Billion Dollar Slaves
by Domwoolf

Part 3


New Beginnings

Rick awoke in an extremely sadistic mood. It had been awhile since he had spent a day just enjoying himself. He went to the living room and rigged the equipment he wanted before calling Donna. He spent the better part of an hour tying her huge tits precisely the way he wanted them. Once he hooked the clamp from the winch to the ropes and cuffed her wrists behind her, he was ready.

He called Maria in and began putting her arms securely in a sleeve. He lifted the helpless woman over the sawhorse and tied her legs to the rings under it. Maria began whimpering almost as soon as her pussy was placed on the sharp point of the triangle of the sawhorse. Her weight caused her pussy to press against the sharp edge. He fastened a rope to the sleeve behind Maria’s back and lifted her bound arms forcing her to bend forward. He enjoyed the way her tits hung down. He slid his finger down the crack in her ass. She was wiggling trying to find a way to relieve the sharp pain cutting through her pussy lips.

Rick oiled her asshole and pushed a large butt plug into it without any warning. Maria’s screams echoed through out the room. Maria felt as if her ass was being ripped apart and each time she moved the sharp edge of the triangle cut into her cunt flesh. The pain was growing with each passing second.

Rich stroked his cock listening to her scream. He shoved it into her mouth and face fucked her for a few minutes rocking her body and feeling her screams around his cock. He pulled out before he came and slapped her face a couple of quick slaps across both cheeks.

He went over to Donna fingering her pussy as he pressed the button to raise the winch pulling Donna into the air by her tits. All her weight was hanging from that tender flesh. Donna grimaced as the rope tightened even more as her weight began to be suspended from the wraps around her breasts. It made the muscles under her tits burn and she could see her tits turning purple as the blood flow was cut off.

Rick watched her spin slowly due to the uneven distribution of her weight. He picked up several one-pound weights and attached them to the ring imbedded in the flesh between Donna’s pussy and her asshole. The added weight pulled on her tits even more. Donna let out a groan as each weight was added. The weights not only added to the strain on her tits but also pulled hard on her ring in an area she wasn’t used to having weight. It also caused interesting sensations in the muscles of her pussy and ass, seeming to pull deep within her.

Rick set her spinning and picked up a single tail. He flicked it across Maria’s tits making her jump and tearing her pussy lips up even more. He turned and flicked the whip across Donna’s ass; she twisted her body putting more strain on her tits. The spinning pulled the weights around in an arc causing even more unusual sensations in Donna’s neither region.

He flicked the whip from one woman to the other, enjoying their screams of pain. Maria gave out first and toppled to one side out cold. Rick lowered her to the floor and examined her torn pussy, a lot of bruising and some small tears and it was already swelling. He let her lay where she fell and returned his attention to Donna.

Donna’s tits had turned dark purple and she hung slowly spinning, her head fallen back and making little moaning sounds. He lowered her to the floor and cut the rope from her tits. He pushed her face down and shoved his cock into her ass. The blood began returning to her tits and with it the pain. Each time he shoved deeper into her ass, her tits would rub on the carpet sending new waves of pain through her. She would clench her muscles at each wave and Rick could feel the squeeze on his embedded cock. He fucked her until he came, then pulled out and presented his cock for her to lick clean. Donna began to lick and suck his cock when he slapped her tits over and over each slap causing her to scream.

Rick was spent; he settled back in his chair and looked at the two women lying on the floor. Both were moaning from the pains inflicted by their Master. Their bodies were covered with sweat adding to their discomfort as the salt drops ran into cuts the whip had made on their tits, ass, pussies and thighs.  

He sat and watched them recover for a few minutes, before he ordered them to come and kneel by his chair. It was hard for both women to get up on their knees with their arms fastened behind them. Every move must have hurt and each part of their bodies that rubbed the carpet as they struggled to get up brought more pain. They finally managed to get to their knees and crawl over to their positions.

Rick sat in his comfortable chair, one slave kneeling on each side and flipped on the TV by remote. He sat for several hours watching movies, occasionally stroking Donna or Maria’s hair. Rick was so content he lit a rare cigarette and slowly smoked. Each time the ash got long enough he would pull one of the slave’s head back by the hair and tap the ash into her mouth.

Simply by chance when he reached the end of his smoke it was Maria’s turn. He pulled her head back and dropped the lit cigarette into her open mouth. He held her by the hair as it burned on her tongue. She was able to get enough saliva to put it out after several seconds and he continued to hold her head back until she swallowed the butt.    

Rick un-cuffed Donna and had her release Maria as he ordered the two to tend to each other and then fix dinner. The two stumbled off on shaky legs from kneeling most of the afternoon. Rick leaned back and started another movie.

Rick was seated at the dinner table enjoying his steak, salad, baked potatoes with sour cream and fresh corn on the cob. The table was designed for parties of twelve and even with the entertainment Rick had on the table there was plenty of room at each end for Rick and Lisa. In the center of the table Donna and Christy were tied across the table with legs spread and Julio and Maria tied on top of them in a classic sixty-nine position. The tied couples were also eating: they were eating each other. Julio’s cock was disappearing onto Donna’s open mouth while his tongue was buried in her vagina. Christy and Maria were licking each other’s clit although Maria seemed to be getting both pain and pleasure out of it as her pussy was swollen from the earlier torture.

While Rick was tying the slaves for dinner, Lisa was arraigning the candelabra and lighting the candles. The large circular candelabrum held thirty tall white candles and was positioned over the couples so that the hot wax could drip directly down on them as the candles burned during dinner.

A serving table off to one side of the room held several pots on warmers. In one was all the extra corn on the cob, nicely hot. In the middle of dinner Lisa went to the pot, used the tongs to remove two hot cobs that she dipped in melted butter. She went around the table and inserted a cob in Christy’s wet pussy. Christy began squirming from the heat the cob and melted butter transferring to her inner cunt. Lisa also inserted one in Maria’s bruised and swollen cunt though it took a bit more effort and triggered muffled screams from the tortured woman.   

She returned to her chair and began eating her corn as she watched the slaves squirming and groaning. Julio suddenly arched his back shoving his cock deep into Donna’s throat without warning. Rick watched his ass cheeks clench and realized a hot drop of wax had fallen directly on Julio’s exposed asshole triggering the sudden movement. Donna choked on the long black cock in her throat, she fought to relax her throat muscles, partially to accommodate the long cock and partially so she could breath around it.

Christy groaned and shuddered, the heat of the cob and the sucking and licking of her clit by Maria finally overwhelmed her senses and she exploded in orgasm. Rick and Lisa burst out laughing as Christy cursed, "Damn it, I just couldn’t hold it any more."

Lisa and Rick released the couples from their bondage. Rick was still laughing. "Christy loses, she has dinner dishes." The four slaves served themselves and all six sat to dinner.

Christy and Maria removed the cobs from their cunts. "The hot corn was a surprise. I think that’s what made me cum." Christy smiled. "It was so hot and rough I almost came as Mistress put it in me."

"Julio damn near choked me to death with that long ass cock of his." Donna stated.

"I am so sorry, Donna baby. The damn candle dripped wax on my asshole." Julio apologized. Everyone got a good laugh from that one. Rick sat back watching the interplay at the table. Everyone seemed happy and content with his or her lives and Rick realized he was happier than he had ever been in his life.    

Shortly after dinner Julio headed off to check on his guards. There had been no more intrusions in the year since Rick built the security system and hired the guards. Julio meant to keep it that way. Christy started cleaning up and Donna and Maria asked to be excused to go to bed early as they were exhausted from the days play. Rick and Lisa were alone for the first time in months.

They went out on the back deck and sat talking and enjoying the evening view of the ocean.

"Now that you and Christy have graduated collage, do you have any plans?" Rick asked the question he had been wondering about for a few weeks.

Lisa sat and pondered Rick’s question. "My lord, I am confused. I like my life just as it is. There are things I would like to learn, but for now I can do that from home or get tutors. Are you planning to send me away?"

Rick was startled. "I will never want you to go away; I just don’t want to hold you back." He paused, "What about Christy? What does she want to do?"

