Angela's Day with the Sire
by donnylaja

Part 1

Editor's note: This story is something different from the usual. Not really Enforced Nudity, yet very much in the spirit of the 'Tami' stories.


Angela Chin, pre-med major in her senior year, descended to the "study center" at the library and searched the rows of computer terminals for an empty seat. She had a math assignment due tomorrow that she wanted to get out of the way. Now she saw the bare shoulders and back of the Sire. Not sure whether she really was ready for it, she decided to sit next to him, placing her bookbag on the floor, saying, "Hi, Kai-Kai."

"Hi," the sweet freshman boy said to her with a smile, then got back to his work. She had gotten to know him, somewhat, while helping at the weekly inspections in Lab 6, now that she had been lucky enough to get into the rotation. Of course she knew him extremely well physically; inside and out, every detail and dimension of his reproductive apparatus, his bodily reactions to every stage of arousal, the soapy enemas, even the interior of his rectum and his internal glands which she had the privilege of rubbing and manipulating to test his secretions as he gasped and moaned on that table with all those people watching. He was an instrument she had learned to play well. But interpersonally they hadn't said much to each other. She was curious as to what kind of personality such a boy would have.

And she had gotten to like him. Yes, she was engaged to Michael, who was in Hong Kong completing his degree in International Finance, and she had been told by everyone else on the medical team, over and over, with various degrees of seriousness: Don't fall in love with the Sire. Yet she couldn't help herself. He inspired affection and devotion in everyone who spent any amount of time with him.

She pretended to work on the math while being consumed with the idea of this naked boy next to her. Fortunately, she could do this assignment practically without thinking, so her mind was free to wander. Now it wandered to the floor, the bare foot next to her sneaker. She sensed the heat that Kai-Kai's body radiated. She supposed his body had to generate its own heat, being always naked, and especially when outdoors on this cold, gray day.

Kai-Kai sat like most guys, cross-legged with his ankle on his knee, and Angela's knee almost touched his other foot. These terminals were close together. She looked at the sole, toughened from a life of never wearing shoes, the toes naturally spread out. And now she looked over at his soft, thick penis. Instead of letting it hang down as he sat, he always draped over his thigh. It was so long that it passed over the top of his thigh and stuck out. The tip was just a couple of inches from her jeans. She looked down at it out of the corner of her eye. Now Kai-Kai shifted in his chair and it almost touched her! She inhaled. Now he shifted again and it moved away. She exhaled.

To her great embarrassment she noticed that he was looking at her looking at his penis. "Sorry," she whispered.

A tolerant smile. "No, that's ok," he whispered back.

She blushed and remembered what one of the other pre-med women told her, that it was impossible not to be honest with Kai-Kai, and that he welcomed it. "It's just that -- I can't stop looking at . . ."

She badly wanted to touch it. He read her mind and said, "Go ahead."

Biting her lip, she reached over and picked up the soft, warm appendage, placing her grip about mid-shaft, maybe two inches from the beginning of the glans. She sensed the girl behind her noticing this but then going back to her work. It was pretty common for people to handle Kai-Kai's penis. One time on the quad, when his hands were full, she saw someone draw it up and shake it as a substitute for shaking his hand.

Even soft, it was too thick for her fingers to go all the way around it. She was surprised at how much effort it took to heft off his thigh. "Wow, it's heavy," she found herself whispering. The boy smiled. Then she let it down, carefully placing it on his thigh in the exact place it was before. "Thank you." He smiled again.

The clothed young woman and the naked boy went back to working on their assignments. After about fifteen minutes the freshman got up. "Well, see you later." In fact he would certainly see her tomorrow, during the weekly inspection. Though physically she would be seeing a great deal more of him than the other way around.

"I'm finished too," Angela said, closing the program.

"Want to go to the snack bar?" They both stood up. Angela was only five feet two but Kai-Kai, in his bare feet and with his small frame, was only a little bit taller. They walked out the library onto the windy quad. It was not cold enough for snow but the clouds were heavy and it seemed to be threatening rain. Angela pulled her jacket tighter as she strode next to the naked boy who seemed oblivious to the cold.

The entrance of the Sire into the Campus Snack Bar was noticed only by a few turning of heads. He stood out with his bare skin of course, and his prominent genitals. But he lived just off campus and was a full time student, so everyone was used to seeing him around. Once he and Angela got their coffee they sat in his usual booth near the exit. Presently they were joined by Phil and Duvon, two other freshmen guys.

Angela was more or less a spectator as the three young men talked about classes, professors, the dorm food, and new places they had discovered on campus or in town. Angela, a senior, already had experienced some of these professors and other things but didn't chime in. She was a pretty girl and knew herself being glanced at now and then by Kai-Kai's friends. She also knew her presence was putting a damper on the conversation. Without her, Phil and Duvon would probably be talking about which girl had the biggest breasts on campus, or the disgusting habits of their dorm roommates, with Kai-Kai listening silently.

Now they got onto the topic of computer gaming, like teenage boys do, and Kai-Kai spoke occasionally. He had a soft, gentle voice, not like his friends who spoke fast and more loudly and were always trying to be funny. Phil and Duvon were talking about the need for more RAM and bigger hard drives. "You don't need such huge power," Kai-Kai said. "I like the simpler games on my old laptop." His friends talked about other friends. Among freshman guys, on the topic of computer bigness, Kai-Kai was in the minority, it appeared.

Now Kai-Kai turned his head toward the entrance and his companions turned to see what he was looking at. It was a dark-skinned Asian woman of about 35, with weathered features but still attractive. She wore a strange kind of fur coat and furry boots. It was cold today but she seemed dressed for the Arctic.

Kai-Kai instinctively rose as he always did when an older person approached. His penis was so long that the tip didn't bob up over the edge of the table as he stood up. "Hello, Mrs. Piri," he said, bowing.

"Hello, kind Kai-Kai," she said in a heavy accent that Angela couldn't quite place. Not from China, at least. "Your girlfriend drove me around the area, it is very pretty." Kai-Kai blushed at the mention of Marikit, the freshman girl from the Philippines he had been "going steady" with, and then looked past to see if she was with this woman; she wasn't. The woman then said, "I like to talk to you before we meet."

To everyone, but mostly to Angela, Kai-Kai said, "This is Mrs. Piri, from Chukchi, who is the I-6 today." In other words, the sixth "impreg" scheduled for today. Angela was struck by how well, for all of Phil's and Duvon's teenage boy immaturity, they took this news in stride as they politely clasped the woman's hand. Their friend had just told them, in his understated way, that he would be ejaculating into this older woman at about 7:30 this evening.

"Where is Chukchi?" Duvon said as his black-skinned hand released the woman's brown one.

"It's in Siberia, near Alaska," Kai-Kai said. The woman nodded.

"I'm Angela Chin, I'm on the medical team," Angela said. She was only 22 but she felt like she and Mrs. Piri were adult women among boys.

Mrs. Piri asked, "Kind Kai-Kai, can I speak with you?" After a moment's hesitation the naked boy got out of the booth, leaving his bookbag behind with Angela, and went outside with her.

Phil and Duvon went on talking about gaming, in the self-absorbed way teenage guys do, hardly noticing that Angela was there, not that she minded. She was wondering what was going on with Mrs. Piri. As she sipped her coffee, facing the guys, her eyes darted toward the window and the nearby corner of the quad where the naked Sire and the fur-clad woman were talking. She couldn't stop noticing how Kai-Kai never seemed to mind being naked out in the cold. His flaccid penis shrank and hardened a little bit in the brisk wind, though it was still bigger than an average man's full erection. As for the conversation, it was mostly the woman talking and Kai-Kai listening. She was obviously worried about something. Finally to Angela's surprise they hugged. She wondered how her fur coat felt to Kai-Kai against his bare skin on a day like this. Did he ever long for covering?

"We gotta go," Phil and Duvon said. They said bye to Kai-Kai passing through the door. Mrs. Piri had gone her own way, leaving Angela alone with the Sire.

"What did she want?" Angela said.

She immediately thought she had no business asking but as always Kai-Kai was open and honest. In his quiet voice he said, "Her tribe does not approve."

"What? . . . I thought all that was taken care of during the application process."

"She says they consulted the local government but not the tribal elders."

"Uh - oh."

"It's not what you think. From what I read, it's an Arctic culture and in those really harsh conditions, they sometimes, um, share their wives. But still, to them the Project is strange." Kai-Kai went on dispassionately as if he were a bright high schooler giving a class report. "The Chukchis have a history of being double-crossed by the Russians. And the Soviets. The Soviets almost destroyed them through relocation. So they're really jealous of anything foreign to their culture."

Angela thought for a moment. "So she wants to back out?"

"She's being pressured to, but no. She wants to be part of the Project. The elders disagree, they want their people to stay separate, but she wants them to, like, integrate more into the wider world. With a Project child in the village they'll be exposed to visiting scientists, and maybe the other kids will be encouraged to grow up to achieve new things, instead of hunting reindeer. The reindeer habitat is being destroyed anyway by global warming. It's really sad."

"Wow . . . But isn't it a patriarchal culture? If she wants to be in the Project, can't they overrule her?"

"Not if she has a Project child. Pregnant women are important in their culture. But until then she doesn't have a lot of, uh, bargaining power. They'd rather she leave right away but they have to let her stay until tonight."

"Why would they agree to that?"

"The Russians know when I'm supposed to inseminate her. If she leaves before that, they will know that it didn't happen. That will cause trouble for the tribe, I suppose." He paused and looked outside to where Mrs. Piri had disappeared from view.

"A complicated situation," Angela said, maybe a bit condescendingly, as if helping the boy understand, even though he apparently did.

"Yes. I kind of see where the elders are coming from. But I think Mrs. Piri is right, and she's being really brave. . . I want to help her. Tonight I want to give her a really big load."

