Tami, the Naked Freshman
by donnylaja
Part 1

How College Is Different from High School
by Tami Smithers
Ms. Fieldstone, English Comp I

My first impression in September was that the campus of Campbell-Frank College is very beautiful. I never saw such green grass all over. There are a lot of trees too, big ones, and when all those leaves fell in October it was very pretty. We have a nice fall season in Rhode Island, too, but not like this. And now the snow is about to start. The buildings are laid out well and there is lots of space. I especially like the library, so many carrels to hide out in and bury yourself in books with no interruptions.

And there are so many courses to choose from! My major is math but it's only nine credits a semester. I'm preregistering for the Spring and it's hard to choose what my two electives will be. I'm curious about everything. I've always been interested in things. Looking over the catalog, there's not much that I wouldn't want to sign up for. And I like how I can study whenever I want, like in the middle of the night if I have to.

But most of all I like the people I've met here. So many different kinds of friends I've made. My room is currently a triple (because of construction in Rankin Hall) but both my roommates are very nice. The girls in my wing are friendly and it's interesting to know people who came from such different places and get friendly even though on the surface you might not have much in common with them.

In conclusion, I think the main thing that makes college different from high school is the variety of new people I meet here.

Tami, sitting cross-legged at her dorm room desk, tapped out this last sentence on her beat-up laptop. Then she sighed and looked down at her nipples, erect as always, and further down to her pubic hair. And added one more thing to her essay.


She glanced furtively across the little room at her roommate Jen, lying in her pajamas and wool socks in the lushly blanketed lower bunk. Jen was engrossed in her iPhone. Her Peter Pan haircut never seemed to be out of place, framing her gentle African-American face.

Jen wouldn't hop up to see what Tami was writing but Tami quickly deleted that last sentence anyway. This essay was such a fake. She was supposed to write about her impressions of being away at college, a standard assignment for this way-too-easy compulsory English Comp class. But the last thing she wanted was to write about the one impression that overwhelmed all the others. Consequently she couldn't think of any real ideas. Her imagination was cramped, strangled. She looked at her little essay again. Rats. I sound like a sixth-grader.

She looked outside, at the campus on this cold, misty Sunday morning, December 3. Not much green grass now. Last night's frost was melting on the bare trees. She slouched, wondering how she was going to get through this winter -- naked!

And naked she had to be. Caught streaking on a sorority dare that first week here, an expellable offense, she had tried the excuse that nudity had become her religion. It had just popped into her head, desperate as she was to avoid being expelled and losing her gymnastics scholarship. She was the first person in her family ever to go to college and the heartbreak and disappointment to her parents would be horrible. She thought she was a goner, clutching that bathrobe around her in the Dean's house. Mr. Jorgon, an old guy with funny glasses. Then he came back and told her that, according to the college lawyer, nudity had in fact been recognized as a protected religion in her home state. Something about the Rhode Island Supreme Court and a nude beach permit. And because he was required to respect her religion under the First Amendment, he could not expel her. What a relief that was. But --

But just to make sure she was telling the truth, he said he would have her monitored to make sure she followed this new "religion"! And he placed Wanda, her R.A., in charge of making sure Tami never put on any clothes! Wanda, who had led the dare!

It was bad enough the first few weeks. She was at least allowed a little shirt and sneakers, supposedly for safety reasons. And she had the dorm room to herself (the girl she was supposed to share with never showed up). But when she came back from Thanksgiving, she was stripped totally, all her shirts and footwear taken away, and all the blankets off her bed! Her towels had been taken away too, leaving just little cloths to dry herself with after showering. She was to have nothing to cover herself with, not even any tiny little bit of her. It was Wanda's doing -- Wanda, who clearly was some kind of sadist. It was so unfair, being that Wanda had gotten her into this in the first place. But what could she do? To tattle on Wanda, or on the other girls on that dare, would be to admit that she had been streaking that night. And then -- expelled!

Fortunately some of what she wrote in her essay was true. She had gotten her two roommates after Thanksgiving too, in that double bunk across from her. And Terri and Jen were fast becoming true friends. Terri was always on the go. She dressed smartly and was always going to one appointment or another. She had an off-campus job, played guitar, wrote poetry. At the moment (10 a.m.) she was at the gym exercising.

