweat shirts, sweat pants, thick socks, sleeping soundly under five blankets.

The naked, spread-out girl couldn't hide her feelings. Still looking up at the ceiling, she said, "Oh boy."

"It's your religion, Tami," Rebecca said. "What a show of true faith, going through this winter naked. We admire you."

"Yes, we'll help you through all this!" Terri said. "We'll be rooting you on!"

Dawn laughed. "I just had a vision of, like, us in cheerleading outfits around Tami in that tank, and the cheer is, 'Go -- Tami -- go! Five more minutes -- go!'"

"It has possibilities," Wanda said with a grin. "You're going to have one heck of a semester, Tam!"

Tami grunted. Finally Rebecca said, "Tami, you must be tired. Even a gymnast can't hold that pose long." She and Marisol moved around to where her white knuckles grasped the edge of the tub. "This -- might need several people."

It was a complicated project, getting Tami off that tub, and ended up being Jeffrey and Trent grabbing her thighs, and Rebecca and Marisol grabbing her arms. In the process they had to spread her legs even further, until poor Tami was almost doing a ballet dancer's split. They lifted her over to near the door, then set her upright.

Tami exhaled as her bare soles hit the tiled floor. "Th - thanks."

"I might mention another reaction to tonight's experiment," the Professor said. "If you don't mind, Miss Smithers, show us your anus."

"My -- what -- "

"Bend over, spread your legs, then pull your butt cheeks apart," Wanda said.

The naked girl tried to hide the deep hurt in her pretty green eyes as she weakly said, "Oh of course." Glad at least to be facing away from them, she bent over and did what she was told.

"Oh Tam -- " Marisol said, shielding her eyes.

"What a pretty butthole," Jen said, leaning forward. "Squeaky clean from the bath."

The Professor brought a heavily gloved finger up to Tami's puckered asterisk. "I know this area of the body is hard to look at, but note the darkness of the skin around the anus."

"It's like a brown ring of skin," Wanda said, loudly so Tami could hear.

"Yes. It is darker now because of the return of warmth. Conversely, when Ms. Smithers is subjected to cold, it will get a lighter color. And her labia minora will retract and become more violet."

Tami stared down at her bare feet as she kept her butt cheeks spread for everyone's view.

"So we will have to observe Tami's anus frequently, and take pictures," Wanda said.

"Yes, I believe that area of the body is the best external indicator of status. Perhaps a chart could be made," the Professor concluded. Then he stood up to his full tall height. "Well that is all for now. I thank you for your time, students. And you too, Ms. Smithers," he said, bending down again to address Tami's upside-down, beet-red face. He left with Wanda, who winked back at Tami with a quick glance up at her butthole.

Tami tried to blink back tears as she stood up. Then she took a deep breath and turned to face her friends. No one knew what to say; it had been such an intense and unusual experience.

Then -- "White Christmas" from Bailey's CD again!

"Damn that girl!" Mayree said.

Terri sighed. "Back to our daily life."

"We should straighten this place up," Shenille said. And so the return of chairs and tables and mugs was accomplished, leaving the bathtub, standing proudly on its traditional claw feet, once again in sole command of this half of the women's room. The guys in Rankin Hall, seeing that the show was over, turned down their blinds and got back to either studying or goofing off.

"Tami," Jen said as she and Terri went with her back to Room 207, "you've had a workout and you need some . . . comfortable time." Then she shouted in the direction of Bailey's door, "AND LESS CHRISTMAS MUSIC!!"

* * *

Tami's thoughts raced as she followed Terri and Jen back to their room. Now Shenille came by and wanted to talk to Jen about something. Not wanting to stand around being looked at, Tami wandered down to the end of the hallway. It was starting to get late and people were going to sleep. She went to the big glass window and looked out into the darkness. Anyone out there could see her, but there was no one out there to look. Knife-edged mountains of snow spread out along this corner of the quad, in drifts up to four feet, like a waves on a cold, motionless ocean. All was quiet. Tami leaned against the rail and anxiously twisted her big toe on the hard floor.

