Life of Corey (part 2)
A Blank Schande story
by Donnylaja

You might think, requiring the girls to be naked all the time -- what a male fantasy, what a unequal situation, females as sex slaves. Maybe it was at one time, I don't know, but though we guys love being around naked women -- and all of them with killer bodies, by the way -- we still really don't what to make of it. It was sprung on us as a complete surprise, I know the girls were told right away, but for those of us who checked "male" on the application, all we had seen was the college brochure, a little private college with very high admission standards, a liberal arts school. And that fleeting reference to "promoting students' social and psychosexual education and awareness", which I took, at least, as a sign that we'd get to talk about sex a lot, which is a nice way to "segue" into actually getting it on!

I was in high school then, not far from being a virgin, and it seems so long ago now, like it was a different person. My motivation, though natural and common, seems crude now. Certainly going to that orientation, and having the bombshell dropped on us, that female students were naked at all times while on campus -- and were to "present" any part of their body when asked (politely) -- was some kind of life-changing event for us guys. I almost "had an accident" in my pants, probably the other guys did too, when the girls at orientation, the ones who we had been talking with over coffee and donuts, they seemed pretty but a little nervous for some reason, as we looked at them and tried to discreetly appraise their bodies though they all were wearing heavy clothes for such warm weather -- then suddenly on the second day they walked into the room TOTALLY NAKED, hands over breasts and crotches, then padding over in their bare feet and sitting down among us, squirming in those metal folding chairs that must have felt like ice under their newly bared butts. It was like we guys had walked into paradise. The problem is, once in paradise, what do you do then?

Far from it being a male fantasy, it almost seem like a fantasy for the women sometimes. Maybe that's going too far. But all in all the girls often seem like they're having a better time than we are. I've noticed two things about the guys here. One, they are very modest about showing their bodies. Usually, I hear, at college the guys are thinking of any way to strip, like streaking, or walking around in just their shorts, trying to turn on the girls. Here, the roles reversed, the guys never walk around in underwear when girls are around, we even hate showing our feet. As for showing our dicks, forget it. We're all insecure about our size, of course for the girls everything they have is on full view 24/7, so they're in a different place.

The other thing I noticed is that, even though the mandatory exercise classes apply only to the girls, the guys are always working out, and watching what they eat. Maybe they're afraid of being inadequate. The BSC women, especially at Alturas, have a reputation for being horny and assertive. Lisa being so low-key, she is almost an exception this way. I remember going to the workout room (it's just one room here, the campus being so small) the first week I was here, and passing by Jill on the weight bench. Her breasts are like little plums, they ride high on her chest and they're spaced well apart, and now they were rising even higher, one after the other, as she hefted fifteen-pound dumbbells over her head, one hand and then the next, huffing rhythmically, shining with sweat all over, her legs draped to each side of the bench, her shaved pussy (not that usual at Alturas for some reason)) a little bit open as it splayed pressed onto the bench. As I walked past she looked at me, then right at my crotch, as if trying to guess what was hidden by my shorts, then looked up at me again. Pure, unabashed lust. It was pretty intimidating. I felt like she was about to throw the dumbbells down and tackle me and rip my clothes off.

I think the guys here work out so much because they're trying to be as good as the girls. The girls have got it all -- beauty, strength, intelligence -- all except clothes. We guys can only hope that we can "measure up" to them! Weird, right?

That's my theory anyway. Fortunately I don't feel too inadequate because Lisa makes me feel like the Total Love Man. She worships my dick, sucks on it every day, and we find plenty of places to get it on -- deliberately, I think; there seem to be a lot of unused rooms and secluded places around campus. At Alturas everyone gets paired up. Even Scott, the only obvious virgin on campus, lost his virginity to Shelly, and the two are now together a lot, though they both seem (this is silly but also kind of cute) shy at the fact that they are together.

Scott used to be the coarsest one at asking girls to "present" -- there's a right way and a wrong way to ask, and a right time and a wrong time -- but now he's calmed down. Now that we all know each other, and the novelty (although not the desire to look) has worn off, a guy generally asks a girl to present if he wants her to feel good, because what always follows is a string of compliments -- "you have a beautiful anus, Keisha", or "I love your clitoris, Mac, it looks real big today". No matter how many times we see it -- and every male on campus by now is fully familiar with the size and shape of each girl's pussy, clit, pussy lips and butthole -- our inevitable response to the sight of a naked girl's "private parts" is always pretty mindless worshipful babbling.