And then there was Jen. Like most freshmen she was shy at first but starting to come out of her shell. And she made it known, without actually saying it, that she was gay or at least bisexual. And that she was in love with Tami's body. Tami was of two minds about that. It was bad enough being on display to the whole campus when she went out to class -- there were the constant stares and wisecracks, and the occasional wolf whistle -- but now she felt on display in the privacy of her own dorm room.

On the other hand Jen made Tami proud of her body. Of course her body was passable. After all, she was on the gymnastics team, as was Jen. The tough workouts under Coach Snyder made it unlikely for her or Jen to get pudgy even after pigging out in the dining hall food. Students made jokes about the food, but to Tami it seemed actually pretty good. A great salad bar, and the best pancakes she'd ever tasted. Way better than the rubber-pizza menu at her high school.

Tami leaned forward a bit to get a sideways glance at the long mirror on the inside of their door. THanks to Jen she was now proud of her flat tummy, her lithe legs. She had been told many times that her green eyes were pretty, and the dark red hair that went to her shoulders. She kept it loose these days, hoping when it grew longer she would at least have covering for her shoulders. She smiled. How long would it take to grow to my feet, to cover all of me?

As she leaned forward her little crucifix, suspended from its silvery chain, hung forward too. She clasped it gently. She had always worn it, since her Confirmation in sixth grade. Under her clothes it wasn't noticeable. But now . . . ! People probably thought she was real religious (religously Catholic). But it would feel funny to take it off after wearing it for six and a half years. And it was her only covering, the only thing she could still "wear". As she touched Jesus on the cross she felt herself saying a little prayer. Maybe he'll protect me, make me brave.

She felt downright blasphemous as she looked past the crucifix to her pubic hair, the same color as her head hair. God . . . I can't believe my pubic hair has been on constant display. This is unreal. Crazy! She felt like that dream where you're walking naked in front of everyone else wearing clothes. Only she couldn't wake up from this dream. It was her life!

Her thoughts were interrupted by Jen's soft, musical voice. "So, Tami dear." Jen sat up gracefully. Tami knew that Jen's parents had a lot of money and Jen seemed like a product of some kind of prep school where they teach you how to move and walk like a princess.

Tami, being looked at, once again suppressed the urge to cover her breasts. Nobody knew that this religion thing was a sham except for her and Wanda. And those other girls on the dare, who now all avoided eye contact with her. She knew the truth about them too. And telling the truth about Tami would just get them expelled too. So none of them dared say a thing. Oddly, Jen and Terri seemed to admire Tami for her "religion". Which kind of made it worse, made her feel more like a fraud and a fake.

"You going to that scholarship party thing?" Jen said.

Damn. Tami had been trying to put it out of her mind. The "reception", in that Old Main building, for the freshmen who were here on scholarships. She had gotten the notice last week and Jen had seen it too. She thought of faking being sick, but Jen would know. So she had to go.

"Yes of course."

"Mind if I go too? Anyone can be there, according to that invitation."

Maybe Jen just wanted to always be around Tami's naked body so she could look at it. Or maybe she just wanted to be around her as a friend. "Sure." It would be good to have a friend around. She hated being naked in front of other kids but she hated being naked around grownups even more.

Jen got up from her fluffy, blanket-filled bed and gracefully moved to the closet on her side. The closet on Tami's side, of course, was totally bare. She was thinking of letting her roommates use it, because the closet on Terri's and Jen's side was so stuffed. Tami's lips went dry as she saw the huge stock of possibilities that Jen was contemplating. Jackets, coats, scarves, gloves, blouses, sweaters, bras, jeas, slacks, skirts, dresses, shoes, socks, tights, leggings, boots, sneakers . . . Tami shut her eyes and tried to get clothing out of her head. Of course she couldn't.

"How's this?" Jen said, placing a plaid jacket over her pajames, and a black skirt below. "Maybe with these boots," she said, pointing her stockinged foot toward an elegant pair of Fratelli Rossettis.

Tami's throat was dry with longing. She cleared her throat. "Looks good." A thought came to her. "Try the blue blouse, and the black jacket up there."

Jen did the switch and looked at the arrangement in the mirror. "Wow, this really does it." She laughed and turned to her roommate. "For a nudist, you really have a good fashion sense."

Of course I do, Tami thought. I think about clothes constantly.

"So what are you going to wear?" Jen asked.

Tami's eyes widened, in a sudden wild hope. But then Jen said, "Sorry, I didn't want to offend you. I mean, as far as your nail polish, and lipstick and stuff?"