Aside from the constant shame, the worst thing about nudity was being cold all the time. Even indoors, she felt every draft, every time someone opened a door. Last week when the guy next to her in Calculus III closed his book at the end of class, she felt the draft across her nipples. She hated the cold floor under her bare feet and the cold plastic chairs under her bare butt, even the metal chair supports under her bare arms. So sensitive to being chilly -- how could she ever survive out in the snow?

Of course Wanda would torture her to the extent possible. Why was Wanda such a sadist? What did she get out of torturing her? If only Tami could let her friends know Wanda's true nature. But of course that was impossible. Wanda was being mean only if you realized that Tami didn't want to be naked. And that would give away the secret: that Tami had cooked up that "religion" excuse to avoid instant expulsion after Wanda had talked her into that streaking prank. Expulsion was not an option. It would bitterly disappoint her parents and mean the end of any kind of future. Might as well get pregnant and go on welfare like all too many of the girls in her high school.

So she was stuck being naked all the time. There had to be a way out of this!

Despite the cold, Tami knew that the Professor's "exercises" would not hurt her physically. She would be under medical supervision. She believed that bit about the Russian woman who could swim naked in the Arctic. Maybe a clip of it was online? But she hated being cold and hated the idea of freezing her bare buns off, shivering constantly, never knowing any warmth again, at least not till the warm weather arrived. Up here in the north country, that wouldn't be until April. The fact that she had so many friends cheering her on made it worse. Her heart would be warm (in a sense) but her body would be in agony. Shivering uncontrollably in that ice-water tank while Dawn and the others kept urging to go just one more minute, then one minute more . . . while students and faculty were passing by, seeing every bit of her bluish naked body . . .

She turned to see that Terri and Jen had gone into their room and left the door open. Tami went in and closed it. Please, no more exposure tonight. . .

Jen had changed into her bathrobe, and Terri into pajamas. "Tami," Terri said, "you've been through a lot. And you were up on that bathtub for a long time in that position. You need to relax. Why don't we give you a massage? I took a course in it over the summer."

Tami wanted to be left alone, to run to a place where no one could see her, but of course this was their room too. "Um . . . okay. Thanks."

She made a movement toward her bare mattress but Terri directed her to the floor. "Don't worry, we wiped it, it's clean," Jen said. "You need a firm place to support your body, and the bed is too soft," Terri pointed out.

And so now Tami felt herself directed such that the entire length of her bare body lay prone. From her face near the desks down to her toes facing the door, her bare skin was pressed onto the coldness of the bare tile floor. She hated it and recoiled at the cold. But the air above her was warm -- and then she was dazed and hypnotized by what Terri and Jen were doing up there. They ran their hands up and down her back, massaged her neck, and caused such a relief from tension that Tami found herself moaning.

"Ohhh . . . that's so good . . . ohhh . . . wow . . ."

Tami had never really been massaged in her life. It was heaven. And in the privacy of her dorm room, door shut, she found she did not really mind that Terri and Jen saw her naked. It was just a . . . a "procedure". She did not really know anything about massage, at least not legitimate "massage", just those sleazy "massage" places she had passed in downtown Providence, before they cleared that area out and uncovered the Woonasquatucket River for the pretty fire-and-water park. In legitimate massage -- did people go through it naked? She convinced herself they did, that at spas, women took off their clothes. And so for once she was not being a nudist. Just a massage client.

"Mmmmmmm . . . ohhhhh . . . that's great, guys . . ."

"Feel those glutes!" Jen said as she followed Terri's lead in poking her fingers around Tami's gluteus maximus. Jen was on the left cheek, Terri on the right. And now they each brought up a foot and rubbed from the ankle out to each toe. "Perfect feet," Jen said softly, now risking a quick kiss on Tami's big toe. "Wide spread toes, tough soles . . . Feet that are one with the earth." Tami's feet, abused by having to walk through snow and on every rough surface, were grateful. She wiggled her toes in thanks.