Angela smiled at how people in the Project sometimes lapsed into vulgar expressions like "load", but conceded that it was short and descriptive. She was impressed by this boy's intelligence, his knowledge of all the women he'd read up on, their cultures. And his determination to give Mrs. Piri as many sperm as he could, to ensure that she get pregnant. Kai-Kai had a childish belief that if he ejaculated more, the woman was more likely to get pregnant, even though that wasn't really true. He was an obedient and conscientious boy and didn't want to let the women down (or the Project). Not that there was much danger of that. The number of women who didn't get pregnant with Kai-Kai -- what the Project called the "drop rate" -- was less than one percent.

Also Angela was impressed by the boy's ability to explain things, like this situation with the Chukchi. "You should be an English major, if you write the way you talk."

Kai-Kai blushed, as he always did when being complimented. "I like being a Library Science major, with a minor in Dance." Of course, he was only a freshman, and could easily change majors. From what Angela had been told, Kai-Kai liked cooking and interior design, and growing flowers. He disliked rough sports. And an occupational aptitude test showed that the calling he was most suited for was housewife. He was the most feminine of boys.

"Why don't you come to my house for dinner today?" Kai-Kai said out of the blue. "Mom always wants to meet the medical team, and I haven't invited you yet."

"What? . . . Um, sure."

"Let me call my mother". He took a phone out of his bookbag. "Mom, can Angela Chin come to dinner tonight? She's on the medical team. . . No, I already made it. . . Thanks." After he ended the call he said, "You'll like her. She was an English major too. Number 12 Rodney Street, right off campus. Six o'clock."

"I'm not . . ." Angela wasn't an English major but didn't feel like correcting Kai-Kai. "Thanks. Should I bring anything?"

"No, I made lasagna this morning. And I set up the salad, so we'll be all set."

Kai-Kai had just mentioned his minor in Dance, and as if on cue, two of Kai-Kai's dance major friends arrived. One was a tall Hispanic ballerina type wearing a beret, with tights and dance slippers under a fashionable coat. "Hi, Rosa, this is Angela Chin, on the medical team." Despite slinging a huge backpack, Rosa curtsied gracefully.

The other was a tall white youth named Jason who did not hide his lustful appreciation of Kai-Kai's nude body. Looking him up and down, he said, "Hello, O Large One," even though Kai-Kai was a good deal shorter than him. It was jokey; everyone knew Jason lusted after Kai-Kai but he was spoken for. To add insult to injury, his high-school-prom type relationship with Marikit made everyone's eyes roll with its cuteness.

Rosa and Jason chatted with Kai-Kai as he got his cell phone from his bookbag. "Time for I-4," he said. "See you later." Referring to the fourth insemination of the day, scheduled for 1:15 p.m.

Angela, having some uncommitted time, was going to go to her dorm room for a bit but decided to walk along with Kai-Kai as they went down the hall. In the lobby was a tall, heavy-set black woman of about 45, carefully and elegantly dressed in well-arranged graying dredlocks, a coat covering a long print dress, and heels. She looked like she was going to church. Her large face was very attractive and she had a wide, warm smile.

The Sire said, "Good afternoon, Mrs. Hatwood."

Mrs. Hatwood gave her hand to the nude boy, looking down at his face because she was taller than him. Then with her natural maternal affection she gave him a hug. "Nice to see you again, Kai-Kai."

He introduced her to Angela and, without anyone naming a destination, the three of them walked out onto the quad. Then Angela mentioned going to her dorm but they were still all walking in the same direction. It turned out Kai-Kai and Mrs. Hatwood were going to the dorm next to Angela's. "They've set up the dorm director's room for us, he's away this week," Kai-Kai explained.

"I -- I didn't know there was a different place each time," Angela said. She had only a vague idea as to how impregs were arranged.

"Of course," the Sire said. "It's up to the woman. Usually on campus but anywhere they want. So long as can I get to my classes on time."

"I wanted something like a regular bedroom," Mrs. Hatwood said. "Here, why don't you come and see. I checked it out yesterday." She already had a card for the dorm; she swiped it as they entered from the side door. She sounded like she was Angela's aunt showing a room she had made up for Angela for a sleepover, instead of a room for Kai-Kai to do his inseminating.

"Very -- nice," Angela said awkwardly when they entered. It was just a regular dorm room, though unusually done up, with a lot of furniture. She didn't know who the dorm director was here, but it was obviously a guy, judging from the clothes in the open closet and the posters. In her view campus guys were incredible slobs but this place was pretty neat. She imagined Mrs. Hatwood as the dorm director's mother in the habit of coming in every day to straighten things out.

Since they'd brought her in there, Angela thought it wouldn't be inappropriate to ask about what was about to happen. She pointed to the bed in the corner. "So you will do the -- the impreg -- there?"

"Actually," Kai-Kai said, "she wants the mattress on the floor." Angela noticed that Kai-Kai was being more assertive than usual, not so quiet, now that they were setting up an impreg. Well, that kind of figured. Impregs were a frequent fact of his daily life, more common than meals. Not so for the woman, so it made sense that he would be the one to set things up, to put the woman at ease.

Not that Mrs. Hatwood seemed in the least unsure of herself. "Here, next to the window," she said, as if directing a man to move furniture. The naked boy carefully removed the blankets from the bed and pulled the mattress off the frame, sliding it along the floor to the requested place.

Oh God, Angela, thought -- they were about to "do it"! "I - I really should go."

"You've never seen an 'impreg' before?" Mrs. Hatwood said, turning her head as if in surprise, her dredlocks swinging around her shoulders.

"N - no."

"I thought you were on the medical team."

"It's -- not part of my job."

"Well then you should see one," Mrs. Hatwood said. "It's ok with me." Which was clear from the way she had been acting. She had probably checked the appropriate box on her application (of course the Sire did not have any say in the matter). Angela tried to hide her surprise but couldn't. Mrs. Hatwood comforted her. "George and I have been practicing this moment for weeks. Though," she said, turning to Kai-Kai, "he's had a vasectomy so we weren't worried." They laughed together, the elegantly dressed 45-year-old housewife, and the naked boy who was about to put his penis into her vagina.

Angela briefly thought of this aspect of the life of a P-1 (women who had been accepted into the Program) or a P-2 (those who had been scheduled for insemination but hadn't yet been flown in for their week here). During all that time they had to make sure they didn't get pregnant from their own husbands. And of course after they returned home (as "P-5's") they had to abstain further, for two weeks, to make sure that the husband's sperm didn't "overtake" Kai-Kai's sperm in the race to fertilize her egg. All that abstinence would be a trial for those couples who for cultural or religious reasons restricted themselves to penis-in-vagina sex.

"Have a seat," Kai-Kai said, motioning to the chair at the desk.

"Oh . . . ok . . . um, thank you." Angela sat down, biting her lip, looking here and there. She was still the product of a conservative Chinese-American upbringing and realized to her horror that she was expected to look directly at the copulating couple, and that to look anywhere else would be ridiculous. She had been curious about how impregs were actually done. She felt like some kind of voyeur pervert but how else did she expect to find out?

As the Sire stood and waited respectfully, Mrs. Hatwood took off her coat, then reached under her dress to remove her panties. With a little grunt she spread her legs and reached up further and pulled something out. What emerged from under her dress was a dildo covered with some kind of lubrication. It was so big that Angela could not believe it had actually fit inside her, even a woman as large as Mrs. Hatwood.

"What is that?" Angela asked.

Mrs. Hatwood was suddenly out of breath after having pulled the huge object out of her, so Kai-Kai answered. "That is what's called a retainer," Kai-Kai said. "Each woman is encouraged to put it in a couple of hours before the impreg, or maybe the night before if they can."


"Um . . . so they can get used to . . . me . . ." Kai-Kai's voice trailed off and he blushed deeply. Of course the dildo's purpose was obvious and she kicked herself for asking the question and making Kai-Kai answer it. Kai-Kai was embarrassed by the size of his penis, or at least the fact that it was unavoidably intimidating for the women he was assigned to inseminate. He had a great fear of hurting someone with it. Maybe that explained his shy and gentle personality. He didn't want to stick out, since that other part of him stuck out way too much. He was even sensitive about the force of his ejaculations. During a series of experiments in Lab 6 they found he could launch semen almost three meters. When they congratulated him on his excellent muscle tone, his response was, "Won't my spurts hurt when they hit her cervix?"

Angela reflected on all the logistical difficulties the Project had to deal with. Processing applications, interviews, fertility and impreg schedules, controlling public access, logistics . . . Penis size was another one, and one which the Project planners could not have anticipated. Unlike testicle size -- the Sire's testicles could be expected to become extremely large, given the output demanded of them -- an overly large penis literally "got in the way". Kai-Kai had that uniquely perfect DNA; that was why he was the Sire. It would have been even more perfect had the Sire's penis been just average size, or even better, smaller than average. But the fact that it turned out to be enormous created a new set of difficulties. As Dr. Chatterjee, the Project's Medical Director, told her once, when Kai-Kai was not around, "In my thirty years as a urologist I have seen perhaps twenty thousand penises. I've seen a couple as long as Kai-Kai's, and maybe a few as thick, but none that were that long AND that thick. . . It's almost four standard deviations from the norm."

The extreme size of the Sire's penis had required substantial restrictions on possible procreators. Angela had read about it in the voluminous Project memos in the "Sire Project Collection" on file at the college library. Originally the women had to be physically fit, fertile, have strictly regular periods (to assist in scheduling), and be in a happy marriage which would not be disrupted by being impregnated by the Sire and raising "his" child as one of the family's own. So gynecological and psychological tests alone were adequate. But with the added factor of the Sire's penis size, rather crude physical requirements had to be added: to be over age 30, to have large vaginas as confirmed by standardized measuring, and to have had two pregnancies brought to term via vaginal delivery. These additions only emphasized the "livestock breeding" aspect of the Project, as if the gentle boy and the women he ejaculated into were animals to be matched up, a stud with mares. Unavoidable of course, but Project personnel wished they hadn't been forced to be so obvious about it.