"My Lord, how can you hold me back when you have given me my first taste of freedom?" Lisa dropped to her knees and assumed the submissive position for the first time since they had left the mansion. "I am yours to command, I will go where you tell me and learn whatever you desire."

Rick reached down and drew Lisa up beside him. "Little fool, you are Mistress Lisa. You have been free since you realized that you were a dominatrix, not a submissive. Your mother will never be free because she is a slave in her heart of hearts. You were never a slave in your heart; you were caged but not tamed. If this life is what you want, then so be it."

Lisa leaned against Rick and they both got comfortable on the deck sofa. "This is where I belong. I will never submit to anyone ever again, except you, My Master! I am forever yours to command." She kissed Rick and snuggled against him. "Christy and I have talked about her future. She may sometime in the future ask for her freedom, but for now she also is content with life as it is."

They sat and cuddled watching the ocean wave’s crash against the beach. Lisa began kissing Rick gently on his neck and cheek. Rick turned to her and began kissing her back. They explored each other slowly, undressing as they went. Their lovemaking was slow and unhurried, playful and sensual.

Christy had finished the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen before going to look for her Mistress. She came quietly out on the deck and knelt quietly, watching her Mistress and Master make love. She would wait patiently, quietly for as long as needed in case they required anything from her. This was her life, to serve her master's every need. To offer her service, her body, her pain, if that was what pleased her owners. Somehow giving everything she had to Mistress Lisa and by her order to Master Rick, completed something in Christy that nothing else had ever been able to fill.

She had not had the bad life that Lisa and Donna had experienced. Her father never molested her; her parents never beat her, spanked yes but never excessively. She had never been raped or tortured. Her family had been poor but there was always food on the table, clothes on her back and a roof over her head.

Christy couldn’t point out what had made her the way she was. She just realized that serving Mistress Lisa, rough sex, pain and humiliation somehow filled her like a warm coco on a cold night, wrapped up in a blanket. It gave her a feeling of being totally safe and secure and loved.

Lisa and Rick lay in each other’s arms enjoying their moment. Lisa noticed her slave waiting patiently and motioned her over. Christy crawled to Mistress Lisa’s side and knelt awaiting her command. Lisa petted her slave’s hair, running her finger softly through her blond waves. She turned to Rick, "Stay with us tonight." Rick stood holding out his hands one to each.                


Pirates of the Caribbean       

Rick decided to buy the villa and spent several days arraigning the sale. He then set about getting some improvements done. He added another wing to the house including a playroom and a sauna and Jacuzzi. He had a dock set on his private beach and arraigned for the hire of a good-sized yacht and crew.

Rick had decided that staying where they were was the best option at least for a few years. That didn’t mean they couldn’t travel around and have some fun. He knew nothing about boats but he did know men and he spent a lot of time and no little bit of money to get the right captain and crew.

Captain Brock was a captain without a ship. He had been involved (never proven) in a few smuggling operations, the last of which caused his last ship, a small cargo freighter to get sunk as it was about to be boarded. There wasn’t enough proof to convict the captain but no one would hire him either. The crew consisted of Brocks daughter a twenty two year old rough looking girl more at home at sea than on land and an older sailor that Rick knew was a pedophile even though he had never been caught.

Rick spent enough money on a good detective agency and he had enough evidence on the good Captain and his crew to be assured of their very good behavior. He and the captain found a yacht that was roomy enough to sail comfortably for several weeks and small enough for the size of his crew.

While the villa was being remodeled and the dock was being built, Rick took his family on several weeklong trips to nearby islands. They sunned on the deck and swam and explored tiny empty isles dotting the ocean. They hauled Christy up the main mast and flogged her to the delight of the Captain and crew. Julio was made to play ship’s dog for a day and even Frieda; the Captain’s daughter seemed to enjoy leading him around on a leash.

Mac, the older sailor watched every time the girls were on deck whether or not they were dressed, in bikinis or nude. He never made advances to them, in fact he barely spoke to them, but Rick noted he always watched.

They enjoyed several shopping trips. It was always fun to sail the pretty yacht in to the tourist ports, past the big cruise ships with the girls running around topless and waving to the tourists.

Christy’s twenty first birthday party was held on board the ship while in port of one of the tourist traps. They had gone clubbing and returned late to the yacht. All of them were drunk and having fun. They brought back several young men, the girls had picked up and Julio had a pretty island girl with a huge ass and no tits to speak of.

Soon the deck looked like a roman orgy was in progress with naked bodies running around, drinking and fucking and eating birthday cake. Christy was smeared with icing from head to toe and everyone was taking licks of icing off her body. Frieda normally reluctant to join in since she was part of the crew, had had a few drinks and was seen sucking on Christy’s tit, her face smeared with icing.

Sometime during the night one of the boys had gotten tied to the bow of the boat like a naked figurehead and the swimming girls would surface and suck his cock for a few seconds and then swim away.

The party ended at dawn as the port police boat swung by with a search light flashing and gave a warning. Mac took the party guests back to the public dock and the yacht sailed for home as the sun was rising.

On Lisa’s twentieth birthday, the party was just as wild though in another port. Lisa was surrounded by naked guys and covered with cum from head to toe. Donna, Maria and Christy all licked her clean to the delight of the party guests. Lisa surprised Rick by having three of the biggest cocks in the crowd fuck her all at the same time.

Rick also noticed the island girl with the big ass was aboard and Julio was ass fucking her as she buried her head in another girl’s pussy.

Donna was kneeling naked between Rick and Captain Brock feeding them bites of cake and little sandwiches and filling their glasses with drink. Captain Brock seemed to have no problem being serviced by the naked woman and in fact enjoyed himself. Even Frieda had loosened up and removed her top for the first time in the six months she had been aboard.

"Mr. Tyler, if you have no specific plans for next week I’d like to take the Second Chance and put her in dry dock." Captain Brock said. "We caught a coral reef last week and Frieda found a piece of coral punched a thumb sized hole in the bow. Now she’s patched up tight but I’d like a chance to fix her proper and inspect the hull for any other problems."

Rick thought for a moment and decided they could put off the reef dive they had planned. "Not a problem, Captain. Where do you want to take her for repairs?"

"I thought maybe Nelson’s Dockyard on Antigua"

"Sounds good, take as long as you need."

Would you mind if I left Frieda with you. She seems to enjoy being with your family and there will be no place for us to stay while the ship is repaired. I can stay with some old friends but they are no fit company for a young lady."

Rick laughed, "I’m not sure we are either but she can stay with us, there’s plenty of room." Rick snapped his finger and pointed at the captain, Donna slowly brushed her tits up his legs and unzipped his pants with her teeth, she freed the captain’s cock and began to service him. Captain Brock took anther drink and leaned back in his chair to watch the dark haired naked slave suck him off.  

Two days later they were back at the villa watching the Second Chance head out to sea. The trip to Antigua would take Captain Brock and Mac six days and the repairs could take a week to ten days, then another week back. Everyone would have to adjust to being landlubbers again.

Rick spent several days working with his contractors getting little things fixed and some new projects started. One of the projects was a pool and hot tub that Rick wanted off the master bedroom. It required cutting back the jungle a bit and there were logistics to work out to get the large equipment down to the beach area due to the surrounding cliffs.

The new wing with its extra bedrooms, playroom, sauna and Jacuzzi had been completed during the sea trips. Frieda was given one of the new bedrooms. The woman, used to a bunk and shared shower onboard a ship was awed by the size of the space she had all to herself.

Frieda had seen a little of the family’s lifestyle on the ship, but onboard the family had been restrained both from the proximity of non-members and by being in public at various ports. Now at home life quickly returned to its normal (for them) routines.

Frieda had walked in one afternoon to the living room to find Donna bound and naked on a small table. A large dildo attached to a piston machine was pumping in and out of her ass while electrodes were attached to her anal ring and clit. Her tit rings had small ropes attached that led up to a pulley wheel and back down to weights which stretched her tits painfully tight. A spreader was locked in her mouth forcing it open while bars on either side of her head kept her from moving her head to either side and her hair had been braided and was tied to hold her head back at an uncomfortable angle.