Tami's neck was rubbed and caressed free of so much of the tension it had accumulated that night. Her back was stretched, Terri pulling her right shoulder apart from her left glute, and now her left shoulder apart from her right glute. Her arms were moved around and wrung out from her shoulders to the ends of her fingers.

Now a brief pause, and then --

"Akkk!" Terri had stepped her stockinged feet onto Tami's shoulder, now onto her middle back. Vertebras cracked, one after the other. Tami's breasts were crushed onto the floor and flattened out to the sides. After the shock, Tami realized it felt so good! Terri's toes, through the stockings, worked Tami's shoulderblade muscles, then along each side of her spine, down to her sacrum and now her butt muscles.

They paused again and Tami lay limp on the floor, her head facing to the side. "I feel like a corpse," she said sleepily.

Wordlessly her two friends turned her body over so that she was facing the ceiling. Tami felt a little bashful. Frontal nudity was much more shaming than people seeing just your bare back and butt. She knew that very well by now. But she was peaceful as she felt her tummy go up and down with her unimpeded breathing. "Wow," she said again.

Terri on her left, Jen on her right, they each grabbed a foot under the instep and bent Tami's legs up so that her knees touched up to her chin. For a trained gymnast's flexibility this was easy. Tami felt her pussy open a bit, a tiny draft coming in from under the door. (It was caused by someone, twenty seconds ago, closing the door to the men's room in the wing at the other end of the dorm.) Another joint in her back cracked. "That was not a fart," Tami giggled softly and giddily.

Now they placed Tami's knees together and slowly, as if reverently, brought her bent legs down until her bare feet lay flat together on the floor. Now they straightened her legs out, toes together. Now, repositioning themselves, they pulled her legs as far apart as they would go, and brought her feet up until her straight legs made a wide, wide "V", her feet to the side, coming up even with her shoulders.

A knock on the door.

Tami flexed as if to close her legs but she was held open by her roommates and then corrected herself. She dreaded but expected what was coming.

Unconcernedly, knowing Tami had conquered shame, Terri said, "Come in."

Of course it was Wanda. Their R.A. flinched as she looked down at the widely spread pussy on the floor. "Whoa, Tami, I can't get used to this. Spreading your legs everywhere! . . . Well, I'm glad, because I was supposed to check on you about now."

"What do you mean?" Jen said.

"The Professor. Now that it's an hour post exercise Dr. Kurilenko wants me to record Tami's, uh, what he calls her 'indicator regions'. Like her vulva."

Jen smiled. "You mean her woman-land."

"Well, I'm using the scientific term. Where I come from," she said a little quietly, taking out her iPhone, "it's called 'pussy'." Wanda bent down to take the photo. Then she said, "Not quite enough light. Mind?"

There was a bright light, seldom used, over the doorway. Wanda snapped it on. It was not a sunlamp but Tami could swear she felt the heat of the intense luminosity making every little hair down there cast a sharp shadow. Only the squirming of her toes, cradled in her roommates' hands, betrayed her mortification.

"That's better. There . . . and there . . . and there," Wanda said, bending down and moving left and right, getting every angle of Tami's open pussy. "The Professor was right. Her labia are still red and almost glowing."

Jen, of course, was bending over too, staring intently. "Tami, your clit is glowing and shiny too! Beautiful!"

Tami suddenly realized: Wanda's left the door open! Anyone passing by can see!

And now Antoinette, a thin snotty black girl from downstairs, passed by with two friends and stopped cold. "Oh," she said in affected surprise, "what is this? Naked Tami? Hi, Tami!"

Tami was compelled to raise her head and say, "Hi . . ." From her perspective she and Antoinette were conversing with her pubic hair right in their line of sight.

Antoinette turned to her friends and said, "I didn't know she was so 'out there'."

"Tami's part of an experiment for the anthropology department," Wanda explained.

