NakedGirl: The Story of Dareen
by donnylaja

Part 38

It seemed a lot longer than the thirty or forty minutes that Novotny had referred to.  But finally they came.  Perhaps they needed time to go back for protective gear.  The three men who walked into the super-cold room had special cowls on with plastic screens that revealed their faces.  They also wore big furry parkas, thick gloves, and big fur-lined boots.

The men successfully concealed any shock at the sight presented to them.  The spread-out and suspended naked woman in front of them had a purplish tinge over her entire body.  Frost covered her hair, her eyebrows.  Down below, her pubic hair was similarly frosted.  And most distessingly, her thick nipples were drawn up by thick metal cords, cords that ran up to the ceiling and then down again where they ended in thick heavy weights suspended a foot above the floor.  The force stretched the nipples upward and gave a different shape to the large breasts but the nude woman was apparently able to bear the ordeal.

Dareen recognized Mr. Nedrow behind one of the screens.  "Thank goodness!" she said, clouds issuing from her mouth.  She looked down and cringed, thinking of herself so wide open before these men.  Yet relieved that they were here.  She had been trying to think of warm things, of getting out of this super-cold room, of getting these stretching cords off her nipples, and most especially, of clothes.  She was indeed amazed at her ability to stay alive and unhurt.  She was not shivering.  But the cold penetrated every pore, especially down below where she was so spread open.  It was like plunging into a cold swimming pool, except the blasting, biting over-all sensation did not go away, it was not something one got used to, it was a shock that went on and went on.  She remembered Notovny's advice to blink every few seconds.  Out of boredom while she was waiting she had also clenched her pussy muscles every couple of minutes to break the thin film of ice that kept forming down there.  From time to time she had looked far to each side and wiggled her bare toes though they weren't numb, just incredibly cold.

Mr. Nedrow bowed his head in greeting, then with his two companions looked at her spread feet.  Then their eyes followed the cords back down to the weights.  "How much is that again?"

One of the others said, "He said five hundred kilograms on each one."

"And that is how many pounds?"

"I'm not sure... six hundred?"

Mr. Nedrow looked right into Dareen's spread pussy at his eye level, then up at her face.  "Are you surviving, Ms. Alkaras?"

"Yes, but the cold is awful.  And my -- my nipples are on fire."  The sandy air went in and out of her chest cavity as she uttered her protestations.

"So you can feel the sensations, yet can withstand the conditions.  I am glad to hear that."

Dareen was getting a funny feeling.  "Yes.  Now let me down and get me out where it's warm.  And I need clothes."

"I'm sorry, Ms. Alkaras," he said, as he and his two assistants gathered to look up at her face.  "Novotny let us see you only if we promised not to do a thing to help you."  He continued his meticulous examination of Dareen's body.  "Forty degrees below is it?"

"That's the critical temperature, he said," one of the others said.

"Fahrenheit or Centigrade?"

"It's the same temperature," Dareen said in exasperation, the frustrated gestures of her tied arms causing the cords to vibrate and the weights, so far down and so far away in front of her, to sway slightly.  "Why do you have to listen to that man?  He's evil.  He could have killed me.  And he admitted making those pulse bombs!"

"Exactly, Ms. Alkaras.  When we arrived, he said he had one set to go by remote control at another location, on a sixty-minute timer.  And that if we harmed him or detained him, he would not be able to defuse the timer.  He might be bluffing but we can't take the chance.  So you see we have to play along.  I wouldn't worry; he obviously intends to release you."

Dareen's body slumped.  She supposed that with the threat of a pulse bomb -- or Q-bomb -- Novotny could set the agenda.

Now Novotny himself came back in, with his ski mask on.  "Hello gentlemen," he said.  "I was expecting you'd come back in moon suits."

Mr. Nedrow, trying to pump as much information out of Novotny as possible, said, "Her powers are preserved?"

"That's true.  Below the critical temperature the laja field is collapsed and her powers are restricted to within her body's borders.  As you can see, those powers are still considerable."

"I have to agree."  Mr. Nedrow reached up and felt one of the cords.  "She is not hurt at all.  Her body temperature is still the same?"

"Yes.  Do you want me to demonstrate?"  Novotny pulled out a thermometer.

Mr. Nedrow looked up at Dareen's face.  "I am sorry about this, Ms. Alkaras, but these conditions will not be replicated.  It will just take a moment.  Finding out about your powers is, of course, an urgent matter of national security."

Dareen nodded reluctantly.  It would only take a minute.  She began to open her mouth, wondering how Novotny was going to reach up this high.  But then the evil man walked around under and behind her and she realized to her horror what he was about to do.