Angela did not know if Kai-Kai had read anything in that vast library collection that was centered on him (or rather, on his reproductive apparatus). But he was well aware that very few women could comfortably accept a penis as large as his, and that the Project had to go through a lot of trouble to take account of this fact. He felt guilty about it, even though it was hardly his fault. Fortunately in campus and around town everyone took his size in stride. After all, they saw his genitals on a daily basis due to Kai-Kai's constant nudity and got used to the sight. Sometimes (like with Duvon) they even made jokey references to it. Angela had even seen people greet Kai-Kai by reaching down and shaking his penis like they were shaking his hand.

Looking at that dildo again, Angela reflexively squeezed her legs together at the thought of ever trying to get such a thing inside her. It wasn't even as big as Kai-Kai at full erection, though it didn't need to be. A real penis, no matter how erect and hard, was not made of unyielding plastic; it had a certain amount of "give".

Mrs. Hatwood sat down on the mattress. Now out of her pocketbook she got a tube of lubricant. Kai-Kai obediently held his penis out for her as she smeared the jelly all over the glans with four fingers, then continued a couple of inches up the shaft. In the process Kai-Kai's penis grew to almost full erection. "You're a LOT bigger than my George, so be careful, child," in her maternal way, an instruction entirely unnecessary for this gentle boy.

Angela had heard that women were given the option of disrobing for an impreg but in fact they always chose to stay fully clothed. Mrs. Hatwood was no exception. She didn't even take off her shoes, lying back on her elbows and hitching her dress up just enough to allow entry. Angela couldn't even make out her vagina in the darkness under the hem.

Kai-Kai knelt down on the mattress, penis in hand. At a signal from Mrs. Hatwood he walked forward on his knees and placed his glans against the older woman's vaginal lips, then rubbed it up and down. In the process the boy's penis extended to its full length. Now he tentatively inserted the glans, which Angela knew was now the size of a large plum. Mrs. Hatwood, knowing what to expect, still gasped at the intrusion.

As Angela watched she was struck by the difference in body size. Kai-Kai's penis might be huge but it was not visible from where she was and his body was slight, while Mrs. Hatwood was a large woman. The boy looked even smaller due to his lack of clothing, and the age difference. There was a contrast in skin color but it was not that noticeable since so little of Mrs. Hatwood was exposed. It was like someone from a race of little people trying to impregnate someone from a race of giants.

Kai-Kai's little butt carefully pushed forward, then back, with well-practiced motions as Mrs. Hatwood kept her legs open, holding her ankles through the dress fabric. Angela imagined that Mrs. Hatwood had frequent, worry-free sex with her husband, but with Kai-Kai care had to be taken. The penis wedged her open millimeter by millimeter. When she wanted him to hold back, she opened her fingers. When it was ok for him to advance, she folded them. Angela wondered if they had arranged these signals beforehand, at the Welcome Dinner on Sunday night. Or maybe they were standard hand signals for all impregs.

Gradually Kai-Kai sawed in, further and further. Their breathing got heavier. Male pheromones and female musk wafted through the room and Angela found herself getting a little aroused by these natural stimuli. She wondered how much of Kai-Kai's penis he was allowed to get inside Mrs. Hatwood. From the motions of his butt she guessed maybe five or six inches, which considering Kai-Kai's girth meant Mrs. Hatwood was accommodating more than twice the volume of the average man's full erection. Yet she was not hurting. Evidently Mr. George Hatwood had a larger than average penis himself.

A sudden gasp of either pain or pleasure broke Mrs. Hatwood's easygoing character. Kai-Kai froze in place. She nodded and he resumed. Now another gasp, much louder. Angela knew how thin dorm walls could be and glanced at the door. Surely someone out in the hall heard that.

Now another gasp, and another. Followed by the higher pitched gasp of the boy. They escalated quickly. Now Angela recognized the onset of female orgasm, which for Mrs. Hatwood was expressed by a series of short wordless voicings. "Huh -- huh -- huh -- huh --"

Kai-Kai's motions stopped, followed by a soft low groan that sounded strange coming from him. Or at least it sounded strange to Angela, who was observing her first impreg. Now, upward thrusts of his tight little butt signaled the delivery of thick ropes of his DNA up into Mrs. Hatwood's uterus. Spasm after spasm shook both of them. Angela realized she had never actually seen Kai-Kai in orgasm; at the weekly inspections he was kept at the brink without being allowed to go over. She was surprised at how long his spasms continued, after Mrs. Hatwood had finished hers and lay in repose. Finally with a couple of irregular jolts he was finished too.

It was only then that the bodies of both became shiny and humid with sweat. In the only sign of intimacy, Kai-Kai fell forward onto Mrs. Hatwood's blouse, onto her breasts, panting, as the older woman held the boy's head in her hands and kissed him gently on his damp hair.

Angela found her eyes getting wet. Despite the mechanical nature of the world of Sire impregs, and the bureaucratic public health character of the Project that had brought Kai-Kai and Mrs. Hatwood together, she had witnessed something like a sacred moment.

* * *

Angela, sitting in the front seat, felt like a chaperone, older than this crowd of freshmen who impulsively decided to drive down to South Campus to see the arboretum. It was too far to walk, about five miles away, so Marikit volunteered her car, and being a good girl she was a careful driver. Not that Rosa and Duvon were careful passengers, joking around in the back and tickling each other, and both attacking Kai-Kai, sitting nakedly vulnerable in the middle. It was not a fair fight but he was a good sport.

In the front passenger seat Angela looked out the window at the darkening clouds. She smiled at freshman foolishness. They all knew it looked like rain but they got the idea to go anyway. She and Kai-Kai had just said goodbye to Mrs. Hatwood outside the dorm, when Kai-Kai got invited to go with them, and she got dragged along. Well, she didn't mind.

The arboretum was a big place, and here in blustery early March, with no flowers yet, and under a dark sky, it looked different than what Angela remembered from last summer, when it was a bright riot of every flower that could be grown in this climate. Now under the heavy clouds it looked creepy, and with its endless twisty paths under bare trees looked like a haunted forest from a fairy tale, with the house of a wicked witch somewhere in there.

But the kids got a kick out of the "evil fairy tale" setting and were having a giddy great time. Angela tried to keep up but couldn't, with the teenage freshmen swinging from trees and running around. Except for Marikit they were dance students, and did various dance and ballet bits along the pathways. Kai-Kai did his specialty, a kind of twirl measured so that his penis swung out in time with the rest of him. He also did cartwheels, the penis pointing down in rhythm with the landing of his hands and feet, in five-beat time, hand-hand-foot-penis-foot, hand-hand-foot-penis-foot, as if he had two and a half legs. Duvon could not help recording a video on his smart phone. Maybe so he could masturbate to it later in his dorm room.

Kai-Kai, as one might guess, was always being photographed. Marikit snapped photos of her naked boyfriend standing up on a branch as if surveying his chilly forest realm, hiding behind a tree so that it looked like it had sprouted genitals, hanging upside down with his penis reaching down past his navel, and finally standing up on a high branch, smiling down at Marikit between his gritty blackened soles. It was cold out of course but the naked boy's exertions kept him warm. After he jumped down to the soft mulchy ground he took photos of Marikit in various poses that were more conventional (holding a dead twig "flower" under her nose and looking up coyly, or smiling with arms crossed and one leg bent) but were just as much a sign of their cute affection for each other.

Now of course it started raining, first a few drops but in a minute quickening into a torrent of stinging little icy shocks. The five of them were far from the car so they had to hurry, four running wildly with their hands over their heads. Kai-Kai didn't care about getting wet of course. To him it was just a bracing shower, and bare skin dries quickly. He followed with a lazy two-and-a-half-legged lope, with a sense of fun, not desperation, and got into the car last, in the back seat behind Angela.

As Marikit started the car everyone shivered from the cold and wet, except for the one who never wore clothes. Then as she turned onto the public highway the kids got to talking about school again and joking around. They were all college students but Angela felt, again, like she was the only adult, though a shy one. She looked over at Marikit and she realized that even she was more outgoing than Angela had been at that age.

The rain was really coming down now and Marikit had to drive slowly. Even with the wipers going fast it was hard to see. Now as she turned onto the road that led to campus there was a line of cars in front of them and Marikit had to slow to a crawl. This was unusual. "What's going on?" she said. The rain was still coming down steadily. "Maybe an accident?"

"Looks like a traffic stop," Rosa said, speaking loudly so that she could be heard over the din of raindrops on the car's roof.

"Hope your registration is current," Duvon said.

"Don't worry, it is. And my inspection sticker."

"What about that tail light?"

"Oh darn." For Marikit this was strong language. "Forgot about that."

But it was not the police. It was three big men in strange-looking suits, standing under their umbrellas next to a limousine. They were not stopping cars; people were just rubbernecking at them. Marikit was about to pass them when one got right in front of her and held his hand up.

"What the hell?" Rosa said.

The man, an old Asian with a weathered face, holding his umbrella above him, came up to the driver's side window. Marikit opened it up a crack.

In a heavily accented voice he said, "Is the Sire here?"

In the back seat, Duvon jabbed Kai-Kai in the hip and whispered, "Duck!"

"I -- don't know what you mean," Marikit said uneasily.

"You should not lie to me," the man said, in a louder voice. Not wanting to put his friends in danger, Kai-Kai got out and walked around to the driver's side.

The naked boy faced the man in the suit, the man looking in surprise at him up and down. The man was big and powerfully built, looking twice Kai-Kai's size. He made no attempt to share his umbrella and the rain quickly plastered Kai-Kai's hair to his head.

"Are you the Sire?"

"Uh . . . yes."

"You sound uncertain."

"It's just that no one ever calls me that."

His body was now sleek with the cold pouring rain. It ran off his nose, off his chin, and now it flowed down his chest and past his concave tummy and now a little stream started dribbling off the end of his penis. Kai-Kai's penis never hung straight down, it always pointed forward a little even when flaccid, so it was a little stream hitting the ground a couple of feet in front of him.