With the guys having regular sex, once you've gotten your rocks off, it gets a lot easier to concentrate on schoolwork. It's amazing, it seems impossible with naked girls around, but the fact is, we are digesting courses like Advanced Calculus and Igneous Sedimentology with ease. It's hard work, but after shooting your load your head clears and you can really use all your brain.

The girls use their brains too, they certainly are high achievers, though they find plenty of time to talk. Lisa tells me about their conversations. They lie together at night, skin to skin, on the big bed they've made in their suite from pushing the four beds together. A big tangle of naked flesh, I've walked in on them like that a couple of times. I could see where Lisa's face was, but if each girls' feet and toes didn't have their own personality too, I wouldn't have been able to tell which of the limbs of this multi-headed female creature were hers.

Anyway, Lisa tells me of the dreams they have. You might expect girls in their situation to have unusual dreams, mostly about being naked, and it's true. Mac told her a dream about being stuck on the other side of the country, in Rhode Island or Vermont maybe, totally naked with no money and no I.D., and trying to get clothes from anyone she met, begging for something to put on, but everyone was mean and wouldn't give her anything, and she finally had to walk clear across the country back to California, eating stuff off trees, sleeping under the stars, climbing over the Rockies, all the time stark naked, and when she finally got back to her home town and her friends gave her things to wear, she found she had become allergic to clothes! That was when her dream ended.

Sarah had a dream about being a scientific exhibit, living in a glass cage on a pedestal, totally naked, no blankets, just a bare plastic bed, clear plastic so that every inch of her was on display all the time, even while she slept. People milled around and visited, looking at her from every angle, as she exercised, and even as she peed and pooped into a hole going to a tube, where her excretions were measured and analyzed. And she was stuck in that cage forever!

Lisa had a dream that made her blush when she told me about it. She was in a courtroom and on the witness stand, a big trial, TV cameras on her, naked of course, and not only that, but she was tied to this scaffold-like thing with seats for four women who were sucking her nipples, licking her pussy, and one even sitting behind her licking her butthole! She hated it but couldn't help having orgasms while being required to answer the questions, her sweating, contorted face on national TV. Wild!

"I'm thinking of becoming an Absolute, an Ultra Nude," she told me out of the blue one day. These are girls who have pledged to stay naked even off campus, even during breaks, in other words, never wear a scrap of clothing or shoes ever again. "I don't know why, it seems crazy, but I can't get the idea out of my head."

Like all the girls (except for Sandy, the nudist, who seems to forget that she is naked), Lisa has cravings for clothes. How could she even consider becoming an Absolute, and not have that intense feeling of relief that all the girls have when the semester is over -- "Aaaahhhhh!!" is how they all describe it -- and they slip on clothes again when they start off for home. Also, being an Absolute is logistically difficult. Maybe not if the girl's rich and can go to some estate or touristy secluded place, but for an average girl like Lisa? She's from Merced, a kind of blah city in the cow country, her parents are teachers -- how could she just walk naked down H Street?

More strangeness. I kind of hope Lisa doesn't decide to become an Absolute, I don't want her life to be hard, plus it would feel uncomfortable taking her to see my folks if she was naked. On the other hand, the IDEA of her being naked all the time is pretty arousing.

It's all up to her, of course. I would miss painting her nails. It's one of our little rituals, I'm getting good at it. She likes clear polish, yet I hear even clear nail polish is considered "wearing" something which Absolutes don't do. I could probably still brush her hair, though. I sit on top of her prone body lying full length on my bed, brushing stroke after stroke of her lovely, lustrous brown hair, then I turn her over and with the little brush I do her pubic hair, very carefully so as not to hit her clit or her pussy lips. She has to hold her legs open for this, and it makes me so proud when the other guys walk in, showing them the beautiful pussy and pubic hair of my gorgeous girlfriend as I comb it, making it full and fluffy and with just a little hint of her natural perfume.

[to be continued]