"Oh . . ." Antoinette and her friends, somewhat hesitantly, looked over Wanda's shoulder down onto Tami's nether regions. "When they said you didn't believe in modesty, girl, they were SO right!" Her friends giggled. The three girls walked on, Tami putting her burning red face to the side as she put her head down again.

"Don't pay them no mind," Jen said quietly.

Wanda continued to evince a clinical and duty-bound interest. "Now," she said with a tired sigh, "the other indicator region, the ring of brown skin. Tami, could you turn over and spread your butt cheeks?"

Nearing tears, Tami was released by her friends and turned her naked body around on the cold tile floor. She bent her head down to the floor, spread her knees, and spread her butt. She felt like a naked slut, lying on the floor shoving her pussy and butthole into everyone's faces. Or like a naked animal with everyone else standing on two feet and clothed.

"VERY good," Wanda said, snapping pictures of the clear valley of pretty skin and the ring of brown around the anus. "I see the brown color's returning, just like Dr. Kurilenko said."

"Yes," Jen said, looking closely. Tami could feel Jen's breath on the sensitive skin back there as Jen, using her own hand, spread Tami's left butt cheek toward her. "Beautiful!" she repeated.

Wanda stood up. "Thanks, Tam, I'll e-mail these to the Professor. . , Bye girls . . . get some sleep. Another week begins in the morning."

Wanda left without closing the door. After a few horrible seconds of waiting for someone else to pass by in the hall and see her anus on display, Tami felt allowed to turn back around and sit cross-legged on the floor. But she didn't feel like she could ask that the door be closed. That would be a sign of modesty, right?

Fortunately Terri closed it for her. The massage completed, and Terri and Jen not supposing that Wanda's visit would have reintroduced any tension, the roommates helped Tami to her feet and placed her stretched out body on her bare bed. Jen kissed her on the cheek -- her face cheek.

Tami exhaled. "Thanks guys. Good massage."

"Anytime!" Terri said. Then she whispered something to Jen and left.

"Shower time," Jen said, grabbing one of her many full-length towels and moving to the door.

For a moment Tami felt like a pampered princess. "Jen?"


"I feel hot. Can you turn down the heat?" In fact Tami hadn't noticed it but she was starting to sweat. The air in the room was suffocating.

"Actually," Jen said, "we figured after that treatment in the bathtub, or over the bathtub, you would want warmth, so we cranked the heat up. But now the good Professor says it should be cooler in here. So . . ." She went over to the radiator and turned the dial down. Then she cracked open one of the windows. Wordlessly she turned off the lights and left.

Tami didn't mind the waft of cold air over her body. It felt good in all this heat. She breathed it in deeply. Then she dozed off. But not before Bailey and her CD and "Jingle Bells" entered her consciousness again and she said under her breath, "Oh Christ. . . "

* * *


Tami bolted up in the darkness, sitting up on her bed. Shouts from outside!


She scampered to the window, kneeling so as not to be seen. Her eyes widened and then she laughed.


Jen -- totally naked -- was standing under a little tree, her hands gripping the branch over head, her bare feet in a foot of snow, as Terri, in her pajamas and boots, holding Jen's bathrobe, threw little bits of snow at her.

"OHO!! NOOO!! NOOO!!" A perfect imitation of that naked lady in the freezer in "Saw III".

Tami couldn't stop laughing. When she could finally catch her breath she shouted out, "Get the key! Get the key!" She knew the show was for her benefit but she wanted the scene to be over. She didn't want Jen to freeze.

Terri, turning in exaggerated wide-eyed surprise, made like she suddenly saw something in the next tree. She ran to it and stuck her arm between the branches, mashing her face against it. "Oww! Owww!" She got the imaginary key and ran back and turned unlocked the imaginary lock over Jen's hands.

"Thanks. About time you doofus. Shit!" Jen said, as she grabbed her bathrobe and ran like hell to the dorm's front door, kicking up snow with her toes.