The man with the umbrella walked away from the car and Kai-Kai followed him. Marikit pulled over so that the cars behind her could proceed. As Angela and the others waited in the car they saw the man talking to Kai-Kai and maybe asking him questions. Whatever he was saying, he was aggressive and pushy about it as he leaned down to talk to the drenched naked boy. Kai-Kai seemed worried but he answered perfectly calmly. They knew him as a quiet, shy boy but now they also saw that he was brave. He had a calm center.

After a few minutes the two stood still, not speaking, the fully dressed man under the umbrella looking down at the naked boy with cold rain pouring all over him. Then Kai-Kai came to the car. His wet body was flushed with the cold and he had goose pimples all over. His flaccid penis had shrunk a bit, gotten red and a little hard in the cold, though it was still bigger than an average man's full erection. Marikit had closed the window to keep the rain out but now opened it a crack.

"Could I have my cell phone?"

Marikit was about to reach back for it but then said, "You should make the call in here."

"No . . . I really should make the call in front of Mr. Bombogor."

"Who? . . . oh," she said, realizing he meant the man in the suit.

"And I need something to cover it with from the rain. Could you get me . . . "

"Kai-Kai," Rosa said, "just take your whole bookbag."

"No, I can't do that. . . Give me my dance class folder. It's plastic and there's nothing in it right now."

Kai-Kai was given his cell phone and, shielding it in the rain with the little folder, began to make a call in front of the man in the suit. With an imperious flick of his hand the man motioned Kai-Kai to walk with him further onto the grass, apparently so that Kai-Kai would be out of earshot of his friends in the car. It was silly, the man not sharing his umbrella even to protect Kai-Kai's cell phone. Also the little folder was not big enough to shield Kai-Kai's head, just the phone, so as he made the call and spoke on the phone the rain was still pouring onto him. Cold water was running from his hair down past his lips so at times it looked like he was spitting as he spoke. Bits of wet grass stuck to his bare feet.

Kai-Kai spoke on the phone in front of the man for about two minutes. He ended the call and said something to the man. Now the man motioned for Kai-Kai to get into the limousine. Kai-Kai shook his head.

In a minute the other two men, who had retreated into the limousine, came out. They were almost as big as the first man and the three of them, all dry under their umbrellas, surrounded the naked soaked boy.

"This is scary," Marikit said.

"What is this, a firing squad?" Rosa said.

"It would just be a circular firing squad," Duvon said. "We're witnesses to this."

"You're right," Marikit said. She got out her own phone, rolled down the window, and started recording the scene. The men didn't notice this but Kai-Kai did, even though the rain cascading down his hair impeded his vision. He shook his head at her. The men turned to see Marikit putting down her phone and rolling the window back up.

"We're still witnesses," Marikit said.

Angela, who felt like a helpless spectator to all this, finally found herself useful. She was in the front seat with a clear view of the limousine. "I'll text you the license plate of that limo."

"Good, thanks," Marikit said.

Now the men's conversation got more animated. They bore down on the naked boy in their midst, their umbrellas shaking as they gestured with their hands. Kai-Kai listened and shook his head. By chance the spout of water running off his penis shifted and hit the shoe of one of the men, who instinctively jerked his foot away.

Everyone in the car laughed which broke the tension. "Give it to him, Kai-Kai!" Duvon exclaimed.

"He's a dog marking his territory," Rosa said.

Finally the four of them out on the grass just stood there, the naked boy in the cold rain surrounded by the big well-dressed men under umbrellas. Kai-Kai held his phone down by his hip, tucked inside the plastic folder. The men seemed to be waiting for him to say something but he didn't. And now finally a concession to the elements, Kai-Kai started shivering. His goose pimples had gotten bigger and his whole body was a little purplish now.

The first man said something. Kai-Kai again shook his head, his legs starting to shiver too. More moments of silence.

"They're using the cold to torture him," Rosa observed. They all knew Kai-Kai had been naked since birth (except for wearing diapers as an infant) and was resistant to the cold, but even he had his limits. For example, in winter he could play outside in the snow, but not all day. He certainly could not stay out indefinitely if he was standing still and being inundated with cold water and wind.

Duvon said, "Why doesn't he just walk away?" Angela had some kind of idea as to what this was about, but it wasn't concrete enough to put into words. He continued, "They can't do anything to him really. Not with the four of us watching,"

Kai-Kai, shivering, looked each man in the eye. Finally the men walked away, into the limousine which quickly sped off.

Kai-Kai walked stiffly back to the car. Marikit rolled down the window. "Come on, Kai-Kai, you're freezing. Get in. You need to go home for a hot shower." The others agreed.

"C - can't do that n - now," he said, his shivering impeding his words. "It's ab - bout Mrs. Piri. I've g - got to go see Ms. C - canworthy." Ethel Canworthy was the Project coordinator. Her office was in the Project Guest House just off campus. "I'll c - call you." He got his bookbag and slung it over his shoulder.

The four clothed young people sitting in the car watched as their gentle friend took the short cut through the woods, the freezing, wet, naked Sire scampering through the cold rain on tough bare feet over stumps and rocks and fallen branches. Soon he disappeared from view.

It was a little before four o'clock when Angela saw Kai-Kai again, in the Student Union lobby. She had been concerned about him but apparently all was well now, or at least not a crisis. He was leaning on his backpack, bracing himself with one foot flat against the wall behind him, chatting with Marikit and a very white-skinned woman who looked about 30. The woman was strange looking for this campus and Angela figured she must be a P-3 or a P-4 here for the week. She was dressed all in black in "Goth" style, with nose and ear piercings and a snake tattoo circling her neck. She had on a black leather jacket over a paisley denim miniskirt, and ripped tights and boots with chains on them. She was carrying a long black bag with a strap that went over her shoulder. She was also chewing gum and not smiling.

"Hi, Kai-Kai," Angela said, trying not to look at her too closely. "Glad you've gotten thawed out. We were worried about you."

"Once I got inside again I was all right," he said.

Marikit was munching on a carrot. She quickly swallowed and said, "Those guys from Siberia found us because I had driven Mrs. Piri around town and they made her describe my car. So they were waiting for us."

"It's all patched up now," Kai-Kai said. "So don't worry."

This resolution seemed awfully pat to Angela, who was replaying the scary scene in her mind, the three big men in suits under umbrellas bearing down on the naked Kai-Kai, drenched in the freezing rain. "I thought those guys were going to strangle you. Or kidnap you in their limo."

"Well, that was . . . strange," the Sire allowed.

Angela wondered what had really gone on, and what Ms. Canworthy had said when the naked boy walked into her office dripping wet to report on what had happened. Angela knew Kai-Kai would tell her the truth if she asked. But she didn't feel like exploring the topic in front of this off-putting Goth woman.

"You were great -- my brave boyfriend, standing up to the Siberian strongmen," Marikit said, rubbing Kai-Kai's arm affectionately. And then kissing him on the cheek, which caused him to blush further.

"Careful with that girl, Kai-Kai," the Goth woman said. "Save yourself for marriage." She laughed, a kind of cynical laugh.

Kai-Kai rolled his eyes. To Angela he said, "This is Grier, the I-5 for today."

Angela nodded to Grier uncertainly. Grier said, "He's lucky to get me. I'm the best."

The Sire exhaled. Marikit saved the awkward moment. "Not your typical procreator." She finished her carrot. "Sorry, I've gained a couple of pounds. I'm on fruits and vegetables today." She got a plum out of a brown paper bag. She looked at it, deciding where to bite first. It was twice as big as her mouth. She opened as wide as she could but could only bite off a small piece. At this Grier snorted.

"Have to change for gym class," Marikit said in between bites.

"And what class is that?" Grier said, snapping her gum loudly.

"Basketball." Every student had to take a total of ten physical education classes before graduation. Angela knew that because of his nudity, Kai-Kai was restricted to swimming and track and field, which seemed to suit him fine. He disliked rough sports, didn't even like watching them. Now Marikit whispered something in Kai-Kai's ear. She gave him a little peck on the cheek. He hesitated in front of the two older women, then gave her a peck back. Marikit told them, "We're going to the Freshman Class Dance next week." Again Kai-Kai blushed. Then she was off.

Grier said, "Let's go."

The naked boy was hesitant. "I don't know where we're supposed to be. No one told me yet."

"Well, I get to decide, right?" She winked at Angela, who was getting to dislike this snooty Goth lady more and more. "Come with us."

"Well, I really . . . " Angela had seen the impreg with Mrs. Hatwood and told herself if she'd seen one, she'd seen them all.

"No, I'll need you," Grier said. Kai-Kai shrugged his bare shoulders at Angela. Then to her great surprise and even a little to Kai-Kai's, the older Goth woman reached down and grabbed Kai-Kai's penis and pulled him behind her, as if she was walking a dog and the penis was a leash. Kai-Kai shrugged at Angela, a little good-naturedly, and the two of them followed the older Goth woman down the path to the old baseball field.

Fortunately it had stopped raining and the sun was now out, not terribly warm but better than before. As Kai-Kai and Angela exchanged quizzical looks they were led toward the old gym building. Grier, still pulling Kai-Kai by the penis, gripping it just behind the glans, led them around the side, past a rusty closed door, to a dirty window that was partly open.

Dropping her big black bag to the ground, she finally let go of Kai-Kai. With her constant pulling and tugging he was now mostly erect, pointing forward at about a 45-degree angle, practically sticking into Grier's knee. She looked down and said, "My, you are a big boy," which made him blush. By now Angela was wondering how this obnoxious woman had gotten past the psychological exam part of the application process. Grier then brought Kai-Kai over to the window and said, "Here, lift me up, kid. I know you could do it with that dick, but I'd rather you use your hands." She stepped on his joined hands and reached up to open the window further. Then with unexpected agility she pulled herself up and disappeared.

A moment later they were surprised to see the abandoned door pushed open with a rusty screech. "Are you sure we're supposed to be here?" Kai-Kai said.

"There's no sign saying 'do not enter'," Grier pointed out.