Rick was standing over her with a riding crop in his hand and Frieda could see the welts and bruises the Rick had already administered to her tits, belly and thighs. Rick’s cock hung over Donna's face slowly going limp. It was obvious that he had already cum at least once, as Donna’s face and chest were wet with his spunk. Frieda watched quietly as Rick began to piss in Donna's helplessly open mouth.

She watched as the light yellow stream filled her mouth and Donna swallowed. Rick’s piss filled her mouth several times and splashed across her entire face. The last time he filled her mouth he triggered the electrodes. Donna tried to scream and blew piss over her self and then began to choke as she got the liquid in her lungs. Rick watched as she coughed and choked and his cock began to get hard again.

Once Donna's breathing had returned to normal, Rick added another weight to her tits and adjusted the dildo’s rhythmic pumping to an even faster pace. He spent several minutes whipping her body with the crop, leaving bright red impression of the crop’s head in her flesh. Donna was crying and groaning at each new assault. Rick returned to his position above her face and lowered his cock into her mouth. Donna's view was blocked but Rick’s body so she never saw the long thin needle in his hand. Her muffled scream made it clear she felt it as Rick shoved the needle through her stretched tit.

Frieda watched the torture, thinking Donna must be hating Rick and the pain he was inflicting when she saw Donna strain her head against her restraints to take in more of Rick’s cock and her tongue was working to lick as she sucked it.

Frieda stood there for the half hour it took Donna to make Rick cum, wincing as Rick inserted needle after needle into each tit. Finally Rick pulled out of Donna's mouth and sprayed her tits with the last of his cum. Donna spasmed, her pussy almost vibrating as her orgasm came along with her Master’s.

Rick kissed Donna cheek. He removed the spreader and fed her some water. He spent the next few minutes releasing her from her bonds. Frieda could see even being released caused more pain as Donna would gasp or moan while Rick untied and unfastened the various restraints.

When Donna was finally freed of all the restraints and the needles had been pulled out, Rick spent a good twenty minutes dressing her wounds and inspecting to see that she hadn’t been permanently damaged.

Frieda snuck away unobserved, going down on the beach to be by herself while she processed what she had witnessed. She knew that Donna and Maria were Rick's slaves and that some people enjoyed pain as sexual pleasure. She knew that some guys got off on hurting women and obviously Rick was one of them, but she saw how he had taken care of Donna after. She had seen them tie Christy to the mast and flog her and how they took care of her. She saw how happy they all were and how Christy and Donna loved their owners.   

Frieda knew she wasn’t beautiful or sophisticated. She was a working sailor; she had rough hands and rough speech. She didn’t own but one dress that she wore only when she had to go to church or funerals or such.  Most of her clothes were jeans, shorts and tee shirts or swimsuit tops.

Frieda thought about the boyfriends she had during her young life. Most were beach bums or dockhands, other sailors like herself. None had been serious or long term. Her life didn’t allow for much time and she seldom was in any one port for long. She had seen the rich kids her whole life from a distance, most were snobs that treated her like a servant or worse.

These people treated her like she was family. Never a nasty word, always inviting her to join in on trips into port or picnics on the islets they visited. Christy and Maria always brought her snacks and drinks when they were out on the yacht and she was working.

She had joined in on the birthday parties and hadn’t felt out of place. They made it seem like she was just one of them. She remembered licking icing off Christy’s tits and how everyone had encouraged her to go farther. She had gotten embarrassed and hadn’t stayed long. She even took her top off at Lisa’s party, exposing her big cow tits and no one had bothered her or made remarks except her dad who reminded her she worked for Mr. Tyler and wasn’t a guest so she better not start acting like one.          

Frieda walked back up the private beach and headed for her room. She passed the new playroom and stopped to look in. Christy was the only one there and she was naked and tied to a cross. She had a cock gag in her mouth and a blindfold on. Her tits had some kind of clamps on her nipples with weights attached and her belly and pussy had stripes from a caning.

Frieda looked around to see if anyone was around, but it appeared Christy had just been left alone. Frieda walked in and went to examine the bound girl. Christy’s time at the villa and constant nudity outside had tanned her body to a golden brown. She didn’t have large tits but the clamps pulling down the nipples made them seem larger. The stripes from the cane extended all the way around and across her ass, some had welted and were a black/purple/red color.

Frieda looked at one welt that went across Christy’s pussy lips and made the skin swell. She touched it making the girl groan just a bit behind the gag. Frieda spread her lips and exposed the pink flesh hidden within. Christy’s clit was standing out, a pink knob erect and flush with blood. Frieda knelt to examine it and rubbed across it.

Christy moaned at the touch and Frieda lightly rubbed it again. Another moan escaped the bound girl and Frieda licked her clit. She kept licking watching Christy shake and twist as the pleasure mounted. She inserted two fingers in Christy’s pussy finger fucking the helpless girl as she stimulated her clit with her tongue. She noted how every movement made the weights swing and pull even more at the slave’s tortured nipples.

Pain and pleasure! Maybe that was the key. Maybe that was why these women were slaves. She kept up the rhythm of fingers and licking watching Christy’s face. After a long while Christy exploded into a frenzy of pelvic thrusts and poured liquid over Frieda’s fingers.

Quiet clapping came from the doorway of the playroom, Frieda turned to find Mistress Lisa in leather corset and boots standing there watching her. Frieda realized what she had just done. She had touched Lisa’s slave without permission and made her cum. Embarrassed, she blushed; how dare she, an employee take such liberties. Her dad was gonna kill her, he had warned her.

"Oh my god, Miss Tyler, I am so sorry. I don’t know why I did that. I…" Frieda stammered and started to run from the playroom. Lisa caught her arm. Frieda outweighed and out muscled the young Mistress and would have had no problem breaking free, but her touch stopped Frieda in her tracks. Lisa looked at the trembling woman and gently kissed her on the lips.

Frieda froze, and then melted into the kiss. Lisa led her back into the playroom and over to Christy’s bound body. "Remove her gag." Lisa ordered. Frieda fumbled with the straps and buckles before releasing it. She eased the artificial cock from Christy’s strained mouth. Christy gave a small groan and worked her jaw around to ease the stiffness from being stretched and held open for so long.

"Now while you kiss her, release the nipple clamps" Frieda looked shocked. "Do it." Lisa ordered again. Frieda gently kissed the beautiful blond and pressed to release the nipple clamps. Christy screamed into the kiss and Frieda held her head kissing and pushing her tongue into the pain wracked girls open mouth. Christy began to respond as the pain became manageable and faded away.

Frieda stepped back and Christy’s head drooped. Lisa stood behind the muscular girl and slid her hands under her tee shirt, pulling Frieda close. She slowly slid her fingers up her body and pressed in under the woman’s bra. Frieda couldn’t believe she was standing looking at a naked bound woman while another caressed her. Lisa’s fingers explored her breasts, pulled gently at her nipples, then lifted tee shirt and bra over her head leaving her half naked.

Lisa continued to caress her, kissing the back and sides of her neck. Her wandering fingers slid down and released the snap on her shorts. She unbuttoned them one slow button at a time. Frieda felt the shorts slip off her and pool around her ankles. Lisa’s gentle fingers continued to explore her body, brushing her pussy hair, slipping inside her lower lips and exploring her clit.

The kissing began to go down her broad muscular back, every kiss seemed to light the nerves on fire. She stood as Lisa knelt behind her, Lisa’s fingers entering her, pushing into her, twisting as they went. Lisa’s lips kissing the rounded slopes of her buttocks and her teeth nipping at the flesh. Frieda shuddered, her body on fire and Lisa pulled her down on the carpet, spreading her legs and sucking on her clit as she finger fucked Frieda just as Frieda had done only minutes before to Christy.

It seemed to go on forever, the leather clad girl touching, licking, and biting gently at various parts of her body. Her nipples, inner thighs, her clit and her stomach all bore little teeth marks that faded almost immediately but left a lasting impression in Frieda’s mind.