She closed her eyes and felt her stomach twist with shame.  Mr. Nedrow and the others followed Novotny under the spread-open, naked girl.  She involuntarily clenched her butt cheeks, feeling another film of ice cracking in her pussy with the same motion.  "Please relax, Dareen," Novotny said.  Dareen bitterly resented him calling her by her first name.  But in the name of national security she relaxed her buttocks.  She felt the clouds of the men's breath under her on the sensitive skin of her perineum.  When he spread her butt cheeks open to expose the wide valley that contained her anus she felt their breath up there too.  Then bit her lip as she felt the little thermometer slipping through her sphincter and into the gut of her rectum.  It had gotten very cold in its few seconds out of Novoty's pocket.  Fortunately her bowels warmed it up again.

Dareen had had her anal temperature taken a couple of times before.  It was the only time she had ever had anything up there.  It was not comfortable then and it was less comfortable now.  With her body so stretched out there was less "give" and she felt every millimeter of penetration.

She felt the grit of Novotny's glove against her sphincter as he held the thermometer in.  She heard Mr. Nedrow say, "If she is brought out of here, is she still subject to the regeneration time?"

"No.  Her powers will return immediately."

The five of them stayed there motionless for a few moments, the nude, spread-out, nipple-stretched girl above, the four men below, Novotny keeping the thermometer pushed up into her gut.  Dareen vowed to endure and endure.  She wiggled her toes slightly.  Even this remote action caused the thermometer to lurch a bit to and fro against the press of Novotny's glove.

Finally, thankfully, Novotny let go.  Dareen's face flushed as she realized that the feeling of letting the thermometer slide out was exactly like taking a shit.  Unseen to her, Novotny caught the thermometer and held it up.  "37 degrees.  That would be 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit."

"Normal," Mr. Nedrow said.

"Actually no.  The rectal temperature is about one degree Fahrenheit above the overall body temperature.  The 98.6 number was arrived at years ago and is incorrect.  Not everyone is the same but the average temperature turns out to be around 97."

The men walked around to once again gaze on Dareen's total frontal exposure.  "So you see internal homeostasis is preserved," Novotny said.  He seemed to be showing Dareen off as if she were his invention.  Or if she were a new car he had designed.

"What?  Homo -- what?  Is her sexual..."

"That means her internal body processes, including body temperature, are unaffected," Novotny said in a slight tone of exasperation.  He seemed to consider Mr. Nedrow to be something of a dummy.

One of the other men crossed his arms, not an easy task given the bulkiness of his parka.  "I'm getting cold."

"Tell me about it," Dareen said dully, once again flexing her pussy to crack the ice film that had formed there.

Mr. Nedrow looked up at Dareen's breasts.  "And her unusual body shape?  The large breasts, the small waist?  Does that have anything to do with anything?"

"Well, wouldn't you like to know that."

This brought a sharp look from Mr. Nedrow.  "You know, of course, that you are doomed to failure.  You should hand over your knowledge at once."

Novotny said coyly, "I am sure some amicable resolution can be arranged..."

"We do not negotiate with terrorists," Mr. Nedrow said.

"Oh right.  I forgot.  A few years ago you, if I recall, you were one of the ones who went to Tehran to trade arms for hostages.  And then you invited those terrorists into your top-secret situation room.  I forgot that you've changed your mind."

"The cold war is over."  Novotny rolled his eyes.  Mr. Nedrow continued.  "Your side lost.  You don't stand a chance against the United States government.  How long do you think you can hide?  You are just one man."

"Well you don't know that, do you?"

Mr. Nedrow seemed to calm down a bit.  "Your knowledge could be useful.  Treason is punishable by death.  But in the interests of national security you could live to continue your research."

"In prison, of course."

"Well of course.  What do you expect?"

"EXCUSE ME!!"  Dareen's quivering cry pierced the room.  "In case you didn't notice, I'M the one who is tied up here naked in the cold, with thousand-pound weights stretching my nipples!"

She caught her breath.  In the ensuing silence there was no motion except for the creaking sounds of the weights swaying to and fro in reaction to Dareen's motions.  The four men looked up at the nude, frost-encrusted girl in surprise.  Dareen had exploded like that maybe only two or three times in her life.  She was embarrassed by it but that was just the way she was.  Her mind told her that she was perfectly justified.  In a soft but firm voice she said, "Please get me out of here."

"Of course. Gentlemen," Novotny said.  They followed him out of the room.  He came back and slid a chair under one set of weights and then the other.  Dareen's concave tummy heaved with relief as the stress was taken off one nipple, then the other.  Below, her anus reflexively clenched, remembering the invading thermometer.  He unscrewed the little vises from the nipples and the cords were taken off.  With her help he untied her and helped her down.  She had the intense urge to strangle him, or hurt him in some way; even with her powers muted she thought she could take him on.  But Dareen had no idea of how to beat up people.  Also, she remembered his threat about the ticking Q-bomb and decided it would be a bad idea to lay a hand on him right now.