Soon they were passing deserted classrooms filled with broken chairs, Angela's sneakers kicking up the dust in the hallway along with the loud clip-clop of Grier's boots and finally the soft whispering of Kai-Kai's bare feet. Angela shook her head at Kai-Kai as if to say, "This lady is really rude." At which Kai-Kai shrugged.

Grier pushed opened the door to a vast musty gymnasium and the three entered. The stands were retracted and there was nothing in the huge space but a ragged pile of exercise mats in one corner next to a broken set of parallel bars. Above them, millions of motes of white dust drifted in the pale sunlight coming in from the dirty windows.

Angela and Kai-Kai took in this scene and looked at each other in puzzlement. Grier walked around, inspecting the place as if it were a broken down property she was thinking of purchasing and renovating.

"You've been here before," Angela said.

"Maybe," Grier replied. Angela gave this woman credit for investigating things so quickly. It was Monday, and it was only 24 hours or so ago that this woman had arrived with the others at the Guest House.

Grier took the black bag off her shoulder and looked squarely at Angela. "I'd like the impreg to be recorded."

Angela was surprised by this request but when Kai-Kai said, "Fine," she realized that though the setting was strange, the request itself was not all that odd. Impregs were hardly secret knowledge. And some P-3's, like Mrs. Hatwood, didn't mind people watching.

Maybe Grier wanted extra documentation. DNA evidence wasn't enough; that was the baseline problem that the Project was designed to handle. The unique genes that Kai-Kai was passing on to thousands of children degraded if stored. And technology was advancing such that they possibly could be reverse engineered. This was why in vitro fertilization was ineffectual, why Kai-Kai couldn't simply ejaculate a billion or so sperm into a tube in one shot and be done with it, going on to live a normal and clothed life. Live impregnations were required. The file of circumstantial evidence -- the passport stamp, the certificate, the airplane ticket -- that file was designed to be unfalsifiable proof that a woman had been inseminated by the Sire, and at a certain time and place.

Or was it really unfalsifiable? Angela had wondered about that. The certificate with the raised stamp was kept in triplicate, at the Guest House, with the procreator (who had the original), and with the World Health Organization in Geneva. But could the file be fabricated such that a video should really be required? She supposed Ms. Canworthy would tell her if asked. She guessed that as a practical matter a video could not be required. Female orgasm was important in drawing Kai-Kai's sperm up into the uterus, and the requirements for procreators were exacting enough. It was perhaps too much to expect that they would also be able to have the orgasm while being recorded.

Grier got something out of her bag and Angela's initial impression had been correct. It really did contain video equipment, a little camera with a stand. Still chewing her gum in an irritating fashion, she said, "Could you get one?" indicating the stack of exercise mats. Angela was about to go but Kai-Kai immediately was out there and obediently hefted one off the top and dragged it in front of them, his penis and testicles swinging back and forth as he lurched across the gym. "Here", Grier said to Angela, pointing to a button on the camera. "All set up. Push once to start, once to stop. Careful not to move it."

Now the P-3, soon to become a P-4, pulled a large bath towel out of the bag. "From what I hear," she said to Kai-Kai, "you will fill me up and then some. Can't make a mess on the mat." Also, one might add, these old mats were pretty dirty.

Once again, the woman did not disrobe for the naked boy. Grier stood on the mat in her boots, flapped down the towel, then reached under her skirt to pull down some lacey black panties. Now she squatted and, wincing in pain, undid something and pulled out the same kind of long, thick dildo with the retaining strap that had come out of Mrs. Hatwood. "Man I hate this f**king thing." She threw it aside. For Angela, Grier had partly redeemed herself. Grier was snooty and condescending but on the other hand she had been in discomfort this whole time.

Now she lay back, arranged her hair and jacket and sleeves, motioned for Angela to turn the camera on, then looked up at the naked Sire. "Ok, big boy," she said, with swagger but betraying a bit of nervousness, "let's make a baby." She anchored herself on her elbows and spread her legs. "No more than seven inches, remember!"

Seven inches was more than Kai-Kai was usually allowed. Angela knew that most women could actually take seven inches of depth but the real problem was girth. In each procreator's file was her instruction to the Sire as to how deep he could go (what was called the woman's "pitch"). In deciding on pitch they were warned against simply writing down the length of their husband's penis. A woman who let Kai-Kai go in to the depth she was accustomed would painfully feel the reality that the boy's penis was a lot bigger around than her husband's. They were urged to experiment with a "Model Sire", a flexible dildo about the size and firmness of Kai-Kai's penis at full erection, which was marked up the side in inches and centimeters, to see how deep they really wanted him to go.

Grier had a rather slight body, being as short in her way as Kai-Kai was. Seven inches of Kai-Kai's thickness was quite a lot to put inside her. Angela gave her props for trying to accommodate as much of him as she possibly could.

Kai-Kai got into his familiar posture, his knees pressing down into the old mat through the towel. The woman could specify any position she wanted, but this was the most popular, the traditional "missionary". "Doggie style" was not advised due to Kai-Kai's size. As for woman-on-top, the conventional wisdom was that this was the best for a large penis, because it allowed the woman to control the rate and depth of penetration, but in practice it caused the woman's legs to tire quickly. Besides, there was no danger of over-penetration. Kai-Kai had seen his penis measured on a weekly basis and recognized where each inch "ended". He had a fear of causing any discomfort so he strictly limited his thrusting to the woman's specified "pitch".

Now he kneeled in front of this 31-year-old Goth mother of two, in the manner of a servant. He held his semi-erect penis at about the midpoint, and inserted the glans between the vaginal lips that had been opened wide by the dildo. No lubricant was necessary; Grier was plenty wet. The boy inhaled as he sank himself into her in time with her shallow, tentative gasps. In, out, then a little further in, then out . . . Angela, looking into the back of the camera, saw that Grier had expertly set up a wide angled shot with the copulating couple in the center.

Grier lay her head back, looking at the ceiling. This freed her arms to reach way down and grasp the boy's butt cheeks. She now began to knead them, which seemed a little strange to Angela. Even stranger, her fingers reached inward and spread his butt apart, exposing the pink anus in its wide valley.

Now Grier swung her boots onto the boy's bare shoulders and things got serious. Kai-Kai carefully looked down at the thick shaft splitting the woman's loins. He was now fully erect. Five inches in, then out, five and a half in, then out . . . six inches in . . . He was now deeper in than an average man's entire penis could go, yet he still had three inches to spare. Now the boy met a little resistance as he pushed in gently to give her six and a half . . .

"OHH!" the Goth woman cried out, her voice echoing against the cinder block walls of the gym. Angela looked around but quickly told herself that there was no one in this abandoned building to hear. Kai-Kai had thrust to the maximum depth that he was instructed. He was now seven inches in and stayed there for a moment, letting Grier get used to his girth. She now had within her over twice the volume of an average man's full erection though, as it happened, a little less than twice the volume of her husband's. The camera clearly recorded Kai-Kai's remaining two inches, the thick root of his shaft, remaining outside the widely-spread womanly lips that clasped the rest of him. Angela wondered: was Kai-Kai ever allowed to "hit bottom", go all the way in, feel the woman's body against his? Probably, but only rarely.

Some slow, careful thrusting, which Kai-Kai accelerated bit by bit. He gulped and his face flushed. He was now ready to ejaculate but holding back, carefully watching the woman's signs of arousal, not wanting to hurt her, hoping to help her get to orgasm so that her orgasmic contractions would draw his semen up into her uterus. His last two inches remained outside, now five inches of him were outside, now two, now five . . . Below, the huge testicles lurched back and forth ponderously, almost touching the mat.

"Ohh! Ohh! Ohh!" Grier's quick orgasm was as clearly defined as it was unexpected. Even the Sire was surprised. He got his wits about him and took a deep breath, closed his eyes and got ready to deliver his seed. His low groan was politely uttered but betrayed a primal lust about to be sated.

It was only later that Angela developed a grudging respect for Grier's skill and powers of concentration while recovering from the throes of orgasm. Her fingers reached further and with unexpected strength she urgently pressed the boy's perineum, the space between the bottom of his scrotum and his anus. Kai-Kai's eyes popped open in surprise. "Kcchhhkk!!" The loud weird gasp, a choking noise, reverberated through the empty gym. His thrusting stopped and he was upright on his knees, his teeth gritted. His toes spread and every muscle in his body tightened. From her knowledge of male physiology Angela knew that there was pressure on his prostate and as a result his penis, already deep inside Grier, was hardening and expanding still further, much more sensitive, demanding emergency relief while being prevented from ejaculating. Grier grimaced, welcoming the temporary pain of being pried open even more. "Kcchkkk!!" Kai-Kai gasped again.

Grier's fingers retracted from his perineum. Both took a deep breath. Then she said, "Go ahead, big boy."

Kai-Kai's eyes darted uncertainly for a moment. It took a moment but he got back into the rhythm of gentle thrusting. Soon the strange interlude was seemingly forgotten and the couple was back in regular coitus, ascending from the plateau.

"Ohh! Ohh! Ohh!" Again Grier climaxed -- and again the boy's own orgasm was prevented at the last possible moment by the sudden pressing fingers. After his gasp he looked down searchingly at the woman's face.

"Ok -- let's -- finish," Grier said. She withdrew her hands and swung her arms back until they were on the mat way behind her head, palms up. In time with his intrusions her hips minced and turned in a strange and new way. She closed her eyes and smiled.

The boy quickly ascended, froze for a moment, breathless. Then he let loose a long, sustained scream. "AAAAHHHHHHHH!! AAAAHHHHHH!!" Angela had never heard Kai-Kai raise his voice and this sounded like he was being tortured, screaming with some horrible agony. A world away from his low moan when having an orgasm inside Mrs. Hatwood.