Frieda body shuddered through one orgasm after another until Lisa stood leaving her lay on the carpet. Lisa released Christy from the cross and removed the blindfold as she laid her down next to Frieda. The two women hugged each other and Lisa stood there smiling down at them. She knelt and swept both women into a hug.

"Looks like our big mean ole pirate is just another pretty pussy after all." Lisa stated. All three sat and laughed. Then Christy took Frieda’s hand and crawled to Lisa bringing Frieda along. They both began kissing and playing with Lisa’s body. Lisa stretched out allowing the women to undress her. When they removed her boots she had them begin licking and sucking her from her toes up to her bare pussy each to a leg. She turned on her side and pressed Frieda’s face into her cunt and with a finger ordered Christy behind her to lick her ass.

She kept both women working on her, enjoying the sensations but doing nothing in return. This was for her enjoyment and having two naked bodies working on hers was a delight.

Christy was particularly good at sucking ass. She would lick all around the ring of Lisa’s anus, then dart her long tongue into the ring and push. Frieda wasn’t much experienced at pussy licking but she got the job done, licking and sucking Lisa’s clit deep in her mouth, biting just hard enough.

The three women lay naked on the carpet an hour later totally sated for now.



Rick was grinning from ear to ear as he watched Lisa lead two women and one man on leashes down to the beach. In just under a week that they had been home it seemed Lisa had added Frieda to her entourage. Frieda still wore shorts or a bikini bottom around the house but seemed to be Lisa’s submissive in all other respects. Julio and Christy were nude as usual and all three were cuffed behind their backs as Lisa led them away. Rick had a few concerns with adding Frieda to the household. Money wasn’t one of them; Rick had just been talking to his investment broker. The investments he had made were paying off so well that they had more money coming in every month then they had been able to spend in the last year including buying the yacht and the additions to the villa.

Rick was slightly concerned with Frieda’s dad’s reaction to his daughter conversion to lesbian bondage play toy. He was also concerned that this was just a phase with Frieda and she would wake up one morning and freak. Maria walked out on the deck and knelt to Rick. "Master, Donna says breakfast is ready if you are." Rick stood signaling Maria to rise and headed in to breakfast.

Lisa wearing a black leather bikini led her two slaves and her new submissive down the beach to a small cove out of sight of the main house. Julio had a backpack in which she had put the toys she intended to use today; Christy and Frieda had backpacks with the picnic lunch and water bottles. Lisa wanted to spend the day playing but Rick had contractors coming to do work at the house so she needed to find a place away from the house. The cove was perfect, secluded with a nice beach, deep water and several overhangs from the cliff side that might have interesting uses.

Reaching the cove Lisa hung Julio’s leash from a tree and instructed the women to unpack the toys. She took cuffs and ropes and tied Julio between two palm trees. He hung spread open and vulnerable. Lisa ordered the women to oil his body from head to toe. She put Christy behind him and Frieda in front. Frieda blushed to oil his cock and the warm oil in her hands caused Julio to harden under her ministrations. Lisa didn’t allow her to stay playing too long and soon Julio as glistening from head to toe. Lisa took a straight razor and began shaving all the hair from Julio’s crotch. Once he was bare she had Frieda reapply oil to his cock and balls.

Next she had Christy pound four stakes into the hard packed dirt above the beach. The stakes were set eight feet apart in a big square. In the center of that square Lisa placed a large blanket upon which she placed Christy and moments later Christy was tied spread eagle. Frieda was ordered to oil Christy as she had Julio. She poured the sun warmed oil over the bound girls golden tanned body, rubbing and spreading it. She massaged the oil into the perky tits and over the tight stomach slowly spreading her pussy to oil both inside as well as the bare cunt lips. She worked it down Christy’s legs and finished by gently covering her face with the oil.

Lisa called her back to the trees where Julio stood and had the girl stroke his cock. Frieda blushed as she began to slide her hands up and down the long black cock. Lisa unbuttoned Frieda’s shorts and slipped them over her hips and down her legs, leaving Frieda in a pair of thong bikini bottoms. Lisa began to oil Frieda, rubbing the oil over her large hanging tits; she oiled her strong muscled back and then untied the bikini strings and dropped her last piece of clothing. She oiled the naked girl’s cunt playing with her clit and letting her finger tease her anus as she oiled it.

Lisa noted how tense the girl had become ever since Lisa removed her shorts so she took things very slow. Frieda was still stroking Julio’s cock and he was beginning to groan and shake. Lisa told her to stop. She pulled the girl back a few feet and continued to stroke and rub her oil slick body, teasing not only Frieda but also Julio as he watched them.

She drew the big girl over to Christy’s tied body and pushed her down in a sixty-nine position. She proceeded to tie Frieda over Christy and ordered both girls to lick each other. She promised to punish the first to cum.

Lisa went back to Julio and pulled a strap on from the toy bag. She adjusted the harness and oiled the dildo. She teased Julio’s ass with her oiled finger, inserting her middle finger. She could feel Julio react and again begin to approach climax. She whispered in his ear that she would punish him if he came before the girls did.

Lisa reached around and squeezed his balls causing Julio to groan not from pleasure but from pain. She pushed the dildo into his ass and slowly began to fuck him as she watched the girls servicing each other.

Frieda was not only licking and biting at Christy’s clit; she was rubbing her tits grinding them into Christy. Christy for her part not only licked and bit the bigger girls pussy she used her tongue to lick clear back to Frieda’s asshole. Frieda had never had anyone lick her back there and it broke her concentration. Frieda wiggled and gasped at the stimulation.

Frieda didn’t want to disappoint Lisa, so she desperately ignored the feeling Christy was generating and began to work at licking and sucking on Christy's clit. Christy was surprised at how well Frieda was learning to lick pussy considering she had had only one lesbian experience before joining the family.

Lisa had been whispering into Julio’s ear as she fucked him and stroked his cock from behind. "Frieda has the nicest tits, so big and soft and that hard ass. She has so many hard muscles; I bet she could just squeeze your cock with that hot wet pussy or milk you like a cow with her tight asshole wrapped around your big black cock."

"Look how she sucks on that pussy. Christy must be ready to cum."   She whispered emphasizing the word cum. Julio couldn’t take it any more and jerked as he released his sperm coating Lisa’s oil covered hand. "You lose." Lisa jammed the dildo into Julio’s ass hard and watched as he jerked another stream of cum onto the sand.

Christy heard Julio cum; she lost it at that moment her orgasm causing her to shake under the weight of the woman still sucking at her clit. Lisa let the girls continue as she fucked Julio’s ass the pressure on her clit as the dildo rammed his ass caused her to cum.

She released Julio and removed the harness. She grabbed the oil and spread it over her front. She went over to the bound girls and untied Frieda’s right side. Lisa squeezed in to the pile of girls grasping tits and rubbing pussy until Frieda came with a small scream. Christy had already cum twice and all three lay on the blanket enjoying the sun warming their over heated bodies.

Julio had laid out the picnic, when the girls joined him for a cleansing swim before lunch.

All four sat eating and laughing enjoying the sun and the food. After lunch they all lay down in the sun and took a mid afternoon nap. Lisa curled up between Frieda and Christy enjoying Frieda’s big breast as a pillow. Julio curled up at the women’s feet and was soon asleep.

It was late afternoon when they awoke and Lisa announced it was time to pay the penalty. She took Julio back to the trees where he had been tied earlier. Lisa had Frieda oil his body again, and then had her oil Christy.

Lisa had soaked several pieces of leather strips in seawater for the last several days. She used one of these to tie Julio’s cock and another to tie his balls. She took another strip and tied them around Christy’s tits making them stand out rock hard. She added oil to her tits then tied Christy on her knees so that Christy’s wet tits nestled Julio’s oiled cock between them. She tightened the ropes pressing Christy up against Julio.

Lisa stood back and removed a camera from the toy pile. She loved the look of the picture they made. Julio’s dark skin tied spread eagle between two palms on the white sandy beach, Christy’s golden tanned skin standing out from Julio’s dark skin. The black ropes emphasizing the contrasts. The sun glistening off the sheen of oil on their skin, she loved the contrasts.