Oh. Well a naked girl doesn't have a lot of options. But she has some. Tami unfolded her legs and looked down at her outstretched fingers and toes. "White nail polish, I think. Mahogany lipstick. I'll leave my hair down." To cover at least my shoulders!

"Wow, white." Jen looked down at Tami's toes. "Tami, you know you have perfect feet? Yes, I can see how white can work."

Tami suddenly wished she could hide her feet. She had never been shy about showing her bare feet before. After all, she was a gymnast. But now she wished she could hide every part of her. This is so crazy!

"Why don't you put on a ring or two. I've got a collection here." Jen opened a little box on her dresser. "Here."

It was pretty, but just a plain silver band. And very tiny. Tami tried without success to slip it on her pinky. "Thanks but it's too small."

"No, silly! It's a toe ring."

"Oh." Tami looked at it and then at her toes. She had never worn a toe ring before. It would draw attention to the bareness of her feet. But it would be something else she would be "wearing". And like any girl she liked to look pretty.

"Try the second toe."

Tami slipped it on. A strange feeling, and strange to see her foot "dressed" like that. But it looked elegant, somehow.

Then Jen said, "Tam, can you stand up for me?" At Tami's puzzled expression, Jen said, "I just want to see your perfect body. It really is so beautiful. Like a woman is meant to be."

Being so flattered, Tami could hardly object. She was aware of Jen's desire for her, ever since that time last week in the library when Jen had hugged her. "You seem like a real friend to me," Jen had said. Tami wasn't gay but hadn't been repulsed by the move either. And it felt good to feel Jen's clothes against her bare skin.

So Tami stood up, in the middle of the room. Jen looked her up and down, making Tami blush. Tami wanted to do something with her hands besides leaving them dangling at her sides. She wanted to cover her nipples and pussy. Instead she demurely crossed her arms below her breasts. The crucifix dangled in her cleavage.

Jen's gaze went lower. "Your hair down there is beautiful too. Sorry, but everyone knows you don't mind if people look." She kneeled down and placed one hand on each thigh, framing Tami's pubic hair. "Your womanland" -- strange word, Tami thought -- "is so pretty. I can see your lips, and where your clit is. It's so beautiful!"

Tami blushed crimson, and was about to say something, but stopped herself. How could she object? After all she was supposed to be a nudist, not believing in covering. "Th - thanks."

Then Jen leaned forward and gently kissed Tami's pussy. Jen got up and drew away as if aware of transgressing. "Sorry Tam. It's your body." She looked at Tami's face and noted the deep blush. "Easy to tell what a white girl feels, you're at about red shade number 7." Tami's chill of alarm was quelled by Jen's next words. "You're so -- what's the word? -- modest! Blushing like that when I compliment you."

The naked girl exhaled, then battled confusing thoughts. There was something electric about that gentle kiss that barely grazed her lower hair and that she could barely feel on her labia. It gave her goose bumps.

The two freshman females, one in pajamas and socks and the other naked and barefoot, stood there a little awkwardly. Oddly Tami's mind chose this moment to remind her that she was usually at Mass at this time. The 10:00 mass at St. Peter's, back in Providence. She hadn't gone to church since coming to college. Walking into a church naked was just out of the question. Not that she missed it a great deal. Church was usually boring.

The sound of raindrops on the window distracted them. Jen sighed. "A crummy day. I can't wait for snow." The prospect of walking through cold rain made Tami cringe. But not as much as the prospect of super-cold snow on her bare toes, which now squirmed against the bare tile floor. Brrrr!!! She would have to scurry between buildings as fast as she could!

"Let's start getting ready," Jen said. The reception was an hour in the future. About the amount of time it would take a normal, clothed girl to get dressed up. Jen got her bathrobe and things and started heading for the shower. Tami followed behind, carrying three or four little cloths and a bottle of shampoo, hoping nobody was out in the hall. Fortunately nobody was, at the moment.

They entered the bathroom, for women only because this was the girls' wing of the dorm. "I think I'll take a quick bubble bath in that wonderful old tub," Jen said, heading into the big curtained enclosure which held that old-style tub with claw feet and the bath table next to it. Another one of the rich-people, old-money touches around this college. Tami was only too happy to go into the refuge of one of the regular shower stalls. In fact she got in too fast. She gasped as her naked body was sprayed with cold water. But after a few seconds the hot water kicked in and she sighed in delight. No one could see her here. She was "covered" by the walls and door of the shower stall. Ahh, not much, but for now, these were her clothes . . .

End of Part 1