"AHHHHH!!! AHHHHHH!!!" It was clear by now why Grier had selected an abandoned building. "AHHHHHH!!!" The shouts echoed and echoed off the walls as Kai-Kai's eyes opened up to the ceiling, as if begging God to tell him what in the name of Heaven and Earth was happening to him. "AHHHHH!! AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!" His hips jumped and jumped as if being hit with electric shocks. "AAHHHHHH!!" It sounded he was being tortured, his fingernails being pulled out, his testicles crushed, his eyes pierced with spikes --

As for Grier, she lay back, accepting the boy's thrusts, not reaching another orgasm herself but moving her hips so as to draw as much from the boy's testicles as possible, pumping him and pumping him until he was dry.

"OHH! OHH!" Now that the jolts were somewhat less Angela wished she had counted them from the beginning. It must be ten or twelve by now. "OHH! OHH!" Kai-Kai's high pitched voice had shouted itself hoarse. Suddenly his body was covered with sweat. "OHH! OHH! . . . OHH!" A few irregular spasms, and now, "Ohhhhh . . ."

With that, the boy drew out of Grier and fell to his side, his glistening, softening penis hitting the mat with a thud. "Ohhh . . . ohhh God . . . ohhh . . . "

Wiped out, spent, drained, exhausted . . . These were the words going through Angela's mind as she saw the naked boy, awash in his sweat and his own juices, lying on his side on the mat. He swallowed, then continued to try to catch his breath. His body was like a damp rag, limp, all but lifeless. His eyes stared ahead sightlessly. Grier watched with satisfaction from her prone position. To Angela's shock she reached into her jacket and placed a cigarette in her mouth. She brought out a lighter but apparently thought better of it and just left the lighter lie in her hand as it rested on the mat.

"Ohh . . . God . . . ohhhhhh . . . "

The naked boy had just experienced a prolonged, intense, mind-blowing orgasm. In his wrung-out state he barely had the strength to drag himself up onto all fours. He put his face down on the mat, then exhaled and with a mighty effort lifted it in Grier's direction. "No . . ."

To Angela's surprise, Kai-Kai, so little energy left to him, tried to express that rarest of his emotions, anger.

"Why . . . did you . . . do that . . . it's not . . . right. . ."

"You had a really long, powerful come," Grier said, the cigarette bobbing in her lips as she spoke. "I bet that felt really, really good!"

"But . . . my . . . my I-6 . . . Mrs. . . . Piri . . ." He gulped again, facing down, his body weakly trying to stay up on all fours. He looked down at his penis, softening but still so long that the tip dragged along the mat, tracing a trail on the soft vinyl with the last of his semen. "Only . . . three . . . hours . . . I won't have . . . anything . . . for her."

"You can reschedule," Grier said casually.

"No . . . I . . . CAN'T!" The boy pounded his fist on the mat, causing his massive genitals to swing back and forth. By now Angela understood his anger and shared it. But the fist-pound had taken the last of the boy's strength. He collapsed again on the mat, being able to utter only a low groan. "Ohhhh . . . ohh no . . ."

Angela turned off the camera and looked at the prone, inseminated Goth woman with flashing eyes. "I admire your sexual technique, but what did you do that for??"

"I wanted him to have a good time. And to remember me," Grier said through her bobbing cigarette.

Angela had very little sexual experience herself, and was ten years younger than this woman, but it was time to assert herself. "Save that for your husband. . ." She started taking down the camera stand. "I think you should go."

Grier got up, a little stiffly after being so deeply impaled, and used the towel to clean off the excess semen that was running down both legs. "Shit," she said, as a rivulet ran into one of her boots. In less than a minute she had all her things back in the bag. She put the cigarette away and looked at the motionless boy on the mat. "He's knocked up what, four thousand women? On his way to 25 thousand? It's not the end of the world to postpone one of them."

"The next one, his I-6, it means a lot to him."

Grier put the lighter back into her jacket pocket. "Well I'm sorry then. I didn't know." She looked down at the boy and smiled devilishly as she heard him start to snore. "I gave him a powerful, long-lasting come, the kind you get out of a man only by surprising him." Now her face turned serious as she looked his sweaty body up and down. "He's such a sweet kid. And I think he has it rough. He's got a huge dick that's more a curse than a blessing, he's always naked while everyone else is fully dressed, and he has to squirt into seven women a day, every day, whether he's turned on to them or not, women who must seem like wrinkly old bags to a boy his age. He deserves some pleasure for its own sake."

Angela was angry and decided to drop what she considered a bombshell. "In his mind he's still a virgin."

"Yes I know," Grier said without surprise. "And let's face it, that's not going to change. I understand he's 'going steady' with that Filipino girl. They're both cute kids. But what's she going to do with a dick that big? Look at it? Kiss it maybe? There's no way that little mouth is going to stretch around that gigantic cock-head he's been cursed with. It's the size of a plum. . . And fucking is out of the question of course." She smirked. "Maybe if she waits fifteen or twenty years, gets married to some normal sized guy and has two or three babies to stretch her out, and stuffs that -- ugh -- huge dildo in her for a few hours, she'll be ready for him."

Angela was infuriated at these words, then quickly looked down with alarm at the sleeping Sire. "Don't worry," Grier said. "He doesn't hear me. He's sound asleep. I give men more pleasure than they can stand," she said proudly. "My technique always knocks them out, for a while." She leaned down and with uncharacteristic tenderness gave the drained young stud a peck on the cheek. "Thanks for the baby, big boy." And then she was gone, her boots clip-clopping with unsteady steps as she pushed open one of the doors and left. It shut behind her with a clang which resounded through the vast abandoned gym.

Angela sat on the front bench of the retracted stands and considered what to do. She listened as Kai-Kai's snoring echoed in the gym. She didn't smile, though she knew everyone was amused at how loud he snored, during those midday naps he would take on the tables in the quad in the warm weather. She decided to let him continue sleeping, to get his energy back, or start to.

She looked up at the clock, then down at Kai-Kai. He was on his side and his testicles hung down heavily, touching the mat. He had three hours to regenerate before his appointment with Mrs. Piri at 7:30. She thought: Even now, those testicles are creating sperm. To be transported by the fluids that were even now being produced inside him by those prostate and seminal vesicles I've examined and massaged and photographed. Could they produce fast enough to create a fertile load to shoot into the Chukchi woman at 7:30?

Grier had been right in a way about rescheduling. It was done sometimes. If Kai-Kai could inseminate seven women in one day, he could inseminate eight. It was merely a matter of compressing the schedule a bit. Before he began inseminating, when he was a Sire-in-training, his schedule was even busier, ten ejaculations every day, most of them by using that penis sleeve in Lab 6, back when it was called the "Ejaculation Room". But of course Mrs. Piri couldn't be rescheduled. The Chukchi woman was leaving tonight and it was vital for her that Kai-Kai inseminate her, and selfless boy that he was, if it was vital for her it was vital for him.

Ms. Canworthy should be called about what to do, or maybe Dr. Chatterjee, but Angela didn't think she had their numbers or email addresses. Instead she kept vigil over the boy as he slept. She got out her notebook and did some work, got caught up on e-mails. Dinner at his house was to be at 6 p.m. So she gave him an hour of sleep before gently nudging his hairless chest with her sneaker.

"Ohh . . . ohh . . ." She carried the groaning naked boy's bookbag as well as her own as she helped him out of the gym, his feet slapping crazily on the dusty floor, his legs like jelly.

* * *

"She pressed a spot in the middle of his perineum," Angela reported. She wished she had the video to show them. "Just when he was about to have his orgasm."

Angela was standing with Kai-Kai in the living room of his house, or rather the house owned by Professor Ellen Schreiber of the Biology Department and her husband, Professor Eltin Schreiber of the Foreign Language Department. Both were there, along with their biological daughter Elaine, age 25, a new physician doing her internship at the local hospital. Their oldest, Edward, was an endocrinologist in private practice in New York.

Angela continued: "I saw it very clearly. They were in standard position and I know he was at maximum pitch, seven inches, because he still had two inches outside. She pressed with one finger from each hand, I think the middle finger. She kept the pressure on for maybe thirty seconds. Kai-Kai didn't move except for what was like choking sounds. Then she let go, he caught his breath, and she allowed him to come up to the brink of orgasm again. Then she did it again. She stopped his orgasm twice. She seemed to be pressing quite hard."

"Really hard," Kai-Kai said. It was like he was complaining about a bully in the playground. In his distress he was not his quiet self. "I think it left a mark."

The Schreibers looked with concern at the naked Sire, his given name Khalil, the name he had come to them with as a baby orphan.

"Let me see," Mrs. Schreiber said. The naked teenager went to the round coffee table in the middle of the room, carefully removed the large globe that was on it, and climbed on top, as if it was something he had done many times before. Turning away from them and bending over, he spread his legs until his toes curled over the edges of the hard plastic table top. Then he spread his butt cheeks to give the fully clothed watchers a good view of the space between his anus and the bottom of his testicles. The table was taller than a usual coffee table and his anus was at their eye level. The atmosphere was as casual as if he were showing them a cut on his finger.

Mrs. Schreiber looked closely. "I see a slight red spot." Her hands now joined Kai-Kai's as she vertically stretched the area that her son was stretching horizontally, pushing the testicles down to stretch the skin more. Everyone else took a turn peering closely at the slight red mark as the gentle but distressed freshman kept his butt spread open for their view. Angela went last. Nobody was inhibited about looking at Kai-Kai's most intimate areas, of course, having done so many times as part of one inspection or another. Kai-Kai's perineum was easy to examine anyway, it being larger than average, one of the many physical characteristics of his that research had shown to be correlated with greater fertility. Angela knew he could feel everyone's breath on the sensitive skin of his anus. It was just part of his life.

The naked boy turned around and faced his family and Angela, arms at his sides. He was still standing on top of the table and from this angle the genitals on his slight body looked even more enormous, practically poking in their faces.

"I don't think there's any damage," his mother said. "So she stopped your orgasm twice?"

"Yes . . . Finally she let me come, and I gave her way too big a load."

Mrs. Schreiber said, "It must have been a successful insemination."