Frieda watched as she knelt in the sand. She thought as tortures go this one was rather tame and judging from Julio’s expression and the way he kept moving his hips might be a really good way for him to get off. After Lisa had taken pictures from many different angles she put away the camera. "Frieda darling," Lisa cooed, "take some of the lovely sand and sprinkle it on our pretty pair."

Frieda began lightly tossing sand over the bodies of her tied up friends. "Be sure to coat them all over." Lisa instructed. Frieda tossed sand over every inch of the couple. Lisa inspected her work and asked her to pour more sand down the front of Christy's chest. Lisa put Frieda back on her knees and returned to taking pictures. Now the black skin of Julio had a white sheen of glistening sand and Christy’s golden tan was muted to a ghostly white.

Julio had stopped moving, he realized the sand between Christy’s rock hard tits would act like sand paper on both her tits and his erect cock. Lisa smiled as their situation began to become apparent to the tied couple.

She went to the toys and took a strap on dildo rig and placed it on Frieda. She instructed Frieda to brush off Christy’s ass and reapply the oil. She had Frieda kneel behind Christy and inserted the tip of the dildo in Christy’s asshole.

Frieda was instructed to slowly fuck Christy’s ass. Frieda began to push the dildo into her friend’s ass. The oil covered rubber disappeared inch by inch into the rear of the tied slave. Christy was forced to lean forward as Frieda pushed into her. She was pulled back as Frieda withdrew the dildo; again Frieda pushed in and again Christy was pushed forward.

Frieda fucked the girl slowly as instructed and Lisa filmed her fucking. She also filmed the long hard sand covered cock peeking out from between the sand covered slope of Christy’s breasts. Julio began to moan as his leather strapped and sand covered cock was rubbed raw. Christy also began to feel the effects of not only the sand being ground between her tits but of the sand that had fallen from her back and was now on the dildo scraping at her tender anus.

Christy also noticed that the leather strap around her tits was getting tighter. Her tits already purple were becoming darker. Lisa kept taking pictures. She loved the scene she had set up She had two naked slaves tied and a half naked girl unfettered and wearing a strap-on over her shorts fucking one of the slaves.

Christy and Julio both began to whimper as the pain mounted. Julio could feel his cock getting squeezed tighter as the leather strap dried out and shrank; his balls were also being squeezed by the ties around them. Now he began to moan and fight the ties holding him, which only caused more scraping. Christy was crying and pleading for Lisa to stop the torture.

Lisa had Frieda stop and withdraw. The dildo had blood covering it as it came out. Lisa untied Christy from the moaning man. She used a pair of surgical scissors to cut the straps from her tits; Christy fell to the sand screaming as the blood returned to her tits. She lay there moaning for a long time while Lisa examined Julio.

Julio was pleading with Lisa to free his balls and cock that was dark purple and scrapped raw and bleeding. He was rock hard as the leather squeezed him tighter and Lisa licked the tip of his cock. Julio screamed. Lisa poured a plastic bottle of water over his cock and his screams grew even louder.  "Oops, was that seawater? Poor baby."

Lisa asked Julio if he wanted her to give him a nice blowjob.  He shook his head no several times moaning as he did. Lisa clipped the strap around one ball. Julio’s scream went up in volume. Lisa waited until he had stopped before clipping the next strap and again Julio screamed but this time he passed out. She stopped and took a picture of his body hanging before cutting the last strap.

She had Frieda help her lower Julio and begin cleaning him off and applying a numbing cream. Christy also was attended to. Julio awoke and moaned as he looked at his raw and cream covered cock.

Lisa had Julio and Christy move into the shade on a blanket that was laid out on a large flat rock. She had Frieda bring them water and pack up the picnic stuff. It took a good half hour before the tortured couple was able to make their way back to the villa.

Later that evening Rick took Maria and Donna to town. They had dressed in outfits Rick picked out; Donna’s outfit consisted of a black corset that lifted her breasts above the material leaving them exposed. A see-through black blouse and a thin black skirt slit up the side and garters and hose completed her cloths. He had her wear six-inch heel, open toed shoes.

Maria was wearing all white. A tight leather short skirt and a leather bikini top with a see- through open blouse. Rick thought the combo of black and white enhanced the pair’s look. Rick was dressed in a gray suit with blue shirt.

The three made quite a sexy sight as they walked into the club. Rick parked the women at a table and ordered drinks for them. He ordered them to wait as Rick went looking for a friend who was supposed to be at the club. Jake Martin had been a bdsm club owner back in the city before he retired and moved to the island. Rick wanted to hook up with the local bdsm crowd and figured Jake would have the local contacts.

He found Jake at a private table in a nook in the back of the club. As usual women of all ages and sizes surrounded him; some wearing collars that implied Rick had found what he was looking for.


"Hi ya Jake."

"What the hell are you doing here you old hound dog"

"I came into some money and retired here."

"Hell boy have a seat." Jake patted the couch. "Sylvia get the man a drink." He pointed at another girl wearing a collar and the tiniest bikini Rick had ever seen. "Slut, you are to service this man. Whatever he wants, he gets."

"Yes Master." The girl crawled to Rick’s feet. "How may I serve you, Master?"

Rick reached down and pulled the girl up and back on her knees stretched tight by her hair. He ran his hands over her body, tweaking her nipples through her thin bikini. He ran a finger over her lips and pushed two fingers into her mouth. He let her suck them for a couple of seconds. He slapped her across the cheek then dropped her. He sat on the couch and snapped his fingers, ‘Head here’ he pointed at his lap. The slave crawled over and set her head in his lap.

"Yep, that’s the old hound dog I remember" Jake laughed. "So what brings you to my neck of the woods?"

"I wanted to hookup with some bdsm folks and figured you were my best bet for an introduction."

"Well old boy, you got that right. Jake paused as Sylvia a tall big-breasted dark woman wearing only a short skirt and a pair of nipple covers, knelt and delivered a round of beer to the table. Jake reached over and squeezed her tit. "I tried to go straight, retire and be a man of leisure. I got bored silly in three months. I bought this club at a bankruptcy sale. Now Thursday thru Saturday it’s the hottest dance club on the island. Monday thru Wednesday it’s a private club, members only."

"Let me guess… A bondage club?"

You got it, old boy. It's very expensive to join and you’re checked out six ways from Sunday. If you pass, well, let’s just say there’s nothing you can’t do here." Jake smiled as he twisted the dark girl’s nipple. She moaned and slowly fell forward as he continued to squeeze. Her moans got louder until Jake released her. She drew in a deep breath and straightened. "Thank you, Master"

Rick pulled up on the hair of the girl on his lap. "There are two women one in white and one in black sitting at a table in front. Go tell them I require their presence."

The girl hurried away. "Friends of yours?" Jake asked.

"My slave wife and another slave." Rick smiled. "You’ll like them."


"Whole nother story."

"I bet." Jake grinned and sat back on the couch.

The girl hurried back with Donna and Maria in tow. She knelt beside Rick. Donna looked at the scene in front of her and dropped to her submissive position. Maria taking her cue from Donna did the same. "The dark haired one is my wife Donna and the blond is my slave Maria."

"May I examine them?"

"Please be my guest."

Jake snapped his fingers beckoning Donna to his side. She crawled over to Jake and stood when he gestured. He had her do a slow turn, watching every movement. When she completed her turn he opened her blouse and played with her nipple rings. He pushed aside her skirt, exposing her cunt to the room. He fingered her pussy lips and pressed on the spur above her clit. Her intake of breath was the only sound she made as he caused her pain.

He pulled on the ring between her legs. "Nice. I bet this has many uses."

Rick acknowledged Jake with a nod. "Oh it can be a fun attachment." Rick unzipped his pants and pressed the sluts head down to his crotch. Slut began sucking on him.

Jake pointed to a spot beside him and Donna knelt. He gestured to Maria and had her do the same slow turn. He slid aside her bikini top and squeezed her nipples. She moaned. He lifted her skirt and felt her ass, his fingers went into her vagina and fucked her as she stood exposed and in public. She blushed even as she came.

"She’s not pierced."