Her bare feet followed Novotny's boots out past one big thermal door and then another.  As soon as she was in the little lab at normal temperature she hugged herself with a prayer of thanks.  Warmth!  In fact she felt flushed and hot with the sudden change of over a hundred degrees upwards.  Still unsure of whether she had survived unharmed, she rubbed her feet against each other, she clutched and rubbed her nipples.  Then, realizing she was putting on a show for the semi-circle of men around her, she stopped and stood awkwardly in their midst.

"Ms. Alkaras, can you fly?" said Mr. Nedrow.  He and the others had taken off their cowls but were still in their parkas and boots.

Obediently Dareen raised her arms.  Her breasts rose with them, almost pushing right into the men's faces.  Breathing regular air again, grateful there was no more sandy feeling, her feet left the floor and she rose up until her head was near the ceiling.  She looked down, intensely conscious that they could see right up into her crotch.

Then she came down.  "Can we go now?"  She resisted the urge to cross her arms across her breasts but the hidden shame at the prolonged exposure was starting to stress her out.  She desperately wanted to get back into clothes and soon.

"One more thing."  Novotny had her hop onto a table and he brought out what looked like a little fire extinguisher, or rather, something like that little pump the exterminator used to use in Omar's apartment.  "You must forgive me, gentlemen, but you have your monitor, and I must also know where this woman is too.  I assure you this solution is harmless.  It also will not come off.  Please look up, my dear."

Dareen looked down to Mr. Nedrow for guidance.  He nodded at her.  "Do as he says."

Obediently she kept her arms up as Novotny sprayed a thin film of what felt like paint over her breasts.  Looking down, she saw that it was colorless and almost immediately dried without a trace.  Following the evil man's instructions she closed her eyes as he sprayed her face, then did her hair.  She turned as he did her bare shoulders, down to the small of her back, then her arms.  Now she turned again and lifted one leg forward as he sprayed it around from front to back.  The spray tickled and she got the sense that this was his way of making love to her against her will, giving her a feel all over.

Now the other leg, and now her hands were placed forward and spread so that he could get between the fingers.  Now each foot was raised and she spread her toes so that he could get in between them.  All this time Mr. Nedrow and his assistants watched closely.

"Now dear, it must be a complete envelopment or this would be a useless exercise."  Dareen's face flushed as he told her what to do.  Dying a thousand deaths, she spread her legs and thrust her pelvis forward.  She waited until he repeated his further instruction before she obeyed by spreading her pussy lips, thrusting her inner cavity right in front of these men.  With her up on the table, her soft pink cave was almost at their eye level.  It was a very awkward pose and with a flash of dread Dareen wondered if Lourdes had had be in this pose while dancing.  She certainly hoped not.  Novotny sprayed and sprayed, every drop of which Dareen could feel keenly in her insides, as everyone watched.

And now she was made to turn around and bend over and separate her buttocks.  "Wider, please."  She stretched them apart and knew everyone had a clear view of the brown asterisk of her anus.  As she felt the spray her sphincter muscle reflexively recoiled.  The men behind her could see every nuance of the little twitch.

"There," he said at last.  "You may come down now."  The nude super-girl gratefully hopped down.  She thought she felt the dried spray on her but decided it was just her imagination.  It was as if it were water, leaving no film or residue.

As Novotny showed Dareen and Mr. Nedrow and his two assistants to the hallway leading to the access tube, he said, "I have cameras installed.  I warn you not to try anything.  I will not start the defusing process until after I am sure you are gone."

Mr. Nedrow walked stiffly on without a word, still in his furry boots and parka.  Dareen and the two others followed, her bare feet slapping softly on the cool smooth floor.  Curling her toes around the rungs as she climbed the ladder in the access tube, her face flushed furiously at the knowledge that the agent following her could look straight up and have a close-up view of her anus.

It was not a helicopter but a small airplane which had managed to land on a nearby dirt road.  A pilot in an Air Force uniform was inside waiting.  Dareen followed Mr. Nedrow and got into one of the seats.  Having been tied spread out in subfreezing cold, having her nipples stretched and her pussy attacked, being so totally on display in front of men, her desire for any shred of covering or shoes was now burning, intense, making her almost quiver.  She hungrily looked around, expecting to find clothing, but there was none.  The men sat around her wordlessly and the propellers started whirling.  Dareen squirmed in her seat, feeling the cold vinyl under her, her legs pressed close together.  As they took off Dareen could not help but speak up.

"Mr. Nedrow, I would like to put on some clothes now."

Mr Nedrow, sitting up next to the pilot, leaned back and said, "I am afraid you cannot have clothing at this time, Ms. Alkaras."