A minute later, the slapping of Jen's bare feet, and the muffled clip clop of Terri's boots, grew closer in the hall. Tami heard Terri whisper, "I'll crash with Dawn." Then Jen flew in and jumped onto Tami's bed, huddled in her bathrobe.

"Oh shit," Jen said, shivering. Tami scooted over and hugged her.

"You must be frostbitten!" Tami said with equal parts amusement and concern. Then with just concern: "You know you could get expelled for that."

"Zh zh zh zh," Jen said, clenching her teeth. She stuck out her frozen feet and Tami rubbed them vigorously.

"Let me make you some hot tea," Tami said. She microwaved it and put it into Jen's shaking hands. After a few sips Jen leaned against her.

"Good acting," Tami said. "I almost thought it was forty below zero out there."

Jen smiled. Her shivering had stopped. "Wanted you to feel better about that movie."

"It worked. I do feel better."

They sat there in the dark, looking at the snowy scene outside. Finally Jen said, "Tami, I am so devoted to you. You are my queen, my princess."

She put down the tea and, like she did after the massage, lay Tami out on the mattress, only this time with her head against the wall and the legs dangling down to the floor. Tami could see the brown eyes glowing in Jen's pretty African-American face. Jen's dark brown hand whispered over Tami's concave tummy. "I can't help saying it, you have a perfect body."

Tami smiled. "I don't mind you saying it. Here in the dark with just you and me."

Jen kneeled on the floor, between Tami's slightly open legs, as if bowing to her Princess. She idly picked at Tami's pubic hair. "Sometimes I think there's a faraway country where" -- she poked Tami's tummy -- "there's a Princess Tami. Princess Tami the Nude. She's been naked since birth, except for diapers when she was a baby. Never, ever wore a stitch." Now she poked right under one of Tami's breasts. "Her body is so beautiful, it's the law that she can never wear anything, so that the people could always enjoy the sight of her beauty." Now she playfully flicked at Tami's chin. "And I'm your handmaiden, and every day at noon, in the public square, I give you your sponge bath, in a glass bathtub so that your people can see every bit of you. The tub is on a pedestal so they can see you better as you stand up and I sponge your breasts and your butt." Jen went to play with Tami's pubic hair again. "And in this faraway land, there's no war. . . no violence. . . no guns. . . But a lot of good sex!"

In the dark Tami could see Jen's eyes as her face approached. "I want to help you through this winter."

Jen seemed to think that the whole winter would be fun. Dragging Tami out into the snow as she squealed, "Eeek! Eeek! Goddamn it's COLD!!", more playful squealing as Jen and her friends buried Tami in the snow, till only the toes of one foot showed, then dragging her out, and back to the dorm, into a warm (or cool) bathtub. One big lark.

But now Jen was serious. Her face approached and Tami could feel her breath. Now her lips met Tami's.

Mouths slowly opened and tongues played.

Jen, exhaling with relief, kissed each of Tami's nipples, then worked her kisses down to Tami's crotch. She gently separated Tami's legs. Then she kissed the insides of Tami's thighs. A scent of musk issued from down there as Tami breathed heavily and undulated her hips. Her knees shook slightly.

Now: "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer."

"Oh no, oh no," Tami and Jen both giggled in tired exasperation. "Bailey . . .!"

Jen was inspired. She licked her lips and pointed her tongue, ready to attack. She started singing along, punctuated by Tami's cries as Jen scored direct hits on the naked girl's clitoris.

"Ta - mi the naked fresh -man -- "


"Had a very shiny clit -- "


"And if you ever saw it -- "


"You would want to li - ick it!"


"All of the o-ther fresh-men -- "


"Used to laugh and call her names -- "


"But they -- heard from 2 - 0 - 7 --"


"Shouts whenever Ta-mi came!"

"Ooohhh . . ."

And then Jen buried her face into Tami's crotch, and Tami gasped as Jen's experienced and expert tongue played a hundred tricks, in, around, up, down, flicking Tami's clit and licking in circles, and now Tami felt herself rising up to the crest and going over the waterfall --


End of part 6

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