"No, I never got around to it. She was my executive assistant and she was more useful if she looked innocent. Come to think of it, now that I am retired I guess she would be too."

Rick laughed.

Jake looked Maria over again. "She is very blond, this one. That’s hard to find here in the islands." Jake looked thoughtful. "Would you be interested in a trade?  I have a pair of 22 year old twins, very pretty, very dark and very much pain sluts."

Rick came in the slut as he held her head tight to his groin, his cock deep in her throat until he finished pumping his cum into her. Maria had her head lowered, she looked at him and she looked scared. Rick's cock hardened in the slut’s mouth even though he had just cum.




The twins were delivered the next morning along with two trunks by the biggest Asian Rick had ever seen. The man was huge, standing at least seven foot tall and as wide as the door. He handed the leashes to Rick and picked up Maria’s suitcase as if it was a briefcase.

Rick ushered the twins into the living room and had them kneel. He told them to stay, then went to retrieve their trunks. Rick could barely move one trunk at a time. He had seen the big manservant carrying both and holding the leashes of the twins. Rick was impressed.

He set the trunks in the entry hall to deal with later and returned to the twins. Identical island girls, the twins stood at five foot six inches with jet-black hair down to their asses. Both had the wide Negro nose of their ancestors and darker skin but not the black of undiluted Africa. Slim waisted with well-developed butts and large conical breasts.

There was a hint of the orient in the shape of their eyes and facial structure. Rick thought them the most erotic creatures he had ever seen. They wore round silver collars with no openings or locks, just a hoop around their necks. Both had slave cuffs on wrists and ankles or what looked to be iron with a pounded rivet closing them permanently 

They wore a simple female slave garment; basically it was a wrap around with a single tie point. Rick signaled them to rise and remove the wraps. The twins did so with no modesty whatsoever. They seemed perfectly comfortable naked. Rick examined them carefully; their breasts were lighter skinned from top to tip in gradual shading. They both had large areolas that were very dark and prominent nipples with large hoop rings piercing them.

Both had a belly button ring and a jewel in their navel. Rick noted that one wore a ruby, the other an emerald. Neither was pierced on their labia or clit. Rick had them bend and turn and spread as he prodded and probed and examined their bodies.

"What are your names?" Rick asked the twins.

"Whatever you decide to name us Master. We have been called by many things, we have been owned and traded from Master to Master for as long as we can remember and each called us what He pleased.’

He unzipped and pulled out his cock, ordering each girl to suck. He stood gauging the girl’s efforts for a few minutes before puling out of the girl’s mouth and slapping her back and forth across the face. He turned to the second twin and did the same. She deep throated him, pushing her tongue out below his balls and licking them while sucking him deeper into her throat. Rick enjoyed her ministrations for several minutes. He pulled out and bent her over. His cock slammed in to the hilt into her pussy with no warning and no preparation.

She made no sound, just accepted his cock and pushed back as if to push him in even deeper. Rick slid his hand into his pocket and into a claw glove. He slammed the glove into the girl’s ass cheek, the claws piercing her buttocks and digging in as he clenched his fist.

Now she screamed. He slammed her ass again getting the meaty flesh where the buttocks meet the thigh and digging in. Her screams were deafening but even as she screamed she bucked back against his cock riding it hard. Rick reached around and grabbed her right tit. He clenched the tender flesh piercing it in several places and twisted the entire breast. The twin shuddered and came with a body arching muscle contraction. Rick came moments later filling her pussy with his sperm.

He bent the girl back over and ordered her to stay. He caught the other twin by the hair and ordered her to clean his cock. Once she had licked him clean he pushed her face into her sister’s pussy and ordered her to lick it clean also. The twin drove her tongue deep into her sister’s cunt, licking Rick’s cum out and swallowing every drop she could reach. 

Rick sat back in his chair, admiring the twin’s beauty as one twin licked the other clean.

He looked forward to playing with these slaves and seeing how much pain they could take.

Once he recovered he took the twins to meet the rest of the family.

He found Lisa in the dungeon flogging Christy and Julio who she had tied together and hung from the ceiling by their wrists. When Rick walked in with his slaves on his leash, she handed the flogger to Frieda and told her to continue. Lisa walked over and began examining the new slaves. Frieda took a few warm up swings before continuing the flogging, swinging the flogger in a figure eight. She slapped it against the hanging duo at the down stroke of each arc. 

The tortured slaves grunted and groaned as the heavy flogger pounded their backs and buttocks slamming them into each other. Christy’s back was a mass of reddening welts and bruises and even Julio’s dark skin showed all the bruising that the flogger was inflicting.

Rick noticed that Julio was limp. As he was tied naked to a beautiful woman and being bumped against her constantly he should have been hard as a rock. "Lisa, what is the deal with Julio? You wear his cock out or something?"

Lisa sputtered a few times then laughed a deep belly laugh that went on and on. When she finally recovered with tears in her eyes she stammered, "My lord. I had him and Christy down on the beach yesterday.

We played a few games and Julio, ummm, lost? Christy also lost one, so I had them fuck.

There was a little sand involved and they are both a little out of action, at least for a few days."  

Chuckling Rick waved at the twins. "I traded Maria for these. They are supposed to be pain sluts and according to them have no particular names. So I guess we need to name them."

Lisa who also noticed the gems in their navels said thoughtfully, "Ruby and emerald, how about Ruby and Emma.’

"Works for me." Rick stated as he looked over the twins.

Lisa continued to examine the girls. "I see you have been playing already." She glanced at Rick. "May I? My Lord."

Rick nodded, handed her the leashes and went to sit down to watch the young dominatrix put the twins through their paces. "Frieda cease." Lisa ordered. "Bring me my single tail, two sets of handcuffs and a couple of clip chains and the long two headed dildo."

Frieda stopped flogging the hanging couple. "Yes, Mistress." She went and hung up the heavy flogger and began to collect the items Lisa demanded. Rick noticed Frieda’s deference to Mistress Lisa. He also noticed that the normally shy girl was topless and with her huge heavy hanging tits, he really noticed. She was also wearing just a thong bikini bottom.

When she bent to retrieve some item from a lower drawer, he examined her muscular ass and thighs and noted her asshole and pussy was clearly visible, as the thong string really covered nothing.

Frieda went to Lisa with an armload of equipment and knelt as she presented the demanded items to her mistress. Lisa cuffed the twin’s arms behind their backs. She then clipped the chains crisscross to the slave’s nipple hoops. She took the dildo and put one end in each slave’s mouth.

"The slave that drops her end will be responsible for the other being punished." Lisa stated as she stepped back to examine her setup.

Rick saw what she was getting at. The twins nipples were chained together and the dildo stretched between their clamped teeth. Lisa was uncoiling her whip. She would whip each girl and if that girl screamed she would drop her end of the dildo dooming her sister to further punishment. Moving away to avoid the lash would pull on both their nipple rings. Rick was impressed at the simple yet effective and sadistic trial.

The first crack of the whip snapped just behind Emma and the girl shuddered but didn’t move. The next curled over the hip and ass of Ruby who also didn’t move but yelped around the dildo in her mouth. Lisa snapped the whip around Emma’s back and the tip snapped the underside of her breast as it wrapped. This caused Emma to jump pulling on both their nipple rings slightly.

Lisa walked around the twins, snapping the whip in the air. She snapped it between Ruby’s legs striking the inner thigh and the cunt lips. Ruby moaned but didn’t move. Lisa hit the exact same spot again. This time Ruby screamed but kept the dildo tight in her teeth. Lisa snapped the whip between her legs a third time but stretched her arm so that the whip’s tip hit Emma’s cunt. Caught unprepared Emma screamed and the dildo dropped.              

Lisa walked up to Ruby and pulled the dildo from her lips. She kissed the pretty slave, her tongue exploring the girl’s mouth, her hand exploring the girl’s cunt. As she ended the kiss Lisa whispered, "You lose."    

Ruby was suspended upside down her legs spread with a large long candle inserted in her open pussy. Her arms were tied behind her back and her tits had been tied, the ropes were used to lift her body slightly so that much of her weight was being held up by her straining tit flesh.