"Oh Mom," the naked boy said miserably, with the clothed adults looking up at him. "She made me come and come and come. Just when I thought it would finally stop, I came some more. I thought I was going to go crazy. It went on and on. Maybe 20 cc's." Kai-Kai had ejaculated many times in the lab and seen his output measured, so he had a good sense of the size of his "loads". Nowadays he could guess dependably within one cc or so. But as to that extraordinary ejaculation into Grier he was in unfamiliar territory. As the others listened to this tale of woe their eyes were naturally drawn to the boy's drained testicles.

"It sounds like she gave you a lot of pleasure," Elaine said.

Because Kai-Kai's orgasms were so important, he was often asked to describe them. "Lainie, I never felt so much pleasure in my life. I never came so long, or so hard. Not even at drainings. But it wasn't right! I won't have anything left for Mrs. Piri!" The boy reached behind his penis and in each hand he now cupped a kiwi-sized testicle, showing them to everyone as if inviting them to share in his sorrowful contemplation. The large kiwis were at their eye level and they all looked with concern at these hyper-productive sperm makers that were so valuable to mankind. In a sense the boy's testicles were not really his. They belonged to the Project, or more generally, to the world.

"Let's feel your epididymis, Kai-Kai," his mother said. He held his penis up against his tummy as Mrs. Schreiber wrapped a hand around each of her son's testicles, being careful not to case discomfort, but feeling with experienced fingers for the hard little ducts where sperm were kept in preparation for ejaculation. For her it was part of being a mother, like placing her hand over his forehead to check for a fever. His father did the same, then it was Elaine's turn. "They feel empty," the nude boy's sister said with concern. They were like a family checking their son's star pitching arm to see if it was really broken.

"What do you think?" Mrs. Schreiber said to Angela. As a member of the medical team, Angela was assumed to have greater knowledge, though obviously Kai-Kai's family had checked his condition far more times than she had. Uncertainly she went up to the boy and brought up her hands, glancing at the limp penis which he had pressed up well past his navel. She palpated the testicles as she had been trained to do. "They're a little slack but not what I'd call empty," she said, though in fact she was not really sure. At the inspections she had felt the hard, kinked duct lying on the side of the testicular body. Now it was a little smaller, but she really couldn't say by now much.

After she was finished she stood back and everyone contemplated the boy's hanging kiwi fruit. Kai-Kai himself looked down past his penis with concern.

To change the subject, Mr. Schreiber said, "I know you care a lot about this, uh, Mrs. Piri." Everyone hated to see Kai-Kai in any kind of distress.

"Dear," Mrs. Schreiber said sympathetically, "that was a brave thing you did, standing up to those elders."

Angela suddenly remembered Kai-Kai's confrontation in the rain, witnessed from the car by herself, Marikit, Duvon and Rosa. "What happened?"

Mrs. Schreiber explained. "They tried to get him to cancel the insemination because they wanted him to be considerate of tribal culture. Under their rules no woman can get pregnant without the consent of the elders, and they didn't want to give it. I suppose in that harsh Arctic environment they don't want to have more children than the tribe can feed. Or at least that was the traditional custom. But Kai-Kai refused. He called me and Ms. Canworthy and of course we backed him up."

Angela looked up at Kai-Kai's face with admiration. So that was why he stood shivering in the cold rain, facing down those three burly men in suits. "Good for you!"

"Thanks." He blushed. Kai-Kai had no shame as to his nudity but he still did a lot of blushing, either when being complimented or when Marikit flirted with him.

"So now what happens?" Angela asked.

"I'll call Dr. Chatterjee," Mrs. Schreiber said, "as to how Kai-Kai can best be regenerated in the time we have. The I-6 is at 7:30. I understand it's set for the library lounge, right across the street. So we've got pretty much the full hour and a half. And meanwhile," she said to Angela, "let's eat. Kai-Kai's lasagna is delicious."

The Schreibers had a big room that served as both a kitchen and dining room. The house was small, but elegant and clean with tasteful artwork, what one might expect from college professors. As they sat down at the table Angela noticed the large white erasable board on the refrigerator. From where she was sitting she was facing it. The green writing was big and clear and round, like a third grade teacher's. She guessed it belonged to Kai-Kai's mother.

The board listed the impregs for the day, all seven of them, with the names of the women, their homes, the scheduled times, the location (if any) that had been set up for the impreg, and the maximum depth Kai-Kai was allowed to insert his penis into each woman ("pitch"). Surrounding the erasable board were photos of the seven. She noticed a bulging loose-leaf on the counter that she imagined contained photos of all 41 women Kai-Kai was scheduled to impregnate this week, his normal production quota.

Angela was fascinated by the chart. She had already met the I-4, Mrs. Effie Hatwood, who turned out to be from St. Louis, Missouri, and of course the deviously skilled I-5, Grier Donaldson, from Brooklyn, N.Y. Also the I-6, Evenk Piri, from Egvekinot, Russia, about which there was presently so much drama. The I-7 tonight was to be Morag MacGregor, from Inverness, Scotland. The I-1, whom Kai-Kai had impregnated at 6:45 a.m. in his bedroom, was Cristina Gonzalez from Oaxaca, Mexico. The I-2, from 7:30 a.m. in this very living room, was Keiko Murakimi from Osaka, Japan. The I-3, from 10:00 a.m., was Lusala Makemba from the Democratic Republic of Congo, who had received the boy's ejaculation in Room 202 of the Humanities Building, right down the hall from his 9:00 class in Freshman English.

Especially interesting were the pitches for each woman. She knew about Grier and her seven inch allowance; the Goth woman's husband must have a penis quite a bit larger than average. Angela's estimate as to Mrs. Hatwood was more or less correct: 5.5 inches. Ms. Gonzalez could take 4.7 inches, while Ms. Murakimi could only accommodate 3.1 inches. Ms. Makemba could take 5.9 inches. Wow -- Mrs. MacGregor could take all of Kai-Kai's 9.1 inches! So he was allowed to go "all the way in" once in a while. Angela wondered if for the last impreg, at 10:30 p.m., when Kai-Kai had to be tired, Ms. Canworthy always set him up with the "deepest" woman of the day, to make his orgasm easier. Of course every woman had to be scheduled during her two or three days of maximum fertility. So many factors Ms. Canworthy had to consider!

As for Mrs. Piri, small woman that she was, she could take only 4.5 inches. Less than half of the boy's length. Angela wondered if in his drained state Kai-Kai could ejaculate with only a partial erection. That way he could go "all the way in" like with Mrs. MacGregor and have an easier orgasm. But she had read that only older men could do that.

Now at dinner Kai-Kai was their waiter as well as the chef. He gracefully circled the table as he passed out bowls of salad and got everyone's soda. He seemed to have momentarily overcome his distress at having empty testicles, so at ease and suited he was to this task. Angela thought: housewife. He was perfect at it. In fact all his talents and preferences, everything about his personality, seemed to be traditionally feminine.

He was about to go to the oven to get the lasagna when Ms. Schreiber said, "I've got Dr. Chatterjee on the phone." Dr. Chatterjee, an eminent urologist, was the Project Medical Director. The smart phone was set up in the middle of the table so everyone could hear.

"Good evening," the doctor said. In person he always wore a three piece suit. He was impeccable and formal in speech also. "I understand that Kai-Kai has been induced to render an extraordinarily voluminous ejaculation."

"It wasn't my fault, doctor, I'm sorry," the boy said, returning to his state of distress.

"No, no, no one thinks it was your fault," the doctor's disembodied voice said. "You were the victim of a very accomplished woman who overstepped her role. I will speak to Ms. Canworthy as to whether instructions to procreators should be modified so that none takes from you a greater ejaculation than you have been planned to give. By the same token, I wish we could have someone of her talents on hand for your drainings." On Sundays there were no impregs; instead there was a "draining" for three hours in the morning, during which as many ejaculations were coaxed out of Kai-Kai as possible. It was a form of exercise designed to increase his capacity. Sometimes it was in the lab so that sperm count and ejaculation volume could be measured; but most Sundays he lay on the grass out on the soccer field as he was set upon by a dedicated army of women with their hands and mouths and devices. He then rested, and attended the welcome dinner in the evening for the next week's batch of forty-one P-3's, resuming the impregs on Monday morning.

Dr. Chatterjee continued, "Perhaps the technique this woman used can be explored during your next vacation." Twice a year Kai-Kai had a one-week "vacation" during which he was excused from inseminations. During such times various experiments on his sexual response were often carried out. Last time they experimented with deprivation. It turned out that his testicles were so productive that to avoid testicular pain, or "blue balls", he had to ejaculate at least three times a day.

Now Dr. Chatterjee said, "Have you checked his epididymides?"

"Yes, they seemed smaller, empty," Elaine said.

"Yes, doctor," Angela said.

The doctor's disembodied voice said, "That is to be expected."

Mrs. Schreiber said, "Doctor, you don't sound worried as to Kai-Kai being able to inseminate the I-6. That's only in a little over an hour."

"I'm not worried. I will text you a protocol for pre-impreg buildup of Kai-Kai's fluids and sperm. It was originally designed for when he was recovering from illness but never used." Indeed. Kai-Kai, going naked through all kinds of weather, had developed remarkable resistance and never gotten sick -- which had been part of the reason for the lifelong nudity rule. "He will need some skilled help. I suggest calling Mrs. Kimura, and her neighbor, I forgot her name."

"Miss Dewyea," Elaine said.


Mr. Schreiber said, "Doctor, is there anything else we can do?"

Angela broke in. "I'm sorry Doctor, I was there when it happened, but I thought I didn't have your email. In fact I did."

"From what I understand, you let Kai-Kai sleep afterwards. That was the best thing you could have done. Also I understand you are sitting down to dinner. Kai-Kai, take two B vitamins, and only eat about three cubic inches of that lasagna, and a glass of milk. No vegetables. And finally a cup of black coffee."

The boy, who had been listening attentively like everyone else, said respectfully, "Yes, Dr. Chatterjee."

"Good-bye everyone. Mrs. Schreiber, let me know how it turns out. I'll send the protocol now."