Lisa lit the candle. She stood back and watched as the wax began to melt and drip down the candle. She took a thin cane from the wall and ran the edge over Ruby’s body. She started a slow beat across the underside of Ruby’s tits. Slowly she increased the beat hitting the tied woman’s tits harder and faster. Welts formed and the flesh darkened as the capillaries began to break.

Ruby twisted and fought against the restraints. The candles hot wax flew off the top of the candle and sprayed across her inner thighs. A stream dripped down running across the tender labia, burning her cunt.

Lisa swatted her ass with the cane, hitting her harder and harder, and then switched back to her tits. Ruby began to scream as the pain increased. Lisa returned to hitting her buttocks with the cane crisscrossing the earlier marks.  She continued alternating between the underside of the slave’s tits and her ass, watching the candle burn down. Wax now dripped and ran in a steady stream both over her cunt and down the crack of her ass.

 The hot wax dripped across the girl’s anus. The heat causing Ruby’s ass muscles to clench. Lisa struck the tight muscles ripping another scream from Ruby. The candle was now down to the point where the candle flame was heating both her inner thighs and starting to burn her cunt lips.    

Ruby began pleading with Lisa to blow out the candle. Lisa stepped across the girls face and removed her bikini bottom. She told Ruby she would blow out the candle when Rudy made her cum. Ruby had to stretch her neck and lift her head to reach a point where her tongue could reach Lisa’s clit and vagina. The strain was enormous and Ruby could only hold her head in that position for a few seconds at a time. She licked at Lisa probing hard to stimulate her clit.

Each time her head dropped the burning between her legs propelled her to try again. Lisa waited until Ruby failed to reach high enough to lick her clit and then used the cane to slap the candle. The canes strike put out the candle and splashed the hot wax all over the screaming girl’s pubes.

Lisa hit the quick release on the ropes, dropping the slave to the floor. She snapped her fingers and ordered Emma to attend to her sister. Lisa walked out, leaving the crying girls on the dungeon floor.

Rick had sat slowly stroking his cock while watching the torture of Ruby by Mistress Lisa. When she walked out Rick’s cock was hard as a rock. He called for Donna on the house intercom. She quickly walked into the room and knelt at Rick’s feet wearing an apron, her face and breasts smudged with flour. She had been working in the kitchen baking bread for dinner.

Rick still stroking his cock motioned Donna to suck him. She moved between his legs and took his erection in her flour-covered hands. She stopped and then saw a bit of butter on her breast. She scrapped it off and coated his cock with the greasy blob. She began to lick and suck his cock and balls. She used her greased fingers to tickle his anus. Rick began to moan and his muscles were getting tense.

Donna sucked his cock deep into her throat, humming a low tone to vibrate her throat. Rick clenched his fingers into her hair and pulled her face hard into his groin, his cock went even deeper and her nose was mashed against his body. Donna froze, not struggling as his cocked jerked, firing loads of cum down her throat. She swallowed as best she could and waited for his grip to release.

He finally relaxed, allowing Donna to slide his cock back up and out of her throat. She kept her lips tight against his flesh, cleaning off his cock as he withdrew. She licked the underside of the penis in her mouth casing it to jerk and shot a few more drops of cum on her tongue.

Rick lay back in his chair, his slick wet cock semi hard. Donna spent several minutes alternating swallowing and catching her breath. Once she had recovered she asked, "Is there anything else I can do for you, Master? If not, I would like to return to cooking dinner." 

Rick still not completely recovered waved her away. Donna gracefully stood and walked out of the room, glancing at the twins still lying on the floor. Emma had removed the robes binding Ruby and massaged the body where the rope had indented the flesh.

Rick snapped the leash on the twin’s collars and led them into the kitchen. He stood and admired Donna's firm ass ad exposed pussy lips as she bent over the stove putting bread pans in the oven.

He waited until she closed the oven door, "Donna these are my new slaves. Emma and Ruby." He pointed at a spot on the floor and dropped the leash heading for the fridge. The twins knelt at the appointed spot, legs spread, backs straight, tits thrust out. They kept their heads up and watched as Rick poured a large glass of tomato juice. He pulled two bowls from the cupboard, then put one back. He filled the remaining bowl with tap water and set it between the two slaves on the floor. "Drink"

The twin’s began lapping at the water taking turns. Donna finished what she was doing and watched the twins for a moment. "They are very sexy looking."

Rick glanced at them as he drank his juice. "Yeah and so far they seem to be what Jake advertised."

"Master?" Donna hesitated.

Rick looked at her and she dropped to her knees in a submissive pose. "You want to know about Maria?" Donna nodded. "Jake is a good master. He will enjoy her for awhile and then she will just become part of his stable of girls."

"Did she displease you? Is that why you got rid of her?"

"No, Jake wanted her and offered a fair trade." Rick stopped and looked down at the trembling woman. "I see what’s behind this. You’re worried about being traded also." Rick reached down and cupped Donna's chin in his hand gently tilting her head up to look into her eyes.

"Donna you are my wife as well as my slave. I may loan you out at some time, but I will never trade you."

Donna smile beamed up at Rick and tears began to slide down her cheeks. "Thank you my Master."


Lending a hand

The bitching and arguments had been going on and on for over two hours, ever since Captain Brock sailed The Second Chance into the dock. He hadn’t been back twenty minutes when Frieda came bouncing down the dock, topless and breathlessly informed him that she quit his crew and would be staying with Lisa.

Brock grabbed her by the forearm and hauled her onto the yacht and into the cabin and the level of argument went up from there. The screaming and yelling went back and forth between the father and daughter; Rick and Lisa sitting on the veranda could hear the battle over the sounds of the ocean and the distance from the dock. They couldn’t make out what was being said but the back and forth screams and yelling were plainly not happy on either side.

Frieda stomped off the ship carrying a duffle bag of her personnel items and clothes. Brock right behind her still yelling, Frieda turned and yelled back getting right in his face; Brock raised his hand as if to hit Frieda and Lisa started to get up. Rick touched her arm and shook his head; Lisa cocked her head to the side and Rick shook his head again.

She sat back down but gripped the arms of her lounge chair and kept a tension in her muscles ready to launch from the chair if he hit her. Rick watched the scene on the dock, waiting for a resolution either way.

Brock lowered his arm, turned and stomped back to the yacht. Frieda watched until he went below deck, then came up the dock and towards the villa. Rick murmured "Go." and Lisa shot from the porch and flew down to Frieda. The two women hugged and continued arm in arm towards the addition and Frieda’s room.

Rick sat for a while before he went down to the yacht carrying a bottle of rum. Two days and one powerful hangover later Rick made a call to Jake and arraigned to join his club. He also made arraignments for the next week’s club night, a special surprise for Donna.

He had just finished his call when Lisa asked for a few minutes of his time. She wanted to have a party at the villa next Friday for the young people she had met this summer. Rick was ok with the party, but the guest list had to be cleared with Julio as head of security. Once that was done she would have to arraign for all the housework and party prep to be done and notify everyone as to the coming and going of caterers, housecleaners and party prep personnel so that no one would be caught in a compromising situation.

Rick took the twins and Donna and went for a swim in the ocean. He had them take turns blowing him underwater, a novel experience to say the least. It turned out Donna could blow him the longest underwater. Neither twin was able to stay under for more than fifteen seconds. Donna's longest time was close to two minutes. Rick ordered the twins to improve and would give a prize to the first of the three that went for longer than three minutes.

The following Monday night he dressed his three slaves and leashed them together before heading to Jakes club. The club appeared to be closed. Jake knocked on the side door as he had been told and was admitted to a small room. Once his identity had been confirmed as a member, he and his slaves were admitted into the clubroom.

There they saw that the club had undergone a transformation. The tables near the walls had been removed and the walls were festooned with bondage equipment. St. Andrews crosses were mounted here and there; chains with cuffs hung at various places in between and bondage tables and racks replaced regular tables. There was a dunking tank, a wheel and an orgy-sized bed in the middle of the room. Several cages were on the clubs stage and several stocks of varying heights were placed next to the bar.