What followed was a rather awkward meal at first, with everyone picking at their big portions while Kai-Kai, who had cooked it and served it, was restricted to just a tiny scrap of lasagna. This changed when Mr. Schreiber reminded everyone that afterward Kai-Kai was likely to gorge himself and they should eat what was in front of them. Which was not hard. The salad was inventively created, with cheese-flavored croutons and apple bits and palm hearts, and the lasagna was delicious. Meanwhile Mrs. Schreiber received the text from Dr. Chatterjee and called her neighbors. Fortunately they were both home and could be there in fifteen minutes.

After some small talk around the table Angela said, "I'm still surprised at what happened with those men, surrounding Kai-Kai today in the rain. They were torturing him with the cold, trying to make him give in. I think they tried to abduct him by inviting him into their limousine."

Mrs. Schreiber said, "I don't think they would have done that, but it was not a pleasant scene. Kai-Kai, I think the Project owes you an apology."

Kai-Kai, following the doctor's instructions, had made coffee for himself ahead of everyone else and was sipping it on a stool next to the chopping table, his penis draped to the side over his thigh as always. He said quietly, "It's all right."

His mother said, "Ms. Canworthy told me that their concern was not really legitimate. It's funny, they have an idea that the Project was getting Mrs. Piri involved in porn, if not with the actual impreg, then with anything else she might be doing here this week. That's why they're ordering her home early." At this everyone laughed. "But more seriously, I think they would have approved Mrs. Piri having the baby. They were just upset at not having been consulted."

Kai-Kai said, "Maybe, but Mrs. Piri told me they don't want the outside world, um, invading their culture. If I can inseminate her, the Project people be visiting like every few weeks. That will have an effect on the young people there. Maybe encourage them to go away to study things like science instead of staying around and hunting reindeer. . . Mrs. Piri talked about it a lot with Mr. Piri before she applied. It was a big decision for them. . . I suppose they never asked the elders for permission because they knew the answer would be 'no.'"

His mother said, "Good for Mrs. Piri. . . And for her husband too for supporting her. Too bad he couldn't make the trip." Husbands were allowed to arrive with their wives and attend the impregs, of course, but rarely did. This was a relief because the extra flights and accommodations would complicate Ms. Canworthy's job even more.

His mother reached over and patted her son on the knee. "Dear, don't say if you can inseminate'. I know you'll be able to give her more than enough sperm. Don't worry."

Angela remembered that conversation in the snack bar. Kai-Kai admired Mrs. Piri as much as his mother did, and wanted to reward the Chukchi lady's courage with a guaranteed pregnancy. In the snack bar he had said, "I want to give her a really big load." Something that now seemed impossible. Angela wanted to dispel the boy's belief that bigger ejaculations were necessarily more potent. But she couldn't find the right words.

Mrs. Schreiber said, with concern, "Ms. Canworthy told me that when you burst into her office you were purple and wet and shivering."

"After a few minutes and a hot tea from her machine I was ok."

Mr. Schreiber said, "Not a five minute chill. More like a half hour chill."

Angela looked puzzled at this comment, so Mr. Schreiber said, "Kai-Kai was trained to develop resistance to cold with, I forget the term the physiologist used for the technique, but everyone called it the 'five minute chill'. It was done in winter with the assistance of his friends. They'd bury him in the snow and wait five minutes before they dragged him out and brought him inside."

"Wow . . . after that, they gave him a hot shower I hope."

"Kai-Kai never takes hot showers. It's bad for his sperm count. But after being naked in the snow, even a cold shower felt hot to him. . . Anyway, the result was that his resistance got built up step by step, so that finally he was able to stay outside quite a long time." Angela remembered seeing a photo somewhere of Kai-Kai building a snowman on the quad, his naked body flushed with the cold, heavily bundled students and faculty trudging past him. One waved to him as he smiled. The snowman was as tall as he was. Building it probably took at least twenty minutes. Around him were dozens of his bare footprints in the snow.

"The five-minute chill helped his sperm count tremendously, according to Dr. Chatterjee," Elaine added. Kai-Kai blushed at this compliment. Then his mother showed him the text of the protocol from Dr. Chatterjee. The naked boy took a moment to read what was about to be done to him, then dutifully nodded.

Angela decided to ask more questions. "Kai-Kai, you have never, ever worn any clothes?"

"No," he said calmly, downing the last of his coffee.

"Did you ever try them on?"

It was a well-practiced though sincere answer to an often-asked question. "One time I wanted to go outside but it was way below freezing out, like near zero. I tried someone's jacket on, I forget whose. And boots. I took them off right away. I felt like I couldn't breathe."

With that, Kai-Kai started for upstairs, then stopped and looked back. "What does Ms. Dewyea like these days?" Like at the dinner table, he was a waiter taking an order.

Mrs. Schreiber said, "I'm trying to remember. She mentioned it yesterday at lunch . . . Mint."

"Oooh, that burns," he said.

"It doesn't have to be that strong," Elaine pointed out. "Last time with Jane Daverson I put only two parts per thousand and she said you tasted fine."

Mrs. Schreiber said, "Angela, why don't you go up with him. It'll be faster with two people."

Angela was a little puzzled by this conversation until she was halfway up the stairs, looking up at the naked boy's little butt, and realized he was going to receive an enema. And that she was expected to help.

In the bathroom the big enema bag was hung over the towel rack, as if always ready for use. As the naked teenager opened the cabinet above it Angela was almost amused to see the various flavor bottles. There were "strawberry", "apple", "vanilla", "honeydew", and "coconut" as well as "mint". Angela had given him enemas at the weekly inspections in Lab 6 so she knew what to do. She waited until Kai-Kai had run the water to his preferred variant of lukewarm. Then Angela filled the bag. Meanwhile the naked boy raised his leg, putting one foot on the sink, his toes next to her busy hands, his anus right next to her elbow as he got into position. Then he inserted the nozzle as casually as if he were inserting a thumb drive into a laptop.

Angela filled the bag to two quarts, a huge amount for an average person but Kai-Kai's experienced rectum could accept it easily. She added a few drops of astringent soap from a canister on the sink. She screwed the bag onto the hose, then with some effort hefted the bag up onto a hook way above the mirror. At the boy's signal she turned the draincock. With his foot still up on the sink, he put his hands up on the wall, making his flat tummy concave. With practiced exhales he sucked the water into his rectum. She watched his face as he pushed down and grunted as if excreting. She knew this had the effect of opening the sphincter. With the rhythm of his exertions the bag gradually deflated. When it was almost empty she reached up to squeeze out what was left. He took the nozzle out of his anus and sat on the toilet.

As he was about to expel he said, "I thought you were -- uhhh!! -- an English major." The sloppy water exploded into the toilet. "Ms. Canworthy told me -- unhh -- you were pre-med." Another explosion.

"Y - yes, that's true." Angela tried speaking casually as she watched the naked boy expel another blast, emptying his rectum in front of her. She reminded herself that to him, this was just an ordinary conversation.

"What -- kind of doctor to you -- unnh! -- want to be?" Now some farty sounds as the torrent died down.

Angela was well aware that, with Kai-Kai so uninhibited about his nudity and bodily functions, if anyone it was the clothed people around him who were the embarrassed ones. With as even a voice as she could manage she said, "I'm not sure yet. Maybe obstetrics."

Kai-Kai exhaled as he shot the last of the water out of his rectum. He got up and cleaned himself off with a tissue as Angela got the second enema ready. This time he put in two drops of "mint". Then he nozzled himself, put his foot up on the sink again, and Angela filled him with the solution.

"Oooohhh," he said, closing his eyes, his toes spreading and raising off the sink. "It still burns."

When it was all done Kai-Kai wiped himself off again. "Thanks. I have to get some things for the protocol. Can you help me?" As with an impreg, Kai-Kai was setting up something he was familiar with, and was more take-charge than his usual quiet self. She followed him into his bedroom.

It was partly that of a typical teenaged boy, partly not -- a desk with a laptop, headphones, gaming magazines, and posters that didn't show women in bikinis but rather planets, dinosaurs, and some (male) Olympic swimmers. The room seemed a little empty and Angela soon realized why: no clothes or footwear. No dirty socks scattered about, no sneakers, no hoodies or T-shirts or jeans hanging in the closet. The closet was taken up with two guitars on stands, stacks of school books, and some old gaming systems. There was a "dresser" but Kai-Kai never dressed; she wondered what was in the drawers. On top was a stack of empty plastic cases that looked like CD cases. Mounted on the wall was a large mirror which was cluttered with a *lot* of baby pictures, babies of every race. Angela thought: these must be random photos, or maybe the most recent ones he'd received. There wouldn't be room enough for all Kai-Kai's offspring. At inspection Kai-Kai was told how many babies had been born that week, broken down by region (the Project had divided the world into eight administrative districts, each with a quickly expanding bureaucracy). Counting last week's report, the naked boy had now fathered a total of 1,269 children, and of course a couple dozen had been born in the days since.

There were no blankets on the bed, just a slipcover and a pillow. "You don't use blankets?"

Kai-Kai shrugged. "Never have."

"What if you get cold?"

"It doesn't bother me." Again, with the air of someone who had been asked this question many times.

He reached into the closet and got out what looked like a toolbox, a couple of big artificial feathers, and then a wide cylindrical box about a foot long. Angela volunteered to carry the toolbox and the feathers. The feathers were awkward to get her arms around and hold, and her cell phone dropped from her pocket as she bent over. She put it back in her pocket and twisted her arms around some more. Finally she decided to hold them upright against her chest even though the tops tickled her nose.

As Angela followed the Sire downstairs, she still didn't know what this "protocol" was but was beginning to get an idea. To her surprise the dinner table had been quickly and silently cleared and coffee and dessert set up.

And standing next to it, waiting for him, were Ms. Canworthy in her smart business suit, and Mrs. Piri in her Arctic-style fur outfit. And Jonathan Q. Alkaras, the Chairman of the Project Board of Directors, in his usual business suit. Next to him was a pleasant old lady with a black bag.

End of Part 1

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