At least half the equipment was in use and slaves, some male, some female were chained, tied or fastened to most of the gear and being tortured or fucked or otherwise enjoyed by Masters and Mistresses. Jake was as expected on his couch by the big table and as usual there were slaves of every size and color tied or lounging or attending him.

"Rick old man, nice to see you and your toys. Come over here and join me for awhile before you jump into playing." Jake was his usual jovial self, thought Rick. However his attire was not what would pass during normal club hours. Jake wore chaps with nothing under them, an open link chain mail shirt and had a big, big black woman naked at his feet masturbating as she licked on his balls.      

Rick sat, his ladies kneeling at his feet. "So how’s things, as if I have to ask? He glanced around for emphasis.

Jake laughed, "Pretty damned good. I have one minor irritation, which I’m in the process of straightening out. Want to take a look?

Rick shrugged "Why not."

"Good! Ladies we will return in a few moments.’

Jake stood motioning Rick to join him. He led the way down in to the basement. "I have had a problem with one of my employees stealing money and dealing drugs. I know she is working with someone. I have too many safeguards in place for her to be able to rip me off without help. Now I could just fire her but with whoever is running her, she would soon be replaced.   

Jake flipped on the lights revealing a large basement filed with the usual clutter of a busy club, extra tables and chairs, spare stock, holiday decorations stored until the season, etc. The lights gleamed off a large glass case, like a fish tank. Instead of fish it contained a nude woman chained at wrists and ankles. A tube led down from the ceiling plumbing and ended directly over the bound woman’s face dripping a liquid of some sort. The tank was partially filled with a pale yellow fluid covering most of the woman’s naked body; in fact she had to hold her head up to keep her face out of the substance.

Rick and Jake approached as Jake explained, "The tank is used for water bondage normally but I have adapted it to persuade my little thief to talk to me. That pipe above her face leads to the men’s room urinal. As my guests relieve themselves up above the piss pours over her face as it fills the tank. If the little bitch doesn’t talk soon she will drown in warm piss.

The men stood over the tank looking at the struggling woman. Rick unzipped his pants and pissed directly onto the woman’s face directing the stream at her mouth and nostrils causing her to gasp and choke. Jake laughed "I love how you get right into the spirit of the thing." He squatted down. "I would suggest you tell me who you’re working with bitch, in a few minutes my guests are gonna take a break from playing and from the height of the piss in your tank the flood of piss is going to drown you before the break is over."

Just as the woman opened her mouth to speak another stream of hot yellow piss poured from the pipe into her open mouth. The two men watched as she coughed, choked and sprayed the liquid trying to breath. When she recovered she gasped "Mike. Mike is making me do it. Please he’ll kill me, if he finds out I told."

More piss poured from the pipe, the level now covering the drowning girl’s lips. Only her nose remained above the vile fluid. Jake opened a valve and drained enough liquid out of the tank to uncover the girls face.

"I think I need to talk to Mike."

"Need a hand?" Rick asked.

"Yeah he’s a big bastard."

"Not a problem. I haven’t rousted a punk in a few months. It should be fun."

They discussed how they planned to handle the big bouncer and went back upstairs. Jake had one of the servant girls go and get Mike. When the large muscular man approached Jake explained that he and Rick needed some help bringing up some heavy equipment from the basement.

The three men headed down the staircase to the basement, Rick suddenly slammed his elbow into the Mikes gut and then flipped him head over heels down the stairs. The big man crashed onto the concrete floor of the basement, Rick right behind him. Rick kicked him in the temple taking the fight out of the stunned bruiser.

Moments later Mike was cuffed to a support piling, with tape over his mouth.

"Well, that was easy." Jake looked at the subdued ex-employee.

"Always is when you catch them unprepared." Rick noted. "So, what are you going to do with them?"

Jake picked up a table leg from a pile of parts." First I am gonna have a chat with Mike. Then I am gonna dump his ass a few miles from the club. As for the bitch, I am gonna have to mess her up to let people know that nobody can rip me off and get away with it."

Rick looked over at the tank that was refilling as the men’s room was continually being used. "You might want to drain the tank some or she’s not going to be around to let anyone know anything."

Jake glanced over at the completely submerged girl. "Damn."

He went and opened the drain valve. The girl spit and coughed yellow fluid as she got her first breath of air in nearly a minute. She had been holding her breath since the piss covered her nose, but enough piss had gotten in her lungs that for the next fifteen minutes it was all she could do to breath as she coughed and spit up fluid.

Rick hosed the girl and the tank clean draining the fluid and shunting the urinal pipe back into its normal sewage pipe. He helped the dripping and gasping woman from the tank and cuffed her to a chair while Jake interrogated Mike. Occasional thuds punctuated the conversation as Jake applied persuasion in the form of broken bones.

The sobbing girls crying and coughing had died down by the time Jake returned to Rick with the results of his questioning. "Seems Mike had quite a racket going. On regular club nights he would shut off the cameras at the bar, while Susie slut here shorted the registers. He also had her selling cocaine and ecstasy to my customers."

"Fucking drugs." Rick spat on the girl.

"Yeah we had a couple of o.d.’s last month but I thought it was junk the idiots brought in with them. I didn’t know we had become the place to go to get high." Jake was pissed; he still held the table leg and was smacking it in his palm. He suddenly screamed and brought the table leg down on the girl’s kneecap shattering it.

She screamed as the knee was destroyed. Jake raised the wooden leg again and slammed it into her other knee. Rick caught Jake's arm before he could hit her again. "Enough"

Jake stood there shaking with anger and wrenched his arm out of Rick’s grasp, throwing the bloody table leg across the room. "I ought to kill them both." He spun and stalked away.

Rick checked on the girl moaning in pain from her busted knees. Then he went to check the broken and bloody bouncer. Mikes arms were both broken and several ribs also. He hung from the cuffs out cold. His nose was flattened and bloody and several teeth had been broken.

Jake returned, "Help me load them in the truck. I am gonna dump them away from the club.’

They uncuffed and dragged the bloody body to the service elevator; Rick picked up the whimpering waitress and slung her over his shoulder. He carried her to the waiting elevator and rode up to the back entrance where he dropped her into the clubs delivery van. It took both men to drag the bouncer over to the van to join her.

Jake drove through town to a ghetto section on the outskirts. They pushed both bodies, the ex bouncer and the naked waitress out of the truck into an alley. The denizens of the alley had begun to gather around the pair before the van was out of sight.

Jake and Rick returned to the club, cleaned up and returned to the party. The two kicked back on the couch, ordering drinks and talking to the various members as they took a food break. Jake, as usual, was surrounded by both his slaves and the members of the local community who were discussing everything from local politics to the various ways of using slaves. Rick was leaning back enjoying being fed by Donna while being serviced by the twins.

Rick learned more about local politics during the break then he had in the year they had been on the island. It seemed that just about any local politician could be bought for the right price and they in turn ran the local cops. Some of the local cops were honest but they always got the dead end patrol areas where even should they stumble over "protected interests" it was unlikely to lead to an arrest, let alone a conviction.

Rick noticed a slave in an interesting rack. The slave was held in a basic on all fours position with her legs spread. Her head was masked and the mask was tied to a pipe holding her head up and back and a spreader kept her mouth open for easy access.

This particular slave had a bar inserted through both breasts near the chest and a heavy weight hung down on the bar between her tits. Rick had never seen such a thick bar inserted through a woman’s breasts.

Rick walked over to examine the slave and rig a little closer. He slid his cock into her open mouth and let her suck him as he checked out her harness. Once he had his orgasm, he went back over to Jake and asked about the slave and the rig.

"The rig is just designed to allow complete access to all the slaves’ holes. The bar I had installed to teach her a lesson, she had a habit of back talking." Jake laughed, "You should know that’s Maria."

Rick looked back at the slave who was being ass fucked by one Dom and had another cumming in her mouth at the same time. "I should have known you’d find a way to control her mouth."

"What about that special you wanted tonight? Jake asked.

"Nah, it’s too late tonight, I think I’ll let it go until next time."